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Renewal Project 101

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January 10, 2020 10:58 pm

Renewal Project 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 10, 2020 10:58 pm

Renewal Project 101

Today, Gary Miller of NC Renewal Project joins to give a brief overview into NC renewal project. Plus hear about the up and coming Pastor Gathering! To learn more about it check out -


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone whose life was noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree no sacred portrait 866-34-TRUTH or check them out Now here's your host. The normal way that my life goes from Texas I meet them in Israel.

Now I sitting in the studio and wait for his North Carolina Gary Miller went to North Carolina renewal project.

How are you doing right pretty funny. Here we are, will not is but funny about thought it would be when I'm on the road to find out that the Carolina Panthers still my foot for a while playing that everybody so they can feel your pain.

Not that I normally quote Bill Clinton but I will. I graduate Baylor University with history when out there. But I when I was at Baylor was on when four games in four years and I would finally get a winning coach simply appear in the Carolinas decide say we need him here yet a he can't be bought.

But he can be rented for seven yes I think that will usually get done as I got online around.

Anyway, it's great to have ears great to see you and that night stay.

You reconnect your welcome and you're in North Carolina for very important reason, but North Carolina isn't the only state that renewal project has worked and that's so we got kind of that story to tell kind of the American renal project work on a renewal project as well as your own background so give us just kind of that skinny real quick on the work on a renewal project and then for all of our North Carolina listeners.

This is a very important show a very important day to talk about politics from a biblical perspective and our role in all of that which you guys have heard me talk about ad nausea over the years but that's not a subject that we can let go so that star the American renewal project and then North Carolina, and I want to hear your story got it American a new project now has a just a heartbeat for reaching out to pastors and encouraging them to engage in the public square and our founder David Lane has a heart for that in more than that.

He is a love for pastors and my connection began in 2005 when Texas was up against a very challenging constitutional amendment. The need to be put in put on paper, so we would say marriage is between one man one woman that you and and and that launched and hundreds of pastors came out just with that challenge put in front of them and they got that amendment passed and but is so easy for folks to fall asleep at the wheel and and that happens if you don't stay vigilant and our founders put these kind of events out in at least 20 different states that I know about walked with him through those and the point is to just pastors and spouses come to a two day event.

They stay in a really nice hotel and get a good meal and they were treated like royalty and are blessed. And from that standpoint they don't have to put a dime out except the gas money to get there and he gives them a challenge from great spokespersons in the political arena as well as the historical arena and the biblical arena just to stand up and challenging to go back and do something like stand up Sundays that Jerry Falwell used to do work.

He would ask people or by registered to vote just end up got just and he would hand out right at voter registration cards. Everybody else he fill one out right there in front of them. They collect them.

Take five minutes, but he you know he knew that he had to keep vigilant in keeping his people mobilized and ready to vote as a unit registered all you're doing is screaming at the TV.

That's right. And so he understood that and so that's something that renewal project takes very seriously and in in 2015 about 10 years of Those events.

He came with a passion for the Issachar project, which is just go right to pastors and say would you pray about running for office and enter the political arena as County Commissioner as a school board member is the city Council per person. You're getting involved, and in just being salt and light right there in your own community and since since 2015. There been hundreds of pastors that have run for office are now engaged in the public square and so it's just something that is the handprints of God all over and were just proud to be part of a small part of it that we enjoy mobilizing pastors just to introduce them to the opportunities they have to protect religious liberty. Yeah, that's right. And and and being a good citizen of America's also been a good citizen of the kingdom. We absolutely Scripture it's just what you want to start Romans 13, or everyone ago in its loving your neighbor was loving the Lord first and loving your neighbor well and in a country where pretty much every law affects whole lot of your neighbors to not get involved is to not show any concern for your neighbor actually think personally. It's a sin not to vote in our context because you just don't care about your neighbors. Renal care was happening and you're not willing to take that step, but but I think oftentimes a lot of Christian struggle for all you know that the kind of that old notion that Christians should be involved in politics and there's some dirty about it. I go, what other spheres of life are liking yourself out of exactly because it's not comfortable. Sometimes like that because it affects our neighbors. How can we not be there and how can we not bring a biblical worldview into the voting booth because God's way is good for everybody, whether they like it or not, whether they agree with it or not it is good for all of mankind. So to me it's always been kind of a no-brainer, but that's not that's not the norm for a lot of rights. You know I've just tried to put it before pastors this way that this is an about endorsing a candidate have the Pope edition about putting a sign in your front yard. This is about protecting Christian citizenship and in oil producers. These are the twin towers were of religious liberty and Christian citizenship and there built on a firm foundation of a powerful prayer closet and a vigilant voting booth in any both Dobson and theirs were were told to exhorted to pray for those who are in authority in pastor. The church were when Obama was elected.

I handed out prayer cards and working right prayer cards to him until we were praying for him. Didn't get one filled out came back the next week and said look I wasn't kidding. This is best for you. I mean if you want John 316. You're going to have to go sit Timothy are similar to pray for those in authority over you, whether you both so I'm very passionate about the incident about the using office. It's about God who's in authority and somehow those guys are under his authority on track. We pray for you that's exactly right.

And then I governing that there was one time I was speaking about 60 or 70 Southern Baptist pastors South Georgia. Obama was still the president. I asked him how many of you pray for and except that his whole name. Just as I wanted to rile Barack Hussein Obama every day nobody. Okay let me lower the bar low to how many of you pray for Pres. Barack Hussein Obama once a week I got a couple hands it's okay let me lower the bar as far as my conscience will allow me to how many of you pray for Pres. Barack Hussein Obama once a month and I got up to six that was 6/60 in the night. Whenever I do this I look at my watch I go dead silent for 10 seconds, which is a nightmare and I say okay, in case you're wondering, in case you forgot that little feeling you have in your stomach. That's called conviction because I'm pretty sure you know that God commands us to pray for those in authority over us. You're not like God's blessings given your beauty and certificate up there with Jerry Miller from the North Carolina renewal project why North Carolina was going on here. We'll talk about that will not only wait and see and feel great to be with you today on this beautiful Friday some big dates and up, of course, we have a primary North Carolina on March 3. My good friend Dan Forrest is running for governor, and I am doing everything I can to support his candidacy and he is the right man for the job we need Cooper out. We need to enforce in now.

We need solid people. Men and women in office all over the place, but every once in a while God gives you an opportunity to get behind somebody that's not only a great politician and a great person but also loves the Lord and operates out of the biblical worldview and that's exactly what the enforce is doing but he does have a primary chat challengers not big deal, but you can ignore it right you ignore these things and they become problematic. So there's a primary on March 3 which we need to be involved when and if you haven't registered to vote yet for small repent. Shame on you, you know, I'm saying that because I love you I love God more. Some not afraid to come to get your business little bit of you can you can register and get registered to vote, but you have to do that by February 7 go to North Carolina State Board of elections that you just in see SBE okay Evan throw that out there for me on Facebook live.

If you would please I North Carolina State Board of elections in C and you can put in your information and you get registered that way. Sadly, these are self-professed Christians nationwide 50% of them are registered to vote, which means 50% of them are not. These are self-professed Christians in a presidential election like we have this year about 24, 25% vote, which means about 75% do not. An off year election, about 12% vote which means 88% do not.

In a primary election like were looking at him on March 3.

Only 5% of self-professed Christians bother to show up, which means 95% do not. That is quite plainly dereliction of duty.

It's a violation of neighbor love which is a violation of God, love, and I'm always been comfortable saying that's flat out a sin and you mentioned this Gary Miller share with us from North Carolina renewal project. Also, the American renewal project. They've been doing stuff all over the country but will talk about why he and his wife are here in North Carolina but but we have we have an obligation your talk about this before, the twin towers of our role here is is prayer and in voting that that's that's the minimum double level and for some people to run for office, whether pastor and opera to run for office, maybe to be an activist like I am in like you are, but how do you end up in this arena because you mentioned you are a pastor and and most pastors don't end up doing what you're doing.

A pastor for 40 years in this book, I became involved just started attending the renewal project events in Texas and my friendship with the founder of American renewal project. David Lane I just begin to listen and I was pastoring a church you taken us three years to get a building permit and we were fighting City Hall and all politics is local and the smaller the town the tougher the politics and I was in a meeting with the planning and zoning the end they just threw her plans off the table and said you'll never build a church or and I went next day to see the city manager who is a friend and my wife are very involved in the community. We pastor. We also served as volunteer firemen and and that's when I have to do and I don't assume a church but as you realizes against federal law you can you can't you know that you can't deny it did not possess discrimination behind this isn't personal.

You your your this is federal and and he worked out a way for us to get our building permit, but I better people and said I'm running for city Council said this should never happen in this town and within a year. The city councils. All members were church, the fire department was all member there ever churched and on and on it went.

You know your it was sowing seed salt and light if you will enter the community and it was a tremendous blessing to us as a church and and we began it be will influence things in the city that were wrong need to be corrected and then again, not just for the benefit of that church right for the benefit of Christians, but because every man and woman is made in the image of God. We care about everybody will people get overcharged water we fix.

That means that that's that's your ministry to the community.

There is a wrong and if you ignore them. They just get worse.

So that was my engagement in this political arena not I didn't become a political hack around for office two years served in and my wife and I lost a prayer ministry that we contact, talk less, pray more and and without Avenue. We traveled around the country and I we were invited to go to Israel with the close to 40 pastors and you were on the trip in Danforth was on the trip and got to know his personal testimony and I just begin to talk to guys on the deposit were pastors and knew the lay of the land of said is discussed real as I think he is and he's got a great Christian testimony, lovely wife and he loves North Carolina.

He's an architect he's not trying to make a career of this would I just thought a perhaps I can help you. And so the guys start invited us in prayer conferences herein.

While were here with the will may we can help get some of these pastor gatherings put together will we pray right for this these dates that you mentioned were need to get people registered as overly portraiture screaming at the TV on his right right I mean stop scream and register to vote as a contracting company here in town that I paid attention to them years ago and I own my house, many company and on the front of their shirts just had word whining in a red circle with the/3 out right so no whining and on the back it said you know a lot of wine anything about anything they are not willing to do something about what that's it and that's the deal.

We all sit around and yelling week. We watched Fox News listen to Rush Limbaugh we get our temperature up but when people want to engage me in a conversation about politics.

I go okay I'm happy to talk you about it.

Maybe right mask, a clarifying question. Are you registered to vote. Executive vote are you in the game well knobs frustrate are okay.

I'm knocking to talk to you about this. Please note, registered, and you get. There's no point. I briefly point is well with people.

That is the game that you cannot pray for these folks right. Whether you voted for Manon that's right you to be praying for a man and then you need to get other people registered for once you are start selling the story and getting everybody you know register to vote because that's I get that that's the foundation of our religious liberty and we need to be doing both well there's an event coming up next week here and I this is the first of many.

This can be some of these are to be around the state, but next Thursday, January 16 that's in Jamestown, which is close to High Point so it's kind at the Triad area, North Carolina, a pastor gathering at vertical church which is in Jamestown, North Carolina from 1030 to noon. That's Thursday, January 16 which is sponsored by the North Carolina renewal project and the website to get there is just Jamestown we have that link up on Facebook live right now so you can find about that way if your pastor or if you are a member of the church you go to a church and you want to get your pastor there. That's where you gotta start yet again to come out and pray and learn about primarily getting people registered to vote is that the main goal prayer and then engagement. Absolutely.

If you do both of those senior giving yourself some guidance.

When you go into the voting booth and most people know what the right thing to do is have they been sitting under Bible-based preaching and understand what right and wrong is and what life is and I know what murder is and every state could use a healthy dose of those kinds of people moving into the voting booth to make sure you're choosing the right people that have not, as we discussed earlier, not their values, but God's values and in now I'm on the radio, partially because I'm very cynical and some very cynical night and I've dealt with pastors for about 17 years now is an activist, but my assumption is that most pastors are uncomfortable with the political process, but I want to ask you as a pastor were coming up on a break some discus at the sample talk about the other side one are most pastors uncomfortable with politics and number two why number three what we do about it. Specifically what you guys can we do about it. Got a renewal project that this pastor gatherings next Thursday, January 16 10:30 AM to noon for you if your pastor for your pastor if you go to church. You need to get your pastor invited and get a variance of the Triad area, North Carolina Jamestown will be right back.

Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show here with a new friend but eternal friend, you're stuck with me. Gary absolutely very Millers here renewal project and he and his bride are up from Texas. What part of Texas you guys drive up here from Dallas Texas Dallas to the big D cowboys man. I am always a Cowboys fan.

Do you have a choice when you're asked that question I you know I haven't had the choice I've been a fan since I was 10 years old and you know me a for 60 years. I'm an addict you are at odds… Right now I'm not usually a big fan of addiction that when it comes on the Cowboys are called the lay on that one. I grew up a Cowboys fan I was born in Wesley Co., Texas way down south. I know that is in the valley.

My parents met at University of Texas so I may longhorn my cousin and aunt Sue, thank you for that. My cousin Vance is watching us right on Facebook live is an Aggie sisters Maggie parents are Aggies so we all used to live in Washington DC for a few years our lives overlapped. His father worked at the Pentagon and back in the day, the Longhorns would play the Aggies on Thanksgiving time to remember those days, which was supposed to be a lovely family day right is giving day. That's where I learned all kinds of new work to doctors that I love you and I know you're my cousin everything but you're obviously a heretic and Eric on the things I think the rich history there, but my father interestingly enough, was in Germany during the occupation finished officer candidate school right at the end the war was in Germany during the occupation came back when she ever see Texas on the G.I. Bill met my mom there and then he worked for LBJ while so he was in television. That's when he met and had lunch with the Billy Graham and got involved. The communications world and he was never on the side of the microphone like I am, but I just growing up around that and we were raised because my father was a member the greatest generation with it with a very healthy respect for the military for the nation for the blessings of our liberty.

It wasn't a drum that was beat often but but I think for the greatest generation that was just normal. Not so much anymore. Younger generation is difficult.

I think we write off the millennial's in the Jens he too easily. I don't know what you were like when you are 16 or 18 or 20, but I was an idiot and it took me all I was amazed how much my parents learned that absolutely might your 21st year of age and by the time I was 31. How did you guys go back to school or something because you pretty smart people but I don't want to write off the younger people because they're going to go to the same process that we've gone through, but I wanted to talk specifically Gary about pastors because you've been a pastor than you. You got involved with city government because you are having some problems with their city government.

He actually became a member of the city government and other people from your church that and I said before the break. My assumption is the most pastors struggle with politics they don't really want to go there so number one is that true and number two. Assuming it's true. Why is it true I believe they struggle with a couple different reasons.

I would like like to suggest one release from my denominational heritage for years. We've turned separation of church and state upside down and which somehow became under LBJ's influence a a pattern in our churches where you stay away from all that, and the so-called Johnson MMA Johnson movement was no friend of the pastors being involved in politics and Bob involved in politics. I mean simply preaching truth, encouraging people to vote and so long as her back away from that.

Even my father is a pastor godly man that was something he was.

He was just very adamant about your your never mentioned that in the pulpit. You don't ever you try to guide people in that direction in a twisted kind away without really understanding that it's the specter that law, not the actual law itself eaten.

I would imagine many of them thought were rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's were being good citizens by paying the law.

The law says were not supposed to talk about pot in there is that in in my dad needed immediate wound up over liquor by the drink campaigns you another one went. They couldn't win or you're not registered people even tell them to stay away from all this and now so we can stop gambling recycling to drink.

And you know it just seems like they confused self muzzling with turning the other cheek and and that's that's a dangerous thing to do and there's so slowly but surely I'm seeing a turn in that and I think guys are beginning to look at the culture wars that were involved in, and it doesn't take long to realize that is real I know that could sound okay to pass a that was the 90s but now were still in a course and if people rolled her eyes. If you want to talk about things like that. Like in Europe, some conspiracy theorist with the fact the matter is there's nothing wrong with preaching Biblical values right and praying for God to give you direction and voting biblical values and if you stay on that consistent pattern of you're not you, not crossing into dangerous groundwork we've all seen somebody that Billy Graham went through this.

He endorsed Nixon and it really hurt a space up in his face and so those things happen and that guys want to do that. It is a free country asked believe you have the freedom to do that, you're screwed up but for guys that are looking at that at that one guy's way of doing it is the only way I would just continue to encourage them that there's got to be a way that this fits your church and fit you and gets the job well, that's that that's why mention those numbers. Earlier Gary were talking to Gary Miller from North Carolina renewal project they're working with pastors around the state. They just got here, literally, and he and his wife moved up here from Texas there here hopefully through October November what the main election. We got a primary election coming up that we all need to be a part of. Here, North Carolina on March 3 need to register though. If you're not registered to vote.

You need to get that done by February 7. Just of the North Carolina State Board of Education website is just in C SBE… Just go you just Google how do I register to vote. Register to vote. North Carolina you'll get there to be the top choice and it's easy and you gotta get involved.

But as we look at that. The role of the pastor and the role of Christians I think. Also, pastors, some of them at another hearts.

You can take advantage of that specter of the law that so-called Johnson amendment to avoid having to deal with some of the blowback you really get because you can have some people in your Southern Baptist Church or Catholic Church. Your Assemblies of God church.

Whatever your nondenominational church.

Some people there on Sunday that usually vote left and their voting for pro-abortion candidates and stuff like that and if all the sudden your your speaking and preaching clearly on the issues from a biblical perspective you're gonna run into some trouble now you say not to talk about politics then you just avoided that which is convenient but pastors not called to be interested in convenience. You're called to be interested in true wish not to Safeway to go right you ear your yielding anytime you live your life and the fear of man rather than the fear of God. You think you're taking the safe path, but you end up being devoured by something that is like a little kitten in your stroking that you out of your comfort zone and then the more you stroke that it turns into a lion so you you just have to fear God and not for your man. And that's why the prayer dimension of this is not a panacea is not is not foolproof enough, prayed, and in not been given sure of course that Mark chose brightly. I mean, it's not a foolproof thing. But you know when I wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We we thought we knew something about prayer and to that the battle with chemo in cancer surgery and all of that took us down the road where what else we got left to me. We finally had to stop talking and start praying we just you know and that's why just dictate the type out a menu quit yelling at the TV in my car insurance mansard you can.

You gotta stop watching Glenn Beck depression on current Ontario reduction and so things like that pastors get into this helpless mode in prayer for us is become a way where we we realize that what looks huge to us shrinks in God's hands and place it in his hands. That's where Theo pastors need to be with this one next next Thursday. I mention this again appear in the Triad area, North Carolina, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown is right there in the mix of that next Thursday, January 16 from 10:30 AM to noon. This'll be the first pastor gathering this year here in North Carolina, specifically around the primaries and the general election as pastor Matt McCarthy there at vertical church in Jamestown, North Carolina, and it's right up the Eventbrite website okay see you just go to Jamestown or if you just go to the Eventbrite lookup Jamestown pastors. You can find it that way. But it's Jamestown This is reading right from the page.

This gathering is meant to encourage pastors to prepare their people to protect religious liberty and strengthen Christian citizenship by utilizing the prayer room and the voting booth as we fight for the soul of America and we are we are fighting for the soul financially were not about the unborn, which I cannot religious liberty were talking about the ability to speak freely in the public square about the things of God to bring our opinions into it and a lot of things that come out of the closet and the cultures try to push us in the closet. Scripture makes it perfectly clear. I used to be an Gary I don't know if you've ever struggle with this case to be very, very angry is very very angry at the left of his very very angry at homosexuals, transgender, whatever anything that was in opposition to the clear teaching of God's word in any way shape or form. In my anger was misplaced and so God dealt with me. We've done I've done a lot of things of Greg Laurie and Arthur Sagar. Yes, we did a big crusade here in Raleigh in 2007 because we were pretty active in activism. It was called action was organization name at the time we kind of built that crusade effort on the back of called action, which will we were all about politics. Then all of a sudden horses be all about evangelism and it was I gonna tell you it was harder to get Christians in your average church in the in the Raleigh area involved with evangelism that was to get them foam at the mouth about volatile and I looked at it at the time of the one part of that problem because I was the cheerleader I was paying all kinds of attention the political realm the culture worn these issues that are important, but I'd forgotten evangelism enter all that God change my heart is hasty applying guy walks up to him.

Street bumps in the name Adam, in my piety carry on like well course, not Lord, because when I apply to all poops yeah I'm mad at blind people will one enemy's namesake is right all the time is right all the time. Got it right all the time what we can do what were called to do voting all of that pastors, especially pastors listening in your church during the Triad area will talk about them.

Miller will be right back normal to see the show here today is Gary Miller from the North Carolina renewal project next Thursday in the Triad area and there to be doing these pastor got gathering from the states will continue to talk about it will be a regular part of what we're doing here on the show is where kind of the campaign that we started back in November internally here on the show is gonna bring it home. Instead of focusing on our impact around the nation be in on 13 different states to begin to whittle that down and really focus on North Carolina focus on our Jerusalem and our Judeo because I was on national radio.

I took myself out of a lot of ministries and things that were going on here not just locally in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area, but around the state and just really felt the Lord leaning on me about that. So were to decided to be a laser instead of a shotgun and so things like these pastor gatherings with our friends at the North Carolina renewal project is going to be a regular thing that really talk about focusing more on our backyard. I started as an activist in North Carolina. God really blessed that we were very effective and as I got more into radio. I thought surely somebody else will come up, and his other organizations as group North County values coalition, which is awesome Tammy Fitzgerald and John Rustin over at the North Carolina font family policy Council but kind of a gun slinging independent not speaking politically but independent from those organizations.

You probably know this when you have a radio show. We have a platform I'm not tied to an organization I like that so I'm a little more aggressive than many of them can be and in just a different part of the wall were away all the place on the wall going back to Nehemiah and that which by the way, I don't know we were talking a whole lot on the trip to Israel back in October but when we were walking along the city of David and Rob McCoy and and what was our you fall you've all are our Jewish guide that policy right there and that level there. And below that level that's Nehemiah's wall and I that's what got me into this ministry the first place was a pastor Mark Harris Charlotte Wright came up here to Raleigh preached of revival. I grew up Presbyterian revival sounded like a freak show to me.

I didn't want to go but our Southern Baptist pastor lean on me pretty good. And so I went and Mark Harris on that Saturday night preached about Nehemiah and in the wall and he preached that story very similar to yours. Something happened in Augustine Georgia and they decide he decided he let's let's pray about it but let's show up at some zoning meetings. He took 40 people to the first 180 people. The second one and 400 people that there and they want so we talked about Nehemiah realized that it's an emergency. An emergency requires immediate attention that he just talked about the Christians role in in the culture here in an politically and that's what got me going literally three weeks later showing up at a Raleigh city Council meeting with 350 people right and engaging in, and it was Nehemiah's wall.

So on that trip to be confronted with the actual wall was profound to say the least.

So thank you for all of your involvement in the trip that will was for me. I was on just to be with the guys from North Carolina and thing.

I appreciate the most about that proves the spirit of the guys together and we were from gusher forgot how many different denominational groups in Church of God and independent ambition, Southern Baptists in Westland and you know were lucky writing breakout to me. We kept laughing together and join each of the company. It was just it just a little slice of heaven. You, as you know she's can be different than perhaps we all think is good to be with you there but yeah great experience is amazing and and everybody concerned about the state of the nation and concerned about our particular state. In this case, North Carolina and end because we love the Lord and you love your neighbor as yourself. And so we should care what's happening to the culture which is largely through the political process, which is why you're here. What's going on to tell us, what the plan is what's what's North Carolina renewal project to be doing. We have the first pastor gathering next Thursday at 1030 in and out that's in Jamestown which is near High Point, the Triad area, North Carolina Jamestown what's the plan. Overall the plan arose were to have Rob McCoy come in and he's someone who was so Calvary Chapel pastor God speak Calvary Chapel and he's going to share with guys to get with the constitutional issues are from a pastors perspective and he was also Mayor of Thousand Oaks, California during two very difficult times when that shooting a little over a year ago exactly and in the fires that you broke out and I was at a wedding there back in April last year and saw the scars left on the hillsides and homes in and he God just planted him as a is a man of God in the midst of that and he had people on the Council. People in the city said never thought I would say this to you but a pastor is exactly what we needed as mayor of the city. In the midst of all the crisis so Rob will be sharing his testimony and then will have just a challenge of the pastors from another pastor, local pastor just say this is what I do you to register my people bowed and how incursion to pray for those who are in authority and that it be an hour and 1/2 will do another one on the 23rd in Raleigh and then a another one on the 30th in Charlotte and Raleigh will be to and one day excellent, and so will keep that word on the website out to every body and keep that workflow and use of been Eventbrite but can they find that information at the American renewal project electric absolutely. What's that address what's that upset website name. Is it just American renewal probably yes. Oh, that's so whether you're a pastor if your pastor unless you stumbled upon the show. I do I'll give you a few I'm not community. Else, if you stumble upon the show that was Providence. And you're listening to it today, because God speaking to you if you listen to the show regulated and I don't need to bug you about any of this stuff because you have been gone a long time ago if you didn't agree with whoever coming from. So you just need to find out when it's gonna be close to you so if you're in the Triad area. It's next Thursday, January 16 just go to Jamestown are we have it up on my Facebook page now seek and find the link that way. But if you're around the rest of the state, then it's coming to you as well, but if you're not a pastor, which most of you are not but you most likely have a pastor. One of the things that Pat REM asked pastor Gary's been with pastor for 40 years. Still pastor you never stop. Do you like it when members of your church get involved, get active in the community on whatever level and then they come to you and say hey pastor the church check this out I'm I'm involved here.

Do you like to see people in your church getting active listening. If up pastor for 40 years and only operate on my ideas. I've been a real truck and point the end and understand most pastors have to struggle to this is a good idea. Yours is is God's idea, but yeah I more than open to receive information I sent in for. And that's exactly right if their people listening that have a pastor that just a word of encouragement goes a long way to so we would pray for you and we would love to see you involved in something like this that's maybe all a guy needs to push them towards this direction, so give us your advice and some is not been a pastor for over 40 years. If there a lot of evening be afraid to talk to the pastor about this because politics they don't know what's gonna happen.

How should we approach prescribed do it and I say this to people every technique in every relationship. It's a triangular relationship before you say something to someone start talking to God first. At the apex of that and then God start speaking to them and so by the time you speak to them about it, you find out that God's already been delivering that mail before you do. If I have another piece of advice would be don't attack a pastor with this information appealed to him because an appeal softens the heart on it and attack hardens. It people get really intense about this kind of stuff and there's just no need to burn bridges with one another and I think that appeal is got goes along with the catalog next Wednesday I'll be sitting in my pastor's office to do the show who happens to also be the president of the Southern Baptist convention, so I think where's my pastor a church okay and JD and I are we been friends since 2006 and but we are iron sharpens iron so will will get together and have lunch in 30 minutes will be footloose and fancy free of is just fun. And then we'll get into some issue in its iron sharpening iron and it isn't necessarily fun right but we love each other we love the Lord more and so were willing to have some conversations that are uncomfortable, but he knows I'm doing it for those two reasons because I love him and I love the Lord and so with pastors that such a good word to appeal to them not attack them. I think I'm put on political issues. I think most of us, unfortunately, will probably start with somewhat of an attack or upset you gotta do something about this, but that really doesn't work it doesn't work and it's in.

This is a vicious in every relationship, whether it be a husband or wife, or whether it be people in the workforce that you're working with. When you in gauge God into your interface.

Your communication, you can know God's game plan and and if you get a problem with somebody you start praying about them and taking that you got got is a way of saying let me show you. You know some things in your life. The Mahayana clear up in order to have a career they are dealing with your pastor's back links you might want to deal at that plank. Stay out of your own eye, absolutely, so that the event that humility should always be there, but it's such a great reminder and I'm glad you said that I need to remember that myself before you have that conversation.

Whether it's your pastor talking about politics and just registering to vote and praying. That's all you're asking for a pastor. Let let's talk about and love to do whatever I can to help to really encourage our church to number one. Let's pray for those in authority over us is pretty ahead of the selections in the number two just to register not to tell underwear mega hat in the pulpit unit I say and who to pray for you. Gotta have that message right we don't want people to stop vote willy-nilly yellow based on God's word and I think one of the things I like to ask as if you're involved think you involved in politics, you don't tell me your city Council members or and is all politics is local. If you're not praying for those people who are making decisions that affect your people just very very close to home. You're not totally engaged in this process and so they'll be these ongoing pastor meetings his gatherings around the state.

God willing between now and really all the way through October.

That is right is that how you feel about North going so far all of North Carolina. I was here during the summer of 72 didn't want to come back then because it was the center. It was human there teaches us how to play soccer.

Coming from a text that it was thought that humidity just about for some parts of Heller heart of another that take your word for the word to give you a round about valid on regular Gary Miller from Paragon renewal project so great to see you so glad that you are in here and thanks for coming to our state. Everyone will be talking by Robin McCoy just texted me the pastor in California know you're just talking about redundant two minutes on schedule. In another type because ironically you is on.

This is the relatively double so God willing, we'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always use the same ever forward

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