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Dr. Death Should Retire to a Prison Cell

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 22, 2022 3:53 pm

Dr. Death Should Retire to a Prison Cell

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 22, 2022 3:53 pm

Dr. Fauci announced his retirement today — but after what he’s done to this nation - he should spend his twilight years in a prison cell.

Rep. Troy Nehls, Bill Kay, and David Giammona join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals.

There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities to you in movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from knowing a lot and I want to do our best get all the originals burning out program. 74% for American say that the nation is heading down the wrong 74% of Americans were talking about Republicans and Democrats a majority believe that America is headed in the wrong direction. 74% of Americans believe that the policies of Joe Biden have failed this nation other question is what you do about the reality is Joe Biden promise to bring a dark winter to America and he delivered on that promise. And after the dark winter came a dark spring after the dark spring came a dark summer and after the dark summer came a dark fall and guess what we got another dark winter, but elections have consequences. Ladies and gentlemen, but that's not even the big story of the day.

The bigger story of the day is an item involving Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell know Mitch McConnell is out there, and Mitch McConnell is suggesting that the Republicans may not be able to take the Senate back and he specifically he did not name names but it was pretty darn clear that Mitch McConnell was talking about the candidates that were endorsed by Pres. Trump. People like Dr.'s in the state of Pennsylvania. People like Herschel Walker in the state of Georgia. By the way Ron Johnson out of Wisconsin not doing very good in the polls and there's a lot of concern among the establishment types that maybe, just maybe, trumps candidates are are not going to be able to win the day's minor factors Tucker Carlson talking about Raffaella Warnock leading in Georgia cut 10 in June. Democrats raise $64 million online from 4 million people. That same month this June. Republicans raise only $26 million online for just over $1 million from the first quarter to the second quarter this year donations. The Republican Party dropped by more than 12%. By contrast, donations the Democratic Party are up more than 20%. That is not good at all, that's only because you need money to run up little campaign because money is to some extent a measure of commitment and intensity and using the same dynamic playing out in individual races across the country. For example, last quarter Raffaella Warnock that we thoroughly mediocre Democratic senator from Georgia. The guy was caught on video appearing to commit spousal abuse.

Remember that that guy raise more than $12 million online. His opponent, Herschel Walker, who everyone likes raise less than half of that. So far Rafael Warnock is raised an astounding amount of money he's holding more dollars online than seven Republican senatorial candidates combined candidates in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin combined Herschel Walker is no trailing Rafael Warnock by 10 points. And this is happening in the state. They tell us when for Joe Biden by a margin of about one third of percentage point that is bizarre. What is going on in. And Tucker is right to be asking that question. What is going on now here's the here's the problem we've got.

I think all of us are in the middle of the one side you have the macro world. On the other side you have the establishment and then you got all of us in the middle who are quite frankly pragmatic about all of this and it's very clear to me that McConnell is intentionally trying to tank the Trump candidates and why is he trying to do that.

Well, here's my theory. I believe that McConnell and his devious way seems to think that if the Trump candidates lose the Senate, then there is a path to stop Trump from running for the White House in 2024. So McConnell is willing to sacrifice the majority in the U.S. Senate because he thinks that might possibly stop Pres. Trump Pres. Trump is calling out McConnell and rightfully so. He says he wants to know why Republican senators lower broken down Hank politician to openly disparage hard-working Republican candidates. That's a fair question why he specifically is McConnell not working hard to defend these nominees. They went out there. They busted their bots. They got the nomination.

They deserve all of the help they can get from the from the Senate. I made the case closed. But that's not the way the establishment types work. These people are pretty devious. He establishment Republicans. They don't they don't want to play fair. They want your loyalty. They want your allegiance.

They want your money than what your support and they want you to keep your mouth shut. They want you to support the candidates that they are going to handpick for you and if by chance a conservative, a true conservative becomes the nominee, then guess what the, the establishment Republicans a run for the hills.

That's what's going on here.

McConnell is behaving just like old school establishment Republicans all you conservatives.

You gotta bend over backwards to serve them, but when it comes to doing the same for conservatives. The establishment is nowhere to be found. Look, we just I just saw this happen in real time in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee Malachi. I'm a rocksolid conservative. I got out there. I supported campaign for conservative candidates gave a lot of money to him. But guess what, when they lost their primaries that I go running for the hills.

No, I threw my support behind the person who one with one caveat. I don't support Republicans or Democrats who support abortion. So where are realities of John were in a pickle. I'm telling you that the polling data is very conservative is very concerning.

You've got congressional Republicans on the establishment side now out there telling these candidates you run away from Donald Trump. You do not mention his name out on the campaign trail. That's a big mistake. Big mistake. No look, I don't care if you're conservative.

I don't care if you're establishment. But at the end of the day.

How about some loyalty to the party platform that's something we can all agree on. It's a pretty darn good party platform they have.

And by the way, how about defending the former president who made the nation great again. What about that folks. I'm telling you we've got a problem in this country and we got a problem, specifically with the establishment Republicans the look, I understand that Mitch McConnell's butt hurt by mega world. I get that I get it he's embarrassed he his people are not winning the day but let me explain something here stopping the progressives from turning our nation into a godless Third World socialist hellhole is a smidge more important than ego or sipping cocktails down at the country club so the Republicans better get it together or or else were not going to win in the midterms polling data looks mighty squishy out there disabled Todd you can trust the polls at Stroop. That's true, but I do trust the, the fundraising numbers in the fundraising numbers for the Republicans water in the toilet right now and why do you think that is what he said: why do you think it is of the Republicans are having trouble raising money. Why do you think it is that the Republicans are now beginning to trail in the polls. 844-747-8868 work open it up as our I'm interested to hear your take on this one folks 844-747-8868 and do you think the country is headed in the wrong direction. This is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a back, the Association of mature American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to Amax .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/guards. It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/stars.

That's a Mac .us/guards are a people. Welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program and our apologies to affiliates that we lost connection with the satellite, but I think world back it and it today. All right, let's get to the phone is 844-747-8868 go to Chris in North Carolina WS I see Chris what's on your mind a dog a dog today is going to call about the fundraising and all that you tired. I want to talk about when the two biggest conservative talk show how the country, I believe, are you and show and when humans shown kind await your separate ways out all agree on stubbing more not obvious. That shall put up that you did great and by the way, I agree with you, but my point is war did not dilute the conservative party in the sale.

How many people listen yelled daily and they been split. Now well and going well. I'm what what would you recommend I do so Healy is out there and he is.

It doesn't matter whatever Pres. Trump says he will follow. I'm I'm just not that person, you, I saw that Dr. and Dr. Oz was a flawed candidate supported abortion and Chris, I just, I gotta tell you, man.

I cannot support anybody who supports abortion can't do it and I'm with you there. I wait.

Here's what I don't understand why would they do that if they want to eat you know you talk about me. Call Kevin McCarthy, I wouldn't give it down to the Republican party because there they are Democrat they are Democrat. I vote, but why would I give any money to the Republican party. Look what they've done to. I'm 50 years old and my whole life of voting for mate pain.

I thing the Republicans what they do. This is not a democratic problem. This is not the Republican problem and nobody stands up for Kevin McCarthy. We know how he feels about Trump. We know what they did behind the thing we know they're not going allow him to be brave, but no they're not. And Chris, your going. I just don't know what to do.because the people you tell us you got about God about God, about wheat doodlebug we could pick people impolite and didn't date nothing. So we're suffering here in America now we have no one to turn to know just one look out now that's a fair point, Chris and again I my concern is this. I mean, when you tell people will look at and I've heard this run from diehard Trump supporters. I'm a diehard Trump supporter, but not but I also can think with my own mind and what I am somebody for mega world, saying you gotta support Dr. Oz.

If you don't you hate trumping your liberal oak wheat. What none of that's going to play here and so the problem is. Now you've got both camps that are again their entrenched and there the rest of us a little like you would meet Chris and I just want people who really get to Washington and be men and women of their word. That's what I'm looking for what I agree� You what other time and I thanked him about Jordan is a great one but yet how great UDP will speak up on cable McCarthy something we can't trust nobody we know what cable McCarthy didn't enjoy your show many down and I think I called you last Whiting asking about you later.

What he said it was a time up like a poignant. This is what happened to it over and over and over again. The Republican party dated medically.

What now and as it is about. I don't know what I'll be honest we got on it. I'm on about, like always, but this is just not writing cannot compete. Chris at this point if in fact the Republicans lose the Congress again if they lose the Senate. I think at that point, you gotta get out there and you got look at maybe forming 1/3 political party and some people might say, well, that's not going to do any good. Almost every lot better than what we've already got and maybe you start at the grassroots level and start electing those third-party candidates and then grow your party from their but you're right, what's happening right now is not working. It's almost as if her in the final stages of a divorce and if Mitch McConnell plays this card and he throws the Senate races to stop Donald Trump. I think you're going to have every mega person every conservative leave the party. I truly believe that they could. Chris real quick. You got 20 seconds. I appreciate talking to everybody. We need to pray about it. May the Lord help us out of it beyond me at this point Chris appreciated the bright yet present the call.

Thanks for listening 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 but again when you look at the polling data. 74% of the MBC to sponsor the countries headed headed down the will, the, the slippery slope.

Your folks were going to the wrong direction. And yet you got all these Senate candidates out there who are having a very difficult time raising money raising support. Why do you think that is and is not just Dr. Oz. Looking at Herschel Walker right now.

Polling data seems to show that maybe that race is going a little bit closer getting a little bit tighter but Herschel struggling to raise money 844-747-8868 hey Todd check out the website were going to the calls will be right back.

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Click on the radio Leicester Square and use the promo code starts. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes organa and click on the radio listener square Sunday the terms that are brand-new NBC news poll into a pretty bleak picture.

Americans are angry there disappointed in their worried about the future of this country. Just 21% of adults say we are headed in the right direction and once again, three out of four Americans say we're on the wrong track, and that this number never before in our pool. Is this run track number been over 70% for this law for nearly a year, 58%. By the way, say America's best years are behind us. That's an all-time high poll was behind this rising pessimism about our country's future. Well, it starts with this Americans alike either party, and like anyone in power. Take a look at this. Political parties are very unpopular once slightly more than the other. It's a similar story with both the current and former presidents with the former presidents negatives actually rising a bit faster than we'd seen since our last poll the current and former VP also both deeply unpopular, almost identical, and even the two politicians who have most publicly stood up to the leaders of their own parties. Joe mentioned illustrating while no one likes them either with their own parties. They are the most popular sweater all up in this country now has low confidence and a bunch of institutions Justice Department, the Supreme Court in our public schools and for the first time ever, when asked what is the most important issue facing this country. The top answer was not an economic issue was threats to the democracy higher than cost-of-living or jobs or guns or even abortion. So this is the environment in which voters are going to the polls this November.

They're pretty angry.

In a normal year.

These numbers would forecast electoral doom for the party in power but boy these midterms unlike any we've seen in history, California.

The old rules of politics probably don't apply well our event was NBC news Chuck Todd and the laying out this new survey that's out there. 74% say the US is on the wrong track knave got Mitch McConnell out there and he is trying to basically sabotage Donald Trump that that's all that McConnell's doing here the challenges there are just some bad candidates out there running, no doubt about it.

Bad Republican candidates was go to volunteer time disagrees with me. He's a little fired up Gainesville, Georgia Tom, what's on your mind you know God and you're not trying.

So Tom and how are you will abortion time.

Hey time, music was really a pro-abortion to get the support killing unborn babies.

Tom no Demaree support Dr. Oz Tom brought back.there is not okay that's fine. So Tom took some time so you endorse a candidate who supports killing unborn babies support will throw your Mac what black motel time to time. Do you support you can holler as much as you want to tell my minister last my question my microphones a lot. In your phone so here's a question you support the Second Amendment, Tom, what do you support the Second Amendment, Tom will guess what Dr. Oz doesn't. He believes there should be limitations on the Second Amendment, you're right to bear arms but but but that's okay because you're saying it's okay to give up your guns because Trump supports Dr. Ross. Is that what you're saying. Time not boat the boat record. You are to keep your mouth shut and back not like your failing Tom, let me ask another question you support.

Could you support transgender is abusing little boys can guess who does Tom Natarajan, our candidate, so Tom, guess what your mouth is saying one thing but your vote in another way, Tom candidate back and Dr. not boat anything until he had the boat record be given the benefit now is not given you the benefit of the doubt that your Republican Tom, I'm not a Republican. I'm a conservative, Tom, and you know what else I am Tom, I'm somebody who's pro-life and I've been pretty open about this on my program Tom, I don't.

Unlike you I don't support baby killers Tom, I just get I can't do it. I can't find it within your lot, but will how my two face, I don't believe that you should support go ahead on ally to face bloated Tom hang up on is that Tom hung up on us. You see in this is this is what I was trying to illustrate here. You've got folks on the other side who are just as nutso as the people on Mitch McConnell side and if you don't support Donald Trump. If you don't bow down and worship him. And if that means sacrificing your deeply held values, then you're a liberal that's what they believe. That's what they believe ladies and gentlemen, all right, let's go to Melissa and Arkansas listing to us on K WAN hey Melissa, when I County Clerk nine) Republican.not by way out, Mitch McConnell, Romney, I'll go night when when Republican.bad now that the Republican and I would like to add quickchange the thunder thing about going to ruin anybody that that is the great Wednesday but that that that wasn't brought in the election. I might add. Complicate magnetic well what about ballots that were pulled out from the title what was that about people dying elsewhere at Johnny I'm dictating you could think about.

You know, kind like 20,000, I think there's so many things I didn't think that I take out a lab right like what it what it now.

The last time they did call me. I did write down I donate there I got an idea donate the trout directly quite a bit. Yeah, I knew I Melissa you know again they're going to try and stop truck. That's what she needs going to do and even met Romney says she's she's crazy for thinking that. But Cheney is going to do whatever is necessary to try and stop Trump and it's it's she's going full-blown nuclear plant can fight that that the Republican party. Yeah, you know, it was the country club Republican and not let it live, but things are different now that Democrats I have the Hollywood the corporation. I had the money. They're not supporting in a hotel blowout that work in a factory like trap.

Nobody did kind of break manufacturing back to that great at people to make a good way make up a leading light work at McDonnell take it that you had to fight him, a leading light work at McDonnell job at a factory that was something to be proud of my parent. I worked in factory and not well I don't now I get really emotional because when you talk about my family lied flat with literally sat on that and it breaks my heart like the heart, I cannot believe that Melissa and I am telling you that's why Donald Trump needs to get another crack at the White House, but the establishment Republicans. They see they see what's about to happen if Trump runs and wins. They lose all their power. It's it's over for the establishment and that's why you're going to see Juergen to see the establishment wing of the party go nuclear here and I truly believe they are willing to sacrifice the Senate to make sure that Trump doesn't run in 2024. That's right for writing all of this is going. Melissa got a run to appreciate the call appreciate the passion. Let's go to John in North Carolina wants to weigh in on what Tom had to say hey John what's up page good at work by one of that on the gushing between you and the one of the previous callers about�� A lot of notoriety marked on and on and on and on but I will take some notes as they as they candidate U.S. Senate. If you are not strongly pro-life. I have a philosophy about politics if life doesn't matter. Nothing else is this country is in violation of what God is commanded and that's no think they could not. Strangely, things are happening because the word of God. John, it concerns me when you got people out there like Tom and and he's not the only one. If you don't support if Donald Trump says you will support and endorse Al Sharpton and you don't do it. You become a liberal and that is just as wrong as the other side so I you know again I II hate to say it but Dr. Oz was a bad pick and one of the outgoing Georgia Georgia if Donald Trump would've supported the gentleman that was in Congress is also about the creature Doug Collins. If Donald Trump afforded him the lady that he supported we wouldn't be talking about Georgia. It's true what you just said is absolutely true. John and I hope person can can pull it off.

My concern was raised way back in the primaries when he refused to debate any of his Republican opponents.

That was the red flag for me and I like Herschel Walker.

He's a very well respected person. I just hope we can pull it off it. It's gonna be a tough one but you're right about Doug Collins. He would've been a great senator Ari John appreciate the call 844-747-8868 well, a lot of folks wanting to weigh hang tight were to get your calls in just a moment a line has opened up.

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I know you're a lot stronger than what then what time I try to put you down when you let him discourage you look like the good work will think so, and in all honesty, I believe I just have a specific set of beliefs and I don't deviate from those I get out the same way the call before Chris.

I may not.

That's basically I agree with what he said I just calling to confirm that I made.

We are all very very frustrated. I don't longer contribute financially to the Republican Party so I understand why their way behind because I'm not good to give to a party that has an established person like Mitch McConnell is working to lose the celebration. Almost wants wants them to lose and I'm not going to endorse people like Dr. I was very disappointed in Trump's endorsement here in Alabama can even think of the newly elected Sen. Dan, but she was a clone of Richard Shelby, she was Executive Assistant and and Trump in Dorchester. I don't understand those kind of endorsements you trying to be yelled that the establishment but that answer is very frustrating and I told the young lady who answered the phone quickly just need to pray because the only thing we really need in this country is a revival and antenna tonic that I understand what you're saying about the third-party. I really don't think we have time for a third-party.

I really don't. I'm 70 I'm 79 years of age and I seem what's happening is it's so discouraging. If I didn't have faith in.

I would be completely discouraged.

Like Chris, but we got we got remained active we got to play but that maybe maybe secession is the men were very close to succession.

Todd well I think you know again looking at people like Ron DeSantis and Rhonda Santos is giving every Republican the pathway.

He's showing people.

This is how you when it's by embracing the Trump doctrine and it's by following through on the Trump doctrine and and Rhonda Santos is doing that he was forward thinking and we gotta have that moving forward we are still stuck on the 2020 presidential election, and if that is the issue that were running on in 2024 that the 2020 election was stolen. I'm not sure that's a winning formula. Phil gotta run to appreciate the call. Let's go to Florida Tony on the line I Tony what's on your mind.

I agree with everything you say as far as the current candidates that you selected. However, I think how we framed it in his mind was to select candidates that he knew would be loyal because of what happened in the last term and I can give you an example of that. You think Dr. may be pro-life or correction pro-choice and I think you selected him because he knew that.

Well first of all, it's a nonissue now because of the Supreme Court turn the power back to the states, but at the same time these little issues are compartmentalized for each state show on a national level. I think what he was trying to put together was the Senate and the Congress that would be proved from them will make America great again so I agree with you.

I am also pro-life.

I got a antiabortion and I understand, and you know during the running use of the individual states may selected have selected a candidate that doesn't fit all of the criteria but he knows the criteria when it comes to a national level so we can move the Congress and the Senate in the direction of a make America great again capsule I guess is the best way to, it's a good look. It's a good argument to Heather Tony my one of my first concerns after's got the nomination, what was the first thing he did. He scrubbed his website up anything to do with Donald Trump. That's a concern. So I understand about compartment compartmentalizing things and and that's a good thought, but again were talking about issues like the Second Amendment, CRT, and I do believe at the end of the day that the abortion issue is going to go back before Congress and we gotta have people there to be rocksolid pro-lifers, people who will defend the. The Second Amendment and people who are going to stand up to the sex and gender revolutionaries. Tony you give us a call back. I idle.

I like your comments and I like the way you think. Hang tight folks. Our to come but up.

844-747-8868 this is the time surgery is new galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for University studio in Memphis Tennessee everybody radio show Howard away.

I really appreciate how Ron is in his has been governing in the state of Florida and and I see as now he is hitting the campaign trail and he's out there campaigning for a lot of the Trump candidates out there, and Rhonda Santos says hey look, we've got a fight.

We've got a fight against these woke ideologues, and he gave the it's a terrific speech and we have the video cut number four. Please, we can't just stand idly by. Why, what, why, why woke ideology ravages every institution in our society. We must woke at our school. We must fight the woke in our business is. We must like the Woking government agencies.

We can never ever surrender woke ideology is where will you die.I believe it because he's been governing that way. Now Rhonda C� His star keeps getting brighter and brighter and brighter.

Alex Jones from info wars has publicly backed Rhonda Santos but yesterday he issued an emergency message to Donald Trump. Take a listen outshone here issuing an emergency warning to Pres. Trout not a warning out of any desire to hurt you present Trump to save your important legacy and hopefully assure you can get back to the White House coming up in 2024. We know the election was stolen. We know that the stakes trying to set you up anywhere they can. We understand that you are a lion surrounded by humans, but the number one issue that is going end up biting you in the ass like nothing else is experimental shot stylesheet and Bill Gates and Burks and the rest of them convinced you would actually save millions of lives and get the economy going. When they brought out the lockdowns I know why you did it using so many other great things this nation and I admire you and I appreciate you and I want to support you for present, but Rhonda Santos is coming out and admitting that the vaccines don't work because now the CDC and others have been forced to admit that the CDC is back candidly acknowledging that the shots are preventing people from getting infected Deborah Burks coming out and saying she knew the vaccine wouldn't protect we have Wilensky, the current head of the CDC coming out and saying that they were wrong about all this. We made some pretty public mistakes and we need on this admission came after the CDC received the findings of an external review she ordered of the agency. CDC says the review found the agency's covert guidance was confusing and overwhelming, but you are still out there saying no, it's great and you're proud of.

Now that they've admittedly set you and America and the world up with an experimental drug they rolled out a gene therapy against the general public. It is critical for you to D couple from these people like Palsson Dondero and other leaders like Victor or Bonnie have done saying hey. At first we were. For this we thought it might help. But now we know it doesn't work. It's a fraud and we need to put the brakes on this present Trump I care about you.

I know you mean well you're very smart man coming after six months old and up babies with these dangerous shots right there you go, Alex Jones, I don't. I don't think the the president's position on vaccines is going to impact them one way or the other I have at the ballot box.

I just don't. I mean at the time we were looking for a vaccine president, Trump was out there and it's a darned if you do darned if you don't bother, but I don't think I don't think Trump's going to be impacted by that one way or the other but certainly there are some within the president trumps us fear his circle of influence or little concern right now about where things are going and that's understandable if there's a lot of noise around president Trump right now with the attacks coming from Congress. The mainstream media, the FBI, you had the rate of marl I go so let's just wait and see how all of this plays out. 844-747-8868 was go to Connor in Boston, Connor, what's on your mind writing. The record.

Caller called the Chris click like you have a radio talk public liquids on the real monologue little radio talkshow about one America, for all the years I've been talking on the show I been a direct order and I would never vote for Dr. Charlie Kirkley like can't really go to Google and critical thinking really do not wait to get out the ballot box much about Dr. in terms of other aspects of the click right now you are like the click I believe I'm one of the American people that we are on the wrong it's like we need to focus on the engine click a market economy, artwork was under Pres. Crockett what she regains going to get back but get outing likely like with the governor now or never to get their doctor about deleting off the giant pension click hardly ever got greatness for your click on the Catholic office will get in there and really turn things around a weed as voters really really good things will come to Connor. I truly believe that if in fact Trump is the guy in 2024, the Democrats are no haul out somebody and I don't think it's good to be Hillary Clinton but it's going to be somebody like Michelle Obama somebody who can truly rally the base of the Democratic Party. The other� Kennedy, Bernie Sanders, but I think is good to be Michelle Obama. They know that Trump is a clear and present danger to the deep state to the swamp to the Democrats and to the establishment Republicans and their going to do whatever is necessary to try and stop him from being reelected.

I agree. And I hope we can pray for the naughty calculator for the current president clearly Connor grade-point appreciate the call. Thanks for listening. Let's go to Joe in Ellijay, Georgia Joe, it's been a while. Hope you're doing good, doing great got one so it always little optimism, no warning, voted for this terrible Democrat Bill to raise taxes on every American just a horrible bill and I think that boat will not only elect virtual Walker, but will also elect many other Trump Republicans and regular Republicans because the American people.

As you know not. Thanks and great actually, my good friend Steve Moore says they need spending cuts and tax cut. I believe this boat we get the word out. Record your show goes all over America and I'm telling the people in Georgia that brought Bill want to go to one of the biggest tax increase in American history.

You need to go to the polls and tell all your friends and family go to the polls and vote for the great archer Walker and that's what I think that's going to happen you know it is late but I don't really get started till after Labor Day, so I'm not really worried about virtual women. I think people. I think this Warnick boat and a lot of other Democrat votes or for the big tax increase imagined no mention mentioned let us down anyone do that but he did so we need to tell the world that anybody vote for this bill.

Vote for the Republican because none of the Republicans voted for Democrats voted for and come on and Republicans all vote against it. So we have got to get out and let the word out that Warnick of Georgia voted for the terrible tax increase, so you you been a long time Republican operative in the state of torture. What is it that Walker needs to be doing that. Maybe he is not doing he may be listening to the show today.

I know he will listen to you. What is what is Herschel Walker need to be doing to generate more folks on your show telling everybody I think you need just to bring up that terrible wanting boat and I love that you bought archer Walker I will vote against acting great. I will vote only thank you, spending cut, and I think if he does that and then put the word out that my opponent Rafael Warnick voted for a terrible horrible thanks for great I think that'll do it going because the people I'm talking to George and I thought a lot both believe that he will win and it Labor Day is when the things really got to get going, people don't pay attention to it.

So I predict God record your show goes all over the country. You know me telling about a vocal walk on the great.start radio show. That's not going to do anything but greatly help virtual Walker so I appreciate you and your great show because you will be one of the reason Walker is going to win. All right, Joe. Appreciate the call, leave it there. 844-747-8868 NBC news poll says country is headed in the wrong direction that people are beginning to lose hope in America now. I haven't lost hope in America. I'm just tired of these dark winters and dark seasons. I'm ready for us to shine a little bit of light in this country and I do believe that Donald Trump at this very moment is going to be the guy that can bring that back to us. I absolutely believe that but it's going to be alone. It's going to be a tough fight. Folks and what Liz Cheney is I want to play this audio for you just to give you an idea she is. She is scorched earth policy. Right now she wants to take out everybody who opposed her, including people like Sen. Josh Hawley out of Missouri and Sen. Ted Cruz out of Texas to six can convince Republicans to reject Donald Trump.

What can well I think that as a nation where there were Republicans or Democrats or Independents. We all have to check that we can agree that there are certain issues whenever can agree on politically that we have to come together in our classes.

Party lines in order to protect ourselves against against that contrasts is a sinner to work against election if it's not Trump. And if it's if it's somebody like Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley.

These are all people that have tied themselves very closely to Trump we oppose them.

Could you see yourself supporting any of them.

It would be very difficult when you look at something like Josh Holly or something like Ted Cruz, both of whom no better, both of whom know exactly what the role of Congress is in terms of our constitutional obligations with respect to presidential elections. And yet, both of whom text apps that fundamentally threatened that the constitutional order and structure in the aftermath of the last election cell in my view today. They both have made themselves unfit for future office. What about the safest DeSantis is somebody who is right now campaigning for election deniers and I think that is something that that I think people have got have real positive at either you fundamentally believe in and will support our constitutional structure.

You don't. In other words, she's good to be going after Ron DeSantis if he's the guy she's going after him to.

So what is this really all about. Will I contend that the bigger issue here is that Pres. Trump and his policies while he was president were in fact the bigger issue for Liz Cheney because those policies fundamentally threatened her bank account.

She is just like her father. She is a war hawk.

She wants us to be in a perpetual state of war with somebody in the reason why is because her father and the Cheney family there getting tens of millions of dollars from the military-industrial complex of this country. I think it's really pretty much that's simple. I don't think it's her feelings got hurt. I believe that she sees Donald Trump as a threat to the family business and what is the Cheney family business it's sending our young men and young women into harms way so they can align their bank accounts with more cash it maybe is something is as simple as that art, we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 will be right back. There is a little about 20 miles above Florida Grace Christian school and just like every other evangelical Christian school and this is what a gradeschool high school and they have certain they have certain beliefs. They have certain values that they expect all of the faculty. All of the staff and all of the students and their families to comply with years ago I was. I got a got a call from some angry parents their kids. They were all I think they were Baptist or something and they their kids went to the private school that was run by the Church of Christ and it was the reason why it was one of the top schools in the area right was running it through to the Church of Christ school and so anyway, these parents were all upset because some their kids were learning the Church of Christ doctrine and they felt like that was an appropriate absent or told well if you got a problem with the Church of Christ doctrine. Don't send your kid to a Church of Christ school seems pretty clear to me anyway this so the school in Florida Grace Christian school there. Coming under fire. They recently sent out an email and they announced that students will only be referred to by their sex assigned at birth. This will also announce that any student who identifies as gay, transgender or gender nonconforming will be asked to leave the school immediately. And of course it's now national news. The pastor of the church and his family are getting death threats. Now the school when they when they sent out the correspondence they cited all sorts of biblical scriptures that they that they follow. So they follow the teachings of the Bible, they said, students will be referred to by the gender on their birth certificates and the NBC news led the charge and that they're very angry and that there accusing the school and being homophobic and well and so on and so forth. The pastor says it's true that a student cannot come to our school and be transgender or homosexual.

This is rooted in Scripture God is spoken on issues explicitly, aggressively, and we have had these policies in our school since the 1970s. This is not new. He says we are not a hateful group of people. We don't hate students who are of a particular persuasion.

The email was a factor in prompting the family of a 16-year-old who is gay and was a student of the school to transfer to another religious school that is more accepting.

Okay, so what's the problem here. The kid did not want to abide by the schools teachings and so she went to another school that accepted her. What's wrong with this but the parents. The parents say that that's not good enough. The teenager said she felt like a social outcast that grace Christian school and her new Christian school allows her to just be myself. Okay again what's the problem. The problem is you've got a school that is under fire for following the teachings of the Bible and apparently that's against the rules these days in America, so does the school sound homophobic to you. It is insulting for four 747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 will be right back, all right America well go back to the radio show.

Hope you're having a pleasant start Monday around here.

There is a bizarre story out of Seattle where an evangelist came under attack by NT from nobody wants that. She's a little it's a pretty despicable story that the evangelist had his Bible destroyed. They through pages of the Bible in a public toilet here in studio in Memphis Tennessee at our flagship radio station is the executive director for the Center for religious expression Bill K and Bill, I understand this evangelist is now a client of yours so I thought I should have me today. First of all about CRE and and what you guys do and and how you guys are impacting the culture sure where nonprofit law firm and we represent clients, but most Christians who have had their free speech and freedom of expression rights violated or restricted in some way, usually by a state, local government CRE law.or is the website folks lived directly to that on our live show blog village talk about your client here in Seattle.

He's an evangelist tells about his Matthew, Meineke, and he goes out on the streets of Seattle and some other subsidies in the Washington Tacoma as well and he simply just read the Bible. His nonaggressive product. Aggressiveness was he just read the Bible in public so is not one of these guys because I've seen a ghetto there there out there screaming at people and you are telling the they braving the banners, all that that's not what this guy so he is not doing that he is. If you need him or see him in his videos, you see that he's very mild-mannered and is a nice guy really was. Also, you can tell that he's frustrated is frustrated because of the animosity told him not only by people around them just to civilians but also by the police department in Seattle. All right, so he's out there he's reading his Bible.

He is engaging in his constitutional rights and what happened well in the couple cases of coincidences and specific to that that were focusing on in our lawsuit.

He was assaulted and he was removed Bible in one case abortion rally and another case of the pride wrote gay pride rally and he was assaulted.

Water poured on him and his Bible. He had his Bible snatched from his hands and torn apart, and in one case Circle K session they were kicking the Bible around tree like a soccer ball.

He has Bible torn up and thrown into public toilet and all that is bad enough, but the what we are really focusing on is the fact that he was assaulted. He was a victim in the Seattle Police Department. When they came out to because this although some disturbance.

She was one who � arrested, he was the victim of assault and he was arrested by the SharePoint.

Why was he arrested well.

They claim that he was he was a risk quote risk to public safety, which, if you watch videos ridiculous to Congress the public safety. It was all the people who were yelling him, screaming him getting harassing him.

There was one through the rest public safety. He was just executor exercises constitutional rights. So one of the charge of left knee � they have not asked to charge him with a crime. They arrested him.

In one case they just hold him for about an hour and then release them another case they they did book can be fingerprinted and photographed him and they haven't actually they haven't cited then they have not the human ticket rate hike that they just that something may become he did have to post some kind of bail in one what it takes us to get out but the other no rational formal charge that so so you're an attorney. I mean you guys that's what y'all do so have is that unheard-of the idea that you can be arrested and thrown in jail without any formal charges being filed. Well, that's not normal us for sure now. Unfortunately, we see a lot of them animosity. Our clients are have been victims of animosity by police departments and by the way, let me's say this. We love the place we are very much in support law enforcement. However, we do when the police are perfect and we do something that violates the people's rights. We do have to step up and and the point that out, and so we hope that the rank-and-file police officers also mistreat their doing this because I just don't know what the Matthew Mikey's rights are, or the rights of some of the clients are, it seems to me though that if you see somebody who was being assaulted that you would arrest the person doing the assaulting and not the victim of a crime, you would think so, but unfortunately because of political pressure that there is especially city lights Seattle will we see is that the city ministration police administration are much more likely to arrest somebody like Matthew Meineke for exercising his constitutional rights Bill K is in studio with us. He is the executive director for the Center for religious expression CRE Bill, are you guys seeing an uptick in these kinds of cases where religious liberty is under attack around the nation that is definitely true statement of several different levels. This is a little bit unique in that we don't see the as the level of animosity kicking the Bible around and tearing up that we do Matthew Mikey face but since the Dobbs physician has come down. We've gotten many calls from people who are protesting abortion or demonstrating or sharing the gospel outside of ocean clinics who need our help. So we've seen a definite uptick and that of course over the last several years loosing them. Businesses who have been told they have to do business with the gay transgender people. We've had lots of things I got going on. So this is likely about weddings and wedding. He said so all those kinds of things and it's not just us and the other losers like ours have taken a lot of those countries that we we've played a part in that. We also play a small part in the Dobbs case as well and I were glad about the outcome of that.

So going back to pastor Meineke in Seattle so you get your final. Also who you said you go after the police to go after the city honey.

Hello, what happens is that we, we, the codefendants in the case will be the city of Seattle, the Police Department and even some of the individual officers of your identify them, but usually we drop the case on the officers and the point is not to to soup individual officer. The point is to change the policy and change the practice of the police department will New York Times not looking for money.

Matthew Mikey is not suing for money he's suing for specific action on the part of the Police Department and the city will the idea that you can't stand on a public sidewalk and read your Bible, or preacher do whatever. And yet you got all this other activity happening around you in that same environment that's troubling. It is crazy.

If you look at some the videos and some of the videos from the gay pride rally. For example, there are completely nude men and women walk around with small children and Matthew Mike S .101 videos. It is crazy what the police and the city will allow to happen they don't enforce any indecency laws and that they'll go after our client.

You can parade around buck naked here in Seattle but you can't read the Bible in public. That's right. It's this crazy is crazy on believable. Are you got it. You gotta keep us updated on that, absolutely, and that what an insane story Bill, thank you for for standing up and saying alongside this, so this evangelist out there in Seattle were very glad to do it and were very blessed to write a bill Kaylee deserves all of the executive director for the Center for religious expression to doing some great work like very similar. Our friends over at first Liberty Institute analyze defending freedom of that CRE is based right here in Memphis, Tennessee and I were pretty excited about that CRE law.organ bill before let's go somebody listing and they're dealing with an issue can they just reach out your ILR phone number is on a website and they just call us and not only on free speech for movement or street evangelist issues, but also if anybody has feels like their religious liberties or free-speech rights have been violated because of exercising the religious freedom than that. We want to hear about what all right fantastic so again folks. CR E.organ CRE CRE on our live show blog. We've got to take a quick break here before we do I gotta tell you about our good friend Mike Lindell over my of Mike has some incredible deals for listers of the Todd Stern's radio program. Right now they're having a blowout slipper sale. Those numbers are really awesome get this for a limited time, you're going to save $90 on a pair of eye slippers, folks, the blowout sale is not gonna last long, so you better order now those my slippers are designed to wear indoors and outdoors. Made with my pillow form and impact gel to help prevent fatigue and there made with quality leather suede all you need to do is go to my use my promo code which is my last name your to be able to get massive discounts on all my pillow products. Again, my, be sure to use the promo code. Starnes will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy seafood for our UFC fights over the there is some crazy stuff going down one of the weirdest moments this crazy video where you hand it was this UFC at 278 and you had a Luke Rockhold, who is one of the big MMA stars and he literally smeared his bloodied face over his opponent was that Ms. Gill was Paulo Costa and everybody was sort of freak and it is at a normal thing to do in the sea is any way blood was just pouring out about the guys and it was a minute was a slugfest but anyway got the guy down on the down on the ground and was literally kind of smearing his right cheek to cheek to smearing the other jockeys of face with blood. It was disgrace. She didn't see them dig and now didn't say that I saw a guy was down like 31 and came back that was like the big thing is just me. He says an eclipse of these things and I showed Logan's eyeballs is like a popout about 30 freaking out but I did not see the video that was pretty great. Yeah it was pretty bizarre but again that's what I that's one of the reasons why UFC is so popular. You never know what's gonna happen no and pretty much everybody pro America that's true. I made that's look crazy but yeah it All-America toxic masculinity in the octagon blood God's. I don't think they have their pronoun smeared on them when they come to know everybody. And no, I would say everybody and in UFC knows their program. Yes, did you hear the story Grace Baker of this is from the world of professional golf.

So there was a golfer with balls once to play with the Cal's way late biological dude wants to play on the LPGA circuit to get there and I apologize because it turns out he is in fact Paul less so he went through the surgery he got that he got the wax is not the snips that this is a wacky wax so the only balls are on the field right pretty much pretty much Haley Davidson is the dude's name underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2021, and now was to become the first transgender golfer in the ladies professional golf Association. Why apparently is not even a very good girl golfer. I just wanted to sailing like golf. I'm sure I know a guy can hit the ball further than a girl could, but I feel like it's golf, not necessarily just about that.

It's a skill thing. So here's the thing, even if he is though, even if he makes the cut. That means a female of biological female is not to make the coffee up as that used literally taking a spot away. Judy Murray is an elite tennis coach and she tweeted over the week of this is not fair at all protect women sports listening to fax the site as though the medics this is wrong. What happens when you take your eye off the ball. The New York Post reports that Davidson hits the ball 15 miles slower after undergoing hormone treatments in 2015 the LPGA that is what this is why he's able to do this, they removed the female at birth requirement act of 2010. So there you go in a long time coming.

Was it and then there was a story out of the University of Alabama and the sorry.

Yeah, the guy that tried to rationale a university Alabama sorority and he got rejected from all the sororities all yeah I guess he rushed is that we rush yesterday and we was very excited. He went on to the guys name is Grant Sykes and so I don't know if this guy is seen is he transitioning or he just likes to wear women's clothes. I think just you like to wear women's clothes and makeup transgender buddies got the dude's name and he still talks like a dude yeah it was like a dude here looks like the dude he looks like a dude with makeup on.

Yeah, and does so anyway the University of Alabama. All of the sororities I guess. How do they do that you have to vote for something you gotta like you pick get picked to be in a sorority. Now that I was ever in one.

But I know that you know you tried when you rush you have to go to various parties and impress people like a personality contest when they picked you. So once and this is a multi-day thing all week the end they all rush toward each other. Glitter flying everywhere. And what maybe that's why he was that he liked the glitter, you know, it's a thing from what I've been told so anyway, the poor guy. He says he got rejected by everybody up on day one that's another thing is just get eliminated like America's got talent or something like riser all I can say is the role tied you please I girls.

I'm not saying that these Alabama girls you know you don't want to mess around these girls know they take sororities very serious theories and or from Alabama their southern and there's these are huge sororities. You know they're really well excuse me sir you're here man a new tiara dude it just like that, the dude here and do I think they did so anyway other guy says he's very sad because he wanted to be part of a sisterhood. All buddy and more than that a community join the cheerleading teeth you know he probably watch that show legally blonde were never the moving yeah that's what inspired that's true. So Sykes generated millions of views on tick-tock during Alabama rush week. Which by the way, they're doing a documentary so it's a Netflix or somebody's doing a documentary on what it takes to rush a sorority at the University of Alabama.

I'm sure there will be some interesting stories to another, that you are there, and after their coming after you there to become inactive.

But you know what those girls those Alabama girls will fight you remember remember what our caller once said from Gaston Alabama to hear that. Here goes up, the loops come off this time for a come to Jesus meeting so that those Alabama girls don't mess around. So there you go look at folks. What can I tell you LPGA you take away the rules and you allow men to compete on the ladies tees what you expect. I mean really, what do you expect are coming up after the break we have a crazy story. Looks like Pres. Biden is going to be using Amtrak to transport illegal aliens to your community. So the pen were to be talking to a congressman who fired off a letter demanding answers about all of this, but the story is the Biden administration using airplanes dump illegals off in smaller cities and towns and other to be using Amtrak to do the same thing. You have a problem with that you had a problem with the illegals coming to your town, your community, 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time to start University through viewing movies to see his doors so and Americo showed so glad to have you with us today are doing good for four 747-8858 that's our toll-free telephone number on a plate some audio. This is from five talking about the illegal alien children who are being dumped with people they don't even know here in the United States of America white kids as young as one might at the sentencing, and putting 200 to 300 children start a fight and shipping them to California, Oregon, Washington, consider child trafficking well stationed contract with Station $436 million.

Back in 2021, so our taxpayer dollars going to explain all the best pieces on the post-millennial for both of the stories and how you encourage people to go on top of these children being sent in for the children are being handed over to improper adult meaning that the paper that I don't on the paper is titled over to you. What's incredible about about coming on. I'm sure this is just a kind of small snapshot of everything you've been uncovering and it's even worse than we think of anything that we will be watching the religions of fantastic reporting you've gone behind the scenes you talk to the aging of these whistleblowers. It's even worse then we thought we know it's absolutely catastrophic. What is just wonderful to what you make of the Democratic insistence, still they insist the border is not open. The board is securable mucus was saying that just the other day.

The other week and that policies humane restoration of an absolute joke under liars. I got down there myself an American can border everything coming across care because they now open for business to continue to like the American people going.

I'm demographic of our own country and changing my turned crime. It's urgent that the cartels and it gets worse, because now there are reports that the Biden administration may be using Amtrak to move illegals across America right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line here in our beautiful Liberty University studios Congressman Troy Nels representing the 22nd congressional district author of the book the big fraud. What Democrats don't want you to know about January 6 the 2020 election at all. A lot else Congressman good to have you with us.

God is good to be with you that book. It flying up the chart door as I get my three so Congressman, let's talk about this letter that you in a number of other lawmakers fired off to the president of Amtrak.

What are you hearing what will we start the letter to Mr. Gardner, president and CEO of Amtrak.

We've been hearing that he may be using now Amtrak to transport the these illegals from the from the Southwest border and independent from Texas all the way to California using Amtrak. We do know that obviously this administration has used airplane great chartered flight in the middle of the night, and people across the whole country and now we know that the governor in Texas and Arizona there using buses to take them up to New York and Washington DC.

I think that's a great idea, but now the federal think it will. You know what, let's use this rail that syntaxes that can send the right in the California and that's exactly what they're doing and we have some concerns about it and we've written a letter to the chief and president saying hey I we want more information using taxpayer-funded Amtrak to transport each illegal yeah you know I'm a lot of concerns here as well. Congressman, because we all know that Amtrak which is which is run with government funds tax dollar month taxpayer money here has been losing tens of millions of dollars hand over fist, and now you're telling me there's a possibility there using even more of our tax dollars to transport these illegals die without a doubt Amtrak a little while the federal government and public what one line up there and up and eat those that actually it and make it a little bit of money but I do like Amtrak is a loser were given billions of dollars last year and in the infrastructure that the job that we gave him 1,000,000,060 something billion dollars in advance appropriation. It's a loser and we keep bailing out Amtrak now what they're going to do is there going to use Amtrak in the concern I have Amtrak all sorts of issues when it but it's the security on the ladies train you know you can get on the train and Amtrak train from DC to New York. You don't need any ID you don't have any luggage check. No screening will not anybody any bad hombre any parent. Anybody can get out Amtrak and my concern it you start putting women and children on a train from Texas to California takes about three days you will have the child predator and the human smugglers and traffickers exploiting those individuals going to California and then they'll be brought into the field of prostitution and everything out. That's a good point you bring up II back when I worked at Fox News whenever I had to be done in Washington.

I would just take the idea cell expresses what they called and I you're right. You never know, but I got screams that have shown ID got a ticket to get on board the train and that's it. Yet you can take the ticket out you could buy the ticket you could delete that you could bring in a suitcase of cocaine map and all on that train and nobody is screening your luggage.

I said it quite different. You try to get on an airplane today.

They want everything but a blood sample but you can get on Amtrak and not be identified at all by your ticket, give it to somebody else who could give it to somebody out there is no screening of weapon nothing and I just think using Amtrak to transport these illegals which I will agree with. I just think you're going to cause more problems for more problem time with you. I'm loving the buses that are heading to New York City and Washington DC and I really hope that Gov. Abbott keeps that up.

I mean those cities need to feel the pain that small border towns and communities in Texas have had to deal with Eric up there and followed her that made her empty wine in a little bit of the few thousand people in Texas were dealing with 7000 a day, through so it's got a letter to get a little taste of their own medicine and then they want the federal government to come in and help. Texas is been asking help for the federal government for years if not decades that we get very little.

So no, I applaud the efforts of Gov. Abbott, but instead of sending five boxes we should be sending 54 500.

Yet we been trying to trying to understand the illegal use of it all. But if it's possible.

Our radio show our national radio so we would love to be able to sponsor a bonsai leave know that's possible but you know but maybe we can get like you had to have our name plastered on the side. But you know we just we just wanted to our part to help out you call me and for having done that one body.

I would report that I I love it. We get. It's our little bus ministry. You know I came from a Baptist church and we used to bring the kids and on Sundays I wind up like not just in DC. I love it there. Oh my goodness, Congressman Troy Dells on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman I want you to give up. We really give your book, applaud here. You say it's a big fraud.

Talk about what the Democrats don't want to know about January 6. What's the big fraud. Try to talk about January 6 I was asked to be on that committee by leader McCarthy. I know a little bit about January think I know a lot about. Quite honestly, the 2020 election and a whole lot else and when it when I gave this book and I showed this to Pres. Trump a week and 1/2 o'clock at Bedminster a lot, but he endorsed it. But now he's erratic. He said Troy the American people. He defeated because it's the first time. It talks about true January 6 this committee, your hearing, the sham committee your nothing get nothing but lies to Liz Cheney, Betty, I actually lay it out in the book will cleared Donald Trump's name and I it's done a great job.

It was untrue.


The book went through the roof. Amazon has it out there it went to number two election with Donald Trump support and Donald Trump that the American people need to get this book working to be continuing to promote it.

Happy all right district 22+ to have you at the helm there, Congressman, and congratulations on the book. Let's make it a New York Times bestseller.

Lord knows I will trigger some people keep up the great work Scott you know your list. Pray for Trump in 2020 4X Congressman Troy Dells everybody from the 22nd congressional district over in Texas. She is fired up over this and we are to get to the bottom of it. Again, the allegation coming from a number of Republicans up on Capitol Hill that Amtrak is transporting illegals all over the United States using your tax dollars. So Kyle I I know that you do a terrific job running the audio for the show when you're the audio engineer of the show, but somebody a little birdie told me that you love you of a side hustle.

I've been valet in a little bit just for semester. You know blow money is not right so suggest when you say blow money that's like to just waste like oh okay, I'll get drinks not okay.

I guess I could do nothing.

Nothing illegal. Thank you. I just want don't go Hunter Biden on a so so anyway your Valium you did that a lot I mean and there's a there's a pretty I guess it's it's a good business. Yes, a nice little side house was like the easiest job you could ever do so.

We were having a conversation. This book will you send me a note over the over the weekend you sent me a text is a nice text tell me like thank you for doing such a great job. As I appreciated but then I replied. I said we probably not can appreciate this and it's I validated Steve Cohen on Saturdays or Sundays so Congressman Steve Cohen is a far left Democrat. He's the guy I he hates drop. The guy looks like a homeless Bob and he's the guy on who brought a bucket of chicken to a congressional hearing and and Kyle, you may not have seen this, but it was disgusting because he doesn't look like he pays very bad hygiene he was. He looked disheveled and he's got this bucket a chicken and he slobbered.

There's chicken grease and is him is embarrassing. He represents Memphis well and you're telling me he's the guy that so he ballet you valet disconsolate, hit him and his buddy come out. I had no idea who Steve Cohen Lamanna who is a nobody look like anything in one of his buddy was heckling him about being a Congressman/size little bumper sticker I saw Cohen an effort to talk about Cohen and I dislike oh no, so what kind of Car Does He Dr., Ella. I'm thinking like a previous one of those little battery-powered cars is really old car is kinda cool how old it was so sweet it required gasoline to operate these hypocrites.

These hypocrite that what all you guys do plug plug these little boxcars into your wall and their drive in the cool cars yeah will you as a is a nice guy is very polite but he doesn't wait what he stiffed this week. He didn't tip you guys isn't like a typical sorry so and so not so you're telling me see you go. You guys are busting your pots out there and it rained in the rain and Congressman Steve Cohen stiffed you guys have a good day, gentlemen on ball evil that's pathetic. And then he just did it.

Just let me guess, so he like revved the engine and he just stormed out of their wheels, screeching and and you guys were left enough in a cloud of exhaust fumes. I was. I cried a little bit you cross what I would couple of us started crying. I would've admitted that you cry. We didn't accept well it is comfortable and he joked as his buddy said this guys a Congressman any settlement or raise your taxes. Buddy Holly said no. I believe it so now you're telling Digital he, Congressman, guess who my cousin is I almost did it. I was very tempted to stop in his tracks and say wait a minute what you should've done is when he showed up and you said hello Congressman, welcome and you he gives you the keys and use your turnaround you say hey Congressman, guess who my cousin is Todd stars in the just jump in and take all that would've been great. We would belch out of $20 tip over writing a story.

What is one of sleazy guy go and one of the things we do folks tonight you and Kyle. You can back me up here this. We tip very well absolutely. When when were out at a dinner we want to make sure that the other folks serving us a good meal are taken care of you and it's a lousy meal resulted its appeal of all people. You've taught me to accept the bill which me as a college student, I can't tip the bill of your time but your day will, but I do unites and that something you know, I've been fortunate and I want to give back and you know it's a tough job. It's really a tough job� There serving and also valet. That's pretty pathetic that Congressman Steve Cohen, you sleazy Democrat you can't even bother to to people who are valet in your car. Shame on you Congressman. Shame on you Sir. Go take a shower 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for. I whenever I'm asked to speak to and especially of die young college students. Whatever they ask for life advice and guidance always dolomite to tip the bill and and I will come back to you and it really well. So anyway, gotta be good to folks after it was go to vote is 844-747-8868 Jean in Iowa hanging out with us today Jean what's on your by well a great bar like Delphi work. What is grace doing well. I talked about the dog. The party now we have the kids these days it's it's all that rap music Jean all night, but okay anyway your friendly right yes that's a good way of saying I am, and God I don't market.

Gotta get good deli. Gotta watch out at five but I think there I don't know what they're doing other driver you know what is serious about some little like a fool, Jean. I'm curious about something you notice that his attorneys are not seasoned veterans but they're normally young, like young, inexperienced, fresh off the farm.

Attorneys have you noticed that yeah but I understand there very late. Now look at but they don't always know all yeah I'm with you on that. No Gina look I get your point, and it is a very it's a point well taken and and he is getting bad counsel and you live. You know he's asked my opinion a time or two and I've shared it and I look the man is the former president of the United States. Who am I to tell him what to do a but he did answer my counsel when I gave it to well why your back or an I think that the middle of it before and that's a fair point wouldn't have to ramp and 13 we got a run for a break, but the but your your spot on and he is getting so bad. Counsel and we got look, everybody wants a piece of truck that's on me that's just a fact, and to attract some some weird folks that way for gotta take a break 844-747-8868 will be right back America will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies. The full for our development in the war between Russia and bring over the weekend, a daughter of a very influential writer and ally of Pres. Vladimir Putin was killed by a car bomb. The general thinking is the bomb was meant for him and not his daughter her name is Zaria Gina or to China and they're blaming this on Ukrainian special forces. Now the question is all right how big of a how big of a deal is this Alexander Dugan is her father. He was a fierce supporter of Russia's war, has been described by foreign affairs magazine as Putin's brain so very influential in the philosophy area. A Dugan is called the car bombing a terrorist attack, and they're blaming the Nazi Ukrainian regime of the question is on everybody's mind okay.

What does this mean is this the.

The Ferdinand is this the Ferdinand scenario where the assassination of the Archduke led to the start of World War I. We don't know where to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line. Good to have with us.

Our great military advisor David Giovanni. He is a U.S. Army Col. retired has a brand-new book out the code written well with Troy Anderson called the military guide to disarming deception, David. Good to have you back with us's always a pleasure to be with your look forward to our conversation today you know Col. of the story coming out with this car bombing. It seems like what the wars now six months along not much movement on either side. There is, is this something we need to be concerned about. Well, anytime you have something of this significant happening awards down a good mention of the Prelude World War I. Even the Prelude to war world 201 thing, the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam, you name it. One kind of thing wonders that one terrorist bomb and we could be any number world or not think we are going to but this could be the Prelude and the fact that a matter is people aren't talking about this, but was that the Ukraine or what someone else you know we don't know that yet either, so interesting scenarios that report along the route.

Yet the whole thing this war, it just doesn't make much sense.

Col. you've got, you got the other president of Ukraine. He's out there doing all these a photo shoot said I hanging with the celebrities and that we've seen the pictures of the Ukrainian people at the summer concerts what's what's the deal here well in our book we write a whole chapter on and throughout the book psychological operation. I think that's what going on here and not just the right Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Middle East, you name it. You know the history of US warfare. The history of war.

Sun Tzu said it best.

All warfare is based on deception so these leaders are giving, you know, a glimpse of the optics of what's going on in their world. But behind the scenes under the water. They're peddling really hard so remained to be seen yet were in a stalemate right now, but one iota of one car bomb like you said good trigger an avalanche and by the way, you know you want to standing nuclear bombers to Australia B2 B-52 to Europe to England. So you know were taking this seriously and in some respect and were prepping of the battlefield for what may happen in the future and that has been the concern is that Putin just might want some sort of a small-scale nuclear attack to put an end to all of this while the fact that the matter is the record think much differently than we do in the free world here when it comes to war.

There is no mold. Are you look at Stalingrad 2/2,000,000 soldiers died in that long white and the Russians are used of death. The warfare they are not afraid who is not afraid to use nuclear weaponry to get what you want so I wouldn't put it past him for the kind of thing that happened in the immediate future are you on the patriot bubble newsmaker line David Giovanni has a brand-new book out called military guide to disarming deception and as you point out that military leaders throughout history have use that strategy to win wars and and you actually tie a spiritual component into all of this correct. I think we had been at war the beginning of mankind. When our adversary, the enemy of our souls whispered in the ear, did God really say that the beginning of deception and warfare. The workers been going on for centuries. Even now, as well is the Cold War. And I sometimes think they're tied hand-in-hand. So where do we do we go from here and what are some of the things that you're suggesting that people do when they read your book while you know our subtitles.

Battlefield tactics exposed to light the tried-and-true United States body you know is way off track in the region were way off track number one. The church is the bandit. It closed for a large part and we've gotten away from the word of God which was a staple in all our institutions early on in our schools in our university. Ideally, schools we've gotten away from that. A lot of people say Waldo. The Bible's old fashion it doesn't notice about what you look at the wall of the Supreme Court goes to commandment art there still there and we have a huge Judeo-Christian ethic that more now. We've lost her morning were floating out the steam we need to get back to understanding what the Bible really talked about in understanding our way in the future using discernment, wisdom and logic that God is given us Col. a couple weeks ago I was speaking at C Panton and had a great conversation with father Frank Pavone, who heads up an incredible pro-life ministry and and he says that one of the problems you got most of these large mega churches in America and their pastors have disengaged those churches from the culture fight. He says that pastors have a pastoral duty to make sure that people are registered to vote and are engaged in the political process did you agree with that, all absolutely in fact that we had Robert separate after the great Baptist church rotor already that the same thing and he said that you pastors that don't prepare their people for what was happening should be sued for spiritual malpractice and yes I've met Barbara von Haile back that man I was that NRB with him and his will as well.

You and I will tell you that we have some really staunch Catholic and staunch conservatives but a lot of our mega churches. Not all of them a lot of bomb are gearing away from the Bible that are gearing away from conservative viewpoint, a biblical viewpoint and it's frightening at the pace of what's going on and you know abortion is a portion of that a big portion of what pastors are not informing their people because they're afraid that they meet the position or not. Got you know gather people into their congregations. During the week. Will David congratulations on the new book out folks, get yourself a copy of this and you can buy it wherever you buy your books. I we also have a direct link to it over in our lives. A blog military guide to disarming deception now in bookstores. Col. congratulations and thanks for coming on the show today. God is our pleasure. Anytime you look forward to future conversations with you. Alright sounds good Arthur, you go folks. Great book and you need to go read this thing by the way, even Pres. Trump likes the so you know it's got a leisure run for Senate in Pennsylvania there. By the way, there's a crazy story out of Seattle. Firefighters there are coming under attack for putting out Faulkner's illiterate physically they're being attacked of this is from Breitbart of firefighters in Seattle are demanding the city take action. They been subjected to more than 40 violent attacks over the past four months.

Most of them are coming from the city's homeless population. Now the cities firefighters union says they need protection. One firefighter was one fire official was actually pelted with rocks while he was trying to put out a fire that started in one of these homeless encampments in their same just like the zombies there climbing on the fire trucks are trying to stab firefighters and nobody's doing anything about it. You know, here and here in Memphis. This is cracks me up. So we've got. And by the way the current. The current DA.

We had the district attorney she she's tough on the big crime right, not so much the little crime and so she turns a blind eye to the marijuana stuff in the nuisance crimes and I got a problem with that because those nuisance crimes normally lead to much bigger crimes. But the point in the first hour of the show. She was the one and you gotta support her because she's a heck of a lot better than the George Soros district attorney who ended up getting elected. But this guy is not even in office yet and there are couple of stories over the weekend and this is blows me away and I'm wondering if this happens in your communities so there's a guy. He got arrested and he was charged with stealing a car, so the carjacking and then the guy crashes the car and injure somebody in the police are able to capture the got right so it turns out this dude has been in jail over 13 times for all sorts of crimes are soon do you why I'm stealing a car, stealing another car vandalism, shoplifting, beating people up. I'm not a goes on and on about 13 times so they arrest this guy for carjacking bring them down to what our jails called 201 Poplar and they booked the guy he post bail. He's back out on the street. What the heck America then you've got you got A's another weird story, and this just blows my mind and I want you to imagine if the races had been reversed or because everything's about racial politics, so I figure okay if they're going to take us down that path were to walk down that path with him. So on Friday there was a young man a white boy and he was leaving his school in Memphis Kingsbury honey school and so the kid is a special needs can write so is walking home and there was a group of black kids and they were walking behind him and we know all of this happened because there is video so the black one of the blankets and turn on the video camera. Watch this and they turn of the video camera and these five black kids surround this little white kid with special needs and beat the holy living crap out of a kid was all on video we got on our website. It's disgusting. Even more disgusting is that there's a big crowd of other kids surrounding them watching and nobody does anything about it.

I'm there being deported to a pulp and there laughing about it there. Have a good time and so the mom calls the school and the school's as well. This happened on the public prop. This happened on the sidewalk.

We can control what goes on the sidewalk, this up, you need to call the police force of the noncausal Police Department police. You know what they did nothing the police did nothing.

They said this was a case of intimidation.

Now you can watch the video for yourself and you can determine whether or not what happened was intimidation but looked to me like they were trying to kill the When you got somebody down to the ground and you're beating them and punching them in the face and kicking them in the face. That sounds like a lot more than just intimidation. So anyway, the local TV station.

The Fox affiliate the same one that fired the weather guy the white weatherman they're doing the story. Not once did they mention the skin color of the victim or the or the attackers and buried deep within the story is the fact that the poor white kid was a special needs child.

Now is terrified doesn't want to go back to school and I can't say I blame the kid but I do wonder something what if the story had been about five white kids that were brutally beating and videoing the assaults of a black child what you think. What happened then I think there were been wall-to-wall discomfort. That's what I think. I think that most of the city of Memphis would have been burned down in peaceful protests.

That's what I think. But as people pointed out of this is fascinating because people by the hundreds were literally going to the TV station social media pages, say hey, wait a second, why didn't you mention the skin color because they mention it every other time but not in these kinds of cases in there pointing out the double standard here that's it that's at work and this is a double standard. That's a plate and every city in America. And the reason why is it goes against the narrative and that's why so a white kid get beat up by a gang of five black kids. That's not news. But if it was a gang of white kids beating up a blanket, it becomes an international crisis. Don't get me wrong here, both are evil. Both are criminal but I'm saying we need to start treating crime is crime, but we don't do that anymore. In America and I'd I feel bad for this. I hope he's able to go back to school and and walk home safely.

I don't know but more importantly, all you moms and dads out there. You need to stop raising your kids to behave like animals.

This is despicable, despicable behavior, I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about life change to meet.

You gotta have a glass of this an amazing natural, gentle cleanse and you can drink it daily for optimum goal got help.

I drink it every day. 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate made right here in the USA and its delicious it taste like America go to get the to order some today that's get the use the discount code. Todd 10 that's Todd tender to give you $10 off plus free shipping. That's along with the buy three get one free. Your to be saving over $50.

Again, get the use the discount code. Todd and the number 10.

I would Jean for my was that you had a potty mouth. He was being corrupted with all of this, you know, I told him on the only woman that works here and sometimes yells sense of humor rubs off on me.

That's what he was referring to. So it's our fault.

Yes, exactly. By the way, we had one heck of a party. We did last week for the big oh my goodness, about 300 people so yeah I was a great crowd. It was a beautiful view of the Mississippi River. So we read through the Hyatt centric.

And if you haven't been up to that hotel. If you're Memphis is one of the safer hotels go there valet. Be sure to tip the driver a very nice hotel. It is, and a great meal. The brisket we had no I was not able to get any sample any of the food, eating nothing, not to double leg. I had those went fast. I had had to sneak some brisket.

So after the party we had an after party at the that was of the blue city Maiden scarf down some ribs.

I went home I was in.

As they got some ribs. I never actually eaten their great food and great food. So right there on Beale Street.

All right, folks been a great show. Get out there. Have a great rest of your day were doing this tomorrow same time same place. Todd

Gotta check out some great stories as well

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