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Physicians Assistant Fired For Refusing to Use Patient’s Preferred Pronouns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 27, 2022 3:25 pm

Physicians Assistant Fired For Refusing to Use Patient’s Preferred Pronouns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 27, 2022 3:25 pm

A 17-year veteran of Michigan Health was fired for refusing to use a patient’s preferred pronouns.

Antwane Bohanon, Matt Schlapp, and Phil Schwenk join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative George so America welcome. Glad to have you ever body and while I was just checking whether radar over the national hurricane is not looking good for you folks in Florida right now they're saying this is going to be the worst case scenario, and you certainly hope it's it's not going to be that.

But to be honest of the weather disasters they I what is in over the past decade or so. It's about a little bit longer than that since before Hurricane Katrina. They started really making entertainment out of the weather. So instead of just tell you hey it's gonna rain or hey, there's a tornado coming your way and becomes a huge production and so every storm is the storm of the century, and then they don't turn out to be anything at all and so you tell all these people you gotta evacuate and the people evacuate that.

It turns out to be nothing of the next time a storm comes along. Other people are less likely to to evacuate, but again the news coming out of Fox and their whether guessers is that this is going to be catastrophic that Tampa and St. Petersburg are probably you guys are to be facing a 10 foot plus storm surge and if that's the case that everything is that that that everything is overwhelming if you got a house if you got anything down there it's is this going to be gone so I'm curious to hear from all of our Florida listeners. If you were evacuating. I know a lot of people were evacuating.

We got video up on the website of a just bumper-to-bumper cars heading out of the Tampa area and that there are mandatory evacuations underway for a good chunk of the Western side of the state of Florida but we would like to hear from you.

How are things going are you to's are have you decided to stay put you on the road 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. I will say this, the worst the worst natural disasters are the fires in the floods and probably more so the floods because it doesn't destroy everything every things are still there, still standing but it's all destroyed because of the mold in the build.

It's a terrible thing and that when I was a kid that got transferred down to right outside New Orleans and so we went through our fair share of the hurricanes and tropical storms in the flooding and assisted terrible thing I know are our house got hit when I was a kid and that you lose everything. Photographs, paintings, you name it diets all the furniture it's all gone so so certainly nothing to look at just what the do it. The folks are telling you down there and yeah there will be looked yes I know the whether guessers are not. Yeah I get it there pretty much always wrong. I know that but you never know when something is going to be big and so better safe than sorry.

That's what I said but I will say this last year you every year they come out of. They say this is going to be the worst year for hurricanes in the history of hurricanes and it always turns out not to be true and this is the same thing for this year.

By the way they came out early on in the other whether guessers said hey look, this is gotta be the worst year the worst season for hurricanes in the history of recording hurricane and it turned out not to be were on what the letter I this is the first one. This actually impacting American soil. So there there you go Myron 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we have a story up on the website just popped into us from our friends over at first Liberty Institute and it involves a crazy crazy incident at a health center. The University of Michigan health. They're basically a collection of hospitals all over the state of Michigan so there's a lady there. Her name is Valerie close and Valerie close Truman has been a physician's assistant for what 17 years and she has been at an employee in good standing for a good many of those years. Actually, all of them.

She's never gotten a bad review. She's never been disciplined as a matter of fact, that mean a lot of the a lot of the letters of recommendation coming from her bosses. They been praising her for going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking her patients. So anyway last year. She said hey look we got to we gotta have you do this. This training module so you gotta take this thing is online and so that's what she did know she was taking this training module and it came to a couple questions regarding sex and gender, and the transgender is and so she was not able to complete that portion because she was being told she had to affirm things that she believed not to be true.

Now it turns out that Mrs. Cruz Durbin is a Christian. She is also a longtime member of the United reformed church. She believes God created man and woman and that a person sex is ordained by God, not Facebook and that a person should love and care for the body that God God gave him or her and that one should not attempt to either erase or alter his or her sex through drugs or surgical means. These are her religious beliefs. By the way, dear. I say, may I step out on a limb here, ladies and gentlemen, and suggest that most of us in the world, not just the US of a but the world actually believed like Mrs. Cruz Durbin cannot go that far, so it's continue. So anyway she believes she has all of these beliefs about sex and gender that she got from her religion. By the way, these are very mean locking beliefs or so anyway. She said that she also believes it would be sinful to assist the patient in procuring sterilized drawings or surgical procedures that would alter someone sex. In other words she believes it's a sin to chop off your private parts again.

I suspect a lot of people in this audience agree with this goose treatment. So anyway she gets halted a chart you knew this was coming and man do they grill her. I mean up one side and down the other, and they demand to know if she would use. Let's say let's say Gladys comes in for a procedure. Gladys once wants to have a lady operation and it turns out that Gladys is really Gary.

They asked or would you would you honor that person's preferred gender and preferred pronouns and she said no I can't do that I cannot do it respectfully. I cannot do that again. 17 your employee so anyway they go on and on and on and she's meeting with all. I mean they are put it's it's almost like she was like stealing drugs and giving the drugs away on the street that's the level of intrigue here. So then they asked her whether she would use again, gender identity, debase pronouns and would she be willing to refer patients for gender reassignment surgery, and she said no I cannot do that cannot do that. So the HR people actually got hostile and angry and bait they had tightened for they day they tightened their fist and they attacked her religious beliefs, and they told Mrs. Cruz determined that she could not take the Bible or her religious beliefs to work either literally or figuratively, and they said that her belief that transgender is him goes against her by her religious beliefs was email. Yes I said it, even though you thought that that's what they said evil and they said she was abusing her power as a healthcare provider goes on and on and on any it's the. The complaint here, by the way first.

Liberty is traditional, representing the sliding but they fired the woman 17 years stellar record but she refused to comply to the trans gender body mutilators and they fired me. This is appallingly essential is a woman not in Berkeley, California not in New York City not in Chicago she's in Michigan.

She had no idea that she was Gilleland right smack in the middle of a major cultural war fight, but here she is in its ugly, it is absolutely ugly first Liberty Institute says this is a violation of the Constitution. You can't do this in their giving Michigan health an opportunity to make this right. And if not there to sue the living daylights out of it.

I hope they do. But you better believe all of us are to be called. And just like just like in the of the of the Old Testament when you got Shadrach me shack and Abednego have it about editing that Nebuchadnezzar here in America you got a bag that you had a bow down to the transgender tranquilly of me that's the reality of life in America right what was just idled out a few years ago considered to be outrageous behavior.

Outlandish behavior is now settled science in the medical community.

They really do believe that there is there is a right for nine and 10-year-olds to chop off their private parts and and mommy and daddy you'll have a say over this.

So I really I really hope that you pay attention to what's happening here with folks like Mrs. Klosterman because she is an American patriot. This lady's knowledge of the spotlight spotlight.

She's not looking for the limelight. She was just going to do her job as she has done for 17 years in the sex and gender.

Revolutionaries came after another, after all this just all of us gotta take a break 844-747-8868. This, by the way, this is why elections have consequences. This is why elections matter because a nonsense like this 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year.

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That's my use the promo code. Starnes, 788 68 North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate Randy was to talk about hurricane prep all right really what's going on that afternoon really am doing well. So, look, you guys are pretty far inland.

Are you guys get ready for the storm that according to what he all of the plot, or but the thing that I'm on your talk about preparedness and listening to the. The weather gestures and this is true that the only job in the world we could be wrong appetite so the race is always a lot going on TV that's all that matters.

That's all that matters, but I come from someplace where you cannot prepare for the disaster that you were there.

Just last week, Lancaster, California. I was raised like I live in Lancaster and result in Southern California was the big one reader earthquake of Northridge, a name that on those you can't prepare for you to prepare and hope that you are compared were something like that. Like today, I know were not to get it all that bad.

Maybe we might get some pretty good rate but at the same time, I'm going to check my generator and make sure it as fuel check my backup.

You'll also check the fuel and all my vehicles. I will put some items out of the basement that we have to eventually to the basement that we have water we have munchies and things like that.

Something that is just great because you are to go to the right. Maybe I could be wrong about when I would rather try to be prepared and caught years ago there was a hurricane or tropical storm about the plow and I think was Galveston or Corpus Christi Texas and we are doing live anchored coverage. I was on the anchor desk.

This is back in Fox news and we actually had some guy call in and they had evacuated everybody but this guy decided to stay put and he refused even let his family evacuate, so the guys calling from the attic of his house and he was he was asking what to do and I'm white buddy. You need to be calling 911.Fox news channel and the reality when he said he called my will and what they said nobody could come and get up Michael hello let me see what Bill O'Reilly is up to Olaf will send out the chopper. I want a moron, you know, to your point, you got it if they're telling you to evacuate. Look, evacuate, go ahead and you don't take a day or two, and better safe than sorry. Absolutely. Absolutely white bear that try to make her so many people to make light of it were we live right now where Western okay with the stateful and when there is a tornado.

I get notified on my door radio is recounted in any one of the six counties around when it comes close to make doubt we go to the basement so far. So far we've been extremely lucky not on what because the ones that we have had come from the west. They come and they go right up over the top of we live in an area that somehow or another were protected and unthankful every day for it, but still at the same time, a company may not we may get torrential rain in the house may float away the same time to do my best to prepare for, so I'm not the ones that in there in the attic calling Fox news is that help exactly because as much as I want to help you like the wind of the rain and the sharks to you know I mean that the sharks that you worry about all those critters coming up side, yet it will have anything to do with that. Randy appreciate the call. God bless and that you folks stay safe out there, but again it folks it's you I never have understood this and maybe somebody can educate me on this. You know they have the arguments in the California got the earthquakes and landslides. They build these beautiful multimillion dollar mansions literally on the side to the cliffs and their mothers a landslide and the house collapses and then the taxpayers have to help rebuild all that stuff and really the same thing on the beaches note so you all these people. They build these beautiful luxurious homes on the beach and the flood zones and then all of a sudden everybody surprised when a hurricane comes along and and just wipes everything out. And yet the taxpayers are having a foot the bill to rebuild all that stuff and then what happens. Another hurricane comes knocks everything down and it just seems to me, and again it's just it is what it is but it seems to me you would want to make sure that you are building your home on a on a dare I say firm foundation just want to throw that out there know that is your Sunday school usually would have to go to church on Sunday that your Sunday school lesson for the week American all right. Look, we gotta take a break your opening up the phone lines appear in Florida want to know what you do and how do you prepare for these hurricanes. You know what I did what hurricane Sandy hit New York City I went to the store I got honest-to-goodness at a sixpack of Abita Springs root beer, a pork, but a roll of duct tape and I did just fine. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number, our website and we got some great stories and videos of the evacuation of Tampa 300,000 you folks on the road. Hey you, be sure to have some batteries for your transistor radio listen to talk radio were to get you through the storm no matter where you are in America. This is the time of surgery.

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America that's pretty impressive because the last time I checked, how many podcasts are there out there. Todd your meeting with a lot and I don't know the exact number. I'd love to 12,000,332.

I got what I did put it in our newscast locally as it is a big deal congrats on well thank you very much, Ben, Dieter, we have taught you in a minute about this this drag queen thing that that you went out to go cover story to get that out and when I went to the photo Victor listening to us in Silver Spring Maryland wants to wait on the weather guessers Victor what's on your mind. Well first of all I told lady a to placate W a.m. So now I can get you always lady a Zen like Alexa is that I live with that. I with you. Now I with you Victor yes okay with Rush Limbaugh about 20 years ago and he was reading the story. This was during the wintertime in the Kansas City weatherman predicted 2 inches of snow in the 2 feet of snow fell. A guy went out and shovel his walk and drop dead from a heart attack so the wife sues the weather people know same 2 inches. When it was 2 feet and unfortunately she won her lawsuit. So that's why the weather people have to give the worst case scenario.

Also people so you're saying this is a little CYA that they don't want to end up getting hold of the courts exactly well, exactly. That's one theory or it could be, they just don't have a clue pulling it out. The old was he was. They say Victor yes you PEOPLE are so great at predicting climate change, yet they can't tell me what the weather is going to be three days from now. Could you know it could've been all that Aqua net down there. You know, the, the, the senior saints love to use that hairspray and with all the seniors moving down from a New York City baby and said they displayed a big hole in the ozone right right what I call these environmental wackos watermelons because the green on the outside read on the insights. I love it. Victor give us a call back. Now that you and the lady a are in cahoots. Yes, my new friend is great I love it.

I appreciate the call I thought it was a country music fan for about with you lady J they stop calling themselves.

Lady antebellum because apparently unloads woke or something.

All right 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number so it looked.

We got an update here on this. These drag Queens so in the Chattanooga Tennessee. I know we have a lot of listeners in the Chattanooga area and you guys are dealing with this huge controversy surrounding a ruling called the wonder linger brewing company. They held a big drag show for the children and the story is that one of the in the video we got the video. The video shows a child stroking the private area of one of the Disney princesses. So now are being told that those were actually females and so therefore that made it okay so the drag queens didn't come in until later. So the child was actually stroking the female a person's private parts and not the males private parts, which according to the brewing company made it okay for following me the story line are so so now here in Memphis, where dealing with a whole different different drag situation. It turns out that the Museum that held a drag show over the weekend that got canceled.

While this is a city-owned museum and our tax dollars are funding the drag show that took place or was going to take place on Friday now been Dieter. I hear the news anchor in our flagship radio station K. W a.m. and we set we said then cancel your Friday plans. You gotta go, and you gotta cover the drag queen that's exactly what I got in an email so so your you go down there and not only are you surrounded by drag queens, but you got the proud boys and a bunch of Christian preachers on my right side.

You're right, there were the proud boys group the guys the random mass they had some flags that were quiet. They were yelling or they work firing shots at anyone. They were only actually threatening every anyone's life on my left, though I had the blue suede sisters of perpetual indulgence, and if you're familiar with that is yes. I very unfamiliar with the sorry what is it's a group of dudes dressed up like Catholic nuns. It's a big thing here is a Bill Donahue from the Catholic league know about this there to be don't have a crusade. Mark will be marching down the streets if they find out. So you had to opposing groups, but the museum actually shut the event down this so-called family-friendly drag show down moments people actually think one of the drag show Queens was on stage. What was the name his name was Barbie wire Angelfire. It's one of the two angel what one of the performers names is Angelfire. It's like passing gas. Yes. Okay. That in itself is an family-friendly yet anyways. The did end up shutting it down in now you had the curators are actually disappoint this.

In this case is the executive director of the Memphis Museum of science and history. They said they had to shut it down because those protect those protesters were armed and they were dangerous, but I was actually out there so so that's what I want to stop so you and only one of the reporter were there.

So nobody else was there, and yet all of these reporters are now adopting the narrative that's coming from the Museum and the Museum's claim to be victim the museums claiming to be a victim and the drag queens are claiming to be a victim. As a matter of fact we we had some audio from the museum director who said that that there was an armed militia as a matter of I think we got out my job outside WC that you during our Friday night we had folks show up and a military grade type weapons and that was a no-brainer. Had 290 people he chose to spend their Friday night here at Mars and they did not come to protest the militia I came to enjoy the programming that we have here, by the way, I would encourage people to Google. Just Google the name of the executive director of the pink palace and you will understand why the pink palace is now in the business of per book per promoting the LGBT QI a alphabet people agenda just go at it. Just go ahead and Google but but been Dieter you're getting your getting a front row view of what mainstream media fake news looks like because he made it out to be like this was January 6 at the Pink Palace Museum and it certainly wasn't, and really it's not just me, though I'm a reporter and I try to do an honest job of reporting what actually went down. The police went on record and said we mean no arrest, and we can't report on any incidents that occurred at the Museum the police or the proud boys were they yelling things at the drag queens know they were something that the only people screaming were the drag queens chasing Memphis police officers and you got all this video unfortunately and it went viral. It did over half a million views because I mean it is official you had the drag queen street chasing like three big burly Memphis police officers there anyways. You're exactly right. They'll there saying again that this is all part of the pink palace and and that's what the locals call it that. This meant this Museum of science and history because it is historical because there is still discrimination happening against the LTD LGBT plus community, and that was an example of it where it was squashed so that that's their art. That's why belongs in a history Museum that's and that's the Argo okay that this makes absolutely no sense. But we do know that this museum is for primarily children, school groups, church groups, youth groups that go and they want to see. I will know the shrunken scrolls from the of the Amazon jungle and the birds on the planetarium of the whole 9 yards, but instead they're getting a full frontal assault of this drag queen movement, so to speak, and there were children there is. That was one of the things he's done by news director here tied and you said we gotta go see if the children are actually there. Is it really all ages, family-friendly. There were lots of children there and just again it was all into the evening hour is like the kids were showing up in pajamas because it was such a late event on a Friday night so so the new part of the story, which I find fascinating is now the city Council is getting involved.

We have had 100s and hundreds of people murdered in the streets of Memphis and what triggered them is not is not that but now there triggered because the proud boys showed up and some of them were armed with weapons and that has to be dealt with. It doesn't seem to matter that you got people out there shooting people in the streets carjacking people breaking into people's Cadillacs that were sitting in front of their apartment was a little personal there. No, that's okay. But the problem is the proud boys showing up to protest drag queens at the pink palace, Memphis, Tennessee. Ladies and gentlemen, by the way couple years ago I seem to remember another protest were you had black lives matter city councilmembers were out there and they literally shut down the Interstate 40 Ridge stranding people on both sides of the Mississippi River. That apparently is okay that kind of a protest is okay but but God forbid you have preachers and proud boys going out to a taxpayer-funded Museum to protest a so-called family-friendly drag show ladies and gentlemen, do you see it doesn't matter if you're a physician's assistant in Michigan doesn't matter if you're just hard work and taxpayer Memphis, Tennessee. There, shoving the agenda down your throats. That's what's going on here. Now my question is what kind of a parent sends their kid there eight, nine, 10-year-old kid to a provocative perverse drag show. Who does that.

What kind of a parent does that, we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 been Dieter one final question. I know you're all about the details.

That's what journalism is all about you are able to peruse the parking lot I just kind of curious what sort of people were actually attending this nonsense tend to use this little bumper stickers are not so little Nice eight coexisting there is that tennis symbols that I don't know what the coexist people I show up to the parking lot and I saw hundreds of those little bumper stickers and I should've known right there that they were going to be out there and they would bring their families out there yourself yet � and just, though the liberals in the fee.

People that take their families out to those drag shows they'll kinda have a look and that, like Angel fights a little bit of a status that I just now so slip a truly will be right back. You will be other hurricane brings back the memories that they used to send me down to cover a lot of the storms of back when I was at Fox and never forget what I was stuck in a hotel in New Orleans offered Canal Street no power there, nothing, nothing was open and an example could be used were Evan Brown had just gotten hired at Fox they'd flown him up for Miami. The poor guy had never been through hurricane before and so I'm like one of my good so we went over there and that we we ended up surviving for a week on buying the sausages and saltine crackers, those of the global days are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Alice in Arkansas was to weigh in on those drag shows. All right, Alice.

What say you taking my call about what we do.

Let parent that does not quite personal.

There is not one little line better.

Oh, I think we got a bad connection Alice.

But yeah I looked I'm with you I mean you know the good book does say will be to anybody who harms the kids and I just have to imagine you know sending a little child I meet with. There's a strip club in Memphis called the pink pony so my question is, what's the difference between sending your kid to a drag show with the pink palace. This anywhere could do a strip show at the pink pony.

I think both are pretty evil.

But again, why can't we just leave the kids alone. That's what I don't get why can't we just leave the kids alone. What's what's wrong with that 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up Barack Obama president Barack Hussein Obama. He's he's finally figured you people out so Obama giving a speech over to talk about this in the next hour. Obama seems to understand why you people oppose illegal immigration.

Obama says that the reason why all you people out there oppose the illegal immigration is because you are racist that you are concerned that there are going to be far too many brown people living in your neighborhoods. This is the headline from Breitbart. Obama claims racism to suppress American opposition to Bott to Biden's deadly migration of this is a very shrewd thing that bite that that Obama and Biden are doing because they know that the establishment Republicans are horrified at the idea somebody could accuse them of being racist.

So all you have to do to get the establishment Republican to capitulate is to say you're a racist.

For example, let's just say the Democrats. The Democrats have embraced AOC's desire to ban cheeseburgers and airline travel, and you met Romney stand up and say well I object to that. Because I love cheeseburgers and then one of the Democrats do your are racist to start your are racist. Eating a cheeseburger is racist and know what happened but Romney says, I'll have the tofu employees series all you I mean there is a long track record so look this is a very ingenious thing that Obama is doing so we say anybody who opposes illegal immigration is a racist, he says, quote the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America's character is good to be changed. The people of darker shades. There are too many of them here. This is language coming from Barack Hussein Obama meeting with a bunch of Hispanic realtors and seeing the Iago which means wills. According to increment this is unbelievable so know that no doubt about the way know it's unbelievable that Barack Hussein Obama seems to think that all of us have a problem with immigration because we don't want dark people moving into the neighborhood. She's a little America is that the reason why Libby's and Zalman are we all just a bunch of flaming racist 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone. That's 844-747-8838. This is the thought of surgery University studio in Tennessee only since conservative coming varies from reporters in the White House.

People beyond belief. So is ago there asking the head of FEMA about Rhonda's answers and the response to the hurricane hurricane Ian looks like it's going to hit St. Petersburg area will get to that little anyway you got the reporters and there like there like jackals and there there just waiting to pounce. Is it true is it true that Ron DeSantis is not answering your phone gotten there like no he's doing just fine.

FEMA say you know he's doing a great job there asking all the right questions were given about all the right answers. Everything's going hunky-dory. But there it is waiting there just waiting for DeSantis to make a mistake you watch was going to happen.

One street gets flooded and the other going up there and I just crucified anyway.

What of the Todd Stern's radio program. Our two underway great to have you with us. God folks on hold. Hang tight when you get your calls in just a moment got an email a couple of days ago and it is a fascinating and yet bizarre story, no doubt about it that schools in America, and especially public schools are messed up and moms and dads are frustrated kids are graduating without learning a single thing you got kids entering high school.

Can't read can't write in my next guest wanted to do something about that. He is a retired Navy chief. He is a Republican. He's also chairman of the board for the Tennessee volunteer volunteer military Academy. Antoine Bohannon joins us and want good to have you with us today. Thank you very much for inviting. All right, so I want to I want to jump into this, I've never heard of the Tennessee volunteer military Academy.

This is what grades six through 12. Yes. Currently, grades 6 to 12 we petition with the Memphis have become schools to be able to open up fall of 23, 24, and now we just waiting back for that approval. All right, so my understanding is that you been getting some blowback over over this to some extent what's what's going on why the problem well. One of the problems that we currently have in our city is that there are a lot of individuals doing the exact same thing from public schools. Charter schools and now we have something different which is a full-time ROTC military charter Academy. So from that mindset. Everyone thinks that were going to militarize our children so that that's my understanding here, the chairman of the local Republican Party was was jumping into this because the school board denied the school because of concerns that your guys working will create a militia or something when not necessarily a militia but to a point where they worked quite familiar with how we will actually perform. So yes Carrie Vaughn did get involved and also Mr. John Deberry, the senior advisor to Gov. Lee is also on our board so were in compliance. Now we just waiting for approval. So what is it about this particular style of school that is appealing and and how is it different was different because just like the military creating framework for our children so we teach them about honor, courage and commitment. We also teach them in a framework that they are familiar with.

In other words, routine science, this would always tell you that kids need a routine in order to develop good habits. Why because his behavioral changes that were after you look at what's happening in the Memphis Tennessee area and I think all of the nation is looking at what's happening here.

A lot of people horrified at the Antoine. I suspect you and are not horrified because we live this every single day. We love our city. It is a beautiful town. Great people here, but unfortunately we've got a big problem with this community. Yes we do in this mainly due to the point where we don't work together so leadership is both unite the people. So many people are pointing fingers left and right who's responsible is of the police is the mayor is the school systems instead of just saying hey as a concerned citizen in American, what can we do to help the situation is, but we deal just came off the sidelines that you know what were going to tackle this problem I thought was interesting to be a city Council. The other implemented a curfew so they think that's the issue is that we got implement a curfew.

I'm not sure how the police are to have time or resources to make sure kids are honoring the curfew. Seems to me that is a role or responsibility for the mom and the dad not law enforcement exactly and when you look at the demographics of our area a lot of single parents are actually there. And so to have good role models as mentors to help out with this so curfew is going to help to a certain degree, but when it all boils down to it, we all have to come together as a community and figure this thing out. You see, this is why I'm excited about this volunteer military Academy. I remember when I was a kid growing up you had Junior ROTC. She a lot of kids getting involved in that who summed who actually had gotten in trouble and so they got him involved in them structure and or you join the football team and the coach will get you straightened out pretty quickly and is generally how it's set up on the premise of that structure. That is one thing that we need so been retired right now going over two years and retire submarine chief so that's one thing that we actually implement is the structure and mentality to be the best and to do the best for your community not understand your 14 years of the submarines is not right. What actually a bit in the military for 21 years. And yes, 14, 16 years of different summaries, eight different submarines. So here you are, your retired, you could be doing anything else in the world and yet you decided you know what I gotta do something or talk to me through that process.

Why is it that you decided to get involved.

What have family here in the area and so my wife is from Hawaii. Kids were born in Hawaii looking at retirement. Sitting back we had picked a nice spot on the west side of the island of on McKay in Hawaii so I can overlook the ocean, but there is a hunger to come back to the area where you can make the greatest impact things that have the greatest impact on you and I talk my wife into moving back to Memphis, Tennessee, from Hawaii, so I love her for that. One of the world. Of that, but she knows my heart, she knows the. The community programs that always involve this one thing, the military pushes everyone to do is be continually involved in the community and have a mentor. All right, so where you guys at in the process of getting the simple because I think we need this here in the Memphis area and I suspect a lot of other communities might want to look at something like this as well but where are we here Memphis. Currently we just had I public hearing with the state Department of Education that was on the 22nd of last week. So now we have to wait until October 18 for the final approval. But the funny thing happened so the city of Millington approached us certain ones in the city of millet in the process I said hey we would like to entertain a conversation about bringing your facility up here so I wear ink and toss with that unique thing about that is, if we build from the ground up like we've been discussing with Millington, we can actually build a facility to service 1800 kids while which means we will be the largest military charter Academy in North America and we need to school anyway says global city is coming when you're absolutely right to process the big Ford plant and of course Millington has a very large military population, home of the other great naval base. Yes, I was stationed out there in 2012 so look at one of the things is really cool about this and by the way Antoine Bohannon is with us and are getting ready to launch a military Academy volunteer military Academy grades six through 12, and this is going to specialize in and stem tell me about Sogo specialized stance on other words were tech magnet school so yes 6 to 12 for the Cordova area were retargeting but K-12 in the Millington area. Once approved, now mathematics UAV design computer programming. Every child would be able to understand the needs of the future and these in the future as technology so software and hardware being able to turn around and implement a lot of things that are needed in today's society aren't working people to get information that would help you guys out to calculate how to get in touch while you go to our Facebook page on Tennessee volunteer military Academy or just Google Tennessee volunteer military Academy and our pace will come up and just just show support leave comments and were looking to do great things for our state. All right, not Navy chief Antoine Bohannon looks like your urine for the long haul.

And best of luck to you and that we would have you back on once things get up and running and see what kind of impact you guys are having in the community.

Yes, I also like to give a shout out to Mr. Kerry Vaughn Charlotte Bergman Terry Rowland and also our Congressman Mark Green because he wrote a letter of endorsement for our school. I looked all great Americans.

All of them so we appreciate that you're hanging out with good people surround yourself with good people you do when you are who you hang around like that that's true a vendor that are Antoine, thank you very much and good luck to you.

It was a pleasure are folks we gotta take a quick break when we come back and by the way, will have information on our website and you bubble to find it there as well.

Working to get your calls 844-747-8868 again, this show is about promoting people that are making a difference making an impact and and I'm pretty excited about something like this taking kids and training them, equipping them to have a great career. That's what this is about 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show that idea right now there boarding school that are actually training of these that's what that's all about. And I say good luck to those folks. Nothing like a little bit of military training to to get your kid pointed to the right direction let's go to volunteer.

The great state of Maine.

Keith is hanging out with those was talk about drag shows Keith what's on your mind. I you know I heard the story of today about the mermaid was allowing the child Jim and I went home and I talked my way out we have three children ourselves. 2218 and 16 and we were just appalled you know that that parents would actually take their children and and have this show.

Now, I don't understand how a drag show can be labeled as family-friendly and you know they were having a brewpub or whatever, where, you know, children wouldn't be allowed in the first place and I are just for the life of me I can't understand the push to expose children to all these different things, sexual orientation and gender identity. The drag queens you know that that mermaid that was up on stage should be investigated further improper conduct on you know contact with the child. T this is to me that every parent, every adult in that room ought to be investigated is exact. This is just unacceptable but I think it goes back in and we can open this up to to the audience and maybe they have an idea of why there has been such a push to normalize all of this, but I think at the end of the day. This is this is part of a very powerful movement. I think the average gay person in America. They just want to live their life.

They want to engage in their constitutional rights and they really don't care about all of this, but there is a very small but very powerful minority within that group and they want to groom these children.

I remember couple. It was at last year we had the of the San Francisco men's choir and that they were seeing this. So the song and they said it was a parody after it came out and crave a lot of controversy, but the song was very simple were coming for your children and they sing it over and over and over and over again yeah you know you're right and it's very small minority and they're very powerful and you know here here in the state of Maine. You know, and it goes really because first of all I would. I would urge all younger parent out there might my kids are are all know I have one left in school.

The other two graduated and moved on and I would urge all young parent out there to strongly consider homeschooling because here in the state of Maine.

Your child can go to school can change their clothes change their name and and go by different gender, different name and the teachers are encouraged not to tell the parents and then when they're discussing things with the parents there told to use the child given name that the parents themselves are not clued in at all was going on in their childlike. As a matter fact, there was a report just a couple of weeks ago and Keith. I appreciate your call and it's great advice, especially for younger moms and dads, but there was a teacher who was jailed because the teacher refused to use the child's and this happened overseas is was not here the United States but a teacher a refused to use the child's program chosen pronouns and was sent to jail. So this is a clear and present danger.

Look where the situation in Virginia where you have the teacher refused to use the other.

The pronouns and and he got punished.

It's a it's a it's a growing issue. Keith is absolutely right about that RD 447-4788 68 let's go to Memphis Tennessee faith listing to us on KW AM faith what's on your mind are well happy Tuesday to you. Faith back a little and interconnecting letters later became in that amount on like a professional in the health just quickly people say the small minority, but going to a majority in terms of national plans look at the least of all full of poverty. Well my mouth for conservatism. Let the professional class needs to be regulated more because what had happened and have about half a mile, float around Vanderbilt was able to do what they do. So they go where they get these people on these workgroups in APA happens that the cavities they make paramount in one group, the New Yorker, another group they get together.

They do research.

Anybody with a post of the research or condemning the paying crap actually is a Canadian psychologist who specializes in sexual identity disorder wouldn't still cost the daughter he clinic down if they would never catch any of it again because it ties him for following the science and treatment which did not include castrating key I can call his name right now. This is when a link but I didn't get going and get a dysphoria told what they do. Getting get into these groups they have to implement the tank at the APA standards. Not a problem at the level of innovation fan needs big gulp from person to person and build off authoritarian with Mark trickles down to the professional organizations IAA MFT Association for marriage and family therapy, ACA, and he took it out, please report interesting the way a bullet that made they don't have time limit at any time limit, but if you ever watch the boys like.

I have had to see what stuck the last seven years you will be amazed of them.

I say to let me jump in here because we are coming up against a hard brace but clearly you are an expert on all of this and and I appreciate you calling and I want you to keep us updated on what's happening in this field because is only getting worse. It's not getting a better and to your point. Maybe a small group but it's a powerful group and may affect the things I felt we had to take a break will be right back. Thanks.

Faith back to the judge turned radio show. So glad to have you with us today course watching that big hurricane out there in the gulf of Mexico heading to Tampa. That's what they're saying could be a category four storm there saying upwards of 10 foot plus storm surge so I you folks pay attention. Gov. Rhonda Santos going to steer you in the right direction, but if he says evacuate, you need to get your butts out of there. Are you want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line.

Always good to have with us.

Our friend from the American conservative Union see pack match lamp joins this man, hope you're doing good today doing great. Hey look I'm I'm looking at some of the polling data coming out and our friends over the Gateway pundit actually had a Adib biased pole. I have no idea be have the analytics there but they're predicting that the Republicans are to take back not just the house but the Senate. I don't know about that but I do know that I can feel the momentum of a growing what say you well. I was looking at them: you actually look at the battleground out the generic ballot give the Republicans a double-digit lead. Go mount my view is been in this cycle, you know, the voters usually vote against the incumbent president in the first article you tend to eat if you're the president your party I can figure that voters don't reward professional party when were in respect of every nearly double-digit inflation and the third thing is I don't think I can think about buying all the Democrats running for office and run on. I don't see a single Democrat out there actually jumping on board and and generating the excitement that Donald Trump is doing with his save America rallies and I'll take it a step further.

I you had Jen Saki on one of the shows over the weekend, suggesting that but if in fact this is a referendum on Biden's policies.

Democrats are to lose that's coming from Jen Saki got me thinking. He admitted that the only way Democrats can win by paying Republican got extremist, but once again the Democrats promised that every little part of your life will if you wanted to have your kids go to school, which apparently are schools that you want to go to church to shut down your church.

If you wanted to live in an area that was done faith that you relied on the cop on the cop they canceled all the fossil fuel program so your Fire now that were transitioning to summer to winter your home heating oil prices are going to go higher during the northeastern energy prices generally including natural gas. Nothing you think about everything thought they had people on fixed incomes that have money in the market know what the market handkerchief. There's no peace in how I know the packet Dallas repair and I cannot say how many people I talked to regular old American like you know I'm really worried that even the couple thousand dollars to go to conflict when I really don't know about that again next month. These are very fair concerns you look at people wanting to go out and buy a house. Interest rates are skyrocketing.

People just cannot afford things and and again I I just suspect were to have a very good midterm election for the Republicans. I wanted to switch gears row, click here.

One of the interesting things about see pack is you been really taking it global and spreading the message of conservatism across the the entire world and I was I was so impressed with what just happened and not just Italy but also Sweden mount what's going on on the global scale well and you probably had Dr. George Maloney, the new Prime Minister elective Italy to see pack we had Victor Orbach coming from hungry. We have a growing conservative movement throughout Europe and Asia, and in your part of it relates to the unit of the magnet front movement. There's a big part of added barefoot. I'll think as the global really monsters have come in with their attack on families bear attack on gender their attack on the norms that make people grateful and happy people are pushing back in there, but I have all the power in the world after 40 really yeah I think George Maloney victory in Italy, founding and and and the media covered woman breaking glass dealing no monster Tuesday*Tuesday female version of Mussolini offer simply say that she's a Christian woman who believed in the rights of the unborn child believed that families matter pushing back on all of the narratives. I mean, you're right, Mussolini and a skirt that's what they want you to believe, but this is part of the mainstream media narrative. They want to silence people who believe in freedom, you know.

Another big problem in Italy has been immigration and the sovereignty of their nation, securing their borders. I mean, these are the same issues that I suspect are going to compel American voters to go to the polls and in the midterms.

Yeah, I mean I think the border along our southern border with the same thing more from there everything in your one EU country allows any illegal migrant coming available after and that Joe Biden find that a policy in America were we have more people come in the country to live in my home state against Reading state to the 50 just on illegal immigration and the crime that resulted fact that giving no scrutiny to the people in the cost of taking care of all the staples of life. I think that is below when these congressional majority. There is not one reason not one good reason for Joe Biden doing in the drug that report over our southern border and killing our kid should be enough for American they know more by the way man on that horny Barack Obama told a bunch of Hispanic realtors in San Diego.

The real reason that conservatives want to shut down the border is that they're concerned about people of darker shades moving to America. Yeah, well, you don't really like your wheat we we reject that you know Mercy is offended by the fact that the amount of panic woman my wife that she not allowed to be a convert by the panic first and an American who believes he should come to the country legally. Like her parents and Barack Obama has done and now to racially divide this country for a whole lifetime. I think it's this time. The pipe down. By the way, there's this new survey out and it looks like a majority of Hispanic voters in Florida Ashley support rod.

The censuses moved to relocate illegals so there you go there you go. I mean it go bad.

That art was better like the Warren family. They think they're going to record a girl to be able to compete against other girl for you know the Democrats are losing their audience. The only group that they got out our woke white left the big city.

That is what their party is working class people have abandoned them to join Maca panics are increasingly abandoning them to Jordan paragraph received greater numbers about can American abandon the Democratic Party to rejoin the Republican Party.

I don't know what they I don't know what their growth model is, but I think got you through what they're doing double down on the woke title the more out. I love it.

And man to be watching it every step of the way I gotta leave it there always good hearing from you and thanks for fight the good fight out there, sir, you are qualified not be when I get back from the pack up and leave tonight. I love you safe travels about match lamp. Everybody headed down to what down on Thursdays think at the blooming onion standard all of the six pack 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. You've seen the commitment for America you're you're seeing the polling data. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.

It was interesting Tucker Carlson last night on Fox news.

Not a big fan of this commitment to America says it's a lot of fluff and there's not enough substance and we we talked about that on the program a couple of the specifics. They have sure, but those first of all, eliminating those 87,000 IRS agents and adding 200,000 cops. I like that but talkers want to see more. Are you satisfied with what the Republicans are putting out there their contract with America 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. The folks there are very few sure things in life.

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First let's go to Dick's in Oregon, listening to us on halite day and got what it wants to weigh on the drag shows right next well not that bad a guy like that. You're asking the question why the port small contingency of people may be growing right and I'm thinking you know if you want a totalitarian state you need you need to tear down the fabric of the family because if you have tradition if you have strong family ties there would be any customers for this type of activity so that the state needs people to need them and not their families into one of the things that's really frustrated me about all of the snake's and I hear from a lot of gay conservatives and that we've got a large listening audience of very diverse listing audience and by and large they agree a thousand percent with everything we talked about on this program. But though never come out and and say that publicly and in wind. When I asked them why they tell me they're afraid of the backlash that link you see what happens when Blacks leave the Democrat plantation and they become conservatives and the blowback that they get. It is about a bazillion times worse. If a member of the gay community comes out as a conservative, there's hell to pay for something like that agree to speak out your talking about black and we are talk about the bit once again obvious homosexual community and once again it there is a division in OI.

I think that the conservative I don't see color. I don't care about you expect to put in on me. I'm just a conservative and let's live our lives. However, vandalism. But don't put your agenda on the my on my agenda I knew. Conservativism is more freedom and that's the thing about the other side that you may miss dues were at the cauldrons of liberal they're not liberal or anything, but there are narrow their narrowminded day, you have to agree with their way or the highway me that's that's the way it is a Nick got a run. God bless you, thank you for the call. Dick's got a great point. He said this is all about destroying the family art.

Let's go to Charles in North Carolina. WSI see our great station there was to weigh in on the commitment to America. Charles what's going on in God Charles doing well. Great. I know I'm a little disappointed in this commitment to America that I heard last week when McCarthy was rolling that out.

I was listening in anticipation and I wanted your specifics and all I heard were generality.

I mean the Democrats are pretty much the same thing that McCarthy did you know now I'm in a vote Republican. With doubt in this election. That's you know that's not even a question but I want to know specifically what the Republican Party is going to do for instance from east when McCarthy was talking about immigration of that secure in our southern border.

I sound great pagan do that. Why don't you just say you're going to bet you're going to build a wall and not only that the people that are already here. The 4 million people here that are illegally how you can get them out here that only economy talk about inflation like you want it repealed 87,000 our estate support that one I just repealed the whole inflation reduction act. Also all that's doing is creating inflation and then had a commitment not to raise and continually raise the national debt ceiling to fuel dispensing because in a few weeks and thought I know you're probably where this run out of money and have to extend the national debt limit again yet again.

I so high that were not to kick the can down the road when it comes to energy independence that is coming at him, saying, yet we want to be energy independent energy dominant one I just say embrace from fossil fuels.

We do not agree with man-made climate change, drill baby drill baby fracking pop baby pop when it comes to this only on social issues, why not just come right out and say you you want to protect the family to send the Republican Party firmly believe that there's only two genders, male and female singers, transgender, and furthermore work to define the educational system that continues to promote this transgender and CRT so there's things like that that the Republican Party needs to specifically say that they're going to do because I was listening to a podcast yesterday with Matt gets and he was standing behind the scenes, the leaders of the Republican Party that he's talked to have no interest really and in pushing a lot of these heart issues that that that that I'm talking about well and Charles were to be quickly running out of time here, but I will I will throw this on to that fire. There's also a report out there and rendering this as well that McCarthy is actually working behind the scenes to to stop mag candidates, and specifically I he did that with Madison called for but that's a whole different story. But the concern is now that you got the house. Freedom contests are not to be putting up a candidate against McCarthy if in fact they when the majority McCarthy's going to be your God will will get it tomorrow that after the race but appreciate things I universities do you see my here in Florida. Hurricane had your way and if you are being evacuated. Or maybe you're trying to figure out if you should give us a call at going 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 big controversy involving Hillsdale. Now what you guys may not be aware, Hillsdale has been very involved in promoting charter schools and there's been a big controversy in the state of Tennessee over various and sundry things and we love the people over to Hillsdale. They been doing some incredible work and I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now to get this all sorted out I were honored to have with us Phil Swink feel good to have you with us today here alright so the latest controversy involves a television station in the Nashville news channel 5 and of this is the headline and that this will be the launching off point for our conversation Hillsdale Pres. Larry Arndt, who I know I Hillsdale Pres. Larry Arndt says racism is like sexuality.

Neither should be's discussed in the classroom. Now you guys have been really subjected to a lot of fake news and a lot of smears and slanders by the media in in Tennessee what's going on here. What's the problem I said a lot of what were saying and immediately falls true to the work that we're doing in our schools and hope for schools that focus on kids and their education in a classical setting so I headlines move away from what are our actual cause we care deeply about their education so we start turning into political commentary about Larry on Hillsdale and issues around racism and sexuality are kind of missing from the court thing that were trying to do MF establish school for kids that are 5 to 18 years old. Now you are here the principle of a classical Academy that is affiliated with Hillsdale's and right away I started a classical Academy in Toledo and now I'm a principal for American classical education, which is the group is trying to establish schools and what is it about Hillsdale and the mission of Hillsdale that is really triggered people in the public education world here in Tennessee I great? I don't know specifically held out much. They just don't want Competition from charter schools and classical schools try to hang on anything that can to try to contact this idea that the parents should have options of kinship choices when it comes to schools are trying to suggest that Hillsdale is trying to push out basically racist motion which is really absurd about what we're doing.

So they take your micro 1776 curriculum and take alignment.

They don't like and decide that it shouldn't be in front of kids in favor of the holder 1776 curriculum would find out that it is a wonderful curriculum and very honest and truthful at the core of classical education is good and true MF were doing or trying to put primary sources and information from the children so that they can think these things and build read and write effectively and build the reason that I can realize conversations which move away from our work as educators and I think a lot of this. I think there are couple of issues here. First of all you guys are dealing with some activist journalist and that's a big problem in and not just Tennessee but really all over America and that they they hate they hate the mission that you guys are trying to to achieve pretty simple really well educated young people in this country of ours that are reasonable, compassionate, good, and learned people I don't know why you have an issue and related that the fundamental differences have to do with maybe how we educated on progressive education is not about I think our outcome. Most Americans could reach what we want good kids that we want good people can participate in a good country and continue to form an excellent country that we have so it's strange that you would ever promise what were doing resource goals. In fact, the best written street I think is important to fill schools with adult love kids and love learning mentally to put them in front of good material.

It's strange that you want to until you know it is. And again I think the other issue is you're going up against the powerful teachers unions. They have a clear agenda and until I think when you when you look at the state of affairs in America. The surveys bear this out for a frightening number of generations. Years of millennial's favor socialism over capitalism.

They think America is responsible for all of the world's problems. It's clear to me there is an agenda being taught in the public school system and it's not a pro America agenda. I think that with Failure.

After you have a schools trying to put truth in front of students like primary resources and 700 documented students enter the United States was interesting to me about this whole kind I like everything in the will country that from the beginning held onto some really strong moral idea. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal we been trying to figure that out for 200 year that we've been fighting towards that, and frankly I would say that we got a pretty good job and will continue to work.

I met this idea that were just a racist nation with the care of other people or certain segments of our people.

I think is untrue and is not based on the history that we have so schools in our school over doing recording in front of the dielectric applicant, the church and or the decoration of your actual history that are static.

You can read them or not changing the dynamic secondary or tertiary statements. What was actually written by those fingers at that time the moral back and who we are and frankly if you look at a lot of the revelation of the civil rights movement was always tagged early idea that we want a society where there is true freedom for all people, and again when you when you look at the overall overall issues.

I think there are several here maybe the greatest is that Hillsdale College has been very effective in turning out some incredible thinkers and academics over over the years and I think people are afraid of that kind of thing happening on a public school level. So I education for close to 30 years and most of my either teaching or being administrators in Los Angeles. I clicked on something very close to the major districts of the work I have interviewed hundreds of teachers and hired hundreds of teachers in 2019 were savaging mocha Toledo was my first time in front of tweeter students are interested in teaching. So these are 22, 23-year-old and I was blown away like just how thoughtful they were, how articulate they were think that Holly answered questions to the question in front of her very difficult and frankly what made me think of at times older and think about you to want to learn it. Good people frankly thinking of K-12 education.

My hope was that to that would be graduating from high school with the ability to jump equal 2223 is a fantastic group of students that are coming out and are you guys still there in Nashville. Are you guys affiliated with Hillsdale. Are you using the materials was the relationship between you guys and Hillsdale. I think the primary so we years there curriculum is called the K-12 program guide, and they support us as far as like professional development, so they have academic payment in our teachers, administrators like summer programs like school support teachers, but it's an affiliation Hillsdale doesn't own or run schools in our sponsor no money from exposed friendship and I would say if it's a powerful boot materials that they give us this part clicked on the fantastic club 700 pages of very thoughtful work to so that I think you were affiliation. That's another area where the natives live and play with it like that's college and the college will be running our schools and other local all right will leave it there.

We wish you guys that the best of luck in different really, and I have a chance at saving this country and in turning the ship back to our our founding fathers and their vision. It's going to be thanks to schools like yours and we really appreciate you coming all the soda. All right, folks gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our friends at patriot mobile they're doing some incredible work and of course you just heard Phil there on the patriot mobile newsmaker line now more than ever, we gotta start supporting companies that share our values and patriot mobile is one of those companies America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They share our beliefs and are doing something about it.

Donating donating lots of money to organizations that are fighting for causes. We care about and I want to encourage you switch to patriot mobile right now use the promo code Todd and get free activation and a free gift patriot or you can also call 972 patriot.

That's 972 patriot again your to get a special discount and free premier activation by using the promo code. Todd starting and quelling.

I think at this fancy skin can actually sacrifice every step filling now feel ready to start and grow your business. The saprophyte looking for tools match quelling interesting action coming to power and passion simply start selling the saprophyte today and join the commerce platform, empowering millions of businesses about my filing online today.

Sign up for a free 22 22 votes walking back to the Todd search radio show 844-747-8868 that's her number. Let's go to the phones Ted in North Carolina on the line, a Ted what's on your mind. Hello to immigration all right. Sorry. Let's put Ted on hold here and will get that sorted out and let me know when we got Ted back on the line. Please are do we have Ted are you doing Ted sorry about that. I think you got cut off there at the beginning what's on your mind. Well Obama comments about race and immigration. My wife is illegal immigrants came from Eastern Europe where I met her and it was a major task for you to get her in the country.

She had to have background check affidavit medical examinations. I had to visit three different embassies. I had to get my Congressman involved it was a major long-term two-year very expensive endeavor and expansively for a long time and it may go back beyond 20 years they have made it difficult for people from Central Asia, Europe, from Europe. People from Ukraine from Russia or any of the countries in that part of the world.

They have made it extremely difficult for people to immigrate here at the same time they have allowed people to come across our border with no restriction. They do not and not have and have not for many decades in force alone.

Equally and yet when Pres. Trump attempted to enforce the law they they fought against Binkley ridiculing. I called them all kinds of night you know, and I think that if they were really racist and they really only wanted white people to come open the floodgates to your and I think Obama comments are pure fantasy. I think he's done more distraught right race relations and cause more trouble in this country and I wish he would just be silent and stop doing well to� Cut to the chase here, Barack Obama is a racist. He hates America he hates cut heat. This goes all the way back to his father in Kenya and the father hated the British Haley colonialism the. The father indoctrinated the sun. Some became our president and now he hates this country and he is doing everything in his power and I think an argument can be made when you go back and look at his his presidency, Ted that this was a man who delivered on the promise to fundamentally transform America. He destabilized our nation and how did he do that he had everybody thinking that he was going to be the post-racial Savior. Remember, remember, what with what they were saying on the news that Obama was ushering in the post-racial age.

No, he wasn't doing that he was laying the groundwork for a race war in this country. And now he's turning to the border and he's telling every person who will listen that the reason why people do not want open borders is because they're afraid of the brown people that that's what he said that's what this is all part of an effort to destabilize this country and by the way you talk about the replacement theory in there a lot of people out there get in trouble for talking about that what you think what you think's going on. Why do you think it is that a thousand people a day, and by the way those of the brand-new numbers coming out over a thousand people a day are crossing the border at in El Paso. What do you think those people are doing in America. This is this is about replacement. This is about adding tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands if not millions of new Democrat voters on the ballot. That's what this is really all about their often wondered about that thought a lot about what the real basic thing you and you like I was saying if this goes back to K or closing the gap from Europe from Central Asia goes back to the boat. The Bush era and possibly beyond that, I know I went through it in 1999, 2000 went through that experience trying to get somebody in the country legally. And people like my wife really are offended that our government does not do its job and make everybody follow the rules. I mean honestly, Ted is to be made and far be it for me to make this said the statement on national radio but it you could look at at our immigration policies and you could say that Barack Obama made it harder for white people and Asians to come to America you could submit.

I would say I would agree with that year. I did appreciate the call and I'm glad things got sorted out for you there. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. I'm telling you folks, it's it's an ugly thing out there that Obama is doing and you can't fall into the trap you cannot fall into the trap of buying into this malarkey we need secure borders we hello, what's been coming across and the people that we do know will come across. According to the Department of Homeland Security some really bad dudes really bad dudes come across that border art we gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 offenders are toll-free telephone number when we come back.

Bad news for Chris Wallace. Wow. You know the big the dirty secret Fox news is that that was the lowest rated show they had. Did you know that Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace with the lowest rated show they had and now they seem to be shocked because he's got one of the lowest rated shows over at CNF will get that also check out this hurricane folks pay attention, don't freak out. Just be prepared to pay for four 747-8868 this is the Todd surgery so a very interesting story. This is done by the way, I arrived to see if this says that hurricane will cause catastrophic flooding and a life-threatening storm surge so there really are beginning to take this so seriously in this. This may finally be one of those weather forecasts were they actually get it right Sgt. you know they just type everything out right I the whole of the whole weather Channel and those guys are a bunch of leftist loons anyway of the founder of the weather Channel left because he got sick of the whole global warming nonsense, but the tree huggers control the weather Channel now and who is at the got think they send a guy out Jim can Tory written.

He's the guy they send out whenever there's some apocalyptic event and that they tie them together into a tree or a phone pole or something and vendor broadcasting in the middle of the herd. You don't eat I had to do that once or twice at Fox and other forget there was a tropical storm Gustav down and in New Orleans and this was right when the oils a 2007, 2008 and I had I was at the Democratic convention in Denver.

I was I was supposed to go from Denver to Minneapolis for the Republican convention and they call me and they said hey we got a tropical storm. It's going to hit New Orleans. This wasn't too long after Hurricane Katrina and that they thought, you know, the city was going to be decimated again so everybody packs their bags. We were off to New Orleans and I'll never forget this Shepard Smith that leftist loon who used to be at Fox so they put him in some form of an armored carrier and they were literally patrolling the streets of New Orleans in this armored carrier. Meanwhile, the radio people. We were just walking we had no armored carrier where the expendable people ever get standing on Canal Street and the winds, I don't know if they were gusting about 7080 miles an hour I'll never get this. I was tethered to a telephone pole or some kind of a poll out there and you could hear in the distance you could hear Windows being blown out of all this debris was flying Alden and my job was to stand out there into the news give a live report. Try not to get killed. But you know the only reason people watch that is because there you know, hoping to see the reporter get blown away.

That's right, that's all.

That's the only reason that you are are there to cover the event. People want people to see the reporters get the blown away. So anyway, Rhonda Santos says says that other notes, but that the hurricane now hundred and 150 miles an hour and is expected to hit somewhere in the Tampa area within the next 48 hours other than a judge to Santos on this folks right. We all know you know you understand the lay of the land here no matter what happens, it's going to be his fault by the way clover chart Amy clover chart is out there and now she's suggesting that all of this is because of climate change and she's actually wondering who's going to do more damage. The Republicans are the hurricane you get make this stuff I just tell them it's a mess so will will monitor developments, but we got the clover chart got number six we just did something change for the first time in decades. That's why we got a witness as that hurricane tears down in Florida we got a win in the meantime, we understand that that has stopped us from deciding to put our differences aside and get some things done. Alright so there you go, the Democrats are to stop the herd anybody really believe the stuff. So anyway, you folks in Florida you you been through this before you know what to do, but it's been like 100 years since the hurricanes hit Tampa and it's a great town. Great Cuban food there. Believe it or not. Great cigars seem if you haven't been to Tampa. I hope you will behold copacker I hope part of it still left but there there looking like this is going to be the apocalypse 844-747-8868 that's are toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 will check in with our buddies tomorrow over at W FLA. That's the new stalker there in Tampa near the radio people are to be left behind so they won't be there, will be evacuated because somebody is going to stay there and cover the storm so the radio people are always expendable. Remember that been this story out of Breitbart any of you people are big fans of the TV show. Stranger things. It's hugely popular show sort of a sci-fi, a throwback to the 1980s of this billboard Spielberg stop anyway. There is one of the costars's name is Caleb McLaughlin he's the black dude on the cast is that like the token black dude I don't know. I've never watched this. I've seen the commercials but anyway I don't. I think it's a pretty much up.

I think the cast is lily white.

If I'm being honest with you I think the cast is lily white. Anyway, stranger things a Kayla McLaughlin the black's one of the black stars of the of the program and he's he's attacking the shows fans so he's he was at a comic con event and he's complaining that the fans of stranger things do not like him because of his skin color of this is a quote from Kayla McLaughlin, my very first comic on some people didn't stand in my line because I was black. Some people some people told me. Oh, I don't want to be aligned because you were mean to 11 is that like a character are. It's a character Kyle are you are you familiar with this with this with the show.

Is this in your repertoire. You have seen it show you seemed so he's the black dude you know who he is is is the bike is the only black coffee. Yeah, I think he is the only his little sister. So I guess maybe not the only one okay what but but he's one of the stars were coast. He's one of the coastal. He's one of the main guys. It's like five made five or six main characters and he is the ideas he knows it happened about 1020 years from now the same thing that happened with friends when the producer friends had to come and apologize because were no Blacks on the show or days. Was it Geiser Blacks.

I can remember. Anyway, their natural apologize for this eventual I mean there's no diversity here anyway so there's I guess a character named 1111 is the main character that's the man she's like an experiment and she has superpowers lights aliens.all which is the Y the guys a comic exact alright so he said even now some people don't follow me or support me because I'm black really are people I guess he's about your age, probably young, maybe a couple years younger. Yeah.

Roughly I know that the main character just turned just turned 18. Okay, so her heart so five or six years there I have to.

I am Jewish, I would be shocked at this of people are actually going around and say yes, I am not a fan of this person because they are black II just don't see that happening in the comic con world, but that may just be me, I just say what I went to commented functions to submit all over the place that I realize how busy I was at Fox until I'm sitting here talking about all my past experiences, but they submit a cover comic con in San Diego and that, ladies and gentlemen is a surreal experience. If you haven't been as kind of like a subculture. I guess be, but thousands of people show up at the stelae 50, 60,000 people show up at comic con and there dressed up of the costumes and there they get that they're real big of the movies of the sci-fi but I don't I don't take that ground as like I don't know, proud, boys.

I I don't think that they're out there being racist or anything of that nature. I do think they will. They like their characters and if you're mean to a character.

They like their probably like and like you, I'm just saying I may be wrong here. So anyway the best part about all of this throw leftist loons on the show every single one of and so now there in the position even though there leftist there there still white and you can't you can't get over that with these folks you just can't. So if you're white, you're just a racist. And there you go.

I I'm not quite sure this is going to endear his himself or his character to the fans of stranger things. I don't think that's gonna happen. I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the time stranger little tool outside of the body. I love on nice fires going to the fireplace will not right now. Casey's 80� but is going to get cooler and do what better way to stay warm with a bipolar gossamer blanket also some pretty awesome my pillow quilt. That's right, Michael Odell, now in the quilting business all sorts of great specials for That's my get this bipolar gossamer blankets 50% off with my promo code.

Same thing with my fellow quilts get this you want to my pillow throw blanket or a waffle blanket you're available to save 50% as well. All you need to do is go to my and I get what you just pick out whatever you want.

There are dozens and dozens of my fellow items. All of them yearning to be getting discounts if you use my promo code Starnes.

That's my I got a question for you Atlanta Braves fans out there and up very, very curious about about your baseball team. So yesterday of the they Atlanta Braves they were honored, they were recognized at the White House president. Oh, Pres. Biden was just kind of stumbling around in God.

God bless the Braves because they were there were sorta helping maneuver the president on where he needed to go. It was as if he was having some sort of episode so somebody forgot to slip something of the porridge yesterday morning. So anyway, during the White House press briefing with the lesbian Press Secretary.

Pardon me, the black lesbian oppressive department dog gone it.

It's it's like the day.

Pardon me, the black lesbian legal immigrant Press Secretary Jean-Pierre is her name. She was asked about the controversial name of the Atlanta Braves and the big problem the brick problem in her estimation was whether or not the Atlanta Braves should still be called the Atlanta Braves is that even a debating. Is that something you people in Georgia are debating whether or not to rename the Atlanta Braves because it's offensive to the Indian people. I'm curious about that 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number mean 844-747-8868 I remember was a couple years ago they told you guys to stop doing the tomahawk chop because it was offensive to an player of native American ancestry. But it turns out, by and large the local Indian folks their meat natives of the local native folks there in Georgia really don't care one way or the other. Not a big deal, but it's a big deal to the Democrats and the White House is now saying that they're open to having a conversation about changing the name of the Atlanta Braves. Now Herschel Walker says this is ludicrous. And he says there's nothing wrong with the Atlanta Braves name is not offensive to anybody but Sen. Rafael Warnock, the communist preacher is not taking a position. He says that they're open to working with the Braves and the Native American communities to work out the issue but there is no issue. I think there's an issue.

Is there an issue. Ladies and zealot. I know we have a lot of Georgia listeners.

I don't think this is a big deal anymore, but the White House press Corps is making it a big deal.

By the way, Stacy Abrams actually refused to answer any questions about where she stood on her support for the Atlanta Braves 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868.

The White House also very concerned about the tomahawk chop. They think that might possibly be offensive as well.

Miss Jean-Pierre says that we should listen to Native American and indigenous people who are the most impacted by this okay well the Native American people in and around the Atlanta area don't care there. All the record say we don't care. There a lot of other big problems that we've got to address but the name of the Atlanta Braves baseball team is not one of so what say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone for you can't you can't make this stuff up. I was back and I remember when the tomahawk chop controversy popped up. My recommendation was to keep chop it away. Let's go to Keith listing to us on the talk station in North Carolina exceed what should the Braves doing here where you no longer have no copy of a very quick if anybody needs to be offended and anybody they need to be offended at the federal government, and they could go back and look at how many Democrats were involved in all the trees that the government gave them, and then broke. That's it. Don't be upset may have lacked Native American and but I'm actually if I name you are not going to call it pain. Something for nothing. Then I got it they will go to be the ragman given the name that means something that crowded and brave. So what's wrong with that.

I I am with you Keith. Again, if you're if you're calling your team something is something that you can be proud of. I just I don't think they're naming the Atlanta Braves to stick it to the Indian side. I really don't think that's the case law to appreciate the call. Let's go to foyer and Gainesville, Georgia all right for their messing with the Braves. That's right, they are. I love the Braves and we watch every afternoon or evening. We were looking forward to it again tonight the world champion and we are proud of the Braves and we have no issue with that name and if you think about the Star-Spangled Banner.

After all, this is the home of the brave. Well, there you go.

I love it employed. Have you done the tomahawk due to the tomahawk chop of coal worship course as just a part of the ball.

That's it. That's it for appreciate the call. Let's go to Omar listening to Asante WA of all our you got about 30 seconds.

What say you American I would leave Americans. Below that the athlete of the baseball always and grade honorable name wrong with these brave, honorable me. I'm just thinking the Massport a low Omar not too far away not too far away Delta State University. I love the year they call themselves the fighting, okra now there's there's a good day to fight no crime to have some baseball because of the old Negro league from Trento. Well we got a show for that okay with him. He so far, but I think we I think we got your point Omar says league baseball a law though and he's absolutely right leg is although I do, like the fight no Presbyterian College called the blue hose leaves the team's final understand, I focus working to do this all over again tomorrow you folks in Florida you be safe will see this is

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