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Racketeer For Jesus: Troy Newman

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November 18, 2019 3:03 pm

Racketeer For Jesus: Troy Newman

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 18, 2019 3:03 pm

Racketeer For Jesus: Troy Newman

The racketeer for Jesus, Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, joins today to discuss his newest lawsuit. Moreover, Planned Parenthood is suing Troy for exposing their ways of selling aborted baby parts. Thus the courts found HIM guilty for racketeering.


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One noble show. Christianity meets everyday issues of life that were even in politics as an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or check them out here's your host one of our love heroes and many heroes, but the ones that I have are awesome and in are doing great work for the kingdom and so last Friday which I mentioned to you Kinda breaking news where only at sis's and true Troy Newman fashion when the verdict came out Planned Parenthood versus the heroes that were fighting for life and to expose the atrocities of this deeply sitting in a deeply evil organization known as Planned Parenthood.

Then Troy sent me this text racketeers for life may be entered in the other dimension is on Friday that's additively up at me account it all joy when you suffer and for us to be with the face trials and temptations and for us to face persecution in attacks because we stand for the things of God because we stand for Jesus Christ because we stand for life.

You should count that as a badge of honor. And that's exactly what it is and and so like that the this is typical San Francisco Chronicle where they were all excited about it and Planned Parenthood came out the acting president right now. I said this is David alive in the center for medical progress intentionally waged a multiyear legal effort to manufacture a malicious campaign against Planned Parenthood Alexis McGill Johnson the Johnston the organizations acting president said the statement. The jury recognize today that those buying the campaign, broke the law in order to advance their goals of banning safe, legal abortion in this country.

What a twisted sick worldview and somebody that can help us understand that and set the record straight is our good friend Troy Newman from Operation Rescue, how are you my racketeering friend equal week you'll delete Dr. Walter Martin you hold that one time you put on trial you evidence and we were put on trial for people like you. That's an awesome way of looking at it. That's the biblical way of looking at it so tells about this whole trial. How is all got started, give us the background while I think that part of my purgatory work between L.

Please call the city truly is deplorable in all ways during on the news I've been background for you years ago. David thought I got 1/3 plan three Planned Parenthood national board beverage on here with these abortionists were talking about one state and they talk a lot about how the body part will be born alive. They would get X number of dollars for long, hard, by Bernie Cetera and ultimately produced under the name center for medical progress in relief starting on life 2015. You might remember back that day and we had one released about every other week for 12 weeks national board Federation which is essentially a union trade organization report and Planned Parenthood Federation of America students in two separate lawsuits brought to trial. The plan lawsuit starting October 1 and we spent seven weeks and 12 where you were convicted of fraud violated the nondisclosure agreement the past which BX defeats $3000 event to go to the great shows the process of diluting your back, but I just in a court racketeering racketeer along with Al Capone, Colby Don Troyer got hurt the Godfather something good so all that that God might want it all adds up to several billion dollars to find out more next week. Total eventually. The bottom line, I was convicted video producing videos of the Portsmouth talking about how they so big body parts, but the jury never saw the video known contacts for the work that you guys are doing well know all about the way we infiltrated plan.

Like many other Charles.Hines time honored tradition infantry organization was either a water bar wherever you third post is regular basis but we went after the kink in the end of the demonic old Transamerica MF and that's why we yeah that's what that's what's different about this verse is something I project Veritas is is I agree with you I think Planned Parenthood is the is the most evil organization in America and its birth goes back to the eugenics movement and sent by Margaret Sanger in the American eugenics Society and deeply racist as well as 3536% of all abortions.

African-Americans only make up about 12 or 13% of the population. III say this, can I speak plainly on the issue.

As you know and you do as well. I think I learned from you that you got across the country. You have black women and men hiring white doctors to kill their black babies and nobody says anything about it and when you gulp it out only parenthood you fight in and so but the precedent here is dangerous because now are looking at going after investigative journalism, which should be a protection under the First Amendment. So there was one amicus brief went up to the Supreme Court couple years ago on the issue and be an amicus brief which rendered corporate report from ABC News, which wanted to fight with Planned Parenthood positive language in here that you tempered this down and make a content specific because they don't want to get on on their own.

Engman you so certainly there's a far-reaching implications. First Amendment is the one expression of one's religion and belief. One thing the jury specifically disliked about me was that I am. I've tried and true opponent of abortion from the moment of conception until natural death.

I don't meant any work they quoted from various books that I believe parenthood is the demonic force in America working in the devil to kill children before evil is exactly right up against the gentle driver talking to Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, Operation if your blood is boiling. Do something about that and got Operation Rescue got her today and make a donation will be right back with you on Friday had some breaking news on the same go federal court there and I Troy Newman and David delight and all those involved with the center for medical progress doing that heroic effort to expose the nightmarish says that just almost beyond belief.

It's although these days in America and around the world and hard to find that line anymore, but the practice of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts for profit and the way they acted in a helmet to take the money and buy Lamborghini move sick, you remember a few years ago.

As these videos came out and we talked about it regularly here on the show and Troy Newman of operation rescue was kind enough to join us then it is kind enough to join us today, Operation is the website trial. Thanks for being with us today. As always, but I wanted to ask you about the judge's role in this whole thing because he seemed to be so bent and so biased. It was ridiculous on too much about. I will write you was appointed by Obama federal.

He was an Obama bundler become a picture of his wife right after these videos were released with the sign that I stand with Planned Parenthood. You can see if he has a bias certainly would come out and from my perspective. Sitting in the courtroom there for several weeks. I think he simply could not rule in our favor on any motion for any reason. That's why you block it by thinking what you block jury from any of these videos that showed plan. Discuss the Philly body parts. I read an article online somewhere last week that and correct me if I'm wrong because you never know. You gotta check these things out the casino.

I don't if you figure this diatribe, which can't believe everything you read on the Internet but I think not that there is a story that the judge actually told the jury, and I'm just so you know I'm going to find them guilty on these particular charges here and in I was reading that just that actually happened yet what the judge: directed verdict before the jury was sent back to delivery. Listen 548 people you trust week we paid our fees as the file back old one organization that was there to procure tissue tissue 3000 so total about $15,000 was paid from a two of Planned Parenthood in India to go to these events, but the judge that they trust with nothing was damaged and billed separately for anything else.

The other thing was done was brought because undercover invest these tradeshows chosen by the nondisclosure and so if anything, this whole case was simply about contracting but instead it was on the unfair business practices, wiretapping, mail fraud, the fact that journalists have been doing this for years. These undercover sting operations and then they go undercover they get the story and they print it in the newspaper back in the day I online or on television what what about that so that's what jeopardy moving forward and that's why we have good hope that on appeal, the appellate court report will see things differently, but interestingly enough (male one. This battle but I think we won the war. I may have your multibillion-dollar judgment.

Plaintiff raised Jesus. But here's here's a victory for our side.

Remember back four years ago when these videos first drop Planned Parenthood for a don't celebrate body parts and be the videos are deceptively edited their manipulative dog eat abortionists not there were what was elated to trial is number one that there was no defamation or libel against Planned Parenthood's name for sympathy. So baby body parts. They stipulated the fact that they do. In fact, the part right and number two videos are accurate you are and accurate representation of the abortionist peeking there so it's absolutely true self.

What you have left you feeling fun house of Planned Parenthood at the National abortion Federation that they got caught saying the things they said that were true. That's why this profile was not about abortion is not about selling baby body parts. The judgment solely about tactics that we use to infiltrate Planned Parenthood and that we are being punished not only making these assumptions because people might be unaware of the federal laws about the selling of baby body parts as a result of abortion. So what's the deal with that. Just remind everybody so they talk to the fact that they will law know there is a FDI investigation going on your trip will be news reports and the Senate Judiciary committee Q4 report. This is been going on for four years but it is illegal to sell any body parts for profit. You can donate them to the donate your organs when you pass or something like that but you can't spell them. I can't go on Craigslist and so one of my kidneys for because it would create an ad first infinitive thing and so Planned Parenthood could simply donate this to the college tissue donation program, but in fact, the evidence came out trial that they were actually asking for in getting more money than what it cost to dissect these babies and get their body parts off like $700 deliver delivers this testimony in court and parasailing delivers $700.

Yeah, I mean the last people going through this is that each video released and we talked about on the air and I would often play the audio from those videos and people were just shocked and shaking their heads couldn't believe what they were seeing can believe what they were hearing and then really just how I casual all the abortion workers were in there in the and the people procuring and trying to buy and sell baby parts it was shocking how come casual. It was they are to the yeah exactly you you you think that they know not like his analogy is not the way they would casually order millions and millions of people and to the point, really. They had to create new technology. Get rid of the body and deliver callousness in the same way Planned Parenthood between millions of children.

The wicked. There is the baby of the unborn child is simply another commodity to be chopped up and sold to add to their bottom line.

Increase their profit margin and Mary gather the Lamborghini abortionist on the scan shows Deborah new control both of them were asked about the words used in these videos and neither one of them would be One word for you bad about what they said only thing they regret is that the public found out about it. Why? Why will because the public doesn't understand and what we do and they get squeamish by it in your viewers were horrified, absolutely, which is the same reason why the judge walked these videos being shown to the jury. Imagine what the outcome would try to keep your former segment hi John, over talking to Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, Operation is the website and like you are trying to see this fight is not over. This could be a multimillion dollar settlement against him and he can save it alive and those heroes really obviously that went to work to get the truth out about Planned Parenthood. This is the valve on the seasonal show will be right back in a the devil, the forces of darkness and stay away from Jesus you want to get on his team because a know when you get a nice steamy good Savior born again you brought into the kingdom your adopted into God's family. If you never go after the forces of darkness, either in something like were talking about the day and in engaging the fight for life. If you never share the gospel. If you're not trying to disciple anybody. If nobody in your circle of friends or coworkers or neighbors knows your Christian you don't really need to worry about Satan because he doesn't need to worry about you but you stick your head up above that wall you stick your head up out of the bunker and you start to engage the forces of darkness in your get your to get some pushback you can get some persecution and you should count all that is a joy. All that's a privilege because it means you're in Christ, and he suffered for us.

So how do we not joyfully suffer for him and that's just the deal so if you never face any persecution for your faith.

I would just simply say with all is loving away as I can.

You're not doing it right. If you don't get any pushback it from anywhere at anytime. Maybe it's because your little to camouflage. Talking to Troy Newman, Operation Rescue, Operation about this a big case out of San Francisco last week which was out with a loss for our side. Last week Troy but ultimately what's next now and tell me a little about the that the groups that defended you guys sure it let me out a little bit your opening monologue that God raised fish and so don't think of yourself. Bring all agonizing pain and out and up and out to the Lord, and you will suffer persecution. I found my own life and I've been stupid before. I've been phoning Sheila get kicked out Australia by the RSO's other stuff friends befriending me, but not just on Facebook but like real and it's okay God really gives you the supernatural.

When that happened, so I executed.

Amen and hallelujah what else. What's next appeal appeal appeal and I can't say enough about my friend Jay Sekulow low residence attorney American center of law, law and justice literally millions of dollars defending me and just five Ernie sitting right beside me or seven weeks is just the best attorneys in the country. The best motion federal we preserve all of our objective several standing objections. The standing objective for the that so all this will go to the appellate court system and maybe God wants to shown on a bigger scale. Maybe we become headline news, something blah blah blah. I don't know but I know I feel good about the way we defend yourself. I feel good unrepentant about what we did to expose Planned Parenthood. And even though it caused such turmoil and pain and disruption.

My life and seven years reported I do it all such a great point and I'm glad you brought that to bear after my opening comments life. I bet that's the biblical way. We sit to go okay if you said if you suffer persecution in the world comes after you and Planned Parenthood comes after you. That's this interesting tension of the Christian life is in the midst of that darkness man on those attacks, you have the joy of the Lord is your ear Bureau crumpled down in this little puddle at the foot of the cross and all you know this is the way you just lamenting.

Of course those days happen, but generally you get the joy, the Lord with you man this stuff is as difficult as it can be.

We know that it's all gonna work itself out to an eternal weight of glory.

And in this stuff won't even be a distant memory. Once we get there, you'll get rewarded for it and amen and amen and amen encourage people we always put her hand in the fire. I think sometimes Christians are still we don't do anything that could cause pain, but let me encourage diversity don't mean just coasting down the road 100 miles an hour differs in figures, not persecution, ethical justice for the Lord, and you actually get persecuted for it run toward that at first because you know what those things in your life character string will be an alternately person through that, on the other side a better person a better Christian. With all of God's great joy.

In fact, absolutely want a great word, and then as you look at the future here. It's very interesting because the next step.

Obviously, in an appeal hearing and up at the ninth Circuit Court which mode which for years we been just write it off but become like Donald Trump in his traditional appointments, that this night, Circuit Court is becoming more conservative all the time we got a majority yet but were pushing towards that all Trump 2020 baby I'm telling you, if it wasn't for president from being elected, I probably would be sitting in federal prison because Hillary and her minions from no cross already and you're right about the Ninth Circuit. In fact, the funding of Planned Parenthood on the title X cool Blue Cross came from the night and I see some of these liberal pundits on the left think we've lost a nine this is a horrible Trump is a point about 25% of that that circuit.

So it's very possible to judge their answer good precedents, but no work. By the way, left one work I ventured to lawsuit. The first was the plan. Federation of America versus medical progress to myself and others. The next one is the national abortion Federation so there might be around we might have all over it yet man is, what is the punishment yeah yeah I do what you say here that so that let's let's pull back up to 30,000 feet here for our last couple minutes today trying again I appreciate you: and, as always. But what about the state of the fight for life in America in general circa were almost at the end of 2019 how you think things are going right now are at historic lows in terms of abortions per thousand, and in we've seen great things happening around the country. What your read on all right. After three decades in the fight. So yeah, I would be looking at the long-term view. Things are certainly looking up.

We have good legislation of going through the pipeline. The ultimate test of whether or not the number of children murdered gone down significantly differently almost cut in half from the high watermark in 1991, 70% of all the nations abortion mill have closed down for good. But the other little part of me horrified annually still a million children every single year that sometimes the pro-life movement looks more like a party atmosphere in the morning. Atmosphere of galas and parties and banquets.

I get static and we have to fundraiser so forth. March life.

I get that but I feel on January 22, which is the memorial Glover's anniversary it's a memorial I feel like calling into a whole incline putting sackcloth and ashes on more than going to a gay little fundraiser.

A banquet and so we need to have the heart of God. In case the things that God hates quiet over things that God cries over and one thing he says in Psalm 1060109. He says that blood shed innocent blood should pull the land so the biggest thing that pollutes our country is not an nuclear disaster or a fire or oil will the shedding of innocent blood that the things that God hates born and we got to get right with him over that that's exactly right.

And again I challenge people all the time. You know this, and even out in the long long as I have.

I don't know a single convictional Christian that doesn't say they're pro-life but whenever I hear that I was your James somewhere on the background saying hey you show me your faith by what you say and I'll show you my faith by what I do so for every Christian out there that calls themselves pro-life and is listening to us right now Troy I give them their marching orders.

What what what should we be doing if we say were pro-life. How should we be actually putting that into action. Okay number one you have to speak up for those who have no voice everywhere you go.

Not great with you. Focus for Thanksgiving coming up with a doggone it. These babies have have no voice to be the voice for murder God the hands that shed innocent blood and and speak up for them. Number two take action to something minimum will pro-life and go life make a concerted effort donate some of these pregnancy counseling centers in places that are dedicated to your homework is not every organization doing the Lord's work of the rising tide football boat your investigation. Find a local accountant. Oh please women and encourage your pastor when he does finally go up on behalf of life on January 22 for somewhere around that time thing encouraging things to him. Thank you. I know that maybe I had abortion in my fast and it is your these things but thank you for being God's servant. These are just some simple things that we can do it and and and moving forward. Not just building a culture of life. But here's what something radically boy the enemy's ability to wage war on the children here down the wash with an lockout billing centers Rick Rick and never let them return. Amen Troy Newman the president of Operation Rescue, Operation with those marching orders. If you want to rent the top of the list. Someplace to support financially with your prayers and anything else you can do. Operation, where Troy Newman serves as the president. I appreciate you and love you brother thank you for inspiring us and for leaving so well all right what you think. I will think about what talk to you later God bless you will talk to you okay will be back you can hear from somebody on the other side of the argument somebody that volunteers and abortion clinic will be right back to be with you. As always, cited to head out from here if you're on Facebook like your wonder why you weren't such a nice shirt dressed up and I'm never dressed up was not true. I occasionally get dressed up in tonight with our friends at the NC values coalition, just an outstanding Christian political engagement organization here in North Carolina run by our friend Tammy Fitzgerald has been on the show.

Many, many times taming I've known each other for probably 12 or 13 or 14 years. Even some emceeing I get to serve as the MC tonight for that and Abby Johnson is the featured speaker. I get to introduce her so great blessing there. And to be a part of NC values coalition, if you're here in North Carolina you should definitely be tracking along getting on their email email list again supporting them, not the least of which fight with prayer, but financially, if you feel led to do that on the NC values coalition just outstanding son doing that tonight, but we are talking to Troy Newman and this whole issue out of San Francisco in a case connected and appealing to go to the next level of the appellate court system, which will be the Ninth Circuit, which will be interesting, but Saturday we talked about this a lot. A couple times last week Justin Reeder called in from love life here in North Carolina and I we had our week 40 celebration which is the 40th and final week of the Saturdays 40 Saturdays in a row which equals gestation. Out came out and there are literally thousands of Christians showing up these four different cities, Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh North Carolina in the New York City literally thousands of Christians to come out and celebrate all that God is done this year and this Saturday alone here in Raleigh. We had just probably just shy of about 40 people out there was just incredible powerful and so when the Saints come marching in. That's a presence we all wear these teal colored shirts you see me where that on the on the rate of the Facebook lie before and so the question is one of the other people think of us. The other people being the clinic workers. The clinic escorts that are volunteers in wearing their rainbow colored vast obvious and purpose, but this Saturday like I said almost 40 people there. We saw for moms change their minds for a cup till it saves just to use general language and there were 17 moms inside most of whom were African-American before praise the Lord change their minds and when we got to see that while we were there literally watching miracles happen there with love life and with all the other greater sidewalk counselors is the happy warriors from upper room church, which is where Bishop Gordon was with us on Friday to talk about that incredible move by the Church of God in Christ were they unanimously passed a resolution condemning abortion calling a Holocaust especially true in the African-American community but but what is the other side.

Think were in. This is where you hear.

Isaiah, one of those who call good evil and evil good. They are convinced that we are the darkness we are the haters were the ones that are were dangerous way that wild children side being ripped apart sucked into a glass jar where the dangerous ones that sound like when you get into the minds that kind of mindset Troy mentioned it earlier people that are just given over Romans one there there there clouded their being manipulated by Satan himself was that sound like this is from a Facebook live video this gal was as a clinic volunteer at Drake circle here in Raleigh, North Carolina not to say her name. I pull this off Facebook it was up on her public page, but that she just filming as it look like there's probably 60, 70, maybe 80, love like people coming on the prayer walk up the hill to ground the corner to go right in front of the abortion clinic ran across the street so this is what sounds like this is what they think. Listen, this is very important and and yes, this will pry make you mad but it's also break your gospel heart to okay check it out. So you have any judgment in trying to have a hearing sound shall have swimming hearing so here's how we harass women out there outside of Drake circle and Raleigh with love life and the other the other happy warriors that are out there. Here's how we harass them. We pray for them. We sing to the Lord for them. We intervene, we hold up signs that say, would we care about you were to help you sidewalk counselors are there to offer help. Come talk to us will help you with your baby will be with adoptions you need to find a job you need money. Well, how can we help you. That's how we harass when that looks like, but because we dare to take a stand. They see that is harassment and dangerous and hate filled day. Just keep us safe and as if your life depends so you vote for abortion as if your life depends on it. Irrespective of the fact that there supporting something that murders upwards of a million babies per year sales seal. This is what sounds like Romans chapter 1 to be given over people's even bring their kids with them. So just catch the depravity of that touch the upside down aspect of that. Some people even bring their kids with them. What a horrible thing because they're teaching them how to hate while she's escorting women the same day into the abortion clinic to pay the abortionists to kill the babies and there will and yet the way she sees it because she's so given over. She's so debased at this point and thinks that she's doing good things she's helping. She's supporting women she so convinced of that. That where the haters were the dangerous ones you devote as if your life depends on it. Even though she's defending the murder of 800 million babies per year. Now how can she see it is the other thing that happens when Christians are outside the if you saw unplanned. You know this from the might remove this from the movie love life is seen elsewhere were abortions on Wednesdays and Saturdays were they been out and from these clinics and then all the happy warriors that are out there. Be sidewalk counselors. These preachers that are out there just regularly.

Some of them multiple days a week and you see the abortion.

The turnaround rates and abortion numbers come down to one of the things that's disturbing to somebody like this young woman is the presence of God's people because when you're there when the Scripture talks to those who are perishing.

We other realm of death, what death are we the aroma of where the aroma of spiritual death because there's an just remember I say this often.

I hope you're nervous there's no such thing as an atheist atheist do not exist. Romans chapter 1 God made of claims that men are without excuse. Romans also talks about God as written, the law on their hearts. Ecclesiastes talks about God is pleased eternity in the hearts of men.

There's not a single person in all of human history that doesn't know there's something rather than nothing that there's some kind of a superintending moral force on top of it all out, rather than nothing, rather than just animalistic evolutionary nonfree will beings flesh and blood. Everybody in God is 800 pound gorilla in the room and everybody knows is there an indoor Christians when they see as praying and when they hear singing praises to the Lord. It's just a reminder it's a reminder of the divine. It's a reminder of that thing that they're trying to push out of their minds. Romans one talks about that as well. They replace the truth of God with a lie.

They worship the created order instead of the creator and they suppress the truth. Something Facebook live as I got to how they sleep at night.

That's how couple things they suppress the truth or conscience get seared and because there outside of the faith to them. Darkness is light and light is darkness and you got a room or whatever talk about abortion.

Transgender is him whatever they're not cannot. They're not going to allow for they can't allow for the imposition at any level of a moral standard as soon as you say this is right and this is wrong and it continue can tie it to a moral standard of biblical standard. You just acknowledge the standard exists and you can't do that. That's why coming out of the gay marriage thing when people started talking about and even then people didn't we said all and that's can be polygamy.

Next, nobody even saw the gender thing, not back. When the gay marriage fight started 20 years ago or so, but now the gender thing you can't say that it's wrong to say to somebody I you have in any year in an Audi. You are either male or female gender and sex are binary. It's the same thing. You can't make it up you can change it. It is what it is and there's like a really tiny percentage of versatile hermaphrodite and have a birth defect where they have some aspects from both genders, which is a such as a birth defect and can be dealt with in most cases that's our dog about Cecilia stand up against that because your state, your standing for a standard just like why Troy Newman and David delight in those folks that that published and put out the sting. Planned Parenthood videos to show that they are absolutely guilty of selling baby body parts and it's no big deal to them. Romans one again. Was it look like to be turned over to a reprobate mind. That's what it looks like and that's what sounds like that's going on there and again I asked. I struggle with it when I'm at the clinic. I look across the street and part of me just just there's hatred that wells up inside of me just hatred. I need to hate what God hates Troy said this love what God loves and hates hands that shed innocent blood.

Is it all, God loves everybody. Be careful of that.

Be careful theologically love them enough to die for them, but you got the God of wrath and judgment on the other side of the same coin, God hates sin.

He hates lying lips. He hates those that shed innocent blood. He hates then he turns around.

Praise Jesus loves him enough. On the other side of the coin to die form and offer them salvation so angry absolute bad absolutely.

But those people are to me. Yes me know and we need to show up and remind all of them. When you show up and honor the babies, most of whom lives on those Saturdays and we saw God move center. Why, because God's people out there. We are praying we are engaged so what are you doing for life in America for the gospel in America. This is the norm on the seasonal show, God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always said, and this is good advice for Troy Newman cover for

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