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Winslow For The Win

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December 9, 2019 3:10 pm

Winslow For The Win

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 9, 2019 3:10 pm

Winslow For The Win!

Matthew Winslow, Founder of Winslow Homes, is running for District 18 NC State Senate! Additionally, learn a little more about how he found his love for politics and some about his upbringing! To learn more about Matthew Winslow for Senate check out -

Plus, a Money Monday Update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold! If you'd like to learn more about the state of the economy check out -


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Everyone I know will show where Christianity meets every day is like your home work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or checking out here's your host if you happen to work in one of those arenas you want to be careful if you're gonna write anything like maybe a devotional book you decided to write amends devotional book and then you're so while there so out of control.

As a Christian that you decide to include well you know biblical truth and then some aspects of biblical truth, love your neighbor as yourself. Nobody got a problem that right.

Well, like the golden rule but you start talking about sexual ethics on sexuality, marriage, whatever.

And all of a sudden, things can get very interesting. That certainly what happened for Mr. Calvin Cochran down in Atlanta. You probably remember this story that they did not like they found out that he had written some things in amends devotional book that they took issue with so they put in 30 days on leave and then ended up firing him and that was Amir read and in the folks down there in Atlanta and then praise the Lord in our friends alliance defending freedom got in his corner and copies of the Lord was in his corner. In October 2028/2018. Last year one is a suit back against them because they violated his rights as an American citizen and Mr. Calvin Cochran's gonna be here in Raleigh, North Carolina with one of my favorite ministries capital commission which you hear the commercials on the show when were asking you to pray for those in authority over us, pre-one Tim. that's first Timothy chapter 2 order versus be praying for those in authority over us so there celebrating a decade of ministry. Let next week here in Raleigh, North Carolina Thursday, October 17 and I Mr. Cochran's gonna be the keynote speaker.

That night I get to play a small role in excited about that. Love this ministry and really appreciate that Mr. Calvin Cochran, welcome to the show. How are you sir state that you have membership very well.

Can you bend down quite a road before we talk about kind of the story. What happened in Atlanta. I just like to set that aside and thank you for your years of public service there and the fire department is a fire chief and on the national level as well. It's men like you, sir, that really kinda shine forth what America is supposed to be all about, and selfless service and care for your neighbor, so thank you so much for that. That's it just is just awesome to have you on. Thank you for I really appreciate that you're very welcome.

So let's come to get in the time machine there and I would assume that this kinda came out of left field you.

You know the mayor wanted you back and you had done very well. You are very well recognized in 2012 Fire Chief magazine named you of fire chief of the year to hitch out of the blue and all of a sudden they kinda pull it pulled you in the office and said okay we got a problem you are dear to me living out my favorite was just a way of life for me growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, and it was God calling on my life that cause me to be a firefighter The two went together, living Linda living out your faith while serving your community and what exactly did the city of Atlanta have what was there beef with you will you know it serving at my church in Atlanta, Elizabeth Baptist Church.

I was part of the men's ministry and God led me to to do some research on the question that he asked Adam in the garden of Eden, who told you that you would make it.

I was curious as to whether God was asking Adam more than who told you that you don't have on any clothes.

And so the research led to a book it in the book I wrote about issues that Christian men struggle with one of them with sexual sin and not simply wrote what the Bible says about sex and marriage and about. And that's the part of the book that the city of Atlanta took issue with that because my pension and subsequent termination from employment. And so what was there.

What was their position in terms of the content of that devotional book and how it affected your ability to serve as the Fire Chief where they clearly stated that the city of Atlanta did not embrace my beliefs about marriage and sexuality that was expressed in the book and that because of what I wrote conflict. It was what they believe.

I had a propensity to discriminate against people who didn't believe that way so they could spend at me for 30 days to investigate whether or not I had ever did discriminated against someone for having those belief investigation proved that I had never discriminated against anyone for having those beliefs yet.

I was terminated from employment.

Anyway now, once the event was the findings. That investigation came out that this did they switch gears and just come up with another explanation as to why they went ahead and fired you, or did they just do it and not explain themselves. Will there excuse was adapted investigation that I failed to get permission from the mayor to write the book to express my views that I should have gotten permission that I violated the policy and should have gotten permission in thanks be to God we have a right in the United States of America of free speech and freedom of religion that protects Americans that we don't have to get permission from anyone to express those beliefs. Analyze defending freedom by the grace of God did a great job of representing that and we prevailed on that on that right yeah and it's it's not as it's it now if you had entitled the book the devotional they amends devotional for members of the Atlanta department written by Mr. Calvin Cochran in and you did it on behalf of the fire. Okay, that's one thing is that that'll be tricking 1/4 lock is a look at that as an endorsement of a certain religion over other religions. But you wrote is a private citizen. I mean, how did they even think that they had a right to control your speech outside of your role as a Fire Chief. While their position on government show. I didn't have that right. And you know and again that I should have asked for permission to express that belief. The Hon. Mayor Kasim Reed when he ran for his first term, he believed, just like I believe about biblical marriage and biblical sexuality. However, during his first term or later towards the end of it in his own words he had evolved in his belief and changed his position and his expectation was anyone under his leadership should have evolved as well and should have embraced those same beliefs and I just didn't take place with me pretty interesting that the mayor of Atlanta essentially quoted former president Barack Obama. That's what he said that his beliefs on the issue of marriage had evolved and so he's bringing his personal beliefs and making that the new standard of what's right and wrong for a private citizen in your own private time writing underneath your protected rights. It was just out of the city of Atlanta. Other people in the fire department out of the community down there react to this well the Christian community in the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia and even across the country. The event that even Christians from around the world respond in a very positive way and very supportive in the belief that I've expressed that I took in that I did not giving into the pressure to resign. You directly break and just let John hold up picking up on the other side of the brakes were talking to chief Calvin Cochran, former chief down there in Atlanta and as great as that is the better thing is that he's a devout follower of Jesus Christ will be right back.

They were talking, former chief of the Atlanta fire Harmon after Calvin Cochran, who had written a book for, amend, study, and that his church and Internet book he just dispel some of the things that the Bible teaches is true and right and godly, which is of course what we subscribe to and then the other folks to the powers that be in Atlanta got a hold of that and then all of a sudden they saw that as a violation of so many things that they stood for and they put them on leave and and I think Mr. Cochran lately did they want you to go through" sensitivity training was that part of their initial response rate one. Returning after my travel if I would've cleared, I would still have to go through the training to calibrate my thinking up along the lines of those of the city of Atlanta which I would not have worked on me yet. That would've been in disagreement with the Holy Spirit that definitely resides inside of you and what do what fellowship does darkness have with light as the Scripture says so, so that they fire you, and then did you know at the time Mr. Cochran that okay you know what I am going to fight back and stand up for my rights and how quickly did ADF get involved in and tells about that and I want to talk about your visit here next week. Yet I was so hopeful that with that me free and I acted there after 30 days of the exonerated image restore to work but in that there today. I was introduced to alliance defending freedom and we had a conference call. A week before I was to return work just in case my hopefulness didn't pan out the way that I had really really thought it would. And sure enough when I was terminated right hand and they are truly God's hand extended in the legal profession and walk me through the whole process that is so true. So, were they confident from day one, that when this case came back around that you would win while they had tremendous confidence but they also stated that there were some uncertainties that you know were just not predictable in the law but had tremendous faith that we would prevail and and it certainly turned out that personally I had confidence from the very outset that God would be glorified and that God's glorification. I would be vindicated and never had Steve a moment of spare our hopelessness from the very beginning through the very victory yeah that's that's the peace that surpasses all understanding. I'm reading from an alliance defending freedom release about the whole situation. This was in October of last year. The city Atlanta has agreed to pay former fire chief Calvin Cochran, the amount that was awarded in the wake of December 2017 court ruling that found some of the city policies that led to his termination are unconstitutional and this is gonna lead to what to Mr. Cochran's can be doing here in Raleigh next week for our friends at capital commission, the court determined that Alanna's rules restricting nonwork speech like the book for Christian men that Cochran wrote were too broad and allowed city officials to unconstitutionally discriminating against views with which they with with with which they disagree.

Which of the very important point for us as Christians, as Paul knew his rights as a Roman citizen. We need to know our rights as American citizens and I think far too often Calvin that a lot of Americans just as Christian Americans would just gonna lie down, thinking they need to turn the other cheek when what they really need to do is engage absolutely think what I've seen in the last four years.

Witness first hand is there too many thought and daughters of God who have more fear in the worldly consequences of standing on biblical truth and faith in the kingdom consequences. What I've learned. Steve is that the kingdom consequences for standing on our true biblical truth far greater than the worldly consequences that we fear him, and that's exactly right. And then when we do suffer, on whatever form that comes here in the United States, certainly not as bad as it is a lot of the parts of the world, but one that does happen, then we have the fellowship of the sufferings of Christ himself.

And so we need to embrace that and realizing Google okay I'm suffering because I stood up for the truth of God's word and for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

And then that as you know more than most of us. Calvin is a unique blessing. So once you find out about capital commission and that's where I want to tie this together and reaching out for 10 years now in state capitals.

They're not there due to directly affect the policy and talk about politics they're there to witness and to pray and to do Bible studies there in 24 out of the 50 states now and that's that's what we need. We see these types of problems in our governance. Whether it's on the state level city level or national level, because we have far too many people in government that are not allied with the word of God and with his truth, and as a result, things like this happen so when you first found out about capital commission will what was your reaction when she started to learn about what this ministry is all about. Will ministry like Apple commission are absolutely not very you saved the interface to interface with government and the ministry of the ministers of capital commission that are currently in 24 states in the goal of 50 are just that they are not. They have no agenda. They are present in visible and accessible to legislators and their staff to just be a voice for the gospel. If the truth and sensitive moments when elected officials and their staff need them the most. Yeah that's exactly right because they just like Jim Young, the founder of capital commission did here in our state for years now. Brett Harbaugh runs that in an all is the national leader but to just to be present and then because when things go badly for Republicans and Democrats for believers and unbelievers alike and people that are even cultural Christians and maybe think there Christians but don't actually know the Lord have never been born again you have a minister there. There's that there's an incredible opportunity to love people well to serve them to pray with them, with the hopes of course of of sharing the gospel with them or helping to shore up their faith and it's really it's a it's a myth. Think about we yell about we yell about politics.

We yell about politicians we get mad at him, but how often do we actually sit down with them and pray with them and care for them and love on them, which were supposed to do as part of our calling as Christians that were super excited that that you're coming out it's the 10th anniversary celebrating a decade of ministry here in Raleigh, North Carolina. It's next Thursday, October 17 just a great banquet will be a great evening and that there are still tickets available so you can go to capital you can find it that way or the easy way you can just text the word hope to 919-649-5208. I'll be there myself as well text the word hope to 919-649-5208 or go to capital website and just look for the national ministry 10th anniversary sortie what you got to be talking about next week when you're here Calvin will be talking about faith and courage and conviction in the times that we live in here in the United States of America and in sharing my story of how God prepared me for the fiery trial that I've experienced over the last five years going through what I'm going through and relayed that the how to find and God sons and daughters of God. No, that they are prepared to stand up for their faith and to live out their faith believe it's in days like this that we really need to let our light shine and really show the love of Christ the personality and character of Christ in the speak the truth with courage and conviction and grace without being threatening but still be in bold at the same time last John chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus full of both grace and truth.

And we have to be able and we aren't able to the Holy Spirit to do both. Were you and this'll be the norm was done on was the time but what were you were you surprised by just how strongly the Lord lead you through all this Calvin. Oh, absolutely. I've seen a side of God that I have never seen before. The phrase in church all my life and I look forward to sharing that with the citizens of Raleigh next week a man so awesome Calvin Cochran God bless you brother. I really look forward to meeting you in person and shaking your hand thank you for your firm and courageous stand for the things of God. We appreciate you will see okay friends will be right back. So continue our conversation about something that we all need aware of and involved in, and it's one of those things that years ago when we were doing a lot activism here North Carolina just bombarding the legislature with your typical activism kind of stuff and that going after them. You know it. I got always quote Ronald Reagan Regan make him see the light or make him feel the heat. I preferred to make him feel the heat and simmer bombing away with that kind of stuff and then there's these guys down there Christian ministers, pastors down there ministering to people praying with them. I looking for an opportunity share the gospel.

Leading Bible studies and first as I got all come on, that's kind of wimpy. Yes me to be down there. You know, swing the hammer of truth and lets the deal with these people but I was wrong and they were right in one of the people that was really leaving that effort and is the founder of capital commission is my dear friend Jim Young who is the founder capital commission and got issues in my life and a lot of different ways. Jim thinks were gone and buddy, how are you bringing up on their look forward to next week. Yeah, he was he's very poised.

He is very good is excellent on the Aries a wonderful speaker and full of the joy of the Lord. So that's awesome.

So let's go back in time a little bit because what's happening here in Raleigh next Thursday night which is October 17, the 10th anniversary of capital commission and this is just one of my favorite ministries. As you know, and is had a huge impact on me, but tell us about how this all got started in the first place. You know we had been that already capital arena and unfortunately there were some things that occurred with leadership in the and so basically the entire minute free left one organization got to start something new and I was that found out it together needed info that began in October 2019. Which is why were the 10 year mark and we were at 17 or 18 hours 25 which is been a great growth pattern process because of our guys have to have the ability to make disciples of the word of God to hear their faith and then raise their own support so obviously that becomes difficult. Thank you and plugged away the old beginning 18 when it was time for me to elect the lamebrain and bring Brad on board.

He was serving as the North Carolina that, and he was able to pass on the Burke Jones.

He was a legislator for years for a number and will be at the banquet and will have great video and testimonies and stories about what many of our state capital. Many times across the yeah cross the line of political line so the interesting thing to see the different and so for me, Steve, I think the thing I am going with within the body are quite weak and love loss program and and some cases their folks will give it up on the power and no we know it changes not in my life drastically change your life. In most believers out there daily come to faith in Christ, past the senior adult life with me through the power of the gospel and I'm so hard is that in our real estate is no man or woman alive gospel and have a lot and the kingdom of God is built beside that political people log is the objective truth is the truth and that's just a helpful piece of fruit that comes off the tree of salvation. When you live in a country that's organized like ours is a representative republic.

But did you do you find that when when you're when you're going capital commission is going into the legislative building. Maybe when you're going into a new state for the first time that there's a lot of concern on behalf of legislators and probably legislators of one stripe versus another.

In terms of politics, but there there wondering or maybe they're shocked that you're not there to try to impact their political motivation or their or their vote.

You're there to talk to them about their lives in their souls, like our new guide year while everybody goes to the capital or write something in return for being there and so those who are already in a political active mode. I would think that's what were going to do when we don't care little and then the other side to go there like guard so everybody 30 people are are not sure why were there and everything people come in with the wrong motive of just loving and caring for everybody. So security housekeeping through a bath. The library and the reporter. The lobbyist again. It was, but I think you meant that the idea of being present. There's nothing like a bear that that their parent below and it makes a difference in people's life such a great point that you brought that everybody goes in the legislature that doesn't work there's there to get something from them, as opposed to being there just to serve them and love them which it makes sense why many people would take several years for them to come to get past that will that well has been poisoned that one is been poisoned by our political vitriol for years now and it takes some time to turn that right into coming can't get through all that we can just people realize you're there to actually love them well in and so this next Thursday, October 17 at 630 to 8:30 PM here in Raleigh you can find out more information. If you just go to capital COM that's CAP I TOL capital and you just look for the national ministry 10th anniversary or you can just text the word hope and get the information that way right on your cell phone. Text the word hope to 919-649-5208.

That's 919-649-5208 and just text the word hope and tell everybody real quick. Jim one of the things that I talk about is been a regular part of the show for several years now, is pray.

110 because it's a big part that we all should be playing first site that allows us to be obedient all week right without authority and full with 40 becomes an email sent to you every day.

It takes about two or three.

One US congressional member from your particular state.

North Carolina that you would have a legislator from North Carolina show up as one of the US rep or Sen. State Sen. with their picture and three of the state representative on the first day in the month of the executive branch where we have the governor of your state Lt. Gov. date and then on the last two days of the month. We just so you think court with one what opportunities there. Pray for your board members also not room to list them all. But there they are to be reminded of all for me just become familiar with them because their faith interactive you can you can click the Facebook icon and my faith back on the email icon and then the legislator just a simple note. I was thinking of you today. Pray for you, how we used to say one thing to jump the greatest value. I think that is the legislator get the number of emails from a particular church in that church must dispense the people going to talk if you don't agree with.

If they want to go in and talk with him about a bill or an issue and he's been in the pattern of hearing from some problems back to her door. You know any Christ Baptist Church used to hearing from you. It's always been positive while otherwise heard the other side of it being railed on and you try to get appointment away are you with that. So we need to earn we need to earn the rights of the earth and done nothing about it when you start praying for those in authority over you.

Which by the way, that when you get the email. Each day I pray one Tim doesn't tell you their party affiliation. They just pray for and it's amazing what that will do your heart in terms of looking at these people as individuals made in the image of God, whether you disagree or agree with their politics are people that God loves and cares about and died for, and we need to intercede for them with their believers often pray even more so for them and in terms of the fruit of the Spirit in their witness for the Christ for the for the Lord and at their loss that that's it's easy thing to pray always, I don't know the state of most of them in terms of salvation. So I pray for that person that I pray for you always have a prayer prompt and pray for that just her overall effectiveness and wisdom, and minute really helped me to purge some of the poison from my own heart in terms of dealing with politicians pray one Tim is that website again next Thursday here in Raleigh, North Carolina, the 10th anniversary banquet for reference to capital commission, 630 8:30 PM in North Raleigh at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree you go to capital COM CAP I TOL COM capital and just look on the first page for national ministry 10th anniversary or you can just text the word hope to 919-649-5208 919-649-5208. This text, the word hope Jim I appreciate you I love you. I look forward to being with you next Thursday I will soon find this is the Noble on the Steve Noble show when we come back some big updates on this whole impeachment nightmare and something that Planned Parenthood is doing next year that you need to know you afforded it all going to flow into the whole impeachment nightmare that's going on in DC.

It would be the only third time, only the third time in US history with what I should bring up articles of impeachment against a sitting president and it looks like I'm asking my friends on Facebook live if you want to join us on Facebook like 40 5 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday is happy to be out of town then just go to Steve Noble show page on Facebook okay and you can join us and be on camera here and not not you you're not camera your site on the on the goofball it's on camera in the studio so you can join us. That way, looks like about 50-50 excellent peach know they won't.

I think they will. I think they can't get the strain off the tracks. I think it's got to a certain amount of inertia and there, but Nancy's trying to play it safe. But that's not last much longer.

So for stories here on that and then we'll talk about will Planned Parenthood's game came on to say the least.

In the 2020 elections.

By the way for for the rest of you if you're here in the Raleigh-Durham area, Greensboro, Charlotte you want to drive up and join us tomorrow night called warships finally here that's tomorrow night here in Raleigh, North Carolina seven and 9 PM. It's good to be a fantastic evening very important for the ministry in terms of financial support for just a great night of encouragement. Great story from the families endured much over the last of the eight years in December with their son Harrison is now 18, but he was diagnosed with a very rare childhood cancer when he was 10. Within a couple weeks. He had a stroke, they almost lost him several times. It's really an amazing story, some to be interviewing them on stage and praise and worship with her friend Josh Bales is coming in from Florida and I got some ministry updates and the tube really big announcements that are coming up here in the next few months. Big big announcements regarding the ministry in the direction of what I feel the Lord's calling me in us to do with the board, so that's going on amount you want to join us.

That's easy.

Go to the Steve Noble you can register for your tickets, you'll have to have a ticket to get it, but we like to know is, and so if you can register. That's helpful, or just text the word dose to 66866 and will take care of you. That way, the word does DLSE know it's wrong when I don't. That's for the daily devotional you can do that to explore does the viewing of the daily devotional.

I need a nap. 66866 or if you want to come to call the worship just text worship 668660 cables take care either way.

I the intelligence committee could account for the 18 day gap between Trump's Ukraine call in the whistleblowers complaint okay so this is all the shenanigans are going on here okay with Mr. Schiff, Pres. Donald Trump at a phone conversation with Ukraine Pres. Bolden Mayor Zelinski on July 15, 2019 eight team days later because it's so earth shattering the importance we wait almost 3 weeks, 18 days later whistleblowers mostly blower filed a complaint alleging the president pressured Zelinski into investigating former VP Joe Biden, who's obviously he would do that because he try to get him out of the race because I'm sure Donald Trump truly afraid of Joe Biden so that's that that's the complaint, always trying to pressure the president of another country in order to further his own political goals.

In this case reelection which would be a problem that were actually true, is still unclear.

This article says Fox News a wide took the whistleblower 18 days to report such an allegedly egregious abuse of presidential power intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson couldn't explain why it took more than two weeks for the whistleblower to file the complaint.

Fox News reported that during Atkinson's congressional testimony could not explain the delay in reporting "or when exactly the whistleblower contacted a key Democrat staff sources familiar with the testimony told Fox News and that was Adam Schiff.

Okay, that was his staff got contacted right so doesn't appear to be any political shenanigans going on here right Schiff said multiple times that he did not know the identity of the whistleblower and that neither he nor his staff that spoke of the whistleblower is, why the Washington Post gave ship for Pinocchio's first claim since it was reviewed, revealed that the whistleblower reached out to ship staff prior to filing the complaint the whistleblower did not acknowledge that the contacted been made in possible violation of the law.

See how stinky this is now smooth over this other story existence from the daily wire bombshell whistleblower had a significant tide, a Democrat, challenging Trump in 2020 election. That's an issue right a new report from the Washington Examiner on Tuesday revealed that the CIA whistleblower reportedly quote unquote had a significant connection to a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate who is challenging Pres. Donald Trump in the election that seems to go to motive does not. In August 26 letter the intelligence communities Inspector General Michael Atkinson wrote that the anonymous whistleblowers set off the Trump Ukraine impeachment fight showed quote some in DC and arguable political bias in favor of a rival political candidate examiners Byron York wrote quote now. However, there is word of more evidence of possible bias in the whistleblowers part under questioning from Republicans during last Friday's impeachment inquiry interview with Atkinson.

The Inspector General revealed that the whistleblowers possible bias was not that he was simply a registered Democrat.

It was that he had a significant title I of the Democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge Pres. Trump in next year's election and what would that be one of the other people involved in this.

Is it well it actually might've worked for one of them yet no bias there right no problem whatsoever. This whole thing is get stinky or by the date right so have to keep paying attention that one person that will help Donald Trump in this regard is the guy that his team just hired to get added to his legal team, none other than US representative. Now retired, Trey Gaudi, former prosecutor right. Talk about a tough dude.

He's joining Pres. terms. This is from a Fox News article legal team as outside counsel for the houses expanding impeachment inquiry, according to a reported administration official who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Confirm Gaudi's hiring Tuesday. Gaudi, who formerly chaired the House oversight reform committee decided not to seek reelection last year and joined the law firm Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough after leaving office. Trey Gaudi is a pitbull so if you like political theater. Imagine this imagine that the House of Representatives on the lead clinical leadership of Nancy Pelosi actually brings impeachment charges Mitch McConnell and the Senate said they will have no choice but to take that up on the floor in the president's defense is Trey Gaudi and Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice Trey Gaudi and Jay Sekulow who will run circles around any Democrat in the Senate anybody that they bring in to help because these.

These are formidable people.

Jay Sekulow is argued in front of the Supreme Court multiple times. Trey Gaudi's a tough prosecutor in and they get to call witnesses and put people on the stand now, I don't think impeachment is good for the country. While it's not that I don't think it is it isn't especially given the condition of the nation right now, but that would be awesome that I would be talk about must-see TV.

I would be all over that that would be just fascinating. Not the least is the reality that it would be historic but to see talk of those those two guys Jay Sekulow Trey Gaudi are cut from a similar clock from Trump in terms of toughness and don't go right for the jugular and you get that they can call people into as witnesses they could call and told me they could call it all in. Hillary Clinton subpoenaed put them on the stand for all the world to see. So part of me is like all what a great what a great present that would be so will see. Here's another thing sidebar issue kind of US Attorney John Durham beefs up investigation into Russia probe origins after finding so there's all the stuff I am hopeful we need to pray that the truth will come out and all the stuff United States Attorney John Durham is expanding his investigation into the origins of the FBI's counterintelligence probe into Russia in the Trump campaign after his team reportedly made significant discoveries so they're running into more and more stuff. Is it any more people any more money the more time and then he said there not to wait like mother did for some big report. Irma said as soon as they have actionable things though. Let us know the saga to be working away two years soon as I have actionable stuff there to let it out. So this is really another fascinating development and I know we need to be in prayer. Don't pray as a as a Republican or conservative pray.

As a Christian for justice for truth for further intrigues to be their downfall as it says in the Old Testament. Okay, we need to be praying for those things we need to pray for truth and justice, not because you're Republican, not because you like Donald Trump but because if you call yourself a Christian, that is your allegiance to the King of Kings and Lord of lords, the creator of all heaven and earth to God and Jesus said himself.

For this reason I was born this reason, I came into the world to testify to the truth. We pray for the truth and no matter where that falls need to pray for truth and justice. That is not the American way that is God's way right. 2020 election is a big deal. Planned Parenthood vows to spend $45 million in 2022.

Elect abortion-rights candidates and Russ was talking about it today. I appreciate that rush pretty regularly talks about the life issue Planned Parenthood's political wings, which fight for legal protections for abortion announced Wednesday though spent $45 million backing candidates who support abortion rights and elections next year, ranging from the statehouse level to the White House Planned Parenthood votes and Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations are launching their largest ever electoral effort for the 2020 cycle will fight for our rights and freedoms down the ballot in 2020. The organization tweeted the group says its top priority in 2020 is to defeat and unseat Pres. Trump.

Why because is the most actionable pro-life president in history the country. That's what and if you don't I understand you don't like because of his style or whatever, but when it comes to life issue you have to give the man his props game. We need to think God for that. The ripple target roughly 5 million voters across the country with the spotlight on nine key swing states, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to them.

The Planned Parenthood and I know none of you are listening.

See you on the field because I'm going to be getting much more involved with North Carolina politics next year are not the least of which were in the state of the country. The state of life, but also for my good friend Dan Forrest is running for governor in, bring on will see you there.

$45 million is a lot of money.

That's more than most of these presidential wannabes have raised recently. All because they want to spend their God baby child execution. They make their money. What money they want to keep getting rich still want their 464 and $70 million a year from the government tens of millions of dollars less or not Sabrina and we all need to be praying about that in getting involved. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall be live from the church tomorrow were doing call to worship, just text the word worship 668-6674 and hopefully tomorrow you will always

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