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The Paternity of Prayer, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 20, 2020 7:00 am

The Paternity of Prayer, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 20, 2020 7:00 am

The Bible tells us to bring our requests to the Lord. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why those requests ought to have more to do with Gods agenda than our own. Find out why you might be missing the whole point of prayer and what you can do about it.

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What the Christians want is a Jack-in-the-Box 11 and watch it because of what they want.

Dr. Tony Evans is God's response to a request depends more upon our connection cravings to skip the relationship, supply shall this is the alternative with Dr. Tony at the sponsor speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative, the Bible tells us to bring a request to the Lord today. Dr. Evans explains why those requests are to have more to do with God's agenda than our own. Let's join him as he explains. We are defined as relational communication with God you not really talking to God talking to your father. That's a relationship as a child would approach his father on her respect with clarity and honesty. God invites us to approach it. So when we have a long distance relationship with God.

Because men are pursuing intimacy were just coming to him. That means that our prayer is not getting through, because we don't want him. We just want to use.

So our father was operating in a whole different realm of art in heaven, I'm going to make a big deal about your name and after he's been given the word to his great name in a relational conversation with the next part of the prayer says your kingdom come. I have a kingdom and so you your home that your kingdom that the place where you buy that is the place where your family lives is your kingdom.

My kingdom there is a welcome back. You're welcome to my kingdom, but you need to know that when you step into my kingdom when I step into your kingdom. Referring to your home.

I have to abide by the rules of your house is your house there governing guidelines of how your hold my home that is our kingdoms function that will be a clash if you will seek to impose your rules in my house or I seek to impose rules in your house God's so 103 verse 19 says that God's kingdom rules.

Overall Psalm 145 verse 13 says God's kingdom has dominion forever first Chronicles 29 verse 11 and 12 says that God's kingdom rules rules. Overall, God has a house the world's kingdom involves all of creation. God calls all of his creation.

His house and you and I in his house and he has house rules, guidelines by which his house design to operate. There is an opposing house out there called the world that system headed by Satan. That leaves God out and what Satan seeks to do is to get us to bring his rule God's house that is to have a conflict of kingdom because whenever there polling rule in the same house will be conflict.

God is having a big problem with many of his kids because they want to bring the rules of the world and make them the house rules of the kingdom and God said those are not the rules of doubts. He begins the prayer relationally.

Our father who art in heaven now comes to the rules of the house so the whole point is to pursue a relationship, and as you pursue the relationship to come under the rule, so it is a relationship that leaves you underneath the role someone relationship but don't understand. I got a come on the role someone to talk about the role don't want to pursue a relationship, you start with our father. This is a relational situation but you come to the rule to the house rules just as parents must orient their children to the rules of the house. God must orient his children to the rules of his house and his house is all of creation. So when you marry as individuals insist on our rules in God's house that is living our lives, we will better be in conflict with the father. If we have a church and we want to have our rules for who we are we to operate and not operate by his rules. Since this is house we go to be in conflict with a hint of the house when a nation wants to run the government on its own rules. When God established government because all creation runs underneath the head of the house then creation, government, communities, races, classes and cultures will be in conflict with the head of the house. So what we are experiencing today in all of those categories are people who want to say the words, but not want to come under the rules of the house and so we find ourselves living in conflict with the head of the house what God is after is for us to understand the prayer.

Let me say the prayer again. The prayer is your kingdom come that if I am now operating under your rule. Your authority in relationship I'm pursuing a relationship and at the same time coming underneath the rule of the house because kingdom God will is comprehensive over all of his creation. What many Christians one is a Jack-in-the-Box God they want to wind them up and watch them pop up because of what they want without understanding who the father is my father will never know father or what the father requires it to skip the relationship and refuse to come under the rules, don't be surprised if heaven doesn't show up because heaven has to show up in concert with the rules of the house so the reason you should be here today in church is to learn more about the rules and house and what the father has to say, so you can begin relationship can underneath alignment so that God is comfortable living in the same house with you now Jesus was asking John chapter 18 say John chapter 18 verses 3637 Pilate said are you looking and Jesus said you have said correctly. I am the king, but then went on to say, but my kingdom is not of this world, not words on the king but I'm not from down here on the king I'm from up there and my job is to bring up their down here. Jesus became a man.

God became a man in the second person of the Trinity to bring heaven down here. The point is that I will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So the whole point of the prayer is to take up real and drive down here. So Jesus says I am the king, but I'm not from here. Therefore, if you break your kingdom come, but you not starting from up there, you start from down here. You start in the wrong location.

Your kingdom come and Jesus says, my kingdom is not of this world so you want to find out what's happening in that world, what the rules are in that world so you can print down in this world because of you trying to bring this world into that world operating in the wrong direction, my kingdom does not start in this world, my kingdom starts in that world.

Your kingdom come.

So what you do understand is the concept of kingdom, the rules that govern the house. The house is the kingdom, the comprehensive rule of God over all of its creation, the individual to family the church and the broader society including government, now that we understand the concept of kingdom. Just think about house with the conflicts in the house. Big enough to understand what will qualify you to pray that prayer, your kingdom come.

You get into the kingdom by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

Say John 33, Jesus told Nicodemus except you, be born again, you will not see the kingdom of God. You will not see the kingdom of God. So you enter the kingdom through conversion being born again become a Christian, but you only experience the kingdom. When you become a disciple with indicate the status accepting Christ get you have but only by becoming a kingdom person. Do you get heaven into history. If you are a Christian you going to heaven.

But if you are not a full-time follower of Christ.

You will see 70. The whole point of the prayer is to get heaven here and Dr. Evans will tell us more about the amazing things to come when he continues in just a moment first so I want to let you know that for a limited time, we're bundling all eight full-length messages from his current series, the Lord's prayer on both CD and digital download. Along with this popular book about living your life based on the 23rd Psalm God is more than enough. Both of these life-changing resources are yours with our thanks when you make a contribution to help keep Tony's messages coming to this station and others like it around the world. Visit Tony right away to get the details and take advantage of this special offer before time runs out. The alternative is 100% listener supported broadcast so we depend completely on you to keep this important work going again that's Tony or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 never closes, so there's no need to wait that's 1-800-800-3222 repeat that information again after part two of today's lesson in this apprentice Dr. Tony Evans says Christians have a habit of under using overlooking our most valuable spiritual resource connection with the Lord through art in a course on kingdom. Prayer Tony Evans training center you'll discover how God is why in the world to work like prayer and experience for yourself how it connects heaven with her and time with you not only gain a new understanding and appreciation for prayer you'll actually pray in transforming ways never experienced before. The course is intense work through at your own pace and get all the help you need online for and course is custom content from Tony not available anywhere else connect with the Tony Evans training center and Tony It's like having a seminary on your smart phone or other device. Start today Tony Evans or we are looking forward to the day when Jesus Christ will physically leave heaven comes down to earth. Go to Jerusalem set up his throne in Jerusalem, and from Israel. He will run the entire but now kingdom.

He is willing to happen on the right-hand side of the father in his spiritual when it comes in the kingdom to come. He will rule physically in the now kingdom payroll spiritually.

He still rolls buddy, not rule on earth. He rose from habit now, the way he rose from heaven is through our communication system call prior says. Since I'm not there but I'm up here I want you to communicate with the father and I will be in touch with the father and to the degree that I see you are committed to me and my father's kingdom, which is my kingdom then I will move us spiritually from up there and I will give you support down here. So what I'm going do physically in the not yet unwilling to do spiritually now is a decision to be made the decision if you really want to pray that prayer and have a relationship and, as a foreign that is the recognition that you are now in covenantal alignment underneath God.

Ephesians chapter 1 verse 10 verse 2223 says God philosophy of history is that all things come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and that he is in charge of your life. He has become the dictator of your notice is not when I thought about going to church and they come in the church because the tests of a church member or the building of the finances for the program.

The ultimate test, this place for that to GM is measured by one thing, whether because of it because coming out of that all the activity in GM is irrelevant. Then I produce it because they just walking around talking and speaking and joining children, twiddling know if there is no call, no matter how big the building and we are making disciples, we have failed because God is trying to make kingdom disciples not just accumulate church members.

He's trying to get people who live all of their lives consistently progressively knowingly under the Lordship kingdom under the rule of God in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and that is what he is after.

So God is the kingdom. He is rule was supposedly churning out, not church members, but people who are progressively yes it happens over time with you more this year than last.

More of you next year. It had a few this year. That decision has to be made and surrendered to the king who happens to be my dad could have a relationship also surrendered. What happens now to understand house house have house rules that you understand that you have become under that came kingdom.

What can you expect prayer by kingdom come, when he says, is now your praying to see some a coming that is an implementation kissing up there show up down here you see heaven visit earth eternity showing up in time. He's talking to people already say they're on their way to heaven with him about the kingdom, now, what I'm dealing with now my pain now my sickness. Now, my finances mouth my relationship now feasting now you pray put the column not yet is going to come right now I'm living now. Now I'm praying thy kingdom show up kingdom.

It means you will or authority so you asking the invisible King and kingdom to show up visit believe you will see God's authority at work in your life. So here's what you can expect as you progressively as I progressively as we collectively progressively underneath the king and pray this prayer in relationship we getting closer to him coming under him, both at the same time, then the kingdom because the word means authority begins to that is you begin to see heaven show up in history, God's alone. I thought a concept or philosophy is a living being who shows up Jesus told his disciples in Luke chapter 9 verse one to I'm giving the kingdom and with that I'm giving you authority ask chapter 8 verses 12 and 13.

It says and Philip was preaching the kingdom of God and miracle showed up.

It's not just becoming a Christian is becoming a kingdom disciple is a Christian and then you see prayers answered power given authority exercised overruling situation, you begin to see the king at work culture operating under the rules of the house begin to see authority does his kingdom has to rule his authority has to rain. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

In fact, he told his disciples in Luke 22 verse 29. I share with you my authority I give you permission my heavenly throne. So you cannot exercise legitimate authority over what you should be over unless you're willing to be under what God is put over you say that again you cannot exercise legitimate authority of what you should be over unless you are willing to probably be under what God is put over you, God has told wives if you're not in legitimate submission to the juvenile thought, if your husband doesn't don't pray because God not God tells a husband in first Peter chapter 3 verse seven. If you won't legitimately come under my authority, and you won't treat your right. Don't try to me because I'm notů Because I can't help you to be over. If you're not willing to be under so the whole point is that kingdom come, rules, and your first question should be what the rules of the house and got I will adjust my life to your rules because this is your house.

Now you can pray our father to the one relationship, who art in heaven.

I know you locate in the long distance but I will make a big deal about your name come up about away. I need you to come down here and help a brother out. I need you to come down here because I'm in need of something on earth that only heaven can fix now you got me heaven's attention because he now knows that you're willing to place yourself on the body.

So this kingdom concept, the comprehensive will of God out of relationships of all of creation. You develop this mindset. You grow in this mindset will get to get forgiven when you don't have this mindset, forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.

We when you when you put this package of the Lord's prayer together you not just print appraisals and repeat after me.

You now talking to authority now operating kingdom eyes you now taking the challenge of being able to operate under the will of God and see heaven in history so I just want to know if anybody needs a C7 in history.

If anybody needs to see the father and work on privileges that God begins to because this is Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with the final story to wrap up today's message first so if you'd like to review today's lesson on your own or share it with someone else.

The title to ask about is the program of prayer, but it also comes bundled with seven other messages in Tony's current teaching series. The Lord's prayer and for a limited time where packaging the entire compilation on CDs and digital downloads. Along with this popular book God is more than enough and making them all available to you is or thank you gift when you support Tony's ministry with a contribution. You can get all the information on this limited time offer. Make your donation online and instantly download the messages in this series Tony or give us a phone call at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is open 24 seven so there's no need to wait again, dial 1-800-800-3222 or go online to Tony Most of us have no problem praying for what we want or even praying for what others want.

But on Monday Dr. Evans will talk about the importance of praying for what God wants. Right now though he's back with his final illustration for today in the Olympics when an American was a gold medal based on the platform, but they will come and ask him what song do you want us to play because it was your favorite song they played the National Anthem May Pl., American song. You know what is that women is part of the kingdom. They represent the United States of America and even though they use their prowess. They belong to something bigger.

Your unique God is giving you some gifts, times, talents, treasures, buddy. Won't you please install the once you recognize this thing all about you. You belong to another kingdom.

And I want you to recognize that you represent me at work and play with every of your life represent the king and the kingdom your prayer is not my kingdom come, thy kingdom come when God sees that you want his kingdom then became what happens to be your daddy would love to show you the vibraphone is the alternative with Dr. Tony Irvin alternative is made possible by the generous confusion of listeners like

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