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Encountering God's Cure, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 12, 2020 7:00 am

Encountering God's Cure, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 12, 2020 7:00 am

When our circumstances turn sour, we cant wait for them to change. Thats only natural. But, in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about an unnatural way to think of a crisis and the benefits it brings to your relationship with the Lord.

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Christ's deposition of Dr. Tony Evans is even though we may not like hard times. Sometimes we need you sequence of letting God you've never seen God.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony-author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when her circumstances turned sour. We can't wait for them to change. That's only natural. Today Dr. Evans talked about an unnatural way to think of a crisis, and the benefits it brings to your relationship with the Lord. Let's join him rushed into the house in a panic state.

His wife looked at him and said all he said. Trouble is, is that what you will said that the carburetor it won't work. She said what he said. That's why she said that you have a mechanical bone in your body.

You know nothing about automobiles. You know the problem with the call, he said it's in the swimming pool.

So I guess they warning the carburetor swimming pool say what he said one was true to the carburetor.

He was a lot worse shape. A lot of us right now. More messed up than we look we might simply say that one of the carburetor when a holy life is important, but you can dress it up and fix it up and tweak it up talk right lay it out make it look like the water covering you about how to handle your crisis. Crisis.SKU here in a crisis over budget crisis crisis everywhere how to deal with your crisis. Let's talk about the anatomy of a crisis. What what is a Christ's basis is the situation in your life you can't fix it right now to table you crisis.

If you have a situation in your life you can ask you not fix it. You don't know anybody else.

In other words, there is no solution in sight, either from you or from somebody else to fix what's wrong please come in all shapes, all forms of all sizes. Like a lot of ways that family crisis their financial crises that crises that have to do with family that spiritual crises but the thing that makes a crisis.

If you can't make you don't know anybody. If you and you know that's a problem that's not a crisis a crisis is when the problem gets so bad you And apparently nobody else can. They could. It would've been a long time ago. Life is full of Christ were introduced to a man in the Bible. Second Kings has a crisis management. Let's learn about Naaman and learn how God wants to cure your crisis Naaman of the Army of the King of Naaman's.

He has right. The captain has a professional success is achieved, the Army, he has now positional's army force to be reckoned with the executive chair on the say was a great man with his master respected name and not only had think he had a reputation about new calling him a great man and the people respected him, so he was great when you look at it. He was great. Naaman is great that he has a great reputation with something else about Naaman. It says the Lord gave religion is a religious man because the law of freedom walk through this plan. With Army on some level I don't know what the children had devotions. Barely that's not given to us, but what we are told is God's will that was some sort of religious connection. He had things going yeah right reputation religion were told. Finally, value with this man at all.

Working for him you would call him a success when you become president of the company about money anymore everybody looks at you know your name bowels when you come by highly respected church every time the door opens and like most the last line in the verse messes things up is. Don't you wish, like didn't have any button.

Believe it or not it would it would people only got but at the end of the clause you frankly get excited when excited, does not take that conversation downhill fast.

The patient religion the washer was a leper right thing going for him.

He was on which many tropical disease for which there was no cure for which he became isolated in a crisis that can mess up all the good stuff going for you was a Christ's.

Nobody can fix the world at your hand, but would not back shows up when I crisis shows up under my everything you like to be on one knows that you got from the matter because you Christ's. You always know when you're in a crisis because the thing that you matter don't matter as much when you shall not problems that you got a headache that does not shake up the world a brain tumor will change the world crisis is a problem. The author wants us to know this man facing a crisis a crisis is like quicksand.

It keeps sucking you deeper and deeper. It doesn't get any better, no matter how you called it. Try to fix it.

Try to solve it. It still. When the function of the Titanic hit the iceberg. I can assure you it did not matter any longer. How wealthy they were or what sweeping what you when I got on the about your money determine what sweet what number you rat the rich people could stay up there and hobnob up there.

The poor people work to be burned relevant only to the people on the ship save the lost.

Because when you iceberg a crisis it all will all the stuff that use the matter because I crisis you Wonder what else you can fix it and it is all.

It used to make you feel good about. You can always pick it up when a person is in a crisis because when they talk about the things that use the matter they now change the phrase to say it doesn't matter anymore because something else matters.

He wants leper and he could do nothing to stop the section when I was in India I saw modern-day leprosy first hand is a little different. The biblical leprosy of the New Testament, but the same devastating effect. My son was overseas. He went to a leper colony administered to lepers isolated, ostracized from the community because nobody could fix this problem. I am well aware that I am talking to many in crisis you concealed it you smiled at Rick's.

You tried to ignore it. But when you get along with you it's clear you in a Christ's. You can pick up when a person crisis because it affects the attitude you just thought they were being mean, when really you get the overflow of them being in the situation again crisis you just thought they were just having depression. No there in a crisis and they don't know how to get out so I'm giving secrets.

The answer for Christ's. If you don't hear anything else here this when you get a crisis situation you can't fix and no one else could fix what you run into is a God to give you a deeper experience with him. Dr. Evans will explain how we can turn the bad news of a crisis into good news comes back in just a moment but first I want to tell you about a brand-new book, Tony is written that goes hand-in-hand with the lessons and practical principles we been learning about this week.

The book is called kingdom encounters, and in it Dr. Evans explores how our lives can be changed forever when we experience a connection with God. The goes beyond simply knowing about him those connections often happen in the most unlikely times and places in this book can help you realize that even when you feel like everything's going wrong, you might be right where you need to be for a kingdom encounter with God where packaging this life-changing book, along with all eight full-length messages from the divine encounter series on both CD and digital download including material we don't have time to present on the year you can get all of these resources is our gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Tony's teaching coming to the station and available around the world.

This special package will only be available for a few more days, so I encourage you to take advantage of this today go to Tony to make the arrangements where you will also be able to download the messages to listen to immediately what we send the book and CD collection your way or give us a call, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 we are friendly team members standing by to assist you with your resource request. I'll have her contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this Amazing, Intense, Thinking That Just A Few Students Describe Their Experience since Enrolling in the Town's Training Center. The Best Part Is the Training Center Is Where Ever You Are Online Connection. I Going beyond the Sunday Sermon. These Compelling Bible Study Courses Take a Much Deeper Look at Scripture for Finals Writers, Social Issues of Today and Much More Alive Time Today to Learn More Training Tony Evans Time since Way's and Nobody Else Can Help with Low Can Take You to the Next Level.

The Bad News Is, Christ Seems Hurt That It Was a Crisis of Painful Physical or Emotional or Psychological Level, but the Good News Is God.

You See, for the Purpose of Letting You Say God in a Way Never Seen God before the Story Unfolds to Sense That That Was a Little Slave Girl Who Was Captured from Israel and Was Waiting on Naaman's Wife.

She Was an Attendant to Name His Wife She Comes to Her Mistress in Verse Three, and Says Back in Israel. The Prophet Leprosy Balls Maybe Don't See You Maybe Could Solve This Problem Once Is Now Naaman Goes to His Master, Which Is the King of Aram the Fifth Verse Four Slave Girl Told Me That There the Man, Not That It Can Heal Me, He Knows Naaman When I Got You Want to Keep Alive and Healthy, and Well Comes up with a Plan.

The King Said Now and I Will Send a Letter to the King of Israel, and He Departed and Took with Him 10 Pounds over 6000 Shekels of Gold Close to the King of Israel Say As This Letter Comes to You, Behold, I Have Sent You That You Make Sure You Catch You Will Miss You Got to Pay Attention Back in Israel Back and Solve Your Problem All Day.

The Topic King Said Will That's Good Philosophy.

If You Can Get Healed and When the King of Israel in the Money Fixing Wrong Girlfriend Said It Is Real Experience but Only Deals with Profits to a Solution. Stop, Stop, Written What Your Crisis If You and John Christ's Go Israel.

This Problem but Wanted to Do When, Where and with a Compromise Solution. We Want to Make Sure That We Want Stop with You Money and Things Can't Influence the Problem with the King of Israel.

Verse Seven People and Said like God to Sign These Twins and Make a Sending Word to Meet a Man of His Leprosy Now and See How He Is Seeking a Quality against Me Got the Big Money. Let Me Explain Some What You Crisis All of the Crisis Situation That God Can Fix How Much Money You Collect When You Crisis Many Kings You Know What You Caused All of the Christ Is to Show You That Only God Is God.

That's the Point of a Crisis to See God As Long As You Feel a Goodbye Crisis You Are Wasting Your Time and Irritate Other People. What Everything Hateful Close, Which Was What You Did When You Were in Anguish When You Are Facing Some New Couldn't Handle.

So Now Only Have a Crisis Please Create You Know People in Crisis Don't Want to Be a Crisis by Themselves Company That Is the Nature of a Crisis Solve the Problem. The Prophet Finds out That Naaman Has Been with the King. The King Can Help Because It Was a Crisis, Not a Problem. Verse Eight. It Happened When He Lies the Man of God Heard the King of Israel Towards Close, He Sent Word to the King Saying While You Change Your Clothes Close over This Man of the Folk in Crisis Drive You Nuts. You Going Crazy to Give You a Headache Making You Miserable to Let This Keep You from Sleeping Because You Let Them Come to the Wrong Person You Stop by Me Mentioning There Is No Solution Because Not Something about Some Dr. Tony Evan Encouraging Us to Recognize and Embrace God's Presence in Order to Find the Treasure in Tough Times Explore More of This Life-Changing Truth When You Take Advantage of That Double Resource Package I Mentioned Earlier Tony's Brand-New Book Kingdom Encounters and Is Complete Eight Message Series Divine Encounters As a Reminder Both the Book and Audio Package Both CD and Digital Download Can Be Yours with Our Thanks When You Make a Contribution to Help Us Keep This Listener Supported Program Coming Your Way. This Is a Limited Time Offer. In Fact, a Special Bundle of Resources Will Only Be Available A Few More Days to Find out More Right Away. You Can Get All the Details and Make a Requested Tony Again That's Tony or Call Our 24 Hour Resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 Were a Friendly Team Members Standing by Ready to Assist with Your Resource Request 24 Hours a Day.

Again, the Number 1-800-800-3222, You Know, We Don't Have To Go out Looking for Problems in Life, They Find Us What Tomorrow.

Dr. Evans Will Explain the Upside of down Times As He Talked about How We Can Experience God's Cure in the Midst of Our Crisis. I Hope Will Join the Alternative with Dr. Tony Evan Is Utilizing Proven Alternative Is Made Possible by the Generous Confusions of Listeners

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