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Standing up for President Trump and the rule of law!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 12, 2022 3:25 pm

Standing up for President Trump and the rule of law!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 12, 2022 3:25 pm

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John McGuire, Joseph Moreno, Rep Jody Hice, and Rep Ralph Norman join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from Cats happy to be sitting at for my dear friend on a lovely Friday afternoon and we have the amount of work do I know I'm not talking about the show itself looked up when you find people to be here to help us out.

Examine exactly what's going on Congressman Jody hi Congressman, well Norman, dear friend of mine Joe Marino, a former federal prosecutor another another great friend of mine John Maguire who is a state delegate here in my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia and amongst the issues we have to discuss with each and every one of them is what you and I are dealing with right now. What the heck is going on now I sit here I am gazing out the official weather window here in my office and I'm thinking to myself what is going on. Did you ever think you would live in a time like this every single day. Todd start stakes to beer these airwaves right live from the liberty University studios and says let's get down to it, let's expose what's going on every single day, you are tuned in and you were listening to those of us on some occasions were fortunate enough to be sitting in frittata the liberty University studios across America think there's hope. I think there's hope. I know there's hope.

In fact, I know there's all because I happen to be a person of faith, but I am looking at these series of incessant attacks on former Pres. Donald Trump. I am absolutely nauseated.

You don't have to be a fan of Donald Trump. You don't have to be someone who voted for Matt.

You can get up at eight Trump he could be your worst imaginary enemy and you still have an obligation as an American to stand up and say no this is not what we do in the United States of America. This is not how we treat anyone, let alone the former president of the United States, ex-cop right.

I spent a couple years on the job thousand years ago in a galaxy far far away and I was I was police officers, patrolman I never became a detective never rose in rank did that for a couple years and said you know I'm getting into a radio. Brilliant move that was right. That's what I did tell you something, even though I have been in this bizarre goofy broadcasting world for probably 25, 30 years at this point a long time to think about.

I still believe blue I still slow down what I'm I'm passing a police officer who has somebody pulled over on the side of the road. I still slow down automatically have no I just I don't think about going to restaurants. I never sit with my back to the door. I always want to know where the entrance is where the exit is, but I won't sit with my back to the door crazy maybe, but that it just just how I'm wired now so when I talk about law enforcement. We tell you something I come from a from a place of nothing but support and love and admiration for the heroes go out every single day and do the job. And so when I look at what happened to Pres. Trump. I'm not looking at the agents who were told they had to go do this. I'm looking at higher up. When Merrick Garland, the Atty. Gen. of the United States ways and says oh yeah I personally approve the search warrant you means to me it means that it went so far up the chain of command that it became in my opinion, nothing. The political Christopher Arabi, director of the FBI.

Make no mistake about it, he had to know that this was going to occur. I see a lot of anger directed towards the 12,000 brick agents. The men and women were actually FBI special agents out there every single day doing the job I'm just here to tell you don't take your anger out on them. Don't look towards them in all these are all people you want to see what's going on.

Let's not take the bottom up approach this. Let's take the top to bottom approach.

Let's remember that Merrick Garland stood in front of all the satellite absolutely positively approved the search warrant. Now you actually approve it. He approves a request as Todd is pointed out it went over to a magistrate judge that in South Florida who frankly is most famous claim to fame was representing Jeffrey Epstein at some point so I know that I put that in the top of my resume. But you know what a wino just a talkshow host.

I met a federal magistrate judge.

So what were we looking for my friends.

What were we looking for, if the reports are true 10 to 15 boxes were removed.

Okay what's in the well is missing cocktail napkins really highly classified cocktail napkins. Okay I'll put that down here golf balls really know I'm not a golfer so I don't really honestly know what could have been part of the golf balls but the reality is you're asking me I'm thinking top-secret duffels were these the golf balls that the Jerry Lewis was working on a couple of decades ago making flopper.

Is that what they are like you could hit him with a putter and they would go 400 yards. Okay so we got top-secret golf balls classified cocktail napkins.

I believe there was a dinner menu was well in their. Oh, and as of today, the latest scuttlebutt is all nuclear weapons really have to straighten a few misconceptions on them to do it a couple of moments of chronic problems right now couple of moments. Number one what is the president allowed to have what can be declared declassified. I give you little hint anything the president says is declassified is declassified highest office in the land correct. Pres. Trumper told said there's a lot of stuff you're the American people need to know about and so I like you looking this thinking you know this is not directed at Pres. Trump. This is directed at the American people. Donald Trump made clear from the beginning right. Hey come in after me to come after you. I just happened to be standing in between one another little secret.

I wasn't a Trump supporter at the beginning. Not even close all my gosh I was one of those guys when Donald Trump came down the escalator right not president rep Donald Trump came down the escalator, I thought, well, I read his books. I like to but I think he's a smart guy watch the apprentice all the stuff that I thought he's very entertaining. He's very smart a lot smarter than people ever given credit for. But I thought to myself, he's not really gonna run for president. What a pain in the rear.

And that's going to be who would want that job. And so I started to think of myself. He's probably got a new season of the apprentice is working on. Maybe there's a new book coming out. Maybe there's something to increase the brand to be publicly that's what I thought I knew were plenty of people who said no to Jeff. He's he's running for president, not a chance. Nottage, who would take that sort of a pay cut. Who would take on all this responsibility I mean a lot of us.

Frankly, look for jobs where there is not a lot of heavy lifting, mostly indoors, Jeff.

When he could be a police officer were people are every single day trying to kill you, or you can be a talkshow host sitting in a very comfortable chair in a climate controlled setting, and the worst is going to happen to you is that you might have to walk down the hall to get yourself a cup coffee yet tough choice right so I didn't believe that I just didn't believe it at first.

Anderson, the basement thinking he's not really running for this tender some primaries and I still ice said no, no, no, not a chance, and it became clear that he is serious. Now I gotta really pay attention that I wasn't paying attention before but now can be laserbeam focused. What became clear not just for me couple hundred million Americans was. He was totally serious, and the whole reason that he could run was that he did have a lot of money. He didn't need the job. Everything that I said was true. It was a pay cut. It was more responsibility was a pain in the rear and yet he's out of this. I'm going to do this because it has to be done in somebody honorable has to be audible. Jeff is a New York businessman is a New York businessman makes this Hon. I was thrilled when I saw him stand up and say you know what he is the real deal.

He is the real deal.

And so this is where we are right now. I think personally that some of what you are seeing is an effort to make sure that the American people do not see things that Pres. Trump declassified a whole bunch of stuff that he wanted us to see another those in DC at the highest levels.

Merrick Garland, Joe Biden staff. I don't know that anybody told Joe Biden about this. I mean, look, I gotta be honest this one right. I don't know that anybody notify Joe Biden. Quite frankly, even if they did, he would remember 90 seconds later, so it probably doesn't make any difference you mean to tell me that the former president of the United States could have his house rated in the Chief of Staff to the current president Ron claim doesn't know I don't buy that for second so we got all we gotta unpack. We gotta discuss and that we will of course engage a little conversation I want to remind you always jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. Make sure that you were going to Todd please Todd,, read everything that the we are covering read all of Todd's brilliant brilliant writing and also take advantage of some of the cool stuff. Todd's expanding his store lots of great stuff that you can purchase make sure that you keep Todd close to your heart if you know what I mean. We will be chatting with John McGuire and a couple moments. John is a state delegate here in my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia, but he is heading up a big time support Pres. Trump Rally is going to happen tomorrow. I'm telling you, if you are anywhere in the Midatlantic, you probably want to come out for this absolutely remind everybody as well as Jeff Katz usually heard on NewsRadio W RBA here in central Virginia. We are so honored, so thrilled that Todd is part of our lineup and I am always happy when Todd reaches out to take cover for a day. Always good fun for me from the liberty University Studios Jeff Katz in for Todd. It is the Todd start show my fellow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today.

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We've got to be aware that in addition to that, my friend John McGuire's good to be having tomorrow afternoon, Saturday afternoon again science support Pres. Trump Rally, you know what people who hate Donald Trump ought to go to this rally as well know not to be hecklers not to be jerks.

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I don't want anybody to apologize for loving America, you know, it's weird. I don't even want you apologize for hating America seekers. I will disagree with you will disagree with you passionately and vociferously. But I will defend your right to speak freely because I actually do believe in the Constitution. I do believe in these God-given rights that you what I have, which are simply enumerated in the Constitution that you tell me why Donald Trump is entitled to the same sort of respect. As you know, because you've heard the story back in June. That's not that long ago 60 days ago. The federal government was saying hey listen, it would appear as if there might be some classified material that made its way tomorrow Lago and the implication was that that Donald Trump like build up the boxes themselves, and carried him down to the basement tomorrow library is ridiculous. So what happens they reach out to the Trump folks from folk say hey come on over will give y'all that you're supposed to have no worries at all. Pres. Trump apparently been poked his head in to say hello. Well will talk about how you and I can support Pres. Trump Jeff Jansky and for Todd it is Todd sorry Joe, there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weights Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM how can a former president of the treated way. Trump was being treated right. That's a question I think we all have. In fact, has there ever been presidents treated in this way I look at the documents right as we were being told now hey hey hey it's all documents 30,000+ emails acid wash they all related to wedding plans and yoga. Oh yeah, that's fine. Words don't it's okay. She was even president right to worry about. Barack Obama leaves with millions of peaches were told of documentation. No worries an effective member but we were told at the time when it all started coming about everybody's telling us we know the president is the one who declassified his material that was really odd about this. I do know that I'd like to think I'm fairly well informed, but I didn't know that I can remember as it was being reported, sorta, kinda, but I am making those annoying your clothes what I say reported because believe me it wasn't covered extensively, but there were some minor reports you know it sent to the present to present to look up you spend up. It's not declassified because I said so okay so it's it's what it's dinner menu it's cocktail napkins. It's golf balls and nuclear weaponry information seems like an odd thing to put together but all right how to launch nuclear weapons from Malaga would be one of my questions. I'm very serious about that. What does this have to do with anything.

Well, here's what it has to do with it has to do with what Pres. Trump said a long time ago made very clear. Hey after me there after you. I just happen to be standing in the way.

I believe that I believe that completely, and I look at those who claim to be Republicans. As an example, but in fact are just doing whatever helps them to go along. People talk about Liz Cheney right part of the the cast on this January 6 miniseries edge is about to lose her Republican primary in Wyoming. The latest poll I saw had this Ms. Hagerman up by 56 points you think Liz Cheney cares. I don't think she does is her personal wealth is increased 600%. I guarantee you sooner she loses she winds up on CNN, but there a lot of people. I think hiding in the Republican Party pretending to be something else and I'm seeing that across the country have also seen people who need to stand up and say I support the present truck even if I invoke for me and I like I do you believe in the rule of law or you don't. John McGuire is a member of our Virginia House of delegates.

Great, great guy, maybe seal local business guy and I wanted to bring them on for a couple reasons.

Quite frankly, number one is a big support Pres. Trump event that John is organizing it. I just wanted to share some details and happy to say that is joining us. John, thanks for your sake of pleasure is mine� Let's talk about your support for former Pres. Trump and dismiss events that you're throwing in your inviting everybody come to our government agreed to come up tomorrow. You know you can go to. Having done more for your American people than any president ever did an eight year and kind of funny but true Virginia health delegate in 2019. I had a Republican tell me I better not put comp flag on my truck or allude to, because he was afraid to ComPly my truck and I drove around the six month and I had second Virginia, becomes supporter and they treated him worse than any president ever, and you mentioned earlier the double standard is a Democrat law and the Republican law talk about the 33,000 email about the laptop and everything out there discover not to go down there and Ray Ray protest that support the tomorrow, Saturday 13, August 2:59 PM in management fabric County, Virginia. We live right on the road but only 30 Broad Street Rd. and were told to wear your truck here. Bring your truck slightly American flag special guest speakers there and everybody else course, it is quite literally down the road. The course here in the Todd*ensure we have blisters all over America coast-to-coast border border to the folks listening in Washington state and California and down in Florida and everywhere in between. So they may not be able to make it to our neck of the woods, but they can do this locally right of it. If you can set it up here in Virginia. I gotta think there are people like you state representatives, local officials just concerned Americans can stand up across America and say yeah when I could put up with this we have to tell them know we have to put back and I think that when the people fear the government there is tyranny in government.

The people there is liberty that are constant, all right read, and I'm asking everyone Trump on ComPly back yard and let them know that were not backing down. I think that's a great idea John. Think about that people had Trump campaign signs from the last presidential election, you're right.

They want to put them back in the yard and let people know were standing with him earlier that that quote. In reality they're not after me you I'm just in the way and you sacrifice to find and Republican. We have a reputation fight like teddy bears and reputation fight like grizzly bear and will not afraid I'm an on the other side of deer is freedom of the American people don't look down silent. You don't let them cancel you/your voice heard Jon, I will remind everybody you will you serve this nation as a Navy seal your Bureau fantastic local businessman you are. Are you just a great guy or Great American up just honestly if if anybody in Washington DC thought that somebody possessed classified information on nuclear weapons would you wait 18 months to go and get him right and why would he do it. 99 for the midterm Hail Mary, a political weapon government political attack. They know not run for president and I want to impact the midterm and they really have left another country or government. Why do you think they want 87,000 IRS agent and then they have the comment he will and able to use lethal force that you have to carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force. There want to define darkly have open borders that no coming across our border and unbelievable amount. The number one cause of death for Americans age 18 to 45. Print out not all they're doing and they want to focus on, and after the average American with 87,000 IRS agent when the people fear the government with tyranny and I'm asking everybody we can make a statement. Our response should be at the ballot box.

I would say every day. The gas station will make sure you print the election season. Now election day 45 days.

Make sure our people vote in our voices are heard. Jon, I will ask you talk about something to get you inside baseball and again you were here were very very blessed today to be on this national stage, but I you are. If I if I am looking at my tea leaves rights and and II know where I stand. I'd love for you to be my my State Sen. II just think the world of you.

You were going to be in her primary but I mention please Cheney. I mentioned to Adam Kinsinger some some of these other folks up in DC who say all our really good Republicans. But man doing all the bidding of the Democrats that you've got sort of a similar situation. Local bases right will and your heart rhino County is a letter float out there, I better also served and black done some research and some other people have done some research and found out that my opponent ran for Republican in the West Virginia House of delegates in 1982, and then he betrayed the Republican Party at a time when the Democrats were pushing the socialist pro-abortion agenda. He left the Republican Party and join that group and rent a Democrat and 82, with Walter Mondale about the rent Democrat and 84 and then he moved to Virginia, and district run run and ran against one of the most conservative members of the health delegate Frank Hargrove in Hanover County.

The love member of the House of delegates against Gov. Allen who was on the ballot and he is on the ballot with Clinton, Clinton and never mention the work product pay what you get money and so we got we got a figure that out because people don't know their people that voted for him as a member and there like they had no idea he ever voted Democrat had no idea that he ever ran waited came out somebody a tea party last week. Hey have you always voted Republican and he looked shaken up and got angry. Obviously you know the answer, or you wouldn't be asking the question, he said he voted Democrat.

The word not out right now and he actually ran four times without delegate first of the Republican three times as a Democrat, and now you want to take out a Navy seal with one of the highest conservative record every year. It's always open, open your audience will consider supporting the program on everyone on California, Virginia.

The will and it starts with election integrity. It sure does he, John, I'm just about out of time but.couple of things real fast year for folks who are in the mid-Atlantic right. We got people were listening right now in North Carolina. In Georgia they could make a daytrip come to central Virginia for the support Trump effort if they just want to learn more about you. Read more about you and maybe stand up and say yeah I'm Bob with the frog man mom with a Navy seal, what, what's the best way for them to my website McGuire or and see you I are the F our Virginia spelled McGuire or hello John, thank you for being here.

My friend have a blessed weekend. That is my friend John McGuire.

He is a member of the Virginia House of delegates and he's got two big things that I think resonate with all of us number one. He is standing up and defending Pres. Trump Saturday, 13 August in central Virginia. He's organizing a very large supports Pres. Trump rally and not say what I'm to send a note to Todd just to remind him on Monday I'll be happy to give them an update. How that went. Number two, he's running again.

Somebody locally and it is hyper local. I know, but he's right against somebody who claims to be a Republican but spent years and years as a Democrat, is no different than the Liz Cheney's the Adam Kinsey versus people are not Republicans with the rhinos. My gosh they can. They can walk to his zoo somewhere and some might say I'm sorry some of you got out of the cage. The rhinos are all over there. Make sure your reading Todd start' every single solitary detente Jeff Katz so happy to be sitting for my friend Tom today. It is the Todd start Joe and Ryan and joining you from central Virginia, my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia NewsRadio WR VA and I'll remind home to Todd start's were so happy to have Todd as part of our lineup is just for my money for my money.

One of the best out there. Whether it's broadcasting or writing urges. This insightful observation really nobody better than Todd Swafford you every single day. Go to Todd start' it's good opportunity by the ways you listen timeline from the liberty University studios to check out the website Todd stars like our you'll find everything about everything. Everything were talking about today.

Everything. The Todd talks about updated all the time. Todd start' now were ahead through the afternoon and again. I gotta tell you something I wish I could sit here and say most important thing in my life.

One episode left a better call Saul my money best television show in history really is I am. I'm so so happy that I'm watching it and so miserable that it's coming to an end.

I'd love to spend a couple of hours to sort about shooting the breeze on that I can't. I'd like to tell you that the weather here in Virginia is beautiful to do anything like 80� not even 80� now, someplace got 80 presets hot not here is not as we put up hundred degree mark last couple of days.

Humidity like 8000%.

Many people literally just turning in the buckets water when they step outside so I'm have a great day, but I can't really spend a lot of time about this, something I love my country.

I really do. I love this country. I'm sitting and I'm surrounded by American flag. Some of them slightly more meaningful in others. I have one displayed on the wall are right, it's American flag flew over the United States capital in honor of me right talk about standards, but thank God, was a member of Congress Rob Whitman who did that for now, I'll be eternally grateful. Looking at another Merrick and flag folded in the triangle wins little more meaningful to flag the covered my dad's casket.

My dad gave everything in an effort to give me and my kids and your kids better country sacrificed talk about sacrifice.

My dad considered himself lucky when he he left his service as a military policeman and he left that service blind in one eye and with not a truth in his head, and I can remember as a little kid. He was honored at the chapel of the four chaplains in Philadelphia remember hearing the stories about my never heard them before. Nobody told the stories laced, least of all him remembered saying you never told me these things so well because the just some things you do things you do because the right things to do you not doing for trophies are not doing for certificates not doing for anybody to patch in the back or give your route a pleasure doing because of the right things to do. Jeff remember that that's the last time he and I ever spoke about any of these things that he did. Now I have displayed in my office all sorts of memorabilia related to his life, related to his sacrifice. I have a certificate of commendation from the President of the United States to go with because a long time ago that was issued was issued to my father. My father never displayed, never once I got up on my wall that will tell you that we get a country to save my friends were seeing some terrible terrible action right about now you and I are being called upon. Make sure you're checking out Todd If you don't mind me just as well. Jeff Katz in for my dear friend Todd were listening to universities. Do you see what you are looking at your say on events unfolding in front of our very eyes. Spent a couple moments with me. I bleed blue when I tell you that right up front I'm an ex-cop but I always find myself saying okay everybody going to be up in law enforcement I noticed part of the job to be there to stand up to defend the hearers go out every single day and do the job the FBI despite what you may think has 12,000 actual agents to the 36,000 people work for the Bureau. Overall, though, support, support personnel, intelligence analysts are administrative people. The 12,000 brick agents go out every single solitary day and do an amazing job, so I I don't want to see or hear experience those men and women being attacked. I look at what happened in more a lot of the other night though and I am I'm troubled.

There's no other way to say it. I'm troubled to have the Atty. Gen. of the United States stand up. Finally, a couple days after this happens as you know, II was all in on this.

On the one who said we should go get a B search warrants and Pres. Trump had stuff we meet right alive and that's the application okay will.

It's how could there be an interaction between the federal government and the Trump legal team 60 days ago back in June where there were federal folks came to Mara Longo and said we're looking for blah blah blah blah blah oh okay they left at that time, I believe, with 10 boxes or 15 boxes of information, papers, materials, the report was the president trump actually was at monologue with that point and came by the meeting to say hello and shake hands and all the rest of that stuff. How can you change so quickly to this very very adversarial situation and by the way, the latest information were getting all related to nuclear weapons that's overhearing today how you launched nuclear weapons from Mara Longo, and unless I misunderstood this and it's quite possible I have but I don't think so is the President of the United States who ultimately has the power to declare what is classified and what has been declassified president trump and said he declassified all this stuff because he wanted the American people to experience what was in there while I want to get into some of the legalities of this, the smartest lawyer on gods green earth is how I always described Joe Marino.

He is a brilliant brilliance practitioner of the dark arts. You know he is somebody who has served this nation of the United States Army. He has served as counsel to the FBI.

He was a federal prosecutor and just a brilliant and devoted family man as well and I'm always happy when you make a few moments for his counselor. Thank you so much for being here to join you. So Joe let's kindly let me start with the biggest of all questions.

You are a proud, passionate, American wheat.

We know that. I hope I've establish that you are a brilliance attorney and you're a student of history, have you ever seen something like what we just saw unfold at Mara Lago's uncharted unprecedented athlete.

The more time that goes by like I mean that that press conference by the Atty. Gen. yesterday. You can see that with hastily put together late. It was quick, he wouldn't take question he didn't want to be there. This is kind of not going in the direction the department wanted. I feel like and now it started cleanup time and seems like really poorly thought out and executed like what they think is going to happen today really think they could do something like this and people are not going to stand up and they wait a minute.

We want more transparency than that likely know this is kind of absurd. We know the long history of people not being harassed for things like having classified documents, particularly ex-president yet now you choose to come down on the president trump like this secular way people write dispassionate head Daniel sitting right so do you mind taking us through the process you were several prosecutor assistant US attorney.

If I if I remember correctly so you can't just wake up in the morning. Okay were just going to kick that door and knock on that door going and were snatching up what is stuff with the actual process be to secure a search warrant. What would prompt a magistrate judge to say yeah looks good to me go go after guys that an FBI down and wrap an affidavit in 20 5000 pages part of the warrant application yet say that there is probable cause to show the evidence of criminal wrongdoing that that evidence is located in a particular place and that the warrant is needed because this time negligent circumstance right because either the evidence would be destroyed, removed, and you couldn't get any other way you draft this affidavit.

You have all kind of information in there about how you know and you know what you expect to find and what your legal theory is and you present that to a magistrate and you ask that person to bless it thing is probable cause to move forward and so that basically what happens only okay okay alright so the, the assistant US attorney and the FBI agents together go before the magistrate judge correct. The FBI agent is the witness behind it, but it certainly did by lawyers of the department. Pretty it up to make sure that it meets certain criteria certain level, particularly in any case open no charge like this just went all the way up right to the Atty. Gen. level for blessing and so this was followed I I I'm not one to think that anyone would be stupid enough to present a completely invalid like that. I do think though that people are rightly distrustful when the application of that justice seems unfair.

So I think people with a straight face. Can they left we got the evidence we went to a judge. We showed probable cause we executed the search on a straight face.

They can say we did everything right in the White House can say we're knowing about this is all the Justice Department right whether that's true or not, that's not the problem is when you have years of of the Justice Department seemingly used one way against certain people and not against other people is what I think it bothering so many so many folks right now. It's like look at uniformly applied. It just seems more like so back to the press is joining us a absolutely brilliance attorney somebody who knows the law inside and out.

Served as a federal prosecutor you know the system far better than the vast majority of us Joe when the Atty. Gen. and I agree with you that press conference man. There was not enough pancake makeup in DC to take away the fact that Mary Garland just looked pretty doggone pale and he really didn't want to be there. I mean that that was my take away with the volume off that's what my take would be well he just did not look happy to be there. He says okay well we want the warrant and the property receipt to be unsealed. President trump has said the same thing. So now what happens.

Well or the court provided that Trump did not object. We can see it from one way or the other right. Yeah, the problem is now a member not having that affidavit might be a little to the point and what I noticed the big sort of a new story right now but like it's going to be a warrant with a couple of attachment, it will describe what the FBI was looking for so probably say something like documents with certain kinds of classification marking located in this room off the main building to stay for something like that and then will be in inventory return lifting what the FBI actually talk again. They probably boxes of documents so it might be a bit of a let down, like how how this really is because not going to give us the good to give us what the government legal theory is how late they got to think these documents were in when they were right with the resources their time, and later getting information to know any of that. Okay so it's like the punch card you get when you're moving 16 boxes contains household goods. Hopefully we didn't break it right. I mean, that's how okay it just it is so disturbing.

Joe and I tell you, man.

I I didn't start is that as a supporter of Donald Trump. I told everybody that I was really late to the game.

I would think that every one of us was a proud American should stand up and be really disturbed by this you don't have to be a trump supporter. I think the most vociferous Trump detractors if they had any degree of consistency with Oedipus again this is just not what we do well when you veer into star about an overly powerful, even abusive government.

Everyone should be concerned about that your liberal or conservative Republican or Democrat that worry is right because you want to live in. That's right, that's right, I will Joe listen number one.

I appreciate you making some time for us.

I always love the picking your brain a little bit getting the insights I mean it sincerely when it's I am grateful for that. I value your your analysis of this and it may take a while but please hugs and kisses for that entire beautiful family of yours right Brother always happy to do it to be on. Thank you, sir, that is Joe Marino.

Joe was is is truly one of the smartest attorneys I know I don't want to know. He is the smartest attorney.

I know I know a lot of attorneys to he's a brilliant guy so there you have it. So even if all of this is released it's essentially going to be like you get when you move 16 boxes or 10 boxes, blah, blah, blah, blah, papers, and assorted items and there's not going to be the actual affidavit so that is thoroughly disappointing is it not I just I just think the whole thing smells. I really do. I think it stinks to high heaven. And I can not believe for a second the White House was not involved.

I just don't buy it.

I'm so happy to be sitting in frittata remind you gotta check out Todd started' Check it out, 10, 12, 15 times a day.

There always updates they are all sorts of information. Get yourself copies of Todd's books if you don't have them already and take a look at everything and that stork is really really beautiful beautiful stuff. You're always invited to jump in as well 844747 886-884-4747 8868 are you gonna stand with president trump. I hope you will because I just think that the future of this nation really is at stake. Even if you don't support him politically.

Jeff Katz in frittata. It is the time*Joe.start show liberty University studios once again to my friend Randall make a line brilliant inside right.

Legally speaking, is a good guy as well. But the legal acumen that he brings to the discussion is incredible and you and I as Americans we had better be concerned if there are folks who feel comfortable conducting themselves in this way towards the former president of the United States. The make no mistake, there's not a single solitary one of us who safe the inflation reduction act that sounds good doesn't it bring down inflation. You're the best way to bring down inflation is to vote out every one of the pinheads who helped slow mojo impose inflation create inflation is by inflation don't make any mistakes about that. That's what it is. I know Jeff inflation is down, it's down to 8.5% offense stick is the month before was 9.1% already.

That's just great. Four in 10 Americans 40% of us 40% of us are now saying you know I just can't shop the same way the cutting back on groceries. Let that sink in for a second. I'm not talking about people say all I have canceled my trip to the south of France, it's on you. You go to the south of France. That's mistake number one.

I know Jeff I'm not going to be able to get the new Bentley sorry Sen. Kerry, let me help find a tissue here so I might for you. These are people like us know how this is playing out moms and dads who are getting ready to send kids back to school. Most of us will see that right around Labor Day.

Some places I know have already started, but here's how this is playing out your making lunch for your son or daughter. Now I happen to love.

That is a truly it is truly one of the highlights of being a dad and frankly having the bizarre chocolate that I do that I have been able throughout the years to be there in the morning and make lunches for my kids as they go to school so here's how this plays out. Dads like me. Moms like you to be standing there in the morning saying I gotta make little Johnny a sandwich. Well, normally three pieces of lunchmeat and one slice of cheese to cut back one piece of lunchmeat, one slice of cheese. All Johnny won't notice well, perhaps he won't. Perhaps he will maybe he just doesn't have the energy necessary for the second part of the day. After lunch after that sent dads like me and moms like you standing up standing at the kitchen counter got two slices of bread, jar of peanut butter jar of jelly ordinarily be for me years of peanut butter and one of jelly was making for. Sometimes there's an extra scuba jelly when I was like to be an extra scoop was nothing to be for spread subpoena but is to be to may not seem like the biggest thing in the world. But this is impacting every single one of us going to the grocery store looking at the prices again, not on filet mignon and not on caviar were looking to ground beef and chicken for goodness sakes write what we were the real people eats.

We just can't afford that you ever think you live in a time when anybody anywhere in America would say I don't think we can afford ground beef this week. That's what's happening and that is Joe Biden that's every one of these loony leftists in the house of the Senate, you gotta borrow all else. Talk about standing up to the president standing up around the country. Check out Todd started'

Todd started' and as always thank you for joining the gym will be sitting for my body is real. Therapy row Ross America well talk about that the company moments we do have to discuss that our people to stand up word happy the way former president trump is being treated because if former president trump treated this way to make no mistake any of us any of us could be subject to some of this overreach. If we want to say politely how many of us going to the grocery store you're walking into your local Food Lion or Kroger Harris Teeter, gosh I can afford that I can afford that four in 10 Americans now say they have to cut back on the grocery shop and to get worse with the so-called inflation reduction act.

Yes it is crazy. You're absolutely right. It is insane. There are some people were standing up and fighting back and I'm so happy that there is a very very meal your name to me for for many years. Many years ago I was actually WBT in Charlotte North Carolina and I got news for you, even though well my family and I eventually settled in South Charlotte. We kept looking over the state line. We did we Looking at York County going. You know, yeah, maybe. And somebody who is a a proud American who is now serving and has been serving as a congressman from that area. The fifth district of South Carolina's Ralph Norman I'm so happy he's joining us, Congressman, welcome where they were so much let's let's dive into the cost of living my friend you you got friends and neighbors. I'm sure in Rock Hill and Fort Mill were going into the local grocery store going. Yet we can't afford that anymore. This is going to get worse isn't that large bird. I wish I could study it where it's not so is going to start hatred for America. All you can say that you don't like this starts with inflation order crisis of the crisis in our cities, inflation of the �40 each.

Don't like this, strike this intentional and you have the worst is yet to come. We will this company are balk back. Unfortunately joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina.

So we talk about intentional let's let's try to figure out why I sit here Congress. Nothing that doesn't make any sense, why would anybody want to tank the economy but but they are doing it so so what is the motivation on their part one most woman again. Everybody wanted to cross the line.

What can it be like the little guys are right to change this change because people are put there to do the bidding for your tax dollars a month so this will lock you into doing whatever they're told to do. Secondly, there is a month against anybody, but I guess made money is a resentment against America because they buy into the philosophy talk CRT all socialist doctrines that Americans was built on the backs of working businesses. The private entities that hard-working Americans that make this country what it is.S presented because it never been in the private sector when I first got Congress make my mind. He took the job at 17 I looked around at the first couple about what are to work with me in my construction firm may be maybe and get this to do anything at the 1% to 35 members, 530 Senate and they just couldn't work the never know what it's like not to have a paycheck that always got check from the government. And I guess the third school of this third leg of us to enjoy the power that is a fundamental differences in a row. For date.

They not only enjoy the power.

I mean, they love the fact they can wield the power and somebody like you says this in business. I'm taking care of my family. I'm trying to provide jobs. I'm I'm going to be a citizen legislator. I'll take some time out of my day to help out the community, but everybody else has to step up you quite frankly and I know that you want to share about saying you know a guy like you.

Realistically takes a pay cut. When he goes to Congress and some of these other folks get a massive pay increase. Yes, I did very well. I took a tremendous good not to mention the time but you know the good news is that a lot of love our country. We want people to live our young people exercise their God-given talent and do what they what they were born to this group. This this cabal in their Nile. They just don't believe they want to tell you what to do a little think government can do a better and never known anything else but it ought to be some kind of requirement that you have to serve the private sector made money lost money over neutral which went after high school. It was a requirement that you want the military, but I'll be requirement in elected office. You got them see how you do the real world works out. I often referred to as the slanted private sector because for these folks, it seems to be that that's that's the last resort.

Once they run out of the out of government posts.

Congressman Ralph Norman joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line so this so-called inflation reduction act, which unless I'm reading it wrong is simply a slightly scaled down version of that bill back better nonsense passes the Senate and now is it visiting your hands in the house so we vote on left to you and I will complement to the Democrats will appeal on the surface to any American. But if this is inflation reduction.

Then you can make the statement we don't believe in gravity dropping off a bill and see how that works out.

But know this is spendthrift bill that is writing my best Scripture, not total earlier this writing the currency of America and is taking every dollar that we don't put it on the backs of our children to fail.

If we can and is the total cost and there you to take any part of it like the 8580 5000 IRS the Clemson football saving hose 83,000 as a comparison is not enough to hold all the agents are forced Americans to basically hire lawyers grovel at the feet and what is legitimate not to go make so many other things of unbelief. This hate to say that you say can be voting in a few moments.

If you don't pass right. The Democrats are all in lockstep on this one year one person close to the note she knows the boat, she would be bringing forward loads and that's why she does or she rose she can keep in the policy that the oil, the good news is you combine what they're doing with this bill with what they did to Donald Trump and Crystal Christmas budget for select people tired. Let's talk about that for a second because I'd like to think that it is.

I'd like to think that Americans who have been just try to live our lives right were coming out of the scolded nonsense and people lost businesses and people trying to make up for this is just really get back to living their lives are now looking at this after maybe taking a slight break from following politics as closely as some people do and are looking at this your hopeful then that Americans are looking at this and saying yeah we got a kick these folks out of office and yet all the post so that look at who's look at it when it rises Trump back people look at blistering beat Jamie Butler got beat up people who have not true conservatives. And you know what greater time we can have about you and we got to people who will put Americans. American people first got it, people who will take the consequences. Regardless of what the books are would also help the group succumb to you and so you gotta do this for this original average which is crony capitalism, which we got put get you get this country back on track. Gotta get that military back all solid footing with so many things in this just isn't going to listen.

I appreciate you being here, sir. It's good to hear your voice. I know you'll be a solid no vote on this. Sadly it's it's not necessarily to make a difference, but hopefully helps to wake up all sorts of Americans for the for the midterm elections you're always welcome to Yorktown.

I know I am. I love Fort Mill, one of my favorite places, that is Ralph Norman. He is a congressman from the fifth District of South Carolina, Fort Mill rock Hill to UK. I mean, just some really great great great places now I want to remind everybody was joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and I love talking about patriot mobile. I really do. How many times you are and I talk about the idea that we have to support people who support us. I mean, it is now more important than ever to support the company to support the organizations that share our values.

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He's got a billion people watching him and following him. I have slightly less, but look for the Jeff Show one get or give me a following interview Jeff Show Sammy a note over there. You want to catch up on Facebook look for the Jeff cat show over on Facebook and if you want to send me an email. You visit my website.

The Jeff cat and there's a button there you click to send an email the Jeff cat Jeff cat so happy to be sitting for my friends on it is the Todd start show start show Jim My 77868 844-747-8868 will you be standing with former Pres. Trump will we take a stand.

Are you ready to see your your taxes go up even higher, such as the tax.

The fact that you're losing buying power. That's the problem Patty is checking in. She's a listing on WS eyes see and as a confirmed radio nerd and as a former resident of Charlotte North Carolina. I actually know the SIC stands for Statesville Iredell County, just north of Charlotte, Patty, welcome to the Todd start show how you I'm find talk, if not all time and great I know why never garlanded great cream court rights. He's got bone to pick.

He hates Trump and yes yes I'm at the print court. I don't even want to envision that I really don't like this year I am off to a good weekend. I got a few more minutes filling in for Tom. I'm planning to make homemade ice cream or having people come over Patty Nagel and spoiler with a picture of Mary Garland and long now you know where you are right now is MY first Dragon okay. I voted for Bush.

I wrote a second, but I regret all I regret it because there right now there's not enough blaze orange in the that I would go hunting with Dick Cheney not a war mongering, I received a call list and have a wonderful wonderful weekend. That's Patty jacketing from Iredell County. It's a beautiful place, but just north of Charlotte.

WS eyes see and I really do stand for Statesville Iredell County now somebody check in here Mitchell who was from Memphis. Listening on the mighty 990 K WAN said he I didn't really want to go on the air, but he's concerned he's concerned he heard me talking with a friend of mine Virginia state delegate John McGuire who is holding a very very sizable event on Saturday.

It's going to be stand with Trump stand up against this and Mitchell from Memphis says he's concerned that a rally like that could be infiltrated by the anti-types.

I wish I could say he's wrong. I wish I could say that I don't share that concern. Of course I share that concern, but I think were at a point in this nation were you when I as proud Americans as responsible people of faith as mothers and fathers.

We've got to stand up.

We can't keep talking ourselves out of taking a stand.

You've got to find that courage, you've got to find that internal integrity member Vince McMahon Vince McMahon used to refer to it as testicular fortitude or maybe not go that far. But you know what I'm saying.

You've got to stand up if in fact you can have a Merrick Garland, who is looking more and more like Richard Nickens mixes John Mitchell every day attacking the former president United States. I don't think any of us are safe.

If that's the way this will work that's dangerous. My friends Jeff cat so happy to be sitting for time. You are listening to universities to universities. My friend stand with the president. This is really being being for the last couple of days.

For many of us has not.

I said this from the very beginning. Those who are not supporters of Pres. Trump should also be outraged by the manner in which this man is treated is absolutely positively absurd to have watch that press conference by Merrick Garland and come away with any degree of confidence whatsoever. He was pale. He was rushed because he wanted to be rush because he sure as heck didn't want to be up there.

He was late, he took no questions. Chatted a little bit earlier with truly one of the smartest lawyers God's green earth. My my friend Joe Marino is a former federal prosecutor, he still serves with the United States Army Judge Advocate Gen. Corps and he said listen, even if everything is unsealed, the search warrant, etc. all you to see is a description of papers in boxes, but there's not BV the original affidavit that says here's why we need these things is why we want these things. Here's all the real details was kinda going to be like a liquid. Of those, the calm bingo cards.

When you move. Check everything you punch it on each end six boxes of dishes boom there.

They are so do you stand with former Pres. Trump.

I say yes. Congressman Jody Heise is a truly one of the good guys inside our House of Representatives. I think fighting the good fight on a daily basis. One of the things that they he and his fellow members. The house you have to deal with his goofy misnamed inflation reduction act right craziness Congressman Heise during astonishment. Thanks for being here joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line gray to be weighted heavily. The other pleasures might make no mistake about it.

I think the last time that the we chatted.

I did ask how somebody who was such a committed man of faith stands there in the house looks around and still feels confident as you look at some of these people go man I gotta talk to you. Oh yeah, we have those those thoughts. There is no question about that so so what is happening with what they're now calling the inflation reduction act, which I believe is just bill back better with new and improved name right yeah and in their right mind is not in favor of reducing inflation. I mean the Democrats are masterfully giving the glorious names that do nothing but what the name implies, but instead all it does is push forward their radical left-wing destructive agenda and this is yet another case of just that this is not going to do anything to impact or reduce inflation.

In fact, just the opposite is going to raise taxes on individuals and businesses that this is going to have just the opposite effect in every way. It pushes the green new deal.

Stop the likes of which we've never seen before. As we all are hearing the 87,000 80,000 new IRS agents whose purpose is not to fill the backlog of a year and 1/2 worth of tax returns, but instead their job is going to be to audit Americans and the Democrats are saying they're not, they will be auditing middle-class Americans, but that simply is not the case. Even the CBO's come out talking about how these 87,000 new IRS agents are going to be auditing middle lower class American citizens is just absolutely horrendous piece of legislation and the Democrats are going to try to push it through this afternoon. When you talk about middle-class people that said that that's me Congressman.

I suburban married dad, three kids, you know love God, love my country and all those terrible things that I'm not supposed to talk about but I tell you what I go to the grocery store and I see my friends my neighbors there and everybody is thinking the same thing. Man I don't know if we can afford such and such. I think we got a cut back on lunch meats for making sandwiches for the kids to take to school.

This is a terrible time in America who thinks raising taxes is good. Good plan on point. You know when you have inflation like we have right now. The issues that need to be addressed are stop spending cut regulations so that businesses can thrive and go forward. You know, cut back on the, the size of government and liberate the free enterprise system to do its job that it is the best in the world greatest economic engine in the history of the world is gotta release it to do so and part of that is lowering people's taxes.

This bill does just the opposite on all those counts more regulations bigger government and higher taxes. This is going to have just the opposite effect as is absolutely the worst timing ever to put forth this type of irresponsible legislation at a time when the American economy and American families are suffering. To the extent that they currently are one of the things that heats everyone of us out here in the real world.

The cost of gasoline has increased and depending on where you are. It's four dollars, five dollars per gallon in the response from the Democrats was all we should just go buy yourself a brand-new electric vehicle and I thought well if I don't have the extra 50 bucks a week to fill up the minivan where we get the extra $70,000 for one of your new nifty Tesla's that make any sense and then you add to that the cost of electric vehicles, but now they're going to tax you more they're going to tax businesses in the companies that you work for, which is only going in Christ increase the cost of services and products across the country so it's going to have the opposite effect of lowering cost is going to increase cost.

All across the country and in every sector, from food to basic services and utilities in heating and air and all that. Everything is going to go up when people and businesses are taxed more and so is not a matter of just not having an extra 50 bucks a month as the Dakotas, that is, this is going to exacerbate the problem. Much, much more beyond that Jody nice is joining us in the list of the distinctions is matting. I I'm always concerned my referring to somebody at the right way, what is the highest title is a Congressman is a doctor. I know talkshow host does not make it to the top three so not that I mention that one.

But you are in the middle of all of this and what I'm trying to figure out do we have a chance. Are we going to just pump the brakes in November are people somehow to be suckered into yet again by the leftists.

Listen, I am encouraged only on a few fronts. I am seeing the Republican conference unify right now, in ways that I haven't seen them do in a long long time. And as it relates to this specific piece of horrendous legislation. Yes, I think were going to see the day one after the November elections were shortly thereafter. There is going to be a move within the publican party to dismantle or totally repeal this type of legislation. This is going to be so destructive for the next six months and the Republicans are dealing with it, I believe, at least in meetings and strategy planning. I believe personally that regarding the IRS issue now is the perfect time to resurrect and reintroduce the fair tax which would totally, absolutely eliminate the IRS in these additional 7000 agents that are being tasked with auditing. All of us as Americans.

This is a good time to illuminate the IRS.

Let's pass the fair tax and must be through with this and bring back liberty and freedom as well as fair taxation to the American people.

So a lot of different ideas are being thrown around right now but yeah, I'm confident that there will be some significant action to dismantle this thing is much as possible after November. I love to hear that.

Listen, I know you got a run, you get a vote against this this boondoggle. I thank you for doing that and I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Likewise, the go get him.

Keep the door to blaze thank you Sir, that is Jody Heise member of Congress from from Georgia.

Good guy. Solid guy. He's one of the was one of the non-attorneys which is nice. You take a look at Congress.

It seems like everybody's attorney Jody Hyson mentions writing doctorate in ministry. That's pretty impressive talkshow host. That's not bad, but you know the minister an actual person of faith right there in the den of iniquity that is the house that some Elsa I think Jodi Heise for joining us on the patron mobile newsmaker line. Let me get you very quickly here that's okay 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 I know what Jay has been holding very patiently from Georgia listen to us in WDs UN J thank you for being on the top start show show very much. I want to talk about only stand up right now only stand up and I think the main thing I need to learn exactly how to stand up and especially no job charges if I would learn how to stand up and get out my side of the voting booth and all that is very important that everybody I agree with you. I could not agree with you more, Jay.

I appreciate the call. Thank you for calling Todd Stern show J is right when I talk more about this you what I need to stand up. We need to be counter the time to be afraid. I think is done. I just don't think we have that benefit anymore.

There's a time I suppose everything is going well. People are happy blah blah blah blah. I don't want to rock the boat.

All I'm too busy to be said not in the sun for a couple of minutes and I don't want to be bothered with that orbit. I'm going to sit inside and watch TV. I told you best showing history television better calls off far better than breaking better was by the way best showing the history television absolutely love it. Monday nights. It was appointment viewing and it still remains appointment viewing for me for the few things I say, I gotta be there in front of it live because I don't want to miss the second the final episode in the entire series is coming up.

I would love to do nothing but talk about that all day. I really what I can't. Why you and I have got to stand up and be counted. That's what this is about to remind you if you want to shoot me an email.

It's it's it's easy to do just going to be Jeff cat D Jeff there's a button there you click to send me an email be Jeff cat to ask you to follow me on social media. I know Todd's got a gazillion people following him on get are you looking for the Jeff cat show the Jeff cat show and get her the Jeff Tatro on Facebook as well and please make no mistake, you'd better be checking out Todd start' amazing information at some beautiful products as well. You know love Todd it is Jeff cat in for Todd it is Todd start show you around my friend. Lovely note here, I just want to share it with you. James's listings Jeff a listing, Todd start show listing on the Todd's breath of honestly I happen to live in Kannapolis, North Carolina. My question is how do we get honest elections. I just don't trust the results truck was going through what what I've lived through hospital systems not much better than the DOJ. Keep on. I am praying for honest elections well. I am as well. Most of us would like to see completely and totally unquestioned elections right even when you lose something you don't win every time. If you have you been involved in any sort of politics for any period of time that you know sometimes you lose the way it is what you want to know you lost fairly want to know that you lost honestly and then just like a losing in a sporting event of some sort. You you turn to dust yourself off and get back in the game so you're involved in politics running because you think is the right thing to do.

You have these great ideas you got the beliefs and visions and plans and you don't win my gosh, what an awful situation. Course you're upset you should be upset is your convinced your ideas are the best. Okay. And if you can look at it and say wow I can't believe that X number people voted for the other person to go out and educate.

But if we are at a point in this country were looking at election results saying well I just don't believe any of the election results is a huge threat to this nation. Politics goes back and forth.

Elections go this way go that way. But up until recent history. Most of us have had an understanding of belief that well when you win, but election was stolen. Now you've got millions of people believing that elections are being stolen so that does have to be remedied. It absolutely has to be addressed. I appreciate James a wing and James in an email he went over to the Jeff cat I like the fact checking in for like an abolitionist baler towards hometown got a big job. Big Plaza Dale Earnhardt Plaza which pays tribute to his life and all that he was able to accomplish.

I think the baseball team Kannapolis I should call the intimidator's memories.

I mention sitting out on the on the porch of the deck right beautiful day. Well that's perhaps with Todd Stewart. That's we speak.

You know, one of his favorite sponsors.

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Believe it or not election season.

There is so much that has happened that is wrong and you and I are going to have an opportunity to pump the brakes remind everybody even if we do what we know we need to do, which is the boat anybody that has a D next to their name out of the house out of the Senate were not stopping all of the insanity.

Mr. Magoo remains the driver of the car and it's still heading for the cliff by voting the right way and the midterms we get the pump the brakes to save the nation something a worthwhile effort show studio Jeff cat and my friend day right everything is right with the world not why you know were were making progress know I had a couple of other little snippets I just had to share with you some of the stuff that looks at what I thought really like with a total street phase the reporting by some of the members legacy news media is so far off the charts that that in fact there was some sort of a rule some sort of a law about journalistic malpractice. These would be the folks who would be charged at a felony level I should point out because it's just that crap crazy. Let me start with ABC remember them used to be a big time news operation cut number one.

Please to Afghanistan as we prepare to mark one year since that chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Taliban now fully in control of our chief foreign correspondent Ian Pam tonight back on the ground there and reporting them today and what he has seen already one level, the city looks similar to the sun last year but if you look again today the troops driving around in those pickups. Some of them carrying American-made weapons of the Taliban's is clear that a little over a week since Al Qaeda's leader was taken in the US strike the terrorist have a safe haven again abounds insisting that Afghanistan won't be used to pulse attacks on America. Afghanistan is become this country of broken promises and lost dreams kills unable to finish the high school education women. Live life behind a veil 90% of the population lacking reliable access to food some aid agencies a warning that the humanitarian crisis. It could now kill far more Afghans than the past 20 years of rule David Ian Pannell, who is now our chief foreign correspondent leading our coverage. They're going to send one year later he and thank you and thank you for avoiding the big part of that.

That's Joe mass day do you report on that story and not point out that Joe Biden remember him playing the part of the president this year. The presidential meat puppets how you report on what has happened to Afghanistan in the last year, without also pointing out that it's Joe Biden who did journalistic malpractice. Both of those guys should hang their heads in shame.

They really should. If there were anybody at that operation that was actually a journalist or reporter you called each of them in and say hey don't take this the wrong way, but what the hell were you guys doing. How could you do that you know the only thing that amazed me is how they actually did not blame Donald Trump. I know Donald Trump had nothing to do with it but it does make any difference normally blame them for everything you understand how firmly protected. Joe Biden is and I don't I'll meet with the Secret Service, what have you.

I mean by media the legacy news media comprised of bottom feeding bilge water drinking packs complete and total slugs. The worst of the worst. There's no reporting being done by those folks.

It's this this regurgitation on demand of DNC talking points. That's all they do.

You just heard the latest example you avoid the biggest part of that story.

For some reason you from that entire nation into a downward spiral. You've allowed murderous thugs to take complete and total control.

You left an $85 billion worth of American military equipment. God knows how many Americans we lost as a result of Joe Biden's folly. But all is okay. All is okay. You know when the girls were going to school when Donald Trump was president because he kept Caliban under control.

It just that it's it's an outrage to phrase it ought to be an outbreak. Sadly, it's probably not an outrage. For most people.

Most people go blissfully on their way while on vacation Afghanistan Jeff okay I got that.

Speaking of embarrassments. Remember Ron Anthony felt she you remember all everybody knew. Anthony found she for a while. Despicable little guy.

He's the guy that initially said there's no reason at all to wear masks. Then he got his talking points from the left is that he decided everybody. I wear a mask and affect everybody on over to max out three men out for 10 masks of 10 masks every day.

Three pairs of underwear and put yourself inside of a Ziploc freezer bag.

Whatever the latest with your bed member that we all lost about two years worth of life. As a result of the sky's the couple's global guy will now cope with the joke. See Colby theater has apparently ended the run of covert theater is over and we can all get back on with our lives and convenient as well that CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, rolling everything back just about 90 days before the midterm elections timing on all of this is just priceless anyway. So take a listen cut number two. Please read the epicenter of the initial outbreak WA one Washington one is considered the ancestral model string I developed the high created as is every reason for people to die. You've told us is the worst thing ever in the face of the planet. This couple display. I whipped it up in my kitchen. He really is a horrible person. I'm sorry. I wish I didn't say that, Jeff. You gotta be a better person than that, you shouldn't say that.

Well I have to say that terrible terrible guy right on the one hands millions of people are dead and somehow you and I are responsible because we didn't die of covert that that was the push for whatever the guilt keep everything closed with no will have to destroy a few more businesses but you know it's all worth it. Well, now everything is back to normal. We joke about every things fine and you and I guess, are we off the hook. I don't know. We talked a little bit and I know Todd talks every single day about some of the some of the phonies. And it's not just the left of you and I may think initially. Now the leftists are hypocrites they are the worst of the hypocrites truly are those who continue to tell you that the Republicans are there conservatives and they're not anything even remotely resembling a Republican, let alone a conservative I got another little snippet your cut number three please if we put the right candidate for the got solutions that's energetic, that's not 78 or 82 years old. They certainly lost their best fastball. So let's get somebody that's capable of leading this country in the right direction, helping our inflation issues puts us back on the map with national security understands immigration with the realities of immigration we got a chance to convince the middle and an wing for decades, but it's going take time to get there and in the quality of the candidate still matters if we win that if we were in the house and we shoveled onto Marjorie Taylor greens and their were to be embarrassed as Republicans for for for the next couple years, this time running out in the primaries are coming after the midterm elections in 20 1:36 years away, but everyone's looking towards anything that was going to happen is the shot clock to run out mix analogies use the baseball wanted to go to a different one is within 24 is around the corner and is really the only one who is expressed an interest in getting in to the race. Everyone else seems a little cautious around him so she has no competition, and a party that wants no competition of ideas anymore then you know then we know where this is going pretty and all really. She she was telling everybody how the Republican Party is over you guys don't like where the Republican Party is headed for the Democrat party or whatever party you're a member of you like to stand up and you you participate you fight back you contest things but when that kind testing is over and that's what it is. It is all contest when it's over. Then you stand back and say okay I'm on the team. I'm off the team, your two options and if you choose to be off the team. I will shake your hand and wish you well and I hope you have a long, happy, healthy life. But please don't spend your time inside the party trashing the party that's not the way this works. If you want to be successful just doesn't some great emails flowing and I'll be happy to get to them.

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I'll be happy to share them. The Jeff cat again on a social media getter you're looking for the Jeff Tatro on Facebook you're looking for the Jeff catch Owen while you are online. Please make sure that you were checking out everything time that is really the most important part of your your online adventure today Todd*.com Todd*.com it is Jeff Katz happy to be sitting in for Todd.

It's the Todd*Joe you sitting in my all I am some wonderful notes, and by the way, somebody just sent me a note here Johnson a notice of Jeff I did what you said. I went to a getter I'm looking at you there mortgage on Twitter looking to buy Facebook, what is this Gibson go stuff forgot I got that pinned Gibson go is is the is the faith based alternative to go fund me right you heard about go fund me and you and you've heard them say all will like what that campaign is doing or we don't like what those people believe him or her to shut it down.

Send go was exactly the opposite. Gibson go is really comprised of people of faith and then you can start campaigns there the same way we do in the other sites and I actually started one I believe to the bottom of my heart to my core that my true calling in life if you will is is not necessarily just talk radio and I love doing talk radio this what I've done for years and I always love doing it, but I'm the dad to a severely disabled young lady.

I've dealt with so many people who are families that they're just brand-new to this experience and they don't know where to go. They don't know how to go they they they they lose hope. You'd be amazed at the number of families that split up moms and dads who get divorced because they just can't deal with hidden families doing other things that are that are detrimental so I actually set up this Gibson go thing is called Gibson Jeff help Gibson Jeff help and I am trying to raise funds so that I can complete some additional training to help me to help more families with disabled kids. So that's what that is.

If you're interested fantastic. I would appreciate it if you're not okay.

No harm no foul. I promise to wish you a very very happy day and a wonderful weekend. But if you are interested in learning more.

It's Gibson send Jeff help. Can I share just a little giggle, cut, number four.

Please telephone the president once claimed to innocent people don't think the fast after he invoked the fifth amendment. Hundreds of times during his deposition, but in New York yesterday. He walls are closing.

Does he still think it's just graceful 400 times over disgraceful testing.

Thank it's something you only do if you're counting 400 times guilty and still think it's something that the mob � 400 times lousy is he mobbed up. Well you telling us is his confession to agree this is this is the walls are closing in on Georgia investigation is at least the one that is the most imminent and ultimately only the one that is the most significant brings the most present time, but I think that's the one is moving the most quickly how many times have we heard that phrase. The walls are closing in. Of course, the first part of that little skit it's it's like an SNL skit back when S&L was almost a kind of funny that was Mr. and Mrs. Mika and the routine now is you know they they get together.

They say stupid stuff and then the other one. LOL I agree with the walls are closing walls are closing in. The walls are closing in on common sense at this point if you're not concerned with the continual attacks of the former President of the United States. I think you've got a problem. If you are an honest person.

If you are a fair person.

If you are a person who believe in our nation and our shared values you need to stand up and defend people including Donald Trump.

If you are someone who voted against Donald Trump. If you are someone who stood up and said I don't like him and are plenty of people who said that if you were to have a shred of integrity you would stand up in defense of Donald Trump. Look, I was chatting with Alan Dershowitz the other day nobodies would accuse Alan Dershowitz being part of our vast right wing conspiracy right Dershowitz said about all this nonsense, Dershowitz said that there should be no disqualification of Donald Trump that he Alan Dershowitz is a proud liberal Democrat is a happy liberal Democrat, even though it doesn't invite any other parties anymore. He said he should have the right to vote against Donald Trump in an election and you and I should have the ability to vote for or against, and this should not be played out with this January 6 miniseries nonsense. It shouldn't be played out with the other things that are going on you don't like him don't vote for you do like vote for him has come down to something that's simple that basic. That's what this nation is about released. It used to be. We want to make sure at some point it returns to that, you better make sure that every single member of the house and every single member of the Senate is got a D next to their name. I hate to say it but every one of them is gotta be shown the door.

The gotta be kicked to the curb and even that doesn't change everything. 100%. All it does. As the presidential meat puppet continues in his posts.

Mr. Magoo driving the car. All it does is gets us to tap those break so we cannot send us over the edge always try this.

The first step. You gotta pump the brakes a little bit and that's that's really the reality of this.

So how do you stay in touch better if you would follow the Jeff cat show Facebook to be Jeff cat show Gibson Jeff help yes and what is well. Thanks so much to our grace and kind. Of course my dear friends hope you have a blessed day and weekend.

It is. This is

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