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Biden Is Ultimately Going After Handguns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 31, 2022 3:10 pm

Biden Is Ultimately Going After Handguns

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 31, 2022 3:10 pm

President Biden really is not all that interested in confiscating the AR-15 rifles. What he really wants is the handguns.

Erin Paré, and Danielle D'Souza Gill join the conversation!

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New galaxies flip for all these new tracks it might not like I just set my phone down and put it in flax mode and capture hands-free pics from multiple angles or capture training sessions for his followers. I simply wave my hand to start recording video. The disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see will you tell everybody what we are so delighted to have you on this edition of the program had a terrific weekend and of course yesterday Memorial Day all sorts of events all over America and I have the opportunity to go to a suburb of Memphis, a place called Collierville to see it if you folks your Collierville one of the prettiest town squares on the face of the planet and of the local VFW had a terrific event at the annual pancake breakfast and they use this our breakfast to raise money raise funds for veterans in all sorts of programs and projects they have at the VFW wall and it really struck me as I went down I visited the commander of the post just a terrific guy and we had a chance to.

I had a chance to meet a number of great American patriots, military veterans and it something surprised me about this it it turns out. Now normally when you hear VFW you think of grandpa you think of great grandpa, but that's that's not today's VFW. I was very very impressed with the number of young guys and gals who were members of the VFW and I was talking to become the commander of the post and he said a lot of people.

They get that they normally think that the VFW halls are not meant for our young guys but in fact most of the VFW members are coming out of the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and does so anyway.

We just had a terrific time, they had hundreds of people coming out and raised a lot of money not just for the VFW but also for the veterans cemetery and I know that many of you attended Memorial Day events all over the country and it was a truly a beautiful moment to honor the ultimate sacrifice that so many of our veterans have made up so that we can be free. So anyway, I am. I was trying to catch up a lot of the news over the weekend I took a day off on Friday which I'm gonna be doing through the summer time. By the way, just I don't like to take the long vacations and so I'll take you to a day here or there.

I try to do that in the summertime and why is it no it's not because I love great speakers because I love you know I love Grace and Kyle, we always forget Kyle he's kind of like you know who he's kind of like a Grace Baker you're not going to get this culture reference, but you should need to learn.

Kyle is sort of like you on the Brady Bunch. There was Jan, she was always the one left out.

So IRG and that she was like the middle child in GN was always just sort of there but nobody knew she was there and we don't meet you.

So we gotta fix that. I'll take your word for it. We've got to get Kyle to where people were they called to say. Although we love Marlo.

We love Grace have a great day. Todd and no heartbreaks exactly. So anyway, I'm way off. I way off the mark of what were to talk about booze. So Pelosi you know everybody thinks Pelosi is an alcoholic because of the ways you conduct yourself in a she always looks frazzled. She slurs the words are hairs askew of the close a bit ruffled a rumpled rather and and that the running joke was it's 5 o'clock somewhere in in Washington DC.

But Pelosi allegedly is a teetotaler. She doesn't she doesn't touch the booze which that's it.nothing, not even moonshine. She won't even drink a Mountain Dew. It almost scares me that she is this way sober. But we know she's addicted ice cream so you know how it's a nice well she might she might like the rum raisins. You know you can get pickled eaten the rum raisins, but her husband on the other hand, he is not a teetotaler, and Paul Pelosi got busted for DUI over over the weekend and the police so and this is a big deal here. First of all, the guys a mega millionaire. I mean he is loaded well in more ways than one, but that he is not heard about in more ways than one.

The guys got a lot of money. So anyway California Highway Patrol and they were the ones who made the arrest he was charged with driving under the influence. They say he was. Apparently he caused Paul Pelosi was rising out driving a 2021 Porsche and he hit a he had a G as he was trying to cross a state route of his terrible nobody got hurt, which is good news about anyway.

Pelosi got busted and he was released one on $5000 bail.

That was like chump change with.and Pelosi's not talking about she's not having anything to do with it but I gotta tell you what I really I don't. I should say this but I kind of feel bad for the guy, you know what I mean. I mean if you had to be married to Nancy Pelosi, you'd probably be it the wind by a little bit too often as well. I'm just say no I'm not excusing his behavior. I'm just saying if you were married to Nancy Pelosi, you're like, all right, let's give the guy a pass that that's all I know, I know I'm not making excuses for anybody. I'm just saying that if you know it. It is what it is.

All right, we've got so much to talk about today and I want to start out with an incident that happened over the weekend. Pres. Biden is out there talking to the reporters and right after he went to Arlington National Cemetery.

And he's talking about the gun grab now folks I you're going to hear it here first. So by never Dragon play this audio it was gonna blow your ears out there was like a big helicopter but I get to give you the gist of what he set a Pres. Biden said there's no reason for any of you people out there in America to own 9 mm handguns, none whatsoever. He said he sat down. Talk to the doctor and he said hey, the doctor said well if you get if you get shot in the lawn with a shotgun. We should be able to dig the shell out of your long but if you get hit by about 9 mm well it's gonna literally blow the log out of your body that's that's what the president's were laying here to the assembled reporters who know nothing about guns, then they would be able to tell you the difference between a Glock and a Nerf gun. So anyway, the president then goes on to say that there's no rational basis for any of you people to own to own those kinds of weapon. In other words, the firepower, keep in mind that is the most popular caliber and handguns. So why is all of this important because ladies and gentlemen, they're not coming after the AR 15's the coming after your handguns. That's where all of this is going now look we we have shared this information with you and I'm going to share it again today because you need to hear the facts. First of all you need to understand that out of all the gun related deaths in America is right around 40 about 40,000 all right and in the nation.

54% of those were suicides. All right, so you're looking at roughly 20,000 or so who died as a result of being murdered. So some of the bad guy had a gun and that person you know got blown away now out of that number you're talking about a minuscule of skill number that were actually killed by an AR 15 or any other sort of rifle. An overwhelming majority of the murders committed and the suicides committed and America on overwhelming majority worry were committed by a person holding a handgun. The coming after your guns, then you've got the at and over the weekend if I get folks I taught there you go again. All that hyperbole. There's no way the note. Trust me there is, as a matter of fact over the weekend, the Prime Minister of Canada announced. Guess what he's going to introduce a ban on handgun sales in Canada. He goes on to say.

He goes on to say that not only is he going to bands there putting a complete free you're not available to sell trade by you, but do not be surprised if there's a knock on the door if you live up north of the Canadian border.

Sandy got a hand over your weapons. We are introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownership. With this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada and other words recapping the market were also fighting gun smuggling and trafficking by increasing maximum criminal penalties in providing more tools for law enforcement to investigate firearm crimes and will require the permanent alteration of long gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds.

These are actions that doctors, experts and chiefs of police have been calling for for years and were acting on their advice. I also want to thank the advocates many of whom are here today for your tireless efforts. For too many of you grease grief and loss are at the root of the work that you do want to recognize that and on behalf of all Canadians want to thank you for your strength, a notebook, there is Justin Trudeau you say Todd work were not Canadians were Americans are no way there's no way this could happen. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a way. There is a way to get into this this hour of the program. One of the things that concerns me, Fox news channel that we talked for a long time now about how it is not the Fox News channel I work for it is not the Fox News Channel that Bill O'Reilly work for.

This is a conservative in name only news network and they are going to pick up and carry the water for this.

Got a get the guns movement. Now Mitch McConnell has already given the okay for Sen. John Cornyn of Texas to move forward with some sort of gun gun grab legislation and Fox News over the weekend went fullbore. You've got Judy Miller who remembers she was with the New York Times before she got hired by Fox news channel. She went out there and called all of you Republicans a bunch of mass murderers cut number two and Australia until after their mass shootings.

Why can't we think it really depends on the Republicans now must stop being the party of egregious mass shooting, uncontrolled guns has to stop them and and we've got more audio to play were to take a break but are the devil who supposed to be a street newsmaker literally called on the Republican Party to jump in and support gun control. What I'm trying to tell you is the Republican the establishment Republican is on board with the Democrats here on whatever kind of gun control legislation.

The workup Fox News Channel is going to carry their water and I aside from conservative talk radio that may be the only place that actually talks about these things in very rational ways of dealing with facts and the fact of the matter is what happened down in Texas.

It could have been prevented had the police done their job. But the problem down in Texas. As you had a woke Police Department.

The police chief happen to be a supporter of Robert Francis O'Rourke, Bobby Francis the fake the fake Mexican so you're talking about liberals who were in charge of the police department and they botched it. They let those kids died they let those kids bleed out. That is a cold, hard fact, had they gone in there and done what they were trained to do. They might've been able to save some lives. But beyond that, beyond that, we do not have a gun problem in America we have a God problem.

We have taken God out of our schools. We taken God out of the government we take God out of our homes and what happened. We got a godless evil society and were somehow shocked by the art.

We gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868. Gotta check out the website. We got a lot of great stories worry will be right back about well, I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates. The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children.

Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a Mac the Association of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at Amax are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy team.

So join today that .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this counsel travel cell phones and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America as a causes that conservatives care about $16 a year you could join forces with a neck and 2.3 million Americans who share your values.

I'm a proud member of a Mac and you can be what go to Amax .us/Starnes join or renew today part of all of this is one of the girls back to attorneys of the drink.

So keep in mind for the past couple of you were talking about close close from Pres. you got the Soros funded district attorneys who are simply refusing to prosecute crimes. There churning out these criminals there committing these crimes or shooting people, and they turned right around their back out on the street during the early days of the pandemic, and many of these major Democrat-controlled cities you have them literally cleaning out the prisons, the jails, so these people if you got it. If you live in New York City right now and you going.

Let's say you beat somebody up with a baseball bat. They're not going to hold you to go you're going to sign a piece of paper saying your promise to show up in court and boom your back out on the street, knocking somebody upside the head with a baseball bat. So you got a factor. All of this into the equation. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 were to start our day and North Carolina Charles on the line Ari Charles. What say you by Charles, thank you. I can ask you to turn down your radio because you get a lot of feedback and to go ahead with your point guard spot all we have a God problem and I was talking to a lot of people, my friends over the weekend and over the last week and I have an idea that I wish somebody would implement somebody like a rod. They were public and controlled state legislature and that is I think we need to bring God we need to be back in our public schools. We need to promote the 10 Commandments prayer in school, re-devotional and the first thing that the left is going to say the violation of separation of church and state, which is nowhere in the Constitution, however, did you go back and look it up Valley document 1787, two months prior. The Cardinal Congress ratified the U.S. Constitution. They also passed something called the Northwest court which organize the territory northwest of the Ohio River and authored by Thomas Jefferson in that document. God, it typically bears that religion and morality be met. Very good government and schools as well as the happiness of mankind shall forever be encouraged. That is, article 3 section 3 of the Northwest board so I think the state legislature neatly just doing better to ask for forgiveness, credit information and use data for moral and legal justification to do it.

What you think of Charles. I think that's a brilliant idea and I think we have to go that far. We don't have to stray from our founding documents. I think it's pretty clear what Pres. John Adams at our Constitution, our way of life is wholly inadequate for anyone other than a moral and religious people. So I look. I think that's a terrific idea Charles. I got a run. God bless you Charles, thanks for that. What say you, ladies and gentlemen, is it time to put God back into the public school 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number. This is the time Stearns radio show.

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Yes, I don't care about that goes top. The first wait, what I don't want to. I just haven't got around to.

But I think it's on Netflix. I'm probably going to watch your say the original top yeah I got the first one. What are they teaching you guys and homeschool. I would not Top Gun.

This is very disappointing know this is a movie that really defined a generational.

I know my parents have talked about it it's real red-blooded American God country toxic masculinity all the things that trigger the left pretty girls hot babes on motorcycles, leather jackets, yeah, I missed the whole 9 yards is the whole package clever new and really good, which surprises me because this is typically not the case with these kinds of thing normally was SQL. Aside from the Godfather, which by the Godfather SQL godfather to was widely hailed as the best the best of the Godfather trilogy even though it was the SQL just one of the best movies of all time, but Top Gun. I think that and we got a lot of listeners of my age I get of this was what back in the 80s.

This was the quintessential movie of my youth Top Gun was Owen was there a lot of guys that wanted to go in and join the Air Force as a result will especially SQL after so many years. I'm surprised it's done so well, so first of all, it's a great story. I have not seen it only because I was I had I waited too late to get the tickets and you don't want to pull the card was like. But even if you pull the card unless you bring a lawn chair and I can get a seat through so anyway hopefully I get to go this way I don't have to go on an off day get myself a bigger bucket of popcorn, some milk duds and martini butter on for you now have you noticed that before the pandemic. You could go up and use the self dispenser and put as much butter as you wanted on it, shake it up where it now.

They put it on for is not right so not a huge butter person but I like good crunchy popcorn you've got a put on extra butter image just as much I like your interval read that's my that's my jam is pretty good but anyway all that to say people are going nuts because of how well the movie has done this is unbelievable Tom Cruise having his this is best opening weekend of his entire career. Better late than never that I have her age is noted. He looks the same as he did when he was in the original Top Gun and people are freaking out and why are they freaking up because this movie is about all the goodness of America all the things the liberals hate about America are celebrated in this movie and it drives him nuts. Yet the non-woke movies doing well that Spider-Man a few months ago nonlocal movie did superduper well absolutely and and again Hollywood and they know this, but they like to shove these other kinds of movies you you you think Top Gun's going to get a nomination for the Oscar probably not think spider Spider-Man now it's I saw was a good move.

It's a really good movie.

I me, but again, these are the kinds of movies. The left hates, yes they would much rather you have some sort of a what was it that there was one year you had a schoolteacher, a male schoolteacher who was having a love affair with his teenage student on board and that was celebrated as a great thing in the LGBT world and the other big movie was a woman who was having relations with a guy who turned out to be a fish yeah that's us can say that one but the fish that's all I can think of, obesity, reality – I thought it was so cool I could need to know for a month as it was very sad. All that to say they love that kind of stuff but you have a red white and blue man patriotic movie red-blooded American I what you're saying he's standing up, then by golly, that is not a theater that will know I mean it's and there's no nudity that's is just a good wholesome film. I am curious if anybody's going to see you can't give away unity of plot lines. I don't know that we don't do that but give us a call if you've seen at 844-747-8860 and I was one of these movies were people were cheering in the audit that happened with Independence Day and in this that great speech you know by the print the original Independence Day the Siebel. That movie was a dog. I was actually rooting for the aliens.

A map, but the person you're like this is already dependence day of the crowd went while you want to go telling Kelly T that's it was a great moment in American cinematic history. I welcome back to the Taj surgery. So let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Patty WSI C wants to talk about video games. Patty what's going on, what's on your mind will not carry where I live in North Carolina by around why you can't do that dying time. I want I'm telling you try and take our guns away working on warning the country you Patty.

I'm I'm not liking this is all going because ultimately this is I'm you're talking about knock on the door, hand over your God. That's what they're talking about you now the rifle and a little got everything I think your life over. Oh sure and look.

Don't get me wrong about the NRA which I used to be a member. I'm not a member now II saw how they were spending the money I was giving them. I wasn't very happy about all that, you know, it seems to me, Patty and and again I I think there are plenty of laws on the books already.

That being said, the, the explanations coming from the NRA are not very reassuring and and I'm trying to tell you I was I had to go grocery shopping last week and I went to the supermarket utilize doing Patty I was looking I could barely find what I was looking for.

Because I was making sure nobody was an open fire because the real, the reality is you can carry. You can carry a grocery store and and more power to you but somebody comes up with AR 15. It is a matter your debt. That's it. I'm going to school Patty Patty. They had the same group that are there yelling and screaming, we gotta have all these we got to have police in the schools with the same people say we gotta pull the police out of the schools so that you can have of the these people can't have it both ways.

But you're right and my point is this what it is been $40 billion and give that to the Ukrainians so they can arm themselves to protect them against the invaders that we ought to be able to put armed security guards in every single one of these public schools across America so that we can stop the bad guys from coming in her and the kids. I and I think we ought to have public executions. Patty, you do something like this you're being you're hung up your Dell string you up on the front lawn of the courthouse. That's what I say George Soros country. These district attorneys there letting the criminals out and it is caught in and look a lot of these kids are and I have no doubt when you when you look at the back story of this monster down in Texas. This was a guy running around telling can't see there's a photograph of him hold the bag of dead cats that your warning sign right there.

Patty, this kid should've been locked up everything Patty and to make matters worse about what you need to go to true social and to give us give me a follow there that's all that's a fun platform but Patty this school district down in Texas actually had implemented the Sentinel program. It is in a way that's what is supposed to weed out these threatening Facebook and social media posting clearly did not work did not work out what I start my going guy kind and friendly old me well you know who wish they were armed without those were the two teachers who sacrificed their lives in the black.God bless up and got on sorry Patty you guys all right thinking I'll do that.

He's smiling, he's beaming cheek to cheek. Right now Patty so thank you for the all right. Let's go to central Arkansas Steve on the line see what's going on here.

They'll all agree on what what you're going all. I talked about real the and that the will and control of their farming. There like that because I don't know if you tried to buy the availability of Steve. I have built I have not and a but we can't open that question up to our listeners around the country. Are you having a difficult time finding ammo there in Arkansas. The popular will and going out. The Obama.

Oh sure, Obama, you take your elbow toward the Orient that elevator all the guards are talking about like there you are both a talk show about Jill and that they are all all are you somebody I think you get there, why would you going to go bad at what they're going to go out and they talk about a play well. I know I know the guys over at my my place of choice for guns and ammo.

The gun store that's the gun store and I love their slogan hashtag no victims, a well-trained and armed society is a safe society, which is one of the reasons we support them in their great supporters of what we do here here on the radio show so I steam you might want to check those folks out the gun store Give them a call, you know, if you're looking for ammo of Steve.

Gotta run to appreciate the call 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Not sure if you've heard the big news, but Greta Van Susteren is back she's joining views.

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That's Greta, 39, 7447 or go to the website. Greta is that's Greta is of folks Newsmax America's fastest-growing cable channel again text Greta took 30 9747. That's Greta took 30 9747. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful.

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Anything you want.

Got a couple blocks are well and I think the issue is how much are to be paying for that ammo. But again, Steve from Arkansas said he was having a bit of a challenge finding the ammo but you're saying that there's no big issue all arm in a year ago come down will never go where it was the you can get whatever you need readily available). I want to commend you for calling up you really Police Department. I have heard more people twist themselves in knots trying not to criticize these guys who just stood outside and did nothing and I'm screaming at the TV you know two things can be true. Once you can support the police and condemn what Howard stood just like Parkland all over again. I'm square and finally from positive to finally somebody got the common things can be true and support the police and still point out when the police dropped the ball and pay the price for sharing. It is the same Jerry and and I appreciate you saying that look we we love law enforcement here and we support law enforcement same time. You know whenever something like this happens. You gotta call it like you see it and that's all I know how to do. I we did the same thing with the George Ford situation up in Minneapolis. The first question I asked did the police officers violate their training and the way they're supposed to operate and if the answer is yes, well, they got a price to pay for that. And certainly these individuals down there and in Texas. What a horrible thing.

But the reality of it, ladies and gentlemen, if you sign up to be a law enforcement, you know going in. You put your life on the line every single day you walk out of that house with your badge one that's what you signed up for. If you don't want to do that. Turn your Magenta let somebody else do it. It is a job not for everybody. It takes a special kind of human to get out there and to put their life on the line like that and and that's why we have so many great police officers and we are blessed in America because we have so many great police officers that are willing to do that. Jerry appreciate the call and thank you for listing Grace Baker, probably the weirdest story that I told you this was going to happen with the Supreme Court redefined when the Supreme Court in the name of Bettina read about what God defined I told you that all you know what was going to break loose your edit hands of the story from the New York Post. Grace Baker, a woman says that she is sexually attracted to jetliners as it dealt their American is little say that but people said mile high club.

This wasn't what I was so pleasurable is that Spirit Airlines. Well, you know. Very unreliable, cheap and tawdry.

Sarah Rhonda is the woman she's from Germany and she says that she is actually sexually attracted to airplanes and room baby and she's she says that her boyfriend is a Boeing 737 I got a figure to be into jumbo jets. But you know I don't know my airplane models alleluia regular commuter two-seater is this airplane you can shop for your different models.

She identifies as an object. Actual sexually attracted to and animate objects as a whole thing. She said that she tried to have relationships with men. But the it just you know about that, and yet they didn't get off the ground so it never took off. The rhetorical never had a smooth landing.

Let me tell you little turbulence of the relation they say about airplanes and they got those lovely little when they called the biscotti cookie she calls her jetliner Dickie and I are not making this up. I CK I know I love everything about it but particularly his face.

Wings and engine. No comment. This is that there's a galaxy and keep it PG just I'm sick but you know who are we to judge this woman.

If you're in a redefined marriage. This is what you get.

Ladies and gentlemen I we got to take a break here and about some airline tickets.

This is the Todd's very very well know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full floor which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for liberty University through you in Memphis, Tennessee's torch get over the library about a maverick the Top Gun came out in I know I'm really impressed by the number of women who actually want to go see the movie normally Top Gun spell like a guy but a lot of you ladies went out and you guys want Elizabeth, my good friend Lisbeth Noriega she is and a newsmaker with FOX8 in Cleveland, Ohio and Jesus taught. It was really good and love the tie in with the original Tom Cruise hashtag Top Gun maverick so there you go. So grace Baker I'm into your point. I guess the ladies the late Todd while you don't because we've sort of been through this crazy time in America where you know society would have you believe that women would prefer a pajama boy snowflake as opposed to a big brawny guy who could you carry you out of the floodwaters and then possibly fly a jet and kill the enemy this and we want Top Gun maverick and we want the mat in right you know what all on the I die. Got it I got it so the ladies of the Todd's turns radio program listing audience. You always know best.

All right, we've got a lot going on this out of the program and there was an interesting story. I caught my attention out of Fox news channel and it involves you good people in North Carolina and we have a lot of North Carolina listeners. There is a state representative who is alerting people to a very bizarre story involving a school district that is using flashcards to teach LGBT propaganda. One of the cards actually depicted a pregnant man and this is for preschoolers. I would go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line honored to have with us a state representative Aaron Perry Aaron good to have you with us Aaron. It takes a lot to surprise me but I was stunned by by what you discovered and I want you to tell our listeners what you found. Well I waited I went a copy and try me back at flashcards from a concerned constituent who alerted me to the youth of the card and a wake County Public school preschool classroom and my desk correct and when I thought it I think tie that is shocked as you are to see that one of the card depicted what appeared to be a pregnant man and the question that comes to mind is why in the world would anyone think that images like that would be appropriate to be using in classrooms with preschoolers to our just learning their colors four and five-year-olds fell as a result of that, I immediately called the principal of the school and alerted her to let ways has been given to me by Dick concerned that you went after three questions I said I asked her if she was aware of these being present in the school mutant: number till I asked her if she approved of the card number three. I asked if she did not occur that that what can be done and seeming outstanding. She handled it completely, professionally, quickly. She seemed apprised and shocked and concerned that you know my goal this is happening in my school and then she she said I meant to go check this out on the common area superintendent and get back to you with an update and you get 90 minutes later she called me right back and she said thank you represent or pray for letting me know that that you didn't tell me about it. I never would have known I get.

She said that she did find the card she took the card in her possession. She called again. Her area superintendent and engaged HR and turned out that these were not used with her knowledge, they were not part of any approved curriculum in a district that is a teacher who decided to bring the event the classroom on her hand and use them without the knowledge as of the principal or the district or having them approved at approved education tool. Though that's really where where we are with that that that started my experience with that.

I think it really brings to light the bigger question I think a lot of people are asking is, perhaps it's time for a parent to be God and take a more active role in learning about and being interested in not just to let it happening in your classroom. Later children are being taught that what how they're being taught in the classroom and I think that that is an excellent lesson for all of that because even in the vast majority of teachers may never ever use a tool like that or bring it up in classrooms sometimes it does happen and I think it's good for parent to be awake and alert about it. What I love about this story, aside from the fact the first of all, shocking and horrifying. It's the reaction how to display out and it seems to me that everybody did the right thing here from and it started with the parent who made you aware and then God blesses school principal who realized how inappropriate this kind of stuff was for the for the classroom right. I think that we had people who are starting the public doing the responsible thing that my dad and I represent people here in Lake County and and when it can get you and bring me a concern that it my job to really take that seriously, and verify that it is best and then see what can be done about it and I'm I really would like to commend the principal at the school and she took quick action. She was concerned about it.

She knew that wasn't the place to have the cards in her school and she dealt with it accordingly.

I think that she she really did their round plot here for her actions and leadership concerning things so representative is others that there's a website out there lives of tick-tock and they've been exposing a lot of this LGBT agenda in the classroom and what shocking is how prevalent it is in our nation's public education system and the idea that you had someone in a classroom assuring these flashcards. I have to imagine that most moms and dads in that community would never in a million years have thought something like this would would show up in their preschool classroom.

I think you're right about that. I think probably prior to many onlookers do not get in North Carolina and I didn't suddenly County now across the country that it's time to pay attention that there are some family that might be okay with that. There are family that core and I've heard from a lot of them.

That would absolutely not be okay with an educational resource like that being presented to their children in the classroom, especially inspection age-appropriate inappropriate way to be dealing with with with preschoolers that I think that now in this instance, it wasn't an approved resource. It wasn't signed off on by any authority in education community with a teacher who made that dictation to use best in her classroom and I think that that's really where we get into a problem as you know how much authority to the individual teachers have to make these decisions like that and use these unapproved and age inappropriate tools in the classroom without really the knowledge and thereby without the knowledge of the district and without the sign out of anyone even attires that North Carolina Department of Public instruction.

Superintendent well said. And congratulations, Aaron wanted great things all of done there, and this is all about standing up speaking out taking a stand to be mean about it. You want to burn anything down or go protest this matter. Picking up the phone and finding out what the heck is going on and you did that well. I really appreciate that doing the right thing and I printed a kind).

Thank you. All right, state representative Aaron Perea will get you back on were adding a lot of new stations in Winston-Salem and Greensboro and all over of the state of North Carolina so I would love to get you back on sometime soon congratulations all right will thank you state representative Aaron parade there in North Carolina.

This was mostly done. Folks and the good on the people of that to grade school moms and dads you pay attention, maybe a lot of these teachers are sneaky. They know what they're doing there trying to indoctrinate your kids and we gotta put a stop to that by the wayside. Sebastian Gorka sent me something. This is a brilliant thought on this issue of guns in America.

I really go down this list here and I just want you to hear the numbers. This is the number of people killed in school gun violence cases Virginia Tech 33 Sandy Hook 28 Rob elementary school in Texas 22 University of Texas Tower 18 Parkland 17 Columbine 15 now this is the number killed by communist violence. After they confiscated the guns and this is the number I want you to pay attention to. In China 65 million in Russia 25 million in Cambodia, 2 million, North Korea, 2 million Ethiopia 1.7 million Afghanistan 1.5 billion Eastern Bloc European countries 1 million those of the numbers of people killed after the government comes in and confiscates the weapons and know you understand it's very simple.

It is a gentleman, we can never ever give up our Second Amendment rights. We just can't do it. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 you say, by the way, you say taught, what, what if I see something weird happening in our schools if their teaching some sort of you know LGBT stop for anti-capitalism stop what we do. You pick up the phone and you call grace. That's what you do because working to be all those stories we got your back America. That's what we do on this radio program and were so excited to be able to stand up for the good people there in wake County and North Carolina will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that just me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for all right what about ladies and gentlemen good to have today. By the way, have you gotten a copy of my new book.

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Do you enter greater folly of their pay Wayne what's going on.

The biscuit book. Is this what is this Wayne from the smokehouse barbecue all my goodness you're like my favorite people that Wayne we love you and we love the great work you and the ladies in your family are doing over there that barbecue joint. I wanted great business there in Gainesville, Georgia Ray to great great ladies so y'all are like the steel magnolias of James Jarrett back now that David what you think that you to do to that teacher Wayne know I'm with you on this Wayne. I think that the punishment should be severe as soon as it happens, you're fired your license revoked combat Wayne it is and you know I think about you often, because there you are. You built this incredible business and you're raising your daughters and granddaughters to me took there in the business doing. Doing this incredible work and feeding. Lord knows how many people you know we gotta get back to the basics of family and understanding right from wrong in this country.

They mend event all right Wayne I'll next time I'm in Georgia I'll have some ribs. I'll do it all right Wayne, good hearing from you and what a great lady and wanted incredible story of Wayne and her daughter Ray and the granddaughter they all work at this family-owned barbecue joint smokehouse barbecue, Gainesville, Georgia very popular place of their end of the North Georgia mountains all right time now for some gay YMCA again nationally. All right. Pres. Biden dear moments ago, releasing the lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex pride month acclamation. That's exactly what they call it itself fabulous proclamation and listen to this thing is all about.

You know this month coming up, so we gotta make sure we include every body is attracted.

That's right. I mean, and not to mention I mean it's some of the other may be attracted to the Greyhound bus to idol but no doubt the stored there. It's a good link in the undercarriage. That's what so thank you Grace go to weed out you don't mock. We celebrate its dub diversity where proud. So president by loud and proud of Biden announcing the lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex pride month proclamation of the sum of the website. Meanwhile, while all that's going on.

There is a lot of concern Grace Baker about the pride parade. You know this is what Gay pride month.

Right. Okay idol year-round but I lose it seems like residents a month or an attorney.

It's also my birthday month will that something to be proud of.

So anyway, a World Health Organization, you know, we need to.

They say it's okay to go to the pride parade to say why would they be concerned about that. Well, we have an update for you on the monkeypox epidemic. Now, according to something strange. Grace is simply what that was. Anyway, we need to tell you about the latest monkeypox concerns in America, the world, the World Health Organization says that you it's safe to go to the gay pride parade so there's a big deal because they're saying that monkeypox was coming from that something so anyway but the disease is like every time I say monkeypox. We have a idol that is anyway the the disease has been spread in at gay rapes and so there's been some concern about pride parades. But now the World Health Organization coming out announcing it's okay you can go and celebrate and to be as flamboyant as you want to be or not be because it's America, and we don't judge. So there you go.

The latest on the monkeypox section will see so little America galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly good to be don't easy flip for all right hello everybody.

Welcome back with his word is trying to go through this latest this latest proclamation coming from the White House and there announcing all sorts of new information, but again I want to go back in, in advance of gay pride month which kicks off what tomorrow is that as though the whole month the whole month of June is the gay pride Bob and the Biden has released a and not this is the up when I making this up, folks.

This is the actual name of the proclamation, the lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex pride month that they leave anybody out there there's surely I think about what 50 or 60 other or maybe 70 or 80 genders. They forgot the plain lady all that is object. What was it objectionable yeah hold on to say section along to me it's very something.

Appropriate, but whatever torture engines there folks. So anyway, Biden is out there.

This is a lengthy proclamation, but he's taking pride in the number of LGBT QI a plus people that he's put in. It was administration. As a matter fact, there are no straight people in the Biden administration there all alphabet people and.he goes all go to basically spread lies again, Joe Biden is an and we don't know why he does this, but he keeps doing this but he says that that he was the first to again.

I lost my place here in the homosexual Rosie O'Donnell Don Lemmon Anderson Cooper were all here week so anyway he talked sorry I was just kind of talking amongst yourselves. So anyway he takes credit and having all of these IV got Dr. Rachel Levine, who's the dude who wears the lady garments are. That's over at the HHS, then you've got.

Oh he's talking about people to judge who had to take time off to just feed his newborn but Buddha judged heat and he says cereal. I am honored by the service of the first openly gay cabinet sector. That's not true. That was Donald John Tromp, who had Rick Grinnell in the why he keeps keeps forgetting the fact that Tromp was in fact a social liberal on a lot of issues, and he was probably the most pro-gay president we've had in the wide and of course now Biden has the first openly lesbian immigrant black press secretary so they're all very excited about that and I'm sure it's going to be all sorts of festivities as Gay pride week or month commences over at the over the White House were there to serve what the Apple TV's cocktail weenies huddled Wilsey all right 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 80 Pres. Biden. We complete this audio for you. The president announced he's standing at.

He's standing on on Arlington national Cemetery soil and he declares that democracy is a bad thing. Lazy gentlemen today. Remember, we reaffirm freedom is worth the sacrifice.

Democracy is not perfect, it's never been good perfect, but it's worth fighting for you. You can't make this stuff up.

But you know what he meant at the first time. They think that democracy is bad now look, you better believe that Biden is going to be coming after your guns.

So is Fox news now look Joe Biden over the weekend he went out there and he said once again. And this is a flat out lie. But he said that the Second Amendment is not absolute that during the Revolutionary war times you could not own a Canon that is flat out a lot. It is false. Now, if you make a mistake once okay all right that happens right. We got it happens two times will that's again but if it keeps going on and on. That is intentional disinformation. That is what we call back home in Memphis Tennessee, a flat-out bald-faced lie.

That's what that is but it's a big problem big problem with this, a ministration because this president is about to declare war on handguns and Fox news channel is going to be right there alongside the president on this cut number 119 children, two teachers were murdered inside their classrooms. Classrooms 111, 112, and Rob elementary in ufology Texas. In each incident the shooter was an 18-year-old male.

The murder weapon reached incident.

A semi automatic rifle AR 15 style firearms are we at a social change tipping point because that's is what is can it take for lawmakers to pay attention when the people speak and speak loudly while some are interested in that everything US military many times have you seen these weapons and action.

I believe firmly that they should be no place on American streets.

You should not have military assault weapons in the hands of mentally unstable people 18-year-old Wyoming I found which is one of the most pro-gun states in the nation does does not permit guns to be sold to young people under 21 1/3 of the states have similar lies. Why can't we as a nation to this. I think this is an almond let me play some sound from former Pres. Trump at the NRA convention in Houston Texas which happened four days after those babies and their teachers were killed at the school in ufology. Let's listen once I get the first step to take. The second step. The third, fourth, and then he'll have a whole different look at the second amendment which is by the way, totally under siege, but even if every decent and honest American gave up their guns. The criminals would never give up.

There is a reaction to former Pres. Trump sentiment my Pres. Trump may have misjudged the moon, former Pres. Trump misjudged the mood of the nation on this one very fact that he chose to appear at the NRA assembly this at this point so soon after the shooting really indicates that he doesn't really have his pulse his hand on the pulse of the nation people are outraged if it was one of their children.

The senators and congressmen when they take a different position doesn't have to actually hit home.

So that's Judy Miller and or Phil Neville Barthel is supposed to be a straight narrow journal she supposed to be the fair and balanced chip over there at the Fox news channel, but she is leading the charge now and I'm telling you this. This was on the way it's been for years over and Fox is that the weekend shows I mean there to the left of CNN and I love you guys are picked up on that over the past little while past couple of years, but Fox news channel is just it is a slippery slope to leftism over there and really get into what Sandra Smith had to say about Bo Brooks and 2000 mules a little bit later on, but it's a mess. Meanwhile, the New York Post, reporting that the father of a Florida boy 10-year-old boy accused of wanting to shoot up a school says that he feels uncomfortable talking about his son's arrest. What I find brilliant about this. I think the police down there in Florida did the right thing. So the little boy.

The police came out. Normally if it's a minor. They don't release the name they don't release the photograph. It's always a juvenile.

They're always protecting the the kids. But not this go around where they've actually come out and the school and the shares to Barbara said all right. Look, here's who did it. This is the kid he made threats we'll know if they're fake or not but you know it is a matter he made the threats.

This is his name. This is what he looks like you need to be aware of this and I say good for the police don't know a lot of people are attacking the police department down there there's a buddy since little boy and boys will be boys know the kid is a little monster in training and let's just hope that this puts the fear of God in this child and the scary thing is that the parent, the parent had weapons in the house and then you've got this other moron who down again in Florida and he posted a threat online hey Siri directions to the nearest school. Any out all these supposedly gone supposed guns in this photograph will it turned out they were not. They were fakes but it doesn't matter because the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department said. Yet this guys going to jail 18 years old and now he's facing all sorts of charges. Here's it. Here's my take on this. You threaten the school. I don't care how old you are, your name gets in the paper. Your photo gets in the paper you go to jail. It is a matter of your 10 years old are 20 years old or 30 years old and if you shoot up a school and and and your you're lucky enough to survive the police take you into custody when they find you guilty. I say we hang you from the courthouse steps. That's what I said and maybe just maybe that'll shake these kids into the reality that this is not some sort of a videogame. This is not some sort of a movie.

This is not some sort of make believe that there are real consequences here and that's the problem.

We've raised a generation of kids of this country and they don't have that they don't know that there are consequences because they been raised to believe it's always somebody else's fault.

If you feel uncomfortable that's on other people. It's not on you and that's a problem and it manifests itself in situations like this and by large, you got moms and dads that were were not raised on how to be moms and dads and and and you've got to get that figured out pretty quickly. Parents or else were to lose the whole country.

I look we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Gotta tell you about our great friends over at patriot mobile by the way they were at the NRA convention patriot mobile.

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That's 972. Patriot don't forget use my name as a promo code new galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video class is the flip floor is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for writer to hear the story of the San Francisco so we got another calling hampered situation going down this time in major league, the manager of the San Francisco Giants gave Says he's no longer going to come out for the nationally says it doesn't feel comfortable about the direction of the country. That's what he says. So this guy.

He's a leftist he's alluding to come like that was a Steve Kerr is at the coach Golden State Warriors. What a moron graces vomiting anyway, this guy very upset over the school shooting, as is every body. But he says you know we gotta do something about the violence in America. We gotta take up everybody's got gotta do that if we don't take away everybody's guns were not the land of the free home of the brave. Actually, we are the hub of the Braves they want the World Series, not the San Francisco giants any lose this guy Were of posting on a blog and he says I really do wonder if we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. So now he's just going to stay. What in the dark out in the locker room and he will not be coming out for the nationally look coming. If he doesn't want to offer the nationalism is that, for the national the reality I have here is what it was bosses now with the ball says you gotta go out there and you got a gotta honor America then you gotta go out there but if they don't care. Well you know we can do what he wants to. I suppose he goes on to say that he he initially felt bad because he was afraid people might read it the wrong way that they might think he was offending veterans. Well guess what yeah you are you are, but these people you know they currently use San Francisco Giants. I mean, these guys are as woke as you get and it's a sad situation but the reality is I don't think the average baseball player is paying any attention to this. I don't think people get a boycott you think people are boycotting Disney right now. This is literally trying to indoctrinate your child trying to groom your child that Disney once your three-year-old where a feather boa and put on stiletto heels.

That's what they want and a lot of parents like to see where else is the happiest place on earth to well what the look that's that is your decision to make but there we are, you know, years ago, before San Francisco Giants went well. I had a buddy who was actually a picture a picture for the Giants.

He got he was playing for the Braves and got traded to the Giants so I flew out there and watched a couple games spent a weekend out there. It was what San Francisco used to be a beautiful city and now it's up in the Third World hellhole you got people drop their pants and take a poop's run-of-the-mill of the street got the drug dealers throw their dirty needles of the playground portal kid gets thrown off the merry-go-round in the next scene always got a bunch of needlestick and it is our it's horrible not to mention all the crime and the corruption. It's a mess but anyway it we used to be a nice town but Grace, I noticed something about the status right there on the waterfront and right around the seventh inning I noticed like all of these birds was like a horror movie the birds just start swarming the stadium, the marital estate and then they purchased themselves around the lip of the stadium is a Hitchcock movie freaks me out because that's exactly what and so I'm talking to my body as Bob was there. The baseball pitchers mom was there and his fiancée and I said what, what's going on.

They said watch this. You're not gonna believe this, but it turns out that the birds at the at the end of the game know as soon as the last out is thrown as a people get up to leave. The birds swarmed the stadium to get all the popcorn and the hotdogs and all the leftover food you know people like to say oh you're birdbrain is like and and so insult, but this seemed like pretty smart where this case is pretty amazing. But here's the problem and they said they said because I'm like wow this is fascinating because you're assured of him. Here they come. The problem is when the games go into extra innings and the birds don't the birds don't even about extra innings like it's time there birdbrain. Okay, now there birdbrain so so then all of a sudden you have this chaos because are trying to play in the birds want their hotdogs God's it's the craziest ammonium that is there you go anyway. I hate San Francisco what government all right.

Hang tight. Our three coming up, but Danielle Desousa is going to be here to weigh on what's happening. The movies coming under attack 2000 mules this coming under attack at Fox news channel. The Lisle will tell you all about it galaxies the flip for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video class is the flip floor is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for universities doing movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from their is absolutely false is absolutely false. Every time is absolutely hundred and 50 congressmen and senators who absolutely disagree with you what you just said somebody calling them what you calling them when you say hundred and 50 Republican senators and congressmen look at the voter fraud issue and said there was a major problem for you. Calling the commission Federal election reform a bipartisan committee that with Jimmy Carter on the one hand, and James Baker, Ron Reagan White House Chief of Staff of the other back in 2005 to analyze the systemic weaknesses systemic flaws in our election system and warned us that elections are to be stolen. If we don't fix these problems and those problems or were not fixed who's telling you there is no evidence that courts and the judge is going to have the know know I'm getting the last word. Listening to Judas made a false statement.

Okay, the courts are not the final arbiter of who wins federal election contest Congress is that is required by the state's constitution that is required by the states code for congressmen and senators and the president. So don't be surprised that his authorizing isolates, the GOP Commissioner and Wisconsin in the Wall Street Journal today printed and I will read it in her base. He said there is no evidence that election fraud is the reason Trump lost in Wisconsin and that is not for lack of looking.

He's advice to your party is dependent away from these conspiracy theories focus on the issue that affects Wisconsin families and their pocketbooks, so I want to look at look at the judge's opinion. Look at the judge's opinion in Pennsylvania that talked about over 2 million illegal ballots cast that was there court order the Supreme Court justice who found significant voter fraud in nursing homes in the state of Wisconsin look at the 2000 mules documentary that has come out. Look at how many mass mail work off United States for which we have no security okay and has been looked at in fact checked by multiple outlets including writers who had debunked that is any sort of proof that there was widespread for that I'm sorry you absolutely wrong that there you go. Thank goodness for Congressman Bo Brooks from Alabama.

He just conducted a Masters level class on how to deal with the leftist in the mainstream media what you just heard did not happen on CNN or MSDN city that happened on Fox News Channel over the weekend Sandra Smith trying to debunk a documentary which I have seen and I am telling you folks, you need to watch it too because Dinesh Desousa did his homework. He did the investigations they've got the goods. And I don't know what's going on over at Fox news Hanover. They are slick and using Reuters as a legitimate fact checking service.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker lime were honored to have Dinesh's daughter Danielle Desousa Gill with those Danielle, what an honor to have you on the program today and Danielle look I look it was important for us to be able to play that in its entirety, so people could get an idea of what you guys are going through.

I mean, the fact of the matter is that not even Fox News Channel wants to address the. The claims and the things that you guys discovered in this documentary tell them anything about it. Not only people are watching media blackout).the our conservative network that act, but importantly, they have not only people are lacking. Anyway the spirit out and because people actually want to know what happened in 2020, and they want to watch it and get back what they think and again this is not this is not saying anything about what 2024 is supposed to be about her 2022. This is about understanding what happened in the 2020 presidential election. And how do we stop that from happening again exactly that don't actually want to pick out people here in Irvine without looking back and intricate people can't find they can't go turn out to vote though that argument I think I'll get okay on my daughters like inflation.

My pain your pocketbook while treating people is a horrible thing to bite and because of the stolen election.

But people can go out and vote on a day that we are not doing anything about this problem now. I think our goal is to make it out at our election back Eric voter integrity, and act like semi delicate pink packet by were trying to get down to eat. He can actually look better for their goal is for our side to win elections. That is exactly our goal to Danielle. We should be clear this is not just Sandra Smith. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Tucker Carlson's executive producer. They do not want people to look to know about this documentary to that surprise you guys the sort of the hostility coming from the Fox News corner of the world for docket call Aaron down now when you know they were one of the first line down Nicole election. I think that was shocking to many people who are watching me and I think God's going back to earlier court. Many people thought that they were conservative network really unfortunate because I think they had the ability to influence people and away.

I believe America first with an error they want to have a conservative rating trying to get my deliver. People actually looking for deli kind when I have their cake and eat it.

I don't think it can work out for them. I think you have to kind I can report an action that they can allow ample to debunk the writer back. Taking a writer. I deal I'm actually looking for a journalism outlet, a people at their own during my fire and a backtrack and make it a calibrated bank that they don't want to leave any of their right wing dealer yeah I'm with you on this Danielle. Again, this is a professional news organization got investigative journalist.

They have an investigative team there at Fox if they wanted to dig into this. They could've done it. I think they're using Reuters but again once they once a through Reuters out there and tried to debunk at that point it's only fair for them to to invite Dinesh on two to defend himself and to defend this great documentary I would ask you real quick, though, about the movies of theaters.

How was I going I know we been promoting it here on this on this radio program what you guys get what what you guys hearing out there. I pulled out waiting for your ticket out only to get here and that's why we get out of here on peer buyout and crazy like random people eat it out trying to get get get out and holding him great evening Facebook are not right area and were about to delete all find out. I don't have a clean better than people who aren't conservative and really I virtually think great people are watching on bumble we get a big virtual turn here and had 8000 people getting on you all got there, take it or even started to do another virtual one.

People like to be part at more like an evening with other people and great people actually wanting to look at information. Danielle, one of the questions we've gotten from a lot of our listeners. So what happens next year. Are any police agencies, law enforcement agencies asking Dinesh for information so they can pursue criminal investigations and what happened now I would add grated apples are hectic and Aaron down her back and kind of like double acting like a 2020 election when we were all around are under a rock court court that ever happened on looking after their kind in Iraq and what kind of ordinary down and hopefully people happening particular faith that other faithful state mediator when thinking about Mark scared. Okay, maybe I can do that to my team to work on Pandora gather me something rotten going on in Georgia at the kind they found out that they'd known about the surveillance. A lot of it came from their eight they are acting like they can do about it. Even now definitely a mixed bag, but I think that ever decide to take the lead on the issue by directing AGR share after I become a national star and will probably docket on getting great service to the country Re: 2000 folks if you want information on where the movie is playing like like Daniel said get out there. Get your tickets early because there there going quickly and that this thing is spreading like wildfire. The most successful political documentary is that of all time enemy this thing is just it's insane how well it's done only weeks I wanted to yak. I came out around me for about it really be okay by topic.

It really has been on the minded American B the last few years yet because it enter shed enter check. I talked about traditional journalism bankers that people can talk about it every like okay I could have their topic that you can go there and not there so confused there wondering what the heck is going on itself on getting getting more and that what happened here. I think that's important going back and finally on trumpet. Talk about any enteral issue here and until we can really fix the problem and I think an anti-national. Here, let alone on a big media that is eventually have to cover all right well sever naturally with their Danielle good to have you tell your dad you did a good job so you didn't run for the money here while you conduct will love it.

Danielle Desousa, Jill a Danielle, thank you so much and congratulations of this is just great, great news that a great dwelling. All right Danielle Desousa kill everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line 2000 is the website.

Just type in your ZIP Code and they'll tell you where the movie is playing and your about your beloved lot of people weighing in here. Norma says Todd Fox News abandoned America a long time ago my family I switch to Newsmax. Shame on Fox. Jory says amen. Sandra Smith is a liar. That's a great documentary Todd and by the way it it really is a great document. Are you guys disappointed in the direction things are going. I mean, you've got just a number of news anchors now that are just off the charts leftist at Fox news court on unbelievable. All right, I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868. Our good friend Mike Lindell.

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I've been trying to catch up and follow people what you're handling me. I hope overall daily and we can include a link. I can sometimes feel like anything that Connecticut sonata. I'm not very good at doing that so but I needed to know anyway what I wanted very very important you know to allow a television program and I can't do a lot better than you probably can't take this. Yes I do get all right. One thing to say that I don't either they shooting you see okay can joke about how they can send my accountant Barry something about HIV and times in the Bible speaks of the famine more room of law and other things that this is where we get down on any and die country when it comes to anything I don't can't let it go shooting on dragging and telling me somebody drinking in to look like teenagers to contact us. Yes thing like that you will come one cell block another dating someone and someone else you got you got what you get the death penalty likely with the criminal. Once I get on the other, and I have a line down the middle. Later you die your mind. I would keep you creamy night hello with typed on the promo code on your 18th birthday. When you become a legal you will agree, but you do you want I don't know, and you don't want penalty. I love it. Janice, I love it I love it just as with Janice Janice Justice.

I like the one in my thinking.

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It's good to be very important. Democrats, by the way, this news Justin Democrats today introducing eight gun-control pieces of legislation will see how we'll see how that goes. But I'm telling you it's it's pretty crazy. All right time now for crime news across America crimes sweeping and crossed her face is the Starnes dateline out Michigan to visit a man accused of committing a strange crime in the northern part of the state. Jeremy Michael Fisher, age 42 jars with malicious assertion of personal property illegibly dumped maple syrup into the fuel tank of a car bizarre incident apparently occurred when a woman and her boyfriend got into a fight. It's always the lovers quarrel that will get you in trouble with the law. So anyway, Mr. Mr. Fisher, due in court to answer those charges all right. We have the story from Georgia Grayson. I don't think this is really a crime story about the let's work through this, Brunswick, Georgia, home of the stew yeah I just had to include the story and it doesn't really fit into a category so were sticking it in this one.

Workers cooking burgers and tater tots Masonic Ojai lung bone. I love a good sonic burger. I love and one of the beverages the of the fruity drinks nauseous the slushy and I love the mozzarella sticks. Not a big bond relic.I love the burger and tots and Fair.

Anyway, workers, cooking burgers and tots in a sonic fast food kitchen and Brunswick, Georgia, home of the stew for lead after discovering an intruder hiding behind the deep fryer like a crime so stressed that the police were summoned, Brunswick Police Lt., Matthew Wilson found employees huddled in the parking lot little house, maybe he investigated it turns out that the intruder was brown in color with diamonds on its back is quote when I sought I could tell it was just a ball python and metal rattlesnake Brunswick news. He removed the large non-venomous date but also founded a new home with a large front with a friend when large yet new home would be terrarium buried in the craft yes I did realize that apparently the of the snake was looking for a a warm spot so we found the but yet I just can't handle those snakes all right next all right this is from the smoking gun.

Always a story involving a Florida man.

The Florida man in this particular case, a 64-year-old retiree was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a female investigator police say that the man was found on the beach and a speedo exposing himself, you know that's not a good place to do that. I do see you again because of the sand. You could develop a rash that's a very bad situation. There anyway I witness are not going to describe what the witness saw him doing, but there it's never good when you have a man in a speedo. I mean a speedo is already tight and then you got the sand. I only want to know word and this is why this is why the Europeans lost World War II because that's what they do.

They run around the beach in the speedo's or nothing at all and and the Germans were like oh you we can be. We can beat that all right.

Next story is from the hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and this is not a good one, folks, this is the headline from K-1 ham woman in bikini torques on police cruiser. We actually have the video of of this over it K-1 ham While most Americans were honoring those who sacrificed their lives so that we could live in freedom a bunch of bikini-clad Memphians staged a wild pool party that was called project splash and ass. No I'm not kidding you.

As a matter of fact there was a very, there was a woman with a large but don't a dog in a thong bikini on the advertisement, which also invited people if they needed to find parking.

They could go to the nearby Church of Christ. Oh my goodness. Video shows a wild crowd of partygoers surrounding a police cruiser. At one point an officer got out of the car to shoo away the mom.

That's when a woman dressed in a thong bikini jumped up on the hood of the taxpayer-funded patrol car and commenced to thrusting her private parts in front of God and the Memphis Police Department you think she was dancing to party in the USA could be elsewhere at least 1/2 a dozen other bikini-clad women mounted a civilians convertible and simulated relations with great gusto. That's a fancy way to phrase that. Okay. Hundreds of Memphians were out rate no home training your class whatsoever.

One person wrote no respect for law enforcement are themselves focuses tasteless ghetto and not funny yet. All he would have to save Memphis because it's so obvious now it's it's weird because I was looking at the swimming. While this must be a bitter hundreds of people that attended this thing and I was looking I got a glance at the swimming pool. It's basically somebody's backyard swimming pool who might I suggest that you don't jump into.

I would even dip your big toe with that water I yeah no thank you I'm good now that's what you will put a couple of extra scoops of chlorine and there is a wet white under say, but there were guys in speedo's there unlikely this is.

It was chaos, just awesome. All right. Well it is. It's all about is your a crime news across the fruited plain grace.

I will say this, it was just a weird weekend here what you got something weird got the woman torquing on the police car you got all these people out and I don't know if they do this in your communities folks but the Dodge Chargers and they do the doughnuts so they have drag races on regular streets.

Let's say you're just going down to the Walmart and the next thing you know there's the car in front of you there. Peeling out doing donuts on the intersection were not talking about the jelly filled kind no and 13 people, 13 people shot over the weekend here in Fort 40+ shot in Chicago all Democrats and this terrible, just terrible. Other art look got I got a take a break before we go to break the tees. The story from Chicago from Chicagoland, a high school has announced that they are going to no longer provide grades based on your abilities on a test. Now, when I was growing up if you want to test your flock to test and you know what you're studying hard. So you would not flunk the test again.

But that's not what's happening in one Chicago school district, a high school Oak Park River Forest high school has now announced a new race based grading system so you will now. Your grade will be adjusted to account for your skin color or your ethnicity to get into this in just a few minutes.

It's unbelievable but basically if you're white you're sort of screwed here based on based on the school district's decision but again a school in Chicago now implementing what is believed to be one of the first of the nation, a race based grading policy.

So if you are a minority student you're to be given more opportunities and unlimited opportunities to change your grade 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the top search galaxies.

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Todd Click on the map and all the information is there for you and we love to play your shout outs during the during the show is an interesting story but just dropped Herschel Walker. There's a little dust up here between Pres. Trump and Herschel Walker so you folks in Georgia do you guys know what's going on here.

Also, Herschel was doing an interview on some left-wing outlet and he said that he's mad at former Pres. Trump. Let's take a listen. One thing that people don't know is present from the harassment to him that he never asked. You heard all the television as horses and present front never came as horses.

When you look for that sin is a harsh one for you never asked all mad at him because he never asked leading credit that yes before all this talk on about my wife and I will pass to live as it will go by the fullest. We wanted to put we went to prayer and operate about and beyond with you. I was praying to God to bring somebody else going like half of my life doing well at a company man. I'm rolling but I love the Lord Jesus said one thing all right there you go. That was that was Herschel Walker and set settings mad at Pres. try but I'm not sure why he would be out there saying any of this stuff, but ultimately Walker is saying that Trump had nothing to do with his decision to run for the U.S. Senate in Georgia so if that's true that's sort of weird because Herschel Walker was living in Texas had to move back to Georgia to run for the Senate and that's been a big complaint among people of also the Rafael Warnock is now inviting Walker challenging of the three debates and this is a big deal. We knew this was coming.

Walker refused to debate any of his opponents of the Republican primary and there is a reason why and working to find out Walker at this point he doesn't need to be debating anybody and he just better pray that his name recognition get some elect.

He can't debate I mean it's it's that simple. And that's why he refused to debate his Republican primary apology. He just can't debate, so if Walker I hope his. I hope his handlers are giving him some wise counsel here because that could get ugly fast. If he decides to to do these debates but it seems to me you know Pres. Trump doesn't like this when you go out there and the armies basically calling Trump a liar. This makes absolutely no sense.

Why even talk about these kinds of things at this point he needs to be focused on one person. That's Rafael Warnock. That's it.

844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way, still no winner in the Republican primary Senate race in Pennsylvania. You got Dr. Oz who was advised by Pres. Trump to go out there and declare himself the winner and he's done that but officially there still a winner but Dr. Oz seems to think he is the presumptive nominee there in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania all right of this story back to Breitbart. The headline Chicago high school to implement race based grading system.

They say that traditional grading practices perpetuate in equities and they say that students depending on the race will not be held accountable for missing class are misbehaving in class or for failing to turn in assignments as a matter of fact. Students will also be given the opportunity to take a test over and over and over and over again until they pass. According to Breitbart, the Illinois State Board of Education says 38% of sophomores fail these collectivist Scholastic Aptitude Test. The failure rate was 77% for black students, 49% for Hispanic students. 27% for Asian students and 25% for white students. Margaret Sullivan is the associate director of the education advisory board.

She said teachers have to recognize when personal biases manifest quote teachers may unintentionally let nonacademic factors like student behavior or whether a student showed up to class, interfere with their final evaluation of students will while the kid doesn't show up for class. What is a teacher supposed to do given a an a for effort.

Folks, this is this is sending us down a very bad path, just throw this question out there for you. So let's just say you want to be an engineer and you're an engineer you're a minority engineer and you have been allowed to advance in your degree program. Even though you might possibly be dumb as a rock. Let's change let's just make a white person. All right, let's just say you're a white person you want to be an engineer but you have been advanced along the way simply because of the color of your skin and let's just say you got a job and you get a job building airplanes and one day you decide that you're going to take a vacation. Years later, you're going to take a vacation.

Would you want to take an airplane ride in an airplane that was designed by an engineer who was not qualified what you or or let me just throw that out there ladies of the Todd surge radio program audience would you want to date an airplane that is been made by an engineer who did know what he was doing. What is not. You want a big sturdy airplane that's going to get you through the turbulence of life, so to speak all right.

Look, we were to leave this.

There you can read the story. It's on folks you get out there and have a great day America will see about tomorrow. This is galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out easy for for which allows me to do more things at once.

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