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Encountering God's Cure, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 13, 2020 7:00 am

Encountering God's Cure, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 13, 2020 7:00 am

We dont have to go out looking for problems in life; they find us! But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain the up-side of down-times as he talks about how we can experience Gods cure in the midst of our crisis.

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Deeper and deeper. Dr. Tony Evans is relying on our own strength in a disaster simply a bad idea. You will going. This is the alternative Dr. Tony speaker Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative, we don't have to go out looking for problems in life, they find us.

But today Dr. Evans explains the upside of down times as he talked about how we could experience God's cure in the midst of our crisis. Let's join you about how to handle your crisis. Let's talk about the anatomy of a crisis. What what is Christ's life. You can't fix you since I you ask you all should I even from you.

Somebody else what's wrong all along the way that family crisis that crises that crises that have to do with family, spiritual crises crisis. If you know anybody if you and you know that's a problem that's not a crisis since the problem gets so bad you and apparently nobody else can. It would've been a long time ago if Christ were introduced to a man in the Bible. Second, teams have a crisis management.

Let's learn about Naaman and learn how God wants to cure your crisis may make payment if he has right to A professional success. She the Army now positional's on record with the executive chair on the site was a great man would not stop respected name and not only that he had a reputation about him calling him a great man and the people respected him, so he was great when you have.

He was great.

He has a great reputation without something else about Naaman have religion as a religious man because the long walk through this plan three Army level. I don't know what the judge had devotions. Barely that's not what what we are told is not religious connection is going right reputation religion were told.

Finally, value war, you may. This man had all working for him you would call him a success when you become president of the company money.

Everybody looks at you know your name bowels when you come by highly respected church every time the door opens. Like most the last line in the verse messes things up is punctuation like didn't have any, but when it would people always got but at the end of the clause you frankly get excited when excited, does not take that conversation downhill fast. Reputation religion the washer but he was a leper right thing going for him was on which tribal disease for which there was no what she became crisis that can mess up all the good stuff going for you. What is Christ's. Nobody can fix the world after hand but would not back shows up when I crisis shows up undermine everything you like to be on one know that you matter because you Christ's. You always know when you get a crisis because the thing that you don't matter as much with you shall not problems that you got a headache shake up the world will change the world crisis is a problem we often wants us to know this man facing a crisis story unfolds to sense that that was a little slave girl who was captured from Israel and was waiting on Naaman's wife.

She was an attendant. Naaman's wife. She comes to her mistress in verse three and says hello back in Israel that the prophet leprosy balls.

Naaman don't see maybe could solve this problem. The following may invasions L so Jewish from Israel back home thousand Naaman's wife who can help Naaman's wife tells them when crisis slave girls make sense to try since you don't need inferior to you when you make the money that you may know that you drop the car you drive like that you go saying somebody reduced by Christ nobody becomes if they can help you, nobody unknown name a slave girl. Just know somebody. She said his wife said she said it is real bad so what is now Naaman goes to his master, which is the king of Aram the first want slave girl told me that the map that it can heal me, he knows Naaman wins will also become a guy you want to keep alive and healthy, and well click on the plants.

The king said don't now and I will send them out of the king of Israel, and he departed and took with him 10 councils over 6000 shekels of gold close to the king of Israel say, and as this letter comes to you, behold, I have sent maybe my something to you that you make sure you catch you will miss you got to pay attention slave profit back in Israel back and solve your problem all day. The slave girl no topic. King said will that's good philosophy. If you can get healed but an open okay Israel my man has no money fixing wrong girlfriend said it Israel expects only deals with things you don't deal with profits to a solution another. Stop the big stop written what your crisis that you and your Christ's go saying Israel can solve this problem but wanted to do you crisis and sacred with the secular, with a compromise solution. We want to make sure you we want stop with familiar with money and things can't influence the problem money and influence to the king with the king of Israel.

Verse seven he tore his clothes and said I look like God to like Siamese twins and make a life sending word to me to cure a man of his leprosy now and see how he is seeking a quality gives me the big money made of pure young man Dr. Evans will have more on where to find a cure in your crisis when he comes back in just a moment.

First, so I wanted to be sure to let you know that Tony is written the perfect companion book to what we've been hearing about today is called kingdom encounters and it explores how you can have the same kind of one-on-one experiences with God that we read about in the lives of people like Moses, Daniel Abraham and others. We want to help you learn how to set your faith on fire and keep it burning making available both the book and digital and CD copies of all eight full-length messages from his current divine encounter series, including material we won't have time to share on the radio.

You can get them all as our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching coming your way on the station. This special double offer runs out on Monday so be sure to visit Tony right away to make the arrangements or color 24-hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 where team members are standing by to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 will get back to our teaching time right after this year. Like most Christians there are in your life you know you may not know Jesus do something about that feeling. Share your faith effectively.

In other words, knew more that Tony Evans training center comes in an online Bible school classes that will take you deep into the most important core concepts of that thing start with our free introductory course on evangelist move on the subjects like spiritual warfare.

Maturing in the face and many more. Content is challenging but wrong pace anytime you is also lots of custom content from Tony online form your specific questions answered.

Go to Tony Evans and start your free intro course today Tony Evans training center you can explore the kingdom anytime, anywhere. Make sure when you have a crisis going to the right person to help if you have a toothache go to a psychiatrist, you got the wrong person just because they got Dr. from the airport one day this lady something she was a crisis at the same time she's going through a crisis over the loudspeaker. Dr. Tony Evans were you pick up the phone right away. I was right there what they can play so pick up the phone is not granted to you and me on the lady say they try to get the phone on my you like the worst thing in the world and have one document but think you have another.

We will not know you are in situations only God can fix stand on the phone all night staying up all night were not going to fix it. Make no due for delivery when you crisis when you get a crisis should carry because it won't show up in time shall not crisis that is a call to see God at a much deeper level maintain once verse nine.

I like the name playing with his bosses, his chariot and stood at the doorway of the house of Eli verse 10 said that Elijah sent a messenger to him watching the Jordan seven times and your flesh be restored to you and you shall be pulling when you want a cure for crisis in your best interest to have the right attitude, but this all out to me and called the name of the Lord God waved his hand over the place so you follow payments to problems. First problem is his emotions.

Profits words, God said Jordan seven times, get this thing fixed but feel like I should enter the second problem was that Apple Christ's God. You solve a problem except the problem was that blood of Christ. God crisis will address you a new experience with him. You have a new experience with may not be the same God in your human box you man of God to be taken too long like doing okay. So verse 14 says he went down and get himself seven times in the Jordan, he did according to the word of man of God living according to God's word he did with God said to and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a child and he was clean everything with what is God did two things for the man in a bubble. He fixed his problem no more leprosy, that's good enough to write you want to crisis fix what only six. The problem of cancerous skin stop being that way but you know it's God. When you last always, but that skin because it wasn't about baby stand Brad how to scan the skin begin with baby powder stand what job shows that God will respond to you Taken away.

You want kulaks knowledge God and your but it comes through faith and that you know how to fly in a crisis in just a moment.

Dr. Evans will come back with an important thought to close our message for today. First, so don't forget to take advantage of that special offer.

I mentioned earlier you get all eight full-length messages in Tony's current series divine encounters along with that insightful and life-changing companion book kingdom encounters they're both yours with our thanks when you make a contribution to help us continue presenting this program every day, but this package is only available through this coming Monday.

So you need to make the arrangements right away. Be sure to visit Tony today or call 1-800-800-3222 to get the details and make a request.

Our resource Center never closes and again that number 1-800-800-3222, or words like impossible or incurable.

Don't apply when God is part of the equation, but Dr. Evans says seeing miracles happen is in some ways up to us on Monday to share the stories of two outstanding women from the Bible.

Right now though he's back with this closing thought for today when you go to the doctor using a number of things. One saying I'm hurting something his role.

The second thing is you say I can't fix it because if you can't fix it you want fix, Christians pulling out all crisis would problem medicine. What would you do realize that the crisis because he wants to let you see Crisis and its value it wants to operate on.

You also want to know how we operate the greatest prices of all your sin without a relationship with God is asking to do the blood.

The blood that you love all of your sin.

Not doing on the chart right time to keep my practice of the alternative with Dr. Tony Irvin alternative is made possible by the generous fusion of listeners

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