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Iran & Foreign Missions

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January 9, 2020 3:29 pm

Iran & Foreign Missions

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 9, 2020 3:29 pm

Iran & Foreign Missions

Today's Theology Thursday is all about Iran & Foreign Missions! Ant Greenham, Associate Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies, joins today to help us understand foreign missions and the different types of Muslims.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical history entity meets everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online now here's your host mind which will be quite as interesting a doctor and Greenham is back in the house.

It is theology Thursday as it is every week for their friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary and Dr. Greenham is been on many times in the past and really specializes in the world religions and culture and is very well traveled himself and spent many many years in the in the mid East of the Middle East and also in Jordan as a diplomat and is not from these parts, and as soon as you hear them talk. You'll note that that's the deal. But anyway, Dr. Greenham, welcome back, happy new year.

I received greater on the show appreciate you having me do so for Montgomery welcomes great to have you here again and what is that accident where you from the accident, is a South African accent. I like to say I'm from this part of North Carolina and I would nobody believe you and I'll go to almost 20 years. Yeah, I don't think that's stunning quite like North Carolina but I'll try anyway you might need to let that one go.

I don't know that was ever going to go about getting up. Anyway, it's great to have you in here working to talk about the foreign missions today were to talk about different religions that you encounter as you go around the world and kind of what can we learn as we travel. And like I mentioned Dr. Greenham is really a well-traveled person, health, and this is that we always talk about different world religions. We.don't have done a deep dive into all different kinds world religions before Dr. Greenham is the associate professor of missions and Islamic studies here at Southeastern Baptist theological center. So before we can go into the bigger conversation today, given that you have such a attention for Islamic studies at help us to understand from a Islamic feel theological perspective what you think the Iranian Muslim reaction is an viewpoint is on everything that we've seen happening in the news with taking out those Del Monte last week and then reply if you will, from the Iranians. Everything is going on there. Help us to understand this through a Islamic lens sure it's quite a Christian, I would like to do on shrewd softy differently in terms of honor and shame Cruz Byron is very much in honor shame society as opposed to society which is more go to innocence justice route of older kind of thing. So if you ashamed of some major problem and so can something be the Iranians of your Q2 feeding rock now on I'll maybe adhere Iranians on dorm the same page but typically when something is public and shameful.

You would feel obliged to respond in a way to restore your honor to restore your group sauna to restore your site you'll countries on so I think which they feeling pretty raw rock now and this is different obligation to restore on his or for example this attack on the airbase in Iraq, which seems a little bit strange. Why attack and a basic liberty with design not to kill anybody you actually is for. Specifically, they said they would respond. And that's exactly what they did, so I didn't let the American get away with it. Within a few hours with a few very short period of time they hit back so it's an attempt to restore the honor yeah and that's because when you talk about an honor shame, society, and interestingly enough, I was just talking about this earlier today and one of the high school classes that I teach on Civics in the Constitution and that we were talking about what was going on in Iran so you have this honor shame culture there in Middle Eastern culture, Islamic culture, but you also have it in Japan and the Asian culture you had this honor. Same thing but it's different from ours when we do, guilt and innocence injustice of why is it so different. Why are they on an honor shame perspective and were not. It's a whole accretion to own, so I think it's just historically you'd have a minimum so as to waive its VB and Lockman displayed into wish and civilization and the way with Christianity and the involvement of play together but you know is inanimate of honor and shame, and everybody is just to a greater extent in some societies, and others something out into living here in the South is that Southerners are more focus on on of the no that's interesting. A fascinating observation about here back in this context were not spend a lot of time on this, but so really, from a political perspective than just making decisions you have to acknowledge the fact that in this case with Iran is that it's an honor, shame, society, and so did kind of if you will let them off the hook. You know they're gonna respond.

They have to respond exactly there is no way they work in recent exactly, but I also think to a certain extent they're smart enough to know there's a new sheriff in town. I'm not endorsing or not endorsing Trump. I'm just think they know that if they hit back. You can hit back hard and when he made that perfectly obvious. Last week, but that I think that was wise to not make a big deal out of their review.

If you want to call it that. They had to do it later if there is ever going to be a no response time suited for him to become. You want to adherence to to understand Iran going to put yourself in their shoes, and a book about the regime know much large numbers of the population because what you seen in the recent months as some major demonstrations and they been very violently put down his eyes so tragically have been in the pasta so a lot of Iranians would think will come a different different regime different situation but is very difficult to to express that in the situation or event, but looking from the from the point of view of of the regime in which is which is powerful and very much in control in terms of the way they control the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps and the other of the security forces cooled the procedure and so on.

Essentially, they big concern is regime survival. They will do what it takes to keep the gains of the revolution of 1979. Now if you have an attack from United States even as enormously punishing to Iran.

This clock you to bring the people together that will in the haunts regime survival. So even if they do something highly risky which I most talk to to bring about a major response from the areas they would do that because a major concern is not to save Iranian lives in a major concern is regime survival going to remember that yeah it's very very important for interns about just Islam in general. What's the makeup of is because there's a lot of different sex that is genetically send up most people are too aware of that and in there's parts of Islam that pay. I would mind beat heaven Islamic neighbors and his other parts of Islam that I would not want to have them. I have a stomach maybe due to gossamer Lakota running so to us about that you made. So, what's that what's the state of Islam in Iran. They are Shiite Muslims and this is important to understand the Shiites is the shiatsu on the minority is Muslims worldwide, approximately 1015% of all Muslims.

Most Muslims in Iran would be shiatsu Baja will not suffer cellular coming up in a commercial break to talk to Dr. Ian Greene of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary a little more in Islam the Shiite Muslims.

What's going on Iran and broaden our conversation to talk about international travel in general international visions of the day today is normal so that good friends of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. Dr. Ian Greenham is in the studio with me today associate that serve missions in studies and if you tuned in the last segment of your new in this. When you figure out quite quickly even though you been in North Carolina for 20 years. You deftly still don't sound like a North Carolina.

As of the was born and is whatever happened to him.

It will never happen. Born and reared in South Africa you some far more interesting and fascinating to me than Americans do, but I think it's part of the territory and were talking today because he does understand a lot in his leads that the efforts here at the seminary about Islamic studies. So were talking a little bit about Iran so we can understand that from a theological perspective and working abroad in our conversation you mentioned that that pretty much Iran is made up of Shiite Muslims yesterday Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims Shiites. I think he said 10 to 15% of the general population.

Now when we talk about cortical radical Islam or whatever you want to call it.

Usually that that usually comes up with about the same number 15%, 20% of Islam worldwide is cortical radical is that is that an overlay is the Shiite kind of the radical version of Islam and Sunni radicals from Sunnis and from Seattle so the whole ashes phenomenon that is exclusively Sunni phenomena yellow silicone Sunni radicals. Yeah. So what's the difference really from a theological understanding between the radical Muslim and a Muslim that like you would be great next-door neighbor and friend. I would say the theological answer to this one is ultimately Islam is submission to an unknowable God, and that's really important to understand this, and for most Muslims since Mark I don't know what's going to happen on the day of judgment, but I'm hoping for the best and so I let me get on with my life and like most people worldwide.

Their concerns with family for jobs full for health for those sort of things hoped they born in a tradition with this getting on with Bob without thinking too much about religion. I don't know for sure why worry about it. I learned in divorce majority divorce majority Muslims worldwide adjust documents is extremely important to something to notice when you see a person is Muslim, they would most likely going to be like that and they will welcome your friendship, your reaching them, but invariably for example if there were a head cut with a woman wearing head covering in a burqa that's got to be somebody that's pretty much deeply involved is that not necessarily servicewomen, women will wear head coverings often for modesty reason because you should be sending a message otherwise to them to Muslim. I always pay for game yes she does want to send that message so she does a culturally acceptable thing covering us about basically saying I'm going to follow God and uncle go to brother. If you interested in me you go through the channel don't get ideas here, conservative clean living Muslim woman leave me alone. That's what she says what she is saying that that's like music to my ears as a father with 2.I have no problem with that whatsoever. So I really have to understand it. Shiite Muslims, but there's a significant number of people in Iran that that want to live basically like you said that.

Just leave me alone. They want to live a secular second and that's really where the tension is right you had something to be sure it is a small minority is is usually discussing the they take this idea of God being unknowable, totally different direction.

We have to guarantee all patient paradise of the only way we can do that by dying imaging on in this way you can have ready generalizations annexed to the same theological phenomenon can produce radically different outcomes for the divorce majority. Hey, who knows, who cares this get on with it. A tiny minority going to make it happen and so they driven to radicalism.

Both of those in the church of expressions of Islam. Although typically the story you will have from Muslim apologists is that people are cautious not having a part of us know it is a legitimate expression, but fortunately has had a very small minority yet very very fortunate Selma question about Iran that will move on so that does Iran theologically in their perspective as Muslims that Shiite Muslims is fomenting this kind of discord and and lack of peace and having kind of worldwide.

Trouble is that part of their end times theology I would want to put it is in times theology so much as being in the minority, and having a history of being the underdog so they look back and ask each of the dates 618 and this is like it happened yesterday. Hussein who was the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. He is shorted by Sunni forces, and so they have this identity of his earful.

Be and he was cool. Bottom was the majority so we of the underdog really ones always persecuted and so you have us Montecito victimization and that is played into the Shiite Montecito or later the papers and so Iranians will see themselves even though it Iran is a Shiite majority country. There was so see themselves as the underdog. And so when things happen. The stock here we go again. Yeah we being victimized.

But what you expect is a way everyone knows always treats us. So you go to understand they victimization is going to be a reaction to anything that happens and then then then any booklet would bring them and this is where it gets interesting.

A great source of than comfort for them is that one day the 12 imams, and absolutely anything to settle all the scores yes and and will be just fine.

So we we suffer. In the meantime and the face-off.

Of course every Dynegy Honda goes just ghostwrite the paradox to what is terrible. Reviewing that Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 9088. They encourage kids to run across fields of the mainland mind, but they they were operating in terms of races was is all not to die as martyrs so you do that and it's open at the quick trip to Paradise. Jackie so you win with Salina and I was in Iran in 1999 and there were pictures all over the place.

Think the guys name was Mohammed funky. He was a 12-year-old and he had strapped exposing on himself and threw himself under an Iraqi tank was killing himself. He was a hero to billboards all over the place and regulating the sky so sad to hear about that. So when when the news breaks. Do you generally think as an American citizen or do you think somebody that understands Islam as it is a religious off think I have to say it's in the natural but I'm an American citizen sought care deeply for the door so I know that you which is interesting because we have to understand that there operating out of that is because Islam is not just the religion, but it's also military system and a governmental system where it will pretty closely very closely intertwined.

So yes, I always think of how the other not going to going to take two of us and I think this is not a bad bad approach for anyone who is who we really are well with you have a lot of experience or not, how is what I'm doing going to affect the other guy.

Put yourself in his shoes, where issues of how they can respond to the same why will will holiday thinking and how is a thinking going to reflect itself from being in their response.

Note this what we thinking this wants rights but when we do this, how they lock you to see. It's what response is lucky to have a and went which of course is effective thinking in a geopolitical context, but it's also effective thinking in a gospel contents to link to it that that we're going to ask questions or to present a case the gospel case the Christ case and knowing that okay in order to talk about doctoring was just in Bulgaria.

He's traveled to many places around the world. Israel Sabrina talk about that when we come back from the break which is as weak as we travel. How do we operate in different context, different parts the world as ambassadors of Christ with the gospel mindset engaging people having conversations with people then just foreign missions in general will unpack all that when we come back after the break right up on a break right now talking to Dr. and freedom today from Southeastern Baptist theological seminary's excessive investment missions and Islamic studies.

Specifically, no one is Steve Noble shall theology Thursday as it is] shall theology Thursday with her friends at Southeastern Baptist logical family by the way, there's all kinds of great learning opportunities for you. Whether you live in and not the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area Wake Forest, which is written seminary section located somewhere else in North Carolina anywhere else on the planet really there's a lot of different classes and opportunities that are available at Southeastern, some of them you pay for, but many things are free is all kinds of certificate programs is a great class and hermeneutics its proper biblical interpretation that Dr. Aiken is on once a month that the that the video class. You do it at your own speed now and doesn't cost you anything. There's all kinds of resources available.

This is really and I don't mean any disrespect towards any Sunday school teachers unless your Sunday school teacher your adult Sunday school teacher happens to be a PhD who teaches at a seminary for the rest of us usually can't get this level of teaching, but it is available online as you can check that out. Just go to SCB\radio and asking the land you on a page. Or you can see all these different things that are available to online SCB TS like Southeastern Baptist theological seminary SCB\radio and the lantana paper. You can check all that stuff out really really completely amazing, mind-boggling level of theological education. Get here at Southeastern which driver talking to Dr. Anna Greenham today associate Prof. missions and Islamic studies were kind of transitioning from taken a theological theological look at what's been going on in Iran and trying to understand that and what how they operate out of the Muslim world and especially in the Sunni versus that she and Muslim world you and out now it is going to talk about formations and in what we can learn from traveling around the world and do you think you're so well-traveled. Dr. Greenham for us as Americans. Most Americans are very well-traveled.

We don't get outside the country very much for a lot of people that just financial issue an economic issue, but for us as Christians is that something that we should try to make up priority is a good thing to do. I would say any kind of exposure to two other ideas on the places good. You know you can get a lot from reading but there's nothing like actually going to a place to get a feel of the differences to Sanchez Mendoza sounds the different language. The people you just can't reproduce that from from reading I made a hug with the reading site very well. I did mention this to you before and I talked about it. I actually recorded the show I was in Israel back in October.

I've been studying the Bible for years. You hear all these people come back and say all it's going to completely change your perspective on the Bible and and because I'm such a cynic and that the reason why I'm on the radio yeah yeah it can't possibly live up to that insurer entered the awesome but it's not can it be as revolutionaries, anybody says it is, of course, it was because you can't you can really want study all you want but into your actually walking in the same places where a lot of these things happen that we read about studying for years. You can't possibly have that perspective. So when you just recently came back from a trip to Bulgaria but you are also in Israel. Somehow we how we approach travel. As Christians, and with the gospel mindset but but what you learn in and to take us into that. So we are better equipped to show him if we should do everything we do approach everything is Christians with our primary allegiance was always put the kingdom of Babe Ruth above everything else kingdom of the Republic, so you shall not do everything we rethink. Since Andrew should be so done as a Christian, but again going to go to another place. It would be yes all these people Christians all the believers say is he a way I can encourage these folks. One of vehicle one of their concerns. One of the difficulties I have. What's it like to be a Christian in this place.

I got to be a primary question, that essay can be one of course would be is the case worldwide.

The majority people are not Christians. So what could I do to perhaps have a conversation that would lead in the neck direction. But what we have these people coming from what should of forts, ideas worldview, so they have, which haunted them into a very different different setup where they are not Christians cannot understand these people. I cannot actually get to know them and all orders for the questions would be would be good I think.

Also, this is most Americans who are very goal oriented in this country is often been committed. This you before characterized by three things visible results now. God bless America think that if you can just step aside from the visible results. Now things I will wait a bit. Maybe God is working here but he's here little more time and then seem to have short social media artists as I got his note.

I want this one a rock not only teach you patience and I want to do to study different way because never in much of a brush of a hurry as we so the same thing frustrates me enormous yeah you going to need to move it hits and it was personal. Cannot say something is going to push them in the direction of them thinking in the Conaway they need to think.

But that's very much contextual solid seizure. Your recent trip just in December so you want to Bulgaria but you also were in Israel. This is very different place is not that far apart. I'm looking at a map right now so I can help everybody understand this so you know, turkey and turkeys got a big head of turkey off to the left to the west and then you have instant bullet right above that is Bulgaria but Bulgaria's Romania and the Moldovan Ukraine in the near back up into the Russian area so it's it's close to Greece and just north west of Turkey. Okay that's Bulgaria and in Israel Odyssey down there by Jordan and Japan. Syria and that whole neck will itself tell us about going into Bulgaria as a Christian versus going into Israel very very different context, maybe saw what Israel and want to brag about family little bits on my son and torturing no one to granddaughters survey we been with them for a week in Bulgaria for back to Tel Aviv so we took older granddaughter she's four years old with us to the hotel to check in because Portugal was unpacking and so to have one child going into made it easier to as a headache so that we bought her name is Sophia associate Sophia and Tyler. We we chicken we were back in the street it's in the Florentine district attentively, which is a very hip gentrifying area and all of a sudden as she hug just a little going on the street and she speaking to improvement. Hebrew turns out this is Pentecost may from her kindergarten at their core gone so she's she's talking to talking up a storm or in Hebrew, and then she says to us. I'm sorry I had to speak in Hebrew because she doesn't understand English. So this kid, age fool totally fluent. Yeah that's in both English and Hebrew, and then I hear what is she do it this gone will something very important to they go to church every Saturday and she loves it when she do, she actually invites order kids like the fit of Pentecost when you sell the kids become to come to Sunday school, which is not well with social effects, what we want to do in terms of Jewish evangelism little kids don't care. You should just make perfect sense or here in Newark on Saturday. I'm in church on Sunday can come and hang out with me.

Yeah so cool with. Basically, they meet on Saturday cadets today will cruise a business on a sophisticated weekly everybody so so SS my granddaughter them in no mama tortured no hose holds a job and she's had some good discussion with her boss and I'm on my son. Likewise with his boss and they circulate their kind of in a missionary capacity or they do know they they acting as Christians. In the end that SATA but the both of them holds particular jobs, module terminals and design my son's in 19 and another thing my son does is a quite a few refugees, African countries, so once a week. He will help help from China gifted school leaving department. So it was here, opportunities may taking what's what's available using opportunities to to discuss when things happen. What's that was the spiritual climate like in Bulgaria very very different. Very, very difficult and it's it's on normal haunts on strong so we we spent and not with the former students. Are they missionaries in the center of the country and was telling us is what they're trying to do.

They were trying to going to church but essentially the people with agreed to go with them is to be Bulgarian people in the course and using the Bulgarian language that's really important thing you really need to. Most of the language and another mission related told us. Sadly, on some missionaries to Bulgaria never do that and I can understand that it may be honest with you. It took us about two weeks to most of the wood.

Thank you for the culture. Yeah, I bet you not to say thank you you like just as China get the syllables right it is so totally different to the way we will be doing this in a Bulgaria see in an Israel lease the majority of people in Israel are theistic people. They believe in the God of the Bible. Delgado test okay but in Bulgaria it's mostly atheistic yet yet this is undertow of the of the Orthodox show that sticks out in a way, what's happened is say they reverted back to the traditional traditional belief system.

So what I think is important.

With Bulgaria's side of the ancient history in a way is more important than the more recent history the court does.

Of communism.

944 to 1999 and we went on a walking tour which focused on communism. It was really interesting thought specs save more about their commitment that because there there there pre-Soviet there silly block this absolute nausea comes tumbling down what you have to understand is that there was a 500. When Bulgaria was under the text and it was a very oppressive situation other than Islamic memory. Next, they tended to 1870. All that our lock in a doctoring agreement today on this email showed his theology Thursday as it is every week with her some more about traveling internationally were missing Shelley are doing another theology.

Thursday is every week with her friend Southeastern Baptist and Dr. and Greenham is here is always a great cast and he if you're just tuning in any what's the deal at this time. Is anybody what in my book. Anybody with an accent picks up like 20 or 30 IQ points right out of the gate because it's just fascinating.

They would disagree with Dr. Greenham this is supervisor missions and Islamic studies. Southeastern and we can turn the corner just talk about traveling internationally, and how should we approach that is Christians and so you're mentioning off the air this fascinating had really thought about this but you go to on a trip to Israel. Whether you're going there for a pleasure you're going on kind of a Bible study tour.

Whatever it is it's really important to know and fastening the snow, the Jewish people are open all kinds of conversations you were talking about that that billing gate, so I know when I go to Israel. It's not to be offensive or or really uncomfortable for me to start. Okay, so what we think about Jesus to me about your Jewish faith, what you think about the New Testament. All I can that's okay you get in the yeah probably going to be a group you choose to be very strongly offended by that orthodoxy will go crazy and you disappear and you generally know the majority of people so just a conversation. I didn't really go anyway but the sort of area where we were discussing was. Truth is really important, and that was an important thing to agree on all you and so you know when you have a an agreement on that truth's importance will then it's not a big step from there to truth what we believe in intercourse why we believe what we believe it needs to be properly defended alike at their full log grew up in a test liability and it is not going to be true, so establishing the truth is important is really an important first step to a meaningful and his wife to Christian is that he does come to the church from time to time many as something there about about Israel versus my my son goes to this restrictive Lutheran Church shirts are even shown evangelical church.

The Jews for Jesus. God actually is a pasta while Avery Friday they have their doors open for about four hours because Israelis combine saying hey here's his church in Jaffa. It's obviously a church with a steeple and everything Truman architecture what's going on here while you guys hear what you believe that actually people coming to him asking questions that I have gospel opportunities. A recent all yeah that's incredible now you go to someplace like Bulgaria. Were you aware as well. In December, setting aside the language barrier is very atheistic.

There's some easier Orthodox. There selective approach of becoming a leader isn't a problem getting getting back to the the history associated really want these to be understood as the history of the Islamic Turkish Ottoman domination is very important.

So an example of this one place he would try have not signed and sent from the country. There is a Orthodox Church and you take steps down to get into it because potluck Seminole churches had to be below street level other words, this was part of the Ottoman oppression you Christians can't be on the same live in is us. You have to be below us and so I've actually brought this into the sermon I preached on Sunday.

Non-look, I'm talking to believers, but I suspect one or two people in the congregation weren't believers and so I was talking about Zion on six intercourse that he takes the burden on the shoulder and so patient. What burden do you happen on a wave at you Bulgarians have a burden on 500 Ottoman oppression so you Bulgarians will be able to identify with. Here's somebody who takes a burden on his shoulder, so I was on playing on that his yeah, absolutely.

Which goes back before the other companies. What worked with the missionary they told me which is no concern for some some folks from the states come in latest delay into communism and that kind cutting his people's backs out because people often more secure under communism. Everyone had a job and if you can keep your head down, you'd be okay and so to to to tackle the earlier history is actually a bit awaited far more effective. I don't want to be friendly to communism. One thing we learn from this. Walking to the claimant is walking to the God showed us a slab on the ground what happened. This used to be a more selenium to the first communist dictator. Bulgaria had off to World War II. They tried to blow the place up off the form of communism.

They fail turned out they were bunkers on the Neath nuclear resistant basically connecting older buildings question is so up in the air as to whether they'll excavate old act and open for tourism so that's an open question how a them what you told told us is that every day every year in my first of May. They had these huge processions and the senior leadership of the Communist Party would assemble on top of this building which nonnormal on 1 May 1986 there were no communist something, but lots of people in the streets and it was raining once it happens just three days before Chernobyl and so these guys knew the news back Council metabolic area and the people knew nothing about what happened in the nearby country.

They were part of suffering from this nuclear foreknowledge with the communist leaders. They kept themselves squeaky clean yeah oh yeah which is an example of absolute yeah so when we so when we travel internationally as Christians and in mention, this early in the shell that our mindset should be a I'm I'm taking a mission trip and then in the fall were taking a family vacation or going somewhere outside the country.

Number one is I and I know what we talked about this earlier. Our mindset should always be missionary you and to pray humming often when I'm having a discussion on locked would give me a give me an opening we connect to say something meaningful to say something with you. It isn't the full cost remains release point them in the ptarmigan, get them thinking in that direction. It is something meaningful in our concern and frequency but also my pray with them in office. Half a minute. Yeah, that amazing yeah yeah but we have to remember to pray, yeah, exactly.

That's good. I just have a nice shelving that was going to do that is right and it's driven out of the not only love for God, but a love for the lost ablated and often times listen and probably more guilty of this and that most people I'm not thinking like that to get my override and I bet a lot of great Uber conversations but override I'm on vacation. Whatever thing about me and my pleasure.

Not thinking about the lostness of the person), which shall rent so simpering about that in asking for opportunities. But what kind of his estimate some homework. It's an advance work we can do based on where were traveling to to be ready in a different Sean John finds limit of history and I think history is important because everyone everywhere is where they all because of what's happened in the polished and was a problem in America is a society of its rushing headlong into the future. Even things like not to live in this ancient is ancient history really don't even think about it around the but that's that's an American phenomenon because were so new around most parts the world because there's so much older history is ingrained at a much more important it really matters, and that is an and is that usually kind of a productive approach from a gospel perspective I think it's a good thing because it's that saying. I've actually taken the trouble to find out about you and your background history on him. Actually that interested two of two to find out and then of course I can fill you in. You could say what not done some reading but can you can you told me about more so than in a situation where there is some give-and-take you can teach me something and then hate to live it inside. What would you like me to share it in a bit if it if you listening and learning is going to make it more natural for you to write evidence on which I is already having a composition and then just in terms of presenting the gospel in a few minutes just in terms of presenting the gospel isn't necessarily going to be different.

One country to the next or one culture to the next. The gospel is the gospel doesn't change, but you you want to get people to the place with actually going to listen to it with understanding and I think it's good to have the basics of the gospel constantly in your head, which is that Jesus died on the cross for us and then rose again from the day that's good news, though essentially that's what you got to have their so the question is how can I start pushing the conversation a misdirection that maybe you and get to but it if you have got that thought into that person's head of the Lord might bring someone else who would then have more opportunity to to take the conversation further way that that that that reminder that one man plants he sent another man waters yet and another person harvest check and we should become a drop in those stones.

If you Weller and Jenny Appleseed to use an American context. Yeah, no matter where you go to look for those opportunities that you think we would all and I started with this them in a close with this so every American baller Jesus Christ. Would it do our souls and our faith in good get out of America is why, because you see things you never thought about before, and that's can revolutionize your thinking here as well and did that help you when you moved here. Absolutely every every time I go somewhere.

Then submit fact for me of a day goes by and I would learn something that's a bad day. That's a really good point. What what did you learn about America. What's different about America this from living here. Oh my goodness help us see our blind spots.

There is still a lot I could say about that.

I think you have indivisible results now thing you another thing that one to touch on is the much bigger subject frequently discuss it now, but this whole concept of friends.

Americans are very friendly super friendly morpheme. Even most people, but it's very shallow yeah where the other folks the beta much deeper friendships and note one big thing with preaching the gospel with people embodied into community, and you have to have a deep friendship for that, shall Americans always appreciates that will take when understanding of friendship is rather superficial. Well, I think we want the McDonald's version of evangelism in full and I'll give you a Bible track be nice to you on with you but got a go exactly center a time to say yeah I know that's about is your average three point gospel in the context of business here in America react friendly people were my wife always great to see you think you so much for bringing expertise in all the learning having to legal, that's great.

What a great conversation.

I have sighed to get out of the country context. There is a great way

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