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A Historic Week

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January 13, 2020 1:07 pm

A Historic Week

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 13, 2020 1:07 pm

A Historic Week

A Historic Week?? Hear all about it today! Impeachment, Trump's tweets, and more! Plus, a Money Monday Update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold. To learn more about America's Economy, check out -


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble our historic days friends to start dates to say the least, wildly historic and it's not that just because of the impeachment and finally Nancy Pelosi's gonna be sending over the art of treatment impeachment this week with the marshals and then you'll have the team for the president you have prosecutorial team and that'll be in the Senate and the Chief Justice United States Supreme Court will be the head over that and in this is only the third time in US history that this is happened so that's crazy that's going on in that that could start literally as soon as this week, even Thursday they could start Thursday and your to see something which is fascinating, which also don't see very often. And obviously in all 100 senators have to be there so Bernie Sanders has to be there. Okay Cory Booker have to be there but not doesn't matter because Cory Booker's out, which is kind of funny and Democrats are patrolling him because all sudden Kemal Harris is out and Cory Booker's out so all of a sudden your virtue, signaling is is a problem because the Democrat party has no front runners were people of color in reading from a daily wire story given the tech entrepreneur entry gang has yet to meet the polling threshold for Tuesday D&C debate.

It's with a full heart that I share this news. I made the decision to suspend my campaign for president Booker tilt told his supporters in an email on Monday.

So liberals have been going ballistic over the dominance of white people in 2020 race while conservatives have been trolling Democrats for claiming the party diversity while two old white males remain the front runners is in at ironic, just ironic.

Cory Booker announced his campaign is the quote to be president is over and it got me thinking about Democratic hypocrisy out of the top four Republican candidates in 2016, three were minorities. One black to Hispanic Democrat stop for all white. Not quite the diverse party they claim to be. I was Robbie Starbuck Cory Booker is dropped on the 2020 race. They claim the Republican Party is the party old white men. Yet they rejected every serious minority candidate thus far.

What happened to diversity being there straight tweeted a turning point USA founder Charlie Kirk so it's just since wild and I just got a brutal out there and Trump jumped on that.

But the bigger thing would trump this is really interesting.

Also, historic, and speaking of the US Supreme Court him to get to an interview that was taken that took place on Fox news back in December is December 17 and Ainsley Ehrhardt had a chance to interview Neil Gore said sprinkler justice and Neil corsets talked about some things from a constitutional perspective and an understanding of the separation of powers, which is why were in this problem right now with the with the impeachment trial because the separation of powers issue is normal. It's built into the system is the way the Constitution is supposed to work yet. It's been politicized so no longer do we worry about that Nancy Pelosi yourself said back in March of most year ago that she was against impeachment to remember that she was totally against impeachment in March which was smart Nancy was. Nancy was thinking clearly in March last year she said is this is way too serious when I can go down the impeachment road put the brakes on unless that we have clear and compelling evidence and its bipartisan and of course there's no clear and compelling evidence unless you call hearsay, clear and compelling is not even a crime has been committed back at the two articles of impeachment. Neither one of them is a crime and it wasn't part but wasn't bipartisan at all. As a matter fact it was 100% partisan so all that fell apart so Nancy Pelosi, not understanding. Not caring what the U.S. Constitution says obviously so Neil corsets addresses at him to play some things out of that in a story that he references that almost nobody knows. Do you know what's the last memo to the U.S. Constitution. I got past. You don't even know how many there are. Most people don't. Most people are clueless is 27 and the 27th amendment, which is about congressional pay raises not being able to go into place until after the next election.

Think about that for second, it should make perfect sense to you you you vote for yourself a 25% pay raise, but you actually doesn't go into play until after the next election so that we have a chance to react to you. Giving yourself a pay raise incredible idea right. Great idea. You know, and that was first proposed, 1791. You know when it was passed in the 90s like the 1990s.

So over 200 years it took and there was one guy, a student and eat at the University of Texas in Austin that got a C on paper and decided well I'm in a I don't want how can I get a C on this. This is ridiculous in this one college student which which should give hope to all of us that one person can still make a difference in this country. If you're tenacious enough. It's an incredible story so I got it the big epic to get the facts right.

Don't hold it against me as an PR. The bad grade, that change the U.S. Constitution. That's a great story someone up try to get through that today in the will have the money Monday update the last segment of the show but another historic thing going on right now is happening in Iran so not just did they admit to shooting down the Ukrainian airliner which was horrific and over hundred 70 people died there. That place is coming apart at the seams and they finally admitted to that because they painted the airliner with their radar equipment and then shot to ground air missiles at it and that's what took of a blowup by the way they block nearly airliner then and penetrate the airline cells but they blowup near the airliner. The airliner gets hit with shrapnel and that's what took it down. So I ran submitting that and then there been all have you seen these not the suit not the fake solo money celebration in morning of his death celebration meeting morning okay but but the anti-Iranian protesters who saw this picture I share this earlier today on Facebook were actually refused to walk on the US and Israeli flags and I ran so was doing that the Iranian leadership, the Ayatollah solo money when he was still alive hate death to Israel. The little Satan, the great Satan's America death of both of us and these Iranian protesters refused to walk on the flex stunning images and photos. This is from the daily wire stone stunning images and photos emerged on Sunday from the protests inside Iran showing demonstrators attacking images of former Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps cuts force commander solo money while also refusing to walk an American and is really flex. That place is coming unglued. The latest round of protests come after Iran admitted that shutdown the Ukrainian passenger plane last week BBC reporter Ali Homa. Donnie tweeted a video that showed student protesters refusing to walk on a giant American and Israeli flag that were painted on the ground writing quote at the height of the Iranian establishment anti-Americanism. Tae ran to Chante's university students refused.

Walking over the US and Israeli flag while participating in hashtag. I ran protests. They all grew up to hate the two countries but seems like the revolutionary ideology is fail. Which explains why in the mainstream media doesn't talk about this and I don't always like Trump's tweets, but I certainly like this one because even heat sent a tweet out there supporting all the Iranian protesters.

Then they did one in Farsi which is the main language there in Iran, which is become the most like most circulated most popular tweets in the history of Twitter in the Farsi language, which is the main language of the Islamic people there in the Middle East and that was from Pres. Trump, who I thought hates Muslims what that narrative is working very well bunch want to talk about will history in the making. Those of the days that were living in us telling my students.

Last week my school students in my civics and my ethics you guys are and they don't they kinda see it, but they can't see it because they love our perspective right because they're not older like us and just the fatty now I'm I'm totally against impeachment but it is historical and it took her four weeks. Nancy Pelosi finally can be transmitting the articles of impeachment, probably on Wednesday, the Senate might start the trial as early as Thursday and I got some information coming out later this week that I just found out about today which was blew me away about some of his involvement has a friend of the show. That's very well could be involved in the impeachment trial in the Senate just amazing. So all I'll share that with you since I can associate such a historic period and the impeachment trial, which will be the Senate, John Roberts, Chief Justice John Roberts will oversee that they're trying to work through what we can to do with additional witnesses that there are any in and that now I don't always like Mitch McConnell but he is smart. So he said the whole time. This diffuses all the other Democrats. He said a lesson were basically gonna run this the exact same format we did with President Clinton's impeachment trial. So what are you to say that all that's not good enough, will yet and it's in the dim Democrats ran the Senate of the time so that's gonna be fascinating. Will keep an eye that obviously historic days, whether you like it or not we agree with it or not. And of course what's going on in Iran, which is amazing. So we need to be praying for these other peaceful people that are in Iran. But all of them are, but there's a lot more there than most of us know their refusing and this was a story of just reading and there's some stunning images there of their refusing to walk on these flags of the American flag and Israeli flag which were painted on the ground and the students were refusing to walk on and on some people to walk on. They were booing up that's up not showing up on the media much not seen that much and this is one of the Iranian journal journalist tweeted this watch Iranian students refused to step on American in the flag of Israel. This should embarrass the Iranian regime and their propaganda funerals for solo money for people were told to chant death to America. Now people in Iran chanting death to Islamic Republic dictatorship and their being emboldened because Trump again. I'm I'm not a mega hat wearing guy is a lot about Donald Trump that I like the result of that is presidency and what the decisions he's made and what is administrations doing there's some things about the way he communicates and we treat people. Sometimes I'm uncomfortable with. As a Christian and there's other things that I'm like eight. Praise the Lord that the guys and they're doing a lot of things that he's doing right now. The fact that he took that action against solo money and the fact that he's tweeting like I mentioned before, the number one tweet in the header in the history of Twitter in Farsi, which is the main language that most Islamic people speak over there just just backing them up just backing them up and announce the most popular tweet history of Twitter in the Farsi language and it came from none other than Donald Trump is what he said the other day to the leaders of Iran do not kill your protesters thousands of Artie been killed or imprisoned by you in the world is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching now is get their attention and they know there's a new sheriff in town right so he can you can carry a big stick. Turner Internet back on Trump tweeted and let reporters roam free. Stop the killing of your great Iranian people. So there being emboldened and it was fascinating. I read part of the interview. Nancy Pelosi was on with Stephanopoulos yesterday and one of the Sunday programs and she's dancing all over the place because it is hate. If they at this Iranian regime topples is that a good thing and she's dancing around that I was having a conversation yesterday and this morning a sin.

Hey you know what the Trump derangement syndrome is real, almost entirely on the left, but it's sometimes on the right as well.

There are a lot of people and some you show up on my Facebook page that if I go negative on trumpet. All these are these are people that claim Christ mean to be Christians. I've no reason to doubt that they are but they they go after me. If I go negative on Trump about anything they go after me like I just said Jesus was a homosexual in a Muslim and and I mean it's crazy how some people defend the president even when you have a legitimate gripe with something is done or the way he treats people which is in all the time till Trump derangement syndrome is not just limited to the left.

It's almost exclusively there but not asked not 100% but anyway this stuff is going on in Iran is just amazing and praise the Lord for pay, so we need to be praying for the peaceful people in Iran and for and for the church in Iran, which is growing like crazy underground church in Iran is growing like crazy God. There been more. I just read the sedative and more Muslims attorn to Christ in the last 15 years and since Islam began in the last 15 years.

So God is doing amazing work in the Middle East and there and I ran we've got the church of Jesus Christ at the Latter Day Saints but the actual Church of Jesus Christ just exploding inside Iranian borders, plus the students and everybody there. We need to pray for them. So, as a matter fact, let's do that right now. Okay. Either they there's prayer requests all pray about it later. And we don't let such a do that right now.

Father God we just thank you for what you doing there in the Middle East and Iran and so many incredible stories of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ and how you're moving there. Lord, we thank you and praise you for that. We pray protection over your church there, and over the peaceful people in Iran, Lord, that just want some freedom and some liberty. We pray to protect them and we pray that you'll topple this evil regime. That's their Lord, I pray the people will have a chance to govern themselves.

But Lord, the only way they're going to be able to do that well is to have your ethic to have your word in your spirit, because it's just our way of life Lord our type of a democratic republic has not worked there. And that's because people don't have a Google worldview largely so we pray for your church in Iran. We pray for the peaceful protesters that you would protect them and just doing awesome work. There, we would see that evil regime fall is called in Christ name okay thanks you know this is crazy there and move on to them to get to the Neil Gore such interview on Fox five. The court selects former Obama admin lawyer left-wing blogger to oversee FBI surveillance reforms of the FISA court FISA court was lied to by the DOJ and and people in an FBI since another like, okay, yeah, we gotta get our act together so the foreign intelligence surveillance Court has done court watchers from boxes by selecting David Chris former Obama administration lawyer who's appeared on the Rachel Maddow show and written extensively in support of the FBI surveillance practices on the left-wing blog law.

Fair that's the guy they hired oversee the FBI's implementation of reforms in the wake of damning Department of Justice Inspector General report last year. What is in charge over there. This is insane. It's hard to imagine a worse person. The FISA court could've chosen outside of James. Call me into McCabe or Adam Schiff, David Nunez said that speaking a Fox News contributor Sarah Carter Nunez added it's ridiculous choice.

FBI lied to the F ISC and help make sure that doesn't happen again.

The FIs the F ISC chosen F VI apologists who denied and defended those lies. The FIC F ISC is setting its own credibility on fire. I mean, I think the gay need to do waive this court will see what Donald Trump does, but the secret court which is basically supposed to be that some level of protection between average US citizens and Department of Justice and the FBI specially is not. It was easily corrupted and now they've hired a corrupt guy to come in and quote unquote process. The reforms it's ridiculous so hopefully somebody in the Donald Trump administration to get involved with this is all under his authority in one way or another and it's just a week that the foxes killing the hens get in the hen house, so we hired another fox from outside to come in and redo that unbelievable.

Okay changing years are going on a lot of different roads change gears only come back some constitutional lessons from Neil Gore such as got a new book out if you can keep it, which is a quote what kind of Republican governments. We have a republic, if you can keep it Gore such as that it does a great job. This interview is taking us back to constitutional 101 issues which we can't talk about that know this country that is largely forgotten all about the Constitution.

How exposed the work will go there next to Steve Noble. Back okay so not very often you get a sitdown interview and get it. It was Ainsley Ehrhardt at Fox news a sitdown interview with a existing sprinkler justice, and she did just that in December with Neil Gore such so Neil Gore such is a great my great thinker originalist meaning the U.S. Constitution is to be interpreted based on what it was written how it was written. What was the original intent of the founding fathers in the U.S. Constitution. That's called in originalist or strict constructionist broad constructionist which is what all liberals tend to be is well you know it's an old document we need to look at that case law. Let's look at the what's going on around the rest of world. That's called a broad constructionist and so she absent some good questions here, and separation of powers which is been a big problem behind the impeachment process because separation of powers, the fighting that goes on between the legislative branch of Congress and the executive branch. The president is normal. Supposed to be that way. But when they disagree with the way the president doing his job. That's not an impeachable offense, but that's what the liberals and Democrats turn it into a politicized, so she was asking him up. First of all about separation of powers and the role the judicial branches. Neil Gore said she some great answers constitutional answers or which are worthy of replaying which line do well. One thing I want to talk about in the book writing about it talk about it for years is the importance of separation of powers and how keeps us free, and when it comes to the role of the judiciary. I believe the role is be faithful to the original meaning of the Constitution.

I told my law clerks. I have just two rules. Rule number one, don't make things up. Rule number two when you're in doubt when everybody is yelling at you, begging you to do this for threatening you do that refer back to rule number one. So that's the thinking of an originalist right. What does the Constitution say. And then we interpret the laws that are passed by the judicial branch or sometimes passed by the states that make their way up to the US Supreme Court. We interpret those in light of the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.

Okay, so she asked him about that okay will speak to us a little bit sprinkler justice course.

It's about originalist versus broad constructionist. Well, I think regionalism is is badly understood and it's kind of a misleading name are folks who disagree with that.

Sometimes call themselves, living constitutionalists will once again Constitution. I don't want to and during Constitution. The idea of ritualism is just simply the judges should follow the original meaning of the words on the page and either add things that are there nor take away things that are there and I worry that both of those things happen when we depart from the original meaning of the constitutional get a couple examples. The first time the Supreme Court United States really departed from the original meaning. The Constitution was perhaps the Dred Scott, when the court found a rightful white persons to own black persons as slaves in the territories of the United States scour the document as long as you want.

You will not find that right there.

They made it up or take the sixth amendment, which guarantees you a right to confront your accusers in any case against you for years, the Supreme Court United States said no were not enforced at right, except when we think it's really important. Ritualism says no to both of those things it says what I can add things were going not to take things away. The judges job is to be faithful to the Constitution at all times. Nothing more, nothing less would find a way out is the same rule that we should apply in the Christian world to you. You have to go based on what the Scripture says after taken in context, and its original intent. You can't read into it can take anything away, which is what Jesus talked about and can't add anything. Then she asked him a fascinating question about what you think James Madison would say about government today. Why think one thing he might tell us is to pay attention to the separation of powers. Madison originally thought we didn't need a Bill of Rights. He wrote the Bill of Rights, we sought to really keep us free is a separation of powers.

If you look around the world today.

I think he has a point, every country in the world has a great Bill of Rights these days. My personal favorite is North Korea's yes North Korea. Now this is Supreme Court Justice Neil Gore.

Such talking to Ainsley Ehrhardt Fox news back in December. It promises everything we have right to free speech right to privacy. My personal favorite, especially this time of year the right to relaxation. The fact of the matter is, those rights are worth the ink on the page and they're not because all powers accumulated in one man's hands.

What Madison do is people are not angels that we need to separate powers to keep us free, and I worry today when I read that only about 1/3 of Americans can name the three branches of government, and 10% of Americans apparently believes the truth is Scheinman serves on the United States Supreme Court that you know her as Judge Judy and I love Judge Judy, but she is not one of my colleagues in the truth is that all rights, including the separation of powers are only as good as the people want to keep them there.

Daniel Webster said that it took 6000 years for self-governing people to arrange our Constitution really was a miracle. And those things are kept by accident. There's no guarantee they will endure less people care about them and so he goes on, another question he brings up a name that most people do not know Gregory Watson and he talks about that was great story. It's a great story Gregory Watson the 27th amendment and he just leaves that there and he goes on so so he doesn't dive into it, but the 27th, a memo which I mentioned earlier and I talked about this one in my my classes that I teach the high schoolers is the most recent is 27 minutes is Constitution the 27th amendment essentially to break it down just means when Congress votes for itself a pay raise. It cannot go into effect until after the next election, which is brilliant so you can about yourself a pay raise.

Then you're going to face the voters an answer for that. Could you imagine if Congress today so were giving ourselves a 20% pay raise what would happen in the next election so a brilliant idea right so this guy a Gregory Watson when he was 19 got a C in a paper when he went University of Texas in Austin 25 years ago the 27th of memo and on the US Constitution was ratified nearly 2 centuries after it was written written proposed two centuries earlier. So you got this kit. Gregory Watson's 1980 to 19-year-old college sophomore taken a government class University, Texas, Austin for the class. He had to write a paper about a governmental process. So in the library and started pouring over books about the U.S. Constitution. One of his favorite topics. This is from NPR's story. I never forget this as long as I live. Watson says I pull out a book that has within it a chapter of amendments that Congress has sent to the state legislatures, but which, but with not enough state legislators approved in order to become part of the Constitution and this one just jump right out at me young ratified amendment read as follows no law burying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives shall take effect until an election of representatives shall have and intervene, meaning no pay raise until after the next election. You can propose it but you don't get it until you face us right brilliant. The amendment had been proposed almost 200 years earlier. In 1789. It was written by James Madison was intended to be one of the very first constitutional amendments right along with the Bill of Rights, but it didn't get a pass by enough states at the time the ratified amendment three quarters of state legislators needed to approve it and it turned out that the 200-year-old, propose a memo didn't have a deadline. What yes there's no deadline. Watson was intrigued decided to write a paper about the amendment and argue that it was still alive and could be ratified. He got a see which kind of took took them off and so we decided on it, get that thing ratified as a college student University, Texas, Austin needed a 38 state legislatures to approve the amendment nine states it already approved it mostly back in the 1790s so that men Watson needed 29 more states to ratify it. He wrote letters to members of Congress to see whether they know of any one in their home states who might be willing to push the amendment in the state legislatures. When he did get a response is generally negative but then a senator from Maine and William Cohen did get back to him: who later served as secretary defense under President Clinton passed the MM and on to someone back home who pass it on to someone else who introduced it in the main legislature in 1983 state lawmakers and legend and main past it so I'm taking my first success story disconnect should be done. Watson says feeling and boldly started writing to every state lawmaker. He thought might be willing to help you wrote dozens the letters. After a while it started to work. Colorado passed the minute 1984 and it got some momentum. Five states and 85, three, and 86, 87 and 88, seven states and's 1989 alone in 1992.

35 states and passed the amendment only three more to go. After 10 years of letter writing sweet talking and shaming Watson was within reach of his goal on May 5, 1992. Both Alabama and Missouri passed the amendment and on May 7 is Watson listen on the phone, the Michigan House of Representatives put it over the top. His quest was finally over more than 200 years after it was written the 27th amendment was finally ratified quote. I did treat myself to a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Watson recalls what so striking about this story is the sheer degree of difficulty of what Gregory Watson did amending the Constitution is by design incredibly hard to do. In fact, the 27th of memo to still the most recent memo to the Constitution. It turns out that one person really can make a difference.

I wanted it doesn't demonstrate that one extremely dedicated extremely vocal energetic person could push this through Watson says I think I demonstrated that kind of funny you Working on a bunch of the things like Mississippi had never ratified the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. So he pushed the state legislature to do that and it worked that ultimately when was this just a few years ago you tracked down his teacher when she found out everything that he had done and she was. She had, she wasn't UT anymore. She'd move but that she was able to work with the school and with Watson and finally on March 1. The teacher signed a form to officially change Watson's grade 35 years after Gregory Watson wrote his paper he finally got his seachange to N/A see the whole point you think your point, your workplace, you think you can't get it done.

You think the odds are two great are stacked against you will in many ways they are. But the reality is with tenacity can still happen like that and states of America is a great story. Very inspirational. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall only come back Monday Monday update their friend David Fisher is Steve Noble is the noble show great to be with you. By the way, if you want to join us here in the deal. You can jump in faith lives were beginning to transition said the purpose were beginning to transition the studio a little bit to make it a little more video friendly.

Hopefully will be able to change the whole backdrop and everything that we switch to a deathlike Mac desktop Mac microphone so it can be a little more you know you were like hanging out together so you can join us on Facebook like that during the commercial breaks we continue to talk I don't rob from Peter to pay Paul.

So what are the main topics are during the regular radio portion its comic extra content.

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Podcast available on pretty much all the major podcast platform stitcher iTunes what else what else is out spot if I and what's the iHeartRadio are on there so that is all kind of place podcast and check things in the past every Monday like last week we did a full show with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital than we do. Monday Monday updates in between. Just going to check in and what's going on around the world is usually some big things going on in the world of finance, certainly true today, but that welcome David Fisher back to the show and as we always do and her money on the updates Dave, thanks for calling and I was concerned, Scripture. This is a great passage that a lot of people hopefully will be aware of and something that's not easy have taught on this myself but the issue of contentment is difficult how everybody thinks: it I'm very, very good answer me on your program you are looking at 411 through 13 all writing this I am not saying this because I am in need for I've learned to be content whatever the circumstances, I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret to keep her there being content in any and every situation rather well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. And of course the next Scriptures. No part of her devotion. With the famous passage I can do all things through him who gives me strength. So Paul writing this I think you know the cold of Billy Graham which you said, if a person gets his attitude toward money Street. It will help them straighten out almost every other area in his life until sometime Steve we associate money or how much we have of that is a thermometer tour contentment you know and or health so you know her circumstances, and you know I think the key here is that all God is the provider he is Almighty all seen all-knowing in our role as stewardship, not just financially but stewardship of our bodies stewardship over time.

Stewardship of being a follower of Christ and how effective we are in healing to his spirit and be formed into the image, but you know Paul talks about you and worthy of a whole bunch would be monetary or blessings your friends you put hello things on that list. We have very little secret secret is it hitting the in baseball hitting the sweet spot in the bad is being content no matter what the circumstances are real events that surrendering to the Holy Spirit and the calling of God in our lives. And it's not anybody to get to the thought in their head that this is easy to twice in this passage Philippians 411 and 12. This is the super apostle Paul wrote a good chunk of the New Testament, specially how is he outside the Gospels. He said it not once but twice.

I have learned I have learned. Paul had to learn and Appel had to learn it that's that's a real key that's that's when I was struggling with contentment back in about 2010 or so and actually that was really struggling with said well the best way to learn about something is to teach it so I took several weeks to study contentment and finally was able to teach it and it's not easy but it's it's really to be satisfied with where the Lord has you know what he's doing in your life and remember that even though these things are important, your health, your finances, your friendships or relationships are all very important.

Most of the time their temporal there. The here and the now and yet understand what you have Artie guaranteed for you and purchased by the blood of Christ in the neck, and that can allow you to be content with whether you have a lot little which really gives us that peace that surpasses all understanding it all works together.

Which is why it's such an important passage.

Thanks so much.

As always, for bringing that up talking to David Fisher from landmark capital landmark. is art show China in the US signing this big phase 1 trade agreement this week.

I'm sure Trump will be tweeting off the hook about it at the same time, things are going on and I ran at the same time that the that the impeachment trial very well could happen in the Senate. Is this kind of smoke and mirrors, or is this actually something that's going to be real and substantive will do quite contentment move across the coming to a full blown trade agreement is a process of time, but the first phase is being signed on Wednesday between China. The vice presidents of both China and the United States.

This is going to the US chamber common commerce, said Steve this a go stop the bleeding of uncertainty and they been warning that there's going to be significant. More challenges that will come out in the future this Sunday. Sec. Stephen the new junior US Treasury Secretary spoke and said that China is going to still abide by their commitment. Even the translation says such that they're going to buy $40-$50 billion worth of US farm goods mostly that of soybeans and pork bellies on the flipside of that bill is Steve that both US and Chinese economies say that you were you trying to combine this amount of of product is going to yet to be told is a very challenging number two hip per year in the amount of products they buy more. The products become more expensive as the demand will raise the price and so the rubber meets the road will be by at higher prices and so that's the challenge. Working to see you will receive higher stock prices. As result of this, I think most Wall Street analysts are saying this is baked into the deals we've been talking about for 16 months. They've been talking about a phase 1 agreement for a month and shoulders. The market probably knocking move a whole bunch. It will move up in and of itself, but since it has been talked in this way, don't expect because of this only because of the market can make big movements yet. So again it's it's it's it's it's knocking to be as sensitive as everybody hopes it can be because this is going to take a while. This bridge is built overnight and we just have to write monitoring that you mention the stock markets would expect this year's gonna look like we touched on it briefly before but want to keep this conversation alive. Still, the stock market 2020 from your perspective, what you expect what I think one word to scribe driving it into words. Monetary policy and I think those are the major things you know corporate profits are usually the big thing, but 77% of CFOs say the stock market is overvalued and there are still putting on the record. Stock buyback shows being supported shares are being supported by that.

But the bigger thing that's supporting this is monetary policy showing a breakdown this year into three segments January pill for five months. For now, as the old saying. Steve says sell in May and go away why my saying that because the Fed is going to inject $100 billion of through the repo market of funds in their buying $60 billion a month in treasuries. This is the fastest pace in history. Cutie for more than one, two and three so if they stop at the end of April, May might be the time. You might want to sell and go away for little bit but then in the next segment. Five.

Six months which brings us to election time depending on what can happen there is any defendant if the Fed to restart QE program and five the best, been a member of the tree will fall on the side of the Fed will have to restart this program and in the last two months of the year is going to be depends on who gets elected for our 12th year of economic expansion. This is the first decade. This should tell us how overvalued the market is the first decade ever in the history of the stock market to finish without having a recession and it still expect 2020 investors to be another double-digit return like last year, single digits.

Last year, everything was good. You go through on the door that it is not my so much this year, so beware because monetary policy is being overblown. In fact, Kyle said in 2014 is just the person of the Fed. I am concerned about the Fed's balance sheet expanding and since then he started expanding the balance sheet. Yeah, we got to be a very senior say the least. What about that briefly. What's going on with gold and is that's the urine discount still out urine discount is still out there after caller company give and will last through the end of this week. A portion of the sales if your first time client is going to support back to the Steve Noble program some profits from that to them and central banks are buying aggressive the 2018 was the most thousand 19. Looks like it be that were in our first Walmart market/9 years to 10 years and they go to 650 to 750% and were at the beginning of the market to get involved in gold what's up people to get educational information which is really what it's all about.

How can they get a hold thing: for 79 80 880-284-4879 88 or is always landmark David, great to hear you sound like you do a little bit better so please alert stronger every day. Appreciate you calling and thanks to think you should you will talk again real soon.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, we'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for

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