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Trump's Economy Promises

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 3, 2020 3:06 pm

Trump's Economy Promises

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 3, 2020 3:06 pm

Trump's Economy Promises

President Trump has made many different promises regarding the economy. Such as, reforming trades with Mexico, China, and more. On Today's Full Money Monday, David Fischer breaks down the economy, the FED, debt, and gold!

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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred down call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble.

Well, as we are into the first Monday of the month got a full money Monday plan a lot to talk about today with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital yet.quite a list of to go through and the summary things in flux right now what the president from signing the note kind of the replacement for NAFTA got things going on which I know we have the impeachment which will be over, probably by the time you go to bed. Wednesday, interestingly enough, we have the state of the Union address tomorrow night, which will be fascinating. The Iowa caucuses tonight and I don't know if you're a Rush Limbaugh listener. This was deftly out of left field and and sad and just somebody that for me as I have been a Rush Limbaugh listener for about 30 years and Ben Dyke. I guess I was learning about talk radio from him before I knew that God had a plan that would put me on talk radio, but I certainly can last 12 years as I've been on the radio I listen to rush pretty often.

Whether you agree with them or not.

He's a master on the radio in terms of talk radio well in the last 10 minutes of the show today announced he actually has stage IV lung cancer which is very very serious and that he doesn't know what's going to be going on in terms of missing the show. Of course he'll have the best care that money can buy, but God thought you would be probably interested in knowing that in the will keep an eye on that one and that you just don't you do not know. I know he's guaranteed tomorrow the Scriptures make that perfectly clear. Whether you're somebody like Rush Limbaugh or Kobe Bryant or or if Steve Noble or David for sure or somebody that is is maybe not on the radio or has some kind of a platform that we do not know none of us are guaranteed tomorrow the Lord makes it perfectly clear that the book of James that what is your life you here for one moment, and you're gone like a missed we all need to remember that it's always a good wake-up call for us.

Are we living in such a way this was fascinating. David, welcome back to show it's good to see you. It was fascinating the other day in a devotional. I was reading. The question was asked what what would you like to be doing when the Lord returns, like literally what would you like to be in the middle and it was fascinating. Hundreds and hundreds of replies. At this point, one of the most commented on post I've ever put on Facebook and it was just a good reminder that hate you know what the Lord might come back to date my comeback tonight.

He might come back tomorrow and and do we want to be found doing our father's business, which is of course is true. So when were even doing a show on what from the outside looking in. David is people are like, well, you talk about finances. You talk about the markets you're talking about banking your talk about that were talking about it from a Christian perspective. In order to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us and so that's allegiance to God's command into God's word and then that's the kind of thing that I would like to be found doing when the Lord comes back. It's is doing his will, in terms of speaking is truth and teachings were in it which I am glad that we get to do that every Monday together. You know I would say that's the obvious to fine tune a little bit. I like to be in worship, yeah, or in prayer or devotion and not that this is a close second. Put the second for me would be sitting down family meeting my wife, who was thinking we might might at first blush answer was golly. I hope I'm with my family because the Lord is been the center of our family forever since we've had a family.

My wife and I were married 92. We are saved and 94 and also not like I'd really like to be my family when he comes back, but of course doing being about the Lord's business anyway that was just an interesting little side topic that I wanted to drop in there.

It's great to see we praise the Lord for how you're doing in your health and recovering and in the ongoing story of David Fisher and lords working in your life.

So were excited about that how you feel and you look good. I'm those that are hearing on radio not seeing us on Facebook around Facebook today. You only, so I do and they can see you on video. There been told I look like Grizzly Adams have appeared on the had facial hair in over 20 years drives me insane. To be honest, my wife loves it and I guess that's important Bertha shortly as soon as I can continue to shave right and it doesn't cut the spot that I have the surgery on my neck.

This is this is going to sprout wings and fly below.

One of the side effects is affects my voice on my tent making disaffected little bit. I'm sure glad I'm on your program and I know what it's like to face face death and I can say the Lord is Lord of all the men during those moments are some of the best times of actually had with the Lord. Amazing. It's just end and Limbaugh mentioned that even talk. Let he really talks about his faith. Any mention that he doesn't.

He called in a deeply personal relationship with God and that he's really been working on that relationship a lot more lately and so that's that's encouraging. I hope he truly knows the Lord and in the saving way. We can't judge at so let's all be careful talent, but certainly we should be praying for him.

As we been praying for a friend, David Fisher a lot to talk about the world economic forum today. What's going on there with the economy and debts in the coronavirus. It's like there's so many different topics here that we have to get through. So let's let's dive right in doing so, it lets you start with, where the US economy has outgrown in much the debt is playing a part in that meeting the fourth quarter growth wasn't quite as hot as some people were expecting, but still it still positive off somewhere yet just generally with the US economy won't list economy is doing great.

Unemployment 750 or low. Let's look at what drives the economy. Steve Fuchs, which stimulates it is a few factors. Obviously the government can stimulated obviously the president's policies and he started the first day of the first week in office root down a lot of Pres. Obama's hurdles that were put in front of corporations and when those are removed.

The second thing he did is created tax cuts for corporations, so the stimulated the market stimulated economy stimulated job growth, unemployment went low so that this one thing, and I said about three years. Two years on ongoing your program. I should just go to work. It will stimulate the economy just to the market go up and see the debt grow as Reaganomics philosophy in my mind of service Reagan I love Reagan and it worked under him to suffer the debt ballooned hundred and 86%.

It was $1 trillion and in 2.3 trillion, when present, Reagan left office, so you have that you have. The second thing that stimulates economy which is the Fed that's the number one thing that's too much the economy and they got the pedal to the metal there producing money at the fastest rate there produced the on-call quantitative easing although they knew that now have a name for it is called QB light faster than QE2 want to ensure he's but there been forced to the market actually calls it that you but then you can call the corporate debt which is ballooned in the corporations of their stock back at record pace) up in a break will contact those things because I know we need to spend some time in each one of those issues will work through that will talk about also soliciting things that Donald Trump is said recently is specifically about physical goal that's fascinating talking to David Fisher will be right back. Not only Wayne seen as the noble show and just got some great news from my my friend Ashley, my brother in Christ well and he happens to be a State Sen. here in North Carolina Sen. Carl Ford, who also happens to be in the Christian radio business, so I had a friend Joey Stansberry is just a great brother in Christ and a great political activist introduced me to Sen. Ford a while ago and we started talking and and with working through some technical details and then boom, all of a sudden, were alive today, all crossword broadcasting, sore, super excited about that M 1140 and a FM 106.1 and then another area and 1460 and FM 99.3 all under for broadcasting site super excited were excited to be with them and I just all the more people that we cannot engage David and share the truth of God's word as well as as we kind of applied our biblical understanding or biblical call for stewardship to the world of finance so it's great to to be able to do that am excited to add more stations. As always we just to welcome all of you listening on for broadcasting to to the show.

It's great to have you. So you were talk about that today and is coming on the coattails of annually economic forum were billionaires hedge fund managers, presidents of of countries and businessmen who run major corporations from around the world and come and one of the number one topics out of three this year was specifically corporate debt global debt central bank that and last year it was the number one topic so obviously this is not been fixed yet. Only got worse and now that's what they're getting together to try and figure out the fix so we don't have a big collapses with her talking about now so we can unpack when we look at the US economy in and of itself, how we unpack onto stock market doing great amusement down last week but it's having a decent day today, but overall during the Trump presidency.

It's been a rocketship that's in blaster particularly was phenomenal but we got that and we've got unemployment numbers are very low but yet our economy is our our debt structures continuing to skyrocket were 23 and half trillion Renate trillion every every fiscal year from the feds. It sure looks like for in perpetuity. At this point it looks like that plus you got the Fed supplementing the market so what's actually real here. What's left, manipulated, and what's actual performance. Is there any way to put in a pull all that apart it's difficult of all or part. When you look at Reagan know he he increased government spending 186% are which is a lot percentagewise in a stern sure spurred the economy on people went back to work in the Reaganomics model news is that we would flow philosophically pay down this debt that increase from 1 trillion to 2.3 trillion never got paid down and that was the start of many other presidents after that an hour into much larger numbers. Obviously so now it this is now the new norm. Steve unfortunately have spent five to $10 trillion during the 1 to 2 year term of the president doesn't matter if the Democrat or Republican dishes and is not just a president want to make sure people hear me not throwing stones at present he's doing some great incredible things but paying down debt is not something that any president has done for decades is present.

Trump says we should take care of this think we should take care of this long time ago.

This is one thing we should've taken care. Why is it so important now. Well, why are dozen billionaires hedge fund managers talking about this wire heads of state talking about this when in 2007 when it was 8 trillion, and there's nothing inside of any sort of correction that we talk about any of this will, something must be up to have this in the form economically back to back years. I think were in here for a few years and chemistry of a crash than this different ability talking how to get the crash and so the Fed not just the Fed that all central banks. Steve are behaving wildly coming list was, quote a couple people Guggenheim Scott Vineyard use congruence and hedge fund Guggenheim. He says central banks are now in a Ponzi scheme is a billionaire who owns stock. Yeah so you scale it up actually laughing himself in the foot when he said stuff like that quote we are reaching a tipping point when investors will link to the rising tides of defaults and downgrades," Morgan Stanley says that this is surpassing even bubble cravings around bubble wrap 2000 1001 he also said the derivative strategist investment manager and one of their heads. They agree upon the statement that this is unsustainable, but in the absence of the meaningful catalysts. It can also continue.

What is a catalyst something cause it to change.

So when you look at at the corporate debt market. This is a callous. I believe this is probablya black Swan holy talk to Davo's saying this could be the black Swan. This put into perspective. Let's break it down in 2007, the corporate debt. Steve was $700 billion were now $3.3 trillion. Remember one corporate debt when default one entity called Bear Stearns that could manage the ever present the next day Lehman Brothers went down and then we had a whole groups of dominoes that fell that caused the whole financial estate to drastically change in the market affected went down negatively. Goal obviously went up a whole bunch in that period of time 50% the year and 250% for years. Let's take a look at further look at this corporate debt not only for $3,300,000,000,000.04 times larger than 2007 before the collapse in 2008. 50% of the corporate debt is now rated BBB 135% was before.

Basically junk bonds right yeah so we're given a grade like an elementary school card. A PPP is like one grade below. Junk junk is an F in a PPP triple P plus salt so what's happened is a lot of junk bonds that are picked out there that grown a whole bunch in leveraged debt brought on the system the worse greatness, the more let's leverage those very grown the mulch in the last year to fall on corporate debt has grown by 50%.

So something is up. That's why they're saying these things. It topples Jim Rogers says what is coming is going to be worse in 2008 simmered in 1929 non-alarmist, but he's a billionaire saying things and that's what he does studies the market bill places quote I'm convinced the debt markets are about to blow up." These are billionaires I gone on Jeffrey conducts box are going to get crushed. This is unsustainable," IMF chief recently elected one that just became head of the IMF just issued a warning in January 19 to this, you're saying get ready for great depression like those terms.

She's using that's the term she's saying. These were redheaded. This this sounds like a chicken Little sky, assuring that I'm not the one that saying it these are people who run the central banks who run agencies who hedge funds.

We never had any of this in 2007, so something is real and is up, that is causing us to causing these people. I'm long.

I got Alyssa my hell yeah you like I said you could tell. Remember this is just a month ago they said they should get out of stocks to be boomers so I'm Warren Buffett. He issued or sidetracked 40% of his money in cash. He did that about a month and half ago.

Two months ago so the Fed is trying to buy time you are influencing the market there, creating this thing called quantitative easing does support the stock market, but at some point in time is like a log.

I like your friend say the vote the arsonists and the fire department that Frank told that there work right up against the break I get the more questions about that the McKee push and I were talking to David Fisher and Mark M Lynn will be right back to Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show coming to you live today on Monday. Monday fear are newer to the show like our friends and for broadcasting. Here's how this work.

People sometimes a hasty what's your show about those Christian talk radio show cambium over conservative, so part of the writing about the fall of the flatter. Okay that's the deal. So people who say what you talk about in my answer to them as I everything, because we should as followers of Jesus Christ we should be applying a vigorous biblical worldview to every nook and cranny of life.

So sometimes every Monday we first Monday of the month because this is Monday, February 3, so we do a full shell with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. David's been in that business that precious metals and the focus or an emphasis on gold for 2/25 years now former youth pastor, a brother in Christ, we met each other several years ago spent hours on the phone because I didn't understand it much myself and you listen to radio or look online.

Sometimes gold investment looks like I need I need some gold anything guns I need a bunker. I need some propane and I need a lot of dried food and then I'll be okay. So before I was super cynical about it and then David educated me, which is what happens with landmark capital and they is education information then if you're wise at all.

Yoga okay right now.

I understand this makes sense as a part of an overall portfolio and so we talked to David first Monday of the month we do a full shell like we are today.

The subsequent Mondays. We do we call money Monday update we do in the last segment of the show. The fourth segment we start with little scripture and then just do an update on what's happened since the fall the previous Monday so that's why we do it we talk about it regularly because Jesus talked about it regularly.

The Bible talks about money and possessions regularly. If the big deal there to be a big deal here and should be big deal for all of us, all the snow we most of us struggle of money in one way or another and possessions and covetousness, and stewardship and so we talk about everything on the shelf. Sometimes politics sometimes theology sometimes ministries, sometimes testimonies but one of the regular things we do every Thursday we do theology Thursday with our friends at Southeastern Baptist seminary and on Mondays. We spent some time talking about finances and what's going on in the world of finances because that affects us all. Were also us be good stewards there you go.

I just spent all of that out in about 92nd son for all of you are wondering now you're fully up to speed and know what's happening here at talking again to David Fisher from landmark capital Lynn website a great partner in the show so so they're talking about debt every once in a while our own elected officials will talk about that, but it doesn't seem like anybody's doing anything about debt you think that'll ever change or are we going to have to hit a wall again before anybody actually does anything will.

Pres. Trump said that when he campaign that is can walk away. The national desk in the July thought that was a very lofty statement on not to throw stones at them. But it was gone the opposite direction and that's only the systems really set up Steve, it's you to work now. Think about this. Did we ever think in our lifetime we just even 10 years ago having $1 trillion budget deficit. Nominees were spending $8 trillion more than our countries taking on Etch-a-Sketch tacked onto the national you know we were thought that we were said that's insane. This put the brakes on United and there is a movement of the tea party movement, and that's what they're all about his physical fiscal response early. You know it wasn't just a few years ago, around 2016 are our budget deficit was $440 billion annually. So we more than doubled in 2 1/2 times so were headed for train wreck was put things in perspective. Is this you notice Sais a presidents fault is only just piece of the puzzle. It's really my not even being his fault or cursive. We are having a female in office.

But let's take a look down history here for a quick this also the something changed decades ago when Reagan got in office, and after he left the debt started blooming now with the statement did Reagan do this work could my been just because we got taken off the gold standard. I think that might've been the case in 19 7100 Nixon. If you look back. Then we attended George H. W. Bush, $1.5 trillion.

He added the debt Clinton 1.4 trillion then we take on start taking on a whole new landscape when we get into 2002. This is when central banks are lowering interest rates for the artificially low. That's when Bush was in office and fought a war on terrorism 5.85 trillion is what he added to the debt. Pres. Obama takes the crown and 8.59 truly get doubled it again yeah double the almost doubled again and so far fully amortize the timeline out to the end of this present Trump's first term shall be at 5.8188 SKUs me 5.88. She is me" correct 5.088 okay just call it just my trillion so he goes to terms like Obama hello eclipse Obama Hill glucose or passive bombing will be a 9.1 trillion if that is if they don't lower taxes if they lower taxes there to talk about this on a personal level.

Pickets pay lower taxes that's going to get bigger revenue manner of the circuit that is not even understand this with what happens in hears and when you're in your doing attacks, lowering what you whether you want to call it trickle-down economics. The Reagan doctrine, whatever you want to call it hears initially how this works. So when you lower taxes. You, by definition, decrease the amount of revenue bits coming to the government lecture putting more money back into the public to the people that spend money and then as they do better because her pain lowering taxes less in taxes.

Then they put more of their money back into the economy, which then grows the economy, which then helps them grow their personal learning. So even at a lower tax rate.

Several years later the government's revenue actually ends up going up.

That's what happened with Reagan. The tech did he cut from I mean we had mid 70s top marginal tax rate for the rut.

What these people the richest people and cut it in half. So all of a sudden revenue to the government shot down, but because that spreads such economic growth, people start to make a whole lot more money a few years ago, which meant the overall return to the government was actually bigger than it was when they were charging a higher tax rate.

The problem was they kept it increasing spending. Reagan did to bankrupt Russia and they don't so they do one side of the equation, but not the other because the other to actually cut back. For most of the most part which speaks to the American public is political suicide.

So hey hey guys, continue to live on the on the US Titanic and will pretend that everything's fine. I will keep propping it up, but the reality is the only way were to survive is a police jump overboard and jump onto a shrimp boat but nobody's willing to live back the like that always willing to deny themselves. To quote Jesus exactly Dick Cheney said that a few years ago when he was in office as VP quote deficits don't matter" I think I dared to differ. Thanks to me, and I think org were generating hit the wall. Otherwise, why would all these billionaires be saying with her saying so you know were headed down this road and a lot of people say well you know present.

I hear this quite a bit actually present.

Trump will take care of that in you know I respect for you shaking your head Steve saw me out because I respect a lot about the president to but is not doing Jack for this issue and neither the Democrats, neither Republicans are all guilty on this yet. Neither the present bombardier present Bush omits the behavior and let me just explain something if they could they would.

They can't so there shan't they're not doing you not doing if Pres. and I've asked every person that is said that I've asked them that person then very respectful partway a lot of conversations I said maybe there's something I'm missing study yeah I want and I'm going to come on national radio and explain either. Here's a solution will all get the solution will go boating and whatever it takes. Implement. I asked the question tell me how present Trump is going to take care Take the small one.

3.3 truly forget about the 10 truly yeah that's an and the unfunded pensions cake. Forget about the 23 trillion of of national debt that's really not when we insert. This is really about 23 trillion K you heard of Enron and WorldCom wirelessly when under why because they put this in off-balance-sheet. When that got exposed the debt was so much bigger than the issue on balance sheet. We do the same thing as a country we say that dad is 23 trillion go the national debt clock. The unfunded liabilities as 103 trillion now it's about over the next 20 to 30 years Medicare Medicaid yesterday. That's so my question is, was always prefaced and said okay so were is present. Trump coming get housing. I paid this $3.3 trillion down and nobody has an answer. I said let's say he did okay working to get the money worst the $3.3 trillion come from. So really got issue or government bonds, treasury bills, which the foreigners are not wanting to buy the piece that they were before, which is the problem why we have a trillion Elyses got another credit card yet take another credit card, I'll just fix it or lease we devalue the dollar dollar enormously good fix or inflated or default so there's there's really no fix for the $3.3 trillion is really know you and the government. This time can't bail out the next problem know the Bella Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac at General Motors energy that was not $3.3 trillion.

I was under a trillion K the $8 trillion national debt. Then we got 23 now the government's highly leveraged wheat we can't rid 138% debt to GDP by the organization for economic cooperation nation and development, which is a intergovernmental Corporation fighting. I say any can't sustain it in this by the way, is a deeply moral issue and none of them are talking about it it's it's widescale immorality that we rarely use that language to talk about it. That's exactly what it is talking to David Fisher for my Mark M will be just right back after this noble I wish it were good news Monday, but when it comes to the debt structure not only our nation but listen let that's all rabbit mirror as a going back to the book of James is grab a mirror and take a look and don't go away in two minutes later, forget what you look like most Americans have a debt problem. Most Americans aren't ready for a $600 car repair and then we wave our fingers that are our government, which is $1 trillion over a year right now +23 and half trillion dollars in debt and is David Fisher from landmark capital, said before the break were not even talking about the somewhere between 70 and hundred 20 trillion in unfunded liabilities. That's Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security out into the next 25 to 30 years and we got assigned by corporate debt and then you look at internationally, country by country by country. The whole thing is a house of cards and were just living like everything's fine, but it's not in a very few people are talking about it and I found this we mentioned this before, and again David and I both and welcome back to the show, David. Thank you someone for being with us today. Dave and I were both saying I want to make sure you understand that that were not. We both believe that Donald Trump is done. Lots of wonderful things of the present United States. But this is not one of them in both the Republicans in the Democrats are our dereliction of duty, to say the least. This is a gross immorality when it comes to what that what were doing to the next generation to generation. After that in the generation after that, a nobody's holding the president's feet to the fire. This is from the hill back in April 2016. This is this is what he set that he said he be able to get rid of the more than $19 trillion in debt over a period of eight years. It could require using 2 trillion a year from the annual 4 trillion budget payout holders of the dead is just another credit card Trump insisted in the interview that renegotiating our other deals would help pay down the debt by sparking economic growth.

He said this quote the powers trade our deals are so bad.

I would immediately start renegotiating our trade deals with Mexico candidate they have check that one off China which then process of Japan. They've done some and all of these countries that are just absolutely destroying us that can help David Fisher with landmark capital, but that's not nearly enough we can't grow our way out of $100 trillion in debt. I don't know what the answer is but but our job in your job your mentioning this off the air. If you want to join us for the conversation ran a commercial break to join us on Facebook. Just go to the Steve Noble show Facebook page were Facebook life pretty much every day during the shell, but we had continuance sidebar conversation during the commercial breaks but the bit that could help a little bit, but that doesn't help you can't eliminate it that way. I don't ultimately know what the answer is, but I know one of our focuses is a need to set this will just repeat what you were saying off the air that we can expect that their behaviors not to change the government's argument turnaround change the behavior sitting presidents are kind of sad. I want to spend and stimulate the economy so work governments going to spend from presidential standpoint, the fence can continue to print money center and and and corporations are going to continue with huge stock buybacks to inflate their stock price so and and need the money to pay down the corporate debt bill and it comes do a lot of it by was coming to the end of this year sets were a bit of financial challenge here coming up real soon, but this the line of financial singing has moved quite a bit.

Steve you and it didn't happen overnight. It is become the normal, acceptable, and this is why the largest hedge fund manager Ray Gallo said this about gold and this is it. This is a stock I saying this about. If you don't own goal this last week. If you don't own gold. You know neither history nor economics. I believe it would be both risk reducing and return enhancing to consider gold in one's portfolio so gold obviously and then test this is one there's like a dozen hedge fund manager never seen this before, that are saying get some gold get some gold screaming loud and clear. Get some Glenn Fidelity did this. We talked about this a couple months ago that fidelity is a big mutual fund companies comes out that the ice by in our text you this week. Stevenson had found that Pres. Trump likes gold that would say he loves. Go look at his building with the colors of his emblem if they could jump out data Google the inside of his apartment with Milani and his daughter and his son Don Aaron go there in their young once it looked like a lot of gold inside and you know Pres. Trump. Although they give him a hard time.

He did submit financial statements of the Federal elections commission in July 15 of 2015, and here's what it reports in his gold holdings on page 36 and 92 it says that he actually has physical gold was interesting. It's not shares of Goldbach exchange traded funds nor future contract, but physical goal and Donald Trump. Pres. Trump when he spoke at sea pack. He talked about gold couple years ago and Forbes magazine picked it up. Did a story on it. Nathan Lewis is a contributor. Lewis said this after repeatedly observed Pres. Trump showing of a strong affinity for gold. He also shown a keen intuitive grasp on how gold standard was crucial to having made America great Pres. Trump's quote on that speech that this quote we used to have a very very solid country because it was based on a gold standard" so Pres. Trump has talked to several people. This is the notes in the home of the article but it's the same vein of thought that these talked about what it would be like to have the dollar backed by gold. In fact, he's he's on nominated three people to the Fed of Fincher, not the term she's been fed open market committee that are pro gold backing the dollar by gold. If we are not. I don't know this could happen there's a lot of people saying it's it's coming on I can't not go that far. Scripture but there are some economists that are saying this would solve the problem and it probably wouldn't because when written prior to 1971. We didn't have any of these problems and it took about a decade to really come to fruition and asked been an ongoing problem and if we back the dollar by gold and certainly Pres. Trump would like that is ease pro gold is not anti-gold. This will call gold gold for lunch because I think today deletes the dollar by gold means for every dollar you have you.

You have a dollar gold. There's not enough gold that the US holds tobacco the dollars out there so they would either have to devalue the dollar whole bunch would crash the stock market do that they have to raise the price of gold up and economists are saying that gold would have to be conservatively around $10,000 and aggressively $35,000 an ounce. I am not saying those things right you I would be shocked if they are economically rich quick scheme, right gold is going to rise because we have some problems when the financial system starts to unravel. That's why you want to have some gold and gold is moving up in value. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes some time for the portfolio. The growing value by hold it sit on it diversify a portion of the seven apportioned each Scripture says as you may know not what treasury may befall you have some stocks but make sure you get some gold in this environment because it might be one of the better investments to hold looking forward if these things follow. Yet with the billionaires are saying in the central banks are doing anyone else involved.

Have you found the people that you're talking to your business.

David people I've never invested in go before it is the interest level going up are people showing more of a desire to at least understand it is obviously most of us I think most of us probably had a negative. There were negative connotations about it and I it's a scam it's this it's overreactive it's paranoid Bubba Bubba blah because especially in the 80s when it was all about stocks and bonds. Yada yada.

But our people kind of getting a little more sober minded now and going okay I understand this is a tool. It's the opposite end of the of the of the teeter totter. It's to keel underneath the sailboat, where most of my stuff is above water nets. The sale trying to catch the winds of the market, but I got have some balance underneath is our people generally showing more interest now and it goes in waves. Right now there's there's this belief that unfortunately is a vastly they say that Trump can take care of everything. Therefore, they say the only goal yet. That's that's insane is not one of us is areas.

I've asked the question. So were you getting at the money nobody's been able asked that question and and how would you do that so it's it's really what it is the fault of disconnect and personal behavior being responsible with her doing this, Trump cannot take care of this so there's there's been a low in purchases compared to other presidencies.

You know this is the tea party movement was the tea party that said hey we can have huge debt. We can't have oversight pending budget deficits and yet those very same people of the very courtroom supporting so think they gonna Ray John they believe and it's good that we support a present preferment and follow his policy is to take it to the extent of saying he's gonna fix everything. He can't otherwise he would've started a long time ago.

Well that that's so this is going to sound rude that that such childlike thinking its cult of personality thinking and and as he listened down and and and and every believer. I know that the big Trump supporter. It is not assuming he's deity.

They know that, but sometimes they act like it again.David and II support the president. Often I criticize him when I must and I just call balls and strikes based on the word of God, and I don't really paying attention. His standing at the plate but to be loaded to look at the situation of financial situation is dire as ours, and the debt comforted the debt that we have not only on an annual basis, but then our national debt, and what's going on with unfunded liabilities and say I will Trump will take care of it is probably innocent and ignorant to the highest order makes us remarkably sad and disappointing that people think like that.

Yeah it is you got gold from her company now in the importance of it. You didn't do it to get-rich-quick you bought it just for for the purpose of the buying and holding a long-term debt 5 to 10 years probably maybe longer know that's what people should buy gold.

You notes is a 2 to 5 year hold closer to five. Then to have been saying this forever. There's times when the liquid value doesn't look good and there's times when it does really well. It's but you were in the beginning of the bull market in gold were just starting out.

It's the 10 yard at 100 yard dash and unfortunately things are going to get worse again unravel and goals gonna play a solution.

In fact, if they sports this pale and I'm talked about on this program much because it's kind that were not in the recessionary environment. This this could tie the veil in the sense when you got aggressive education. You gotta get some strategy going to withhold information that you got newsletters get white paper saga people getting in on that's negative so they can call us little fashionably 6042575446575 or go to land data pictures always, thank you so much for helping us understand these complex subjects we need to deftly be praying for those in authority over us because obviously they definitely need to establish a better hold it right there will pray when redundant Facebook life cuddling everybody on site again real soon and like my dad always used to say whatever form

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