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Biden Knew About Trump Raid

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 23, 2022 3:22 pm

Biden Knew About Trump Raid

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 23, 2022 3:22 pm

Newly-discovered documents show that President Biden knew about and instigated the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Brent Taylor, Ryan Helfenbein, Ryan Bangert, and Dr. Andrew Fox join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities to really see Charlie since conservative commentary from all the Todd Stern's radio show great to have you with today so we've got a got a lot of stuff to cover a lot of ground to cover today and I want to I want to respond to a story that's out there from just our good friend John Solomon is doing a terrific job of continuing to find these exposés getting the news of the information that even a lot of the conservative outlets are not able to get them one of the reasons why you want to be a conservative outlook say that they don't have the experience level on the journalism side to actually do to do these deep dives but John Solomon has a stunning story out now. Early on, if you remember after the raid, the FBI raid guns drawn raid at Mara Lago just after that Pres. Biden, the White House was asked about their about their involvement in the White House emphatically denied that Joe Biden knew anything about which quite frankly was believable because Biden doesn't even know what day of the week events, but now we have information thanks to the reporting of John Solomon over adjusted that not only did Joe Biden know about the investigation. Joe Biden actually instigated the investigation that led to the guns drawn raid on Mara Lago. So what is that mean that that means this is a big deal everybody because it means that the Biden administration, and specifically the President of the United States has weapon eyes the FBI to target his political enemies. That's way worse than what led to Richard Nixon and Watergate way worse and Richard Nixon was not allowed to remain in office so Justin has really found the smoking gun here and according to their reporting. The White House facilitated the entire criminal probe against Pres. Trump. This is a big deal. Ladies and gentlemen. Now the mainstream media they're not going to cover this. I I suspect that even Fox News is going to jump into this terribly much.

But they should, because ultimately this is the issue of the day. Now there's a big big story from the New York Times and they're talking about the fact that they found 300, 300 classified documents and sidebar log. I don't care because the president has the authority to declassify anything he wants to be classified as a matter fact. So does Barack Hussein Obama and nobody likes him but he has the right as a president of former president to declassify whatever he wants to declassify.

So if in fact that is not the case then where is the raid on the $14 million seaside mansion, a Barack Hussein Obama and the wife, Mrs. Michelle Obama, where are the raids over at the ranch in Crawford, Texas with George W. Bush and the first lady Laura Bush so you can't just say it's okay for everybody else but you can't say that this is a big deal and we can only hope and pray that the Republicans if they retake Congress and the midterms will actually launch investigations and all of this with the New York Times is out there. Even Fox News and Fox They have editorials now saying that the raid was justified that Trump has no business holding onto any sorts of documents well. The fact of the matter is there is a long president, so you're telling me it's okay for other presidents, but it's not okay for Donald Trump. Is that what they're telling us because that is in fact what they are saying that is their argument. John Solomon has uncovered some pretty despicable things but one thing we we now know is clear that all of this was instigated by the Biden administration and where does the buck stop. It stops at Joe Biden's desk. That's where it stops. So now we know formally that the Biden administration instigated the investigation that led to the raid that led to what we are now dealing with a constitutional crisis of sorts, and by the way, Pres. Trump now warning that this may not be the end of the attack, so I don't think it is because keep in mind, nothing criminals happen here.

Pres. Trump has never been charged with a crime. They have tried to frame this man and by they, I mean the FBI the swap in Washington DC.

They've they've tried to frame the guy but nothing ever sticks solely yesterday, the president filed a motion and he wants what they call a special master to review all of the documents had been seized. They went in there and by the way the feds when they go in they were supposed to go in with a list of things they were looking for but that's not what they did they grab everything in sight hours for hours they search Mara Lago. They rummaged through the former First Lady's private themes in her closet is another president, filing a federal court motion yesterday demanding that the Justice Department given a list of everything they talk because Trump says hey we'll know what they talk. We do know they took the president's heels.

What three passports, two of them were expired in one of the FBI do they cannot. So we've never done such a thing will it turns out they had evidence they did and then they had to walk that back and how they walk you back. Well, two of them were expired's Realty was a bit the big deal is. You lied and you stole Pres. Trump is right to be angry about all this and by the way you want to be angry to their using your tax dollars to attack Donald Trump but anyway Trump says you know what were to be facing were to be facing more attacks.

You better get ready, and what is the point of all of this. The point of all of this is not about Donald Trump. It's about you, the listers of the Taj storage radio program.

It's about you. They want to wear you down with these investigations in the raids and you better believe there to be more rates.

You better believe that there's gonna be a big rally.

Pres. Trump's go to be speak up in Pennsylvania. Don't be surprised if all of a sudden during the middle of the speech, the, the entire area is surrounded by flashing lights in the feds get out of they arrest Donald Trump on the stage or they go after his kids were dealing with some pretty nasty stuff here. The FBI is no longer a fair arbiter here they are the de facto state police and they will lie. They will cheat. They will steal.

They will fabricate evidence against anybody and Rita. They could do it against Donald Trump. You better believe there to be able to do.

It gives the rest of us, but this is what happens when you allow the Democrats to weatherize something. Elections have consequences. So we'll see how all of this plays out. But the.

The endgame is to wear you out.

They want you to finally they want all of you diehard Trump supporters out there to wave the white flag of surrender and sake Todd we we love Trump, but it's time to move on work were just exhausted every day with the investigations of the allegations of the denunciations we were just tired of it. A lot of you've Artie expressed very similar sentiments on this radio program and that's what they want they want to where you down. I had a problem with the big problem with. They're not playing fair people there playing dirty and we know that there Democrats and got no soul there bunch of godless even atheists. Most of them don't even other pronouns. The women or men that enter women. The tumbling show over there. We got that.

But you can't let them wear you down people you just can't so worthily uses radio program as a platform to to boost your moving forward. Between now and election day here worn out. You say Todd I can go.

It's a marathon. People, it's a marathon and you gotta save some energy for the final .2 miles to get across that finish line and metalworking to do here on this radio program word enough fight till the bitter end. But we can't give up now look if Donald Trump, in fact stole all these documents classified documents were to be out there saying hey we were wrong but I don't think were wrong. There's way too much evidence in the evidence points directly at the FBI setting up Donald Trump and we know that because they've tried it before and have failed and we have all the documentation.

Remember what Peter Strunk said the disgraced FBI agent. We have an insurance policy. Trump will never be president. Those are the words of the FBI agent. So they're coming for Trump but there to do it by coming after you. That's what this is all about art. We had to take a break or 844-747-8868 are you fired up or are you worn out 844-747-8868 as we go to break. We wanted to we wanted to honor Dr. Dr. Jeff, the doctor of doom, a Dr. Anthony Felty on the announcement of his looming retirement in our good buddy Jim Gosset came up with this little ditty. Now the end is near, and I'll be leaving in this and when she's gone I hold people will that I was such a fool. Oh, how I a in such a sly way: law much more. This I did it my way and in and the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a back the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to a Mac cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/starts.

It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/starts that's a Mac .us/start bar involves welcome back to the Taj surge radio show I want is a very special hello to Vernon from Park and Arkansas burdens, drop us a note on our Facebook lives says Todd II live for about 25 miles west northwest of West Memphis, Arkansas. I listen to you daily while driving a tractor on KW AM well. God bless you averted. We really appreciate that and we appreciate all of our great listers across the nation. 844-747-8860.

It is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 here is done Junior and unit board Junior he's catching a lot of heat for what he had to say goodbye want to explain what he was talking about cup one yet so first of all this. So there now, the mainstream media is all over the story and I just want to prevent you from sending me email St. you hear the story that Don Trump Junior actually wanted that the nuclear codes are libelous, we could like blow up our enemies. Just hold on, cease and desist at Holland is so done Junior was giving a speech at a campaign rally for a Mac takes the Congressman of Florida and he was cracking a joke but there's a little nugget of truth in there because he's right.

When Donald Trump was in the White House and he had his finger on the button. A lot of our enemies were scared because they didn't know what Donald Trump, the president was capable of doing and that's what you want in a President of the United States. I mean look at look at where we are in the world standing right now were other world leaders. Whenever we have a get together a confab somebodies like wiping the drool off our presidents phase for their trying to nudge them awake or pointing to the right direction lest he wander off the stage so that's what that's what Don Trump Junior what was talking about. By the way Candace Patel is a former Trump administration official says what we ought to be doing here were to play this audio little bit M after the bottom of the hour break, but I want you to hear this. He says that what we need to be doing is just blow this FBI raid wide open and and focus on Barack Obama because Obama did the exact same thing that trumped it so if you're going to go after Trump.

You gotta go after Obama otherwise otherwise you're showing your hand here, and what is the hand when the hand is very clear that the Biden administration. This goes all the way back to Barack Obama's time in office. They've weapon. I raised the federal agencies in there, and afterwards I'm it's it's very simple look tape. For example, via the FBI agents 87,000 new FBI agents or about to be hired.

They're not coming after you dinner, and after the big dogs are coming after you. They're coming after me there, and after all of us to come in after anybody with a Republican behind her name that you they're coming after there are some training videos, and a lot of people may not know this but the IRS has its own army its own military its own militia and they are armed to the teeth and they have powers that you and I do not have. It's interesting though because when you look at the training videos of the IRS.

They're not training on how to take down the big hedge fund guys were not training on how to take down the big business conglomerates know their training to come after small businesses in one of the training videos in particular actually demonstrated how IRS agents could take down the owner of a small landscaping business who was who was back a few years on their taxes. So they're coming after us. These people are bullies there no better than the state police were looking at a modern-day Gestapo that's been created in front of our very eyes are gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the concert my friend Michael Dell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life even stop by simply creating the best lullaby created the dream that she may look and feel great with me that even better night sleep for me, which is crucial for my business. I found the world's best cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable but extremely durable, might come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty is not usually public visa sheet you will never want to sleep on anything else. Come in a variety of sizes and likely does incredible deal is the sale of the year for a limited time you get off the Giza dream sheet receive a set as low as 4999 my and click on the radio listers wear and use the promo code start by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow products, including my fellow veterans, provide public health that so much hundred 839506 my, the promo code start walking back to the Todd Stern's radio program. This this Pennsylvania Senate race and I know it's got my opinion on all of this is that a lot of folks while appear, but it seems to be somebody's got to at least remind people whom Republicans are for lease with the party platform says John Fetterman, who is the Democrat. And here's just I just want you to step back for this department. Dr. Oz is losing to a guy who lived with his parents.

I guess in their basement till he was in his 40s and is recovering from a stroke.

Dr. Oz is literally losing to a stroke patient.

I just want to point that out so anyway Fetterman. It turns out that this guy spent most of his life living off of his parents, they were literally giving him money up until he was about 49 years old and the guy have you and he really does kind of it. He sort of exudes this idol of demonic weird present you.

I'm talking about it's the eyes. It's all in the eyes and he's wearing a hoodie is just heat.

He does look like and fruit for you old-school folks your ear to know the yearning to know Festus via was at the Adams family always got the Adams family and the other so they had dueling monster shows on the Adams family and somebody.

And I know somebody will call reminders about what that is grace. That's far beyond your time span. So don't even don't even attempt that I want to go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 because Paul and George up as a question about Dr. Oz hi Paul, welcome to the show.

Thank you very much and certainly pro-life.

I know Dr. is not, however, if you walk into the voting booth and you see Dr. a Republican who is for pro-abortion and you see his opponent who is not only for pro-abortion, but for everything else that Joe Biden wants which lever do you pull which one do you pull Paul out certain people that one for Dr. because 80% of the time he is with the Republicans.

How do you know that well that which should go the other way.

What percentage of the time is the Democrat with the Republicans own no doubt about that appalled me.

The Democrats and the Democrats as what they do and and I honor them for that. I mean they actually campaign and and they make promises and they deliver on those promises. I got a respect that I was in the same 37 of the Republicans, but which lever do you pull why wouldn't pull either one, so you don't probably prefer to vote for the no not. That's not the way I look at up all night and again I would argue that Dr. Oz is a Democrat.

When you look at his policies regarding critical race theory. When you look at his policies regarding the LGBT and gender issues.

When you look at his views on the Second Amendment. Those are all policies embraced by the Democrats arrived I would say the argument could be made that you actually have two Democrats running for the U.S. Senate right now in Pennsylvania, but I think the state even the Bible says you should support the government and you ship the Bible says I gotta support a Bible baby killer Paul is that what the Bible says no noted it said that you should be active in the government. That's right. And the problem here though. I'm just not Paul I see what you're saying I cannot in good faith vote for anybody who supports the killing of an unborn child that that's the line in my in the that's the line in the sand.

I draw clearly and in your eyes that the Democrat will win that Senate House seat to seat and don't have one more Sen. to vote against all about Republican issues. That's you know what Paul and that is on the voters of Pennsylvania that's on Sean Hannity from Fox News who went out there and actively campaign in support of Dr. Oz when in fact you had most conservatives going for the other candidates, and in that race. I mean it was an ugly ugly thing that was happening. This is not some sort of a big surprise that all of a sudden Todd is pro-life. I do not I do not support any pro-abortion candidates whether they be Democrat or Republican.

I just can't do it.

Okay, I can read but you can I meet and that is your right Paul, but to turn around and say well that's your fault you know your your like to get Democrat note sure not that I that is not the case here and and finally Dr. Oz is just a flawed candidate. Thanks for taking my call.

Alright thanks Paul.

I folks I am I off base here in my out so what else are we going to throw out the window here.

I'm in if we can agree and those are some fundamental party platform issues. The problem I have with all of this is that nobody cares resident truck came in and said I'm picking that guy. I don't care if he's a Republican or not and you're going to support this guy at you know what the people of Pennsylvania. They saw through that and there was some very questionable things that were happening in in the recount very questionable know and I can as a voter fraud. I just say it 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I believe that the life issue has to be the defining issue of what it means to be a Republican. It sure as heck isn't being fiscally responsible right. I mean you got Republicans out there spending our money like drunken Democrats. So this not to be the life issue.

What is it going to be what is it mean to be a Republican. I like for somebody to have that conversation at all you evangelicals out there.

You better wake up because there very soon going to jettison the whole issue of marriage and the the LGBT stop that's going away very soon. All I'm saying is that they made a mistake in Pennsylvania and we can't be making these mistakes nationwide and that's why you gotta get out there and you gotta support the right kinds of candidates. Otherwise, you're going to have a party full. You can have a Republican Party full of it Ronnie's all these people out there saying if you do not support if you do not support Dr. Oz that that that does not make you a bad Republican. I think it makes you a good Republican jettison the message to the Republican Party. And yes, even the magical world that were to start going to vote for somebody just because they've got some sort of the stamp of approval. Do your homework. Ladies and gentlemen that's what that's all about what's go to June in Statesville, North Carolina WSI C June what's on your mind or that there well and that very well may be. I'm not sure I'd to be honest with you. June are not that familiar with who was on who else is on the ticket in Pennsylvania, but that is an option and what you had to staunchly pro-life candidates that were running on the Republican side and then you had Dr. Oz and I think what happened was the pro-lifer split the vote.

There are written on it either. I'm with you and June again that the whole Dr. Isaac there's there's a lot more to it and the fact that as soon as he was named the winner he erased everything about Donald Trump from his website. June I was waving red flags all over the place like that everywhere so you know you know I'll go blaming or buying aware June you got home and I got pull out this letter I received a letter and it was on official thick government like stationary and it's a handwritten two-page letter from the Majority Leader there in the House of Representatives, a guy by the name of Edgar Starnes of you heard of this guy in error not to get something to stop by my place or the Majority Leader of the Tennessee House of Representatives. So I butted by, we may I related this guy I may be related sky. Anyway, he's your Majority Leader. He's a good rocksolid conservative and he's a listener of the program and he actually listens there and wrote us a very kind note. He's also a good Bible believing Southern Baptist and we like to hear that as well so anyway. That reminded me that the we got a very kind letter and I think you are representative Starnes from other North Carolina House of Representatives on June do not be discouraged. But you're right, we gotta get out there. We gotta get conservative candidates on the ballot. Appreciate your call all right 844-747-8868 let's go to while leaning on the talk station in North Carolina bar. I what's on your mind. Well I wanted tell you that I'm fired up the log. I wanted to be fired up while I'm fired up good and I want I want to first while I tell you that I'm I'm not in support of you get the believe in abortion and also bit rate on that our president how is ridiculous and I'm I'm scared for our country while your right to be scared for the country and look, I'm hopeful, but you don't look from a very practical position here. I think were all right to be scared. We don't know when were all to get the knock on the door we'll know whether to let the FBI's get a storm in here and try to take us off the year and you would think that would not happen in America but that's that's what Barack Obama did to us when while eating, he promised to fundamentally change America. That's what he meant by and now you've got a population that is actually living in fear of the federal government because they don't serve us they want us to serve them how to not go with that conflict. When any bar. It's true. How did America get back while eating because we've been silent for so long and and this goes right back to the public schools. We've got a couple of generations of young people that have been radicalized and they will even know what they don't even know what it is they have been so stealth in teaching the kids to hate America to not trust our founding documents are. There's a New York Times article you got a couple of our professors, one from Harvard and one from Yale in the law school, Wally, and there there they wrote an op-ed saying that the Constitution is outdated and it needs to be torn up and we need to start all over again this is coming from the school system, which is why it's so important for moms and dads to engage the culture and get involved in their local schools.

Wally, we gotta run here.

God bless you and I'm glad you're fired up. We need more people like like Wally more fired up was go to Gainesville, Georgia will on the line.

Got a question they will what your question, I think all but likely Georgia you know, our primary tummy hurt a lot.

I will know how you feel about that. I love her to walk directly at often, but I'm off to hear it because a lot of stuff coming out and all worn out bad and all that up and it think that Gary and on top of that, I think a lot of people in Georgia really concerned about the government because the Abram was stopping her from doing anything that you begin that you know when camp one evening went by that much and I think a lot of people that you're worried about that. Well, it's good to be worried, will you gotta get out and go to rehearsal. Walker's the guy and he is pro-life. By the way, but beyond that, I think Herschel will do a good job. Was he might pick in the Republican primaries know I did. And honestly I I just wanted to hear the Republicans debate so that we could really put the best person forward Herschel Walker got the nomination because of his name recognition. That's why he got the nomination of the question is will he be able to adequately explain all of these accusations that are being levied that's going to be on Herschel Walker and his campaign team.

They've made some adjustments and those of been good.

Let's see how that progresses and Herschel Walker has agreed to a debate in October with Rafael Warnock who was the pro-abortion preacher/communist. As for Brian Kempen and Stacy Abrams that's going to be that could be a close race polling data I saw shows camp ahead. But the question is will president Trump campaign for pride to idle know if there's a lot of bad blood. There will also but you're right, it's gonna take every every person voting for the Republicans to win in Georgia. I thought they think you want know there's a lot of young adult. You are very fired up as well. It's not a dying art Thursday because there tell me about the 24 years old and we are so fired up and and we are trying to voice our bid by voting. I wanted to outvote if you're young adult and I have a lot rent you don't want to go about and I think for all that you don't want. You don't go out and voice your opinion and do your civic duty.

Can you can't think anything the gal social media and on thing. Well it's a great point and and I want you to tell your your young friends to listen to the so we've got you got a national platform here and and it's important for people to know that this is not just the senior saints, but there are people of all age groups and by the way. Well, that's the phrase to use. Never say old people senior saints… I look we got your back, your will.

But you tell them to listen in and call in and that we appreciate you being a part of the program today. Thanks. Well folks, we gotta take a quick break your 844-747-8868 this is that's on Stern. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical it's always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also shifted over precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM you guys about this unbelievable what's happening to the on third their great people doing great work raising crops try to raise their families follow their religious beliefs and other coming under attack by the USDA Amber to get to that story and the in the next hour of the program of this item from the New York Post, caught my attention a woman sparks rage with a thong bikini at a family-friendly waterpark New York Post says the scantily clad swimmer has been blasted after a viral video where and she was wearing what they said was an inappropriate G string swimsuit at the family-friendly waterpark.

The unidentified woman was seen splashing about in the generating ensemble in footage posted a tick-tock quote. Is this appropriate for a family waterpark or not. Kim Stram asked her videos been viewed more than 4 million times Grace Baker. The video shows the woman in the nude colored swimsuit, which is completely backless, leaving her but talks on full display. That sounds a little overboard.

I'd be concerned. I've seen the video and I've seen the photographs I would be concerned about idle burning of the bow talk so badly some weird tan lines hospital several a lot of the post frame this several small children are seen playing near the flesh flashing beauty here unbothered by the side of her skin know they're all gawking their kids. yeah, i'm looking at the image here sees not wearing much easy now people are saying a lot of people are defending the woman and someone said if a man wore a skintight speed. all that's is an appropriate that's an appropriate nobody needs to be wearing a speedo now.

i agree, unless you're doing it is professional swimmer just where some trunks. please.

one person said shame of the woman who filled this.

it's disrespectful of her shirt.

the woman thinks otherwise you could be a crime report about a dead boyfriend or husband who i'm just say what other.

another person said, who saw the video said hey look, if you got the body rockets may select skip it for the photo shoot lady put on some clothes read a waterpark. thank you, grace baker, artificial woman on the todd surge are woman reporter of the todd stern basic ribose howard on the amish universities. do you see i am horny. everybody maybe some help from our vast listening audience across the fruited plain border to border coast-to-coast hello everybody walking to the todd stern's radio show and a special you again.

i'm always i always enjoy it will be to get calls from the younger listeners because this is next-generation talk radio here and i and we think that's a great thing, but i need some help. i do a lot of good and decent people who live in trailer parks and that's why don't like using the term trailer park trash right but because that can we just say trash or idling white trash and i will grace i'm perplexed. i don't know how to frame the conversation here. don't look at me, but you know it's kind of like the honey was at the honey boo-boo honey boo-boo crown hello yeah you know what i'm talking about exactly what the people on the reality tv shows like the hoarders in that very mist of everything so i i've noticed something and i was at church last sunday and i notice this, i went to a wedding. i notice this and i went to our party, and i notice this now for for the todd stern show and twa on the radio station i don't hear memphis, tennessee. we had a big anniversary bash and i mean everybody was dressed to the nines. i made to have the suits on.

the ladies had the dresses. everybody was looking pretty good. went to a wedding.

everybody is decked out in their finest go to church.

looks like people like literally crawled into the sanctuary from whatever nightclub they were at on saturday night day wearing pajama pants.

you know that the use of the wife beater t-shirt you on target la say thank you, tank tops, i have been out so you know what i'm talking about. i know exactly what it looks like the bad end of a country music song. that's what the congregation looks like i'm sitting here going. it used to be that you would wear your sunday best, right, that was the phrase gotta wear your so they go to church close still dresses up a lot yet. not the one i like, so i'm just been to church is like that that the one thing i like the rock concerts those ones, especially people come in with like the torn jeans which i own those kind of genes that aware of the try i think it's intentional, i mean and are now the church staff is dressed very appropriately.

but i bet i know what you're talking about a been to some of these churches where you the preacher gets up and is where like cargo shorts cities where the flip-flops and he's got it you know about that accident t-shirt unshaven and they wanted me to our because you're the only way you can talk about god these days. the young gotta relate to the young people to wider with the blind. i'm not sure that works put to a church they had the lord supper once and it was like krispy kreme doughnuts we know and like mountain dew and i like what is going on here. there was a church he went to fair for that one.

it was a nondenominational chair is discharged with a cool website. got it.

wow that's blowing it up from tim hawkins that is a very good description of that interest me the years. i just fine.

i i've found that the cooler you try to be is the unit you become more uncool sure i do with the dressing up thing. it's not like you have to wear like a soup every weekend, but whatever your best is right because some people don't have that they know where that you know. but even if you don't have it you come to church in your shirt is on iron that you know and you can write your your pants are on your you know your your parents and your mom made sure that you were looking your presentable and you did that.

i guess to honor god. but nowadays like well you you jesus is an interest in your appearance. yeah well you know what jesus had to sit next to you and you smell like a furnace honey cowboy. the smell that yeah i'm unpaid's on Out to go to a church were some of the teenagers would come to youth group wearing hoodies and i was like, wait a minute, and smelling like well i don't care what i do care. oh i did get out far. i'm trying to segue into the story and all that to say and again. it's just like here in the memphis area. there is a major raging debate about restaurants that are mandating that you dress a certain way right so and one of them is a restaurant nearby home and is very popular and there under fire because her telling people you can't dress like you're standing on a sidewalk corner you wanting to turn a trick you know that you have to come here and you have to be appropriate with the wit with your dress.

that's true and i don't think that's an unreasonable request. but people are like all people i – how are you.

you know it's true but i mean do you really want at and in the same goes for guys you want some guy taken the wife out for anniversary dinner at a very nice restaurant and you know you've got some guy in sweatpants with up t-shirt that doesn't cover his beard got and get on his wife is in her dress like a sidewalk selling no i'm not going to say it but you know what you know because we've all been there. so here's what gets me if you were to show up at the wedding dress like that all you know what would break loose. people maybe wouldn't say something to you directly, but that there be without it. so, all while about in the south. oh you don't have it you have the mother of the bride coming down the aisles. how dare you how dare you dress like that of my daughters you, i'm just a serious business. people, by the way, our good friend paul shanklin says todd we call it a contemporary surface. i say their contemporaries are unserious worshipers guys come as you are can only go so far. you see joe today.

oh shoes, no thirds know with no eternal life to say hello hello hello but again i don't i don't think it's about the dress but but the the contemporary cool hip side of church now is making it about once the attitude right.

it's all like you if you come into church rolling out of bed. you're probably not going to really be read. it's really not about church at this goes back i thought about church as i was thinking about the woman of the thong bikini in the last segment where is an appropriate for a grown woman with the butt dog a dog and it's a fairly large and sizable but don't want to go out and to jump into a swimming pool filled with children and she's only wearing a g string what that was a baptistery 09 can only imagine what the baptisms look like temporary churches know this is brother sal is wearing a speedo now see back in the day when i would do youth group and we went on trips. the guys i know. i don't know. they still do this with the guys would wear swim trunks, but they had to wear a t-shirt.

girls had to wear a tank keening one piece, but so what pieces that they come out with now are way more scandalous than the two pieces.

but anyway, anywhere. one piece and then if you didn't have that you had to wear a t-shirt over your swimsuit the whole thing. are we a nation of slobs. maybe that's what i'm trying to get it. i mean it's just an and.

and the reason i asked that there is a huge story that's been covered by fox 13, the fox news, the fox news station here. memphis is far left these people and its i hate to say it, lord, love them, but their leftist. they got rid of their anchor.

their white weather guy because he said something about that an nba basketball player, drama and green know you like symptoms of jerk face and pretty much you got a budget cut of the neanderthals. all that's ready help tell you, and i fired very said so anyway they're going after my favorite restaurant, houston's i love that restaurant really get fries houston's anyway at here's the story from fox 13, a police officer in high school principal or accusing a memphis restaurant of racial profiling. so here's the deal grace.

when i went back to new york city a couple of months back for the talkers convention walked out on the street of new york city and this was back when i was there it was illegal to smoke marijuana, but now they literally have cannabis trucks like we have food trucks down here yet they literally have cannabis trucks. we can is walk-up and by your marijuana. the whole city smells like reefer. it was yeah i know you've never seen cheech and chong because your good christian church going woman and you know it. it is, but you know a lot of there's a scene where the van is filled with smoke. that's like the entire city know of new york right now and that just isn't just an estimate. i'm okay with cigar smoke but marijuana smoke. she's a little late just gets on everything that i for the same thing about cigarettes. it just gets on everything.

so if you nearby, just like soaks a near close and then you walk in somewhere near like whoa.

so here's the deal. so houston's has a policy if you smell that they politely ask you to leave yes and i get to read the first paragraph you can understand the it there. fox 13 as in attack mode.

humiliated shock to denied all emotions.

a police officer said he felt when he and his family were asked to leave a memphis restaurant over the weekend because his party allegedly smelled like marijuana so it turns out, the couple one of the cop of the others, a high school principal which i have questions but continue. alright so anyway, the manager said that hey look people are complaining they say you guys smell of marijuana and we need you to leave because if you're in a restaurant and you smell like marijuana.

that's disturbing to the other diners right area. so anyway, the couple is black and they have immediately made it about race and not odor and their accusing houston's of racism and racial profiling.

know this is not racial profiling. this is nasal profiling. we smell you this is true, anything that smells bad. were going to deal with here. so anyway, the guy says will look. the manager comes over says look there's a strong odor of marijuana coming from your party in the geysers man. we don't smoke marijuana your mistake. so it turned long story short, i guess it turns out, maybe they were mistaken. don't know what i don't know that we was. it's hard to kind of read through the story because they are clearly writing with a bias or but regardless houston says look we want to make this right working on dinner is on us and you know the couple here. if in fact there are the ones who smelled like marijuana are right to be like angry and upset sure ruin their day. but what is the first thing they go to racism always fits racism and i will tell you is a matter of fact because i eat it. houston's maybe two or three times a week because it's a great restaurant close to our bunker here and i will tell you that most of the wait staff is black so i'm trying to understand how this is a race issue instead of a nasal issue. that's a good point.

i mean if they were violating the policy, but again if they were mistaken. i understand the couple being very upset.

but the cop immediately said why did you just racially profile us.

you see, that's what kills me about the city. memphis is a racist town but it's it's a reverse form of races and and it's hard for people to understand that until you have lived it and and it's a lot of white folks don't want to talk about that here because it's very uncomfortable and they don't want to get in trouble because if you talk about these kinds of things in public will that unit they put a target on what you know what i don't care.

the facts of the facts.

grace don't comment on will do anyway. 513 said they went to houston's to get answers. i know the copy on this story something else. after asking you and here's the thing. after asking to speak to a manager.

the tv crew was kicked off the property by security. you know what you know houston's throw out right out the front door. you know what i'm doing.

grace baker after the show. i'm going to houston's and i get i i don't order something and were to leave, all honking big tip for those people know you and i want to personally shake the hands of the folks it through the tv crew out of the building and shame on you police officer. shame on you principal you know that this has nothing to do with race. shame on you in my the way, houston's, i mean really, what you need to do next. i was a scroll up and just get, you know, go right up to the collar and just lean over and do. how hard is that right was kind of weird gray spyware but it's a lot better than having fox 13, after you yeah so anyway i just all that to say what's wrong with people these days. why do we do.

we have no decor in america anymore.

this is true, and just the other day we were talking about coming there making pizza without the without the crust is the whole world going to heck see them pastors in town 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free number put on some pants america.

this is the top charge is most welcome back to john stern's radio show will all of our listeners in winston-salem, north carolina, greensboro, north carolina wsj s great radio station local newspaper. apparently they got a reporter now there in winston-salem assigned a list of this radio program and of the guys already written one nasty little hippies, but all i can say is welcome.

glad to have you as a listener there in winston-salem, north carolina.

there is a weird story involving amish farmers and the one in particular is facing the wrath of the federal government of the guys name is amos miller he's owned a farm. miller's organic farm in pennsylvania and that he does stuff the old-fashioned way this guy so the farmer miller doesn't own door doesn't use electricity doesn't use fertilizer or gasoline, and he also stays away from modern preservatives. so is probably get a live to be like 150 of the farm has a private buyers club of about 4000 members. he has sold all sorts of food like organic eggs, raw milk, grass fed beef, cheese, fresh produce and mr. miller says that they use it as medicine because it's very healing to the body because of its raw nature raw state a customer say the place is clean, produces excellent got got no problems but now the usda is getting involve the department of agriculture and their accusing the farmer of failing to comply with federal farming regulations and a federal judge has ordered the farmer to cease-and-desist all meet sales and ease authorized armed us marshals to use whatever force is necessary to gain access to miller's farm for inspections and now they been doing this like every couple of months.

i meet folks were talking about the amish year.

these people live a very traditional lifestyle and since when do we need the usda to step in and regulate amish farmers were crying out loud that it really does make you wonder who the civilized people are here because the government's position as well. we will have any control over what this farmer is is doing in the farmer says hey look were just trying to live quietly were trying to mind our own business and were working the land with our hands and he says they're following the teachings of the bible doing very strange, but now the biden administration declaring war on amish farmers 844-747-8868. that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 this art folks, welcome back to the todd start radio program. hope you're doing great so j844 747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number and our beautiful liberty university studios.

i want to go to those studios. right now our good friend ryan help buying from the standing for freedom center, ryan hope you're doing good i'm doing great todd. this wonderful lovely afternoon in virginia. it's beautiful weather outside. nice to hear that i don't have students back at liberty university and are raising up some bug great patriots. there are champions for christ which is the motto of liberty university that's exactly right. training champions for christ is a matter of fact, this is our second largest on record incoming student body.

last year was our largest and we have the largest residential population at any given time, so it's we are on the up and up and up and and that's a good thing for the country because you guys at liberty are just doing an incredible job and we've enjoyed a long partnership with liberty, and the one of the reasons that we really respect what's happening there is that you are age educating the next generation of american patriots, yet we really are and we give credit to dr. jerry primo, who is is basically recasting the vision of of dr. falwell in a biblically-based wheat we stand unapologetically on the word of god and that were not afraid to go right on the cutting edge of cultural frontline issues and training the next generation against. i would say you know all the machinations of the local left, but but doing so with the word of god, something that doesn't change regardless of where the culture might rest were standing firm standing for is the website.

ladies and gentlemen, orion a few days ago a couple of ivy league professors wrote a new york times essay. they say the constitution is broken and should not be reclaimed or are you surprised that that sort of argument is out there in the public realm.

no i'm not, not at all because the constitution is what stands in the way of them basically reshaping our entire country and claiming western civilization into the constitution, along with the family, along with the church along with these other traditional institutions. it stands as it as a document, it's not. it's not perfect as that is the bible is, but it stands is a document that protects our secret rights and one of those is that you know if the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, you know, religious liberty, all of those things in order to change fundamentally this country. they have to get rid of the constitution. that's why they hated so desperately and again looking at long-term here. that's the goal for me. barack obama announced back when he was running for the white house for the very first time in 2007. he wanted to fundamentally transform america and a lot of people think they really understood ryan what what obama was talking about at the time, yet you know if people were paying close attention and few were they deigned they heard the sound clips of jeremiah wright's right united church of christ there in chicago. liberation theology was what undergirded a lot of his thinking on these issues. it's a radical marxian sort of marxist with with christianity pulled those together and today part of the radical left is critical race theory and critical theory. it's all about deconstruction and de-conversion and dismantling our sacred institutions.

that's exactly what was happening. that project started long ago. decades ago, and certainly you had ideologues like barack obama. oh who were pushing that agenda. ryan help buying from the standing for freedom center at liberty university joins us orion a lot of news about this is now reporting that, contrary to earlier reports, the Biden administration not only knew about the raid, but may have in fact instigated any surprise there. No, because it's it's right underneath the Department of Justice.

It it you know when you think about the history of the FBI and again I'm not trying to undermine our institutions. But when you think about the history going all that acted John F. Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson. There been moments where it has been used as a political actor and not enforcing equal protection under the law. It's it's absolutely insane. And when you look back at the history of the FBI and Donald Trump from day one. They've declared war on him and time and time again every accusation they've made against the president and then even as a candidate did not stand up at the end of the day leaving a lot of people to suggest that this is all political in nature. Yes, I mean 90 days within the midterms. You know what are we left to think other than it was for political purposes and political gain. And all this had to.

They had videos released.

It is early as spring of 20, 21 that was projecting a whole woke agenda at the FBI in terms of their intersectional qualifications for recruiting new agents so there you go right what you guys are working on at the ceiling for freedom center. Well we got a big national conference coming up in November and something were looking forward to and were also again training up in recruiting a new generation of those happy warriors who will defend biblical truth in every avenue of life, whatever profession they're going into, and I just remind your listeners at liberty University. We have over 700° programs in over 130,000 students now is a great time to investigate and to look into opportunities to continue education whether it be for adults for the young students we have liberty online Academy Todd with over 10,000 students as K-12 throughout the country and that's that's not just homeschooling.

That's basically a classroom from your living room where a teacher is assigned to your student that's fantastical to great opportunities. No matter, no matter your age where you're at in the education process and that's one of the great things we love about liberty University and you're getting a quality education.

The best in the nation at liberty University that is absolutely right. All right Ryan were to leave it there always good hearing from you and I know your to get a line for that Chick-fil-A that there's always a line at the Chick-fil-A at liberty there is and I just had some you got you beat the grounds that what good for you.

I write God bless God bless you.Ryan help in buying from liberty University and our studios there of folks we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 going right to the phones. They only tell you about some incredible opportunities for as my our good friend know they kick this guy out of all the big-box stores they they hate him so much that they did not want anyone to buy any of his products. The big-box stores would've rather Mike Lindell declared bankruptcy and laid off many of his American workers.

That's pretty pathetic, but the good news is bike is doing great and why is he doing great because of our audience, and many other conservatives around the nation. You guys have risen up and you will become big time. My pillow fans and Mike has some great great opportunities and sales for get this brand-new all season. My slippers urine is a $90 normally it's $140. Your to be able to get these incredible slippers for 4998. Also, the bipolar pillows 1988.

That's a huge deal right there. You're also to really get great discounts on beach blankets, beach towels and the incredible role and go anywhere my pillows just 1999 but you got to use my promo code. If you do Starnes is the promo code by using all you people in Memphis Tennessee. You should go to Houston's restaurant and show them a little bit a lot of title like it when the race Bob comes after people.

These professional race agitators always surprised, always apprised of the people making the accusations actually get a paycheck from us, the taxpayers, are we really all that surprised. So anyway after the show. I'm heading over to Houston's hope to see you over there 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number. Let's go to the phones bark from Florida. The villages, America's friendliest town Mark what's up quickly Republican and you have to add Republican but when you mix the bad Republican in with the bad Democrat. That's when you have problem. My second point is the Democrats want borders open because it helps them getting boat is well as drugs into this country.

I personally feel that drug money is what coloring the Democrat machine, proving it is another thing that is why they hate Trump so much he was he was stopping the correction goes to the top, clean and simple. If you catch them was going to stop them, but I'm telling you right now because I talked to many people and I know people in many turnaround. These drugs are what drive in these people.

This is what you doing it and it's the corruption going all the way to the copy you can't stop. Well, he can go all the way back to fast and furious Mark with Eric Holder, I mean that they were actually our federal government was arming the drug cartels yet and I still think you're doing, and I think that's what question and I think that's what keeping that meant everything. You know you just look at it I knew why else would you want to keep the borders open. You don't think think about it.

Common sense. I mean no other reason to keep them open. Other than the two that I just gave opinion, catching up.

That was my point and and that's the challenge. I mean, these people are there slick.

They been doing it for decades and I look go back to when when Trump got elected. We had control of the of the house in the Senate. Nothing got done nothing at all. Mark got a run to appreciate the call. Gotta tell you the story from Utah William Penn elementary school teacher. There is building her classroom into a non-it's a space for non-white kids take a lesson so I am kind of interesting to see how time stands and parents back to my classroom or even notice about because it's felt nonwhite students time and what I mean by that is like if you look around and you interact with some of the materials I have noticed no way represented that just don't think I very first level of education and I don't think like many stencil mind by now. Not a single case, there seem like my coloring pages and a big stack coloring pages that students can use and one with a person on it takes away person or character because I just kept looking for pages for them that they think of a detail on princesses. I have a timeline because there's not my favorite, and coincidentally they are not quite time and I think is my constant library of literature is dominated by straight plate so there is a good feeling that in my box is overpowered now from all the books that I've been purchasing onto my library that detect a lot of diverse peoples on what it's people of color or books and I made a trans otherwise LGBT Q characters and seditious not a lot of adherence to the status quo. I'm just not think piece level of my classroom so I'm kind of wondering asks Felix and parents might might have something to say about that. If my experience that posh white parents in the past holds true for this year was he okay I have a couple questions are personal. I'm not sure there are that many posh white people in Utah just say it's a working class state for crying out loud, but here, here are the questions I have now grace and she says that she's doing this because for the first time in her teaching career. She's working at an all white school and so she wants to make all the white children feel uncomfortable out here is my question questionable one of many.

So when she worked at the all-black school did she turn her all-black classroom into a white space. I highly doubt that I would. I would bet money on it that she did not so I know by the way there's a story. Other seamless the whiteboards are now race… Thinking that something about organizational culture and yes so so whiteboards are now racist, but here's my concern. What about the blackboards do they want us to go back to the blackboards and Ike at at face value and symbol of cars taught given the choice between a whiteboard and a blackboard to gotta go with the blackboard or your races with the chalk but it's the chalk that Gracie don't is the idea of using the white chocolate no so you're the white chalk. Your writing on the blackboard so therefore you're denying that blackboard experience. I just hate the noise I can't deal with that.

You know, like the noise I'm worried about is the noise coming out of the event gals blow over. That's a little concerned about that one. So so then giant also Band-Aids so the she is this you not have the flesh: I have like ethnic mandates. Side note does Band-Aids don't exactly match my skin tone either like orangey really that match mine for your mature woman. Nine they had uncle Elaine. The Band-Aids are clearly made for cis gendered white guy about the clear Band-Aids, that that's newfangled family does cost a little extra so anyway I she said she was wondering that parents might be concerned she was right.

Apparently of moms and dads didn't complain and now the school is investigating and she has remove this video from her tick-tock tonight just say these these people are idiots because they're posting these on tick-tock like liquid I'm doing here and here and here and then it goes viral and everybody knows about it because they will enter all your rage. By the way Grace went on me. These are sometimes I just generations. None of that's not it. I mean they feel they feel empowered and they feel like they're on some sort of a righteous cause. And that's what leads me to believe there's a heck of a lot more of this going on in public schools than even we know about. Unfortunately, unbelievable. I wonder she plays what kind of music she places strictly R&B made by minority artists.

You know that's the case of a what kind of a message is he trying to she tried to shame the children. I don't understand ballpoint a very awkward well once again we have an this is a classic example of a public school classroom that is been radicalized. This is about propaganda. This is not about learning. This is about propaganda brainwashing. Yes.

If you're a white kid, you're the problem that's what she's trying to say. But again, I would just I would love to have that within will identify the teacher I would've invited her in the program. I she would've been quite a guess. Yet, we will would we have decorated. I will read made her feel comfortable all she's a white chick anybody. Quite frankly, shame on her what she should have done to make her space feel more comfortable is to remove herself from the classroom, but a teacher of color in her place actually give a face. My ever want to do that and then I give up the power were supposed to teach reading and writing how to add and subtract.

But what were looking at is longform division and that's going to happen if we don't get a handle this. I gotta take a break here ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 this going on in your kids classroom.

This is the thought Liberty University through viewing movies to see his little torch and welcome to the radio so are doing well today dear calls in just a few moments.

So hang tight little bit later on today in this hour of the program enables our story out of Austin Texas where the chaplain for the fire department got there he bow, because they found out that that he doesn't believe that men should play in women's sports were to be talking to that chaplain along with his attorneys in just a little while again 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number.

Our website Dodge and there's lots of great information for you to check out their I'm very excited to welcome a guest and a friend of this program based right here in the Memphis area and he is running for the state Senate and what I with the reason I wanted to bring him over the program. They have come up with an incredible blueprint for how to fight back against these George Soros style district attorneys Brent Taylor is running for the state Senate as a Republican Brent good to have you with us today. Thank you Ty glad to be here and you're coming under fire from local media because of the letter you sent out and I want you to tell folks what was in that the contents of that letter will basically was a fundraising letter that went out following the election of Steve Mulroy who is a Soros backed a district attorney candidate now, soon to be district attorney and I sent out this fundraising letter was essentially saying that I needed to to be elected to the state Senate because I'll be the only Republican state senator from Shelby County and we will be able to use our Tennessee state laws to hold this district attorney accountable for not doing his job or doing his job. Depending on how you look at it because this district attorney is most of his and he won the election.

The Democrat won the election. Most of his funding came from out of the state of Tennessee a lot of big Hollywood money coming into the to the campaign as well and allowed New York money came into the campaign as well and so where this progressive criminal justice reform district attorney candidates what they have been elected in other cities, and it has not worked on it when you look at you look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, this progressive justice reform minded district attorneys have not succeeded in the markets are in the cities where they been elected and actually been been recalled with a chest of voting and and San Francisco would actually recall that in one of the first unit going back to Rudy Giuliani back when he was a prosecutor of before he became mayor, one of the things that they did was they crackdown on crime, even the small crimes of those nuisance crimes, as I called them and what happened after became mayor. They literally cleaned everything up because you when you started taking care of those issues.

The other issues took care of themselves. But now we've got lawlessness on me to places and you just mentioned, a San Francisco, Los Angeles, where there was a questionable recall issue there even in New York City and our people are afraid to walk out of the streets and in Memphis, Tennessee.

The exact same problem is about to happen.

It isn't in you mentioned Mayor Giuliani of New York.

The reason he was successful in reducing crime so much in New York City were were several things. One, he subscribed to the broken windows theory that you tended to the small things he prosecuted. Even the squeegee man that would run out at an intersection, a red light and washer window and they would hound you to be paid. He prosecuted that with the idea being if you prosecute the small things. The larger crimes will take care of themselves and New Yorkers got away from that of the communities of got away from it and we need to subscribe to. It is here in Memphis with your business man of very successful businessman and one of the things I appreciate as a small business man myself is that you're looking out for the business community here and to give you to give our our listeners around the nation. An example were dealing with a rash of car break-ins and you had dozens of cars were broken into at the convention center hotel in downtown that's going to impact the convention business of that kind of stuff continues and were not addressing those issues a will and for your listeners.

You may not be familiar but Ford is making the largest private investment in the state of Tennessee history blue oval city Louisville city is only 17 miles from our home county and we have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of that.

With this many as 50,000 new rooftops come in the next 10 years, but they will not be coming to Memphis.

If we do not get a handle on this crime issue and crime and economic development, or are linked because if you have high crime you will not have the kind of economic developer we would with needier businesses that are continually vandalized their customers. Vehicles are broken into the smash and grab that type of activity will drive business away from from any community, including Memphis, so you're kind of in that retirement zone. You have every right to go in and move you get yourself a beach house somewhere moved to the mountains or the lakefront. But you decided to stay and fight and I'm kind of curious to know why that is what you know I'm originally from Mississippi and moved to Memphis literally with everything I owned and in my pickup truck now. I packed grew up in a middle-class families is not like a Horatio Alger looked from by the straps are audibly stretch out so but I came to Memphis and Memphis and Shelby County have given me everything that I have is given me my wife given me my children given me my professional careers. Give me a political career. I love Memphis I love the Midsouth and would not bear to live anywhere else.

I know it's got its problems.

I believe I have something to offer with both my local government experience and also my business experience. I think I have something to offer to ensure that Memphis will will prosper after I've got have a reputation as a trusted conservative leadership believe that this needs and I can see that and and I'm a big supporter of what you're doing. I was reading this letter, that to has sparked this. They say it's part controversy.

I didn't see anything controversial in that letter, it's controversial only if your Democrat all of course I said well that explains why the local TV station was, you know, they're not big fans of Republic of the cigarette. How does one make sure you're aware that I'm aware they're not very nice but again I meet when you when you look at what's been happening in these other cities, and it's happening also in medium-sized towns as well. But in Tennessee the state legislature came up with a way to deal with this kind of a situation.

In the event you got a prosecutor who's not going after the criminals. That's correct, and I mentioned that in this fundraising letter.

I had asked people to really take a good look at my race because I would be the only senator from Shelby County as a Republican that could hold a Democrat accountable as a district attorney and here's why. Todd a few years back, the general assembly here in Tennessee, passed along the governor signed it basically says of a local DA refuses to prosecute certain offenses than the state Atty. Gen. can appoint a special prosecutor with limited jurisdiction that would prosecute just those offenses and our local DA here, who was just elected and by the way he wanted hard-fought campaign. We all wish him well. We as a community need him to succeed.

But we needed to do his job to do that, but some of the offenses that he is said are low priority, which means he won't prosecute or prostitution and I will tell you, people will say prosecutions of victimless crime, but tell that to the young ladies who were actually been sex trafficking and sex slavery into the United States to be prostituted out. You know that is a crime that needs to be prosecuted here locally. Also, the possession of drugs besides marijuana. He has said he won't prosecute and I will tell you is a funeral director. I have set and met with many many families making funeral arrangements who have children that have died from Sentinel overdose and to just say you're not going to prosecute drug offenses just opens the floodgates for more drugs to come in our community that are laced with Sentinel and will continue to really just wipe out a generation not not to mention the fact that he wants to address bail reform laws and that's with the big problem in New York City where your you could beat somebody over there with a baseball bat and you're out on the street in a matter of hours.

That's a big concern.

It is not.

I briefly had a friend of mine in Nashville with over the police officer had arrested someone looked into the jail. By the time they process that inmate and the police officer finished his paperwork he was leaving the the police station. The person he had just arrested had already gotten out of jail and had gone out to commit another crime and he arrested the same person the same night to different topics and saying I'd I was looking on the IK WAN websites are news talk station in Memphis. Our flagship station and there was a guy had a rap sheet, what, 13, 14 criminal convictions.

He was arrested for stealing a car and he was allowed to post bail and he's back out on the street again and again this is a big problem in and every major American city in this nation right now it is an and again when you don't prosecute the small things and I say small. If you're if you're a storeowner and you benched your people been shoplifting from you. Your shop is not a small thing, but unless you prosecute those small things that the criminals will think that they've have a license to go commit larger crimes and the point of this Brenda by the way Brent Taylor running for the state Senate here in the state of Tennessee. The point of this conversation is to let people know all of America, though state legislatures matter. It's important the work you guys are to be doing and we know that the Supreme Court just sent Realty Wade that's off the books now. It is a state decision. So who you send it to your state capital matters. Now, more than any other time it is.

And I have a long history of of the pro-life movement that might affect my very first vote on the County commission here in Shelby County was to defund Planned Parenthood and believe it or not.

Steve Mulroy was on the County commission with me and to his credit, he voted to fund Planned Parenthood. That's something he failed to mention in his campaign while what happened there. He is a he is Catholic and he, I believe, for religious reasons he about to to defund Planned Parenthood but he later wrote a mea culpa in the war the newspaper saying he had regretted that the all right will print best of what you working people know they want to get information about about you and your campaign sure if if your listeners like to know more about what's going on in Tennessee with with these really innovative laws to hold district attorneys accountable. Please visit my website Brent Taylor for Brent Taylor for and where you can contribute to volunteer and if you just will learn more about Tennessee and the really innovative laws we have here. Please visit the Brent Taylor for

Love it and what a great idea and the folks can learn. You guys can learn from what was happening here in Tennessee I think were all you have to revisit that on a state-by-state basis. Brent congratulations good luck to you. Thank you Todd appreciate our Brent Taylor every body and running and again we got also have a link to his website, so there on our live show blog and you can access it there as well. Gotta take a quick break or 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. You have not done so you need to head over and we have some really nice of you to purchase. I know some of you love to shop well in advance of Christmas and the holidays.

Now is a great chance for you to get a copy of what one of my books, the big the most.

One of the most popular books now is our daily biscuit devotions withdrawal. Everybody's loving that book and I would love to be able to sign one personalize it for you or a family member and we can do all of that over it. Todd Stern' that's Todd's turn' and the click on the store link, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Jeff and George Jeff. What's on your mind today was I hearing you talk about the teacher that will explain white children everything in there. I may not. I think that's horrible and the children would be the ones to pay. I had little kids in school in over many years are grown now but I got to where I I'll just stand up and compliance is not right. Like that it won't stand up. He brought the wrong teacher got fired board or something like that you get rid of her. She only to be in there anyway but so many people I have such a heart that they don't hurt anybody or cause any can thing but we can't be like that you can't change things in the world especially like Christian or anything like that. Stand up against the wrong and things will change. That way, but if you don't do anything. There's not just that's that's really valid point you're making and it's it's a touchy subject for a lot of white people to talk about because they're afraid and and and rightfully so if you if you are a white person you're pointing out what you just pointed out though accuse you of being racist or insensitive to minority communities, but all were doing here is pointing out that we are on a very dangerous path to to turning a class of people into second or third class citizens. And that's the problem I have, yes, I'm just yells like a space of the Christian elder was right even if I believe there's going to be reproduction of their negative Jeff. I think Christians I sorry to say this but I think a lot of Christians in America are cowards. They don't want to talk about this kind of stuff yes or no, the God of the Bible would stand up on the maintenance by then, and that he will so we just need to really get out there and wrong wherever it is you know, here's what gets me there is I'm a southern Baptist in the habits of this a time or two and Jeff, I appreciate the call but I get there.

There a lot of pastors in my denomination white pastors and their on this whole kick of that if you don't have a diverse congregation that there something wrong with you. And there I mean people are openly going around counting how many minorities are in these predominantly white churches, but it's and there are massive discussions about it. I'm just like what don't go where you know, go where you go to church or God tells you go to church but it cracks me up because at the same time there condemning all of these white churches. They don't want to talk about the other elephant in the room, which is okay. What about the predominantly black churches. Are they just as guilty because nobody was to talk about that. Look, here's my take on church you go where God wants you to go if it's an all black church go to an all black church will I care for all white church go to an all-white church. If it's kinda like that the church I go to where you got all sorts of people go to one of those churches, but the harder people try to make their churches more diverse. I think that's it. It doesn't seem like church anymore. But then all men are we heading to a Really Ugly Pl. in American history where you're segregating kids.

There's a story we talked about over on the website. Todd Stern' you go to see the sorry guys that was me. We've got a story up and the it's from UC California is that University of California Berkeley so they have off-campus housing specifically specifically for minority students in the in the rules and regulations and we reposted it so you could see it for yourself in the rules and regulations. They tell the students hey if you have a white friend.

They're not allowed to come into this dormitory. If you have if you know somebody who was white. They're not allowed to come into this space just for minorities.

That's called segregation.

I believe there was a civil rights movement that address that unbelievable what's happening in this country and the reason why people are afraid to speak out.

We know what were not afraid of the Todd Stern's radio program folder iPAQ America all right hello everybody this is Todd Stern. Hope you're doing dandy today so look out here is a great example of what we were talking about with Dr. Oz earlier in the and is the last thing to say about Dr. Oz until idled. Maybe tomorrow, but Dr.'s Dr. Oz share something in common with Stacy Abrams who is running for governor in Georgia. Take a listen. We live in a state that right now is decided seek cruelty to a new level. I am the daughter of two casters.

I have a strong moral core. I was trained to read and understand the Bible and I will tell you this, there is nothing about the decision to eliminate access to abortion care that is grounded in anything other than cruelty mean danger in the state of Georgia medical issue.

Medical decision in the state of Georgia is a dangerous one Bryant to call his name is a hard right religious extremist who is decided that he knows better than any woman about her body decided to make women in the state of Georgia in the year of our Lord 2022 are either and that's why every pro-life Georgia needs to get out and vote on election among other reasons, but there you go again, there is a difference, but look Dr. Oz. He believes the same thing Stacy Abrams does about abortion and he also believes the same thing that she believes about the Second Amendment, among other things, just throwing that out there 844-747-8860. It is our toll-free telephone number that we told you about a a bizarre story. We have this up on our website. Todd*' from Austin Texas a long time lead chaplain for the Austin fire department in Texas is is suing those that the fire department of the city of Austin right now and the reason why is he was fired and when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it.

He was really fired because he refused to recant his personally held religious beliefs. I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker lines right now and were honored to have with us.

Chaplain Dr. Andrew Fox and his legal counsel from alliance defending freedom, Ryan Benkert, a guys good to have you with us today to be with you. Thank you.

Thank God Dr. Fox. I'd like to start with you and I'd like for you to share with us briefly what happened to you why did you get the heave ho. After eight years as chaplain well I have the police department right here all and pick out of the blue came an accusation about my blogging that is private and nothing to do with the fire department and in my blog intelligently articulate Christian belief and argument and using reason and logic. But ultimately, I was told to apologize doing that or I would be fired so and let me back up your for this. A second that does not sound like an Austin exit is that what Dallas-Fort Worth something of the North Texas now.

I was an immigrant United States in 1999 on a religious look at the and then I became a permanent resident than a citizen later on will gladly and I gritted what were glad to have you were glad to have you and count you as one of hours Dr. Fox so you you wrote this blog they told you you had to what take it down. You had to apologize and take us through what happened next. While I was I apologize for my widely held unbroken Christian beliefs, but most Americans would hold nothing unique about myself and I refuse to but I offered a letter of explanation instead, and having submitted that letter! It was rejected because there was no apology in it to those who were offended, particularly the LB GT Q community. I want to bring Ryan into this Ryan Benkert from alliance defending freedom. Ryan you you hear this story and I know you guys are representing you filed a lawsuit. What are you alleging that the city of Austin is done wrong.

But fundamentally, the city of telling a minister ministered with volunteering to serve those who through their community felt that you cannot do that job. You cannot minister them and tried to deeply held religious beliefs do not violate Dr. Fox's First Amendment right yet the right really speak yet the right to conduct his ministry and the government cannot make a condition of the that you wrote you that he did that you claim and recant his religious beliefs that violate the First Amendment and run it's it's important for for our listeners to understand here and I want you to address is not Dr. Fox but were dealing with a man for eight years.

He has been honored.

He is been recognized. Not once has he ever been accused of being disrespectful to the LGBT community.

Is that accurate that's exactly right. In fact, basically for every firefighter had a need.

He has regularly heard without regard to anyone's orientation, and he has been a really a model for those who serve those who serve and there's never been an allegation, one that Dr. Fox would in any way engaging in discrimination. In fact, it was widely recognized that Dr. Spock went above and beyond constantly serving in times of crisis and need an inexplicably often fire department canceled and because he was simply conducting his ministry. Dr. Fox I was reading through the lawsuit and it's a it's a pretty lengthy lawsuit and is very detailed and one of the stories that really struck out to me or stuck out to me rather involved a telephone call, you received just shortly after being fired after being dismissed.

You got a call from a neighboring fire department about a drowning. I want you tell our listeners what happened and and what transpired in the neighboring yet department gave me a call during the summer there been a tragedy. They couldn't disclose too much on the on the phone but they did tell me that Dennis was involved in the chaplaincy was absolutely necessary to accompany other resource that was that. And very suddenly I had to tell that office that I have been dismissed from the often fire department that I would be delighted as a private to respond to his call for help.

Not only will the immediate family. All those that lost people, but also those that witnessed it as well. In the kind of grief gig. They go through.

That is precisely what a chaplain would also pass the world spiritual counselors for private and very personal. The office on the phone with the overtly disappointed, but he could not invite me as a private citizen because of the tragedy in the legalities involved and so when I get a phone night. I quite frankly was broken onto the because of you know being counseled. I couldn't function in a pastoral capacity to people I don't know whether they were Christian.

I don't know if they held any belief, but they were certainly facing tragedy and that I couldn't be that prevented from being that because I no longer wear the batch. Though I was overtly disappointed. You know that's the reason I moved to the United States Army.

It was in a ministry capacity as a Christian cost you Ryan. I hear the story and I hear the pastor saying that he was brokenhearted, but I'm angry.

Angry that those people those strangers were denied the compassion of a of a minister, simply because somebody and one of these radical LGBT people may have been offended by it by something that just angers me, but I'm not quite so important that the government follow the First Amendment here because there are people hurting our people you have, you'll need in the future going unaddressed. Those hurts are being unmet needs are being unmet because a government entity and ending allegiance to a radical ideology and demanding that there be noted that an canceling those who refused to bend the knee ideology and that and that is exactly and for Cicely why we have the first to prevent these kind to allow for freedom of speech to allow for those who are ministering the gospel to freely minister it consistent with their conscience and their beliefs without government retaliation and what is happening here. One of the things I found interesting.

Ryan and I was reading through the lawsuit is that the fire department has been openly supportive of the pride movement of the LGBT community.

That's all well and good but but clearly they don't feel that way about people of the Christian faith who may not hold or subscribe to those views. It really is baffling that they would deny firefighters to serve our community selflessly the services of someone who himself wants to serve those firefighters selflessly free of charge simply because he won't recant his religious belief that it beyond my understanding that in Ryan real quick. Here I and I know that you guys are not.

That's not your first the first thing that PDF doesn't mean you guys try to work through and and try to sort these things out without having to file a lawsuit has been any kind of communication with the fire department or the city of Austin, but I know Dr. Ward.

He worked tirelessly to find with the fire I took that although it add to no avail, no avail. So we really had no choice but all right will will Dr. Fox. We we want to stay up to date on how this case proceeds well we wish you the very best and is just appalling what's happened to you of this is not who we are as Americans here. Thank you for that.

But I appreciate that all right.

Dr. Andrew Fox and Ryan Bangert from alliance defending freedom.

Gentlemen, thank you God bless you thank you thank we've got the story up on our website and it's worth a read it, but I I wanted you to hear from the chaplain and you can hear his heart over this, and it's just troubling that you have these radical gay activist out there and they are targeting people like this chaplain, Dr. Fox. Can you imagine the scene at that at that lake when they had the the drowning and you have all these devastated people will know what we don't know if it was a family or closest friends or kids or whatever hanging out in the fire department calls for chaplain and they're not allowed to bring him onto the scene of the incident because he's been fired. I mean, this shows you the level of hatred that these radical LGBT activists have two people of the Christian faith is despicable. This kind of stuff is going on and we got a call about and we will call it out every single time on this radio program shameful.

All right 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time Stern show what is radio so I does ask the question all this crying out there across America. By the way there's up one of these upscale shops in Beverly Hills. They got big signs plastered on the front front doors that you have to take your mask off before he could under the store. This is brilliant. All these people are like they were the same people had already got our bags and got a bad virus. Well, now it turns out there was a problem because all these people were coming wearing the masks, but not because they had the China viruses. They wanted to rob the place and so now there these stores are telling people how you gotta take your mask off before you come into our store. So anyway all sorts of crime problems and I'm wondering if we are as a society to lenient on the criminal element and and I was watching I was reading a story the other day from the New York Daily News up in the Bronx. There is a a dollar store employee and is the Bronx Family Dollar and the young lady is been there for a while. She's 23 years old. She's studying to become an emergency room nurse, and she's Muslim. And the reason they're doing. The story is that she has been she is been inundated with shoplifters at one point she was there was. There were nine shoplifting incidents in one day at the Family Dollar store and she fights back. This one.

Her name is the Dean come poor and she said that she's been cursed at, she's been spit at. She's been threatened.

She's been punched she's been choked. She's only making $17 an hour. She works in a war zone for God sakes.

But anyway, she she's an emigrant she's here legally and Ms. crib or cease. She's as you know, we really didn't have this problem. Back in the home country and I gotta read this to you because it's brilliant. She says that you don't back home where she comes from. She says people do not do this and if you do, you can spot the shoplifters. She said that that you can identify as a thief or you can identify the thieves because shop owners usually cut the finger off when they catch somebody quote when I see theft. I feel so bad that stuff is not my stuff, yes, but I'm working here, and I'm working here to go to school so that stuff is not there. I like to get a job if they close the store. I don't have a job I'm jobless out I got a paper school.

This young Muslim emigrant has more common sense than a good many people born right here on American soil. I'm telling but I do wonder. I mean, what if I meet and again I think we should be merciful. I think we should be compassionate but if you go out there and you shoot somebody good enough you could get the death penalty. So what if we had some sort of I don't know very public or painful punishment for people that are you doing the shoplifting grace the same. Don't go there. Time don't go there. I'm not comment on that same chop of all of the fingers, but maybe per violation so and so you're not as light like three strikes you're out it's for strikes in the fall. All I meet can't when you can use to count how many strikes you have left Dobson hello hello but just think about that for a moment I meet. Or maybe you can just do like you know in the joints so you can do say so is like the fingertips is in helping Todd.

I'm getting kind of queasy is shower. You're getting queasy. Want to see what they don't have. They don't have these problems in countries where they have these kinds of laws in the book anyone. If everyone was packing heat. They will vent to the threat of it out in New York City. Only the criminals are allowed to have gone. That's the problem by way of the district attorney.

There and and that would be my preference but I'm saying is I mean if you're shooting somebody you're shooting to kill or in the case of some shooting to make sure they don't procreate, which is good that's good or shoot of the kneecap or that you have to hobble around for the right happened to the one guy was don't know if he was getting carjacked or what he shot the dude in the underarms of the guys like Keisha or Michelle. It's true, but he started you know but that's good. It was just he just got weaned yet so clipped as I would. I would just yet. And again, so the guys can come back and try to do it again so you gotta make you better have some sort of a punishment where they will never shoplift again and you'll chopping off the fingers just I just say that I'm not single out there do it I just said something to think about a you'll have to do it in the store. You could go to the doctor's office just we gotta do something. America method to something I love to spend five times there is I can't check it out

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