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Are Republicans Out of Touch With Everyday Americans?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 12, 2022 3:33 pm

Are Republicans Out of Touch With Everyday Americans?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 12, 2022 3:33 pm

Rep. Ralph Norman, Karoline Leavitt, Rep. Pat Fallon, and Pete Cagnassola join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities to viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative drumming series from well until I married mother somewhere along the line here is by no need to wait outside. Yes, coming back whenever I fill in for someone. A lot of times I get I get my messages on Twitter or on Facebook or something like that I get this message is not coming back or or or whoever it happens to be is filling the blank from sitting in for coming back like you think of when what are they coming back like my that awful seriously on that bad that you can't wait to get rid of me but Todd is joining us to tell us when he is come back and where he Rachel plan for discussing done a great job, Congressman Ralph Norman will be joining us in about an hour. Following him will be a Caroline Levitt she's running for election to the U.S. House to represent New Hampshire's first Congressional District and there are a lot of Republicans running to challenge the incumbent Democrat and following that Congressman Pat Fallon will be joining us immigration. He's out of Texas so there's a time and on immigration to discuss and then after that was into the show. A friend of mine will be joining us.

He is a volunteer firefighter and he was at Ground Zero. He went to Ground Zero to help you know comb through the rubble looking for survivors. But he has a really cool story so it's a little bit of a different 911 story so I thought it would be cool to share with you on he would keep me came into possession of gifts from firefighters in Australia and I thought it be interesting to talk about the culture of volunteering and I'm getting go into that with you will talk about that here on the show as well in the culture of volunteering and you know where we go if we don't have our volunteers like what happens to our communities. If we don't have our volunteers talk about that as well coming up here on the tarp Todd start show oh you know what I should do. I'm going to turn my ringer off on my phone so that they are talking about because you weren't silly season were coming into an election there is a Republican candidate in Arizona running for Arizona's Arizona said his name's Blake Masters and master says that the GOP is out of touch with ordinary Americans and I want to ask you if that's true and I go through and tell you why he says that in my own thoughts on that. But when you hear the GOP is out of touch with ordinary everyday Americans. Do you agree with that statement. 84474788688447478868.

Republicans out of touch with everyday Americans outside. I think in general, politicians once he been in DC for quite some time. They are out of touch with ordinary everyday Americans. I've lived there. I worked there and it is stitch with a talk about the DC bubble.

I kid you not. It is real.

Everybody works for the company knowing they divert what is the firm really works for the firm like the like. The bread said it's this it with the Royal family. It's the same thing everybody works for the government everybody. So everybody's got their own, you know's stake in the gainers at their own dog in the fight and it's it's really, if you're not that into the government. The firm the government that the party with everyone to call it into that regardless of which side you're on. You hate DC. I just found people I find the culture and I think this is why they become out of touch. The culture is so much about hi nice to meet you while they shake their hand and smile at you, but they're looking over your shoulder to see if there's someone more important behind you, you know, it's all about connections. It's all about getting ahead careerwise. It's all about getting ahead moneywise. It's all about benefiting me me me me under the guise of working for someone else in this the lobbyists and politicians. It's very slimy incestuous. The gene pool that genes need to be washed out. Every now and then. And that's has been happening at 844-747-8868 is my number so the light Masters says that Republicans, including himself, were in agreement about a lot of the key issues like low taxes and fewer regulations but he said he though is different because he's more skeptical of foreign intervention and he says I am more vocal about crime and immigration and some of my counterparts. Now he's writing against, I Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, who is leading him alike.

3745 percentage points was a lot I buy the race has been cooked political report, which is nonpartisan, has labeled the race a tossup which I find interesting because the polls are saying that he's losing 45, 47 points and this is why I don't trust polls. I think you have to look at them. I think you have to talk about them. I think you have to you know give Mel a little bit. Pay attention to them somewhat to a certain degree, but I don't think you pool put full of faith and get a better bed everything you have on something that is said in a poll.

We saw that with the 2016 election and look what happened right. Hillary Clinton was beating trumpet was going to be a will is there be a landslide. And that's not at all what happened.

So I think it's take some of it with a little bit of a grain of salt. So were going backward and talk about this and I want to know if you think the GOP is out of touch but first the man himself.

The man for whom the show was named Todd start is on the light hi welcome welcome zero show married Walter where you were. Do I even asked did you did someone send you out on an errand and you just decided not to come back.

What right do you know so you know how your go through. I'm speaking at a dinner tonight in Atlanta or the pavement. Freedom: although probably about beating a lot of our list WP UN tonight and Thursday I'm speaking at the family research Council national venture over to you as well so I'll likely be brought out tomorrow and Wednesday from Atlanta about the travel day I met a lot of great drought think you have just started to display a time for me to trip and wind up you know, put in front of the door splayed out before the end of the show, so it's time for that on so can you tell us a little bit about the faith and freedom event that you're going to tonight out of my route for you to be original Christian Coalition back in but they have been very promotable getting crumpled like good matter-of-fact implant bludgeoned by gold.

They registered more people to vote. The entire Republican Party of these folks are really grassroots their boots on the ground. Of course the Georgia chapter that I get to be speaking to as they are knee-deep right now, you mentioned the polling data out there.

There are couple of major races. A look at the governor's race or bride. Also, another big right you raise Rafael Warnock Walker, the polling data has actually now have Walker moving ahead of Rockville Warnock rate, I'm with you I don't put too much doctrine. The old but it does give you good weather barometer may be what voters are and where they are at that moment and talk you.

So let's talk a little bit about that I want to ask Congressman Norman about this little bit later but since were talking about the polls here you know this this race in Arizona with Blake Masters where he's pulling 45 to 47% behind Mark Kelly but the little port report has labeled the race, a tossup, so it says to me that cloak think that there's a chance of Blake Masters could witness yet the GOP has pulled there there and buys for Masters in Arizona for a for the month of August. What GOP do that so often to candidates. The Democrats will be pouring more money in and the Republicans are like you have a lot of money so we can take the money away from you just cannot they just walk away you go. Old fun. Money out of Georgia and all other battleground with God and grandeur and it tells me don't have a lot of money on hand part. I just don't think they got the money and the resources the Democrats that outback budget was actually after the weekend of break.where's all the money you guys been doing with the body of a local level to where is this is why I said this to my belief on your show couple weeks ago to one of the Congress and that you have on the shelf. This is why I don't get Republican Party first of all, not a registered Republican. That's number one number two. I weep my husband and I don't need once to Mitt Romney when he was running against Barack Obama and I gotten more mail back asking me for more money than I sent you the minute wasted the money on emailing me or sending me actual mail asking me for more money than I actually sent them. Why would I want to do that, you know I get that that's illegal. We got up we got a donor in the line were to keep asking, but after a while you have to look at are you wasting the money. I am with you I don't understand where this money is is going and I think that's a question that needs to be answered and the other thing, at least my perspective is think that people don't want to donate to losers. I don't want to donate money to a group of people who just throw the towel in a double where I can win this race anyway so were out were just what is going to pull the money from someone who can win and they just walk away while I want to support.

There really needs to be a united front among all the Republican national or local level to be about crime crime or art show originally.

Yeah I know that's a shocker, but honestly, we got those kinds of murders happening every day you brought but cannot win the hearts of the mind. They are not well trouble retaking valves representative may be completely out of reach.mobilize around the people are talking about.

Have the divers been around the dinner, and that's to Blake Masters point you that I was trying that is that he says that the GOP is out of touch.

Would you do me a favor Todd could you run the GOP because I think you could do such a better job than Chuck Connell serious. I you're out here. You talk to the people you're animal you know that and that is exactly put your finger on it. It's they don't they don't know what is happening and what is important to us. They've lost touch with us and that's really dangerous. That's a losing strategy. I can tell you I've actually had to go out of my way to get draft paper part of now I don't drive on the interstate I 40 because there any concerns about people getting shot tonight will be your average American world. It is not right and the politicians lawmakers to completely rebuild the Republican view. Phone crime guy that resonate and inspire Republicans to get their butts out and go vote on election. That's what we gotta do exactly that is so true, and I look at this and I know I'll let you go sending you driving and I should not talk and try to same times very quickly. It's also very out of touch, so why do they have money why don't we give it to all the conservative we go to the world and what role do with our money by turning around and bond left-wing activist anything we go to the movies only by funding all of the grant to have all of their very effective.

The Democrats understand the base of their party at the base of their party are radical and I got a load of cash.

Interesting because it usually don't work, so that's interesting that they have so much money wonderful safe trip.

But good luck tonight with your speech, and she can do wonderful and be very inspiring when you speak to our friends in Georgia. Thank you so much for joining me. I love when you call. At this time he ever called you but I filled it for you. I like this we should do this more often found great by the way I'm driving through through below. Write out your rock 'n' roll there you go. Thank you so much time have a safe trip.

We looked at. Look forward to you coming back.

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My number here is 844-747-8868 talking about whether the GOP is out of touch is the Republican Party out of touch with everyday Americans and Todd had mentioned Memphis rate and and Memphis in the news for all the wrong reasons but you know Nancy Pelosi and they don't live the life that you and I live they not all of them but there are quite a few of them who get quite used to the perks that come along with being Congressman and so it's hard for them and an income ever going to speak with a Congressman Ralph nor them in about Norm excusing in about half an hour asking about this about the GOP being out of touch and how often do they go back home and why is it so easy for them to get out of touch with you and me and really no longer represent us coming up more on the Todd Stern show bipolar was having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company, but it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners. The percale and geezer dream.

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Starnes of the time Starnes primary motor city for Todd later this week he is traveling to Georgia to speeches in Georgia to couple different groups back later this week for 47478868 is my number I had mentioned earlier, with God as our guest coming up we have Congressman Ralph nor them joint.

Norm and I keep saying nor them to keep thinking of the former governor of Virginia some Ralph Norman, he'll be joining us in about half an hour and then in an hour. For now, Caroline Levitt will be joining us. She's running in the U.S. House to represent house in New Hampshire should be joining us.

That's great raise that there Congressman Pat found will be joining us in the front lines can be joining us on who is a volunteer firefighter from New Jersey and he was at Ground Zero and he helped in the cleanup. In the aftermath of that and and he has some interesting stories to tell. Also about the fellowship of firefighters and he came in possession of some gifts from Australia from Australian firefighters to American fighter fires, firefighters and plays into something that is dead. I've noticed and I'm curious to find out if you volunteer.

I wonder if you volunteer if you do give us cells exactly what you do if you want to that's fine but I'm curious if you volunteer because I noticed a medium crazy nosy volunteers and more. It's the way of and raise. I know some people who would just rather write a check which I'm not saying that that's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Some people can't volunteer due to time constraints did not have the ability to volunteer maybe physically, although a big fan that everybody can do something nice is your computer and yet you do the email list for the call is for them or whatever it happens to be unity that do the notes of a meeting or something on everybody can do something and I'm curious as to why you think that's not happening. E447478868.

I have definitely noticed a little little town 3500 people, including little kids. It's a seasonal town.

So in during the season are a lot more here. I our population doubles after the season.

It goes back to just the locals but it takes a lot, you know, we have a volunteer fire department we have a volunteer rescue squad we people who run for office to which you work in our town. Granted, it's like being the president of a really large high school class, but with a lot more problems, arrayed sanitation and water garbage collect all that stuff eyes but it's not a ton of people but basically volunteer or do they get some perks yesterday makes my guess, but it's it's in your not living off of it, that's for darn sure and it's a lot of work I used to do a house tour in our town and because there are a lot of historic homes here, and new construction as well in some very grand houses and so was a tradition it benefited the only church in town to the Catholic Church and the church has a community center parish center with a kitchen and a basketball court. In typical Catholic parish center with a great basketball court with the stage at one end of course and a big kitchen and our town. Our school in town doesn't have a kitchen so the kids either bring a sandwich or they go to the local pizzeria, or they go home for lunch but are allowed to use that that power centers were all events in town happen regardless of denomination or any think that's where it all happened so many in town we'd support store that the committee we had we had a Jewish woman with a Muslim woman on the committee. The rest were all members of the, the parish, but divide the police volunteer their time to do the traffic control for very walking around town to go on his house tour money would benefit the parish for upkeep for the parish center and other things that was a great thing, but the generation that did that last year hurricane Sandy hit, wiped out a lot of houses and and house tour is no more. We talked about resurrecting it but me about two other people who are a little bit younger than I are the youngest people around to be on the committee.

There is no one behind us, who is stepping up to do it and it's just weird. I is it because we didn't raise our kids to volunteer. I was raised that way 844747868 and what happens to our communities. When people don't volunteer anymore. Things like that house tour now gone so the church doesn't have that benefit. But not only that it was a great events. It was a townwide event and everyone got involved in so it really brought the community together to meet. It was really important.

We just had this past weekend my our town's firemen spare again volunteer fire department in one of their biggest fundraisers, if not the biggest fundraiser is this fair that they have for four days Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and they got rides and they've got the big ferret all town the parking lot it's it's not a huge chair and they have to build a new fire department as it got destroyed and Sandy and they're just getting the funds together. Besides, what FEMA gave them to be able to do that because it's got a whole bunch of stuff has to be done obviously to raise things up to the second floor and all I can do stuff so volunteer because they don't have enough people to run the games and we worked every single night except for Saturday but we are also but we worked our help was greatly welcome because they can't get enough volunteers. Everybody goes, there is a great fun community event wants to put the amen understand it was it was a fun thing to do for us. We worked I did the will the water gun game you know and every something always wins at the great thing and it's fine and the kids love it tears and I think it hurts obviously because things go away you wind up having to pay for a paid fire department a paid rescue squad and those things cost money, and now it's a government run operation and obviously did volunteer departments have a certain connection to the government and they do get some money and there is input, news, regulations, and all of that and they do their training and the whole bit. And I got it but at least it's I think it keeps it in the community.

III will I want to keep my my volunteer fire department in my volunteer rescue squad what happens in those goes away. Besides the increase in cost you maybe you got people who are now who don't live in your community. It takes away that that feeling that's so important and that's kind of when I think of you in small town America. When I think of outside of you know, New York and filled out in the two coasts, like I think outside of their I think these little neighborhoods even even like that you have little neighborhoods and in whatever town you city you happen to be in Atlanta there still little neighborhoods, squeezing and coming into the suburbs. You know it's it's more even smaller and they may more property, but he knows everybody and there is a certain value to that I think 8447478868D volunteer what you teach your kids to volunteer. We don't have these volunteers never ever think of that people even think about that. My parents raised us as kids that you volunteered you gave back and so we did. We had an organization where I grew up was a rural area and there was no food bank or anything, but the church is all the Don denominations Jewish temple the Protestant churches benefit is Catholic on got together and they had a warehouse and they had were food was donated by the members of those parishes in those churches and temples and then you, the members would go down and you would pack pack bags you would pack meals you what you would. That's what we would do and so my parents was took us for Thanksgiving, kids, and because we were capable of getting this off the shovel you is had a you know my brother was in charge green beans or something like that off the shelf and we packed these boxes in my parents wanted us to know that there were those you know you may think your life is terrible because I'm not buying you a new bike or we can afford to go to Disney World or something like that. But there are kids out there who don't have food and that message was drilled home to us by volunteering. We also our church had a big fair for the kids and the parents did gambling dancers allocate casino think answers the parents. The kids had the upstairs and we volunteered in on a kind candy with my mother for four days at this fair. We also worked my parents had his work. The Special Olympics and we went every year and we had we ran those the food booths with the Willow stuffer McDonald's because they donated every year.

And that's what we did and we learned to give back and I think it gave us a very good foundation and I see my son, my brother, continue that with his kids.

They got a lot more than we did, but they still had that volunteering in the giving back. I think if you go to a religious school I went to Villanova to Catholic school. If you belong to any kind of organization on campus you had X number of service hours that you had to perform with a list of certified like groups that you could volunteer with. And everybody did. It was a big campus, since I think that pulls the community together. If that makes sense and I worked with people on doing some of the volunteer stuff in college that I was never my path would never really have crossed with that person because we are in different majors were in different schools in a liberal arts versus business or engineering would have surpassed only crossed with them, especially if you lived off campus and so I got to know is I get to know more people so might my circle grew because of the volunteering. I just thought that that that's so important and I am so sad to see less and less of it and I kinda blame the generation that raise the current generation that doesn't volunteer far behind me either.

I then started before. Just me is my generation. If you want to chime in 84474788688447478868 feeling the pain at the pump, not to the pump. As were talking about neoclassic in a glop if you don't have volunteers right so it's not just gonna be the pump and the graduates can be other facets of life as well.

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Todd will be back later this week is not going anywhere nothing or that he will be back 844-747-8868 let's go to New Orleans shall wait. So the new New Orleans is Democrats.

A woman named not to assume her gender. Latoya Cantrell and so officials are trying to determine if the mayor has to repay almost $30,000 in taxpayer money for trips that she took to France and Switzerland. Now I never understood when these mayors so I got to go to Ireland or these governors had to go to Ireland for letter a of of my statement to go to Ireland only really because his last name is Murphy. So I okay with this. It was this a family dinner, go see the place of your birth or is this really how are you helping the state by traveling to Ireland on what could be done over resume, call this curious, but they use their power and privilege, and of course they they travel, and we pay for so she's got a bunch of the brushes with some ethics problems in the past and so she saying that she's not Reese repay the money.

She took this summer. She went from Washington Dulles. I don't to Switzerland now sugar flights leaving a Louisiana but I'm sure she probably didn't want to transfer relational to fly from New Orleans to JFK or Washington Dulles and so she and how she got there but anyway so she refuses to it to.

We fund the money and technically she supposed to refund the money because she flew first class. So during a press conference. She was asked about this list to her response because there's more to this was in response. All expenses incurred doing business on behalf of the city of New Orleans will not be reimbursed to the city of New Orleans. One thing is clear. I do my job and I will continue to do it with distinction with dignity and integrity every step of the way so that's what I have to say on is it me was at one of the most condescending soundbites you've heard while I do my job. How that was dripping with just disdain for taxpayers was it not. She said during her press conference. My travel accommodations are a matter of safe D not luxury listening else that this is the part is he that is getting all of the play here. She says as all women know our health and safety are often disregarded and we are left to navigate alone as the mother of a young child whom I live for. I'm going to protect myself. I any reasonable means in order to ensure I am there to see her grow into the strong woman. I am raising her to be anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn't understand the world that black women walk in what she just does is that because she is black economy is not safe for black women.

She needs to keep herself safe and if you question that you do not understand the world that black women walk in what what the economy part of the plane gets to the airport at the same time as the first-class part of the plane right there is little curtain that separates that like what it said I love when a guy was sitting in the front row of the back of the class steerage and up at back of the plane and we can as I can see first class. I could smell the good food they were getting head out in the first row. The bulk of their and I love it when the flight attendant closes those those curtains, like okay you shall not see what is happening here curtain so dramatic and just cracks me up so I just find this list of the city's travel policy says employees must buy the lowest fare and if you choose to upgrade.

You are responsible to pay the difference. Now there is currently a recall petition out for this woman.

They want her out of office but I don't understand how this makes her less likely to not be recalled.

Although people vote Democrat or for whatever else she's a woman or she is black, or she's a damn whatever they're going to vote for her but that she uses the please the race card dear Lord Hermes card is probably been played so many times there's not much left to it so full I economy at taxpayer expense to lend where the paper all your food and your hotel and everything else and I'm I guarantee you, she's not staying it like a super eight and Switzerland or the whatever the Swiss equivalent is over you and I would stay.

She's probably staying enough five-star super expensive restaurants in the city hotel in Switzerland, but said he said could you please pay $30,000 30,000 of taxpayer money. Now you know why because I'm a black woman and I am not safe. If I don't sit in first class. What did she think is on economy standards tons of fights and planes.

These day. But honestly, they they just wrap you with with duct tape. Now and put you back in the chair and they just seem to keep you there until the marshals come they take off plane, but I thought that was just on ball leave the ball okay coming up Congressman Ralph Norman will be joining us were going to talk to him about what is happening in the news and whether the GOP is out of touch with you and me.

That's next on the tide started show join the ranks of successful Americans and the plight of the Kings College graduates of the King's College of going to study at Harvard Georgetown MI to work in the Department of Justice Morgan Stanley and teach for America rigorous academic roster. A Christian foundation have the opportunity to study online New York make the King's College one-of-a-kind institution. Visit to find out more go to to find out more about the King's College University through you sitting right now.

Congressman Ralph Norman out of North Carolina talked again about your wee little girl on girl am so sorry I apologize for that. My dad know I tell South Carolina accent. I love of the southern ice and I'm so sad to see people trying to get rid of their southern accents. They should never do that because it's so American.

I just love it. Your really think of New York.

It's a slow, although it's a pretty good letter. Yes, I can understand why you are in the shows we were discussing Candidate in Arizona Blake Masters and he's gonna be running against, I asked Sen. Mark Kelly right now he's down 4745 and 45, 47 percentage points and it looks like you know, according to the policies going to just be be just be a wash of Markel is gonna win the race has been labeled a tossup by the Cook political report so I don't put a lot of stock in polls with special and I look at coke and says it's a tossup. What did the GOP pull their ads supporting Blake Masters. Why did they just give up and walk away.

Mitch McConnell control. It is absolutely inexcusable that we have a chance to alert the conservative Sen. replace the current market. I would argue 4740 advantage. Kelly is no low-flying politics. If you within 530 points. You got a real shot but even more, but it just shows you much more convoluted that is not interested in the country for him� Gary you know a stand for a man that won the Republican primary for my hand but is a conservative who is going only American first agenda and for him to pull the quizzical just like to go to support Democrats.

The Republicans so I don't understand it. It doesn't surprise me to be on this with this.

This should be an easy mile money to commit to standby that will stop as much damage to this country, constantly wind up in leadership. What is he always get the votes from the Republicans will you get it all over selected several districts are you looking at the course know that an explosion why she could choose to look at her district to bring the money home. She soon takes care of the ones with put her back in office. But gosh if there's anybody that these be replaced is closer but the voters just don't go to the why do Republicans. What is the Congress in Congress. People vote for Mitch McConnell to lead them to give her money over to keep those outmoded to the candidates within the party keeps keeps a power. It is corner.

This should disqualify Mitch O'Connell to do this one particular one of the split 50-50 and had to do this is outrageous so that this ought to be a wake-up call to art too soon.

Linda grandma Tim Scott flight help raise raise the issue we have of the leader like this, judgment called hurting the country through athletic, ironic laugh like that Masters. This will probably help with think you will get the money.

It is not just about money, about money would be frozen if it is about money. Terry McAuliffe what is it before trying to afflict the split in Arizona you will see Mark Kelly Victoire is not without Mitch McConnell's money, which is no reason that all over things like master's assent is that the GOP establishment is out of touch, and I wonder if that is what's coming into play here. Mitch calls been in Washington forever and having worked in Washington DC I know what the deal. The feel is there. I know what a company town. It is then, and so he does want to leave because he's making a lot of money. Mitch McConnell is obviously in your there long enough you got the connections you make a lot of money.

That's part of the game. So does that make people like Mitch McConnell and others, out of touch, you want to get a better six years back to you in politics but found one to make a career out of something that should be a job you do what you think you try to go home what the magic term limits should be in about Google culture to house terms once a term but regardless what it is with Job been in there half of book century and Mitchell called comfortable but it just shows you to be some thought boy took to get a mile let him go home and live on the walls with not based on the amount of money that you make while in Congress, and about the true goal while getting favors to keep your power, which is what the what mood should witness closely about yeah it's it's really sad. I think I think you're starting to see with some of these America first candidates which I know the establishment hate so much, but there's a reason why they hate them. And I kinda like that. Moving on, the vice president, harassed in an interview said axes and she was speaking at the national harbor on's and sat on Saturday in Maryland and she said that she cannot wait to cast the deciding vote to break the filibuster on voting rights and reproductive rights. I cannot wait thanks to obviously Joe mansion and Kristin cinema that has not happened yet. Do you see the Democrats being system successful in breaking the filibuster manager will record.

But I know this goes back and forth between the majority of works both ways, but by God but the girls would legislation but she's talking about voting rights, reproductive rights related. She spiked yourself out.

She does not want voter photo voter ID she won't abortion own the minute she thinks abortion is healthcare in the Walter America as we never sleep before along with everything else with this gracious doing the Kemal Harris what she won't, but I don't think you'll get it because I don't think Joe mansion, walk it back first door Christmas and she walked back but became well that goes into the next topic I wanted to talk to you about is you know Joe mansion also said he was against all this big spending and then voted for it right. They gave him they gave him a little bit of a deal and he got a little bit of an energy deal on the side in the inflation reduction act, which I think is a hilarious name for this thing so it and it has to do with permitting reform and is so far left in their party is very upset about that. I tried to think that if they screw mansion over with this and they take that out of this bill or change it in some way to get the reform in that they want. I Joe mansion just salts the earth at that point in my wrong right with their party hypocritical wanted the Democrats practicum come out against Bernie Flanders, Chuck Schumer's numbers. What what you mentioned. It was sped up approval process for model wills and gas pipelines which this administration is cut complete completely all for America, so you not like the gun of a fight brewing about. We got a solid group of Republicans who will vote with 80 unit passage of any spending legislation to take back control and I'm glad to ask them across that I think wrote the letter, including the fact that you don't see their environmental shutdown funding in this package because I don't like old alike. Natural gas September 3 is coming pretty quick and I think usually will stop the whole bill in the don't go but I'm at the point now you know what they're doing damage in this country so much. This inflation reduction or anything, but would it stopped cold going on, but it is doing. Use that issue, but they had to marry because spiked out on the case dubiously over plots over. It's interesting you also bring up you shutting down the government on federal funding runs out September 30. And so, pass a continuing red resolution, whether that a full funding package. We always hear about these continuing resolutions very quickly explain to people with a continuing resolution is stopgap to full-blown budget is just a stopgap measure with dollars and 30 start date with this. What I also boost but what the problem it poses particular military because I have to redo all the leases it really hinders their projects going forward, which is the national is true with with the military so as soon put something up spending where it is those of us who do not will cool spending 2019 levels of a trip to the couple of numbers might have to go back to 2000 trip Roy uninterrupted so trips proposal. Also, I don't won't to know that, but we donated more spending anything because we already have a whole what this administration has done with this country to this country with not just about voting rights bill which is not the bold shutdown book boat ride the country bothers me when we get to this point all the time. It happens every year you not know this is coming. We all know that the spending runs out, we all know that we need to come up with a budget for the next year and every year like clockwork. We wind up with continuing resolutions and we wind up with all this other stuff that that intent is to delay this and the Democrats. Every single time blame the Republicans will they will vote for the both of the spending then you guess what the military is not to get paid and I thought they were for the military. Publicans can allow this to continually happen year after year after year where we should not completely blameless open over the years, girls, you're right. We know the budget has to be built with every September 3 and the fact that letter to let it run. I'll use continuing resolutions to get what they won't and spent the both parties were at the end of the runway were spent so we start playing know there are a lot of that would not vote for anything that is not all split with codes and shut the go, but that is something that uses leverage we got a note when I go to Oakley. We will just I have 30 seconds to Skiles yelling at me but I have to ask you this credit card there is under the code now for credit card purpose purchases. If you buy a gun. Normally it went under sporting goods but nothing have a separate code for.

If you purchase a gun it will show up on your credit card to the credit card company knows and she bought a gun and they say this is to stop mass shootings. This is her anyway for Congress to stop this from happening, absolutely will will will with the Democrat party controlled note that we will find it, but so good to talk about is just another step to take away our freedoms and gun violence their people about going to jump out commit violence into the car company rejected yeah I don't think you're going to just another it's it's really just another step towards a national registry. Sir we ran out of time, but thank you so much. I love when I get to speak with you.

This is just such an interesting conversation and you're just so honest.

Thank you so much and good luck Richard Mary absolutely Congressman Ralph Norman, listening to the Todd Stern show balance of nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house.

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You can join us comment fun time and also to that later tonight for 30 5 PM Eastern time.

I will be on his next TV on the Chris sensei showed to me they're coming up here analyzing 10 minutes Caroline 11. She is running for the US how she wants to represent New Hampshire's first Congressional District is a very interesting race coming up, so we will talk to her coming up next for staff to share this with you. I found this is a fun little story there was a study that was done in the UK involved 30 adults half of the adults. All these adults were either obese or overweight, and they followed them for four weeks to put them in an experiment for four weeks and they followed one of two diets are for two weeks half of the group 845% of their daily calories. At breakfast, 35% tent lunch, and 20% at their the other half consumed 20% of their calories for breakfast, followed by 35%.

At lunch, and then 45% at dinner because you always hear that if you want to lose weight when you do you eat your heaviest biggest meal at the end for breakfast at the beginning of your day and it's like, that's why Americans are so fat because we eat a big supper really does big dinner and in Europe they eat a big lunch and then just have you like coconuts or something like that for dinner. They found out and then they switch the regiment further for the two groups isolated for another four weeks.

It was for recent worries. They ate both groups a little more than 1700 cal a day and make they kept track with the foods where the foods were actually prepared for them given to them, but they know they found out it doesn't matter when you eat it doesn't affect your metabolism or weight loss. They sent both groups because they were uncontrolled diets they were being given the food.

Both groups did lose about 7 pounds on average, so it didn't matter when you ate your meal. So what they're saying is that whole thing about eat a really big breakfast and then eat fewer calories for dinner is a myth and they said one of the reasons that people may think it works. One of the reasons it may work for some people if you would big hearty breakfast. The rest of the day, you are less likely to be hungry.

The group that did that reported less hunger as the day went on, they were less likely to snack, they were less likely to reach for something else, or either you know super big lunch or something.

So that part of it may work so I was really fat and trying to lose weight. I used to eat ice cream for breakfast. Thank all my calories in the morning and guess what. Anyway, I wondered why okay Carol I let it, will be joining us next year on the time started so nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time by what were your swimming yada yada yada always looking for something I morning I woke up when I went well and we haven't stopped taking my wife and convinced that the start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now hundred 246-8751 or go to balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance renewing your run for reelection. You understood how you fight I got was Ted Cruz endorsing our next guest Caroline 11. She is a from New Hampshire in she is running for the US currently. Thank you for joining me now. I had to tell you so II saw that endorsement. Diane and I knew we are having on the show so I did a little research into you. Hope you don't mind stalking you very interesting and I was reading about Eunice. We know you did your going to be 25 if you win your be 25 if you defeat Chris Pappas who had is a two-term incumbent very very young and what things I have noticed lately is worth seeing a lot of young faces come out about the Democrat and the Republican side, and maybe I'm only seeing on noticing more.

The Republican side because that's on filing a little bit closer. Is that my great young people on both sides of the aisle are backing up to run for office because all hired and corrupt ways of blocking can be think about eat and have been down there clinging to power the taxpayer quite long and I have been alive and drinking pop and run for Congress. Actually, as a young conservative where our party, our America first movement blocking young conservative boys who are going to stand up in value of� Family love you country that were definitely lacking culture, society, part of my pain has been talking about the culture war really brainwashed and indoctrinating my Americans and I feel very strongly about the need to stand up and fight back against it since I'm still sassy because this to me is such an incredible topic that a lot of people aren't really looking at right now and I think it is so important because you talk of the culture war and to be conservative. The way you are and what is a little bit about you know your path so far, which is amazing for someone who is as young as you are what you think you were able to block that indoctrination and I will tell you this kind of a two-part question, I guess. Why were you able to bucket and is the pendulum swinging the other way as as we go on in time that you know the cool thing now is to be antiestablishment. I would bring that family here and I'm running in part of my home. I was educated here went to college here and really have the collecting of a lifetime working for White House I was one of three crack secretaries that served alongside Kaylee not Danny I'm not a very close and it a corrupt and and and want a locking out very compound after the 2020 election to continue & been pounding the meeting with folder people across think they're putting together a winning campaign at the polls open and out like a little bit morning phone hours from now worried around when it's right. People don't want done with the topic of the font and I'm running against one of them. In fact, he has spent $6 million against me over the last couple of weeks to slow down our momentum with equal billing for their and taking the right is elected tomorrow. However, it's not going to work if people are wiser and the establishment think that they are and very American campaign.

We put the last year. Now you are upholding the primary point. There are several right but your your speaking about Mauer's right. Who is your running against you and he is the one he is also a former trump a but the money understand the national GOP spent about $4 million in ads for him.

Correct correct and clarify nine hours with the former. Think of Dr. Deborah Burke, but Dr. you manipulate cobra 19 data line from and forth millions of American think a lot down and enclose our school while he was yelling for Dr. Burke. I would working alongside Haley backing anything on it and funny and cute American people and fight back against the corrupt new media land during our president and all who believe in him every day. I know that now it will be the rubber stamp they know he can be controlled related party and they fear that I won't because I've been unapologetic American boy here thinking that Republican leadership may not have agreed with and I'm proud to be supported by freedom fighters sorting through Lauren Bogart and Byron Donald will be in New Hampshire tonight campaigning with me about it and you can start listening like you have a fair contract in the rate you want the homegrown freedom fighter or the public for the want come down believe are going to win tomorrow when you say America first agenda.

What does that mean for you putting our people first and mean only thing that might of our American economy, bringing God back home blocking regulate anything red tape lowering putting more money in the wallet hard working folks like my family and so many families across the it means starting down our southern border and not allowing illegal been more than 4 million illegal aliens flowing into our country really year more, and there are law-abiding in my great state of complete dereliction of duty, not putting America laugh only thing the my production and flooring that we are utilizing the resources here at all, not begging the Saudi oil for allowing our hard-working worker and and coal miners in West Virginia and across our country. Oil for the American people, including our country, our people are climbing our military and we really seen the opposite of that with Joe Biden, enabled by my Democratic opponent we will be in November and there's a lot and it's not only hurting Americans here at home is also hurting our standing abroad. Our adversaries around the globe are laughing and taking advantage of a month, America first began, and then select critical in doing absolutely. You see, you have several covers and women. Very impressive obviously very America first candidates who are coming into to help you and to campaign for you, whereas your your opponent has the establishment and GOP who are pumping money into ads for him to really illustrate what is starting to look like a pretty big divide in the Republican Party part of the Republican Party, unequivocally America both lament for Congresswoman Aletha sonic actually following the 2020 election and I was there from the house that if anybody needs a job because one thing. Writing Republican voters across the country and fighting with the Democrats propagating that damn January exit committee hearing, and that somehow the American people care about that when working think I am placing a wide open southern border bureaucrats or labeling parent parent school board meeting. Republicans like Liz Cheney talking about January. So these are the type of leader that no longer exist in our party and the future of the America first nonprofit only American candidate in the right hand, and I believe that is the blind guy that I think is is kind of part of what the Republican Party is and I think it has to do with a lot of the things that you talked about the age you know and that's both Democrats and Republicans. The establishments just pretty old and they've been there forever yet. Would you vote for term limits that would be imposed on yourself even if you should, if you should happen to make it to Washington on day one of my back felt so strongly about the need to shake up Washington and work feeling for the people working behind it and our founding fathers originally intended blocking out the hot summer months want because people think down there for so long that they are bought and paid for by the lobby on rate interest groups and are not truly thinking about their for example establishment can think opponent not in our you font the question of whether or not he would have voted 54 billion more dollars over the Ukraine. I think the correct one and 1/2. However, I would not have voted for funding. I was elected to Congress on my bald Eagle first and I am placing. I think dereliction of duty.

$54 billion from the people far away.

There border while our own order it completely and for care and how do we get more young people involved in politics and more young people who are involved in a way, if you know not just looting the city because they didn't get their way. But to work in a useful way. The way you are doing at such a young age well will not only talk the talk on that we actually walk the walk to work everything out.

The younger voter file for there's no more effective means of calling someone on here looking and talking about the and the only candidate in the state have gone every single college, not once but twice weekly for college and before they have been very liberal administration that the school, but we talk to the students directly. We've also been targeting them on social media. I run all of my social media accounts. I felt directly through my followers, many of whom are younger voter to break through the mall get a reality generation millennial Americans consume their new and read up on the daily events on social media. We have folks I can speak them directly, and can really very effective school jumps out of the Army of volunteer that we got a campaign. Many are calling all students were very about the fact that a younger person is running knocking hundreds of dollars. Everything all day throughout the entire summer and they're the reason it was going to win tomorrow. Well I wish you the best of luck tomorrow Caroline Levitt. I get the funny feeling that even if you do not prevail tomorrow. Done hearing from you. Get the feeling I'm going to be interviewing you again somewhere down the road because you are quite impressive and very young, and boy do you have you've got what it takes to run.

I think a lot of people have good ideas that they don't have what it takes to run so best of luck to you and think you so much for your time today on the Todd Sancho for your vote tomorrow. We will print out will be out far left Democrat will put America first, thank you so much, absolutely. Best of luck 844-747-8868 is my number if you would like to join me. Love to have you going to talk about this in and talk about you younger people. I love that younger people are getting involved in impolitic site because I think that there's just been as a synthesis dearth I there's been a vacuum and I think we need younger people and I think you're going to start to see more people like Caroline from the younger generation who didn't buy into the indoctrination and I also think that the pendulum is swinging. I think the pendulum is starting to go the other way. It's cool now to be antiestablishment. We want to be when you're a kid like when you're young when you're in college necessarily kibble when you're younger and in college you don't want to be like a beatitude you don't want to conform you don't want to be part of the establishment.

You know you want to be antiestablishment. You think Bernie Sanders in the 60s and hate ash buried against the man Bernie Sanders and he hung out with that he asked very the man right like Bernie Sanders is the man so even he stands for everything. He stood against when he was younger.

I think that's part of maturing and growing up as well. So now, with the ultimate thing is is if you want to be that revolutionary, if you want to be, you know, shocking and and which is what you want when you're in her 20s right younger to make the world a better place. When you do you go against the grain. You go against the establishments.

I wonder if we start to see more young candidates like her because what that's what it is to be antiestablishment and to be different. You want to be the ultimate in being you know the ultimate in rebelling is being conserved in the downloads can be quiet in the whole bit.

I got more coming up 844-747-8868.

Don't go away keep listen to the Todd Sancho balance of nature changing the world one life at a time all doctors on the Schuylkill phone like and I all broke years there were good there more on the high, but nothing compares the belt."

Years until you run for years. While start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance very well during first five star is coming up here about 10 minutes or so will be joined by Alan talk about immigration. He is from Texas so obviously that is a huge topic down there. Some of the statistics that I just saw story that just made me shudder when I saw it in a minute share that with him and with you and if you want to join me.

You are more than welcome to do so is very quickly when we had Congressman Norman, I very briefly got to mention to him about a story that I think is is interesting especially if you are a gun owner or if you know believe in preserving gun rights. I think this is a story that you probably want to know about this international organization and this is a national organization is responsible for creating merchant category codes for credit card purchases, so will be in apparel for its restaurants.

That type of thing and it has to be worldwide because if you go to Europe and you buy something over there and you use your American express card or whatever but assume you use for international travel. I don't know these things. You need a universal code so the credit card company.

I guess why the credit card company needs to know this.

I have no idea, but apparently it maybe it's to make it easier for you when you get home and you can see what all your purchases were the international organization for standardization is the name of the company and they have a subgroup called the registration and maintenance management group very, very big organization to discuss a request made by Amalgamated Bank which sounds like something that would be a Bugs Bunny cartoon Amalgamated Bank and Amalgamated Bank wants a code just for transactions made at gun stores now in the international organization standard put spokesperson told this group the center square that the registration and maintenance management group members couldn't decide whether to approve this application are not so went to leadership and they decided guesswork and networking to create a code just for gun store purchases.

Leticia James the New York Atty. Gen. California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta sent a letter to chief executives at American Express, MasterCard and Visa urging them to support a merchant category code, so this looks like it's on its way. This is what's going to happen because prior it was under sporting goods, but now it's going to have a special line item for gun purchases. Purchases made at gun stores that they say there to help stop gun trafficking and keep New Yorker safe is my problem with this on. By this, for a hot second.

When I see that it's the Atty. Gen. of New York, the Atty. Gen., California. My radar goes up and I got K was is really about this to me is another is a backdoor into a gun registry which we know you're not allowed to have but if they can pull your credit card receipts look at done and see what you bought. They can very easily figure out what kind of guns you own right. Can't get to do that to scare everybody this is big brother looking once again I know everything about you and this is what they want to know nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time by what were your swimming yada yada yada always looking for something I following morning I woke up about what will we have. My wife and convinced that the window start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 or go to balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is rattling over the country with you joining us now. Congressman Allen out taxes. Thank you for joining us again. You say that's all the girls look at you I see you are down there at the border you get Texas you know is is a border state and your amazing governor has driven that point home to the cities of New York and Washington DC and Chicago and supposedly Philadelphia is next in line and getting a lot of blowback for that is all of that being funded the and the early go to the incredible hypocrisy credit leadership is showing all because you said you hundred year DC that there know you in California and they don't care. I cross the border illegally. We can do that they should be sent thank you. That's what the bear record of and I have to tell you it is such a boss move by it really truly is scrolling will I be like that to the nth level that is varsity level truly gets the point across. He managed to get coverage on these these liberal outlets that were ignoring the border and acting like there was no problem at all. So it was a brilliant move on his part in it probably is less expensive for the citizens of Texas to do this is that it is to pay for healthcare in your hospitals and having these kids in your schools because now you gotta pay for for their schooling and everything else.

So in the end it's probably actually cost-effective. Right after that way when you know you about a lot of migration because the state of dollars in education, healthcare, or old, and that that has a bearing on to the community as well. You want to know the great awakening along the that is about as they are leaving the Democratic Party because they see first hand what math a lot of migration firsthand what left wing policies that America left and walked the walk with and they know that is with the absolutely I unfortunately know, at the rate at which illegals are coming into this country. By the time Joe Biden is a longer present Republican to be on on course to have a good seed 9 million if he's averaging 2 million a year looking at about 9 million 9 million �4 million and you know looking to for years to come back in April without hundred 50% higher than the left. 40,900 the last minute and if you have the known got away.

You look you looking at illegals cross the border in the last four months. Yesterday on Meet the Press the 21st anniversary September 11, our vice president, Harris was asked by the ABC news anchor Chuck Todd whether the border is secure and she she she does claim to declare the border is secure. But she said that the immigration system is broken and that's Congress's fault. She said there were a lot of problems that were trying to fix and she said that they asked Congress to fix and to do two things pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship. That was the first thing she said the border secure, but we have a broken immigration system in particular over the last four years before we came in and that's what needs to be asked to ask you, why is Congress not demanding that the president enforce the laws that they have put in place because I'm pretty sure immigration law that's been set by Congress does not permit for an open border and right that border the body of the chamber.

The Democrat they have no and that okay with that 3.8 million people will walk you because you respect the law will become a part of 95% of what people call the liberal start discussion with absurd because we wanted to take the talent, the best help will not offer you want to come here and you have an English that will become a court on your allow folks cross the border claimant violently.

We all know that he not economic like they're not political asylum. When you have some that are crossing seven and eight countries to get our once you leave your country could be educated that and it is being engineered by the government. For instance, I last I just got rid of the trump error ruled that that was known as a public charge public charge for people you don't know is someone who is primarily dependent on government assistance to the government supplies to determine that the government supplies. Over half of their income to Pres. trump put in a rule that said no you can't come here if you're going to be a public charge of the wood you can come here and have the American taxpayers.

Your bill for you because you have no skills or you don't know how to to support yourself Joe Biden just got rid of that what the point of getting rid of that for Joe Biden. You know, looking at the recorder come across Democrat and now you if they political calculation. They don't care what it costs long-term for country. They are all about it. You and your came over to legally and I got here what I got from the government in Europe and the sacrifice yes legally you want we can now thank you and you you guys got credit card debt is overstate better clinical hero thing we like this public charge will what does the programs is that open up to illegals. What will happen all absolutely we don't have the money no we don't. But again, this is why I truly believe that the Democrats have in America last policy. They just want to pay for it and because we been talking about this the whole time that the GOP is out of touch with the American people and I truly believe that I worked in DC I know what it's like there. I know what I hate. I just really just couldn't stand the culture of Washington DC. It was very dirty.

I email it when you talk to someone who try to talk into something you feel like you need a shower afterwards. That's how I felt for the three years I lived in Washington DC at all times is like God is so scummy and anything because are out of touch with the people he been there too long and so they don't understand what it's like to have to live in these conditions.

What it's like in these towns. For these people who don't have private property anymore because these these people are just walking across their land trashing their land dirty filthy garbage begging for food knocking on their doors. All of that they don't get it, and it's really shocking to me that the Republicans have also become out of touch from court and no fellow quickly as I possibly can.

You have a part-time Congress will were especially five-month offer and I think you can do a lot with Mr. from damage when you're not in the Way you we have scores of Townhall, all we want have a lot to tell They connected our job is always one of the office close. So I only have a couple minutes of rapid fire here.

If we can do that will work is to be impeached by the Republicans for distributing to his job remembering yes yes we should be in this century that comes out of you capacity for so much of Eagle Pass but the Eagle Pass government of that little town in Texas is requesting refrigerators to store migrant bodies because so the drownings are overwhelming the mortuaries. Why don't Republicans why are they not hammering over and over and over again the hashtag Biden body bags. That's exactly what they should be doing should be done. The left always want your dog when you have their recovering bodies every single day, three months old and they said it is taking such a toll on the vehicle prepared for an invasion they were never prepared for an invasion and that is what they have and the workers, the fire department, the rescue squad is those people who have have to go out and get these bodies and their children. It is taking such a toll on them mentally that they're starting to break down and Republicans to me.

I don't understand why the vast majority obviously not even the vast majority. At least it seems to those of us sit down here like where art where's the marketing where's the screaming Democrats to be messaging this like radio. I want to talk with the federal do not control your Mexican drug over hundred million people will will unlimited the cartel.

The cartel makes between 25 and $30 billion year which human smuggling. Now that you don't belong to you on the spot. Most people pay or they are and you will about $12 billion now legal drug with the American people all of the so they understand what's really going on with the cost absolutely, some have found. Thank you so much for joining me.

Good luck in November.

I believe you. You have a race right in.

In November Barack Obama in your blog but I say in Texas, I think, okay, thank you for taking the time to jump is always a pleasure when I get to speak with you. Thank you so much. God bless, I coming up on the Todd store and show talk a little bit about the FDA and cultivated vaccines. That is next. Here the Todd Sancho balance of nature changing the world one life at a time from it. All doctors on the Schuylkill and I all broke years and there were good there more on the high, but nothing compares about not equal years until you run years. While start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance Mary Walter in order to start coming up with this gentleman actually friend of mine about who volunteered at Ground Zero 9/11 and volunteering in the community of firefighters and volunteering in the United States and it's important to support our organizations and companies that share our values and patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs, but they actually do something about it.

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You just go to patriot all one word patriot TOD or you can call the US-based customer service team at 972 patriot get your special discount and free premier activation by using the promo code. Todd if you need more details visit patriot That's patriot or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot super super easy. So as I said were going to teach a friend of mine who is at Ground Zero and he is a very cool story that I think you're going to enjoy because it's a little bit of a different 9/11 story and it is so different. We haven't really got a chance to get to about how the Democrat seller" commemorated 9/11 yesterday and some of it to me what was just disgusting you're comparing the 911 to January 6 over six is worse than 9/11 there just so shameless, but I said my friend has also come into possession of a gift from Australia that I thought you'd be interested in hearing about and how he came into that have that gift sets coming up next year on the Todd Sancho nature changing the world one life at a time around how I really like your product unhappy with you about it anymore.

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The show I Newsmax TV tonight around 435 Eastern time had to do everything Eastern time just easier to do the math easier for 35 tonight I will be on and that's on Newsmax TV and I will just waiting on our next guest we got him next guest is Pete Mazzola and I've known Pete since he school, maybe even junior high and junior high and he is a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey who went to Ground Zero 911. I afterwards to help and he's a really cool story, and he also has some really cool stuff that he's gotten from Australia, some to welcome to the show.

Pete hi very hard.

Good. Notice I didn't call you by your nickname site is just briefly know you and your family volunteer firefighter in New Jersey you find here you are on the squad in high school right school I got on the department with some of her other third one fire department for 10 years now I have 30 years from the department out for a combined 40 years yeah and we were talking literally about volunteering and you know why people don't volunteer as much as usual. Will get back to that but I want to start out talking because we talk about this from Pete and I pretty much do every 9/11 you living in New Jersey grandpa New Jersey being here. 9/11 was just so close to home for us in so many of us know people who didn't come home and or people who went to Ground Zero like Pete my my uncle was in the World Trade Center and by the power of God made it out alive. So Pete, you went over you and up to a Ground Zero when did you go to the attack after now, why did you not like me. When did you just do have your own accord. Did the deed.

Your fire department go, how is has a come about our fire department 37 miles west of Manhattan and we took our group about down there and guys you know to help out any way we could and we made it in to the debris field 48 hours working alongside of the New York City harbor King. Can you share with everybody what that was like to be there as you can see the pictures but I don't think seeing the pictures, it's just not the same. I think impossible to describe it. Not like you've never seen before for you. Part was all their fellow firefighters were scrambling trying to rescue their fellow firefighters mind and that was part of the part of this that was just so devastating is they were searching for their own and and so these firefighters went from I know are our volunteer fire department went and you know other towns decided okay you read this many people can go from here. This may people to go from here and everybody cross covered if God forbid something happened yet. There was a fire at home. That type of thing and it really I think brought obviously the whole country to gather blood he brought these smaller groups and brought firefighters much closer and I think there's a tight knit brotherhood of firefighters anyway right doesn't matter whether you're from New Jersey or you're from Tennessee or you're from Georgia where we have to be from if you meet somebody else is a firefighter. There's a certain kinship that right right right Marion peered a little bit more today. You know people call each other brother with the fire service, but when you roll the clock back 21 years when it was something I have the New York City firefighters you calling your brother and thanking you for being there. Your work looks out of your heart really broke. Of course now deed firefighters come from other parts of the country as well or was it mainly New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, the closer ones. I think that the majority of the people that were were here, but I'm sure every fire department wanted to be there. You just felt like you how to be there and help out anyway you care so the other fire departments that are further away geographically.

Although they might not know they were. Think about those guys and wishing I could be there so that brings me to the next part of the seven audience. We are to talk about this you this really illustrates the brotherhood of firefighters and wanting to be there and you are in possession of something that's really cool and I think it came from Australia cracked right.

I had a very good friend daughter was our Consulate Gen. will Australia in Australia many places further from New York City and Australia. I believe it's about 11,000 miles away and get only one of the New York City firefighters know that they were thinking about. They brought to her office three fire helmet weight fire with their messages on their to the New York City firefighters and she did not know how to get him to United States for word.

O father recommended me to a local cabinetmaker.

The guy did a fantastic job putting them on a plaque in a glass case and you know that we had a duty to get him to New York City.

What we learn. Firefighters in New York just got overwhelmed with a lot of things like what I'm describing. And they just didn't have a place or await so what made was to put them to good use by putting them in places that would promote the brotherhood of firefighters show how United firefighters are future service.

Everybody that came together and we go there.

There moved around the go to different firehouses will be County seat here in Somerset County. They've been for the fire Academy to the Statehouse New Jersey used to promote the brotherhood of firefighting and number. The New York City fire so I just love the story. I think it's so cool. Are you the one who has to take you seems everywhere you are you traveling all over the United States. You know they're available and will make you will will about butcher will will get them wherever they need to be the, the, what were just looking for is an effort to promote the brotherhood of firefighting and draw positive attention to volunteering more happy to make him available and try to put try to make something good out of you know what happened. Try to make something, create something positive out of you ever able to get in touch with any of those firefighters to let them know what did with the helmets are being used for weekly rehab and were going to reconnect with those guys and let them know some of their contact information. When they came to work with God.

The fire companies because they're cheap, quite helmet and got the name of the fire department on there so were going to let him know to let them know about your radio show they were featured on well that's great.

I'll be very happy. This is syndicated so it's being heard in" quite a large number of areas in the United States and I just wanted to story to be told I thought was super super cool and like to have got a couple minutes your Pete I want to talk very quickly.

I talked about earlier in the show about volunteering. You even doing this for and I honestly thought you were on the squad in high school so you been doing this forever. What is it you see a drop off in volunteers. Do you see that it all for you are your nowadays were back when I started the first company that I was. We had 70 calls a year.

That was a lot of calls the company I'm in right now. I was 99. We ran 548 fire calls so changed to become busier business. The requirements are a lot tougher to become a firefighter. It's 100+ hours just are you able to become a firefighter, so the requirements are a little bit tougher so you to answer either the requirements or copper. We have seen a drop off and that's why you know how much I think you know help you know promote and hopefully bring more people would fire service in the United States, roughly 70% of all firefighters are volunteers. How much roughly 70% is people don't know that most people do not know that.

Which is why wanted you to say that again because I don't think most people know that on actually hold on okay we have a call, but I'm take this caller after were done here is I want to continue with use O'Connor. Hang on, I get to you ASAP here so that's amazing 70%. Most people don't realize that that when your house that you know is on fire and you're losing all of your possessions you looking at a very small group of people who were going to come and and help you and save save you, your pets, whatever it happens to be, and people don't realize that I don't think they have an appreciation for it and I'm really glad you brought that statistic out because it it goes a long way. I think in helping raise awareness because so many people are shocked to find out that the fire department is volunteer and see really need to support them and you really need to support them financially but also volunteer wise and and etc. because it's it's really good people who make that happen without them you be paying for it, and I guarantee you will not be as well run as it is when the volunteers are doing and we got a run. Thank you so much for joining me for absolutely, Pete had have a great day Connor.

Hang on, I will get to you next. 844-747-8868 Todd Stargell nature changing the world one life at a time around the house. I really like your product unhappy with you about it anymore.

You daughter your daughter regular work heard don't always know about the noble work going more energy work will I think have a little more energy older disabled person.

I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger. Start your journey to better health.

Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance very quickly. Think, for here or two about people behind them. You know we shouldn't talk to the Korean War or any of the wars.

The bottom line is most stating in the history of the United States is probably is probably Ground Zero 3000 people on the morning of September 11, innocent people. On September 11. What you should forget what happened. Stone schools around the country to let them know what happened was that was Bernie Kerrick talking about the fact that most schools do not require 9/11 to be taught in in today to the kids were too busy teaching them about their pronouns and all his other stuff and they can't rewrite or and they don't know anything about American history. Let's quickly go to Connor from Boston country on the Todd start show. Thanks for hold. None. Great job you will all will not teaching about 20 all you want, 19 nearly 3000 Americans on American soil.

All our children very interesting because you know what's happening when January 6 I was an insurrection. It was the worst. We had liberals and Democrats get to the microphone and talk about compare 9/11 here, here, Sen. Mark Warner. Actually it's it's a long cut but Sen. Mark Warner said I you know talking about 9/11. The sunny thing to me is here we are 20 years later and the attack on the symbol of our democracy is not coming from terrorists, but it came from. Literally insurgents attack in the capital in January 6. He compared 9/11 to January 6. They have no problem with a painting anyone who is a Trump supporter as an insurrectionist as a terrorist, etc. but you say what you just said because that you are equating. Odd that people think that's equating all Muslims with went with the attacks on 9/11 and no one is doing that by saying it no problem saying that was the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor right problem, saying that so why can't we say what happened on 9/11 like it was what they are looking for you� Yeah it is unbelievable Connor thank you so much for joining me again thank you for hanging on. I am Christian, I love to hear from you and people like Connor who are you know the pendulum is swinging the other way. It's starting to come around. They have saturated our kids with critical race theory with this pronoun baloney and all this other stuff and I think you are starting to see some of it break through you starting to see some of these kids break through the noise and and realize that. Wait a minute, maybe I am not being told the truth about everything I do think I'll say this over and over and over again. I said during the pandemic.

The pandemic was the greatest gift to education in the United States because parents became aware of what their kids were being taught and once parents became aware of what their kids are being taught. Parents whether they were Democrats or Republicans at well above about women. What they don't like it and so you're starting it to change its why you're starting to see the African-American vote the Latino vote the Asian vote all come towards the Republicans because they value education for their children. That is absolutely why and it's important absolutely important.

Thank you so much for letting me join you letting me sit in for Todd Starr and Josh and Grace and Kyle, thank you so much Todd back with you later in the week. I'm very well to us each night on Newsmax at 435 Eastern remember to eat your fruit and vegetables.

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