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Illegals Getting Baby Formula While Americans Go Without

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 12, 2022 3:31 pm

Illegals Getting Baby Formula While Americans Go Without

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 12, 2022 3:31 pm

Todd Starnes tackles the latest Biden administration debacles, the Pennsylvania Primary and more with Rep. Mike Johnson and evangelist Nick Hall!

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Is it presents don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 screwdriver trying to get how that is what was going to discount if it's it's something of the language to meeting should bundle are hung out with progressive. We can save big and pay someone to do for us. Maybe next 20 Austin Protestant Tara someone Latin people in biblical progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond to situations. Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see will start radio show. We have a lot going on and I will what it is in the lead up the summer time but there's just a lot of big stories that are developing all over the country and a lot of them were to be talking about today.

Now just a little while ago we got a disturbing report from our good friend can't camp. She is the Congresswoman from Florida. She is a regular on this radio program and that she's been a pretty pretty vocal about the border and in cracking down on securing our southern border, so she posted folks.

III wish I could say I was surprised by by what she posed by what she posted on social media, but I'm really not all that surprised. I can't camp it has posted some video from the border.

Now we been talking about the shortage of baby formula for couple of weeks now before the rest of the talk radio world actually started talking about this. We were trying to alert you. We know a lot of young moms are our listeners of the program and we want to make sure that you were prepared for what was about to happen so many moms can no longer find baby formula there is.

There have been some shutdowns government shutdowns of of the factories that produce baby formula bombs in New York. I have it all the way to Wisconsin to get formula for their kids, and it's horrible and I can't even imagine.

Maybe some of you grandma some of you moms might want to call in and and share your experiences here, but this is a traumatic thing or a mother when she doesn't have any formula to provide her newborn child.

And there's there's no remedy coming from the bite administration at all. Well now now we know. Thanks to Congressman Kami, then at this very moment the children of illegal aliens, the newborns of illegal aliens coming across our border are actually being provided. Baby formula. There are pallets and really posting this this video these photos on our website. Todd Stern' and it's it's horrifying to see that the children of the illegal aliens are being cared for. They are being provided for while American children go without. Now this is been an ongoing conversation and I've been asking this question and many people believed it was a rhetorical question maybe is theoretical, but folks whenever I ask the following question. There's always a reason for when push comes to shove, do you put the welfare of the illegal alien first or the American citizen you have a choice to make it.

In many cases, you have a choice to make. In this particular instance, and it's a horrifying it's a horrifying situation but the reality is there's not enough baby formula to go around so the Biden administration has made a calculated decision, and in their minds they decided that the American babies don't matter that that their welfare is not important. Their welfare should come second to the welfare, the well-being of the illegal alien baby malachite. My contention is give everybody baby formula. If you got it but but took to deny American children who are who are the sons and daughters of law-abiding legal citizens you're going to deny them baby formula and yet you're going to take their tax money in your to purchase baby formula and bigger to give it to the illegal aliens is. Is anybody angry about that. Is anyone outraged over the fact that we are taking care of the illegal alien babies while rejecting our own flesh and blood because that's exactly what's happening in our border right now and people are getting really frustrated over this Camming posted photographs of shelves stocked full of baby formula. Meanwhile she went down to the local grocery store in her hometown in Florida and took photos of empty store shelves were baby formula should be Chemic said we are literally struggling to find baby formula around the country. Moms are struggling going from store to store to store, then the stores are actually capping the amount of baby formula, they will sell, but and and this got sent to me by a border patrol agent this morning. She says this is disgusting. You will not believe this there receiving pallets pallets of baby formula at the border.

Now we did some checking and according to our stats. About 40%.

There's about a 40% lack of supply of baby formula products and in the country and a lot of this is because of the policies of the Biden administration chemic goes on to say, but something that I absolutely have to share with you right now is the craziness of the empty shelves, Biden movement, and the fact that what we call you bear cells bite if that's what they're calling them bears shelves, Biden, and the fact they're sending pallets pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, in our own district at home.

We cannot find baby formula.

Now the White House products Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre says that they're committed to making sure babies in America get their formula, but that is clearly not the case and that is certainly not happening but here you have a situation and this is for me this is not a moral dilemma yet.

Take care of your own first and then if you have leftover you take care of everybody else does that make me a bad Christian does that make me a bad American. I don't think so, but it seems to me that we have an obligation will let me just throw this out at you. Let's just say that you got a next-door neighbor in the next-door neighbor has no money, no food that the shelves are bare. Meanwhile you've only got a can of teeny-weeny you got the can of the beanie weenies and that's the only thing you've got to feed your children so the question is what you do, do you give your little Keanna beanie weenies to your next-door neighbor so they can eat or do you provide for your children first and then share if there are any left over beanie weenies. You then take that to the next-door neighbor and say please hear have some of my beanie weenies is is that what you do or do you just say children you're not going you will have beanie weenies tonight.

We've only got one Tina beanie weenies and we gotta give that to our next-door neighbor because they deserve it more than you and that, ladies and gentlemen is what's happening at the border right now someone within the Biden administration has made a calculated decision that the lives of the illegal alien newborns are more important than the lives of American babies born on American soil. Now you can have that argument, whether or not that is a moral dilemma or not and that's all well and good, but that is the reality. And here is the reality facing America right now and I appreciate Congress on Chemic for bringing all of this up and bringing this to our attention. Here we go, and it's a very simple question who you take care of first. The illegal aliens of the American citizens because right now the Biden administration has decided you know what working to take care of the illegals they get first crack at the baby formula working to take care of the illegals. It is a matter of any housing, healthcare, it doesn't matter.

You see, ladies and gentlemen with this administration, Americans come last you wanted a great example. This just happened a few days ago when the Senate Republicans join with Democrats to show through a $40 billion spending bill that money is going to help Ukraine, Ukraine, not the United States of America. Ukraine doubts. I could hear well Todd there you go again, you're just a heartless human being. Ukraine is Lord there being blown to smithereens and we have an obligation we have a responsibility okay what about Americans as a matter fact I think if you drive through some of our urban cities, you will discover humanitarian crisis right in front of your very eyes to their lives, not matter, and by the way, it's not just $40 billion were talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in a destroyed Ukraine not American citizens.

Ukraine American people who are hurting right now who are suffering, but the Biden administration has this mentality that Americans have had it good enough or too long and now it's time for you to suffer the Biden administration.

With this decision to provide all of the baby formula to the illegal aliens what their telling mom spirit America American moms is that your child's life.

Doesn't matter your child's life. Has your child has to suffer. That's what the Biden administration to say before a night Todd there you go you just as Xena phobic hater you just you just don't like those illegals know I don't like those illegals because their breaking our laws and you know who else doesn't like the illegals. How many times have we had Hispanic Americans who came to this country legally.

They they went through the process. They jump through all the hoops. What about those folks. Are they getting shoved to the back of the line because you know what they are.

All of us are it is if your illegal immigrant here in the same boat with the rest of us. Jordan opened up the phone.

Roger 844-747-8860 events or toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 we got the stories up our website. Todd

You gotta see the video you got to see the photos. This is the Todd Stern's radio show you're listening to historians print since November of last year.

The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability. You have options. All prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver. You need an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Remember, 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guide legacy PM all agree the most important going on in the world right now for Ukraine just called last week and request that the Ukraine package move by itself and quickly. He said let me think it already called about 15 minutes and agreed that we need to do this. Ukraine only and quickly think were on the path to getting done.

Discussions are underway between the house and Senate appropriators on crafting the package needs to be plane of extraneous matters directly related Avenue craniums. When the war we are not impressive as well. From the Ukrainian investor. One thing I thought all right I you are right Sen. I love you, sir. Thank you Larry Hurt you heard Sen. Mitch McConnell who is the minority leader. He's the leader of Republicans in the Senate, and he said you know what I also gold all agree. While the board of problem | call Ukraine really. He thinks the war in Ukraine is the most pressing issue facing the nation order installed mostly falsely all right.

So let's just think about this. Here we have a national crisis where newborn babies can even get baby formula. I think that revelation is going to be a surprise to many moms and their newborn. You know what I think this idea that Ukraine is the biggest problem facing America.

I think that's got to be a surprise to all of the ranchers of the people live in the border towns that have literally been overrun by illegal alien invaders as a matter of fact, I'd be willing to say that any of you who have been to the supermarket over the past few days are you gonna get gasoline in your car.

I think you two would be surprised to find out that your problems are really not all that big of a deal. The biggest problem in America is what's happening in Ukraine and by the way you think were spending hundreds of billions of dollars right now in Ukraine week until we have to rebuild the country and then they kicked us in the lawsuit because you know they always do that.

Just ask the French are, let's get the phone zero 844-747-8868 Georgia Diana listing to us on W GUN hi Diane, what's on your mind model. I need to remember what how things were done 7500 years ago about baby formula, we took can of evaporated mouth and diluted with water added carols for heated up on the stove and put it in the baby bottle. We did not have the stuff at the store for babies finally made our own. We don't need the government to do everything for this is uncertain. We jump in here for a minute because this is a continuation of what we were talking about yesterday where we we want solutions and a lot of a lot of talk radio programs Diane. They really don't want anyone over the age of 25 or 30, listening to their programs because they think well we don't want all these old folkies. Well, you know, I'm 54 I don't consider myself to be an old fogey but what I do consider and respect is the fact that people who have lived and have experienced life have a lot to offer in Diane, I suspect, as we are about to face and you think the baby for the was a problem. Wait until the food shortages hit later this summer.

Then everybody's got to be hurting and there to be looking to folks like you Diane and me for explanations on hey how do we feed ourselves and our own 2 feet quick waiting for the government to bail out everybody for every reason Diane. I think this is a brilliant idea, and in your right at me. There was a time when you know you major you major baby formula at home and didn't have to supermarket all right. Diane appreciate the information there. And thanks for the Intel and thanks for listing 844-747-8868 that's or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 let's go to North Carolina Sean listing to us on WS I see Sean what's going on Michael glad long story short, but a while back I befriended a very liberal lawyer and I'm though each turnaround year for me because what you think about abortion. I looked him right in the face and I thought aware that your guy with five children. What I click about abortion though I came up so I can't seem to open going down with the job which is ridiculous. You know they talk intimidating them. You shall be in jail. We know that, but I'm good to come up with a slogan on a shirt stain your body, your choice. You pay for. Yeah you know what that's again everybody has a choice and in your right you can make good decisions or bad decisions. But you gotta live with your decisions. I like you turnaround me go global. I said I follow God like that everyone has free will. You choose what you want to choose but I said it's not like the American people have to pay you, making you think you made a mistake I shouldn't have to pay you to get rid of the baby but the baby up for adoption. Like a lot of people� Baby in a minute and don't stop telling us up on me because that dealt with as much title you Q To Looking out of Gagne. What about you liberals, I love it Sean. I love it. They gotta run. My friend were going up to embrace your thanks for calling you.

You know what a mess. You don't want to mess with the conservative Catholics because they come to the argument loaded with facts and reason in the left can handle that that it did they get discombobulated, but folks again. I appreciate our color. Diane from from Georgia because we do need to provide solutions and workarounds, and weekly column.

I think that the love the phrase these days is life acts but working at get back to the basics in this country and it's good to be important for all of us to readjust how we live our lives folks and bring together the gas of the oil. The oil reserves of the sales that's insane folks. Gas prices are about to explode even further and it's gonna be a mess out there. By the way, prepare with I want you to check out that website. There are some solutions for you there. As far as food supplies and prepping preparing that's prepare with I would encourage you to check that out and give us a call 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show hi I'm Todd star and skill. I really enjoy taking vitamins, but I hate swallowing all of those pills but that's just how it's been since the 1930s. There's just one problem though studies show taking supplements in pill form don't work all that well you don't absorb most of the nutrients and vitamins you can't absorb are a waste of money and that's why I've made the switch to a healthy cell healthy cell is the next generation of dietary supplements at the Lucius tasting indigestible gel is like eating a blueberry dessert and healthy cell gives me more than 165% more absorb truth until my favorite is the healthy cell REM sleep. I take one of those gel packs before I hit the bed and lickety-split I'm sleeping like a baby. So take my advice switch to help me sell of your brain and body with great tasting nutrition visit healthy My listers get an exclusive 20% off your entire first order healthy use code Todd at checkout are in our buddy Congressman Mike Walt's way handle this baby formula shortage after I get it. If you're out of this is probably not high on your radar. But wait until wait until they wait until we have the shortage of the peanut butter and jelly and it that it's all coming folks. It is all coming this is Congressman Mike Walt's cut 70 tonic my flaws from Florida.

We did take a moment and think about the fact that in Joe Biden's America, it seems like it's easier to get a crack pipe in a government-funded smoking, then it is the fine baby formula. While it's true all of the all of these smoking kids in the Biden administration, which makes sure all the crack addicts and all the other druggies out there are able to practice their men ply their craft in in some semblance of safety you still there providing taxpayer-funded crack pipes. What a great country we live in America there giving crack pipes to the type not making this up Grace Baker. This is the reality of our situation.

So if you if you want to give your baby a crack pipe. All right, that's great. Otherwise, you're going to have to baby barter down at the border with the illegals and maybe you can get get yourselves a baby formula are, let's go to Greg on the line from Georgia hey Greg, I don't understand you want to weigh in on this baby formula shortage. Yeah, I sure do love the elect up here on the trip. We had the withdrawal formula, which often earn nursing the baby because my daughter went on antibiotics and what we that the time here, the natural and healthy was the acceptable substitute for formula powder mix at this like formula and the goat milk understand the smaller so how thrilled gentle on the stomach, but it eyeballed the need to grow protein them all of the there were great for our daughter believes that the formula that no artificial ingredients is perfectly fine. Go team goat sold at Walmart and all the so great when you see all these bombs that are freaking out and I mean it's it's all over the media use. You must feel sympathy for these for these bombs. Yeah I do but I will let you know there are some go goat milk is a great option for smaller spelled out more in line with human all right will Greg appreciate the info Grace Baker. I just can't. It's from a cow. I love goat cheese Delish goat milk was the same concept right know it's not coming from a goat and not a Callan American Capital of red-blooded American Terry well I do agree that goats milk goat cheese much better for your stomach so what about the EC is like the same with the almond milk and you guys up and try to get me to switch over but I'm not get you know I just it's not cow milk. I will say I am becoming less and less a believer in that stuff, but I am all for goat products is much better. I'm not judging I'm just saying for me and me in mind, give me are you who are something that came out of the cow okay you I don't think that the chocolate milk comes from the cow natural analysis.

Yes, that's hey look I love white milk and chocolate know I'm a pretty diverse now a good thing I have questions on the islands go to Cindy W. LOP and maintenance Cindy what's going on talk to me good morning Todd, I don't know what the lady when she said she made a farm that I was on the phone call and my friend down in Florida will be corrupted kids in ways that kids I wanted to double check with her. We made I had my first child in July 1966 and at that time. I believe the formula that we did was water condensation milk and Carol Sarah, and I think that I'm pretty sure those were the three things that we made our family with we didn't. I don't even think they want package formula at that time that I know of, and I was checking with her to see if that's what she use to because I think that's what most of the pediatricians were getting out and I think maybe you gave your child a vitamin drop vitamins. I think maybe on the side, but I just think it's tragic what's going on and I volunteered a food pantry and I know that we've had up. We have a lot of calls for that and we don't always get it on the give me the package formula and I just can't believe what I've heard on your show today.

I think it's tragic that left finding out that these illegals and these aliens come in priority over our own American people in the University and look. Don't get me wrong, I mean we've got a take. We gotta take care of the babies. I get that right but you know what go back to your home country where they can help you. And so we can take care of our own. Our country is in great distress. Right now we are in economic decline in in a food food pantry about the kitchen but we company up to do sit down, Nielsen scolded that I volunteered two days, but doing call, but I did three day and the demand is great on II believe that all children have a way but I think you I've I and you take care of your own first and we've got too many people he a homeless and all of those homeless in the alcoholic, drug addict, we have some mental severe mental ill cases that should not be out on the street by themselves. It's tragic soon must be heartbreaking for you for you guys wanting to help people give them food because look every every body is going is going to be suffering through a hard time so it but it has to be difficult for you guys but I feel grateful.

I've been there now for almost 9 years, so we have a lot of regular people, especially older people in it handy for them. You know, everybody thought a lot of people are on fixed income in, and if so grateful and doing call that I cannot tell you the gratitude they had, that we were still good.

We never missed a day that minute they shut down. We had a plan ahead of time. I'm also on the Board of Directors and we had a plan and that Monday became Internet and over the weekend. The city had shut down.

We got one of the guys had painfully taped everything 6 feet they could only commence it neatly made up an extra bag lunch and you know we we operated all through it. We never missed a day in the customers was so grateful, and sometimes you'll have extra something you're thinking about somebody else might need it any of them have others just want to scoop everything into their bag, but I just heard with the food pantry's opening up here in Portland so it's a big deal. Cindy, I mean people are you guys are to be in high demand in the coming months as we go through yeah what could quite frankly, people are already start starting to tune to ramble about a possible crash of the stock market.

So minutes. It's getting pretty crazy out there sending me gratefully big huge grocery chains that donate and record up to three days a week and every blessing we get fresh produce. Sometimes we get nonperishable and a lot of bakery items so we been very grateful to the don't donations that will I find out about this fun and maybe want to be sunny about the college will remember like I said back in the day. What we gave quickly.

A lot of women can't breast-feed so you had to come up with a formula back in. Like I said I don't believe it was spouted fondly, Cindy. I can promise you were going to find out. I know we got a lot of great moms and grandmom's grandmom's out there and that they'll let you the let you know. Cindy got a run. God bless you and God bless your great work. There is another great state of Maine folks you your father lockdowns were over but they're not. That's according to her friend Cheryl Chumley. Cheryl is the top editor, the Washington Times has a brand-new book out called lock down and she reveals a socialist plan to take away your freedom and locked down. She tells how cool would open the door for a full-scale attack on your freedom, or the values of Christians and Jews and even trump supporters. All this week. Cheryl is on the Chris Salcedo show talking about the dangers that she writes about in lockdown and the folks I'll be on Chris's show later this afternoon. Chris does a great job telling the truth.

The big media does not want exposed, so watch Newsmax today. By the way, you can also download the free Newsmax app on your smart phone.

That's what I use. Again, a great source for breaking news coverage will be right back to life's radio show. The fight for the unborn is raging in our country an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court indicates Roe V Wade is on the brink of being overturned during this critical time a new movie is about to be released.

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Five folks walking back to have you with us today.

I'm Tom Stearns. There is a big controversy brewing in in Pennsylvania and this is this is actually happening in other parts of the country as well where you have mag on mag violence. I guess her political violence and it's getting ugly in Pennsylvania in this U.S. Senate race where Sean Hannity has come out swinging and defense of Dr. Oz. Now I just want to say for this for the sake of full disclosure, we've invited Kathy Barnett to call this program.

I think it's a fascinating story. How is it that the top two Republicans are spending upwards of $20 million and yet Kathy Barnett comes out of nowhere with just under $1 million and is quite frankly about to win this primary. She could very well when the primary, and that has Republicans terrified bank seals is reporting that Mitch McConnell is very concerned there are people that are saying she's a phony. She's a fake that she's not a true conservative and they want her out that we've invited Kathy Barnett on the show. She said she wanted to come on the show and where we will see if that happens. So the invitation is been, was offered and accepted so will see will see about that. But Hannity is using Barnett's past tweets against her and I want to play this audio from last night. This is Sean Hannity who by the way, has endorsed Dr. Oz and by the way, Dr. Oz pro-abortion. He is pro-trans gender is him. He is anti-gun rights but shut that Sean Hannity's guy in this U.S. Senate race and and and Hannity is saying that Barnett cannot be trusted.

Cut number six primary season, she tweeted is a lot of tweets quote did you see last the last presidential debate trump was horrid followed up that with trump is just as liberal as Democratic leaders we currently have an office morality matters in trump does not rank high in it. She also wrote trump is good for beer for beers and barbecue, not as a president and claim the trumps moral character is questionable, and by the way she went tweeted this about me. There is me and says oh Glenn Beck actually Glenn Beck.

Why does Hannity support unprincipled Donald Trump and it gets worse.

Morse resurfaced tweets are even more disturbing one from her twitter account in 2016. Reads quote don't we get it, Obama is a Muslim, and there are lots of these tweets from another 2013. She says please pray for my babies and me were about to board the plane to California and there is a homosexual female and linking out to a Facebook post is almost a go on one of our producers spoke to Kathy Barnett. She claims she cannot recall the context of the tweet about Obama or any of the other controversial quotes and when we asked her about the tweet about boarding the plane she sent to our producer quote I would never say that those are not my words are no she's claiming that her twitter account was hacked, but it's on her official Twitter account.

So, with only six days left in this campaign. There are serious real open questions about the surging Kathy Barnett campaign and where she truly stands on issues so multi-we've heard from her. She gave a terrific performance of that debate. I don't know much about her. We have done our research and there again if you're to go back and judge her antitrust tweets back from 2015, which by the way, I was not a trump supporter back in 2015 I was a supporter of Rick Perry and job, then I believe Huckabee I'm trying to remember who's in that race. It was like 17 people and a cruise and then when Trump got the nomination, I became a trump supporter and Trump got my vote in the 2020 presidential election because he delivered all this campaign promise, but to go back and use that as the standard, then Sean Hannity has to go back and apply the same standard to JD Vance who he is a big supporter and Jeannie Vance took it a step further and actually call Donald Trump, Hitler, American Hitler, so I again Hannity's got he's got a he's got a dog in this and that what that dog in the in the fight is Dr. Oz who is pro abortion.

He is pro-transgender is him and Dr. Oz also wants to take away your guns now, here's the challenge with Dr. Oz. He said all the stuff on TV slow somebody hacked his mouth. Those are the words coming out of Dr. Oz. Those are his beliefs and it seems to me and and were in place.

We got a Rick we have a response from Kathy Barnett working to get to that in the next hour and a place of audio where she and and again you have to understand the trauma side. Now keep in mind president Trump has endorsed Dr. Oz so trump supporters are going out there and they're producing these heavily edited videos that seem to imply that she supports critical race theory that she supports Marxism and she supports black lives matter now Barnett is saying that she's never supported black lives matter and again hereinafter your homework, Pennsylvania but but I can tell you this.

I don't think the story is about Kathy Barnett.

I believe the story is about Dr. Oz and I'm I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me why Dr. Oz as a pro-abortion, pro-transgender is him anti-gun Republican is more conservative than Kathy Barnett. II would just genuinely like someone to explain, but nobody's doing their literally declaring war not only on Kathy Barnett, but on any Republican, any conservative who actually supports her. And again I don't have a dog in the but what I care about is who we elect to the United States Senate and we've got to have rocksolid conservatives now tell you flat out that right now Dr. Oz is to the left of Mitt Romney.

And that's saying a lot. So are you buying the argument that Sean Hannity is is putting out there. Do you believe that Dr. Oz is the true conservative in this Pennsylvania race 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 and working to get into that in the in the next hour of the program. By the way were excited to welcome Congressman Mike Johnson back to the program. Remember we told you a while back about the FBI, the national school Board Association. They wanted the FBI to investigate parents who complained of school board meetings. They wanted those parents treated as domestic terrorist.

They wanted an investigator put on watchlist and the Biden administration, Merrick Garland, under oath, said they never followed through on those requests. Well now we have information that proves otherwise. And quite frankly it puts Merrick Garland in legal jeopardy because he testified that none of this happened but Mike Johnson Congressman Mike Johnson and Congressman Jim Jordan now have evidence thanks to a whistleblower and they've got evidence that the FBI was in fact targeting moms and dads investigating dozens of moms and dads and one man in particular was investigated, because they suspected he was showing signs of being an insurrectionist and what what, pray tell, was the evidence they had that this guy could be an insurrectionist.

Well, it turns out, he owned a lot of guns. This is the Biden administration. These people are acting like state police out there and we got a call about it ever going to Ariane tight everybody we got up we got a lot going on really get into this big huge battle and it is nasty mess in Pennsylvania doesn't need to be, but it is 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. Well, our good friend Mike Lindell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd starts Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA.

They have proprietary technology to create towels. That little soft but actually work and are all made with USA cotton. They come with the my fellow 60 day moneyback guarantee to get a six piece that two bath towels to hand out to watch because being with USA cotton soft yet absorbent normally hundred $9.99 now just 3999. All you need to do is go to my Click on the radio listeners special get deep discounts on my fellow product.

The towels just enter the promo code starred or call 800-839-8506 were these radio specialists. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code from Liberty University studio in Tennessee is yours. So and I were to get into this this old Trump mag a battle over in Pennsylvania and it is a knockdown drag down. I will tell you this. Anybody who and I don't have a again. I love a dog in the hunt.

Heaven endorsed anybody. I think Kathy Barnett her heard debate performance was spectacular. I think it's amazing she is a compelling story.

How is it that a woman with about $1 million in her campaign war chest is able to go toe to toe with with the two leading Republican contenders who in fact have a combined war chest of over $20 million. According to actio's Barnett has been soaring in the polls ahead of Tuesday's primary Senate minority of it or Mitch McConnell is concerned, he's afraid that her selection would endanger Republican efforts to take back the Senate, by the way, Barnett is said that she would not support McConnell for Majority Leader. If she is elected she released a powerful video talking about about her life and how she is the byproduct of a horrific rape and her mother chose not to abort the baby and and she is the product of that of that horrific moment.

She is also facing fire because she is has been accused of being anti-Muslim. Also anti-gay and the trunk campaign apparatus has declared war. This woman I made it said that there's really no polite way to say but that's what's happening. So you've got Army veteran David McCormick who a lot of people believe is the true conservative in the race. You've got Dr. Oz, who is not, but he has Trump's endorsement and then you have Barnett who was a black Republican.

She says she's conservative Steve Bannon is a big fan. He's praised her because you never stop talking about D certifying the midst of the of the presidential election, but a Barnett nomination, according to actio's would present a lose lose will Republican leadership. Worst case he proves to be a bagel as big a liability as many fear enhance a competitive seat to the Democrats. The best case she's elected, ends up a thorn in the side of Senate leadership don't have a problem with Alan personally on she's already signal hesitancy about backing McConnell as the Republican leader and that she is also a big supporter of Eric Wrightson's who was a former governor of Missouri so GOP operatives. Here's what's happening now Rick Grenell who is a Trump ally has been spreading a bit of video about Barnett's past comments about white racism. Here's the challenge. Yes, she said it, but it's ink it's heavily edited so you don't know the context you and I just want to see all the videos Pat to me the Republican center vacating the seat told actio's. There's a lot of voters who don't know about her a lot, implying that there's something really weird in her background. I GOP operatives of also been passing around negative articles about her from Breitbart and the Washington Examiner, and of course Sean Hannity is using his massive Fox News platform to wage a war against Kathy Barnett so that the train of thought is the just go ahead and let her run and let the voters have a say of Senate minority rep. John Thune asked if establishment is putting its thumb on the scales in the race. He says were not working with the voters vote. There will so there you go. She was surging in the mid single digits, but now, around 20% will pull up multiple attendees of a Trump Oz rally last week and said they are now backing Barnett Dr. Oz is a horrible candidate. So an end to me that seems to be the issue I want to go to Patty in North Carolina listening to us on WS I see Patty, you got some interesting Intel what you know where I rally when Dr. Delaney I love Donald Trump. I'd always liked him. I grew up in New Jersey and I always think I would always I always liked our top and when he come up blank. The music Todd because people want bullying Dr. why were they doing Dr. Oz. What were you hearing from people because of what the Boers can dance with that anti-Dr. Einstein didn't think big mistake here. I think Barnett well she's got the support for the club for growth of they book about $2 million worth of TV at some club for growth is in Barnett's camp. The Susan B. Anthony list has given her an endorsement as well me. These are some heavy hitters so you and I will know I mean she could be fooling us all Patty I don't know, but she Trump everybody past world.

That's a fair point Betty. Now that's a great point about who they that's it, Patty, and all we can do is provide as much information as we can. We've invited Kathy to come on the program. We know who Dr. Oz is unless somebody hacked his mouth.

We know that he's pro-abortion, he's Pro you know the marriage of the whole list went actually thinking it's yeah it's it's it's a fair question. And again I think Pres. Trump. He's a smart guy and this may be out of loyalty out of friendship and longtime friends. I don't I don't know but but to your point Patty and I appreciate the call. Ultimately this is about the voters in Pennsylvania and we have one of them on the line Tom in Pennsylvania. Ari Tom once a user anybody even Dr. David McCormick, I Barnett not one thing or against, and forget about time you see Dr. Oz doesn't have a chance. Why is that what what what is the problem he's got with Pennsylvania voters will wonder what he do not grovel through throughout his life. They'll believe you let your block talk to a blog like to go out all the people I thought going there. David McCormick, well, that's what. Again, Dave McCormick does have a track record any sodas Dr. Oz Kathy Barnett does not and that always gives me pause Tom and also causes me a bit of hesitancy when you know they don't want to come of this program because you know again were fair when I come to do gotcha gotcha journalism here, but we do ask the tough questions and that kinda curious about that but I don't think she's the flaming leftist that there they're pinning her out to be a good day, but right now we are. But I know they look good to know Tom. Good to know. Appreciate the call and thanks for the Intel that's what this is all about. I mean, you know you can talk to the talking heads of the pond and still you're blue in the face but I'd much rather talk to folks boots on the ground in Pennsylvania to find out what the heck is going on there so will see even if Kathy Barnett is as liberal as they say let's just assume for the sake of the argument that every single thing they said about her is true that she's a flaming fascist.

She is still more conservative.

The doctor on so again for me. This goes back to Dr. Oz and it sounds to me like Tom. If Tom is correct. It sounds like many of the voters are making their decisions and their going with Dave McCormick that could be it could be interesting though. If if Barnett and McCormick split the vote and Dr. Oz gets the nod, so wills will see how that goes.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 and I want you from part of these are her own words says she's never supported black lives matter cut seven hello everyone how are you this is Kathy my handwriting for U.S. Senate in that you guys know that now that I am still excited me tell you anything to everyone. This story is not about you Pennsylvania as it is about me. I know that I could not doing as well as we are doing.

If it wasn't for years now. I now there are number of people who are coming out with all kind of crazy allegations and lastly some of the craziest lines is that I black lives matter. I have not supported black lives matter.

I remember my black lives matter came out and a nonbinding ministration.

I remember looking at my black has been thanking him all black lives matter is going to do is get my black and my black socks and black black lives matter has downtime is divided they have still let Marxism that comes then to calm by and to conquer. And that's exactly what we are right now. So guy keep your hand on a sled. Keep your head on this level. I have been upfront and honest with you and by the way, I didn't vote for Obama either you know that I have been very clear about who I am and I been this way for a very long time.

Sometime thank you so much for your support. Keep fighting, keep speaking, keep leaning this line down time talk about the sloppy wasn't just talking about Democrats are well. Lord knows that's true.

I reread what we've all seen a turtle die so there you have it folks and ultimately is good to be for you, the voters to decide there in Pennsylvania. By the way, a before we got a break of this, just cite this item just in that the president is going to be holding a White House event will be baby formula shortage, but they're not going to allow any press coverage of the event and and instead they're going to get a readout of what happened after the after they hold whatever event the whole unless the president is actually can be physically making baby formula. I'm not quite sure how this is all the little so it really get your calls 844-747-8868 we have Connor in Boston, Holly and George and Ed in Texas. You guys are on deck. This is the time surge radio show front lines of the culture will start you've known in your got something was not right about the 2020 election. Well, you're right. And here's the proof you been waiting for Susan's explosive new documentary 2000 meals will see the jaw-dropping evidence of exactly how the rats pulled off the biggest heist in American history drawing of meticulous research from election integrity group through about 2000 meals uses both cell phone tracking data and video evidence to uncover a massive network of illegal ballot trafficking in all five key swing states, not election fraud to change the outcome of the 2020 election thousands across America attended a nationwide theatrical release. Now you can watch from the comfort of your home. Any device with a web browser other friends, family and skeptics alike. But don't listen see the movie the president from calls or real blockbuster go to Salem to watch today that sale Salem sponsored by Salem media group.

All right hello you ultra mega people out there good to have� Welcome back to the surge radio program if you miss this report in the first hour of the show, just that it is a staggering report coming from the border can't can make now reporting the Congresswoman from Florida now reporting that that illegal aliens are getting as much baby formula as they desire while American bombs and American babies go without.

And a lot of people very upset about that. I want to go to the phones here 844-747-8868 let's start with Connor in Boston at Connor's been a while. Hope you're doing good from all the while.

Good good good. You know what I want to start. Include general and our economy. I want to start hearing about the time but what you are doing exactly, click the height here and get like back no more talk about baby formula here that should be a bearhug talk to the border and any child to think any child about the league of American corn able to go out to the grocery store to buy that for the future talking about public government help you quickly. Public military members going to be stuck. There's a labor shortage of good arm temporarily are you like, what solutions are with your dog. By the time I need to hear more than I need to sleep in.

The American people need to hear that from their leader is high time we start getting this into gear here know I'm with you, as a matter fact and you're not the only one I Congresswoman Katie Porter who was a Democrat going off on all sorts of all sorts of issues related to inflation and the lack of supplies people not able to buy groceries, not to mention the baby formula that the baby formula epidemic that were facing right now so I Connor, it's a fair point to raise our board of work you about your crying child to the board. Of course you will love the same time, it doesn't excuse the American youth responsible for the are getting what they need and we have newborn children who are able to rely led to the unacceptable and right there in terms of inter-degree why we cannot have that prospers a wild about Concord I looked, I could not agree with you more on that Connor all right appreciate the call. Glad you're feeling better. Connor let's go to Holly and Georgia Holly what's on your mind. Think about the baby. There are options out there. I did great three children on the pet nail formula and now did actually well but they haven't gotten together went back back there's a lot on the Internet I have is Google at and there is a lot better and you're desperate and can't get it. There are ways make it just so as I know there are a lot of bombs that are probably scared they've never they did we realize this was was an option.

Holly so this is going to be pretty reassuring to those those bombs.

That only one that really print and arrest outlet had to use that formula in real you. Very healthy children that well I'm glad to hear that Holly and thanks for the information so that seems to be the way to go, and we've had a couple of couple of ladies so sure that Intel with us. I let's go to Texas and on the line wants to talk about goats milk. All right, Ed, how are you, you know, and I before we go any further. This is the only conservative talk radio station in America, we can interview Pres. Trump and talk about goats milk there you go there you go.

I don't and I want to thank you you are so been saved and soft landing for myself when the greatest pilot of the airway, Rush Limbaugh went back to give up his talent and you guys have been a great spot to land on your time to say that Ed what's on your mind.

Well I when I heard the gentleman before it did on the show, talking about the goats milk. I wouldn't. I was born in the 50 the generation on the last of the baby rumors I get M and my mom had problem lactating and I was allergic to cow's milk and it was goats milk that was you bring me along until I was about three or four years old that my mom all right. So are you hardheaded or anything that you have those goats I have to. It did me no harm sees only I had held plates are well all right Ed from Texas. God bless you Ed folks gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the start will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for all right hello all you beautiful people out there and matter world of good to have you with us today.

I'm Todd and that we got a great great show still ahead. By the way, have you made the switch to patriot mobile. If not, what are you waiting for patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They share our beliefs and their doing something about it by donating a portion of every dollar to organizations that fight for causes. We care about is patriot mobile I get these questions a lot.

What about that one about the coverage that got incredible nationwide coverage. They got a plan to fit any budget.

And there not to be like real like that. They're not can it poke you are right that it's there.

They're very easy to work with. Give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot. You can also go to their website. Patriot

That's patriot and be sure to use my promo code Tanger to get free activation and a free gift and if you're a veteran or first responder will you know folks are there to give you an even bigger discount.

That's patriot use that promo code Todd all right. The big event coming up this summer and it's called together 2022. If this is going to be an incredible event at the cotton bowl in Dallas. It is a free revival event June 24 through the 25th on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Nick Hall who was the founder and president of Paul's and he's of the head honcho of this big event Nick. Good to have you with us today. We're excited about what's happening and I hope spreading in the air so will make time. I'm pretty impressed here so cotton bowl. You must be expecting a lot of people to show up. You know we are praying and planning for over 50,000. Our young people to registration from all 50 states across America traveling from around the world got a message from somebody coming from South Korea and historic event everybody from your krypton land and Gov. Huckabee get it either sharing the money will Graham managed to be historic time of worship and really equipping a generation to share Jesus at a time when you know being a Christian can be pretty unpopular about that and I think there's an argument that could be made that we are living in a nation that is actually hostile to people of faith, and specifically Christians yeah you know I've been hearing with me to old time magazine covers.

I remember when we had printed news publication, but in making the headline that God is dead and it with a similar time when people are really writing off the next generation and they thought hippies. They thought drug war and they were just going after everything other than God. And yet five years later in 1971 I did the next publication for the Jesus revolution and so I carry those magazines with me as a reminder that even when it dark God the arm is not too short a he's always stirring in a remnant and in a new generation that we were sitting and thousands of young men and women road tripping booking their plane ticket booking with our room and this is actually connecting to something that happened 50 years ago called back below 72 that would led by Billy Graham and Bilbray Johnny Cash showed up and that we really praying for a new Jesus movement today going on together.

22 and going back to that Jesus movement, which really burst you have what it was for the person that Calvary Chapel movements and you had what Greg Laurie coming out of that that generation. So you're telling me that that is still think that that young people are so inspired to get out there gather in large groups and and and celebrate their faith and and tell others about their faith absolutely, and we really needed is a way to connect generation and you're right.

People like Greg Laurie and Mike Huckabee really gave their life cry and that movement 50 years ago in their life in the company and by doing so, the vice president, Mike Pentz, who was who became a Christian after his I believe it was then girlfriend wife are brought into one of those big music cut Christian music, rock concerts, you know, and amazing legacy and what God did change the nation is still changing the nation.

Todd is a new generation today amid backdrop that it is very similar in darkness again. You think about riot you think of war you think of a generation leading the church like literally I would argue the headline today could easily be mistaken it headline from the 60s and early 70s and get out of that darkness out of that hardship. There was a nation that rallied behind her. There you as though young people are choosing Jesus and today were really contained opportunity for generations to come together that the grandparent who are in their 60s and 70s and 80s can stretch out their arms over their grandchildren who are now teenagers and in their early 20 and that we want what you experience.

But we want for ourselves. I like to encourage people. There's no grandkids in heaven. We all have to come to God on our own as a child of God and the kid mentor experiencing it for themselves. Hearing the gospel in the dark.

Get the brighter the light shine on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Nick call about always got a great book and we got links to all of this over in our live show blogger folks all through the book reset Jesus changes everything.

Nick, you know you started this ministry on a college campus and I'm curious.

I mean you're reaching tens of millions of people all over the world. I'm curious if you could if you can explain to our listeners what it's like being a Christian and only modern-day college campus. I have to imagine is not anything like it was when I was growing up we had the Baptist Union and it was more faith friendly well I think that there is a time in American history where everybody started a Christian origin story right. Even that weren't going to church still had back for God respect for ministers.

There is fear of the Lord present today Christian organization crew Baptist Union, the Newman Center, the Lutheran center high off of a filling that and in many places their thriving, but those group.

It is literally a group of students that are trying to survive and they're trying to be reminded that there called to be a light in an atmosphere that can often be hostile to the gospel. You know it's not uncommon to have kids that swear at me when I'm preaching it's not uncommon to have you known groups, even boycotting but I would say that that hunger is so real and there is such a void for this generation. They're looking for godly leadership. They're looking for somebody who love them all off and encourage the parents and grandparents out there that these kids don't need finger pointed at them. They need a hug. They need somebody who can I listen to hands and feet of Jesus coming to hell in a you matter your pain matters. God sees you calling you more and we are seeing the kids by the tens of thousand turn from drug and that in addition and riot and whatever other kind of violent, they're turning to the whole of Jesus to me when I see streets filled with riots when I see protested in an anarchy like I don't see that, like so many see and look how horrible it I imagine what God can do with that passionate when he gets a hold of those kids heart because right now that you're applying that passion in areas that will never satisfy them. And God made them for more.

I believe it is the revival generation praying for all right liquid and leave it there and back again, congratulations this is pretty exciting event of and this is open to anybody I is open to people of all ages are just young people free for everybody were actually praying that 5000 or more people that were there, and 72 argument be their spiritual fathers and mothers reaching out their arms over the teenagers and college kids coming for my grand parents bring their grandkids. Pastors bring their church is and this is all coming together.

We need Jesus we need revival, and if you believe that this is free all the artist all the creatures that can be a $200 that tomorrow he because we want people to be there all right good stops.

I will let congratulations and good luck to you and we will get you back on the show were big supporters of this. I love what you're doing here and I think the country needs of this if organ of the party to change the direction of our country is like that happened in Washington, but it very well could happen at the cotton bowl so Nick God bless you and Doug.

Good luck and sounds like this could be a lot of fun down there Ari that's Nick call every body. He is the founder and president of Paul's other holding a huge event. You probably hear the commercials running our show. Together, 20, 22 a lot of people. He mentioned Mike Huckabee, Tim Tebo's going to be there. Francis Chan Bethel music so it's good to be a huge all-star lineup and we got the info there on our live show blogger a Pres. Trump trusts assured a statement with us and I want to share with you. Here's and it's about Kathy Barnett. Here's what Pres. Trump says Kathy Barnett will never be able to win the general election against the radical left Democrats. She has many things in her past which have not been properly explained or vetted that if she is able to do so, she will have a wonderful future in the Republican Party and I will be behind her all the way.

Dr. Oz is the only one who will be able to easily defeat the crazed lunatic governor lunatic Democrat in Pennsylvania. A vote for anyone else of the primary is a vote against victory in the fall. So there you have it now. Pres. Trump's coming flat out and saying that there are things that she has not been vetted and that she's not been properly she is not properly explained some of the things in her past Willow what that is. We've invited Kathy Barnett on the program and if she comes all will ask her about it and that she doesn't wealth you can figure that out as well.

Going to take a break were going to the phones. Hang tight. 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show radio free America star's new galaxies. He flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of facts not in cash or hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly galaxies he flip for the phone here for four 747-8868 Paul in Georgia will give the program Paul what's on your mind, God will record.

I remember you last year and follow forms throughout Alabama Birmingham. It wasn't excellent. I know you worked for men to supporter and I admire that. Thinking so good that you are to that speech to the advertiser will thank you for that Paul. I appreciate it. Welcome. Concerning pro-life you Nadia Teegarden and and I understand he's changed his mission on that. But the main thing I want to say to we got a stickler, Trump. We as American supporters we have got to stick with talk is one thing that Trump's got the likelihood of row versus Wade being overturned and we can give all the credit to Trump on that. It's unbelievable that was sitting here a couple months so much that you away from that out for me it's all about Trump and we got a supportive got to stick together and if you believe that ours and we need to guard our certainly are Michael Paul hi, I hear what you're saying and and for the record, I was the first talk radio host two.

As soon as that as soon as that document was leaked out of the Supreme Court all ice. I tweeted three sites I tweeted four words. Thank you Pres. Trump because because that's who deserves all of the credit for for that if in fact that that decision holds. I think though Paul. The big challenge for a lot of folks is that in some of these races, the true conservatives did not get the endorsement and and I hear what you're saying about Dr. Oz.

I like to believe what Dr. Oz has to say, but I don't because it looks to me like this was, not a true conversion of the heart, but this was a matter of political expediency and the worst thing that could happen is for us to have a majority in the Senate and and have another Mitt Romney on our hands or Lisa Murkowski on our hands that that's a bigger concern for me. But one thing that's good about what anybody self-made man Marty should you need to be doing this and those in my opinion, that's who I love to vote for politicians are all corrupt. What I hear you Paul God bless you and thanks for those kind words and that we did a good time with them Alabama rally. Let's go to North Carolina's Steve on the line.

Steve has a suggestion for the formula shortage in America all right see what your idea well I think it said that the Democrats are going out there promoting the most obvious solution to the formula shortage which is to take all these pregnant males and have them donate their breast milk.

Steve it's it's a great point. Maybe we can have a secretary booted to absorb food at Jed's dad depending on your preference.

I read yet baby could lead the campaign's by the way Grace Baker is Steve thank you for the suggestion.

I think that you know let's hope it doesn't come to that but Grace, have you seen the Calvin Klein Mother's Day campaign did I sent that the photos to say how can I miss it you curse my inbox with it so that they basically the the Calvin Klein underwear ad for Mother's Day featured a pregnant man who is basically a bearded woman yes ma'am you need a lady back. It was it's it's it's a little rough to say the least.

Yeah it's and it's the photos I'm really hesitant about even posting these on the website you spell anyone's appetite. It's like yeah it's almost as bad as a medicine called for hopeful yeah bad in different ways may be worse only because there is clearly a woman who needs a shave yet but I will say it's disturbing because I literally looked at first I went is that dude like know that you got to be a woman literally impossible.

All Wallman but it's well, he's a dude she's not a handsome man I'll say that much for what it's worth, so, but again going back to the mayor. Pete and his husband. You know when they were photographed in the hospital and they were actually admitted to the hospital, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the birthing process, they just showed up and said thanks for the baby. Maybe Ben took what six months off for maternity leave or paternity leave. Whatever ago is having a crisis in America on believable but I will say this height. I like the idea of mayor people leading up the male breast readers of America mean that might save that elicitation take a bus and go around the country right folks, our three coming up next. 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage new galaxies. He flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in facts not in cash or hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video he flip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for universities to you in movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from an has not taken as of the year so we should celebrate that Grace Baker you know that here on the Todd surge radio program. We like to help people and we have we have we have and we have actually become known for being a sort of a conservative, I will know matchmaker conservative meeting goal kind of a of a radio show.

The radio version of Christian mingle where people have you where people have found long-lasting true love, and who among us does not does not respect. True love not know well of course not, because you're married exactly so. I remember when we had the lady call in who we were talking about Caleb Parker managing editor who is an eligible bachelor good Christian young man and we have a lady call and I believe from Pennsylvania and that she said that her daughter is a farmer works are on the farm and the milk cows and would be up terrific mate for Caleb sounds very eligible and then we will we try to get Avery fixed up and you were working on Sunday. Caleb is not in the office today, but if he was he might come in here and say something, but for now we'll just be is not it's true. So Grace, are you I think we need little ambience. Maybe a little music in the background to discuss what were about to talk about because grace we have a couple of couple of romance related stories. I'm sure with you and this comes from the New York Post and by the way, has an Arkansas and Memphis connection.

Even better, this is the headline. As we continue to play the music. I'm a three way marriage three way me three way marriage with my tender match in my college claim of this is from Sophie Carvalho writing that a woman is open up about being in a three way marriage with her tender match in her college sweetheart, that's with the kids, nowadays, Angela Bailey, Tyler hey started dating in 2018. After meeting on tender. They invited Sam Vic, age 23 into the relationship.

So basically, it's 2000 and supposedly somebody is going to be tired. The trio developed feelings and decided to become a throttle. So as I so that's all there a polyamorous trio. So I guess they have a tree huggers to I mean I'm sure they are there basically embracing anything that brings so I'm not sure why the New York Post is writing about this is writes that some weird stuff there very excited about their about their throttle what they say gets a little, it gets a little tedious sometimes never what I was being selfish, but of work through my jealousy.

Now they go on dates all all three of us go on dates day seems to be that 33 would be little bit too many. They say crowd example, whatever the TV show from the 70s, which was three's company really wasn't a romp.

Well, at least we don't think I really want to know how the sleeping works. He had no idea when I get to go that far into it anyway.

The trio split up they went to a hangup with a group of friends in 2019. They the trio split from the group to watch a different band drunk and reigniting their old flame, Bailey and Vic started getting it on. Hayes joined then and things progressed when they got back to the being that David Hayes is a rampaging from Tennessee.

I have to event where we think it is.

This is not the canister. I was hoping that we would have a connection to what we thought it was a one time thing, but we all caught feelings is that when that with the young people said they say feelings mean I'm not yet catch feelings like you. I suspect there catching something else in yet. I wasn't say Grace Baker here's a story that is near and dear to your heart of the animal kingdom.

One in three Americans would choose their patent over their house or spouse.

Is this true.

I deftly choose Merle over my house but not of my spouse. This is a fast so I mean does Mr. producer have you guys ever have this conversation because I noticed there are more photos of the dog, then Mr. producer well this is a male as a slightly more willing participant. She doesn't she doesn't groan or moan when I say cleaning and the husband.yes she is once another treat and she's good to go so well. I'm sure Mr. producer like this you like Oreos or strata. According to the this is from the website study finds.or and facing a panel of 2000, dog and cat owners revealed that 33% would choose their four-legged friend instead of their house. So would you rather be homeless. If push came to shove, would you rather be homeless or have it on. I would rather be homeless. Another third what yes I would choose my lover my house so I see you sleeping on the couch of the office. Yes, with 33% would choose their pet over their significant other. Yet now that's right online. Another 31% say the possibility of Merlot's death keeps him up at night. I actually knew whenever I think of her getting older.

I start to cry really howled to the Dalmatians.

I mean I've talked to a lot of people and they lived.

They were like 15 or 16, but their meaning anything that happened once I'm fascinated now you you does have a dog right you don't have a No so there's no problem know what I'm sell that either. I just want my dog nobody wants their very end, no true dogs are like yes you're my best friend. I'm so happy to see a Catholic home feed me the attitude and date and day again they want to eat you. This is larger than Gets the more likely that you got and they watch lives, but just staring down greatly on the counters and stuff When I was a kid growing up cuddles with a very cuddly you know he was but he was inside these interspecies things so you one day.

My folks had already grown but mom called me one day and she was very concerned because cuddles was spending an inordinate amount of time the chickens and what will judge. It's American. And so I anyway but cuddles love to just he would. He was a big ball of fur and he would just nuzzle things and he loved other animals.

So anyway, one day apparently cuddles tried to nuzzle a rattlesnake and he came back in the port. His head was as big as a pumpkin and you could clearly see where the snake had bitten the baby but the swelling went down in cuddles survive. But we think he was brain-damaged because he would walk siliceous. He was walking and he would walk into a wall and he would just keep walking as if he was moving something you have to manually pick them up and turn them so he will keep walking like a tollway like a windup toy. I will say the best cats act like dogs. And of course the other.

The other issue is unit week. That's a rather unusual looking eggs laid by the chicken. Afterwards, we can sell those that want to talk we got to take a break or I have know what it what were doing folks about the just go with it 844-747-8868 this is backup insurance protects people's cars, homes and other vehicles thinking everything our commercials or even just heard her name he probably Artie knew that what you may not know is that we support humble design, a nonprofit that furnishes homes for families and veterans emerging from homelessness because a little help goes a long way and a lot of help, well you get the idea that he already knew all of this about Progressive Insurance burn pressed to find something ethical to tell you next time.

Find out more about how were dedicated to our customers and, the Intentions company affiliates back to the time surge radio program want to go right down to the petri bubble newsmaker line.

Great to have with us from the state of Louisiana Congressman Johnson Congressman welcome back to the show ring, great to hear your voice. You know Congressman shocked last night I got I got the letter that you and Congressman Jordan fired off to the Atty. Gen. and it is stunning to know that the FBI was actually investigating parents who took issue with something their school board was deciding the right and got a really big new we have a whistleblower. This is what broke overnight with the Lord come forward to get evident route.

What we been suspecting all along that the FBI really did target parent and and these are just parents who work going to their local school board and protecting the covert date labeled domestic terror okay and the reason this is so noteworthy but cyclically the dunning packet that is in the outrageous fact that it is that this is a direct contradiction to what the Atty. Gen. told us under oath. He claimed that that never happened.

This new evidence contradicts what he told let's talk about some of the things that you guys have learned from this whistleblower.

I mean, what were they what was the FBI looking for so Mary Garland is now implement directive to the FBI attorney back in October last year.

October 4, he implied that these parents were at the homeland and that they needed to be targeted and that they could be created. Through the counterterrorism division of the FBI and encourage people use it so you know what they did and when these parents were called the FBI labeled at least we know her back at least a dozen of their investigations into these parents with the threat protective EDU officials that would little codename that they could only file and the parents are labeled. This actually happened so what what they've done is they targeted people who are protesting that you know a mom and FBI field office. For example, interview the lady brought a rent alleged she was a threat because the comments she made the school board. She said were coming for an end of course what she was talking about issues involved in local political organization.

She met through the electoral board members, but they labeled her. We had this is what we have in the bay labeled her quote because you belong to a right-wing mom's group, known as monster liberty and because she's a gun owner okay. Another example is that there was a gentleman of father father was harmful to a child, the national grid operator date date but this guy on the Terrace luckless basically an end.

If the quote is about the rails against the government." Leaves all conspiracy theories and had lots of guns in his possession can't make this stuff up were quintessentially you exercise encouragement right now. But now the Department of Justice. Have you guys heard of any ramifications. As a result of this amine have there been any ongoing issues or did they just investigated and move on. Well, it really quite right that the point is ultimately a chill of the concerned parent for doing what they should watching over the curriculum and what's happening to their children. In another case� I want to get off the FBI open Republican state elected official okay because they receive delegation from the state Democratic Party official that they were inciting violence. Why because they were expressing displeasure at the school district affecting mandate. It goes on and on and on.

But the problem is too many Republicans on the committee.

We been investigating about administrations misuse along resources and quest balls when we first got stonewalled, they haven't earned over the document with the letter that we sent the Atty. Gen. at night. Jim Jordan, I we demanded that they turn to document the material that they better preserve all his records responsive to your request because there will be some accountability at least we retake the majority of all Congress between these people know that they were under investigation to the and do they know now if they did not beforehand well. Some of them because they were Dragon for questioning by the FBI memo. Imagine how intimidating it is right your concern data concerning the local school board meeting to express your concern about mass mandate or CRT or whatever the issue is you get a call from the Federal Bureau of investigation, the counterterrorism it's very intimidating. They question them in the investigation. There are number of these files.

We know now and we have always inspected. There may be many, many more.

There many people listening to your show. I'm sure there are some live in your voices right now that are probably on this list somewhere. They showed up at a school board meeting. There's a chance that they are and that's a great concern that the this is not the role of the Department of Justice that you know are quintessential first minute freedoms are in jeopardy. This goes right in line with what the amount of the disinformation governing board that the DHS is you know they're putting the government in charge of what is acceptable and and and allowable speech that that is the road urinating we left. It is a this is scary stuff because you and I both know how all of this is going to go down and if nothing else there to be very successful at squelching and silencing people who would be afraid. You don't want to date with what the FBI does like what I have to say the school will become a people could be parking to be be thinking like that right and and and and that is the objective of the left, right, of course, they want to enter into silent outlook is that the threat to their agenda enemy, but when you westernize the Department of what the vitamin is written on. That is a very serious threat to the Republic. I mean, that's not hyperbole I'm not overstating it.

We have to have the people in our system of justice.

It fell or were in real jeopardy and info where the fight this tooth and nail to demand accountability and sooner or later got to get Congressman Mike Johnson on the pantry mobile newsmaker line a congressman you mentioned, you know, when Republicans retake that the house what can we expect and has Mary Garland put himself in any sort of legal jeopardy. Here well I you know EE rate and Tokyo. Clearly no information that was not true. We have good evidence in an weekly in our letter we we told him not only do you preserve the document turn them over, but we got a reminder, stirred it with the board the Congress are protected by law and you can we will not tolerate any effort to retaliate against whistleblowers when they come for closure.

So during a gathering evidence, we do not have majority right now.

Clearly that everyone understands, but we believe that the red wave will make that call and then we start the new Congress in January. We will begin.

This is an immediate order oversight over the department agency to bring inmate work and bring back Atty. Gen. Garland and we are going to hold them accountable. You know II believe me orchestra that was committed and and it is certainly a great lie to Congress.

So this bears out what appears to be true is instantiated, then I think you have a problem Congressman. We appreciate you guys staying on top of this and we want to we want to stay updated, so any of you and tell you that you were happy to have you back and ensure that information with our crowd. Well, your crown very important. Your voice is so important. All right, Congressman Mike Johnson from the great state of Louisiana a congressman thank you and the folks I read this is shocking, just shocking that the, the Justice Department has been weapon eyes weapon eyes against we the people and the idea that there could be some of you out there moms and dads grandmas grandpa's richest taxpayers you go to the school board and you raise up a point. Yet you have a problem and then all of a sudden you're put on some sort of a terrorist watchlist folks to be marching on Capitol Hill over this are we going to take a break your 844-747-8868 were to stay on top of this story. Let's see what happens when the Republicans retake the House of Representatives. Maybe, just maybe, you get to the bottom of some of this nonsense 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number this is that on search radio show presents don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 straitjacket trying to get how that is what was going to guess how that fits. This is the language to progressive and FRS. Maybe next Protestant hair salon Latin safely bundling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations. So Jim Jordan was on Jesse Waters alive and it seems to me if the whistleblower information is correct, it is like Mary Garland, the Atty. Gen. lied under oath. Let's hear from Jim Jordan cut number 14 point yet what he said in the committee was the direct direct contradiction of the fact that we now know because this brave whistleblower and he said he would use counterterrorism resources to go after moms and dads would not do that looks exactly like what they did it again.

If you're if you're a mom your dad your a gun owner you're Republican and you stand up for your kids. Oh my goodness, look out because here comes the FBI and it again and in direct contradiction to what he told us under all in the committee and never forget that this Jesse look to remember how quickly this happened.

September 29.

The school Board Association sends a letter to the by my house five days later, October 4, Mary Garland issues this memorandum that lays out put this together.the parents and then 16 days later the FBI sends out the email that's establishes this threat, tag designation that was put on these parents all that happened last fall, in 22 days when you ever seen the federal government so they move that fast because they were going after people as you just put it out just like the Obama White House when, after a new mama IRS when after conservative same dynamic here and this is again as long as it gets. Maybe the school board union can write a letter to Biden to tell them the lower gas prices we can get some relief there but did these parents who were illegally targeted as domestic terrorism under this threat, tag label today have any recourse not not not really, but I need the recourses that members of Congress had nothing to stop this and there better not be some designation that remains with that American citizens name and they move forward in their life so that's the record that's what we draw attention to this. Every since we first learned about it last fall because this this along with this disinformation governance board is the stuff that drives Americans crazy and well it should particular that example we we had in the letter that you decided Jesse rates a mom in the group moms fairly recently in moms for liberty and you have a firearm in your house suddenly are to be targeted because someone snitched on you on this government-sponsored's every mom with the gun in this country every dad with the gun to be going all the time that everyone can that's how ridiculous this all is in its again. It's why I think Glenn Duncan's governor Virginia now as we speak and why I think the American people are fixing the throw Democrats out of office in this year's midterm election well and as well they should.

For a reason, but the idea that you've got the FBI going out there and just willy-nilly investigating Americans. You have a problem with our local school board. Geez a little, but this is where we are America.

This is where we are, by the way Sen. Steve Daines. I like this guy.

He raised a very good point you we been debating your ropey way than he.

He brought up quite frankly, one of the most important questions of all code 50 take destroy the eggs of a sea turtle. I said the eggs not the hatchlings.

That's also been that the eggs, the criminal penalties are severe, up to $100,000 fine and a year in prison.

Now why why we have laws in place to protect the eggs in a sea turtle or the eggs of Eagles because we destroyed tag, you're killing a pre-born baby sea turtle for a pre-born baby Eagle. Yet when it comes to a pre-born human baby rather than a C-terminal that baby will be stripped of all protection to all 50 states and the Democrats will be going on tomorrow is what the America the left wants. I would ask my Democratic colleagues. If the law if you were to take destroy. I'm not sure what happened but but again he he he raises a great point here.

I mean if you have a law on the books that protects unborn turtles and one unborn baby Eagles.

Why would you not want to protect unborn babies to human babies. It's a great point that the Senate races and thank you for that Mr. Daines so Tiger calls to this this baby formula story this just really aggravates me the idea that we are giving our hard earned tax dollars to illegal aliens.

We are using that money to buy baby formula for illegal alien babies but were not giving that giving that baby formula to American babies, and then you've got Mitch McConnell out there saying that we have an obligation to give Ukraine hundreds of billions of not trillions of dollars in taxpayer funding and Tucker Carlson and he's he's called holy.

You know what over this, but Tucker Carlson raises a great point and he called out the Republicans who voted on this Ukraine foreign aid package without bothering to actually read anything because nobody had a chance to read anything so not a single Republican vote for this thing can actually say well I had a good reason to do X wires he know they had no reason because nobody read it, they just did what the Democrats told them to do was take a listen to Tucker that 57 Republicans did vote against last night's bill and God bless them for doing it, but many more voted for course there was Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger defined the least of but was also Republican leadership, top leadership, McCarthy and Scalise shameful and the worst part is, this bill will almost certainly pass in the Senate, which is way more left-wing evening than the house on the Republican side, Chuck Schumer's father was a swift vote on it that means. As soon as tomorrow. So we reached out to every Republican in the Senate to find out what they plan to do most didn't bother to reply. Nothing will come on the show. Mitch McConnell, the minority leader Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Chuck Grassley met Romney also did not respond. Were hoping about the right way but a handful of senators did respond we will let you know where they stand. Voting note will be Mike Braun Roger Marshall Marsha Blackburn Bill Haggerty and Josh Holly grandpas also indicated he supposedly wouldn't say so, but forces against when screenings say is a yes is office put it. Sen. Graham is made it clear he supports additional military age. Ukraine inside the truth. Rob Portman of Ohio is leaving think Evan is also yes so is Steve Daines of Montana quote the seller is leading yes's office said. Else to list the Daines things Russian oligarchs somehow will pay the 40 billion quote he wants to make Russia cover the costs want to use the seized assets of oligarchs to cover the cost right okay a few sinners dive to me. Tim Scott Cindy Highsmith all refuse to give us a direct answer. We will invite any Republican center plans on voting for this to come on the show and explain why. Please tell us what you talk as much as you want to sandbag. We want to know why this is in America's interest. When this is more important than the pressing crises all around us of the rest of his nose and apparently you don't tell us you're always welcome and the same goes with this program as well. Why, why is it that what's happening in Ukraine is more important than what's happening here in the United States of America that that's all. And that to me is a is a valid question why do we have to spend our hard earned tax money propping up Ukraine now I've got no problem they need. They need planes they need ammo let's give him the envelope. May we charge and we give them a discount.

I don't know.

That's one thing but where to be on the hook to rebuild the entire country.

So, at what point do the American people stand up and say hey, hold on a second work were rebuilding Ukraine.

While our country is being decimated. Why is that is is is there some sort of a moral thought process that says okay the high ground the moral high ground is to let American suffer and to use our tax money to support somebody else.

It is, is that the argument that's being made out there 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Todd's is our website. By the way, if you have not done so you gotta go check out our brand-new live video feed so we said we got sick and tired of having to rely on YouTube because there always taken down our videos so we were moving everything over to Todd start and if you're watching us on our website. Right now you're actually able to see the video broadcast of this radio program and it's free of charge. We doesn't cost you a penny. And we would love for you to make the move made some of your listing to us.

Our Facebook live stream. We want you to make the move over to Todd start' is why why are you doing white. Why not be on rumble and all these other platforms well because I don't own those other platforms and I would much rather have everything in one place that I control Rush Limbaugh talk about this all the time and he warned conservatives be careful because if you go on somebody else's platform. Ultimately, you don't have control of your product and and Rush was absolutely right about that. So we we do as much as we can on Todd start' and we would certainly appreciate if you started watching the program make the move over from YouTube or Facebook live and join us over on the website are you gotta take a break will be right back coast-to-coast star's insurance protects people's cars, homes and other vehicles.

Everything our commercials or even just heard.

I name you probably Artie knew that what you may not know is that we support humble design, a nonprofit that furnishes homes for families and veterans emerging from homelessness because a little help goes a long way and a lot of help, well you get the idea that he already knew all of this about Progressive Insurance burn pressed left to find something else to tell you next time. Find out more about how were dedicated to our customers and casualty insurance company affiliates Grace Baker to develop the horses you have a Nike derby title allegedly okay judging one where the other 19.

I was watching the Memphis grizzlies game. I realize that was going on but then I was like oh cool, a horse named rich strike one yet. So yes, a rich drink was the winter and all of the odds were but some type of that 84 to 1 second longest in history and no it's not because I'm dead on it. I wish I had very rich right now. Did you drink a meant julep what I meant you were a fancy hat, no again I was like a crawfish boil that was going on somewhere fancy hand caught crawfish absolutely is nothing to do by the way, Caleb Parker, managing editor, we just moved here from Ohio yeah and he's struggling with the heat. Yeah he told me he's like Howdy all, just to stay in and out in the parking lot the other day and he's like no like it's not even hot. This is it this is bad. Now I will say yesterday around four 5 PM.

I was like wow that humidity is terrible. Yet, it's not like it's 108� with high humidity, not yet anyway. Not yet, but is ready, like a lot of matter. These Yankees they're not used to the southern heat to get the nice mild summers. You see, this is why Southerners get a bad rap because there like, although Southerners are lazy they don't move fast will. The reason why is gotta take your time. You don't want to break a sweat.

That's why God gave us air conditioning.

I don't think God gave us that God gave us air conditioning and when you mean like the breeze air conditioning like a saying I guess you give us the tools to make Eric.Havens. It's a gift from God. It is down like manna from heaven Grace Baker that's Franco stand in the corner, I'm sorry.

I know you have problems and Presbyterian even right anyway. They're agreed is the trainer of rich strike is a fascinating story that he was on ESPN and ESPN is just horrible, just horrible. So there just so woke so well. Tear their women I meet the men or women any that's they behave like one on the well, you can extrapolate so he was asked about a derogatory tweet so the ESPN host got very offended or triggered by something that Eric read the trainer of rich strike set about vice president, Harris in January.

Sebastian Gorka good friend of this program in a former advisor to Pres. Trump asked.

So what exactly are cobblers qualifications look that's actually an honest question Re: nobody really seems to know the answer to that question. Since a lot of people then wondered so anyway, Eric read who allegedly is has the handle on twitter daddy rabbit 19 six responded. I heard she's good on her knees so that was the qualification going back to the going back to the rumors that are my understanding is a little bit more than rumors that, Harris well worked her way to the top. That's the allegation that's the rumor that's unaware nothing for not weighing it one way or the other were just sharing the news so he may or may not be wrong here.

I wrong. He said the quiet part outline what he did say Reid was appearing on ESPN's outside the lines and host John Barr asked if he sent that tweet did you send that tweet did you send that tweet that was very wrong. If you who do you think you are making fun of our beloved, or Kabbalah know that's the wrestler who you think you think is he is a winner. So anyway well. In talking to you later buddy I would've said you know who I think I am I the winner of the Kentucky Derby is set out daddy rabbit 1964 has gone private water, probably for the best. The bio on the accounts as horse trainer and Reagan conservative fantasy football fanatic, owner of Mercury equine center of the home of rich strike so there you go, look, why or why is it that people get so knotted up about twitter that's like a cesspool of humanity as to how it really is. It's just on my skin can fix that.

Let me know you you know what's worse the worst people on twitter or the Baptist preachers had more time reading their Bible less time to eat and preach Grace Baker.

Amen. I yes preach Yolanda preach.

I don't know if I am, but I'll take it. No I was I follow.

I've actually had to unfollow a lot of these pastors because there just horrible worse, the Democrats oh yeah, just a lot of church drama will be like when you went on day letter and the Bible is of years are residing to be liquored up really good. That's what I was but I did know the series. Let me know all this petty bickering among the preachers I'd I didn't realize it was a thing will is very menacing.

I was going on the Republican Party right now.

So Lord help Grace's interesting. We probably when I get to go to inside baseball here but we have a new rule.

So a lot of these candidates are getting offended if we have their opponent one hand, and so they will come on the show but then they get all high and mighty well I'm not going to come on your show anymore because you had by opponent. He said horrible things about me. Well, you should I come on the program enters. I just read banning you until after the primary side, yet you know what early on my list. That's it. We got a list and slice. So here's the deal, Republicans, and I just want you to understand if your candidate doesn't come of this program. If you don't hear their voice of this program is because they refused to come under the primary ever blocking that when I played that game it's color-coded and were not going were not going to play that day.

Holy don't play that day's out. Stop by the way home at the grizzlies last holy jogger and do what the heck I don't know but all I know is Steph Curry made fun of the grizzlies before the game and the Memphis bands were not have any of that and who's the jerk lied, they got the weather guy in trouble is that I am hungry he was at it again last night.

Be just a professional wrestler because he just likes to throw people around there's videos in your like this is what I will say this, we got the best friends all the right here about the students downtown.

The best the ground tells us that with a cone alright so into you have got to get around Ellen Grauel but the point right. Thanks Grace all right hey folks, thank you for hanging out with us on this hot warm summer time day you get out there and have a great America as it presents don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 screwdriver trying to get how that that's what was plaintiff's house at six this is the language to progressive think tank and pay someone to do for us. Maybe next time. This entire someone Latin safely bundling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is a little sticky situations

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