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Concerned Women for America

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January 29, 2020 3:14 pm

Concerned Women for America

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 29, 2020 3:14 pm

Concerned Women for America

Concerned Women for America  is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a rich history of over 40 years of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy. Additionally, hear from Jill Coward, North Carolina's State Director for CWA.

Plus, hear about the recent impeachment hearing and  Dershowitz say the charges against Trump are ‘outside' of impeachment offenses!


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Everyone just five is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred calls, 34, three 866-34-TRUTH or check available. I have received know is your host Steve Noble pretty good even listening to the silver and you know that I've been a bit of a clinical activist for a while. Not just I just being on the radio, but started off doing grassroots political activism on a local level here in Raleigh North Carolina on the way you had an opportunity as God increased our influence that we would get do you involve a statewide issues as well as some national issues so I am an activist at heart, which is why am on the air five days a week to try to take advantage of the platform that the Lord is provided to have a positive impact yes on politics but also up for all of us on our walk with the Lord in our understanding of theology in the Bible and how we apply that to every nook and cranny of life, but activism's near and dear to me and has been for a while. When the organizations that's been around for a while out there and is specific to you ladies concerned women for America, which is Penny Nance has been Executive Director for several years now, I've known her through some organizations that I belong to in the past they do excellent work and I just another great opportunity for you to get involved really in a state local level to try to have an impact on your legislature on greater issues as well as prayer that's something that we all yeah we need to pray about that Scripture makes it perfectly clear. First Timothy chapter 2 that were to pray for those in authority wise that we can live quiet and peaceable life so were all called to do that and that's also a big part of the concerned women for America. Does Joe Coward is the North Carolina state director with concerned women for America and she joins us by phone today so am excited for you all to get to know Jill and get to know more about CWA and how you can plug in there Jill how are you things for Conan the you're very welcome and I appreciate you taking the time to be with us today and give us a little kind of concerned women for America, 411 just help us to know little bit about the organization that I want to back up a little bit and talk about your own journey how you end up at CWA.

Could you kinda got into the world of activism is as well through something that was going on in your particular denomination at the time, but to tell us about CWA outlet for your trip out 40 years and Gary that Beverly LaHaye with Barbara Walters national when she was interviewing Betty for Dan shortly offended activist and Betty for Dan Dan well I want to make sure I spend the rest of my life think that America the human nation and that women will be the one that take the role farther and when Beverly LaHaye heard that she said well she didn't want any part of that she didn't have anybody who would be like that. She had she birthed that idea in 1978 and within a year had a conference in Southern California where she glanced where there were 1200 people looking at conference, the particular issue at hand. At that time was that equal rights are, and of course we see that today feel every time I fought that battle. It is not not born like that alone is that something that gave work on many issues as well and see if he so works at the national level but also has state chapters around the country like you do here in North Carolina as I write correct and so how did you get involved because this is an interesting story that I've been I read this about you a Jill about you and your husband in your own denomination at the time. One of the Lutheran denominations, but I think it's important to share that story so that people can see because your track of getting involved in moving on, and it's a crisis pregnancy centers and was CWA's very similar to my track and I think it should be a similar track for everybody but says they care about the nation, said civic or about biblical truth, but share a little bit about your own story in your own history get into it. Well, I think raw Lutheran and let them hold it turned out to be one of the more liberal Lutheran denomination back in 198 we learned that with your constant offering to pay for abortion senior churches medical health care plan for pastor staff and their family. It was a shock to learn that and what we did was we approached our church with the letters out to every person in the church and nobody just about nobody cared and I will clean the young people for writers and I was actively seeking were not talk all when all the issue of abortion and churches participation in life. We can agree with.

There are other really good nation and that we went to one of the and liquid nondenominational church. The How we got started. I think it wasn't long after that must've been 99 or 2000 that they get interviewed and we ended up getting a outlaw By Focus on the Family back around 2000 or 2001 at all surrounding yeah was that all surrounding the controversy there at that particular Lutheran denomination yet and I think at that time, we knew what the pay lien were doing.

We may not have been familiar with on the PC USA and thumbs up if just involved.

Of course we just continue to see more and more mainline denominations lining up like that say athletic lot stuffed into our life. Activism yet nothing about that that I would encourage everybody listening to us today just because you go to church like your pastor is cross on the wall.

They talk about the Bible don't don't assume that everything is okay because you have to know what you denominations doing behind the behind the surface behind the curtain and and that's where we we can't just assume everything's fine.

It's called the church is a lot of denominations in America that are pro-choice and are supporting things like this and I'm so glad you had a husband woke up to that. No knock on you guys. I think a lot of us can operate out of ignorance.

So how did you did you then first come to get involved with the WA went very well.

I long started volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center County and that I was on staff and when they came out with the article in in their magazine harm often in that I think it talk about correction First and it's probably embarrassing to think the state director and not even the fraction will Jill are coming up unrecalled I thought right there will pick it up there when we come back for talking to Joe Coward. She's the director of concerned women for America here in North Carolina.

This is the noblest ignoble self getting involved. That's what it's all about will come back to this is greatly with you today. Talk a little bit about activism. Local level in the statewide level with no Coward who is the state director for North Carolina for concerned women for America great organizations been around for decades.

You remember probably think LaHaye LaHaye Beverly Tim Layton way. Most will know Tim lay because the left behind series, Beverly, who I met at a group called the counts for national policy, which sounds ominous. I know then and it is kind, this really exits the epicenter of the religious right. In many ways and so Beverly got involved decades ago, adjusting what was happening in the culture of not being willing to sit on the sideline to do nothing and so got involved and started concerned women for America and Jill got involved several years ago. Joey really appreciate you being with us today. Thank you honor to be on your site. Thank you very much, so tell us a lot about what what concerned women for America does like on a state level, normal operations, because I really want our listeners. Obviously the other Christian ladies out there to understand what CWA is all about and how to get involved. Patella slowed about what what's going on a statewide level and if it does that change this year because it's an election year help us understand that like to share what are seven core issues are empty issues that we will always take action on prayer and action on the first of the fantasy of life.

We defend much of our time in policy or in the culture working on that the defense of family, education, religious liberty national sovereignty that actual exploitation and support for Israel within our stay for many years. I know you do ideas that the listeners may not 90th we had a very liberal state legislature.

We did not have health outcome majority of Democrats for the state health or the state Senate from 1800 until 2010, the first year that North Carolina had a majority of Republican. Up until that time we had one terse signature James S. Forester is a physician and Gaston County and he would try to raise the same bill every year on the marriage amendment.

It would never make it out of the committee because the majority or Democrats got into thousand 10 everything with and the date determined that they would look for the citizens of the date for referendum that May 2012 unfortunately. Fortunately, heartbreakingly forced her dad did not get a seat at the Y. Mary Frances Forster was the founder of our state chapter crisscross the state with others, making sure that her husband's legacy would be successful. The first thing we did. We no longer had to go to Raleigh and lobby on the marriage amendment like we had for all the years prior to that in 2013, we felt it wasn't to try to protect our state from sharia law. At that time we had not heard of Isis and our legislators didn't even know what sharia law was week.representative Chris Whitmire to propose an amendment coming up bill on American loss from the court to protect our Constitution perform all and that was half. We work hard on the bathroom feel and unite initially, we were pleased with that.

We thought I trust we did our part to help all repeal common core. We get involved in politics. Maybe not every time we did do a project how she voted to 2012. The 2014, oh where we did campus thing either on the feminine or knocking on doors and we we can't weekly that will be doing that again this year Information yet from national and you also you guys and in June also do a legislative visitor coming visit your legislator day at capital right we currently doing this year we will have our 20th annual day at the capital and that we we really are going to make this a special year.

We don't have to date yet. Usually either the first or the second Wednesday and she and that we haven't we haven't determined that you have to be a nail that yes that's a very important thing for us to do and the last couple years on Tammy Fitzgerald joined us with the values coalition, and.anyway, it's just such an important across the state. Not everybody wants to go to Raleigh for some of the other occasions that will take us there sure that for the day at the capital they really want to do what my people, by the way, were talking to Joe Coward is the North Carolina state director for concerned women for America, it's important to remember a lot of people go well, you know, we've got the Republicans control the House and the Senate. Okay that's great that on the super majority were helping to get that back.

That's great, but we still did not get to come to strike while the iron is hot when we need to advance these types of issues to make sure the legislatures, the legislators that we hired that we voted for are dealing with these issues in a proactive way of passing legislation that helps, just like you were saying on those issues.

Sanctity of life events. The family education religious liberty national sovereignty which deals with immigration obviously sexual exploitation and support for Israel. We have to take advantage of the fact that we have majorities in both the House and the Senate and that's a big thing that we need to do what what difference does it make when we show up down there. Jill wasn't so important to show up in June whenever the data is in and go see her legislators we get it out of interesting state. When we got were certainly not worry they are generally dear dear other fruit that are taking advantage of their their particular issue that they now we writers always seem to enjoy seeing us.

For one thing, preceding our day at the capital. We participate answer and do a project that we called encouraged legislator per sample month either members or guests or friends of our ministry will end out hard that you do all they have to do is let the legislators know that there crying for the we assigned them.

Each of the people who want to send out cards. We have found him legislator's name and we all say include the other people in state government and we include the president. We include our national delegation and visual probably include judges and justices did not know artisan were just encouraging them.

I'm praying for you as a matter what party are yes and we we trying to build relationship were not hammering the legislators to who are no longer who were not her friends who work her and how friendly that we wanted to know that we pray for the and we have failed and happened through the years that there are some legislators who say I really appreciate you are, you know that we are not going to take heavy fire against them and when we guys. You were not looked upon as necessarily and it just seems to make a difference. Then we have gone into certain legislator costs legislative offices interesting. One of our cars on their bulletin, which is only know because you prove it by praying for you reaching out to you, encouraging you wish. We might not agree with you but we care about you.

We respectively preview that makes a big difference.

How can people. Jill find out real quick and get involved here North Carolina.

What's the website website in the Frank. Great to be with you and it was good to have Joe Coward on the show. She's with concerned women for America, but they have their North Carolina section 2 because the CWA is a national organization but there also organize state-by-state basis. So here North Carolina would put the link up on the Facebook live feeds of you want to look at that, if you listen on the radio you really go to sky look like which whatever but on Facebook live were also sharing some links and stuff as you look here in the studio and then we continue to have a conversation during the commercial breaks so Facebook live is a little bit of augmented reality to the radio show because we have an extra 14 minutes to work with during commercial breaks so I would encourage you to check out the Facebook live feed. It's just that the Steve Noble show Facebook page and go there, but it's in C.CW Okay, that's that will get you directly to concerned women for America, the North Carolina chapter in C.CW and we got those links on Facebook live a Jill did text me and wanted me to extend an invitation to all of you ladies here in the Raleigh North Carolina area. She's got a new prayer action chapter and Raleigh is tomorrow so tomorrow night what Mount Vernon Baptist Church which is right in the heart of North Raleigh. Not very far from where I live actually Mount Vernon Baptist Church 4530. It's a prayer gathering and that's really powerful that really starts to change things and how you look at politics and how you look at politicians, particularly when you start praying for and especially to praying for people that you you pray for a president or a legislator state level or a member of Congress, House of the Senate that you can't stand, and God will do something in your heart and your mind.

I guarantee you that because that's exactly what happened to me when I started to pray for Barack Obama like I really do much prefer those in authority. Can I just pray for the ones I like. Pacifically, the ones that I voted for God like no you idiot pray for all of them, all of them need our prayers. So that's an opportunity. In Raleigh tomorrow Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Would you be Thursday from 4 to 530 CWA's got a prayer action chapter here in Raleigh, which is my backyard so I brought that up. Okay, let's talk about the impeachments I've talked about it in a while but I have been watching it.

So how how many of you been watching the impeachment proceedings now that it's in the Senate.

The house is over. That's a done deal. Okay, I'm looking at this, so I'm kind of filtering all this is somebody that's taught civics in the Constitution for years to isolate homeschoolers that I come at it from that perspective. Okay, I try to be as nonpartisan as I can and I try to operate constitutionally, which is what these guys and gals are supposed to be doing but they don't because that those days are for the most part are over unless your name is Alan Dershowitz who voted for three Clinton does not like trump lifelong liberal Democrat.

However, the other night because he's on Trump's defense team the other night in a truly nonpartisan manner. He unpacked just did an incredible job at looking at the legality the constitutionality precedent behind what's going on in the and for me watching this I watch the house management team and also in the house itself and note that I'm like okay this is like middle school because it's so emotional a lot of hyperbole, throwing a lot of charges. A lot of assumption assumptions. Even today I was in the midst of one of my Constitution classes with high school age homeschoolers in, we watched a segment of it and we watched one of the trump defense team lawyers speak and then they watched Cameron which gal was. I don't member recall her name is African American lady on the house manager Steve she steps up to the plate.

The plate in its hyperbole, its charges, assumptions, it's her opinion and then the defense team member steps up and it's the law.

It's the Constitution it's the facts, which is what this is supposed to be. This is supposed of an impeachment proceeding. Contrary to Nancy Pelosi's approach is supposed to be a solemn thing not a great thing. Not an exciting thing. Not a celebratory thing. So I said to both my classes today. I said what if you found out ironclad evidence caught red-handed that I got a meth lab. I am running a child sex trafficking ring in a couple of things and I'm in.

It's the guilt. The guilt looks pretty obvious have another court case yet, but I brought a bunch of arrested looks horrible all this evidence now would you then be excited about seeing your favorite teacher go to jail. I maybe would be excited about that and on some of the group goofball in the class here and there. Will that be pretty funny. But most of really.

I asked him would you celebrate with it be funny to you and if you like me as a teacher we would like you Mr. Noble okay, how many of you would be happy about that none of you okay but how many of you would think it was right just that the evidence is obvious that despite the fact that you like me and I'm your teacher that all of a sudden you like this guy's got to go to jail. Okay, that's what impeachment is supposed to be nonpartisan, not political, legal, do we have a president who has clearly broken the law. High crimes and misdemeanors and in this case we don't so you watch the middle school team was all about emotion and interpretation and opinion versus the law school team who are self-controlled by the way, did you notice in the opening statements.

The Democrats took all 24 hours. That was like the check that dripping water Chinese torture right drip drip drip drip drip drip 24 hours. They used all of it. Do you know how much Trump's defense team. They were allotted 24 hours. You know most of it. They used 11 to 13 horse left over. Why, because when you just have the facts on your side. You just present the facts and you sit down you know the facts on your side. You got hyperbole you got into you have impressions you have opinions you have allegations then you got a wax on and on and on and they know they're in trouble. So there's going to keep pouring it on important and unimportant on so it was just disgusting really, but it's been fascinating to watch and really helping to watch. I wanted him to dig into. I've got a lot of comments from Dershowitz because this is important that I besides sitting here just wanting to voice my opinion to talk about these things, what impeachment politics theology pop-culture whatever.

I also want us to learn together and there's some things to be learned here from Alan Dershowitz so this is a daily wire article. Of course this is typical, language for an article title. Dershowitz obliterates the Dems case for removing trump from office so he began teaching on Dershowitz if you don't know that much about you got a got Oliver radar screens with the O.J. Simpson trial. Okay he began teaching law at Harvard. One is 28, the youngest ever to do so is handle this little high-profile cases, O.J. Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein, now 81, Dershowitz retired in 2013 and has since been a regular media contributor political commentator legal analyst Teresa got the call to join Trump's defense team and on Monday held court for little more than an hour okay so when you get an expert whose nonpartisan and impartial just to talk about the Constitution and the law. You give him an hour and he will slay with directly what he did. That's the power of the Constitution. Okay so this is this is his opening comments in the last segment him to share with you some of the actual guts of what he said this is super important is a lot to learn here. Love trump a trump Republican, Democrat, if you could set all that stuff aside is schooling all of us in a way that we all need to listen to. Here's what he said I stand before you today. As I stood in 1973 in 1974 for the protection of the constitutional and procedural rights of Richard Nixon, who I personally abhorred and is impeachment.

I personally favorite and as I stood for the rights of Bill Clinton, who I admired in his impeachment. I strongly opposed. He said as he opened his remarks impartial guy right. That's what we want our judges to be, by the way, I can't stand this guy, but I'm in a judge based on the law and based on the Constitution, regardless of my personal opinions. Okay so yeah she does belong to L quote I stand against the application and misapplication of the constitutional criteria and every case and against any president without regard to whether I support his or her parties or policy, I would be making the very same constitutional argument had Hillary Clinton, for whom I voted been elected and had a Republican House voted to impeach her on these unconstitutional grounds.

He said there was. He said he was there to answer one major question, quote to charges of abuse and obstruction rise to the level of the people offenses under the Constitution. That was the that was premise of his comments are these things even impeachable offenses, obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

Should we even be talking about this or are these political issues political differences in the and then he he brought in history to broaden the Constitution and it was awesome. So it's a start. With this parties talking about what is impeachable is word for word okay. The main thrust of my argument. However, in the one most relevant to these proceedings is that even if that position is not accepted, even if criminal conduct were not required.

The framers of our Constitution implicitly rejected and if it had been presented to them would have explicitly rejected such vague terms as abuse of power and obstruction of Congress is among the enumerated and defined criteria for impeaching a president now here I am making. I think a very important point. Dershowitz even if the Senate were to conclude that a technical crime is not required for impeachment. Critical question remains, and is the question I now want to address myself to do. Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress constitute impeachable offenses. Why would he say that we, because those are the articles of impeachment that the house brought okay. That's who they brought to the party and I get a make up dance with the relevant history. He said answers that question clearly in the negative. These charges suffers from the vice of being so vague term that they will be equivalent of tenure at the pleasure of the Senate is quoting founding fathers neck tasting medicine, who is largely known as the father, the Constitution will keep getting school by Mr. Alan Dershowitz and we come back don't go anywhere for the seasonal show Dershowitz to keep reading from his comments Monday night he just schooled everybody on the lack of constitutional veracity of this entire impeachment process, but then he goes on the goes on the view Wednesday hey Alan note to Helen just earlier today goes on the view they went ballistic because your lifetime approval of the Democrat party. Alan is gone all your your Democrat card man card all that it's all gone because you threw down on behalf of the Constitution on behalf of the law which happened new in this case, benefit the president states now you're out minute one point would be Goldberg who's obviously constitutional attorney and expert not just says it Dershowitz that's baloney Whoopi Goldberg telling Alan Dershowitz's constitutional argument is baloney. I welcome to the toilets okay and then and then Steve Baker, a friend of the show who's in Iowa and Des Moines actually going to the trump rally trump rally tomorrow night in Des Moines, Iowa days before the Iowa caucus that that is just classic trump that is so funny that just and you know I support trump a lot in many ways. Some ways I don't but in many ways I do, but I'm not like Meg at where guy, no knock to you that are, but I love watching the stock. The fact that he's doing that is just hilarious to me that he's just not showing up couple of days before is to be fast.

I think Bernie Sanders can when I was thinking when New Hampshire I ask you think there's a really good chance that he beats by imagine that Trump versus Bernie Sanders you just can make this going to stop okay back to what Estrella Dershowitz lifelong Democrat did not vote for trump voted for Hilary doesn't like trump what he says okay what was in the president's mind this is a fascinating approach. This is what Dershowitz was saying constitutional law professor Josh Blackman. This is directly from their switches.

Comments drew the following relevant conclusion from this and other historical events. He said, quote politicians routinely promote their understanding of the general welfare.

While in the back of their minds. Considering how these actions will affect their own popularity. Often the two concepts overlap. What's good for the country is good for the officials reelection all politicians.

He said understand that dynamic. Like all human beings. Dershowitz adds presidents and other politicians persuade themselves that their actions seen by their opponents is self-serving are primarily in the national interest is trying to help the American people are that's what they voted for me to do. And of course you try to help the American people at the same times can help your political position right so it self-serving and in the national interest.

All the same time to understand, that makes perfect sense in order to conclude Dershowitz says that such mixed motive, actions constitute abuse of power.

Opponents opponents must psychoanalyze the president and attribute to him. A singular self-serving motive.

Such a subjective probing of motives cannot be the legal basis for a serious accusation of abuse of power that can result in removal of an elected president. Yet this is precisely what the managers are claiming here's what they say quote whether the president's real reason was actually in his mind at the time legitimate what what a standard what was in the president's mind actually in his mind what was the real reason would you want your actions to be probed for what was the real reason why you acted even if the president were clearly shows in my mind that the framers could not have intended this psychoanalytic approach to presidential motives to determine the distinction between what is impeachable and what is not. Then he did a quid pro quo's okay this is excellent as a condition to sending aid to a foreign country. Obviously a highly disputed matter. In this case, that would not by itself constitute an abuse of power talk about quid pro quo's consider the following hypothetical case that is in our news today is the Israeli prime minister comes to the United States for meetings. Let's assume a Democratic president tells Israel that foreign aid authorized by Congress will not be sent or an Oval Office meeting will not be scheduled unless he is really stop building settlements. Quid pro quo.

I might disapprove of such quid pro quo demand on policy grounds it would not constitute an abuse of power. Quid pro quo alone is not a basis for abuse of power as part of the way foreign policy is been operated by presidents since the beginning of time the claim the foreign policy decisions can be deemed abuses of power based on subjective opinions about mixed or sold motives, but the president was interested only in helping himself demonstrate the dangers of employing the big subjective and political politically malleable phrase" abuse. Abuse of power as a constitutionally permissible criteria for the removal of the president Mrs. Dershowitz again for Monday night. Now follows that if the president any president or in a manner quid pro quo as a condition to sending aid to a foreign country. Obviously, I highly disputed matter. In this case, that would not by itself constitute an abuse of power.

Let me repeat nothing in the former national security advisor John Bolton revelations even if true, would rise to the level of an abuse of power or impeachable offense that it's clear from the history that is clear from the language of the Constitution. You cannot turn conduct that is not impeachable into impeachable conduct simply by using words like quid pro quo and personal benefit. It's inconceivable. Dershowitz said that the framers would have intended such politically loaded and promiscuously deployed a term as abuse of power, and weapon eyes it as a tool of impeachment because, by the way friends, abuse of power is not against the law, which means it's not an impeachable offense, then this is great to finish with this okay.

I wish I had more time I read all this to is that important abuse of power, obstruction of justice.

Okay, that's what Dershowitz said Monday night sure what he was above the law, but they created a law talk about founding fathers. They created a law by which Congress could impeach and they did not want to expand that law to include all the criteria that permitted impeachment in Great Britain, the framers would never have included any did not include abuse of power as an enumerated and defined criteria for impeachment by expressly rejecting maladministration, which is a phrase they toyed with early on can we impeach for maladministration, the implicit implicitly rejected "abuse nor the framers have concluded obstruction of Congress is among the enumerated and defined criteria is too different. It is too vague, indefinable, especially in the constitutional system in which according to Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 78, the legislative body is not themselves the constitutional judge of their own powers in the construction they put on them is not conclusive upon other departments instead.

He said the courts were designed as an intermediate body between the people is declared in the Constitution and the legislature in order to keep the latter within limits assigned to the authority meeting the house of representatives is not the courts will announce a problem with trump saying I'm not good to abide by your subpoenas because of executive privilege there only redress would be to go to the court system, which they didn't do.

But then he talked about this was fascinating. This is so good entrancing to put this in.

He did this whole history lesson, then, is not this particular article about the use of the phrase abuse of power and who is is that is that's an impeachable offense. Okay, just about every president in the history of the nation all 45 from George Washington to Donald Trump has been accused of abuse of power. George Washington was accused of abuse of power. Thomas Jefferson was accused of abuse of power. Samuel Adams was accused of abuse of power. A Lincoln was accused of abuse of power. Ronald Reagan was accused of abuse of power. Obama was accused of abuse of power when they refused to turn over's information and the fast and furious. So all these presidents in all these years, accused by members, the legislature of abuse of power. Yet not a single one of them was ever impeach. Why because that's not an impeachable offense. It's a subjective observation about the political maneuverings of a president. It is a political observation and that's all that's going on without the representatives the Democrats they don't like his politics. They don't like his foreign-policy manipulation. The ways handling it.

They don't like the way he handled the former ambassador to Ukraine. They don't like him well. Sorry your dislike of the guy. The guy makes you want to throw up in your mouth 10 times a day. That is not an impeachable offense. You want to know how you deal with that freedom in the next election.

But I think they know they can't be them in the next election so guess what will be them some other way and this is the way they do so that that's what's going on. So again back observation about the whole process. The Democrats impeachment process the way they handle it. What they say they took all 24 hours of the 24 hours opening statement to basically act like a bunch of middle schoolers, hyperbole, emotion, accusation, then the president's defense team gets up there allotted 24 hours. They only took 11 and all they did, they just did law school stuff, constitutional attorneys, law school peers the foot.

Here's the facts is what the Constitution says here's the precedent here's what's missing is what they didn't tell you fact fact fact fact all objective and knowable and that's why they can sit down to get a sitdown so they're still going to now suggest you know I just like with the Clinton impeachment.

Here's the here's a threat now is watching this earlier today.

Now they get to 18 hours aloud or how many hours it's a lot now it's questions Q&A is a way that works. If you have a washer you should watch it is fascinating in its historical is only the third time in our nations history. This happened that's a big deal. So now they ask questions that the questions get asked this way, the senator or several senators earlier today. There is a senator from both Lindsay Grant a question from both Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz so they write down their question. They give it to the page. The page takes it to John Roberts, the Supreme Court justice. That's Chief Justice Supreme Court is presiding over the Senate right now he reads it and then they say that this question is for the house managers.

This question is for the presence dependency and they read the question and then that team member stands up and gives the answer and they decided they once he got to teams here looks like a classic content you're looking at it camera angle John Roberts is in the top of the picture in the back got president trumped up in the right house managers on the left another staff, papers, and stacks of posts known all over the place and they decide based on the question. Who are you to send up, you watch and try to watch it in a nonpartisan way just one word choice language choice look for hyperbole charge is that the appealing to the opinions of patient something in the long you see law school on the right side middle school in the painfully hopefully will be over soon present will be acquitted. We can move on to see no one. Steve Noble show, God willing will talk to you like my dad always said

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