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Memphis Leaders Don’t Want to Provide Trump Security

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 2, 2022 3:37 pm

Memphis Leaders Don’t Want to Provide Trump Security

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 2, 2022 3:37 pm

City leaders in Memphis say they don’t want the police department to provide a security escort for former President Trump.

Rep Scott Perry, Col. David J Giammona, J Warner Wallace, and Kirk Cameron join the conversation!

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Need galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I just set my phone down and put it in flax mode and capture hands-free pics from multiple angles or capture training sessions for his followers. I simply wave my hand to start recording video disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see America, you know how much I love my hometown. See the greatest city on the planet. Unfortunately, we've got a pretty nasty infestation of progressive Democrats and will be just screwed it all and that's what they same thing happened to San Francisco. By the way up, you little city called people, great food, but the government they're all progressives and now you can walk down the street before you step in a pile of people poop. It's horrible and I'm good.

New York City witches are great but it's beautiful city. I bet we should be proud of New York City, but unfortunately the progressive liberals everything they touch everything they touch. Is it just turns took to rocked sad but I tell you that the Memphis Tennessee is just the most beautiful land all measurement methods. Never met is not a member, Tennessee were I get misty. Every time I hear that it's that's how much I love this city, the home of Elvis Johnny Cash went to BB King. The guy who created Piggly Wiggly and of course the best barbecue in all of America and all you people in St. Louis and Kansas City. I will fight you to the death over that adjust. That's the way it goes. You folks in Texas just taken the if is not big it's not barbecue you make a mean brisket, but is not barbecue but that's not why I'm all riled up today so Grace Baker you know that Pres. Donald John Trump is coming to our beloved city as a matter of fact, the Traut family has been very involved in Memphis are donating millions of dollars in helping to raise millions of dollars for St. Jude Children's Hospital, which is the best children's research Hospital in all of America for sure. And you can't miss the billboards around town with Trump Trump is Council President Trump is coming to town and working to have the organizers of that event, I Kimberly Guilfoyle's to be here. Mike Pompeo, I mean this is a Who's Who in ultra mega world. Oh yeah, this is a big deal, and so were rolling out the red carpet to greet Pres. Trump to be bluest part of Tennessee.

Oh yeah, it's like you look at Tennessee Brad and then blue Nashville and them blue in the corner for Memphis. It's terrible. And so, anyway, Pres. Trump you Memphis is a dangerous town unfortunately where like the second or third deadliest city in America where up there. 1.3 million people of the Democrats have tried to defund the police they had they refused to give police officers the resources they need were about 800 people off of our complement here in Memphis and I know that many of you other folks are suffering as well, but we got Trump coming to town and you know people need to make sure that the President of the United States is going to be safe. So typically when a president comes to town what happens.

Well you work with the local police departments and typically others in entourage Secret Service heads up the detail and so then they fill in the gaps with all the other local police and it's an honor you as you want to be able to want to be able to say that you protected. You were on that presidential detail when Pres. Trump came to town and in need of police officers take pride in honor I would no matter who was the president so here in Memphis we have a progressive city Council to let me say this most and and I know that we have a lot of minority listeners in the Memphis Tennessee area specifically aware of its majority minority city.

Many people are conservative, but there are also a lot of Democrats who listen and they are conservative in their values. In other words, they believe that you basically there Republicans and they just don't know. I mean basic will help them figure it out and that's a part of this program. I think we are actually think were being helpful in that process but but the reality is, though the people elected to office are radical progressives only explain how radical these people are AOC and Johan Omar and Rashida to lead radicals. I mean that's how radical they are. They tried to literally rename the major street through Memphis Poplar Avenue. They want to call it but black lives matter Boulevard help. I remember that you remember that they refuse to wear 700 cops down.

They can't find any cops in the city limit people want to be a cop of the city limit and so we had these neighboring communities. The suburbs and the city Council, which is a majority minority. They refuse to bring in people from outside as one city leader said we know what Bubba patrolling our streets and we all know what that's code for truly pathetic.

It's really very sad because most of the victims of the crimes of Memphis are in fact people of color and why would you not want to protect people I me. My philosophy is where all taxpayers were all children of God protect everybody shoot the bad guys just get the job done so anyway two of the most progressive of the city Council members. There's a guy named JB Smiley and a guiding more TBS Jones. They have introduced a resolution telling the Memphis Police Department do not provide security for Pres. Trump when he comes to Memphis, Tennessee. A couple of weeks. I love we have all these problems here and this is what they're focused on renaming streets and making sure Pres. Trump is not protected when he visits. We literally have people being gunned down every single day, sometimes multiple times a day in the city and those important pressing matter is they know what the Memphis Police Department to provide police protection for the President of the United States makes no sense.

It's ridiculous, believable, so the argument they gave is rich because her say well we just don't have enough money we don't have enough resources and you see, I smell a rat, Grace Baker eyes smelled a rat because I knew that wasn't because the question I had was okay fine if you brought Barack Hussein Obama to town. Would you provide security for Barack Hussein Obama. Yesterday the reason I asked that question is very simple because it's one of two things they there either racist. These two City Councilman or this is a political thing so it's either one or the other and I know which one it is having is political you think is political that if I use the envelope because they don't have a history on both sides of that particular nastiness. So anyway I decide you know what I can reach out to these guys and I notice I'm going to see eye to see if they will reply because I smelled a rat.

I knew that was the reason why so I reached out to the smart TV is shown and on Twitter and I put it all out there and so I asked I asked that question.

And so he replied and he said of course we would provide security for Barack Obama and he also said they would provide security for George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. But he said they would not for Trump and he told the real reason why so these guys are liars by the salt I got to read what he what the real reason is why they don't what the police department to gifts security. The president of the United States. He says quote just goes that insight mobs to attempt to overthrow the government overturn an election has a history of stiffing those that perform work for them and habitual liars like Trump those of the people they don't provide security for well I me talk about him Bethel. I got how many times are the guide ally in that one tweet. You smelled a big rat. Todd, you found it and we found and then JB Smiley chides and what the councilman said all right ditto if they want to talk about habitual liar. Okay, let's talk about Barack Obama. If you can if you like your doctor. You can keep your Dr. let's talk about William Jefferson Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman in wrong answers sir so there you go, and it's an embarrassment.

These men are an embarrassment to the good taxpaying citizens of Memphis, Tennessee. Yup, I don't care who you are, the president comes to town. That's a big deal to take a little bit of civic pride.

You should but these yahoos all they are there, you know what they're like. Maxine Waters wannabes. That's what they are.

Yasin way to say it. There they're infected with Trump derangement syndrome types of leasing the soul of America. These elected leaders and they got Trump derangement syndrome TDS.

It's an incurable disease and what it infects you it's it's horrible and there's no vaccine for so here's what to do. Grace Baker because I love my present. I love my city of Memphis and I know we have a lot of listeners on our flagship radio station. Maybe there are people all over America. I think we need to create our own security detail. If the Memphis Police Department is not going to be able to soup to protect Pres. Trump.

Maybe we should form our own posse if you want something right. Do yourself right, because I know and you and I both know that there are many gun toting Bible cleaning ultra bag out the plurals that would love to come to Memphis and protect our great president just around him right in this walk with them can really be the guard dog. You know what we will we will deputize merlin cool II think that's an idea. But the funny thing is, the irony here is at the end of the date nobody even asked the Memphis Police Department to do security, Secret Service, and even reached out to exactly sort of like wait a minute, what's going on so there is this is a big ugly cheap political attack on Donald Trump yes and and you know it's sickening and fortunately you voters of Memphis met you. This is is really this is what you voted for.

I mean come on we can to better we got a better bar if anybody was to be a part of our GH I got up we got a check to see if we've allowed to do this. I don't overlap to do that we have the clearing. Do we have the clearance.

I don't know I I don't know. But the good news is that the rally is actually Mississippi is right across the state line so that it's true, which is like heaven.

You know it's kind of like because that's with the safety zone out like I was you're a heck of a lot safer Mississippi when you're in Memphis. Ferne Hunt is I am just saying again.

I love my city love my hometown but we got some problems yeah all all caused by progressive Democrats.

Every single one of all right, so if you want to. If you want to join our posse. You are posse better and I got a come up with a better name like the Lone Ranger, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid's live work and think about as we are. Maybe listeners can give just like barbecue a theme or something. Oh please oh department. I the smokers snow. Please note, or make a sound like we have like lungs, lung disease or something like well you know low and slow low and slow writer so I all that's good you like that. Grace will work on it work 844-747-8860 we got tons of stuff happening all over America that's 844-747-8868. Their website is Todd you can join all the fun. There you can away yet on our social media platforms. We have so many ways for you to reach out to us will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Stearns and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold.

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I got a name for you Tennessee volunteer Rangers Frank.

I like that I I I I did get that right right right. That didn't write it down. Grace, thank you, right. She's writing it down. All right Tennessee volunteer Rangers if you want to. If you want to join us in our quest to defend our great president when he comes to Memphis. Give us a holler. By the way, got to give a shout out to us some great fans of the show they own their the owners of cotton fill farm in Coldwater, Mississippi, and that they were at this big farmers market. I would you and Hernando the Hernando farmers market and man. They have all sorts of great stuff, you know, I was searching for.

I was I was had a hankering for a fresh Mississippi red tomato. I wanted a Mississippi red tomato sandwich and I go up there the guy stops me. He says I listen to you every day on the tractor and.they gave me II offered to pay him and he said, know your body's no good here and he gave me this incredible jalapeno light cucumber relish stuff, which was you could like die Fuhrer would say you would put you can put another flip-flop and would taste good but it was really amazing. Anyway, he says up yet.

You gotta come back a couple weeks. The tomatoes are ready so I'm like alright so anyway a shout out to all of our great listeners. We have the best listers in all of America and we we so appreciate you guys hanging out with us. I was having a conversation last night with very conservative person, a longtime friend and a person who is pro-second amendment all the way and this individual is now having second thoughts about being pro-Second Amendment and there there responding to a lot of these these horrible tragedies from Texas to Buffalo to what happened yesterday in Tulsa which apparently some guy was upset with his doctor.

I guess he had back surgery and it didn't work out well and he showed up and what five people dead and a lot of other people got injured but this individual who's a conservative so as you know, maybe, just maybe, we need to rethink August maybe we need to have some sort of a of a delay system so like when you go and you say you want to go by, because now the police are saying the AP report and this just came out a little while ago. Apparently the big guy purchased an AR style rifle. This is their language, their verbiage, so the guy purchased a rifle on the day of the shooting.

So now the narrative.

Let me explain how this is going to go there to say that this guy bought the God with the intent to go and kill people at this medical Center in Tulsa. So this this friend is saying, well, you know, maybe we need to have some sort of a delay system so if you want to go buy a gun you you won't be able to buy it for 48 hours or maybe a week, maybe five days. In other words, if you're going, and the argument was that if you're going to get a gun just because you're angry and you want to eat out revenge or whatever.

That will give you an opportunity to cool down.

That's the that's the philosophy here, but my question is where who who makes that determination you they have people listen.

We want universal background checks. All right. Well, what about states rights, states that have rights right do we really want to grow the.

The government do we want to make the government better. My issue is, we've got plenty of laws on the books governing a whole Lotta stuff and the reality is if laws had been obeyed. If rules and procedures would have been followed, there would not of been a mass shooting at that elementary school in Texas, there would not have been a massacre at Parkland high school in Florida if if the laws that were already on the books and if the rules governing things like discipline in public schools. If those things have been followed. There's a pretty darn good chance that some of these horrible things could have been averted. But here's here's what I'm getting out of this. I'm in a jump in a more this at the empty the bottom of the this is not about guns. I I know people know Todd it is about is no it's not about Todd. It's about what it is not about good it's about God. Listen to me about the guns there something else going on here and you have to look big picture of what's happening in this country right now. We were part of a Jamie diamond was was on yesterday took from J.P. Morgan talking about this economic tsunami that is about to slam into this nation, folks, we are we are facing. We are on the brink of food shortages. We are on the brink of jobs being lost. We are on the brink of massive chaos in the economy. This is what the, the Democrats, the progressive Democrats want their the ones that are truly running the country right now they want the turmoil they want the up evil and they know the only thing standing between them and a socialist takeover this country is your legally purchased firearm and they want those firearms on more to say about this, 844-747-8868 that's a 447-4788 60 if you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my pillow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by pillow does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even and human my\start, that's my\promo codes or call 800-544-8939 my\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start to have you with us today, everybody.

Welcome to the John Stearns radio program are very excited on Monday wants to show why do you do for Eastern and Winston-Salem North Carolina and Greensboro North Carolina and also High Point soap excited to welcome a lot of North Carolina patriots to to the radio program as we continue to grow. That's always that's always a good thing. So look, going back going back to to this gun situation. Now the Republicans are going to capitulate.

I just want to prepare you for that. I mean, we've already we know that Mitch McConnell, Sen. turtle has already said recorder and to work with the Democrats. This will thank you, Sen.

He does he want Sen. John Cornyn from Texas to work with the Democrats and come up with some sort of a plan. Right now there are 88 gun control pieces of legislation they are looking and I suspect that the Republicans are to reach some sort of a compromise on probably a waiting period from purchasing a weapon and also raising the age to either 21 or maybe even 25 you watch to see how this plays out her folks, but the Republicans see this from a PR perspective, not a constitutional perspective and one of my problems with the NRA and it is that they are so focused on their fundraising. Are they really doing a lot of good in wooing some of these Democrats over the right way of thinking.

I mean it's it's insane. I gave up my membership to BRA. I mean, the, the amount of time and money they spend fundraising and Vince squandering all this money on these lavish vacated. It makes no sense to me. Meanwhile, we have a serious issue in this country. So my question are you good with a waiting.

Are you good with raising the age limit from 18 to 21. By the way Congressman Jim Jordan. Here's what he had to say about that cup three bill before us is shortsighted and not solutions oriented. It's a one-size-fits-all approach that punishes law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to make our community safer. We all want to keep children safe in school, but this bill wouldn't do that this bill is just another Democrat attack on the Second Amendment and it's likely just the start.

Pres. Biden has said he wants to ban all 9 mm handguns where dissent the American people expect and deserve more from us than political charades that rehash old ideas and don't actually solve the underlying problems are there you go Congressman Jim Jordan.

The problem here is that people want to talk rationally about the Democrats there there an emotional their emotional creatures. They don't deal with fact they deal with emotion and so when something like this happens and and you've got a lot of people on the woke establishment side of the Republican Party, and the like what we just need to get together. We just need to get around the table so we can hear each other. We can hear from you chart what you want to hear somebody tell me the eight pieces of legislation or to consider what they actually have prevented what happened in Texas or in Parkland, Florida, and the answer is no, they would not because these are based. The these pieces of legislation are based on emotion but not based on reality not based on fact so what's really going on here and I love what Glenn Beck had to say and he pointed this out. We've been talking about that.

We been again we talk about puzzle pieces were already lustrous week we put these puzzle pieces together and it gives us an idea what's really happening in the country.

This is why I I write books is so that you can see all of the evidence combined so you get an idea of holy cow this is what the Democrats are doing in our country and it's it is very effective because you you do get a pretty good idea of the attacks on the culture. If you read my book culture she hod you knew about three years before critical race theory became a commonplace word. What critical race theory was if you read my book you knew what the canceled culture. Bob was really all about. We I was writing about those things back in 2019, and culture. She hod how to stop him from killing a nation so Glenn back raises some interesting points here. He says what's really going on were being starved of food were being starved of energy canceling for the cars were being priced out of basic commodities due to shortages and high inflation. It's a one it's one man-made crisis after the next. As we saw with coven the destruction of liberty is the eventual goal.

Glenn Beck is right here, right on the body, he says, look where we are in the post-covert world. I told you in January 2020 that two years later the government would force you to shut down your business weapon eyes bureaucracy and force you to get an injunction you lose faith in institutions like the CDC you have been called insane.

But the reality here is we are in the midst of a revolution in this country, and were not the ones were were not the ones that are waging the war. It's the left. They been very successful, very successful. All you need to do is take a look around for the month of June 30 days. The next 30 days. It is a great gay pride free-for-all our Lord only gets today's Christmas and Easter, but the LGB they got a whole month. Imagine what you see and and it'll be very visible over the next 3030 days.

What you see for the next 30 days, your kids see that every single day in their public school classroom that they're getting pounded with that indoctrination, but beyond the whole LGBT movement. You've also got a situation where they are pounding into the brains of these kids to hate America to think that our founding fathers were a bunch of slave owners who were racist and every single thing they did is tainted and has to be destroyed. It has to be turned around. Imagine what this country could be looking like not just five years from now but just a couple years from now if we do not get out and vote of the midterm elections.

That's why things are so vitally important.

That's why the midterm elections manner.

That's why we gotta focus on saving the country no matter what wells go. The phones are 844-747-8868 Georgia Dino, although I knew got radio over Chattanooga Tennessee. Do you know what's going on, what's on your mind's weekend and went live here. Leader and come to find out you didn't even know anything about going the reason they hire him.

God because he was a fantastic lobby and it just go out in any major city right now. If you have enough hundred pocket you get AK-47 you get anything you want guns don't kill people, people kill people. You know that it is comfortable you do, but no doubt about that. Do you know, but I'm wondering if you know from your vantage point, I mean the people in your circles. Are they starting to put these puzzle pieces together. I mean the high gas prices what the at the minimum wage, the federal minimum wage.

What 725 an hour.

That's what people are paying for for a gallon of gasoline. There's no way working to be able to sustain this. None whatsoever. Now you know and I work with regard you like that are at work.

Most of my career in the cheapest fuel able to come up as a diesel right if it gave us to make the lightest work that right lane get shipped is just a shame edit like we talked about this before the people like you and the rest of the Almighty gun owner, avid Vermont but we would improperly retrain properly. I've often wanted local police doctors to go around of the schools that showed he got good look of the really do there where you don't not likely to videogame. Anyhow, we used to do do Dino when I was in the scouts they used to take us back when it was just boys and not whatever they are now, but they used to take us down to the local police department and we got to tour the jail and you you with they would show you the prisoners and they would say if you are a bad person if you break the law. This is where you can end up don't end up in jail and it was sort of an in-your-face education that we got is old. When I was like a Cub Scout but but those things have a lasting memory on kids.

We've seen up.

We have seen a breakdown of American society. That's what we're looking at right now and it can be traced back to the destruction of the traditional American family. It was interesting. I heard more people I hear and Dino thanks for the call. I hear more people complaining about gay marriage.

Then I hear talking about the divorce rate in traditional marriages and it seems to be that the bigger problem is that we've had a breakdown in traditional families, traditional values, so yeah, I mean if you want to talk about, you know, defining marriage that's great have that conversation. But let's get real here folks. I mean heterosexuals, I mean how many how many kids are growing up in single parent homes that that's the problem. Or let's go to Jim North Carolina WS I see Jim what's going on. Background I'm a Boy Scout tactical author. Then I start all year.

I'm currently about protective services officer North Carolina and also work work.

I made it to file on service. I FBI military. I got a little bit of background and but I am 100% totally forgot or gun ownership.

The only thing I don't like is the current law of buying ironical it anybody can go biological like mandate in Tulsa. Walk in the door and by law, go with it.

I do think there should be a delay sometime all novels now now Jim, so let's just say there is a delay. What kind of a delay are you talking about a couple of days couple a week or two when you buy, you go to church, get them by look at you like that you right now there's no bedding on Sunday could be a month or more people don't normally need allowable.

The next day or that date, I can ladle Jim. Why is that why is it that there that there is no again there's there's no paperwork there's no detail. I mean, again, if you're gonna buy handgun. It seems to me that you should felt the same paperwork for rifle why is there a difference politics Is that what you know about go enter biological they give you that federal format federal form is so stupid you got yes or no answers and you know you get know one of questions. They're not going to be the gun so the court is going to check yes to all the answers. So you that that's the only thing that bothered me for years now you Jim. I was at the supermarket a couple days ago and I I caught myself you know just by was more observant of my surroundings at all when I was there to go buy at the grocery store and I realizes I'm walking around my neighborhood, Kroger. You know what it is a matter how good of the shot you are.

It is a matter how many people and I suspect most of the people there. Kroger my neighborhood were packing heat.

Jim, I mean if you got if you got a guy with an AR 15 covenant and that's it you I mean you're going to be lucky if you escape, but if you're in that guy's line of sight. You're gone and there's nothing you can do about where you got there. I love to get you will appear like what the military and the government actually trains or now but but Jim and I just say that I and I hear what you're saying but Jim just hear what you just said I just want to go to the grocery store to buy a can of chili and I got I got I got to get ready like I'm going into a war zone. I mean that's that's where we are in America right now is not important what you want. My mouth, my why after the basin we had failed downtown. One day she is.

Again ever said everywhere she goes. But now that the situation that I took their bystander got bailed. My wife told me that there should have a better life lasted why is it political, let God spite.

This scared me today and she started again everything Jim again you been in the you been in law enforcement for a long time. Winded, winded, do you remember when all of this changed when we started having all these measures I grew up in the 70s I went to high school in the 80s. We didn't have any of this when I was growing up. It was mainly for the metal matting that I really started playing and escalated from there. But no, we never had these problems when I was when I was young.

You looked at the police officers that was your big ass.

Not anymore. And in real quickly but did did anything change him in the 70s and 80s were those same weapons available to people the average citizen that that that are available now more different calibers but yeah you get there was handguns out there than and I want to say this along that the president said I'm not metal metal ball out of the box. Yes, you would be the last. No, no it doesn't it doesn't, there's a lot of ignorance out there and and a lot of that is coming from the media. Jim where they need to have some sort of gun experts on staff now so they can explain all of this in rational terms and in factual terms.

Jim, we gotta run. We are late for break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860 I'm to say we really had to put on Kevlar to go down and buy something at the Piggly Wiggly will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of insects not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for home. Either way, now they're blaming all you white Christians who love America so you're also the blame for all the gun violence in the country. Congressman Louis Gomer just a few moments ago on least on the demographics you think we don't have hearts, it's just that when we look at the things that you're doing and you're trying to do to America, we see carnage coming for heaven sake of example, Democrats control the major cities that have the worst murder rates. That's right your ideas have been shown to get people killed and he's right he's absolutely right.

Now a lot of this and again were not talking about mass shootings but when you talk about violence. Look at what's happening in New York City where you can beat somebody over the head with a baseball bat cracked her skull wide open and you're not going to do any jail time.

You're going to show up there to say okay you got a tropic corded on this date, I have a nice day. Do you validate the parking so where are we going with all of this again you got a look at the broader picture. Her folks Democrats thrive in chaos. They also thrive in carnage and everything they accuse someone else of doing.

They're the ones that are guilty of this one. So they go out there and they accuse you of being a racist. They're the ones that have the racist tendencies you know they they accused Tromp of the trump supporters of being violent people go back into your history and you got to do this, you can't be lazy and a lot of journalist today there stupid and the rest of them are lazy and it's unfortunate because reality is, it was the left that went out and started attacking trump supporters of this back in 2016. You congruently go to our website we document everything.

Everything about our hang tight. We've got to take a quick break your videos.

This is the Todd Stern's radio galaxy easy flip for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is George and I radio program broadcasting and we got a lot going on this power. By the way, Pres., Pres. Biden weighing in on the baby formula shortage. Here's here's what you decide.

Do think I became aware of this problem sometime after April and early April about how intense it was and so we did everything in our power. From that point on. And that's all I can tell you right now, really, because he didn't say anything publicly or anything publicly about it until until May, May 13 to be exact. So what exactly is the administration been doing. By the way, Biden says that baby formula comes in bottles so that the guys clueless all at the patriot mobile newsmaker line honor to have with those chairman of the house freedom caucus Congressman Scott Perry, a congressman, welcome to the program.

It's great to be with you. Thank you so much for the opportunity and unfortunately in this case, the president of the United States is clueless. Completely disconnected it. Most families know that the children that formula comes in, mostly in the hands that you mix some of it is incredibly expensive due to whatever you note need your special need your child so to speak.

Whether it's a black Lactaid lactose allergy something like that to me the stuff can be difficult to combine the best of circumstances course when he says he didn't know about it now. You know you might not actually be lying about that because there is at least a reasonable chance that the rest of the people of the administration that did knows about it just never greet them because it's not important to them. What is important that I think your listeners know is that this is a government created problem. One company essentially makes about 45% of the baby formula, which is used for the WIC program and the women in infant children program so you subsidize that and then that one company gets a kickback from the federal government every time a person that is subsidize to get the WIC formula goes ahead and picks it up at the store, the federal government shut that went down essentially 45% of the production market and and and cluelessly thought that it was going to have no impact on the greater market and of course are completely wrong in their answer is to ship it in from overseas. After you know, we have spent huge amounts of money and regulatory process in making the American food supply say so to speak. Now when the chips are down. I guess we don't care about safety and we can just get it from anywhere, but all the rest of the time you know we prevail on these companies to make the food safe and would cost us a boatload of money not only regulation itself but in the cost of the regulation. When you go and buy goods and services and so as usual the government creates the problem and then spend more money and makes it worse by their solution to the problem which is now shipping it from overseas on airplane and Congress let me jump in here for seconds. I'm you're right. All of these are man-made crises, but the problem is we've got a lot of these crises. Now you have Jamie time.

Another warning of a what could be a super storm Sandy economic style event that's about to happen. Inflation is insane and when you look at the what the average minimum wage job with the federal 725 an hour.

That's what people are paying for gas and in some of the states. California, New York, where he wants his country look like in a couple of months.

Well, it's really hard to determine a course again not man-made. And I know you mean, but I think it's important for real-life Biden me government made leftist made policies created these problems. Inflation I think that latest numbers about 5.4 GDP down to 1.3 illegal immigration to 200,000+ a record-breaking every single month. And so, with all due respect to Jamie diamond.

They have not been helpful in the circumstance they have never as far as I know been derogatory towards this administration's unbridled printing. Let's face it, we don't even print it, because literally physically don't have the time at just creating digital currency out of nowhere and flooding the US economy with it which you know is going a long way to create the inflationary circumstance you at that with the shutdown of the federal government and state governments imposed on goods and services you have this huge amount of dollars chasing chasing fewer and fewer good your good because companies were shut down fewer goods because employers were employees were incentivized not to work were told that they couldn't work or couldn't go back to work, that all has a consequence you may think just by raising interest rates that they can fix all that these problems are only slightly borne by the interest rate what are mostly borne by all this government activity in the private sector distorting market just shows the athlete have no understanding of of the free market and competitive market capitalism which they are normally vilifying including folks like Jamie diamond quite a congressman. What is this to look like come the fall when you're again we were being told from farmers to we should begin to expect to prepare for food shortages. My concern yeah baby formula shortage. That's a horrible thing.

My concern is what happens when you've got families that can't buy food right well I mean that's forward to being told to expect a course in over 30% of the world. We supply coming out of Russia and Ukraine being in peril because the work there.

And of course we have taken very few to no steps in installing RM circumstances, whether it's fertilizer, whether it's the price of farmers doing business started. You understand, as most of farm equipment runs on diesel, and so it makes it ever increasingly expensive at six dollars a gallon for off-road diesel to do the farming to make the investment up front and then you add to the fact that we have not given up on the stupid program of the renewable fuel standards, turning corn and soybeans in the food instead of fuel. Meanwhile, the same administration telling us we need to gird ourselves for potential food shortages. Well, if they know about it now, why don't they think working to end, at least temporarily, this insane policy of turning food into fuel and what you can get the fuel right from the ground were were standing on top including the state where I reside in Pennsylvania would get huge amounts of natural resources below are key and we refuse to get them because of the green new deal. This is the insanity that we have to look forward to your seeing a precursor at the gas pump. Soon you can see it in your electric bills and then you can start seeing it even more in your grocery stores not only the cost of it, but the availability of things that you normally get. And that's when you got that cascading effect restaurant prices are to go up people and to be able to afford to eat out those businesses are to shut down and were in it working to be in a world of hurt here and I just think people need to be prepared so they they know what to expect, and this doesn't come as a big shock, August or September when not only that God directly right about that people do need to be prepared, but people need to connect the dots. This is happening because the world screwed up here. This isn't happening because the market didn't respond. This is all happening as a result of government intervention into the free market and unfortunately it's hard for people to accept this but this is by design I mean some people like to say the pain is is is the process it the principle of the thing. For instance, the gas prices they want gas prices to be high. They want to force you to consider buying electric vehicles at the very same time that they're imperiling our ability to produce more electric power in this country so this is by design, and people need to connect the dots when you elect the leftist to run your government to manage your economy to manager country. These are the kind of things you're going to get an in leftist you know you know Todd don't only reside in the Democrat party leftist or leftist wherever they are and you need to be very highly skeptical of anybody that runs on the left side of the political arena that says they're not for these things because because they keep happening, and these people either are part of making them happen order apologist, or that or they don't do anything to stop them from Anyway.

We can support that kind of stuff. Don't know we can and congressman. I think you laid out in very blunt terms why the midterm elections are so vitally important this is. That's the first step in trying to to save us from the from the abyss your appellee right it is the first step is not the only step. It is, but it is merely the first step. All we can do is slightly slow down what they're trying to pass on the legislative agenda, whether it economically. Wreaking havoc on the country or are all on our culture or or you know the slate of administrative state. It only puts a little bit of the brakes on it.

We have, but we absolutely have to do that we have to show the American people what were for, and what we would do if you will give us control not only of the legislature, but of the executive branch to stop this insanity. So it's the first step, but the first time that we have an opportunity to state we are going to put up with this stuff anymore. We've identified doing it real quick congressman before let's go course Gay pride month. Kicking off 30 days of celebrating the LGBT movement and the word is leaked out or come out that over at the embassy, the US Embassy of the Holy See, they have unfurled a gay pride flag. It does make you wonder what sort of message they're sending to the Vatican here method that I would like to send to all allies. People that wonder about America overseas. We have one flag at the American flag.

It stands for freedom. It stands for equal justice under the law, and it it it stands for liberty around the world. That's the only slack that needs to fly save may be on occasion the POW because we want to have our POWs either sent home or we we asked for place to bury our work that that the American flag is the standard we should be proud of that and that's the flag that should fly at all times and and that's the only flag that week I Congress and leave it there.

Appreciate you coming to the program today.

Lots of stuff. Thank you sir, you have a wonderful day.

God bless you and your audience congressman Scott. He's chairman of the house freedom talk to some based out of Pennsylvania by the one we got the photograph over on the over on the website it's it's fascinating and you do want to run the units.

This is sort of an up yours to the Catholics. The bite administration is because clearly Catholic teaching and whether you agree with Catholic teaching or not it's their teachings there not find that they're not blind again flag at Catholic churches. Most Catholic churches I would say but a lot of people running what that message ends and by the way, I mean again, if the bite administration is going to go down this path and that's their right. They got elected office. Why are they flying that that flag at the embassy in Riyadh or in Saudi Arabia or in Ethiopia which are Muslim control countries if in fact this is about sending a message of you to send a message to the Catholics. Why would you not send the same message to the Muslims who have the same teachings regarding that just throwing that out there on 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 about sanity about our great friends over patriot mobile they're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier you see these guys everywhere.

They love America. They love the conservative movement and they love standing up for religious liberty. That's why love these guys, by the way they got incredible nationwide coverage and they have a plan to fit any budget. No matter how big, how small are you a veteran or first responder there to give you an additional discount if you sign up with patriot mobile and they make it so easy patriot That's the website patriot you also give them a call 972 patriot when they answer the phone, your to be talking to an American citizen because her call center is actually based in Texas that's 972 patriot do this, use my promo code Todd there to give you a special discount free premier activation. Gotti is my promo code Todd that's patriot galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of insects not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly galaxies. He flipped for this is, and I think this goal is going to trigger a lot of people. The economist, you know the fault by the way, the economist, not exactly a friend. Here's the question do you favor or oppose giving school teachers and school administrators, the option of being armed at school 51% of everybody says yes they favorite strongly. You've got 20% who favorite somewhat only 37% say they oppose somewhat and 23% strongly oppose the an overwhelming majority of Americans Republicans and Democrats favor letting teachers armed themselves and if you got a Police Department like the one they got down to Texas, you better believe you want you want to be able to protect yourself and protect your students and again this flies in the face of what you hear every night in the mainstream media.

This flies in the face of what you hear on with the squawking magpies on the view with the reality is that a majority of Americans think it's a pretty smart idea to have teachers armed in the classroom. What say you, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 now. Time now for some Gay news as we commemorate the pride month long celebration here at the time surgery program because were diverse and tolerant people YMCA again nationally.

All right, one wonder of it now a bison and the other are there any straight euros left.

I don't know. Maybe there should not be idle. This is coming from the end of Linda Carter, who played wonder woman back in the day. She says that wonder woman is a superhero for bisexual. She says if you want to argue that she is somehow not a year or trans icon vineyard you're just not paying attention so I'm just curious and look I look congratulations wonder woman you know.

My condolences to Steve Rogers hello which is this she got it all, but that woman do we know which Supergirl do we know which female Grace Baker.

No, haven't confirmed that yet time to put this in my stack and stuff I want gay news and this listen I will say though she doesn't play wonder woman anymore.

She's the old wonder woman.

The new wonder woman. Well, to my knowledge she is not a lesbian well but you don't know that know me Linda Carter says wonder woman is a superhero is not allowing their bisexual. That means they like the sorry they like Batman and Robin fleet private.

I'm not even gonna say there's talk that's all I know. Okay, no conventions. There's talk that is now caliber gal ghetto plays the wonder woman now and she was dating the dude in the movie right but that could be covered by me and said bisexual, and that's fine, I just, you know, there you go there to bring the news since it is what it is. Now you got what Superman is gay. You've got Batman is questionable. I got God so Robin, who is by and aunt and pets. He swims with the fishes telling a little judge will be right back there someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for everybody. Todd started renting. Grace Baker.

I got the new glasses. I'm having a difficult time to think I want to get a haircut. I was like well you know you got my ears lowered yesterday and I found a new barber over Germantown. Yes, great barbershop DC ears lowered yet.

I got my ears lowered what is that mean I'm not you know what I please tell me you didn't learn you don't know what that phrase me. I have no idea. I know some of our listeners will be able to get your ears lowered what that mean that sounds painful know is not painful assist. Erica is it's a great kind of men's hair. That's where you go guys you go to get the haircutting they offer you they got a variety of libations there so you want whatever you would like to have my three loud and I got a dog.

One of these big old like bulldog dogs and that just comes up and wants to be petted man they don't have that where I go. It's great. It's great. So anyway, I got the new glasses and I have to wear two different pair, one for nearsighted one for farsighted. But here's the problem like the nearsighted if I'm wicked or farsighted. If I want to read my computer screen.

I can't see you. So what I need you need is one of those lanyards that you can hang the glasses, he can just switch back and forth. The need to lanyard you switch back and forth like the grandmas have docketed to that, like with the big huge like 1970 monster sunglasses lanyard that you can put the gloves on seeking switch between the two pair, trying to look out yet. I don't want to be battle. I'm not ready to be all right.

Let's head over to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always an honor to have with us. Our resident military expert Col. David G about Col. Are you got a book coming out about talk about that in a minute.

A brand-new blog, always good to have you on the program how's it going wild cottage great always be with you. Can't wait to talk about her new book and talk about what happening in the Marine Corps today. Yeah this is sort of insane I when I saw the photograph.

I'm lightweight.

What really is and we got the picture on our website folks a Marine combat helmet and attached to the helmet are bullets that are rainbow colored for the fort for the gay pride celebration. I guess there in the Marine Corps Col. what what your reaction well first of all I want to go back to a guy named actor named Morgan Freeman new member so popular African-American he asked him about black history month and a reporter was really taken aback when he said I don't celebrate black we celebrate white history month we celebrate Asian America were we ending in August know where I'm going with this started. We do not need to be celebrating this gay pride month in our Marine Corps in the military. Why do we celebrate above more often we going to pick out the celebrate Mary your robot mom, you know, it never going to end of the Maoist celebration. People are going to want so ludicrous to me that the first thought is what the Marines due to think they kill people and blow things up and the rest of the world is laughing at.

I heard from Russian ambassador the other day does you know you Americans are foolish because when we go toward no one's going to care what color you are, what your gay brother led whatever it is that when the blogger line in. That's when we met, you know, we say man up go to war and we make things happen and I'm not sure the Marine Corps is ready if there focus on so many other ridiculous things.

Yeah it's it's it's strange because this particular gay pride month. I then got flags for everything. So now all of those gender identities that Facebook came up with. They all now have flags and I mean there are at least I would say a dozen different kinds of flags to your point yesterday. We did a story and it sounds outrageous about a woman says she is sexually attracted to an airplane. Who are we now in today's society and the worst was to be a tolerant society who are we to judge this woman. So what happens if that becomes the thing I mean are you will there be different demographics of people groups that we have to honor and recognize within the ranks of the military. I mean it's it's a fair question asked of me, and I'm not judging one where the other here but again were talking about tolerance in today's society. I really think we need to go back to the simple fact were all American celebrate that.

I like that.

Yeah I mean I don't want. I'm Italian-American I don't want people breaking my flight from Italy. I don't want to see. I wanted the American flag. Forget all this other stuff because it is the lack of focus and I met 32 years in the military and believe you me, there is all kind of training people wanted they have commanders were complaining content like we need to be war fighting training.

We don't need to be in all training about you know what culture or training about some guy in the other day.I kid you not to about $11,000 collie at cost him because he identified as a Cawley okay like a log. Yeah dog.

It was a beautiful hair $11,000 today I'm a Cawley well you know what you don't like they said when it comes down to combat and I've been there and back.

Many times people you know the enemy is a gun at what your identity all their going to know you have the firepower and the training to bring the feed toys are working to beat you and that's all there is. That's the bottom one is a bunch of hogwash and just me. I like I don't care gay straight. Whoever I mean if you want it. If you want to put on the uniform of this country and you want to stand on the front lines and defend my right just to sit behind this big beautiful huge microphone and and share my opinion every day you I salute you. I honor you, but that doesn't mean that we have to have a full month of celebrations within the village right.

I just don't think that's the point of the military here and it concerns me, Col. We had a lawmaker on yesterday who said there there sincerely concerned about military preparedness and readiness because are so focused on all the woke culture war stuff while not exactly right. You know, and what going to happen.

There's a book called America's first battle that I actually meant first book.

It worth reading, and we read in the war college is required in the were called America's first battle.

It we lost every first battle America's been a war at the beginning of warfare in United America and it ended. We weren't ready. We want focus to be more prepared you are doing all these things that at the end of the day, don't mean a thing. But you know after a while you know people. We got our butts kicked in first battle all we got to get serious now, and trust me when I say that nobody in combat care about your color, your rate, your gender, all they want to know is can you help you fight and you win the day and that's what the military geared for this social experiment, Barack Obama was doing when I was just craziness because it it takes the focus off what were really there to do on the petri mobile newsmaker line are great military experts are retired Col. David G opponent, David wanted to turn our attention briefly to what's happening in Ukraine. There are some there's some reporting other US intelligence reports that Putin is not doing well that he may have some advanced form of cancer.

There's some back and forth. Yes he still in control, but that there seems to be some growing turmoil in Russia a while. What are you hearing about that. I've heard a lot about that in the last few days actually let you week that the growing concern among many in the State Department and around the world that you may be losing control over resources because of his health concerns that may be of very dangerous place for us to be ahead because you know he may unleash things that that we wish he wouldn't unleash so we gotta be very careful. The days ahead. Not just that You Know Ct., Ukraine Russian war, but will now we have the Israeli Turkish Iranian yet still coming our way, so we have a number of what we have to look at in the days and weeks month to come. This place this planet is on a very dangerous place. I've been saying this for weeks and months now and you know right is been threatening nuclear discharge of nuclear war chemical war.

I wouldn't put it past them. I hope that doesn't come to that, but we be prepared and ready for anything. In the days to come when you and again that same reporting is apparently there was some sort of an assassination attempt on pollutant that clearly failed to your point. That's how World War I got started and there's a there's a fascinating essay, of all places, the New York Times, all if you've seen this a Christopher Caldwell writing and borrowing a line from World War I about sleepwalking into war with Russia and that we may be to position our the war in Ukraine may be impossible to stop and where to blame for that. Well you know what people don't realize I've been talking to some really high level people recently.

You know Joe Biden has given away many of our our antitank missile back to the point where we can't reproduce combat enough now that were behind that we should not been getting all that armament to Ukraine because we had to defend her own sources and resources. So is going be very interesting. You know you're exactly right, left, walking World War I, World War II was the advance of a powerful nation, a powerful leader. We may be, and I don't want to be a warmonger.

I don't want to scare people, but we could be very close.

War world three were not very careful in the days to come and with Joe Biden in the leadership and nations perceiving us as a leaderless. That's a very, much more dangerous to be all right.

Col. you have to leave it there really gets back on to talk about the book as we get closer, but you can preorder now folks, the military guide to disarming deception battlefield tactics to expose the enemy's lies and triumph. In truth, great title, I coming out August the night we got a directly to David's website over our live show blog David appreciate the great Intel will get you back on certain thought anytime. Thank you my friend will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill. Trust me, that he used. But then I found galaxy full support which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for signing Greta Van Susteren back on the air and it is a very exciting course everybody is back starting June 14. Run a report on the big stories from Washington giving you the facts you need all the record with Greta Van Susteren.

She's always asking tough questions. Always wear a Greta's journals and the way it ought to be and I made the switch to Newsmax like millions of others and you should too.

You can watch Greta Van Susteren by the way, all you have to do is text the word Greta the 30 9747. That's Greta, 39, 747 or go to Greta's that's Greta's Newsmax is really support real people want to go to the petri mobile newsmaker line busy day here on our good friend from the Commonwealth of Virginia Congressman Bob Grote is actually at the Texas border.

Right now I Congressman welcome and what tells what's happening where you are. Thank you.great to be with you again border in my first year and 1/2 born in January, 21, and I keep coming back just to keep the attention on what is the greatest over the worst that could save all the crises that this president has created the border crises. I maintain that never the country has her own present and more to intentionally harm United States. This present has done in his first year at an office with some 3 million illegal border crossings soak visiting once again, here and just seeing that every resource. This administration is committing to the border for the purpose of more efficiently, more quickly, or what they can. Anyway the project illegal into the interior of our country there committing no resources water prevention. It's all about processing more illegal intentionally into the interior of our country flying them out putting them out at taxpayer expense know we got some 8000 a day that are apprehended the border and then released in the country, not counting the 1 to 2000 a day that are the more criminal. Gotta wait if you will the one to eBay apprehension, because most of us rendering the 8000 a day in our custody because they get free healthcare, free social services, free travel and free phone. I free education and whatever they need at taxpayer expense so obvious today to render we are we are just the most welcoming country in the world. Legally, with about a million illegal immigrants. No other nation will accept the million illegal immigrants like we do, but what were doing on the illegal side it's just incredible how you can only imagine that the intent of those smuggling children, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, drug country that got away as well, but no effort by the ministration to stop.

In fact, they are facilitating it on purpose in Congress. I'm curious in your trips down to the border. Have you been able to talk to patrol agents and if so, what are they telling you, yet their very pressure. We do meet directly border because sometimes your meeting with the leadership showing you what they're allowed to show you are telling you for the company line, if you well you have those private conversations with them and we just sent the frustration of what they're working very hard. They're overwhelmed they've been turning to daycare workers. They been turned in nursery workers there just trying to take care of folks that pulled off the line if you will, the front line that there in the processing center we been the largest processing center yesterday from 280,000 ft. with families and children being processed illegal side of you, an individual feels compassion for those who are coming here seeking a better life because of our lack of policy. However, I was elected to be the fifth District representative Virginia not a central American out of South America not of the world. Well, we got have America policies carry this president policy that logical conclusion. On page 10 to 15 Million Illegals Invading Our Country with His His Willful Purpose: That's Why He Deserved to Be Impeached, but the Border Border Patrol Officers Are Trying Hard to Try to Do Their Job at the Frustrated by the Administration's Unwillingness to Enforce Her Own Laws and Allow Them to Get You Policies That Were Working on It and You Know Congressman of Eastbourne. These Poor Guys and Gals That They've Just Been under the God You Remember a Couple Years Ago When You Have These Leftist Groups out There That Were Detoxing the Border Patrol Agents They Were Showing up at the Schools of Some of These Agents Where Their Kids Were Attending on This Is Horrible Stuff, and the Amount of Sacrifice They Make Every Single Day without the Resources, That's Just Appalling.

The Resources Are Actually There Are Just Not Directed toward Prevention. We Don't Need More Resources. What We Need to Do Is Enforce the Laws That We Have and What Republicans Can Do Is Refuse to Fund the Government until the President Secure the Border.

We Can Deny the Democrat One Single Republican Vote for Any Government Funding until We Screw the Board or Even a Minority. However, We Get the Majority Vote Will Your November Debt Next Year with the President Will Not Sign Policies. Screw the Border Yesterday, Jackie Did the Facility We Saw with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Worth of Materials Bidding the Right Thing Because the Administration Is Removed from the Border Moved up in the Yard If You Will Find Stockyard to Just Let It Get There and Right Because That We've Artie Paid for Those Materials but the Present Will Not Allow Them to Be Used. That's Why the Prices Are to Be Impeached, but at the Very Minimum We Ought to Deny Him the Finding of the Government You Want to Shut down the Government Forced Him to Secure the Board Didn't Need to Do Anything When He Was Warning on General 20.21 except Keep Present from Policies in Place If He Stayed in His Basement on the Beach in Delaware. We Would Still Have Secure Borders yet All Right, Congressman.

We've Got to Wrap It up There.

Appreciate the Update from the Border and Keep Us Posted. Thank You.Greatly with Our Congressman Job Bob Claude Who Is from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By the Way, Speaking of Border Patrol Agents. We Gotta Get This Guy Shut up Jacob. Jacob Alvarado. He's the Author, He Was off Duty Customs Agent in the Barber Chair Getting a Haircut. His Wife at Rob Elementary School Calls Fourth-Grade Teacher Says, Honey, There's an Active Shooter Help Love You.

Yes, the Barber You Got a Gun.

Barber Gives Him a Gun.

He Runs to the School and Is Able to Save His Wife and Kids off Duty for Patrolling Good Gyri for Quite out Folks, This Is Todd's First Radio Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found out It's Easy for Four Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for Universities to You in Memphis, Tennessee since Conservative Commentary from out the about the AR 15's Assault Rifles When We Had That Federal Assault Weapons Ban in Place under President Clinton, and Then It Was Allowed to Expire Deaths from Mass Shootings Went and Now I'm Not Saying That There's a Direct Correlation Correlation of Cuisine Knowing That There Is a Correlation There and so Why Don't Why Doesn't Congress Do Something about That When You Look at St. Daniel Defense Which Is That That I Met That Guy Manufacture. I Mean, I Think We Have a Copy of the Marketing at Their Marketing to Children and Families Look at This and I Found It so Insulting Their Same Train up a Child in the Way He Should Go and When He Is Old He Will Not Depart from It. That's Proverbs Chapter 22 Verse Six and Such a Disturbing and Daniel Defense Has since Deleted This Toddler Tweak. They Are Actively Marketing Towards Children You Call the Part of the Cleaning Nationalism Is Rising Violent Christian Nationalism That We Have Seen Disturbing. They Find It to Be to Use Biblical Principle States Pervert Them to Justify That Which Is Another Problem, Particularly in Texas.

This Is a Growing Movement.

It Got Guns and Trunk Organizing All of This Was the Way It Was down Southeast to Use the Bible and Say You Know You're Not People. So God Sees People so We Don't See This People Present This AR 15's Got to Go. You Know I I'm a Nice Guy but Those Women, Those of the Squawking Magpies of the View There.

The Poster Women for Bachelorhood in America. I Mean It's Just the Nonsense Spewing Out Of the TV Every Single Day.

I Just Don't Get It I Will Go to the Disasters Radio Show Good to Have You with Us. Our Three of the Program A Lot Happening This Hour of the Show Kurt Cameron Coming up in Just a Little While but Right Now I Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, Our Good Friend and the Expert.

Our Show Expert When It Comes to All Things Law Enforcement J.

Warner Wallace Good to Have You with This. Jim, Hope Things Are Going to Be like Calling Me to Show Experts. I Hope I Can Hold up to Give You Some Insight on Some of the Interesting Target. At Least They Said They Show Just Said That They Are Perverting Christianity like I Can Tag Us and Sometimes Late at That That the People Do Eventually Gonna Save You the Same Size and Essay That Are Not Promoting Christianity or Just Actually Accurately Interpreting Christianity Is a Perversion Often of Christian Views That the People Target As Though They Are Our Orthodox Legitimate Christian Views When in Fact They Aren't Going to Clear about What We Believe in Scripture. That Is What Most Christians Need to Do a Better Job at Knowing What It Is We Believe and I Think That's It. That's a Fear Reaction to What to What They're Saying Because These Are Clearly There Are Talking Points within the Evangelical Movement Especially and When It Comes to Things like Christian Nationalism. The Idea That You Know That We Are Proud of Our Country That We Want to Defend Our Country That Somehow There's Something Wrong with That.

A Lot Of That Was Birthed out, or Maybe Was Always There and We Just Didn't Know It Was There until Trump Came to Power Back in 2016. You're Right, You Start Any Meaningful Discussion with Anyone.

If You're Going to Use an Expression or a Term to Define What the Expression or the Term Is Otherwise We End up Talking past Each Other Because Doing That Expression Christian Nationalism Used Well. I Need to Know What It Is You Think That Entails.

So, I Can Tell You If I Actually Buy off on What It Is You Think It Means That I Suspect That You Have It at a Definition in Your Head, Which May Not Be the Definition It in My Head and That's Why Think We Are Making Claims That Are Really Helpful Because We Don't Really Talk about the Same Thing Again This Goes Back to the Hotel and Conversation People Soon As the Shooting Happened in Texas or What We We Gotta Pass Laws Okay What What Laws Would You like to Pass You What Are You Recommending, and We Got What Eight Now Pending Pieces of Legislation on Capitol Hill and Jim. Not a Single One of Those What Actually Would've Stopped or Prevented the Shootings from Happening There and in Texas. Riley Said about I My Entire Career Enforcing Law. If There Were No Laws to Enforce a Career. So I Understand the Value and Role of Laws but of Course I'm Only Most My Work Has Been Involving Cases in Which People Were Actually Able to Break the Law to the Law Does Not Is Not a Barrier If That Cannot Be Penetrated As Overbuilding Stonewalls around the Victim so That They Can Never Be Reached with the Law.

Don't Do That They Give Us Guidelines for Which We Can Later Punish Lawbreakers to the Problem I Have with Laws and of Themselves Are Not Sufficient. Clearly This This Kid Broke a Number of Laws, Even to Do What He Did. So This Is Not Unusual Shooters of This Nature and Breaking Many Laws in Three or Four More Laws in Place, They Would've Found a Way to Circumvent Those Three Are Formal Bylaws As Well Be Seated for Example in Gang Culture and Very Seldom Will Seeking Shootings Involved in Los Angeles Involving Legally Registered or Purchased Guns so That They Are Breaking Laws Even Exited to Possess These Weapons I Cannot at This but the Baby a Little Bit Here There's I Need to Paint a Solution Going Forward for Our Culture but Going Allow Me to Use Certain Paint on My Pallet.

The Painting Won't Be That Good. I Need the Entire Spectrum of Paint and Will Tend to Do It. The Thinking of These Pants Belong to Our Political Party. Those Paints Belong to Your Political Party on and I'm Not Only Was His Work Pants on Your Side of the Pallet Because I Be Breaking the Precedent That I Have It in My Political Beliefs, or the Party Platform or Whatever May Be but It Turns out, Probably Were at the Put Our Paintbrush in All Those Colors.

If You Want to Paint a Solution so I Think the Table at All to Be about Law Passing Me up after the Passage of Laws While Ignoring Other Issues That Are Say Would Probably Stay in Service.

I Would Probably Similar the Heart Condition Is an Issue Has To Do with Mental Health Has To Do with Red Flags.

Are You Actually Act on before Shooting Occurs.

They Have To Do Is Facility Security Has To Do with Our Response and How We Respond to These Kinds of Things Because We Would Side with the Idea That We We Have To Balance the Freedoms That We Want to Retain yet Understand with Those Freedoms Come on Really Awe-Inspiring Responsibilities and How I Balance the Freedoms and Responsibilities, and by and Large, I Mean, You've Got Every Person Who Owns a Gun Merited A Lot Of People Tens of Millions If Not Hundreds of Millions of People Own Weapons of This Country by Larger Talk about Law-Abiding American Citizens to Gone to the Gun Training Classes. They Got about the Right Way. When You Break down the Actual Numbers and That's What Gets Me Jim Is That Were Dealing with with Were Not Dealing with Facts Were Dealing with Emotion. On the Other Side of This Issue.

That's What Concerns Me Because Again They Talk about Was Getting Rid of All the AR 15's Okay Fine You Do That, You Do Realize That Most of the People That Have Been Murdered in This in This Country Have Been It's Been a Handgun, Which Is What I Think They're Really Going after II Think That the AR 15's Are Ultimately the Smokescreen Know I Think You're Right. Whatever Happens with the Nature of the Shooting That in the Public Eye. At That Moment Will Be the Impetus for Whatever People Are Talking about the Lab in the Air Fittingly Used Here but It Turns out That Yes You Can Eat Easily Gone in with Just One Hand Out Of Multiple Magazines and and and Done the Same Kind of Thing and the Top of Our Conversation, but I Don't Think That That Really Is the Kind of Gun That Can Matter As Much As Do We Ever Going All out. Look, Even As a Conservative, There Are I Okay so I Am in Favor of an Ownership but I Also Think That Certain People Should Not Own Most of Us Would Agree That If You're Convicted Felon Is Used To Going to Shoot Other People There Probably Were to Restrict Your Future Ownership of God. Okay, I Get That. The Only Question Is What and How We Determine Who and Emily. Emily Said Will Allow This Kind of Person to Only Going to Be Some You Suffering from Mental Health Issues. We Even Certify the Mental Health Issues Are Still A Lot Of Questions Left on the Table Even When We Say That We Have To Have Some Restriction of of Guns.

I Associate Really Wanting the Pain from Both Sides of the Pallet Here Because If I Say I Have One Unanimous Gun Restriction I Want to Be Worried about Our Second Essay Will Not Listen There Certain People to Be Our Mental Health Issues and We Need to Focus on Those Folks Because It Almost Always Seems like This Is Done We Can Look Back at the Shooter and See Several Warning Signs That Were Missed or Ignored before the Shooting Takes Place. So I Think We Got Pain from Both Sides That out, a Retired Police Officer Called and He Shared His Credentials Which Were Pretty Impressive. He Says Look I'm in Favor of Raising the Age. I Think That's What Really Needs to Be Done Here and Maybe Have Some Sort of of a Reading of the Waiting. So It's like for Example the Guy in Tulsa. The Word Coming out That the Guy Went out and Bought a Gun and Then Went to Go Shoot Shoot and Kill the Doctor and These Other Poor People at the Medical Center Is a Law Firm Offers by How You Feel about Something like That. Yeah I Agree Number One. I Do Think That We Have an Aide by Which We Don't Allow Kids to Drive Because That Thousand Pound Vehicle Is Going to Be like Them to Be Navigating a Certain Skill Set Certain Maturity That Severity Can Aid the Debate to Be What the Age Now.

The Second Thing I Would Say That It with That That Waiting. It Only Makes Sense to What Extent Are Two Reasons. One, It Is a Passionate Moment We Are Buying Again and Acting on Your Passions. Well That Course Awaiting. Restricts That That Passion Writing My Cool down before You Stupid but More Importantly They Provide You the Period of Time in Which You Can Actually Look at the Person Buying the Gun to Decide If This Person Got the Risk Now That All There. Those with the Criteria for Determining Risk Is One More Thing and That Is That the past You Seen Situations in Which Young People Are Using the Guns They Got from Their Parents. This Time in Their Gun Didn't Have To Go to Store and Buy It. It Had a Point Out Of Their Their Parents Closet so I Do Think That Responsibility in Terms of How We Secure Guns from Our Kids. If I'm the Owner of a Gun and Left Him a Break in My House and Steeled It That I Can Only Control That but I Have To Have Some Level of Responsibility Based on How My Gun Is Used. If I'm Not Securing It All. So I Think That We Was I Would. There's Three Friends. I Would Go on Yes I Think Age Is One of Those. I Think Who You Are Is Another One of Those That's Redistricted out Right Because Determine What Is Mentally Healthy and What Is Mentally Unhealthy and Finally Responsibility for People Who Aren't Securing the Weapons They Already Own and Again Going Back Looking at the Facts of the Facts Are That Most of the Shootings Were an AR 15 Was Used Were Those People Well over the Age of 21. So Back to the Point, How Do You How You Make Those Determinations.

You Know They Meet. They Need Everything by the Letter of the Law, but There Still Somehow Maybe There's a Mental Flaw That Nobody Catches so That's You Know It's It's a Weird Situation but I Think Anybody Really Wants to Think through These Things That They're Just Willing to Throw Their Laws on the Books and Ultimately at the End of That I Best I Can Work Will I Get This Because I Believe That God Is God's Love.

God's Love. According to Our Scripture, but Love Requires a Very Dangerous Prerequisite Requires Free Agency Because Love Can Never Be Coerced. So When God Creates a World in Which Love Is Possible He Has To Create a World in Which Free Agency Possible First and That Means That That the Freedom to Both Love and Despise and Hate.

That Freedom Is There Now God Will Give You a Set of Instructions on How to Use This Dangerous Thing Called Free Agency. But If We Choose to Ignore the Instructions That Been Given to Us. We Will Miss Use Our Free Agency and I Think As We Move Forward, Abandoning the Very Worldview That Navigates How to Use Your Free Agency to Find People Misusing Their Free Agency. More More so A Lot Of It Is Is Even More Systemic in the Sense That It's Cultural Because We Are Moving Away from a Culture That Is Taught Humans for Thousands of Years.

How to Navigate Their Free Agency What Their Responsibilities Are with the Responsible Is Art of the Holy God Who Created Them with This Free Agency As We Move Away from That.

Don't Be Surprised the People He Misusing Their Free Agency, More, More, We Got about 45 Seconds Here, but When I Was Growing up in the 70s. We Did Have These Things We Didn't Have School Shootings, Mass Shootings, I Graduated in 85. We Didn't Have These Kinds of Things.

Those Weapons Existed, but This Kind of Violence Did Not Exist at the Scale What You Think Is Changed like 2010 Today at the Financial Right in the Kinds of Things at the Very Time That Social Media Has Exponentially and Engaged the Younger Culture so I Think What Happened Is That Now I Had Instant Access to What Was Done across the Country That I Can Then Emulate All the Details Are Available to Me in Real Time and I Can See Those. I'm Compelled to Make the Email Statements at You Body Shooter Computer about a Year and See That Your He's Predicting What He's about to Do on Social Media to Other People. The Social Media Component in Which We Have Unrestricted Access to Social Media. This Generation Is Part of the Entire Puzzle You Have To Address That Part of It That Social Contagion in My Generation Growing up with A Lot Harder Is A Lot Harder to Get That off the Ground.

Now You Can Launch That Bad in the First Week Is Probably Old News in a Month and That's I Think the Difference Is That the Social Media Taking on That Logic and Travel around Looking for the Truth Get His Boots on. That's Pretty Much Was Happening with Social Media Prematurely Day Fascinating Going for the Full Hour. But Curcumin Would Get Upset with Us until His Love for Me.

Hey Look We Got Links to All of Your Great Work over the Live Show Blog Your Dateline Functions. All You Saw, Jay Wanted Their Cold Case Detective Colson Center Senior Follow up. You're an Adjunct Professor at Bio Look Great Stuff All Right Will Be Calling You Again Soon. Jim Appreciate Great Guy Right Here Folks. Work with the LAPD and Dell Loves Loves Our Lord and Is Just a Wealth of Knowledge Are 844-747-8868 This Is the Don Storage Someone Who's Not Working No Chill.

Trust Me, That Used Me but Then I Found Galaxy Full Fork Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxies Evil for Doing Alright I Got to Go Back to This and Zero Is Catching Some Flak Because the MBA Produces Pride Flag Was at the Brooklyn That's Add the Pride like It Was No Use to Me the Rainbow Colors.

The Use of the Rainbow Know It's Not Those Colors Anymore. They're All Sorts of Other Colors Because There Are so Many New Genders, and Whatever Just Being Created Every Day and so They're Adding All These Other Callers to the Rainbow and so Shapiro Says It Looks like What He Say He Calls It Woke Diarrhea Yellow. It Reminds Me of like When You Have the Wii Remote You're Playing Tennis and You Fling It at the TV on Accident. My Old TV Just As the Dollies Hard Is It Looks like Your TV Screen. You Know like Back in the Day Grace Baker TV Used To Go off the Air at Midnight They Would Play the National Anthem and Then It Would Go off and You Would Have Bars and That's What This Looks like It's Kind of Horrifying. I Disagree with the Woke Diarrhea Description Because Otherwise There Would Be More of a Splattered Effect As Opposed to the Straight Line Is Very Odd Certainly Talk about a Wonder Woman. For a Moment. Again, You Want Talk about Wonder Woman You're Just Harping on All the Superheroes Know It's Harder Coming out and Saying That She's Not Coming out, but She's Coming out. But Anyway, She Says That Wonder Woman Is Bisexual. I Hate Everything the Way I Feel Right Now. So What's Next.

I Mean Yoda for Star Wars Day You Are. That's Very Clever, but You Because*Track What Is It Star Trek Discovery Iolite*Just*Track When Complete. That's Better Write the Whole Star Trek Ship Was Was a Flavor of the Rainbow Is a Straight Personal to Someone Not on That Show. The Straight Person Was the Black Captain, so She Was Not the Street Person about Anybody Else Was like of the ICA Rooms Rainbow Colored Notes. Tracy Abrams Was the President of Earth Times Writing You.

I Think This Was after Earth Have the Apocalypse All so It All Makes Sense Now. I Just Are There Any Street Superheroes, like That's What I'm His Legitimate Question Because They've All Come Out Of the Closet. I Just Gotta Take a Break Here for Four 747-8868 Galaxies for All These New Tracks It Might Not like It. In Fact Not Capture Hands-Free Text from Multiple Angles Capture Training Sessions for His Followers with My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fit Perfectly Galaxies. He Flipped for.

They Don't Want to Abandon Their Children to Assist Them That by and Large Is Doing More Grooming for Leftist Politics and Sexual Chaos and Racial Confusion, Then They Are Doing Any Real Educating about Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. You Know He's Not Wrong.

That's about All We Walked Back to the Time Structure of This Is Kirk Cameron He's Got an Incredible Fathom Event Documentary Coming out and It's a June 13 and 14th and so We Got Links to This over on Our Live Show Blog Is Called a Homeschool Awakening and Again When You Look at the Pandemic and You Can Go Back to the Early Days of the Pandemic. So Many Moms and Dads Were at That Point Forced to to Listen to What Their Kids Were Being Taught in the Public School Classroom and Many Moms and Dads Were Simply Horrified. They Had No Idea What Was Actually Going on.

The Amount of Indoctrination in the Classroom and so You're Looking at off the Chart Numbers of People Who Are Pulling Their Kids out and Is Not Just Christian Families You Got A Lot Of Other Folks That Are Taking Their Kids Out Of the Public School System and Were Talking about Record Numbers of Minority Students As Well Were Moms and Dads Are Saying You Know What This Is One of the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Were Honored to Have a Good Friend of This Program. It's Been A While, Kirk Cameron, with the Sacred Cows Are Going Great Are You, You Know, Doing Well Doing Well and I Was so Excited to See You out There and Talking about These Big Issues You're Calling It the Homeschool Awakening What You Mean by That. The Great Awakening Taking Place. One of the Big Story That No One Is Hearing about Mainstream News and Parents Are Taking Back America Not by Complaining and Cursing the Darkness They're Getting on the Offense There, Pulling Their Kids Out Of the Public Indoctrination System and They Are Beginning to Take the Leadership Role in Their Kids Education and Undocumented 17 Family Who Are Doing That Joyfully and Fully in Community with Others and the Kids Are Not Only Getting a Great Education but Their Families Are Flourishing and Is Beginning Beginning to Revive Their Communities and Produce World Changers Is Called a Homeschool Awakening. I Just Love This and Again June 13 and 14th. We Have Links of the Live Show Blog and You Know Kurt, I Probably Should Brag on My Executive Producer Grace Baker Who Was She Came up As a Homeschooler I Went to the University of Memphis and Now She's Got the Best Job in America Is Producing My Show. Well, You Know I'm Not Right Great. You Know What When You Have Parents Who Are Having Pioneers.

And They Have a Sense of Adventure and Want Their Learn about God's World Develop a Love for Learning and Give You a Chance to Develop Your Own Identity in Your Character You're a You're Not Going into This Little Mold and Told You Know Who You Are and That You Live in a Horrible Country and That You Be Critical of Other People Because of the Color of Their Skin. Some People Are Victims and Others Are Oppressors. You Have a Chance to Flourish and Now You Are in Your Making a Difference. So I'm Not I Was Writing about These These Issues and Topics in Two Books Going Back to 2014 and You People of Always Been Shocked about How Quickly the Culture How Quickly Views and in the Culture Has Changed and How Rapidly That's Happened It's It's Happening in Our Public School Systems, and I Loved What You Said You Said the Print and in This Fox News Piece Use of the Problem Is a Public School Systems Have Become so Bad. That's Why We've Got to Get the Kids Out Of the Public Schools. Awakening Is Not a Diatribe against Education Listen, My Father Is a Public School Teacher, so I Might My Grandparent Teacher Is Noble and Fishing. You Have Been Entrusted with the Mind and Heart of Children. The Problem Is That Teachers Are Not Allowed to Determine What Their Teaching Their Kids There Trapped in the Same System That Is Pumping Them with Marxist Ideas That Undermine the Values That Make This the Greatest Nation on Earth That Undermine Their Faith and Undermine Their Letter That Their Family Values so Option and There Is Hope. If You're Not Happy with Your Children's Educational Situation You're Not Stuck like the Homeschool Awakening and It'll Answer the How to Be in the Now. I Give You a Glorious Picture of What You Can Do in Community with Others to Give Your Children Hopeful and Faith Filled Future. Kirk, There's As Much As You've Been Getting out and You Been Getting A Lot Of Praise and A Lot Of Support There A Lot Of People after They Got a Big Problem with What You're Doing. MSNBC Yeah This Is the Headline for Fox. I Love This MSNBC Column Claims. Homeschooling Is Racist Part of Extreme Evangelical War to Dismantle Public Schools That How You Respond That It Tells Us That We Are Right over the Target Because We Can Just Say That I'm Anti-Education Because I'm Calling out the Nonsense That Being Taught in Our Public Schools to Our Precious Children Is like Saying That I'm Anti-Cumin Because I Hate Cancer Went with the Public School System Is Doing Is They Are Spreading More of the Terminal Called the Local Then They're Doing Any Real Educating Their Promoting Sexual Chaos to Our Children and Grooming Them for Leftist Ideas That Will Ultimately Fundamentally Change Our Country As Some Politicians Just Come out and Say so If You're Not down with All of That Watch the Homeschool Awakening and It Will Give You Options and Thrill You with the Possibility for You and Your Family Know A Lot Of Folks May Not Know This but You Kirk Cameron You in Your Life You Homeschool Your Kids Chelsea I Have Six Kids. They're All One Year Apart and I Had a Healthy Fear of Homeschooling.

I Was Allergic to It. I Thought What I Mean.

That's like the Strange People.

That's Weird. I Mean That for People Who Don't Care about Education for Their Children like You Have To Be a Quaker.

Do You Have To Own a Calendar in Your Own Butter, I Realized That I Was Totally Wrong. There Are Families Who Have Taken Back Education for Their Kids. The First Hundred Years in America. All Education Was Centered in the Home Supported by the Church and and and and Wealthy People Would Build Private Schools and Churches Would Help Make It Affordable for People and You Can Do in the Way to Get Your Family You Can Live in the City You Live on a Farm, You Can Be a Movie Maker like Me.

We Show Families with Children Who Have Their Pilots License at 14 Years Old and Are so Well Socialized and Familiar with Business and in the World That May Make the Best Students in College and They Are Out-Of-The-Box Thinking People Who End up Doing Things like Grace Is Doing with You and It's Fantastic. It Was Funny That We We Had a Former Worker Here at the Other Radio Station I Own. Memphis Homeschool Kit Graduated a Year Early with an Engineering Degree and within a Span of a Couple of Weeks over the past Couple Weeks of the Kid Graduated College with Honors Got Himself a Full-Time Job and Got Married to His High School Sweetheart, All at the Age of 21 Years Old Man I Wanted to Buy and Homeschooling Is Not a Magic Wand, but the Power of God Working through the Heart and Hard Work of Mom and Dad Can Perform Miracles.

It Really Can Enter Something in Our Our Our DNA That Held That There Something Wrong with Dropping Our Children off at a Place That Teaching Our Children the Opposite of Everything We Want Them to Learn This New School Is Not Just about Math and about Five Those Things Are Important, but It's Also about Learning to Develop Your Identity and Your Character and Your Faith and Understanding True History. That Is Causing Your Kid to Want to Become Little Marxist Revolutionary and and and and Fundamentally Change the Freest, Most Blessed Nation on the Earth, so Check It out and Open Your Mind. If You're Interested or Curious or Even Skeptical about Homeschooling, Go Watch a Movie for 90 Minutes. That Will Put Homeschooling Families on Display in the Glorious Color and You Will Have Your Eyes Open Love This. The Homeschool Awakening Everybody and We Got Links to the Limestone Blocks to 13th and 14th Only Fathom Events and so We Would Love for You to Him and They Make It Super Simple You Is Literally Pop in Your ZIP Code and They Tell You Where the Film Is Plank Kirk, Go Ahead and Go Right Ahead. It's Only in Theaters Today. The Only Get Your Tickets Early Because Some Cities Have Already Sold out All Their Ticket You Want to Go with Your Friends and Family Got A Few of You That Are Going Get Your Tickets Online through the Website Now and I Will Reserve Your Seat Because Once the Tickets Are Gone There.If Not in the Movie Theater for the Whole Week. Today the Only Just like I Still Cannot Get a Ticket to See Top Gun Map. I Mean, You're Right to Get All That All Right. Well, Thank You so Much As Great.Your Brother Kurt, Always Good Hearing from You by the Just for the Record, There Is No Turning of Butter in This Movie Is That Correct. There Is No Turning of Butter. Although Butter Is Good. The Wells That Are Anchored. Cameron You Take Care Yourself.

Thanks Kurt I Wrote Great American Patriot Right There Are Kirk Cameron and This Can Be a Great Film and I I Would Love to Hear from You If If You Have Been through That Homeschool Experience, Your Mom, Your Dad, Are You Been Homeschool Your Kids Maybe You Have Been Homeschooled. I Give Us a Call and Let Us Know What That Experience Was like for You 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8860, I Gotta Tell You about Our Good Friend Mike Lindell My Mice Got Some Great Deals for Our Listeners. This Month Get This If You Use My Promo Code Starnes Mice Going to Send You a Free Gift, No Matter What You by Mike's Goodness and You Will Forget That He Has Some Great Discounts Get This to My Pillow. Slippers Normally Hundred and $39 or to Be Able to Go for 4998 Those Things Feel like You're Walking on Pillows Are Your Also Good to Get a Free Copy of Mike's Brand-New Book That's Only a $20 Value, but Mice Can Throw That in Free As Well. And Do You Want a New Mike Hello Buy One Get One Free. The Sale on Right Now My That's My

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Thanks to Our Good Friend Michael and I, the Whole British Well She's Been on the Throne for a Long Time. Grandpa Sturgis to Have a Problem, but Different. Take It There I Wasn't Planning on Doing and Anything to Answer Your Question, I'm I'm Fascinated with the Royal Family Is Just It's Amazing That the British People Would Literally Pay These Individuals to Live in Palaces True and to Basically Rule They Have No Powers Were Not Read They Have Some It's Mainly Symbolic, It's Predominately Simple but yet I Love I Love Queen Elizabeth's Is Elizabeth Is Okay. I Love Her Story. Yes I Love the Queens Story. She Has a She's a Person of Deep Faith, by the Way That That's What I Find Fascinating. But Anyway the Whole Families Nuts. I Yeah Yeah I Think There's a Little Bit of a Cousin on Cousin Marriage Going Yeah You Know They're All They're All Related. I'm Either There Married to This Cousin and That Cousin and Well Right Thing in Canada Got Rid of Megan Markel so You Can Tell the Family Portraits You Picked out. They Do Look Weirdly Related Little Too Similar to Some It All Makes and but Mark Was Markel Invited Was It Megan Merkel Markel and Mark Merkel. Boy, How Would You like to Be Married about Yeah Italy. She's Pretty Well Yeah but I Mean Pretty You Got Admit She's Very, Very Pretty but down the Years 70 Years As Queen You She Was the Accidental Question.

You Know Her Father.

The Uncle Wanted to Get Married to to a Divorce and, Which Was against the Rules, and so He Abdicated and so Then Queen Elizabeth, His Father Assumed the Throne, and That She Became Queen so She Wasn't Supposed to Be Queen.

She Does Want to Raise Horses out the Countryside. A Simple Life. Yeah, That's It. Seriously, That's, You Know, and She Was Very Frugal and I Didn't Spend A Lot Of Money, A Lot Of Stuff over There. But the Buckingham Palace Was Just Dilapidated Yeah but Then They Finally Fixed but It's a It's a It's a Fascinating Story and the Corgis. Only the Little Dogs She Loves the Dogs. She's a Big Horse Person to. She Loves Horses and That's What She Wanted.

She Will Be in the Libya Country Country White Friend Mary's Resources and I Got the Dog and All the What, but She but She Turned Butter Churn, but Did Your Sorry That so I Guess He so I Guess People Really Think That Homeschoolers around Turning Butter Latest Think They like Amish People That Most Likely about the Middle of Nowhere on Art 844-747-8860 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 and We Have a Couple of Exciting Things the Next Week Heading to New York City for the Big Talkers Convention Were to Be Meeting with A Lot Of Our Friends Harry Hurley, Jeff Stein, I Believe We Think Tim VanHorn from Memphis Is Good to Be There. Socially, A Lot Of Fun. I'm Looking Forward to Meeting A Lot Of Talk Radio Host from around the Country Will Be Broadcasting One of Our Shows Are from New York City and Then Coming Right Back and I Were to Be Meeting with with the Folks at the Road to the Majority Conference. That's Her Good Friend Ralph Reed. Others Were to Be a National Gathering There in Nashville. I'll Be Delivering a Speech and Is N I'm on the Same Platform with Lindsay Graham and Betsy Divorce so I Will Have a Good Time and I'll Do My Best to Bring a Good a Good Message to the Assembled Crowd There but They Are Expecting Thousands of People at the Road to the Majority Conference. We Got Leads to over Live Show Blog Then in August Were Heading to Dallas for C Pack to You Know That You to See Packs Now One in Florida and the Other in Dallas and Will Be Doing a Several Days Worth of Programs from C Packed and I've Been Invited to Speak on the Plan for There As Well and It's Always A Lot Of You Know, One of the Things I Love about Getting out As We Get to Meet so Many of Our Great Great Listeners Were Also Doing Some Event You Folks in Pascagoula Coming Coming down to Pascagoula and Just Walked a Couple Weeks on July 3 I Believe Is One of the Phones Real Quick.

Daphne Is in Mississippi W PMO Deftly Got about 30 Seconds, What's Going on Here. They Were under That Government Right Thinking Christian Teachers in Mind That We Don't Want to Hurt Anymore to Come up with That They're Getting. You May Want to Keep the Public in the Right Hand. You See There's There's A Lot Of Good As Matter of Fact Were Going to Be Raising Money for Christian School in Theodore Alabama Called Lighthouse Christian Academy and I Think It's Important for Us to Support Christian Education Whether the Upgrades Will Ever Level or the Secondary Level. We Gotta Do a Thought Hey Folks, Wow, What an Action-Packed Day Were to Be Back Tomorrow. By the Way Tim VanHorn Is and I Will See You Monday.

America Will Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Close My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy.

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