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Media Ignores Murder of Republican Teenager

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 23, 2022 3:19 pm

Media Ignores Murder of Republican Teenager

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 23, 2022 3:19 pm

Does anyone else notice that the Mainstream Media has completely ignored the story of the North Dakota teenager who was mowed down because of his Republican beliefs?

Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. David Kustoff, Monica Crowley, and Brent Taylor join the conversation!

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This heinous crime snuffed out the life of an 18-year-old Republican child, the man who did that use the exact same language that Pres. Biden has been using and quite frankly used last night again. When Biden called out every man got Republican now.

You might remember a few weeks ago. He said he had to come back after the of the infamous Darth Brandon speech in front of the blood red Independence Hall and his staff had to walk all of that back and even Biden himself had to come out and say that he wasn't talking about all bagger Republicans. But last night in front of this crowd of Democrats.

He said he was talking about bagger Republicans, all of them so he said he's not just talking about drop. He's talking about all I got Republican and we know for a fact that the killer was using the language that was spewing out of Joe Biden's decrepit mouth. We know that for fact we know that over really the past.

What seven years now. The Democrats and the media have been smearing and slandering conservatives and trump supporters. They have called us every name of the book and this really goes all the way back to 2007, when Barack Hussein Obama at a gathering in San Francisco talk about all you people who live in the Rust Belt, Ohio and Pennsylvania, West Virginia said you people you clung to your guns and you clung to your religion. Hillary Clinton picked up the attacks, calling us irredeemable deplorable's nowadays you got Joe Biden out there. The Democrats calling us white supremacist and literally the dregs of society. By the way, that's what Joe Biden called all of you Christians who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. Dregs of society. That's what Joe Biden called you and now you have the woke evangelical's out there smearing people accusing Christians of being evil because they love their country in recent days. You had the President of the United States out there calling trump supporters fascist and extremist, and that was the word the verbiage used by this killer of this this 18-year-old boy in North Dakota.

May I just point something out here for just a moment. There's been no media coverage of this outside of this radio program and Fox news. Where has. Where has the media. Can you imagine and I just and and I don't even want to imagine this, but for the sake of our conversation today because we don't wish ill on anybody.

We want everybody to be able to live their lives in and claim their American dream whether there a Democrat or a Republican or libertarian. We don't wish ill will wish harm on anyone but these Democrats and the language coming out of this White House. There is no doubt in my mind that they want to see dead Republicans of the streets were living in a very dangerous time in American history in this sort of violent political rhetoric that's coming from the White House and coming from the mainstream media, it endangers office. There's a great big target on anybody who happens to be a conservative these days, but imagine for just a moment for the sake of the argument here that this had been a trump supporter who who took his car and intentionally mowed down Democrat supporters of Joe Biden them and just imagine the media coverage of formal every single news agency in the world would be parked and camped out in North Dakota right every single one of and rightfully so.

It's a huge story.

If someone is killed because of some form of a political motive then yeah that's going to be a big national story, no doubt about but not this time. Not this time. Not for Taylor Ellingson know this this kid.

It's almost as if this crime never happened to me. We all know that the mainstream media's point is we get that, but we know that that's we know that that the fix is in, but this should alarm all of you because this story should be used as as an opportunity to tone it down to take to take it down a few notches. But that's not what Biden is done but sit 22 times since this kid was killed. Biden has been out there ratcheting up the rhetoric and that's why I do believe that they are hoping that their followers their followers take the bait and target again Joe Biden out actually yesterday at the speech Joe Biden said that the Republicans that that Republicans were to be guilty for blood in the streets. What we been talking about for ages on this radio program that when the Democrats do that when they make a charge about Republicans. Typically they are projecting and they are the ones guilty of whatever there accusing the other side of doing the only people that are being left bloodied and beaten in the streets.

Ladies and gentlemen happen to me. Conservatives happen to be trump supporters within want to have that conversation.

The mainstream media is not honest enough to actually call out the Democrats, or any of the stuff. Not a single national news reporter had the courage had the moral fortitude to actually took to actually ask the Biden administration to ask them whether or not they regret the language they're using. Were they wanted a retractable language they're using. If they want to walk back the language they're using that nobody did that. Nobody did.

Because you see in Biden's America all lives do not matter when it comes to the Democrats.

Our lives don't matter if if you disagree with the Biden administration. It's it's not just that you're a fellow American who has a difference of opinion know you will become the enemy that is a very dangerous thing they'll have to give credit to Fox News. We were we were the first to suggest that Biden and the Democrats have blood on their hands to because of this, and I know that the we have a lot of a former colleagues at Fox and they monitor the show with bait.

They listen to our take on things because typically were at the tip of the spear when it comes to these kinds of stories and we been saying for couple of days now of this program that we believe Joe Biden does in fact have blood on his hands. Now this came up just a little while ago on Fox news cut numbers of employees because he had a political argument with the pedestrian and believe the pedestrian was calling people to come get him. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is now saying that was not the case. There was no politics involved here that they have found with evidence what you think about this case you learn about what okay right now this is where this driver who in my opinion did commit regular manslaughter committed.

Secondly, murder by one of the stocks can use a so-called magma defense say that these guys work extremist on the right and healthy right now, ability, data Joe Biden got blood as he has been dividing this country calling 75 million people for maggot extremist in this person who's accusing described use that as an affirmative that says to run over someone and leave him there without rendering any help.

This is what has happened with Joe Biden basically divided this country by declaring 75 million from supporters supreme extremist and supremacist, that is show you how much media coverage. This story got elsewhere layout. Anybody can take a look here.

Guess why. Zilch. Not at zero and even if this excuse by brand turns out to be ridiculous and not true. I you can imagine that if it had been the reverse he would've seen a lot more coverage. The in last year. It is obvious that the left-wing media is basically providing cover for the Democratic Party's hatred towards half of this country. There is zero coverage on this issue is limited evidence that they are exhuming the president on this issue were he is divided the country on pain and trying to divided country based on political affiliation is outrageous and that gentlemen should basically phase the full extent of the charges against him are there you go. I managed again appreciate to Fox News taking our line.

Our argument here in and again people before we go to break, you need to be aware of this because you never know when some some terrorist and I think this guy is a domestic terrorist. Certainly a political terrorist. You never know when these guys are going to show up and try to hurt you but the people ultimately to blame here, I believe, are in fact the Democrats. They have tried to dehumanize trump supporters. That's why Hillary Clinton language is very important. I I am one of the few conservative hose that I don't say this to boast of this but to make a point.

I am one of the few conservative talk radio host who actually writes all of his own books. A lot of these guys use ghostwriters. I'm not judging it's that's just the way it is I prefer, I want you guys to know that I write my own books so words matter to me.

And when Hillary Clinton uses words like irredeemable and deplorable. It's the irredeemable part that should raise the alarm because that means you are beyond redemption. When Joe Biden goes out and calls you a fascist words matter. We're living in a very dangerous time and the people responsible for the danger are in fact the Democrats, but it's mighty sad but in this country. The life of an 18-year-old Republican teenager does not matter but we know that because for the Democrats. Only one demographic actually matters their lives matter. Nobody else's life banners and that is that's irrefutable. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 we have a packed show for you today were to be checking with a lot of lawmakers on the Republican commitment to America that came out.

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That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes all I love that what we trigger the liberals right out of a day that you don't get to be a good day with especially on a Friday when that happens, someone says Starnes words do matter. There send and there there quoted in the quote trump.

Remember, that would truncate down the golden escalator talk about the illegals talk about how other countries are sending people to have lots of problems so there quoting Trump as if what Trump said was actually not accurate and I can read the quote from drop their sending people and have lots of problems they bring in their problems with us there bring in drugs or bring in crying there there rapist and remember trump they gave all trump the one for over that did that out.

Ladies and gentlemen, what what happens on this program. You see, window pedal and just opinion. We pedal and informed opinion. Ladies and gentlemen, so therefore I want to share some information with you.

So the next time you have a liberal that comes on and and tries to debate you and tries to convince you that all the people coming across at southern border are good churchgoing people that just want to I elope pick lettuce. Here's the facts.

This is from the this is from the border patrol US customs and border patrol and every year they break down the criminal activity of noncitizens that would be illegals for all of you folks in Berkeley, California. These and I to go all the way back to 2016. Can we do that just to be fair to make sure you folks are well-rounded to have your knowledge where equipping you with knowledge right now these are the numbers of people that are been arrested with criminal convictions crossing our border in 2016 12,842. The following year, 8500. The next year 60 600-4200. You see what was happening during the trump administration. By the way, that's right you were criminals. Criminal illegals were crossing our border by the year 2020, only 2438 people. But just guess what the numbers are this year so far. Fiscal year 2022 10,778 illegals crossing the border who are criminals. So yes, ladies and gentlemen as as difficult as it may be for you to understand you liberals out there.

President Trump was absolutely correct. Now you may be offended by his language, but you cannot be offended by the truth of his works just want to point that out 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

On that note, Jared Kushner, who I believe to be the boil on the butt of the trump administration was on outnumbered yesterday and Jared Kushner is very upset that Ron DeSantis is sending illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard take a lesson.

I also have to remember these are human beings are people assisting them being used as political pawns, one way or the other is is very troubling to me.

Now I don't look lower Kushner's coming from on this.

Other than the fact that he is a Democrat and that he caused a lot of issues for the president during his administration. But here's the reality.

Martha's Vineyard, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a sanctuary state.

So how is it inhumane for Ron DeSantis to send the illegals to a sanctuary state. First of all, they were dumped off in Florida by Joe Biden himself. So why is it, ladies and gentlemen, why is it that Ron DeSantis is the bad guy here when all he's trying to do is get these people to a place where they can get some help. Do you agree with Jared Kushner that what Ron DeSantis did was inhumane. 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

You are vulnerable.

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They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM I will say it again. Yes I did say that Jared Kushner was the boil on the hunt of the trump administration and and I stand by that and I don't think I I know that Trump loves his daughter if I could, but her policies were to the left as well and and I think that really did impact negatively a lot of policies coming out of the. The trump White House I want to go to the phones 0844 747-8868 Mike in Chattanooga listing to us on Google radio Mike once a user I got everyone bragging about your 107 legal company to the board is a leftist, effeminate to go out and do think that you got a love you know what I love about that or 12. I don't know that I will.

I would probably vote for defendant no one dismantled its images, but trump some sort of bizarre but the great thing about this and thought about but brought it up but you don't even want to graduate from an Ivy League school military jagged. He's one of them and that's lighting in so much. You gotta love you got a local overlooked DeSantis and that is your right and DeSantis has the credentials from academic background from military service. The guy is. He's the real deal at you if you want to use the vernacular from the movies. He's the top. John and Mike, I'm telling you the longer all of this in Trump. I think ultimately will will make the decision whether he's going to run or not, but DeSantis is gonna make a great present. One of these days between the governor and even though I despise winos you have to vote for Republican midterm will build winos later elect Jefferson to deal with the slavery issue later. Let's get together and throw the British out. So even if line owner little would be a liberal thought to get a Republican in the midterms one more thing Todd Blackburn that she's closer to you.

I think it be by natural schools.

We have to keep our art on her because she's looking to do over the broadcast radio industry.

The past may want to pass a bill to work with a Democrat that the radio stations up pay fees for streaming all the more more stuff to strangle local radio station owners like you at well I don't trust and were keeping keeping an eye on that I wanted to.

Gotta want to do. I that's kind of inside baseball, but it it it it is going to impact the radio in the streets, just like 10 crews siding with the Democrats on this, so this journalism legislation that came through couple days ago that has everybody knotted up but but I think your broader point is that we've got to pay attention to these folks because even even the most conservative up there are going to compromise on some of these big that was exactly my point. A.thank you so much.

Mike really excited what we're excited about the great work you're doing with the great radio stations of the reach in southeast Tennessee.

Of course Cleveland home to Lee University. A lot of great folks out there in that neck of the woods, and we'd love to hear from a lot of your great new listers out there right take work spanning love it love it all right.

Mike from Google radio and doing a terrific job.

He owns radio stations out there in that part of the Tennessee and we would love to hear from you with your out of the Cleveland area brand-new listers and we have a rule here I if you give us a call you're calling in from Cleveland or any of those communities in East Tennessee were to hook you up with a great welcome to the neighborhood price package 844-747-8868 let's go to Eads Tennessee Mike listing to us on KW AM and right out of Memphis. Our flagship station hey Mike what's up I just like to point out that I think the person that is even more responsible for the death of that each euro to run over by a is Merrick Garland with the Justice Department and the FBI is always preaching that the greatest threat to our country right wingers in the US and by not only Biden but Merrick Garland definitely does and what I don't understand is why the Republicans won't push back on him when he says that junk and and do some about they better get rid of him and all those people reforming the island they didn't after the next election. Mike, I just I think it's not in the Republican DNA to actually fight back on you, and I think you certainly seem that here locally in the Memphis Tennessee area where they will in of the Republican candidates by and large, refused to go on the attack and call out these Democrats for what I consider to be an American activity.

I agree they don't for more public killed but it is like no doubt about it. Mike and and that's that. That is the concern I have. The Republicans are not going out there and bowing down people with their cars. That's not what we do that's not who we are, but there's plenty of evidence that Maxine Waters and her goon squad.

Many others have been calling for violence against conservatives. Are they been blasting us is right wingers and one of the things that really concerns me. I'm a I'm a big fan of of TV shows like bluebloods, for example. But I was a big fan of this is a new show coming from to call for the law and order guy about the FBI so the the first season of shows opened up this past week and might appreciate the calm of the first series of shows opened up and they were all about how evil gun owners are and how gun owners are the ones that are out there going around shooting and killing people. I just can't make this stuff up because in the world of Hollywood.

There is no such thing as a as Islamic extremism or terrorism. It's all conservative religious white guys that are out there causing all the hard and it is story after story after story, which is why nobody watches TV anymore. I'm just on 844-747-8868 let's go to Gainesville, Georgia. Now Susie I understand you want to weigh in on something that Stacy Abrams said out on the campaign trail a few days ago arrived at Olcott. I miss you when you're cramping well you're trying to say that I miss you guys.

Which is why I try not to travel too terribly much. I miss you when you're up there in the night and I are thankful you get back slightly.

Thank you Susie hey can I want to play this audio before we get your comment because we actually have this audio of what Stacy Abrams that's a let's play this in them will talk with Susie as all will very go so soon. Susie of Stacy Abrams running for governor says there's no such thing as 100 feet at six.

What is it six weeks right after a medical. I don't think he's not Christian and I have four adult children and I know they had a heart made the link though, and this is quite is crazy, beyond the fact that George is a work night in the nation to live and prime camp put that out there and just grind it and run and run daily. I'm with you Susie and I by the way, I hear that the polling is looking incredibly glowing for Brian Kemp in that race right now.

That's what I'm saying and I'm not about Christmas and a Ponca from the get go tot I never trusted and I just just gut feeling. I did stop Pompano just out there to destroy a princess I'm with you, and again Donald Trump. You know he's loyal. He's a family man. He wanted the family around them, but I just they had another political agenda. That's all there was to it.

They had another political agenda and it was not his. If I'd been dropped I would've I would've surrounded myself with rocksolid conservatives and and I think we would've had a different outcome on some of the other big issues of the of that particular administration. I really do write what you did right, waking up in the FLN affect Cadillac RS I sure feel Susie thanks for the call grace. I guess Susie knows that we got a pretty big crime problem here. You gotta keep your head on a swivel. Somebody told me that they were actually it was Nightline ABC Nightline. They dedicated a big chunk of the show to the crime problem right here in Memphis. Not the kind of thing I want us to be spot for all its terrible people ask every I'm in California I was at the beautiful by the way, Delta just open up their beautiful sky lounge at LAX as it has an outdoor deck, the whole 9 yards and assemblies away from from Memphis. All my goodness you're alive, why do you want to go there for its terrible so but by the way, speaking of horrors we got to share with folks on update and this is primarily you know what word invite the entire entire listening audience to do this because we need to send a message to the pink palace so the pink palace Grace Baker is sort of our you don't natural science and history Museum right yes they call and they renamed it marsh him OSH. Yes, the Memphis Sunderland the Museum of science and history are what were calling at the Museum of sex and hijinks days ago because it's basically a museum celebrating and promoting the LGBT people suggest specific this specifically. By the way, the transgender and drag queen community you and so their hosting tonight. A family friendly drag show and my understanding is people are not even allowed to bring any recording devices or anything like that inside so this is so anybody who's able to sneak one and we want to see that video that footage. It does make you wonder though, Grace Baker, if in fact this is a family friendly event. Why are they not allowing photographs or videos exactly gratefully. Maybe they don't want to see images of children slipping dollar bills into the farms of men dressed as women throwing that out there is a possibility. I don't know but folks are. There's been a lot of outrage and I want to give you a telephone number.

By the way we grace we have this information on the live show blog we do are good. So if you can't write this down.

You can go to our website.

The live show blog and we want you to email and we want you to call the pink palace and give them a piece of your mind. These are people that are using our tax dollars to support drag queens and the way I see it, it's America. Live your life how you want to live your life. I don't care if you want to have a drag show there. There's a club for that somewhere in Memphis or wherever you live.

There's no reason why we need to be having that stuff in a taxpayer supported Museum also at least 21 and up.


And that's the other part of this if you want to go to a strip club go to a strip club that's that's between you and the Lord are right, but you don't bring an underage kid to a strip club. And if you did, you would be thrown out of the club so that I would you do that. Why would you bring a kid to a drag show that's again moms dads that's on you, but my issue is this. If you're 18 and over, you live your life however you want to live your life, but bringing the kids into it, so here's the number I want you to call the pink palace and then give us a call back and tell her I want you to tell us what they told what they had to say.

901-636-2362. That's 901-636-2362 and the the email address You can drop him an email you can give them a call in and I don't mind if you want to say Todd Starnes that we got a call appear what's wrong with you people and maybe just maybe they'll cancel this thing for tonight. I don't know but it again. A taxpayer-funded Museum and were supporting this kind of thing.

I don't know about that ladies and gentlemen, but it's a pretty interesting time in America now where you got these were you got these directors, I was listening to wake up Memphis. The morning show Tim VanHorn and he was all over this story. People are really upset. I think the rank-and-file B average taxpayers. The average moms and dads they want to send their kids the Museum thinking there to be learning about science and history and instead they're getting there.

Getting LGBT loss and again is that the point of the Museum of science and history art we had to take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number coming up little bit later we got Congressman David cost off was going to be her Congressman Scott Peary weighing in on the big contract. This commitment for America.

Also, our good friend Monica Crowley is going to be here as well. May I tell you about my pillow. They're having their biggest sheet sale of the year, folks, you help build my pillow into an amazing company and Mike Lindell wants to give back exclusively to our listeners. Now the percale and geezer dream. Bedsheet sets are now available and all sorts of sizes and colors and are to be able to get them get those 2998 with my listener promo code that would be Starnes my last name of these sheets absolutely wonderful. I have a set of both love them cool and crisp and get this, they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee my and be sure to use the promo code. Starnes radio show good to have your weapons. Everybody, by the way, the Air Force Academy is really we talked a little bit about this yesterday. The Air Force cadets and that there now going through diversity training. Keep in mind the most dangerous.

The most dangerous evil.

Facing America is not Russia or China or Iran. It's actually missed engendering someone or using the wrong pronouns and so now the Air Force Academy is telling the cadets to stop using words like mom and dad or boyfriend girlfriend and have to use something more inclusive about, there's little more to it and were getting some more information about this.

Now the Air Force is telling the Air Force Academy teaching the cadets not to use words like terrorist. This is all part of a presentation called diversity and inclusion what it is why we care and what we can do. Why don't care what what what if I don't care about verse. So anyway, one of the things that the cadets are being told is that they're not supposed to be using words like terrorism anymore.

What one he is do they do the I know that the terrorist are, maybe they're sensitive and you want to hurt their feelings when they when they fly jetliners into buildings or blow themselves up at your concerts I will and maybe maybe they're just trying to be sensitive to guide also urges cadets to include all genders and their interactions so you're supposed to use terms like y'all everyone folks and you guys.

You are also to avoid some words at all costs, including the T were there calling it the T word that stands for terrorist you're not allowed to save it and you can't say colorblind. You're allowed to do that either. But here's what gets me another part of the exercise they were actually urging the cadets to name animals that began with the letter G I'm not sure why. Why is that why is that important. I'm trying to think of the letters. What were some of the animals Grace Baker that would begin with G goat is the first one that config and giraffe. Yet giraffe, gorilla, gorilla, and that's good. All all my my not surprised you are talking about the I better just leave the figure we had to take a break their people. This is the University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from the very first day that were sworn in, you'll see that all changes is on our very first bill to repeal 87,000 IRS agents yeah all right. Thank you in Washington County, Pennsylvania, earlier today and the Republicans announcing this modern-day contract with America there calling up the what the commitment to America and the it's pretty good. I like what I'm hearing here is Congressman Guy Russian Baller are talking about how many police officers.

They want to put on the streets in Pittsburgh you have roughly a 135 chance of getting killed downtown. I this is a mass but we look at what God is here, I can tell you it's it's defining the police. It's amazing that in 2020. That whole summer, and in 2021. We were told that we need to define the police. The police were the problem, so the Democrats did that they defunded the police look at New York City they cut $1 billion. Not a million of billing with the be $1 billion in their police budget.

Crime rates soared LA cut money, Seattle, Portland.

All these municipalities all the cities cut their police budget, reduce the amount of police on the street in crime rate went up.

As the funds went down to one thing we have to do what what in the commitment to America is we want to make sure that we fund police that we add 200,000 police officers to the streets to make sure the crime is coming down all right. Let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now from the 10th Congressional District there in Pennsylvania are good friend, chairman of the house Rena Dr. Scott. Her Congressman good to have you back with us. What great to be with God, thank you so much. How important was and what sort of message was being sent by the Republicans to do this from Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Well, I think the important thing is that people realize that the Republican Party is not in charge of anything in Washington DC the Democrats the left it in a left-wing Democrats radical Democrats have control of the white out the Senate and the house and so we thought. I'm sure the leader thought what we do it from somewhere in Washington DC people that have the perception that you know word doing what we should be doing that now might we doing it already were unable to do almost anything to make speaker closely at the place locked down and do you know we lost a rule vote yesterday by one vote it up and nice it was. Janie showed up the boat and you know when you have when they have the majority. This is what you get.

You get a country that been destroyed by rampant crime, wide open borders and economy almost in shambles of people struggle to make ends meet.

I think that the leader rightfully so wanted to get out of Washington DC if they look at you if you if you're sick of all that that I just mentioned you want to make a change, then take a look at folks here. This is our plan and let's do this together but you got after the vote out the vote Republican. Here coming up in about 45 days and I understand you Congressman. I understand that you're right. You're not the Republicans are not in control of the Republicans were in control.

During Chuck's first two years in office and not much So II can understand why some people may be wary, but I gotta encourage everybody to vote Republican. We are at a point of no return and we have got to stop the. The Biden agenda from moving forward. Which is why it's imperative to get out and vote on election day. There's no doubt about it. Look sometime there are imperfect choices) and I get that but when you really come down to it you look at the choices that are front of, I mean in Pennsylvania we have a guy that's running for governor that that's really never done anything that attorney to attorney general topic you ever I'll think he ever pled a case in front of a jury or in the courtroom and what he has done is presided a big crime wave and in Pennsylvania history so so that you know that's not something there and a course on the Senate side, you know we got a guy running for United States Senate ever had a job in the one part time job he did have you did show up to and was an abject failure at crime actually went down and after you left the mayor of this little town called Braddock this get ready for United States Senate so again, you know, sometimes you don't get exactly what you want to candidate, but it's pretty clear that that is certainly in Pennsylvania and I imagine a lot across the country. At the same circumstance that the Democrat party is the Democratic Party in name only time I told you that before they did keep that because people are comfortable with it, but they have gone way radical left and and if you if you don't want to see the wholesale destruction of your country at warp speed. You simply have to go to get the people in the way to do that is the vote Republican Congressman how hopeful are you looking at the polling data out there in a personal put a lot of stock in polls, but it looks as though things are starting to break for the Republicans here. That's it. That's a pretty good thing that is a good thing. But you know we had her up and down. You always do.

But the important thing when you're having been around this enterprise for a long time. You know that momentum is important and the time of peaking is important that though what the Democrats were, you know regional complicated of course the mainstream media with handbook. The Republicans are called here in a look if we get there little bit of a stumble and people are coming, back from vacation and get into school. Not thinking about election September, so be it. When we need him thinking about election than the life of the grocery builder electricity builder gas bill and enter safer streets, or the lack thereof in October or November when voting start to go to Say how concerned are you Congressman about the rhetoric coming from the White House.

We had been there as the 18-year-old kid who got killed because of his political is a Republican kid think the killer use alleged killer use the same language that's been coming out of Biden's mouth, and yet Biden is doubling down did so again last night, downing me absolutely damning and you can imagine, the former president, the recently former president used any kind of language at all like that you never use that kind of language of what was accused of every single day.

Meanwhile you know you got Pres. Biden in Philadelphia.

What about a month or a few weeks ago and bathed in red light like you like you Cmdr. Huck on the fourth awaken from Star Wars telling everybody that were all good about of the first order in a court media.

Not only do they have zero criticism of that is actually applauded again. Running a man down in the street for his political viewpoint and an the president is mum on Beatty's mom on it. Meanwhile they get out if you want the hearing.

I think yesterday the day before the dictionary committee this Monday or Jones guys socialist communist from New York City is saying that this officer was bludgeoned to death on January the Dan Bishop like the North Carolina habit and African what are you talking about that never happened that that never even have the folks Scotty could know they just make up the makeup this history they repeated over and over again, the media follow suit. People believe the things that are completely untrue and then they make decisions based on the letter is completely faulty information blame for this information know you're right, Congressman, and we actually have audio and it's a bit long but I want people listen to this because it illustrate your point to the to the mark were conversing a bit, but did I hear anything. Did you say that's that's police officer was bludgeoned to death by the crowd at the junior citrine. I said a police officer was bludgeoned to death. I did not say at the hands of home. Mr. Bishop could we just had very referring to get that information for you in a few minutes but I just wanted her to not because you are you denying that capital click that at least one capital police officer was was murdered in the in the midst of what happened on January 6. I think I am denied. I mean, here's what I understood that there report early on that sick Nick was struck with the fire extinguisher and that something was debunked is false.

He died of natural causes that were not connected to the event.

Are we talking about the same person signatory, somebody else seriously.

I mean this is a genuine question US capital. Please put out a report agreement medical exam refining the recipe off. My sister is just an initial thought in and I know that Mr. Roy, you two are an attorney of Mr. Bishop speaks often about how brilliant of an attorney is no were talking about for causation of officer sitting next death, and so I would hope that you would at least conceived at a minimum that Mr. Sigman died as a result of what happened on January 6 and I'm disappointed if you would suggest otherwise.

I went was a coming look, I don't think this particular but just what he bludgeoned this out because I think Ms. Devens wasn't looking where sort of okay between me and her. Cindy was I'm I'm sincere as it is. I can be. My understanding is that that was debunked in and Mr. Roy just read the medical examiner's information. Do you guys contend that he was bludgeoned to death. I contend that 138 capital in DC police officers were injured and that multiple capital police officers died as a result of what happened on January 6 and I hope that you short on the answer. I hope I hope you can you can see how one would question the sincerity of such a my new point in the midst of the gravity of everything else the gentleman you okay that the Congressman Scott.

Joining us and Congressman. It is not of my new point. It is truth versus fiction.doubt be clear that dead representative but they had picked up at AAA China get their vote. You know also that Monday or Joan Lee, the Democrat who was making the claim that but for causation. What you think if someone died anywhere on the globe. On January it had to do it. January 6 because January for And somebody died 30 feet, but for causation will causation is important. Unfortunately, officer Bryant picnic died of natural causes in or about the same time. I think he got January 7 through January 8, but it had absolutely nothing to do. It had to be sure it is tragic to be sure the young man died before he should have absolutely but had actually nothing to do with the events of January 6, and the court these folks you know the economy on that day and the days after it immediately after every single media outlet went out and told the American people over and over and over again that this officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher a course we were all shocked and appalled and and and so offended at the possibility that one of our student with do that to somebody anything that somebody completely fabricated. But yet you know where you are and 1/2 almost going on two years later and they just keep on promulgating the lie in their certain amount American people that just you know if Dan Bishop with that then anything there prone to believe they would believe it is a sitting member of Congress fomenting violence against his political rivals without one. No compunction whatsoever in the mainstream media just goes right along lockstep with it. That's one of the reasons we have the problems we had to write and Congressman would have to leave it there. We really appreciate the great work you're doing. The house freedom conscious is doing and I'm pretty excited about the midterms. We just gotta get everybody out to vote you got it.thank you very much for the opportunity.

God bless you and your audience are Congressman Scott Perry out of Pennsylvania to the district 10. There are also chairman of the house freedom, conscious, by the way to get just to put up just one final little. It's the same thing applies the way these Democrats are treating J6. It's the same way found she and his crew over the CDC are treating China virus debts.

So if you get hit by a bus and you test positive for the China virus all of a sudden you got killed because of the China virus that the same the same mentality. Gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. The commitment to America. Do you think this is going to be enough for the Republicans to take over both the Senate and the House 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show our history out of the and this is a terrible story so there's there's a Hispanic farmer's management, Hispanic American, that the family's been in America for several generations and then got a big farm along the ranch rather along the US Mexican border. So this guy has been posting tick-tock videos showing a people what's actually happening on his property. So this is a guy on the American side of the border and he said the family has on their property for well over 100 years, and he said every day the illegals are crossing onto his property and it's causing all sorts of problems. Just the other day. He said illegals they they bull washed his his property and broken it was grandparents home so the grandparents are in their 90s and he said you're the illegals have been just literally terrorizing the family and nobody does anything about it. Another farmer says that and I want to read the quote here. These guys just pull roster houses trying to open doors trying to get in and he's blaming both sides, he says. First of all, the bite administration has opened the border and he said that and he's got a problem with Gov. Greg Abbott sending these illegals to New York and Chicago, and here's how he's here. Here's how you frame the argument. He said it like this, so you've got Biden saying America is open, come on over and then you have Abbott saying when you do come over and give you a free bus ride to Chicago and New York wherever you want to go and he said that it that actually entices even more people across the board.

So the farmer is has been working on the ranch for 40 years grandfather 95 years old and they said they've never seen anything like this. He said one Sunday I want you to think about this Sunday at your house.

What are you doing well after you get home from church. Eat a good meal you got the pot roast yet the potatoes got the pecan pie you sit in the lazy boy baby. Gotta unbuckle the belt to let the food settle and you're watching football right so I imagine just sitting in your dad.

You're in the lazy boy your watch and football and all of a sudden the door just blows open and you've got three illegals running through your house into the kitchen. This guy says that actually happens.

May I just say and I I'm sure this is a very good and decent human being here, but if you got illegals and their coming into your house and there terrorizing your family.

There is a reason why God and the United States Constitution gave us the Second Amendment that I would encourage all you folks live on the border to engage in your Second Amendment rights protect your property, but more importantly, why aren't we protecting our fellow Americans.

Could you imagine having to live like that every single day your life living in fear that some illegals going to come into your house and do something to your family that some illegals going to come just tearing through the, the, the living room into the kitchen grab the pot roast and then head out the back door. Nobody needs to live like that. This is America I'm telling you folks, one arm one hand, the cast-iron skillet, the other a Smith & Wesson that Allah solve the problem.

This is the Todd Stern's radio show will be right back. Progressive's home on such a screwup that walk in closet storage in the unfinished basement rooms eventually take her no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say your home and auto with progressive situations.

Radio show you people and members listening to us on our flagship station PWA so here's the information for the pink palace in an all we want to do is give them a call that they won't they won't talk to. Some are very nice and friendly but we want to find out what is it that makes their drag show tonight family friendly. I didn't give them a call. 901-636-2362. That's 901-636-2362 just say hey look you. We want Todd Stern's once the what what is it about your drag so that makes it family-friendly and then went when you get through government give us a call back and let us know.

Let us know what they say. So again, the big news coming out of Washington County, Pennsylvania today is this commitment to America that the Republican Party is making. I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker like a very honored to have with us, my Congressman, and he's by the way, a great Congressman are Congressman David cussed off a good to have you with us today.thank you very much for having me at some the active Tuesday that reactive Newsweek some of the right reasons for the wrong reasons and and I love I love the story coming out of Pennsylvania today and we heard some of the audio I'm a little while ago from Kevin McCarthy.

How do you feel about this commitment and what he think it's going to do. For example I I'm a big fan of the police component based on what's happening in Memphis these days.

Well yesterday Kevin McCarthy about the Republican leader reviewed this commitment to America for the other Republican congressmen and I in you may know that Newt Gingrich was within the briefing and so is Killian Conway and so really deep dive on on these really on the on the four pillars that I don't even talk about an economy to strong nation to save the future that is built on freedom of government that accountable and I listen very carefully very carefully everything, but both Newt Gingrich and Killian Conway, both who were who are brilliant and thoughtful conservatives, but wouldn't do talk about what went into the contract with America, 1994, which I think a lot of people listening will agree really set the stage for Republicans taking back the house for the first time in and 40 years when Newton said that the commitment to America is so much more thorough and I'm paraphrasing what he said and better thought out than the contract with America that that really said something and you you die with that top with when I'm in West Tennessee. I'm speaking to whatever groups I'm speaking to Talk about all the problems I'm talking about the high cost of living the high quantity you just talk about the order and were all really good about talking about the problem we get to talk about solutions because we want a one-party rule in Washington. Biden Losey Schumer. It means that they set, they set the agenda.

We fight back and we fight back hard, but there's like this is our this is really our driving vehicle and so we can talk about these four pillars, including that died that safety component and be able to offer real solutions compared to what Democrats which are offered which is more the same. We went know we we do when and in Congressman I I'm we just had to ask Don Perry on the last segment he seems to be very encouraged by the polling numbers and and and you know how this goes with the political cycle. It's good when the polls are breaking it in your favor in the lead up in the weeks leading up to the election and that certainly appears to be the case, what is that, though, that that Republicans need to be doing.

Aside from this commitment to America.

What are we need to be doing to make sure that we win the midterms wanted to say to people who are listening and you heard of Kevin McCarthy unveiled a commitment to America today. The other thing I would tell people on the Republican side, we have some really good really good candidates running for the House of Representatives all around the country and I install conservatives. People who have accomplished really incredible things are there in their lives and look at the I look at some of the people, not only who were who are first-time candidates wanting maybe either for open seats or challenge candidates but somebody like Maia florist. For example, who just was elected is you know what a special election a few months ago, doesn't fit to what some people would think is the typical profile about Republican candidate or even a Republican.

She was born in Mexico, elected for about a deep Texas district and never elected Republican before, but her constituents agree with her. Agree with the public ideals that she talks about just like I do it and that's happening all across the country so going back to what you do is ask you to leave God now listed $49.47 days left until the November election will know the and where you live across the country.

Most states have some type of early voting in the main thing is you cannot leave anything on the table. We cannot assume that our voters are critical vote which means we gotta do the blocking and tackling which frankly I think we thought the at the local level, the method that we've done so will and a lot we we have to physically get people to go Barker ballot go go" and make sure that nothing is left on the tables of the main messages yet. We got some this is a tough time for the nation were offering up some really good ideas so that we can govern on day one in January, 20, 23, with really good candidates. But it didn't do any good if people sit at home and they don't." That is a fair statement right there and elections have consequences. We certainly saw that in Memphis with the with the George Soros styled district attorney who is now in office on the patriot bubble newsmaker line, our good friend Congressman David cost from Tennessee's eighth Congressional District Congressman I love free to weigh in on this very disturbing story out of Vanderbilt. It's really the talk of the nation. Gov. Bill Lee calling for an investigation into the allegations that the hospital is doing these transgender surgeries on minors. What what can you tell us what everything that I think like a lot of people in you cover things for a long time. I got at it. A number of different lives as a lawyer to federal prosecutor Nelson is a Congressman, I don't get shocked.

All I barely doubt when when I saw the story that did that Walsh broken than some of the some of the audio that came out of banner but I really was shocked just it's incredible to think that that.this is being done this. These gender bender technique to two young adolescent and so what.

I'm glad that the letter to Gov. of Tennessee cover Bill Lee made the statement that he made about the investigation. Jonathan screw Betty who is now the Tennessee state Atty. Gen. has made affirmations about what he wants to try to do and I will say that the federal level this is. This was, ironically, was it was introduced. I don't know for a few weeks or so before this announcement for Vanderbilt was up with eight there's a federal bill that was introduced to sweetly that this pending and the title of it is to protect children in this attack to protect children's innocence, act, and it would it would prohibit taxpayer tax payer funded general farming care.

In other words, no federal money goes to do these type of procedures it would stop colleges and and places of higher education from providing instruction on gender affirming care, and then maybe the real the real, important provision is that it would be a class C felony to any position any medical anybody in medical care to perform these type of operations on a minor 10 to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. So if the federal level were paying attention to it at the state level in Tennessee looks like other league and the Atty. Gen.'s committee or are paying attention to it in and obviously a lot of things that happened very quickly. Congressman, we appreciate you weighing about those big stories. Like you said a lot of big news or dropping today and of course watching the stock markets take another tumble at some it's got to be a rough day for for a lot of people. But again, elections have consequences, and we got an opportunity to stop the Biden agenda in its tracks on election day, right near the headlight right elbow of the Wall Street Journal's Dallen Doug Pierpoint, Dow industrials hit 2022 low growth hearsay. This is hitting real people live in their pocketbooks. It's expensive to live today and with with Democrats controlling the White House and the Senate and the United States House of Representatives. This is all self-inflicted and I'm really looking for. We work hard. I'm looking forward to after November so that we can start putting in place our plans to governing and setting the country on the right path and in full disclosure, I endorsed you a long time ago so I would. I'm proud that you're my Congressman and that we need more folks like you up on Capitol Hill night.

Thank you.very much I I am very proud that your your media Studios right there from the heart of the eighth Congressional District and am glad to have you right where you are. You're trying to say that Congress over let you go. Have a great weekend and go big orange as they say these parts of course, University Memphis Tigers Chris Baker's assets absolutely targeted to grace.

I saw that look now is all I now listen let me tell you taught me on the road. Some tomorrow and were traveling with some friends and one of them is a big Tennessee fan and I told her I said okay I think we do have to stop somewhere to eat lunch late lunch and watch the Tennessee Florida game because I heard it.

So now it's huge. It's gonna be much huge event yet there they've actually opened up a section on campus were there in a broadcast dispute but broadcast. Again, people will be able to get inside estate is thousands of people rumors they're going to check her kneeling stadium. Maybe like every time you do that, like maybe Doug and I never know where were due for a big redo for big a big way.

I think my prediction is all the way, it's good to be a great day. Do not bother me tomorrow okay well I will.

It's good to be all football all the time.

Parent grace I were to play this audio. This is so absolutely disturbing president divided just a few minutes ago bye-bye we have the video on our website but I want you to hear the president of the United States to say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30, but anyway this woman help me get an awful lot hello she was 12: she was 12 and I was 30. All we know we need to call law enforcement little scared. Do we need to call CSI maybe my word. I would even say the hearing that it's it's so creepy that's that's the point I don't know. Did he just confessed to a crime. I I don't know. I don't know but everything when it comes to this guy I so go back to the corn pop sitting poolside. Yes, letting the children fondle his leg here's everything the hairy legs that that always gets me any other anything else coming out of this Biden speech.

Oh yeah, there's just the more you know he's one of the times that he just can't even get his words out what this is a lot more Republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those bonds of the concoction actually voted for and I love online area and this is a great thing. I've only understood but this is a great what will we we've had multiple times of him. This is just gibberish rural and I don't understand what he's talking I don't understand. I don't think you understand.

We played about time we play one more time. This is a lot more Republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those bonds of the concoction actually voted for my love online area and this is a great thing. I've only understood but this is a great now. The sniffing of the hair makes her life as you know I'm not at Ivy and I think there's some part of a high low. There's this inward thing when you're a child and you you know somebody like that comes in creeps up on you like Biden does height. I think people the kids get notes that was always there to talk about hairy legs. It's true you know I sit on the stand and get hot. I got a lot I got hairy legs that turn that turn on the sun energy usage about the region will love my leg down so straight and then watch the hair back up again so I learned about roads. As I learned about my lap and I love to assure you president I am sure you can someone call child and family services will be right back. I was doing the big event out in California at West Coast College of the leadership got to meet so many of our great listers.

We've met some folks from Salem, Oregon.

Listen to some KY case yet they came over to say hello. A lot of Memphis folks there W PMO are great station down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and people from all and it was pretty awesome. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It was, I mean it was literally just dozens of our affiliates had people there that I know your to be out and about this. Yes, I am looking to be in Portland Oregon. I know you like the art scene I going to museums, so there so there is a big event in Portland, Oregon. It's sponsored by the Portland Institute for contemporary Art big fan of it looks like somebody just threw up on yeah like the classical painting landscapes. That's warm. Yes, a great anyway. The art event.

If you are black you get in free of charge. If you are one night you have to an orchid or Asian-American you have to pay $80 and $80 per person kneeling down. This is free if you're black you get in free and the part of the event is AMI and this can read this. They also have food. It's kind of like a foodie kind of an art thing there and have black artist creating a multicourse vegan gluten-free meal sounds for what you there's no food group meeting glass lawn clippings island they vegan could could be hello so anyway yeah so and end here is that the crazy part about that. The thing sold out over they've Artie had the in the. It's already so so you can go well want to pay as you are, white just a bit, so I in keeping with some black themed event, so blank guest could attend for free but everyone else had to pay you had to eat but the blanks had to register using a promo code like we do with Mike Lindell but there there's is black movement that's the problem.

What if you do it online and you're not lacking. Use the promo code then you get there, they check in people. That is a quandary because you could self identify. You could self identify. But they lost me at that's that's really lost me. I hasted around Monica Crowley, not our good buddy Brent Taylor in Tennessee. This is the Todd surgery is universities do you see I regarding this family-friendly drag night.

Are you people in Memphis, Tennessee. Listening to us on TWA, listen up. According to the Pink Palace which is our local Museum of science and history.

They are hosting a massive drag queen part dance party tonight there inviting the children to frolic with the drag queens. I love there to be sticking the dollar bills and the fawns I do not know that about the Pink Palace does tell us that the drag queens will be wearing clothes so that makes it family-friendly. Nevertheless, we would like to for you to call the pink Palace and voice your opinion about whether or not they should be hosting a drag show for kids 901-636-2362. That's a telephone number and via email. If you want to drop him an email and we got that information.

Our live show blog give him a call and then call us back and we want to know what they have to say art I want to go right to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We are honored to have with us the. The podcast goddess of America I mean she is one of the now one of the top podcast in the country. The Monica Crowley podcast Monica Crowley, Monica, how's it going today. I thank you very back excited to be joining you today and might not. I true labor of love for America, I thought.

I hope everybody will check it out absolutely, and we have direct links to our to your podcast on our live show blog but Monica I need a room for just a moment because we have some breaking news to share places to celebrate number I with you know Monica I wish you were here in studio because we have we have Gibsons bacon maple doughnuts downstairs, but we will eat one in your honor. I really wish I were in my pickup at your me to remember. Thank you so much.

Well, you're very kind. Of course Grace Baker comes running it Todd it was Monica's birthday a few days ago we got to do is to celebrate we got is a song like okay okay will celebrate Monica. You're one of our favorites and we really appreciate your take on the big issues of the day before we talk about this commitment to America. We were on discussing this with Congressman Scott. Early on this crazy story out of North Dakota where the teenage kid was killed allegedly because he was considered to be a Republican extremist and Monica there has been zero national news coverage outside of Firefox and and Newsmax really unbelievable.

The river had right you were on the other been an active political violence by someone wearing a bag or and is now you know trump supporter is not Republican or conservative, who literally mowed down a Democrat because they were on the other side of the political aisle we would be indicated by stories we would be out why you would not turn away, it would be like to exploit level coverage.

Wall-to-wall every aspect of the propaganda pad but because it was like doing allegedly mowing down the 18-year-old kid simply because of politics that happened to be conservative and American cars you don't get a word from the propaganda crest deeply correct JR and Todd, I over and over again. You cannot help Republic without an honest credit that is interested in pursuing the truth in reporting the facts as they find that we had that for a very long time but now we actually have worse because what we've got is not that is marginally corrupt but we got oppressed in this country that is actively working for the other side and tell it working hand in glove with big check on top of that they control the flow of information to every American. And frankly, the world and continually get one side of the story which work people's perception.

This is extremely dangerous for the future of the country.

What is and when you when you look at some of the rhetoric being used on Hillary Clinton. It's wasn't the deplorable part was the irredeemable that means word beyond redemption. This dehumanizing of their political opponents and that in a way that's almost a wink and a nod of for these people to go out there and commit these heinous acts which we saw on a regular basis during the first trump presidential run and subsequent to his subsequent race card that Derek dehumanizing political opponent meeting you and me and everybody listening today. I started a long time ago but it's really Grant got the bike during Obama got clinging to our guns that are vital to remember that with the document can't dismissed all that and we had missed court describe the deplorable and irredeemable.

You're right we had killed the president of the United States.

Remember that you represent all American. We cannot have that now that Larry and speech. A couple of weeks to get out with the whole evil backdrop where he basically called at the enemy that the state should not that rhetoric and bringing it next level carrying leveraged most ancient US government like the year J FBI, IRS against their political opponent. They are ready, willing and able to leverage the full force of the government. I can my friend that is totalitarian neo-Marxism with passion characteristics and tactic. That's what were up against. Right now, and then throw in to the mix. What just happened and I played this audio I know you posted a brilliant observation and analysis of the president's most recent comments Kyle explained that to say hi and we go back a long way. She was 12 hours 30 but anyway this woman help me get an awful lot done while Monica Crowley, your reaction, I tweeted out that I read that granted that he should lose all touch with reality because they end up losing their filter filter that you actually have a functioning brain between your brain and your mouth where you were on here all the time thought that the patient is more more of that filters that they have attended. Blurt out the truth and with every COMMENT like that. You have to understand that Joe Biden is not entirely there dementia is a progressive gets worse every day, not better. So when he thinks he thought can comment. Treat and I find it incredibly dark and creepy and you know knowing what we now know that actually quite diary.

Something really dark and wicked family that is yet to be exposed.

Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line her podcast. One of the top in America and with that kind of analysis you know why folks and we got a link to Monica's upon Castro on the website earlier today. Kevin McCarthy came out you it's all about optics you and you and I know this we been in the in the business a long time.

I it was very interesting that Kevin McCarthy had Marjorie Taylor green front and to the side while he was delivering that address. Today I was wondering what sort of a message he was trying to convey their drought Marjorie Keller green. I get turned on my contract day talking about the Republicans new commitment to America, which echoed like Newt Gingrich and the GOP did back in 1994 when they took control of Congress. It was there, to the American people hold that a policy that that they are now staying like a kid and 94. If you turn over one or both houses of Congress. God willing to lie here is what we pledge to you that we will do and it centers on inflation which is skyhigh under by Danny Biden president complete accuracy. I'm a lot like the GMP. It's focused on skyhigh inflation and a weakening economy there focused on the wide-open border and all of the problems that that brings down there focus on crime, which of course is related to the quarter, our cities and collapse, parental education, there focused on the major issues in terms of current year. Having control of their child's education. It is a blueprint for the Republican candidates to go back to their state and their district armed arms with the people saying luck if you cut me and said not only will be top Joe Biden's legislative agenda. We will stop the hemorrhaging and we will work to advance these policies progress economic power is anti-crying anti-criminal policy, we will work to reverse all of the things that Biden and the Democrats are giving is a very powerful message. I am glad that they did it.

I would like a bit more of a timetable and a greater sense of urgent where unit they go to the American people and say here's our blueprint working at you this in the first 10 day to Congress in the first month of the new Congress and the American people a real urgency with the mission once they enter rocket at January 1 and again Monica I'm with you and I love the part about the IRS agent saying that's the first thing on the agenda is to repeal that I'm I'm I see a lot to be excited about. I'm glad Newt Gingrich and Kelly and Conway were in the mix as they were talking about this witness, Congressman David cost of one who happens to be my Congressman night here in Tennessee and he said that he was in on the early stages of all of this and is very encouraged by the direction this is going and this Justin Bob Monica are not another birthday song but I would I want to share this with you a Martha Zoller who was a radio host in Georgia W. Do you want our affiliate says that Marjorie Taylor green was on her show Wednesday and she's apparently already been promised, committee assignments, when the Republicans take control and she's very happy with those assignments. So again, I think these are all positive things that likely pad McCarthy enter televised announcement of the commitment to America. Mark NTT is a true warrior. She is totally fearless and there are other encumbrance like Lauren Bogert and Jim Jordan so many others who are right but strong know that this is not a GOP act.document Republican America first and last document that warriors like NTT and the rest of them are quite good and very in order to get the agenda through or at the very least, Joe Biden distracted that love.

It really was there. Monica Grace Baker says Todd we can invite Monica to Memphis so you have absolutely lead time. I'm glad and then many years ago, but at length at any time. All right, Monica Crowley of folks get the podcast you can do that or wherever you find your podcast Monica have a great weekend's thank you all that are either you know what grace we should've asked Monica about her football allegiance. You know that is one thing I definitely don't know about her. I don't know what her clearly she's a Tennessee volunteer for up as worship. Unfortunately we have a lot of Florida gators who listen to this program and their spamming my Facebook page. What is wrong with you all do not do that. Stopped all my goodness is here is that stop I don't know gators taste like chicken that's all I know. That's all I know are we gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 you heard Monica. You heard Kevin McCarthy, are you encouraged by this Republican commitment to America.

It was a call 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show, maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year, and also a little short on cash. Can you cover the chips thanks. I can see whether like you.

This is this is weird. I'm watching this video, so some guy apparently ran on to report at a Roger Fetter tennis match and set them set his arm on fire.

The guy was according to some reports, I think we got the video up on our website.

According to some reports, Grace Baker, the guy was protesting private jets in the UK, which is why he said his arm on fire. That's the legal Mark well yeah but I think I'm that's probably up little hole in the ozone to us that the good point that you can go check it on the live show blog at the site to behold. Yet this tree hugger not a very big fella, wiry, but it still took a couple day that does all the guy off the court there. This is like the people that like chained themselves to the NBA basketball goals in the name of Clive will you remember that girl during the. The MBA Bob playoffs. They have been hours at the Memphis grizzlies. They had some gal and you are here Memphis. That is, don't put up know they did. I called her booty off the court. They jerked and nodded and said grace have a question for you know that you get a lot of guest requests.

Lot of people wanting to come of the tonsure and radio program yes you are the gatekeeper you will ultimately decide who gets to come it on to the ball to the show yes because you know what you know we don't want any kind of what you like gluten-free yahoo or so I can use Mac couldn't think so. Oversee and I'm curious because there's a story at CNN and I'm curious to know if you do this so at sea and in they have a multipage form that they ask all of their guest and contributors to go through and to to write before they actually make it on air, and they ask all sorts of questions here. I want to go through this. For example, question number seven is simply titled political ideology is a drop-down menu now and you have to you have to select from various categories. What is your political ideology. Are you laissez-faire are you libertarian liberal are you a follower of linen light while Vladimir social conservatism, populism. They even ask if your Nazis (the Nazis I'm not sure we've had a Nazi on the program now not to my knowledge they also asked questions about race and ethnicity never do that now.

Now I can't say I have II don't know what the processes they like, what you want to talk about send me some more background information. You know, send me your social media handles, but I've never asked that so they also know about.

Do you have a disability, your sexual orientation. I definitely have not inquired about your gender identity only. Axes are apparently two separate things your religion and your nationality.

Man, I think we need to come up with our own list your here I'm working on it right now. Okay, okay Sweet tea or en suite. That's very important, wet or dry Rob that's about ribs or kale Shake chicken collards or kale collards or collards or biscuit or bagel. That's a good one. And if you don't know your pronoun. You're not even get through the front and that's just it. We got over the list. Maybe. Maybe the audience can help us out here. What are some things that we deal because we have to vent all of that and that's what this is vetting yes you do want have that out the crazy you know that's gluten disk health that's tagged now, Lord, love them, you know, so the gluten folks do not have a sense of you know, I'm look I'm at when you can read, I'm a sweetie, I know that I I can take a joke a cracker to their some folks I call your folks 844-747-8868 this is the top surface operators starting points with Weston's all new potential for simply download the app and starting point in right now is about 500 points free just for registering a product related $100 redeem your points for goods for your business.] How small wares customer marketing materials, and more. Register today and get your free 500 point rebate of the $100 visit perks to be back in the 901. You have a lot of fun.

All of our great listeners and I think guys so much for being a part of our show. By the way, Triton just released their new podcast numbers. We are number 98. The 998 largest podcast in America over 1.2 million subscribers, and on my understanding from our digital team is that were actually ahead this month of those numbers. So thank you all for hanging out with us into being a part of our digital front porch 844-747-8868's or toll-free telephone number I hang tight away to be getting your calls momentarily, but a good friend of this program, and a neighbor here in the Midsouth. His name is Brent Taylor is a Republican. He is a conservative and he is running to be a state senator in these parts are Brent good to have you back on the program to be with you.and Deborah we been following a big story I heard you talking about this on K WAN with our friend Tim VanHorn this crazy story out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and it's important for people we been trying to make this distinction, there's the University and then there's University's medical center and the surely the college does a lot of stuff that we can complain about, but on this particular instance.

It's the hospital is a pretty shocking thing they're doing allegedly to these kids. It is Todd and this is the danger of the incrementalism of tolerance I I'm old enough to remember and and you're probably a little younger than I am. But I remember when I was in high school when a kid wanted to get attention. It was a punk rock face, he would wear the MC Hammer pants and the Michael Jackson zipper jacket parachute. I have not had those in the spiked hair and all, and that's the way a kid that wanted to get attention. That's what they would do well once everybody does that was something that you can no longer get attention doing that. So then it morphed into in later years of being gay and bisexual and this students were were saying that they were gay and bisexual talk to be noticed and it became a fad and once that becomes accepted that's that's where we are now where where students are willing to change their gender and and they don't know. I mean, thank God, the one I went through the phase I wanted to be a pirate than the one scheduled me for my removal and leg amputation to be a pirate because no one knows what they want to do in adulthood. But the real challenge Todd is that parents just didn't wake up one day and this I will take Johnny or Susie down to the medical center there. Vanderbilt and I'm gonna change their gender obsolete the students to get to the point where their say in a physician or medical Center. Those children have exhibited emotional and behavioral issues long before that. And so what happens is that parents are at their wits and they go into a doctor and they see a physician with a white coat in a medical degree at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which is a big medical Center here in Tennessee and the doctor starts describing gender dysphoria dysphoria and they they ask what the treatment sorrow we need to do this surgery and parents wanting what's best for the children when a doctor with all the credibility is sit there telling them this is what they need.

It's no different than what goes on at St. Jude every day with very dangerous surgeries and doctors asked perform and parents agree to, because I think it's in the best interest of their children, and then again when you talk about the influence that kids have on each other that peer pressure. It's the cool and popular thing to do. And kids are going to do that and I know certainly times of change, but now it is the cool and popular thing to be transgender and you wonder how many of those kids especially when you look at all these tick-tock have you seen that the tick-tock videos. It's insane these teachers that are really turning their classrooms into these de facto indoctrination centers where there encouraging kids to exhibit that form of behavior it is and and again to go back to the punk rock days you know when that can no longer get the attention you need. You have to see what you think her incrementally and and were expected to be tolerant of it and this is the danger of the incrementalism that comes with tolerance and is it what you tolerate. One thing that becomes the norm, and then you have to tolerate the next thing that comes down the pipe and again when you look at the numbers, it just doesn't add up the numbers of the numbers of people who now say they are trans gender.

There was a New York Times piece and they did a study and their latest numbers they had were back from this is 2017 to 2020.

You're looking at about 1.4% of 13 to 17-year-olds, so there were transgender 1.3% of 18 to 24-year-olds, but then you compare overall adults, 0.5%. There's no I mean even from an evolutionary standpoint there's it's impossible to see those numbers be that legitimate. That's correct and and what I think we should do is from a legislative standpoint is that you know the number one function of government is to protect liberty. A lot of people say is to protect citizens actually protect liberty and we should be protecting the liberty of the students bill to make decisions for themselves when they become adults look this isn't for me. But if a student today.

Later in life becomes an adult and they want to go through a gender reassignment surgery that is within their right to do that and so I think will to be protecting the rights of the students and protect their liberty to live their life. However, they will live it into adulthood and not allow physicians with an agenda to build influences parents and tricked his parents and to think that they're doing a gender reassignment of what I would call a mutilation that is I think it's for the best interest of the child is not looking at those videos. Videos are from 2018 that Matt Walsh and the team of the daily wire were able to uncover and there are a couple of other things that really concerned me and you talk about protecting liberty and I appreciate you making that distinction about the role of the statehouse because you had one of the professors talking about. If you're a person of faith and you have a religious objection to this, then you should find another job you implying that maybe some people have been fired. We we don't have any evidence of that yet and also the idea that this really is not about making a health decision.

It's about making a financial decision because they said the transgender surgeries were moneymakers that's correct. And so I think what we need to do going forward and what I hope to do the Gen. assembly here in Tennessee is four things. One, we need to investigate where else. This may be occurring when we know Vanderbilt. There may be other hospitals and in Tennessee that they're doing the same gender reassignment. Have you heard of any.

By the way I have it. I have not Vanderbilt was the first I'd heard of it mainly because I I would've never in my wildest nightmare fall that there would be a physician. This second oath to do no harm would do this. Gender reassignment mutilation surgery on children and to do the parents end up allowing them to do that so I think we need to investigate. Find out where else in the state. This is going on. Secondly, we need to to to go after the licenses of physicians and medical facilities. It continued to do this type of procedure. Thirdly, we need to sign criminal penalties to the physician does this think they should be criminally liable for it. And then fourth. We need to check to see what funding that's coming from taxpayers going to these medical facilities that are doing this gender reassignment surgery. So I hope to be able to do that in the state Senate come January. I think this is.

It's a brilliant plan and I think a lot of people in the volunteer State agree with you that this is just unacceptable. Again folks. If you are underage and you want to get a piercing or a tattoo got a get a permission slip for mom and dad, you can't buy cigarettes. You can't buy beer. You can't drive a car if you're under a certain age of there's a reason why for that.

I think the same thing should apply here especially with these ear reversible. That's something folks the surgeries are not reversible and your you're stuck with right and in the proponents of this will tell you the the kids are having emotional and behavioral issues.

Look, we need to treat that, but we need to treat that as there is there in their adolescence once they become adults. If the weight of in their mind solve their emotional behavioral issues are having to have a gender reassignment surgery. They have the liberty to do that as an adult. We should be protecting these kids from from physicians and parents who are being duped by these physicians. We believe at least on this radio program that the statehouse is just as important as what's happening in the White House, probably more so now, especially with Roe V Wade being overturned.

A lot of those issues are being returned back to the states where the where they belong.

Which is why it's important that I think we have conversations like this with someone like you Brent because your to be in the statehouse very soon. That's correct. If the state government now in our our very founding of the 13 states were really 13 independent nations and came together for common defense and a common occurrence in a few other things.

Over time the federal government has usurped more more power but were beginning. I think to see a reversal that remain Roe V Wade is a good example that belongs with the states all along the courts finally recognize that and that will be an issue that will be that within the state houses this issue and it turns out, the governors are taking the lead right now. Immigration, they are finding unique ways to be able to bring this to the attention of the public so that we can try to get the federal government to finally act on some common sense and emigration I thought was interesting when they they dumped all of the illegals off in the dark of night at the airport in Chattanooga.

Nobody said a thing about 50 show up at Martha's Vineyard becomes a humanitarian crisis in the National Guard shows up to escort them someplace else that's it that's it all right permanently with their big football this weekend.

If some are you an Tiger guy or your Memphis Tigers well at Memphis Tigers. I'm a Tennessee volunteer for, well, I'm a Memphis Tigers.

Although I will tell you my son what all burn what the law school at SMU, and daughter went to Mississippi State so I have to be very careful of the which came out rueful but I will tell you I'm a Memphis Tiger before anything there you go, are that's a good political answer, but I get it that the cowbells kill me at Mississippi State.

I do say that it tells me that they they do but but my money went there at Memphis. I love it well were taken on Florida this weekend so I told Grace no calls, no emails all football this weekend.

Are you Brent Taylor. Ladies and gentlemen great American patriot. A neighbor here in the 901 in Memphis Tennessee. We got to take a quick break will begin to your calls next. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show, maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year.

Also a little short on cash.

Can you cover the chips thanks.

I can see whether like you well. While I was done, but the conversation there with the Sen. Taylor folks, it's important all elections matter and is really important for us to get out there. Make sure that your supporting candidates there to fight for freedom and I loved what what Brent Taylor said a few moments ago is not about protecting citizens is about protecting liberty and he's spot on accurate pellets on the phone zero 844-747-8868 are different.

Connor in Boston was to wait on the commitment to America. Hey, what's up, I might not know what ready to go so it's a Connor from Boston by fellow commercial. I'm not objecting to this paper under bottle Wilson Wilson are, let's talk about this commitment to America.

Connor America.

The Republicans that are running for office.

Every single little so you know a good night Anybody killed with like no sugar in it. We need Republicans to really fall through elite scrappers and want to fight for what we believe and what you America what it is and I think that we need to rally together in primary pump does not follow through on their work.

We like new blood.

We need new individual coming in for us to vote for what the will of the American people and hope that you would think they ran through on Don't really really rethink about who works in Washington. Connor completely agree. I I loved what I heard today.

I like it and I'm Monica Crowley was on. She said she would like some more details. I would have to I would've liked to see them come right on the headset here. The first three things were going to do word and a promise of these top. These are the top three things on our agenda and working to shove these down the presidents throat Connor if if the dim if the Republicans are able to do that then I think they will turn the page but to your point. If they do not then there's going to be blowback and I can promise you this where taking notes were writing all of this down and we will not forget what that what they promised us were to hold him accountable in the spring time right now ordinary American start really looking running for office because of the public what it needs proper old one. I love that Connor love it. All right, good hearing from you my friend and have a great weekend. All right, that's Connor from Boston on the on the newsmaker line by the way, patriot mobile, they are doing some incredible work.

I had a chance to meet some of their great stampers at the spiritual leadership conference over in in California at West Coast Baptist College and there it is doing some fine fine work.

Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and that means that they are supporting organizations that are fighting for causes.

We care about. They also by the way have incredible wireless coverage.

It's pretty remarkable. By the way, you can actually check coverage in your area by going to patriot That's patriot and the euro, you will find your coverage. Neurosurgery will find out about their great services they provide for you and for your business. I get this if you utilize my promo code Todd there to give you free activation and a free gift patriot You can also give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot and are to be talking to an American citizen because their phone screeners are based right here in the good old US of a again that's patriot all right of folks we have got some great stories for you over on the website. Caleb Park and her team of writers. They have been pounding out stories all afternoon and you gotta get over there. You can also see the video of Joe Biden that we have been playing over and over and over again today. You can also find details of the commitment to America that the Republicans just unrevealed earlier today. That's it. Todd's the look holidays are coming up here and I'm one of these guys. I like to have your Thanksgiving first and then Christmas but I know a lot of you folks are looking for great deals and bargains and we have a lot over at the Todd Stern store. We'll talk a lot about the store on the all national so maybe we should do that more but had over two Todd

Click on the start button and you will see all of our great products, books, T-shirts, YOU name it we've got it for the conservative in your life are that music means we gotta scoot out here want to thank Grace and Kyle are a great team here at Stearns media group you get out there and have a great Friday. Whatever you do, be sure to go to church this Sunday and all

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