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Ted Cruz Attacks

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 11, 2019 11:50 pm

Ted Cruz Attacks

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 11, 2019 11:50 pm

Ted Cruz Attacks

Today, hearing Senator Ted Cruz mock the IG report and Department of Justice!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble is looking forward to the day when all of a sudden the committees dealing with all the impeachment stop are run by Republicans while today was certainly your day and Ted Cruz absolutely unleashed today.not really up on Horwitz, who led the effort to get the IG report but but just on the whole process and everything behind the wiretapping and everything behind the infiltration of the trim campaign based on the steel dossier and in the whole thing is built on a house of cards with the 17 they make it's the Democrats and mainstream media make it sound like a little mistakes here and there, like a wrong, these are omissions and flat out lies that they found within the confines of what the FBI in the department of justice and the doing on this so I've been listening today is much as I could but I'm a let you hear for yourself.

I know most of you are busy and working and have other things to do and perhaps better things to do, but this is part of my responsibility to pay attention to this stuff is much as possible and then to talk about it. Bring to your attention and and hopefully provide some decent analysis and in this case, something to look forward to which it is a hard thing to come by these days when it comes to this whole impeachment process, but I think this is definitely a little view of things to come. So I got several stories I want to get to today. If we have time as we go through Ted Cruz's comments I got about nine minutes. Ted Cruz of him to break it up in the four sections and then on to get into something is going on and some things that Shapiro is put out there and really interesting to say exactly what happening. We talked about this a few weeks ago when essentially the impeachment ID has been around since I don't know him early November 2016 when trump was obvious that he was and went become the next president talk about impeachment right away so they write the end of the book we impeached him and now we can fill it in the introduction is the worst person in history the world and the president doesn't care about the law and doesn't care about the process ball, about a block and so now you fill it in sooner to go from the bit the first chapter to the last chapter in the conclusion being we impeach the president only the third president US history to actually be impeached then. Now we gotta fill in the story make the narrative somehow fit, fit in and make it somehow make sense thought that they been doing ever since.

So you've got nothing but Democrat-controlled activity going on in the mainstream media, which is essentially the same thing so today you see what it's gonna look like when the shoe moves to the other foot, called the U.S. Senate and so this is Ted Cruz talking directly to Horwitz about his report, which like 400 semi pages which none of us have read and what is listening to people talk about it. Which is why I'm listening to Ted Cruz because I interviewed sent on Ted Cruz a couple times along format interviews. About an hour just the two of us at a table and he is a brilliant guy loves the country knows Constitution and East and very trustworthy, and he's the most conservative candidate all going back to the primary in 2015 2060 so when he sets up two steps up to the plate. You better pay attention. Someone to play for you. These four different segments from him going at Horwitz. He was really going on, Horwitz. He was just taking the information Horwitz had gathered, which was limited to the department of justice and the FBI what they could find they're not the doing a bunch interviews of people outside of that context. They're not doing anything outside the United States were there's all kinds of rabbit trails take you all around the globe, especially to Ukraine and Russia.

Obviously, what truck but would, but with the cruise going at it gives you I was like okay I get into this all enjoy this and in the more witnesses the better. When this thing goes to trial in the Senate which it will, but here's how it started on unknown CNN and MSNBC versus Fox News and a few other locations. This is how it started.

They did not include Sen. Lindsey Graham opening statements so so with Adam Schiff, CNN, MSNBC soon as he shows up everything stops and all eyes and all microphones and all cameras are in. Adam Schiff and then Nadler the last few days.

Fortunately, now there's a couple of days. Praise the Lord, but on Adam Schiff. It was just nonstop Adam ship so Susie said something there.

Johnny on the spot you get Sen. Lindsey Graham is the head of the judiciary committee and the Senate, and he does his opening statements, CNN and MSNBC go dark. They did not cover. Now I doubt that there's many of you out there is that I think but are still thinking that CNN and MSNBC are somehow like journalistic entities, they are not now. Fox News has its bias as well. I'm knocking Fox News is not. The wind driven snow. Okay, but with MSNBC and Senate CNN.

It is so obviously and are now paying the price.

Is there ratings are the lowest they've been in years, but can you believe that I mean that that should not shock anybody that they literally just blank out. While there, we want to hear this.

Why would they do that. Why would CNN and MSNBC blank out Sen. Lindsey Graham's opening statements of the Senate Judiciary Committee because he knows they know he's gonna make sense. They know is going to bring the other side of the argument which they been fighting to suppress and to bring facts to light and to actually point a white-hot spotlight of actual judgment on this issue which they just because the Republicans have no say in the house but they do in the Senate.

They control the game in the Senate, which is really where the game is is mostly afoot so that's just pretty amazing.

Ari Fleischer used to be a White House Press Secretary came out that result because we go to twitter right we want to know people have to say. CNN is not taking the Senate Horwitz hearing live unbelievable perfect example of how bias works. It's just it's it's not just what they cover.

It's what they don't cover Bill O'Reilly came out with this. CNN and MSNBC.

Refusing to run Sen. Lindsey Graham's opening statement in the Horwitz hearing. The most blatant form of media bias that I've ever seen. RIP American journalism.

That's for sure. Steve just after giving their airtime completely over to Jerry Nadler and Adam ship for the past few weeks. CNN is not airing the start of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Horwitz's IG report hashtag stop the madness and then Rhonda McDaniel, the GOP chairwoman said CNN aired everything ship and never had to say why are they showing Lindsey Graham is because the facts of how the FBI mistreated Donald Trump contradict their coverage of the last three years. Bada bing is exactly right. It doesn't fit the narrative. It doesn't go in the book, so we open the book ends in November 2016. Impeach Donald Trump we close the book, weeping Democrats mainstream media. We close the book with we impeached them hopefully bloodied his nose enough because that's only way were to be them in 2020. And then there also coming out already saying if Trump wins in 2020 is illegitimate Nadler did that over the weekend there Artie playing that game.

So now we gotta fill in the book, which is exactly what we been listening to collusion use the power abuse of power. Again in the impeachment of the two articles each month at the Vatican about on next week. And of course, refusing to cooperate with Congress, which is not, by the way against the law called the U.S. Constitution.

That's called the separation of powers called checks and balances sets waves worked for a couple hundred years. It's worked pretty good so far this is Steve Noble will be right back so excited. Thank you Lord that this is not everything in the world right.

This is important, no question about it, but hopefully you know Jesus as Lord and Savior. He is the king of your life and you have that going for you to say the least. If that's true, then this is all super important.

But it's not preeminent the Gospels preeminent the kingdoms preeminent.

We have a much longer future to look forward to than the current massively frustrating present that we exist so I thought… We should always be will have that little step that'll jump in our step that will kick in her step little hop in her step because you're in possession of that true we agree with those who have no hope. Even when things are bad when we have shootings terrible things that go on, which are all heartbreaking. We should all be in prayer over.

We should all be engaged in and be involved with it and and and broken because of the injustice of it all. It's not permanent, so we should have this little reserve called joy which is not touched by how this nightmare stuff to deal with in this country and around the world. In this case were talking about today Senate Judiciary committee hearing, which is much different than having a committee hearing in the house is in the Senate it's controlled by Republicans. In this case, Lindsey Graham and on this committee. The after mentioned powerhouse Ted Cruz summoned a place for you because this is just a little sign of things to come. When this actual impeachment trial comes along and I hope they do a full-blown trial open will try to cut it short and then pull all the great witnesses that you would like to plea have those witnesses in your stocking for Christmas but this is just to give you little glimpses Ted Cruz talk about the IG report put out by Horwitz and this was going on. Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee just listen to how he deals with this because we have this to look forward to thoughts mission.

I absolutely so this 434 page report outlines 17 major area errors and misstatements that were made by the FBI or DOJ in securing phis awards on number of them are deeply, deeply troubling.

These are not typos. These are not small inadvertent errors.

These are grotesque abuse of powerless focus on a couple of the primary sub source primary sub source and indeed the first the first error you note in the second, third and fourth application for the phis award is the primary sub short shorts reporting raise serious questions about the accuracy of the steel dossier which we now know was a bunch of malarkey user terms been in the news lately Hermina steel dossier is what was used to going to get the spies worn so they could start spying on sending people in a recording the Trump campaign. Okay, the steel dossier is the foundation took cruises talk about her and that the Pfizer court was not informed of that.

Let's get specifically so the basis of the steel report was what's referred to in your report is the primary sub source that was the principal basis and the FBI interviewed that primary sub source. Not once, not twice but three times in January, March and May 2017.

So that's the basis of this dossier. One of the primary sub source as you as you as the OIG report says the interviews of the primary sub source raised quote significant questions about the reliability of the steel reporting. One of the sub source. I specifically as your report goes on to say it says steel misstated or exaggerated multiple sections of the reporting says it portions of it, particularly the more salacious and sexual portions were based on quote, rumor and speculation. It says that some of the basis of that came from conversations with quote friends over beers and statements that were made." Just okay so that the deer that so the foundation of all this steel dossier and all the information came from things, statements made in just statements made over beer.

That's where this came from an Internet talk about building your house on the sand. But again, remember you have to make the narrative for your conclusion. Your conclusion as we hate Trump.

Gotta get rid of them. We need to impeachment hearing to do whatever you need to do a highlight we need to highlight you can ignore. We need to ignore you insert you'll remove whatever it takes is you and I'm gotta make the story fit your conclusion that cruises talk about her and and the primary sub source also says to take the other sub sources quote with a grain of salt.

The FBI had that information knew that the basis of this, this, this dossier was saying it's unreliable and what what are the FBI and DOJ do in renewal application number two and number three. The document renewal applications easier to get the Pfizer warrant so they can spy on the Trump campaign.

Okay, knowing that the FBI, knowing that it's all week bogus over a beer taken with a grain of salt. And that's what they went to the court with what you think. They toured the told the court that course not. FBI advised the court quote. The FBI found the Russian base sub source. To be truthful. Total lie and cooperative: zero revision. You note that is the most significant misstatement and and that is going in front of a court of law relying on facts that you know are unreliable without any basis that that was the number one the number to know what you think would happen you or me.

If we did that go in a court of law to make a case to the Pfizer court which is kind of secret court going there and make statements in and make a case based on something you know to be false and weak.

What would happen to you or me.

If we did that that would be big trouble right so he's just point because one in their and why. Why would they do that is that just sloppy police work sloppy FBI work know that goes to intent. Why were they doing now what Horwitz cuts come out and said is I didn't find any evidence of these mentions this very specifically. You know he's lawyered up on this was mentioning things very specifically so he doesn't get blamed for things and he can't come back on later. Didn't find anything specifically to intent. Why did they do it. That's why said we could find nothing in this type evidence. This type of evidence where there was political bias, but there's intent there's reason why did this happen. Okay it happen even if we if we did that would be held. The FBI will know that because of the inside swamp also took cruises talk and then he goes on to his next point.

Major error in in in in the applications was omitting Carter pages prior relationship. So who is this guy Carter, page and and what's his previous activities is that germane to this, what, why should we be listening. This guy doesn't matter what he's been doing both with respect to him having any conversation with rush okay. I know this is counted in the weeds, but this is really important plus give me a taste of what's coming when they can actually start bringing the truth the light, get out of the narrative and go to the truth that we now have evidence that Carter page functioned as a source for United States intelligence agents. That's a pretty darn important fact. If you're telling the Pfizer court hey the fact that that that this guy Carter paint you I don't know. I don't know this guy Carter paid with the fact that he's talking to Russians really suspicious while the fact that he's serving as a source for US intelligence agents is pretty darn relevant to why he's talking to rush it because we have lots of sources they're talking about God coquettish to hear you say other. So Carter page there, like all the skies. We think this guy is talking to Russian and they don't include the information that he was already involved with talking to Russians as an asset with the US government. This guy's been talking to Russians for a while. So then they look at it go. Oh he's talking to Russians. So without that context without telling the Pfizer court and the judge hey this guy, Carter Pape, he's been talking to Russia for a while.

So then why is this a big deal.

Well it is but that doesn't fit the narrative so they leave that out, which is omitting on purpose driven by political bias. Love this hotel Cruz lawyer similarly comeback this is a noble and upset Cruz here today that you want to know if you look like an Senate when they do the impeachment trial. You then. Now all of a sudden the Republicans are in control.

He got people like Ted Cruz and Mike leave in Penzance, but Ted Cruz and likely especially to be just devastating. Lindsey Graham's pretty good, but he doesn't have the mind of Ted Cruz to Ted Cruz in there with the Horwitz report and what Horwitz is his earlier today in the Senate Judiciary Committee totally controlled by the Republicans is a totally different game afoot. Okay, so he was diagnosed first point about hey the steel dossier which is the basis of all the stuff to go in and invade the Trump campaign. They knew that was weekday know is bogus than it was innuendo guys talking over beer is just salacious ridiculous but they didn't bother to tell the Pfizer court judge that so that they had that information in order in order to do what in order to get the Pfizer approval so that they could bug the campaign sent people in there and record conversations and that was motivated by what politics.

Of course now is going on to the second point okay is really good. I just want you here. This is just a little foretaste of what can happen in the Senate hearing when the Republicans are in charge. Okay so this is Tucker's talking Horwitz number two major error in in in in the applications was omitting Carter pages prior relationship that we now have evidence that Carter page functioned as a source for United States intelligence agents. That's a pretty darn important fact.

If you're telling the Pfizer court hey the fact that that that this guy Carter paint you I don't know.

I don't know this guy Carter paid with the fact that he's talking to Russians really suspicious while the fact that he serving as a source for US intelligence agents is pretty darn relevant to why he's talking to rush it because we have lots of sources they're talking about guys you put it in truthful contacts and the fact that Carter pages talking Russians is no big deal because he was already doing that in his capacity with US government that make sense.

I hope you understand is the big deal. And when you don't tell the court that you're deceiving the court yet trouble. But it's worse than just deceiving the court because as the OIG report details and assistant General Counsel and the FBI altered on email fabricated evidence since reading from the OIG report specifically the words and not a source had been inserted into the email that email that was sent on to the officials responsible for making the decision to go forward, lying to a financial report said Ted Cruz may read on page 256 of the OIG report. The final paragraph talking to her assistant with the Inspector General act of 1978 and following OIG's discovery that the 00 GC attorney had altered the email that he sent to the supervising agent who they are. After relied on it to swear out the final phis application so the women don't need to know what's happening. A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence alters an email that is in turn used as the basis for a sworn statement to the court that the court relies am I stating that accurately that's where that is what occurred that you have worked in, and it's amazing the FBI fabricating line omitting on purpose, for political reasons.

To get the Pfizer warrant so they can go in and infiltrate Trump's campaign and Horwitz is Yep that's what they did but Horwitz won't go to intent right that's a Ted Cruz and the rest of them are doing and that's what deftly what they'll get done when they had the Senate hearing for the impeachment is going to be a blast. Unfortunate, only the third president in US history to be actually impeach Nixon was never preach he resigned before they could get to just a big deal. This is historic. This is bad for the country bad for the future the presidency and Congress because it totally weapon eyes the process nothing but politics and politics drives it all but Horwitz would when SATA determined the rest of them will header to roll sooner or later.

In law enforcement a long time is the pattern of a Department of Justice employee altering evidence and submitting fraudulent evidence that ultimately gets submitted to a court it is that commonplaces that typical. I have not seen an alteration of an email and impacting a court document like this in any in any ordinary circumstance of a private citizen did this fabricated evidence and by the way what he inserted was not just slightly wrong listener. The was 180° opposite what the evidence said lying on the pleadings agency said this guy get a source and he inserted this guy is not a source. If a private citizen did that in any law enforcement investigation. If they fabricated evidence and reversed what it said in your experience with that private citizen be prosecuted for fabricating evidence be prosecuted for obstruction of justice prosecuted for perjury. They certainly would be considered for that if there was an intentional effort to deceive the court on this when I minute defer because as we noted here and in the sentence you indicated we referred that over to the Atty. Gen. and the FBI director for handling so he doesn't he's being very careful here. He doesn't want to go to intent, would they be prosecuted. I can answer that question present without basically every walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it's a duck right what is refusing to say that if you speak political to. He's done a great service to this country for years, but is political person to govern is rare to get a memo that third major omission that the Department of Justice of the SEI hundreds earlier today not tell the court is that this entire operation was funded by the DNC was funded by Hillary Clinton campaign. And by Democrat Billy going to the FISA case is amazing. We know this for a while but then actually hear this an open cortical court with the Senate Judiciary Committee, the subject agrees just wonderful. So they go in there to the Pfizer court right and all the stuff that they're using to justify themselves was all bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC. They did not tell the Pfizer court that it is relevant. Of course it is the politicize is the whole thing was what Horwitz is saying although he considers political bias, though thing wouldn't exist without political bias. It was an awful research to look at some level. This is the most effective awful real juncture in history because the Department of Justice and FBI were perfectly happy to be hatchet man for this awful research done now throughout every one of the filings DOJ and the FBI didn't inform the Pfizer court that this was being paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign. Is that right that's not an phis application so they didn't tell the court that and it's not like DOJ didn't know, indeed, one of the senior Department of Justice officials Bruce or his wife worked at fusion GPS. The awful research company being paid by the by by the DNC and he became the principal liaison with steel without telling anyone at the Department of Justice that he was essentially working on behalf of the Clinton campaign. The Department of Justice was white and by the way, several several Democrats. It's interesting seeing Democratic Sen. now you can see this from the video he's looking at Feinstein and lay looking at is beautiful.

I love this hardball was exactly what we need this again.

Sen. Cruz talking to Horwitz about the report in the Senate Judiciary Committee control by Republicans and out the different game in the Senate. Totally different game drove me nuts probably drove you nuts in the house here to enjoy everything that happens in the Senate plan. Plan is to give you little view in the what's gonna happen when they do the Senate trial on the impeachment of the president is wanting to defend this abuse of power. Several Sen. Sen. Feinstein said. I wrote this down the FBI didn't play spies in the trunk campaign center lady said something similar will that may be true, not spies in the trunk campaign reading from your report in particular page for the executive summary your report says there thereafter, the crossfire hurricane team. Use the intrusive techniques including confidential human sources to interact and consensually record multiple conversations with Paige and Papadopoulos both before and after they were working for the trunk campaign as well as on one occasion with a high level trunk campaign official who was not the subject of the investigation to play spies in the campaign, but they sent spies to record senior members of the campaign in the middle of a presidential campaign when when what that candidate was the nominee for the other major party.

That was the opposing party to the one in powers that right. The same confidential human sources. Again, to do those that this is crazy level stuff here going on a cruise finishes that help to create a great little slim but got here. This is so good Ted Cruz today and Senate Judiciary Committee did anyone at DOJ DOJ knew about this. Did the Atty. Gen. know about this to the White House know about this basin. We found that nobody had been told in advance but once Oakley had without it they do is they did not.

The only evidence that somebody knew where the wind attorneys in NST in their screw division when they were told very selective portions of what had occurred.

Nobody knew beforehand.

Nobody had been briefed and frankly that was one of the most concerning things here is that nobody needed to be told and I can tell you from my time at the Department of Justice and for my time in law enforcement, any now he's he's got about 30 seconds left to finish up his comments okay only to hear.

In total I want to cut it short so it's an inside job is politically motivated. It's directed at Donald Trump. They lied to Pfizer court is all kinds of laws being broken here and for what reason Horwitz said we couldn't find any proof of political bias. The fact they were having this conversation is the proof that there's political bias it's only reason find that going on, but things are different in the Senate which we should be hopeful about will be right back to normal. So okay for cruises, closing comments only run out of time today in the Senate committee.

This would look like a sound like when the impeachment trial shows up in the Senate that these guys were very capable who will be in charge will be what these guys are like tacticians extraordinaire awesome so relax, have little hope because I think ultimately it's good to be good. It's bad for the country right now. This abuse of power is bad for the country. This use of the impeachment process which is been politicize a weapon eyes is bad for the country but hopefully were to see we need to be praying about this just for truth and justice are not praying for the Republicans to win. I'm praying for truth and justice to win. That's our prayer as our prophetic place in the story is not to the right not to the left but to the truth of God from the word of God. That is the place that's where we need to come down so not praying for Donald Trump specifically to cortical when I'm praying for truth and justice which are close to the heart of God was right out of his character. Okay, so Ted Cruz finishing up his comments today in the Senate Judiciary Committee is finishes his stronghold time to really finishes with a flurry back it up just a little bit NST in their screw division. When I whirls very selective portions of what had occurred. Nobody knew beforehand. Nobody had been briefed and frankly that was one of the most concerning things here is that nobody needed to checkers.

As I grew up the line knew all this crazy stuff always lines these omissions steel dossier which is bogus and they knew it, but they played it off to the Pfizer court says if it was real and relevant and trustworthy. They lied their way to the whole thing.

Did anybody know Horwitz is like a the fact that there are a lot of people that didn't know was part of the problem. This is all under the radar which was obviously politically motivated, but listen at how tuckers handles to be told and I can tell you from my time at the Department of Justice and for my time in law enforcement. Any responsible leader when hearing that you're talking about sending in spies and sending in a wiretap on any presidential nominee should say what in the hell are we doing and by the way the people up the chain were saying we didn't know if you had responsible leadership. There's no more important decision that you make.

I can tell you what I was at DOJ.

If someone said let's tap Hillary Clinton or let's tap Bill Clinton or John Kerry. The people there were to send what in the hell are you talking about what was going on here. This wasn't Jason Bourne. This was Beavis and Butthead. This wasn't Jason Bourne. This was Beavis and Butthead classic Ted Cruz, K.

Thank you Lord for a man like Ted Cruz is in the midst of this now finally gets the shot at the plate.

Give the guy the bat and let them get up to the plate.

You'll see the same thing with Mike Lee will see the same thing to Ben sass and many others. Lindsay Graham but not Lindsay Graham is nowhere near the force that Ted Cruz and Mike likely their their constitutional experts and incredibly sharp guys that's gonna be awesome but that's I sent you tap the print urine of your wiretap. A guy that's running in the general election for the presence the United States and nobody at the chain of command knows anything about it. That's dangerous if it's even true. Okay, I think people up the chain of the can't man knew about it but everybody's covering the reruns at this point so but I want to go jump back over.

This is the story Ben Shapiro wrote about what just happened in the house okay. The house is going to vote next week. Most likely there cannot vote to impeach.

I will see if Nancy Pelosi cut some of the Democrats loose in the moderate districts because this is hurting them. The polling shows and this is hurting them and turning them in the battleground states and in these close districts for Democrats where the district kinda split and when you hear that language just means it's very sad it's pretty close to even between Democrats and Republicans okay she might cut them loose and say you vote the way you need to vote because we can't afford to lose the house, which very well could happen.

This could totally blow up in their face.

Okay, that's a she just will see next week, but this is Ben Shapiro wrote this article has Democrats completely manufactured both in peak between churches because like I been saying for a while now the beginning.

The book was written in November 2016 whenever they started calling for impeachment for the guy was even before the electoral college even voted then the end of the story the end of the book is we impeach the scumbag president. That's the end. Now they're filling in the middle to fill in and try to make it make sense okay. This would this is what Shapiro is alluding to hear there's no obstruction of Congress is came out today because obstruction of Congress just called the president saying no, I'm a separate branch livestock about earlier. This happens all the time.

However, obstruction of justice is when you refuse a court order. The whole third branch of government. Jonathan Turley was pointing this out this testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last week. These are now to completely manufactured charges.

They are creating charges out of whole cloth that have no president in history or law not been Shapiro's attorney. There is no precedent. Washington Post admits there is no precedent in history or law for the idea that you can impeach solely based on quote unquote obstruction of Congress. It doesn't exist because again, obstruction of Congress.

Put another way, is just called the executive branch is unitary executive branch is not subject to all the whims of Congress unless the judiciary agrees that the executive branch privileges overruled by the ability of Congress to seek information.

Oh, that's right. This is actually constitutional construct. These sorts of battles happen every single day between the legislature and the executive that is not obstruction of Congress anymore than it was obstruction of Congress for Barack Obama to declare privilege over documents regarding Eric Holder and fast and furious now is not obstruction a Congress that was just called how this stuff works. In other words, checks and balances okay so what Trump is doing blowing off Congress is just checks and balances.

That's the independence of the executive branch pushing it back against the oversight of the budget of the legislative branch which doesn't have full sway over the executive branch. That's the way it's designed to work tension checks and balances back to back to Shapiro's article, you're not going to see a single Republican defection.

Along these lines, not one Democrats are going to say well it's an abuse of power.

This president that mean their abuse of power charges against Nixon and Clinton against Clinton. There were actual criminal charges in the impeachment document against Nixon.

There were actual criminal charges in the impeachment documents and by the way, the house actually voted down the abuse of power allegation against President Clinton. They voted for the crime of perjury stop in the obstruction of justice.they voted down Republican House voted down the abuse of power allegation against Bill Clinton under Newt Gingrich. It's a sham, Ben Shapiro writes everybody understands it's a sham and man.

If that doesn't blow back on Democrats. I'd be shocked they've gone so far over their skis. At this point they are so far beyond what the impeachment process was supposed to do and this is coming from somebody who is perfectly willing to listen all the evidence of Ukraine been Shapiro's writings. Again, I'm not parroting the Trump administration line that everything was perfect. I don't believe that for a second, but this is so far beyond the scope of what impeachment is supposed to achieve. It is so far beyond the scope of normal legality that falls directly into the category of abuse of power for Democrats was exactly was going on here.

This whole thing is political. That's why just you go back two years ago to the mount now infamous Nunez Nunez memo to go back two years ago with the mainstream media. Nunez puts a memo to years ago, and here's what the Republicans about the intelligence committee hears what they reported and in the whole mainstream media went ballistic, as did the Democrats just totally through this memo sausages, but as a joke. Now compare this to what we've actually learned to the truth.

There is four point from the Memphis two years ago, prophetic, a salacious number one salacious and unverified dossier formed in the central part of the application to secure a warning at the Trump campaign affiliate name Carter. True exactly what Horwitz's report shows number two. The application cited a Yahoo! News article extensively. The story did not corroborate the dossier in the FBI wrongly claim crystals Christopher Steele, the off the other dossier was not a source of the story he was so meant the Nunez memo was true. Again .2 .3 Neli or the wife of a high-ranking Justice Department official also work on behalf of the Clinton campaign effort. Her husband Bruce or Fort funnel her research into the Department of Justice. Although he admitted that steel quote was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president this in the oars relationship with the Clinton campaign was concealed from the secret court that grants surveillance warrants so they didn't tell the FISA court that a bunch of these people around the Clinton payroll in the D&C payroll that was also true. Three out of three good Nunez point number four.

The dossier was only minimally corroborated and unverified. According to FBI officials absolutely true Horwitz that it's true.

It is true for points in the mainstream media mainstream media all slam that report. This is a big joke rate Rachel Maddow said trombone for trumpet the joke and a sent in a sham salon called the memo fake news New York magazines Jonathan Chait the Nunez memo was fake in the Russia scandals very real. CNN had their good buddy James Klapper and Obama intelligence chief say the memo was a blatantly political act, John Brennan, Obama, CIA chief said it was exceptionally partisan political claim. The memo makes no sense. But the memo was 100% true, and the facts are now showing that welcome to the Senate trial. That's a big deal to do your actually can hear the facts and the facts are going to burn the Democrat impeachment process.

Now the watch this. This is really funny shift to two years ago came out with their version which is what they been parroting ever since. Listen to this number one this is the shipment two years ago, FBI and DOJ officials did not omit material information from the Pfizer work all we know that that's false patently false. Number two, the DOJ made only narrow use of information from steel sources about pages specific activities in 2016.

False. Number three, and subsequent Pfizer renewals DOJ provided additional information. The corroborated steels reporting false. Number four. This was unbelievable. Mr. shifts memo at same time as Nunez memo to years ago Nunez memo batting a thousand ships so far batting batting zero number for the page by the Warren allowed the FBI to collect valuable conscience.

Funny number five, far from omitting material facts about steel as the majority claims Department of Justice repeatedly informed the court about steels, background credibility and potential bias.

False false false false false is over five, number six, the FBI conducted a rigorous process to bet steels allegations false. Number seven steels. Prior reporting was used in criminal procedure. He batted zero Nunez that a thousand fax more on the side of this case, Donald Trump and this is what's going to happen in the Senate. So pray for truth and justice. Pray for protection of the president as far as the president doing things that the Lord please let pray for the their intrigues me. Their downfalls from the Old Testament basely means let the children their life. I hope everyone of them get saved and go to heaven but in terms of truth and justice. They'll need to be burned on that truth and justice when sake of the country and for the sake of our witnesses.

Christians assist genome on the seasonal Michelle God willing I talked my dad always used to say ever for

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