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The Great God of Revival Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

The Great God of Revival Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

Do you belong to the living God, or to some random, "little-g." god? Dr. Evans says that the easiest way to tell is to check out who you're following! Join him for this look at recognizing and reverencing the true "great God of revival.

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Make a choice. I feel make the choice is when you think Dr. Tony Evans is heating good direction will lead to a successful life journey.

That's why Jesus says follow me, let me set the pace in the standard for your decisions in your direction. Follow me. This is the alternative Dr. Tony speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative when you get on the highway.

You're going where the highway goes.

Unless you make a conscious choice to change course today. Dr. Evans will explain how to tell when you're on the wrong road talk about what it takes to make a U-turn. Let's join people today are satisfied with a discount God they want God as long as he comes on sale as long as I can get them with lower expectations, demands, topics of God but nothing will come at full price with total expectation demands on my life. Well, that's not the God that most people want. Most people want God they can control, manipulate, influence toward. Rather than God of the Bible calls us to submit to his will.

Our theme is revival revival is that return to God that brings renewal of life and spiritual restoration to individuals or families or churches or a whole city revival is when God returns to his people because his people have returned to him, and with that return becomes a restoration of life as it was meant to be our message today is taken from first Kings chapter 18 is one of the well-known stories about a well-known event by well-known prophet. The prophet's name is Elijah. Elijah's name is made up of two basic words.

Eli and yeah Eli is short for Elohim Joshua for Yahweh Elohim means God, Yahweh means God/his name is the Lord is God or God is the Lord. So when his mother and father named him. They named him after God.

This prophet of Israel was called to deliver a message during a time of spiritual decline to Israel profits Mobley came during times of spiritual decline like alarm clocks.

Their job was to wake God's people up from their spiritual stupa and sleep and cause them to wake up to the spiritual issues that were bringing about all the other issues in their lives. The prophet showed up so you wouldn't have to deal with God directly. He was a warning sign of judgment or further judgment if people didn't turn to God, not the problem. In chapter 18 of first Kings is that there is a famine in the land because it has not rained for 3 1/2 years for 3 1/2 years. It is not rained and so there is a economic crisis in Israel they need a bailout because that situation is that I have been a downturn in the market big time that if you read chapter 17. That's the story of the widow of Sarah Pfaff and she and her son decided to just go back because of mobile food is normal food. It's become an economic disaster. Why, because when you enter even if you're not, but especially viewing an agrarian culture that depends on agriculture for livelihood and it doesn't rain for 3 1/2 years.

What I means no crops, no crops, no food either to sell or to buy so your inmate desperate situation, God had stopped away for 3 1/2 years. Why had God stop the rain for three and half years read to you.

Deuteronomy chapter 11 and this is what it says in verses 16 and 17 of Deuteronomy 11. Beware that your hearts are not deceived and that you do not turn away and serve other gods and worship them or the angle the Lord will be kindled against you and he will shut up the heavens so that there will be no rain and the ground will not yield its fruit and you will perish quickly from the good land which the Lord is giving you some reason I have been rain for three and half years is because idolatry had taken over the nation. They have begun worshiping other gods and God already told when you turn the God I will shut up the heavens so that it does not rain.

Rain reflects the goodness of God. Provision of God that would come down from above in order to bring productivity from below in order to let crops grow so when there was no time provision that would be no earthly produce when there was no divine provision: rain that would be no produce.

That is, the ground would not yield its fruit.

So they were going through an economic problem. They were going through a financial collapse if you will. They were going through social chaos because I'll be spiritual decision to worship other gods know one of the worst things you and I can do is not connect economic chaos, social downturns to spiritual decisions because if you don't connected to spiritual cause and effect, then you'll treat the symptom and never get around to the Collins when you failed to connect's spiritual decisions to earthly ramifications. Did you try to come up with emergency solutions that don't fix the God's talk for 3 1/2 years that in an economic downturn and a major crisis because we talked about no rain for 3 1/2 years. In chapter 18 verse one, God appears after many days the word of the Lord comes to Elijah in the third year, saying, go show yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the face of the earth.

God says I want you to go show yourself today.

He was over the government and I want you go. Let him see you and hear from you, said Ray.

Okay You just said Ray. I ground as part crops is not being produced, where Paul is late in chapter 18 Ernest on everything we want to just send rain know you prophet your job is to speak to me you all to Ahab you speak to have that I'll send rain the following process going on in Ahab go with me to verse 17, when Elijah and Said to Him, Is This You You Trouble of Israel Is Elijah Not the Reason I Have Not Seen Elijah's Cup.

Elijah Based on the Word of God, Pray That It Would Not Ring and It Did Not Ring for 3 1/2 Years. So I Did Not Elijah's Best Friend Because I Have Stop the Rain Based on God Wanting Him so He Says Get Out Of My Face You Problem Is Real Everyone for You Religious Folk New Profit.

This Problem Would Have a Much Better Country If Voice Wasn't Being Heard Your Prayers Will Be As Well of the Prophet Because the Prophet Was Committed to Nobody Prophet Was an Independent and It Was Committed to the Word of God Care What You Would Know Jonathan a Prophet to Represent the Whole Number Okay so Elijah Understood How to Make It Real.

Elijah Says the Government. Verse 18 Have Not Told Israel but You and Your Father's House Had Because You Have Forsaken the Commandments of the Lord, You Have Followed Natural Problem. Your Problem Is You Idolatry and You Idolatry Based on Chapter 11 Something Happens up. So the Only Reason the Government That You're in This Economic Crisis Is That You Departed Spiritually from the Living God and Your Gone Track Titles. God Is Only Keeping Will Bless You Less You Choose Other Gods, Then the Floor Will Stop and That Which You Need to Sustain Yourself Will Be Interrupted and It Had Been for 3 1/2 Years. Dr. Evans Will Tell Us What Happens Next. When He Continues Today's Lesson from His Powerful Series Called, Revive Us Again This Two Volume 14 Message Collection Will Show You How to Rekindle Your Relationship with the Lord and Had Some Fire to Your Faith. It Covers Everything from the Revival We Experience As Individuals to What Can Happen When an Entire Nation Turns Back to God. You Can Get Both Volumes of This Powerful Series on CD and Digital Download Is Our Gift When You Make a Donation to the Ministry of the Alternative, and Right Now As a Special Bonus and Only for a Limited Time Will Also Send You One of the First Copies of Tony's Brand-New Book, God Himself.

A Journey through His Attributes. This Exciting Work Takes a Look at God's Wisdom and Wrath Is Efficiency and Sovereignty and His Goodness, Grace and Glory.

Dr. Evans Dives Deep into the Character of God Giving You Fresh New Insights That Will Deepen Your Understanding and Love for Your Creator.

Just Visit Us or call us at 1-800-800-3222. Make your contribution and let us send you as our thank you gift, revive us again, volumes one and two and Tony's brand-new book, God himself. But don't wait for special offer is only available for a limited time, however, contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson in this common and sensitivity in the society response, Dr. Tony Evans says only a biblical response will do. God created the races he has explained how the system worked on this embraced tax racism at its roots and points of the path toward reconciliation in the community can see the transformation take place when this embraced available downturns in societies until you get hungry enough, desperate enough to become old enough that you reconsider your situation spiritually. He says now then send me all Israel at Mount caramel together with 450 400 prophets of Asherah at Jezebel's table now is married to Jesse Bell 19 combat with this one thing hundred and 50 prophets of the idle bail.

She had 400 prophets of bail's girlfriend, Asherah hundred and 50 prophets that were operating in idolatry being filtered among God's people leading God's people into idolatry goals to the government because the government had legislated idolatry into the system 350 representatives in the Senate and House representative. We got representatives who have so infiltrated the actuating, Israel actuated they are perpetuating the idolatry down into the nation. So now the nation is suffering because of failed leadership have not position things correctly so you got the nation suffering so bring the whole nation amount and the real God's verse 20 and the methods they carry.

And in verse 21. I will talk about verse one was my favorite one became the all the people and for how long will you hesitate between two opinions. If the Lord is God him and if bail is God, but the people did not answer him a word gathers Israel together and says he raised the question, how long are you going to hesitate between two different points of view two different opinions two different thought patterns to different orientation. The word vacillate all day was you educated person who is vacillating off staggering from side to side left a steady direction isn't crystal clear layoff moving from left to right. They haven't settled in on a decision they are moving from open to open some they got God we will bail opinion back over here and say You shall write and say bail. You sound good so they were explicated vacillating halting subversion say between two opinions they were going both ways. They were using N diesel AM and FM they were going on both sides at the same time they were vacillate.

It wasn't that these people stop believing in the true God is that they are God's true God saw that they were now dealing with more than one God explain why having more than one God is a problem because God is by nature infinite when it means, without limitation, in other words to God. There is no end. God is greater than the sum total of his attributes.

God is greater than the sum total of his creation God created the universe we know how big the universe is a big university of God is greater than all he has made. That's why it's called take all eternity to discover God because God is infinite and therefore without limit is no limit. There is no limit to God.

With regard to time, from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God wealth if you're from no time you're headed to no time you exist beyond time. But how can you reach the beginning or the end of that sense. To begin, speak sometime but if you live outside of time. There is no beginning and explain that you got ask him when you go there worse. But the point is God is infinite therefore, if God is infinite, you can have to because lap of the second God is automatically becomes a limitation to God. God is infinite, you can have to implement being one of them can be infinite. If you don't have one infinite being without limitation and so that's why you can't have two God so you have to choose the true God is so you can treat them infinitely since they are in for that you can relate to them on that basis, over and over. The Bible calls us to choose to tell the church will be calling nobody coughing Ice-T, but don't want to make me want to vomit as you make me want to spew you out of my mouth. That means regurgitate you make me want one or the other or Joshua who said choose this day whom you will serve as for me and my house we will serve the Lord if you want to go with you because I've chosen the true and living God, the Bible says no man can serve two masters want to make the other, but you can't serve two masters. He says, in other words, you gotta make a decision you cannot halt between his opinion of the word prison.

You heard many times double minded double to mine think it is thinking two ways at the same time, God says you can't do that.

This complaint here is that they were looking at two different gods one is Yahweh. The other one is male. It says really challenge them to choose. He was want to make a choice to come out and make a selection that raises the question, why don't you want to make a decision.

I just let the preacher to say I want you to make a decision and not away you know if you made one, you know, you may want to follow says choose God and follow him.

What you bail and follow him, but make a choice in the way we know which one you choose is the direction you go to make a choice of how you feel. First to do with your sentiments. Make the choice is what your feet go follow him. That's why Jesus says follow me. Okay, follow me.

In other words, let me set the pace and the standard for your decisions. Your movement in your direction. Follow me It Says They Were Silent.

Now the Question Is Why Are They Silent, Why Don't They Make a Choice to Choose the True God.

They Saw As Interrupting Their Body Interrupting Their Interrupting Their Ability to Do Whatever They Want to Do and Not Feel Bad about It. In Other Words, It Would Disrupt Their Enjoyment of Sin. If You're Ready to Take Jesus up on That Invitation. Dr. Evans Is Back with a Word about How It Can Happen for You. If You Been Listening to Our Broadcast and You Have Not Personally Trusted Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of Your Sins so That He Can Give You the Gift of Eternal Life Right Now I Want You Go to God and Transfer Your Trust from Any and Everything Else except the Son of God, Who Died on the Cross for Your Sins and Rose from the Dead Impeccable Say Little Prayer and You Can Repeat after Me Just Have To Mean It for Yourself. Heavenly Father, I Know I'm a Sinner and That I Can't Save Myself. I Believe Jesus Christ Your Son Died on the Cross in My Place Four Months in and I Now Am Trusting Him Alone to Forgive Me and Give Me the Gift of Eternal Life That He Promised to Give to Anyone Who Came to Him for It. Thank You for Saving Me and Help Me from This Day Forward to Live a Life Pleasing to You. Congratulations Welcome to the Family. God Bless You Your Find More Information at 20 Have Been Started or Just Click on the Link That Says Jesus for a Short Video from Tony and Some Free Follow-Up Resources.

Again, That's 2011 Start or While You're There, Be Sure to Request Your Copy of Tony's Current 14 Message Teaching Series Revive Us Again If You've Ever Felt like Your Faith Is about to Flicker out This Collection of Messages Will Teach You How to Rekindle Your Relationship with the Lord and Remember for Limited Time Were Bundling These Full-Length Messages on Both CD and Digital Download along with Tony's Brand-New Book, God Himself Explores Who the Lord Is and What He's like You Received Both of These Helpful Resources As a Thank You Gift When You Make a Donation to Help Us Keep Tony's Teaching on the Station. Get Your Copy before the Special Offer Runs out. Just Visit 2011 Start or or Color 24 Hour Resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 That's 1-800-800-3222. Do You Belong to the Living God, or to Some Random Little G God Tomorrow.

Dr. Evans Will Explain That the Easiest Way to Tell Us to Check out Who Your Following.

I Hope You Join Us, the Alternative with Dr. Tony Have an Alternative Is Made Possible by the Generous Confucian of Listeners like

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