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WARNING! The Abortionists Plan to Target Churches on Mother’s Day

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 6, 2022 3:47 pm

WARNING! The Abortionists Plan to Target Churches on Mother’s Day

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 6, 2022 3:47 pm

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I will do this was going to happen. As Grace Baker is my witness, I told you the hello everybody. Welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program.

It is Friday and we've got a lot a lot a lot of news to get through today a lot of things to weigh in one. And what better place to start them what I told you so about so a few days ago I warned you that the pro-abortion Bob would be on the warpath and that there were there were some naysayers out there, but I was I was and still am very concerned about the level of violence that's about to happen in this country. Violence is already breaking out and I've already alerted our new steam and were to be covering this were going to be on the story like white on rice. In other words were to be all over but there are already acts of violence against churches and that's only getting it work.

So here's the very latest Intel that we have and this is important and I want you to listen very, we've we have a lot of fun on this program but what I'm about to share with you is vitally important because Sunday Mother's Day could be a very dangerous day in America.

Now, as you know most church houses are filled to the brim on Easter Sunday Christmas and Mother's Day.

Those are the three big holidays would just about everybody goes back to church. What we have gotten word that there are radical groups that have announced plans to protest at Christian churches across America. So this is not some euro Atlanta centric issue or Dallas centric issue. This is an issue that could impact every church in America on Mother's Day and you need to be prepared. I hope your church has some sort of a security plan in place we don't know what these pro-abortion monsters are capable of what we do, we actually do know what they're capable of their capable of murder because that's what they advocate for murder.

So this is a very dangerous situation that's unfolding across our nation right now and if you do not have a if you do not have a church security plan, you need to get one ad and I'm curious if, if you guys are going to church.

If you have a church security plan. I'd like to hear from you and maybe you can give us some ideas that we can share with with the audience at large on things that they can do that churches need to do to protect their congregation on Sunday so yesterday I got reports of of of violence against pro-life organizations crisis pregnancy centers in Portland Oregon were targeted.

We have that information over on our website, you can see the damage for yourself and nobody was injured. But there was a lot of damage to the buildings and Portland, Oregon. Also Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder Colorado was hit by pro-abortionist last night they caused all sorts of damage to the church building. We have that story up on our website as well. now were also getting word that another group is targeting the Supreme Court justices, the conservative Supreme Court justices, and they plan on protesting at the homes in the front yards of the Supreme Court justices over the next couple of days now gin sake little Red Lion hood was asked about this Peter Ducey did a great job of calling her out of this is saying, hey, wait a second, do you think this is a good idea to have these these dogs marching in the front lawns of of the Supreme Court justices and their and their neighborhoods are cut number two time yesterday about the extreme wings of the party thing justices houses are still protest no peaceful protest is not extreme young kids, their neighbors are not all public figures so when the present thing about waiting all want to go into residential neighborhoods in Virginia like I think our view is that peaceful protesters a long history in the night. It's in the country at that and we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not resort to any level of violence so she goes on but Ducey really went after her on this issue is it's a great question. It's important question got three posted on a map with the home addresses of the Supreme Court justices wants to help your side facing the president's view is that there's a lot of passion a lot of fear a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw and that leaked document I we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. We want people to protest peacefully. If they want to to protest. That is certainly what the presidency would be here Supreme Court for outside some of private residence. I don't have an official US government position on where people protest I wanted. We we wanted of course to the peaceful so she's okay she's okay with people showing up. The White House is okay with people showing up on the front lawn of Judge Barrett's home. She is young kids. She is young kids in that house in the White House. As you know, it's okay if the text if it's okay if the protesters show up on the front lawn screaming, chanting bang and their bond goes smoke or whatever they smoke raking up a truly oil that's okay so if that's okay then I guess maybe baby Masaki Ms. circle back has no problem if people show up on her front yard and do the same thing as long as it's a peaceful protest because we all know what mostly peaceful protest means when it comes to the Democrats.

We all know what that means. This reminds me of it and you have to go back in your movie history, you know, this reminds me of their there putting these Supreme Court justices in a very dangerous spot because these people are they've already demonstrated their prone to violence. This reminds me of the John Grisham movie did you guys river the book pelican brief. It was what one of Julia Roberts early breakout movies. The pelican brief and the plot of that of that movie and the book was an assassination of two Supreme Court justices, folks, I am just very concerned about the safety of our Supreme Court justices right now the physical safety. For God sakes are putting up an unscalable fence all around the Supreme Court building and then you have the White House out here and they had a moment they had an opportunity to to tone it down to calm the protesters down because of you know what protest all you want outside the Supreme Court building that's fair game. But don't come after the Supreme Court justices at their homes that's that's off limits look that happen here in Memphis Tennessee. We had some domestic terrorism.

That's my column domestic terrorist here in Memphis Tennessee. They targeted the home of the district attorney, Amy Wyrick, a good decent person. She's tough on crime and what they do.

She's got young kids and these domestic terrorists.

They targeted her house. They literally fired fireworks over the house and into the house of the roof of the house trying to burn it down. Nobody got arrested. Nobody got punished, but they were trying to send a message Amy Wyrick we know where you live.

We know that you have kids in that house and you better do what we say or come in for you that and that is the same thing they're doing to the Supreme Court justices were going a lot of people want to weigh on this.

I do want to go to Bob in Cleveland, Georgia a listing Joseph W do you win Bob what's on your mind today and we start protest and began sake thousand 500 Alton Pelosi found that will leak out there, you know, let us, and that and let you know January think what was going on. What I look Bob, this is nothing more that this is literally a national insurrection.

I mean you're going and what you're going after an equal branch of government, the judiciary, and you're trying to threaten them and bully them into changing their minds. I want to know them. Inappropriate pictures of ALC without saying you know that is not very pretty and I'm about to get into, but I think what is nothing to the imagination. RI Bob live received the call there.

Thank you and I'm sure there are lots of inappropriate pictures circulating on in Washington DC.

Let's go to John in Ohio Pastor John how are you today sir. I'm doing a good return all God bless you and your entire staff. You know, I know people will agree with Dan but you know what good Lord that you have two coats. I want to buy an air amid great but coming to the point where conservatives basically sometimes lie down time to go guns up you go after federal judge. You need armed security when you go after something like your district attorney, you need to have armed security you fire up by working neglected. That's when you have to protect your family time.

I know many of you might not agree but almost to the point of time for guns up and running up the rear for your commentary caught again wonderfully show I love you guys and God bless you and strengthen you and protect all thank you Pastor John and I think that's a fair point. I believe it's past time for that to be.

To be honest with now I want you to understand what's happening. This is this is not happening in some sort of a vacuum.

This is all being planned and coordinated and if you if you look at your most recent American history. This is what Barack Obama does me. He did this for living. He was a community organizer. We've laid out all that for you so I suspect this is all coming from Obama. This is creating great unrest. Remember it was Obama who told people to get out of the streets in March over Roby weight so this is this is not happening in some sort of a vacuum and it very well may be the bite has no control over any of this. Now Obama has once again unleashed the mob on America. This is all coming out of Saul Wolinsky's rules for radicals. Remember, Barack Obama was a disciple of Saul Belinsky, if the left doesn't get what they want they burn dirt they burned on your city that that's that's their motto if they don't if they don't get what they want burn baby burn. That's what's happening here. Now I want to say something about conservatives, we gotta be very careful here. We cannot behave like the left behaves however however we are to be happy warriors, that's that that's the motto of the show we want you to be happy warriors, hopeful warriors, but when they start coming after your home and your family and your business. You have a God given US Constitution protected right to defend your life, your liberty and your pursuit of happiness. And you do that by engaging in your second amendment rights.

And I certainly hope that the Supreme Court justices have adequate protection.

Quite frankly, every single one of them ought to have a have a concealed carry permit every single one of because Barack Obama and this goon squad. They put they put targets crosshairs on every single one of these people just unbelievable and now they're going after our churches, and this is where I'm concern is what's going to happen Sunday at church houses across America.

So we gotta take a break here and I do want to hear from you if you if you attended church. You guys have a security protocol. Maybe you can offer some some guidance of ideas for other maybe smaller churches that do not have a security plan in place 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number here folks, 844-747-8868 this is the top search hi I'm Todd Starr and skill. I really enjoy taking vitamins, but I hate swallowing all of those pills but that's just how it's been since the 1930s. There's just one problem though studies show taking supplements in pill form don't work all that well you don't absorb most of the nutrients and vitamins you can't absorb are a waste of money and that's why I've made the switch to healthy cell healthy cell is the next generation of dietary supplements at the Lucius tasting indigestible gel is like eating a blueberry dessert and healthy cell gives me more than 165% more absorb truth until my favorite is the healthy cell REM sleep.

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My listers get an exclusive 20% off your entire first order healthy use code Todd at checkout RI was back to the times during the radio so you know we needed it very straight today Friday and what happens a lot of bombs is Mother's Day on Sunday. So a lot of a lot of kids wanted ads, they sorta wait until last minute Sunday at at 1 AM yeah and the running down to the Wawa or the stop and go. This is true, and I now that you know I'm that I have two brothers and I've made sure that's been taking care of.

I messaged one of them and said, hey, have you got the gift yet now okay to make sure get done today.

All right you know we we need to do is we need to figure out. Maybe some Mother's Day trivia. Maybe just on the flyer will come up with a question we can we can hook somebody up with a with a our daily biscuit that be the mother that is a crate Mother's Day gift actually died.

It really is our daily biscuit devotions withdrawal so I will will come up with them will come up with something were doing this on the fly.

So are get back to me Grace Baker all you know we should do is we should do a best TV mom trivia question who is there some great ones that 70s show over that's a good one. I was later I like to read on that 70s show. I like both of them yet.

She's yet she was great and it verifies that he is getting in red kidney had.

That's it. That's it.

By the way Christie writes in on the Facebook page. Todd started calls for violence. This podcast is creating violence. Go on a little about that.

Christie says that I am guilty of sport of encouraging people to to act violently. Yeah, I don't know about that. I mean the thing is, if I'm not for any kind of violence, especially any kind of initiation of said violence. But if somebody attacks you, you need to be prepared to defend yourself. That exact thing, let's go to the phones Jim Lakeland, Tennessee, K. W. A.m. by going over see him on the weekends you are what you think you think it's that bad in the Biden household.

A good many good but go on security.

If any church you are a couple of coming in the coming in late to not how to shoot window sheet and what what when people come into the church isn't crazy Jen that we live in a in an age where we actually have to worry about that that somebody would do something that terrible.

I thought going down its back to me to believe it going to target my hand and it's been many years ago but now the attacker churches in all this, our enclave know II hear you and Jim, I appreciate that Intel and thank you for listening to something Lakeland beautiful town. Beautiful area of Tennessee. By the way media matters coming after yours truly and there. The people that have a goon squad of these oily the oily haired pimply faced guys that sit and girls, actually.

It's unfortunate and they they sit in their basement so they just listen everything we talked about that they're very upset because I have said what's happening that leak of the Supreme Court was an insurrection and I believe it was an act of insurrection. This was a direct attack on it all on a body of government, the judiciary agree, disagree, 844-747-8868 I think it's an insurrection will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold.

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447-4788 68. The White House says they're not going to tell protesters away from the houses the homes of the conservative Supreme Court justices.

So basically there telling them have added do it you're going to do were not going to bother you go and terrorize people like Amy Cody Barrett and Clarence Thomas Neil Gore since Brett Cavanaugh and the list goes on and on and on. So there we are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Rocco in Georgia on the line. Hey Rocco what's going are you I'm good thinking they were called about three year happy go wrong direction but go peacefully. Make your voice heard Jan talking said those same words but all the levels they will doubt speaking he really meant something else when he said okay so does that mean Jan Saki is speaking to the liberal in the mobsters info, why think you think we have to take them at their word. They're the ones who made the rules up for this game and and I'm more than willing to play by those rules and and you're right. I mean, Jan Saki said the same thing that Pres. trumped it it's it's a great point: it's really a Mother's Day card you can Mother's Day section of 88 Father's Day cards really eat what you make of that and I just know that 88 four dollars but not really know what it takes to eat: RTC it takes about 25 maybe material charging 55. Good business is getting jolly. That's amazing that when you go you look lovely on mother's day and father's day lot fondant 88 mother's day card rocco good intel. thank you for the call and thanks for listing to the show while grace, that's a lot of money for card and then the dancer get the i hear you know i never dad's just want to be, you know, i think the dads a perfect father's day gift would be what sitting in the la-z-boy watching some some sports on a sunday yeah basically maybe idled with the mother's day cards. first of all, here's a little tip go to trader joe's. there always a dollar else is at the store all the grocery store chain. they have really cute cards in their own $0.99.

that's what i that's what i do every time i go there i get a couple cards because you never know when it's someone's birthday or something you need to guard as we do now. i don't play devils advocate play devils advocate here, so let's say you get the and 99 sicard for your for your mom k for mother's day and your mom is reading the card and she realizes all this is from trader joe's. it's only $0.99. i mean if your mom is like that. i mean listen, if that's like her love language. she likes a nice card that okay love her like a $10 card that like pops out things a little song but i otherwise think is it supposed to be what's written in it and then first of all, funny cards. i was never funny cards but also to see what you write and then if she seriously paying attention that i have some other question i just add rather put more into her yet. no need to be defensive under like a little appalled like two people actually think i don't like maybe they do, you know, you know, the democrat monster, provided they provided they actually have their babies. that's a big hello david, i'm just saying. all right, this is from media patters.

this is the headline. after years of excusing violence against abortion providers. right wing media fear mongering about post-role left-wing violence written by some leftist turn named julie tolbert tolbert so this wacky doodle. the whole point of this was to attack me that that's what i did. i felt so fascinating is like seven 800 words here and that she's very upset of former fox host current radio host todd starts blasting me for tweeting. expect a long and violent summer at the supreme court draft is true we are dealing with evil monsters who didn't think twice about slaughtering unborn babies. now what part of that is incorrect. as a matter of fact, we've already seen the violence it started with the riots.

a few nights ago in downtown los angeles. now you got the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that are under attack that have been vandalized in origin. then you got the catholic church at least one catholic church that was hit in boulder, colorado, and now you got a bunch of these unhinged lunatics that are about to show up at churches all across america on sunday so yeah i think there's going to be a big problem in this country, media matters, by the way these people get their paycheck from george soros. he is the chief donor to media matters and their goal is to take down radio programs like this one they go after sean hannity tucker carlson fox news newsmax they want to shut down conservative media in this country and i know i used to back when i was at fox and and this is kind of inside baseball thinker, but man they used to come after me every day every day when i worked at fox news channel and they dislike they would just blatantly lie about what i wrote what i said they would twist words around and i would go to the fox media relations team and i'm like, hey there, and they're coming after becoming fire back. can we can we issue a statement can i say something on my radio program now don't say anything when i get to talk when i get to talk with a problem with that philosophy is, if you don't fight back if you don't push back. well guess what that becomes the reality and and so now that i've been unleashed from fox news channel were able to fight back and and we don't mind calling bees at herds interred at slight julie tolbert will i call an amount because these people are losers there leftist and their lawyers and we don't cotton any of that here all the time.

stearns radio program i mike pompeo he's got he's got some big concerns about dr. oz of this is from the former secretary of state mike pompeo raised concerns about the ties of dr.'s and the times he has to turkey. he held a press briefing to discuss this.

pompeo is actually supporting dave mccormick as are many conservatives in pennsylvania, pres. trump, as you know, supported and endorsed our drops, the former secretary of state said mccormick is a patriot, unlike those who pompeo has accused of having ties to the turkish government. here's another quote from pompeo we criticize american candidates all the time because they didn't vote.

this is different from back. not only did he not engage in the american process, but he engaged in the turkish political process. we heal has dual citizenship that raises concerns in my mind that raises in my mind a lot of judgments about his priority is a fair point is like dude, you're living in america. why are you not voting in american elections. pompeo says maybe it's all innocent. maybe it's all straight up but we the people of pennsylvania and the americans who he will be representing as one of the 100 members of the united states senate voting on important national security matters need to understand the scope and depth of his relationship with the turkish government.

dr. oz also owns property in turkey and scored an endorsement contract with turkish airlines and pompeo has a problem with that as well. this is about whether is lawful with weather about it's it's it's about who is best suited to be the next senator from pennsylvania that's been represented by a patriotic american conservative for an awfully long time.

so dr. oz is firing back. and now he's calling mike pompeo pathetic and xenophobic, says pompeo should be ashamed of himself. now that he lost president trumps endorsement. he's resorted the sad and desperate attacks that are no different than the tropes used against catholics and jews. yet that's a stretch.

my problem with dr. oz. the guys pro-abortion. i know he may be one of the guys you know this going to rate a church over the weekend.

we all know our let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868. our good friend jim who is the owner of the wolf river popcorn company. my favorite popcorn on the planet is on the line from memphis, tennessee jim, how are you today dear sir, thank you. i'm doing great listening to you this morning. what about delivering and you trigger thought about what's happening with the justices. i wonder if it would be time for some interfaith prayer groups in the dc area to form prayer groups around the homes of the justices both literally and figuratively. pray for the better protect the house from probably would still be coming out you that's not a bad idea.

jim and i know there are a lot of protestants and catholics of the dc area that that might possibly be willing to do you like that yeah yeah yeah that that you know were using the right road and the right strategy to counteract the so this one to bring it up a little different perspective and thank you guys for do a fantastic program and strategy media strategies which are doing. thank you jim, i want to ask you know you're in your catholic and man every every bag of popcorn you guys have and i'm a huge fan of your classic carrabelle and i love the memphis mix spicy but you got a slogan on all your bags i just i'm curious about what that slogan is sure that with our listeners and and why you have that all your packaging sure we've been living with that phrase for a long time. jesus, i trust in you that i think the time is right for people that have a positive reinforcement. something to look at and simple be able to remember easily and very easily and that's a confidence builder and you can't get any better than that well and got a day well i think it's a terrific message and delicious popcorn and you drop by couple of days ago and gave you a copy of the episcopal to get to the bishop here in memphis yet valley great guy, very very on-topic thing. gotta get tired side in the olympic becoming one of your biggest listeners we got we got to know cardinal dolan up in the new york city was a big fan of the show and would come on a timer to but we gotta get him some of that delicious popcorn they will take care of it for you. let's get together make it happen are in sales are going well. you were give you guys a shout out quite a bit here on the protocol yeah yeah we we so appreciate that. we had a call yesterday from a retired deputy sheriff from north carolina who said i found your number and whatever lawrence says goes for me so i'm calling on i want popcorn you never heard of it but your endorsement made it happen. so thank you very much. i don't think his last name was starnes either don't know we'll do that but you know what, we appreciate you. it's a great story you have and the gym.

god bless you and folks you gotta get this popcorn it's here's the address. you can go online.

wolf river that's wolf wolf river it is a family-owned business just mom, dad, i think the kids and there they work their butts off make of this incredible popcorn and the gym was telling me that the orders have just exploded a really all over the country since we started talking about them on the program and the and we love supporting businesses like you know that's what that's what we do here on this radio program is to support businesses like that. are we going to take a break here, you know, folks.

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get the that's get the or give them a call one 800 newsmax that's one 800 newsmax will be right back. if you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture bob. that's why michael odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow over there classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the provo costar by fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even thought that's an open to my\start, that's my\use the promo code starnes or call 800-544-8939 that's my\start or call one 800-5939. the promo code start alright so little redline with mst and and we had a new press secretary.

her name is karen jean-pierre and we've got some intel on this job here. she is living backup portable. the only reason i even care about any of this stuff because i really don't care about this, but the only reason i care is because the left cares. the mainstream media. they care about this.

all i care about is somebody who's going to be able to do their job and do it well that's all i care about. i don't care about anything else as long as they can do their job. but as we know that is not the most important thing when it comes to democrats.

so here we go. this jean-pierre is black she identifies as a woman and she's also a lesbian so that is sort of like the unholy trinity. when it comes to democrats, so she is the first the first black lesbian to become white house press secretary and glad the gay-rights organization is very excited about this because the number two is a gay dude. so now your entire communications wing becomes wing is controlled by the alphabet people and are very excited about this. the white house pr machine is also very excited and they're putting out a lot of intel reminding people that this jean-pierre is the first black lesbian to become the white house press secretary what the the question i have is this did they bother to see if she actually has any credentials to do the job. i was wondering just what i don't know i'm not xena phobic or homophobic or hyphenated american phobic i just i'm just wondering that anybody bothered to ask whether or not she had the skills that to do the job will now. she's already causing some controversy because it turns out that her female lover is none other than cnn reporter suzanne malveaux and and that's got a lot of people concerned about whether or not does. she might have a conflict of interest. they literally share a bed together, and that's apparently a big problem with some of the conservatives up on capitol hill.

gotta tell you that is not that big of a scandal in my opinion. let me explain why here and and our final few moments.

it's not that big of a scandal because just about every body in washington dc is in bed with somebody at cnn i just say i gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number by the way, todd

gotta check out all of our great stories.

this is the.surge radios macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. exclusions apply to universities through viewing movies to see his little george alright howard no good to have hope things are going great wherever you might because i have a question here. i don't know how many how many mom we have here in the listening audience, but apparently were starting to see getting reports of shortages of of food and especially of formula. so baby food, things of that nature moms or have a really hard time and that there are several news reports of that happening cut nine and 10. please this morning, a terrifying prospect for parents around the country stores running out of baby formula unable to restock. he has a very specific brand-new train engine that he has to have allergy and intolerance issues. sean bowman says she can't find any formula for her 11-month-old son jacob having to look pretty heavily for it. i would say for the last four or 5/month it's just become impossible to find.

this is an accurate word to describe how angela felt when she took this picture at the local target store recently i went to five different stories trying to find that on and it panics seo you know is the person that's trying to provide for that child you know she's a month old. she can't eat anything else. i can't make something else for her. she only could have this formula on the when you can't find at any cried in the store because i couldn't find what she needed.

alright there you go to some reports, and there are a lot more reports out there a people struggling the we we been preparing for these food shortages starting to arrive. i was at the market a couple of days ago.

lots of empty spots on those shelves. thanks to the bided ministrations policies 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now coming up this hour of the program. our good friend matt flap is going to drop by from american conservative union and the will be talking to him momentarily interesting story popped up and grace baker as a recent college grad from a few years ago i thought about you as i was reading the store so college students. this is from usa today, written by wyatt grantham � phillips hyphenated day this is a mouthful. gotta be a harvard grad college students expect someone ask this when you got out of college before i go before i read the headline.

okay, so you're getting ready to get a job right out of college, what were you thinking what is your what was the price tag you think i get a bake in this 30 grant you are to make 30 grand which actually is. i mean, it sounds if you're living in new york city. you know that's i clarify in mint, but a synthesis you can live on 30,000 you can and have you don't have a life you can have a life like the lois and i was like 3030 grant college students these days expect to make $103,880 after graduation will that's how much they think they're to be making no way according to the report here. today's college students expect to make hundred $3880 in their first post-graduation job they did a surveillance.

but the reality is much lower as the average starting salary is actually about half that about $55,000 i think that's even high. the survey conducted by real estate, which found that across all majors. undergrads overestimated their starting salary is 88%. here's the thing i first about the way you live. so i think that would be an interesting study to see where these people from because $100,000 in new york city is very different than $100,000 here right, but also it's funny you say across all majors because as a journalism major when i do, or that building in the facilities, the dean of the journalism department. great guy.

he goes now better really like this job because journalists don't get paid much at all. you'd better not be doing it for the money that we were all like we knew off the bat like were knocking to make a lot of money coming out of college so i was mentally prepared. we actually pay for the market here in memphis we pay all of our all of our staff very well.

i am on the market. i have heard reports not just here in memphis just in general of reporters working for a local tv station starting out making like 20 grant you were talking in places that it's more expensive to live in memphis and like that. how are they living now one in three college grads worry they will make enough money to live comfortably after graduation for the actions going actually that's understandable. yes, even worse, yeah, but they mentioned journalists trying to get to that of the computer science majors were projected to the highest paid group with an average salary of 75,000 kn apprised and contrast humanities majors and marked an average salary of $50,000. wow now still i communication majors saw a drop of 4.7% and i've got this is a fascinating point here. you know i hate that i hate the damn popovic.

that's it just bothers me to our going through and you're hooked in their so it turns out that real estate which found that undergrads studying journalism psychology liberal arts were the most likely to overestimate their future pain. journalism students expected 139% more than the median journalist salary that he knots that says that michael is the exception to the role because they prepared us that we were to make no money but it sounds like these other schools are like you could make a lot of money because as a journalist. you think i'm doing just as much work as the business major bombs are you're making 1/4 of what the business majors make is the fact i know it fox we would hire kids right in the journalism school as production assistance and they were barely making minimum wage. it was sad and i did multiple i did at least one or two completely unpaid internships during college, but now but now it's like, oh, you gotta have money.

i mean i with you.

i was doing unpaid internships and i was back in school or like one of them. it was like 50 bucks a month like not to get that now that i wasn't journalist jeff longo for me either, and i would talk to engineering majors they be like you pretty free internships like yeah when i go into an internship fair. i expected at least half of them are unpaid journalism students expected to make $107,000 first year after graduating the elaborate turns out, the average salary is 44,800 and i think that's extremely high. appreciate the big dreams here but be a little more realistic. these kids have no you know that they don't get they don't get at all. they don't get and you wonder okay how did they come up with is your power the student who is coming from, who gave the kids the idea there to be worked, making six figures coming out of journalism school. they didn't they didn't tell us that real estate which found that college women have reported having lower salary expectations of their male peers. that's interesting, but maybe it's more like realistic, you may be common sense approach. so anyway that's it's a fascinating story because a lot of kids and we've i know i've noticed this as were looking you down the road for more hire for more hires people, young people are expecting these massive salaries and benefits packages.

the whole 9 yards to get free snacks to have a pool table to get a gym membership on the vacation time a month of it is not just a month is like five weeks or six weeks okay will work. we hire somebody part-time to cover the full timers vacation schedule. i'm wondering if this is just unique to journalism. i don't think so.

now i don't think that all got about half and half a journalist like that and then you get the journalist like me that were like tina and you are getting into. at one point here in our liberty university studios as were having this conversation. at what point do you think the college kids have that reality check about six months after graduating college, they don't have a job there you go, and they have to pick up a job at no target or walmart or something. wheeler bite. we interviewed sony before you. this was a while back.

this is not for your job not for another job and they were more interested in what is my title going to be event seems to be a big thing with millennial's as the title, not so much the pay is the time anything that the millennial thing outage in the thing is i'm technically i guess dizzy and i don't think that we care as much about that but i will say work in a seat like coursing slowly. the transition over to people going to trade schools instead of going to college because it's just like you pay out the lawsuit to go to college and then they expect these big salaries knocking again on at least with the trade schools are not in a bunch of debt and you Like you just know him and make as much all i know for a fact we have family members, one of whom did not go to college wants to work in the wants to work in the and in a shop machine shop like diesel engines and stuff like that and he has no college debt because you want to trade school and boom he's making what almost 70 $75,000 a year as eddie's love and his job and so there you go. i'm carrie's legs and solomon. what's it like out there in the job market, especially with young kids coming out of college. are they expecting these massive salaries all the benefits. i was just, you know, back when i was a kid, i was as happy to have a job and sometimes you had were two and three jobs just to make ends meet because that's that's the way it is. are we to take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the todd's turn show macy's one day sale is going on now like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. exclusions apply in dallas august 4 through the seven great great weekend. you gotta get data given the c packet was revisited the hottest ticket in town.

it's not you, it's an opportunity to meet a lot of the people you see on the on cable news shows you to be a lot of politicians and that you get to meet yours truly grace baker will all be down there broadcasting. i'll be speaking and it's good to be a lot of fun and we got the information over on our live show blog under the patriot mobile newsmaker lined up and the guy in charge of c packed up president of the american conservative union match lab joint to say matt, how's it going today.great. hey matt, i know you've been pretty concerned as we have been about the white house not trying to tamp down on these protests that are scheduled for the front lawns of many supreme court justices yeah and also i learned on twitter last night that there can be attempt to go to catholic matt on mother's day sunday disrupt matt because most of the purported orders family decision which by the way, how do people know anything i mean is always done with privacy but anyway most of them are catholic, so that put back on the left is lit. you know with what they we don't want the catholic people changing our right to nine month of abortion. the fact that joe biden condemning thing. don't do it perspective men and women is repulsive it is and then you have jen sake out there say well you know we support peaceful protest. yeah, but look at what they define as peaceful protest. matt slap him you had almost half of minneapolis burned to the ground. look at kenosha, wisconsin. it goes on and on and on and were talking about a diamond there really playing with a volatile dangerous situation here portland seattle and yeah you know i street lori ingram in the myth that the black like matter violent riots washington dc we correct incognito and that was the night date that oakley presents kurt st. john church street were defacing the department of va which is right there across from lafayette park, you know, in washington dc, just so you know. todd washington never been the thing or black lives matter which some people might believe well intended, it actually is destroyed this city because you never been able to recuperate.

i think you have more field this year. by the way, and we have throughout the virus and throughout those riots. i think the american economy hobbled in the big city because they have embraced the idea that the cops was happening in places like san francisco where you coming.

politics aside, one of the most beautiful cities in america and it looks like some sort of a refugee camp now. not to mention the lawlessness real people just walking in the walgreens and cvs is just taking what they want and walking out without any consequence by my theology teaches me that you follow your faith. i'm a christian that you will find joy joy filled me that every moment of your life pleasurable just means that your joy in knowing that you're doing something on this earth that god wants you to do it. what you see with the socialist and marxist policy that the tragic democratic party turn market is. when you tell me, people may think that they're not joyful people caught their people in missouri i left him. i took my car up to do a tv hit in the dc which i will no longer do someone started. go to the bathroom my car for 20 years happening. you can't go to union station get on a knocker train at night without being accosted with no constant fight if the tragic thing is that what you see if marxism is making people happy.

i reconsider my opposition, but in every every dynamic. you could feel the excitement you get you less happy you noel all the property to sticks as they do their big government program somehow more people click of the poverty there are jobs and see people start making bad choices when they get off the depressed man, here's here's something i just that we can discuss when it comes to these two these protests i'm i'm just cares about the timing of all this wind leak. why link the supreme court draft. now it seems to me they would have had more impact, more of a punch had it happen in late summer as were in the final stages for the midterm elections, but why why now of all times, but i do think him to change the mark. i believe that there who are still trying to ascertain whether to do on the question of overcoming roby weight and they wanted to impact that product is going on right now with activision that will be coming out you know in a month or so and it seems very clear that that was the decision and remember john robert had probably been the most dimwitted politician we have in the country by george w. bush was being and it's your turn you much of a political hack on the court and i probably shouldn't be attacking the want to get a soda.

but the point is this, which is surprised judges sometimes act more political than your local state representative for your city councilmember, don't assume they know what they're talking about mayor's question during the question of the vaccine and mass community made her seem like someone i wouldn't hire to teach their great pacific so i don't assume that the date they think about politics in them, why way. i think john robert is done more to create the political breaches even though i do think his goal is to keep the court from doing anything with the intent, politics, and you will notice that when the leak came out somebody somehow knew what john robert thinking and link that to a cnn reporter john robert wouldn't go as far as the alito draft. now who's to know whether these are facts or not, but he sure seems to always play the political game into many of the justices, do they really should just waiting for paul to read the constitution and do your job, do the right thing you know you're right, matt and i were right up against the hard break here, but i think the message here folks are going to church on mother's day. just be careful your churches. most of them already have security plans in place and i just keep an eye keep an eye out for these are goon squads out there bad auto you and go to go to church and pray for america. i love it. matt slap board style alright man slap everybody american conservative union and he's right don't you be bullied by these people you go to church. grab your neighbors, bring them along to i gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the time search macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing. exclusions apply ra. welcome back, hope all of you folks are doing well today alter attack of megan i got i don't know you guys are extremist, so kevin mccarthy just fired off a letter hundred and 70 house republicans signing on to this letter demanding some accountability from the biden administration's ministry of truth. and he wants. he wants the scene disbanded and one of the people signing on to this is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. congressman pat fallon from the great fourth congressional district down in texas congressman good to have you with us today, god turn you know congressman i there's been a lot of stupid stuff coming out of this administration pretty much on an hourly basis. this is got to be one of the more stupider and and quite frankly more concerning things out of all of your like invoking you the battle where the government going through in the case.

democratic party is going to be the arbiter of truth and right you 2+2 equals knew what to put in that look that they are like now you know.

cracks me up by the ministry of truth. sorry, her name is nina janco it's and they say she's an expert on this information and your congressman.

we did an investigation on her and she yes i mean she's been running all sorts of distant from what the american people that somebody that this relevant yeah they couldn't pick a better congressman. pat fallible. the patriot mobile newsmaker line congressman were also watching the border crisis. what is the latest from down down in your neck of the woods. i thought i so market 2200 21,000 illegal cross-border network 300 542% increase from the lack of an office in march were sweet. getting into decade title 42, still in place and it never been worse and it's getting worse every single day it's only folks like you want your viewers to really looking back you shed light on the major media as boring here. it only works now. we talk to the national border patrol council. i talked a couple weeks ago there were plenty like that. 3500 border crossing to the day of the `efficiently that's touching the limits and we're seeing now nine and 10,000 today.

that means that large blocks of the board are on man and that's where the drug cartels can move their illegal narcotics group with ease because they're the ones flooding doctors with migrant begin with and then on the other hand will go drug by mouth on the road and meanwhile you you have this report out from the defense secretary alleging that pres. trump wanted to fire missiles across the border into mexico and people are going nuts over this report. but when you step back and actually read it and you and and and megan really know if it's true, but it face about you.

the president united states wanted to blow up the bad guys and blow up the drug cartels. i think that's a good thing clear and present danger to present a clear but clearly there are important mexico next to the fact of narco state they cartels gdp. if there were between carter think that in $25-$30 billion a year that they charge $4000 and could light up when you're looking at potentially 250,000 maybe more, maybe half a million illegal coming across a given month for $2 billion in additional revenue every month for the drug cartel that could mirror what they make. with illegal narcotics unit and to the ability mexico and will start you see the correction on the side were.

that's why hispanic texas along the border. 8500 little on the border there, and revoke brain growth because of the cartel. the collection, the crying and congressman. there is a report in breitbart army chief of staff gen. james mcconville admitted yesterday during a senate hearing that the army is having a problem recruiting soldiers and they are very concerned that we may end up having a force that is too small. what are you hearing these concerns and on the house side as well.

i. the ground from people that i know the basic training the post that your basic training for the art that the numbers are going to be extremely low this summer search so we have our office contacted him and contacted the army and they were saying initially that their reading. the goal well that because you're having retention you know your retake irritating workbook getting out as much and that privately now that that now the coming decade. they were maybe will dive you with their answer initially but yeah i know they're saying now the army is at the lowest it's been since 1942 numbers wise that's according to military times. i guess i'm curious to know why is that why are they having such a hard time recruiting people to serve in the military, especially the army well it back, one of which is in and i don't mean to get going on the entry. but i think it's true you have major party made a clinical party trying to teach eric berry stated dr. nate are kids united states is not unbalanced.

good thing for the world you know and trying to de-legitimize our history delegitimize

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