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From Stuck to Unstoppable

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January 3, 2020 7:49 pm

From Stuck to Unstoppable

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 3, 2020 7:49 pm

From Stuck to Unstoppable

Stephen Scoggins, Founder of Journey Principles, joins to discuss his upcoming webinar "from stuck to unstoppable!" Plus some news about the recent Iranian attacks.


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble paying attention over the last couple weeks and I know that you have. You guys are a paying attention kind of audience.

Otherwise you would be here on funny, I know I'm entertaining and on little smart, but the whole point because I talk so quickly is that you have to pay attention and the fact that you listen to Christian talk radio means you're willing to do that, you know the value of that that we can all be learning all the time and that's what I try to do all the time and that's what I try to share with you all the time really just a pastor through my conduit. I'm a tool try to be a tool in the Lord's hands for things that glorify him and help his people and help outsiders as well.

And so the last couple weeks. If you've been paying attention. You have been hearing these commercials that we been running for a webinar coming up on Monday, January 6 this coming Monday at noon, so it's during the lunch break at noon Eastern time, 12 noon Eastern time with our friend Stephen he BiPAP probably heard the phrase from stock to unstoppable which is really a Stevens life story and not just businesswise and what's happened with the transformation of his life and his faith as a as a business owner and as a follower of Christ, and as a father and as a husband, so there's these these this life of excellence that we all try to live but will need help weed we tend to do it on her own. That's kind of the American thing.

We pull ourselves up by her bootstraps, but only Jesus Christ himself can handle isolation. The rest of us all need help and especially mean help from one another.

So when you find somebody whose life is going well, not perfectly, but somebody that knows how to make a plan and plan their work and work your plan and come through adversity. That's certainly the story. Stephen Scoggins is always good to see buddy happy new year Walkabout happy new year and see if I could be here so Disney Christmas time to say that was cool. All you actually got my got a light saber shots.

My young self all over again which is incredible that literally eat out yet look like you guys are having fun. My wife is the world what ideas you love me and Mickey and Minnie are monistic start with a good balance right there that's a balance there in the Scoggins family anyways great to see. It's great to have Jan excited for the webinar coming up on Monday. That's a free webinar. By the way, 30, 40 minutes at the most on the lunch break so tell us about that because this is a great opportunity to go to deep and 35 or 40 minutes but it's good to be helpful absolutely mean the reality is, is most it will stay stuck in her life simply because they don't hundred going away.

You are so focused on the life that they've always known. They forget that it's possible to build a life that they want and when you take those things you start dissect him. There's several key things they can do right away to go ahead and target momentum and traction like today to Martin unscented that you don't have to go. I think in the expression the life mastery space at Weatherby secular faith-based were one of the things I see most often is people way over complicate stuff like waiver complicate it in a long long time ago that if you're going to be able to take action on something that actually makes sense. The best thing that you can possibly do is to ask you make it is bite-size and is easily easily digestible as possible and we thought that the webinar being really good really really good way to go and get some people help out today that maybe 2019 wasn't maybe the best year. Maybe the lesson excellence then ring excellent spell.

Maybe their marriage was in the stronger they wanted to get. They've had children issues may be the got a wayward son or wayward daughter trying to wrangle in and maybe they got moved over from the promotion that they wanted it.

Maybe your finances or disarray. All of those things were me. Yeah, like all of those things and I learned a long time ago that there really three specific purposes in life. The first one is serving the person you used to be, which I'm all about. So I want to go out there and find the people who are hungry for change really want change and's are willing to do whatever it takes to really make that change a reality and I found myself obviously back in the day in the 98 when I was homeless and stuff like that. That's why found myself like if I didn't change the alternative was death right so and my goal was to get get people long before they have to get that far down the pipeline and get them the help they need today either. The second one is serving the person you once loved so easily think about Susan Susan G Coleman, and always different nonprofits, all that come off came out of a love yeah right yeah one of the evangelist not in the following this, resonate with me in the governing tall white dreadlocked guy all kinds of stuff like that.

Some of the got a death but now one of the things that I saw to him is his entire ministry. Now he's changing lives all of the place for Jesus, like all over the point Goya I mean country yeah yeah it's it's it's a he's created a movement of his own in the entire thing is built on not being up to save his best friend before he passed. It also your greatest purpose in life is hidden in those things, and far too many times I think that you call it devil call it Satan called life. Whatever it through so much out you that you're staying distracted on a regular basis or right so that I think we can muddle through yet I love I've said this for years. It's amazing what we can get used to and and all that you do whether you drink you all the glory of God. And when were not maximizing the gifting and the abilities and the opportunities given us were not glorifying him as much, as we should. God expects us to be excellent.

He wants us to be on the other doesn't mean you make a certain amount of money. Success can look differently and around very highly but for maximizing our impersonal attempt personal potential, because were made in the image of God. I think most of us come to settle for a lot less than what he would have for almost all of us live a life of settling yoga rat Tom Agassi to poll not too long ago and 33% of all Americans that action responded to the poll would say that they live in uncontrolled life at that moment.

That's 240 million people. By my math that had a go to and that didn't include the millennial generation who had, I hate to say this in many ways, have been missed missed told the truth so to speak of what life was supposed to be there and how that goes about so they come out of the gate looking for okay life and what we strum to make this happen is come to this amended this and only to find out that relationships are hard finding employment, that your love is in heart you know is hard to manage your checkbook is not as easy as you know, Gary. Viennese guys make it so it'll translate you go through this entire struggle and you'll find it in one of the reasons that Bush was resolutions and stuff in life fail, which is something we will counteract this year is because they forget the resolution is bone were resolved.

Right. You gotta be committed right you have to have a plan.

You gotta have people that you can align yourself with acute emissions to begin to show that you can actually learn what those techniques are fortunate, I'm sitting in this chair right now, not only because of Jesus, but also everybody every key mentor that Jesus put in my life to get me here. How else do you explain a homeless kid owning several successful greatly to points or more people that sure that's your story that's my story is that God was kind enough to place people in our lives that could make that kind of different salute, but then it's our choice.

It's your choice Stephen, it's my choice for them in a listen number one mic in a listen to what they have to say number two magna take notes of all way or another. Number three in my gotta take action on what I'm learning. I mean Steve Noble Christian in 2002 and Steve Noble Christian in 2021 of the biggest things that affected who I am today versus what I was, then, is that these people that got my life I learned from the low point of the webinar coming up on Monday, January 6 were to dive into that what you gonna learn it's good to be a tight 35 to 40 minutes but a lot of content there are three different areas talk about that with Stephen Scoggins from the journey, principal attorney\webinar to get signed up totally free will even exit we have the same spelling by the name of my birth.

Yeah, I don't know that means anything just means were more brutally can the not my my mother would spank me if I change my name leadership that would be bad.

I knew I was in trouble and my parents by nobles but Stephen Scoggins is here journey\webinar if you been listening to the show just the last couple weeks you've heard these ads playing every hour during the show this coming up Monday, January 6 the free webinar really going from stock to unstoppable. It's on the lunch break. By design, so you 12 PM Eastern time on Monday, 35, 40 minutes with Stephen and Stephen's been down a lot of roads been very successful born-again follower of Jesus Christ. Very good friend of mine and passionate about helping people let life mastery skills, life skills that we don't get copies. Really this is an patient in school they don't fix it. We learn, it was learned the hard way and some of us have the advantage of having mentors or people that come to take us under their wing were humble enough to listen but but what drives you because I'm saying the soap off of the air during the break, so our friends on Facebook. Life heard of but not anybody in the radio because Stephen runs a very successful business. You don't have to do this is in a financial consideration and I'm trying to, you don't need to. You don't have something financial need that you need to be getting very well. So what drives us free.

Attorney principles the webinar. All of this goes back sort of person I once was minutes. It's that simple life.

I've been the person in a broken marriage have been the person is been homeless and the person with a broken bank account of been the person that has had elements of really toxic relationships.

I mean, I've been down a lot of roads. As you mentioned before, only to find out that there are proven principles that work and then the world tries at the end use the world loosely. The long-term that tries to throw everything in its brother at you to say no. This works this pill works. This this over here works us over here works this over here works and I tested and tried all of it like and I still found myself sleeping in the car so you are saying so what I'll try to do the last really five years of my first book came out, which is cost been five years now is go back and really kind of document and pinpoint step-by-step step one step to step three. I think a lot of times we go after step three before we complete stepparent or certain before step two and which is why you get this rat rat will you're just circling the right things were getting nowhere cyclic that which is super frustrating and I think most of us know that most people have plenty of improvement I'm so ethic we recognize that this this time year.

We offer New Year's resolutions and better here are getting better there, which is makes for a good couple weeks but ultimately you have desire but you don't have necessarily noncommitment you have and landing on somebody to help you get distractions your life you know everybody comes through audit sample go to various seminars. The fact that this one things I think separates what we try to do for what we see the market base and that is your you get around session she come home and she weeks later you know what you did write your lost you know and you got, you have to have follow-through. You have a follow-up plan.

You gotta come alongside of you that I have actually been there and a lot of our own folks. We partner with have have stories of their own similar to mom but also some cases very different. You know, is a way to make sure that the people that we are trying to help.

Know that we are being empathetic and were also trying to make sure that we are being authentic. Yeah, you know, because I know better than anybody else know slaves above his master. You know, the only difference we meet some and some wincing right now is broken bank account a broken relationship or maybe stuck in a career they don't want something like that. The only stinking differences to things. The plan and then putting in the work, the follow-through I went from the homeless thing all the way to not only stabilizing my household, but on the upside, within 12 months. Most people underestimate how much they can get done. Sure. Here in the overestimate every thing else. Well we we tended judge ourselves by our brokenness instead of buyer create so you go okay I just wrote a devotional demand Psalm 139, fearfully and wonderfully made, which means you pack a punch now mean that you've got potential business owner or just be an excellent monitor. Dad are an excellent employee or somebody that works with your hands or something that works with your mind. It really doesn't matter, but we have excellence that God is prepayment pre-placed in all of us but we rarely strive for that yet. So what's the free webinar coming up on Monday gets during the lunch breaks free webinar 30 to 40 minutes at 12 noon on Eastern time on Monday, January 6 just go to journey\webinar we got the links up on the Facebook live feed right now. Journey\webinar to be you and Stephen Scoggins for that. 3540 minutes and I got several hundred people signed up already.

But what can happen. That's awesome.

She has been blessed a huge blessing. It was what happened is the step when you mention a second go step one in getting to the bottom of why your stock is understanding what stuck ceramic give you the way and tell you exactly how to know why your stock. The second piece is really a framework of re-framework that you can start well you do anything after webinar not call me email me or whatever after the fact that you can start using right away to Gwen start getting traction. One. Things that I think everyone should be focused on this year for 2020 is a gotta get down to three specific things they got it gets crazy clear what drives him. What motivates them, what fires and what what they value most. Make sure that's aligned with your life.

A gotta get to the place where they have a strategic plan they can follow and it doesn't have to be complicated, and that's the secret right I can do the programs and plans we have are super simple super easy to digest or get locked away in the third thing is Gabby's really stinking careful with who you align with all men, so poor, so much as been wrapped up in my inner circle.

I was surrounded by from many years, broken people doing the best they could, but how was I gonna learn how to become and I use the word loosely right to decide on monetary means are just a way to bless people from my perspective, what, how do you, how does one learn how to think like a millionaire think like a billionaire think like a businessman or thing like a pastor or evangelist or the how you do that unless you're hanging out with other praying that rightness by design, right, lies the discipleship program that God put in the Bible absolutely at the older teens younger men and women in wisdom is to be passed down when there's a reason there's Appleseed's and underside of every Apple yeah what a shock. Yeah, right, though. Hello kind of thing sellers have to be cut yeah I mean because I'm website right now and it's everything.

Step one step to step three. Step one learn the process for transformation stereos in your personal hurdles, which is really important because if we all blind spots and I know you talk about that on Monday and then step three molding your future. And the reality which is creating a plan. We do that, you bring it, bring something home from Best Buy or whatever you pull out the little instructions as wages for yeah there's the deep ones and then there's hey here's how you get going right now, which is what were accustomed to get that's really what you'll be doing on Monday yeah simple straight + straightforward easy.easy to put in the practice will have a Q&A after the fact that the people have questions include uncleared. We work really thinking hard to make sure that we can actually get to the place that we can document and make it super easy to digest a you know everything we do is about that. My team is constantly asking me to refine and refine refiner might really of Artie taken so much content out of that you like yeah it's down interests and summarizes more homey. Well, that's good. There's so much good content and by the way, that's this is not a one-off coming up in April will talk about this next month sometime I transform you, which is actually three-day live event. That'll be here in Raleigh will talk about that starting February even on the website.

We go to journey with the web with the webinar Monday the lunch break webinar which is free to journey\webinar that's just really kind of a jumping off point. You come away with that, away from that with tools with some motivation. But then there's all kinds. There's all kinds of resources on journey you all kinds of other ways to keep going over CPR absolutely absolutely are. Our idea is to help you matter what your background is nestled about John, that's awesome, so excited for. That's a Monday coming up on Monday, January 6 12 noon Eastern time since schedule specifically for that because it work. That's a great way to spend your lunch break is absolutely free to journey\webinar journey\webinar with my good friend my brother in Christ racing about excited for my talk to you later okay will be right back right in my heard by now if you haven't believes that the news to you but it might be but the big hit.

Call it hit them using that phrase on purpose is a war action. Is it a hit. Is that is it an assassination. Some people are using that phraseology with the Iranian leader of the Revolutionary guard Corps so the money was a nasty nasty man who's been killing Americans for years and leading the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps that could force and I ran these are these are terrorist people there psychotic.

They are the deep end of the bad side of Islam, and in this guy has been kind of running up that flag in our face Americans face in the world space for years. So if Obama had taken about everybody would be talking about what a great, bold, decisive move by Pres. Obama, but since it's Pres. Trump. Now it's assassination. It's an abuse of power once again is probably another impeachable offense. That's the declaration of war, which is supposed to be done by Congress yada yada yada. So the Democrats and the media going ballistic this date. Daily wire and just look at some like Bernie Sanders when I have when I voted against the war in Iraq in 2002 I feared it would lead to greater destabilization of the region that fear and forcefully turned out to be true. The US is lost. Proxy 4500 brave troops, tons of things goes on such terms dangerous escalation brings us closer to another disastrous war in the Middle East that could cost countless lives and trillions more dollars.

Trump promised in endless wars, but the section puts us on the path of another says who will see, that's a little early. There is to profit. Apparently Elizabeth Warren responded by writing on twitter so lump sum of money was a murder response for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of American stop there. So it Obama would've whacked him this would be great. We be celebrating. But no, let since trumped it. She goes on but this reckless move escalates the situation of the way I ran and increases the likelihood of more deaths and new Middle East conflict.

Our property must be to avoid another costly war was talking about getting into a costly war. By the way Andrew Yang came out. Also, another Democrat contender war with Iran is the last thing we need. It is not the will of the American people.

We should be acting to de-escalate tensions, protect our people in the region. Perhaps they all want us to deliver another big plane full of cash that's going to work that that's what that's what was so funny to me with the whole Obama administration's" negotiating with Iran. You have to understand that when you're dealing with militant Muslims. Fundamentalist Muslims.

There is no negotiation because you have finished, you have to understand is not yet understand the teaching of Islam in and they just ignored it or just didn't bother to learn to like tequila for example is an honorable thing to live your enemies face, which is why on during the week they would have negotiations and John Carrion outnumber all that mess. They have all these negotiations and John Kerry VA were making progress and then on the weekend, the Ayatollah would come out to be burning flags and effigies of Obama all ohmic on the course, the same week so we negotiate with you in and put on a happy face Monday to Friday, but on the week and we burn your flag we burned in effigy of your president and that all goes together and it actually does for fundamentalist Muslims fundamentals. Islam. That's the deal, and so can you actually negotiate with something like that. You cannot anything that you think is negotiation is not you not to get any any truth there, and of course Iran wasn't going to bow down to America's desires so they just can keep playing their game there. The number one terrace stayed on and on the planet and need to be treated as such until this guy who has killed Americans has been planning that the murder of Americans and is planning more murder of Americans is the guy that they took out by the way when it comes to a presidents limited war action and ability.

Couple of things a little history here that matters anymore so we have not. You know this how many wars have been declared since World War II not so for Congress and for Democrats all set to go ballistic. The say hey this is that you as the war action yet to declare war by going to congresswomen declared a war since World War II. That's ridiculous.

Your little late to the party on that complaint, but the president does have limited war action. So when Kennedy went into Bay of Pigs when Ronald Reagan did Grenada and then we did even even Vietnam and Korea should have been Vietnam obviously Korea obviously should've been declared wars. I think Afghanistan and Iraq ultimately should've been declared wars but would still do that anymore. That's the power the presidency, which I don't agree with. To that extent, but the president has to have some limited war powers because we gonna do, especially in this highly charged, partisan environment, wherein now hate the leader of the cut forces the Islamic Iran's Islamic Revolutionary guard is landing at the airport this afternoon that we can have a clear shot at him. So let's get it and not let send a little note over to the committee in Congress and get their permission. See the problem. You can't operate like that. So the president has covert warlike powers so history is on his side and then let's go back to the untouchable, which for the for the liberal left is Barack Obama under Barack Obama to terms. There are 563 drone strikes in in which they killed 3797 people which included a subset of three and 24 civilians. The 563 smart bomb smart missile drone in the sky over Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia were out there under Pres. Obama killed 3797 people in his two-term which included three and 24 civilians where is Congress and that the nowhere silent. Why because it was there. The Democrats anyway where the Democrats first Congress, nowhere.

By the way, that was 10 times more strikes than Bush 43 and his two terms using that technology which is exactly what trumped it but the problem is not the guy that killed not the way they killed him not that it's the Middle East. The problem for the liberal left is strong in their use anything they can throw anything they can at the fridge and try to get the stick because he just keeps beating again I'm not a mega hat wearing guy.

I support the truck. I support down trump in the administration as far as I can.

There's things about the way he does business that I don't like.

I think you're on Christlike. I've got some problems here and there but overall I'm very pleased with what the ministration is done. Not perfect, and again you don't, you and I can see me wearing a mega hat you don't see me with a trump sign in my front yard that will need to burn bridges for the gospel over politics and that's what that does some of you probably think that you will Steve get a backbone really I live in and say neck in a conversation right so they were right to do it. He was right to do it and this guy is nasty.

He's nasty and all can stop Iranian general killed in US strike responsible for 17% of American deaths in Iraq.

So one of those debts mean to us. You kill seventh year responsible for 17% of the thousands of deaths of Americans in Iraq and we just let you go. We don't do anything this from a daily wire article in a stunning move that many analysts are calling a potential turning point in US Iran relations present trump order in an airstrike early Friday in Iraq that killed an Iranian general that the US State Department says is ultimately responsible for operations, leading to 17% of all deaths of US personnel during the Iraq war. Some so the meanie head of the writ Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps elite cuts forces which is been designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department remembered Obama was whacking terrorists all over the world so trumps just doing the same thing day but it all depends on who's pulling the trigger right as reported by Fox news State Department announced in April 2019 that Iran was responsible for the death of 608 US soldiers during the Iraq war, 2003 to 11 so this guy largely in charge of all that, and we get an opportunity to kill him and they killed is a war criminal is a terrorist, Obama took out terrace around the world. Trump is taking out terrace around the world, is that justice is that the rightful use of power for government agency yes when their killing our citizens and are killing our soldiers. That's exactly what the Bible is talking about, that the government doesn't bear the sword for nothing.

They have the biblical right to punish unrighteousness, but there just amazing to watch the left reply courses will be another impeachable offense abuse power.


Now what about the guy there replacing them with general soul. Amani was named Terrace density by bombing ministration brag US troops suffered more losses in Iran and then there's the guy that's replacing him because is like Hydra writers got one op-ed get another bad one place.

Brig. Gen. S. Male gunny 62.

The man replacing cell.

Amani is a leader. The cut forces is designated a terrorist organization has bragged of his country.

Suppose an advantage over the United States posting that US troops suffered more losses from us than we have suffered losses from them come right out of it yet where Iran our military forces would been killing Americans in and we don't do anything about that you get an opportunity to cut the head up cut that off is that assassination, not inside of a war. It isn't war on terror. I son assassination. According to the Tasman news agency in October 20 17th gunny.

This replacement slammed recent comments by US Pres. Donald Trump and other US officials against the Islamic Republic and said, quote any nonsense they say will be to their detriment. He also allegedly stated since the victory of the Islamic revolution. We have never intended to wage war against any country but the global arrogance of the US and its stooges have always sought for battle. We do not welcome wars but if anyone invades our country.

He will learn a lesson that will no longer even think of aggression against Iran. Okay, sure. Whatever. So I am in total agreement with what Donald Trump did in the military. They have way more information than any of us. They have more information than people in Congress is responsible for 7% 17% of all US casualties sell the US deaths in Iraq and the last 22,005. I think a 2011 is an eight year period under heaven opportunity euro for their killing you all for flapping all for right that is another reminder to have our buddy Stephen Scoggins back in the studio for the first half of the show just has such a heart for people. He's come through a lot in you know me, if you listen to the shallot IMs. I am very cynical 12 years of radio will increase your cynical nature tenfold.

50 for the hundredfold. So I'm very cynical so I you know you hear all there's all kinds of good self-help things and some of them good, some of Mark and that is just that read self-help resetting.

No, here we go. And so there's all kinds of things out mean all over the Internet and Facebook ads in YouTube all stop, but Steve currently talked about hey I was homeless. He was he was on the verge of taking his own life he was.

He was in the very very bad place and he had a wonderful gentleman that started to so into him in a simple, mostly most likely a simple business is in the contracting world like I used to be in the contracting world and framing and hanging siding on houses and so he eventually was able to get some of his own equipment in his own truck and he just worked in any learned along the way he got involved a lot of the Dave Ramsey leadership stuff so just then he just has a passion for people he would not be in here if he was just some other self-help shyster guy you wouldn't, none of them would ever get past me. So remember I'm a gatekeeper I'm here number one to serve the Lord and number two to serve you.

So when it's books when it's authors on the ministry. It's got a come through me first and I wouldn't do something on the air or suggest something to you, unless I was free and clear on it for my own information and what the Holy Spirit is showing me and I am always always filtering through stuff something that's on the errorless to go through me. Just remember that. So when I say hey I think you should check this out. I'm the total straight skinny and you should definitely if you're just feeling kind of stuck and we can all be there. I wish I'd known Stephen when I was running my own business 15 years ago. I didn't because I needed help I don't know that I was humble enough at the time to admit, but if you just kind of feel stuck and you need some help moving forward and breaking free and okay I need something that help me and I could be at home. It could be a new job could be in your business. Whatever the situation sucks coming up on Monday.

Generally six that the schedule that look the lunch break, which I think is a great IDS of 12 noon Eastern time. It's totally free.

It's about 40 minutes.

It'll just be Stephen Sharon a lot of the basic principles that he's learned to put down on paper over all these years of coming through what is come through. So if you want to check that out.

Just go to journey\webinar journey\webinar. I've had many listeners in the past go through Stephen's programs and just been impacted deeply which is awesome and that's what is operating out of he wants to help people. So if you feel like you need that can help in the low kick starter need some just some help planning and just having some motivation. Check that out. We are talking of soul Amani who was just taken out not that long ago in Iraq is been responsible. They figured out for about 17% of all the American deaths in Iraq and that area over the last several years and they had a chance to come out and they did take out the left is going ballistic. Talk about an abuse of power.

As usual there talking about violating the Constitution. The declaration of war. I mean it's just crazy. So you have to stop breathing and pay attention to the facts don't. And by the way, if you're on the cortical right like I am conservative politically on on that on the right.

Don't just go to a conservative website, Fox News or whatever daily wire bit bench. Whoever just assume you can consume all that stuff without any filter. Remember everybody's got flesh and everybody's innocent nature. Everybody's subject. Nobody is purely object I would never tell you this is an objective show because it isn't driving agenda absolutely my pushing a certain perspective absolutely I do that in my classes I telnet I tell parents that I tell students yes I'm pushing an agenda. I have an agenda. I hope it aligns with God's agenda with the kingdom agenda. Yes, I'm deftly trying to push us all in a particular direction, which is a proper application of the biblical worldview to every nook and cranny of life. Politics ministry finances personal lives, our struggles as manners women in marriage with kids whatever thoughts of the okay so make sure you're doing your homework and check and stuff out. I decided today to do a little homework on an issue that has become a big deal. It's been a big deal for a while but really a perfect and sad example of it happen all the way back in 1996 I went to see the brand-new Clint Eastwood movie has been out for a week or two now. Richard Jewell, which is not doing well at the boat at the at the box office, which is set because this is an incredibly powerful story very disturbing about the power.

The media and the power the government to ruin anybody's life. So you got a go but that's July 27, 1996 and reading a timeline from Siena is on an equal opportunity employer. Anonymous 911 call 911 call warns that a bomb will explode in Centennial at Park in Atlanta during the Olympic Games.

The caller says there is a bomb in Centennial Park.

You have 30 minutes because later determined to have been made from a payphone near the park. 22 minutes later at 1:25 AM 40 pound pipe bomb explodes.

That's massive gay July 30, Centennial Olympic Park reopens July 30, 1996. Same year quoting an unnamed source security guard Richard Jewell is named by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a suspect in the bombing, so they decide based on some information from an FBI insider. You were looking at Richard Jewell now this is the same kind of stuff we see going on with Trump but this can happen to anybody. So we didn't we.

We need to catch somebody know somebody a hero complex is a little awkward is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Richard Jewell. He said some stupid things in the past and all of a sudden in the fog of that war, and FBI person says to reporter yeah were looking at Richard Jewell okay will wow that's a story and if you think the media had a voracious appetite. In 1996 and an Olympic bombing on US soil. Its appetite is far more ravenous today and it does not care about who is eating be at the present United States or some simpleminded security guard work in the Olympics so is a really sad story so that gets leaked out in the press okay now the press descends on Richard Jewell's life which puts pressure on the FBI.

This whole thing starts to feed on itself that's July 30 and October 26. Fast forward a few months it's announced by the US just apartment the jewels no longer a suspect.

So from July 30 and he's the one that told him he's the one that found the backpack is the one that help raise the alarm that they started to push people back. So instead of hundred people being injured and two people died.

I think the hundred and 11 inch or two people died. He could've been way worse than this guy is the guy that found so they way to get some bomb guys over here and he's like kind of a he he thinks of himself as law enforcement. He had done several security kind of jobs and and like I said, not trying to be ugly not necessary.

The brightest lamp on the street, but he cares about people he is trying to help. All of a sudden he's the number one suspect July 30 to October 26. So, August, September, all way through the end of October, three months and they destroyed his life and then all of a sudden password a couple years Eric Rudolph is named as a suspect in connection with a part bombing. He had actually pulled off a couple other ones and eventually they found they got 1997 9690. Eventually the Rudolph and then so you get the story of the media, which just is trying to miss the early days of CNN. They're very competitive you think was competitive then it's over competitive now because the Internet justice, voracious appetite, and to put something even more splashy. Even more sexy. Even more provocative. So there so quick now because of the pressure in the in the industry to just print stuff this happens. This will happen this November as they're all racing to call states first using exit polling, which is really bad so that's a voracious appetite of the media doesn't care who is consuming it will ruin anybody and then you got the FBI in the side which they are going on this road so as you watch the Richard Jewell movie. Of course I was thinking of what's been going on with Trump administration and with the FBI what the fake buys a line in the Pfizer court and changing emails, lying to the federal court by the court in order to be able to go tap in and spy on a member of Trump's campaign that the FBI and the Department of Justice. I got up I got up coffee cup that somebody gave me this is I love my country. It's the government.

I fear and that's absolutely true and we all have to remember that our founding fathers knew that they were creating something that had the potential to be a monster. That's why they had the separation of powers. That's why they had checks and balances. That's why they had three branches. That's why they didn't have a king, it been down that road they knew because the human fallenness of humanity. Human depravity that if anybody gets too much power they're going to abuse it. Most likely, and so you have to go into it. What eyes wide open and a set place the design the government to be somewhat inefficient and have a lot of checks and balances with the House of Representatives that we can get to them and fire them every two years. The Senate provides a little more stability. It's brilliant. The constitutional Republic we live in is brilliant but it takes into account which we don't much anymore. The sin nature of mankind. So you think you can ultimately trust the FBI. I know there's a lot of great people, men and women in the FBI but you think is beyond reproach. Obviously it is not, and it can be abusive and it can be dangerous. I think were seeing some of them some of the darkest days in American history right now in terms of the abuse of the government the power of the government, coupled with power of a mostly left-leaning to say the least. Media is a very dangerous very dangerous. That's why the second one of the reasons. Second memo was there when the recent separation of powers as they are checks and balances. None of that stuff does any good unless you and I are paying attention so we need to stay engaged for the good of our neighbor for our own safety for own families. I hate to sound like a paranoid back room printing guy that sees a demon under every rock. I don't seeing Richard the Richard Jewell movie just reminded that our job is to pay close attention to what our government is doing and to remember that the media has a stake in the game, you have to be cynical and you can't trust things as far as you control. We need to remember that the rich and powerful reminder and pretty disgusting. Anyway hopefully Monday will have David Fisher back. He's been going to some health challenges will talk about that Monday Monday update everything great shows, God willing, without

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