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Is the U.S. Military Ready to Fight World War Pelosi?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 2, 2022 3:18 pm

Is the U.S. Military Ready to Fight World War Pelosi?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 2, 2022 3:18 pm

The Biden Administration seems determined to get our nation into a shooting war with either Russia or China.

Guy Reschenthaler, Jeffrey Lord, Liz Peek, and Matt Schlapp join the conversation!

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Drivers are switching say with progressive save over $700 on average in the savings and imagine what you could buy and use the savings from switching to progressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car is a self driving flying car flying future cars fly in the future so switch to the residence a bit bigger so savings can national annual average in terms of welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative coming from you will get a move on here hello everybody you so great to have you with what is a very busy use primaries happening all over the plane and check in on those big stories as well. But before we get to Pelosi and whether or not she's going to be launching us into World War III with China. I want to visit what's happening in Ukraine and there is a very interesting story in today's New York Times.

Thomas Friedman is the author of this opinion piece and other New York Times very upset that Pelosi is going to Taiwan. I think just about every body is because no one quite understands why Pelosi is going to Taiwan if it marks the first time that a high level government leader from this country has gone to Taiwan. Since I believe Newt Gingrich back during the Clinton administration.

So, long time ago, somewhat unprecedented China threatening to blow Pelosi out of the sky.

I don't think that's going to happen, but there's a lot of concern that this could spark some sort of an incident so you got that going on, you've got the. The Biden administration not very happy that Pelosi is going there as a matter fact the White House yesterday during this program actually said that the United States has absolutely zero interest in Taiwan, declaring its independence from China.

So at that point I would if I was in Georgia Taiwan. I would've just told Pelosi to do what you we and I had back home you're not welcome here, but it just seems to me that the Biden administration is held in and maybe this is just me but it seems to me they are hell-bent on getting us involved in some sort of a shooting war with either Russia or China or Iran, and their try and superhard in in Ukraine to get us into a shooting war with with the Russians but it could very well be something as simple as Nancy Pelosi stepping foot on Taiwanese soil to launch us into world war, Pelosi now I want to get into this this Thomas Friedman piece because her something very fascinated buried deep within the story, and this is a and again this is what you need to know about the New York Times. They always miss the news docket. They never so you gotta read and usually the true news nugget is buried somewhere deep within the story. To give you a great example of this years ago during the Obama administration it was. There was a great story that was buried in the society pages of the New York Times.

Now one of the things that I enjoy doing. On Sundays I do read through the New York Times and don't agree with most of the supper. Sometimes there's a pretty good feature story in there at night.

At the time I was searching for. This was before cello so I was searching for an apartment and you would get the times on Sunday that a big real estate section and thusly I'm reading I'm reading the paper and there was a feature story about the social secretaries in the White House. I thought this is interesting. I'm always on a big White House history buff, I just I'm really intrigued by all about.

And as I was reading the story and it was then masterpiece it was like a three or 4000 word piece buried at the very end was the actual news nugget of that story.

It turns out that the Obama's, according to the social secretaries that the Obama does their first Christmas in the White House. They actually wanted to remove the nativity scene they wanted to kick the baby Jesus out of the White House. And of course you know that story now because I broke that story of Fox News and I wrote about it in one of my early blocks, but the that the great irony here is that the New York Times missed the story that that the Obama's first first Christmas in the White House wanted to throw the baby Jesus out the front door so all that is that you gotta read the stories to get the nugget and sure enough the same thing happen here. Bold part of the opinion piece why Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is utterly reckless and yet it is reckless but that's not the real story here. The real story is what's happening in Ukraine. I'm gonna read this from Thomas Friedman's piece of the New York Times talking about the timing of this visit to Taiwan. The timing could not be worse.

Dear reader, Ukraine, war is not over and privately. US officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine's leadership than they're letting on. Really, really, are we surprised by this. We been concerned from day one. There is deep mistrust between the White House and Pres. Zelinski of Ukraine, considerably more than has been reported and there is funny business going on. Kia no. Are you kidding me really funny business MTF on July 17, Zelinski fired his country's prosecutor general and the leader of its domestic intelligence agency, the most significant shakeup in his government since the Russian invasion in February. It would be the equivalent of Biden firing Derek Garland and Bill Burns on the same day, but I still have not seen any reporting that convincingly explains what that was all about.

It is as if we don't want to look too closely under the hood in Kia for fear of what corruption or antics. We might see when we have been invested so much. There more on the dangers of that another day. So let me stop here and there's more to this and others little disturbing more to it and I'll get to that in the second.

But from day one. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm told you, and I've just been as honest as I can possibly be be with you that something does not smell right about Ukraine. Not quite sure why we need to be there, aside from the fact that early one. Early on we were told that there were these laboratories that everybody was very concerned about and there's been a lot of speculation about those laboratories, what they were doing and why the United States needed to go in Ukraine to secure those laboratories.

Some people are saying it had to do with the China virus and it very well may be. I do not know but we do know this, that the United States is willing to risk American lives and treasure to protect those labs so something important was happening inside those laboratories. The other part of it go. It predates even the Trump administration where you have Joe Biden and his son doing all sorts of very nefarious business transactions with Ukrainians we've known for well over a decade that there has been great corruption within the Ukrainian government but they've all decided to take a up a blind eye at that because there's something else going on here. Now do we care about Ukraine.

I don't think we do. I think Biden wants us involved in a shooting war with the Russians of the question is why it is really not Biden. It's whoever's pulling the strings which would be Susan Rice or Barack Hussein Obama want to go into the here of this very disturbing story out of the New York. The New York Times. Meanwhile, senior US officials still believe that Putin is quite prepared to consider using a small nuclear weapon against Ukraine if he sees his army facing certain defeat. In short, this Ukraine war is so not over so not stable so not without danger surprises that can pop out on any given day. Yet in the middle of all of this we are going to risk a conflict with China over Taiwan provoked by an arbitrary and frivolous visit by the speaker of the house of this is not Fox News Channel writing visits, not Newsmax.

This is not the heritage foundation of this is the New York Times I'm telling you the administration and you talk about date a dangerous political situation in Ukraine with Roger, we need to be talking about the dangerous political situation right here, the United States, we have an administration that is in great turmoil and unrest.

We have a failed administration and that's what the New York Times is admitting here. It's been a failure and you've got a president now that is completely unhinged of vice president who's a loon and you've got a White House that is being controlled with puppet strings by people like Susan Rice and BH Obama. That's a very dangerous place for this ministration to be because they do know that in the event of war and was just will put this out there, God forbid, the Chinese actually going shoot down Nancy Pelosi. Guess what Nancy Pelosi may be a raging leftist lunatic, but she still an American citizen.

She's a government leader morning to tolerate anybody shooting down our people.

I don't care who they are and the Biden administration knows this and they know that if there is in fact a war what's going to happen.

To see the people rally around the White House, you're going to see the economy returned with a boom because that always happens during a wartime event and you will see national unity that could give the Democrats an edge moving into the midterm elections, folks, this is this is not without precedent. So we've got a lot of moving parts here and a lot of reasons to be very, very concerned. I believe boot would use a nuclear weapon and I believe the Chinese would to, and the question is what city get sacrificed on the West Coast of the United States to appease the Biden administration visit Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego. That's where all of this is heading.

Unless somebody slams on the brakes and they do it very quickly and for the New York Times to come out and took to write about this and actually admit this because they do have the sources within this ministration. They do know what's going on inside the walls of the White House and that is very concerning Evan yesterday in spite of knowing all of this stuff about Zelinski working to give him another $550 million of our tax money more than $8 billion you think about this while all this is going on. You've got Joe Biden and the Democrats.

They are literally arming every Ukrainian citizen every Ukrainian citizen is being given a firearm to protect themselves.

The Ukrainians are using our tax money to secure their border. Meanwhile back here. Our border has been breached and overrun and the Democrats are trying to take away our guns.

844-747-8860 what he thinks going on with these gentlemen. 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number by the way our website and we have some incredible stories up on the website you you gotta check that out over at Todd Stern' will be right back America so ever since gas prices went sky high. I've got a daily routine. I been driving around town trying to find the cheapest gas possible. But you know what I don't have to do that anymore, thanks to the upside. That's right. The upside app is an incredible app for anybody who buys gas buys groceries or dines out and get this with every purchase.

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That's five dollars war cashback on your first purchase of $10 or more. Using promo code Starnes all right hello, welcome back surgery is you made the choice to spend new with your friends here on this program and worry conservatives all over America so our good friend Liz has a piece up and this is fascinating report. Liz peaked sounding the alarm about the midterm elections now this is fascinating and I I'm I want to get your take on this and there is a local angle on this up for our Memphis listers on KW William where we base our radio program from Liz peak says that Pres. Trump needs to immediately announce that he is running for president in 2024 and she says he needs to do that because of the fecklessness of the Republican Party.

She says only Pres. Trump's vision can lead us to a 70 seat red wave. Now this is something this is pretty remarkable because Liz peak is she's not one who is prone to hyperbole so list because looking at all of the data coming. She saying that the that the Republicans on Capitol Hill should be ashamed because they were snookered into supporting this $280 billion bill that's basically a handout. They got blindsided by build back better and she says that polling data and fundraising data is showing some very disturbing numbers.

She says Republicans are losing steam in the fundraising and in the polls and she says that the GOP is hovering on the brink. Now, here is some of the data that she's been able to gather, she says that a Suffolk University polls shows voters preferring Democrats over Republicans by more than four points. She says the polling data gathered by 538 shows the GOP lead on a generic congressional ballot has all but disappeared and today Republicans are nearly tied with Democrats as recently as mid June the did the GOP had a 2.6 point advantage. Also worrisome, and I'm reading from Liz's calendar.

Democrats are out raising Republicans and online campaign donations. Now this is interesting. I want to stop here for just a moment. We got the early voting numbers and for Memphis.

We've got a massive election coming up on Thursday. It's kinda weird but they're doing a lecture on Thursday.

Lots of important races including a George Soros candidate who is running for district attorney major major races on the ballots locally in Memphis and what's Dunning and Grace Baker. You can verify this. What stunning is that 20,000 more Democrats went to the polls to cast early ballots and Republicans that oh yeah, and to be honest I'm not shocked I feel like Republicans here very what's the word just not acting all was an essay that note that no completely. It's as I'm reading this I'm thinking that's exactly Liz was describing what just happened yet.

Miller's lunacy and nothing's gonna change so I mean hopefully were putting the fear of God and Republican voters to get out and vote on election day Thursday. Hope so, but it's going to be an uphill climb. What we been telling people campaign like your how many points behind.

I like your 20 points on the 20 points behind and look at what happened 20,000 more voters came out on the Democrat side than the Republican side, that's just pitiful.

So when you get some more this data out for you and because working at this is a big deal.

Now you say will Todd. Nobody believes the polls okay well let's take a look at the fundraising data talk about Rafael Warnock $12.3 million that he hauled in unbelievable that's think that is more than the combined quarterly halls of Republican Senate. Senate nominees in a number of other states. There are also concerns that Dr. Oz and JD Vance have fallen way behind Dr. Oz raised $3.8 million.

His Democrat opponent $10 million JD Vance running neck and neck with Democrat Tim Ryan. He raised $1 million compared to Tim Ryan's $9 million. These are some warning signs that you need to pay very close attention to 844-747-8860 what you think.

Liz peak says Trump needs to come out now announce he's running a mobile everybody behind the calls. What say you, America 844-747-8868 this is the Todd started. So what was that my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my fellow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners the percale bedsheets that is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code ordered out because when they're gone they're gone.

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You know this is going to be a lot of fun. Jeffrey normally I did I just give a brief speech. But they've asked me to out to hostess hour-long cavalcade of stars up on the main stage, so a look at landed and I'm looking forward to seeing you and I know that's the last time we actually got together that's right I'm around athletes to moderate a panel with Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona Hotel was cheapest at current. Spent and Brandon Greco, who led the walk away from the Democratic Party and were going to be talking about American gulags all the prosecutions of conservatives and you know keeping them from speaking on campuses and on and on and on the list, which I'm sure you're more than familiar with luck I'll I love it. You know Jeffrey have to tell you I used to listen to you all the time on Hannity show radio show. Back when I was at living in New York City and working at Fox news and I thought most of you know one of these days I can if I know I'll be able to hit the big leagues like you get Jeffrey Lord, come on my program all bad now you gotta be thrilled at the boy to go to all this. It's gonna be great, and the folks are still tickets available it's you better go ahead in and sign up now because there it really is in an and a list of conservatives Jeffrey Lord will be there. What I believe Pres. Trump is going to be speaking just Sarah Palin of the list goes on and on and on and on in the ghetto on the live went back yeah really amazing that's that. Look, it is a big primary day Jeffrey Lord and I were paying very close attention to a couple of races in particular Arizona, but I want to start with Missouri was that not the greatest political role at all times that Trump did II burst out laughing about that prerogative date. There are two candidate there for the Bennett Eric Reitman and Eric Schmidt at the question was who would front door and he clicked out the word for Eric. I love it and are actually three Eric's that are that are running the lesser-known no one knows who that guy is, but he's taking full credit as well. You can't make that up at Donald Trump. People like and don't like that.

I love that I don't like the world of the book Mark God when it comes to things like this from inquirer. Who would've thought of this right you know Jeffrey I was reading a piece last night and there has been a lot of controversy in that Senate race. Eric brightens, of course, the former governor ousted out of view. There was a big scandal and that there was a lot of concern among Republicans and the party that if he is in fact the nominee that they could lose that Senate seat which I find hard to believe because Missouri is a pretty red state, but there are reports ugly political reporting that Ron McDaniel actually begged Pres. Trump not to make an endorsement of that race well and that would method behind his madness here and putting it the way you put it and that they're experiencing.

I did not know that you know you get into the situations we just come through the situation manually had heated primaries for goat defendant week and the governorship and interestingly to me. Pres. Trump came in here he endorsed a candidate for governor named Doug State Sen. Doug Metz Triano and he endorsed, of course, Dr. Bennett, both of them want and I think there was a particular surprise with Pennsylvania political observers about Metz Triano went because it is very much in the mode of Donald Trump is that there are other candidates around the country were the same and is just when he clobbered the feel and you know how it is probably just sent the graph root sort of movement building and building it. I think it's building here at the venue will stay this fall but you know you have for the establishment Republicans. They know they're not going to vote for them at all. The opposition is the Atty. Gen. of a new Democrat named John Shapiro who is me. Maybe a nice enough guy, but he is just your typical standard cardboard cookie-cutter career politician.

You know that the story is he wants to be president and wants to get elected and then anything happens with Joe Biden he can get the vice president to counsel Eric Lord only knows. But it is just a career thing with it. Where's my Triano was truly you know the cause because because the net different ballgame.

Jeffrey Lord of the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We have links to all of his pages and platforms over owner line show blog Jeffrey I was reading my good friend Liz speak she's a regular on the show has a column out. She says Trump needs to declare right now to mobilize all the Republicans get everybody on message. She is concerned about polling data but also fundraising data coming in, showing a lot of these Republicans in these battleground states are not doing well on the fundraising side. What say you well.

I think I have been leading to waiting until after the election. See me to get to. I believe all of these great start to the candidate and they got a have as much support as possible and I think is going on the right track.

The park going at each state having rally standing next to the candidate than letting the candidate that the spotlight and you know me, caught it, and history of geeky stuff and all that kind of think I would for people who were around that I was a teenager. Following all the stuff in 1956. Richard Nixon was rumored to be a leading candidate for president in 1958 the course you going to 1950 and lost a close race to JFK and Barry Goldwater gets trout.

Both of Nixon makes it his business to run around America 66 campaigning and breaking fun for all the Republican candidates they went 47 house between went back to house but you know that was that you went and I think it was three Senate Nixon got all the credit for, and once it was over any of and of course proceeded to mow down the GOP opposition which basically amounted to Nelson Rockefeller and Gov. Rockefeller from New York and Gov. Romney from Michigan father Nixon just you know about them under but I think a large part was because he went around getting all the audio you from all of the candidate to then one and were able to be there to help him win a lady ran in 1958 so I write I can it be that a good role model across one of the challenges that that that I've had during really the past couple of election cycles you you got these folks who jumped on the Trump bandwagon, but that they were previously hard leftist. They saw they were in with Barack Obama and now they want people to believe they've you know they've repented that they've had the conversion experience in their America first candidates and I think one of those races that really personifies that is happening in Arizona right now you have Karen Robeson who was the unit out there calling her to establishment liberal, but she actually was a fundraiser for Donald Trump very close to the Trump family going up against Carrie Lake.

The X TV reporter who is a new convert. How do you think that race is going to go well.

Just from reading it down to me like Carrie Lake when he or she got that one thing that in our day and age can help you a lot with the television anchor. Everybody knows it and you like Dr. everybody knew who Dr. Oz was that he needed no introduction, and that is half the battle when you run for a statewide office in Arizona or anywhere else. People need to know who you are.

She's got that advantage going for the Trump endorsement, so I suspect what I'm reading that you can win this thing. All right Jeffrey were to leave it there. Hope you're doing it. We spend way too long.

So to get back on soon.

All right. What is the month that bedbug live there. It is there it is all right I Jeffrey will see you in Dallas in just a couple of days. Jeffrey Lord everybody great conservative commentator and pundit and that we got links to his pages All I gotta tell you about some great back-to-school specials that are good friend Mike Lindell is offering exclusively to our listeners. My

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Welcome back to the program so so Jeffrey Lord says you know what Trump needs to wake Liz speak says Trump needs to go ahead and throw his name in the hat right now to mobilize all the Republicans and to unify the Republicans around a central message and what is that they been talking about for the past couple of weeks. They been talking about this contract with America that Newt Gingrich's job is assigned back when not back to the 1990s. During the Clinton administration. So you've got a divide here between people saying he should wait and he sure he should announce now.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now I want to in this hour. On a positive note, there is a story up on Todd start' from Norco, California. This is your feel-good story of the day. So a bad guy.

Armed with an AR 15 trying to rob an 80-year-old man in the store that he owned the Norco market what the bad guy didn't realize at the time is that the owner was watching a security cam video and he saw the the car pull up. There were four people in this car and he saw one of the bad guys getting out and putting on a ski mask and the owner of the store knew what was about to happen. So when the bad guy came in and said put your hands in the air, the owner of the store, took out his shotgun and literally blew the bad guys arm off and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video yet you got a list of SI would hear it again. I love I love that it now know so so by the with the Riverside County jurors tomorrow. They say that the clerk did or the owner of the store to the right thing.

He was a legally he was a legal gun owner. He was allowed by law to all that God and he defended himself. He did nothing wrong. I will say this, that the owner suffered a heart attack after all this, but he's okay. He's gonna make a full recovery of the bad guys in critical condition at the local hospital and they've arrested others, what I think is funny about the video and we got the video on our website.

It will look like his. His pals were going to drive off and leave him there with his unit with his arm. Now I'm not sure how this is autoplay out. Hopefully, this guy is gotta be you know it's gotta be on the straight and narrow. After he gets out of jail. I do know this is a Grace Baker. This guy certainly will not be doing any more armed robberies. You got that right. No armed Road ha ha hi see what you did there. But the second amendment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it allows you it affords you as an American citizen the right to bear arms and the right to blow off the arms of the bad guys. Can I hear it again I would hear this again Grace Baker now raise a couple of observations are because I'm a firm believer of the we live in Mogadishu. I mean that the progressives into MF's have turned our city into a literal war zone of Third World country.

I mean it's it's bad but my contention is this. When the good guys start shooting these bad guys. Sooner or later, word is going to spread hate don't hit that store because they'll blow an appendage off that'll send a clear message so Mike and MI thing is, in this case he shot the arm and was only one shot.

The guy was a good shot pretty video that's impressive but you either due to the kneecap you know where they can't run and like try to carjack people in the future due to the foot or the private parts of the don't propagate don't want you to what those folks going for the multiplier yet.

Please now know I just you and you hate to think like that. But when you live in a place where crime is so off the charts terrible you have to think like that you do, your mind goes to a totally different place I meet you pull up at a traffic state was seriously at and you can afford this Grace Baker so you pull up to a traffic light.

You're not bumper-to-bumper. You gotta have enough space in between that other Carson case only opens you know somebody has a gun you can escape that's true. Also, sometimes I look to my right and my left leg. Somebody split beside me.

I don't know you just get you like is a person looking at me I'm selling away, or if they do have.

If there flashed a gun at your that's happened to me before. I mean I was here just a couple of weeks and somebody flashed a gun at me. Welcome home, and you immediately. I mean you seen the you know where you want to hit the lever on your seat and just drop you to the vaccine shot. The problem with the Cadillac it's it's all electronically was not like that of oligo boy, that's a low maneuver.

All that to say God bless this man and we hope for a speedy recovery for the owner of the shop and and again. It's when you do shoot somebody.

It's not like alright I shot somebody that's a horrible thing and nobody wants to be in that place you don't want to have to use your gun, but thank the good Lord that the store owner had the wherewithal to go out there get his God learn how to use it and he had the wherewithal in the moment and this is the thing you've gotta be on guard all the time. That's what our good buddy Jonathan Gilliam tells us he wrote that this great book sheep no more. Whenever you walk outside of your home.

You gotta know that there could be somebody out there wanting to wanting to harm you or your family and that's just the reality of where we are in America right now. Are you folks gotta take a break for the news 844-747-8868 is her toll-free telephone number you got ahead of her the website and watch this video. It's unbelievable. You will get a smile on your face. Seeing this good guy with the gun shooting the arm off a bad guy with a gun all right Todd start' Also, while you are there, you may as well destroy the sign up for the newsletter and the podcast. What about a million people a month listen to that podcast. It's a doozy I folks our troops have enough this is the Todd Stern's radio show galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text of multiple angles for sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video dizzy flip floor is compact and fits perfectly. My demeanor to get you galaxies.

He flipped for University studio in Memphis Tennessee. All right today the many of you across the country. Of course being very what's happening in Missouri and also Arizona. Listen to your local radio state leader. This election returns and of course will be doing full-blown analysis tomorrow. This is an exciting week. A lot of conservatives that heading to Dallas Texas for C pack. I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker liner good friend of the man who created it all, our good buddy Matt slapped his joining us today bad what an exciting time or to have later this week. I beginning of the big red wave turned out and out to have media from around the world bear to meet all the candidate and there I greet you. Great big day is my hope that it may have a really important pro-life ballot devalued in both amendment thought your jerky and you could hear us talking right now to figure out there, go toward.

It restores all the regulation to prevent abort late-term abortion taxpayer under course parental consent, although things that were on the book or our Supreme Court can't fit with our frequently didn't America was Tuesday, were abortion were to our Constitution and Matt we do have a lot of blisters all over the great state of Kansas, including our big affiliate in Wichita K QAM. The big talker and that this is a first in the in the nation.

Vote on abortion answer. This is why it's so vitally important and you know it's interesting that when you think about the pro-life movement you think about maybe the southern states, but really it was Kansas that led the nation from day one and protecting the lives of the unborn. So what's up. What a great day it is for Kansans as they go to the polls knowing the thing is that we face in all the important questions about upholding American tradition ill and can't they have a flood of outside money trying to cocaine what to do and I think it will not start looking at that. Where's the money coming from an obvious political rate in all the key February verifying that the socialist candidate have much more money than the Republican candidate and eventually all happened after why they get all the money words are coming from all the work.

From coming from this elite group of oligarchs to billionaires to don't believe in restoring the values of America that would have accrued.

Get rid of all of our founding. No doubt about that, Matt, and it summing again when you look at the amount of money coming in, even places like Memphis, Tennessee.

We have a big lecture on Thursday where the district attorney's race is is huge.

You've got George Soros money pouring into a place like Memphis you have to imagine you can only imagine what kind of money they're putting in the places like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, I think her greatly when I got bought out young man I would like for you about the presidential campaign, George W. Bush got back there with outspend them. Our site at the money and they had all the active it would happen over time. It they have all the money and we have all their record of the appropriate data.

We got the numbers we got.

The majority with good turnout and I think that's what the starting Thursday. By the way people can go to

Tickets are still available by what you missed it would start here. My mom and Mike that there are starting your driver with Dr. week 5+ hours though. You want to get ticket you get a daily ticket to go to our website join my mother enjoyed all of the thousand back to send the message that wouldn't take back the country. The best part of the drive from Memphis to Dallas that 75 mile an hour speed limit in Arkansas with you, love you, and you can probably stop up to get the feeling he thrives on the way I love about stop off at the Bucky's got a bad slap on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Let's talk about C pack and I'm excited to out to be a part of the festivities. We just had Jeffrey Lord on and the Jeffrey that was the first thing he said we gotta talk about C pack. This is going to be a huge event because of what's about to happen in November. Yeah that's right you are one of the things that were very proud of you. You know active different than the character I got over the money and where to candidate you have these great panic awaiting candidate architected order be there you have a great candidate in Virginia another state to meet. I think what were staying at the Democratic coalition busting up before I arrived at daybreak will eight, they have a war on gender and worn religion in a Democrat. They went a minute back.

I made at least a little more government spending, but I didn't know it meant like destroying all these great people and the tuition bill.

I think this election is going to be even more consequential for 2015 from way back to get bucked up there coalition if we play it right thereby that if we fight for the values we care about.

I think we I think the Republican Party animated by the conservative movement may part of it could govern for a generation.

I'm with you Matt. I think this is that this could be his storage on so many different levels and of course, setting the stage for what could be an even more historic election and in 2024.

You know the follow-up and the reason why Calder directed.

New direction they called bigoted haters. You know all the terms they very thought of the reason they do that they want to feel small. They want the field friends they will feel like were a tiny minority, but effective for the majority it up directly like that majority being that we want to dominate that route to that but it means that when I collect them to destroy the country.

That is what you do that will do that for the next couple of back country. I love it, Matt. Looking forward to seeing you and Mercedes and your mom down there and in Dallas it's going to be a great couple of days. Well, thank God, like a matter of hours. I love it all right Matt slap everybody from American conservative Union C pack this weekend. is the website that's will be able to. I� a protected site.

It is a who's who and I know that I'll be leading an hour-long series of panels starting off with the governor of Oklahoma the reddest of all states in the nation is good to be a great conversation as we as we hang out together, and I've already heard Grace Baker from so many of our listeners were going to be there that want to say hello and the folks we even hear the Memphis area driving down to too bad of a drive know it's not but I'm flying I I'm on you to take a risk of line is I have to be back your units were right smack in the middle of the election site anytime he is on literally flying down Friday morning doing the speech of the other panel stop and then fly back that night at the Quiktrip it's a it's a very Quiktrip getting it got to get a good meal layer down yeah it is.

But you know what I'm good, if not we can.

We have a great Texas brisket joint right here. Memphis is really no need to be getting calls I am good at is going to the have you been to the Bucky's have you heard of these I've heard of them. I have not been to Texas. It also.

I'm trying to will not just in Texas anymore. There'd like popping up all over the place and when an alum band right outside of Birmingham that was like when I've been to. I now basically a Walmart was 700 gas tank again.

Yeah that everyone's like, whatever you have to stop here like what's the big deal that was like okay nice by the way yesterday and I live in the the condo and we can say where. But there is a hotel source, one of these like live, work, you know, stay whatever I it's very nice it's I don't say it's bougie as the other young people say these days. Now it's pretty nice. Okay it is it's very nice. So anyway it's I do have a running complaint on Sunday nights because they put out this the sweeper MB and is just as loud as all get and they start like 11 o'clock 12 o'clock at night. Why would you do that, and it applies like a lot of it's louder and does so anyway. Last night I hear this. It sounded like some people. There was like some sort of like a shooting or something. Hello what a lie. But there were screaming and carrying on and look outside and there like 30 or 40 high school kids wandering around like some sort of a big game and so I look and I guess there staying at the hotel is some sort of a sports team provide lowly high prowl schools, you know I'm talking about the high dollar hybrids.

So I call downstairs I'm white.

Really I said, this benefit can't sleep on Sundays but really no Mondays I was like the get off my lawn guy all but it was midnight and so I guess I'm talking as I'm I'm like complaining unlike can you please go out there and tell them to stop you or to do something and so that the hotel clerk says well he says we actually told it was okay for the sale to 1 o'clock in the morning all allow on a Monday Monday night. These are really old right now I do. I really sorry no evidence insulates a well, we can corral them in the LX about what you think about doing a hunger in cash and that I like suffering succotash. I was mumbling on as I become. I become to get off you the long gone back to bed, got to take a break your folks 844-747-8868 going to the phones here first.

Are you excited about the midterms.

Are you getting fired up. Are you getting pumped up and number two what do you think we ought to do is trump should he announce now, or should he wait 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for breeze. Now I feel bad. Maybe I should just stay in Dallas for a day or two taken the sign.

You know you need a vacation that will be in Dallas. I would not have the vacation David. Maybe the redneck Riviera was looking orange. Be sure yes very nice.

Maybe, just maybe New Orleans I love New Orleans.

It was a good time last year we got an update from Ms. Janice yes heard her husband still recovering both doing okay, but I heard from her yesterday. Well, good.

I miss Gina's by the way for new listers. One of our regulars and does she is the queen of New Orleans and her husband not doing very well going through going through a health struggles, so keep him in your prayers and also you know I mention my uncle Jerry a lot and I write about uncle Jerry he's going through a couple health pickups to so I put him on the prayer list as well. If you don't mind, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868.

Our good buddy Jean. The Trump super fan and I understand you're in Oklahoma now. Jean is not right� How you Jean. I really you know I did play my part of the cabinet game over the last year I didn't dally a loan with Illinois at the end yet.

And yet we are now in Oklahoma with what the runoff between our two Republican Godfrey Brinkman and Alec Rick with the situation it here. They also argue over the book and you can be got in Oklahoma rack for Dallas all got you doubt that you continue to be talking to the governor of Oklahoma in Dallas yet C packed. Maybe you get on that I don't be wonderful but idea what I'm doing.

I'm just trying to do whatever I can do here. You know was going on in this great country but if I also want to say some of that all on a wonderful great president trump will be logged and we love you store-bought you can imagine. I think he should say that you could be running. I think it should be to God and I believe it will be at allowed well, you know, I have no doubt it would be at a rally and and I'm beginning to look. I can see it both ways. Now I was firmly in the Trump needs to wait this unit don't make the midterms about him, but I don't believe that it would be now. I think if the Republicans to rally around a contract with America and so you know what these are the principles were to be running over to secure the border to do something about the economy, it were were going to work in a pushback against the mandate. I think if you go down the list and and you bring that to the American people. It becomes about the contract and not necessarily Donald Trump at this point so III can see the benefits agreement now absolutely thought and I agree with you on the head.

That's what you have to have America first agenda that's number one that work with the people become part as well. Felt wobbly out so I agree with you that start all right Jean you be good and safe travels out there. My friend James is ready and everything that I'd like. Thanks James. Take care now. It was interesting Jean early on one of the early Trump rallies.

Jean was one of these guys that president trump call upon the stage and and they embraced each. I'm a William brace Jean the super fan and while the rest is is trump folklore and the genes been a regular caller he lives in Florida but he's out there doing some some campaign events are eight 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 I want to play some audio so the New York Times is reporting that that there is trouble at Fox News and we have we covered this out some yesterday but now they they have some new Intel on Tucker Carlson and the New York Times is saying that Tucker Carlson in private is not a Trump friend that they've got the goods on on on Tucker Carlson cut number seven so let me let me let me throw this you know the piece came out on Saturday that I saw and then announce that yesterday I saw a lot of pictures floating around the Internet of of Trump and Tucker Carlson, yuck it up a little bit in the Trump box. I tried it on 10 to square the circle here where is is it that Tucker you master this will be bubbly straight is this the first step of the Tucker for Pres. movement and Tucker stabbing trump mega voters and trump himself in the back so you know as well as I do, Tucker in private what he says about trump is very different than what he says about trump in public and it benefits him to be seen having photos taken with trump of the golf course. Everything I think I would not be surprised at all to see Tucker.

I put him in my book. She said I am voting for Kanye West. This is in 2006 for trump as far as we know I was there with him in the ballot box. We know that Tucker Carlson is one of these people who benefits from having the Trump audience on his side thinks very little of the people who make that and that, ladies and gentlemen is not at all surprising to me and I can say that based on my 15 years at Fox News Channel. I can say that because the entire channel right now they look down on all of you folks and especially if you are trump supporters. They just there very condescending toward you, folks, and it's really unfortunate and you can see there are good people like Shannon bream, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Judge Jeanine and and then there are those who well, you know, got a ticket will be right back America will know someone who's not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for all right welcome back everybody go vote today. If you are in a state that's got a primary, and that we should listen to your local radio station at night or coverage of the returns. You know earlier, we were literally reading verbatim Elizabethan collar that I've all grace when we just get Liz people and save us some time on the patriot mobile because Baker live is our favorite columnist Liz PK, Liz, I thank you that no purported Liz. You are probably at beach side somewhere with a nice little drinking with the umbra lines are like great Starnes needs great now I contrary to New York City and I'm delighted to join you on vacation I Liz, we gotta talk about this column that you wrote this is an again this is a warning for Republicans don't take anything for granted and you gotta get your act together. Yeah I mean you know I think we've all been so very optimistic about What Would Take Pl. in November that people try to take in their eye off the ball not given as much money to candidates and maybe they would have had they not been so confident that I think that's really part of the problem and I do think you have this schism in the party between people who are very dedicated to Donald Trump want to relitigate the 2020 election and you know they need him to prompt them to let go of that and move forward.

And by the way he I think is now ready to move forward and I am incredibly happy about that. The peak speech he gave down at the American policy get together just recently in Washington was very forward-looking, very powerful. I he needs to do that tell people and illiterates.

I read the speech which I tested a few days ago, I could feel the power and the lien of the momentum the mojo of Donald Trump coming through this instead of the grievances and the questions about 2020 employee. We need him out there. We need him out there now know we we do, and in one of the big challenges for this election cycle has been this yet, the, the endorsements where you actually are. It's really not the establishment against Donald Trump. In many cases it's it's the establishment versus Donald Trump versus Manga people you know and a great example is what's happening right now in in Missouri with that Senate race, exactly, exactly, and so let's look at the ones we know the outcome of, for example, in Pennsylvania, Trump backed Mamet eyes. I've met eyes I think is an incredibly good candidate, but unfortunately he is trailing now and into the plane in my column like that Trump has $121 million that he has raised that apparently cannot be used for a presidential run subsidy to to run 2020 for which it look like it's going to do that money. It really could come in handy right now and and very importantly be spent not to limit what you can donate obviously to a campaign but in in parallel to a campaign you can run TV ads you can do all kinds of things put this money should be heading towards now because it's not gonna look good for combat me if he's interested in his own position in the party. If he can get these guys out there. JD Vance in Ohio. Herschel Walker in Georgia and possibly his candidate in Missouri and elsewhere, and then he kinda cuts off their lifeblood doesn't help him. I can look very good though and in here in the Memphis area were we broadcast Liz we have an on election and it is a major election coming up Thursday on the ballot of the district attorney's race which is guarded national dissension. The musician John legend of the George Floyd family in town and early voting wrapped up. They just announce the numbers earlier today and the Democrats outpace Republicans by 20,000 votes here in the city it is again a reminder, we cannot take anything for granted. Gotta get out and vote. He really do. I do think usually the male and voted heavily Democrat, but nonetheless that is concerning is that and that what you're thinking about how that will turn out well there's there's just a lot of concerned about the Republicans trying to find a message.

You have the top of the candidate the top of the ticket. They were very concerned about being identified or associated with Pres. Tromp and then you got down ballot people who are embracing president Trump had a lot of mixed messaging and II think that's why I like this idea of Trump getting out there, unifying the party behind a central message, like that the Newt Gingrich contract with America. I think that's a formula yeah I totally agree that there two things.

One is candidates had looked at Glenn Young. Ken did very well in terms of bringing in the Trump voters and the non-Trump voters by talking policy policies that really matter to people in that case it would largely about the schools but it was other issues as well.

And secondly again Trump in DC recently talked policy and wanted what was his number one theme.

It was a crime and I think he totally right. I think that's where the country is, I think it candidates can't talk about public safety. The fact that these Democrat run cities and towns have basically abandoned the concern for the average citizen that is that you powerful and unifying message. Who doesn't want their streets to be safe and their kids to be safe on their way to school but these people should be talking about not Donald Trump, not the 2020 election. Let's talk policy to people actually care about inflation and crime is one of the things I love and what you did in your column and and I get blowback all the time whenever I mention polling data, but when you pointed out, the fundraising data that's that speaks volumes here and the reality is, Republicans are trailing significantly behind the Democrats on this yet. It is really not good and I understand why people are very skeptical of the pole everything 2016 date date to take those with a grain of salt. I get that you know when every poll said Hillary Clinton walking away with the win, but fundraising is a different matter that voting with your feet in your heart and your purse in a Republicans in the second quarter saw their online donations go down 12%. Boy is that not the norm. As you're heading towards election by the way, Democrats on their fundraising got a 21%. How can that possibly be when the Democrat party looked to be in total disarray, their figurehead, Joe Biden has the worst approval ratings of Everett working in interface learning. It's pretty hard to figure where that's coming from, but here here's one answer and this this probably doesn't really speak to the online campaign donations because that mostly is medium income people is not high-end or the high enders that are really backing Democrat. I mean, there has been a fundamental shift in who backed Democrats these days I and and Republicans are making headway in all the counties in an district where average homeowners are in the average sort of belt in terms of income that there's been a real shift in Donald Trump did that. So in terms of total money. It may well be the Democrats end up ahead, but the online thing is worrisome because that's kind of like real people.

Liz were to leave it there, folks. We got a link to her column over on our websites appreciate the Intel and I have a great vacation and I think it's that much and thanks for having me on our list. Think everybody all right, I gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 books now more than ever. It is so important that we support companies that share our values.

That's why we support patriot mobile will be down at sea pack, America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and they have plans to fit any budget. And that's a big thing these days everybody is looking for great discounts and patriot mobile has great discounts. They also have some special discounts just for veterans and first responders, as well as multi line users switching to patriot mobile is super easy go to patriot That's what I did patriot give them a call 972. Patriot, 972. Patriot gets a special discount and free premier activation, but you have to use my promo code Todd, that's promo code Todd Petrie someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for there's a great story over its uncertain. Gotta read this one so the freedom from religion foundation there back at it again. That's the gang of atheists and agnostics at a Wisconsin just a nasty nasty bunch of people jobless evens yeah know that's an oxymoron. Anyway, of the freedom from religion foundation. They say they got a complaint from a grade school in Lawrence County, Alabama, molten elementary elementary school. They say that a first grade teacher gave children a religious themed coloring book that depicted Jesus, along with a Bible verse telling children that Jesus is alive now.

Let me explain some context here. The coloring books were given to children around Easter time. According to Alabama state law, teachers are allowed to to instruct children on religious holidays and other holidays from Cinco de Mayo to Kwanzaa to Christmas to Easter. So the the freedom from religion foundation was threatening this.

I guess threatening to sue the school they wanted investigation of the teacher and something rather interesting happened.

The superintendent fired back and said were not investigating anything. Teacher didn't do anything wrong.

The teacher is just following the rules, the guidelines that are set forward by the state on issues like social studies, and I say good for the school district good for the school superintendent who basically told the atheist go-ahead punks make our day. Good for you. So anyway the school they're going to continue to get the boys and girls coloring books and it's a great point and if you're to teach the kids about Kwanzaa, why in the world would you not want to teach the kids about about Easter. I mean really, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Gotta read the of the report there on Todd this item from the daily wire and airline passenger has been fined big money after he was caught trying to smuggle McDonald's food in the airport Grace Baker.

This is fascinating. It happened in Australia at Darwin airport. Not sure I want to go to better part no. Definitely not a dog in Australia's Darwin airport responded to a passenger's backpack. I'm sure you know that a mile away.

The part where you can kind of smell that it was like the big Mac. It has an older older about a better force. The person had traveled to Australia from Indonesia with what appeared to be McDonald's pancakes to egg and beef sausage McMuffin's and a ham croissant. Gotta have snacks for the road. Okay why did she write if I eat these writers.

These I don't get it.

It's called a sausage McMuffin is not as egg and beef sausage McMuffin. It's a segment it's a sausage McMuffin aligned with the lingo and a ham croissant today still do that, I haven't. I thought they were different in you. I so anyway the time was charged with with undeclared meet was Carol. I do have questions about yeah it's actually neater not see, that's where I would raise the objective to say it's actually meet. We don't know we never we do not know there's been a lot of investigations into the mystery meet the unidentified man was hit with a staggering $2664.05. That's about $1845 in US US currency nice. He failed to declare what was potentially a bio security risk.

How does security risk.

I guess if it goes off in the public, the smell, or if it's after the fact. After consumption, maybe then you have the bio danger security risk. That's a good point. The dog sniff that one out. You know it it for you. People in the Atlanta area.

You will notice if you been to the Atlanta airport.

There's a there's a varsity hotdog joint in the airport. There are two of them actually now and I'm fairly certain you don't want to get on board a long haul flight after eating a chili slaw dog for the varsity know that's probably not a good idea 20 Murray want Australia's Minister for agriculture, fisheries and forestry shared the bust said he had no sympathy for the man who was fine. So why is this is a hamburger or whatever it was, yet from McDonald's. Let me to get if you're going to smuggle some food leased to Chick-fil-A or something quote bio security is no joke. I think Australia is a joke, I think so, but I think they've got. Apparently nothing better to do.

No one has guns anymore. That's what it is right is another.

Don't enter Egg McMuffin yeah they got they had to go after something you know I always get stopped. Well not anymore. So now that I move back home.

Back when I was in mid back when I was in New York City I would get stopped everything and I have the I have a level of security of the reports that it's called clear where you just they scan your eyes and that's it and you're good to go. Is it your eyes, your thoughts. I can't remember which one, but anyway, they scan you a new walk-through.

That's it. You're gone, you're done. And so, anyway, but I would still, I would still get pulled over. Even when I did that at the point of having exactly so anyway now that I move back home, it's you.

I go to the of the desk and I travel enough to where the ticket agents know me by name and the TSA agents do as well, but they still you know you is thought to share ideas and they still search a but they don't to the special patdown good. I'm in a New York City. It was just like you wanted to call you a law and order CSI.

I mean, you felt like you were the victim of a crime they were touching some inappropriate areas, but the fear of God before you got on the plane. Well, a couple of times.

I was sitting in the high notes on amazing grace to me that's the it's it's difficult but yet you know. But again, you know, it's hard.

I mean if you're TSA agent. People just don't like you. So I guess I have to imagine it will be hard to get dates. So the only action they're getting at the airport last time I had to take it there. I'm just saying.

I mean maybe that maybe that that explains it.

I don't know what the but in all honesty the least you could do is make sure your hands are warm that's seriously if your to do that, you may as well please make sure your hands are that they that's all Heather patdown hey honey, can I get your number lately. When asked for the number you don't get your get flowers going to get a cigarette take me out to dinner for.

I don't smoke but that you got nothing, not even an Egg McMuffin man not even have an essay McMuffin all right folks coming up a little bit later. Our good buddy guy Russian Russian baller.

He's the congressman from Pennsylvania very concerned about what's going on with Hunter Biden Ian Nancy Pelosi were to get into that in the next of the pro-Christmas well wow you know what I'm nervous because I got to the TSA checkpoint Friday, I should've thought about that all right where is that other story I will. I wanted to talk to you guys about. We got up on our website and though it were trying to look for some feel-good stuff, you know how it is. There's a lot of crazy weird bad news out there and that we got a great story of a and it's from the Commonwealth of Virginia where a firefighter was called to the scene of a lovable is an SUV caught fire and they were actually able to save even though that the entire SUV burned up.

They were able to save a copy of the holy Bible. It's a great story. This happened just near Liberty University or Liberty University Studios in Lynchburg.

She got a check out that story.

It just really it's a reminder, you know, it's crazy as things get, you know it. Just keep and keep things in perspective. Are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868.

Again, Todd start start, read the stories download the podcast and sign up for the newsletter will be coming out here about an hour or so. This is the Todd surge radio show will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is yours and outwardly of the Todd go. Thank you for joining us three related to development. A great great.Howard coming your way. Things are not looking good right now over in China. The headline from red fury China enraged after Pelosi lands in Taiwan promises all necessary measures to defend itself. We understand L4 US warships are positioned east of Taiwan during Pelosi's visit the White House seems to be very upset about all of those and a lot of people are pretty nervous about what's about to happen next. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with us. Our good friend Congressman guy Russian baller Congressman Walker back to the program Friday on our way to enjoy it all right Congressman, let's get to this what your take on. First of all, Pelosi going to visit Taiwan and the reaction from China. Should be commended for not backing down, tidy the Chinese aggression. Remember, if she were to had not gone like the White House wanted, like the Pentagon, we would've looked very Venetian.

No foreign country should dictate to members of Congress, specially the speaker the house, which country they can and cannot do so.

I think she should be commended for going and not backing down. I think that Joe Biden administration, the Pentagon military brat should be viewed with skepticism that they were trying to undermine a member of Congress he was going to Taiwan. Also that the statement from McCurdy and Kirby like our version of Baghdad Bob depended on spokesperson when Kirby fitting is sitting there saying that we recognize communist China not the time we need government that the problem we need to end the ambiguity we need and one China policy and start viewing Taiwan correctly, add a free and independent nation. I'm I'm with you on that and and that bothered me to hear Kirby yesterday from the White House plan for say that we have no interest. We are we are not interested in an independent Taiwan. I think that especially sends a terrible message when you're sitting dance one from Nancy Pelosi is heading over there from an admiral on court, but even at the former admiral none. The lack timeline. It is the think of it from a military point of view needed appointed you as an unsinkable aircraft carrier. I incredibly important. I will recall the first island chain I and that's why it I wanted going back and forth numerous times between between powers by Chinese claim over it is very weak that I could think.

I checked army retreated to Taiwan. I did not get punished China to write that the claim Taiwan before the Japanese colony. I believe it.I added the colony before that in the originally of Taiwan were actually much more similar to that only needed that dad are out. Without that they can Hawaii etc. then they are with mainland China is an interesting issue. I note bearing 2019. I went to visit myself, Congressman, why are the Chinese so enraged that Pelosi is making a visit is the first time I think since Newt Gingrich back in the 1990s high level of American official has gone there, but why the outrage, what would be outraged.they are important to be outraged because Biden is so weak that you Biden in the United States. Now the paper tiger, largely because our failure in Afghanistan.

Our failure to get the Ukraine war under control it chaotically out at home, particularly in the southern border.

So the we eat from Biden in Democrat really invites the aggression China that's number one number two.

I truly believe that communist China is getting ready to date Taiwan in the midterm in the fact that they have the load be going over the speaker the house gets Taiwan Eli diplomatic credit in the free world so quickly to be outraged by we should not back down in the faith that aggression was right they could speaker to continuing our trap and Joe Biden Kirby, the Pentagon, they are the ones that are at fault for handling Congressman guy Russian baller all the patriot mobile newsmaker line I Congressman I was reading a piece by Thomas Friedman over at the New York Times, bear in and he's very concerned about what's happening with China and Taiwan buried in the head story, though, were was probably a much larger story in that the Biden administration has apparently grave concerns. Working with Zelinski over in Ukraine now acknowledging all the concerns we've had from day one about the corruption and how the money is being used over there breathing go rates coming from the so-called foreign policy expert on the treatment but like I been wrong on all four quality issues for the last 20 years. Remember, if you go back and read elected in the olive tree and all the projection he made it clear all none of them came true. In fact, quite the opposite happened.

I was also incredibly wrong with trumped addition need to be the Israelis in the Arab we actually got neighbor in the court gave her an accord done under presidents, despite what Friedman was saying there's a list of example, so I don't really take Friedman back seriously. The mainstream media and liberal can glad all of the note is record is absolute garbage as part Ukraine that Ukraine is not on not overdoing now that the issue is really what we didn't do in the build up to Russian aggression. Had we been very clear we may have been able to stop the Russians from going in. Remember when Biden said he could tolerate a" binder incursion is wedded to appetite and the fact that we didn't get to make 2022. There still not there but I didn't get military arm sooner.

It is like today so I wish we would have been a lot more bold the war we probably could've prevented that what we're paying the price here at home Todd with the gas prices, which yet a lot of it. It is due to Ukraine. A lot of it is just bad energy policy really is going to pay the price are developing countries, especially Africa. When you have grain shortages because all the disruptions in Ukraine, so don't get enough of the American laugh because of their inadequacies and their mistake. The people that they had a crate working class American and members of the developing world in places like Africa, you see, I think the average American, though at this juncture there watching Zelinski doing the photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz there watching you know the can't but the cans film festival appearances there seeing the music festivals coming out where people are just appearing to have a good time and going on with life as normal and then we are being forced as taxpayers to foot more than $8 billion of the bill and I don't see an end to this coming anytime soon. I remember early on on your your program. I do not need to have a note flight and a lot of people� Was a little bit too aggressive by the no-fly zone would have brought an end to war incredibly quickly on it would've allowed Ukraine to expel the Russian but because were always doing things to lay into a letter that we need to much like Mike like we did in Vietnam were McNamara was trying to ratchet up slowly. That's not the American lady American way is for deterrence and for overwhelming force the thoughts towards God in the first Gulf War and that that policy that Colin Powell violated the later adopted, we have abandoned those principles in our showing weakness and isolation and incrementalism in war.

Never, never get note cards that they caused the lab without Ukraine I want to I I'm going to look back when communist China in the timeline.

Everybody's virtue signaling for Taiwan. I hope they are quite amazing to the American laugh takes into that to which democracy they wanted a court conservatives like myself again incredibly consistent that we support three nations like Taiwan, Ukraine, etc. in the face of aggression in the Democrat pick and choose their outrage and end who they want to support.

I will not Congressman but I again I just I step back and I see the Biden administration and they want to make sure every Ukrainian is armed and that their border is secure. Meanwhile, back home, our borders open and or try to take everybody's guns away, so a lot of mixed messaging going on. Let me let me rephrase. I don't want to have an open pocketbook.

I dove a chocolate book toward Ukraine to get involved. We should get involved. I wrapping up a no-fly zone by getting the May and actually getting Ukraine you delete that to win this war. We didn't know quite immediately said it should mean it were jamming the Russian equipment but we have chosen the path that is the work We had three oxen, one do nothing and awarded and over quickly to have a no-fly zone, and increased military pressure, which would run into the war quickly or three, which was the worst option which is the time to do everything halfway, which is what we're doing now and that meeting increased misery. I vote both human suffering and economic pain throughout the world. But on that fact our southern borders and chaos, not an either or choice. We can we can provide more military Ukraine and defendant southern border is not either/or were the most powerful nation in the world.

We should be defending and protecting our southern border. Yes, it's hypocritical that liberals are upset about the board in Ukraine that they care nothing about the southern border hypocritical by false choice that they wanted together. Congressman worthily with their good stuff as always appreciate your time this afternoon. I think there are Congressman Guy, Russian, polar from Pennsylvania. Once that you ladies and gentlemen, should and should we stay involved in Ukraine. Should we go ahead and implement the no-fly zone. By the way, if that happens, the Russians are pretty much going to fight back.

At that point we will were already in a de facto state of war with the Russians that will ratcheted it up or is it time to to counter losses and go home 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgeon galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for well here you go home of this is from Brandon Gray writing in the daily water Oklahoma public schools require student athletes to sign biological sex affidavit welcome to walk America. Ladies and gentlemen of the young people if they plan on if they want to be on the high school volleyball team or the football team or the baseball team or the girls softball team.

They're going to have to sit there going to have to submit some sort of a of an affidavit and official government document stating that Larry is Larry and Marge is Marge know this is where we are in America right now. People, the requirement comes after Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the same women's sports act and the law last March designate sports teams are based on get this and I know this is gonna trigger some people, but your sports teams are actually based on the athletes biological sex. In other words, if you know your enemy on the girls team.

There better be some girl part somewhere on and vice versa. What I find interesting is the requirement applies from kindergarten through college. Now the reason that's interesting is that some of these teams, especially like your grade school girls will play on the baseball team or something like that of a problem with that sort of normal.

That was in the bad news Bears.

Remember that the what the bad news Bears grace please Arnstein there don't know the bad news Bears and you got up. It's the original which was that which was a hilarious sports movie. Okay the remakes are and are just not going bad news Bears and adding it to my list. 1976 parents present right yes oh wow that's back in the day Jesus will I do have is very old right now. I was gonna say that I plan a coed soccer team girls and guys did you I do now. There's nothing that's cold.

Coed is not like you got him saying that's not like I'm on a mid-Steve like saying I'm a dude I want you know what I am happy to have this debate when you got girls that are showing up as linebackers over the football thing you know, sorry, I don't want to mess up not messing up my face or your nails.

I was can let you know I placed slightly basketball nets on this.

That's what gets me okay girls you want yet you want to you want to be treated equally great that there you go.

Here's grandpa's bottom-line ethics. I want to get to me that's the problem so don't tell the don't tell is that I can train twice as hard and long as a guide still beat me up when it comes to sports and athletics girls should compete against girls, boys. You can read against boys when a novel I governors and let's be very clear, that's all. This bill says sad that you need a piece of legislation. The codified common sense and you can't fix stupid or codified. Darren Manson, the Executive Director of the abortion and reproductive rights organization, repro action names that very upset. Do you understand what is happening. This has nothing to do with encouraging girls to be athletes. This is totalitarianism. It is the white nationalist agenda printed when they get that from the anti-LGBT Q agenda the antiabortion agenda. It is all the same agenda. Ginger night, the superintendent, it would all public schools confirmed the NBC news that state law requires districts to have students complete the form if they want to participate in sports. What I do find that you have a problem with that, ladies and gentlemen, quite frankly, I think this solves a lot of issues you gotta declare you gotta swear you have to affirm that you will be competing on a team with the plumbing that the good Lord gave you. So I say good for you Oklahoma again. It's unfortunate that we've got a deal with this, but this is the reality of where we are in America right now from the Christian Post the Southern Baptist convention embroiled in turmoil well and the sun is hot. What else do you want me to say here the Southern Baptist convention now having to clarify the meaning of pastor. So apparently a bunch of these liberally woke churches like Saddleback Church. That's Rick Warren's church there now there now ordaining women preachers and that's a apparently a big no-no with the Southern Baptist convention and you've got all these well.

These are very familiar names of the religious liberty, but their signing onto a document stating that the pastor that only men can be pastors.

Women cannot be pastors and Baptist churches. Again, I guess everything is up for what that there's no such thing as you know, a set definition words change that's that's what this is all about. I feel bad for the Southern Baptist convention. They've gone woke to the left and it's an ugly thing that's happening right now. I told somebody the other day that I would rather be engaged in secular political politics. I think that's more godly than what's happening in the church politics.

She's a little 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number.

That's 844-747-8860. This is the Johnson's someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for RAP to have you back with us.

Hope you're doing well. Nancy Pelosi is in fact in Taiwan Chinese fighter jets have crossed the Taiwan streets of those of the latest headlines. Nobody shoot that anybody just yet, but what mess ladies and gentlemen, what a mess over there 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so I went back to the story about a Pres. Trump and Fox news channel and there's there's a lot of back-and-forth is being played out now Newsmax seems to have the inside scoop and I do know for a fact they've got a number of former Fox News employees now work for a Newsmax who are helping to spill the beans on what's going on over there. Not everything is as it appears and and that's that's the that's the concern all right because you a lot of times you would think that the most conservative people over there are in fact conservative and is not the case.

So there is there's a lot of angst right now among Fox News viewers who say you know what where we were watching what's happening and we just don't believe that Fox once Donald Trump to run for office again in 2024 and I think you're absolutely correct when you look at what's happening it Fox. The owners of Fox News that would be Rupert Murdoch. His two boys, his children and their running the show. Clearly they don't want Trump to run for office and they're using their platforms to make sure that doesn't happen. That's why you had the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post turn on Trump but that's not to make as much of an impact as Fox News turning on Trump which has been happening for quite some time. They have been very intentional about changing changing the focus of the direction of what's happening it Fox. It is not happen overnight. It's very slow, very methodical. If you're a longtime regular Fox News. We were you caught on pretty quickly. But now the pot is boiling.

And a lot of those Fox viewers who did not see this happening seemed surprised. Don't be surprised. Ladies and gentlemen, do not be surprised.

Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Teresa listing to us on KW AMR flagship station hi Teresa what's on your mind today. I got on the horn and started calling a lot of my conservative friend when you are making statement about how that Democrats are selling at the early betting that the Republicans are not, and the general contempt is people that I and a lot of people waiting to bed. On the fourth. They've lost faith in the early betting compound anyone to make sure that their bed count that no I think will know on it that indeed occurred know we will one where the other Teresa. I will tell you this that the Republican leadership and I spoken to a number of them on both sides of the establishment Republicans and the conservatives are running and everybody is very concerned that the numbers were not as high as they were anticipating.

I think the latest numbers I saw earlier today Teresa 20,000 more Democrats voted them Republicans.

Now it's not a shock that more Democrats vote early that Republicans that's normal.

I think it was the size and the gap there that's got this got people nervous. Why and I think can help filling out on the floor and will get what he is taking Teresa what you think. I mean, you think that is the that the motivating factor here as opposed to candidates line about all that they do not affect early betting contact and no I mean I can pay you hundred percent Nesbitt II interesting. I felt like I that I will be voting on the fourth good friend. Good for you, and I suspect a lot of people will I will say this, I was somewhat encouraged on Friday and Saturday for early voting were there were long lines reported and were getting reports out of Arizona that looks like there's got to be a big turnout today in the primary elections there which is again a good sign, but Teresa, I think we just have to light a fire under Republicans and let everybody know that we got too much at stake here to stay home. I great time things. Teresa Harney, that's Teresa in Collierville, Tennessee. If you haven't been to Collierville you gotta go downtown to have a it's a quintessential downtown beautiful park the big trees of the old stories of the shops and great restaurants graces a hamburger place down on it always goes back to food with us. Because of this is for their there's a hamburger place. Now they're called dyers hamburgers. Have you heard about Dyer's have heard about it. I've actually never been in there how you were born and raised nine I think every child after their born and can actually start eating meat goes to Dyer's. Wow, I guess I'm just behind. I was deprived out as her parents love you. Oh well, that explains I'm just kidding while working to get you to get a call after the self, so this is what is crazy about Dyer's.

They have a they have a restaurant on Beale Street in downtown and then they have one in Collierville on the square.

So here's what's amazing they been they've been grilling burgers at Dyer's since 1912.

That's impressive. You know what's really impressive what they're using the same grease weight yet so they that thing of course it is in us delicious so I know how they do it but anyway the so that the original owner. A guy named Doc Dyer, Elmer Dyer.

He sold the business in the 1930s and they continue to use the same cooking grease so and they actually when they have to transport the grease from one location to another. They do with the police escort serious business. It is big time big time. So anyway, it's just a fascinating story but great burgers right there and not very healthy but we are less often times great foods, not the healthiest know exactly exactly. There you go, what you already so that's it. 1912 they been grilling burgers you never know and you know all right 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868.

Gotta take a break. Your folks will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video dizzy flip floor is compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for Aris so Dick Morris was who, by the way, is a is an advisor to Pres. Trump was on use facts last night and Dick Morris says that Fox News is doing everything it can to create a GOP primary fight.

They want somebody to run against Donald Trump by the way Morris has a new book out called the return trumps big 2024 come back.

He says that Fox News is moving from conservative leaning to liberal oriented quote they've censored.

They switched Fox News from Republican to Democrat and other basically Newsmax is the only organ that's covering Trump in the meantime, Fox is doing everything it can to promote DeSantis. He's on the air all the time. They say nice things about him. Trump hasn't been on the air for 3 1/2 months and this is because the Democrats are scared to death of drop and they know they have to try and beat him in the primary, Dick Morris, like in the circumstances of the 1980 Democratic Party primary when then Sen. Ted Kennedy challenged incumbent Pres. Jimmy Carter, the bitter campaign resulted in a 51% to 41% victory for Ronald Reagan in the general election. It was by the way, it was the most lopsided electoral college. When in American history 489 to 49.

And that's what they want to do the truck. Morris says as to why Fox News is playing ball with them that's more complicated. Morris says that there is a vendetta going on that Rupert Murdoch's little boys, Jimmy and Locklin quote. I think it relates to a desire for social acceptance.

I think they want to go to the cocktail parties. I think they're tired of being ostracized is the odd man out in the news industry and that's truth. This is the great thing about Roger Ailes. He didn't care. As a matter of fact when I was at Fox News, we would never enter the competitions we would do any of that stuff and why is it because because Roger knew how those people thought and how those people behaved. Dick Morris goes all the ostracism is in the Hamptons is on Nantucket and all the places the rich and famous congregate and he Murdoch is determined overcome that he's determined to make Fox News like CNN until that vacant space that CNN is more or less vacated by its low ratings. By the way, you've got the new head of CNN Crystal Lake coming out and trying to make over chores to all of you conservatives out there saying hey look, we want to do whatever we can. We want to be better.

We want to do a better job of construct of of covering conservatives that CNN while believe that for one minute and you should neither ladies and gentlemen. So anyway, last night on Eric Boling show on Newsmax. They had the New York Times reporter who's got the inside scoop. And it's it's sort of a it's an open secret in Washington that Tucker loves to pal around with all these left-wing reporters and look I agree with what Tucker is saying on his show. But the question is whether or not Tucker actually believes what he saying in the New York Times is saying. That's just not the case at all. Cut number six, you know these people. You know it's going on behind the scenes. Tucker may want to run for president in always this this nonsense of trunk Tucker Tucker Trump 24. One of those Kaiser would stick around to be the vice president both you want to be the president right now. I can imagine tuk-tuk doing even though he's laughing hysterically. That's a Trump.

I wish we had that picture hero thought we might but laughing hysterically next Trump. I try to figure it out you final thought know I think you're exactly right. I think there are a lot of people there who snicker behind trumps back who say that they support him publicly and they like his ideas and they like him but privately is a different story and that to mean the ultimate fallacy of the conservative media is there are a lot of these people who pretend like they are Trump supporters for their snap. Jeremy, my friend don't help us all into the conservative right. You know you people. I do know I do nominate and what what what Tucker does. Nevers never ceases to surprise me, and Eric's Eric's telling the truth. Your folks, this is Eric Boling and Jerry peters. By the way, is the New York Times reporter who wrote this piece and it is there. The people are now starting to love their eyes are starting to open their starting to see Fox for what it really is and unfortunately they booed a lot of true conservatives and now they have a lot of make-believe conservatives on as a Tucker Carlson is a make-believe conservative. I think Tucker Carlson is a libertarian and again nothing wrong with but anyway peters goes on to say in this conversation will cut number seven played employees. So let me let me let me throw this you know the piece came out on Saturday that I saw it and then announce that yesterday I saw a lot of pictures floating around the Internet above Trump and Tucker Carlson, ducking it up a little bit in the Trump box. I tried it on 10 to square the circle here where is is it that Tucker is missing.

This will be bubbly straight is this the first step of the Tucker for president move in and Tucker stabbing Trump mega voters in Trump himself in the back so you know as well as I do, Tucker in private what he says about Trump is very different than what he says about Trump in public and it benefits him to be seen having photos taken with Trump at the golf course. Everything I think I would not be surprised at all to see Tucker. I put him in my book. She said I am voting for Kanye West. This is in 2006 for trump as far as we know I was there with the ballot box. We know that Tucker Carlson is one of these people who benefits from having the Trump audience on his side but thinks very little of the people who make that there's no way Tucker Carlson is running for president. Why would he do that. Why would he take the massive pay cut that he would have to take to be president of the United States 844-747-8868. Our telephone number. Can I tell you about life change to either having a big summertime sale buy three get one free life changed the it's amazing. It's natural. It's a gentle cleanse and I drink it every day you are going to love this life change she comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate they been around since 2007, long time.

And best of all, made right here in the US of a super easy to brew. You just keep it in the fridge and you drink some every single day and who doesn't enjoy a nice cold glass of iced tea during summertime get the to order yours today. That's get the I got this use my discount code Todd tender to give you an additional $10 off plus free shipping.

That's more than $50 in savings. Get the to order yours today. That's get the and be sure to use that promo code Todd 10 all right, folks coming up a little bit later this week. Very excited heading down to see pack Dallas Texas big gathering president trumps good to be there Sarah Palin. It's just a who's who of the conservative world.

As we rally the troops in advance of the midterm elections.

I want to say this role quickly view folks in Memphis listing to us. Our flagship station K WAN got a get out and vote this week. That's all there is to it Thursday it is a huge election day and all I get.

You know what I would be willing to say if heaven forbid, the Democrat wins the District Attorney's Office you better head on down to the gun store because they're gonna be out the bell sellout minutes that big of a deal. People are terrified of what crime will look like in the city if the Democrat wins.

So you've got to get out and you've got to vote. Call your neighbors get them out to vote as well. That's what this is really all about.

We've got a get out the vote. No matter what George Soros they are putting billions of dollars into these campaigns to defeat law and order, district attorneys, and we cannot allow George Soros to win in Memphis.

We can allow George Soros to win in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York City anywhere else.

We gotta take a firm stand for law and order. That's what's on the ballot and I can only hope that the Republicans unifying together around a central theme.

As we move towards the midterm elections. That's what is going to take folks and you've heard this from Liz PQ order from Jeffrey Lord we've gotta stand together united as we move towards the midterm elections, and as we set up for a return to the White House for president truck right Todd folks.

Great stuff for you to check out over at the store. We have some pretty awesome T-shirts for you. Also some great AND some great coffee mugs as well. Nothing taste better than community coffee and a blessed not bitter Todd Stern show coffee mug and you can get yours today, right are in process gonna wrap it up. Busy day. Newsletter coming out in general just a few moments are soaked and will be back tomorrow. This is the Todd Stern's radio show

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