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Are Leftists Done With Their Presidential Poser?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 22, 2022 3:21 pm

Are Leftists Done With Their Presidential Poser?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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Todd, thank you for being here. Good morning from the West Coast here in Salem Oregon getting ready for a big event later today with our great leader, a white and appreciate. Let me drop it on the show today. Well, it is called the Todd Starnes show.

It's very difficult to keep Todd starts okay from that, you sound great. Even though you are ENR again and that I was following your adventures manner look like you could walk there faster. Yet it took 22 hours to get here about 130 2 o'clock in the morning and got a good nights rest of the folks at KY yet they are just the consummate hospitality gurus about me up in a beautiful hotel when a little walking tour of downtown Salem this morning and I was in search of a good biscuit yeah and so far I know NT sightings. I know we have to talk about lease Eldon but do you mind if I take 10 seconds here and say as a southern gentleman by choice not by birth as fortunate as you were, but I got here as quickly as I could. I'm looking at the T and the biscuits and hunting over your thoughts. He was wonderful. Okay, I great food there rolled it on German German sausage here and it was pretty incredible. So I'm here and I will say that they've already told me, and by the way folks tickets are available for the big Starnes barbecue tonight, but they're to be serving up something called a Monaco style trial and all all Todd is such a unique form of barbecue. Oh my gosh look. I was envious before man I would hop on a plane and come out here but it will be next week. Now I'm I'm just in time to look forward to like to hear your description in your reviews, post a couple of photos on Facebook and get her in. My gosh will be great all right you know you and I think are both concerned with the rise of the violent left is the leftist now just decided the laws don't apply to them and we just saw Congressman Louise Eldon up in New York running for governor. Please leftist tried to murder yes and he was let out of jail without any bond posted that's because of New York State laws regarding your you have a man who tried to assassinate a sitting United States Congressman running for governor, and he was literally let out of jail felony charge and he was charged he was charged with felony under New York's laws governing bond, he was let go. They had to let him go Jeff final book using the video we have a website, it was very clear to me that he was going for the carotid artery arm you could see the hand where it was going and now we understand that it was some sort of what some sort of a device that he had only chance that had sharp edges with sliced guys neck.

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Not thankfully lease Eldon. You know he's a veteran.

He's a tough guy. He was actually able to defend off the attacker but but but Todd you think about this, and again folks have to go to Todd

Take a look at the video.

This brave disgusting person is back out on the streets. God only knows what he's planning for today. He and a great point. This is been the argument comes from the people in New York City where you can literally go crank somebody over the baseball but you will not sit in jail but you will be given a summons to show up and that's because of these leftist laws that have been placed on the books and the reason for these laws give the argument was a lot of the criminals don't have a lot of money so they can't go spell so you have to be fair to criminals and that's why got you now, but again what what gets me are the number of people in the media and the Democrat party seem to think it's perfectly okay to go out there and try to assault conservative lawmakers or Supreme Court justices.

That's what concerns me here. It's a great concern time. There's absolutely no respect for law on the part of the leftist and and some of them are living in an imaginary world. Anyway the AOC with the other mock handcuffs the other day and it is just insanity, but again, thank goodness that Congressman Zola was able to bend off the attacker you had a couple of military veterans who jumped into the great and his running mate. She is a retired New York City police officer, and she jumped in and that she was able to help stave off this attackers well very very bad situation of my recommendations in any Republican running for anything should have some sort some sort of security around them. In the event God forbid something like this happen to get that's so true you see so many of the elected officials who want to be close to the people they want to help out their constituents, but my gosh and in this day and age you gotta be on guard for these these crazed depraved individuals in New York, Todd, David, they just got off everything like I was crazy and check that and that's the word that we need to pay attention to Craig. They're saying this I was comfortable limited. Okay well why would she let out on the streets. I needed to trigger crazy person why is he in a hospital incarcerated to protect the public at large to protect the consultant.

I do think that the federal justice is to step in here this on the duly elected member of Congress and that just cannot absolutely absolutely the right of the federal investigation federal involvement. Think Kathy Holcomb's responsibility is for this Todd. Well, she's the governor of the state and so what she needs to do is step in and do something about these laws, we gotta get these laws all the books which again is why lease Eldon is running for governor because she's not going to the Democrats on the side of the criminal in America and that's why Liesel is his running leaving his seat in Congress to run for governor of the state of New York. Well listen I wish you well. I wish you well as well.

Todd you want to give everybody the details. Could you send are still tickets available designs barbecue yogurt 100 folks out there tonight.

Adam's ribs smokehouse is going to be preparing the mind it's the best origin and there to be there with the beloved cheesecake group is to be here is really a lot of fun while a great food and great laughter, and we want folks to come out and say hello and drop by KY that's our local affiliate and that they have all the details there and it's a family-friendly event to bring the whites because the whole court. I love the Todd have great fun out there. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Seeing the photos and as always keep doing what you're doing your fighting for the right causes my friends have fun today. Jeff, thank you, sir, that is Todd Starnes and he's right here on his own program. Todd Starnes yes I by the way, if you have got to Todd you please do that because one of the things I want us to address as I am fortunate enough to be sitting in for Don today is this brutal attack on New York Congressman lease Eldon.

This is in sad what I say insanity that thing away. To me that's a legal term that means that someone doesn't know right from wrong. This guy in my opinion I'm not using any names. I'm not getting to know I'm not given any degree of the celebrity but but but this this person who attacked lease. Eldon, it was clear again. Go to Todd look at the video this guy I believe was trying to slice Congressman Selden's head off like I really do this. That's what this attack was and how can you look at this how brutal this is how disgusting this is how vile this is and you will rest up your right you charge him with a felony and you turn on say okay hey grab yourself some lunch here. Just take this note that says you will be back okay right.

We know we know of course we trust you going that you're such an impeccable, a paragon of virtue and responsibility nevermind trying to murder a sitting Congressman trying to assassinate somebody who was in Congress today and running to be governor of the state of New York. It it it it it now. Couple things I have to tell you I've mentioned Todd again, I urge you to head on over to Todd This is one of the issues I will chat about with Joe Marino in about 20 minutes or so, Joe Marino, in my opinion the smartest lawyer in God's green earth former US attorney counsel to the FBI admitted to practice law here in the United States and in England and Wales and her heroic veteran of the United States Army still serving as a reserve officer, Jack. The Judge Advocate Gen. Corps.

He's just brilliant and I want to chat with Manny is a native New Yorker, and I don't hold that against him because he like me got south of Mason-Dixon line as quickly as he could so will chat with him and I want to remind everybody we got some brand-new listeners. Cool 1540 WY CL out in Youngstown Ohio. My gosh, welcome aboard so happy to have you and that if you are part of the program today. If you do give us a call at 84474788688447478868. You get on the air.

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He is the Todd Starnes show couple moments are now where you know I get a little insight into some of these recent Supreme Court decisions and well I just got a get a little insight into one or two other things are going on in the legal world with his January 6 Muniz this thing is out of control and every time it seems like they have a special guest star. I'm still waiting for Jesse small let to make an appearance because I don't think there's any credibility in any of the folks they'd called and I look at the people were on that committee and you know the real agenda is right real agenda. I think Liz Cheney soon to be former Congresswoman from Wyoming.

I think she actually let it slip that real purpose of this whole kangaroo court is to keep former Pres. Trump from running again and you can see how the Democrats are maneuvering right now, make, make no mistake, the Slovo Joe Joe Biden and the Colbert situation is going to get some Democrats real easy out is and it will allow them so you know what kind of move on to do this and all the bad things that happened all the suffering that's been inflicted on the American people there going to be able to know you know that I was all by is not so we've got this whole block these people to springs. They really but we are to be chatting about that just a couple. I have to remind you about something, and this to me is so vital. We are living in a deity when the canceled culture comes after anybody and everybody who dares to say anything that they don't agree with, including the role so when you have the opportunity to support people who believe the things that you do when I have the opportunity to support people who believe and what I say I take every opportunity to do that I would tell you little bit little bit later but like Mike Lindell good buddy and I mean these products are amazing. We can talk about that my pillow price for one decade. You come into our cancer. Katz would say right now. Everything from the mattress to the towels to the slippers the pillows by but I don't talk about that right now. Believe it or not, to remind you about the patriot mobile patriot mobile is the only Christian conservative wireless carrier America. It is simple as that. They share our beliefs and they do something about it. Patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar to organizations that fight for causes. You and I care about you switch to patriot mobile. Now you've got a use promo code. Todd, you get free activation you get a free gift as well.

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That's 972 patriot and a remind you that to everybody who joins us today will be part of this program. Thanks to the patriot mobile newsmaker line just for a point of reference's joke a little bit with the Todd couple moments ago about this very bizarre biscuit that he had to experience or enjoy the experience and I I can't quite tell which way it was out there in Salem Oregon is get ready for the big Todd Starnes barbecue. I am from Philadelphia originally grew up in Philadelphia spent years and years and years and in Boston and every once in a while and had the chance to come south. I got home I got is ready to be and I have to go back for summaries well very happy to say that located now in central Virginia. Our affiliate for the Todd start shows my radio station. NewsRadio W RVA and we just got a different way of looking at things and we must never allow ourselves to be marginalized is not just geography its mindset.

We know how the leftists feel about us and I want to remind you something which which you may or may not be aware of the over leftists that the hard-core progressives they hate us. They really do they hate us with a passion and want you can accept that stop stop whining about it stopped crying about it. Stop thinking all my guys if only I could be nicer if only that they're never going to like you because you believe in things they despise you when I have a personal faith.

We believe in God.

They hate that they want you to believe in government is the ultimate provider you when I think what we should probably be self-reliant and independent old know that they want you dependent on them so if you are waiting for the legacy news media types.

To be fair, it's never gonna happen. If you're waiting for those over leftists to be nice it's never going to happen once you can come to terms with that.

I'm telling you there is a certain freeing experience will actually be much happier. Couple of things. Do me a favor follow me on get her please leave Jeff cat show on getter VHF cat show on get her all make sure you're headed over to Todd Jeff Katz advertised it is the Todd start show. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

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Of course everybody listing the program as we broadcast from the liberty University studios now Supreme Court has well very active. We've seen some really really important decisions come down decision.

If I can understand correctly just coming down recently. Last few hours, Supreme Court justices, Tom G. Brown Jackson, the newest member of the court voting on this and I just want to get some insight that also are there any legal standards at all for these January 6 hearings well if I'm looking for legal insight. I know exactly who to go to. He is as I described them the smartest lawyer on gods green earth I can run down his resume former US attorney counsel to the FBI practice that goes back for four decades distinguished service in United States Army admitted to practice law. I recall England and Wales why Scotland's not let them do it but I Joe Marino is his name and I'm thrilled to say that the Joe is joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line of the Todd Starnes program. Joe, thanks for being here with you, oh my gosh is wonderful to hear your voice now before we got diving to all this important stuff. England and Wales said yeah Marino can come here put on the week put in the rolled in and practice. So what's the deal Scott and how come they're not let you do it you know what's going on over there.

I spent more time in the in the UK may claim to make myself known. Yeah, that's what you have to do a lot of legal stuff that I want you to analyze and this is a bit of a curveball, but you're in need of New Yorker Army that Lee Selden is an army that Congressman Lee Selden running so hard for run for governor of New York and yesterday attacked me and I would dare say it attempted assassination. The guys charged with a felony and then released immediately. What kind of laws do they have up in New York these days.

I mean close personal friend of mine together in the Army.

I've known him for about 10 years beautiful wife two beautiful daughters lived out Long Island in the New York's first district where I grew up. Coincidently, many Great American and ended unbelievable that you people look around. Why are we having problems with crime in our inner cities in place like New York City will guess what you when you do things like get rid of cash bail and you basically have a default anyone more let anyone who commits a crime, even violent crime be let out.

I mean what you think can happen right so sure you have a person who assaulted with a knife. My friend leaves out any got wrestled to the ground. There's no question about what happened. It's caught on videotape in front of a crowd of people at a campaign event in a few hours later is dear is there any chance that the laws are amended as soon as part of the reason the congressman Selden submit. I gotta get into this to protect people and champion of revisiting laws about two years now. New York unwisely put them into effect and we had that time and again if he is elected governor. One of the top priorities in my guess is now even that much more personal to him is unbelievable is to make these kind of decision and then fit back and scratch your head as to why the erosions of quality-of-life in places like New York City. I mean hard to believe. I just know anyway let me let's move on to a few other things, the Supreme Court, I listen my perspective. I'm not asking for your perspective, but I thought there was some really really fascinating decisions that came down not just Dobbs which I did that the Roe V Wade practice but but the broken case also from New York and now the first case that the newest justice could times you Brown Jackson could vote on. This involves immigration in the border what what what exactly does it do touch on all getting my thing and I look happening here and think that hiding time the first time in probably any in our lifetimes, probably since the 1940 that you have a court, a consistent conservative majority on the Supreme Court that had committed to leading the law and reading the Constitution written unbelievable right like a good way to go and didn't think that the loudest voices complaining about the decisions coming out of Congress at the state level. When the court is consistently saying we at the judiciary should not be making law and the executive branch and the administrative state should not be making law To make the law Congress and state legislatures like the people's representatives and still doubt this consistent theme is thing over and over again. At that the court is saying between the judiciary judges making laws and the administrative state what you have agencies like the EPA and departed education just going wild taking Congressional statutes and stretching them in a way that Congress clearly didn't intend the court thing. Now let's restore power to where the long and not the branch of government which people elect to pass laws. It's hysterical and want to remind everybody Joe Marino is joining the Joe is and he won't say it so I will just truly brilliant man and incredibly talented attorney. A lifetime of service. Joe did the very people as you point out, who are elected to make the laws are like my job know how you handle it you handle it. And you're right that's been the consistent theme from the court. Hey we have a role, the executive has a role but ladies and gentlemen, this is your role and hyperbole. I mean calling the court and calling it judicial activism raw exercise of judicial authority. Guess what Roe V Wade was a raw exercise of judicial authority, judges and roads effectively making the dictation that for 50 years took an issue that very very important to millions of American the hand of the legislature that every level basically can't touch this because we think in the Constitution will guess what, 50 years later. Finally, you have a majority thing in the Constitution, no matter how hard you wanted to be a slave to put that sort of thing in the Constitution is called an amendment right not the case here.

Know your personal views on on on on abortion and Dobson and Rowe. I mean what this is the consistent ideology for getting your work were looking at the law and the Constitution was written and want to change it.

You can't just invent stuff you can't just leave things out of it you have to do the hard work pathologic state level have to lot the federal level. The constitutional amendment. Those are all things that happen all the time. That is how you have to do the things you can expect court to do it for you. The other things that was interesting to me about role throughout the years. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Peter Ginsberg. What we need your opinion on abortion and she was very, very, very consistent on that and very open ally. I disagreed with her completely blessed but she she talked about role and she said Mike this is just paraphrase here, but a colossal screwup. This is not well written. It's not well that that's just insanity.

And so to me it's just fascinating to watch the fallout. I'm also watching him, probably the only one I think I'm watching it so the people don't have to watch the January 6 miniseries and it's it's been cast. Sort of like it's a trial.

Are there any actual legal rules or ethical standards that that are in place for this committee hearing legal rules and I mean I say that with a straight face, count me.

We would wish there would be right now. Whatever Congress said it then and it you know I have lot these hearings. Every single one of them, including 81 that went for three hours last night they were some that elicited some good testimony on me. I got it committee did bring to light information that we got to get anybody who watches it with an honest objective look have to come away thing the really one-sided thing to a trial when you only hear from the prosecutor and no defense counsel and no cross examination of witnesses and is no challenging the government theory. Yeah, you can get away with that a congressional hearing because can make, don't rules, but any money paid attention to the legal system was looking at this through a legal lens like the way the system works is non-American. We don't do this sort of thing and so you know I think that there was a big misstep and in the way the committee was was formed. I'm the speaker's decision to not put any Republicans except for two very anti-crime handpicked Republicans effectively make that they all agree with each other know you pending voices and so even when a present evidence to me that even the powerful evidence very one sided. No dissenting views.

There's no other other perspective and so therefore no matter how good a job they do. People in this country is in a kind of state propaganda to me.

So what happens at the end I think the wrapping it up, though I did see a note that they they may bring it back in September which Jesus would be very clear the very near the midterm elections, but it does anything come of it. Something tells me that representatives would be better off in their home districts running for reelection and sitting in Washington rehashing the committee. Finding dull color me skeptical luck, and I think it goes nowhere, I think. I think it peaked about a month ago, Testimony, it was powerful that myself.

I thought, but I think by last night it was sputtering it was. It was cruising on fumes apparent to me that they were just kind rehashing the same thing over and over again. I think we'll see a report. I think they will time it is close to the midterm as possible.

Political impact than I can my humble view.

I don't think you will have much impact Joe I number one. I value your opinion. I really I am always so grateful and appreciative for you making this time for us beside your professional life you get a beautiful family that that you're taking care of and I know you do it some double duty at the moment so I thank you for being or have a wonderful weekend friend, my man is always an honor. Had a great one. Thank you, sir, that is Joe Marino and Joe these wonderful guys, a brilliant, brilliant legal mind. I hope I never need really. I am very happy not not dealing with legal issues above the head of if I were to deal with illegal digital data. Right now I would reach out to Joe. I want to remind you about one of Todd's favorite favorite things. Life changed you know it is one of his favorite sponsors. There have the big summer sale you buy three get one free this summer. Why not make a commitment to fuel your very best life changed to use an amazing natural gentle cleanser you can use daily for optimum gut health and the Todd drinks it every single day right combination 12 birds comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate light change to use actually been around since 2007 made right here in the USA easy to brew you keep in your fridge you drink it daily. It is summertime and Todd always always wants to have a big glass and that's why he has chosen to drink life change T daily. So here's how you get it you go to the get the get the use the discount code. Todd 10 you get an additional $10 off plus free shipping. That's over $50 saving again get the use discount code T ODD in the number 10 for an additional $10 off plus free shipping. I don't want you to miss out. Remember you cannot give us a shout 84474788688447478868. If you have not as of yet. Seeing the Lee Selden attack video go to Todd right now and take a look at it on why you're messing around. Why would you do me a favor. I would really appreciate this one would you go to get her and follow V Jeff Show. I guess I Artie follow Todd Starnes but I'm asking you to double up or I do me a favor and follow V Jeff Show on getter is Jeff Katz, Ian, for Todd, it is the Todd Starnes show galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for you.

I am excited to get a little flimsy.

I'm headed to a and it is one of my favorite artists Aaron Lewis now I was a fan of Aaron Lewis back steamed. These women are still out. I still doing up is doing so much as an individual and with the state liners now and you remember the song reminisces about couple of months ago and did not speak to each of us.

Am I the only one you know the one I'm talking about so I got the opportunity. I'm going to see Aaron Lewis tonight am so excited and this between us Mexican get the chance to meet Aaron Lewis.

There are not that many conservatives that come out of Massachusetts and the two of us will will be just pretty close to about 80%.

We meet that I love looking forward to that. My my bride is heading in the opposite direction which is bizarre. She's going to see Hansen to remember Hansen at this point.

I do believe that the youngest Hansen is actually think I think he's eligible for rent for Social Security, but that anyway so she's going to see Hansen good good for her, shall have fun.

Sure, that's great. Okay you what I have got some serious business to address is no question but let me very quickly. Here we got just enough time can we get cut number four. Please Pres. Biden there here okay you're not getting your knocking to get covert if you have these vaccinations on because Joe Biden now has covert as we know now the question really does become what's the real maneuvering, look, I don't want anybody to be sick. I really don't. I don't care whether I agree with you politically or not. I don't wish illness on anybody that I am that guy. Quite frankly, I've always had to containers of pure rail on my desk. I don't like sure full but I don't like him so I do everything I cannot to get sick with your Joe Biden know if you're the president of the United States and every single solitary party your life is carefully planned who you going to meet with when you're going to meet with them how you want to meet with them when you're going to get lunch when naptime is are you getting extra tapioca. The whole thing is is planned out and scripted. So my question becomes if he can get it or we now done with all of the covert hysteria is that it be done. Can we now all say, well, looks like anybody can get a fact looks like maybe everybody is going to get it. And if that's the case, do we need updates do we need updates and so-and-so got a cold. So-and-so got this. I don't know but I really am beginning to wonder and will explore this more as we head through the next couple of moments are the leftists now positioning themselves to jettison Joe Biden. Is this it, because I think that they're looking at him the way they always have some very useful idiots. The only one who didn't realize he was a useful idiot with him because he's a useful make sure you are checking out Todd Todd

I'd appreciate a follow on getter the Jeff Katz show if you don't mind V Jeff agile on getter is Jeff will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for universities to really see and also have my friends. I do know John is visiting with out in Oregon. Darn you was taking place. A white and great affiliate. There Salem Oregon so I'm what I am absolutely looking forward towards that come files for us to remind everybody were broadcasted for the Liberty University studios and if you've seen the video of Congressman Lee Selden under attack that then you understand just how outraged I am. If you've not seen it as of yet, please go and visit Todd I would do that right now. Todd I sit here and I'm going to sound like one of those fans, but I am a fan of Greta Van Susteren. I've watched her throughout the years. I'm always amazed and impressed with her brilliance and Iraqi man and I'm just a humble that I get the chance to a chat with her today Greta, thank you for being here, my brother Mike. Well, I doubt that I'm pretty sure you got the whole shoe thing covered by this point right now you may be gazed out of my shoes which involved four Velcro straps so maybe were for me. I like God's will is a first of all I is really wonderful to like to chat with you and in it it's wonderful to see you on Newsmax with the record. Again, you just blown it right out of the water. Loud back then. But whatever they experience weekly clinical grade media documentary America got a bunch of awards in Bangladesh daily live show Kayla it's really pretty like it when you had me in the house of the house gradient and maybe a little bit and wait for the nonbroadcast well my personality better not say what we will help you get a lot of fans. I am one of them. I want to ask you to talk a little bit about what happened to New York and if memory serves, you are practitioner of the dark arts right your your your license debarred and all that good stuff. Your 20 year while so take a look at Lee Selden. This guy comes out and now it's pretty clear to me. The sky disc. I was a slightly Selden's head off the arrest and charged with a felony and then giving directions to the nearest McDonald's. Thanks. See you later where and my client wouldn't get when you get a load on the bond that they could reach the protected terrible but it depends on two things 1 PM flight number one is the Beloff may have been relaxed to the DAs for making the dictation three is whether the facility is overcrowded or not, whether they have the capacity to add more people there a lot of factors but when when you attack a high-profile person you are asking for trouble you got away had violent crime and violent crime, so Lee Selden is a sitting member of Congress. Is there a role for the department of justice or the US attorney up there are a kind of medical imposed federal bond and do it that way might oftentimes when people say no charge of murder someone because the person is black or certain religion called Akon that never in my client kill somebody like you and I definitely think you can get that I'm not bad it really going to do much except now you taking up all the resources of the federal government to prosecute hate crime and my client can get down from the state extra charges are our windowdressing interesting interesting so court knowing how the my client that I've armed robbery. One indictment by different people held up is that each one carried light. But if you charge them one night. You have to prove area where you're likely to make in the day they can appeal the issue on appeal that might vacate all the other what I think I like the first, and then select the crime lab for good and had a couple just in case a prompt but don't overcharge well mistake by prosecutors. Interesting Greta Van Susteren joining us a host of the record on Newsmax the grid. I thousand years ago in a galaxy far far away. I was a police officer and we were always instructed. Initially, when we made the arrest okay if you can think of what they did, then you charge them with it. But then it went to. In our case, the district attorney who would look at you yeah you know what the spitting on the sidewalk were good.

You know, take that one often focus on on these two felonies in this one high-level misdemeanor much like you say it's a good place to be from yes private.

But you're right about the overcharge and let let me ask you, and I don't know if this is appropriate up with back when asked anyway you look at these DAs like the Alvin Braggs in Manhattan.

The guy that they just kicked out as a boating incident yet. I mean it's crazy that all of a sudden nothing to say okay your prosecutor. Maybe she charge with that with the crime. What what what about LA with Casco and Grafton right aloft and use good judgment by the community to do what you are doing. That's right, you think that Gascon and Ellie is good to face the same thing is to be recalled. The people are left they call the police and the kind of broken and the place would show up the plate and locked the car and broken glass. Okay all I can kind of people deprecate your car or sleep in your car back to work at the White House for eight years under Obama live like that was working hard to get his. It's outrageous and I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out will see what happens up in New York I remind everybody were talking about the record your your program on Newsmax give everybody the details. When should we be watching it. Can we really want always on demand. Okay DirecTV make that you don't like paying for Kayla if you get a free download which Newsmax me after everything you can market their thoughts all the things that are on demand Newsmax website and find last night show deli and we had that former attorney general bill by what I recall, he called back on political cannot make an arrest outside cannot tell I'm violation of a particular statute 15 which said it is unlawful killing to protect to intentionally try to change it just in the First Amendment, but at some point when there is a statute and they're trying to do that are causing problems that may force the jury should be to let the jury decide whether the violation you know Bill Barr I think is brilliant. I think you got beaten up initially came out of the really like a cushy retirement right he was doing boards of directors and planus bagpipes to make a lot of money came back to serve the country and then gets beaten up on the other end of the guy got all different on the when people think they potshots at people holding down the job attorney can our president or whatever.

It's a lot different when you're in the arena. In particular, would I can attorney general is a lot of the things that he does is bound by grand jury secrecy. We are doing the investigation, you will actually happen country installed. It is a real Greta. I thank you so much for him for making time for us. I look forward this evening to watching you on Newsmax as I do and Isis absolutely number that I would get on a pair of a lace up shoes just remind myself at 6 PM Eastern on Newsmax now. Thank you so much, that is Greta Van Susteren from Newsmax. She does host the record, it is 6 PM Eastern, but that she said the Newsmax TV app. Great way to avail yourself of that. Not, I again want to pay tribute to our friends over at the patriot mobile because every single wonderful person. We chat with, including Greta Van Susteren is appearing on the patriot mobile newsmaker line to remind you as well about like Linda. Look, I like Mike. I have been a fan of Mike Lindell in the my pillow products for forever I mean honest-to-goodness when they first came out I jumped all over it with the pillows and it's just grown from there. One of the terrible things it's happening to Mike you seamlessly cancel culture with her that the guy is losing retail space. Why well because he's he's open about his journey and he he pulled himself up literally by the bootstraps build this empire employs thousands of Americans and is a proud unapologetic Christian and a proud unapologetic conservative anyway. Look I love Mike Lindell and I'm telling you right now you take a look at your towels right now they just don't seem to dry very well there softer lotion. If you get them in the stores. But that's just not the way it has to be you go in you a check out my You'll find that right around 2006. The towel started changing forever and that they started importing them and adding softeners and other things of the cotton that just made them feel welcome lousy.

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In all candor, I have known Todd for a long time.

I think the world I love his writing. I always have. I'd love to use commentary and reporting throughout the years and I I'm a listener what can I tell you, I listen to Todd. I love listening to Todd. I always have and it's just great to have so many people who are run part of this experience. Discovering the Todd Starnes that that I have known and enjoyed for such a long time. Here we are. The liberty University studios and I do have to say congratulations to the wonderful people at cool 1540. That's WY CL in Youngstown, Ohio. I say congratulations because you made the right decision you've added the Todd Starnes show to the lineup and all people in Youngstown Ohio get to enjoy the wisdom, the width of Todd and if you are in Youngstown you give us a shout today 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. If you are in Youngstown you're listening to cool 1540 will guess what you get through you become part of the program within a very special gift for you today. Todd's latest his daily devotional, our daily biscuit great great read. You'll get a signed copy of that so I would certainly invite you to become part of the program 844-747-8868 thanks as well to everybody who is enjoying the program over on getter. I know that you are a following Todd Starnes on getter and I'm asking for a favor. What kind I look I Mike I have a cute jillion followers like dog but use a couple more. You're probably getter anyway. Would you follow the Jeff catch Joe on getter the Jeff catch show on getter couple of moments from now we we gotta talk about what the Democrats have planned Donald Trump, former Pres. has been traveling America. As you know, he's endorsed candidates here and there in his candidates for the most part are beating the non-Trump endorsed candidates words present.

Trump is still a force. I don't care what you like him or you dislike him. He is a force. I personally will be very happy to support him if he chooses to run for reelection. If he chooses not to. Okay, well then it's everybody into the pool right, I think, be the early money is certainly on Ron DeSantis the governor out of Florida. Josh Hawley is another guy. Christie know somebody else. I think who was without question on the short list so I take a look at all of the I think over the Democrats could do. I mean I don't help you understand that, but Joe Biden now has told us just a little escalate. First he told us he had cancer and what he meant, thinking you could make a mistake right every one of us is made a mistake. I meant to say that I wanted mustard on that. Instead I said I didn't want mustard, fair enough. That's a mistake. I meant to order sweet tea and I ordered un-sweet tea know that mistake you can't make but but you can make mistakes, how you make a mistake by telling you I have cancer that same little speech he gave. By the way, somebody wrote to me couple of folks exercise.

You know he's given exactly the same speech the same throwaway lines as well where he said he has asthma now it's confirmed he has COBIT but did you notice how, oh so quickly. The White House is all we don't need to know where he got it. We don't know. You need to know when he got it or how we got are who we gotta from really, I don't know I thought you wanted to know all that, I thought that's why the rest of us had to hide under our beds for two years, something doesn't smell right here Congressman Andy Harris will be with us will tackle that issue just a couple of moments from now. Make sure you are checking out Todd Todd wonderful Friday. Jeff catch it for my friend Todd visits Joe Alex easy flip for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket debater to get you don't easy flip for Todd Starnes show. My friend, joining you from the liberty University studios so much that you and I are dealing with right terrible tackle Congressman Lisa Eldon, my gosh, I just honest-to-goodness. I kinda find it tough just to get past if you've not seen that video and it is absolutely horrific video, but I think you have to see go to Todd you can see it there, you can see what this this crazed leftist wanted to do to Congressman Selden and it's just adding insult to injury, to think that this guy got arrested was charged actually charged with a felony and and then was released. Don't know no Bond no bail is nuts. And then you add in the fact that Joe Biden now further along in what seems to be his cognitive decline now is got COBIT. I'm just wondering if the Democrats are trying to figure out a way to say yeah you were just gorgeous done with them are moving on to something else I don't know Congressman Andy Harris is joining us. I would dare say the Congressman's got more than a few thoughts on each of those things. Congressman Harris joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman good afternoon good afternoon good to have your can I start by just ask you address what happened to one of your colleagues leaves Eldon up in New York. Yeah, look, look for to me was okay. But the fact of the matter is that they again the Democrats are out of control. The left think that there's nothing wrong with committing violent weather is bad faith, riot, years ago, whether it you know about unlawfully protesting outside of the and you know that the liberal don't let them get away with this case but typically agreed that there was an attempt that the nation lunges at your throat with a nightclub, Dr. there a lot of things that you cut in in the building that he will die, and to relieve the person hours later, on their own. Recog is just unbelievable to me but this is where the left wing to and it's dangerous when you're talking about about being a doctor, as you say, I just just the actual health issue related here and then it is compounded with the legal sense of this.

So is their own role do you think for the capital police is the deal would Jane want to get involved in it in charging the sky. Well, I would. I would hope so. I would hope that they will rethink about whether or not I've been pregnant before they go to trial and how much time bending trial attempting to kill potential you know a politician. The bottom line is you know and I don't like I had a severe death threat against me.

Last year a felony to rep and the person went to jail for it appropriately, but goes far beyond that of a physical assault, and again we know deeply and I don't know what what the prosecutor thinking in that county in New York, but to release the person who attempted to kill the gubernatorial candidate is just beyond the pale.

But look I'm from Maryland.

You know the kind of again the liberal ideas of justice is why we have run track record murder rate again. Baltimore we have a George Soros elected prosecutor doesn't believe in profiteering criminal since Andy Harris joining us a member of Congress and as he pointed out a doctor to let me ask you to put on your your white coat for a couple moments, Congressman.

Let's talk about the latest health issues for for Joe Biden couple days ago he tells us he has cancer that immediately lies a lot not really what he meant to say I he's told that same story almost word for word punchline for punchline about asthma in the past. I just don't know what to believe except that now he has scolded the White House as yet we don't know where he got it or when he got it or how he got it and we don't care. So what gives well look, I get bumping in the middle. He wasn't adequate protection for you know I thought it looked ridiculous on the back of the matter is, look COBIT, it appeared that the coronavirus is going to mute continue to mutate with omicron. I would be the pride that three quarters of American God eventually highly transmissible. Obviously abate back pain. You know, the president doubled the cure. Most of the people he comes in contact with a double back the matter it regarded family backdating to get you can get the get the disease you can transmit the thank goodness that current variant are our let lethal let her yell caused less problems than the original coronavirus.COBIT back COBIT buyer but it's still dangerous, especially with someone it go by day and but again, you know, look weak. We have to get live with it to be like the flu is going to come back every year can be a different strain every year and we have to live with it. So you look at this initial thing every year will will here but does that mean that every year people will be expected to get booster shots like we get flu shots. Well, I think. I think it's pretty clear that the government given up on forcing people to get paid back the nation they will likely be a booster shot available every year it again just like with the with the flu shot it going to be modeled after what they think is going to be the other current variant that will circulate in the population but I think were done with the government forcing back the nations that didn't work.

It obviously didn't work. People remind you, exactly one year ago.

The president said that if you get it if you get the backdating you're not going to get you know you not to get the spread it back matter that wasn't true that the client is very clear now science behind any mastic that they K and 95 or 95 math is very clear and let you get your filthy math mandate that don't require you know the level of math that would be required in order to provide any level of protection at all. And for most people it just doesn't make anything even to wear those math because just like the president, you can get it anyway is president Joe Biden medically speaking in in the world of his personal health what you know from afar. Is this man up to the job of being president.

No, I don't think that's why you know I wrote letter along with Dr. Ronnie Jackson the fourth member of Congress who is a former White House division on that's why we we defend 1/3 letter to be to the White House requesting that the president agree to mental acuity testing very interesting.

You know when when Donald Trump present. I clearly remember how the 20 amendment was about to be invoked, but when it is clear that Donald Trump. Nothing wrong without mental status.

Yet now we have a president. I think the average American look that man is not mentally up to the job and yet the White House rebuke to to have the president not look I think every American president take a mental acuity to the dangerous world president make and 30 may have caught the our economy commended things four hours a gallon in place over 9%. No crime going way out of control.

All these things there are because of what the president is done in a short year and 1/2 so you just had the other primary election. Therefore, Gov. Gov. Hogan picked somebody former Pres. Trump pick somebody you want to let all of us know exactly how that worked out how that might look in November.

Well, you know that Donald Trump then cocked one and one pretty handily. Gov. Hogan note to handpick better. She didn't win that at that look back the matter it looked good with the work. The Republicans pick their voters by the Republican voters pick their candidate Donald Trump Troy in the right and I work so you know now the question if you know will be will be Hogan Republican get behind the Republican candidate because I guarantee you the worst thing that can happen is that the ultraliberal Democrat ahead in the poll to Oprah Winfrey's choice for Maryland Gov. is going to be much, much worse than Ben not Dan Cox would be well it's just a fascinating situation. You and Marilyn have got so many different things going on here. You are pretty conservative member of Congress, representing a portion of Maryland with a knife. I look in the city of Baltimore and I I see your your state's attorney the mayor you know which way which one is facing federal charges. I forget well yeah Maryland note again at the Soros helped elect her. I wanted divided, not the property. Low-level crime in our murder rate is through the roof actually lost their primary left last week. She is not the nominee.

Thank goodness I think the Baltimore city or state.

For now with Marilyn most going to retire but she is facing felony charges for lying about an application for a loan during COBIT where she claim and get a little bit with out over $300,000 she claim financial hardship due to COBIT in order to get in order to get a lower loan right and have an advantage on loan mind-boggling connect Democrat that again somewhat unit between here and they are in well over $400,000 year and put them them by the way, on public payroll so they didn't get the paycheck. During COBIT how someone like that has the nerve to claim financial hardship.

When we had people really having financial hardship due to government shutdown, shutdown caught by the caused by the thing Democrat that Marilyn Mosby worked for is why didn't states its former state's attorney, or soon to be former state's attorney Mosby look at what tell Baltimore Mayor Pugh didn't just come out with kids book and take care of all the expenses yeah but but but I you went back to live. Look back, the matter is, like many Lord controlled by Democrats. The Democrats think they can get away with anything and they usually do, but occasionally they don't and I Impute and get away with it. Marilyn Mosby is not to get away with it.

But again the voters have their say.

Lastly, there dared carjackings way up murders way up in Baltimore.

Nobody from surrounding communities want to go there anymore. Your violent crime. They have to they have to turn around. They sure do commerce and I appreciate you being you have a wonderful wonderful weekend.

Thank you very much. Thank you. That is Congressman Andy Harris, Dr. Andy Harris.

I asked which one he preferred because you always keep your highest title, but that he represents a portion.

Marilyn was some great insight there.

I think this this election in Maryland is to be interesting now that the Dan Cox was endorsed by the Pres. Trump is the Republican nominee for governor.

Are these other Republicans in Marilyn going to get their stuff together. If you will, and say okay where Republicans were conservatives, at least in theory and will will do what we need to do if you don't always win. Did we not learn this, or maybe this is part of the problem of eliminating the whole idea of competition in the lives of children.

I am of an age, I hate that phrase but my doctor seems to use all the time to let you know Jeff you're up in age. Okay, stop stop stop.

I'm of age.

I remember when we played sports and we did keep score and somebody wanted somebody lost and here's what happened when you want.

You said hey I want is not great and here's what happened when you wash, can't believe I lost that stinks negative practice more you learn to accept the defeating and move forward well we don't we don't have that anymore. When you play sports, but were not good to keep score were to let everybody get a trophy. I'm sorry that's wrong. It's just wrong. And this is what happens. Sometimes you win sometimes was that you're on the same team and in theory, Republicans are on the same team then you need to stand up acknowledge that your particular candidate lost the program. Simple as that.

Thanks again to a Congressman Andy Harris are joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line remind you of course are always welcome 844-747-8860 884-474-7886 8 Easiest Way to get through. And if you are in Youngstown, Ohio.

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It's just a great great read so get yourself on the air. Get yourself a copy to book it. You're in Youngstown 844-747-8868 here in Liberty University Studios Jeff Katze for my dear friend Todd Starnes this is Todd Starcher will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Todd Starnes show Jeff Katz happy to be sitting for my friend knows so much to deal with ED final episode of this season's January 6 miniseries I think is is is in parenting is not the right word but that's kind of how I feel you like impending you think of something that's it's impending it's a terrible thing. This could happen this Friday impending crisis and impending disaster. That's just kinda how I feel about the January 6 miniseries because that's what it is. It's just a teller.

Terrible terrible television show and it's it's created as a television show. You really do have to ask yourself what the heck is going on with this you you look at these so-called witnesses and their using legal terms but as we've heard there's not really any standard ethics that are employed and there's no defense right in the guy who was on trial, and make no mistake, he is on trial is former Pres. Donald Trump and yet there's nobody there to speak on behalf of former Pres. Donald Trump doesn't strike you as at the very least, Bassar. Let me give you the latest big event. They had a couple of out takes from the speech that Pres. Trump delivered on January 7 anyone got just enough time here cut number one yesterday to those who broke the law, you okay you do not represent or do not represent our country. You broke the law can save demonstrators who Have decided to see the file you can see is this election is now all Congress is certified. The results just say Congress is certified as you is so okay I like to begin by addressing the heinous attack yesterday. Yesterday was a hard-working because it doesn't work with his attack on our country say on our country say that my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. Okay that bad. I don't think so. Jeff Katze from the Liberty University Studios in for my friend Todd Starnes II watch these outtakes. I kept thinking myself book so so what's that's been my take away from almost the entire kangaroo court.

They've established so what's known as writer Jeff Trump did not want to say that the election was over, no, you're right. That's exactly what he said and and what exactly does that mean to you how how are you going to twist that I thought I was a very honest thing that he said he did not want to say the election was over, but he also was perfectly happy, saying that Congress would certified the election. He was also very clear in condemning those who committed acts of violence will try to little bit more.

Make sure you head over to Anton Starnes for all the information and stories you need and follow Todd on debtor and while you're there, follow the Jeff Show if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it is Jeff Katze so happy to be in for Todd. This is Todd Starnes show for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions were as follows my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly good debater to get your galaxy Z flip for universities. Do you see is George Starnes show live from the Liberty University Studios Jeff Katze so happy my friend got so very much that we are dealing with as we head through the next couple of moments.

This brutal attack on New York Congressman leaves Eldon. He is the Republican nominee for Congress in New York doing very well. By the way attacked clear to me that the attacker was trying to tequila my Mary what what what else could it be Zelda, and is an army that is good solid guy is running mate is a retired New York City police officer people on his staff along with him got this guys arrested is charged with a felony and then prosecutors in York so really another law so you can go just will just take your word that you're coming back minutes insanity absolute in sanity, so will talk a little bit more about that. If you have not seen the video of that attack. Let me point you towards Todd Todd we get another crisis well that we we got administration that seems to a lurch from one crisis to another and they keep creating more crises as they go. But the border crisis. It is dry, can't take it is just unbelievable to think about the illegal aliens entering the country as we speak.

Congressman Pat Fallon from Texas is joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

He and his fellow Texans deal with this every single day Congressman, thank you for being here. Thank you sir appreciate the kind words so so can you give us just sort of lay of the land. Paint the picture, what the heck is going on on that southern border.

We have with the Mexico well 1200 mile border with not quite out of it. 3.1 million under 500,000 none got away with 3.9 million people more than women towards monthly never had border crossing equal to 1000 1258% were lot and may 200 almost 40,930% were not the borders wide open and the drug cartels like a wild prophet ministration and Joan you know we always are well. These are just folks looking for better life there there trying to work hard in the rest of it but but as you just pointed out the border. The northern Mexican border is now completely totally controlled by the drug cartels correct making record from your picture made it is the drug cartel GDP is approximately $30 billion a year which I GDP a small nation. There also making money with narcotic prep, then charging three and $4000 to cross the border you will have your bracelet they could murder you can also shoot some people you'll take the unit going on here and tell they won't even allow journalists to report on drug cartel � oh my gosh, so, so I'm trying to figure out some bizarre Congress because you and I are sitting here and work were conservatives were Republicans.

We love this country. I'd like to think that the people on the other side just have a different view with a war you know that the Democrats just think this a better way to do something.

I just don't understand what is the motivation for them to allow this this this catastrophe to continue to occur and that the great war tomorrow border 30% of the women that migrate from southern Mexico and Central America in our country illegally are raped along the jury. Nearly 1/3 outcry there about the people I'm about 107,000 Americans that over 80,000 of which are solely which is manufactured a lot of a lot of of the China, Mexico, almost all going to work. You know that's that's that's the question work were trying to have answered. I don't hear anything from the binding ministries that makes any sense and that even when Sec. Mike Marcus was speaking to some of the folks with the border patrol and customs and border protection. Those guys turn their backs and look your your clueless or your you're willingly being a danger were not sure which, but you just don't get this fine great work being allowed to do the job by the office for 548 eight and he had not want to trust that I don't think he realized he couldn't exit Palmyra, Florida, 34, and then we had Ryan and Ian with an 18 year state rep. He switched parties. Republicans nominate and he turned 80% Republican dollars Monica Delacruz and baby 15 Casey Garcia got a very good chance of winning 28 these people you know like talk because her corruption cartels. The crime that's exec Greg Abbott, who is relocating some of these folks now the mayor in DC and the mayor in New York. Their outrage that these these busloads of folks are going to their cities what what was the response from my from people in Texas when you hear this, not in my backyard every day and you can't lie down.

You can't have it, like 35,000 people.

You can put 15,000 people in that city in one day there be no food left on the shell like that long. You know it that everyone I miss you Chuck Schumer is never enough.

New York, $3000 and let them do it is because we have an orderly way were called and we are and we welcome absolutely Congressman Pat Fallon joining us represents beautiful slice of Texas in the House of Representatives. One of your colleagues leaves Eldon running for governor of New York brutally attacked. Is it okay if I just ask you what your relationship with Lee's Eldon is what you're thinking right about now. Great. What a wonderful guy. Great American legal event you want to always condemn all your right and Lee's attack was writing really and showing thank please find a tough guy like there New York City if I just pull this one out day shock the world be really interesting to see that happen.

I have to think as we hear from more believer not liberals around America going hey, we were all in with these George Soros Street.

The DAs rather, until somebody stole our car until somebody broke into our house and still somebody hurt one of our family members.

Now the center discovering that well maybe laws are to be enforced.

You know I like what I that you there is one that we pay going on that were out there recognize that make the bag. I spoke to violent one you make everybody safe.

You're constantly you look at these folks there like 45 on convicted felon either their habitual and home about people like to start you just don't want to be well around one Congressman Pat apologized just on a personal basis. No look I'm doing research and trying to get up to speed on some of your stuff and I'm looking at the world Marathon challenge and I say this I live with the with a houseful of runners. My wife, my sons, I had a conversation with one of my sons years ago and you may or may not appreciate it but hopefully give you little insight.

He says to me dad. I'm going outside to run okay will go, go ahead and do this. As you know, I just feel like I have to runners will go and and and do it. He says you know how that feels right.

I said no son. Never in my life I felt like I just need to run you work your police officer you went to the police academy and you had to run and I said well yeah but that's because there were guys in these big Smokey bear had striving jeeps and they would if we stop running but you shows to run seven marathons on seven continents. Are you are you courageous are you just a little bit nuts.

Pat come on this building.

What motivated the little boy little boy waited he was struggling and fighting for life with all of us, very rare form of cancer. 55% year and just wanted to give him a distraction and raise money for him and that servicers great man you great man. I know that's that's that's that. My hat is off to you. Listen, I appreciate you making time for us and I really appreciate what you've done to help people and I look forward to chatting with you again you to have a blessed weekend that is Congressman Pat Fallon out of Texas good guy solid conservative here. We had to say about border writing to the correctness. It was crazy.

Sidney don't stop being a crisis catastrophe what's what's the real motivation of the bite ministration. Do you think where the Democrats had a quiz. It looks to me you know I don't do predictions was had I done predictions I would've one mega millions. The other day and probably you and I wouldn't be chatting but what's the long game for the Democrats.

It looks like they are getting tired of Joe by another using him as the useful lady that that many of us thought he was what he was. I mean all forever. Joe Biden spent in Congress one way or another Senate as long as I've been alive long time you think you're done with them. 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 you're always welcome to our to jump in, grab grab a piece of this.

I will remind you that brand-new listeners today. New affiliate cool 1540 in Youngstown, Ohio, and that I'm very very excited to have them here if you want to be part of the program today 844-747-8868 and get on the air as is little audition process you understand what you make on the air. You will get yourself a signed copy of Tom's latest book, the daily devotional. Our daily biscuit. It really is great fun to read and if your listing out in the Salem Oregon area KY Cayenne is the affiliate out there. That's where Todd is right and that's why I'm sitting here and there enjoying myself in the liberty University studio. Todd is out in Oregon. The big Todd Starnes barbecue is coming up I know is going to be posting photos in all sorts of reviews what have you do yard befalling Todd and Facebook as well. If you're over on Facebook look for Todd star's and why not love to have you follow me go to what is a VHF Show on Facebook. Easy enough. You like the page and you can find all my stuff there. Same thing over and get her great social media platform. Follow Todd start over there and if you don't mind while you're over there follow the Jeff Show. I would appreciate that Jeff can't see them. For Todd it is the Todd start show flip for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for starting show my friend we were just chatting with Congressman Pat Allen, Texas order catastrophe. He corrected the essence crisis that on Jeff it's it's a catastrophe. Just curious what would your sensible was 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 Tom is listening on KY Cayenne in Salem Oregon were there, get ready for the big Todd start's barbecue Tom welcome the Todd start show. Thank you sir. I didn't realize it experiences great long time you ordered ordered that it toward the country but trying to bluff anybody that uses drugs and then I think you might be combine for the head of the cartel make them so much money you thought you their number one moneymaker out there in the field or in the White House wherever is bizarre. You say that you will be too far off the mark that thanks to Joe Biden thanks to the Democrats.

Thanks to this ridiculous. I don't even call it a policy because of the lack of a policy in the nicest terms, but yes, you're right.

They have made the Mexican drug cartels and awful lot of money and they just don't seem to be concerned with that knowledge coming across.

They don't seem to be concerned with the women and girls who are raped and abuse. They just I don't I did. I I keep trying to figure out what what the game is but II just can't figure it out. I also think that we should other Democrats that might be out there that basically look on the social social class, taken leadership of their party and just want to drive our country and the common working man. Yeah, yeah that is a great point Tom. I certainly appreciate you calling Todd start show Tom raise a great point do the Democrats themselves even realize who's in control of their party.

I had a conversation just yesterday believe I have a manager that I work for it. NewsRadio W RBA that's right base course were very very proud to carry the Todd start show and that he's he is a full on Democrat unapologetic Democrat big New York liberal.

He says to Malcolm I Jeff you know you know AOC is not really the leader of the party. I said to my yeah she is no. Yeah, this is the things that Democrats themselves like traditional Democrats. They don't fully understand that the party that they once belonged to, has disappeared. I grew up in Philadelphia I was I was Democrats. Most of my life.

I think I was honest to goodness 18 years old before the Republican I was in my 30s ever.

That way, but yeah, that's where I belong Ronald Reagan I'm looking at a picture frame picture. I have a present Reagan way back when when he was on the radio for young man and I would present Reagan say today. I leave the Democrats they left me. I think Tom's onto something. There, the Democrats have left the very people they claim to advocate for you can't tell me you're concerned about working people. When you have given everybody a 9% pay cut. Thanks to this outrageous out-of-control inflation that is what's going on. Check out Todd Todd start Make sure you're following Todd on Facebook and twitter and on debtor is Jeff Katze for my dear friend Todd this is the Todd start show someone whose work and no chill. Trust me, that used me. Then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

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Sorry my friend loudly writing really is a door that you check out Todd and everything that we've been talking about every body that we had the opportunity to chat with you. Find every really one-stop shopping if you will. Todd there are discussions going on as we speak about well what's really going on with Joe Biden.

I grew up in Philadelphia. Joe Biden has essentially been in the U.S. Senate. My entire life and because Delaware doesn't really have its own television station.

There is a public television television station that really do very much.

So we in Philadelphia always had a quote Delaware Bureau was much happening there but I'm seeing Joe Biden my entire life. His entire making those annoying your quotes career. He's a hack he's always been a he is a nasty nasty creepy dude and always has been, and now it's all you know it will get a feel sorry has COBIT. Now the other day told us that cancer before that, he told get as much done. Seem like he knows what's going on but here's the thing. It's his agenda and the agenda items. He's been pushing that that's the real issue. I think it somebody who I think did a great job kinda tackling this addressing some of this Liz picot wonderful wonderful columnist and thrilled that the Liz's joining us this afternoon. Liz welcome will, the pleasure is mine. Let's let's dive right into this is its Joe Biden's health is a Joe like Joe Biden's playbook, which is the real problem.

Well, what we eat all the liberal media wagon agreeing that it is now okay to talk about Joe Biden age it's really quite remarkable.

I think when all that liberal newspapers that are all on. I just got raped out every nine years old. I great breaking from the liberal media and must understand that but now obviously the mailing very badly, his uncle awaiting our correctly epically low. 31% and it always find a way mean laugh in terms of its orientation. Clinical and patient I but no, I think Democrats now progressive Democrats like the people I met then beat the Washington Post are horrified that Joe Biden will go down and have failed and it will go along with that and I think they are really trying to do it all.

But you know fighting climate change is still very, very important. Fighting racism is very very important all the thing that they had made certain germane to Joe Biden, and meanwhile, Americans are looking to laminate climate change according to Mann not only is number 12 on our list important issue number one. And so we're like when he is doing. We don't like it policy and tile me quality that you know wants to stand inflation by spending $3 trillion raised raised a small bit me careen into the ditch of birth � and here in 2010 and you make ocular but they are not biting an engine I think they got about pop, so let me ask you, do you think they are just completely and totally tone deaf.

Do they think they can shift the American populace to to forget that they just paid for and 1/2 bucks a gallon for gas go all yes yes there's always snail darter Summer you're right. That's far more important than me taking my kids to to soccer practice or school or church or synagogue, they really believe there there changing how people think and I think there's a lot number one clich�.

Now that they that the Democratic Party has moved so far away from working class America hat that they are not in touch with the guys who run dry pickup truck and who are really desperately in need of family upon because that is probably one top expenses in their lives there. The liberal elite of our country who are now more and more aligned with the Democratic Party.

They are focused on issues that really do not involve everyday American climate change is something that I think most people think that the climate warmer.

My dad thinking the last time someone asked one of the people who are pressing up in desperate need to shut down when I got back to China is rating use and construction of coal-fired power plants care that China's admissions or twice, but those pop up what they had given no indication that they are going to move the needle on what they are trying to do by the way, in the name is so microscopically unimportant compared to what's going on in China are not make much difference.

But while we are and something that China is rejoicing over working to hobble our economy. We in Germany right now electrically priced and sick time, but they are in the United States.

Why aren't they think Russia to be sure, but started even before Russia when they became dependent on renewable fuel in the UK.

When the wind stopped blowing last August near electrically private but I'm thankful you think you can run help the economy in the United States with electricity power priced at times, but they are now. Now you cannot issue an order making that I really I really think they are blinded by their ideology and devotion to the client. Thank you, when they can't crush our country great pointless because joining us on our petri mobile newsmaker line Jeff Katzen for a time starts today.

The liberty University studios were coming from.

I am looking at this column that that you have posted, Liz. I'm also also just poking around and am like you, I'm trying to figure out what the real deal is a story the other day I John F. Kerry, our minister of climate propaganda or whatever the official title is flies around his families private jet 300 metric tons of carbon that were emitted during his efforts to save us from carbon emission. I'm thinking the only carbon footprint. These people care about is one that's kind of shape like a work boot or a cowboy boot John Kerry letting me live all now and not really taking any responsibility for his down client and generation and admissions generation or not. People went and talked about how I think prices are just so great because they'll convince everybody to go and buy electric vehicle.

They really figured out what a transference to electric vehicles mean in terms of an electric grid in terms of raw and I mean where materials that we don't have in this country on later and I don't know if it not came in with an easy pass warranty and I note that the new battery $23,000 is operable. Is anyone actually care about battering people care about what Dan Dan calls are gonna need in the way of the battery time figuring out while while my people like me, from coal gas, oil, and other popular appeal to renewable energy. I literally thought tell me a celebration of a new charging station in Michigan and that reporter off-line. Thank you Wayne okay where you like where's the power compound and that you know here in its electric and funding and and I will work electric compound 95 coal being like that and why would like literally where the power coming from and where they were waiting all him and you know they're not using oil, coal, basically it's just incredibly list for everybody who wants to take a look at and not just this, but all of your regularly replayed reporting your great insight what's best way for them to do that. I have a and AE EK I post everything on Twitter related land very active on twitter and I followed people back though. I encouraged Pat, thank you, and basically everything that there wonderfully Liz I appreciate you making time for us. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you much for having you on all my pleasure, that is Liz peak. By all means, head on over to Lee's Liz Take a look at what she's covering the climate stuff use that phrase again scared I'm up in age.

I hate that. But Sears you hate you hit decade five and all of a sudden every sentence seems to begin with. I'm opening for your of an age. I do understand now. By the way why people who were 75 and 85's begin every sentence with you. Now I'm 75 years old.

I see why they do that I figured out when I turned 50. Because you seen this you seen the show before you seen the movie you seen the play. You know how it goes. You know how it ends. So I saw when we were heading into another Ice Age right cover of Newsweek or time or whatever one of those things was right on our entering the new Ice Age and that didn't happen. Well were entering the hottest weather in history and that didn't happen all by the way, the way to solve both the coming Ice Age and the coming season of hellfire was the same higher taxes and then they said well just global climate change. The weather I am old enough to know summer time it's a little warm winter time can be little chilly sometimes you see extremes I get one thing is just super hot. You don't know exactly why. And then you move on with your life. So Elizabeth got a lot of writing about that you really want to take a look at.

I know why your online can I make a suggestion to visit Todd start' now for me it is a not just a daily visit.

It is a multi-time visit. I am looking at Todd's website all the time.

All sorts of great articles. All of the wonderful books the Todd has a written over the years, our daily biscuit is the newest one right, the devotional and I'm sure I can almost guarantee the Todd's working on a new book as we speak is always working on a book.

It's amazing what he is able to do so do yourself a favor. Check out Todd start' and why your online I am asking a favor. What the heck would you check out the Jeff Show on Facebook and over and get her as well. If you could give me a follow the Jeff Show over on getter. I would appreciate it. Jeff Katzen for my friend Todd.

This is Todd start show general insurance presents shower ballots that are in the shower. Turns out the quality insurance company saving people money 60 years since you go on insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply.start show and it has been an interesting interesting date of your the take a look at some news coming across as Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt of Congress because he ignored that January 6 hearing subpoena. Now he faced two misdemeanor charges they could each mean 30 days to a year in prison.

That's for each one. So in theory, he could be sentenced to 60 days up to a range of tool you but he has been found guilty of contempt of Congress. I am not an attorney. I don't pretend to be what I play the radio or the TV, but I gotta think will be an appeal on all of this and that what you will see how that goes out, by the way, the district judge in this case Carl Nichols discharge the jury after hearing closing arguments for both the prosecution and the defense it was the Department of Justice that charge Steve Bannon with two counts of contempt of Congress. Bannon had claimed executive privilege precluded him from appearing before the committee to talk about that all right. Well I don't know exactly how this goes but I am sure that that we have not heard the last of January 6 kangaroo circus does continue. By the way, I think we got a new episode is coming up tonight thing is coming out tonight. There's always seemingly a guest star of notes. Most of them don't really seem to hit it out of the park.

If you know what I mean that the Cassidy Hutchinson was the one that was just posted put this whole thing to rest my guy she was there and she said listen dive Jim Donald Trump. He really was choking a Secret Service agent and the he was jumped into the front seat.

Trying to steer the vehicle and grabbing the steering wheel and I can remember watching that I thought well while I don't know what this has to do with anything, but it was interesting, but then as soon as she said the stuff you had be a Secret Service post: if you don't mind, we'd love to chat. We would really be very very happy to be placed under oath, we would testify because what you saying just didn't happen. Then there was some dustup. Remember there was there was an Notes and she claimed that I think is what she she claims it like the White House counsel at the patch of baloney and said oh my God, we gotta do this really charged with every crime in America and then they called in Patrick Loney and had him there for eight hours and then one of the cast members on the January 6 miniseries that you would ask to corroborate anything that the other with a set of facts that member the committee so we would never ask a witness to corroborate what another witness. I thought that's kind of the point of having witnesses is that your your always, if you really are looking for the truth. Of course they're not. But if you really were looking for the truth. Well, you'd be looking for the trip, you, you would be asking other people to confirm or deny you have a defense that's the thing you need to remember about this.

This is completely and totally one-sided. I don't care whether you you like Donald Trump or you dislike Donald Trump did you vote for Donald Trump.

Did you not vote for Donald.

It doesn't matter.

We're talking about standards were talking about ethics and if you're no excuse. Anyone, whether it's the former president of the United States or your neighbor or your cousin, don't you have to be truthful and fair, don't you have to offer them the opportunity to mount some sort of a defense like this thing in my opinion is is pure politics.

It's not good will rise above that and I guess that's kind of where we are sorry to tell you a quick reminder that there we always thank her friends over at patriot mobile because everybody that is here in this program joining us liberty University studios is there the of the patriot mobile use maker line.

Now I am excited to see what sort of writing and what sort of photos.

Todd's going to be posting as he's visiting the big Todd start's barbecue with the great affiliate out there in Salem Oregon. I do have a favor to ask luck.

It's my one chance, would you please jump on getter and followed the Jeff cat show on getter seriously follow the Jeff catch on getter check it out on Facebook as well. Of course, make sure you're visiting Todd start' uptime Jeff show progressive home for another house. I totally understand this just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in their foundations, no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your aggressive situations

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