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Planned Parenthood and "Negroes"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 24, 2020 10:56 am

Planned Parenthood and "Negroes"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 24, 2020 10:56 am

Planned Parenthood and "Negroes"

Planned Parenthood and "Negroes"...with Pastor  John Amanchukwu  of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ.

John spoke about the disturbing racist roots of the #1 killer of black people in America: Planned Parenthood.

Plus, a Money "Monday" update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble okay what Planned Parenthood Negroes have in common, Planned Parenthood and Negroes today on the state will show, and by the way, the use of that word Negro is not my choice of restaurant almond to produce choices here in the studio with me John uninsurable has been on the show before. That's right in your back. Hey, glad to be back. Steve want to use black people, whether citizens were talking about Margaret Sanger. Let us use her words that let's use our words. Let's use the word Negro sorry talk about this and this is on the heels of a little controversy herein North Carolina and by the way by by way of a boosting John even more. Not that he needs any help with that, but who's your father-in-law.

My father-in-law is the greatest preacher to ever stand the sacredness ship Patrick you seen the big claim is in man all me all behind that man except Jesus Christ is quite dies quite a man.

That's my mental upper room Church of God in Christ, where John also serves as the use that USPAP youth pastor and the first assistant to the Bishop got it and sold a couple of days ago Danforth Lieut. Gov. Dan force running for governor grace in North Carolina about this actually take place at the upper room all DLI foundation day must and so the Frederick Douglas Douglas foundation, which is been around for a while. Great conservative organization African-Americans and one of the representatives going to call in and after the 430 break have Rick McCain as the president of programming Douglas leadership Institute and so he's going to call in and chime on this particular time in on this particular subject, as well. But what what was the big deal.

So what happened when the Lieut. Gov. was at the upper room the other day. What did he say he said, quote there is no doubt that when Planned Parenthood was created. It was created to destroy the entire black race that was the purpose of Planned Parenthood. That's just the truth that's not just some talk on the side. This was and so we are going to add a little bit to that because that there's a general statement and then you and you do your history and so are we dealing soundbites were in a politically charged environment, whether it's here North Carolina or anywhere around the country. I whether it's at the national level, the state level or the local level and so it when you don't have time you can make a general statement and that's great and that's what he did point in the direction of where the evidence leads and where the evidence leads to some pretty ugly stuff and this is something at the upper room church you guys and talking about for a while, right and so this is something that you dealt with because one of the things and when were out there together with love life before we get there we always get a number and what you notice about that number oftentimes 30 people that come that day. 23. Or maybe 25 so it's usually about 75, 80% African-American moms in a few usually Hispanic in one or two whites but it's heavily tilted and then, but the interesting thing when you look at all the I don't know that I've seen an African-American working as an escort or somebody on staff at that particular abortion clinic I've seen to seem to and they don't last long. You want to know what when he walked to the clinic to see that while everyone is in look like me and there's got something going on we eventually pointed out, yeah.

And so we got some things I know you've got some Margaret Singer quotes I've got some some pieces of information. This is history because I understand Planned Parenthood.

You have to look at the ground, out of which Planned Parenthood sprouted and Planned Parenthood was basically the merging of a couple different things started as the American eugenics Society, and there were a couple other things in there. I which by the way, this also leads to World War II in terms of Adolf Hitler and the eugenics movement in Germany, which was patterned off of what was going on in America and in America we were talking about the forced sterilization mostly of African-Americans.

I think this is a history that most people don't know do most African-Americans in up in a largely African-American church know anything about this some pastors were pasting issues like yeah and so what will impact some things today for the sake of the truth and for the fax because Danforth Lieut. Gov. is also both a friend of both of ours who both of us want to be the next governor great Carolina 100% and forth. Let's talk about the realities of it. So would you like me to go first or do you want to go for you shoot right so this was going only back in a couple of different articles here. In some places that did great research and by the way, if you want to take an hour or two online, you can do this yourself. You don't have to be a PhD level researcher you want to have a bunch of money you take an hour and you spend it on Google and you can go find all kinds information to take you down this road. One of the darkest things of Planned Parenthood's history in the ground out of which it came, was the deep is all based out of the American eugenics movement was started in the early 1900s. This is an article called Hitler's death or debt debt to America. This was written by this is actually fusion about 14 years ago in the Guardian, the American edition of the Guardian so 1917, 19, 21, you're in there when you get all this killed an effective save the nation and see the black stork and all the stuff going on in America. Okay this is Germany Nazi Germany. This is America's only just read from this part is America's eugenics movement gathered pace and inspired a host of imitators and France, Belgium, Sweden, England and elsewhere in Europe, cliques of eugenicists did their best to introduce eugenic principles in the national life. You can always point to recent precedents established where in the United States, Germany was no exception from the turn-of-the-century German you eugenicists formed academic and personal relationships with the American eugenics establishment in particular were Charles Davenport, the pioneering founder of the eugenics record office on Long Island, New York, which is backed by the Herriman railway fortune so that all kinds of money and all kinds of insidious stuff going on here I Germany.

It certainly developed its own eugenic knowledge as Americans elite were describing the socially worthless and the incest really unfit was that sound like to you incest really unfit from a white man's perspective.

It sounds like Singer Negroes okay which they called quote quote unquote bacteria, vermin mongrels and subhuman a superior race of Nordics what what are Nordics look like like me right there. White was increasingly seen as the answer to the globes eugenic problems US laws eugenic investigations and ideology became blueprints for Germany's rising tide of race biologists and race hatemongers and eventually in the early 1930s.

Some of these eugenics leaders here, which eventually led to Planned Parenthood got a letter from somebody in German of rising corporal who was so thrilled with what they were doing. It was from the same two of them got a letter from the same guy in the fan letter called grants book about eugenics his Bible commander sent the letters. Adolf Hitler sounds slightly racist to me will be right back. Talk about Planned Parenthood and the elimination of the Negro race today here on the show. My good friend. I another brother from another mother, but a younger one, your father-in-law is my slightly older brother from another mother you're my younger brother from another mother. John on the Jacuzzi youth pastor at the upper and Church of God in Christ underneath the profound leadership of our good friend in your father-in-law.

My good friend Bishop Patrick Ellwood and senior were talking today on the heels of Bob Lieut. Gov. Dan for saying that Planned Parenthood was founded to eliminate the black race people go ballistic. That's because most people are ignorant they don't know the history, which is why were talking about that.

Today's John always great to see you. Thanks for coming, likewise think you're welcome sight so I had the opening salvo and some nice letters of thanks from Adolf Hitler that went to the American eugenics movement is what gave birth to Planned Parenthood. So what you have.

I know you think I think you got some Margaret Singer stuffer you got it on December 10, 1939, Margaret Singer wrote a letter to Dr. C. J. Gamble, 255 Adams St., Newton, MA. This is what she said. Ms. Rose sent me a copy of your letter of December 5 and I note that you doubt it worthwhile to employ a full-time Negro physician. It seems to me from my experience where I have been in watch this North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas that while the color Negroes have great respect for white doctors they can get closer to their own members and more or less lay their cards on the table which means their ignorance, superstitions and doubts. They do not do this with the white people. If we can train the Negro doctor at the clinic he can go among them with enthusiasm and with knowledge which I believe will have far-reaching results among the colored people.

His work in my opinion should be entirely with the Negro profession and the nurses, hospital social workers as well as the county's white doctors. His success will depend upon his personality and his training by us.

This is the line here, the ministers work is also important and also he should be trained perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals, and the gold that we hope to reach was to go, we do not want were to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

This is from Margaret saying what year was that 1939 okay let me do something a little more recent and I could tell you I told you already have.

This is not out obscuring a couple things and then I'll tell you guys on talking moderate peers as somebody that this is a real reliable support of abortion rights, and I described Roe versus Wade is being a decision about population control. Here's what this individual set quote regularly growth and populations that will that we don't want to have too many was that was that sound like something Margaret Singer. Okay, it's not like Ellison, Singer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is currently on the US Supreme Court worries that without government intervention. Birth control will be disproportionately practiced by the well-off and not by the members of those quote.

This is Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a direct quote quote populations that we don't want to have too many up in an interview with L. Ginsburg said it makes no sense of the national policy to promote birth control only among poor people that was in 1927. That wasn't the date of that letter for Margaret saying that was in 2014 exact a sitting US Supreme Court Justice right showing us obvious racist plans of Planned Parenthood and its ended in the ground on which it came out of, which was the American eugenics movement exactly and since then, Steve 19 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 and mostly have been at Planned Parenthood and 78% of their clinics are. Guess where there in minority communities that's intentional and so it sounds to me what the reality here is as bad as the Ku Klux Klan was and it as bad as the white supremacy movement was and is nobody has killed more black people than Planned Parenthood exact. They are the two years of Obama's phraseology. The Ku Klux Klan was JV and Planned Parenthood men there the MBA or the top of the top only liquid she wanted to do. She will use the black Negro doctor and the Negro minister nowadays. Majority of African-American ministers are particularly vote one way so although she's dated her movement. Her intent to still allow.

Yet she still today from the grave using the black minister and the black ministers failed to do his job by exposing the truth to the black congregation vessel wall startled when the gentleness over the NAACP for Raleigh and apex.

He said that Danforth is not authorized to speak on behalf of the black or MLK. That's not what he was doing.

He was appropriately recounting what Margaret Sanger said that Mattel who agrees with the divorce. Margaret Margaret Singer. That's right because he said in, and I hope he says it again and again and again you in you know what was the issue of our time today whereas look at abortion.

If a white man, says the truth that pertains to the black community. Is it now falsehood is truth: yeah. A trick can be very verified by skintone. No truth is always verified by its merit right or is it wrong Patrick stands on its own doesn't matter who's saying and that's it. Here's here's an interesting one. It is a quote infanticide did not go out of fashion with the advance from savagery to barbarism and civilization rather, it became as increase in Roma recognize custom of advocates among leaders of thought and action that was Margaret Sanger writing and woman in the new race. Okay, so here's one of the main players behind the history of Planned Parenthood which came out of the American eugenics movement okay this is all birthed out of it's he got to go to the root noted tree instruments root or you talk about Jesus else. I'll show you work a tree by its fruit tree is known by its fruit. Okay, so let's go to the tree in one of the main parts of the street guy name Clarence E. Liddell, who is the president of the American eugenics Society, later known in the interest of not talking about eugenics as the Society for bio demography and social biology sounds so innocuous dozen and a founding board member of the American birth control league today known in the interest of euphemism as Planned Parenthood. This guy actually founded the National Cancer Institute, so this is an article that appeared couple years ago on the national review.

What a great line. He was a humane man with horrifying opinions now listen to this little is one of the early figures and Planned Parenthood's public pronouncements along with those of its charismatic founders Margaret Singer often appointed to as evidence of the organization's racist origins. Students at the University of Michigan are in fact at the time of this writing, petitioning to have his name stripped from a campus building. I mentioned this to you earlier John University, Michigan. Not exactly a bastion of conservative thought. Not exactly a liberty University either little so this is a Clancy little little believe that birth control policy should be constructed in such a way as to protect quote on quote Yankee stock physical okay what Yankee stock referring referred to in Singer's own work as quote unmixed native white parentage.

We talk about me. I made I'm Yankee stock okay if little term is not clear enough from being overwhelmed by what was at the time, perceived as the discogenic fecundity of African-Americans at BU right Catholic immigrants and other undesirables check this quarter quote the feebleminded are notoriously prolific in reproduction that was Margaret Sanger. The question of racial differences wasn't session of Littles that went well beyond his interest in eugenics and followed him to the end of his life. One of his later scientific works was quote the possible relation of genetics to differences in Negro white mortality rates from cancer.

This guy was a racist to the core and an Margaret Singer is a disciple of his Planned Parenthood is directly out of his ilk.

That's right so as Planned Parenthood found to eliminate the black race yes yes not the black race. According to Margaret Singer roomy gross right. Sorry about that psychic missing that time, not just heroes, but anybody in any of the imbeciles out there stupid people, birth defects, you gotta go. Just like the Negroes will be right back is right know when you look back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show we are waiting to hear from cadaveric McCain just sent them the phone number 866-34-TRUTH 784 that's a number right yet it's a number so now waiting he's with the present of programming for the Douglas leadership institutes were waiting for him to call in to chime in on this conversation today were bouncing off of what Lieut. Gov. North Carolina said the other day that Planned Parenthood essentially founded to illuminate the black race in you when you dig into it and you study history, and you study the people that started Planned Parenthood the people to help start Planned Parenthood organizations that fed into Planned Parenthood. That was exactly what they were trying to do. That was the eugenics movement and unfortunately, the Negro population.

As Margaret Singer said was only part of it exactly imbeciles moronic birth defects. Stupid low intelligence, get rid of them all, which started with forced an unknown sterilizations about 63,000 African-American women were sterilized and then they wanted to spread that out over the country and there are some states that were beginning to enact laws in one of the groups of people that this inspired words of the leaders in the up-and-coming Nazi Germany so Nazi Germany exit people from Adolf Hitler's regime came over in 1939 and had a visit with from the eugenics movement in America.

They are all tied together all tied back to back to plant Margaret in the whole mess in Margaret Sanger, one of three women that founded the Planned Parenthood, which is really name from an earlier organization insidiously evil and in there's just no way around that exactly let's enter into the mind even further into this dark Finn and Ms. Cole racist Margaret Singer 1920. She said the most merciful thing that the large family goes to one of its infant members is to kill is what she said so she didn't want large families, and panic is another is no point. I think the greatest seen in the world, the greatest sin to Margaret Singer is bringing children into the world that have disease from their parents that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically delinquents prisoners all sorts of things just mark when they are born that that to me is the greatest sin that people can do and commit and and when I listen to that right now. Obviously a Caucasian. I know what she's talking about exact when you listen to it and African-American. How does that affect you.

It says it is today. Marcus angered she despised African-American. She hated black people to her. We were just delinquent delinquents. She also called black people, weeds, you know. And this is the stuff that you gotta keep in mind as we look at what the NAACP president said and and others met many people mention that Dr. King received an award believe 1966 or so from Planned Parenthood yeah right just because he receives an award doesn't mean that he supported 19 million African-Americans being healed majority of them being killed by Planned Parenthood. Just because you give me an award doesn't mean that what you're doing and she mentioned in 1939 the she want to use the black minister to move her movement across so let's find Dr. King let's give him an acrylic award.

We can tie him to Planned Parenthood and then black people who trust Dr. King to trust me now because I gave him a him and him and award. That's crazy is crazy. In it, and it's obviously insidious and Eve also did to what percentage of this is an anecdotal gas. What percentage of African-Americans understand that Planned Parenthood championed by the Democrat party who 90 to 93% of African-Americans vote for every time. How many of what percentage of them understand deeply racist background to abortion in general and to plan parenthood specifically probably around 10%. That's what I was. It is ugly oftentimes and were from 93 to 95% of Americans vote somewhere around 10% of very few of them know what when you find them. I guess we could call this an circumstance when an African-American person becomes woke woke right woke to the reality is that abortion may have have you talk to people and also they find out. Like you, you had an interview with the W.

Young woman Afro-American run W RA already other day that go with him. He seemed to be awfully clueless. I you guys are smart video. The whole thing great brother Aaron Thomas now looking just uninformed. He didn't know about it depends oftentimes on what church you go to, you know I to the church like upper room Bishop will tell you about what's going on right.

He has a Google worldview and keep you up-to-date with what's going on in society. He oftentimes reminds us that the Bible more current in tomorrow's newspaper right so he's always given us information about what is going is always typically integrated and do you remember a couple people member. What brought Barack Obama, former Pres. said at the end of his speech in front of plan. God bless Planned Parenthood come from a black man and then Hillary Clinton received the Margaret Singer award, and I just got this earlier today. This is from our mutual friend TC Sykes is running for Sec. of labor here in North Carolina today. A Planned Parenthood super pack is gifting Elaine Marshall with the champion of choice award.

While that's a pack associate with Planned Parenthood giving our current secondary state Elaine Marshall, a Planned Parenthood award champion of choice award which she's happily receiving a lifetime champion of choice, and that's to our current secondary status, which is why you need to vote for you. See Sykes and get her out of there, but that it's all over the place. It's like nobody knows this is a couple of us do most people don't write and that's why it was like wildfire this week when Danforth said it you know we need more men like you have the courage to speak up and mentioned some people try to say these mention this only because you that in the day if he sharing this information. If he's putting out the awareness about what's going on in our community. It benefits our people, regardless of the timeframe when you say in it you know it needs to be said needs to be address and watch this. How come the NAACP is insane, outcome, or black pastors aren't saying might affect Steve what you think.

What comes to mind when you go out to a local abortion clinic and you see that most the people outside of the clinic are Caucasian, most the people in the clinic are black, what comes to mind when you think about that Ku Klux Klan comes in. I felt my screen went dark here for little bit and I didn't see the fact actually covered McCain is on hold covered McCain for Pres. of programming at Douglas leadership Institute covered. I'm sorry about that bro. I didn't even see your on hold I messed that up. Thanks for calling and neuroma Stephen John. You can hear what you're saying. You're welcome. So just chime and go. It's all you (thank you for having me on for also on command. John on his interview that he you are in no I think it really crystal really what Margaret words are all about price. Really, to exterminate the black population that her words are words we put out, press release about that one of the leaders actually words the traitor that she wrote that we don't want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the black population and so I totally agree with the direction award in terms of talking about it and actually Planned Parenthood.

There strategy of really trying to find black ministers black leaders to conduct greenlight their program that's actually another part of the strategy that actually wrote down and said we want to find black ministers or any failures, people in the black community minister will control so it's all part of the really what I would call just a systematic and diabolical strategy to really reach out and affect the black population and destroy black children just like Amanda Lieut. Many of the people in the pro-life movement. Going out and standing against, particularly when 50% of the children of the state of North Carolina killed 40 RF American General stockings. Is this essential part of a different as well as foundation is doing As well as the Douglas leadership Institute that is really appointment frankly were really encouraged with the Church of God in Christ, in particular the upper room got a crime, part is to really look at how do we strengthen the black and one of the things frankly taking care of our children valuing life when you devalue life that is a little you begin to see it devalue other parts of society and I think there's correlation between how we feel you life will log and then keyvalue life, other areas that you see that with age, the murder rate in the afternoon. Things there's a correlation between the two is really important that we begin Value Line and people who are frankly defenseless. They have no way to defend themselves if their mom is that don't stand up so you need to be such a great such a great point I owe you airtime okay because I didn't see you and hold so I'll text you and I will get you back on really soon and spend more time talking okay, keep up the great work and then we will think everything that you just take the same thing to keep up the great work. Take every man is a man here the man as well.

Thanks for coming in today so will be right back Noblesville show very, very important, coming in at the end and you miss that as we talked about Planned Parenthood, Margaret Singer Negroes is my good friend John Menchu crew wanted to aptly named the show today because that's how Planned Parenthood Margaret Singer referred to African-Americans then go back and listen to it. Okay the Facebook lied we would watch it there, you will to get podcast if you just go to the Steve Noble We got the podcast there or if you want to go to stitcher or iTunes any of the major pop podcast platforms. The show is there, the Steve Noble show so you go listen to it. There the first 45 minutes the show, you need to hear that conversation as we unpack the history of the Planned Parenthood, which is the history of the eugenics movement in America which is definitively racist and not just African-Americans or Negroes as Margaret Singer called but Catholics, immigrants, anybody with any kind of mental or physical disability, eugenics, society is actually the all the eugenics movement in America. This all document and go read themselves. Action got a letter from an up-and-coming corporal in the German movement in the 30s named Adolf Hitler thinking them for that information for that mindset.

So the great solution in in Nazi Germany to wipe out the Jews came from the American eugenics movement, which is what gave birth to Planned Parenthood so Planned Parenthood at its root at its base is deeply daemonic, deeply racist. And yes, for the elimination of the black portion of the human race as well as other portions of it. So in the Lieut. Gov. North Carolina says that's wipe plan parenthood was formed.

Once you understand history, and you get to the truth of it all. That's a true statement. The factual statement he have to unpack it which is what we just did something missed the first part of the show go do that and because it's important that we all understand that history Monday was MLK day that the markets were closed and everything so didn't get a chance to talk to our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark As always, so David's with us today to do a little money Monday on a Friday. How are you my friend, I'm doing great and it worked out great that we talk today because there is a big economic world form that was in Donald Switzerland and we don't know the information from it. So thank you ground me on your program on a Friday rather than Tuesday and it's and I can tell you're feeling better. Your voices get time. So we just praise the Lord for that, and what he's doing in your life David and we just were so thankful that so let's jump into the Scripture write quickly only starter money Monday update with Scripture Proverbs 23 seven. This is a great one. So just unpack that one for a minute and will go to the rest of minister to me many times with flashy or poor as you think it is hard so is he slanted Scripture picked out a few days ago because it was ministering to me in my walk with the Lord. And ironically, just 20 minutes before coming on the radio was talking with one of my social plant in my office and I said to You sound like you're nervous and this guys been doing what I'm doing for 20 years was not about eventually unraveled what was going on inside his heart. I put my hands on his shoulders and he was shaking. I should just take a deep breath and relax because God is on the throne and what you're thinking is telling us to go dark something fairly small compared to what I went through and minimizes you, but you know some people think about doctors different ways, another's MMS as we think. So we create this feeling will it be that positive thinking or negative thinking and feeling develops nurse that feeling along we created belief system and it could only alter the course of our life wholly jeopardize our relationship with the Lord, because you know we've all been bought with a great price little things of been passed away and behold a new thing has come and fill as we think we will feel so we will believe that's why we need to have the Scripture that we hide it in our heart that we might not sin against the Scriptures are so it's really important to know the word and know who you are in Christ name and what a great statement, especially in the world that we live in today. David where people really special. Younger people really struggling with their identity and self-worth. The digital social media world is messed all that up to such a powerful reminder.

Another friend of mine always reminds me hate you know what whatever you waters what grows. So when you're thinking for improperly solicited men think of in his heart so he is. If you're buying the lies of the world, the flesh, the devil and get that's what you're that's what your watering. That's what's going to grow.

That's why it's so important to know and stay in God's words of thank you so much for leanness that I saw Donald Switzerland object that was a big deal this week. Tell us about that remaining topics being talk about global warming, which 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who spoke last year at goggles and also this year spoke about the focal point of the coronavirus something that's new that coming out that he talked about that because that's is hot off the press right now around the China and are my wheelhouse and favorite topic that global bit incorporate that mostly global syllables were the three things that were of great concern that billionaires and leaders of the world and present trump was that because there can all affect this at some level. So how do we look at these individually just unpack all global global warming is not an area that I don't think that we should ignore the footprint.

So there's a balance there and obviously Greta has much more. That's her passion and she was saying that the house is on fire she's referring to earth and last year and she still saying is on fire and we need to be a good steward. You can use that word but that's what I'm in the use of the earth. It is a place we live in, and we wanted to be here for grandkids in generations to come until the Lord comes back. That is create a new earth anyway.

But I'll think we should distort what we have. So they tell you she's talking about and she's extremely saying no more possible to yeah will she sing the start now and and you know I guess you don't get to place, unless you have a starting place. So where were working at directions of the world is you know through electronic cars and electric cars and other mechanisms that was that the second one is the coronavirus is there saying this is 17 people have been killed, 440 have the challenge of this, but there saying it could infect the travel industry stocks and something financials because there's a big financials into some J.P. Morgan Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America employee thousands of people in China and there's basically shut down the curb. Also how this might affect this is if you have those types of stocks you might want to hold back a little bit and be paid attention to that yet that's what what's going on in the news all what is big deal.

17 people died in China, which should never be our position as every life is precious but it starts to shut down travel and starts to shut down international travel in the stock market will react to things like that because companies that deal with that are going to get hit by it. Even though it might be short-term and still something we need to pay attention to then what about global debt. I know that ones can enter wheelhouse as it should be. That's something we should always talk about one when he bumped up on this in two weeks on the long version of Monday but just to touch base on global good was 75 trillion in 2780 4 trillion but the GDP is 225% which means were spending like crazy and not getting money return on the money we spent the corporate debt is going to be the thing that's the wildcard in fact, Guggenheim, or which is Scott menu. He's a big hedge fund. He said we are now reaching the tipping point when investors will wait to the rising tides of defaults and downgrade so if you look back to 2008, Bear Stearns was the catalyst that was the thing that caused the tipping point in two days later Lehman Brothers. Now these are gold company saying this, and Morgan Stanley came out and said this Mike Wilson with Morgan Stanley. This is an unsustainable the absence of a meaningful Kabbalistic can possibly continue.

But when McCandless happens the markets for liquidity will be a challenge. So we are facing a market that could be significantly jeopardize the corporate bond market to put in perspective. Steve 50% of bonds were graded triple B triple B is like a having a D+ on the report are not a very good grade one below report below.

John it was 35% in 2007 is 50%. Today the corporate debt market was 800 billion then is 3.3 trillion now and in the last year 50% of corporate entities have defaulted on their bonds, which is hard to fathom 50%.

So were just moments away from a change in economic change that could get triggered to the bond market in the key thing is this is Ray Dally over the world's largest hedge fund announced anthem forum saying he sees a 30% rise in gold the 2000 this year.

This quote about gold. If you don't own gold. You know neither history nor economics. I believe it would be both risk reducing and return enhancing to consider adding gold to one's portfolio. This is the stock I think is some physical gold in your portfolio yet which is which is pretty amazing for stock ABC and then we said that a couple weeks ago I was.

Was it fidelity. One of the big mutual fund companies with talking about that as a balance out your portfolio really really pretty amazing when you hear sources like that. I think that probably newsletter the central bank issued a dire warning collapse. What what what are some essential piece of information that people can get from you in landmark capital that will help them understand what we have of the white paper on the Palin and I'm waiting time is up on information they call our company and 447 980-879-8880 landmark get a free information package and get educated and not super important is to get educated attention, you can just sit back and let things happen, we gotta be good stewards landmark is David's website is always great information is there is no normal self ever forward

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