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China/US Trade & Global Debt!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 2, 2019 3:06 pm

China/US Trade & Global Debt!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 2, 2019 3:06 pm

China/US Trade & Global Debt!

Today's full Money Monday, with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold, is all about the China/US Trade agreements, the stock market, and Global Debt!

Additionally, to learn more about the economy in-depth, check out


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Everyone who decides what is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred calls for truth 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I currently hope you had a wonderful thing you're over your carbohydrate, by now and I getting back to to regular life. I don't know about you but the last four days to me feels like I had like 10 days off. I don't know what the deal that I talk a bunch of people during the day today and even yesterday and people felt the same way.

I don't know maybe cousin Raleigh, North Carolina. It was kind of dreary and rainy for a couple of days that tends to make it feel like it takes longer than it actually should.

But I hope you had the time to enjoy your family and some friends and some time off and I was good to have a couple days away from the from the studio but were back at it today and of course it is the first Monday of the month December 2, so will be spending the whole hour talking our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital as always landmark. is the website landmark before we jump into that last week I was able to give away a bunch of tickets to this really cool conserve the 10th Ave. N. It's good to be here in Raleigh this Thursday just a great contemporary Christian band and it's called Raleigh Jolly Christmas that features their thing that they're doing called decade. The halls actually do.

Starting in the 1920s. They do a Christmas song in the style of that decade all the way from the 1920s to the current day and Micah lead singer, 10th Ave. N. is hilarious there great band selects here locally. This Thursday at 7 PM. I got the tickets that I can give away so the first 10 callers today this Thursday, December 5 at the Lincoln theater in downtown Raleigh from set about 8:53 PM and it's a busy place. It's kind of a standing concert place will be a lot of fun. Plus there's a standup comic who's actually Andy Stanley's son, Andrew, that would be the grandson of Charles Stanley really, really funny. He called and recently as well. So I've some free tickets for you I were going to take the first 10 callers.

So to give us a call during the hour today as we talk to David Fisher then will get jumped up and get you some free tickets. It's gonna be a blast this Thursday night.

I'll be there with my family, so give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH first 10 callers will give you tickets up for you and your family to come join us Thursday night the 10th Ave. N. Great way to consult, kick, kick off the Christmas season and our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital standing by live on Skype so if you're with Facebook like today.

I should get to see David as a buzzard is hearing him. How are you buddy how was your Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was incredible. I think the leftovers are still happening right now I feel little lives. People in Raleigh little sluggish too.

Although it's only 46 is cold for us really allow for more easily of country Phoenix 46 vessel low in Phoenix while I know it got that cold over there again. Very rarely, but were not reverent turkey soup. Your teachers were all asked mother you got a funny turkey soup in Phoenix on his 46 and just wrote that relate to that idea of the hundred throwing a fleece coat but you guys go for the sink so that's pretty funny it's all a matter of perspective.

Anyway, it's great to see you. Thanks for being here and I got a lot to cover today were to talk about the stock market China US trade. The Fed is always interest rates injecting capital.

The global debt and then the C word collapse which is been out there from a central bank and understanding gold in the context of all of that's what a lot of things to cover but stock market.

I do know this until you just told me I'm not doing very well at all today down to hunt almost 270 point it's mainly because a couple factors. The present term treated as a result of what caused this, which is the Institute of supply management, which is a entity that puts out an index in the index relates to how well manufacturing is is being done and it's down the fourth straight month in a row to printing perspective January 2018 index was 60 on the scale of one to hundred tanks so was 60 which is anything above 50 is good news. Manufacturing is is growing anything below 50 is bad news. Last month, Rick 48.3 and this month we came in at 47.2, so this is the lowest of orders of manufacturing since April 2009, so it's not not a good report. It's a soft report.

In other words you it's not earth shattering or him like that, but it's a fall represents a visual fallen and purchases of manufacturing and the economist are saying Steve that this could go a bit further and ask you next month following the more as a result of that, the present term treated August read is true. If it was not an earth. I mean having a slowdown kind of report and not earth shattering a soft report as you said, but then trump tweets and it goes from a soft report to a bombshell. I guess yeah we're only down like 1520 points in the Dow and then prison trump tweets in a renowned 200 points to 68. As were talking first uses this industry between Brazil and Argentina have been present, presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies, which is not good for our US farmers. Therefore, effective immediately. I will respond. Restore all tariffs on steel and aluminum that is shipped into the US from these countries.

The Federal Reserve should likewise act so that these countries in which there are many no longer can take advantage of our strong dollar by further developing their own currencies. This makes it very hard for manufacturing and are farmers to fairly export their goods lower rates and loose and fed. So that's what's happening in the markets didn't like that. While that's happening. China's been signing trade agreements with Brazil and Argentina for agricultural products in their you know not to continue the supply chain lines that we've established with them for decades and they're looking other ways to get what they need. So is this just going to be this ongoing back and forth between Pres. Trump and China, they throw something he throws something kids because he's playing based on one set of rules there playing on a totally different basis because they're in guilt honor shame society of their no. Is this just to be the same thing over and over again will we actually ever get a phase I agreement, especially this year will were supposed to get it this year but it has to happen by December 15. Steve otherwise all the terrorists that were suspended about six weeks ago. Go into full effect on December 16, so it looks like by all shapes and means that Pres. Trump and charm as Markham assigned a phase 1 trade agreement. China's given retaliating more and saying we demand that you lift all tariffs current helping across the board for us to have an agreement phase 1 and Pres. Trump retaliated and signed a hold on dollar, but a very cold I thought were talking to David Fisher landmark is always the website for information and education.

Landmark China versus America not only latency in the first Monday in December. Can you believe it when I got here quick.

December 2 sword course doing a full money Monday with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital there website is always landmark landmark, especially the couple a good brand-new newsletter that one should check out called central bank issued a dire warning collapse which you don't hear out of central banks very often that the big deal. You need to find out about that as well as a new white paper called the coming bail in which we talk about pretty regularly. When we got David on the show talk about what the government might have to do. If conditions continue to go down the tubes economically when you talk about our debt in international debt, global debt little bit later in the show but one wanted to remind you this Thursday night here in Raleigh. We've got that the 10th Ave. 10th Ave., North great band great Christian concert at every been doing a really fun with Michelle this Thursday night cut decade. The halls at the Lincoln theater in Raleigh from 7 to 9 PM. We have some free tickets. If you want to take advantage of that first 10 callers today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-348-7884.

If you are on Facebook live and you happen live here in the Triangle area of North Carolina. You need to make that call as well. We just need your name and your email address and how many tickets you want, then will get to take care of.

It'll be a blast this Thursday night.

I will be there with my family as well.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 for those 3 10th Ave. N. tickets or 866 34 truth this Thursday, December 5 here in Raleigh. So make sure you take advantage of that. We would love to get some tickets to you and your family to come help kick off the Christmas season talking to David Fisher today about what's going on with the US China war going back and forth.

The trade war, which he said David a. These these terrorists would go in December 16 and China see and remove them all trumps signed a Temporary Restraining Order for lack of better words.

So these are probably going to head on December 16 and then what's the market going to do and then what's gold going to do will historically when negative information about the trade stocks don't do well. Gold usually does well and I would make the assumption that if tariffs going to effect this can be horrendous for the future economic near-term development and stocks will will pull back significantly. I would think and limit we've talked about tariffs being implemented passionately. That's been the case were talking about a full-fledged implementation of massive amounts of tariffs this time. On December 16 so it could be.

To the extent of the amount of tariffs going on. If you put them correlation the market pullback. It could be a significant pullback on 16 December so you know, this is why fidelity came out recently in an issue to just since last time the program issued a massive warning to the baby boomers saying you guys are setting yourself up for downturn, you're saying that the message from Fidelity investments came on the third quarter retirement report to boomers generation setting that they're betting on stocks to boost the 401(k) rigs returns and exposing them to unnecessary risk running the risk of a serious loss in the market meltdown that could happen so was Fidelity investments. That said, fidelity investment in the third and help third quarter retirement report: boomers so pretty, strong language, not a fidelity, yet the deli have never talk that way so something is up with you. Week after week billionaires or major entity.

You know comes forward and says something very surprising.

Were in that I guess were in that surprise you words.

You know that's kinda goes well with Pres. Trump. I'm to in reference to how he you know tries to send a message and now Fidelity is sending a very strong message to beware so much trouble on the horizon and and like you said what are touch billing or hedge fund managers billionaires entire investment group talking like this. What what will the Federal Reserve do what I think and I think in a lower rates are they going to continue to loosen their monetary policy in order. It's like the tsunamis come in and they're trying to do all they can to make to ignore the fact that it's out there to try to set the terms of the game is to not get flooded by will increase the prominently fix the problem by creating another problem that's what's really happening.

As I said on your program over year and 1/2 ago. I should watch the Fed's and lower rates to quarter-point arms were 2%. Right now I'm still a belief that they're going to lower rates also said that the quantitative easing program, but they won't collect you even look look at what they're doing so we are going to go lower rates the world and Pres. Trump is going to push the Fed to a lower rate, but the Fed.

Unfortunately, Steve is not getting what you call bang for their buck there watching as much money as her injecting currently in the system is just ridiculous. The amount of money that they're ejecting $3 trillion. This was going to turn out to be by the Fed's calculations and in the next year and 1/2. When I finally done with this program if they become done at that point, but what the finding out is that the there remain unable to stoke inflation.

Yet another word established 2% Really want to keep that below that in the big matching need some inflationary environment right now. This policy was started in 2012, but her speech that was done recently by one of the Fed presidents came out and said there now might adopt a so-called strategy called a makeup strategy where they might allow certain asset prices to rise beyond the 2% because if you look at real estate real estate hasn't done very well in this low interest monetary policy with injecting trillions of dollars in the system for billions forgetting to train her close. So real estate hasn't done very well and stocks in comparison to what they did before in previous cuties have. It has not grows that much precipitously compared to the amount of money there injecting the system so this consumer and investor expectations that are being factored in, and then not seeing the huge returns that they saw previously in nine, 10, 11 and 12.

Under Q1 two and three show the Fed is now entertaining the idea of resorting to a new policy will find that out will probably come out sometime next year through June. No just on entertainment but implement something low crazy one at the next opportunity for an interest rate drop, beats some time while they talked about having one at the end of the year here in mid-December, which would be correlate with sometime around the tariffs being implemented so that they there have been really said anything recently in the comments are not even projecting that the Fed would lower the rates another term but in another quarter-point on the fourth quarter here. So then we get into next year, but right now the Fed is not saying a whole lot just kind of watching and waiting, and typically you know investors and in that traders kinda after Thanksgiving.

They come to take a hiatus so the market is just kinda went a lot of fun going on so it's there's a lot of guesswork that to see if the feds can I do anything before the end of the year now.Donald Trump. Unlike most presidents before him, is actively communicating about the Fed means hammering them pretty regularly. So what would you how would you boil down Donald Trump position on the Fed this year what he wants of the world. Pres. Trump thinks the Fed is lost touch with reality. It was happening yet the Fed doesn't know in reference to they should be at 1/4 of a point you we should be 1.75% lower than we are right now and they should be injecting two or three times as much money in the system which were injecting you 50+ billion dollars a day in the system up to $80 billion a day that that's an enormous amount of capital being injected so the problem is you start that right now when you get to recession your number.

Right right right here done by want to pick it up there because were talking about something that leads to death is not just the US Global debt that's super important topic to talk about that when we come back in the break with David Fisher with landmark capital landmarks all dot-coms. Let's website landmark this is Steve noblewoman will be right back to make it seem normal to see Bilbo show full money Monday today as we do the first Monday of every month that we do that we talk about finances regularly or in and coming at that fiscal policy the US what's going on with the banking system with one of the stock market was going on with precious metals what's going on around the world because we live in a global society now and the reason that we talk about it regularly is because, well, the Bible talks about it regularly. Jesus talked a lot about money it's all over both the old and New Testament get that 16 of the 38 parables were concerned with how to handle money and possessions in the Gospels alone an amazing 110 verses deal directly with the subject of money so God knew it would be a challenge for us because of our hearts. Because of our whether you have a lot of it or you don't have much at all. It can be a challenge for all of us and think anybody's immune from that which is when Scripture deals with a lot and why we talk about here regularly. Scripture talks about it regularly were to talk about it regularly on the show and for that we have.

I got to think for a good friend, David Fisher, who brings 20+ year 25+ years now.

Is it David in the industry.

I'm on my 26 years in the industry while I was on the 5+ in our brother in Christ, a former youth pastor to hold that against him and in joins us every Monday, so we did the last segment of all the other Mondays in a month. We just do a little update, but the first Monday of the month we do a full money Monday show talk and that always different issues of talk that stock markets China and US trade what's going on there. The Federal Reserve and right now I kind of we brought it up a little bit but I want to make sure we handle this a more completely.

Talk about the current debt and not just here in the US, but around the world.

So I'm looking at the US national debt clock which is just US debt friends. If you have never pulled data on your website or your phone or wherever there's action US debt clock app course but go to US debt and look at it for yourself and staring at it right now. This is in real time, the US national debt 23,088,000,000,360 all just turned over three and 66 million in about $100,000 is added about every 2 to 3 seconds is being added to that in the red going in the wrong direction, you push it forward three years. What you can do at the US debt clock and you're looking at that almost 30 trillion NS's US national debt. Okay that's over adding to every year we have a federal budget deficit, which is lower overspending in the year in the neck, it's added to the US national debt, which is how much we have cumulatively is not just the debt in our country, David, but it's global debt around the world right this is a big big deal that nobody's talking about often enough you know we garment decades. Stephen of having easy money, quantitative easing, not just by the Fed, but by the European monetary Union of the Bank of Japan. This left the world with a record Of $250 trillion, according to the Bank of International settlements in the international monetary fund. This is going to grow another 5 trillion just in the next four weeks. By the end of the year so 255 trillion is the projected total debt structure of the world which, if you boil it down to every man woman and child on the earth, they would all old $32,500 so a lot and we just stayed in trying to get your arms around that. The thing that staggers or is most concerning to me. As you know, it's yell. Lucy was happening. Rest of world. But let's bring it back to how this will affect us yeah are when you look at the corporate debt of America American companies in that number of $250 trillion American companies alone account for 70% of the total corporate defaults globally is a record of economic trying to here we are in a record number of economic expansion and the defaults in corporate debt is at 70% in America have actually it's insane because you know why these companies don't have to create a profit to create a shell company by their stocky rises on the hopes that they will produce a profit and that's that's a model that didn't work in craze in 2001, and it still doesn't work today but it's an ever-growing number that when you connect those numbers to real investors because people invest in that. And when the news comes out. This is going to leave a lot of people financially challenge when that stock goes down or if there tied into another good company called systemic risk. This just creates a whole another problem. So even if debt is as cheap as is. Right now it can be tough, very tough to escape the load that debt will take on when the economy does go through downturn right as you got at some point time you got financed the debt, but the plan for the world economy to get out of debt that's hooked on to is to create more debt and that does not work last time I checked, yeah.

I mean if you want to drag some end times eschatology and theology, and that this this is what I was reduce this and I look you look at these types of things go. It's unsustainable. We've got this $250 trillion around the world and at 5 trillion to that in the next four weeks before the end of 2019 and boy when it when you have a an option for this incredibly gregarious apparently very brilliant. One world leader people will Jan down for that because this is such a train wreck. There's got to be an answer. Everybody naturally wants and Savior, but it's really remarkable so we're $250 trillion in debt, but you don't have any contacts for that's you don't really know is that actually a big number if I say, hey listen I oh noble family owes a $290,000 that's with $290,000 debt need all Bennett's big problem but your net worth and I say it's 29 million then nobody cares 1% of my net worth to cares so how big of a problem is coming functionally clear the number and in that's a big number but relative to the size of the world economy and everything what what the overall kind of that the overall general problem that were looking at is it the same from David that we would have in our own homes.

Always magnify much more than that because were talking about sovereign debt and corporate bonds are to me countries who issue treasury bonds, treasury notes, things like that. This is there's $12 trillion of that that's what you call negative interest rates.

So in other words, all this money has to get serviced and it's much bigger to put into perspective in 2008, the global debt was $110 trillion. So it's gone from 110 to 250 so.

And in this is insane. The economies haven't grown from the same equivalency from 110 to 250 Joseph suffice and manage that debt. The debt is outpacing the economic growth and this is a report that came out from Bloomberg news here. Just two weeks ago we talked about on your on your radio program.

So were digging ourselves deeper and deeper every time the world creates more debt with no solution or no curtailing. This is like a hornet attic were hooked onto the rug called debt and at some point they getting off the drug will be forced by the market to get out the drug just like you. In 2008 forced the environment of change saying hey you can overextend and leverage. You can't have four or five houses they can't even afford one and buying on credit and loan interest loan only that type of behavior that is the same type of behavior that governments have now done and central banks have done so when the day of reckoning comes, this is going to be much more horrendous limit. Put it this way. There's two guys I talked about time you might be cut off by the brakes and interrupted the time nor funky radio billionaire and American who loves America Paul Tudor Jones billionaire also the same open warning.

These same things I've been seeing a lot of quotes I get them from them.

A lot of the billionaires they just spoke at a Greenwich investment for more than over a week ago, and here's what they said clearly the US economy is one of the most punishing downturn is getting ready for the most punishing downturns in history. The low interest rate policy were pursuing is creating an excess and that excess in our public is in our public deficits, which at the current pace is less than 10 years we will have exceeded the thresholds were grease had its issues, so less than 10 years away. We will be structurally just like Greece yellow goes on and says the number of companies producing earnings is the lowest since bubble because companies can sell dreams rather than earnings maps links to 15 drilling trillion dollars sloshing around in the financial system injected by central banks. I mean this I the question is near its insanity and it's gonna hit the brakes sooner or later something something is you can't sustain it forever.

So whether they because I don't think they're going to change. I think the powers that be and all of a sudden sober up one day. I think there's going to have to be a worldwide kind of collapse and then you realize okay we change our ways are. There's really no way out of. And then it's forced upon you, but I don't know how it's gonna happen before that wage your speaking on the next quarter's gonna say here's here's his next quote.

In my opinion, this is not me saying this is billionaire who saying this, who study the financial system he saying in my opinion were near the end in the late stages of our reserve currency. It's a fiat monetary system.

Not only do we have negative rates but were going to have much higher deficits. That's not only half the story because the larger story is the unfulfilled liabilities and the pension liabilities and the debt liabilities so everything that I've been sharing for last year and 1/2 summarize it 5 billion nursing tail end of this thing yet or not billionaires because their idiots and so we have to talk about starting up your treasures in heaven, we need to be good stewards down here if your time in your part to that horse. Be nothing but disappointed in big trouble. That's why it's important that we keep having these conversations talking to David Fisher landmark capital landmark and to talk about the last one about fresh metals about gold.

We come back to noble show a special shout out to all my Raleigh area friends this Thursday night great Christmas concert called decade the halls with 10th Ave. N. great contemporary Christian Van, you're probably familiar with them, but were given away free tickets for the next couple days so the first several callers today will get you hooked up.

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They caught decade. The Hallsville Extent Ave., North, and they literally do a Christmas song in the style of each decade that decades musical style so thought upon Mike. The lead singer, 10th Ave. N. is a lot of fun.

Very engaging guy, great with a crowd but is looking to be an enormous crowd that there might be 400 people at the bus that will be a really intimate setting and a lot of fun, but we want to give you some free tickets for that. Some calling before the show is over today and we will get you hooked up for this Thursday night December 5 in downtown Raleigh the 10th Ave. N., 866-348-7884 is always our number 866-348-7884 or 866 34 to 50 here in the Raleigh Northglenn area this Thursday night.

Come join us May.

I'll be down there with my family to be a great night so calling it will get you some free tickets 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 talking our good friend David Fisher from landmark Gold today landmark a few weeks back.

You talked about this. This is a real shocker of a central bank, the Dutch central bank using the word collapse the tape so let's revisit that and are there any others any other news in the other central banks talking back on language you Dutch central bank you know you keep in mind is central bank is very very particular about what kind of words they say every word they hold very important and will make sure the make the message really clear.

So for the Dutch central bank say and they said this on their websites is not hearsay. They said it printed out in print, they said, quote if the system collapses just to say that alone. Chuck Cox.

I'm 26 years. I've never heard a central bank say what would happen if the system collapses that never talk that way so they just put on black and white. If the system collapses. Gold can serve as a basis to build it up again. They went on to say gold is the trust anchor for the financial system if the whole system collapses the same twice that is shocking for document and explain what were talking a collapse they're talking about having to reset the system what they're not saying is you have to go to the grocery store with your gold or silver what they're saying is her now to reset the monetary system partially back the currency Bible.

That's what they mean by that. So I never propel the idea that the system is going to collapse one propel the idea that to use gold and silver as a monetary financial tool to go to grocery store and buy her groceries just like you and you stop bonds or mutual funds or treasury bills is a hedge against it. System collapse if the currency came down a whole bunch Peter taught on the other side will go up. Now you asked me if there's any new news. Besides all the points of that been saying hey look out with the billionaires were saying on those or indirectly saying the same thing.

The reading off the same set of pages and pretty much probably shocked as much as I if not, maybe more, but when the central bank of Dutch said were to move our gold to secure military facility that not only saying something to do something about it manager result of that other central banks have since then repatriated gold. What is repatriation of gold is when the central bank owns gold but they don't hold it in their own pulses held that, like maybe the New York Fed like Germany prior to World War II ship a lot of its goal over the New York Fed and in 2013 Germany for the first time in decades since the 40s. We want to go back to how it the Fed did not want to get that call back and took them three years to fully repatriate the gold and a lot of pressure on the Fed so 300 tons of gold came back from Germany in about. It took them about three years to get that which sounds insane.

Imagine you owning something. Yeah, your friend, holding it insane just caking to get that back to me and then not wanting to do that.

That's right cell says there's a problem, but since this announcement by the Dutch central bank: has repatriated 100 tons of gold hungry has repatriated 3 tons of gold today why there gold inside the confines of their country is actually in Serbia has repatriated 9 tons of gold.

Now 3 tons of gold 9 tons of gold's nonlogical, but in reference to the amount of gold holdings and the size of the country.

That's a big deal yeah yeah so why all of a sudden are all these European countries saying there's a big issue going on financially and working to do something with her actions were going to get a hold of our goal because he holds the gold makes the rules as this old amateur court so there's something some action. That is, I've never seen in 25 years of just not in the huge announcement call the collapse action behind that announcer on multiple central banks, it says something is up.

I got a couple I got good cousin and we wanted to talk about.

Kinda the thing most Americans understand Goltz. I've got two questions coming into comets, and questions from Facebook lives. The mark said. So if you have all this physical gold and you won't spend it at the grocery store with what you do with it. Why have physical gold so $20 bill in a $20 gold piece. You should be the same value, not by the suit that I'm wearing today for $20 and pay in the 1920s, when gold our currency was back on hundred percent by gold, so we took gold off our currency and today my $20 bill will not, by the time that I'm right, but it $20 gold coin is worth over $1600 and it will buy this suit and I will have money left over. So go so imagine if we saw the change in the back was in a changing gold necessarily change because there's a change in the value of the dollar, the purchasing power. So you can create more dollars out of thin air and anytime you create more of something. It dilutes that something just a work creating so much money in so much debt right now that at some point time that's going to go down a lot faster. She had to head yourself is like Stephen said the Teeter target somebody on the other side of this so that is dollars go down as debt comes full fruition in the things we've been talking about gold rises and it offsets is financial insurance policy not one that going to go the grocery store) one that hedges yourself against evaluation, the cost of living counterbalance right exactly and so and then out for said that China and Russia are holding gold. They may build a collapse.

Our currency and were vulnerable, is the USA building its gold word currently. Are we the only country that's not really taken it serious, will we have 8800 tons plus of gold. We hold the most amount of gold in the world. At least that's the report that is not been.

We haven't had an update in the report. Since the 70s and now he's gone inside Fort Knox. Since the 60s so be simple. Report how much gold we have have an independent audit, it would bring immediate confidence to our debt structure and the dollar and now this would be in question anymore, but if they don't want to do that so there's so in leaves it to less than that. If it's not that good of a news is great news. You would think you would want a better car if it's not that anything less than that. It's got to be detrimental and this is what many economists have believed why not willing to reporter gold holdings in the third party audit on our books in Fort Knox so that is why you know if they do this thing called a failing to suffice all the debt structure, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash in the bank won't save you or be this hedge against all that.

That's why it's really important to get some gold in the portfolio holding up 13% this year. Year to date. So far, according to Bloom, according to CNBC the news just came out such a great asset to hold were just start a bull market and if things get worse in many economists billionaires are saying that central banks are saying that if this makes any sense or resonates with your spirit just diversify get some gold proportioned the seven portion because you not know what treasury may befall you in this something drastic does happen to be very thankful you have some meaningful impact. At that point you wish you would have a lot more money academic counterbalance to the regular market.

Do you think that we do think that the government whatever Allah gold possession again just else are you can't have it done at 1933 made it illegal to 1959, both in silver and gold, 34, and silver. There's a lawn call trading with the enemy act of 1917.

In fact, I have a pamphlet right here in my hand. Content common mistakes to avoid been purchasing physical precious metals, company get it, it will address that issue and have also another report addressing that issue, the answer your question, I think the United States when there Dyer and we head towards Greece they would do anything to avoid a fall term economic collapse yet. I will think anything hollow table valence that involves confiscation of bullion products. Yes, most marketers don't buy bullion because they want to safeguard the money.

That's the purpose of buying gold and ask you why gold coins because gold coins, not new gold coins with foldable coins prevented amended prior to 1933, the law completely is clear on this, that they are exempt from confiscation and so if the bull's-eye is I want to put my money in gold to get my money safe. I love my country and unlike words headed financially present-day modern-day coins called American Eagles Canadian Maple easels are bullion products by law that are not exempt from confiscation and historically they grow less than the other products to yet.

So again were not talking about anything gold single buy groceries and filtered asking what I'm having physical gold and were talking about taking possession of it. Talk about having a balance on the other end of the teeter totter or get a word picture I had as yet your sale up above the sailboat stocks and bonds to mutual funds difficult of the sailboat sale but it doesn't have balance.

It doesn't have something underneath the counterbalance of people get this type of information and do the old-fashioned way 792, make sure you bring the excellent David Fisher landmark M Always great to have you on the expertise my lessons in my right there with Brandon so this is Steve. No one felt God willing that always

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