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Bishop Wooden on Abortion

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November 15, 2019 9:56 am

Bishop Wooden on Abortion

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 15, 2019 9:56 am

Bishop Wooden on Abortion

Today, joined by Bishop Patrick L. Wooden Sr. to talk about the Church of God in Christ's official statement against abortion! Plus, discussing today's impeachment circus with a ton of developments!


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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone decides what is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now is your house is all kinds of stuff going on all over the place.

I have mentioned the other day about my buddy chairman of Operation Rescue. Also on the board of a Center for medical progress. There is the big Federal case out there against Troy and David delight in a bunch of those folks and about 30 minutes ago. They came in with several guilty pleas several guilty charges against Troy and the others in on the details yet. He just got on a plane sorting to talk to Troy, probably on Monday. That is a big deal. Again, like I don't have the details yet, but I'm to get them and Troy. Undaunted, as usual, he's undaunted and NA just texted me he's got such good sense humor goes looks like I'm a racketeer buddy praise Jesus and then eventually said you're the first to know.

Just happen 30 minutes ago forgiven Lord, for they know not what they do and they don't but I doesn't mean we don't fight we don't stand up in one of my brothers from another mother who has been standing up and fighting for years is my good friend, my good brother in Christ Bishop Patrick a wooden senior of the upper room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina how are you my brother. I don't know if you're in a speaker or not. If you're in a speaker vegan switch to the regular that would be hotter. That's good.


Okay, I was as I was disciplined, not Patrick sent me a text just yesterday about something that happened at the Church of God in Christ annual convocation is their big annual meeting in St. Louis and that I was blown away by this Bishop and I was just incredible news up for any denomination to make this kind of a statement, but in particular for an African-American denomination to do this was just incredible. Obviously, a move of God. And I know you been working on this for years and end up in a leader in the Church of God in Christ, so can you give us the breaking news because this is really important. It's really amazing and we praise the Lord for what. Thank you for allowing me to share the big field big deal in our general assembly last Monday and Tuesday. The Gen. assembly of the Church of God in Christ of national meeting take place in the September November every year about this time and we got a resolution passed taking the stand on the sanctity of life resolution. 11 2019 – 01 and it is a 80s, a resolute unequivocal stand that the Church of God in Christ has made against abortion and we got it past with not one this. Now the interesting thing about this, it had to be the Lord's doing, and we been working on it for quite some time. We had the support of the presiding Bishop Bishop Charles Blake, the general board and all offices of the church as well as the 2000+ delegates who were at the Gen. assembly and the funny thing is Church of God in Christ is overwhelming. The black church and a good number of the delegates probably 80% were probably registered Democrats and yet we got this resolution passed and it states that abortion is genocide abortion and to protect the life of the unborn and the resolution is fueled with scriptural reference because we all church and initially in its original form was first presented it. There were some of the bishops and others in the church who also medical doctors, which some concerns with some of the things that were in it that so we had to kind of hammer it out in a meeting after Monday night we met for about 90 minutes or so.

Several medical doctors, several theologians, several bishops they put us in a room and they said get it done and we we want to keep in mind that we were not making a medical statement but at the same time going to make sure that everything that we stated while Acharya you know you don't want your offer to destroy the effect and you we wanted to make sure everything was in order and it passed quickly. The final resolution, said the final end of the space be it resolved that the Church of God in Christ is in is very concerned about the health and well-being of women. However, the killing of the unborn to killing of the innocent is not healthcare now for me it finally resolved that the Church of God in Christ didn't now the systematic destruction of human life by the way of abortion. We believe in and support the sanctity of human life and to my knowledge would only Protestant African American church mainline church, whether it is a Pentecostal Baptist design or any other that has has this resolution has this statement as a part of the concrete doctrine. We've always been up to abortion obviously serve as the Bible says what he says this resolution needed to have been passed in the we got it through with the help of some fantastic people. One of the bishops, Bishop Vincent Matthews, the resolution and that with input from many, and that I was able I was privileged to stand on the floor doing the general assembly and argue in favor of it and wonder things are said is that with the Church of God in Christ being a great church as it is. It is too great of a church to let you not to have this resolution that affects that that goes against a abortion which helpful since 7346% of African-Americans just after Americans alone should be here all grown as a result of abortion. I did notice Bishop that the use of the word genocide. Yes, yes, yes we use the word genocide is matter fact, that will be when you when you are I don't what the Bible calls while not only, but when you are giving birth. When you when when will all be… I'm giving birth. That is, by definition, genocide, and I apologize. Patrick said going to get out of the channel got a break. Some of the Reich life will be back in a couple minutes and will pick it up right there talking to Bishop Patrick L.

Wooden senior of the approved Church of God in Christ my slightly only slightly older brother from another mother amazing news Church of God in Christ, one of the largest black denominations, now force against abortion. Talk about that when we come back to double show and we finish our conversation with Bishop wooden organizer turned the corner in the second half. Michelle I been watching. Pray for me and my my real recovery from this been watching hours of Marie Jovanovich in front of the committee. The second public hearing they've had in the quote on quote impeachment inquiry, which is really political kabuki theater. It's just that ridiculous, but all kinds of things going on there that I want to talk about. So we'll get to that in the second half of the shoulder right now.

Talk about something that is is is crucial. It's exciting. We praise the Lord for it and it's the recent resolution signed off on, but by by basically unanimous vote Church of God in Christ, one of the largest African-American denominations on the planet. Specifically, here in America, Pentecostal, and for them to come out and hit this is hard as I have with this resolution, including using the word genocide is just amazing.

So our good friend Bishop Patrick a wooden senior of the upper room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh is bringing us up to date and sharing this awesome news and and it certainly is. Did you ever think a Patrick that you would see a day when your denomination would come together and and and sign off in a resolution. The strong about abortion.

It was going on with you we do with the Lord's people at the end of the day. The Bible rains and there is a revival going on across across America.

I think that you mentioning that the trials of going on the committee hearings, but I think people begin to see something and inroads are being made is amazing what happened with people, get a job and amazed is amazing what happens when people get opportunities but with this thing in particular, much prayer was applied and it's amazing the cross-section of people even when we had the resolution read we had one of the mothers if you will of the church mothership read the resolution John that suggestion he said wouldn't it be great if one of the mothers rated and great job and up and it was it was everywhere received. We have me Matthews. So many of the system. Lastly, you know, Leslie Monet for yes sir. So many of us have been hammering away at it and hammering away at it every opportunity we get legal national platform. Regardless to what platform you we sweep what we find a way to bring this up wherever we go find clinics in this city and we we fight the fight of life there and in people's hearts and minds have shifted one God for a quickie said to me, I'm against abortion but help me with this. What about someone is raped and their pregnant, I need your help and I said breasted brother Mr. Ralph is in all things there is no time to break it so we could play, but is almost as wicked as rape years. As bad as the rate the woman who was raped is now considering doing something worse to the child in her bed and what the rate for the murder is worse than rape, and as all full and rape years and that, as I explained it to me said you know, I can see that I get when I don't think great benefit. We fight those things to mail but at the same time. All life is precious and and and and from a scriptural philosophical spiritual standpoint yeah you even a case like that, the question still has to be a white wall. The child to so we we we were able to leap over those photos are part of the resolution is something that we all full, which is a proactive abstinence education for students, Bible-based sex education supports marriage and family. Alternate alternative to abortion, adoption support, education, counseling and support for women and men who are suffering silently from Holst abortive, counseling that supports made in women of funding for clinics that provide a full range of healthcare that exclude elective abortions. That is week four mammogram sexually transmitted disease testing, prenatal care, parenting support early childhood support and been increase community safety net, parental support, and especially our churches to include and we talked about respite care, financial support, education of the creative with you that's awesome. So is my only concern is always a concern whether talking about Church of God in Christ Southern Baptist anything else. How do we will how you feel about this going from a resolution that was signed onto unanimously, which is so powerful to be then preached in the pulpits which I know is a big challenge because a lot of pastors just don't preach about it at all, but, but what it what you think. Is this the future there with what pastors inside the Church of God in Christ beginning to preach about this strongly from their own pulpits because that's where we need it the most down the street, will you believe that this will lead them doing it because it is a matter of doctrine and and when you're talking about the position of the Jews you you you if it's in the resolution. No one going to come against you, for I believe that the pastors more and more pastors now all crying aloud how many we've given out what we go to the conventions made it down the past of the happy warriors at our own experience. We get a table.

You know when you have the big areas where writing, writing their wares or stop.

We have a table and we want a few tables that have nothing to sale where products are giveaway and then I'll table if all kinds of teachings doctrine is accomplished different phase of life and and and highlighting that the tragedy of abortion and you would be amazed at what happened. We have people to get saved right there at the table. Break out in tears were there to table pastors who say to be of her desire to want to hurt a thousand times. I had no idea. And now that people being brought to the light because, you know, Steve.

Many people MSNBC watches union watches the liberal liberal feed from the liberals. They are going to address this murder and present it as a woman's right to choose to make it a woman's right rather than a human life that many people are bidding that be the Democrat party has been hijacked is a part of their party platform so they bring in all of these political people whom they trust. They believe that best interest at heart.

And yet people all with this deadly.

Now there's pushback going there hearing the other side. You know what it doesn't make sense for them to provision as you know what regardless to what I am a Democrat or independent. All I can see that according to Scripture, is all. Also, we won't race to survive. We can't survive giving into the doctrine we we sat between 1113% and look at how minority groups have passed before sounds together tomorrow. Absolutely brother I'll be there. God bless you think this is the number will be right back after this.

Try to keep myself under control here in the second half of the show super excited about what we are talking to my slightly older brother from another mother. Bishop had to go wouldn't senior of the upper room Church of God in Christ here in Raleigh, North Carolina, very involved, very influential in the Church of God in Christ in one of the largest black denominations, if not the largest black denomination in America and with the strong resolution for life against abortion, calling it a Holocaust super strong, and he says in Bishop said as he seen a shift and what's going on.

And yet this was happening because he spoke out against Obama, and he had pastors Afro-American pastors coming up to him in private.

Say amen you're right. And there is a ship going on there. I said this since the beginning of the year. There is a change in the wind direction on the issue of life here in America and we need to lean into that pray for that fund that and get involved. So, tomorrow, and I mentioned this to Bishop when at the end of our time together I will both be together here in Raleigh, which is always a blast. Love life are week 40 celebration at this will be her 40th week showing up love life in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, North Carolina also now in New York City outside the Margaret Sanger clinic, the largest, most Luddy abortion clinic in America.

So tomorrow is our week 40 celebration will hear from a lot of different people will will be back in front of the abortion clinic again but just celebrating all that the Lord has done through this church effort the government is not about the individual Christians. It's about the body of Christ is about the church.

So that's tomorrow. Rain or shine can be raining here in North Carolina who cares. So if if you are in it that somebody dragged you into a building to kill you and people don't show up to intercede on your behalf because it's raining and cold hot. How would you feel about that right. It's ridiculous right so if you are planning on coming out to the love life a week 40 celebration tomorrow night or waffling a little because it's going to be kinda cold and it's got to be rainy, but take a look in the mirror, you know the right thing to do and I should not the beach up about this. I'm just encouraging you I'm challenging you follow through follow-through because the babies the moms and the dads are worth it. Love is the website you can see all the information there. You want to get their little early this time to be way more people than usual as we come out to celebrate what the Lord is been doing and continuing to intercede on behalf of the babies. The moms in the dads love tomorrow Saturday from 9 to 11 AM Raleigh Greensboro Charlotte North Carolina and the New York City Troy Newman my body I mentioned earlier, whose chairman of Operation Rescue. One of my main pro-life euros just is been added for over three decades now.

I just texted me I was the first 20 I don't know why but he text me like yelp universal no.

And this is how Christian deals are located on federal charges they were going after him to Planned Parenthood through the federal government, you know, asking for $20 million in damages for the reputation because they were exposed for what they are baby murdering baby body parts selling satanically controlled induced and run organization. The most evil organization in America and they kill way more black people than the Ku Klux Klan had ever dreamed about in his wildest imaginations day and that's was going after Troy Newman and David delight in all the people involved in these undercover sting videos that expose this horrific satanic practice of Planned Parenthood of selling baby body parts, which by the way, they didn't find it all in this entire six week process, but they they got guilty, got guilty conviction. Troy Newman loves Jesus walking with the Lord. This is how he handles it is that we should all handle it when the world is making these these little short-term victories is what he said, breaking news, I have been. This is on his Facebook page, breaking news, I have been convicted of being a racketeer for life!

Praise the Lord in all things God can use this we win is music we lose is going use it for the cause of life do not stay in the game do not show up. How do you not get involved.

There's no way around that. We got a choice, so will find out more choice got a call in on Monday will talk to him on Monday about this is the federal government is an in league with Planned Parenthood and the judges. Of course it's in San Francisco. Plus, the jury now. If you expose a baby murderers for selling baby body parts all your racketeering or criminal so this story is deftly not over, so we'll talk Troy Newman on Monday. Okay, I had the unfortunate responsibility today to watch hours and hours and hours of the part two of the" impeachment inquiry kabuki theater run by Adam ship so that's Maria Jovanovich appeared today and back up I been there and she'd already done about a nine hour day with them and all the basement proceedings right we don't have any information on that just the basement proceedings and the whole thing is just crazy that here's what's going on Adam ship and Nancy Pelosi and the and the Democrats in the house and probably most if not all in the Senate have Deb they have to get rid of Trump AOC actually said this yesterday. I don't office this morning or yesterday, she basically say hey you know what they impeachment thing.

It's good to bring the Democrat party together and we have to make sure Trump doesn't win the next election, which is what this is all about. It's been that since November 2016 when he want any Artie had people that we have to impeachment collusion Russian spy Bubba Bubba blah blah blah blah blah so they just going I monitored and work out the probe and work out to okay fine, what's up, get another bullet in the gun.

Let's let's pull the trigger at school for another thing, so that was quid pro quo with Ukraine, which is incredibly corrupt. The stuff that's happened before in 2016 and the Bidens. There's there's concern that is not people only did it because he trying to harm one of his potential candidates that is run against in the general election next year, namely being Joe Biden might really deep distinct stoppers I can set aside your political ideology. Do you really think Donald Trump is nervous or afraid of Joe Biden really don't you think he would love to have Joe Biden as Joe Biden's age is showing like crazy all of this. I Mean He Would Love to Go after Job I so Why Would He Try to Do Something Funky to Eliminate Him As a Potential He Wants to Go up Any and against Any and All of Them.

It's Just Ridiculous on His Face.

However, Know These People Have Firsthand Knowledge Maria Jovanovich.

They Questioned Her a Bunch. They Have Firsthand Knowledge of Anything of Any of the Stuff Know She Does Not. This Basically Was an HR Situation. She Done like That She Remove They Were Talking All Day about What a Great Public Servant. She's Been for 30 Years in the State Department on and on and on, and I'm Not Disagreeing with That Thank You Ma'am for Your Service, but She Has No Direct Knowledge, No Proof of Anything and in Even the New President Ukraine Was like Yeah That's a Sure Think She's Great, and so They Remove Dirt. Now They Didn't Summarily Maybe Not with Pomp and Circumstance. Maybe Not with the Kind of Respect That.

Perhaps She's Earned over the Last 30 Years Which I'm Sure She Has a Certain Extent like the Style, but Lack of Style like the Corpsman Not Being a Nice Guy and All Fluffy Is Not an Impeachable Offense That's on the High Crimes and Misdemeanors a Matter Fact Just like They Did on Wednesday. Is Anything They Asked Asked Both Witnesses Visiting Here That's an Impeachable Offense. Crickets Nothing Because There Isn't Human I like His Style. You May Not like This Is His Foreign ID Has the President Ideology on Foreign Relations You Not like That.

That's an Impeachable Offense. You Don't like It in the Next Election.

But They Can't Do That. Which Is Why They're Doing Impeachment Thing Is Really Fascinating. Have You Noticed That the Terms of the Game of Changed Where before It Was Quid Pro Quo. Now It's What Now It's Bribery Okay Now It's Bribery.

So Here's This and I Don't Get to What I Think Was the Most Harmful Part of the Day. With Respect to Maria Evanovich Saying You Know She's Annoying What the Bidens December Been on My Radar Screen and Boy Did She Get Hammered by Representative Elyse Stephanie from New York Who Ship Was Dismissing All Morning Long and in the Afternoon Just Blown Him off All the Time Because He Just Got a Tyrant in Charge of His Little Proceeding Here and She Just Labeled Evanovich on Something That's Very Important with Respect to the Bind Junket to the Second but This Is Kind of Funny Because I Hear Okay Why Not Talk about Bribery, How We Get There. Okay so There's a Couple Articles That We Need to Look at Here's Lessons Report Reveals Why Democrats Really Drop Quid Pro Quo and Switch to Bribery. Okay, That's the Title Is What This First Article Says This Is Diligence Is All Political Kabuki Theater All about the Election Is Not about the Law about the Concerts Deftly Not about the Constitution.

In an Interview with NPR's Morning Edition Tuesday Chef Adam Ship Notably Avoided Mentioning the Term Quid Pro Quo and Insisted and Instead Said He Believes He Can Prove That Trump Committed Several Impeachable Crimes, Particularly Bribery in High Crimes and Misdemeanors Which NPR Pointed out Are Both Explicitly Outlined in the Constitution As Impeachable Offenses, Bribery, First of All Is the Founders Understood Bribery. It Was Not As We Understand It in the Lot Today Was Much Broader Set Shift Lying Himself As Much Room As Possible in the Allegation Icon I Connoted the Break.

The Breach of the Public Trust in a Way Where Your Offering Official Acts for Some Personal or Political Reason, Not in the Nation's Interest.

That's Always Defining Bribery Right so What Prompted the Switch from Quid Pro Quo to Bribery. Many Conservatives and Trump Defenders Pointed out, One Obvious Possible Rationale.

The Democrats Quid Pro Quo Argument Has Largely Fallen Apart. The Transcript of the Famous July 25 Call That Started It All Released by the Trump Administration Shows No Explicit Quid Pro Quo Ukrainian Officials Including the President Himself on Multiple Occasions Have Made Clear That They Do Not Believe There Is Any Form of Quid Pro Quo Attach the Investigations and the US Release the Aid without Ukraine Beginning to Conduct or Publicly Committing to Conduct Investigations That All That All Very Well May Be True, but According to a New Report by the Washington Post. Another Strong Impetus Inspired the Democrats to Alter Their Rhetoric.

The Report Sheds Light on the Democrats Decision to Drop Quid Pro Quo and Start Hammering Bribery in Its Purely Partisan Politics. The Opinion of Voters in 2020 Battleground States, the Post Reported Thursday and I'm a Tell You What They Found. Yes, of Course, They Have Some Focus Groups. Because of This Is All about What Let's Throw Everything at the Fridge. We Can't Be Done so We Can Figure out a Way to Impeach Him and Try to Remove Them or At Least Harm Them Enough to Impeachment and Try to Put All the Stuff on Them Will Throw out the Fridge Quid Pro Quo Did Works in Our Using Bribery. What Did They Do They Talk to Some Motorsports Normal.

It's Another Steve Noble Show Talking Today about the Day Two of the Now Public Pseudo-Impeachment and Query, Which Is Really Just Kind of Democrat Political Kabuki Theater That's Really What It Is They, They Make up Their Mind Getting Rid of and One Way or Another. Now We Gotta Find Another Thing the Throne Are Gone and Nothing throughout the Fridge and See That 60 Sticks to Make Our Case That's What Adam Ship Does. That's What All Democrats Did That Stepped up to the Plate Today Really Turned into This Lot, Ma'am. Jovanovich, Maria Bonaventure Served for about Think about Three Years As the Ambassador to the Ukraine, and Now She's Still Being Paid. She's Making Think She Hasn't Isn't Cost Her Anything She Said Teaching Now at Georgetown and Still a Employee of the State Department so It Doesn't Cost Anything and Did It Besmirch Her As She Been Embarrassed Will Sure If Anybody Gets Fired by the President Had States That Would Be Embarrassing and so That's They Were All Your Such a Wonderful Public Servant. Thank You for This Thing That I'm so Sorry. You Should Have Been Dismissed This Way. It Was Wrong.

Okay, Maybe It Was Obnoxious. Maybe It Was Unloving. Maybe It Was Unkind, the Sun Impeachable Offense. You like the Way the President Does Business See at the Polls Next Year. Okay That's a Deal Other Stuff It's It's a Colossal Waste of Time. Taxpayer Money and Is Not Helping the Country but Is All about Politics, so We Were Talking about before the Break, and I Want to Get to How Elyse Stephanie, a Republican from New York Representative Just Baked Maria Evanovich Today Caught Her in a Lie Think It's a Lie Is Pretty Obvious I Get That Second so They Change from Quid Pro Quo to Bribery Okay Goodbye Quid Pro Quo Hello Bribery Democrats Are Shifting the Language They Use to Describe the Allegations against Pres. Trump in the House. Impeachment Inquiry and Then Changes Come after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Recently Conducted Focus Groups Being Being Being to Determine Which Descriptions Sound More Damning to Voters. Washington Post Reported the Paper Said the DCC Conducted These Focus Groups and Key House Battlegrounds and Asked Participants Whether Quid Pro Quo Extortion or Bribery Was More Compelling Bribery Line so Hey You What's Going to Get You More More Ticked off about and Wanting to Defeat the President Next Year Is a Quid Pro Quo. Now I Don't Know What That Means I'll Bounce Extortion Me. I Don't Really Understand That Either. But That Didn't Sound Right. Bribery All Yeah. Gotta Be That Big Fat Billionaire Rich Guy Obnoxious Bribery. That's It Works so That They Switch Their Language to Not Bribery.

Nancy Pelosi Did It Yesterday and That's Pretty Much the Main Point That Adam Ship Was Trying to Make Today and a Bunch of Thursday Talking to Reporters Speaker Nancy Pelosi Said Quid Pro Quo Bribery Referencing How Trump Has Repeatedly Said His Collar, Zielinski Was Perfect. Pelosi Said Perfectly Wrong. It's Very Unbelievable and Is One of the Sidebar Issues Which Is Actually Bigger Than the Issue When It Comes to the Individual Known As Donald Trump Is the President. This Is Setting up for the Presidency in the Future to Continue to Do Stuff like This and A Lot Of Impeachment Inquiry. Why Because We like the Way He Handles Foreign Relations Re-Handles Its Employees While I Maria Evanovich Appears to Contradict Yourself during Testimony on Fines and Charisma. That's the Oil and Gas Company over There That's Known to Be Corrupt and Hunter Biden Had a Pretty Sweet Gig, Let Them Get Paid 50 Grand a Month for Being on the Board When He Has No Particular Experience That Would Make Him the Guy That You Would Want to Put on the Board of an Oil and Gas Company in the Former Soviet Bloc.

So Elyse Stephanie Patrick That's I Say Her Name. She's a Republican from New York.

Yes, There Are Couple and She Got Just All Day Long Is That of Shift and Wander up to the Plate, Perhaps Because You Know She's Affected. So She Came out This Really Good Here Stephanie the First Time That You Speaking to Maria Evanovich the First Time That You Personally Became Aware of Charisma Was Actually When You Were Being Prepared by the Obama State Department for Your Senate Confirmation Hearings, and This Was in the Form of Practice Questions and Answers Because Side Note, Maria Jovanovich Said Earlier She Really Didn't Know Anything about the Obama Biden Thing Was Really Wasn't on Her Radar Screen.

Essentially, This Was Your Deposition, You Testified That in This Particular Practice Q&A with the Obama State Department. It Wasn't Just Generally Barbarism and Corruption. It Was Specifically about Hunter Biden and Charisma Is That Correct Jovanovich Yes It Is Stephanie.

Now Remember, Early in the Day. Jovanovich Said He Had Nothing to Do That.

I Never Talked about That I Was on My Radar Screen. Stephanie an Exact Quote from Your Testimony. Is This Quote the Way the Question Was Phrased in This Model Q&A Was What Can You Tell Us about Hunter Biden Being Named to the Board of Charisma. So the Millions of Americans Watching Pres. Obama's Own State Department Was so Concerned about Potential Conflicts of Interest from Hunter Biden's Role of Charisma That They Raised It Themselves. While Prepping This Wonderful Amb. Nominee before Her Confirmation and Her Democratic Colleagues, and the Chairman of This Committee Cry Foul and We Dare Ask That Same Question That the Obama State Department Was so Concerned about Great Point Home Run Grand Slam.

Great Job.

So You Say You Know Nothing about It Is Ever in Your Radar Screen. Yet the Obama Administration Prepping You for Your Nomination Hearings in the Senate Was Prepping Her to Deal with the Question Because It Looked Terrible about Hunter Biden and Charisma in Ukraine and Then She Said Now I Never Doubt That You Did in the Obama Administration That Brought It up.

Obviously Because of the Concern and a Legitimate One. Why Would You Be Worried about It in a Senate Hearing. Otherwise, Evanovich yet. Earlier during the Hearing, Evanovich Gave What Appeared to Be a Contradictory Marches That She Set in. Although I've Met Former VP Biden Several Times over the Course of Our Many Years in Government Service. Neither He nor the Previous Administration Ever Raised the Issue of Either Prisoner Hunter Biden with Me That's a Boldface Lie Is. Then She Came out and Said Yes It Is, They Actually Prepped Me on the Question When the Obama Administration Was Prepping Me for the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Me to Be Ambassador to the Ukraine. She Lied There Goes All Her 30 Years of Credibility Right out the Door.

Now, the Mainstream Media Saving about but We Will, and Other People Are.

So There You Go. Unbelievable. This Is Great. The Cell She Closed Stephanie Closer. Five Minutes of Questioning by Stating That the Defense of Legal Aid Advocated for by Jovanovich Was Not Provided by Pres. Obama That Was Provided by Pres. Trump That Is Correct. Jovanovich Answered so Treat Us Because Obama Was Worried about Pugh Pruden Trump Is Really Worried about Anybody. So, Obama Never Released to Them. The Javelin Missiles Which Are Antitank Busters Which Work Effective and That's What Russia Was Worried about an Obama. The Obama Administration Never Gave It to Trump Did and so Jovanovich You Wanted That and Never Got It from the Obama Ministration Got It from Trump so Amazing, so the Spin Machine Will Continue Today Will Continue over the Weekend There There Back down into Their Bunker with Some More Hearings This Afternoon and Tonight. Unbelievable. And Then I Will Just Continue to Pay Attention to It, but Let's Make Sure Were Praying for All These People and Praying for Some Truth Praying for Some Justice As a Matter Fact, Let's Do That Right Now.

Okay, but a Guy We Thank You That We Can Come to You with Things That Seem Temporal and Kinda Man-Made in the Here and the Now, but We Know That Justice and Truth Are Close to Your Heart That That Is in Fact Something That Is Integral to Your Character so We Pray Lord for Justice and Truth to Occur in This Broken Place Called Washington DC. We Pray That You Would Protect the Truck. Pres. Trump Give Him Wisdom and Discernment. Lord, Help Them to Make Good Decisions Help Him to Control His Mouth and His Tweets Were Necessary When Appropriate, and Then We Pray Lord for Those That Would Be Misleading and Lying and Playing Political Games Here That Their Intrigues Would Be Their Downfall, and That You Expose All of That. We Pray for Truth and Justice to Take Hold. Once Again in Our Country, Especially in This Case We Pray for Troy Newman and Operation Rescue and David the Lightning All Those Who Were Courageous Enough to Go after Planned Parenthood to Expose Their Horrendous Crimes of Selling Baby Body Parts, Lord, That Is Clearly Satanic and I Can Imagine How That Grieves You and Angers You, so We Pray Lord for the Appeal Process. We Pray That They Would Actually in the Appeals Be Found Innocent of Any Wrongdoing As They Try to Expose This Horrendous Evil Which Is Cry out for Our Nation. Lord We Ask That Jesus Name, Amen. Okay, so Will Talk to Troy on Monday Right. Let's Continue to Remember. Please Try to Remember to Pray Is A Lot Of People in Southern California Seneca Where Clay Rita High School to Dad after the Student Shoots Five and Then Himself As a 16-year-old… Birthday. When This Happened and so Now Just Imagine That We Are Youngest Is and Is in School and If You Can Relate to That, or Have a Grandchild School Is Another Day Summer Day James Talk, Might It Be Careful Because Your Life Is like a Mr. Tear One Moment and It's Gone We Need to Remember That.

And Now There Are These Two Families of Dead Students Is the Family the Kid That Was the Shooter. There's Five Other There's Five of the Five Other People That Got Injured and Now That the PTSD and in the Kind of the Fallout from All of This with All the Students with All Their Friends with Family with People That Work at the School and Schools Are Safer Now Than They Were 30 Years Ago by the Way, These Rates Are down, Not up. We Just Hear about a Faster Hear about It All the Time Now You See See 12 or 13 or 15 Babies Killed Tomorrow Here in Raleigh at the Women's Choice Abortion Clinic One Choice Choice.

They Wanted to Make Us Kill Their Babies Is Not Convening News Coverage of That There Won't Be Any Helicopters There Won't Be Any News Reporters out There TV Won't Be There.

Print Reporters Will Be There. Nobody Peter. But What Happens in a Public School or You Can See the Victims When You Can See the Evil and Brokenness of the Perpetrator Than the Whole Country Goes Nuts As It Should, but We See Nothing about the 850,800 50,000 Children That Are Murdered. This Year Alone, but Let's People of Book of the Book, People of Compassion, People of Prayer and Please Remember to Pray for All Those Involved in That Santa Clarita High School Shooting Is Just Terrific and That's All. Make Sure Were Taking Advantage of the Time. Let's Love Our Children Well Let's Love Our Families Well Let's Love Our Neighbors. Well, None of Us Know How Much Time We Have. Just Don't Let That Be a Sober Minded Reminder I Will Be Back on Monday. Tomorrow Love Life. Are We the Celebration of Your Here in Raleigh.

After over in Greensboro Verdun in Charlotte Rapture New York City. Please Come out and Join Us to Be Raining Most Likely to Be Called Babies Dying Them up Tomorrow Moms and Dads There. The Question Is the Church, Will You Be There Probably There Would Not Be There My Friends up There As Well. Love Is the Website Love Tomorrow from 9 to 11 AM Eastern Time. Bring a Big Umbrella Dress Warm for Going after God's Work. This Is Steve Noble and Steve No Michelle, God Willing Will Talk Again Real Soon. My Dad Always Said Ever for

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