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Democrats and So-Called Reporters Spin and Spin on Recession

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 29, 2022 3:42 pm

Democrats and So-Called Reporters Spin and Spin on Recession

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 29, 2022 3:42 pm

When is a recession not a recession? When George Orwell is in The Oval Office!

Mat Staver, Rep Andy Biggs, Art Ally, and George Santos join the conversation!

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New galaxies flip for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I just set my phone down and put it in flex mode and capture hands-free pics from multiple angles or capture training sessions for his followers. I simply wave my hand to start recording video. The disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for welcome to the Todd star Joe, sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative Joe Missouri from University show still be conservative common sense. However, Jeff B and for my dear friend, my goodness, a beautiful beautiful Friday here. I happen to be in central Virginia little place called Hanover and look at grandson flowers and trees. No, by the way I'm pumped because last week I got to spend a few extra moments with Erin Lewis. I think I mentioned to go see Aaron Lewis my my wife and I were headed in opposite directions concert wise.

Heidi was going to see and remember Anson. I think the youngest Hanson brothers probably known Social Security but anyway Bob. She did and she went to see them if you had a great time, but I was going to see Aaron Lewis. Now there's something about Erin Lewis that just speaks to me and I used to be a fan when he was the guy behind stained and any still lives but it's the solo music. It's the country music that Aaron Lewis is outperforming now that really honest-to-goodness. It is just speaking for so many of us, the biggest hit. For many people. Am I the only one right that's the question we've all been asked and it's funny because we've all been asking the same question. Am I the only one. And if you come to a place like this. Todd start showing your allies all know I'm not alone in their lot could upstanding people just like me, which I love and the cost to spend a few minutes with them. I I played all the cards you know I never do that hey do you know who I am thing because frankly the answers always know know we don't that's it's a real let down so I played all of the other cards I can meet the guy I just got shaker Santa going to talk with them for a couple minutes. I got to spend time backstage with them and he was everything that you would've imagined good solid guy. That's what defines us were good people else we don't normally toot our own horns about being good people. Riker that sort of flies in the face of being a good person but were good people. We want good things for other good people. We also know oh I don't know what words mean what you think a recession means you are here asking no really doesn't.

Not all not at all. Doesn't depend who you ask. Fact of the matter is a recession as a definition it's a definition that is so clear and so easy that even I know it's something I know it can't be that complicated can't be that complicated.

A recession is defined as to consecutive quarters of economic contraction of the GDP going down of negative growth. Now you can you can toss any of those terms around if you would like and I suppose that you could claim well all right that that changes the meaning itself is very clear to consecutive quarters was when we got know why we haven't. We don't need to beat around the bush list do we we have it because of Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. It is that simple.

It is not that complicated your world.

My world being negatively impacted every single solitary day, every single day. As a result of what's going on in the White House what's going on in Congress. Can you afford what you used to be able to afford to come across so many stories I used to be.

I'd sit down a car. Here's a good story about something to share this. Here's a here's a good story I should share this one now.

It just doesn't stop. It doesn't stop story after story with real people. 75% of middle-class households now say their income is falling behind the cost of living out before you get all scared. Oh my God, Joe, Jeff, that's, that's where I got from one of the members of the vast right wing conspiracy sexy from CNBC. As far as new sources go I would not exactly put CNBC amongst the other grand conservative operation 75% 75% of middle-class Americans now say their income is falling behind the cost to you and I each took a 9% pay cut last year and you may or may not realize a Chris Boston call you and say hey you do a really lousy job. I'm cut your pay by 9%. If you don't like it quits is then at least you understand it right. My boss called me as a Jeff, you know what I hate what you do owe but I keep you around as I don't have anybody else to do it, but the job is now only to be paying 90% of what it used to pay well have to come home and at that conversation. We do it we not do it. That's how it happened just 9% of my income disappeared 9% of my buying power vanished because of inflation yard got their three kids and my two boys are experiencing inflation for the first time ever write my oldest guy. By the way, today is his birthday. 21 years old.

I cannot believe that my wife is old enough to be the mother to a 21-year-old son. Well anyway she is but he turns 21 today. Next year he'll be a junior at Stanford right smart kid. My youngest guy 17.

He's more of these are social, really social fact he's up with friends as we speak kinda behind enemy lines in the People's Republic of China, Massachusetts is we've got friends up there. He has friends. Somebody's been friendly with throughout middle school, high school and outside of school your club. Usually, all that sort of stuff.

So anyway, he's remain friends with this person and their parents are so kind. They said all yellow, no joke, and spend the summer with us really does he want to all and I get the question out of my mouth before he was like back in his back but amongst other things, these very very generous folks spend the on the vineyard's bully me what I tell you the rest of the cats family is not spending a week on the vineyard, but my my littlest guy.

My youngest guy.

He's spending a week he on the vineyard, and he said you know we actually ran into the old bombers last year and an ice cream shop but I thought � sorry to hear that really ruined your your vacation but whatever.

So the two of them are aware of what's going on in this sense they know that things are very expensive. They know that things are in short supply. They know that things are difficult. Now I know I said I had three children. My my middle kid always is. Julie Julie is 19 years old chronologically, but developmentally Julius about 18 months old and will always be about 18 months so she's always going to be our baby, so she's she's not aware of what's going on, but the boys are in the boys are really puzzled what what what is me and my oldest guy came home the other day from work and he said that Wednesday I went to wage inflation going to hit my paycheck look like dude know to break it, but all the folks you're hanging out with on the left coast.

You're the folks who did this not be. I know how I vote. I know how my friends voted I know why we decided to move from tax to choose its income to another Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Virginia. Believe me when I tell you whether seeing it for the first time that that number, 75% of middle-class households thing their income is falling behind the cost living. That's the most important number that you can hear and working to talk a little bit about that.

What is a recession. What is in a recession, I got a whole bunch of great audio clips of assuring those with you. Just couple moments to think that I would live in a day and age where I would I would see I would hear I would read self proclaimed reporters, journalist and boy do they love telling you how important they are. I Jeff you know you are a mere talk show host. Oh okay you just give your opinions are all in a real reporter and I'm telling you they always just ratchet out. I am make you reporter almost like they've asked Van if they could buy an extra vowel. I am a serious journalist okay well I gotta tell you something you of the legacy news media ranks you, the self-proclaimed, self-righteous, condescending, real reporters and serious journalist. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves first, meaning the way that you are spinning for carrying water for this administration in a way that I have never in five decades on gods green earth scene before recession means two consecutive quarters of contraction in the GDP. It's that simple and yet they're trying to change the fact they have changed have they just decided to ignore the facts.

This is Orwell my friends 1984 Newspeak. Who knows maybe what I'll be punished for thought crimes in the not-too-distant future. It's it's just really is to remind you that that my friend Todd knows his T goodness gracious.

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That's what's happening as we speak, or simply watching as people redefine terms look it started with this idea of anybody can be a woman which is insane. Is it not, it's absolutely absurd, correct, but we are told my gosh what if we ask a question if we say, but what look all your your terrible person. Your something a fold you're a hater you're a bigot think you know but I'm the father to a daughter and I shared with you Julia's got any number of disabilities, so Julie is not going to ever be competing for a college scholarship, things of that sort.

I thought to myself what if Julia were atypically developing girl. Let's let's say for the sake of argument that she were no standout swimmer and she was up every morning at 5 AM and we were at the pool and then she had school and they were practicing after school because that's the life of a competitive swimmer from just about the time the kid tells the parents.

I like to swim in the parents are told by the coach. This kid has some talent super early in the morning. Then you go to class. Then you go to extra practice, then you're traveling on the weekends for the meets in your competing for scholarships split seconds here in split seconds. There will will Thomas had been a thoroughly mediocre swimmer when he said he was a guy thoroughly mediocre. I think he was what rank 400th in the country something like that which believe that's about the thousand had me but for swimmer spelling wasn't a great, but the moment that's will Thomas decided he was actually Leo Thomas would then be competing in the female visual guess what something changed his ranking and according to all reports. That's all the chain getting reports that he's walks around the locker room and his teammates were females or say enrollees clearly a biological male we know is walking around the locker room and is also talking about dating women, so there's nothing hateful here. It's simply a matter of fairness, it's a it's a matter that would use the word equity is in the a buzzword this week you will have a separate category you got man you got women, you've got transsexual athletes, transgender, and I'm fine with that. I have a problem with that at all. I want everybody to have the opportunity, I will. I absolutely adore everybody when everybody have a long, happy, healthy life, but does come a point with is got to be some degree of common sense, but if you can redefine the term like that. It's Merriam-Webster now redefining woman. The government say well what will we talk about birthing parents to which I say another words mom women are horrible person. Well, that it's really easy to simply say the definition of recession in two consecutive quarters of contraction.

Just changing because we don't like raising sand don't like this is there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account go back. IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM investments. My friend and I am telling I am here in the plan by my home studio set and initially I had called it the other broadcast RadioShack but not doing so much of the stuff here and up. It's become the plaque check simply because my wife is that okay here's another box of yours. Now you got walls to handle, so I am surrounded by things that tell me how wonderful I am. It's like it. It's like attributed testament to my my insecurity and low self-esteem, but that being said, we are officially broadcasting from the Liberty University Studios and I'm so happy to be sitting in for my friend Todd. I was talking about the descriptions of of terms changing definitions.

Let me give you an example of somebody getting called out on this. You know we used to have little redlining hood up there in DC as the other minister of propaganda and I look I never believed her, but she seemed to be up to the job of why that's the job.

Apparently, at least for this presidential administration and she seemed to have committed everything to memory and I when they said oh she's leaving and going to MSNBC. I thought well I guess I just mean she's changing offices because she's always been MSNBC right and that's the Biden administration is MSNBC, but they they brought in a new minister of propaganda who on her first day pointed out how many special boxes. She checked that I thought okay well congratulations anyway you slice and I don't think were to agree on issues but I'm sure you're smart. I'm sure you're talented and now you got a really big job, so regulation seriously.

I look. I can be happy for people who achieve things even when I don't agree with the I'd like to think I'm a relatively good person but then we started watching right. Maybe you don't.

Because life I watch I'm thinking you were really relying on that briefing book locked not come on Jeff, the future will be nasty. Give her a week give her two weeks.

Give her a month announce like well you really should be up to speed. Well Peter Ducey from Fox. Of course this made it very clear he's not letting up.

So here's the latest example of a little dust up a little discussion that takes place between Ducey and Joe Biden's Minister of propaganda, Kareem Jean-Pierre, this is a cut number seven. Please, I contributed to know it was not if we talk about the American rescue plan for the president turn the economy, there were businesses that were close schools that were close. It is not the president has created inflation there also.

Outside factors that has led us to where we are today.

Things are going so why is trying to find an mission is to not to what he said yesterday in front of all of you, which is the last thing that you just repeated. There are many factors there are many factors, economic factors and indicators to consider and I will say that the textbook definition of recession is not is not negative quarters of GDP.

We have a strong labor market. We have business that's investing in each of my left arm. What does that have to do with anything. I don't know how to break it to you the definition and Brian D Sue is one of Joe Biden's being time economic advisors. One of the grand pool blahs of the Biden economic plan. Stop laughing.

I swear it really is supposed to be a Biden economic plan, but he's a big guy and in 2008 Peter Ducey is absolutely correct. As he almost always is when when Brian D said hey here's what it is. What a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth was now you can try and spin and you notice, which is what I can speak to what he said the other day. Do you not go back in history. In August 2008. Really such a long time ago that you you can't pay attention to what you can't be aware of it. This is something new. There's nothing groundbreaking here except the feet. The unmasked gravity of leftists not just leftists in government, not just leftists in politics, but the leftists who populate so many newsrooms around America telling you that is what is so ugly about all of this a couple reminders here 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. You are always welcome to jump in and grab a piece of the Todd start show always love chatting with the devoted listeners of the Todd start enjoyed by the way, I count myself as devoted listener I'm I'm very fortunate very that I I've known Todd for so many years I've so thoroughly enjoyed Todd's broadcasting his real reporting is his writing. I'm I'm a fan. What can I say I just I just think the world as I know you do so again 984474788 688-447-4788 68 read chat with the congressman Andy Biggs a little bit later Andy Biggs represents an area of Arizona run Phoenix and there are such colossal problems right about now with the board that they are overflowing.

You've heard this phrase the last couple of years. Every state is a border state and a lot of folks just sort of pooh-poohed that no that can't be writes you see what's going on in DC you see was going on in New York. Muriel Bowser, who is the big time left-wing mayor of Washington DC and a big proponent of sanctuary cities along with Eric Adams, the left-wing mayor of New York was also a big proponent of sanctuary cities.

They're not thrilled these days because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said okay you love the idea of illegal aliens coming into the United States. We've got a lot of them here in Texas there flowing across the border every single solitary day they are simply doing terrible, terrible things to our infrastructure. I'm out there pulling up rain boots are such but there's not enough infrastructure is not enough school teachers and school buildings and of healthcare. The rest of it.

So Greg Abbott said well here's a working to send some of these folks your way. And so Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been sending buses filled with illegal aliens to Washington DC and New York and all of a sudden all of us suddenly's major proponents of sanctuary cities.

These folks who are just thrilled with every goofy left-wing policy. There is another sample this is this problematic there there.

It's a real drain on our infrastructure. You don't say as I could've sworn Gov. Abbott said that I could've sworn that there were mayors on the border who said that but now it's happening in Washington DC now. It's a crisis.

What does Muriel Bowser wants neural browsers and say oh yeah we are to secure that border absolutely every evaluated is what we just need more help from federal government which Eric Adams the mayor up in New York saying as he sings yeah, maybe we should secure the border properly.

Maybe we should do more than just patch some areas of the board wall. Maybe you should actually complete it. No saying all we need is more money from the federal government.

What is that really made me more money from you because in case you haven't noticed, you don't run into Uncle Sam working an extra job overnight somewhere stocking boxes at the local grocery store to make a couple bucks government doesn't create money, but represent government creates a lot of money. A lot of bills but they don't earn any money except us. We are in money and we turn a portion of it over and they want more of what you're making to deal with the problem they have created you to talk a little bit more about that as we head through the rest of the Todd start program all victory.

Believe it or not. In Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County leaders, the Board of Supervisors they call them out there had said they were going to mandate indoor masking requirements.

Again is going to happen.

I don't know if they were fighting, cultivator fighting monkeypox or II just I don't know I don't over the crisis of the day, but you know what happened in Los Angeles County, leaders of cities in Los Angeles County said no we will not enforce a new mask wearing mandates.

Let that sink in for second because if government leaders were. You are where I am, had said something like that might say, well, you know that's just how it is here. I look at my Gov. Gov. Glenn Young.

Now my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia and I know the Glenn Young can is committed to empowering parents being responsible, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Gov. Duncan said, hey, this is on you if you want to do that. That's up you and back at what he said since the very beginning. Los Angeles County just doesn't get more far left-wing then LA County in California. I don't think it does. So the far left-wing leaders on that Board of Supervisors a you where bringing back masks. But leaders of cities and towns inside of Los Angeles County, said we will not enforce a new masking mandates which victory I'm telling you right now that's like this, like an unexplained outbreak of common sense. See how far that actually goes on when I get a memory for your from the good doctor felt she you remember him. Everybody's favorite Dr. yeah okay don't forget you gotta be checking out Todd every single day. I am over Todd multiple times every single day thoroughly enjoy what's covered. There are some great stories up there as we speak, of course, opportunities to get yourself all about Todd's wonderful books and find out where he's going to be what he's going to be doing Todd start start, while your online yes I am a little envious. Todd has like a setting is 87 million people following him on get.

I'd love to have a couple wit if you're on get her. Would you mind giving a follow to the Jeff cat show. I would appreciate that the Jeff cat show over on debtor and on Facebook you don't mind liking the Jeff cat show page that is Jeff Katze for my friend Todd. This is the Todd start show progressive home for another house. I totally understand house from just another.

Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in the foundation, no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home and aggressive situations and can and promised you. Possibly a smaller apology. I'm ready to be done with them, and most of us are.

Remember, he said the other day all to be resigning before Joe Biden is done in all plates. Maybe tomorrow will be fine now. He says he stick around with.

Here's the thing. LA County now has people there, the most left-wing of the left-wing sink. We're not doing masks anymore were not doing lockdowns anymore. Dr. found she himself is now trying to get out from under the fact that he was the one demanding lockdowns take a listen to this. Would you please file to Skype number one would recommend locking down school if you have to do it all over again will you know again is first of all I did recommend locking anything down you.

You're asking me questions you're talking about. The CDC is the public health agency that uses their epidemiologist and their science-based approach to make recommendations where it was a decision to make a recommendation to the president.

It wasn't my decision that I could implement and when it became clear that when we had community spread in the country with a few cases of community spread. This was way before there was a major explosion like resort in the Northeast corridor driven by New York City metropolitan area. I recommended to the president that we shut the country down. Okay so I did recommend anything and that I recommended something and I didn't say that we should.

I shut everything down and then I said we should shut everything down while right so so pick a side, tell me what what what the facts are already both the facts. They can't both be the facts well III didn't say we shut anything down now say we should just stuff down so which one is all masking which one is now I remember when all the stuff is breaking out over we told all you gotta be afraid. Everybody's going to keel over its terrible well if Joe Biden who by my estimation is like 109 years old if he can get over Colby in a couple of days. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm thinking the rest of us are probably going to be okay.I want to be clear, I don't want it I have no desire to be ill. I don't want you to be ill I don't like sickness but it's if you can get over its in Joe Biden's physical state as quickly as Joe Biden got over its I'm feeling okay. I'm feeling like I'm I'm not couldn't stay up nights now. Worrying about this.

My senses, my senses that well this going to be with us forever. Right. We still got the Spanish flu from how many years ago we still got the Spanish flu from 100 years ago we get flu shots every year we not there's there's flu strains that pop up they change they mutate, which is kind of the way it is in the real world so I'm looking at the Biden bounce back. No, not the Joe mansion thing. That's just another one of those ridiculous nonsensical things they did not talk about the health and love you is not never a good help to begin with, but was able to get over Colby, you realize that the only positive thing to come out.

Of Joe Biden's time as president has been that Colby test from last week. That's it. Well, working to be chatting with Congressman Andy beings.

In a few moments really really looking forward to that. Congressman Biggs represents part of Arizona understands the border issues, probably better than anybody that I know and he's he's just laser beam focused on that share freedom caucus solid Jeff cat my friend, this is someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for University studio in Memphis Tennessee that so like Todd. I'm clinging clinging to God, I'm clinging to my guns.

I'm not given any just not going to do what Aaron Lewis asks the question, am I alone I'm able to stand up and say no sir, you are not there a lot of us out here who feel exactly the same way.

Congressman Andy beings from a Arizona is going to be joining us in a couple of moments on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. I will remind you 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 Tom is in Gainesville. He's listening on WD you and welcome the Todd start show you're doing a great job.

I appreciate it. Thanks and what you've been talking about redefining things, whether border border security letter what the definition of a woman what the definition of inflation, the definition of a successful withdrawal from all come under the umbrella of tactics of tyranny. Here's how it works before see complicate the issue to confuse people to take control of them and to conquer us for a season of tyranny. It can be applied to each and every thing that were upset about today in America and Hillary. Obama and his minion the new resident of the lighthouse applying it in all we have to do is say that a go again. And when they say this is a woman we say you need to go back to Paris told you that life demand a refund. Great points and I think you are spot on.

This is from page 1 of Saul Belinsky's rules for radicals rules for radicals as written by Saul Wolinsky, said control the language and that's what's happening and not all yes. But please don't quiz me on it because I don't mind helping Holly what are you the other day when he had woman from Berkeley.

Yeah, you engender I got your pronoun. Excuse me Mdm. I love to continue our conversation, but it is now time is from Woody Allen. It is now time for me to return to planet Earth, Mr. Chairman, Karen, I yield back the remainder of my time's mates. Thank you so much for calling the Todd start show, you have to write that one down. That's how I feel as well like sometimes you look around you go. Looks like planet Earth people look human, but clearly it's not clearly we like entered into some other dimensions like the old Superman comic of the bizarro world. Everything looked like planet Earth, but it wasn't. It really wasn't planet Earth.

That woman from Berkeley, though the college professional law school professor your trans phobic college actually said was, would you agree and he could even ask the question before she jumped all over pronoun your chosen pronouns. I got a friend of mine who was firmly convinced only partially with tongue-in-cheek that he was stolen from the British royal family as a child. He's convinced that his pronoun should be your Majesty and your highness, why not let them go for it writes about Sen. Ted Cruz the other day Sen. Ted Cruz said his pronouns are kiss my and then you know exactly what he was inviting people to kiss.

We had real problems in the wreck about how we really do get real honest to goodness problems, but since this administration is either so grossly incompetent or so comprised of just evil people. They don't want to talk about the real issues behind the scenes or doing whatever they can to undermine this country. I never thought I'd say that even with Democrats, with whom I disagreed that there was a time look. I grew up in Philadelphia stands in the city of what up everybody was a Democrat but not these Democrats when we were Scoop Jackson Democrats we work. We were lunch box. Hard-working Democrats now. I joke and it's only a little bit of a joke.

I talk about my boots and my blue-collar roots right what one of my prized possessions. What I wear a pair of the Harley engineer to have the black leather boots with the other little steel thing on the side straps, I love those boots. Those are my boots and it seems to me, when you're talking about the uber left is they hate those of us were wearing those boots or workboots talk about carbon footprint are all about that unless the footprints been made by somebody wearing a workboots or or or an engineer boots.

I just think it's terribly insulting. I really do and I always come back to this they really do hate us. That's where they are now.

It's a shame as I mentioned to Congressman Andy Bigsby to be joining us in a couple moments on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. I want to remind you that now more than ever.

It is important to support companies and organizations that actually share our values. Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they not only share her beliefs actually do something about it.

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Well, Gov. Greg Abbott from Texas is now been running a bus service from Texas to those cities. And guess what, they decided that unsecured border is well problematic for them. Somebody's been dealing with this a long long time joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the fifth District of Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs Congressman welcome. Thank you. Good to be with you. Yeah, it is good to chat with you again so not that you're laughing but are you looking at the mayor's name be here and thinking told you so yeah I think will let I'm glad they're finally acknowledging illegal migrants and aliens coming across the border can potentially be a problem. So yeah I meet the bear Bowser's. They're just having a fraction of what happens on the border you got cities of 20,000 people that are better seating for 500 people a day coming through towns of the hundred thousand thousand. They're complaining about 4000 busted them from from Arizona and Texas not I you know will grow up. I mean let's face it was let's work together now and secure the border. Do you have a sense that maybe they will change their opinion or they just looking for more federal handouts.

I think unfortunately I'm a little cynical. I think they're looking for federal handouts.

The one you armory what money they want to come to Congress public emergency we need more money and supported community and the abilities will go want to get, that's awful. Congressman Andy Biggs joining us.

Get your your insight Congressman. If you don't mind, I'm not an economist, for that matter, not a biologist but I do have a clue who women are and I did learn in Econ 101 what a recession is how is it possible for these folks with a straight face to just spin and tell us not to know.

You gotta believe us not your lionize on these issues will prevaricate, or don't tell the truth but not serious people on the dangerous people and so they will tell you others know recession will tell you that the border is secure. There will say that they can't define the woman they will tell you that we need to go to electric vehicles. We don't have any capacity.

They will say that yes really is five bucks a gallon. What that that we don't have a shortage of baby formula.

If there any problems.

Yours, mine and Donald Trump's fault problems that causation dollars. They are as you say proven, prevaricate or so. This sense, as I look at numbers is that Republicans I look at us as the adults will win the elections in November. But just how much damage will Nancy Pelosi and and and these folks be able to do before the new class takes office in the house and the Senate looking considerably more as long as the Republicans in the Senate caving in and being duped by Chuck Schumer and we cannot see that that CR play coming a mile away. Currently 17 considers even after we lit the November election. They're going to have the lame-duck session always you can get in probably six weeks to Brandon Kram very dangerous legislation that is hostile to Americans hostile to freedom and they're going to try to get it all done before we can get enough people in here to start slowing down the stop and that's all this is going to be is not. If we do we do. November it. It's essentially pumping the brakes because the silver to be pushing for insanity will just be able to block a little bit that we should be able to get some of our initiatives there which, if you peel back some of the garbage men harmed and administered the polymeric overload making much of a good leadership mouse united front and will demand the recognized that we will still only have a few leverage going to have to excite every one of those.

In order to stop them and start feeling things that Congressman Andy Biggs, who represents the fifth district in Arizona. I wanted to chat a little bit about that Republicans like you just mention we got 17 Republican senators apparently didn't see the swindle that Chuck Schumer was to be involved in a little ghetto bait and switch sort of thing. This is something. Unfortunately, our side is able to screw up a one point incorporate what is wrong with us half the time.

Well, people think they know better than the American people so will in there while the duped. Maybe they did down, something more valuable. But the bottom line they cracked and right of the promises that they made they got them elected and their people around this country, you know, certain certain groups that will say will work with your quote and we should acknowledge that and have before the people who work in the hose economically wise, woke education, garbage all got these few people you that walkover they need to start waking up in the American people need to help them wake up. Absolutely Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker like Congressman. It's like the six points of separation. In this case three points this Saturday you are going to be in my neighborhood in Hanover Virginia you're coming in here appearing with my current Congressman Rob Whitman who was a friend and my Congressman as of November was Congressman Bob and your to be literally across the street from my house.

I look forward to seeing you and welcome you to my beloved Commonwealth like someone important well sounds good coxswain.

I thank you for being here again.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. That is Congressman Andy Biggs on the patriot mobile newsmaker like how funny is this. He is literally going to be across the street from my home, my current Congressman great guy by the name of Rob Whitman is the first congressional district here in Virginia and because there been some changes you know census changes in the boundary lines. All redistricting my Congressman who I absolutely love all my heart and soul Rob Whitman is shifting is being shifted in a slightly different geographic direction and my new Congressman. I also have loved from afar was Congressman Bob Goodwell tomorrow evening in beautiful Hanover Virginia that most people have never heard of and by the way, want to keep it that way. We have no room for anyone else were all filled up. Thank you, but the Congressman Andy Biggs is coming to town at seeing all three of those fine gentlemen this weekend and I really am looking forward to it is one of the one of the nice things is one of the heartening things when you can look at some of the members of Congress when you can look at some of the members of the U.S. Senate and say yeah there are some good folks on our side done happen all the time looking at some of these poll numbers out of Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is in a world of hurt. Now, to me that's good news is Lisa Murkowski is one of those phony conservative.

She pretends to be a conservative when she's back in Alaska campaigning and then during her time in DC she's she's in with all of the in crowd look at what's her name. The one who's goes soon to be the former Congresswoman from Wyoming. Please change I don't do predictions, but if I did predictions. I'm telling you right now Liz Cheney after she loses her seat in Wyoming. I can almost guarantee you she winds up at CNN but I don't do predictions.

And speaking of not doing predictions mega millions is over $1 billion. Now I know logical people say Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, the lottery is simply attack some stupid people. No reason to to invest in that no reason to spend your money. I'm sorry for two bucks, the chance at a Delian dollars I'm taken and those after taxes only $400 million. That's about 400 million more than I have only one other thing if you win the lottery and then you tell me that it's not to change your life.

I demand you give the money back with the whole point of winning the lottery with $1 billion is to fundamentally change your life.

Do me a favor to be a follower overrun yet or please leave Jeff Show.

Check out Todd it is Jeff is Todd start show for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers with my hand to start recording video clip for comfort and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for Jim and happy to be as I ran always old learn something listening. I'm hoping that I can fulfill that for for others as I am sitting in here for Todd at the Liberty University student, so I was just joking a couple moments ago. Hey, people who are investing in mega millions right to be $1 billion to diversify Jeff.

I'm investing in mega millions and powerful are you probably actual would like to look at real investments and here's what I have found over the years.

I am not an expert on this. I'm not trying to pretend that I am when you take a look at some of these these mutual funds like there supporting things that you and I just do not believe that we do not support that we do not want our money going towards you know, for years I listen to what Dan Celia, who I thought was a brilliant brilliant guy and you know II discovered it by the way that recognizes ask another Philadelphia and that he spoke long and proud about Timothy plan and I'm so happy I'm really humbled to bring in art Holly who is the founder and president of Timothy plan to kinda give us a little insight into what's going on arts welcome my friend, are you good to be with you this afternoon.

Thank you for making a comment about Barry was one of my best friends in the real deal and man do I ever miss him. I thought it absolutely.

I forward to listening to everything.

I sometimes eat you really get into the economic something to go okay III got 10 fingers. Now I'm done I can go to the land, but he was he was a big proponent of the Timothy plan obviously and I I know a little bit about it but I wanted to bring in here because were looking at inflation. The 40 year highs 401(k)s that are being decimated.

We we gotta protect what we have. But at the same time we don't want to support bad people doing bad well right, and about the audience on 401(k)s value in 401(k)s is you're not going to be taking that money out now and in fact you add to it monthly so think about just a strategy for amendment and I'll just do economics we can talk about the biblical law okay but when you're adding to it when things are down. You are actually getting a bargain with the new money that you're putting in and is not pulling it all out right now you are a dollar because I returned and I highly recommend that you're getting bargains with the new money you're putting in and then hopefully whenever you're ready to retire and start pulling it.

Things will be substantially and it will give you a good soak. Believe it or not a bad thing as a good thing when you're when you're regularly investing in things like borrow three bees are 401(k)s or any other retirement plan. Excellent. Well you know it's funny as I look some of the statements that come in. I haven't really been able to see the silver line. Maybe that is longer keeping adding to it. You're adding to it at bargain prices.

Yeah well will not stay down forever. This is a great time massive mistake most people tend to make go with greed and peer the dangerous emotions and the best thing they buy hot iron solo and that's exactly the opposite of a successful investment experience. Great point there, so, so, tell us a little bit very basic economics are right you want to buy low. You want to sell high. Even I can understand that. But then again I also understood recession was two consecutive quarters of negative growth and apparently I was wrong on that, according to the president but that's another story of Royal Gorge yeah, but Timothy plan. This is this is what I think sparks so much interest in some great conversation because even as we we certainly want our our nest egg to grow we want to be supporting people in it in our community and taking care of the people in the church are in the synagogue or what have you. These these programs seem to invest in a lot of cases. Maybe not all but a lot of cases are just things that I personally find despicable well apartment. Forward to know more years than I can count.

Always about the money and the people that are promoting an unholy or evil agenda understand fully and the fact is that some of the monitors mutual funds.

Funds like my friend dancer you would name names, and I will do right now black rock and Vanguard are the largest mutual funds in the world and they are not our friends Jeff. These guys are putting they they are so big that they own. So much of the stock of these publicly traded companies that the pressure on the management and leadership of the company's to get into things like this ESG which you people understand, but it is a dangerous ultraliberal way to promote their unholy agenda and companies are fallen for it, but we won't those companies you know everybody talking today about the holistic companies that are paying for their employees traveling all other costs or go get abortions and states that they can get. I mean that's evil is a calm but there's a whole lot more to that story done just the days of the kind of companies we research for Timothy shareholders. We will not invest in him we understand it is God's money, not our money, and it is incumbent upon us to do the research but the average person just doesn't know Jeff so we can help any listener know what they own or what they own has is promoting or investing in by simply calling our office we have a service called evaluator you tell us what fund your money is invested in and we will give you a complimentary report that shows how much of that fund, mutual fund that you're investing in is invested in companies involved in abortion or pornography or anti-family entertainment or nontraditional married lifestyles or any of the other myriad of things that the Bible is very clear.

Don't do this stuff and we won't and we don't but we can help him. We can let them know they just call us you know I got it. I think this is such a valuable tool and there are so many people as you point out art that we don't know when I will include myself in that. I don't know. I look at this and I think I I don't want to be supporting this. Am I supporting a can I research 50 different companies and how far can I research up. You guys are the pros and Timothy plan. Why don't you be the first just call our office elementary fund that you may have money invested in and take a look at the report, it is an incredible research report that's easy to read and you will know where these dollars are invested in actually get channeled in the companies that you know frankly make some people just think there investing in companies like say no there promoting people so give it a shot and I encourage all other listeners call us we don't charge anything for the and it's good I want to know that it's up to you. You can stay if you want, but darn good alternative that is really to electronically shift funds and ask you are to remind everybody how life is joining us our alley from a Timothy plan. So number one for folks like me and hearing this going okay. I don't want to support these things I want to know how do they get in touch with you and how how do I not say that.

How do I get in touch with you. How do I get you to look at where my money is now really our number is really just call one 800 M plan for Timothy plan okay 800 Tim plan you will have a human being, answer the phone, they will connect you with another human being. You don't have to be punching a matrix of numbers I get through to and it's a pleasant experience compared to trying to call some of these organizations that I get frustrated calling. So we we are in the service business.

We make a real easy. Just call tell them what you want and you will be connected with one of our support people that will be delighted to help you do that.

So now let's say I am I'm fearful that some of the stuff I have money in itself.

I don't want to have an effect on another trip. Don't go all I want to know what yank it out of there. Listen I go to listener Dan's II know and III look at Timothy plan so so let's say I chat with somebody there.

Timothy plan is a yeah listen. Jefferson really started tell you this. This is what this is, in this is what that's and now what do I do like take that money and regularly buried in the backyard put it under my mattress when my supposed well. They can help you with the various options that you have but it's important to understand people think you know I send my money in the plan would aggravate. We are a family of mutual funds. We are 12 different funds in different asset classes. Six. Exchange traded funds they can explain all of those options for you and every one of them are managed by a top-tier best of class money management firm that manages money according to our instructions of what we will not allow them to invest in those of the ones on our screamers is real easy.

Just make a call and we want to run fraudulently people are great on helping you understand what the options are. So once again it's one 800 Tim plan, one 800 M plan. I'm looking online Timothy you can go there take a look at it is another option right yeah yeah I listen, I salute you for doing what you do and I really do it it's it it speaks to you.

It speaks to your team that you're willing to give that first part of the the equation.

Everybody simply for asking me that.

That to me says a lot about you well know, people, people give us a lot of complements what is important that they understand art alley is not the chairman of the board. Jesus Christ is organ or him in everything we do is on the call vision to be really didn't want to do this 28 years ago, you recognize living on the mono got this tube up or with my name on it but thank God he did and we are honored to be part of this so wonderful. I appreciate you making time for us and hope you have a thoroughly blessed weekend. My friend that is a art alley from my Timothy plan.

So if you are like me in this regard, you are concerned about retiring right now. Look, i.e. I am not retiring anytime soon. I got God willing, I years to go before I get to that point, but I would love to know I need to know just exactly where my money is invested with the 401(k)'s and I got it will have a 401(k) got a Roth IRA. Heidi's got something and look I'm sitting here with my puppy were the only two living creatures in this room I'm still not the smartest guy in the room so I can't do this sort of research. So when art alley says hey you know what, call one 800 Tim plan will take care of that for you and then and then if you will find out your your money someplace you don't want it to be will will help you with the getting it put in the right place as well. So thanks so much to art alley joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line couple of folks asked to were kind enough to follow me on get her about something, I have pinned to the top there.

I'll address that in just a moment, I remind you that for me anyway.

It's just a thrill be sitting for my friend Todd start 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 Jeff Katz in for Todd. It is the Todd start show someone who's not working no chill trust me that he just then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for God start show Jim can't Babysit me and my dear friends, I always humbled when I'm able to do this. I really really am live from the Liberty University studios know I mentioned to that I was taking such an ugly connotation. I'm just requesting that you take a look at the Jeff Katz show one get now I'm like you, I happen to be a huge fan of Tom have been for a long time. Love not just the radio program, but the everything that he's done throughout the years, and especially his writing. I just find this writing to be just off the hook good but I always got so many people over and get her and I've asked take you have as many as one would you mind looking at the Jeff Katz you may be getting that a follower was well. I would appreciate that some is a Jeff I did that and you got this thing pinned to the top here about your daughter what what dips are. As I mentioned a little bit earlier that Julia is 19 years old chronologically, but developmentally. Julie's buddy Tina Munsell so I have as is my mission. If you will to help as many disabled kids as I can. I want a million different boards and commissions and committees and blah blah blah. But I also want to help the parents of special needs kiddos and so I I'm trying to track down the perfect training.

I guess that's the best word training program education for myself that will help me to help those families and I did find it and it's it's pricey but simple as that.

And so people so we want to take a look at Gibson go give St. go is not go fund me go find me seems to have a very political agenda. Send goal is all faith-based. So I started to get send out that's what's posted there.

It's Gibson Jeff help so if you want to take a look at that II would absolutely be grateful for that.Gibson Jeff help and if you want to do anything past that. That's great and if you don't that's also great, but that's that's what that is.

So if you're looking to follow me on get real find that teens message realizing pinned but Doug Verity's and this program that I'm hoping to do actually begins in October. So now like halfway to my goal and I'm hoping and praying that that will be able to get there and get over the finish line to make it make it happen.

But again, if you're looking on, get her look at the Jeff Katz show when you find pinned there.

If you're just online and you want to look at it. It's a give Sandvik Jeff help okay we a lot of stuff still to come, and I would remind you that everything you and I are talking about everything that you and I are analyzing your to find further details when you go to Todd's website Todd start' Todd start start, I mentioned look, I'm a fan.

I normally listen to Todd on the other K Wam app and earlier today listening to this incredible debate and discussion for the local district attorney, Shelby County, Memphis, Tennessee guys Memphis lot of stuff you gotta analyze the hoping you are. You make the right choices, but Todd start' also gives you the opportunity to listen to the show. Watch the ship Jeff calfskin for my friends this is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now you caused my phone to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for universities to good day. It's a good I think it's good that I know we got all the pseudo-economics coming out of DC. When is a recession not a recession is craziness, but is actually a piece of news which, well frankly, I find to be rather inspiring. $810.3 million settlement for healthcare workers relative to that coal bid mandated shots.

Liberty Counsel has been at the front of this Matt's neighbor. Of course, is the man behind Liberty Counsel.

I'm so happy he is joining us today. Matt welcome.

Yeah the other pleasures, mindless, and I don't want to steal any of the thunder here tell us the background on this and then tell us how we get to a major major settlement for 10+ million dollars back to October 2021 with a demand letter to North Shore University health system and Eleanor in behalf of a number of healthcare workers because they had imposed this covert shock and date on other healthcare workers. These are people that work through covert without any covert vaccine. They put their lives you know in the midst of danger and they do that every day they gave him an ultimatum.

Take a shot or be terminated.

They did not do any individualized assessment and so over 500 of these individuals were affected.

There are three categories. There's those that were plaintiffs in this case that stood up and they were willing to go to back there. The other category of individuals who are not named plaintiffs with the part of the class and they were terminated and then there's another category that because of the pressure and one was a job they succumbed to the covert mandate shot but they didn't want to bother the religious beliefs, but they never did lose any time from work. All three of those people are going to be compensated with real money. As a result, what we did is we filed a lawsuit, we began litigating the case and adjust today in the federal court. We have submitted to the court and agreed upon settlement with North Shore for 10.337 million $10,337,500 plaster some additional compensation that's coming as well as a part of this class is more than 500 individuals and as a result not only will they get paid. We also negotiated a change of the policy, they will no longer have this blanket policy with a just simply deny people's religious exemption and every single person who lost their job has the right to return with no loss in seniority whatsoever.

If they want to.

Either way, though they compensated whether they return or not, but this sends a huge message not only to North Shore, but certainly to a lot of other employers that that the same unlawful acts, abusive acts frankly to their employees is great to hear man, I'm not surprised that you wind Liberty Counsel right at the front of all of this and you raised the most important part of the religious exemption and then a message. The message being sent to other employers around America DDU know of other cases that are similar that might now take this as as a blueprint as a template contract that we've gotten hundreds and hundreds of people contact us that we been working with going through their religious exemption and when they got denied going through the EEOC process so most of those are ready to go and we have like for example Tyson Foods. They were just as bad or worse than North Shore. They did blanket denials as well.

They said well your grant that, but you're on permanent leave of absence and if you don't come back then you will be terminated. So I did the same thing and there's many others that we've had contact with.

There's also airlines that that that with their airline employees and so many others soak we will be working on some additional class-action lawsuits here, but I think the other thing that will happen is surprising that these for-profit firms that do employment litigation for living a set of their hands during covert it in one take these cases to wake up now today oh my goodness. We missed a big opportunity and there that I probably start suing as they should have done a long time ago and those other attorneys that advised her employer clients so you go ahead and force this to be getting calls from their clients and did you just hear about this $10.3 million settlement. The same thing. They better be watching out because they're going to be having to pay for their abusive unlawful action.

So in this case, every single person who was terminated going to get $25,000 with the right of return to the same job the planets are going to get an additional $20,000 on top of that, so get $40,000 and those that were actually never losing any compensation, but took the shot against her will go get also compensation as well, to 3000 that those numbers can change and vary the general idea. This is not a class-action lawsuit. We get a little token to get you in a little Knights certificate yet they're getting real compensation plus a change of policy. I think many of us have been notified that were part of some class-action lawsuit when you wind up get the check for $0.11 cost more to get bank to deposit it. Now let me ask you about the public sector. Matt, I'm a former police officer and I I've seen this same sort of policy directed towards law enforcement officers, firefighters. Obviously, members of the military does this impact those employees at all. Oh yes it does because they are also bound by the same laws of title VII, which requires that the employer private or public has to take into consideration the sincere religious objection and then seek to accommodate them in whether it's private or public, you had this on usual situation that you seem to plod across the country where they just ignore this law and they gave people a mandate take a shot or be terminated in some of these people. They were, you know, a year or so away from retirement and they would miss that retirement some of them were the only breadwinner in the home and there family or spouse was in significant medical treatment and they lost their insurance coverage. So for some of them don't have significant amount of damage especially if they don't get the ability to return to the same job with out any loss of seniority that will simply exponentially increase the damages, whether it's public or private employers. You know this is again just such a huge, huge decision. Matt Stabler from Liberty Counsel is joining us, chair of the Liberty Counsel.

I'm curious to know whether you think this is going to get widespread coverage from our legacy news media folks who quite frankly Matt were all in on the covert stuff in the first place.

Now I'm sure that that's why it's good to have your program here because this gets the information out and you didn't take money from the government to give the government's message but a lot of them did and that's why you see a lot of this unit is up to $1 billion that were spent to various media by the federal government to have them give a pro covert pro covert shot so lockdown player Pro restriction pro magic message so you know whether they'll pick this up remains to be saying I'm not optimistic about it and I even posted results of this case I posted on my Facebook and accordingly Facebook does they want to make sure you want to post this is about covert you know that that's the absurdity that were living in today. You it absolutely is to remind everybody about the website for Liberty councils LC.O RG I matin a couple moments we got left ear. Besides this, which again I have my my hat is off to you. Congratulations, a huge huge victory anything else that you guys are handling right now, that we might want to why keep an eye out for well working out with the military were working in all different areas private. Other places as well, but certainly in the military and hopefully will be getting class certification protection for the United States Marines. Now the Navy has been protected the Air Force and spaceports just came down this week with the pulmonary injunction we are seeking class certification protection against his cover charge for all the members of the Marines, the Coast Guard and the Army so all of the various branches. It's our goal to make sure they're all protected, especially, you know, it's so great just to have this happen to healthcare workers who are heroes, but especially also to our military service members who are even more heroes.

They literally put their lives on the line every day and we have to thank them for freedom.

Freedom which is being denied them and when I can stand for so mad I thank you for being here. My friend that is Matt Stabler. He is the other chair over into Liberty councils you want to take a and if you were one of those folks who was told you're going to get this covert vaccine, or you're going to lose your job you are going to have some information now with this decision relative to the North Shore health system in Illinois, and Matt says this can be a blueprint can be a template for for other folks around the country. Again I thank Matt Stabler for joining us on the patriot mobile use maker line. Always good to us to check in with him somebody else who I think is is doing a great job and we talk about this all the time.

Do not II certainly talk about it. I know Todd talks about it as I listen to Tana listen to Todd every single day. Mike Lindell, another fine guy and another guy who is standing up against the cancel culture standing up against the other Huber leftists who are just determined to shut down anybody and everybody that has a conservative point of view or God forbid talks about their their personal faith. So here's Mike Lindell, a proud Christian who is attacked for that. A very proud unapologetic conservative is attacked for that losing retail space. It's insane, but you and I can actually support them and let let me tell you about one of the many great products as herein and the cats household. We got everything I'm telling you right now we have been loyal customers of my pillow for years. Towels, you know, we found out a few years back. They just they just don't seem to drive anymore and they they believe they're very soft and very lotion E in the stores you think these are great and you get home and wipe yourself off you dry yourself off and you're still soaking wet will Mike Lindell found out the right around 2006. Towels were being changed forever. What happened is they started importing them. They started adding softeners they started adding other things to the cotton that made them feel good, but they just didn't work anymore so he found the best tile company right here in the USA that got this proprietary technology they create towels that feels soft but they actually work and are all made with USA cotton. They come with my pillow. 60 day money back guarantee so right now you get a six piece that we talk about you bath towels to hand towels to wash clothes all made with USA cotton there soft and absorbent regularly. B.

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Click on the radio list or special get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the towels. Enter promo code Starnes or call 1-800-839-8506 four these great radio specials Jeff Katz in for Todd. It is the Todd start show someone who's not working no chill.

Trust me, that used me but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Now I think you close my phone to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for God. Starnes showed you my friend. What is your following these days, I'm just curious because I'm trying to think which part of the misdirection were falling for the I look at some of the folks who tell us that they are leaders and I guess technically there in positions of leadership position of leadership does not actually make you a leader and a lot of what we get these days is nothing but misdirection. Joe mansion is one of these guys right you want to know the real reason that Joe mansion is doing what he's doing well. Jeff they revamp. They are build back better bill or knowledge so you know better to build back now moderate Jeff and now he's not. Don't fall for that.

That's part of the misdirection. Joe mansion is not a moderate Joe mansion is the only Democrat left standing in West Virginia and that's why he's doing what he's doing seat Joe mansion had the entire West Virginia Democrat party staffed with Joe mansion loyalist will an interesting thing happened over the last year year and 1/2, a whole slew of real community far left-wingers real committed progress of the AOC squad types they took over the West Virginia Democrats and now the guy who's now if you will, out of Todd sure not close and personal, is Joe mansion. All of his people inside the West Virginia Democrat party are gone.

So this is a play for West Virginia's only surviving Democrat to continue to survive. Joe mansion in any other profession would have retired already, but he's a professional politician, so he's not going anywhere and just announced that he is running for reelection. But how does he get reelected if the West Virginia Democrat party establishment is not with well he gives them some presence. He provides a couple of very, very, very hearty handshakes if you will the build back better nonsense.

The build back better boondoggle is slightly less expensive than it was the last time it was pitched but you know what it is. It's a Christmas tree is a giant Christmas tree and when they first brought this out. It was a 15 foot tall Christmas tree you know it is now. It's a 10 foot tall Christmas tree you can still hang a lot of ornaments on 10 foot tall Christmas tree still plenty of room down there at the base of the 10 foot tall Christmas tree to put lots of presents and that's what this is. This is payoffs and very nice handshakes and kisses and hugs left and right, and they are loading this up with all sorts of nonsense.

So don't be subject to the misdirection. Pay attention, go to Todd read things that Todd is writing you listen to Todd on daily basis you pay attention. That's what you have to do this midterm election that's coming up in November is not to solve all of our problems it essentially will give us the opportunity to tap the brakes and we got a tap the brakes because even as were to happen Joe Biden the presidential Mr. Magoo still has is headed towards the cliff to make sure you're ready come November to vote the right way to do me a favor if you wanted on generally follow the Jeff cat show on Facebook follow the Jeff cat show. Check out Todd Of course it is Jeff and for Todd it is Todd start show galaxies for all these new taxes might not like it. In fact not capture hands-free text in multiple short training sessions were as follows my hand to start recording video clip and fit perfectly. Click the banner to get your galaxies he flip for Friday as you very happy. As the weekend is really yeah broadcasting from the Liberty University Studios and there's just so much that has happened over the last couple days that is really vitally important.

I want to remind you about that as we take a look at some of the thing that are happening relative to the change in society.

It is happening now attacks on good people continue to happen, but there seems to be pushback to give you an example. Give her watch the other yakking yenta's of the view is its outrageous will the other day they were attacking turning point USA Charlie Kirk and turning point USA you know they had the a student action Summit down in Florida apparently very well attended and they they talked about neo-Nazis there.

Apparently there were a couple of neo-Nazis outside, but the view women made it sound as if they were invited in. Well, they were not Charlie Cook and Charlie Kirk Kirk rather end up turning point USA fought back. I just want to take a listen to what happened with the Whoopi Goldberg and the gang over there at the view cut number five please fact that there were strangers outside the Florida student action Summit turning point and I think we want to make clear demonstrate demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by turning point USA turning point. Spokesman said the group quote hundred percent condemns those ideologies turning point USA security tried to remove anyone from the area but cannot because they were on public property. Also turning point USA wanted to clarify that I wanted to clarify that this was a turning point USA found the Republican Party and so we apologize for anything unclear on these points about that okay when I could just get it right in the first place there so determined to trash anybody was a conservative so determined to undermine the mean attack and belittle anybody who's not singing from their hymnal. They just it's almost like they can't help themselves is crazy, but I George Santos is joining as George is running for Congress in New York and if I understand it correctly. He's in a unicorn is the wrong term but a conservative in New York in the city.

Well let's find out exactly what's going on I George welcome having the pleasure is mine.

Alright so people here is a conservative guy running for Congress in New York.

What gives, what's the story here. George, you know, a lot of people have New York conservative, but the home of former political juggernaut. Sen. you offender Alcon motto good Republican you know it or are we are we the majority, absolutely not.

Are we outnumbered absolutely. But you know what we have great fight and we deliver. If you look at the New York delegation of members of Congress today yeah will you tell the staunch conservative, very undependable on its value for 20 years, we have the how competent early on we put this great don't have enough yet. Well, I understand. Look, I lived in Massachusetts for years and there were few of us, but deftly not enough. So, so, tell us a little bit about what what is this district that that you're looking to represent and why you why you think you're the guy for a look back in time to time Iran in 2020 and ensure you know after election day with very prominent thing, but valid to understand how many people were really going describe the mechanism of absentee go.

I second time to time with it again. I'm fighting to protect the American dream. I'm I'm running an 831 district outside of New York City on Long Island and Northeastern Queen know the reality of the world on order world public where we don't mind paying our taxes.

The longest were getting the services in return.

But when were being one where the second largest area in the country. In the third New York were getting our house is broken.

Actually, with with criminal bought everything inside of me to come out and right I'm I'm product of the American dream) country hiking from absolutely nothing everything I earned in my life was hard work.

The American dream work and it's not about money it's about offer and I want to those opportunities available to come the next generation to come in during the same blocking that the country gave my family so George, if I understand correctly, Lee Selden has said you're the guy that district right Lee Selden has endorsed me to become a khaki congressman really on it or mom back to Germany and acting director intelligent Richard Grenell.

I have a national base of the or both from from political from the people we just launched the commercial ad of endorsement of people from the district small business owners people that I was in the front line fighting. The covert shutdown. The tyrannical covert shutdown, but really the government me on the neck of New Yorkers for almost 18 mine.

I was there with them side-by-side, fighting for what I believe I need people now or endorsed like what somebody was a fighter.

I think it speaks George and you know I was I was up in New York a couple of weeks ago. Talkers Magazine is the big trade paper for our industry and I was up at the conference said Todd start was as well and I landing at JFK had been years since I had that been through a New York airport night.

I got into the Luber and the guys is looking we got to wear masks if you really yeah New York City taxi and limousine commission don't shut me down to take my car blah blah blah. Well, we crossed the line into onto a Long Island and all the citizen okay take off.

Now, as if I like how you know we had crossed the line, but apparently he knew and called it new I mean there's a lot of covert theater still going on is broadly down� It would it would be production of a lifetime hope to New York City when you can't dine inside but you can dine outside and make ship non-ventilated out door structures. I mean, I fed where the light rained out broadly because the shell baby what New York was all about their independent and you got the wrong way because your New York governor is when I was up there I was watching some of the television commercials and I knew that this Kathy Holcomb, my God, she had been all in favor of no cash bail and you will commit whatever crime you live to tell the that the cops a blank you. We don't care about you. She did a commercial you thought she was Wyatt flipping her like she was cleaning up all be the bad guys in town and I just thought does anybody fall for that. I mean how would you guys leave enough with her in the Gov.'s mansion in Albany to figure out she's a fraud and a phony example of how impolitic the only industry by the weight in the world that you can teleport you birthed out of the County Clerk New York when she said she would not issue drivers like free legal sheet. He had an a rating from the NRA went to the Congresswoman. Then he became governor and church hall.

Now that you governor all but I don't understand what evolving it because when you're involving your evolutionary path where your proving it almost like evolving creeping and regression. He had great power and now she is an absolute laptop who ripped the contribution like Nancy Pelosi thought Rick Rick.Donald Trump like a Chinese restaurant menu actually what works printing the state of New York look the hogs get slaughtered they got greedy for the redistricting and your New York.

We took him to court and we won one Democrat-controlled Marine Corps Democrat-controlled Court of Appeals and an appellate court. We won because the go blatantly that what they did what were living under that flag legally felt good to be our next governor.

Listen from your lips to God's ears. I I was. I was just appalled at some of the stuff I saw some of the things I heard and that that that that effort to redistrict. Essentially the Republican Party out of existence is what it seemed like to be your right they went. It was a step too far as you point out George winning Ian a Democrat Supreme Court winning in the Democrat Court of Appeals boy that speaks volumes you're talking to people all over the country and and we can't necessarily vote for you, but maybe we can help you get over the line. Maybe we can learn a little bit more about you. How do we do that go on our website New York or that George R You can follow me on social media or convert number or convert them on twitter Instagram debtor, you name it. All of it. I have been banned from anything yet that Mr. Santos now that I think there's so much I get I get George an absolute pleasure to chat with you.

Hope you get the chance to do it again I would share your right your social media information. The website as well. Linda I wish you nothing but great success up there very much for adding me and we'll talk soon. Absolutely. That is George Santos so he is running for Congress in the seat is out that I said was in the city. I'm wrong. It's out in Long Island primarily but has a piece of queen and he's got a real good shot of the winning I was amazed when I went to Long Island I had been to Long Island in the past, but I really had spent a lot of time there.

And so when I was up at Hofstra University for the talkers of you remember Todd was 1/3 time did. If I recall cracking that one show from the city and that he had a couple guest host stuff like that but it was great to see Todd no time when he was with Fox obviously lived in the city in Brooklyn, my God, I'm thinking I grew up in Philadelphia and I don't mind cities and all I been a city guy for the bulk of my life, but holy I just I was so ready to get and come back south of the Mason Dixon line, I was not born a southern gentleman I did not grow up in the South but ice where you I got here as fast as I could write you heard the social media handles for George Santos. Let me give you my walleye. I have the other great honor the great pleasure of sitting in for the great Todd start over and get her. You can look for the Jeff Katz show the Jeff Katz show on gator on Facebook. You're also looking for the Jeff cat show. So here's what I'm asking you to do and it is a favor, would you please follow the Jeff cat show on gator. Would you please like the Jeff cat show on Facebook is Jeff Katz Ian for my friend Todd. This is the Todd start show process. Don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver.

You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I'm in your Senate.

Weird. But yeah, not with progress as we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves had Fisher bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations for my buddy will remind you that you are visiting Todd enjoyed every day to broadcast live from the liberty University studios.

Now I gotta tell you something I listened to Pres. Trump speak the other day and I thought you know I've missed this guy.

I really have and not just because when he was in office, the United States of America was actually functioning properly. Not just because when he was in office. Gasoline was half the cost of what it is right now, not only because when he was in office. We were energy independent. We were in energy exploration we were selling oil to other nations and now our presidential meat puppet has to go over to Saudi Arabia on bended knee. Basically beg them to sell us overpriced oil. I mean, this is absurd. Right now, no more in tweets. Yeah, I guess that's true. I guess that's true. I haven't seen very many very much in the way of meeting tweets, but then I'm looking at the twitter and realize what what they're doing over there. The one among many was upset that the Elon musk is not going to go forward and purchase twitter but you saw one right.

Elon musk said look, they got all sorts of phony accounts over there. I don't know how many real accounts they have. I'm paying essentially so much per real account and I can't get an accurate count of the accounts so he's walking away now. The whole thing is been fast-track.

I guess it said Chancery Court in Delaware words going to be heard pretty quickly, so who knows maybe he does wind up buying any shakes all the phonies out but I do miss Pres. Trump and I want to give you a little piece of Pres. Trump. Just as a reminder here can we hear cut number two. Please tell you what if I were ever be the greatest women's basketball coach and as I like Lebron James. I like Michael Jordan much better when I go up the Lebron James it doesn't matter say love Ron did you ever have any desire to be a will, because what I love you to do a star on my team that I'm building up I will have the greatest human history. They'll never lose.

Nobody will come within 70 points of this I would have to change that and we have to make it okay to talk about it. You know the young lady I was talking about is afraid to talk about it. She shunned and she's canceled. When she talks about it. This is crazy. Can you argue with them, not what you think about this for just a second. People on the left are outraged that Leah Thomas did not win a woman of the year for the NCAA. There are other folks saying, well of course Leah Thomas didn't win woman of the year because she's a biological male. There are other people saying can we just have a conversation about this. Can we talk about this. Can we point Alex, the realities of the world. That's the problem isn't people want to have a conversation. People want to talk about what easily is not true and if you dare to question anything you dare to say anything my God Shira you're a hateful person. You're this a full Bureau that a full this is why the Biden White House is able to redefine the term recession because they've redefine the word woman for goodness sakes, so I guess words don't have meetings anymore. If were going to go down that path. Then E is Donald Trump too far off the mark.

Couldn't he just go to all the best NBA players and say okay just tell people you identify as women now and now I have the number one WNBA team. Now you are the most successful WNBA players. That sounds crazy doesn't it sounds ridiculous because it is so now we get back to having a conversation amongst adults intelligent, thoughtful conversation.

I want to say thank you so much to Todd start for allowing me to sit in. Thanks so much to our grace and Kyle for all of their help today. Check out the Jeff cat show.

I get her the Jeff cat show on Facebook. It is Jeff Katz in for my friend Todd and this is something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know about including the base weighs around 400 something you probably do know there's a whistle, something you probably don't know. That's about tipping over and over your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price, around-the-clock protection, something you know the things you don't know commercial progress casualty insurance Company affiliates and third-party insurers excited about the terms of the two situations

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