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Praise God and Thank You, President Trump!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 24, 2022 3:35 pm

Praise God and Thank You, President Trump!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 24, 2022 3:35 pm

The nation’s pro-life community owes President Trump a debt of gratitude. He promised to defend life — and he delivered on that promise. Share if you agree!

Kristan Hawkins, Charlotte Hazard, Gary Humble, Cheryl Chumley,  Matt Schlapp, Mike Johnson, Ryan Bangert, and Steve Coplon join the conversation!

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job delivery University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from third radio show on what is an historic day in the United States of America Roe V Wade has now been outlawed. The decision of abortion goes back to the states and every child born today and moving forward will be born into a post-Roe America. This is the Todd Stern's radio show and folks, it is a good day to be an American, you know, for so for so long over these past decades we have asked God to bless America and I have to tell you that there was a part of me that that really wondered if what we ought to be asking God is for him to have mercy on our nation that we should ask God to have mercy on America, a nation that turned a blind eye to the genocide to the Holocaust of the unborn millions of millions of children slaughtered in the name of choice and now today I think God did have mercy on America and I think he had mercy on America when Donald Trump got elected president of the United States when Donald Trump delivered on a campaign promise to be the most pro-life president in the United States of America. Now, you may not like Donald Trump.

You may not like his tweets, you may not like his demeanor. That's fine, but the reality is this man Donald Trump.

Unlike many other Republican presidents actually delivered on his promise to defend the unborn that Donald Trump when the history books are written there going to look back and they're going to realize that Donald Trump fundamentally transformed the federal judiciary and the United States of America that Donald Trump nominated constitutionalists to the federal bench and so yes we celebrate today and and were to be opening up the phone lines were to be taking your calls were to be talking to a lot of people that are involved in the pro-life movement today and were to be following the big developments of the story. Pres. Biden is scheduled to address the nation during our show and the grace just alert us to that when that happens, and will it dip into that coverage, but were to be celebrating today and were also going to be taking a very close look at the aftermath.

We know the Justice Department has already warned churches to be prepared for violence were dealing with a lot of very evil people out there. The pro-abortion movement in and of itself is in fact evil and I don't care if it's your sweet aunt Sally whose result of a liberal who supports abortion that is evil. Anyone who believes it's okay to kill an unborn baby is evil.

It's that simple. I believe in this particular shoot it's black-and-white, there is no great, there's none whatsoever. It's a very simple issue. So today I were to be taking your calls right down her telephone number 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I was hearing from some sources that are telling me of that FBI agents are calling and checking on churches all over America and their warning these churches and pro-life organizations to be on the lookout for for trouble. We do know that the Justice Department is also warning Catholic churches specifically to get ready. There's a chance that violence could erupt tonight.

We believe there is the scheduled night of rage, so there could be violence in the streets of American cities and so you need to be prepared for that and I suspect that most of the people in this listing audience that you are fully capable of protecting yourself your property and your family. I want to place of audio here of this is from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green.

She is in front of the Supreme Court and the here's what she had to say okay, look, the reality is you can have these protesters are to be shouting people down and they can shout as loud as they want to, you know what the Supreme Court is the law going and Justice Thomas said as much in his standalone opinion which was unusual for for him to to do, but justice.

Thomas laid out the argument here.

Hey, this is not the only issue we need to be talking about because the Supreme Court the Supreme Court has gone outside for years has gone outside of its roles and responsibilities, and they decided issues that they had that there were there was no right for them to decide specifically the gay marriage the same-sex marriage issue and justice. Thomas is saying that that particular court case needs to be revisited at I mean all you know what is about to break loose of this country folks all you know what is about to break loose, but I gotta tell you it is a great day to be a pro-life American citizen. Let's go to phones 844-747-8868 Gavin on the line from our flagship station Kate W a.m. in Memphis, Tennessee Gavin, what's on your mind, you know, I'm really just wondering about how I need to prepare for this night of grade shock a lot of people in my family who are liberal in order abortion I'm I'm very vocal about my stance on pro-life.

I do feel like it, evil, and that it's murder kill an unborn child, and I really wonder that many instances were people of been attacked in their own family or how worried I need to be about liberals in my close circle. Well, I can imagine that family members would physically assault each other.

I would say the bigger issue.

Are these groups going out in the dark of night and attacking churches and a talking and attacking pro-life organizations.

I can tell you that to the radio station I okay WAN. We've already had those discussions about security. Do we feel threatened.

No, not at all.

We feel fairly confident Gavin that will be able to protect ourselves. In the event that these are pro-abortion probe pro-death. People decide they want to attack somebody there anything we could do proactively on a should we go out and maybe you know I think this way but it strikes first mentality can only be grouped narrative are able lend an ear to destroy this country and I really think it is almost in a point of self-defense that we need to do something well that will that would be illegal. Gavin look I think the I hear you're coming from here, but ultimately we are a peaceful people.

Pro-lifers we respect life no matter if that life is in the womb or that life is walking on two legs. We have to we have to defend life and I think the good Lord to look after all of us. Gavin appreciate the call of folks again. There's no reason to be overly alarmed. This gotta be prepared yet, just gotta be prepared art.

Let's go to Hendersonville, North Carolina, Wade, W. H. K. P.

What say you weighed a great day in America or they will return really laid out right court ruling the Bible Belt here for a long time. It has been a long long time Wade has it not by me.

This is it's it's we been waiting decades. I remember as a high school student and as a college student being pro-life and marching outside those abortion mills it's it's been a glorious thing to see over the years hundreds of thousands of young people that have taken to the streets. They marched in Washington DC on the March for life and now all of those efforts of the great Christian legal firms that have been out there fighting for the for for the rights of the unborn. This is a great day to celebrate America. Wade, thanks for the call, working to take a quick break.

Here we will open up the phone lines are you celebrating this incredible ruling coming from the Supreme Court 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 waiting for Pres. Biden.

He will be addressing the nation sometime during our so today I will keep you apprised of that will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account, Wade Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM one of my life. What about you would 844-747-8868 enter toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 again Pres. Biden is going to be addressing the nation here in just a little while and we will carry those remarks live. I want to go live to the patriot mobile newsmaker line Kristin Hawkins with students for life Kristin where are you and how excited are you about today's ruling Washington DC having their in court reading it again came down in front of the first row generation. Then I quite an exciting gain in the past couple of hours ending everything working for my entire adult life, or that the pro-life movement had sacrificed and so far before I was eating can keep. I do see that 49-year-old agreed that the income down again picturing Chris what was the scene like outside the Supreme Court. It seemed to be fairly jubilant from from what we could gather actively why I like it down from the core every day. At the end of March. Rain, hail, no sign everything there.

I thought course we were there today. We had a little down a group event in action hundred in chair watching Carrie actually had hundreds of them have behind the Queen correlating credit to come down the day flooded anything if the decision came down every hearing lots of crying, I like it here on QA yell went into who experienced the horror of abortion are alive for men and women in that crowd today. As I looked out and gave my remark and it would get. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling that we know today ended two hours ago abortion affiliate in Kentucky and can't hand and I texted their all the other state they're actually speaking better now that we know it tomorrow and million 800 children can be there.

The violent abortion when 26 eight act when they're predicting laws and their trigger lies going to back to protect like a confession. This decision was not, you know, a simple like political victory and not about this decision today to write the egregious wrong progress is late means million pre-born children little boys and little girls will be allowed to rent think it was the daylight heck was going on like that going on on me. She was there and I was getting great and you can be seen keep it trying to convince America that the right to bear arms like Endicott and but the right to have an abortion after your child simply because your child inconvenient live in the Constitution need glasses and appearing to role-play that audio will explain what that's all about Kristin hi and see that Kristin Hawkins students for life on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Kristin there have been concerns about violence in the aftermath. I'm curious if you guys been alerted by law enforcement to be prepared yet. We met him out of office filed an FBI complaint, threat. I actually had a security detail at me today at 500 more student actually in the eye with whom we do not like him in front of the court because we were worried about their safety and security me for the first time that you think that now have an armed security guard working our national headquarters will yell at Kelly & Mike Brown college campus that we are very worried that people who are out on the court today. The gnashing of teeth that happened on the court that people will take their signed Oliver DC calling it the night of rage. We have no taken precautions we pulled our insurance policies. We know what no coverage.

We have cracked Harry down on my my prayer is that these folks go away peacefully and that no one in the end. It's very sad day, just that that easily label the potential domestic care is a threat that called the National Guard when compared to rowdy local school board hearing. But when more than 40 cranky ties in church. It had been under assault. We firebombing the evangelization threat. Nothing has been done on an the government to better define initiation or state government.

I got everything you could take care of them and we cannot beat the pride badly that the attic, the violent behind closed doors and abortion facility are now openly committing Street the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood close the Humor need to be called out by the national media called no one condemned the violent condemned the violent rhetoric that I've been the one preparing to collect generation are 1300 g in college and make the candidate across the country for the evangelization for efforts that mean you're going to be underweight to hurt them to stop their attic somebody or Kristin if you're not kidding. I mean, since the draft was leaked and had since I know 16 churches vandalized 16 pro-life's are pregnancy centers vandalized. You have what for pro-life pregnancy centers firebombed and they tried to assassinate a Supreme Court justice and Pres. Biden has yet to condemn any of that everything you have done. I called why having to haul out like you demanded it ever happened and when any kind, founded any type uses violent rhetoric) that immediately the pro-life unit: not identical to who we are but yet we get a little beaters are you leaving that the battery getting up there only calling it the summer rain. They are not being held accountable property violent other Chris real quickly got about 30 seconds here and it's important for people understand this is not like you guys are closing up shop. Now your work is just starting because this fight now goes back to the states. We have gone from one location while banging on the door frame court waiting for them to reverse. The cattle actually went to collect Gary Shelby to market a capital thing right now they're demanding that our Gov. and Atty. Gen. are on like it. Players that hold pro-life live and hold their alkali conviction in their pro-life conviction you should have done decades ago and protect all light human life from the moment conception good stuff Kristin.

Congratulations this would not have happened without the incredible work of students for life and the Kristin Hawkins no doubt about it. All right folks, we've got to take a break here, by the way, breaking news, Missouri. Now the first date where abortion is illegal of Missouri now triggering that law of this news coming from the governor there in Missouri Shelby state they're showing all the rest of us how this should be played out. I got a take a break here. Lines are open 844-747-8868 844-747-8860. This is, this surgery is if you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful by fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellows does more than just fellows have over 150 where the slippers even thought and my\\promo codes or call 800-544-8939\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start time so what a busy Friday, one of Gloria's right and I know we have a lot of ministers a lot of people afraid to listen to this program. We want to hear from you. I think this is the moment.

This is the turning point you want to talk about God having mercy on America. It was when Donald Trump was elected president. That was the merciful moment. Otherwise we would've had a super majority of liberals on the court. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, so I think that I think the that the good Lord intervened in America by putting a president Trump and in the White House because you I'm only times we think about this for a moment how many times have we elected Republicans, and they have balked on this particular issue. The issue of life. I mean how many times the reason why as we know from what happened last night. It really gets what happened last night with the guns you had 1515 Republican senators who were supposedly supporters of the Second Amendment turned their back on law-abiding gun owners.

They turned their back on the Second Amendment and it's because that's that sort of mentality that's the reason why Rosie Wade has been the law of the land for so long so I think I think that Donald Trump upset the apple cart and actually delivered on his product on his promise to put constitutionalist on the federal court benches. That's what I think, by the way AOC made her way to the capital. She's calling for you people to get out of the streets and well you can figure that out for yourself.

Take a listen I was on fire to save their voices on screaming like that your vocal cords. I know this because what is yours truly, a professional broadcaster you can't scream that much, or else you're going to stream your vocal cords of the tonight when they start burning things down there is very I can't talk. It's very unfortunate got up and and hopefully Grace Baker somebody has is distributing throat lozenges Jan Pozzi summary: I don't think you graze a by the way. Keep me updated when Biden speaks yet he still hasn't taken to the podium. Yeah, all right. Well good solid same title want to bring our good friend Charlotte hazard an intern and alumni of the Todd Stern's radio program dose of student a grad of liberty University Charlotte. I understand you were literally outside the capital.

When the ruling came down. What was that like it was so dark it would.

I would lie with the pro-life people and their going thing there hearing people were hugging someone had three birds. There was a dance party a play I like video. Another one bites the.but I was pretty awesome. But the pro-choice side. Obviously, I heard them say they want to take to the street but they said to do it nonviolently. I don't know what that mean by it that the great days of like you got a very historic and it's really cool to be living a cobra generation. You know it is Charlotte and I love that phrase post row generation every child born today is going to be growing up in a post row world and opposed will post row nation. As you so eloquently said Charlotte the other side there. What has been the reaction. Did you see any hostilities other of the Supreme Court definitely that I thought people doubting down the pro-life side when Margaret Taylor grade I did feel her calm down Charlotte I got a interrupt hang tight. I would go right to the White House. Pres. Biden is speaking, let's listen to all the women of the power to control their own destiny and reinforced a fundamental right of privacy right of each of us choose to live our lives now rolled on, let's be very clear the health and life of women in this nation now at risk as chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee as VP now spreads United States. I started this case carefully oversee more Supreme Court confirmation than anyone today when this case was always discussed. I believe Roe V Wade was the correct decision is a matter of constitutional law and application of the fundamental right to privacy and liberty matters of family and personal autonomy was a decision on a complex matter to a careful balance between a woman's right to choose.

Earlier in her pregnancy and the state's ability to regulate later in the presence decision with broad national consensus. Most Americans will face and backgrounds found acceptable than the law of the land for most of the lifetime Americans today.

I was a constitutional principle of crap just like Democrat and Republican presidents alike. Roe V Wade is a 72 decision written by Justice appointed by Republican Pres. Richard Nixon. The five decades and followed Roe V Wade justices appointed by Republican presidents from Eisenhower Nixon and Reagan, George W. Bush, were among justices who voted to uphold the principles set forth in Roe V Wade was three justices 9 x 1 Pres. Donald Trump were the court. Today's decision to abandon scales of justice eliminate a fundamental right for women in this country are dried check made no mistake decision is a combination of a deliberate effort over decades of said balance of our law to realization of extreme ideology and a tragic error by the Supreme Court, in my view, the court is done. What is never done before expressly take away a constitutional right so fundamental so many Americans already been recognized. The course decision to do so real and immediate consequences. State laws banning abortion are automatically taking effect today jeopardizing the health of women, some without exceptions so the women could be punished for protecting their health so extreme, the women and girls were forced to bear their rapist's child. The child a consequence to just as it just stuns me so extreme that doctors will be criminalized filling their duty to care. Imagine having to carry a child of incest as a consequence of incest.

No option to open the case for women to be hit the hardest screw.

In fact, the court laid out state laws criminalize abortion go back to the 1800s.

As rationale, the court literally taking America back 150 years since that date? But it doesn't mean the fights over me be very clear and on. The only way we can secure woman's right to choose the balance of the existing is for Congress to restore the protections of Roe V Wade is federal law. No executive action from the president can do that Congress, as it appears last of the votes to do that now. Voters need to make their voices heard this fall must elect more senators and representatives who codify woman's right to choose and the federal law. Once again, like more state leaders to protect this right at the local level, we need to restore the protections of Roe as law of the land we need to elect officials who will do that this fall row is on the ballot. Personal freedoms are on the ballot right to privacy, liberty and equality for all about. Until then I will do all my power to protect a woman's right in states where the will face the consequences of today's decision on the course decision cast a dark shadow over large swaths of the land. Many states in this country still recognize woman's right to choose so the woman lives in the state that restricts abortion Supreme Court decision does not prevent her from traveling from her home state to the state that allows does not prevent a doctor in that state message from trader as Atty. Gen. was made clear.

Women must remain free to travel safely to another state to seek care they need. My administration will defend that bedrock right, any state or local official higher low tries interfere with a woman's excessive exercise their basic right to travel. I will do everything in my power to fight that deeply un-American attack by ministration laws protect women's access to medications that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA contraception is essential for preventative healthcare Crestone which FDA approved 20 years ago, safely, and early pregnancies and is commonly used to treat miscarriages. Some states are saying that they'll try to ban or severely restrict access to these medications but extremist governors and state legislators looking to block the mail or search the person's medicine cabinet control woman's actions by tracking data under apps she uses are wrong, extreme and out of touch high jump in here for the government to have a database on who owns a gun in America it's okay for the government to go door to door opening up your homes walking into your homes to determine how many guns you have is that what Joe Biden is trying to say here honey, what art were done with that guy.

So anyway, here's the gist of the Joe Biden says that he's going to do everything within his power to make sure that the abortionists are going to be able to kill unborn babies and sell their body parts off on the open market. That's what Joe Biden wants to Joe Biden also said that this is going to be on the ballot so Roe V Wade is going to be on the ballot in the midterm elections is that truly reasons on now, I contend that the young generation, generation C and and in the millennial's are far more pro-life than other generations are because they have actually seen what abortion has done to this nation I may be wrong here, but I don't think I am ultimately I think we got so many catastrophic issues facing our nation. That's generally the farthest thing from people's minds when they go to vote in November, 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number I and I take a quick break or will he come back really go back to Charlotte hazard who was out there outside the Supreme Court when that ruling was handed down.

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There also that flap is good to be here from American conservative Union.

I don't get back to Charlotte hazard. Our former intern from Liberty University.

Charlotte was outside the camp or the Supreme Court today Charlotte. What was it like for you as a young pro-lifer to be there and to see history unfold before your very eyes. I was very very happy if I work with planet like to be around other young women that are often pro-life and even young men feel and I don't know. I went to public school and it basically was told others not a lot of young people that are pro-life but my trip to the court today.

Without wrong.

It was all about realizing what it is now our kid that we were there when the overturned and I think that the amazing no, I mean you will be. This is one of those moments as life-changing moments in the direction of the entire country are are you concerned about there been concerns among pro-lifers about retaliation about violence in the streets. We were told were told to keep an eye out, but I think that young man I heard that there are some people going to maybe guard that night because unfortunately it is a lot of production again to find a ride. Unfortunately happened around the time so be on guard day, but pray for all the churches and all the people going out tonight and I think that's good news that you said young men are to be out there guarding the church houses you know that's you gotta do what you gotta do.

I agree, but indeed it does all right. Charlotte great reporting and I think you for being out there must be such an exciting day for so many people across the nation. I have to imagine the little the little fetuses all over America are just celebrating knowing that there to be able to be born. I mean it's just unbelievable the amount of hate out there.

When you see the evil on social media, twitter grace. I can even you know, I can recall the Twitter page.

It's just revolting. It's discussed there are some sickos and you want to other mass shootings in America because of these animals. This is unbelievable to me that this is not human behavior. I called twitter the cesspool of humanity, and that continues to ring true. You should trademark 77 shirt with that on because it is as disgusting folks. By the way on her Twitter feed.

If you have a chance. You gotta check out this went viral. I we were talking about the this the of the Supreme Court ruling on dogs and so I was on Newsmax TV and the people of gone bonkers. I simply pointed out a truth that most people in America.

Newsrooms are godless there a bunch of atheists and agnostics and Doug and then the other half. They can't tell a an AR 15 from a super soccer and apparently that triggered a lot of people in the why veteran a lot of people, but it did, but we got the video up on the above that the Twitter feed.

All right, we gotta take a break were to step away for just a few moments again breaking news mode all day I were to be taking your calls as well. Is this a good day for America or do you disagree with the Supreme Court decision were to be taking your opinions, your calls, whether you are for or against 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 also approach that was a great time to head over to the website and Achille Parker managing editor, the got some incredible stories following developments from all over the country. All the latest breaking news. Also, we want you to sign up for the newsletter that comes out every afternoon right after the show and it is still chock full. If you will abuse not find anywhere else.

I stick around our two big so this is as it presents don't do it yourself okay.

Simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver mind handing me my screwdriver screwdriver.

Well, I mean you said weird but yeah, look, we spend our home and I with progressive save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves have Fisher when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations University studio in Memphis Tennessee and what a great day God. We are so honored to have you on what is quite frank and historic day, not just here on the side surge radio program, but all across America as we mark the end of Roe V Wade, and now state after state across this great nation of ours will ultimately determine whether or not they will allow babies to live or die within their borders, and I believe that Roe V Wade is actually setting up a very interesting scenario across our nation where you will have life or death.

Depending on what state you live and we know California is about to become an abortion industry say they want you to common have a vacation come to come to California abort your baby and then have a spa day. That's what Gavin Newsom, the governor of California wants and there'll be other states and follow down that path and I believe that. Of those, I believe God will judge those states. And then you look and see what happens in the red states where abortion is now be will soon be illegal. I think Missouri now becoming the first state to criminalize abortion so you will not be able to give a portion of the show me state real quick before we got our guest on the patriot mobile newsmaker lined up a lot you want to go away and we gotta go to this guy and you'll understand why of Frank Gainesville, Georgia, WT, UN and Frank. I understand your daughters about going to labor yet will be grand baby number 21, 20, which has she had 21 babies know now that grandchild and my wife and dad why Frank that's that's remarkable. Congratulations, thank you, where unfortunately the last time I thought you dialysis for my wife last month 20 went to be with the Lord and I know he's excited for our new baby up and having a new body you not suffering anymore.

Thank God the Supreme Court yet. Got up all the let all that stuff they comfort from that radical left baby killers in their evil people like you say thank God for your station where I can get the truth and listen and God bless you. I'm really excited to have at another grandbaby and I know my wife quickly to Frank this II have no doubt that your wife is smiling down and celebrating with you as you welcome this new grandchild and so by the way to get if you get the call.

Just hang up the phone and run you got more important things to do than talk to us all the radio we want you to tell. Give us your daughter's name and I know there are a lot of people in the audience a crowd across the nation that we prayed for her and the new baby Kelly Kelly yellow and will be number six for her little girl. All that is wonderful.

Will you Frank I want you to tell Kelly Joe that there are a lot of people thinking about her and praying for her and that God bless you Frank and thanks for listening. Thank you.for all that you do it true that there I love your station in great print I love well or princess yet, but we like her to Frank you get out there and take care your daughter get off the phone sublist of the radio. Frank got right down the list and afraid needs to give us a call back when we need to know how things went on the delivery so maybe you should get like little transistor radio for the baby Grace train them up in the way they should go.

That's all I say all right walking the streets radio show. It's a little different today. Folks gotta go with the flow a lot a guest coming on but I wanted to I wanted to talk to Gary humble was a great American patriot. He heads up an incredible group in Tennessee called Tennessee stands and they are standing up for law-abiding God-fearing patriots in this and this is state there's a crazy story out of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital involving a seven month old baby who is been denied a heart transplant because the child is unvaccinated. Gary humble brought this to our attention earlier today and I Gary is on the patriot mobile newsmaker like Gary thank you for hopping on today. Thank you family avoid let's talk about what happened here of that, the baby, we understand the baby's name is baby August and give us and give us an idea of what happened at the August goal at EOL L month old baby and and that you like them, believe he was born with congenital heart defect and family dealing with her a while and recently elected effort. August had open heart surgery and I believe they go a little bit let they needed a family with gold, but the only thing left. They could do to save life with may be a life without a heart transplant.

August the clarified not just a covert thing vaccinations. In general, August is the baby unvaccinated made their own medical related, whatever they might be not vaccinate their child and Vanderbilt has now open for August. The heart transplant and become a candidate for a heart that you must be fully back and that's where the family thing right now and it is important to understand that there's a vaccine schedule by the state for 802 years old I went back and did the number if you were to have to catch August up right now on all back. Being a seven month old, that would be roughly 16 doubt that the vaccine you would need to take right now for a baby that already threading the needle of life and art is currently failing, and that for the family. Now in Gary others. There's a political component of this to get to it in just a moment here but but again, even if the child was were to have all vaccines of the challenges the child has no spleen and it's our understanding that the child's immune system baby August immune system has been severely compromised. Selling some of these vaccines could very well kill the child and in that year so you that the doctor yet. You know, Michael, yet likely one of the reason you need to transplant and it in it, and it's unfortunate because babies on the brink of death. All right, we have Gary humble from Tennessee stands on the patriot mobile is make a line by the way, we have the story and we also have telephone numbers for you to call folks we need to we need to force the hospital to do the right thing here. We got the hospital's phone number as well as the telephone number for the Gov.'s office.

You say will Todd what what is the governor have anything to what word explained that now so Gary there been some legislation that could've actually prevented any of this from happening. Actually, the last year. We then stand as an organization has been here and fighting for the right of every individual to make their own health care regardless of coercion by employers or hospitals or anyone else and we had a bill at the 320 and in 2021 2151 here in the recent 2022. Session both of the bill would have your family right to make their own medical meaning that it would have been gory practice or a hospital deny healthcare for anyone based on their vaccination. The only state that I know it had That kind of aloft so far is I that it state law in Iowa and had been so many of 20, 21, but we've not been able to get that done. The majority Republican so-called converted legislature and look it important to note because the truth of it online on the website. The committee hearing for their on video, on both of those occasions in 2021 in 2022 Gov.'s office representative of his office into committee kept the fight against the and we simply have leadership here in the state of being that Rick to accept the premise that individuals have a constitutionally secured God-given right to make their own medical though we've not been able to get that done politically here infinity and what I want to make sure we understand that when we talk about the political activity did not just about the right to make their own plate right now for all good family life and death that that with defending liberty means for August.

Right now it life and death, and on this day of all days when we are defending life and were defending the unborn, but pro-life means you want people to live, you want people to enjoy their freedom and this little child is being denied that in Gary, I just want people to understand the Tennessee legislature is controlled by the Republicans, the governor of Tennessee is a Republican. So is is really overwhelming for me to try to understand why Republicans are standing in the way of this of this very important legislation. Yeah, I will bet that the great point up and wondered that myself and look out for help.

The number one industry. The bacchanal believe that anymore money that will help their industry by any other state in the state of the and when you go look at campaign contributions.

Again, you can go to the registry of a lucky find. You can look at and think campaign contribution to every member of the health committee and what you will find many of them over half of their campaign-finance but beautiful company hospital medical the Asian doctors and people out there it's it's all about the money is not about the baby.

It's all about the right. All right, Gary. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention of folks. We've got the story up on our website. Todd, call the governor's office.

Call Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Gary working people go they want to get more information about Tennessee stands.or an immediate and they really quit were in direct contact with with the mother Hannah goal and Hannah L started to get in go you can imagine there there and pick right now or not you're going to cover that because they're fighting you know the tablets but what they want. The family didn't bill that they give then for August are for August. I got Gary thank you Gary humble from Tennessee stands on the patriot mobile newsmaker life. All right, here's the deal were to go right your phone calls.

Gotta take a quick break. I just want to share this info president from just sent over a statement I want to read this to you today's decision, which is the biggest win for life in a generation, along with other decisions of the been announced recently were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating getting three highly respected and strong constitutionalist confirm to the United States Supreme Court. It was my great honor to do so. He's absolutely right folks, which is why right out of the gate.

The first thing we did was praise God and then think Pres. Trump had it been any other Republic you think Jeb Bush was going to put pro-life justices on the Supreme Court. Generally, that was going to happen. The president goes on to say I did not came to the radical left Democrats their partners in the fake news media or the rhinos who are likewise the true but silent enemy of the people absolutely right, Mr. Pres., these major victories prove that even though the radical left is doing everything in their power to destroy our country. Your rights are being protected. The country is being defended and there is still hope in time to save America.

I will never stop fighting for the great people of our nation and he's absolutely right art.

Gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show progressive home for another house. I totally understand how confirm this just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in the foundation's no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say in your home in aggressive situations.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen good to have you with us.

Welcome back to the Pfizer radio to this is a great day for America, writing for the unborn and let's go to Georgia W. Do you and Joe on the line. Hey Joe what's going on. My friend, well, I really appreciate that you brought up the fact about Notre Dame's pivotal role if not vital, well vital role in all of this and so I was thinking you know the expression OMG this okay armed man good okay see marriage being a good I'm gone. I'm heading to my T-shirt shop. I'm not to beget a bright orange T-shirt put OMG the old one and then OMG under that and then on the back and haven't put a big white cross. I love it Joe you gotta get me one of those shirts I gotta have one of those shirts. Joe all right, the size or have Grace do it. I will gets it will get you the info Joe.

Good luck to you OMG orange man good.

I like that Ellis go to Milwaukee. Our friend Jerry. The liberal all right Jerry are you celebrating today. No imagine. I agree with.

I agree that if someone want to urge women get important. I fully support that what you heard someone that you get it for moral or whatever reason, I fully embrace what I have a problem with. I think people have a fundamental right to make even if we grant human life and even deserving may be of some right that doesn't women like about her body. The government should be looking at that between a woman under Dr. look a well-run vector consequences like you know some women needed for medical reasons. Some women really like the that'll have an abortion. It's not the place of government well again going back to the beat. The opinion written by Justice Alito. He wrote the court's opinion and he says the Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and that there is no right such right is implicitly protected by any provision of the Constitution so he sold his point is role was egregiously wrong from the start, and therefore this has to be a state issue and not a federal issue.

Well, I look at the individual, like I don't narrow view of the ninth amendment guarantee its rights not enumerated clearly listed. The bill right and I think the ninth amendment means something that means anything, it means about your choice of the body is about the economy no and purposely I write something I think people should be, even if they think about abortion is a good thing.

All product should look at the idea of the government having the power to make this vision the choices you make involving your own body and they should look at that potential trouble. Even if agree with Jerry were to leave it there are up against a hard break. I appreciate your call but again I think the issue here, though, is that were not thinking about the life of the unborn child that unborn child has rights as well and I appreciate the justices understanding that ultimately this is a decision for each individual state to make and that by the way, has just made every single statehouse election that much more important across this nation. Now here in Tennessee were good you folks in Mississippi you're got you folks in some of the other parts of the nation. You got all but a problem on your hands.

I look we gotta take a quick break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 84 474-7886.

This is the job search radio so you galaxies flip for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for the doctors radio show where you get your tall same time, I promise you we are to get everybody's home or 747-8868. Another big story.

We've been following is the battle over guns in America and last night 15 Republican senators Republican senators sided with the Democrats and advance this radical anti-gone.

I'm becoming a gun grab piece of legislation, especially concern, are concerned about the red flag laws because this is the Trojan horse to get your guns and to disarm law-abiding American citizens are good friend Cheryl Chumley has been writing about this.

She's also the author of a great new book called lockdown the socialist plan to take away your freedom. She has a column called red flag laws will lead to gun confiscations Cheryl good to have you on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today. Hey, it's great to be with you. Thank you for having me so yeah it's just a lot of a lot of great court rulings coming down Cheryl yesterday or day before yesterday you had the gun. The gun law in New York that was overturned by the Supreme Court.

But the bigger problem I got today is this red flag wall that's about two component of this legislation, the Senate approved last night. Yet like we finally got the cream court workout. Think Donald Trump's appointment, but now we have Congress Republicans in Congress no lack going after our second amendment right and I hate red flag law and again because I don't see any way they don't grab law-abiding American end of their DuPont that was a matter fact you have the governor of Pennsylvania actually post something on social media explaining how that would work you write something on social media that nobody likes. Then you got that you get the police involved and the next thing you know they're shown up at the door saying got a turn of your guns and got it totally lit the beat crime if we have an nation of innocent until proven guilty.

Suddenly you law-abiding American state going to court improving chiefdom bureaucrats in court that you are not insane that you are sane enough to maintain your Second Amendment rights, which by the way our God-given like any that they're not all there not given by government. It's only in the Constitution to protect what God already grant Cheryl you write in your in your column about the idea of the left to say.

Well, these red flag laws are going to save hundreds of lives. That's Heather justifying the gun grab what say you about.

They use words like could they could potentially they have the potential for paper hat and me.

That's not a good enough reason to strip law-abiding American Second Amendment rights which you can God-given. So if you're going you could or perhaps then you can use that standard for anything. The next thing we notice it coming once red plot red flag laws are put in place next single, registry a national registry and then the thing after that will be the next watering of second amendment like because if you maintain a standard of could potential or possibly then the option the potential to our limit on the patriot Mobley is Nikolai Cheryl Cheryl Chamblee has a great new book out called locked down the socialist plan to take away your freedom. Cheryl this son now goes before the House of Representatives. I mean we know it's going to pass by and signed it into law. Do you think were to have a court battle here. I don't see how or not because there are so many law-abiding American America who exercise fully their Second Amendment right.

I don't think it quietly out on one and honestly, I'll be right there with them fighting against red flag Linux, you know, again we on this program we we talk about puzzle pieces. Cheryl we you II don't think you can just take the red flag law and and discuss that as an isolated incident. I think you have to look at what's happening in the country bigger picture from the church shutdowns during the pandemic. The business closures the school shutdowns and I think this ties into the book you wrote about the socialist plan to take away our freedoms. It's it's not happening in a vacuum here. Now it's not and first and foremost, if you want talk about really needing in reining in violent firearms in America than any laws are going to do anything right because we already have a lot in life that that you can't kill people that route is the culture at the root is the turn away from God and the exploiting of cultural degradation done mostly by the Democratic Party if we want to grant violence in America. We have to look at the homes we have to look at family life look at broken home, and the left won't look that way because as you just mentioned the left want to exploit all the cultural degradation in order to bring about a total top down government structure in America that cripples the Constitution and its skilled individual liberty such as we speak over two years under the crown of and and again this is why we have to pay attention and we have to fight every single day and exposes kind of nonsense because Cheryl one day you and I could wake up and we could find them knocking on our doors, taking away our laptops shutting down our radio station shutting down our newspapers, or good enough social media right which absolutely right. We can't wrap my Cheryl what your take on the Supreme Court ruling today. I'm on Nairobi way way I think it's great. I I think it's a big win for transparency because now matter have to go back 84 legislators, or lawmakers to decide and put them on record and under more control of the people's will in their respective states.

So I think it's great. The Constitution sure to leave it there again.

It's a busy news day and really appreciate coming on great column books you can read all of Cheryl's incredible work over the Washington and a course got to get yourself a copy of that great but I love I'm impressed you got Salcedo to do the forward well done. Thank you. Tell my kids that aren't locked out of the socialist plan to take away your freedom.

We got we have a link to that on our blog as well. Cheryl, thank you. Happy weekends thank you got that all right there you go wow that that was mind blowing. And by the way, we've got yesterday.

Last night was mind blowing.

It was great, but last night was mind blowing.

You got 15 Republican senators got corn and you got Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins got Murkowski Romney you the regulars McConnell and they're all voting for this gun grab that's all it is, folks, is a gun grant and this is why we gotta root out these rhinos.

By the way, Dr. Oz.

I knew this was going to happen. I told you about that guy. I warn you folks in Pennsylvania about that guy that he was idling with think he's a Republican in name only hope he was ever a Republican but now is your Republican nominee and honest-to-goodness folks, you're better off having a Democrat because at least you know where you stand with anti-so Dr. Oz now that he got the nomination. The other guy conceded and is has taken all of the swamp endorsements trunk photographs everything has been washed off of the that the web is. It's been like that young. They took the bleach like to Hillary Clinton's laptop computers is it's as if Trump doesn't even exist in the world of Dr. Oz anymore so anyway this is why you gotta pay attention folks because you've gotta make sure you are electing Pro second amendment Republicans to the Congress. Otherwise you get this and I'm it's sad to say, this is going to become law. And there's nothing we can do at this point to stop or I want to go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Collierville, Tennessee.

Chris's listing to us on KW AMR flagship station hey Chris what's going on. Thank you, Mike almost started.

I'll make this quick.

I'm very pleased with the overturning of Roe V Wade, but we still have a problem several years ago when the horrific project Veritas baby body part videos came out. I called Tony Perkins that day and I said why, why in the world are taxpayers funding abortion when there are so many companies that donate to Planned Parenthood. This is the new fight that we need to have. It's not right for Christian taxpayers to have to fund abortion and if you go or all you have to do is Google. Companies that donate to Planned Parenthood to see a laundry list companies and charities including the March of Dimes and the United Way. You got AutoZone Frito-Lay liberty mutual PepsiCo. All of these companies donate to Planned Parenthood. It is time to end the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and will let them live off of the donations alone. This is ridiculous. So that that's the only problem that I have used here is the good news is that Planned Parenthood is going to have to shut down and in some of the states that are going to be outlaw you have the trigger laws are NAFTA shut down and I say good riddance. Don't let the door hit you with the good Lord split you, but I'm I'm with you. There's no reason no cause for why our tax dollars should go to support Planned Parenthood if if you're a private business like an AutoZone or whatever and you went up and you want to use your profits to support the killing of unborn babies. That's on you, but Chris at the same time I believe that we have an obligation as consumers to make sure were not shopping or doing business with people that are supporting the abortion industry. You are absolutely correct and I don't know I don't got AutoZone. I don't drink Pepsi product nothing and so the bottom line is this. I do not want one penny of my paycheck going to fund abortion and that way should be the other states that allow abortion. Okay what are we going to do. I mean what I can have abortion in Tennessee, but our tax dollars are going to go to California to fund abortion. And that's just not right. And that's where a and again we have the opportunity to get this fixed.

When Donald Trump was first elected.

The Republicans controlled the house of the Senate, but unfortunately rhinos were in charge the same kind around your local example. Chris sobbed. I'm involved in local politics in the Memphis area. Do you realize that right now we have already received statements of condemnation on the abortion of the Supreme Court's decision from every Democrat running for office as well as the Democrat party here, you know who we haven't heard from today. Chris I go in the Republicans we haven't heard from the local Republican referred from Mississippi Republicans there celebrating. We haven't heard from we've we haven't heard from the local Republicans here in this part of Tennessee but you know what the reason, I suspect the reason why is they don't want to cause controversy well too bad. I mean, you gotta choose which side you're on. Are you on God side her statement died sorry. I take God. God I'm with you on that.

It is surprising that I've been looking and looking and I see nothing from the Republicans locally about the abortion. The Supreme Court's decision in Roe V Wade. I think that's disappointing. It's a missed opportunity, but also says a lot about what's going on politically and out. That being said, we've got a gotta make sure we are electing Pro life lawmakers that fight does not end with the with the the of the riddance of Roe V Wade we start the fight every single day, Chris. God bless you, thank you for the call. Thanks for listening to K when I know that angers people that I actually bring those things up. I think it's important you know it stand for something that angers me that a lot of Republicans don't want to weigh in on the big issues of the day because it might hurt them socially down at the country club or it might hurt them financially because are doing business with a bunch of pro-abortion industries in the Memphis area.

For example, you know, I don't care about that. I mean, there are some things more important than making a dollar, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number this week Greta Van Susteren back on news back. She's got an incredible brand-new show called the record with Greta Van Susteren. Every night Greta, proving that people want real news without the media spin you can watch her show tonight at 6 o'clock Eastern Greta broadcasting from Washington with the real news giving you the facts you need to know she's asking the tough questions.

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Real news for real people texting and roles were automated text messages that message and data rates may apply new galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I just found did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for I will better so my Congressman is very proud to be Congressman David Congressman writing this just a moment ago. Today the Supreme Court took a historic step overturning Roe V Wade this will rightfully return the authority to regulate abortion back to the states into our elected representatives.

Abortion laws should be debated and decided by the American people is absolutely right, not dictated by judges. I will always remain committed to advocating for strong pro-life policies and upholding the sanctity of life and its again culture issue culture war issue aside, this is a political issue, and by the way Clarence Thomas was absolutely right to bring and overfilled the of the issue of gay marriage, the same issues apply here. It is not mention of this is not mission of the Constitution.

These are states issues that if you want to go to abort if you want to get an abortion go to California will be more than happy to kill your baby for our let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 was go to Bob in Collierville, Tennessee, K. W. AM are great radio station Bob what's on your mind, your day and you know I'm going to replace David Cust off of the eighth congressional district. I'm very disappointed in his announcement because it it's typical milquetoast custom what we have done in in Tennessee is we already have 30 to 30 days for now, the turgor laws will go into effect that will ban abortion in Tennessee and am surprised that it US congressman representing Tennessee's eighth district would not mention that this statement well.

He clearly says he's got it what what would you want him to say because he says he is. He is strongly pro-life and he upholds the sanctity of life, what, what would you like to say that looks to be like his pro-life well, but of what you don't believe him.

Has he voted for pro-abortion policies and marginally pro-life you like to talk about it, but he has done absolutely nothing to move this court we had to attend on to pass a law that went to the Supreme Court fortunately seen 2019 laws were passed by the state that it Roe V Wade got overturned. 30 days later, the ban on abortion in Tennessee will go into effect doesn't delight when it penalized the about me jumping or because I just generally confused here because I mean I get it Susan Collins who is a Republican is staunchly pro-abortion. I'm just wondering how you say and because that's a pretty heavy charge to say somebody is pro-abortion. You believe David Cust off is not pro-life, politically. How does he write that none of the house he ride the fence on that is ready statement of looking at right here.

He says of course a lot should be debated in the place, decided by the people not dictated by the degree along okay, hold on to hold you over with that music to cut us off. Gotta take a break Bob Hendry running against David Costa. I don't see where is pro-abortion here folks.

Clearly pro-life Hank. I will get some more this app will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for universities to really move this Tennessee is George. Well we got we got a lot of mild of the Volkswagen for this hour got a lot against man land from American conservative Union Congressman Mike Johnson's to be here a lot going on but I want to finish up a conversation that we had started, and then time just expired on this Bob Hendry is running for Congress against a David cost offers the sitting Republican Congressman Bob took issue with the Congressman statement affirming that he is a pro-life and upholds the sanctity of life and Bob. I wanted to give you an opportunity to finish your thought there because you were questioning the Congressman's pro-life credentials absolutely got been there for three terms and when this case landed at the Supreme Court remained absolutely silent, with one exception, and that exception was when the leak took place and is confirmed was not whether or not this would affect but that that but that the court itself could been compromised and might net ever be able to perform its function correctly. That's absolutely not.

The second issue I have never taken a stand and eat it.

If he was probably pro-life. He would've his statement with a different go with me. I would very clearly the right to human life begins at conception and human rights attached to the baby at the moment of conception until the moment of natural death. In the discussion. That's not Mr. Costello's position with the customs position is whatever side the political wind is blowing ill go in that direction.

That's my contention. Bob I have in my hands. Here's the latest Susan B.

Anthony rankings they rank all the congressional lawmakers whether they be Senate or from the House of Representatives and they rank them on their pro-life scorecard and during the break we pulled up Congressman Comstock's rankings and according to the Susan B. Anthony list.

He has an A+ rating. So when it comes to pro-life legislation do you contend that the Susan B. Anthony list is the political ring that he can get equally equally lipservice pro-life but I would think he is not ardently for a while, you know, I thought what I would know Bob you know what were stopping Bob were stopping you here because again, this is not this is not some sort of a bash.

The Congressman session. I think you've made your point. Okay words on here, Bob Hendry, thank you very much that's it might take them off your place were done here. The reality folks. If you if you're running for office here call up and try to hijack a talk radio program that's that's quite frankly inappropriate. It's rude. I'm just not going to tolerate it. There you go. All right, let's go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line, our good friend from the American conservative Union match lamp is on cheese aluminum that the Republicans are fighting each other like cats and dogs. Well, you know, I never mind a good primary like the idea of voter making, and I FYI felt thankful literally and thanking God for the idea of the restoration of constitutional order that the Constitution is a religious document but I tell you one thing, it has a parent mentor, trustee, American with complicated questions like abortion and trusting voter that the regulations in the state and that the Internet meant that pro-prohibited abortion nationwide. I like the idea of the Constitution. This country being our Northstar II love that and and again Matt, you are taking the culture component away from this this really was a Constitution were talking about the bones of the Republic. What is it mean what is that Constitution means what rights does the federal government what rights to the states have an and ultimately, as Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out, these are important issues that need to be talked about in other areas as well, and I'm sure they will be so wrong about my coming up with it regulation on the issue of abortion like and the far left state of California coming up with it.

Regulation once again that would be in Kenya thinking of our founders with all federal, which it would be different among states and what I'm seeing in the country of outpouring of people leaving date, leaving socialist states because of high crime. I packed the function in a part of that is the breakdown of family and what you're saying.

If people are voting with their feet or strong family score, community school, not bleeding character domestic terror, etc. and I took the country felt under that area where people are picking read over and over and over again. I think the nation turning towards life but does not outlaw abortion all over the country and that we have to expect that as the carpet border match lamp on the patriot.

Please make a line you know math there. There's been a lot of talk about you is this going to be the issue in the midterm elections, Pres. Biden says Roe V Wade is going to be on the ballot.

What what your take on that yet.

I think Roe V Wade will be on the ballot and I think it can accrue to the benefit pro-life candidate abortion have always been better if you two are 30 segment of the electorate, including myself, and it has always accrued to the benefit pro-life candidate in both cases are so many wrong perceptions about pro-life voters. Women are more pro-life than men. We get told in the media virtually not true.

There were actually more pro-life than that. It always benefited more to take the pro-life down some debt that you that different public statement that the life and that he realized you know that the pro-life country to grab hold of that policy.

Then he said on the debate date that it's hard actually changed on the question of abortion because he thought child that hadn't the crisis pregnancy thought that that young man grabbed your wonderful adult that change to happen to a lot of American wrong about just getting like you to check if you change now that individualized think the country would like to change the court of an entire people. It can, and again it shows you how important that 2016 presidential election really wise. I mean that. Just think about how close we came to heaven Hillary in the White House and imagine what the Supreme Court would look like now to all my friends on the network from you. You electric dispatch and all the records was that you pounded all of it pretty hard for sticking but we told you that Trump was unique American that would stand up and do the things that other Republican national level at simply given lip service to, and that's what he did. He went three for three on Brody weight off.

If the court mercy and I thought all of voter right oral body that only happened without honor to help. Well said in Matthew, the phone signals beginning to falter there so we may need let you go but we appreciate your good words on this great day for America as we celebrate as we celebrate the demise of Roe V Wade match live from American conservative Union in August. Ladies and gentlemen see pack in Dallas Texas. I'll be one of the speakers will be doing our show and we will love love to see you there and in Dallas later on this wall as we gear up for the midterm elections, but I am curious ladies and gentlemen when you go and votes in the fall. Are you going to cast your ballot because of Roe V Wade or the economy or gun rights what's what's good to be propelling you to go and vote on election day 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 only about one more time to this to this little dust up. We had a meeting here in West Tennessee. You've got a Republican Bob Hendry running against the sitting Republican Congressman David Costa and for the sake of affair and balance.

I endorsed cost awful long time ago.

I liked David Cust off of these done a pretty decent job, but the idea that congressmen cost off is not pro-life. It's is ludicrous. I'm sorry you can have an honest debate about the issues but is very clear that Congressman Costa is in good favor with every pro-life organization in the nation, and he has an A+ rating from the Susan B. Anthony list and I don't care if your Congressman is from Kansas or Oregon or whatever, but if you're to become auditor to ban somebody come armed with the facts. That's all I ask are you gotta take a break will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly galaxies. He flipped for getting word out of Washington a couple of stories. First of all, the House of Representatives, no big surprise here they pass that gun grab legislation. Pres. Biden says he'll find it in law so don't be surprised if there are knocks on your doors asking you that turn over your your guns also were watching video of just dozens and dozens of riot police are mobilizing in Washington no doubt in response to what I was about to happen later tonight by the way, do you think do you think Coppola is going to riot with everybody or AOC. Definitely AOC shall be out there, but I wonderful see, Harris out there in the whatever the current fashion rages among the the NT foreground want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line from alliance defending freedom. One of our great law firms defending religious liberty and defending the pro-life movement. Ryan Bangor joins us. Ryan gotta be a great day for you guys over at ADF yet. What an incredible day for everyone and Erica waited for unborn children. It is a tremendous victory for the rule of law, but also for family something that way for a long time. Ryan, a lot of folks say okay we one. It's over. We can go home and that is really hot not the case. I mean now that the hard work really begins, which is the state-by-state battles that I suspect you guys are to be involved in right, the court rightly held not contain a right to abortion.

What that means that the state canal by right in that state can ensure that women have access to support resources they need, but this is very much a an ongoing fight to ensure that like this protected the fight does not in here. This is not the end.

The beginning of the end but the end of the beginning. Ryan, I'm curious to get your take on Justice Thomas a he wrote a standout standalone opinion and he suggested that the same that same methodology should be applied to Oberg Feld, which legalized same-sex marriage in America. Do you concur with the justices opinion well log a basically apply the Constitution already contacted you all the keen insight or so. It is his opinion with a full concurrent as you probably noted the majority was very clear that if the engine only reached as far as abortion though the time being you very much is on full concurrent very well written, but just that all right on the patriot bubble newsmaker line Rob Ryan Bangor and Orion. Again, we appreciate you coming on with the workforce or the pack today with the folks on the come on and talk about this. Where do we go from here and already you see the next big culture fights a brewing well the first thing we need to do every day to consider exactly what you what you two way and protect life and the court is been very clear that now have the authority role to pass laws that fully support women and protect unborn children and so I think that's the first place.

We need to look here to the state legislature to the state) to get a court but you really have a lot of work to do that work again in the state legislatures. Well said Weinberg not to leave it there.

God bless you and get out there and enjoy a great day in America.

Thank you so much that Ryan Bangor everybody from alliance defending freedom, Grace Baker, I've got to put down the pizza I got to talk to you about some okay so I do it. We decided that since it's a day of celebration. We went to old is called all these pizzas are all those all those people leave the grocery. So, that's right, you know, this is not the same place maltose pizza in Memphis. I love that place is very good. It's like the best pizza that I've had. It's up there. It's yes so anyway work out of it was. The staff is celebrating yes and they've done a good job to do.

We have the someone told me we actually beat all the mainstream media. With the breaking news alert.

Not surprising, a pretty good team. We have a great team here so grace yesterday.

Biden giving a speech and you know they had to tell him like okay sit here smile here. Don't smile and walk this way. So anyway I we didn't realize there was actually a cheat sheet. They give him yes and and doofus Biden actually had the cheat sheet turned around so he's looking at a blank piece of paper wow and showing everyone else's secret and of course you know a photographer is going to snap the picture we got a website and said this is crazy. They put stuff in in boldface you take your seat. I don't think which implies I guess he's been taking other people see.

Oh no he says you enter this is what the the list. This is Biden's cheat sheet you all bold YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to participants doing here you see Parker C.

What is he doing there, you give brief comments it goes on. You think participant.

You know the part it's HOW we know that he's had some problems are and we talked for many times about the cheese sliding off his cracker we say don't write up. I think people off his bicycle by the way, you know I told you I was gonna buy a us a chairlift. Air Force One closings are expensive. Yeah, I may have to go on Amazon and see if I can get a use peer training wheels. Probably not on prime though we may have to do is make our own redneck engineering.

Yeah, maybe we can make our own chairlift. So anyway, provided, though the guy is immediate he really is dealing with some serious mental issues and the word that were getting is that the staff is actually running things you go about your 20 something-year-olds and a young 30 something-year-old running the country right now. I'm surprised I don't have an dune tick-tock dance like is present it's true I is terrible.

So anyway, what's the over under on Coppola writing tonight who is a good question.

See him or thinking it like he said AOC. Maybe Maxine Waters proceeded to leave and Elcon you know there to be sure they'll be burning something down. That's the way that goes this was not supposed to say that. Sorry about that Grace, Todd, it is what it is almost at the show we are almost through the show. Indeed, folks. We do need to take a quick break.

Congressman Mike Johnson is going to drop by also awarded me talking to the director of a local crisis pregnancy center here in Memphis, Tennessee. Steve Copeland from life choices. Other doing some incredible work and I were to be really checked checking with those guys as well.

Pleasure calls 844-747-8868. Again, that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd search radius all right love you back to the Todd search radio so good to have you with us today. Hope things are going great wherever you might be in the day that America gained by the way John is our website sure to check that out as though we have some great stories latest news and information.

Also, Maxine Waters.

I got to play this audio for you a Maxine Waters just a few moments ago. Here's what she had to say. When will and she's going to Applebee's and I will admit, what a weird thing.

Maxine Waters, I want to bring into the conversation. A good friend of this program and he's got a radio show on Cato UAM Steve Copeland is the CEO of life choices of Memphis and I've been honored to be a part of life choices.

I spoke at a banquet several years ago. Steve you guys are doing great work and I welcome on what has to be a very happy day for you guys. It certainly is. Todd, thanks for having me and today Steve, let's let's talk about the impact of the Supreme Court's decision that doesn't mean that the work just goes away. It seems to me that your work is just going to become all that more important.

Yeah, I think, as Churchill said, this is not the end or the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning. This is the starting point where 3000 or so pregnancy medical centers like us across the country can meet the needs of millions of women who are in crisis pregnancy.

One of the things I love about life choices and you took me several years ago on a tour it doesn't look like a medical facility. It looks like somebody's house where were there to care for people to express the love of God through Jesus Christ and we want their encounter with us, whether it's with nurses or client advocates to be as if they were at home. The V.

The law enforcement personnel.

We been talking to around America very concerned about what's to be happening later today and perhaps this weekend what what about you guys in Memphis Re: are you hearing concerns from law enforcement as well.

Yes with the FBI came and met with us to talk about the situation we're giving lots of prayer to the situation, trusting that God will protect us, but were also engaged with law enforcement in case something happens ROS good news at least. And again I I think here in the Memphis area you I don't think folks are that terribly radicalized, but I am concerned for folks and those crisis pregnancy centers in the big cities.

Yes, really want to my heart's desires have been telling everyone for months now is pray for the restraint of evil and violence. Once this decision comes forth. What is it when when a woman comes to life choices in Memphis what water what condition you don't just, I guess, mentally, are these young ladies coming into your facility and how you guys work with them. Yet the vast majority about 90% are either what we call abortion minded there ready to have an abortion or abortion vulnerable and what we do is we walk them through.

They have an ultrasound or pregnancy test they get some education on fetal development and what's going on with their body and then they meet with a client advocate or talk to them about the situation therein and we try to walk them through a pathway of life. Years ago I was speaking another pro-life group of their having their annual banquet and I thought this was really brilliant and this really moved me emotionally. There was a moment when they said okay you know it's it's all about raising money and making sure that you have the resources available to help help these young ladies and their and their babies and they said this is what your body did and all of a sudden the doors open up and you have all of these women coming in and their holding their newborn babies at and it just really, I mean you could hear a pin drop and and grown men were you good. They were stifling via the tears because they realized the gravity of the situation were talking about life. Yes, we have to rent quite a big place because last year alone, 889 babies were born whose names we know how to bring those women and their babies in so we did.

As an example we brought one lady and hood triplets. Is that right Jeff, oh my gosh that's that has to be so exciting to see that those ladies made that choice to have their babies. Yeah, I mean were it's a touching experience, sometimes painful, but most of the time joyful you know we live in Memphis, a majority minority city. We know that Planned Parenthood was created for the sole purpose initially of eradicating black children black babies and then you heard Maxine Waters say what she had to say. How does that impact you as the CEO of life choices of Memphis. You know, in the privacy of discussions with members of the black community, male or female, they realize there's a deep problem and they feel that a place like life choices can help.

I encourage all of our listeners to pray for Maxine Waters because she at this point is unenlightened. You see, I love her. I mean, you're a very spiritually minded person I would call her a loon. But you're right that we should pray for for even loons like Maxine Waters hi, I get that Steve Copeland well I was here this great today but I'm not sure of the call back window, Pat Noto, Pastor Robert Jeffers were the only show that has its own full-time chaplain so he always you know Cincinnati Bell at the end of the shows they will use it is that is what what's wrong with you. Start your Moser listeners have read first Timothy two were supposed to pray for those in authority, even if we don't like them, but we do it and you're right.

And we are and and we should and again I think today it's a celebration. There was when you go back to 2016 and that election, Steve and I want to get a political and you but there was a lot at stake there and read. We talk about every election being the most important that truly was the most important yet it was a turning point. The three judges appointed by Donald Trump were clearly those who believe the Constitution is as it is written, rather than as imagined and I and reading. I haven't read the whole case I have here 211 pages. Whatever it is the first nine pages are compellingly constitutional and slanted toward life. It's I was. I had a chance to read. Justice Thomas's brief, and it was just powerful and fascinating and I look forward to reading it via the full opinion later this evening. Steve tell folks how they can get more information about life choices is not so much about donating, but maybe volunteering a being of being involved in the great ministry. What can they do to help your life choices is based in Memphis. Our website is LC but we encourage listeners we know there listening across the country. Find out your local pregnancy medical center in reach out to them and see how you can help.

II think that's just a noble thing Steve. We appreciate you coming out is a great day to celebrate, but the work goes on. The ministry goes on. Thank you talk so much hard.

Steve Copeland from life choices of Memphis. We have a link to their website. If you're looking for a way to celebrate. Maybe you have a few dollars that you would like to share. I know they would be so grateful to your for your help and for your support and as Steve said most communities around the state should have a crisis pregnancy, a family center that I could certainly use your help as well. Are you working to take a break your folks 844-747-8868 Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana coming up next. This is the Todd Stern's radio show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for back to the conference radio program. It is so important that we support companies that are fighting for our causes and our values the pro-life movement. The Second Amendment under attack under siege and that's why I support my friends over patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier there fighting for our causes every single day patriot bubble has incredible nationwide coverage and they got a plan to fit any budget. No matter how big, no matter how small.

If you're a veteran or a first responder there to give you an even bigger discount and get this if you use my promo code Todd they're going to give you free activation and a free deft all you need to do is go to patriot or call 972 patriot that's patriot 972 patriot use my promo code Todd there to give you free premier activation and a free gift will I do want to go right now to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Great to have with us from the state of Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson Congressman, what a great day for freedom and liberty. It is a great day.great. Avoid almost surreal. It really is.

I'm get walk around The day it it it it is hard to almost fathom the importance of the day we been working for this most of many of our in all of her adult life and now a half-century after the egregious error row, according finally to effectively said what it's always been obvious what the tuition does not confer a right to abortion. It never did. I thought it was a brilliantly written opinion and from what I've been able to read thus far of the news breaking right before our show and I thought it was interesting the words of Justice Thomas as he sort of looked forward to to what this could mean the four other big culture war issues in this country.

Well, that's right, you know we've been sort of working against these activist courts for years there's been an increase in that overlap, you decade I was in the court for 20 years in federal court litigated and okay freedom for like 820 16 and I would often go up against activist judges activist court that the very real thing.

And so there's a result of all that and and there's been some really bad law made about the merger screwed several decades and maybe some of that need to be cleaned up and what what Justice Thomas is calling for is not radical in fact that the opposite of you know we finally have a majority of originalists on the court and in all that means is they want to clearly interpret and apply the Constitution as it's written as the framers of the Constitution intended is the basis of verbal system of government, and we have to get back to that and that's what he stands for.

We plugged in and when you look at how important now. The 2016 presidential election was and that we had a president who actually put those kinds of of judges on the federal bench and I think that is ultimately Congressman, I think that's gotta be president president trumps lasting legacy. No question about it the longest lasting letter.

A president who that individual on the court and credit trap records had almost record number of appointments to the Lower Federal Ct., District Court court, but also he had the three extraordinary chores and pics for the screen court and this is the big one I mean is I think it's the most consequential the state of my lifetime.

Certainly I was born one year exactly one year before Ruby Wade was ended on January 72 and and and this changes the landscape of the seismic shift and Donald Trump deserves a lot of the credit for it because that he not been as bold as he was, and is consistent and he was in putting these originalist euros on the courts we would not be celebrating today and I can never be taken away from know you're right and inserted inside the Beltway joke.

I mean, it's a horrible joke, but Republican presidents have always sort of been hit or miss when it comes to their pigs on the surprise. What I remember was that Eisenhower said I made two mistakes of both of them are sitting on the Supreme Court refers over Pres. Trump to have three solid pics that's pretty remarkable. It is remarkable over them a lot about it during the term and about the particular you know he was aided by really smart folks fighting others who were involved in helping to create, remember, he famously came out with a short list of jurists that he would he would pick from that list you committed to any anything that he fulfilled his campaign, 2016 and and now you know you see the results of it. So he was aided by a lot of awful work that that a lot of people put in to make sure that the names on that list would actually be faithful to the Constitution. What a great day. You know to see the results of elections really really do have consequences in bold colors Congressman.

Another big story and this just happened a long while ago the House of Representatives signing up passing this legislation. I call it gun grab legislation you had last night. 15 Senate Republican siding with the Democrats of first only get your reaction to the to the to what those Senate Republicans did last night. Well, you know it it's really made it sort of an allergic knee-jerk emotional reaction to recent events.

The tragedies of school shooting can never be overstated.

I'm a father I have four children great concern to me that everyone but the solution is not to go grabbing guns from love hiding the solution is not to overstep and steamroll the Constitution.

There I was on the floor two hours ago now after this opinion came out with the recording. I was debating the gun to close. He spoke right before me, the speaker and cheek. She reprimanded up across the island. She said the number one cause of death of American children is gun violence and and in you all we need to protect the lives of children and it was just the irony was so thick you can go with a knife and I spoke immediately after Jim dirt your two minute go-getter that matter speaker you are wrong. The number one cause of death for American children is abortion violence, ma'am. It was at least until about an hour and 1/2 ago and and now were going to get a chance to think that they know their priorities are so misplaced that she contends that the right to abortion in the Constitution, but that the right to keep and bear arms and and so that you know that is their worldview that drive their approach to all that today the wrong measure at the wrong time and I think it's it's just a quick further redtape in the place of law-abiding citizens and it won't go will do anything to solve the root causes of autopilot and and again the greater concern is you could have somebody who disagrees with their local school board. They could be reported to the authorities and the authorities can show up and and take away their guns.

As has already happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia that right right in the advocate for the worry about your bill to cover that in a future earring ventilator. You can go menarche got back will look and I would do process is very real thing here know what to do process is not be processed at all.

If you get it after the fact and end it will be used for political purposes for vendettas. You know you're going to infringe upon a segment right. This is very clear in an automated. Nothing in this bill at all. That fixes the next system. The background checks clause and all the errors that are there is nothing in this bill about hardening the school including real physical corrections and protection measures to protect children.

This is a hastily drunk at the legislation they think they got it out there because they couldn't go want to stop wealth we need to do the right thing, not just do something and it's unfortunate that after today it would happen all right. Congressman really there. We can wrap things up here.

We appreciate you coming on the show and I thank you and congratulations thank you my friend good. All right, Congressman Mike Johnson everybody great American patriot, and it is a good day to celebrate Sunday Saturday for those who go to church or synagogue. It is going to be a great day as as we give glory to God and by the way, Pres. Trump just a few moments ago said this was God's decision today and the president always absolutely right, but also the alert be aware and you know if you have a church security team. Make sure you got your ducks in a row because again the feds are warning of violence against church houses of folks it's been an action-packed week and awarded do this all over again on Monday.

In the meantime, Todd is my website. We got a newsletter coming out just a matter of moments of you haven't signed up, you should really do that want to thank Grace and Kyle and our great interns Alan and Philip folks. Great job this week you get out there. Have a great Friday and whatever you do, America, be sure to go to church is

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