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An Educational WIN!

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January 21, 2020 2:52 pm

An Educational WIN!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 21, 2020 2:52 pm

An Educational WIN!

Today hear a great educational story and WIN! Live from Oak City Academy in Garner, NC. Joined by Danny Breed, CEO and Headmaster of Oak City Academy, and his lovely wife and  Admissions Director, Kari Breed.

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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now six 866-34-TRUTH, or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble. There are not that that stories in our country and that's why like the noble family that would be my family for 16 years in a row.

We did homeschooling because we were not going the public school system.

We thought that the regular kind of traditional private school private Christian school thing didn't work for us, and sometimes I was because a budget and sometimes I was just what's wanting to have a little bit more control of our schedule but we been very open to different ways of doing education in one of the things I've always heard of, but I didn't know much about with Montessori school so but dear Montessori okay when the world is that in the private schools did you know here in North Carolina.

Like for example right now in North Carolina there are more kids in homeschooling, for example, than there are in private schools but private schools continue to grow and were looking for options as parents, and even for some of you as grandparents how we can educate our kids in a world that is increasingly hostile towards a Christian worldview and not just we want our kids to understand the Christian worldview. We want them to be well educated as well so that when they get out of school they can make a dent in this culture by by using their education for things that I will glorify God and have an impact on the world around us and so seven I think of six or seven maybe eight years ago I met Danny Bree Danny carried reader here at Oak city Academy were in Garner, North Carolina which is just south of Raleigh and I met Danny and then a friend of mine Bob Touchton got a hold of me several months ago and today would you consider talking to this school got students also work at the school called Oak city Academy and a mic that sounds familiar to me and then I figured it out that hey, wait a second I did radio with Danny like seven years rail run. Danny was in his early 20s and Nicholas and see how much is grown, it's really exciting for the beers on here with Danny and Carrie grade where the founders book city Academy to Oak city by the way, good to see you guys how are you and how weird is this unlike any I just invaded your territory is moving where everything is nice and calm.

Everybody's happy's incredible young people here that are well mannered and then Steve now when I yeah so the not part of the plan that is great to be here thrilled to be.

Thank you and in and when I came for a visit. One was without like two months ago Danny when I was here so I got in and I was amazed at what I saw what I experienced in the classrooms that I walked into the Happy's young students walk up to me stick their hand out, introduce themselves want to know my name and then offered to give me a tour was highly unusual to say the least. I will think any of us are used to that, whether in third grade, or 30 we don't get that very much in this world anymore, but that's happening here at Oak city Academy, so the story behind that of what's going on with Montessori school work and unpack all that bus will have a couple of the students join us little bit later while Troy is in first grade and graces in fourth grade I think you'll be blown away by just how well boys they are and how well spoken there but but cannot. If you're stuck in an elevator with somebody and they say hey hey hey Dan Carey, what would you guys we guys do for living. How do you explain Oak city Academy. The people see this is your suck in their husband and wife. That's why the book pointing at each other.

Right now, but Plano city Academy just come in a breezy vast way. But will we start out with one of our past statements is that we want to cultivate joyful learners bring heaven to earth and so we want to focus on clothing during the care that she enjoyed and their love learned that spark in their eyes doesn't go out it actually gets bigger and then we want to bring the gospel home impractical to handle ways into the classroom throughout the school, etc. we figure that we believe that Montessori is X. The best way to make all that happen, because it creates a flex wall environment by which our teachers can engage the kids in her character cultivate their joy and yet also have his options was character building moments when the come along to share the gospel for yellow I will unpack what I Montessori school is in terms of an educational process, and because it's very different. It was very different for me to come in and see it the first time but that was seven years ago and get me my ageÖ Just disappears you forget it, but when I was here recently.

I it's so it was reminiscent of homeschooling because it had this kind a calm casual. Not that every home schools, what kind of a casual it's not real stuffy classroom kind of environments will unpack that. But Carrie wanted Danny Miss at what it was.

I was pretty good. Huge higher for their low income community and so part of our mission is sky shipping families from United urban low income community and understand families to also have access to Christian education. So that's a big part of ours as well, and we serve it bluntly serve a homeschool community is much like you said. I mean, we knew that we were on the track to incorporating homeschool families entire model. Whenever we had time after time after time comes. The families I can say this is like a glorified homeschool. Yet anyone had because it does. It feels like you're at home because environments become so anyway. Just as those two aspects to our program. How did God get you guys both in the same thing at the same time. So what will give me the birth story about Oak city Academy will we moved to downtown Raleigh will 11 maybe two years ago and we have been down the community and we lived off of E St. really let him where Street want to be in the community to learn from them. After about two years we rethink how really loving the community with the gospel and through that conviction we start praying about what we need. When these happen school needs to happen because these kids need to have access to good education. In particular, you know, 7/10 kids were skateboarding down my street play basketball. Whatever.

There are really my third grade. This is really hard to live out the image of God in you, and you can even read as a we need to address that and long story short, throughout Kerry's prayers and I was right and I was like, don't do anything just practice paintball the Lord and was like a boom you need to start school. Then like great security hesitation backup. She taught Montessori in Durham & anything classical Guerin so we will bring what we felt like with the best of both educational models classical education and Montessori together exiting economy plus a business degree in the business. Pray like God brought in $70,000 in July 2011 and will start school so we had all infra-structure laid out rolled out Starwood pre-KK with 12 kids. Yet while and how many are enrolled today hundred and 37. Wow, that's a lot of growth that is and I know God's doing a thing because you're you've got land. Your inability to expand rental just continues to move all obviously God's blessing at work and had a breaker in about 30 seconds, but why so much growth do you think it works so well. She is very simple and it is meeting in minutes like we're really folks in the soft skills character and the environment for you and it's an opportunity because you are dealing with some lower income folks and what the opportunities are available that would never have access. Unfortunately, whenever I have access level education. That's all part of the Oak city story where here on location.

Today Garner, North Carolina Oak city is the website software from any and Carey breathing we come back and show we are five city Academy and if you want to get a glimpse of what that's like, you can go on Facebook.

Just go to my Facebook page of the Steve Noble show on Facebook and you will join us on Facebook live be back in the studio tomorrow. Got a lot of different things going on this week. Of course today monumental and historical day in their nation's history for the third time since 1789, which when the Constitution was drafted. We are starting an impeachment trial that's going on in the Senate today I been listening to a lot of that the Senate is very different than the house and so it's a much more somber environment there very well controlled. You've got all these senators and their hundred owned by the way don't have a choice, which is why this is so dangerous for summary like Bernie Sanders because he has to be there as long as at last they do not have a choice but I don't get interrupt. This is not like a house hearing. This is not like a subcommittee. It's very formal so I am paying attention that we are gonna talk about this a lot on the air.

During the rest of the week but today a setting that aside, because that's can be waiting for us tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, our live in Oak city Academy Oak city were in Garner, North Carolina which is just south of the downtown Raleigh great kind of educational success story. A Christian Montessori school you learn more about the Montessori process. But I'm here with Danny and Carrie breed who started Oak city Academy only back in 2011 with how many students was at first year 1212 all your little lab rats that you collected from other people's families, but you mention carry that lab rats because I had my work nighters I can. They knew her not to mess up around like you said your feet just thinking yes America's work in a mess anyway. So that was every first year, 12 students, but it's grown tremendously and I was asking you a little bit about what's been behind that absent God's blessing it but you do have some core values you mention this a little bit Danny and then you have character development so if ever in a list out. Here's the things that have really concrete happened beside obvious to God's blessing can start their slightly but in terms of the actual process of what happens on campus. One of the things that can The growing year after year after you. What makes a celiac yeah I mean core values. At first he registered were passionate, creative, to go the extra mile. So, I mean people asking a language school at night school on hundred percent were in art school, we collaborate with North Carolina theater and with theatrical nonprofits in the area of arts integrated into the classroom.

It is time to things on our parents got extra mounting. I like to plan a teacher appreciation day last week I met last week last year and see parents in their scraps of washing our vehicles and I'm like we either see where we go the extra mile right because that's what laughed as great community of honor and trust. It's a really big deal to me how I speak with you how you speak with me because Ursinus Tina Fry kids about what's okay and what's not okay with how we speak to each other and that's important because kids see in the here and I think I'll leave as possible by the processor that builds a community of trust. Whenever I know Hayward were going to treat each other with honor and courageous authenticity would be no third value we carry so I sigh and meme on Facebook when time is said to be yourself everyone else is Artie taken. You have to be courageous to be.

You are fearfully and wonderfully. I would I would add with a little bit of fear and trembling specifically made and I didn't call you dream even call me to be Danny Frank at a different place on the wall were all on the wall Nehemiah but but we all have a different place. And why would you want to follow anybody else got did make it to be somebody you encourage the kids to be brave and be a man be hit God's created next flashing environment so the kids are clearly flashing here academically and the kids lessee they just take their end of grade test and 80% of our rising fourth-graders are scoring above grade level on their overall achievement. Now that that's an awesome thing in and of itself, but given the fact that you have a lot of kids here that would otherwise not be able to go to a private school like the site that's got to be especially gratifying, huge, huge desert trancelike every single year with our sixth-graders take the test last year. And guess What Their Average Mean Sq., West academically.

I've no idea 11th grade for timely traders fix greater strength. So the trade academically some time schools when there killing academically space to do more and more academics but what we are able to deal with the flashing environment is@just the more as life experience through teaching kids how to make eye contact tonnage takes and how to prepare for an interview.

That's what blew me away when I came in a couple months ago walking in the classroom and I want to dive in the Montessori model you next. Because I know a lot of people probably don't understand that you haven't had any exposure to it, but to have these first-graders second graders third-graders. I mean on their own.

Somebody would walk over to me literally. I walked in the classroom. They walk over hi my name is Troy what's your name Matt. Matt, please give you a tour like who are you everyone what happened you yeah and I should've taken him up on that but it was amazing.

I was blown away by the please think about it it's to get a job. It's not always about your resume to now make a good first impression. Three. Teaching the kids how to do that were teaching preschoolers how to pack their suitcase to sweep the floor.

We have kids. Kids go home and their transferring skills, and apparently doesn't say where to put my K wash dishes in there for now, instead of just the soft skills and life skills that need were able to give them all the way up through middle school and you know I'm teaching kids how to change oil in a car with school nobody we have an opportunity to because what you can have all this you know this academic success, but you have no life skills and nothing that really applies to the real world is my academic which is important in the love itself, but it's not well-rounded, so any white wine Montessori toast with the Montessori school processes, people to really understand this art so always getting comfortable yet so part of the cores course Montessori are multi-classrooms so the younger kids actually see where they want to get to solo.

So you have a first-rate first grader first year who is maybe doing static addition right, but he is seeing multiplication because the third is implication that I want to go there or he's arty just about doing that within the teachers will.

Here's a pathway to do that right internally motivated this mainly but most were kids there internally motivated not about star stars and think refrigerator in all that those are fine but we want the kids to be lifelong learners and when they own their own education be lifelong learner. We see that then you need to build experience. We are learning so we can tell you about it with you a minute of your auditory listener learner and be if you can actually dive into the process and experience multiplication experience verbs experience horses, things like that you're going to have a hole deeper level of understanding what God is created and what's there and so there's a Montessori muscle classroom your walk in your see a bunch of shelves know a bunch of kids working on floors.

You see kids at tables and you. It looks very busy and so might even say chaotic. But when you actually sit and watch it looks like appearance because kids actually are owning their education and their they're in charge of their environment. The teacher in the classroom is the environment not legal in the classroom you don't customs a facilitator of those lessons, the kids are the ones using environmentally marvelous and slow. It was remarkably call was alarming to me because I'm not a calm person, but to walk in and there's just this calmness about it which in a room with 15/21 second third graders. That's an oxymoron. That doesn't even make sense to go. Hey I got this class full of the first and second third graders and really quiet call Mike, would you put in their Kool-Aid. But is that part of the Montessori processors that a little more unique to Oak city is still poor Montessori good Pinot peaceful learning environment and part of that is that it shows respect for other kids like I want to learn a peaceful environment and I want you to have these environments on every piece of myself.

That's what it felt like nobody. Maybe a lot start working with Dr. like I'm working on that. This is the noble lie provoked the Academy and pretty soon working to get Troy in here. He's in first grade will give grace here she's in fourth grade will learn more about Oak city is not a story I could see the noblest ignoble show live from Oak city Academy here in Garner, North Carolina, just south of downtown Raleigh talking to our friends Danny Carey breed at Oak city Academy which they started back in 2011 private Christian Montessori school and is just an amazing experience. Or to hear from Troy here in just a minute sitting in here so if you guys on Facebook live Troy to my left. Grace is over here to my right choice in first grade. Great races in fourth grade and you'll hear it from the mouths of cortical babes as as we talk to them about their experience but relearning a little bit about Montessori school in that whole process and integrate what you say I feel okay. What's the difference between Montessori and like regular school or home school what what would you usually say don't carry so that they can grasp it quickly.

What's the difference between Montessori and regular schooling. What will most of us are used to estimate got multiple age classroom save guy in a 3 to 6 euros and classroom you now first two third-graders in the classroom and students are learning to own their own learning and it's not grade based its mastery based teachers are the facilitators of the learning materials are the teachers need to see a lot of self-directed learning like that are hungry to learn. They wanted because they want to master it. They want to get. They're not doing it because they have to or they get a red star when they get a pizza party. It's because there's this internal motivation we been able to capitalize on because when you see a four-year-old coming to kindergarten. They've already learned a lot from write about how to count.

They've learned how you know whenever you on these things and then they turn into 10-year-olds 12-year-olds that raise your hand at raising his anger began to be graded on this is that you now is that age forget it just burnt out on its sometimes we smothered it without knowing or smothering that intrinsic lot for learning Montessori school day is it okay to do math from 830 U English than you do is that that's not it at all is it you and I will add that real quick. I would say that it cuts according to the green of how kids learn. That's the main difference is Montessori accords with the nature of a child how to actually learn so in the morning time there is a two half-hour work. In which that's what they're doing.

The Corker claim of math, language is in science of geography and getting their lessons in an approximate lessons to help see what you walk into that throughout our work time there all busy bees working about doing choose what they start making choices and what you start with what some kids need a little more help with making having an order and that's the case that Wheatley followed the child according to the curriculum right that they get to choose when they do not have lessons in the teachers will gather a small group of 3 to 6 kids could be a first grader and a second grader and that math lesson so we always tell parents you will never hold your child back if they're running up there in first grade. Right. Let him go.

Grace here. You know she's reading a whole grade above grade level and so she has access to all the bucks. The fifth and sixth grade books in that classroom and then so what of the great breakups again, what does it is due by age 3 euros range yet so it's three, 3 to 6 euros. That's predates us to kindergarten and then you have first referred or through sixth Senegal middle school and soon I school okay Danny you can have to give up now and there you Troy and her Troy ready to go is ready, etc. Troy remembered me today because I'm so memorable right Troy. So I walked in and you're like, hey I gave you a tour in Troyes in first grade here at Oak city Academy Troy how anybody could see very, very, okay that's altered so you that day I came for a visit. I walked in with Mr. breed and you walk right up to me and you stuck your hand write out my face cigarette out the assignment and destroy what your name and then can I give you a tour that was really awesome. So tell me what your what your favorite thing about being here at Oak city.

Every good Christian faith. You tell Kate sell such a great heart and what's your favorite like what your favorite thing to do during the school day.

What's your favorite subject to your favorite station in the room would be what you like math. I was never a big math guy God made you to be a math guy so it's awesome because he could do multiple case she are you doing multiplication so when you get to it. Probably first or second. Now that's that's kind of a part of the deal does not carry that you can get the multiplication when he's ready to get to it right and he will probably be ready in first or second grade he's in first grade currently and so typically multiple patients and are just around third, that he should have access to lasting why do you like multiplication by the way, it's because it's it's because you to use materials so it's different. It's a different kind of learning process than what you're doing right now in Matt's so what like what right now. Take multiplication out of it because we know that's on your radar screen multiplication. What other parts of the room. Do you really enjoy. In terms of your school day what's in writing.

So what you do at the writing you call the station. We don't call it a station right so what you do there at the writing area. Tell me what that's like. We just right and we can Dragon still re-we can do lots of things. What something you wrote recently a story about the lost boy, did you make it up or did you hear and then can rewrite it. I mean, you did does have a happy ending are said saddening like sedentary sets. Oh well, that's kinda life is an enemy. That's not make everything all rose petals and smiles and giggles because life is like that. So, writing, and then give me another one. Tell me another area you really like. Today I love Lane little cool, so one more question that I let you go. So if you're playing with a friend on playground.

Let's say it's nice outside and they say where you go to school and you say, why go to Oak city Academy and they say, should I go there like should I go to your school, what would you tell us why sector Lansing school teachers. That's pretty good answer is he softhearted I'm getting the feeling that Troy is a little soft.

I will tell you back every time I like and that's all right. He's right there on me. So we allow hugs here that's normal or how to get a high you know that handshakes that everyone gets choice pay Troy thanks for being with us today buddy I appreciate you being her dad that he did great, how you feel about how you did very good grades going now, so thank you Troy an hour to talk to Grace races in the fourth grade here at Oak city Academy and she's ready to go. Make sure the mother okay cool Grace how you doing good to see you so tell me a little about because you've done homeschooling.

You've done a kind of regular school and then you came here to Oak city Academy what you like about this environment because of the little different than what you experience in the past I've really like to school because it's just loving right choice.

We have such good teachers back are there Christian school it's have to be at a certain level that we fiscally can be a level you wind teachers are forcing you to be you know you have to be at this certain level and issues very very very very. Is there a particular subject or your really excited about the opportunity to kinda move at your own pace. I think that would be the case. Sound parts and strangling life that some parts are increasing, and I feel like I'm getting better and so what are your, your favorite parts of the day in terms of where you're at the room and tell me a little about that, like about math, but tell us about some of the other areas that you are learning in public language. He carries a work is calling on One parable to work where you hijacked you and determine if it is comparable in on Campbell and parable means. Now you can count objects like you can't count rice because parable is in the ass so he can't count. Rice is bacon count grains. She has schooled all of us.

God I'm sitting here showing you lost me about 60 seconds ago and you're in fourth grade and I'm as old as dirt. That's a compliment but what's the thing that you set out loving it is, which is awesome. How is it that most different from the educational processes you've been through the pass school the past what what what stands out to the most about being here well and my old school. A lot of kids were not really nice to me and a kind heart in the corner they wouldn't really express themselves met with the school. If a child is used Mary Ellen's emotional bank. They are very sweet and kind and homeschooling plus I don't have any kids you communicate with me Sarah. I feel badly for school, liking concrete friends are loving and sweet and kind and I can have other people to talk to you in conversation so call what grade are you in now and forth and forth. So now you're in the fourth of six part is that what you're in right around orchards and six and in what is the one area you want to get too faster than any other 41 advancements is it reading you grace you're incredibly well spoken and a great job.

You're welcome. Thanks for sharing.

And when we come back were in a talk little bit more about the school in the process of get into your notice of what's with the loving environment is not something we hear very often in the will talk about some really exciting things drawing board property high school, and she brought going will be right back show her live remote city Academy is down here in Garner, North Carolina, just south of downtown Raleigh Oak city three years of age up to eighth grade. But moving beyond that which is going to talk about here in a minute and I just wanted that were talking to Danny and Carrie breed who are the founders and still are.

You guys are still, number one and number two rice CICS.

She jumped in the number two cofounders totally down with no is your business. Yet she thinks I'm a dreamer, visionary dreams offered you the gas and he's the brakes totally see my relationship on all the gas and she's all the brakes but that's God knows what he's doing. Good sense of humor, so did you guys can select Troy and grace because they were like totally insane, but it seems like there, normal for Oak city right I a paid advertisement. He knew to the show, you should know this already. I really don't suck up to anybody and I don't do anything on the show because I'm filling time or because I'm bored this is.

I am an additional person. I've been given this platform I need to be a good steward of its aware I see God moving in with God's truth needs to be proclaimed. That's what working to do so. I am a maniac on a mission and so I wouldn't be here if I didn't see God doing things here and believe in it myself. So this is like advertising like that just you guys know you're cynical as I am. I just wanted to make sure you understood that, but what you would say there kind of typical reps. I walked into the classroom and somebody's multiple children 3 to 5 are welcome to exit economy. I'm so glad you're here in a welcome backlash and caffeine Tina T station thing about you he mentioned no one made me a latte will actually not yet anyway. They would break elementary 436 grade abatis station signing these kids. This is the real deal. So how much of that is the older one. Could you mix them up so there.

It's not just first-graders and second graders and third-graders in the Sunday school worldly philosophy professor out of the seminaries to call that age-based apartheid, which makes a lot of sense because it's shuts down the system of the older helping the younger how much of this is the older students admitted they might just be a greater to older having that kind of influence on the younger student and the younger student watching the older student absolutely like I want were all like that to be like my big brother. I want to be able to write up by going to get a license. Whatever we also learn best limitation yeah and so when they see the older students doing it barely go out.

That's how life should be about how I should function right even with some of the older student second third grade they can we say the more responsibility shall ask, the more freedom you get shredded we did at home with us. If there shouting us a lot of responsibility. Then we call them the elders of the classroom and so I mean the first gutters like I want to be an elder. I want to be an elder and 1/3 years of the third-graders to something that's irresponsible and they're not using their freedom, forget than they really is.

You know these these freedoms because they're not being responsible census will balance and is not you show us responsibility or to get more free and that you have a boundary not freedom is limited.

If you not being responsible with your freedom.

This type of student that you would save won't thrive in a Montessori environment. The child that struggles consult management so we have a freer environment so the child has to build wanted to step directions and then want to build and manage themselves know what about boys versus girls because I know that's a bigger conversation obviously and they're not from Mars and Venus were all from earth to get over it. But it's how does that work. I mean because we learn differently and let me talk to about this is the a lot of education, conventional education, public education, a lot of pedestal education is geared towards girl very feminine and model of education you need to say you need to sit quietly. These expectations and sometimes you know the boys or girls. They need to move around you now and that we make sure that curcumin has everything from sweeping the dishwashing to screw driving to hammering. Danny was out there.

At one point teaching the kids how to make a catapult and so I mean the gardening changing oil in car all of those things the kids are learning. No matter what gender they are. We want them to build a flashier so hot. How does the process start when a parent or grandparent is listening says okay I want to check this place out what is what is that dating process look like to find that there this is the right that class, and I'll speak to that. I ran the admissions program saying take a tour that's the first thing you sign up online to take a tour and then you calm and you get today will will teach a little bit about Montessori will watch a video will talk about our core values which we talked about now ending with nature and beauty in the heart of God. Courageous authenticity flashing environment. The things we talked about already. And then on that will take it where the classroom and you get to see for yourself. And we encourage and admissions all encouraged parents to go toward more schools, you know how the last step in the environment and don't just go to the preschool kindergarten classroom. If you're looking at kindergarten good in that fifth grade classroom because you you want to connect to a school where your kids can be in a flashier all the grades and you want to see the Gannett and the talk about the financial aspect of it when I talk about a public school here is not on the taxpayer dollar and you help people that normally would be able to afford private education to speak to that a little bit and then I want to talk about what God's doing absolutely so and so there's kids that pay full tuition and there's kids who are on a sliding scale for scholarship families from urban low-income communities. And then there's the blended model that cuts tuition in half so you can choose to stay home and with your your child and homeschool them two or three days a week and then they go to school. The other two or three days a week so get some Also makes it more affordable and then on top and that we have an external scholarship opportunity through the North Carolina scholarship opportunities tell you anything here can apply for early. Also, the North Carolina state-funded scholarship and so we except that she said I mean for blended model students. It completely covers the tuition here so you could do 1/2 in 1/2 week program. No cost to start that way. So what's going on next. Because I know where the church location. You have a great relationship with others you multiple rooms multiple buildings, but there's some big things on the grid for you to that real quick one click two things yes one is we do reach out to the community. Teresa scholarships so we scoffs with 90% of tuition for low-income students let me that we need community partners to so into their education committee difference. The other piece to the school grant told all about is our care program.

State workers in school where school that has 10 specific lessons on how to cultivate joint kids.

We care about the maturity of a child's identity to this consultant as God is God's image or trading accrued by him and related to him through Jesus Christ and so we want to focus in on the culture blessing with great stories on that and then leadership communication, which is you seen this little bit of overdue now and that so they can they understand their own gifts and they can negate those to others and know how to marshal a people's gifts as well get your ministering to the whole person is really cold. Child setbacks want to is we need a home we been in churches for the last nine years and thanks for all the other amazing boat. We need a place you don't pursue leaving the home become your permanent place and we have piece of land selected on Benson Road and we are in middle of a couple campaigns we can so we can raise mostly ideally want to do a debt free will reason most of the cans that we can store that build three buildings initially holding tar school and that allows the biggest of the platform to really develop our capital programs with other schools and come as you were doing experience it and then we can be influencing the schools across the state, across the nation and in character and investment.

Trade anything so important I saw someone on Facebook posts their child going to school fourth grader, and these kids are saying you're not pretty enough in order to see all the stuff right now. God say that your investors the stuff we want to take to the nation and then in the thing about it because we are talking about this before Danny when I was out for a visit is the type of buildings. You build the the financial viability and the great stewardship of it is you, not because you have multiple grades in one room you not having all these little separate so the construction for a school like Oak city Academy is is less than what you expected us is wide open.

Classrooms really open natural lighting. We have used newsrooms like thousand square feet. Yeah. So what's the vision. When would you start, how much you trying to raise this gives down to the nitty-gritty were trying to raise about $400,000 initially, and ideally the whole project is about about 2 million so we can knock off knowing enough that they'll be amazing so that we can really if we can do all that. Then we can be using art using these funds that come in text refund more scholarships. So we get this building paid off $2 million. We could find more scholarships we observe more. Kids just to be national. We all wanted around the same page are our goal is to do is to get this done in the next 6 to 12 months. So both of you just speaking to parents and grandparents here in the in the Raleigh area just invite them. Why should they come. Why should they check out what they do change your life change your kids life right and what better investment could we make an investment of our child and so a lot of people I think about college and I think I got three kids in need of saving for that these kinds of expenses, weddings, all these things as we know our kids are crying and at the same time. These are the most formidable years. Your child will have there is a cycle, the shame, fear, control cycle, and it goes back to the garden of EN when Adam and he said I was. They noticed they were neck and I think back it come from Eastern Star analytical and then they were ashamed and then they said they rate shame, fear, control, and that happens a lot of the same stories start an elementary is ready to be here were to be able to nurture that process and kids are still going to go through stuff that were to be able to attend to and a real shepherding environment and nitrate with that creek Christian worldview because we know that that's the heart of God right and so were going to get to do that in school to partner with us. First up is repair grandparents were to cut the school's efforts were alarmed to the country got word some virtual work will be carried in jolted your route you'll see Troy them. Kids are amazing and then if you want to help us so into bogus program billing the building or the scholarships you donate a lot as well all at Oak city Academy.what's that what's the hope in the prayer to open the doors on the property with September this year. This year, I got got yeah I know. Thanks for reminding me, but that's for whatever reason God involves us to be a part of it.

So whether child or grandchild you want to find out about it is amazing your really selling that school site and whether you have is not what God is doing here and I am responsible. I pain in your life.

I make you understand now, you become responsible for the knowledge.

And so reaching our neighborhood. All that Oak city Academy will

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