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Corona Virus and Impeachment Hearings

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 31, 2020 6:28 pm

Corona Virus and Impeachment Hearings

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 31, 2020 6:28 pm

Corona Virus and Impeachment Hearings

Today, on a weekly wrap-up, Dr. Cheryl Davis - Chief Medical Officer - joins to discuss the outbreak of the Corona Virus! Plus, Representative Mike Johnson, part of President Trump's Defense Team for the impeachment hearings, discusses the recent wrapping up of the hearings!


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Everyone I know will show you meet everyday issues of life at work and Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or check them out Now here's your house a lot going on is right now. I got closing arguments in the impeachment trial which I was just listening to talk about that today and actually I represented Mike Johnson my good buddy from Louisiana has been on drums defense team throughout. This is going to be calling anything to calling on the third segments I will talk to him at the bottom of the hour, so he'll be on about 432 Eastern time. So you have a chance to join us. I will get it straight from the lion's den what that represented Mike Johnson. Right now we want to take an opportunity. Some friends at the Truth Network here in North Carolina let me know about an opportunity to talk to Dr. Cheryl Davis, she's the senior vice president of medical affairs, chief medical officer at Scott Memorial Hospital which is in Lawrenceburg, North Carolina. She was on webinar earlier today with the CDC about the coronavirus, so we wanted to take an opportunity to hear from expert about this so we know a fact from fiction. We can understand what we need to be aware of Dr. Cheryl Davis thanks for calling today. How are you I'm great Harry. Very good. Thank you so much for your time.

I am busy you are, so just give us an update what we need to know about the coronavirus. Of course with the Internet and social media. This is getting spun out pretty good and I do want to make sure, as Christians were, you know not given a spirit of fear but of truth and love and a sound mind. So help us to have a sound mind when it comes to the coronavirus and what you learn that I found it by ear at world health organization hired a public American amateur that can cite here in the public eye. I do think that I and ever-changing right and you may hear one day my back think that we can rely on 88 website website Debbie Debbie you'll find that I write a lot about the theological right red and that the client behind coronavirus what we know the bar that there about 10,000 take it worldwide them are in China, although there are cases that spread across a few hundred country, and it had been about 200 get in. There are six confirmed cases in the US and acting on the 27th. Today I think it confirmed that one patient that means that a person interested per person under investigation and that you read I did it to another that the person under investigation have to travel to China and have become actively mad a competitor for their being followed.

Quarantine and one person has transmitted to another.

Yeah, we got the situation because they think it was a chartered 747 or something and they flew him back. Unbeknownst to them until he landed in California they've quarantined all of them for a further two weeks and so we went. When I were talking by phone earlier and that's obviously that's a wise thing to do what ever panic and invoice. I start washing my hands more. We should be thinking like that at all at this point. Should we know there are common pain that I would probably fall five do not travel to China at half and I don't know what other reason other than to death of the family member that you cannot be rearranged that I would not travel. The second thing is that just like on the unit. Yet the family of coronavirus that cause the common cold and Saturday can prevent be prevented by very simple things that we like our standard precaution on if you have a cough isolate yourself from your family and wash your hand regularly and if you do you know if you do experience cough, fever, runny nose that cut most likely it is the common cold or the flu.

Whenever you look at your actual risk of an average person living in the United States going to be more accustomed to being the flu or the common cold, rather than death strain of coronavirus yet because I'm in the latest outsole just just recently for North Carolina from the flu death was 54 and so that was at 2019, 20, 20 season we should be more worried about our flu shots and cut and catching the flu, then we should. The coronavirus program for current and people are going to have, fever, and there could have running at common on contempt of the flu or a respiratory illness. In order to minimize.

If you have not been vaccinated for the flu I would get vaccinated possible and if you do exhibit B. Sent him. Then I went really Felt quarantine which is a good thing to do anyway not writing that chart out in the public worked out and your goal for competitor. Very common and basic rules of infection control, but if you have traveled in the last working day yourself and you've either been fitted on the activate Provident or the city of Wuhan then and then you become erratic, then you know you have another issue on your hand but those are very small amount of people in the country. If the average person has a high risk of getting the flu virus is and what was the general tone of the webinar with the CDC general, if that United we are.

We are finding all these alert because it entered practice, but also it on delineate resources and were able to issue travel warning, and because they do not seem worried. I think the biggest risk is that if this virus is transmitted without being mad at and it's really hard to monitor on the webinar that was not mentioned at all. And I think I fell in thought today that with the question that they did not report on the webinar that virus is being transmitted outside of showing that it if we are showing contempt therefore then you can label person under investigation and quarantine and do better control of infection is the worst case scenario, somebody can have it actually be transmitting it to other people but not show any symptoms that you have no idea what's going on in its spreading awareness and not cannot isolate. There's no way to control it. At that and so in terms of the shelf life of this being something that's a concern. But what how long much longer do you think will be even talking about the coronavirus, assuming it doesn't, take off on yet typically be on.

After our 14 day once we've issued the United travel warning and that you limit that that the issue that makes it that global is international travel and limits the international travel, then I would think that we probably another 2 to 3 weeks.

We are only transmitting the virus by right got a different game will keep watching the Dr. Cheryl Davis, Senior VP of medical affairs and the chief medical officer Stella Memorial.

Thank you so much for calling in today. We really appreciate your walking, talking, and soon I friends important information will be read no show so on the heels of hearing from Dr. Cheryl Davis of been stockpiling food and stuff because of the coronavirus virus you could stop your stockpiles and food for the Super Bowl Sunday. That's fine. Glad about when it comes to the coronavirus, we should be more concerned about the flu and the flu's guilt before people and flu season here in North Carolina so we should be much more concerned about that than the coronavirus but you know there's all kinds of news outlets in social media and isn't it easy to get caught up in that I may not been's head. Sometimes a lesson is going. Coronavirus roaming and I just watch the movie contagion the other day, so my code was with Arnott numbers and how quickly does it reproduce in is it that people asymptomatic.

They don't show symptoms but yet they're carrying it in their giving as other people without having any symptoms so you don't know and all I can stuff but like I said at the beginning of that time with Dr. Davis. We have not we being Christians have not been given the spirit of fear but of love power to someone but it's important have that information. So I appreciate Dr. Cheryl Davis: in helping us out okay right now. Literally in the middle of closing arguments so I can hear that.

Why that was saved for a book okay that's Adam Schiff they're doing closing arguments in the Senate before they vote for. They take a vote on do they want witnesses in the same old same old going on their drinking, about what's happening in the Senate. She finally heard from Trump site that even making their vigorous defense and Nadler and Schiff and and and their other six members of the of the house managers party basically doing the same thing over and over again and then what's wild about this and they're going to take this vote. Okay, here's what's gonna go down there to take the vote pretty soon on hearing other witnesses and of course what the alleged things in Bolton's blog. Jumbled's book. This came out that in the New York Times continue to put the stuff out there just another one earlier today that all of a sudden who somebody I'm reading through Bolton's book. I got kind of a copy of it somehow is not really separate. Now it's up for presale. How convenient for jumbled that that's pretty good ad campaign right pretty good marketing campaign. Now they're saying oh will actually there was a meeting where a bunch of guys were in the room and that Mr. Trump gave instruction.

Mr. Bolton wrote during an Oval Office conversation.

Early man ring from the New York Times that included the acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, the president's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani and White House counsel Patsy Pallone is now leading the president's impeachment defense. So another sailboat said that they were all in the room when he made it perfectly obvious that this was going on. This is what we wanted to do so. Trump responded of course I never instructed jumbled to set up a meeting for Rudy Giuliani one of the greatest corruption fighters in America by far the greatest American history New York City to meet with Pres. Zelinski. That meeting never happened.

Giuliani denied the conversation took place that it's uncut absolutely and categorically true. And so they asked New York Times S. Mr. Bolton and Representative Mr. Mulvaney for comments and neither one of them replied. So now there's no ship and Nadler at all are saying. See Bolton Bolton pulled listener Bolton is the patriot that a lot of people think he is.

You think he would've stepped up to a Mike already sometime in the last three months and said I have information that I need to share because you're not getting the full story in the house. You guys are hearing it, and because I love the America so much. I have got to share this enemy comes right out because it nobody's stopping them from doing that he could do it but he hasn't. So there's that. So they're trying to keep keep saying only need to bring jumbled we need to bring jumbled thoughts of the been arguing about witnesses number witnesses. So, what was at stake for Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the Senate was okay.

I might lose these four senators if he loses Lamar Alexander was on the fence about witnesses, Susan Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. He goes from 53 to 47, 49 to 51 and now they're going to call witnesses and that would've been crazy because they would've been going after Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and the whistleblower in this on and on and on and on and on the go. So that's what was Mitch McConnell's Medela during the week Romney confirmed to confirm he was going to vote yes on witnesses so will vote yes on witnesses this afternoon okay and then Susan Collins confirmed yes I'm gonna vote for more witnesses. So all of a sudden Mitch McConnell's gone from 5347 to 5149 problem right so what about lament looked Lamar Alexander what about Susan Murkowski, who also were a kind of targeted as being they might vote for witnesses.

So, Mitch McConnell's been walking that fine line all week while Lamar Alexander came out last night.

No I don't want further witnesses and Susan Murkowski came out this morning saying no, I don't want further witnesses is what she said and in your there's a lot going on here when when their speaking okay because she's not a big drum person. She's a very liberal Republican given the partisan nature. This is a direct quote of this impeachment from the very beginning and throughout. I have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the Senate will believe a continuation. This process will change anything it said for me to admit that as an institution. The Congress is failed since he's from Alaska that's what she sets. After keeping her views close to the best shooter statement just as what could be the final day proceedings got underway in it she said carefully. She carefully considered the question of allowing witnesses, but quote ultimately decided that I will vote against considering motions to subpoena even seem to take a swipe at Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts for a day earlier applying not-so-subtle pressure on Chief Justice John Roberts to side with those seeking witnesses on the fourth Thursday Warren gave Roberts a question that asked if refusing to allow witnesses would quote contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court in the Constitution lets Elizabeth Warren sene good witnesses. I think we should call your character into question here, Mr. Chief Justice Murkowski said in her statement quote. It is also become clear some of my colleagues. She's obviously referring to Elizabeth Warren, intend to further politicize this process and drag the Supreme Court into the fray while attacking the Chief Justice. I will not stand for and the support that effort. We've Artie degraded this institution for partisan political benefit and I will not enable those who wish to pull down another so she's voting no lamella Lamar Alexander voting no. Mitch McConnell only lost Mitt Romney. No joke there and no surprise their commitment hates Trump and Susan Collins. So this is going to go down 5149 will vote no more witnesses.

Now the only question left is, will they vote to convict or acquit tonight or will they do it tomorrow because the loaded deck because the state of the union address is Tuesday night which actually is a reminder Bill Clinton actually gave the students to view new dress while he was on being impeached during that process. So it's not unprecedented, but it's highly unusual.

Obviously, so the state unit is Tuesday night in Iowa caucuses Monday night so talk about a pregnant moment in history here in the country but will they do it, will they not how soon will they vote to acquit or find guilty of absent I can find guilty there's no quit now whether it's 5149 or 52 if they get a couple of Democrats that will be facet that would really help that the Republicans that they get a couple Democrats that go to acquit is and they can say your impeachment process was totally partisan, but the acquittal was bipartisan, that would be a huge win for the Republicans on another organist see that is a couple of Democrats that are on the hook because they're lit living in districts and their up for reelection at senators were Trump's doing pretty well and did well in the past so plan for pretty high stakes poker over there to talk to Representative Mike Johnson coming out of the break from Louisiana good buddy of mine we been friends since about 2005 great godly man, one of the greatest minds in Congress, especially when it comes to religious liberty but is also been on Pres. Trump's defense team. So he's going to call in and in a few minutes were to talk to him after the break get his cell frontline expert opinion on everything going on in the will continue to take it from there. Whether you like Trump or Hayden. Whether you like impeachment or hate it to make sure continuing to pray for all those in authority over us, whether it's Donald Trump or Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, we need to keep praying for these thoughts. Obviously, this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show will pick it up with representing Mike Johnson on the other side of the magazine Noble to Steve Noble show now going directly to the front lines with her good friend Representative Mike Johnson from Louisiana who has been just sing off the break Mike, thanks for calling and that you been from my perspective, you been in kind of this political hell for a while, sit on Nadler's committee and having to go through all this stuff and now the front lines being a part of drums, defense team, but at least you got to go see your LSU win the national championship.

So congratulations for that welder, one that you get better than that of vanilla sugar double along as you note, the road undergrad and law photo shoot I get to go on Air Force One with the president and the First Lady to national champ Jeff. I mean it.get a better know that was a nice little break. As you are in the middle of this crazy okay so right now there in the Senate they're doing their closing arguments before they vote on every can hear witnesses obviously dead. It's been cleared up today that is socket to go their way. But I'm a player clip afterward done because you probably saw this Nancy Pelosi yesterday in her press conference, saying this will be an acquittal, so they're already throwing the whole thing on the bus because it's not going their way. So what should we expect from this point and what you thought of what's gone going on in the Senate without finally be on the make a defense of the president. Well, we were grateful to finally put on the president. Been a one sided right all along.

All through the fall and the president finally got to put the truth out there. You know a lot of the public tuned out because they frankly got bored with the legal proceedings faded but but it was gratifying at least to put our our with the truth. The fact out there and you know I made a point several times and I think of them 50 interviews, you know, in the last few weeks so you know where else in the court and the court of public opinion try to present the president's case. Explain why this whole thing really and truly is a sham, but I said you know I forgot to Congress I litigated cases in federal court, high-profile constitutional law case you were in the trenches with me for some that worked for 20 years and in all that time. I never had a case that was so one-sided. Is this what I mean we have the facts and the law on the front of the president and of course the Constitution directly speak to the fact that everything that they've alleged an accused in and manufactured against them is not an physiology acquitted by tonight and we hope it will help yeah it's been fascinating to listen to some of these closing arguments today because in their in their plea for more witnesses and more paperwork yet when they first started in the Senate they're talking about. This is so obvious. The facts are in. He's guilty on both charges. This couldn't be any clearer. Blah blah blah. Then all of a sudden they're saying will know we actually need more witnesses to make our case since I was likable.

Which is it, Sir W.

Major case or have you not.

Is this just Trump derangement syndrome is that all this is that they hate the man so much. They know they can't beat them in the election. Most likely, so they babe wrote this book a long time ago they wrote the end we impeached him here Nancy Pelosi saying he's impeached forever with a big smile on her face handing out pens what what your read on it you been up there you you know these people you work with them every day. How should we quote unquote judge them in all of this.

Well, you made a lot of excellent point. This is been a hyper- partisan fraudulent profit from the get-go and you have to remember and we can't remind everyone of this too often before July 20 for the last year okay which was the fateful phone call between Pres. Trump and Pres. which is supposedly to correct the four that ever happened 95 house Democrats had already voted to impeach Donald Trump before the event ever took place right were on the house. Come on out Judiciary Committee that Nadler's committee is minimal. The committee that actually has jurisdiction over an impeachment proceeding. There 24 Democrats to serve on the committee with me.

17 out of the 24 had already voted to impeach Donald Trump.

Before we begin any hearings on the phone call so the whole thing was exactly what you sent people to predetermine political outcome. They promised to their radical increasingly listed base that they would impeach Donald Trump by Chris so they put this thing on transport and there's only a couple of precedent for this in all of American history. There's a reason impeachment is exceedingly rare. Everybody knows now Andrew Johnson in the 1860s.

Nixon never got to this point. He resigned first and then you have Clinton and 90 right in each of those cases, the president was impeached, had committed clearly criminal statutes. Criminal violations. They were backed up by mounds of evidence and everybody knew it.

That is not the case here in the region ahead of fast-forward and violate the presence to process and all the secret supersecret hearings in the basement and engineered and cherry picked the fact to put out there to advance their narrative knew they had nothing on doll like him. That's why we're here. But unfortunately for them in our constitutional system elected to represent of the Congress do not get to reverse the results of an election because they don't like the got it. Want and that's all the right impeachment was never meant to be a political process. Our founding fathers were very aware of that that the bars put at high crimes and misdemeanors, let alone the fact that you need 66 votes in the Senate so it by definition if it's not bipartisan by definition is not a valid impeachment and and I died to set Senate this way on the air. Mike in this you know the sorry Mike listen. Okay you guys I have like 88 students. Right now I have the radio audience and stuff. I have a great relationship with them. They love me. They think highly of me. Maybe.

But one day you find out that there's an overwhelming amount of evidence that I'm running a child prostitution ring in China and I have a meth lab in my house then also everybody's going old man that's heartbreaking. I really hate to hear that, but yes, Steve should face the lawn. Steve should go to jail because he made. It's obvious that this is a problem we love them but he's gotta go, and that would be of regular case for what impeachment is supposed to be in my my right on that note, founder put an article to searching for the very clear language. Anybody can mark on right at what what is it take to impeach a brother you have to reason rivalry or a high crime or misdemeanor and Prof. Dershowitz explained very well for this week on what they meant by that.

If you look at the Federalist papers in the deliberations of the constitutional convention what they meant by that was high crime or misdemeanor with something on par with treason or bribery had to be something like that. The most heinous of crimes against the state itself right because they couldn't find any evidence of anything like that. What these Democrats did they pull the trigger in a way that no previous Congress has ever been willing to do not you know everything the presidency is make decisions that were unpopular by the opposing party shall mean every president since George Washington is been accused of with the founders called maladministration refuse of their power in some respect.

They all would've been kicked out of office under the standard is being advanced here this afternoon because if if you can just decide as the opposing party. Just a single party can get together and say you know what we don't like the way that guys having phone calls like his policy decision will like this or that, like the way you tweet get rid of that standard is so low they would have no westernized impeachment provision of the Constitution is exactly what and it will deftly come back. And I'm not considering ever say that the Republican Party lacks human depravity and would never sin because now anybody can use it. The Republicans can follow that president as well as obviously the Democrats so from from this point on, the young couple minutes left. From this point on Nancy Pelosi's already signal she's going to come out and say this is in an acquittal is just another sham it's another cover-up on the Republicans in the Senate is just cover up side of the Republican Party deal with this going forward after the acquittals done. Maybe tonight but I guess it could be tomorrow or Monday at the latest. But what what you do after that. Well, we have to go out and often as we can in everything.

You and every lion's share of the track along the truth, and hope to cut through the mainstream media that is helping get back in Schumer and company advanced that crazy you know whiners narrative coming whole thing was flawed.

They knew they didn't have valid articles. Everybody sort of knew how to come out in the end they did it anyway why everyone hope beyond hope that they can damage Donald Trump enough if we can't reverse the election of left to generate 53 million American maybe, just maybe they can prevent him from being reelected and work the back from seismic ground in New Jersey. It indication what the people are speculative. They know that Donald Trump and railroaded to reward him for all of the results of his administration is full. I grant that represented my Johnson from the great state of Louisiana is always thinking my brother for Colin and God bless you. Thanks for all your work you to room 35 That was representative my Johnson and Casey could tell Mike and I had known each other for a long time but he's right in the middle of it all. One of the he's one of the few people that I trust up there implicitly, very, very godly man and has been in credit used to be one of the top attorneys in alliance defending freedom and then he helped to start a law school and the gentleman that was in the in the district that he now represents from Louisiana I step down the a special election like Mike Mike one overwhelmingly won reelection again two years ago and will continue to win because he's just that good. You could tell that he's done a lot of stunt so many interviews over the years we did on work together in several things here in North Carolina and he's just he's the real deal, just a gem.

Just a huge blessing that we have something like that up there and somebody like that that we can get on the shoulder once in a while and and that's the deal. But here's what can happen. I'll keep talking about it after the break. You got here. The Nancy Pelosi the Nancy Pelosi press conference from yesterday when she just say it is not acquittal.

That's what they're going to do an acquittal not acquitted.

That'll be there phrase between now and the election and then assuming Donald Trump wins and I think he will win in the fall short of anything crazy happening between now and then to say the election is his reelection's illegitimate very put that feeler out there just in the last week that he's corrupting everything and then were not to trust the results of the election this fall because you messed around foreign governments. Jerry Nadler was saying that, and hopefully the American people will continue to see these folks for the crazy middle schoolers that they are just amazing need to be in prayer for all of the Mississippi nobleness, the noble shoulder from Pelosi from Hertz, just come back on C-SPAN.

I couldn't stand the commentary yes and BC up and depose those guys occurring alive but they're also doing commentary and it is only so much I can take and so right now they've done their closing arguments on the question about hearing additional witnesses and so then they're going to take the vote. Do we want to hear additional witnesses, which looks like it's going to go 5149 for the Republicans, which means no additional witnesses were done with all of that and then the next. The only question left is, when do we do the actual vote to find the president guilty on one or two of the impeachment charges or do we acquit him and so that will be next.

Will they do it tonight if not tonight I think you'll certainly do it tomorrow because room or Monday is the Iowa caucus and then Tuesday is the state of the union address. I asked all my students yesterday that a play Nancy Pelosi or for so I can try to ruin your afternoon a little bit. I asked all my students yesterday and on Wednesday I Constitution, civic students, do you think Donald Trump will go after the Democrats during the state of the Union address on the impeachment question and they were it was about 90% to 10 9010 said yes he's deftly to go after them. So this is going to be some must-see TV on Tuesday night, but yesterday Nancy Pelosi do a big press conference about various things but she was asked and got into it about the impeachment about Trump and with this acquittal and this is exactly the way this is going to go play it for you so you cannot be prepared for what's to start happening as soon as they vote to acquit the president okay this is what's going to happen this get used to this use of the song as you hear it from now until November and the November 7.

Trump wins then you get here. We only know if this is a legitimate went.

That's very, very dangerous for the country itself.

Nancy Pelosi yesterday at the House of Representatives and the press conference is over.

Pres. Trump will be chastened and understand the Congress watching him or will send credit if you don't have a child you don't have a child.

If you don't have witnesses and documentation I would hope that the senators if it comes to a tie or if there's a question at hearing testimony and documents would leave it up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appointed Republican majority court. I would think that they would have confidence. Chief Justice of the United States that is trailing his title interesting to me that there phrase of breaking a time Chief Justice of the United States.

Does the president know right from wrong. I don't think so. Do you go so that that that's what you can hear it's an acquittal on both charges. Both impeachment charges in the Senate when they vote could be not tonight. No later than tomorrow so Bilbo to acquit in the Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff and all the rest of them will say it's not an acquittal, because like Nancy was saying if there's no witnesses then how can that be a trial not a trial.

You can't really quit somebody. However, like I said earlier in this is what I represented my Johnson was talking about in the house that sure trial gather all your information present all your evidence that's like the grand jury that's hearing all the evidence in this case is not the exact same thing as the jury system and the legal system because it's an impeachment it's different and Congress is not the judicial branch, although sometimes they certainly look like it sound like it act like it. But in this case. Impeachment doesn't run like a regular trial and even when they were trying to when they were down the basement and one representative Johnson when Mike said that on his call. Just a little while ago and down those secret meetings down the basement of the capital. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it isn't. They have those meetings behind closed doors in the basement of Congress, and thence's certain witnesses there like you can bring an attorney with you and they only got the witnesses they want the Republicans didn't get any witnesses they wanted. So is all totally one-sided and that's where all the information was presented, which is when he comes over to the Senate and Nadler and ship and the other six people on the management team coming over from the house of the artist. Impeachment said time and time again when Jay Sekulow was present in closing arguments earlier. He was like 31 times. They said it's ironclad 27 times. I said this is all in the Senate proceedings.

Okay they said over and over again.

This is an ironclad case it's called it's open and shut all the evidence is against them is obvious is guilty.

Now they're saying oh anymore. We need more witnesses because of the because we can't prove our case and then that's the implication right if it's an ironclad case, then why would you need more witnesses they once you get across the touchdown. You don't need to run back out to the five and run back in to say, look, we got a touchdown know you got a touchdown or you did. They made their case are any day other witnesses they got their information, but now they know it's not going their way.

Plus, this is all theater at this point.

They know that you lose in the Senate. They knew the real is in the first place but they had to get the guy impeached by Christmas. You know so they could go home and celebrate. And then he's impeached forever remember Nancy Pelosi said that he's impeached forever so we have if we can't beat them, there were at least to sting him to stain his record so will be the only third president in history.

The countries been impeached. That's Donald Trump. We impeached get it sale. This all works and so that's what's going on. I want to play this one more time because it's couple little things in here. You gotta pay attention to to learn from constitutionally okay, as we try to understand the country, not from the right, not from the left, but from the constitutional perspective which is the basis of the country in the first place.

So this is again Nancy Pelosi is a couple things in her want to stop on and unpack a little bit for all of our for all of our good. Okay, check this out Nancy Pelosi again history is over that Pres. Trump will be chastened and understand the Congress watching him or will send credit if you don't have a child cannot be acquitted if you don't have a trial. This is the trial there. The jury party presented the evidence they're making a decision based on the evidence you had a chance go back over your evidence. All that was presented already as the juries and deliberation. They don't come out go you know what a jury can do we want to replay the testimony from so-and-so. We want to look at the transcript again. We want to look at that information again that was entered into as evidence they can do that but then I can go back once they adjourned are not going back into the courtroom to bring additional witnesses.

So when it goes into the jury deliberation. That's what happens Senate deliberation based on the evidence presented. Okay, she's an on-site acquittal. She's all political here they're not there not dealing with the judicial system or the impeachment process. This is 100% political will have a trial if you don't have witnesses documentation you had that already I would hope that the senators wants us to tie or if there's a question at hearing testimony and documents would leave it up to justice of the Supreme Court Republican appointed okay. Why did she say that Republican appointed seek and continue through the entire Republican Party in the bus and then she's going to throw John Robertson of the bus because he was Republican appointed cats. She's so she's adding John Roberts to the game here and charting what I would think they would have confidence. Chief Justice is your guy why would you let them vote. He's your guy forget a time want to let them vote.

Is your guy in a Republican-controlled body. Here the Senate, so the Republicans are complicit with the cover-up of Pres. Trump. That's the narrative. Okay, she's going to play that bad boy there to play that song over and over and over again.

The United States is trailing his title interesting to me that they're afraid of breaking at time justice of the United States, the present know right from wrong. I don't think so she had to get that one in there okay again I'm watching live on my phone. I'm watching C-SPAN. They did their closing arguments about the votes to hear additional witnesses. They did that already.

Now they're all just walking around clambering around Chief Justice John Roberts is not in his seat so there on a little break or whatever they're doing and when they come back and they should vote in the first folder to take is do we want to hear additional witnesses Lamar Alexander came out last night he was on the fence he's voting no.

Susan Murkowski came out this morning. She's voting no Mitt Romney, no shock, who hates Trump's voting yes is a Republican. Yes, I want to hear additional witnesses.

So is Susan Collins to the votes going to go 5149.

We won't hear more witnesses then really the do it tonight of the do it tomorrow and no vote to find guilty or acquit in a ghetto acquit and then we've got Trump talk about so he was in his in New Jersey. I represent a Johnson mentioned that they had like hundred 30,000 people sign up for tickets and then last night he was in Des Moines, Iowa in Monday night. He he knows the theater game he he's brilliant when it comes to all that the media stop and how to play the game and taking advantage of Twitter. I I don't like the way he communicates on like the way he treats some people and of the way I likely talks about some people and ends this been some things about is a ministration that I that I disagree with largely in support largely think as they ministration done a great job and I was I've been pleasantly surprised but he knows how to play the game. The media game. Oh my goodness it's crazy to watch. So remember he was in Iowa last night. The Iowa caucuses Monday, the state of the union dresses Tuesday night and what you think. Do you think you can open up in the state of the union address disease going to be facing all of his accusers for the first time in terms of people in the house and the Senate altogether and talk about a lopsided night and will that will that Democrats stand up or clap for anything. I mean, this is going to be some incredible political theater coming up on Tuesday night so you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be watching it will be all over that Tuesday night and getting my cell.

My students extra credit for watching it and writing up a little paper with agree with what they didn't agree with this is pretty amazing, but it is frustrating as it is as maddening as it is.

Please remember first Timothy chapter 2 calls for us to pray for those in authority over what website I want to go to do it as soon as I finish talking crave one Tim. 2.4.

Pray one Tim. 2.or hopeful of your North Carolina review at pull up a map state sign up in your email and you get an email every day from our friends at Capitol commission that will give you people representatives from your state to pray for and help us all do what the Lord has commanded us to do to pray for those in authority over us.

If you're on Facebook live will do exactly that. Especially about the impeachment trial actions were done with the radio show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Thanks for being here like my dad always said never for

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