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President Trump Breaks Exclusive News on Todd Starnes Show

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 22, 2022 3:49 pm

President Trump Breaks Exclusive News on Todd Starnes Show

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 22, 2022 3:49 pm

President Trump tells Todd Starnes that Republicans are gearing up to announce a Contract With America.


Donald Trump, Rep. Kat Cammack, Charles Thorngren, Rep. Troy Nehls, and Dr. Michael Youssef join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative George so well and we are brought from our heavily applied the Todd Stern's radio show command enter glad to have you with and I think you for your patience as I been on the road for the past couple weeks of meeting so many of our great listeners meeting so many of our great affiliates all over the nation, and that by the way, yesterday got to meet a number of students at West Coast Baptist college who happen to work for patriot mobile and those kids are running the of the screening numbers or whatever you call patriot mobile West Coast Baptist college kids are the ones answering the telephones and that was really great to meet us so many wonderful young American patriots who have made a concerted decision to stay put in California and and try to do something to turn things around in that once great Golden State well we have a lot going on today on the program. A lot of great just about just a few moments ago, we were able to have an exclusive conversation with Pres. Tromp and what you do. It's a little bit different. We normally don't do interviews right out of the gate, but the president dropped a lot of bombshells during this interview, and working out what I want to talk about those throughout the rest of the program. So let's go now to that interview, we just wrapped up with the president. I want to go live to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. What an honor to a visit once again with our great Pres. Donald Trump, Mr. Pres. Welcome back to the show. Well, thank you very much and in a while, but not that long and that I look for to talking to you again.

You know, Mr. Pres., a couple you was back in November you invited me down of our log. We had a great conversation for the new book got a call two weeks ago from an investigative reporter at Forbes magazine and they literally asked me did did Pres. Trump give you Todd start as any classified documents and I said the president gave me a delicious and refreshing Diet Coke he was. He was a very kind and offered great hospitality of virological people are sick sick people. Can you imagine and constant got and what this country is going through a fighting from within the outside, but the one from within a more dangerous you want just a horrible, horrible people there terrible, Mr. Pres., I get this question a lot. How how do you cope with all of the side I'm not sure the average American could put up with all of the crap you get in pardon my language, but that the crap you get from the the deep state and the mainstream media and the Democrats let you I get it a lot. Two days ago friend of mine I let that out I was doing a friend of yours, Sean Hannity identity show last night and I think to be at night.

Also, the devil, we we we had a going so good that I think you get two hours out of it you want to know the great but I mentioned that that guy came a very successful man, probably you heard of them. I will give the day, but a very successful guy and he asked me only aesthetic that could I ask you a question. How do you take it. How do you take what they do and I said do have a choice.

I mean they be wonderful if Atticus does not these people are sick. I really believe they hate our country is something wrong when you don't have borders when you don't want to have low gasoline prices than energy prices where energy independence and even dominant food getting to be dominant. We would have been more dominant in Russia and Saudi Arabia combine well.

But you know all these different things that we did with the biggest tax cuts and regulation cuts everything. No inflation we had and think going so good and you not to think that we had it going so good and how can anybody be against the border. When you look at what you probably are two days ago Venezuela dumped their prisoners into the United States of America you so that they opened up the jail cells very bad people, very bad people, Mr. Pres., that's right, but it's not only Venezuela, in fact I'm surprised that that them so long because, frankly, other countries have 129 different countries.

Many of them have already done the same thing that emptying their prisons into the United States. And that's one thing would have to live with that for a long time a long time what they're doing.

The poisoning they literally poisoning our country what you think the endgame of all that is Mr. Pres. flooding these illegals and letting them invade our country.

What is what's the endgame I don't even think they know you know they fail they want to vote you frankly I'm doing so well with it but but but they want the vote that they get are you here will be sophisticated plan. I think they want to ruin the country.

I really do. I think there's something about it. They want to destroy our country when there is nothing good about that let people come in, but after coming through a process step to come in legally but it is just nothing else you can think of. I mean who would do that and they don't need the votes because they keep so much you know that you and I get the vote. So why do I have to do that. It's it's a question you get as you know, why are they doing that.

Who would believe in open borders. Who would believe and defund the police and you tell me that would believe in defund.

I see where in a couple of places I won't even mention them because I like the people that are involved in some ways, but a big shot out but a couple places.

It's 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours call time you being raped can you call the police don't show up within 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours.

You know it's out of control. All Democrat run. One of Mr. Pres., we broadcasters over my hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, and it's a war zone around here and now we got a George Soros district attorney people are just set up and they're fed up with the crime and the violence and I you moving to the midterms. Do you would you recommend that the Republicans unify around some messages may be a contract with the American people while they go to enact the contract on Friday they're going to announce to get a reverse strong contract with America houses doing it and I think it's gotta be very good but you know, the contract is common sense right. We want to have strong borders. We want to have strong military. We want to have energy independence. We, you know, we go down the list of the so many different things, low taxes, great education. We don't want men playing and women scorch a little simple things like that you not even allowed to think that that's very politically incorrect update for you to even have it on the air. I think it's sales so please don't mention that you not even allowed to say men and women. What you see when you see the record that are being said and women sports [record numbers that would've never happened that on the page remotely's maker line is our good friend and great American patriot Pres. Donald Trump, Mr. Pres. a few days ago we got word I know Fox News is been covering this we been talking about at this 18-year-old kid from North Dakota, a Republican guy who mowed him down accused him of being part of a Republican extremist group. That's the same language that Joe Biden use during that Darth Brandon speech in Philadelphia yeah now they say that a letter language. A lot of it was such a terrible speech in so many ways, including delivery I think delivery was a big part of it.

It was such a horrible set up would be like the red light that for an intern. Think because I didn't like the look they thought it was to you know what and it was it was that it was a terrible thing but that's the way they are and that that's the true Democrat every night. I never saw Biden that but he was never an outstanding person I never saw Biden like ethernet to be Eastern out to be far worse than Bernie Sanders. Actually, Bernie Sanders cannot believe what that thing somebody tell me the other day that Bernie Sanders is in believing this all think yesterday he spoke of the United Nations by an only want to talk about was climate change doubt the big climate change.

The thing that's going to change the climate, the nuclear weapon if we're not careful, and we can end up in World War III, it will not You talk about that for about two seconds and then he goes on about climate change is the biggest threat and all places, rolling his eyes.

It's crazy with that but I want you to wait on this Leticia James this a crazy story here.

Get a lawsuit in a moment but she what she said she wanted you out of New York City. I lived and I lived in Europe for 15 years when I was at Fox News and I'm not sure the average American understands the impact that your company has had and that any of the great things you did a from the buildings to the ice skating rink out what sort of what sort of invention on many many buildings all over the city, what sort of an impact as I can I have Mr. Pres., if you they force all of your business out of New York City well I don't, I think it's the right attorney general, she is no good is a whack job I is bringing the case because they don't have a case. In fact if you look at the reviews. The Wall Street Journal editorial the most ridiculous thing on values and I think the values alow in many cases, the factly that very low in many cases, you'll see that. But this is a terrible personal campaign to get truck I'll get dropped.

She campaigned on it.

She's got nothing can even ask answer quite when the rest of the questions. She is dumb as a rock and she's angry. She's an angry person and being killed by the thing that's really pretty amazing actually, I wasn't sure of that will happen or not but she is she's angry, vicious and dumb. That's a very bad combination. Mr. Pres. will have a lot of time, and I do want to get you back to this rate, I heard some rumblings that you guys are still trying to figure out what all the FBI talked and I understood I was.

I heard somewhere that maybe they met they might've taken your will.

I David took my will and try to find it. Not a bad part about that is if I let somebody a little bit too little to be reading this and I have somebody with a long face in front of it right now. My will is not there that's never that's never a good somebody got my will sell anyway, but it I think it did.

So what they did and you know my phone numbers of the highest they've never been right now because of all the stuff and and because of the job we did four years ago before longing for like the book journey together. The book sold so well because people there almost romanticizing about what it was.

Even with all the woodchucks and everything else practically no president has done what we did with everything with the biggest tax that the biggest everything rebuilder would like to rebuild our military that we get 85 billion of it to the Taliban.

Can you believe that 85 billion. And I think the lowest point in the history of our first delay.

I think I was the lowest point. The wall is are your wife the breakthrough we had.

We built the wall.

We completed the wall and then at that list.

Build the more we build a 200 miles for good I had it done in a period of three weeks and they decided not to do it and that that was like the first signal I said no way. And they said yeah they decided not to do it and so this something that is something they're doing Todd but very very ill people. They really are. Your solid meeting the other day, Mr. Pres., that they were actually was a live cam shot of Martha's Vineyard, and I think the rice with building the wall around Martha's think you can saw this bunny. What will the wall work order and you know that and that we had the lowest number of drug coming in the least amount of drugs coming in at 50 years. We had a lot of things that because of the wall because of all the wall we built and that we had the lowest number of that human trafficking back to a much lower number. Now it got human trafficking now is through the roof. Never been anywhere near what happens.

Asbury said Mr. Pres.

We have 60 seconds and I got a talking to this awesome rally coming up in North Carolina this weekend it's going to be a lot of fun. Well, it's going to be where they are honoring Ted but as you know your lieutenant governor Mark Robinson. I hope you love them because he's a fantastic guy is great and Ted.

You know, is now bleeding substantially is very very popular guy and a great guy and I think you could have a tremendous really a tremendous victory and I hope you going to be there.

It's going to be a great weekend in North Carolina and the Mr. Pres.

There are people all over this country. Our audience border to border coast-to-coast. They are trump fans and we appreciate you taking time, Mr. Pres., and I'm your dad and thank you very much I really appreciate it. All right, Mr. Pres., ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump on the patriot mobile newsmaker line there you go. What a great what a great interview. We covered a lot of ground there in a short amount of time and the president breaking the big news tomorrow. The House Republicans are to be announcing a contract with America and the president also weighing in on this horrible murder that later on this hour this horrible murder really an assassination of an 18-year-old Republican who was accused of being a member of an extremist Republican Party language coming from the killer language used by Pres. Joe Biden, and as I said in my morning commentary.

I believe that Joe Biden has blood on his hands aren't really open up the phone lines here 844-747-8868 you heard the president. Are you still a trump fan I I I just love talking. He's a lot of fun. It was a great interview as well 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year.

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Starnes yelling Grace Baker normally very quiet in the fullscreen got my blood boiling a little bit.

What's going on what happened over the good Lord will basically do some woman called in and she's very nice at first but then she was mad I was call screener and do my job. Wait, why it's made no sense at all what she said. She said will help do you question on the Trump supporter. Just wanted to talk about but I was like I just said what he wanted to talk about trumpet she's like what you think I'm likely you're supposed to tell me what you think question on the Trump supporter. You guys are not true constitutionalists said lady I'm just doing my job. Wow. All right you like me and I was like I she's yelling. I start yelling and I'm hung up. I never yell that's what shocked my heart is racing. I do know what was going on over there. Yeah, now I look at it yet will look if you plan on coming on this program. We need to know what you're talking about. So don't take it personally if Grace asks what you want to tell Don exactly otherwise will get some yahoo talking about Lord knows what exactly by the way woes like I know you picked up the phone you handle Trump when he called into the studio to nice you know he just he literally answered the phone like a normal person is like hello how are you and I was like doing very well how he was one of these where the secretary know the secretary put you in touch with the Chief of Staff. You know that you please hold for the president. He knows he does makes his own call which is crazy to me in a good way. And you know he's like is Todd their course, Mr. Pres. put them on for I love it. I know you know the left gets riled up because I call I still call Mr. Pres. call any former president, Mr. Pres., really I don't call Obama. I say if you other in person like him. I saw him would like, well, good for you is the way I was right when the last time you called and we have the intern and he is been praying call. Yeah, you know, because again it's very He's very casual guy. It was weird and psychologist Donald glycol hello Mr. by the way, folks. We got on our thinking respect. We've got to on our website. We have some video of biting yesterday you seen this video so we he finished his remarks and then he just arched literally wandering around the stage, not knowing what to do, that the other person who was on the stage was trying to corral the president back to where he was supposed to be in the president just walked befuddled. I've never seen anything like that but I can tell you this Donald Trump he would never do anything like that, though Donald Trump knows where he is and he knows what he's doing. The cheese has not slid off his cracker. I look we gotta take a break will be come back to talk about this North Dakota situation. Do you believe Pres. Biden and the Democrats have blown their hands 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Todd Star stuck out his website will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM no follow recent polling in Georgia arose over the provider or showing significant partners for roof will Republican candidate which frankly I'd like you to consider setting this woman out. Sure, like the wind by but only with the attorney who understands that the shutter is a place for heart monitor Republican legislation from the house. Time to cool weather and God Trump inspired benchmark Herschel Walker Blake Masters Doc draws has no place in the Senate of sensible Republicans willing to make Democrats halfway so don't get caught up in Trump's plan to remake the seventh and stay home all election and just let the sufferers run the sun. This was a 20 by Sen. Mitch McConnell and incontinence. oh I hear that's a growing group on the way incontinence

Interesting. I think of that information coming to us exclusively by the way, from her White House correspondent.

I had the Capitol Hill correspondent Paul Shanklin.

I walked back to the time surge radio program so honored to have you with us today want to get to the story out of North Dakota and we we've got the report up on our website. Todd and you can see the very latest information, but as we as we know the details. A man by the name of Shannon plan age 41 was was released on bond yesterday $50,000 bond after this guy admitted that he mowed down with his vehicle, an 18-year-old boy of the 18-year-old named Taylor Ellingson Taylor was accused of being a Republican extremist and because of that the suspect Shannon Brandt used his vehicle as a weapon. He's charged with vehicular homicide leaving the scene of an accident and he told the judge that I did this judge. It's it's overwhelming to me that this guy was let out of jail again this bail reform. If you actually admit and here's my take on it is not as if the guy says, oh, I didn't do it and you know we were going to sort all this out.

The guy actually admitted doing the crime and the judge says okay you're not a flight risk okay but the guy does still have the ability to drink alcohol and drive a car, and by the way he's this is a convicted DUI or yes I know that's not a real word. I just he SMEs a convicted DUI or the guy told the judge I have a job alive. I house things that I don't exactly want to see go by the wayside. We should've thought about that sir, before you ran over a Republican teenager. Brandt was arrested Sunday morning after telling first responders that he hit the team because he was being threatened. There is no evidence of the hats we understand that there was some sort of a street dance which is where all of this went down. That's according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol Ellingson was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries where he later died. Ellingson's parents say that they believe their son was being chased when he was when he was run over by the way. Apparently this guy was also this Brandt guy was also charged with DUI so the guy was drink, but it reminded Michaela Parker managing editor reminded me says I sent them the story. Our team on the website. He said hate Todd remember just a couple weeks ago it was Darth Brandon standing before the blood red lights and we talked about this with drop you had Darth Brandon in Philadelphia. Independence Hall bathes in blood red. You have the that the Marines on either side of the president. The ominous music and you have Biden out there warning of Republican extremism.

So that's where we've heard that phrase before and as president. Trump said it sure seems to hit it sure sounds like the killer in North Dakota was using Biden's language when he committed the crime.

What is it the left always tells us ladies and gentlemen, they're the ones out there. Sit there, the one saying the Republicans are threatening civil war when in fact they're the only people talking about Civil War rather say well I Republicans are to engage in violence in the streets when in fact it's the Democrats and their cronies that are out there killing people.

So again when the rep when the Democrats accuse you of something, it's projecting because that means they're guilty of whatever they were accusing you but I contend that Joe Biden and by the way yesterday, so this story is been out in the new cycle for a day and 1/2 now, and Joe Biden yesterday in spite of all of this instead of backing away and saying you know what I should've been using that kind of language. I shouldn't be using that sort of violent rhetoric. Remember it was a Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill many of our friends on the house reading carcass during the Republicans softball practice. Remember that and Joe Biden could use this as an opportunity to cool things down, but he didn't do that. He doubled out again and called out man got Republican extremist and that tells me that Biden once more of this to happen so Joe Biden once more of his people to go out there and hunt down Republicans and and do harm to them. I have absolutely no problem saying that I believe Joe Biden has the blood of that 18-year-old boy on his hands. What say you ladies in zone 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 was a terrible thing that happened just a terrible thing in the sand thing is it's going to keep happening will resolve this during the 2016 presidential election cycle when so many Republicans didn't matter.

Your grandma's grandpas you handle kids women. There were children there were going after everybody.

If you are Trump supporter. You have great big target on your back and you still do, but all right what's going on here at Vanderbilt University heard this crazy story of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. So for the record, there is Vanderbilt University and vendors Vanderbilt University Medical Center, two separate entities.

All right, so when I talk about university retarded about the University hospital or medical Center and they actually have a trans gender pediatric wing. In other words, Vanderbilt University is making tons of cash by mutilating children by castrating children and this is been going on for a very long time. As a matter of fact us a video surfaced and Matt Walsh over daily wire was was responsible for the school pier and they were actually telling Vanderbilt's hospital staff. They were telling people hey this is a moneymaker. It's a cash cow taken off the little kids private parts doing little ones and double vasectomies on your 1213-year-old girls there making tons of cash, and they also had a warning for people who happen to might object to that, based on religious they have some religious issues with they said well if you if you object on religious grounds. You need to find another job as you have an ear to set in. Say something and he is in just and I will pay with a broad brush. I don't care if you're a nurse or a doctor or the person that has to wrap up the discarded private parts and like paper and throw it in the garbage dumpster in the back of the hospital. I don't care who you are there on staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. But if you have any role, no matter how large or how small, and mutilating a child then you deserve to to spend the rest of your life burning in the lake of fire. You are a savage monster and you deserve to spend the rest of your human life locked up in a cell.

This is shameful and this is beyond horrified and I will say this, it would behoove you. Yes, I said, behold, it would behoove you to reach out to your local hospital to find out if they too are engaged in this sickening sickening abuse, mutilating children. Something tells me that this is not the only hospital where this is going on. Keep in mind that audio you just heard that was that was from 2018, so this may going on for a very long time. And if you're a mother or a father, and you would dare to let your child be mutilated like that you deserve to have your children taken away from you. Something's not right with you mom and dad, but this is sickening behavior right here and you have to wonder what future generations are going to say when they look back to this time in American history when you have children and they don't know what they're doing. They know what they're thinking there kids, you've got adults that are going through this stuff and then realizing oh wow, I made a mistake and I hate to break it to you but when you chop it off you can put it back on.

And here we have doctors, medical professionals, and they are intentionally going out of their way to mutilate children in the name of the LGBT QI a God is like the God of child sacrifice for the LGBT community's despicable art. We got it to and by the way a lot of the LG's and the bees are very upset about the tees and all of us 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

We got the governor of Tennessee. By the way, who says you got at work.

We got to investigate.

Yes, you got to investigating governor and a Vanderbilt University Medical Center gets any federal funding that needs to be immediately taken away and they need to start going after the medical licenses of all these doctors that are mutilating these kids 844-747-8868 that is a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. I told you earlier about our friends at patriot mobile and their hiring a lot of conservative Christian college kids to work their phone banks and we really appreciate that about patriot mobile they're always going the extra mile to stand with conservatives patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider and they are a proud partner of this radio program. Now here's what I want you to go to patriot That's patriot and your inability check your coverage and your to be able to pick out any sort of plant are you a business will they have plans for businesses as well, and of course they have some incredible discounts for all of you and especially for veterans and first responder heroes patriot

That's patriot and when you sign up. All you have to do is use my promo code Todd and there to give you some incredible discounts will be right back America radio show. I will and I were not working to stay on top of the story Sen. Marsha Blackburn who actually is from Tennessee. The volunteer State and is from the Nashville area putting out this statement. We are shocked by what we've seen in the videos. We would hope Vanderbilt would make better decisions. There is nothing healthy about mutilating the bodies of minor children. It's just monstrous.

And so she's calling for an investigation as well and there there needs to be quite frankly geologist shut down the hospital until they can get a handle on this, but it's it's pretty despicable and again.

Just think about this for a moment. If you are under the age of 18.

Right now you have to get a permission slip to get a tattoo you want to go get your nose pierced you know what you've got to get parental consent for that if you go to the store and your under the age of 18 and you want to buy booze. Guess what's gonna happen there and throw your butt out of the store want to get a packet of cigarettes, you're not know then I can let you do that and the reason why is because you're a kid you're a child you don't need that kind of stuff. So why would we not demand my musings on the same sort of parental involvement in things like and let's just go down the list here.

These China virus vaccines.

Remember that story, they were given the kids the vaccines in the school without mommy and daddy knowing about it or what about abortions where you got public schools that are counseling kids to have abortions without mommy and daddy knowing about it. Taking the kids down of the abortion abortion mill to get an abortion without telling mommy and daddy about it and now they're wanting to mutilate kids and it just seems to me, and I know I'm old-fashioned but it seems to me if little Johnny wants to become. Joni then mommy and daddy should should at least be alerted that the local hospital is about to castrate their 10 just that just seems to be the right thing to do, so Grace Baker, it's been a long couple of weeks on the road we been all over the place. Yes, you have flying back and that they feed you on the airplanes up of the first class yelling peanuts in the economy and I was up there will they do more than peanuts. Now yeah cookies photos are to good only on an airplane. Don't know why. Anyway, the only thing they had for lunch was something called an impossible burger. No really have any other options.

There were no other options and so well know. There was something involving chickpeas and I said yeah that's that's a big no.

So I said you don't to try this thing. I've heard about it on the TV and so what they bring it to me and it didn't smell bad, but I nose was stopped up. So there. There was that.

So I take a bite of the impossible burger and I realize it took me about just 1/2 a second to realize it was going to be impossible to eat.

Now that tasted like unload dirt earth. I don't know what I it was just disgusting. Very earthy thinking moist you yeah and I think that was the beet juice.

It was not well done. It's like what what what is like a little pink in the metal that's beat.

You sound like this but not medium rare blood pooling here, but the neck and was featured disgusting. I'm sorry solicitor with that aside anything yet some sort of like a salad. Weird.

I don't cry no fries that was terrible so I landed at Memphis International.

I made a beeline for the first AAA load me up throwing the waffle fries that invokes our two confidant bags. This is the Todd surgery University through viewing movies, Tennessee since conservative coming from day to be back in the well. We have been on the road times in Atlanta out of Los Angeles and busied busy times as we headed to the midterm election write down our telephone number. You will need this if you want to call in today 84 474-7888.

Again, that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will go right now to be patriot mobile newsmaker line from the third congressional district in Florida. Our good friend Congresswoman Can make can. It's been a while. Hope you're doing well hello cat aren't working to put On hold. We apparently have some sort of a full difficulty, but when we do reestablish our connection with the Congresswoman working to ask her about the this contract for America that's coming out and the Republicans are very excited about this the official announcement coming out tomorrow. That's what Pres. Trump just said in the last hour of the program. I believe we got Kant back with this I can hope you're doing well today I'm doing great how are you doing mind you know I'm doing well and I had to say before we get to this on this contract with America that's good to be announced tomorrow.

May I just say how pleased I am with the governor a hunt to see if this really sees by making likely always tried to be able to talk about America actually end up leaving a meeting with our often on union she just a total firebrand herself and we got quite pool of how and in Florida it's pretty well it's Florida is leading the way there, showing the rest of the nation how it should be done if we had more governors that were following the lead of Gov. DeSantis. I think we would be a lot better off as a nation right now.

I can get anything to show governors around the country why to truly have the back. The people that you start and when the federal government failed to hear the border when they had these arbitrary, unconstitutional lockdown mandate. Gov. DeSantis said that he was going to step up where the federal government had and committee leadership though I'm exceptionally proud of the work that he has been dealing, you could probably hear the wind. I'm sorry about that. I'm walking up the steps of the capital to go vote take on anti-police bills that my apology all you're doing just fine. You let me jump in here because again I guess Martha's Vineyard.

I've never been there and honestly the way Democrats are describing it as such a god-awful you know inhumane place. There's no way I never want to go visit their but the reality is, these people wanted to and I just loved it when DeSantis hauled out the permission slips or whatever and civil look a bit. Here's here's everybody's signature didn't do anything wrong exactly this whole notion that they were like they were told where they were going to break the governor and part of that we would not want to go to market your that there was some action involved and what I want to go about this and live real-time on the radio.

This is what we do, we just voted against the rule where with streamlined time voted against the wall that day cannot bring packets to the floor with the rule that the normal rock that could bring garbage with no doubt it. No one read their total violation unconstitutional authority and wetland voting no on the little later today. What I know about it underlying Police Department around the country there framing it at the corporately but we all know that there there" monthly need that they want that type of I and the likely popular behind her back.

It's it's it's just unacceptable and can't we have seen this time and time again where the Democrats they come into power and they immediately target the police department defunding police departments all over America really tying the hands of law enforcement to be able to do their jobs to protect all of us and our families and then they they scream body murder when the crime rates are off the charts and you can't go down to the local gas station or the grocery store without getting carjacked and that is literally life in Memphis Tennessee where I live right now because of the policies that that you're fighting against the capital pride and flew out yesterday evening and he was the bill today circuit hadn't bad crime around the country is out of control. I go to some of the word situation. You can imagine that that battering been on the force for 2025 years have never seen in their answer again hi there back to focusing on social equity and talking about diversity checking boxes that they know that for the community. They know how to uphold law and order notion that government bureaucrat knows better than our local police chief our local sheriff exact know what number appear Real quick. I get your comments on. Are you sure this on social media. Pres. Trump was on the first hour talking about this commitment. This Republican commitment to America.

I think this is a brilliant thing unifying around some key principles as we move into the midterms. America we are hiring 200,000 police officers around the country.

We are going to actually do the right thing for our law enforcement and their family and the great thing about the commitment to America is that it driven from the constituent cell all the way up through their representative. Every member of Congress at the table in crafting this agenda.

There have been Force that had been working tirelessly and when you think about how we been able tell the four kitchen table item. Now I can locate anyone in the country. What the Republicans are doing their fighting for American party for American and get back on track) nation free and hold out our current diesel value. They are going to actually support security, secure the border support law enforcement while watching something that anybody can get behind brilliant. I love it and I think that the American people are going to be thrilled, knowing that the people that they elected their boys in the nation capital are doing exactly what I Worry like you had a locker room there and get some Gatorade since they already did go work out and complement those that like that that Kilby 3000 steps know I'm very impressed that you're still able to talk with. So that was pretty impressive. All right, I can cambric from the third concussion old history. Thanks a lot Jack. God bless, I got all my goodness, I just love I love people like a panic because again she was live on the radio. She's voting up on up on Capitol Hill and you'll graze a lot of these guys would say I can't do it I you know we we got about something came up but not Cambric no man she just rolled with the punches. I appreciate that she was running a 5K run away from Jerry Nadler, but Jerry Jerry J&J's people. If baby's wall. Well I was just in DC a couple weeks ago and there is a mean you park down there and you just walk right into Lotta steps and I've seen. I mean it and keep you keep in check. She's in good shape but, and here's but here's what I want to remind people of what they just heard so they say on January 6 at all the Trump supporters storm because there's no way because we all know that trump supporters are little. How shall I say those their girth is great the not eating the impossible burgers that are not regular writers, double burgers and there is no way anybody could've stormed up those that I just I say that you know well what is it we don't want to share that with the entire nation is just between us should you but you guys know is like in a Walmart whenever you know the left. They like to make fun of the Walmart people after me that they can't do that but we can because those are our people right and we all know the really there some crazy stuff going down the Walmart after midnight, I just say it. I was all right.

We gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844747 before I do that grace we got what we got a letter we got a letter in the mail and it's handwritten and cursed and is from our friend Bill in Jefferson, Georgia and Bill. I will refresh your memory grace are you scream Lotta calls. Bill took us to task because I used the phrase considerably back of the day saying I want to be honest with you. Can we be honest with us, a second let me be honest with time. Be honest. I guess Bill called in and Bill was very upset about this and he took me to task. He says Todd that implies that your you're not being honest with us all be honest use that phrase a lot on and off air anyway. You will be a lovely letter about something else in the but that he's a military veteran and and he offered some solutions some ideas on how we can do a better job of taking care of the military that was a conversation we had earlier this but anyway he says. He offered a PS and I'll read this before you. are doing very well on not making the statement, I want to be honest with you and highlighted in yellow.

So I would understand. I rarely hear it now, and I can feel you wince each time you do it all signed Bill one of our listings from W. Do you very nice. We try, I get the letters from now to get out of the letters of the English teachers as well.

Grammar police he's writing in cursive so he gets extra points. Browning .844 747-8868 our website by the way, is Todd's and before you break it would be a great opportunity for you to head over there and download our free podcast of folks. I will tell you we had a record month last month well over a billion people downloading the podcast we are ahead of where we were last year at the last month at this time so I again so many people are signing up for the newsletter. The podcast free of charge at Todd's turn start, will be right back. I think it is a brilliant strategy and and I'm glad we've been talking about it for a long time and I that we got a lot of people up on Capitol Hill that are listening to this program and many of you have been calling and saying Todd. We've got to have an agenda.

We've got to unify the Republicans.

It doesn't matter if you're running for city Council or dogcatcher. It is a matter if you're running for Congress.

We've got. I have a unified message going into the midterm elections and that's what Kevin McCarthy is planning to announce on Friday of that word coming out from Pres. Trop in the first hour of the program and it it's really going to mirror what Newt Gingrich did at 28 years ago with the famous contract with America and one of the key components.

Here is his crime, its public safety.

What you think the Republicans need to be unifying around what is it what is the winning formula. What is the secret sauce that Republicans need to win in the midterms. 844-747-8868 that's her phone number that's 844-747-8868 let's go to Georgia Quinn on the line W do UNR great affiliate there Gwen what's on your mind had contempt by long-overdue progress to have contact with Americans and on everything I wanted to mention could be buried.

Land equity and were given materials from the government and they've been complicated with all those additional areas of equipment that was supplied to local and urban police units and now they're going well let you go? When we we certainly have to hope you're not out on the streets now not know where they are in minded Police Department have been no longer Gwen. Great question. Will try to find out the answer for you and we appreciate you calling it now. I want to say this about the contract and it's it's very exciting what they want to do, but we don't have the specifics and what can slightly concerns me is that most of the conservatives don't have the specifics, either as a matter of fact, even though the house freedom carcass was invited to participate in some of the private meetings. All of the efforts are being led by Kevin McCarthy allies and Kevin McCarthy is not exactly a riproaring house freedom carcass member so there is still some wiggle room for the Republicans to screw this up, but I I have to hope that that the freedom carcass members are are going to are going to speak out here and hopefully they're going to have some influence in whatever McCarthy puts out there. According to politico.

This is from their report whether leaderships conversations with conservatives who join those agenda shaping taskforces translate into their approval of the final product remains to be seen once ago some freedom carcass member suggested that they did like McCarthy's blueprint for GOP majority. They may opt to craft their own so we will see there's again we the entire platform is going to be rolled out tomorrow that you heard one idea from Camera crew said it there in a call for the hiring of 200,000 more police officers for our streets and that's a great thing but we don't have all of the details just yet, but a contract with America.

I love it I love the idea, let's just wait and see what McCarthy is is going to do here and what the final product is actually going to look like because right now we don't know 844-747-8868. What would you like to see in this contract. This Republican commitment to America 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 coming up little bit later.

Our good friend Congressman Troy Nels from Texas is going to drop by and that working to get some insight into him on all of this also.

Dr. Michael used to has a brand-new book out, he'll be here coming up next.

Our friend Charles Farnsworth is the CEO of legacy for precious metals and that he's got some concerns about the economy will get to that as well flush. This is the Todd's start back to the John Stearns radio program, and man are we heading affiliate just about every week around here will have to make lighting use coming up. You folks in Jackson Mississippi in just a little while so I typed their Todd's start is our landing page that's everything you want to know about us and our great team. You will be able to find it there at Todd's will folks when you look at the polling data. There is a lot of great concern about the economy right now. The good news is those same polls seem to indicate that voters trust Republicans more so than Democrats to address these economic problems are just a brief glimpse of the headlines at FOXBusiness mortgage rates reach the highest level since 2007, a year before the housing market crash, more Americans filing for unemployment after jobless claims fell for five straight weeks the economy tops list of independent voters, concerns, or want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and were honored to have with us a great partner here of the program. Our friend Charles Margaret, one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to the economy.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of legacy precious metals drawls good to have you with us today. It's great to be here.

That's quite a big build up there.but glad to be here all will look yet we I wish it could be even larger Charles but over time sensitive radio but but you really you really have been so helpful for a lot of our listeners and and maneuvering through this landmine of a of an economy right now and I'm curious to get your take water. One of the biggest concerns you have right now. The question the big concerns on the obviously inflation. The coming recession. We know there will be a recession. There always is.

After a period like this but more importantly is the lack of active measures by the Fed to control what's happening. That's my biggest concern and I know everyone saying or raising rates you know is not enough. It is really not we we had them come out and say extended expect this recession to last longer period of time and have elevated Fed rates for for quite some time. So that's gonna make everything elevated talk about those home mortgages and you just over 6.3% for all Monell numbers. Figure 2 is to stay longer so this is the concern I have and I like to throw the best example that we have the last time we had inflation close to this was in the 70s into the 80s and and and Paul Volcker was that the Fed share then and and he did something amazing. He crushed it quickly but but that required the Fed rates going up to 20%.

So sitting here, you know, playing around around the 4% it's not managing the problem and and Charles you know that the debates been ranging you know is are we in a recession of the by administration says were not everyone else as well. That's not exactly the case we everybody is hurting and controls. I just got back from a several days in California of people over there. They they can't make ends meet anymore. They're there making the same salary there buying the same foods they got the same bills they just can't make ends meet. It's what we hear everyone is calling it's the same concern I mean when you when you look at it and say okay we have inflation now at 8.3%. If you do the math that's the equivalent of losing a paycheck one month's paycheck: nothing else changes, but you have one month's less money to spend. That's hard to do. Let's let's talk about protection because I think everybody is in a protection mode right now they're hunkering down, you got a lot of other people that are very concerned because they've got all their money invested in the stock market legacy precious metals offers a lot of protection and I want you to explain why it's so important for people to diversify and jump into the precious metals, great question and every here's why it's so important you know, as a company we preach diversity right you should be all into one thing.

The problem is diversity that's out there now is at risk equities are at risk bonds or it risks real estate at risk. Precious metals are your one safe haven that will perform over the next few years. So when we look at that and say how does it work really, but by owning precious metals, you're saying I need protection from the dollar. Need protect my purchasing power and really that's what were looking to do. We know equities will further fall depending on who you listen to number 25%.

Some people saying as much is 40% decline in the whole equities market that's hard to overcome. For an individual you know time is important and you can't lose these next 7 to 10 years for that to turn around and regain a breakeven status. So what we say is by the metals get protected and don't ride that equities market down.

There's no need to. There's a better way.

And one of the things that I love about you guys, that legacy is that you there's a process and is not like people are hounding you to buy something. So you guys go to the high pressure stuff and I really appreciate that, but it's release. It's about educating people first, explaining here's here's how you can do that. Here's why you need to protect your retirement and here's how gold and silver can can help you through that process. Absolutely no RRR thought is this, this is the way this company was was born and how we operate. We offer the metals for the financial protection but we educate you so that you have protection of your mind, you remove that fear and understand why you're doing what you doing I was gonna work for you and it takes away that uneasiness that you have. That's a great thing is you need to be financially protected but is also good to feel good about your own it. Retirement accounts in your investments. No right when I started out I didn't understand. I just thought we were talking Oregon coins and and I've been in invested in gold and silver for a long time now, but you guys offer things like gold IRAs silver IRAs. What are some of talk talk about those for moment. Absolutely most people's biggest accumulation of wealth is in their retirement We been told for years and years safely retirement safety retirement. Most of the options out there, revolve around equities. Well, if we know were coming up to a point where you can lose even more value it makes sense to say how do I protect probably one of the most important investments I have this retirement account is was to get me through the rest of my life after I quit working when I say I'm no longer drawing in income. This is how I live.

We all want to quality of life. So that's why we do the return account. The great news is is we can use those funds we can get you transferred over to an IRA that allows precious metals to be held as you get the safety of metals, probably when your most important account. Your IRA account. Your retirement account.

I think it's a brilliant strategy and and people need to be doing this right now and folks I want to encourage you to go to their website legacy PM that's legacy PM and you can I get a free gold guide. It's a bit so they are so helpful and it really is about an educational process. Here you can start by getting your free gold guide. You can also give give them a call 866-473-6204. That's 866-473-6204 and by the way, all of this information is on the website so legacy PM for you to get all the information and start taking those steps to protect your retirement accounts and it doesn't matter if you're 33 or 63. You need to be doing that right now.

Charles Oregon have to leave it there always good hearing from you and always great advice we can have you back on very soon and maybe next time we can take some some calls from our listers. I'm sure they're going to have lots of questions about this great I love to do it all right. The great Charles Thorne great ladies and gentlemen, Charles will have will get theme music for you next time a lot easier something idle or will figure it out. Charles Berggren of the CEO of legacy precious metals legacy PM thanks a lot Charles and folks will be right back.

Folks will the back of the conference radio show. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 and in Georgia W do you add once to weigh in on that contract with America hey Hannah, what's going on for grant of that Bill Clinton and a lot the last been a long time but that you know I would think it probably a great idea to probably talk to them about how they drafted that together. Now I'm I'm just tired and I'm just tired of it. Walking back for you now think it really taken a toll on people and I'm older so like a gentleman that was that child was talking about the interest rate to back in a day and that was that my prime and I remember paying 18% or for money, and I'm a real estate appraiser that they have no hundred yeah that you hunt down a lot of stuff change in market change that thought they would, but groping along and it all depends on now, when the market is to tell anyway that was the only thing like yeah hi I'm with you and I know that Gingrich has had conversations with a number of conservatives I have to imagine they had talks with Kevin McCarthy and II really hope that McCarthy does not botch something.

This is this this is not just winnable for Republicans in the midterms if they can if they can unify around a central theme then I think were going to see massive winds and in the midterm elections and appreciate the call. Let's go to Oakwood Tennessee Jerry listing to us on KWIC M Jerry. What say you, I got a little bit of a list here and I'm hoping that the concert of America. I hope it promise to protect the First Amendment freedom of speech from mainstream media from big tech. I hope it promise that the Second Amendment as far as our rights are owned by firearms and not be reported to some registered bar credit card companies promise to protect the fourth and fifth amendments to unreasonable searches and due process .3 tomorrow. My Lago ocher comes protect the six amendments in January searched for the right to a speedy trial. Cool and unusual punishment. My hope and promise to protect the pump amendment which promises that any and all powers not to convert that hope and promise to protect the fight against the threat to our Supreme Court filibuster and photo ID and mailing voting and oil and gas and forcibly barred electronic vehicle and I hope that their protectors of world supporters comes protect us from FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, and finally hope it promise to MCR two stupid LGBT things going on. That's what I'm hoping for a while.

That's a that is a very well-thought-out list and I think every single one of those things ought to be addressed. I know that they've narrowed it down to four with with crime being a central theme, but that you're right. Every one of those things that some of those things should've been addressed with the Republicans had controlled during Trump's first two years in office and and. For example, big tech, they did not want to touch the social media platforms and Paul Ryan letter outline now after work and after work. Google is going to want to know what Facebook is doing on Facebook is now literally accused of suppressing information during the 2020 presidential election. You're right Jerry.

If and and again that for me is a big thing because I see it firsthand all my social media platforms and it drives me nuts because we're doing everything the way it should be done and there's no reason for us to be punished. Also Jerry good for you, sir. Good comments and I working to see where to see how many of those are actually in the plan tomorrow when Kevin McCarthy makes it official. Appreciate the call 844-747-8868 let's go to Phil and Alabama Phil what's on your mind think quickly that you love the way you and Grace interact on the year makes it a lot of fun.

Well, thank you for that. I hope it's entertaining for grace.

I have a good time on the side of the yeah I think you do a great job thing I would ask you question not what you think will go well beyond the contract tomorrow time but what you would like to see on the contract.

Your thoughts. I I wanted to be very simple, I think, and and again I appreciate all of the things on Jerry's list but I think we have to simplify it and I think crime addressing crime and funding. Police need to be on that on that that list. I think schools education should be addressed.

Jerry pointed out CRT and this radical sex and gender movement that needs to be addressed in securing our border. I mean that. And I think Rhonda seen as illustrated as Greg Abbott as well. I think they illustrated how how this really is a huge issue in our in our nation based on what happened with the Martha's Vineyard what what we got a call that the invasion of Martha's Vineyard absolutely yeah and I would agree with you hundred percent on the border that I really look that that's critical that crime issue. Funding would be a great but but you know crime and that I know you got a big issue that Memphis will got all over here in Alabama's Birmingham and that type of thing. Well but is a local issue on what what entity of the government, you want the FBI.

You know what I'm trying to find local issue is a local issue, but those it's it's the House of Representatives that were talking about the US in the House of Representatives and those congressmen have a lot of pull out we've got to get the funding. We've got to get the resources to the local communities and I think that's where the members of Congress can be instrumental, you know again that the reason we had Donald Trump in there the first place was to fight and dismantle the deep state and I hope people now understand that this was a very real thing.

It wasn't some sort of a a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory that the deep state is real, it exists and is going to come knocking on your door if you complain about your local school board, or if you give a dollar to Donald Trump absolutely what I would like to state that the four points I think is primarily for I want to see something concrete. Not just get on not just be interesting to go back and look at the 94 contract with America of Newt Gingrich and see how much of that actually did something change something. You know what will. I am very grateful that Andres let's pull up the original Newt Gingrich's contract with America back to 94 and I will do that. That's actually a great idea. Phil and I will put in our lives a block you when I vote no� I want people are, they want action. They're tired even with regard I'm a big fan not so much Arabic as Olympic Texas for 10 years. He's a rhino and start their plant playing games by moving the people that were drawing attention to it. I agree, but we don't need the illegals further in the country. Why don't we defend the border, I hear you I hear you Phil but I I think what DeSantis was doing until I got a run for him for the up the top of the user. So thanks for the call. What DeSantis was doing was illustrating a point. Those people were to get just dump somewhere in the country they were getting sent back across the border and DeSantis really illustrated that not even the rich white liberals of Martha Martha's Vineyard 13 illegals living in their neighborhood.

If I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 what you want to see that contract with America. This is the job search radius. Maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year. Also a little short and Can you cover the chips thanks. I can see where like you University studio in Memphis Tennessee. Somebody told me on the other social media plan for the work you happy with my take on the impossible burger being impossible to basically what vegetarian burgers I would like the taste of mushroom all that's where I draw the line. I don't use mushroom some thistle or dandelions. I will know it was entered as get it altogether and just busted into a patty hotel, with its impossibly anyway.

There's a will, maybe it was just the way it was made.pretty certain that's not it, but I think you ever heard anybody say I tried an impossible burger and it was really good, not wine.

Took a lot of AAA to watch that taste heard of some restaurants having a good vegetarian burger but it's very rare and I've never tried it because of how many go to a restaurant ordering something healthy know that I don't eat out a lot. Anybody can eat lawn clippings you want to pay 30 bucks what you need a cheeseburger or steak that's true that's all I'm saying aren't thinking anyway Grace Baker lives. It's all in 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 getting a lot of questions about our interview with Pres. Trump. You will be able to listen to that when our podcast is posted which happens right after the show. So after this hour of the show, you will be able to go back and and listen to our entire interview with Pres. Trump.

By the way our next guest Congressman Troy Nels from the 22nd congressional district in Texas had a very long meeting with Pres. Trump I Congressman good to have you back with us today. Hope you're doing well good to be with you God thank you for having me back. All right Congress wanted you I know what you will. Pres. Trump talk about.

We talked about a variety of different think you know that after my lateral about Panama cup. There we had a great conversation to think about 12 hours after the breach.

My lateral all the rate of all Dr. Laura and he wasn't wet that it all and we had a three hour dinner meeting with he would sign and have All sorts of different think that a great conversation. He actually expressed interest in the member so that what they're asking about our family and I were doing our district are looking you could tell this rate didn't bother him at all because he knew that this was just another feeble attempt by the far left that destroyed him and he'd been attacked out for five years. He's getting pretty used to it. Unfortunately Congressman, we have the president on the first hour of the show.

He said he thinks actually stole his last will and testament one surprised me with her privately with the different media and and the FBI and the DOJ and the way they handle. I don't really think in the end about a few boxes that he had the actually FBI and the DOJ said here put an extra lock on it to keep him click here his team Trump team was communicating with the DOJ and the FBI back to about those documents so I think this is just they found a confidential informant, probably another nut job, we judge to give a little probable cause to get into my lateral but I think it's more about those documents. I think they were there to try to find anything they could to indict Trump on something I need to spend nine hours. That's a long time to go to parent group anywhere and have yet to parent through and we haven't even checked I that the shameful part of all Congressman we we had the Chemical and just earlier of the program out from what you're calling from Florida talking about this. This commitment to America, which is basically a modern day version of Newt Gingrich's contract with America. I'm wondering, have you seen this.

Have you you know of any of the details what's in the same well I think you got Newt Gingrich was here earlier in the day In the car going to be the speaker don't feel Kevin McCarthy is going to be the league leader, speaker the house we take over the majority and I think it commitment to American I understand why we need to have a commitment to America, but we got understand America were committed to me were spending billions of dollars. I was one of 57 that I'm not giving Ukraine $40 billion. You gotta be crazy because the reason I voted no, there really is no strategy there is no end state. This administration this president has not given me or the American people a strategy. How do we deal with going into the Ukraine. So I voted no on that and I just we had opportunity to sit down with Lita McCarthy. We set you know if the American people are when the American people give us the gavel back. We damn well better take care of it and that means we gotta get this reckless spending under control, we gotta save our children save our school and we certainly gotta find ways to get our economy back on track.

Congressman, have you had a chance to read through the blueprint. I have not read it all.

I know the rolling that out. We are going to have some kind to review that here over the next several days several weeks so I have not read the entire transcript, but I do know that that many of us in the 3 o'clock it have expressed support for it. We think it's a step in the right direction, but lightheartedly it can't get any worse for us in our country right now can well that that's a fair point. I think one of the provision. Some slides have leaked out the politicos reported 200,000 more cops on the streets. I think that's a good thing, and certainly crime is a big issue across the entire nation. Right now, so I'm glad glad to see that Congressman I agree because the cart before that that the latter-day all but from the police movement. There have been several of us met Regina like file legislation at 100,000 Street but Jerry Nadler will never give me a committee hearing and so that's not going to happen in the in the quite directly to Democrats will never give a Republican a true win felt. I believe that this commitment to America is going to certainly help stop the bleeding and I have to give a little bit of faith and confidence that Lita McCarthy is truly going to stay true to his word and understand this is a commitment to America and we must put America first. Well said and I Congressman, we will leave it there. Always good to have you on the program and that we appreciate your great works today.

Thank you God bless you and all your hard Congressman Troy, Nels, ladies and gentlemen out of the great state of Texas 22nd congressional district. I think he's from Wisconsin.

I don't pick up a Texas accent there, but I anyway great man served in the military and were glad that he's up on Capitol Hill. 844-747-8860, I got a good target Illinois dog I understood. Grace tells me that you have an impossible burger story and I cannot wait to hear this. My wife is a vegetarian. But I'll give her credit she doesn't try to make me go on a vegetarian diet so just go cook my deer meat and stuff so no problem there, but that she had me cooking. One of her garden burgers on the grill and I made the mistake of clicking over with my fingers and stuck them in my mouth and that was one of the worst thing that ever sucked in my mouth on purpose. That was horrible. I don't want to know what the worst was, but you're saying it was the worst, is terrible, but I don't have to know in the Bible. The Bible verse, Nehemiah 810, but it says that he Nehemiah. Then he said to them, go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet sound like a biblical biblical description of a barbecue to me.

Yeah, or pork rinds and sweet tea. I'm yeah Heck yeah I that's my love. That's why I'm a Baptist.

Gotta be honest with all Doug's thing going to Bible claim and deplorable American. I love it all right. Doug from LOL it is relevant.thank you. You know I had those those vegetarian sausage patties back in Brooklyn and tasted like fermented cardboard is you met did you mean don't know know know it was no big they they actually mean they mixed and mingled the meat and with the fake meat that right there. But after after that episode they got right with the Lord because I went and had a come to Jesus meeting with them good and they created a whole section of the supermarket so you know it's an is like under lock and key. It's in the back as it should be as it should be. Verily, verily, I before we got a breaker I got to share the story with and really get the patio just about to tell Patty to hang tight radio draft of the Brecht someone sent me the story about the Air Force Academy and I will what it is about the Air Force but it seems like most of the walk. This has infected the Air Force and I remember years ago they had a lesbian leader was over at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and are called A's, called a one of the one of the leaders in and asked whether or not he supported gay marriage and he's he said politely that it was really none of her business, and so he got in trouble because he refused to unveil or reveal his position on same-sex marriage what that has to do with flying airplanes is beyond me, but there you go. So anyway, the Air Force Academy now has a now they mandate that all cadets go through a diversity training class and they're telling the poor cadets there no longer allowed to say words like mom and dad. The slide presentation title diversity and inclusion what it is why we care and what we can do was advises cadets to use person centered and gender-neutral language when talking about individual so in other words you know when you are right a letter back home. Dear mom what you know I'm still alive and all that comes do not want to call her mom anymore so you can say dear parent number one or dear birthing person.

Those are okay, but you cannot use the term mom according to the Air Force.

Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents to moms to dad's, etc. so consider you can say caregiver dear caregiver what your mom to if you wrote a letter and you call her a caregiver or a birthing person in my household, we would be worried about the Russians or the Chinese I'd be worried about mama, you're also not allowed to say boyfriend or girlfriend so you can't be that specific, you have to use words like partner you cannot say caller brought colorblind or I don't see color now you have to be color conscious because now they want you to see color. I they want to see color and everything.

This is all part of the stories Fox news Mike Walter is a Green Beret and Afghan war veteran said it is been a tradition of the military to get letters from mom and dad or your boyfriend and girlfriend. As for as long as there's been a military now instructing every cadet entering the Air Force not to say mom and dad not to say boyfriend or girlfriend it's it's this drive towards gender neutrality quote, I think, therefore, should be worried about the macro aggressions against America that are happening all over the world and it's a fair point. I mean, it seems to me that the Air Force Academy is more worried about Mr. engendering a cadet then they are Russia, China, or Iraq. This is your military ladies of John and I'm telling you this is why they're having recruitment problems because red-blooded American young men.

Yes, I said that young men who would normally sign up for the military are taking a look at this in there saying oh no way I'd rather read an impossible burger 844-747-8868 this is the Todd's charge. Maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always like snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives.

One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year. Also a little short encounter section you cover the chips thanks. I can see whether like you will know it really is good to be back at our center bunk. I'd love traveling.

It's a lot of fun.

By the way, the new Delta sky lounge at the airport in Los Angeles. Wonderful, absolutely fantastic but it's nice to be back to you all. We have ladies and gentlemen, breaking news right here we go. This from the New York Post I Grace this is this goes into the I told you so category according to the New York Post, even bonds in the oven don't like kale out the taste of the better leafy green makes unborn babies grimace with a crying face. Can you blame now this is all part of a brand-new study from Jeremy University in England. There saying that babies do enjoy carrots and if you're eating so moms if you're eating a carrot.

Your baby will actually smile fetuses were twice as likely to make the grossed out expression after the mother swallowed powdered kale capsules compared to powdered carrot pills well. I find carrots Morte seating kale so that's a fair assessment.

All that to say E Chick-fil-A in your kit to be very happy. Yeah that's very true. I let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 patio North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate there now Patty, I understand you're going to the rally around your you're a world traveler will padding the president not what my lines on my lawn more flag guy. God can Donald trump he he really does seem so relax. Although he seems so relaxed in our interview earlier in the show. I would to family deal with mode family. They are great now.

Patty, the rally is in Wilmington, North Carolina, and so that's it so that you can a lot of people don't realize North Carolina is a big states you're doing a lot of driving to get their power poles. That's a pretty good drive. That's not too bad all trump the murderers rightly murder everybody why Are you doing oh they go bonkers over that other rally in a room democracy allow them well again Patty doesn't know what happened to that horrible story that tragedy in North Dakota for $18 fine, Patty. I will say this I agree with Pres. Trump. I think the language that the guy was using came right out of president but in speech and I think vines got blood on his hands. That's what I think that's what I think about that Patty. I do this we got a run look. Safe travels. You gotta give us a full report when you get back from the rally of this coming weekend in North Carolina. All right let's are real quick.

Go to Tom in Oregon. You know what Tom Haynes type of work coming up on the top of the hour out of the bottom of the hour, rather, and I want to make sure we give you some time. We've also got Dora in Florida wanting to wait on this contract with America couple of lines open here 844-747-8868 now folks I want you to hear me on this holidays coming up very soon and it is a great time for you to get yourself a great copy multiple copies of the new book is called our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl you're gonna love this book.

We have had so many people come up and say Todd I didn't know what to expect.

I laughed, I cried. I ate the recipes it's wonderful. Get yourself a copy and I will even sign a copy for you if you buy one from Todd hey Pastor Michael Yousef is coming up. Pleasure calls. This is the Todd's charge. Maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always like snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year. Also a little short encounter section you cover the chips thanks. I can see whether like you are a people of her son's radio program here calls it just a moment I want to pay through mobile newsmaker line I one of my favorite is joining us brand-new book out is the end near that's a great it's a great Dr. Michael Yousef is just an incredible leader in the Christian community is the founder and president of leading the way in incredible ministry and he is the founding pastor of the church of the apostles in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dr. Yousef joins us today. Dr. Yousef, I hope you're doing well today will like to be with you again really joy when I saw a man out on there all this is that any of its gotta be a fun segment and the first of all, congratulations on the new blog. The second question is the engineer Dr. Yousef. I really believe it is about failure will anybody followed me for all the years been in the media and then I stood 35 years known as being the preacher that's not me you're not from God. You're not how Lindsay is what you're saying so will help a wonderful man told how much he got burned out with the late great the following from him and I preached expositor and I do know.I am trying cultural anthropologist. I thought I kind of watched friends and so with the Scripture open in front of me to the words of Jesus. Not all the stuff about the Gog and Magog, and Armageddon is just the words of Jesus when he was asked by the disciples in Matthew 24 what the signs of the nearness of your time and you give them six and then he kind of conflict image of the above labor pain, but an because you know would the baby get began to be pregnant. There was no labor pay then you cover all this.

If nothing happening within it come to at the end of the nine month and then for, every labor president, we have 11 grandchildren sobbing through this over the top of it, every two hours every every half an hour and so in reality what Jesus was saying to the disciples look. Earthquakes all of the fixed things that he give them is assigned for all is going to be with us is a sign that he gave that is so clear.

A thick mist but a lot of people are busy with the charts when you see these things coming closer and closer intervals, then you know that the baby is about to be born to happy occasion is coming, and therefore, you better be ready and then immediately goes on to chapter 25. It gives the parable of the 10 virgins five oil ready and out the other five did not so much in common with five or 85 went up so I will become convinced as I watched the world loves watching the globe in the past a lot of income. Preachers always put everything by America everything that happened in America has to do with the end what women God is bigger than America the globe and so these things are happening globally and as I watch them and got the Scripture open eyes that I need to write a book. Even though I avoided getting into the end times, but Isaac I think now is the time world is asking questions and we know Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord of our lives. No other eternity secure in him. We need to let the world know that there's an opportunity and the opportunity is now come in and escape the judgment. So that's really my my primary motivation Yousef, you point out, and I go back to the days of the global pandemic went there was there was really a lot of panic and usually in those times, people immediately return back to the church but they could not do that because most of the churches in America were closed at the time you you you look at at what's happening with the fires of the floods of the hurricanes and all these disasters and you throw in the bath for the conversation were having now on the globals sphere where you got nuclear war being threatened and you do wonder okay at one point, you know how crazy is this going to get before the Lord returns well know, you really put your finger on something very important what the global epidemic, at least for me, showed us this incredible proclivity on the part of so many so-called Western democracies who immediately turn into becoming authoritarian and also that there is a brief James will be in Melbourne Australia job very familiar with the country about Australia or would it be in Canada where one. The pastor just only opened the truck.

She didn't even have people that he just opened the door and immediately went to prison and then in Sydney, Australia, or would it feel if you're 5 miles away from home and there catch you on those windows covers you get arrested and go to jail. So when you see these things in England, my goodness gracious all the stuff that was happening. So when you see all of that is happening you say in the world is being prepared for the antichrist because not only the also the terrorism just popped up so fast and so quickly about people complied very quickly to the Sheep all of a sudden. And so when antichrist with a capital could a lot of enterprise through the history of the small but when antichrist come.

John talks about in his epistles and his revelation going to see the people already prepared to comply to follow, especially the fact that is described as a very charming, very mesmerizing person who medicals is going to perform medical wow even in Matthew 2424 Jesus said, even if possible.

Some of the elect will be misled and that is a mind blowing to me because minutes in the Gospel of John, Jesus said those whom the father has given me on those none. But when you think of the lack of discernment on the part of so many church people today. How easy is it going to be misled by charming trauma is performing medicals supernatural, doing great things. And everybody was that why we want this guy want to rule over us and so the world is being prepared by the same token.I'm seeing now that traveled the globe. So many people in most countries and persecuted Christians, countries coming to Christ by the thousands, even at the threat of their own life as soon as they convert while in the West that that that and go back on on the on the face in the quality construction and so can also by the same token, the Satanist preparing the world for the enterprise that God is preparing his elect from every corner of the globe for his return.

So that excites me. I really that frightened me at all. That gives me absolutely shivers in the back of my spine looking up and knowing that my day of redemption is drawing the deli near many people to heaven with me as possible. Dr. Michael, you says is on her Petrie mobile newsmaker line is got a really thought-provoking new book out talking about the end of days is the end near there is a website is the end near And of course we have a link to the book our live show blogs. You can find it there as well of the book comes out in October done to yourself. You mentioned and I get these questions a lot as well and you were having a church dinner and were just shooting the breeze and they talk about the apocalypse there. There are fears about that to be one of get hit by an asteroid or there something else that would really cause mass in note in a catastrophe you what you talk about that in the book. In fact, she said signs in the heavens, not a member is talking to people at that period of history. Of time, but their level of education. Everything else it until about asteroids that all these things is that there will be signs in the heavens and you go to see it happening globally. So with a B asteroid is where the fear comes. You remember without a mold but on November back with Jimmy Carter was being pressured to go unilateral disarmament with the Soviet Union and a local Bishop. Atlanta wrote him an open letter was published at a set know you need to do this.

All this very liberal, Bishop, and that so then the bishop called me one day. He said that you think that this is this correct. I said look, I'm not here to question your politics and your theology but I wanted tell you what I do at that three young children now have 11 grandchildren. If I nuclear weapon left Moscow and is heading for Atlanta. I said I tell you what I would do this because a father who adores his children to go to the roof of my house and I wait for it so we can go to heaven together and so if you return. It is secure in Christ. You don't have to worry about how we gotta get hit what's going to get that if we go to get it, but you are always looking up and say no Christ, my family know Christ and my loved was no Christ and whatever happens, we know it turned out to eat maternity so secure in Christ is going be far more fantastic than this ever hope to be do I worry why Drive fear. Nothing. But if you do not know the faith of Jesus as their personal savior. Then I would worry I would be scared to death, but because I would know what's going to be on the other side that I would want everybody listening to us about know this is a Christian program but the to think really think about this life about it on the lies about what God said about it and begin to plan now and I'm telling you, in the old days.some people go about their income is what happens they put on white robes that had for the amount that is crazy because I believe that we audit and I'm working 17 hours a day traveling the globe. I'm just heading for England now come back after big celebrations and big meetings they're going to go to Australia in November, preaching the gospel of the world. I am busy than ever before. At 74. The slogan slogan for the 74 because that's what Jesus said occupy till I come not put on what drugs it for the mountain snow is it occupied like a zombie working and giving and serving and that's what we supposed to do not sit in our Blessed assurance and say okay waiting for the spaceship. Talk to you since that's a great way to end the conversation and that we wish you safe travels across the globe folks an opportunity for you to go ahead and preorder this great new book is the engineer I we have a direct link over on our live show. Bargaining can also preorder wherever you get your books, talk to yourself. Always a pleasure to have you joining us and death. Congratulations on the new project to come and speak here with some fun. I love to do that. I love to do what a great church a Dr. Michael you says Yusuf everybody there in Atlanta. Absolutely beautiful church a facility. They have their runoff right off the interstate are working to take a quick break when we come back going right to the phones Tom Dora 844-747-8868 of folks. If you have not already done so, our friend Mike Lindell sure could use your help. My is the is the website my, a brand-new special just for listers of the Todd Stearns radio program they're having the towel sale of the year. Three. Please tell said of normally 4499.

Billy get three towels beautiful towels were just 1998 with my promo code, one bath towel one hand towel and one washcloth again for 1998 with my promo code. By the way, Mike's got great specials going on the bipolar slippers 4998 your saving $90. All these amazing slippers.

You will love them.

Absolutely amazing. My fellow bedsheets buy one get one free. The percale sheet sets as low as 2998. All you need to do is go to my use my last name is the promo code STA are NES and you are going to have the time of your life will be right back, maybe you were just the same class anywhere you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year, and also a little short of cash. Can you cover the chips thanks.

I can see whether like you are, let's get right to the phone here of Florida on the door. What's on your mind today really I think George can I say something overly jumpy on our good friend Paul Shanklin said okay I get the end is near. We have enough time to read his book, I took it on and you know now. Did you become me, and I mean we would learn from the private contract in America know I would love to read information somewhere concerning our constitutional principle of simplicity that I would love to see all the election reform. I like to term the educational portion included three branches why the history well. I would like to tromp runs. You can just say to take it easy and sent out the mail when I and I would like to see him structuring this would be a real working nights.

President not figurehead and I want to see that the career politicians and business problems: career politicians, people in the private sector and serve their country to country.

Dora I love all of this and I think the challenge. The challenge has been in your right George Washington they wanted to be king. And he said absolutely not and the problem to go is that now we have a political ruling class.

We have people that have been up in Washington 430 4050 years and unfortunately they believe they themselves are political royalty in America and we gotta do something about that we do, we just have to door I've got a run and I appreciate that the great call you again instead of Queen Elizabeth what what we have in this country like it's in Solomon we have Queen Nancy, the pickled me that's really got.

I look for that goddess are you know it's been a great show. Great to be back in the studio awarded to this all over again tomorrow it's going to be a lot of fun folks download the podcast. Be sure to check that out if you haven't done so subscribe to the newsletter love it is a lot of fun. Caleb Park is a great job deleting all of our great girls and we, most importantly, love you. The great listers of the Johnson radio show America

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