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December 16, 2019 3:37 pm

Toys, News, Money

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 16, 2019 3:37 pm

Toys, News, Money

Today, as the holiday season closes in, Tony Gooch of the Durham Rescue Mission is needing our help! Each year the Rescue Mission gives away toys to the less fortunate. However, they need your help! To donate toys, check out -

Moreover, more news on the impeachment charges. Plus, a Money Monday Update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold! Additionally, to learn more about the Economy, check out -


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Thank you and God Bless

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Wake up everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble. Well, everybody, hope you had a good weekend shopping a little little very local business. I'd like to take care of here and try to help with at the top of the hour.

We are going to be talking about several different news stories today that I wanted to take you through some impeachment stuff and some my Christmas apologies from some groups that might surprise you don't get to that and with a little money Monday update because China would appear that Trump and China have come to at least clinical.

Another somewhat legitimate arrangement that will talk about that is a lot of things to get through today, but here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Hill area of North Carolina just one of the most outstanding ministries in the area that she's been doing unbelievable work literally for decades as the Durham rescue mission and Mr. Mrs. Mills Dr. Mrs. Mills that just fabulous brother and sister in Christ, and the whole team there at the Durham rescue mission.

They do an incredible work several times. I mean all year round, but several times throughout the year. They do massive community outreach things, especially for that community that is struggling financially. Many of us, perhaps you know what that's like from your past.

Perhaps you're dealing with that right now most of us don't don't don't most of us are doing okay. I'm not saying were written to say were doing okay, but last year, the Durham rescue mission had a special event a special Christmas event. They had 3000 people came out they gave away 8000 toys and the next time they're doing. That is a week from today, next Monday and they need our help here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area. Our good friend Tony Gooch from the Durham rescue mission kind enough to call in and now let us know what's going on and let's see how we can help.

Merry Christmas Tony, thanks for calling in and let us know what we can do to help you guys.

Thank you so much, go right ahead where our wedding willing and able. Last year, we will never creep out from people give out over 8000 toys heard a lot of food and coming Monday the 23rd started work about 11 o'clock and I have at least 3000 more folks if not more man were open to giveaway another 8 to 10,000 toys but currently right now work will shortly write about 5000 short name were also volunteers like you had over 500 currently right now early for about 200 yes… You know and I know were all kind of notorious about last-minute things and it's one thing when it's for ourselves than when it's for people that are truly struggling to make ends meet and what we how we react to this could be the difference between somebody have a good Christmas and really sad Christmas. So what can we do to help Durham rescue mission next Monday there in Durham, North Carolina, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, the Raleigh, the Durham rescue mission. What we do to help Tony well the Khoikhoi if you could pick up toy and drop it off at 1201 E. Main St. location in Durham that would help you could go on Amazon and we likely going to go on Amazon you Amazon smile and choose the Durham rescue mission of the charity they could order a touring and have it shipped to our 1201 E. Main St. location in Durham 277-0301. I'm sorry. That's another way to get here before Friday that be great.

You can also email if you love the fun of the volunteer and as always you could call it now 196889641 extension 5025 – the main ways we can help and you know you can't get to us over here on the E. Main St., you can drop it off at our follow 7 E. Knox St. which is right there off of Interstate 85 exit 177 at the good Samaritan yet, but anything we can even get before Friday so we can get them bagged up. We also need volunteers between now and the comfortable factoid and I all that information. By the way, the contact information. All the information about the toys and be able to help and be able to volunteer as well. Durham rescue is the website Durham rescue is a banner that says we need toys right on the homepage and click on that, you'll get all those different options that Tony was just talk about Tony, what, what kind of toys should we be good at bringing over their age range and I soon for both boys and girls both boys and girls in the big cratering really needed that older grid roughly about 12 to 14 and that right there.

You want a lot of younger kids. Mom included date they come to play above the agent. I have been we received of the ones we have. We do have several younger ages. So the larger age group is something that we could really use a hand if the toys unit fixing is something more than the girl even easier to run short. One way we can backup things that young lady would like you know if she likes game like getting things like that when you want to stay focused on not electronics are two video games because we don't know if the child has Xbox or you know PS form probably pretty sure the most of them don't because of you know the level of income. The parents make anything we can stick away from that will be great yes how can the learning games, books, games, and then what about like just sports equipment or if they want to do something like dolls and things like that. That's pretty much all in the table. We just want to stay away from electronic stuff. I mean, we don't know if you have you know again what they do. You basketball talk about talk about the been always a big pain learning games.

You think that you make the kids think were big about education night. We believe that very important. Ernie would love for you to graduate and so that one day we can close down a mission to quit if they stay in school if we love from any learning games would be great. What you need out what you need volunteers for will help how can people help out when he volunteers really tomorrow throughout all the way up to Saturday any complot be on our two hours with me. We welcome to come over and help with the bag of toys out we have a system week. Right now they fundamentals up with three in a bag, a really good for you in a medium towing and small employees will be doing that all the way up until about Saturday and then on Monday we have volunteer slots start at 7 o'clock into our slots as feminine. 911 11 11 to 3 will have opportunities if people like come out with the family.

We even set up to where you knew the non-coat with 11 to 3 spots where the action is where everybody's out.

The kids are out in adults and they're getting the free groceries and everything else. Watch for set up. We come to look at the close outcome of the Fox out toy set up and things like that. It's a really short like feeling about 200 get a few we haven't gotten found it right yet but really we normally have around 500 yes a plenty work to do plenty of toys to buy and drop off.

What a great ending so many of us don't you know this better than most are like me and we need to start doing something every Christmas for other people.

What an incredible opportunity. God is just drop in your lap whether, especially near the triangle area is you can drop toys offer. You can go If you're out of town. You can still send something through Amazon. You can send the money to help find the gifts that need to be there for next Monday.

Tony, thanks so much for calling and sharing this with us all drop some stuff up tomorrow my way out of town. Durham unless you print the column I meant what talk you later bye-bye will be right back is noble, noble, so great to be with you again today.

Hope your family and your look or to a very Merry Christmas. I got to be yourself asses in a week from Wednesday. Of course, this week is also monumental want to know why wise wise this week monumental. It's monumental.

It's historic. Why why is this week and to be historic wise as we can be monumental. I know what you're thinking they can because on Wednesday there in a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives, and while that is historic only the third time in our nation's history that we will have a sitting president impeach Nixon was not impeached to get out before they could pull that trigger, but Donald Trump will be the only the third president US history impeach.

That is obviously historic and in Domino admit we going, but my cards on the table yeah that's good to be more stark than the fact that episode nine of the Star Wars saga out releases Thursday night and of course Friday for all you people are you nonbelievers that didn't jump on your ticket purchases and get those Thursday noble family will be there in force Thursday at 6 PM Eastern time. And so that's the end the NFL at that. I know I'm a geeky Star Wars person, but that started when I was 11 1977 I literally expect to spend part of four decades of my life as a Star Wars nerd, so this is a big week for a Star Wars geek so you can either take pity on us and pray for us or just break it will be terrible. So that's going on Thursday Thursday evening no spoilers. I won't spoil it for anybody when I'm in here and Friday and then yeah Jan, I am catching a refund for that little finite everybody relax okay so let's talk on impeachment here for little bit and I do not want to keep beating this drum, but it is important. It is historic.

Consider some things going on out there will move on, get a few different stories on a share with you over these two breaks in the will do up very important money Monday update at the end of the last segment of the show because we've got this US China agreement: quote historic agreement we heard that before. So we'll get into that with our good friend David Fisher and cemented your stuff that super important from a financial perspective. Support for impeachment dips ahead of the houseboats I'm looking at rear, real clear politics a great resource kind of up aggregator for polling so you should check that out anyway to good use. Good political tool. Over the year and especially as a going the election your next your real clear but that trump impeachment and removal so there polling. Okay, so the trending right now. This is no is leading a 47.3 to 46.7. So now for the first time people that don't want to do this that that one impeach are now underwater. Now that doubts which got Quinnipiac poll, 51% say no impeachment USA to delete they pull 50% say no impeachment MPR PBS Marist ball 49% say no.

46% say yes they've got some plus or minus people in their some undecideds and so that's been going on that the numbers are trending in Trump's direction in terms of impeachment. Okay that's out there and the guy that's the president of a real clear politics that with two new polls added this morning. Support for impeachment is officially underwater, meaning more people wanted to go away than one okay and that matters nationally, but especially matters on state-by-state basis, and especially in states that are battleground states and districts, especially house districts that are, evenly matched, so there's lots of Democrats out there that are invulnerable districts because their districts are kinda split between Republicans and Democrats close to being down the middle, including independent so that's a big deal yet acute pain attention this stuff because you can bet your bottom dollar. Every member of both House and Senate, and both parties paying their all paying attention to the bowling okay so yet acute pain attention that right now that looks like it's going in Trump's direction.

Schumer's opening pitch and now we go over to the Senate to be after the first of the year the house will vote this Wednesday to officially impeach the president. That's like bringing somebody up on charges. Okay, it's not guilty because they think it is. But it's not guilty it's just bring them up on charges.

Essentially what impeachment then it goes to the Senate where the where the Republicans are in control. You get a little glimpse of this last week in the judiciary committee and the Senate, where Lindsay Graham is in charge. Whole different game whole different narrative totally different way of playing for obvious reasons. So Sunday night just last night, Chuck sent Schumer. This is from a axial' made his opening bid to Mitch McConnell and the two leaders negotiations of the Senate impeachment trial.

He asked the Republican leader to call for witnesses who refuse to testify before the House impeachment committee. Please trying to limit it, but you get, but there's a little caveat in here. It is little*you can see Schumer's no idiot playing a game here, so this was not. Here's the people he wants Mick Mulvaney as the acting White House Chief of Staff John Bolton, former national security advisor who had no uncertain terms doesn't really like a lot of things, Trump is done, Michael Duffy, associate director for national security, Office of Management and Budget, and Robert Blair, Senior advisor to Mulvaney. Schumer also proposes that the Senate issue subpoenas quote for a limited set of documents that we believe will shed additional light on the administration's decision-making regarding the delay in security assistance funding to Ukraine in its request for certain investigations to be announced by the government in Ukraine for the letter obtained by axis Schumer offers other suggestions to McConnell.

This is really important, such as the amount time he believes to be allocated for arguments and counter arguments. That's a big deal, but it's his request for witnesses that will be most controversial listener. This again I can't stand Schumer, but he's not an idiot by tailoring the description of the kind of witnesses. Democrats think should be called those with quote unquote direct knowledge of the administrations decisions related to delaying the military aid in seeking investigation. Schumer may be drawing a distinction between witnesses, Trump has sought to shield in assorted Democrats that Trump wanted to Dragon of the Senate including the Bidens, Schumer appears to be trying to drive a wedge into the Republican Senate conference that would be that even as McConnell defends Trump some swing state Republicans who are no fans of the president may want to at least make it seem like they're seriously examining Trump's action so here's the trick, Schumer's, doing because if you're salivating at the mall if you want a long trial with Jay Sekulow and some other folks and unleashing Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on various list of Democrats, including the Bidens, you could bring Adam Schiff and there are all kinds Hillary Clinton they could go after all kinds of people that would be a longer trial in a more expansive trial in the Senate impeachment trial. In the end McConnell would have to kinda let the rains out to allow them to go after all these different people they have to make a case wisest person coming it just like in a regular court of law and Chief Justice John Roberts. By the way, presides over this hearing in the Senate so that's were Schumer's and they're trying to avoid that saying only warily asking for for witnesses who are the biggies right and then trying to restrict the Republicans to be my go outside of that which many people on the right want to go outside want to drag every Tom Dick and Harry and their and anybody that's anything to do with Ukraine and Russia in the whole mass for the last four years and given their part of me is like yeah man, let's do it. Let's let's get it on, let's get them all in their let's expose as much as we can. Is that certainly needs to happen, but you got people like Graham who wants to find 51 people to vote, that they don't even bring anywhere witnesses no more evidence, basically saying we've heard enough were ready to vote just based on what happened in the house and in a straight up vote party ticket.

They might lose a couple of Republicans but the still that there is no the boats are not there.

Mitch McConnell said this zero chance of Donald Trump's throne zero chance that is found guilty said he wanted short and he wanted long.

That's the question so this is going to get very interesting, probably getting very ugly. I don't like saying you ain't seen nothing yet, but that's probably the true.

However, on the other side of this. Interestingly enough, is a Fox news story on the cusp of impeachment, Trump engineer with a spree of accomplishments, which is true. So this is interesting that in the house were a lot of this stuff is happening one hand there imploding to impeach him on Wednesday.

On the other hand are pushing some things through in the Senate.

He had some massive success judge sought to share that with you and they come back and then a couple of big time apologies. Like one from Starbucks, one from the Hallmark Channel will be right and you family elders and have a 789 10 days now, dear, can you believe it. Oh my goodness, 20/20, right around the corner at weird. Flying cars by now so I don't know what's up with that.

When he finished up the story on not the cusp of impeachment is the Fox news story, Trump ends the year with a spree of accomplishments weren't bizarro land, which is where we live. Striking scene is playing out Washington is 2019 comes to a close. No kidding. While Democrats move swiftly toward Pres. Trump likely impeachment. The president have the same time not to string a policy victories somewhat the help of the same house Democrats try to drive him from office step was bizarrely quote despite their partisan impeachment, Trump is remain focused on how to keep our economy growing VP Penn said in an op-ed for the Detroit News, pointing to a pending trade deal. That's the centerpiece of the administration's urine agenda and a spectacular twist to political timing.

That deal could be approved in the full house alongside articles of impeachment later this week. United States, Mexico, Canada, Canada agreement, a trade pact meant to replace NAFTA has enjoyed bipartisan support could make its way to the floor for adoption by Thursday or Friday while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is indicated he won't consider that until Senate trials complete passage in the house would give Trump a policy when in the most challenging political environments to pad his presidential resume. How bizarre is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been peppered with questions about the curious side-by-side votes "no, it's not a coincidence. She said it just as we get to the end of the session, there have to be some decisions made no kidding with the threat of a government shutdown looming, Congress also reached a tentative agreement for a budget that includes 1.3 billion for the border wall that was one of Trump signature campaign promises in 2016. The funding continues to face court challenges that had great on top of that, a sweeping defense bill cleared out several Trump priorities attached, including a new branch of the military called the US space force is what you think it is in a policy giving federal employees 12 weeks of paid family leave. Thank you. I block Trump that his daughter's name, but I Vaca the right treatment push and that is busy more of a left-leaning maneuver the government mandating family leave the various organizations that's dangerous. I don't like that of a small government person buddies get that through their and they attached it to a sweeping defense bill.

I hate that.

I really do that.

So disingenuous. The trade war between the US and China also appears to be easing were to talk about that with David Fisher in the last segment of the show. The president also reached a milestone last week. This is huge as the number one reason why voted for him personally. When his 50th federal appellate court judge was confirmed that nominee Lawrence van Dyck placed a grueling confirmation process and he now joins the bench for the Ninth Circuit, which we called Ninth Circuit is for years get this once, notably liberal, but now gradually being reshaped as 10 of its 30 active seats are taken by Trump appointee elections have consequences, and so you get in there, especially in the presidential side because unfortunately, the judicial branch is way more powerful than it was ever designed, which Obama twisted and turned far to the left. Donald Trump is brought way back and moving it to a conservative direction and imagine this, let's say Trump wins next year and I think you most likely will, he could have one, maybe even to Supreme Court justice nominations to deal with before his second term is over. So you could push to a seven to pretty much conservative court that's mind-boggling, which should explain to you everything that you see from the left, with respect to getting rid of Trump's not about how obnoxious that he can be is not about his tweets and on about his foreign policy is about it. It's about abortion and it's about the courts.

That's what it's about. That's the underlying reality behind all of okay casino right couple of Christmas. Apologies that you're not gonna like this one real quick. This is an ongoing problem at Starbucks I Starbucks apologizing again after two uniformed Riverside County, California, deputies were allegedly refused service Thursday night at a Starbucks location Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco tweeted late Friday that that the quote anti-police culture repeatedly displayed by Starbucks employees must the company contends that the deputies were ignored by employees for nearly 5 minutes quote. There's simply no excuse for how to Riverside. Deputies were ignored. Set Starbucks spokesperson Reggie Borges deeply sorry and reached out to apologize directly to them. He added that the employees who work that evening when not work while the company investigates and takes the appropriate steps.

I mean investigating fine, but that should take you, what 20 minutes. 30 minutes and then fire any business treating any customers that way, and retail environment. Whatever I mean when I am my house painting company, if any. My guys, I treated a customer that way. Somebody at the Sherwin-Williams store. That way I firemen meet your out here that my job site.

It's horrendous, it's ridiculous. Any any customer, but especially public servants, especially people like the police.

So there is the other Linderman assistant happen.

This is two weeks ago, a police officer in Oklahoma received an order with the name pig printed on the side of the cups, which resulted in the termination of the Starbucks employee of the company says was responsible so that what they said the same thing then were doing an investigation, but this is obviously a trend in Starbucks and come on guys really get it together. Okay, let's move from Starbucks to something you thought maybe you didn't hear understandably cynical like I am at this point the Hallmark Channel right everything is not biblical Christianity is gonna fall and bow down at the altar of political correctness and secular humanism and Satanism they don't know their bowing down Satanism, but that's what it is anti-God antichrist Satanism okay I know that's not popular so the Hallmark Channel that all of a sudden there's an ad playing with a "lesbian" couple getting cortical married gay so they kiss lip lock and 1 million moms which is a division of the American family Association. When an action so hammered home market and Hallmark pulled the building itself and Mayor Pete Brigid's course the Democratic presidential candidate criticized the Hallmark Channel's decision to pull for TV ads featuring lesbian, lesbian couple after petition by conservative group.

Quote families are built on love no matter what they look like unquote to judge the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate tweeted Sunday funding fund coming from a guy who claims to be a Christian all wool water families built that would be the word of God, who defined the family who define marriage of Debbie God. What is what is a family what is marriage. Marriage man, woman, that's it. Anything else outside that sexual because himself a Christian. The channel pulled four ads for wedding planning website Zola and I got hammered." This is another good quote being family-friendly means honoring love not censoring difference, but the judge says this is the kicker here this truthfully more important than ever as we rebuild our nation into a place defined by belonging not by exclusion, while Mr. Bridget's question for you, sir, if you don't believe in exclusion. What you do with Jesus's statement of the Bible statement when Jesus said I'm the way the truth and life and nobody comes to the father but by me wheel it that Sir sounds awfully exclusionary and you as a Christian I sincerely still holding profession of faith that your Christian yet so your Savior, your king, your Lord, the author of life, said he is the only way what about Buddhists about Muslims and Hindus but you about agnostics and atheists there excluded. I can handle that.

Sir I would be interesting.

Wouldn't so Zola comes out hammers Hallmark my homework pulled yet but not a couple days later. Here's the next that is the next story from yesterday daily work Hallmark Channel apologizes will allow it of the LGBT ads promises to work with Glatt, which is a really radical organization.

After facing massive backlash on social media. The Hallmark Channel is reversed course and will allow LGBT themed ads to Erin's platform gets worse on Sunday. Mike Perry, the CEO Hallmark cards, Inc. apologize for having cause" hurt and disappointment for pulling the soul at featuring lesbian wedding kiss and promised it to build a more inclusive atmosphere in the company's program, except of course your pleasure. Christian biblical media team is been agonizing over this decision is we've seen the hurt has unintentionally caused Perry said that simply they believe this was the wrong decision.

Our mission is rooted in helping all people connect salary traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. Anything that detracts from this purpose is not who we are, where truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment.

This is because the company's website. Hallmark also promised to work alongside the activist organization. Gay and lesbian alliance against defamation to create more inclusive LGBT Q issues. So not only will the Hallmark Channel embrace ads that show nontraditional family cortical married couple kissing lesbians men women. Whatever the case may be.

Not only that, but you can look forward to the Hallmark Channel bringing more LGBT Q affirming and celebrating story lines to the famed channel, the Hallmark Channel, which we all thought ignorantly so this the family channels Hallmark how bad can it be well there's only two camps here. You're either forgot or you're against. If your for him. You're clinging to his son Jesus, who is your Lord and Savior defines reality, defines truth defines moral right and wrong. Through his word or deny and reject it is only two camps.

So if you're not clinging to the Lord to the king to Jesus Christ to God and the Holy Spirit to the Trinity, then you're in the other camp. Hallmark has never claimed to be a Christian organization they don't espouse Christian lease. They're not espousing biblical beliefs that are in the other camp there just now finally putting away all the nice pretty bows and packaging cards and showing her true colors. It's sad but not shocking, but we need to stand firm with love and compassion to keep preaching the gospel.

That's really all Steve Noble Steve Noble show 20 Monday update when we come back right away on the radio, which most of you listen on the radio that's awesomely great that our friends and radio network here in North Carolina and Wilkins radio over there in Asheville and other places where we been on in the past I would praise the Lord for that in the radio's number-one place where we engage in. In you get to listen to what I feel called to talk about and to do here in the show but also around the state.

Here in North Carolina that we just together and do that but on the commercial breaks.

My point being, we still have a conversation on Facebook like that only happens on Facebook likes of you join us on Facebook live just go to Steve Noble show were live 4:56 PM Monday through Friday Eastern time. By the way, the Steve Noble show on Facebook, then Facebook live and we have a side conversation during commercial breaks are thoughtfully fine and we have a kind of a different relationship there a different friendship if you will, and we go down some different roads and sometimes it's a little more personal than it can be on the air.

So I hope you'll check that out the Facebook page. The Steve Noble show and join us there and join in in the Facebook like that if you want to see it in the sky watching on video is a puzzle like listening to podcasts Silverdome of the show today boom it's there. So all the previous shows that there be a Facebook life and every Monday like you out if you been listening for a while, you know, we talked our good friend David Fisher. There's a lot going on on the financial side of life and of the Bible talks a lot about money.

Jesus talked a lot about money and possessions so it makes a regular appearance here. The good friend David Fisher of La Marque capital, a landmark

As always, is there website. Great information. Great education, just a great blessing to all of us trying to understand and equip ourselves to be better stewards with the finances that the Lord has allowed us to have were good words must be good stewards over all of that. I landmark David how are you Merry Christmas great Steve thinks around me on the program every welcome always great to hear from you and I starting off with one of those Scriptures this time year that were all familiar with.

We should never get over just an awesome powerful prophecy there in Isaiah 9642 so child born to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders and he will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace. You know, I know Steve that you have children and I have children and also grandchildren and their something happens that one baby is born. It gathers the attention are I diligently you don't and we all say no matter who they look like they're beautiful there and assume they could do, never do any wrong and you will Jesus obviously as a child was innocent, but he grew up into a young man and a man and being all human, but 100% our Savior. He also did nothing wrong but you know show impacted the future of people's lives that even like King Herod wanted to help him run away with by killing all children two years old in in Bethlehem, but I think the key thing here is that as the baby. We focus our eyes upon him as a Savior of the world are you still has not left him, and wherever I go, are power flows. So if we keep her eyes fixed on the author of the finisher are wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, he will be our Prince of peace, and he used the gift that keeps on giving back to people by his shed blood, that he gave a Calvary for a minute such a great reminder specially just a few days before Christmas that passage, Isaiah 96 and then just to look at those descriptors. Wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace, and that can be true in your life, and he can play that role for you, but only through Christ and son and only when you give your life over and confess and do and repent, turn from your sins and turn to him.

You can't work your way into heaven.

Jesus did everything that needed to be done is the only one that could do it and you have put all your faith in him. In order for that to be activated in your life and that's what Christmas is all about. So it's a great reminder. Thank you so much for that, David.

Well we got a historic week on a number of levels and and and another cortical historic agreement between US and China has been struck so tell us about what's going on there and how that's affecting the markets will start agreement.

Although the market showing it out because you start agreement of the Dow should be up for 500 points is only about 100 gold should drop 25, $50, and it's a little bit so it is historic but there's a lot you still need to be done. The agreement, although it there's some disparities. Here's what I found out the United States canceled all additional rounds of Carrows on the hundred $60 billion for the electronics and toys that we would buy from China on eligible hoodlums start on Sunday.

China agreed to increase their purchases in US goods and services by at least 200 billion over the next two years two years for me that includes the $50,000,000,000.40 or $50 billion of farm commitments, soybeans, pork and etc. the United States has in turn agreed to cut off Carrows on the hundred and $20 billion worth of Chinese imports that were enacted in September and reduce that terror from 15% to seven, half and half there in the earlier tariffs, though the 25% that went on, which is $250 billion in Chinese imports. Those are still in place. But the biggest one.

Still, the wildcard should one have this clear… Unfortunately true, China has agreed to make structural changes on how to deal with intellectual property rights. You know the force technology. But here's the problem. China is not committing any details on this with the US as an intern is saying this that they never even responded about the size of agricultural products for and they responded by saying will abide by new unspecific and unspecified provisions for intellectual property and currency manipulation.

So trade advisor Peter Navarro said that, here's the skinny of the deal with still seven deadly sins out there is what he calls it. There's no airtight commitment on intellectual property.

There's no ending on currency manipulation & no grant for market access for monks outside countries, and neither is trying to curb their subsidiaries for their companies and state support and there's a few more but those are the big one so to put into perspective. If China did by $50 billion that's 4×4 times as much as they bought last year, twice as much as they bother the all-time high ever in a year or so. If the whole source to say that there can be applied by this. That's why Wall Street is not completely saying we have a hurrah here yeah because it is language at a China in the waiting phrase everything I know to me. I'm interpreting it basically has yada yada yada blah blah blah.

And that's because that's just the game they're playing and were not playing on the same level were not playing when I'm going to complain the same game on the and of course trump tweets it in its historic bubble. Blah. But the proof is in the pudding in the print in the pudding actually is not too impressive here so will keep talking about it. You're even saying this for over a year, but this can be a slow game and certainly it is, but hopefully they'll be some some breakthrough here that that's real. We just have yet to see and pay attention to. Yet the markets were gone ballistic if it really something special, but obviously I saw the feds and almond announcement last week about interest rates. Let's talk let's talk about that for a minute and then, although we were not supposed to say quantitative easing that they're not pumping a bunch of money on the market of Christ. That's exactly what they're doing so close about those two things here. 1.2 trillion.

Let's keep rates unchanged at 1.5 to 1.75% 13 of the 17 officials at the Fed expect no change through 2020 years and so never to remember rates for another year like this and the F MOC says that there was this decision was a unanimous decision pending zero, so the Fed finally engage in on the same pace as log dissension, so they left rates unchanged. They said in writing that the it's appropriate to support current job growth so we only allow Holland to help them.

Then, on the flipside of that, what are they done him the balance sheet is the passes ever in history faster than Q1 and Q2 and QE $31.2 trillion per month see the whole balance sheet of the Fed is gone up both the repo market. The balance you the Fed is going up 500 billion.

The Fed is 90% of the treasuries that have been issued since September in the market.

If we think we have a market that is healthy why reprinting trillion dollars a month towards something doesn't quite happy and appear in the Fed is creating delusional liquidity to keep the market moving and they are the buyer of last resort, just like I said they would become eventually yeah and then we can we talk but do something with her for nothing Chicago that they're both the arsonist in the fire department is unbelievable to and and just continue to prop it all up and pump this cash in which nobody wants to talk about is not.

Democrats are talking about it.

Republicans are talking about that trumps not talking about it because it would inform more people about the house of cards that were living on living in net such as here in America that's around the world suffer so briefly what's happening in gold and then I know there's an incredible year and discount. This is something that happens most of the most the time at the end of the year so just explain that to us again because in terms of diversifying into precious metals.

What a great opportunity for Goldman Sachs stock brokerage company came around the otherworldly riches are holding according gold. They said that the central banks also have no bottom 20% of the gold supply and they're looking at a record year 750 John Rivet discount on gold.

Towards the end of the year to call my company get on the list is fast and furious after Christmas and New Year's and a personal portion of those proceeds is very important program for first-time buyers.

Yeah, that's an awesome blessing that so helpful to the ministry. How can people get more information. Calling is easiest for four 879-8880 284-489-8882 website landmark I think you so much that God bless you buddy. Thanks for a call in and helping us as always, I appreciate actually God bless you and will talk again real soon. David Fisher landmark or 844-879-8882. This is normal so

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