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Brace for Economic Hurricane

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 1, 2022 3:08 pm

Brace for Economic Hurricane

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 1, 2022 3:08 pm

More than a third of Americans earning at least $250,000 annually say they are living paycheck to paycheck, underscoring how inflation is taking a bigger bite out of Americans’ budgets at all ends of the pay spectrum.

Pat Fallon, Jim Jordan, and Kelly Shackelford join the conversation!

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We all know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job University studio in Memphis Tennessee Bible will all right addresses right out of the gate further welcome everybody I'm Todd guards and were always always happy to have you both to find both with us across America.

So yesterday we had one of these up always. I just love the story was interesting and that whenever I come across a weird or oddball story. I am I want to pass along to you and that we told you about the story about this woman from Germany and she is 23 years old and she's a nutcase.

She's a nut job. She's a wacko doodle Google Google again front porch lights on but nobody's home anyway. She is got a she's in a relationship with a Boeing 737 yes, I set a Boeing 737 and does.

She is sexually attracted airports and so we share the story in the spirit taking off pride month you Jesus get somewhat Easter and Christmas, but the days they got a have a whole month to celebrate, but no, there is no harassment, no you guys just I you if you're heterosexual leaders have to be but anyway that the LGBT crowd. They got a whole but then look we don't begrudge them that all about the celebrations and I get I don't know. I guess they may get the whole month all vitally of the Muslims get Ramadan and do whatever the whatever else they celebrate so I guess maybe they got the whole month off. What will I care what will I know what I like. So anyway, I told the story about this woman and though she is sexually attracted to a Boeing 737 and Grace Baker.

I am catching holy. You know what on social media from the LGBT credits of the people who were supposed to be tolerant and diverse are coming after Yours truly and they're accusing me of being a homophobic because I'm pointing out this woman wants to have relations with a jetliner.

Sounds like a lot of hot air. To me it sounds it. It sounds to me like a lot of intolerances.

That is what it sounds ironic right white light. The irony look, I don't care if she's dating about once a Boeing 737 or a puddle jumper what, it's not my business.

But the point I made is that when you redefine when mankind redefines what God had already just to find whether it be marriage, whether it be how you were born male or female. When you decide to rainbow color outside of the lines then you get a cultural free-for-all and I idle laugh because Grace who who is who are they who are they in the LGBT activist community to criticize this woman because of who she was, who she wants to date is who she wants to go to bed. I mean she's live in her truth.

She is living her truth. So who are we, who are they to judge out of all people who are they to judge this way, exactly. Again, it is an and they opened up and it was just opening up a Pandora's box.

They put dynamite inside and couple Louis there you go. We've got a cultural free-for-all right now is just confusing confused confusion and chaos everywhere. So these people are coming after me with a vengeance and I you know the problem with the LGBT activist crowd there a filthy bunch. I'm either disgusting. The stuff that it's just you know it is what it is but I will say one of our conservatives says love is love. You know, I believe it is.

They have old Charlie Brown cartoon and Lucy is using God's name and Blaney in God's name in vain and saying what a blank call referring to. Yours truly, nice try Starnes. It's your bigoted narrowmindedness of posting this during pride month enjoyed the month you homophobe, but again I mean why can't you and I mean you got the LGBT why can't you add playing or a per Aeronautics to that list. Why, why be so narrowminded LGBT active as it planes, trains and automobiles, and then a move row that in there to well it used to be that my previous special on HBO mad so now all but but again I was just stunned.

Out of all the stories we draw this one just sort of exploded and people are just very very upset with it. Take off if you will.

I decided to sue many puns on this story. It's gonna be never-ending, Jill Wrightson, Todd mental health services needed. Or maybe they need a new hobby. That's a fair statement of Steve Wrightson Todd marriage requires consent unless you're a minor Christian girl in the South.

What what is not being Steve button in animate objects cannot give consent, so the two subjects are mutually exclusive, but who defines what considered as I look I'm I'm embracing this I'm embracing this whole truth movement Grace Baker. I think this is great. It is a matter what reality is, it's what my truth is, exactly. It is 11 your truth. It's -32� and snowing outside right now in Memphis Tennessee and can have to disagree with you on that one. Okay, it's like 98+100% human and still in my mind it might my troth. It doesn't matter what the reality is, it matters what the truth is better is what your your jury is not the truth. Don't get it twisted now that brings me to the most bizarre story Grace Baker this just broken Morehead is just because you we've been talking about, but again this is pride month J near YMCA again nationally. I have this crazy new coming to the Pentagon, US car racing mockery on social media.

After just moments ago and you can see this on our website, they posted a photo of a rainbow colored bullets on a combat helmet. Now Marie downgrades I'm not quite sure what the whole point of this always shooting people with gay bullets now is that supposed to be a thing just like Cupid shoot them with love, with arrows. The problem is you got this camo helmet was the point of camo.

It's best to conceal it is camouflage. That's right I lets was to see yes that's right, but then you got this great camo helmet with these brightly colored rainbow bullets.

Yeah, I don't think that's going to make you stand out buddy. So the Marine Corps is facing a massive mockery on social media today after they posted this a photograph of the rainbow colored bullets.

The Marine Corps says this is all about honoring the contributions of LGBT Q service members during pride are they also say that the Marines are's are are now these are the new Marines.

The Marines are now fostering an environment free from discrimination and they treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. I remember when the Marine was the most fiercest and most feared person on the planet. That's kind of the point because the Marine a Marine could go in and single-handedly take out the bad. That's the whole point of being a Marine right. I remember the late great Chesty Puller who is the most decorated or was the most and is still the most decorated Marine and American history, exactly and you wonder what would Chesty Puller have a place in today's kinder, gentler Marine Corps, where they would much rather frolic about at drag queen shows and where feather, but was instead of going into battle and killing the enemy see him genuinely terrified.

If we go to war because of the sorts of things is that right so you why why are you terrified Nathan is actually being prepared. The anybody so you don't think our military in its current state would be able to defend America.

I would say we have the technology, but not the skills of the manpower about, so if you got a drone and he got somebody sitting in front of the video. I will get the best video got letters of the word. That's all that's out so yeah you could do the drones.

But as far as in man-to-man combat. He had to hand combat. Now you're saying not not at not a chance in. You know what, you get a battalion of lesbians or something.

I think they could take up you have them in this maternity seat said I know way back there to make some attorney all that's right. What you do for the Air Force pilot yet, so if you're pregnant woman and you're in the Air Force and yet if you have to give birth in the ghetto in the middle of it. In the middle of a bombing rise hi, you can just got a dropbox and made there you go. So the Marines again say this is all about diversity and inclusion. I remember something. Gov. Mike Huckabee said by the way, my comment about the lesbians is added.

That is, out of great respect because I bet they could take your business. But I'm not so sure about the rest of the military.

Gov. Mike Huckabee once said the purpose of the United States military is to kill people and break things that that's it.

We got a great big country and yet there's a whole month-long celebration of the LGBT movement and I get that it seems to me that the one area that should be exempted from that. The one look and I get everything else is just consume right even if you go down the Taco Bell and you're going down and you're getting a burrito or chiller, but there's gotta be a gay theme at your Taco Bell and what more power to but can we just leave the military out of this can can we all agree. Ladies and gentlemen that the one thing that needs to be focused is the United States military at and by extension the CIA and our spy agencies. Gov. Mike Huckabee was on the something here. You know, our enemies are laughing at us. You know that they see the same news reports that we see.

They know that under the Biden administration that the, the Pentagon has become a social engineering petri dish and not as one Republican lawmaker: a peach tree � no, it's a petri dish. I want you to hear me a woke military leads to a weak military. That's all there is to it that that's all there is to it and I we have a lot of military veterans. We have a lot of people who have sons and daughters serving in our military. Right now, and you must be horrified at what is been happening here, but folks we are. We're in the middle of a perfect storm and begin to get to this massive economic crisis were facing a mean Jeannie diamond's is telling us this could be a super storm Sandy economic crisis that is about to slam a door nation when you throw that all in with with the social unrest, a weakened military a distracted presidency. By the way, Biden's approval writing down what 22, 23%.

Now you have all the makings for global chaos and that is why United States military has to be focused and has to be on mission because right now our enemies there looking at us and they realize a very simple truth that this military the United States military could literally be felled and defeated by simply miss Jen during a soldier or failing to use their preferred program. It would be that simple. So again I folks I I'm I share Grace's concerns. I don't know if we could win a war do you do you still have confidence that our fighting men and women are are up for the fight. If the fight comes to us. There is a survey done a couple was couple of months ago that most Democrats would flee the country if we were invaded they would not stay and fight they would flee the country.

844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 we've got a great lineup of stories and I would encourage you got a bookmark if you haven't if you never got on our website a little icon will pop up and say hey do you want to be alerted when the new stories you click yes and were to provide you with all sorts of great content that you will not find in other places is not disparaging anybody in the LGBT community, but if that's your focus. If that's the focus of the military. That is a losing proposition 844-747-8860, it will be right back.

There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account. Wait. Go back IRA still own the physical goal also shipped precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM radio show this NBC news report here and it's a doozy. NBC news reporting that Joe Biden is in a meltdown over his presidency brand-new polling data out just 23% approve of Joe Biden's job that's among independent and a lot of people are saying okay.

What happens next. When we say what's happening. You got all these Democrats working at the White House working in this ministration there jumping into the lifeboats.

Now a lot of you are chairing this is great news. Starnes Biden is is imploding and that means it's going to be a great day for Republicans in the midterm elections, not necessarily as a matter of fact, focus on what you consider this, and again this new civics pole. Biden, 35% overall approval 22% approval by independence. Only 35% of the country were talking about a massive number of Democrats who now believe this guy is done, it is just absolutely done the NBC news report also mentions that Biden had test polled this question of this work. This phrase ultra magazine of the Democrats have been using that phrase ultra-Magnum and they thought that that phrase might might hit strike a chord with people and it turned out not to. As a matter fact, the trunk route actually embraced much like they embrace deplorable when Hillary Clinton was running for the White House, but the concern I have here is that Joe Biden is unhinged and what I mean by no means crazy but we all know that he's, it's, well, she's done slid off that cracker we get that. But the problem I have the concern I have is that Biden will do anything anything to boost those poll numbers and what is the one thing that will immediately boost poll numbers were sitting president and that, ladies and gentlemen is some sort of an armed conflict and that brings me to a store yesterday. Biden says that he's going to provide Ukraine with these rockets.

It's a very dangerous situation.

So Ukraine is about to get advanced rocket systems on top of the billions and billions. The tens of billions of dollars in aid worsening over there were basically fighting a proxy war against the Russians, you better believe the first rocket from from this US system that strikes Russian soil were to be in a shooting war with the Russians and this is what Biden wants. Biden is thirsty for a war he's craving a war somewhere. But there are so many other dumpster fires.

We gotta be worried about the White House yesterday walked back the whole. Well we got up yet binds docket Amanda handgun. She's not going after handguns. I do believe that do you seriously believe that that Biden is is not going after the handguns look Robert Francis O'Rourke, the fake Mexican Bobby Francis just said yesterday that they need to confiscate every AR 15 in America. In other words, if you got an AR 15 and he's in charge.

There's a knock on your door and there to make you turn over your weapons are gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be right back.

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This person is like a delivery or something. Nope, it was tile on his bike and I was like you know you got a bike back home this afternoon and that he right will, of course, any movers I just say wow I don't have much faith in because it's hot, hotter than blue blazes off and it's only getting hotter as you know, like any bike this morning. I was like well not too bad but it's going to get bad. 55% of Americans this is according to Frank Lawrence, 55% of Americans say they would stay and fight. If United States were invaded like Ukraine, only 55% what you think.

That was back when our grandparents were a lot, I would say where it was 110%. What is it say about our country that only 55% of Americans would stay and fight.

If we got invaded. Now among Republicans 68% of Republicans say they would stay and fight 25%. That's the Mitt Romney side. By the way, the 25% would flee the country. Among independents, 57% say they would stay among Democrats, 52% of Democrats say they would they would go to Canada or Mexico. 52% of Democrats you know it's just this says a lot about who we are as a people and what are teaching our kids in the public school. By the way that that's what this is all about their teaching our kids to hate America, but America is not worth fighting for. That's that's what that's all about 844-747-8860. It is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I was watching Fox News Channel last night. I was channel surfing and they were talking about Top Gun Maverick which is you come you can't find a ticket to this movie. I mean, people are going to the movie theaters in droves. And you have to know all these movie theater owners are loving because they're making their money on the concessions and a lot of people get the popcorn of the milk duds of the Baptist martinis and of there's been a lot of debate over why this movie is so successful, and the fault the idea is that here is a movie that once again takes us back to a time and a place where people love America that you can celebrate the red white and blue blue that you can be proud to be an American that you can be proud of the un-woke Air Force is one of our listers pointed on the Facebook lifestream woke means your zombie right being woke means your zombie, it's a fair point, but Top Gun Maverick is not any of those things as a matter fact it it flies in the face literally of everything that Hollywood's telling us about America that there's a problem with United States of America that there's a problem with United States military there's a problem with white men there's a problem with white with with men in general, white and black who are filled with raging toxic masculinity and all of those things are included in this movie. It's that that's that the DNA of this movie everything that drives the left barkers is in this movie and its people are talking to fatal. It's a beautiful thing and I'm curious if you been to see the movie did you come away feeling good about America visit come away feeling good about the military. Yeah I know it's time for his job in the movie I like talkers.

These are as long as he's not jumping to councils with 844-747-8860 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 here's what we've got a gallop, we got a report on Gallup talking about the worst numbers in over a decade, cut number two place but these are the worst numbers.

More than 10 years yet that that's the worst number in over a decade.

According to Gallup, and it's not just about how they feel about the economy right now. It's how they feel about it. Going forward, do you think the economy is getting better or worse and look here, only 20% say better.

77% say worth that's the worst Brett again in over a decade and you know it's not just about views of the economy overall its views about how your changing your own habits right. How is inflation impacting Americans change grocery purchases.

63% cutback an extra 63% cutback on driving 54%. The thing about naturally and are filling in their pockets as well. How about you Bloomberg has a report out and according to Bloomberg, individuals making 1/4 million dollars a year are now living paycheck to paycheck. Now some of you might be saying what weight is 2 1/4 million dollars man I'd be living high on the hog. Yeah that's true if you're not living in a place like New York City or San Francisco or Chicago so I I believe those numbers but by and large, of Americans not only are they living paycheck to paycheck, but a lot of you folks are not even able to do that. It because the economy is so far in the toilet and it's getting worse. Jamie diamond warming warning of what could be an economic superstore. That's how significant this issue is gas prices now. As of this morning. Now at an all-time high in every single state in America. And there are over seven dollars a gallon in some places in California and it could be $10 a gallon by the middle of the summer and I'm curious to know what gas prices are looking like baby formula. The shortages continue.

It's unbelievable, even places like Kroger are now limiting bombs as far as how much formula they can purchase 844-747-8860, and when he noticed a small North Carolina Jesse listing to us on WS IC was to weigh in on that survey are Jesse what's up all wore the one little fault for freedom that it knows we won't do it because Old Republic is for democracy were the people modal, everything is still the representatives will just jump in here. That's a great question to thank you for the call.

I mean, that's a fair question. What if our founding fathers knew what we would turn into.

Do you really think that they would've said okay we just don't let the British handle this.

I mean if I'm George Washington, and by the way, I me just what yesterday we got a story about Washington and Lee University. Our room they've already remove portraits of George Washington and Robert E Lee the namesakes of the University. Those portraits have been removed from the chapel and they're putting up a wall. They're building up a wall so people will not be able to see Robert E Lee's into remains. It's a fair point. I mean, what would we be better off under the rule of the British. Now that the countries gone full-blown woke you got Washington University wanted to take down George Washington statue and the list goes on and on and on art. We gotta take a break your 844-747-8868. Have you heard the big news Greta Van Susteren now at Newsmax hosting a brand-new show the record with Greta Van Susteren starting June 14 Greta reports on the big stories from Washington giving you the facts you need to know Greta is asking the tough question.

She's always fair journalism.

The way it audibly books.

I made the switch to Newsmax like millions of others. I want to encourage you to do the same. All you need to get more information go to Greta text the word Greta 230 9747.

That's Greta up to 39, 747 or go to Greta is that's Greta is Newsmax is really as real people.

I watch it all the time, folks, and you should too.

Need galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers. I simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket to get you galaxies. He flipped for this just that mansard says they're there celebrating pride. So NASCAR of posting this on their twitter feed and post up a little rainbow, it's got all the colors of the rainbow flag. They've got the trends in two spirit flag so NASCAR is really they've embraced this whole thing on NASCAR says that the we remain steadfast in our commitment to create a more inclusive environment that's kind of the I guess that sort of the talking points or more inclusive environment in our workplaces at the racetrack and understands so who do that. There are a lot of asexual two spirit gender fluid NASCAR fans, but apparently there is a very large demographic of the NASCAR audience that embraces those particular proclivities will tie.

We were talking about a woman attracted to a plane. This is NASCAR and its cars. So what about those people I know well I mean you know I'm just saying what about those people know I'm I'm thinking of. I'm thinking of something involving tailpipes, and I know there I want to go there nobly and I don't is early pupillary lunch.

It's too early in the in the month-long celebration and we gotta say that we got to pace ourselves. I do want to share this story with you. From the conversation since 1972. This is written by Tristan Bridges from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Since 1972 social scientist have studied the general social survey to chart the complexities of social change and homework. So where are we getting at with this well according to the survey, 23% of young black women now identify as bisexual. This is a fascinating story.

But since 2008 when so again I was 23% in 2008.

Guess what the numbers were. Guess what the numbers were less than 2%. So what is happened. What is happened over the past several years where a massive number of black women have suddenly decided you know I'm not going the royal map I can I can but about my bread on both sides. How do you get to that point. What is that telling you bisexual identifying women account for virtually all of the growth among those who say their lesbian, gay, or bisexual, so nothing days as a matter fact, according to their chart. Fewer men today say they are gay them back in 2016. According to this, of all the women who responded to the survey. This is in the survey was conducted back in 2018 more than one in 18 identified as bisexual.

A decade ago only one in 65. Now what is that tell you that I know that we have to suspend reality. We have to suspend facts.

That's what society tells us, but let's just for the for the sake of the conversation. Let's not suspend reality. Let's not suspend facts.

Is it possible is it possible that there has not been a 23% jump in the number of young black women who now identify as bisexual. Is it possible that perhaps were dealing with a societal or psychological confusion here, a psychological confusion that was birthed and nurtured in our nation's public school system that you think about this. Just think about it and I suspect this is only going I the number next year and in the year after. I would not be surprised if that number doubles as a matter fact I would not be surprised if we become a society where only 1% of the population is heterosexual, and I will explain why what happens when your start because now they're starting in preschool all right preschool. We had the lady on yesterday your teaching kids that men can become pregnant in North Carolina that's happening in your public schools. By the way, that teacher go. But the after our show. But going back to what's happening in our public schools.

Let's just say that your preschool your four years old you're in preschool and the little preschool teacher says Army boys and girls today were gonna learn how to you know how to go to the bathroom and were to learn how to go read the ABCs and working to teach you that one plus one equals eight were units because, again, math is racist. So it's really what you one plus one is really whatever you wanted to be kids. It really is and yet there's really no reason for you to learn the alphabet, because you know words are racist. The white man came up with words.

No, not all words but were discussed. Make all words you racist because you have there there evil eye. That's with her teaching because but but just think about this, then your teaching a child little Billy the doctor who gave birth to you, just four years ago made a mistake he just said you were little, but what if you are a little girl don't you like these bright shiny colors, little Billy all I love that I love the colors, teacher, and the colors are so great and flashy and what you like to wear these beautiful colors and address all yes please teacher I want to please you and and so the little Billy comes home and is wearing a dress and he's going by.

Hello Beatrice, I idled out.

I know how it all works out. But but imagine just every single day you're going to that public school what eight hours a day is that Honda could spend it for public school eight hours a day and they're pounding this into your brains in math class and science class and English class and phys ed. Is it possible that you are actually hurting that child psychologically. Is it possible is it possible I'm not saying there's no such thing as old L or B or G the tears just off the charts and we we all knew I mean psychologist made that determination a long time ago that was an illness until recently when we decided it was not but why wife for settling a child that the end that's what I'm getting at and why forces that are a child, why not let the child develop naturally and again I probably stand apart from a lot of conservatives and baby evangelicals on some of these issues because this is America I'm a constitutionalist and if you want to live your life a certain way. You have that right and you should have that right and I will defend that right on this radio program that you you're right, just like I know what you coming in and telling me how to live my life or Grace doesn't want you coming until your head live her life. We all have rights under the Constitution. But what we do not have a right to do is to expose children to ideas and concepts.

They're not old enough or or advanced enough to handle, so what is this country look like 12 years from now. Right you got a child starting in first grade and for the next 12 years, there begin to be pounded into their brain that you cannot be a male or female.

You can't be straight.

You have to be something else. And if you're not something that you're not part of the cool club. What is that look like we've all seen the lives of tick-tock page right.

I mean we know what's happening.

Our public school campuses. You can turn a blind eye to it. If you want to, but here we have the proof. And so you have to at unless there's been some sort of oven uncanny evolutionary process were in the span of a decade, 23% of young black women have suddenly decided boom were bisexual.

I don't think that's what happened. I thought I just think there's a lot of confusion in the classroom a lot of confusion of the culture and I'm not sure that's anything to be proud of our folks. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the talk turned from Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's yours and so great to have with us today border to border coast-to-coast coming up a little bit later Congressman Jim Jordan is going to drop by use of these to say about this Michael Sussman word are clearly no justice for president trump just yet I were to be talking with him a little bit later on this hour.

The program I want to go go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend from the great state of Texas Congressman Pat Phelan joins us. Congressman hope you're doing well today. Sorry what you're trying to say that the Congressman real quick.

I wish it away on this report to Joe Biden. He keeps repeating this a claim that Americans could not own cannons during Revolutionary war times of all people.

The Washington Post did that for Pinocchio's but the guy keeps repeating the stuff over and over again Congressman and here's my here's my deal on that one time it's a mistake to times a gap you do it three or more that is intentional disinformation that the president's spreading not just documents but this idea that the Second Amendment is not absolute. What say you, I well remember what. So I might have to give an upgrade not mentally capable of knowing the truth from you from quite frankly, that the media with multimedia Democrat out of there. Go to. I remember they were there with a bottle that we would record he said, like when there was a report that came out that 20% of women are sexually assault on campus is not a life you study all of the day light repeating over and over again and then you know they're there.

There followers blindly.

You don't beat the Pied Piper whenever Obama does not abide Congressman looking much closer to home.

The aftermath of the shooting there and in Texas at Rob elementary school.

We understand the police chief no longer cooperating with the investigators and he was sworn into office as a City Councilman behind closed doors in private what what concerns do you have about the investigation down there currently important that you won't be cooperating and giving you a little screaming� Out we need to do something you need to do something now we need to do something you want to know what most effective to keep working. It's a multitiered approach number 113 doors multitiered, were you going to get buzzed and he often have you buzzing the school once they clear there. You are to be in their classroom doors shut like just you can leave them up and they shot automatically lock school marshals in Texas. We want government reported that House and Senate, but only six of the school district should make it mandatory if some teacher wants to do it again to get the training and the school district at their Marshall caper system in 30 years ago work all the school choir and city and work together so you would know or any spreading any classroom and collate every cover and then the police need to change their doctrine to advance and will make a threat and not that you don't surround them to gain prestige. We need to change the things that they need these items.

These matters will Congressman what you think has happened in this country.

I'm 54 years old we we never had school resource officers. We never had had to have armed schoolteachers where the principal patrol the hallways with a fiberglass paddle with holes drilled into it and everybody. Everybody told the line so so what you think has happened since the 1970s that you know what that really going on here. When you have an erosion of the family of an erosion of really social interaction.

I don't call it social media. I call it antisocial because people are just very particularly young kids. Their phone you're not getting out there in meeting people and adjusting were more social creatures. We need other people were on the planet with four others and honor God and that's not hot anymore and the last thing let's legislate away evil. You know that the old Aaron. We need to look at that the root cause of these monsters that are committing the shooting.

Never well-adjusted folks. I have a future of being warm I can love and unfold their loaner and that's what we really have not to mention the breakdown of the American family and you gotta have a mom gotta have it down in the classroom and until you know that Congress was to have that kind of a conversation.

I think you guys are going to be considering what eight bills to ban guns were to meet you to get gun control. I don't think that's going to look a good by legislation to make murder really about that right is already folks like I'm just a joke there and I can address the root causes going to cater to their their day they needed something so they can feel good about the doctor part.

It doesn't do any good.

I want to make our children safer and you know make investment in that regard, and then before we need have a really open discussion on the erosion of the family erosion of religion faith in this country, and social interaction. Speaking of that. Speaking of safety.

I Congressman in the first hour of the so we were talking about the Marine Corps are doing well.

They just posted on Twitter this morning a gay pride salute that includes a combat helmet and on the combat helmet are rainbow colored bullets for for pride month. I mean, Re: do you have concerns about military readiness and what the militaries actually focused on these days I find that goal. The armed services committee and the military to be political in any regard, I want them to be lethal and efficient unit cohesion. I want the latest weaponry of our best soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and by and about Obama to politicize the military, probably late start of the last bastion of being dominated by conservativism or something along those lines.

Remember, talk radio, did really well.

Still does, wanted to eliminate talk radio.

They wanted picture that there was equal time on the garbage they need to dominate the method constantly changed in November when we have not read to nominate and the Republicans are I should say the adults in the room are in the majority in order to eliminate the clear message the military that you can and will you just protect your nation. That's it.

And we got that by the way, folks, we got the footage of in the photograph from the Marine Corps of our website. Todd and and Congressman. I mean, look, you can celebrate gay pride. But, that's great. It's America you can live your life. I want to live your life, but that cannot be the focus of the military.

Military liberty to do what you want.

You don't already want to break a lot so the ironic part, but don't feed it down her damn throat and not on taxpayer done on the taxpayer dime and I know I told that some of the writing generally democratic. I Don't Want You to Be Recalled to Check What I Want to Be an American General and You Know I Have To Honor and Stop on the Line. Your Democratic Masters and Resign That You Know What They're Doing Is Wrong. Well Said I Congressman, We Gotta Leave It There. I Congressman Pat Fallon Always Appreciate Your Great Insight and Candor's Are Said Congressman Pat Fallon down in Texas.

By the Way, We Get to This 4000 Illegal Aliens for Thousand Illegal Aliens across the Border over the Memorial Day Weekend. Just in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. That's It. That One Sector 4000 People and You Have To Wonder What Else Was Crossing the Border at Other Checkpoints on Believable Art. We Gotta Take a Break or Folks 844-747-8868 Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 I Go to Our Website. We Got the Photo from the Marine Corps up Todd and the Check It out to Give Us a Call. Do You Think Were Overreacting on This One Will Be Right Back.

Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for Hard Both. Walking Back to the Conference Radio Show.

Hey, Have You Made the Switch to Patriot Mobile yet Anyway. I Mean Just about the Entire Listening Audience Is Already Switch over to Patriot Mobile. America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless. No Luck. It's Great. They're Christian and It's Great That Their Conservative No Doubt about That but What I Love Best Is That They Provide an Awesome Service and Ultimately of the End of the Day That's What You're Looking for Right You Want to Be Able to Have a Pretty Good Deal. You Want to Build It Have Great Coverage and Patriot Bubbled They Can Do That They Can Deliver on That.

Not Only That Patriot Mobile. They Share a Portion of Every Dollar in Organizations That Fight for Causes. We Care about and I Think That's Pretty Awesome Patriot Is the Website Patriot Use the Promo Code Try to Get This Urine to Get Free Premier Activation and There to Give You a Free Gift.

Now If You're a Veteran or If Your First Responder Will Get This Give You an Even Bigger Discount. I Just Think That's That's Awesome. They Love Our Military Patriot 972 Patriot If You like to Call That's 972 Patriot Gotta Use My Promo Code Taught Art Daily Mail Has a Report about Hunter Biden, and It's Not Good According to the Daily Mail Hunter Biden's Search History on That Laptop.

This Goes Back to March 19 Reveals His Obsession with Horan and a Penchant for Filming Himself Having Sex with Prostitutes. The Daily Mail Reporting That Hunter Biden Search History Reveals an Obsession with Porn Including Incest Fantasies Involving 18-year-olds Lonely Widow Porn and MILF Crack Cocaine Porn. The Search History Also Includes Instructions on How to Hack a Lover Cell Phone along with Repeated Google Searches of Himself.

Now, According to the Daily Mail. The Searches Cover Just Six Days in March 2019 before He Broke His Laptop and the Took It to the Repair Shop There in Delaware and That's Where Hunter Biden Literally Abandoned the Website but They Say There Are Dozens of Videos on the Laptop That Reveal Hunters Penchant If You Well for Filming Himself Having Sex with Prostitutes and Then Posting Home Movies on His Own Porn Hub Account under the Username RH East the President Signed the Daily Mail Reports Took Care Not to Show His Face in the Uploaded Videos. This Is Disgusting. This Is Absolutely Disgusting. But This Is What's Been Going on in the Biden Crime Syndicate That Sickening Absolutely Sickening. What Hunter Biden Has Been up to.

Of the 281 Websites Captured in His Browsing History over Six Days, 98 Were Pornographic. Other Text Messages Show He and Joe Biden Used Each Other's Phone Numbers at Various Times, so It's Unclear Whether the President Was Using a Phone Number. Hunter Texted a Link to a Porn Hub Page to a Number That He Saved in His Contacts to His Contact Book. As Dad.

So Now the Question Is Was the Allegation Here Is That All in the Daily Mail Is That Hunter Biden Was Sitting As Dad Wings to His Porn Hub Page, Biden Was 49 Years Old at the Time and He Also Search for Porn Videos Involving Teenagers, According to His Browsing History. Had the Truck to Had the Trunk Kids Done Anything like This, They Would Have Been Crucified. This Would Be Wall-To-Wall News Coverage All over America but the Mainstream Media. They Are Bought and Paid for by the Bryant by the Biden Crime Syndicate. And There's No Way No Way That They Would Ever Report This Kind of Damning Information 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 This News Coming from ABC. The White House Is Now Reached an Agreement with United Airlines to Transport Baby Formula, Free of Charge from Heathrow Airport to Multiple Airports across the United States over a Three Week. This Is Called Operation Formula Flight. So Here We Are the United States Of America the Greatest Fighting Force on the Planet the United States Of America the Most Exceptional Nation in America and Were Having to Rely on Foreign Countries, Foreign Countries for Foreign Aid under Joe Biden United States Has To Have Its Handout like a Beggar Asking People to Lend Us a Helping Hand. Does This Make You Proud American Is Is This What All You Never Trappers out There All You Democrats.

Is This What You Signed up for. Is This What You Went and Voted for Election Day. I Mean It's Pretty Pathetic What's Happening Right Now This Country. It's Pathetic. What Joe Biden Has Done to This Great Nation We Have To Crawl on Our Knees Are Hands out like Were Oliver Twist in a Dickens Novel. Please That I Have Some All This Is Who We Are As a Country Right Now and I Love about You but I'm Sick of It. Meanwhile, What Is Joe Biden Doing Cut Number Eight Dear Mr. Sec., for Giving My Speech I Wish I Was Warm and What in the World What What What Is That Guy Doing What Is He Doing but Again with Joe Biden. He's Completely Clueless Completely.

Biden Says You Know What We Need in the Coast Guard Running All Biden Says, Will You Not Not the Best Coast Guardsmen.

No, That's Not What We Need. We Don't Need the Most Capable Able-Bodied People. This Is Who Joe Biden Says We Need to Because We Need to See More Women in the Highest Command of EchoStar across Every Service in the Armed Forces.

We Need to Ensure Women Have an Opportunity to Succeed and Thrive throughout the Professional Careers That Provide Support and Resources Can Compete Fairly Fully for Promotion.

Make Sure Women Are Not Penalized for Having Children Has That Ever Happened and What Was about 20 Years Has Not Been a Problem. I Don't Think It's Been a Problem.

So Is This Perpetual State of Victimhood.

That's Where We Are with It with the Democrats Right Now.

That's Why the Democrats Believe That Modern Times Are We Are That Blanks in America Minorities in America Are Worse off Today Than They Were Back during the Civil War to That's What the Democrats Want You to Believe That You Are Actually Worse off Today Than You Were Back in the 1960s. I Know We Have A Lot Of Minority Listers and I'm Curious to Hear from Our Our Minority Listers Today. Are You Better off in Today's America or Are Things Worse Than They Were during the Civil Rights Era 844-747-8868 Look Will Invite White Americans to Wait on That 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Hey You Need to Head over to the Website Todd Check out Our Podcast. Our Free Newsletters Are Great Resources for You Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Southeast of the Park.

I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles. For Sure Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Good to Be Galaxies. He Flipped for Now 240 Regular Unleaded in Ohio Dropped $0.50 in 24 Hours, 79, Let's Go to the Patriot Mobile Line Hunter to Have with Us Congressman Jim Jordan Me You Guys Are. I Guess Were All Suffering Well Now It Go at Go at Doctors and I Was Just Saying It Looks like Were All Suffering Here. Yeah the Only One Thing That Done Right and It Ford_Something That I Think the American People Have Figured out We All Sort of Figured out It What They're Doing to the Country's Intentional Weekly Know It's Intentional.

What They're Doing or We No Longer Have 1/4.

We We Know It's Intentional What They've Done to Energy Policy Backbiting, but That It Lacked. We When He Said Forget It Would Have To Get through This Difficult Time. Like No We Don't Have To Go through This If You Just Open up and Log the Pipeline and L'amour Leases on Federal Land, but They Just Can't Do the Right Thing Because the Hard Left Control Their Party. And Even If Joe Biden Wanted to Do Something to Help American and American Family.

The Heart Level, Letting Me by Intentional about What You Think the Endgame Hears Him for All of Us.

Well, I Think He Go Back to When When the Left Held the State They Want to Fundamentally Change America, We Should Take Them at Their Word Date. I Think Today's Left Which Control the Democratic Party. I Think Deep down They Don't like America. They Don't They Don't Feel about This Country the Same Way You and I and in Our List in Your Listers Do We Know America Is Not Perfect but It's the Greatest Nation Ever Done More Good or More People around the Planet That Any Country in History, but the Left Think Now Now Now Our Constitutional System.

The Rule of Law You Crop That Freedom like the First Amendment Back in a Minute. They Don't like That Stuff and They Want to Control Everything from DC So-Called Elite Who Think They're Better Than Other Folks Who Live in Flyover Country. It Is That Kind of Attitude and Your Seeing That Reflected in the Stupid Policies They're Doing, Which They Do Intentionally Because They Think They're so Much Smarter and Better Than the Rest up. Meanwhile We Work More on Bended Knee Asking for a Handout from Great Britain. I Guess Her to Be Sending Us Baby Formula American Bombs Are Suffering. It's Embarrassing Congressman Is Just Embarrassing. It Is in It and It All Reflects the Leadership You Know We Paid It All the Time but If You Think of the True We Didn't Have the Concern with Cousins from with the Leader of Our Country. You Know You Did You Look at Joe Biden When It Comes to Foreign Policies Been Amassed the Domestic Policy It Intentional and It Ended after and Then of Course You Have the Attacks on Her on Our Fundamental Liberties on on the First Amendment Right That We Enjoy under the Constitution. He Is Now Coming at the Terrible Event in Buffalo and Texas Youth Youth to Come in with the Attack on Our Second Amendment so Yeti These Folks Are. This Is Why You Can't Work with Them. You Have To Stop on the Elevator Stop and Point out the Fact the Truth, and American Show up on Election Day in and Make a Change in Our Government on the Petrie Mobile Newsmaker Line Congressman Jim Jordan Congressman Incredibly Disappointing Verdict Coming out Yesterday He Hillary Clinton's Former Campaign Lawyer, Sussman, Michael Sussman Found Not Guilty How You How Do You Find This Guy Not Guilty. I Don't Get That How You Acquit the Sky Yeah I Know I Didn't Get It Either.

You Know It It Eat Eat Lie Lie. What Was in Fact Material.

You Never Know How a Jury� Ruled and Going to Decide.

I Do Think That We Learn from Amazing Your Information Just to Get You the Idea That Sec. Clinton Told Dotson to Take False Information Information He Knew Was False to the Press and the Net Gain Information What They Can Do the FBI Meet That That Is Unbelievable Because It Said That Yesterday. Think about It She's Former First Lady, Former Secretary Of State, Former United States Sen. from New York, Candidate for President of the Democratic Party and She Is Actively Saying Take All Information Information We Made up Take That Information to Hurt Our Political Opponent in an and That Information Got Taken by Guzman, Her Lawyer to the FBI Built That Is Unbelievable and and and You Know That That That Is the Scary Thing so Will Will See What Happened Here Next with Durham's Investigation. But You're Right. And of Course You to Your Point Washington DC That's with the Jury Pool. As Were Talking about Democrats Outnumbering Republicans. 14. The One and You Act There Was Literally One of the Drawers and by the Way There Folks out There All Anonymous Overnight. We Don't Know Who These People Are One of Them Actually Said According to the Washington Times. There Are Bigger Things That Affect the Nation. A Possible Lie to the FBI. I Suspect That Would Be a Very Different Outcome of That. Were You or Me up and up on Trial or If It Would, You Know, Michael Flynn, Paul Manna for All the Things They Did You Hear That That Is Not How Our Great Country Work Is Both a Look at the Look and Ending up Again, We Don't Know What All Is Presented in the in the Trial so You Know What Will Will Will Say That but but It Sure Seems like You Had to Email What One Does When We Learned in the Course of the Trial with the Email That Became Public, We Learn That the Men Had a Special Badge Access to the FBI. Now Why Is That Why Why Why Did He Get Thank You Member Daniel Richman, the Guy That Called Me When He Leaked His Memo, We Come to Richmond. Richman Had Lawyer Friend of Colby Had the Same Special Access to the FBI That Guzman Did. What Is That All about. Need to Find out How Many People Get the Special Badge That Gives Them Access to the Top People at the FBI. I'd like to Know That When One of Them Happened to Be Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer.

It's a Great Question Is Is Just Unbelievable. The FBI Behaving Almost As If Their State's Police or Their Offshoot of of the Clinton Campaign. This Is the Deep State Rot That Pres. Trump Was Was Dealing with. And That It's It's an Ugly Thing. Yeah, It Sure Isn't It.

I Get I Think That Majority Agents Are Great Great People at These Folks That That That the Topic Call Me McKay Paid Struck Baker. These Folks at the Top When the Cozy Relationship They Had with the Clinton Campaign People Make.

It Makes You Wonder You Know What What Was Going on. Let's Hope Durham Can Continue to Get to the Bottom of This.

Find out Everything That's That's Afflicted and Again the This Is the Same FBI That Did in Fact Launch Investigations against Moms and Dads Who Were Asking Tough Questions of the Local School Boards.

Congressman Yeah Sure.

In an God Bless the like Is That the Good Agent That There Are so Many of Them.

The Agent You Came Forward As Whistleblowers and Told Us What Was Going on More Than Two Dozen Cases Where We Know That They Apparatus That the Biden Ministration That the Justice Department Put in Play Was Used To Report Niche on Aaron and Some of the Examples You Gave in a Letter That Was Sent to the FTI, Yelled the One Mom within Moms for Liberty and on the Gun Well That You're Allowed to Do That under the First and Second Amendment This Great Country but That's What Got Her on the Line You Got yet You Cannot Investigator Simply Because He Was Going to the School Board Meeting. Standing up for the You Know the Best Interest of Her Son or Daughter Crazy Congressman Gottlieb That There Are Good Stuff As Always Appreciate You Sir You That They Think by the Daycare I Congressman Jim Jordan Out Of Ohio.

Everybody, by the Way, Tucker Carlson Last Night Was Raising This Issue. All of How a of How a Law for the Legal Arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton Were Operating in FBI Workspace in Their Offices and Been Doing so since 2012, so Was Going on He May Miss This Insurance Today Comprised of Several Hillary Clinton Dollars Acquitted a Lawyer Called Michael Sussman of Lying to the FBI Whose Michael Sussman Sussman Is a Former Partner at the Law Firm Perkins Coy the Biggest Democratic Firm. The Firm Represented Hillary Clinton's Campaign. In That Capacity. Perkins Coy Sussman 100 False Information of the Trunk Campaign to the FBI's Retained Relationship between Sussman, the FBI Will Incite Much More, but the Connection 20 FBI and Sussman's Former Law Firm Perkins Coy Mack Gates and Jim Jordan Have Just Received a Letter from Perkins Coy's Attorney. This Show Can Report Exclusively in That Letter, Perkins Coy Admits the FBI Has Maintained a Quote Secure Work Environment within Perkins Coy Offices for More Than a Decade Going Back to 2012 Went According to Letter Quote Perkins Coy Is Responsible to the FBI for Maintaining a Secure Work Environment That Workspace. Whatever It Is Still in Operation Today Know What Why Do You Think the FBI Has Office Space with the DNC and Hillary Clinton. It's Very Clear. Based on This Exclusive Reporting from Tucker Carlson and As You Discern Congressman Jim Jordan Say It's Very Clear That They Are in Cahoots Here Were Not Dealing with Fear Arbiters in the FBI Anymore and I Know the Congressman Says You Know What, Not All FBI Agents Know That's True but There Are Enough Corrupt FBI Agents and I Think It Were Safe to Say That Leadership As a Whole Is Corrupt That What They Need to Do Is Bulldoze the Building down and Start over Art.

Gotta Take a Break.

We Got Connor in Boston. Jerry and George a Couple of Lines Open 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number 844-747-8868 Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles.

For Sure Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Compact and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flipped for 847-4788 North Carolina Risk Listening to WSI Secrets What's on Your Mind.

God. No, Not and I Would Not Go Alone That I Would Call an Object.

Why Well, but That Really Wasn't the Point of the Interview Will This Go around in an Congressman George Is a Regular on the Show but I Mean I Do Know That A Lot Of There Was Trying to Recall the Story. There Was an Issue with Mose McCarthy and the Letters on the and the Phone Calls with Letter Lot and I Believe You Believe You Should Be a Leadership Role Know, I Know You and I Don't Believe As a Matter Fact I Think Jim Jordan and Jim Jordan and I Bit.

We've Talked about That with Jim Jordan before and I Don't like to Belabor the Point. So Jordan Has Made It Clear He Has No Interest in, and in the Job of Speaker of the House. I'm I'm Disappointed I Think You Make a Great Speaker You What My Problem Is That Even If We Do It. We've Got the People like McCarthy Doing Things and Mitch McConnell on Our Back or Just Let It Go Alone Were Not on Accomplishing Me.

It Seems to Me That the Republican Party Change and in Front of and We Were Told They Stole the Election from Every Body No That It Was Stolen This Crap about Maybe Not Everybody Knows, but Even the Republican Government Should. You Can't Win When I Was McCarthy the Leader of the Republican Party Is Inca with Changing What Are We Supposed to Do What What Are We As American People. Conservative People Opposed to Do If We Don't Have Any Bilingual Jim Jordan Can Turn It Back and Let McCarthy Did Anything about It. Fine. What the American People. What Can We Do See I Don't Think Jordan Is Doing That. I Think Jordan Is Being Pretty Strategic Here, but the Reality Is If It's Not to Be Jordan and That's Why Think It's Going to Be.

Who Would You like to See As Speaker of the House If It If You Suddenly McCarthy Jordan Says He Doesn't Want the Job. Who Do You Think Would Would Be Able to Lead the Conservatives on Capitol Hill Always Should Be True, but We Know That's Not Gonna Happen We We We Know That's Not Going to Get This Whole Thing over to the Trunk Lid One Bagel Actually Would Be into Check When I Was Drunk Out Of but I Just Simply Saying, Not Just the Democrats Win against Her. The Republican We Had the Republicans We Had the Presidency We Had Congressman All and They Did Not Do on Fine Didn't Do Diddly Squat That No Doubt about It Soon and Again Here We Are Watching Our Country Is All and Nobody Doing Yes We Are. And You're Right and There's Nothing They Can Do at This Point. They All Have They Don't Have the Power They Don't Have the Numbers so I I'm What We've Got to Give the Republicans Control Again. We've Got a Do It and We Can Only Hope and Pray That They Don't Screw Us Again and I If You Asked If I Would Put a Wager on That You Are Knocking to Do That Because I Know How These People Are Not for You Need Very Good and You Are the Cause Link to Rush No Dial or Even Rush There like before He Died, Got on the Radio Said All We Can't Talk about the Election.

We Know What's Going on American People Were Not Know I Get It, but Chris There Comes a Point and Where We Have To Focus and I Gannett the States Have To Address Voter Fraud, and We've Got to Get to a Point Where We Cannot Campaign All That We Cannot Have People Running for Office Campaigning on We Lost the Election. That's Not Going to Inspire People to Get out and Vote. That Being Said, People Are Really Fired up about It Because Nobody's Actually Address the Issue and That's a Problem, but That Cannot Be the Campaign Messaging and If It Is, I Think That's a Losing Proposition. Regardless, the Republicans I Believe Are Going to Retake Congress in the Fall of the Question at This Point Is Is How Much Chris Got a Run Appreciate That. Let's Go to Boston Connor on the Line He Connor What's Going on Will Be Great If Radio Talk Show on Planet Mike Got Will Think You Got Here, but Not Short Formula That We Probably Don't Have People Were Willing to Go out There Working the Tractor to Produce.

We Have so Many People in My Might Target Right and Something with a Broad Brush Here but We Have Lead People Who Literally Are Just Collecting from a Government They Can. They Don't Want to Work. We Are Provider for Power Formula for Workers in Factories across America. We Have All the Other Resources Quite a Bit.

I Think We Should Get to the Point Where Evil Body, No Working Glory Will Work. They Are Just Plotting the Taxpayer Is like to Look into It Going to Work for the Pay Back the Money on the Military Included Stock of the Military, but We Need to Do Something about the Labor Shortage That America Is How People Were Sitting All Playing the Xbox You Know Going Online and We Could Go There Working Increasing for Their Fellow, Have You Noticed Connor.

We Had about 30 Seconds Are but If You Notice in Your Age Bracket. Your Your Young Person. Have You Noticed A Lot Of People Your Age, Not Wanting to Go out and Work. Mark Was Playing like I Was about Five People Who I Know Are Good People, but Hold on Monday Morning to Display Anything and What I like with Billy about What Will Know Why Would I Want to Work like What the Pride Want to Stay at All. Our Country Died in the Ground All Unbelievable.

I Know I'm with You Connor.

I Think We Got Elys�e.

This Problem of the Country and I Think the Worst Thing That Happened Those Stimulus Checks.

They Should of Your They Should Never of Given the Money Because Once You Start Giving People Those Checks, It's Just a Government Handout Taxpayer-Funded Government Handout. All Right Connor Good Call.

Good to Hear from You. Hang Tight Folks Got Some Lines Open Here 844-747-8868-year-old. Although Cody Were Working to Get 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern's Radio Show Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy 44, Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for Liberty University Studio in Memphis, Tennessee since Conservative Commentary from Day. If You're Looking for Work to Get America Back That's What Got It. Many Elys�e People across the Way This Story from the State of Connecticut State of Connecticut Is about to Crack down on Your Social Media Platforms New York Times Reporting That the Democrat-Controlled Is Going to Hire a Misinformation Expert.

So If If You Feel Comfortable Spying on Your Family and Your Friends and Your Neighbors Then You Might Want to Throw It in an an Application or At Least Update Your LinkedIn Resume Hundred and $50,000 a Year. That's How Much Your to Get Paid to Snitch There in the State of Connecticut. Specifically, They Want Someone Who Will Flag and Censor What They Consider Misinformation Ahead of the Midterm Elections Colorado and Also California Are Putting Together Similar Plans to Crack down on Free Speech in Advance of the of the Midterm Elections. What Sealed Phrases Snitches Get Stitches Is Not Open Maybe to Have a Good Benefits Package Big Lawsuits Brewing and and It Involves the Air Force Nine Airmen Are Suing the Air Force Because They Were Denied Religious Exemptions for the China Virus Vaccine. So Again the China Virus Vaccine Here at the Center of This Lawsuit Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, a Good Friend of This Program from First Liberty Institute That the Nation's Top Religious Liberty Law Firm Kelly Shackelford Joins Us.

Kelly, Hope You're Doing Good Today Great Kelly Are Doing Well. Going through This Lawsuit. Of This Is a Fascinating Story about Members of the Military Who Were Denied a Religious Exemption Tell Us What Happened Here Just Crazy Going on.

I Military I Think Most People Don't Realize the Process of Having Literally over 10,000 People Given Everything for Our Country and Their Families Having Their Whole Lives Upside down.

Just Because a Herd from Washington DC. People of Faith in People and Content. This One Involves a Number of Individuals Including People like Fire Pilot Chief of Training and Are Air Force Squadrons and so These Would like to Let You. Let's Get Rid of the People Who Are Really Talented but All Is Going on in the World Why Because They Asked What Was Their Right under Federal Law. When You Have Something That Violates Your Fate As Somebody in the Military Never Lied under Federal Law to Aspirate Religious Accommodation Which They've Done and They're Being Punished for Asking. Having Paid.Being Threatened Being Told That They Will Be Kicked out. Maybe Not with Any Sort of Honorable Discharge and These Are People, Given Everything for Us and You Tied You Might Know Your Other Lawsuit We've Already Filed Earlier On Behalf Of the Navy SEALs Which We Now Only One so Far Booked but We 188 Class Certification Were Now Protecting Everybody in the Navy Because We Uncovered so Many Violations by the Navy Were Now to Do the Same Thing with the Air Force We We Got Protected Many People in the Military As You Can from This Really Political Purge That's Going on That Really Will Only Harm Military and and Kelly, I Remember. And There Was so Much Going on in the in the Days of the Pandemic, Where Where Chaplains Were Actually Being Told to Two Cokes. I Guess Military Members into Not Applying for Asking for a Religious Exemption and You Actually Had Some Chaplains That Were Told to Say No, This Does Not Highlight Your Religious Beliefs. Yeah It It Really Is Incredible What's Been Going on. Take That Take the Air Force Where Al of Accommodations for Administrative Reasons or for Medical Reasons. But When You Asked with a Religious Conscience Issue That They Don't Grant Them and in Fact They Punish You for Clear Discrimination under the Law. And Again, Our Our Our Effort or Hope That I Would Encourage Your Listeners Are Not Following These Go to First and Get behind These People Are Military Because This We Got Wendy's I Think You Know, Gen. Jerry Boykin Is Really a Great Hero at a Delta Force in the Green Beret Eat He Thinks the Cases Are Crucial to Whether We Have a Military Future Because This Is Really Hurting Morale What Happening and How People Feel like after All, They Given Thousands and Thousands about Everybody's Watching. We Got Wendy's Cases for the Sake of Generations of People Who Told Her Kids and Their Grandkids to Go in the Military Could. Many People Are Saying Don't Do It Right Now Because It Kind of Really Political Abuse That They're Undergoing so It Is Important We Wendy's Cases. The Good News Is so Far We Have One Federal Injunction. This Recorded Court Of Appeals, and Now We File This within the Air Force. We Plan to Win Their 2 Feet Every American. Behind This Effort That We Can Get Kelly and Was Described at the Time, and I've Heard This Description Used Several Times in the National Coverage That There Was Some Someone of a Purge Underway of Specific Kinds of People and Especially in August Targeted Towards Christians Is Is and How You Might Describe This If You'll Remember Right When the News. He Said That the Number One Problem Was Met with Extremism within the Military That Was the Number One Problem for Military with Their Own Fruits Were Extreme and so They Actually Held a Created a Task Force and Passport Build with the Most Really Extreme Left-Wing People You Ever Heard of Your Life and There Was One Person Who Wasn't Met with Mike Berry Who Works for First Liberty and Is Probably the Most Experienced Military Lawyer in the Country and He Kept Saying Please Tell Me What Extremism Is Not Black People Because They're Conservative or Christian or Whatever.

This Is a Major Constitutional Crisis Because He Kept Asking Them to the Fire. They Eventually Kicked Them off the Task Force. So This Is What's Been Going on from the Very Beginning.

And Boy, What a Great Opportunity. When You Have These People Who Have Religious Objection to Something You Can Wipe out Maybe 10,000 of These Families. That Is a Purge of the Military and Had a Bad Purge That Would Do Great Damage Not Only to Those People and What What They Given for Our Country.

Take the Navy SEALs with over 350 Years, Five Navy SEALs of Combat Service Knowledge of Them. What It Does to the Future. The Military and the Confidence of Those in People above Them Will Have Their Back. We Got a Win in and Restore Really Are Confidence of Those Are Really Serving Us in the Military Kelly I I'm Listening to You and Just Hearing the Intolerance from the Military and the Great Irony Is Just A Few Moments Ago. The Marine Corps Posted a Twitter Message. We Have an up on Our Website Promoting Tolerance and Diversity in the Name of Gay Pride Bath of so Much so They Have an Image of a Combat Helmet Adorned with Rainbow Colored Bullets, so They're Going Out Of Their Way to Embrace That Movement While Turning a Blind Eye and and Quite Frankly Trying to Punish and Kick out Air Force Members and Other Military Personnel for Simply Wanting a Religious Accommodation. God Guided Together.

You Asked the Commanders of All the People We Represent the Navy SEALs the Airmen the Fighter Pilots Etc. They Would Tell You They Do Not Want Anything Done to These People. That Is All Coming from Washington DC Pentagon Political People There. The One Pushing This Quote Diversity They're Using the Military Boy Instead of What It Meant for, Which Is the Fight and Protect Our Country and They Really Stand for America around the World so We Have Got Wendy's Cases Protect All the People below and Not Let the Political People I Had Really Hurt Are Military in a Way That Could Be Permanent, but Again I Want to Encourage People to Good News Is at the Judgment Were before.

He's Already Said There Is No Covert Exception to the United States Constitution Is Rolled Very Strongly in Favor of Those in the Military so Far We've Won so Far On Behalf Of Everybody in the Navy Are All Protected Right Now.

But Now We Got a Win and Protect Those Your Service in the Air Force As Well. Well Done Sir.

Great Work, and You Got a Great Team There.

Kelly, a First Folks If You Want to Go and Check out the Great Work You're Doing at First Liberty. Find out How You Can Support Them.

This Is a Great Nonprofit and They Can Use All the Help You Can Send Their Way. Kelly Appreciate the Great Word Today. Thank You.Thanks for All You're Doing to Get the Word out around Ari Kelly Shackelford First Liberty Institute and Again the Headline Nine Airmen Are Suing the Air Force First Liberty Representing All of Them and the Reason They're Suing Is Because They Were Denied Religious Exemptions over the China Virus Vaccine. We Also Know That Nearly 3000 Other Airmen Are Still Fighting for Religious Rights in the Military.

It Is Interesting Right. I Mean, They Embrace the.

The Rainbow Flag. This Is All about Tolerance and Diversity. Well Why Would You Not Tolerate These Christian Airmen Who Are Simply Asking for a Religious Exemption Are Working to Take a Break Going Right to the Phones 844-747-8868 Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 Will Be Right Back Galaxies. He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of the Part I Found It in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles for Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Its Compact and Fits Perfectly Good to Be Galaxies. He Flipped for the Hurricane Right Now to Study Body Everywhere, Things There That Can Handle This.

That Hurricane Is Right up There down the Road Coming Our Way.

We Just Don't Know If It's a Minor One or Super Storm Sandy You Send Your Were Andrew or Something like That and See You Better Brace Yourself.

Yes Indeed, We Gotta Get Ready Folks Gotta Prepare for What Biden Is about to Bring down on This Country Are, Let's Get to the Phones As Promised 844-747-8868 Jerry and Georgia Jerry What's on Your Mind? Where Would Work Blackhorse All Civil War Civil Rights Era, Yes. What Say You I Say Back in the Civil War.

They Were Enslaved by White Democrats, but They Had Honorable Tenants and Valued Religion, Family and Culture. And That's How That They Survived the Following Hundred Years like They Were Free. They Still Had Those Honorable Times They Valued Religion, Family and Culture and the Civil Rights Area.

When They Went to the Welfare State. That's When They Started Falling Back Now the Major Cities.

If You Look at an All Run by Black Democrats and the Welfare State and the Religion, Family and Culture Aspect of Their Tenant Seems to Be Waning. If You Just Take for the Fact That the Children Born Out Of Wedlock. The Number of Board I Think We Lost Jerry Very Sorry about That Do Not Know What Happened to Look First of All, Slavery Is Evil and Wrong. I Don't Care Who You Are Is Steve and Nobody Is Better off Enslaved Times. End of Story. Now the Question Is Where Are We, or Our People.

Today in This Country and the Reality Is That Many Americans Are Actually Enslaved to the Federal Government, and If It Was up to Joe Biden.

All of This Would Be Black, White, Hispanic, Asian. They Want All of Us Working for the Government and That's the Problem You Know We Talk A Lot about the Black Suit Movement Where People Are Leaving the Democrat Plantation. That's the Concept Here. That's the Theory.

But I Think the Point He Was Trying to Make and Again I Bed, What Have over the Phone but I Think the Point He Was Trying to Make Is That in Today's Society, You Have a Segment of the Population That Has Turned Its Back on Faith and Family and Now Were Dealing with the with the after Affects Me Tell You Something.

This Has Already Happened in the White Community. By and Large, Most White People to Go to Church. I Would Be Willing If Percentagewise I Would Be Willing to Say That Minorities Attend Church at a Larger Level Than the Average White Person Does in America We Look at What's Happening Right Now, the Southern Baptist Convention, Which Is the Nation's Largest Protestant Denomination. But Even More Importantly, It Is Conservative.

Well I Mean by Concert Are Talking about Politics. No I'm Not Talking about Politically Conservative.

I'm Talking about Conservative in Values. That's What I'm Referring to. And Now, Unfortunately, You've Got a Generation of Young Pastors in Their 30s and Their 40s and You Got a Bunch of Want to Be Cool Pastors in Their 50s and They Are Literally Sacrificing All of the Efforts Made in the Southern Baptist Convention to Adhere to a Strong Conservative Platform They're Just Throwing It All Away. They Want to Be Woke Matter Fact, There Are Some Southern Baptist Pastors and Leaders Were Now Advocating for Gun Control. They're Saying You Really Can't Be a Good Christian or Christian in Good Standing.

If You Don't Support Some Sort of Controls on Gun Ownership Part Where Zach Amore Is Out Of the Bible so Matter-Of-Fact These Same Individuals Are Literally Playing Politics There. There beyond Guilty of Doing This, but by and Large You Just Have a Much Awoke Pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention That Have Neutralized the Nation's Largest Conservative Protestant Denomination Babe, It's Been Neutralized and What's Happened As a Result of That You Got More Chaos and the Culture That's the Way It Goes in Hollywood of the Southern Baptist Convention to Be Repaired. I Mean I Think It's in the Throes of Death. That's Right. I Truly Believe That in It and It Troubles Me to Have To Save but Honestly You're Better off. I Have Seen I Have Seen Godless Heathen Politicians Behave More Compassionately Towards People That I've Seen Some of the Southern Baptist Leaders It's Evil You on Twitter.

Look at How Some of These Other Baptist Are Treating Each Other. It's Horrifying. There's No If I Was If I Was Lost As a Goose. There's No Way No Way I Would Ever Grace the Doors of the Southern Baptist Church. If That's How They Behave. But Now You Got the Sun and These Are the Same Southern Baptist Leaders Who Are Who Were Anti-Trump They Were Never Tromp and They They Bash They Went out There. They Made National Names for the Cells by Attacking Donald Trump and Then When Donald Trump Fired Back Will All Of A Sudden They Became Victims.

I Mean, These Are Basically Woke Pajama Boy Snowflake Preachers That You They Are Effeminate All and It's Very Unfortunate but IPods. I'm Afraid They Have Destroyed the Southern Baptist Convention Usable Top Does That Mean How Does All This Time. Well What I'm Trying to Say Is When You Have a Demographic of People, Whether They Be Black or White or Hispanic, and They Have Been Predominantly a Force for Good in the Culture and Then They Turn Away from Their Value System.

All Hell Breaks Loose. And That's What's Happening in the Culture Right Now and I Know This Other Baptist Are to Be Meeting and I Want a Couple of Weeks and in California Hope They Get It Together but I Don't Think They're Going to Be Able to and Sooner or Later. Mark My Words Here.

The Same Southern Baptist Who Are Never Tromp and Who Refused to Defend Religious Liberty and Who Are Rather Squishy on the Issue of Life. Now, Will Be the Same People That Embrace and Do Not Be Surprised If They Fly the Rainbow Flag. One of These Days to Happen This Year but You Just Wait.

It's a Slippery Slope When You Start Sacrificing Your Belief Systems.

It's a Slippery Slope and Soon the Southern Baptist Will Go the Way of the Methodist May Be Sooner Rather Than Later. 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number You Baptist Know What I'm Talking about 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern's Radio Show Galaxies Flip for All These New Taxes Might Not like I Just Did in Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Its Compact and Fit Perfectly Galaxies He Flip for All Rights Not Speaking of Speaking of Baptist Really I Guess Is Have You Guys Heard of This Woman Named Beth Moore. She's One of the Leading Bible Study Teachers, and Man Is She She Was One of the. The Original Never Trumpeters. I Remember Maybe It's Just Me but I Read for Some Reason I Remember Back in the Day. All of the All of the Christian Women in America Were Just like Beth Moore Was the Bob She Was like Chick-Fil-A.

Everybody Wanted to Be around Beth Moore and Now She Is Gone Full Blown Work so Anyway Beth Moore Attacking All of You Conservative Christians out There of This Is on Todd Beth Moore Posting a Series of Messages on Twitter Directed at Conservative Christians.

By the Way, This Is in Conjunction with an Associated Press Story That Says the Greatest Threat to America. Where Is That Hole and so the Greatest Threat to America Is the Rise of White Christian Nationalism and One of the Things They Had Great Fears over Was an Image inside the US House Of Representatives with the Phrase in God We Trust Emblazoned above the American Flag Associated Press Article on the Influence of Christian Nationalism on the Midterm Elections Has Confirmed the Fears of Many Voices on the Left Were Calling for Action, Lest the Nation Parish MST and C Host Joy Reed Said Via Twitter. She Was Glad to See the Mainstream Media Beginning to Make a Claim, Rather Than Trying to Sugarcoat This Because Christian Nationalism Poses a Very Real Threat to American National Security and Social Cohesion.

Freelance Writer David Bates Tweets They Talking about Christians. White Christians Will Go after Every Office and Seat from the White House to Schoolboard City Councils, Even Library Bards, You Know What Freelance Writer David Bates You're Dying to Write. We Are Every Single Office.

That's How You Fix What's Broken with American I Hate the Regular These People. But the Fact of the Matter Is That We Are One Nation under God. We Were Meant to Be a Christian Nation That's Hard for A Lot Of These Leftist and Is Hard for A Lot Of Republicans to Understand but That's the Problem with the Country Right Now. It's Really Just It's a Moral Problem Anyway. Mrs. Moore Is That How She Prefers to Guide Me or Is It Miss Ms. Barb Miss Moore Ms. Ruiz Moore Beth Moore Bible Study Teacher Says Let Me Tell You How This Works. All You Have To Do to Thwart Change in Conservative Christian Writings Is to Frame It As a Progressive Takeover. Then She Mocked Conservative Believers. The Liberals Are Coming for Liberals Are Coming Woke Alert When Our Fear of Liberalism Exceeds Our Fear of the Lord Our God Is Power. She Concluded More Added. I Don't Think Some of Us Who Love God Would've Liked Jesus You Know People like This Woman, This Is What Gets Me about Her, You Know She's Take Things Out Of Context and the Reality Here Is That Most American People, and Especially Christians. They Love God and They Love Their Country. There's Nothing Wrong with That. There's Nothing Wrong with the Idea That We Are One Nation under God That We Were Created to Be One Nation under God. We Will A Lot Of White Christians a List of This Program You Guys Feel As If You're Sinning against God by Loving America. Mrs. Moore Says Something. She Says Here's Some Context, Some Framing a Sexual Abuse Investigation Process Is a Progressive Takeover When Protecting the Sheep from Predators Is Liberalism, the World's Going to Hell in a Hand Basket. Look, Here's My Whole Take on This Hashtag Me to Movement Its Despicable Its Despicable and Those People Who Are Accused Should Face Whatever Charges and Whatever Penalties of Their Proven Guilty Problem I Got Is You Have A Lot Of People out That Are Just Making Accusations Whether or Not There Is Substantial Proof Whether or Not Charges Have or Have Not Been Filed and It Seems to Me That Justice Covers Everybody the Victim and the Accused and the Reality Now Is You Got People Going out There and They're Making Whatever Kind of Charges against Whatever Kind of People and They May or Might May Not Be True, but It Doesn't Really Matter Anymore Is Just like When You Go out and You Disagree with Somebody What Is at the Left Us. They Call You a Racist. Well, It's Hard to Get That Stink Washed off of You.

When Someone Calls You a Racist and Is Not True. It's Hard to Watch That Stink Away Because It's Always There. But Mrs. Moore and Many of Her Leftist in the Evangelical World Believe That You Are Guilty until Proven Innocent. And Then You Are Still Guilty Even If You Are Innocent That's That's the Belief System. I Just Have a Problem with What Say You, America 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 but Man What Happened to Her Any Grace. I Remember Back in the Day, Everybody Was Love and Beth Moore. My Mom Went to Multiple Conferences with Her Headlining. She Was Very Popular, Especially My like Ian of the Middle-Aged Women. They Love Beth Moore and Now Not Somehow I Think People Are Literally Burning Her Bible. Why Don't You Used To See Her Stuff Everywhere When You Went to Church, Especially in the South like All Women's Bible Study Where Using Beth Moore's Book.

Now I Haven't I Haven't Seen Her Book Anywhere I You Know I and Again I Think She Made up a Terrific Mistake Because She Basically Rebuked All of Her Followers. Yeah, I Mean She Really Alienated A Lot Of People and and Now She's This Is the Price to Pay and Is Not Coming Back. But There's a Cobble That's Her and There Is the Washington Post and Some Children of Former Baptist Leaders and Their Basically Bringing Doubt That They Want to Destroy the Southern Baptist Convention yet Wanted and Seems Pretty Vindictive. That's Is Pretty Ugly. I Me I Wouldn't Touch That with a 10 Foot Tall Somebody Asked That All Would You Mind Endorse Appetite As I Lay Out Of That Absolutely Is Pathetic. I Don't Care If You're Conservative Republican Will Not Be Playing Politics of the Church. So What's It. Are You a Big Argument Following the Star Wars Story That This Is Beaux-Arts Little Bizarre, so Help Me out Here so There's a New Franchise. I I Deleted My Eye I Cancel by Disney Account Okay so Well There's a Show Called Obi-Wan, Which Is Just a Show about Obi-Wan Kenobi and If You Seen Annie of the Star Wars Were Movies You Know What Were Talking about and It's You Know It's Doing Pretty Well.

People like the Show, but There's This New Character to My Watch the Show yet, but I Understand She's Kind of the Villain in the Show and There's a Woman That Is African-American Playing the and A Lot Of People. Moses Ingram Yes A Lot Of People Don't like Her Character Okay. I Haven't Wants to Show yet so I Don't I Don't Have a Comment on That but It Came out That People Were Attacking the Actress Some Criticizing Her in the Role She Was Getting A Lot Of Death Rest Debt.

Death Threat Sorry and Racist Comments.

So Now Disney and Star Wars Has Come out Defending Her Sandal.

Basically, the Just so We Have Some Audio from Ewan McGregor Who Is One of the Leads in the Series. Let's Take a Listen to What He Asks This Weekend. Star Wars Funds Made Obi-Wan Kenobi the Most Watched Disney Plus Original Series Premier of All Time. And for That I Would Say a Big Thank You and It Just Goes to Show What This Family Can Do When We All Pull Together. However, It Seems That Some of the Fan Base from This Influential Fan Base Consented to Attack Moses Ingram Online and Send Her the Most Horrendous Racist Dams and I Had Some of This Morning and It Just Broke My Heart. Moses Sabrina Not to.

She's a Brilliant Woman and She's Absolutely Amazing in the Series Should Bring so Much to the Series to Bring so Much the Franchise and It Just Sickened Me to My Stomach to Hear That This Is Been Happening. I Just Want to Say As the Leading Actor in the Series Is Executive Producer in the Series That We Stand with Moses We Love Moses and If You're Sending Her Bullying Messages. You're No Star Wars Find in My Mind Is No Place for Racism in This World and the ~Stand with Moses.

Well Good for You. Why Are You Standing Front with Gina Corrado. What about That Where Was Star Wars. Where Was the Star Wars Leadership. Where Was Gina Corrado Where Is Where Was Disney When Gina Corrado Was Being Given That He Felt Where the People Defending Her Because She's a Conservative and Her Opinions Don't Count Is That the Gist of It. Grace Baker Is Because I Just Don't Get All Okay. Exactly.

I Mean I Don't Have an Issue at All with Disney Coming out Defending Actress Because She Was.

I Saw Some of the Messages They Were More Alleged Because You Know Who Really Wrote the Scared Lots. How Many Times Have We Seen the Fake Racist You Know That's True. But Again We Put Side-By-Side Those Messages and the Same Similar Situation with Gina Corrado Where She Was Getting Death Threat and That in the Offender They They Straight out Caster Aside Canceled for Action Figure.

Everything Just by EC Again.

I Cancel by Disney Subscriptions. While the Standard Exam All Right. Let's Go to the Phone Zero 844-747-8868 Becky North Carolina W HK PR Gratefully Appear Becky What You Want to Tell Us about Beth Moore but I Was I Bought All Unbelievable Wet Waiting Area Where Can I Read More about Yeah I Would Follow Her on. If You Follow Her on Twitter and Beth Moore.

You Will See All of It and Becky. It's Shocking and This Goes All the Way Back to the Trumpet to the Trunk 2016 Presidential Election and Oh Yeah, She Is Inherently Antitrust That, but Gary Was Thinking Only in Early and Get Back Believe What I Mean When I Woman Was Automate Long Time. I Think Becky What Has Happened Is That Again Trump Was Cleaning out the Deep State Swamp. I Think EQ Could Also Cleaned out the Evangelical Swamp and We Got to See People for Who They Truly Are for What They Really Believe and I Think It's Shocked A Lot Of People I Know A Lot Of People Very Shocked by Beth Moore and the That the Leftward Turn That She's Taken Back That Had around. Oh Yeah, Thank You for Informing Gynecological Data. Look It up. I Well Hi Becky, Thanks for the Call Your Becky Is Not Feeling Well. People Still Know You're Busy Leaving Your Lives, and That's Why We Do What We Do We Want to Make Sure That You Are Informed before You Spend Your Money on These Folks. By the Way My Slippers If You Don't Have Them yet. Got a Get on Your Feet Will Thank You. Trust Me on This Slipper Blowout Sale Underway Right That's my Mike Lindell is such a great man and he loves our show.

He loves her listers and he's always giving you some incredible discounts and deals over my, normally the are the regular price of a for the slippers hundred and 3998 and early there that they're worth every single penny but now you're really going for 4998.

That's 4998 with my promo code.

Starnes bikes also to send you a free copy of his book your little love that as well. You can read the book while you're where the slippers by buy one get one free. By the way, on pillows, the Giza dream bedsheet, you name it. All sorts of great deals got use my name Starnes of the promo code by will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for holding down a verdict in the Johnny Depp neighborhood was gone bonkers and so it's good to be announced the top of the hour so just a few minutes they will be announcing the verdict in the Johnny Depp never heard of me that was ugly you know it's it's funny they say guys can't be abused in the year the relations of Waterloo about that. I mean she was pretty pretty terrible. Haven't really been following the case that terribly much. But a lot of people just kind of grade 3 big into the trial following Sam in the middle. I thought it was real. I've I've definitely been fascinated by it because it it is what it is really to me shining the light on the guys can be abused in relationship Stephen she's she definitely abused them emotionally, physically, all the above want to go make me a sandwich is what he should Todd is digging a hole. I know I listen to your radio affiliate here at the top of the hour for the news verdict. Let's go to Georgia W dear when Susie wants to say something about Beth Moore, Susie, what's on your mind, are you today I am good Susie thank you for asking hot up there Sweet mercy Susie, that's, you know, I need a ceiling fan. I need a rocking chair need some iced tea. That's what I need. Yeah I'm a mile northeast of Atlanta and we bring went right in the summertime. Did we in no event more and her crew, and the parents say: thank not an amount all right back to her when he started that this country that I she sure did. She went there and she she got TDS Trump derangement syndrome Susie she got it bad yesterday had an eight pick up and down and probably not. It's a great question Susie a great question. I look. I think Trop exposed all these people for who they really are right and unclog it if you don't won't open it so it's a fair point. It's a fair point.

Susie not going to disagree with you on that. All right, since Susie we got a runner at the top of the hour, but you give us a call back and I don't know.

It's Christ where you live. I just never heard anyone say it like that when she safe you who doesn't have a closet closet.

If they don't want it open or something. A lot of them are open up this month. Thomas is walking closets you know going back there. We got a whole month ago we got a whole you know I saved the ponds every single day I met you I we get in trouble. That's all there is a lot of messages.

I know not just for the Beth I'm talking about, you know, pride month. Oh yeah, I know you're getting it from all sides unit. We we just try to be diverse and tolerated.

Don't blame me where just the messenger right yeah sure are good by the way, Marco Rubio saluted him thanks to his fine work. The children will not be attending drag queen story hour at Ram Stein airbase in Germany. What is going on. Could somebody just shoot the enemy. Can we just do that. Can we all agree that's what the military is therefore, I gotta get outta here, folks. Todd get your point. Gotta get the podcast or love it.

Trust me were to do this all over again tomorrow. Have a great new galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket to get your galaxy flip for

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