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Atheism Doubles for Gen-Z

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January 14, 2020 2:51 pm

Atheism Doubles for Gen-Z

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 14, 2020 2:51 pm

Atheism Doubles for Gen-Z

Today,  Craziness on the Left and Atheism Doubles for Gen-Z! Plus a quick informational video from Ben Shapiro on  Intersectionality.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble so busy talking to my friends on Facebook live don't realize that I on the radio now, and I think I figure this stuff out after all these your grade to be with you. Thanks for being here some crazy things going on the left them in one thing that downright dangerous. I would like to think it's shocking, but it probably probably won't find it shocking. One of Bernie can't Sanders campaign staffers out there in Iowa and James O'Keefe and project Veritas got him on some undercover video crazy psycho stuff in and then there's this gentle side of me that wants to believe that that's the lone Wolf and Shirley Bernie Sanders doesn't have many people like that in his campaign staff and in his field offices. But he's got some and what this guy happened to say was just crazy. His name is Kyle Jurek's I'll get to that worn and Sanders abandon their truths got the debate tonight and I'm wondering once I share with you. If you haven't seen this video and if you have seen the video I shared a link earlier on Facebook and Outlook to go to it in your easily offended by bad language you don't watch that because the F bomb is in there about every 20 seconds or so. It's about a nine minute video so interesting to look at that support so there's a lot going on in the left and then the Democrat primary and I want to go through some of those numbers so talk about that little lesson today from Ben Shapiro on intersection.

Allie know most of you. You are probably. I don't know your probably my age-ish. I'm 53 I'll be 54 next month you been most likely you know the Lord even walk with the Lord for a while.

You're probably pretty conservative in your politics and your theology but you might not understand intersection analogy and intersection. Allie is a term that you probably heard your paying attention to mainstream media, and even even conservative meet epic media because of the big deal out there now in its operation as a intersection. Allie, for a lot of people can be a little confusing, but it is at play, and so on Prager University. Ben Shapiro did an excellent job for minutes though if you're on Facebook live, you'll see the video on the radio you just hear it and and did an excellent job of explaining intersection analogy and I think what you hear it. Don't really understand what it is and odds are good. Don't then you know you'll be like all and it's also you know, like when you buy a silver Ford fusion or whatever. Then all of a sudden you start seeing that Carl over the place right you been sensitized to it intersection Allie.

Once you understand it you realize it's at play all over the place so that's out. Coming off of a story about house Democrats are getting ready to send a letter to the folks up there in homeland security because they want to release all the transgender ice detainee, so will get in that and in the night, sad story about a gay conservative right wing college group leader who committed suicide over the weekend because he publicly opposed showed up to and publicly opposed one of the becoming quickly infamous drag queen story hour events for children and killed himself, and not that is a terribly sad story, but there's some things there that I think we need to grapple with the money to talk about so will do that today and then not before we get to the end of the show I'd like to share with you is that this is also kind of alarming but something that we need to talk about atheism doubles among Jen Cecil and her millennial's millennial's are pretty much 45 down to 21 Jens. He is 21 and under okay so if you're not sensitized all those types of things but atheism doubles among Jen Z and some other things there from Barna Barner story recently. Another study they did in some shocking things there to do some more on that particular story in the near future and open up the phones and I want to ask you guys and have you call in what he think this is happening a month stuck amongst our young people so will get there but a lot of things to talk about today as we move through the show tomorrow I will be on location pastor JD Greer the summit church here in Raleigh, North Carolina, who also happens to be the president of the Southern Baptist convention.

Full disclosure is also my pastor is a friend of mine and I were to get out a bunch of different roads tomorrow. He gave a recent sermon about the kind of things that were hills that we should die on enzyme inside the body of Christ, that we should die on things that are important but we should divide over and things that they're just kind of you say tomato I say tomato no big deal and in the midst of the political culture were in a lot of infighting inside evangelical circles and in as the president of the SBC seed inside the SBC as well will talk about the sanctity of life Sunday, which is this week. The March for life is coming up in Washington DC but this Sunday is the sanctity of life Sunday nationwide where hopefully your pastor and hopefully my pastor and hopefully churches around the country, especially the one you go to will actually be talking about the abortion issue, but once a year, and I always got a laugh at that and I asked pastors all say okay so if you lived in. If you lived and preached in Nazi Germany and let's say 1941. How often would you would you think that the sanctity of Jewish life.

Sunday one day a year in the midst of the Holocaust would be enough now over to talk about what happened to the Jews down the street middle Sunday of January been in the rest the year you make the moving when I talk about it much. See my point.

So that's a that's a challenge. All around the country this week. Sanctity of life Sunday being this coming Sunday, so let's start here and it will go to some polling numbers at a bunch of different things I want to share with you so worn and Sanders abandon truths that kinda had a truce as they been fighting it out here in when you look at the 2020 Democrat field.

Unbelievably, is this is just bizarre.

Although this does tell you something about the vast majority of Democrats that people like Sanders and worn and booted judge and Bloomberg is moving his way up and enter Yankelovich are in the bookers out that that some of those folks are so far to the left which I think is becoming the norm in the Democrat party that somebody like Joe Biden is very left himself looks pretty moderate and especially compared to Trump there like wow. Should we really come out with an avowed socialist moon that's something to consider. So you got Biden. This is the real group, real clear politics, which is averaging a bunch of different polling. This is just since the beginning of January. Okay so these are recent numbers Biden average 27% Sanders at 19 worn it 16 booted judges that 70s drop down a pointer to Bloomberg coming up.

He's now at 6.2 Andrew Yang at 3.6 on and so forth and so were to look at that were to look at what's going on with Warren and Sanders in this little feud there having but it's funny little line that Warren Sanders says in this article will lead us to the shocking revelations to project Veritas and the under cover video of one of his field organizers in Iowa who is a total psychopath dangerous person will wonder if it can come up tonight and the debate will be right back. My liberal craziness, not a shock except in this case I think it might be a shock so it took a dog and I was going to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who had been kind of a at least civil towards one another. Those are those gloves are coming off of her getting down to the final days okay. The Iowa caucus is Monday, February 3, New Hampshire is Tuesday, February 11. Nevada is 22 February South Carolina Democratic primary. February 29 and then you have super Tuesday, which is where Mike Bloomberg but did you know this. Bloomberg has spent I just looked it up. He's already spent $200 million $200 million is pulling at 6% became in just a couple weeks ago and started from zero case at 6% is buying his way he spending all his money on super Tuesday. Here's why Alabama Alaska Arkansas California Colorado Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia and yet all of those are Tuesday March the all of so the heat is on, and so the play nice with your neighbor thing is dying so Sanders and Warner going after each other. Now it's come out Sanders that several years ago. You know it said some sexist things. What a shock but then recently, there's this whole thing coming out that he had a conversation with her and said he doesn't thing a woman can win the White House. Sanders to warn a December 2018 meeting that he thought a woman can win the White House in 2020. Both sides of trading barbs in a nasty fight is all but smashed the nonaggression pact between the two progressive standardbearers that dates back over a year. So they're going at it and some interesting things here going back and forth with the big debate tonight which I don't have the stomach to watch Sanders seemed to downplay the news calling it a media blowup that wants conflict.

He stressed that Elizabeth Warren is very good friend of mine.

We have worked in the Senate for years.

We will continue to work together. We will debate the issues while emphasizing in Iowa on Sunday that no one is going to trash Elizabeth Warren, the independent senator also acknowledge that listen to this. We have hundreds of employees, Warren has hundreds of employees. Sometimes people say things that they shouldn't.

So I wonder how Bernie or if Bernie will even have to handle this tonight. This being Kyle Jurek saw far left campaign staffer this from the daily wire. This just came out this video just came out earlier today. Not that long ago for 2020 Democrat primary presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is an independent funny appeared to repeatedly advocate the use of extreme violence, and an undercover video that was released on Tuesday by James O'Keefe's project Veritas Sanders campaign, Iowa field organizer Kyle Jurek was busted making the following statements in a variety of settings, dominant to try to clean this up as I go, so as to not violate the FCC rules on reaching people that he deems to be fascist quote. The only thing that works doing a fascist understands violence showing what you can confront them as of violence on what happens if Trump is reelected and this is the F word okay blinking cities burn Trump is reelected on if Trump supporters should be reeducated.

Quote I mean, we gotta try so like Nazi Germany after the fall of the Nazi party. There was a blank ton of the populace that was blinking not to fight Germany had to spend billions of dollars reeducating their blinking people to not be Nazis like were probably going to have to do the same blinking thing here that's kind of what Bernie's whole blinking spent like saying hey free education for everybody because you're going to have to teach you not to be a blinking Nazi want to Bernie Sanders field organizers in Iowa. I thought they were nice folks up there. I soon the skies not from Iowa for all you island sake, I hope he isn't on Soviet gulags quote Bernie does have some consideration of the Soviet way of life. He agreed a lot of things that tasted to quote there's a reason Joseph Stalin had gulags right and actually gulags are a lot better than what the CIA's told us that they were like people were actually paid a living wage and gulags had cut conjugal visits and gulags gulags directly meant for like reeducation on quote what will happen if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination.

Notice, this is crazy. Quote if Bernie doesn't get the nomination or goes to a second round of the DNC convention, blinking Milwaukee will Bernie's using the F bomb a lot. It will start Milwaukee and then when they blend and then when they blinking and when the police push back on that other cities will just blinking explosions out. Be ready to be in Milwaukee for the DNC convention. That's all I got. I'm I'm going to say were going to make 1978 meets 1968 look like a convention. That's all I'm going to say were to make 1978.

Wrong again look like a blinking Girl Scout blinking cookout.

Remember what happened when the governor got blinking in Chicago in 1978 methanol. It was a McGovern. It was 1960 riots blinking people getting beaten by the cops. The cops are to be the ones that are getting blinking beaten in Milwaukee. They're going to call up the National Guard for that blank. I promise you that if Bernie doesn't if they blinking take Bernie from us will have nothing else left to lose. Now this is one of his top field agents in Iowa. I wanted to throw down I'm ready to throw down now. I don't want to wait and have to wait for the blinking DNC against the billionaire class. The blinking media pundits walk into that MSNBC studios dragged those blinking blinkers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets last one of them will move on this one a Bernie Sanders guy so this'll be shot.

I'll be shocked if one if somebody tonight. This Democrat debate is one of the moderators brings it up. I hope one of the other people.

I hope Elizabeth Warren brings up somebody's gotta bring this up and see how bit Bernie hit well you know we would all fall hundred pro bono portal really referred I will happen to those who oppose Sanders agenda.

Again, this is one of Bernie's guys.

Kyle Jurek in Iowa well I'll tell you what Cuba what are they due to reactionaries you want to fight against the revolution are going to die for, blinking, blinking thoughts on a Bernie Sanders top guys in Iowa but don't let that scary which really need to be afraid of is people like me who believe that life begins at conception that it's that it's that the sanctity of life should be protected from conception to the tomb that marriage is between a man and woman while her on that subject that heterosexuality is God's plan and that transgender-ism is a mental and emotional illness that needs treatment, not drugs, and a scalpel.

You need to be afraid of people like me now people like when a Bernie Sanders top agents okay, here's the story than when we come back working to get a little lesson from Ben Shapiro about intersection alley. But this is the story that will kick that off political observers in the year 2020. Know that for the Democratic Party and the broader political left like intersection alley often reigns supreme. For those still wondering what exactly intersection alley is daily wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro is produced helpful explanatory fitting on the topic which comes from Prager University. Okay, the reason this is coming up. There is on a player for you is this quote. House Democrats plan a call and a key immigration agency to release all transgender people who are currently being detained, arguing that the US has failed to follow guidelines to protect individuals who face more perilous conditions in detention than other migrants. Hill reported yesterday. The letter will be sent to acting department, Homeland security Sec. Chad Wolf and act immigration and customs enforcement director Matthew Albans per the hill. The letter reads in relevant part, we right to demand the release of all transgender people currently detained by immigration and customs enforcement transgender migrants and asylum-seekers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment, solitary confinement, physical assault and medical neglect. These inhumane conditions and systematic abuses are evidenced in countless reports and accounts by formally detained people according to the outlet. The letter cites research from left-wing organizations such as the human rights campaign, Amnesty International and the Center for American progress, in order to argue that quote due to their gender identity. Transgender migrants are more likely to face the pervasive use of solitary confinement self let all the illegal people out who are transgender. That's part of intersection alley which will get a lesson from Ben Shapiro undoubtedly come back after the break.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show. Never a dull moment. 21st century America sure praise the Lord God is still on the throne will be a welcome back. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show classes is there is back in session and is ready to learn a little bit about intersection alley from Ben Shapiro. It's a great video, but that's a fun radio you just hear the audio which is great, but if you're on Facebook live is going to join us here in the studio. Just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook and you we will watch the stop right here on Facebook live so you got different things going on during the commercial breaks we continue to converse by the way, I don't rob from Peter to pay Paul. We have a separate, sidebar conversation here on Facebook live, but it is another 15 minutes of our conversation you and I during the hour during the 4:56 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday so that's just available on Facebook life seeking to join us there if you want to hear that be a part of that conversation Steve Noble show is just the name of the page on Facebook live. By the way, Bloomberg's, wildcard in all of this and the will move on back to the intersection alley thing is I mentioned this before, is already spent $200 million in his own campaign is pouring most of that money in the super Tuesday states is a ton of them.

He's got a thousand staffers already and he said that he is willing to spend up to $1 billion to defeat Trump we looked it up is worth 58 billion, come on dude, you're not willing to get part of a 10% of your net worth" save the country, but really not. But one billions a lot of money and that can make a big difference. That's the end that'll be the entire cost that Trump if he spends it that much I be surprised, but it'll be upwards of 700 800 million in boomers can put the Senso if he doesn't win the Democratic primary, which I don't think he will.

He still going to have 600 million or so spread around. How does that is can it be through pack and some other things but don't think that's insignificant. It's not nothing.

So were to be paying attention. The solo so okay here you Ben Shapiro can help us all understand intersection alley, which once you understand this, you can see it all over the place, because this is that play all over America and around the world, especially in the culture war arena which we talk about a lot here on the show but this is Ben Shapiro trying help us understand intersection alley. So take good notes. You probably think your opinions matter. You probably think you're an individual with unique experiences, thoughts and ambitions.

Well I hate to break it to you.

According to current leftist orthodoxy wrong.

You see your opinion only matters relative to your identity and where that identity ranks in the hierarchy of intersection alley. If you're not thinking what the hell are you talking about haven't spent much time in modern college campus intersection alley is a form of identity politics in which the value of your opinion depends on how many victim groups you belong to at the bottom of the totable is the person everybody loves to hate the straight white male and who's at the top. Well, it's very hard to say because new groups claim victim status all the time.

No one can keep track so how does this intersection alley thing play out something like this. Let's say you're a gay white woman. Your opinion matters less than that of the gay black woman. Why, because while all women are oppressed by the patriarchy and all games are oppressed by the heterosexual majority black seven victim status that whites obviously don't. Of course I gave black woman's victim status is less than that of the black transloading ranks below a black Muslim trans woman, and so on. The more memberships you can claim in oppressed groups more grid you are, the higher you rank get it good because it's about to get even more complicated intersection alley takes your victim status and uses it as the basis for creating alliances with other victim groups 30 or 40 years ago. Activists encourage racial solidarity among Blacks to combat oppression.

But today that's not enough, today's activists demand. Blacks make common cause with other allegedly oppressed people, gays, lesbians, transgender's Palestinians Native Americans whomever here's logic, a black gay and Hispanic gain may not belong to the same victim group racially, but they do belong to the same victim group on the basis of their sexuality by focusing on the places where various victim identities intersect intersection alley creates a united us versus them paradigm righteous victims rising up together to fight the oppressor.

Those dreaded straight white men. This explains why at a rally protesting the treatment of Palestinians by Israel makes a contingent of lesbian activist that's intersection alley at work.

Okay were listening to Ben Shapiro explained he did this for Prager University.

Explain what is intersection alley and the more in tune with this you get, the more you're going understand it's all over the place okay and if you're straight white male like me, you're the number one enemy or enemy number one episodes. This is happening all over the place part of its normal part of the progressive left very normal on college campuses and you're probably gonna see some of it in here.

Some of it.

If you have children or grandchildren that are pretty much.

But let's say between 15 and 35 urine hear this a lot in their opinions in this intersection alley their soul united by their victim status. It doesn't matter if Islam is throw gays off the buildings were murder female family members by the father's wishes. Victim solidarity trumps all other considerations. The term intersection alley was coined by Kimberly Crenshaw, a professor of law at Columbia University. She explains that intersection alley was my attempt to make feminism antiracist activism and antidiscrimination law do what I thought they should highlight the multiple avenues through which racial and gender oppression were experienced to Crenshaw America is a terrible place full of victim groups, each with their particular set of grievances. Why shouldn't these victim groups get together and form a political coalition unified by the belief that the majority society has harmed them at some professor tucked away in an ivory tower would come up with this nonsense is not surprising. What is surprising and disturbing is that so many people actually go along with it. America is the most open, least racist nation on the planet that Prof. Crenshaw is free to spend her nonsensical theories and get paid well for it should offer adequate proof of that, and since when do you have to live someone's experience in order to understand you have to live as a slave in order to understand slavery is cruel and wrong. You don't have to live as a woman in order to recognize the evil right. Finally and most important intersection alley promotes the biggest hoax of all that we aren't individuals are to be judged on the basis of how we act, but are merely members of groups to be judged on the basis of our group identity.

In other words, you and I as individuals with our unique experiences, thoughts and ambitions count for nothing.

I racial and sexual identity count for everything.

It's hard to imagine an idea less likely to produce a free and equal America than that. What I know. I just straight white male I Ben Shapiro for Prager University.

Okay, so hopefully that sensitizes you to this reality that's going on out there, so it's the group that you belong to the minority group you want to. And the more minority groups you belong to the more your opinion rises to the top of the pile. So now we don't we don't pretty much judge what you have to say. Based on the content which actually sounds kind of familiar since were coming up on MLK day working to judge you by not by the color of your skin although that's an issue, certainly not by the content of your character really judge you by how many minority groups you happen to align with. So if you're Muslim woman transgender then that's three groups. There okay Muslim woman, transgender. That's three groups so all the sudden your opinion rises to the top and we can't say anything to you, especially me as a white male because I don't understand. So the fact that I'm a Christian and operate. Hopefully, by the power the Holy Spirit and that I care about you regardless of what group you belong to, but if you're oppressed I do especially care about you.

That's the heart of the gospel. That's the heart of God for the oppressed and marginalized the outsider. For those people that are treated without the dignity that they deserve simply because they're made in the image of God which starts first. Of course, in the will. But intersection alley now. That's why there's so offended when a white male says anything about any group other than white males because you're not down with the struggle you don't understand, and unlocking the claim to understand what it's like to be a minority. I don't know what it's like to be a Nordic minority based my skin color. I do a little bit based on my hair color which is red and I certainly do in the American context. Now I'm getting more educated on it when it comes to being a born-again biblical theological worldview person born-again Christian with a biblical worldview were about 9% of the nation which is less than the African-American population. By the way, which is about 11 or 12% but intersection alley.

It's all about what group you belong to. Which leads me to the story, which is really sad so this guy started off okay because he's gay is why he's gay. So okay so he's in a minority group there.

However, is a gay conservative all. So all of a sudden this conservative political ideology trumps his sexual identity and the fact that he opposed the drag queen story hour. His name is was Wilson Gavin's over the week and a gay conservative and right wing college group leader reportedly took his own life after receiving abuse online for publicly opposing drag queen story hour 21-year-old Wilson Gavin led a group of 15 to 20 protesters from the University of Queensland liberal national club which is right wing to protest the drag queen story hour event being held. This was all in Australia, Gavin, and fellow right-wingers chanted the drag queens are not for kids and voiced opposition to the indoctrinate the indoctrination indoctrination of children via radical gender theories.

The outlet noted the videos went viral online and Gavin became a target for abuse receiving savage criticism and abuse from those purporting to represent the LGBT community and others on social media so doesn't matter what he was saying.

He came against minority groups in the fact that he is a member of the mighty minority group. A gay man in white meat. All right, you're gay, that's good helps you in the minority status intersection alley, but you white that doesn't help you as much and now you're conservative that he races everything so it's it's just brutal and here's some things that were set on Twitter about this guy is. He showed up his conservative gay white male Australia killed himself of the week. I want to feel sorry for people who cannot find the truth, but the harm they cause mitigates this is her tweets, self-hatred, self-loathing comes at a very high price take this come in as you will absolutely no sympathy into the life of chosen self-hate and misery. How this is just horrible.

It's really hard to feel sorry for people like this.

I don't sad for anyone who commits suicide. However in this case is an ability to accept himself spread hate speech and elegance marriage for our equality could have been damaging for so many Aussie couples. I find it hard to sympathize with my monist business was to be a sadder uplifting story. I'm really sorry am I supposed to be set back to normal.

The noble show and said kind of sad to see what's going on around the world, but for us as gospel people again and I talk about politics a lot I don't talk about it all the time and I because I want to do that to myself. I will do that to you. Politics is important in the gospel's preeminent and when we focus too much on politics, which is important to not think it is important if you listen to the show for any period of time. You know that I'm dealing with a balance here. It's important this is.

And these are important issues, but from a gospel perspective. Perspective people individuals main image of God are more important than the politics they espouse the rallies that they attend the things that they say this crazy messed up wicked guy Kyle Jurek who works for Bernie Sanders needs the Lord. Please Lord, get the Kyle Jurek. Somehow, someway so we can see the truth and understand love and care about other people even when they disagree with them. In Jesus name, amen. That that's the gospel call of Christians. Yes, I get exercised about these issues and and I struggle myself with being disgusted by things in the night and then I turned that discuss and I focus that the individual which is wrong. That's an individual made in the image of God with inestimable worth that Jesus died on the cross were just as much as it did for me or you black, white, yellow, rich, poor, whatever. And so that that preoccupation with things that are not eternal, very important, but they're not eternal. So I think our priorities can really get messed up. Perhaps that's why in this particular article, this is Steve noble by the way, welcome back to the show.

Atheism doubles among Jen Z again Jens.

He is 21 and under a born between 1999 in just a few years ago 2015 so really all these numbers are for the most part, teenagers and college students came in here Jen Z the ones they're pulling the ones that are talking to kids are old enough to do it. Apartment 18 to 21. Basically, seniors in high school to college 18 to 21-year-olds are the majority of these people that are answering these pulling or around the nation in these studies, and sometimes probably as young as 16, but near not talking to tenant. They're not talking to 10-year-olds about the stuff okay so Jen Z born between 1999, 2015 only teens 13 to 18 are included in this particular study.

Okay, this is Barna research.

They talked of 13 to 18-year-old number to share these numbers with you, which are disheartening and should be alarming to all of us millennial's are born between 1984, 1998. So there you know, 45, 46, at the oldest of 22 to 46. Jen ask 6583. That's me. Many of your boomers 1946 to 1964 elders were born before 1946 and sadly not a lot of you left but we praise the Lord for you and respect you and honor you as we should. Atheism doubles among generation Z Jen Z born between 99 and 2015.

They are the first truly post-Christian generation in America more than any other generation before them. Jen Z does not assert a religious identity.

The percentage of Jen Z that identifies as atheists is double that of the US adult population. The percentage of teens member.

This is 13 to 18 who identify as such. Atheist double that like they set 13% 1318-year-olds identify as atheist versus 6% of all adults, so there double 13% of kids between the ages of 13 and 18 America. According to this polling are atheists. The proportion that identifies as Christian likewise drops from generation to generation three out of four boomers are Protestant or Catholic Christian 75% while just three and five, 13 to 18-year-old say there's some kind of Christians, 59%. The big drop day, there's some other things.

So what has led to this precipitous falling off. Barna asked non-Christians of all ages about their biggest barriers to faith, Jen Z.

Nonbelievers have much in common with their older counterparts. In this regard, but a few differences stand out this age-based by the way, and you have to hear Solomon out there saying there's nothing new under the sun friends is her normal things. This has not changed, which we should take some comfort. It that the barriers to faith have not changed is the same all conversations, all conversations happening with new people solicitous and this is where apologetics and being prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have is very important because it 123456 or seven things basically seven things that make up the vast majority of barriers to faith that's setting aside the work of the Holy Spirit. Okay. John 644.

Nobody comes the sun less father draws so you got. There's that, but from a human perspective from a non-God providential perspective just individuals and what they think number one this is been number one for years I've a hard time believing that a good God would allow so much evil or suffering in the world. That's the problem of evil. That's 2029% of Jen Z say Yep that's my problem, and a 30% of millennial's say Yep that's my biggest problem is number two.

Christians are hypocrites, which is fascinating to me. Christians are hypocrites. 23 percentage ends. He said that's one of my biggest barriers to faith 31% of millennial say that's my biggest. If it is that Christians are hypocrites, how they know that your hypocrite when a base that on.

Isn't it interesting here in America, people have a Judeo-Christian ethic. They don't even know that they don't know they have it for the most part, they certainly don't know where it came from.

So when they say Christians are hypocrites. They know that to be a Christian places you should place you in a higher moral plane. We treat people the things you say what you do your own sin, adultery, pornography, greed, lack of generosity SO you say your Christian the whole culture says oh you're supposed to be more moral is not interesting as Paul said God wrote the law on people's hearts they know there's no atheist no such thing as an atheist Romans chapter 1 they'll know it's always been fascinating to me. Persons are hypocrites. Why do you say that because they know that with your Christianity comes a high moral standard. How do they know that they never been to church or they only been to church a few times how do they know that because God wrote the law on their hearts Romans.

I think chapter 8, maybe 10, number three, I believe science refutes too much. The Bible 20% weight lower K 20% of Jen Z and 24% of millennial's, I believe science refutes too much. The Bible, to which I would say overly how so you got ask another question and stay in the conversation then most people go will see my point is, no, I don't believe in fairytales.

So what you're saying is that I do you think that 95% of the people on the planet believe in fairytales and you're smarter than 95% of the people on the planet because 95% of people on the planet are not atheists. They believe there's something rather than nothing.

So they'll just delusional idiots and you're actually in the top 5% most people that point go will not will know I'm not saying that whatever you say is just a way to dismiss it okay member.

There's a spiritual side of this is another one. There are too many injustices in the history of Christianity. Okay this is where you need to know your history okay all there's been so much of widespread mayhem and death and murder and war in the name of God in the name of Christianity really a name on the Crusades. Okay that was terrible. That was Muslims killing Christians and Christians killing Muslims that was terrible, but you know it was about 400,000 people that died you know how many people died in the 20th century alone. Between 1919 99 December 31 at 11:59 PM to nominate died at the hands of atheistic regimes north of 110 million so we got the Crusades okay I'll give you that three 40,000 half a million terrible and then what else Salem witch trials okay you little that Spanish Inquisition.

Okay, that while she got laid off Hitler was a Christian. I know that's ridiculous. What else that's it. Okay so were at about maybe 600,000 tops versus North 110 million and you want to say that Christianity is been has resulted in the death of millions of know it hasn't lack of Christianity is what kills people.

I used to go to church but it's just not important to me anymore and follow-up with that, but that's only 12% of Jen Z, and 11% of millennial's in the class.

When I had a bad experience at church or with a Christian. This is actually low, only 6% of Jen Z say this is the barrier to faith for me that a bad experience at church 6% millennial same thing that a bad experience at a church or with the Christian, so very few people actually use that one. But you know what these are the same issues that I'm going on for I know 2000 years. So hey guys, a friend, you really don't have to prepare for all that much about seven things there number one of which is the problem of evil God is all good and all-powerful, why do terrible things happen. Either is not all-powerful, which means not of God is not good. Which means is just a monster from of evil, the number one thing on the planet will actually as people struggle is not science and increasingly elusive truth.

Since this is also part of our world now people just don't believe in ultimate truth more than one third of Jen Z 37% believes it's not possible to know for sure if God is real, compared to 32% of old all adults know when people asked me hasty. Can you prove that God is realizing, no, I can't prove it. I can make a really good case, but I can't. I can't give you ironclad proof at some point you have to have faith but I can make a really convincing case and I think the case for God is all a lot stronger than the case against their lack of confidence is on pace with the broader culture's all-out embrace of relativism. More than half of all Americans. Both teens 50% in adults, 62% agree with the statement. Many religions can lead to eternal life is no one true religion is a sense among Jen Z that what's true for someone else may not be true for me tomorrow. Relativism, by the way they're much less apt than older adults, especially boomers, to agree that a person can be wrong about something that they sincerely believe it for considerable minority permanent minority teen sincerely believing something makes it true that many religions can lead to eternal life really how do you explain that since they all contradict one another. They'll be true know that's a logical fallacy, they can all be true but you got to be what I understand what the questions are and it's pretty easy really to get prepared good answers sides of the Bible are in conflict. Independent complementary that's out there perception to church among churchgoing teens. A lot of good, some bad.

The church seems to reject much of what science tells about the world talk about it often enough the church so productive and overprotective of teenagers maybe feel a church or hypocritical. Join the club. We all are. Anyway is a lot going on there it is in doubles among Jen, please don't hide from these young people engage them have a relationship with have conversation tomorrow will be a JD Greer in his office. He is the president of Southern Baptist convention and the lead pastor, founding pastor at Summit church in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the nobleness the noble show, God willing

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