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Iowa Lunacy

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February 4, 2020 2:58 pm

Iowa Lunacy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 4, 2020 2:58 pm

Iowa Lunacy

Today, hear about the Iowa lunacy with the Iowa  caucus. Plus, hear from Richard Newton, Regional Director for the National Christian Foundation.



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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay there is obvious a lot to talk about today on the show.

We've got the ongoing Iowa caucus" results, which is about start coming in at 5 o'clock today to come in last night and all the reaction what's going on in the Democrat party and what's happening for Donald Trump is a resolver to get to that here in a little bit. I talk about the preview of tonight's state of the Union address. Will Donald Trump go after his accusers and starting to be seated right in front of them and I also then we've got tomorrow's vote on impeachment. It's crazy and then something I'll play for you. This is one of those things still to this day that this even happens anymore that something you have to see it to believe it or hear it to believe it, something that Adam Schiff said yesterday in his closing comments which is just hilariously psychopathic so will get there as well. But in this first segment of the show wanted to talk about something common here in Raleigh and just a few just a few weeks actually Pratt Friday, February 21 and Saturday, February 22 Friday night and Saturday.

A good chunk of the day 8 AM to 2:45 PM incredible men's conference coming to the great church partner been friends with Providence Baptist Church for years and they've done a lot of great work in men's conferences, but in particular, this one's going to be totally off the hook because Dr. Eric Mason whose pastor up in Philadelphia incredible communicator got such a great heart for Biblical manhood and reaching man is going to be the keynote speakers can be awesome. So we have a buddy of mine Richard Newton from Providence Baptist Church is join us by phone for this quick conversation near the beginning of the show so we can encourage all you guys to get over here to Raleigh on February 21 and 22nd, Richard, how are you buddy. Thanks for calling it mail your very welcome and we look forward to talk to Dr. Mason next Tuesday so will kinda revisit this next Tuesday but tell me what what's that, the goal behind men's conference at Providence Baptist Church as of February 21 and 22nd here in the Raleigh area were we go on dreaming and praying about one work that were on where we got a lot of great things were and caring man and the amount of them try to move forward and really work to move forward in their relationship with Christ in the relationship and their families are working at your dock plate making all normal prayer isolation late.

The lack of it for now with the wrong thing. Not able yeah sorry, normal thing and know what we've been praying about where the doctor and he is made sure that is, beware of the brain, just the relevant powerful fresh word man you nonstop crazy Gideon and his men we all get very busy. We you may not be doing anything horrific and you me you love Jesus were not saying you're not a believer but we just, it's amazing what you can get. You still every once in a while.

I mean we all need a tuneup. We all need to be challenged. That's why I'm so excited I when you guys told me that Dr. Eric Mason was coming to town because he such a fabulous preacher and teacher and has such a great heart for mailing told you is my niece goes to his church in downtown Philadelphia and he just did this sermon series on on Biblical manhood and shin. It blew her away. She's like all of a sudden I know what I need to look for one day of God would bring me the right kind of man to marry me. It's just that it's going to be so powerful but there's also a bunch of breakout sessions to Arthur to break out right about their practical thing. Things like more than four hours. About roadmap file create a family car, generosity of all you have that that will generate. Hello and doing with a financial financial workshop were not good time to come man can be really practical for for about you know about seven or eight dollars and you know women do this so much better than we agreed and really to hold each other accountable in man we got that we do real men of all ages is great for teenagers.

Bring your son bring your buddies bring your father and in ladies you should be encouraging your men and your sons and your grandfathers to all go because we all need to summon a couple in the breakout sessions on my personal favorites help. I have a teenager I love that one things like apologetics and politics and religion at this 2222 different breakout sessions and then of course the main sessions done by Dr. Mason which is to be totally off the hook again will have Eric on the show next Tuesday and and so people can kinda get a flavor for what that's good to be like talking people find out more about it and I know we got a special kind of a special deal for folks and listen to the show very quickly. Program blog that I recently had labeled transplant and had to go back into the emergency room and pre-man that he is at the hospital with her.

Of course had to cancel today. Thank you for I know you're dribbling a great show, but I thank you for giving it all out the fact that they play and nail plates or life man that will take the registration and by going to the right to strike and information and under the discount code NO. Your last name in the elderly, and I will receive a 20% $20 gift tale all the risk right now to write down the $60 and we will be glad to have right to be a great event. Friday nights every 21st Saturday the 22nd\men's conference, Providence Baptist Church with Dr. Eric Mason\men's conference.

Make sure you use the promo code. Notable discount codes, noble levity media no BLE which I didn't think anybody will come will talk again next Tuesday. I felt talk to you soon will be right back diving on going on. I love the way of the Union speech tonight. We had the Senate voting tomorrow which will almost the sum is foregone conclusion, voting acquittal, but that's a plus. He says it won't be acquittal and Schumer and Shippen Nadler are all sand and have a giant asterisk next to it violates the estate to Dan because in the last segment of the shaman a play for you.

This is a part of Adam shifts closing comments yesterday about just where this kind of abuse of power could take us under the Trump presidency which Adam Schiff is probably having to come to terms with the fact that the second term, but this is crazy.

So to get it all of that and will move forward one more thing on the men's evidence thing here in Raleigh February 21 and 22nd. Eric Mason just put it. I was just reading during the break on Facebook life you want to join us in this in the studio. You can do that on Facebook life. We continue our conversation on the commercial breaks a sidebar conversation. I don't steal from you in the radio audience. Don't steal from Peter to pay Paul.

We have a we have it, different conversation. A sidebar conversation if you will, but if you want to be a part of that. That's an extra like 14 or 15 minutes in the hour for the regular radio show than just join us on Facebook. Life is good Facebook you're probably scrolling through your feet already and I just go to the Steve Noble shown he can join us.

You'll see it there just hit the button. Join us live right here in the studio but I read this little thing from Dr. Mason's book to talk to Dr. Mason next Tuesday.

Dr. Mason is the keynote speaker at the men's conference February 21 22nd. The book is manhood restored how the gospel makes manhole and this is a test this is the environment that he's preaching into in Philadelphia. He cites the Staten Philadelphia 90% of the homes in Philadelphia are single single-parent homes 90% and 90% of those 95% of those are to be mom and home.

Not that so talk about dealing with men in the brokenness of men and the challenges of man Eric Mason. Dr. Mason is in the middle of all that so he's going to be just an unbelievable speaker to be blessed by unchallenged by again that's Friday and Saturday, February 21 and 22nd here in Raleigh. Even if you live in Winston-Salem or Asheville where your listening. This want not trust me with Eric Mason.

This will be worth you making the drive and staying in a hotel overnight.

It will but they have 22 breakout session so this is gonna be awesome.\men's conference. Yes, they actually have that website. I think they knew Al Gore or something,\men's conference.

The usual cost is $80. If use the discount code noble and no BLE that be me then you $20 off and that something 60 bucks and includes like a meal and there in and it's just going to be an awesome weekend. Okay, so make sure you so yeah it's two main sessions to breakout Saturday lunch and snacks for 60 bucks, which could very well change your life. So guys get on that, ladies. I encourage and challenge your husband your sons to be a part of\men's conference. Okay where in the world. We start with all this I saw last night. I will caucus which this was be done. I will caucus is bizarre. Basically what it is and most people understand it is all over the state.

You basically have many conventions and they get together and they sit by their candidate. You see a section here for Buddha Jensen over there is Elizabeth morning over there is Bernie Sanders knock and stop. They do a first pass, taking the vote and then if you don't get 15% of the whole room then you your outlets, like elimination, but then what you're supposed to do is throw your support behind somebody else. She can actually have a bunch of different number ones in the room and then where there is no agreement to get a bunch of agreement on the number two person. So the number two person could actually end up winning. It's just crazy. So they usually that's the first pass and then they whittle it down. They do a second pass and then they would lay down and do 1/3 and hopefully final before they only put out the information of the third and final tally from each caucus, which then goes to the state Democratic Party and then they can tell you one.

How many delegates in the state okay that's what's normal, but this year they decided to release the results of all three so they developed this app which was developed by a company called shadow which actually had some people that were involved in a Hillary Clinton's campaign. You can't make this stuff up so last night. This was to report they have all kinds of problems and glitches this morning. No, this afternoon.

No, not supposed to be some of the results work.

"A majority. The results at 5 o'clock today so we'll see. So how did the candidates from Canada to react to this. This is funny is all good for Trump disruption came in last night was tweeting this morning that he's the only one that clear victory in Iowa's matter what they do. It's just crazy that they just can't. This must be driving them so insane. Which is what spine the Trump derangement syndrome. This can't they just can't catch a break so Pete Brigid's came out last night and said were going on to New Hampshire victorious leaders claim victory last night, although he didn't have any grounds for claiming so. This morning he was on CBS's morning. Where'd you say host Gayle King said where'd you say were going on in New Hampshire victorious. But how can you do that when official results are not facts or troubling, I think so.

She pressed Bridget should you wait. King asked the Democrat suggested he was referring to a personal victory due to how well his campaign did the Internet internal polling rather than declaring a win in Iowa. He did not yet have quote well. We have the results from our organization. If you look at what we were able to do what happened last night. The fact that this campaign was able to gather support in urban, suburban and rural areas like counties like Hillary Clinton, one counties that Donald Trump one. We are thrilled and absolute consider that a victory Buddha judge responded to let such political speak is hate. If you look at. We were able to work with what we were able to do what happened last night. The fact that this campaign was able to gather support in urban, suburban bubble, how much support Pete. While I have four people in each location that voted for me while it's a victory we are able to gather support in all these different caucuses around the state. See the problem there. That's that's political speak you always have to slow down and actually read and listen carefully to what they're saying such Buddha judge claiming victory, Bernie, which Trump calls crazy Bernie I think is a better thing would be totally ticked off curmudgeon bird Bernie is everything that been said about him for years is just as nasty tempered nasty old man okay no disrespect any of you that are older the person Asus is Bernie's campaign.

First the nation caucuses in Iowa Monday.

This is from daily wire turned into a debacle for Democrats amid reports of chaos and confusion and perhaps most notably conspiracy course at the bigger the state the support is a democratic socialist Bernie Sanders headed and I was suspicious enough of their own party. If you get any of those videos. By the way that they caught some of his campaign workers were to burn down Milwaukee working a blank and kill people working blankets that stop on fire.

You think that's gonna get worse now. Of course it is the Washington Examiner Joseph Simonson reported on some overheard conversations among workers and Bernie's campaign. He overheard several fuel organized organizers for the senator complaining that supporters of rival candidates were conspiring to block them from winning delegates. He got a remember last time they stole it from Bernie gave it to Hillary by using the superdelegates superdelegate is basically your room at 20 people for them, or superdelegates. Their votes count for four people and everybody else discount for what so you can superdelegate can come in until the steel election. That's why the Democrats rigged it that way okay so that that was Artie part of the problem. One individual also complained about the campaign strategy of telling supporters to leave the caucus locations after the first round of voting. Quote I guess I should've left after all, one male organizer said to another woman. Quote I don't understand what was going on all the other supporters seem to be against us both some individuals will ring staff passes. No kidding. The last thing the Democrat party wants is for the self proclaimed a valid democratic socialist crazy old man Bernie Sanders to actually win the primary what I've done here. I'm going out going on a limb.

He's gonna win the primary and that's the new left which I think make the new lot same as the old boss but nothing's really changed is out of the closet and waiting anxiously, maybe, maybe not waiting anxiously at 5 PM Eastern time. Majority of the Iowa results are supposed crazy so we been kind of working through what the different people people to Jesus claims victory that he says was a personal victory bites people gone ballistic and not scary because of these couple of videos that were recorded secretly lately with some abides organizers in Iowa send the other to burn Milwaukee down when they do that Democrat National convention there but Bernie doesn't win there ready to let me these are just anarchists.

Okay and that it's just going to get not suit who knows. I think what were to find out here in the next few hours as Bernie one Iowa. I think Bernie's going away New Hampshire. I think Biden's can be toast and Elizabeth Warren's numbers are sinking Buddha judge will do better than anybody thought in Iowa but that's not last long. So then the Democrats are going to have Bernie Sanders crazy old white socialist against Donald Trump somewhat crazy old white capitalist what happened to the party diversity.

By the way that's interesting okay so we talk about Buddha judge. We talked about Sanders that there just crying conspiracy at which I can't blame him. Based on what happened in 2016 when they stole it from for Hillary Clinton.

Now despite so their top certain circuits are gone ballistic ABC news reporter Molly Nagel tweeted I asked former Sen. Chris Dodd is one of Bernie's top organizers if you got the Iowa caucus results were discredited.

Following the inconsistencies consistencies reported last night and results Nagel reports that Dodd told her yes sounds to me like if you can't you know if this is wrong. What else is wrong to Trust right Dena Remus General Counsel for the Biden campaign sent a letter to the Democratic Party demanding answers for what happened this big long letter. I write on behalf of the Biden for Pres. regarding the considerable flaws and tonight I will caucus reporting system is gonna come in probably four in Iowa, which just is. His ship is going to think fast national polls ultimately and I can mean anything.

This is a state-by-state race. Yet that was intended to relay caucus results to the party will snap that the parties backup telephonic reporting system likewise has failed. Now we understand the caucus chairs are attempting to, and in many cases, failing to report results telephonically to the party. I like were back in the 1930s are some these acute failures are occurring statewide.

So there just saying the whole thing is a sham. So the fact we came in fourth are going to come and forth while weight when I can't believe applicable things a mess so you got conspiracies exploding all over the place are just a few examples will hear the Donald Trump's big win for us in Iowa tonight.

Thank you. Federalist cofounder Sean Davis wrote, unable to steal the votes necessary to house. Bernie Sanders from the race, Democrat party leaders in Iowa have apparently just decided to not announce the non-Biden winner in time for it to matter.

You must have to admire the chutzpah agreed, but when you have no moral basis what you care.

You can kill babies in the womb right up to the point of delivery you think thrown election. The big deal messing around with the results using an app that maybe was designed to fail. I don't know but for people that champion the cause of baby murder.

You can put anything beyond them away. Fox News contributor Guy Benson tweeted getting texts and direct messages from friends from across the spectrum. Lots OF cross ideological skepticism about what's quote quote really happening here. A total mess left is Peter Dowd tweeted if Bernie doesn't win, there will be a massive outcry that the Iowa caucus was really Bernie wins he was denied a major primetime Iowa victory speech unbelievable and outrageous. Federalist cofounder Ben Dominic tweeted Bernie Sanders one.

Baycrest results to step on his victory right. That's gotta be it political reporter Mark Caputo tweeted 30 Sanders could've trafficking, conspiracy theories and is caucus night speech said how suspicious it was for the vote tallies to not be posted said the spiking of the Iowa poll was unfair to him, but he didn't and that's to his credit, Josh Jordan tweeted the D&C when the results started flowing in the Bernie was taking the Iowa caucuses with ease and they had a picture this dog with his eyes really bright wide open like looking crazy right. Scott Adams tweeted she's how long does it take to wriggle vote against Bernie grade-point good question so that's gonna then there's this just amusing. Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and others freak out over Iowa embarrassment this from Paul boys at Dealey, where Chris Matthews likened it to a three car funeral, Joe Scarborough called it a bad omen and Jeffrey Toobin simply hailed it as an embarrassment over MSNBC and noticeably disgusted Crip Chris Matthews said president Trump was chuckling all night as the Democratic Party struggle to so much as organize a three car funeral.

Quote the guy in the White House is chuckling all night here showing the Democrats can even get a three car funeral organize or whatever you want to call it. I would say to the people of Iowa, the last person leaving Des Moines please turn out the lights. This is not been a success. Pretty funny Joe Scarborough morning Joe, what is wrong with the Iowa Democratic Party said again this morning. Again, this is the party who botched the call four years ago rushed it when the meeting was shocked that they would be so transparent and now they get on the phone for 74 seconds world watching this were not being melodramatic writing at CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin minced no words deeming the night and embarrassment made a fiasco of the late reporting results in the Iowa caucuses sure will have a positive legacy the end of the cut of the caucus process and the imitation to another state to start the delegate selection process from Toobin. The caucuses are an embarrassment to Democratic Party in the United States is no way to pick a nominee. Okay, so is Anime. I mean now what about Mike Bloomberg net worth 60.8 billion but but but but be billion dollars. Here's what he's doing this from the daily wire reportedly instructed his team on Tuesday to rapidly increase the amount of money that he is spending on advertising and add thousands of new paid staff to his campaign at the Democrats wrap the drop the ball during the Iowa caucuses last night. The New York Times reported quote encouraged by the murky outcome. Mr. Bloomberg authorizes campaign team to double his spending on television commercials in every market where he is currently advertising and expand his campaign's field staff to more than 2000 people well. Bloomberg, a 77-year-old worth $60.8 billion has dished out a massive 248 million run commercials since declaring his candidacy for president, norther candidate Democrat presidential primary feel this top 30 million spending so he's just going all out Matt Walsh. You may be familiar with him.

He is a blogger now is with a bench parrot the daily wire. This is kind of funny Democrat party can't run its own primary but wants to run the healthcare system. Good line. It seems Democrats decided and the facilitation and management of its primary over to a secretive firm literally called shadow Inc. which is a bit like sending your children to a day care center named child neglect, LLC these are the sort of unforced errors. The Democrats cannot seem to stop themselves from making as they continue it it to achieve the remarkable feat of making the Republican Party look competent by comparison. The course maybe giving them too much credit. By calling the Iowa debacle in error that categorization assumes there is no deliberate corruption at play here and is probably not a safe assumption, especially given the Democrats track record with primaries. Pretty funny. So he's slamming into him as he should. So then you've got president Trump. So what's happening to him, what, what's the result of all this for Trump's numbers. She loves to talk about pulling numbers okay is usually there in his favor. And certainly that's true now to check this out this just came out from Gallup. So we've got the impeachment and we got the Iowa caucus got to see the union's night yet he's had to cancel Amani.

We just found out last week that he took out another top terrorist guy in Yemen got the economy scream along slow down a little bit still doing good you got unemployment and historical low records lowest unemployment for African-Americans and 50+ year same thing for Hispanics and but the one thing always talk about which we talked about David Fisher yesterday is our massive debt only three and half trillion and climbing in a trillion a year.

The trendsetting city get rid of it.

The years will that's rock that's not ironic it's ridiculous and other doings adding to it, but what are the numbers look like well president Trump's approval rating is now 49% according to the polling company Gallup personal best for Trump in the high seas received in the Gallup poll since he took office in 2017. Can you imagine what it's like for Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shipton now learned to read these numbers to look at this. After all, they've tried to sling at the guy for three years and now is pulling numbers are just getting stronger. The president is also doing remarkably well among both Republicans and self-described independents notching an astounding 94% approval rating among those affiliating with the GOP and 42% among independent voters, up five points since early January with independents. Now remember when it comes to registered voters nationwide about 30%, a registered Republican. About 30%, a registered Democrat, 40% are registered independent. So when you've seen a five-point bump in your approval rating among its independence. That is an enormous plus for Trump is going to the general election there at play there, not so much a play in the in the Democrat primaries on this year and an open primary state going as an independent I come registered independent. For example, so here North Carolina when I go in and vote.

The primary in early March on super Tuesday when I walk in and they don't check my ID which I could be claiming to be anybody as long as I know the address. The last me which ballot I will you want a Republican or Democrat ballot. So the fact that he's picking up responsibility in the favorability with independents is a big deal to more shocking numbers from this is all good for Trump just seems like nothing. Six. To the guy is an amazing phase. So talk some more about speech tonight. What will he say what will you not you will hear from Adam ship America is the noblest ignoble show can you are my one the last time and remember the day event like this where the Iowa caucus last night we had the student union tonight and we have the vote on impeachment tomorrow, all within 72 hours.

That's just the world that we live in it so unpredictable. It's so crazy it's madness of the world going crazy. That is correct, you are absolutely right world is going crazy.

You know the definition of crazy is it's being out of touch with reality.

What's the definition of reality. Reality is that which is true. Well then what's truth. What is true. When I summing Pontius Pilate. That's why Anna and I been in this conversation with somebody about.

I had lunch yesterday with somebody that's voted for and funded Democrats for most of his adult life and he sees the nightmares coming on the left with that they're absolutely proud of their association with socialism which is just one step away from the ultimate dream of communism and is afraid for the country. Now he's a fiscal conservative and a social liberal but also needs I need to start talking to some Republicans. I wants to pull people to the middle which I appreciate.

But holy cow in the dissonant disarray state of disarray, use, talk about, you know, how can Trump do this and how can Republican support. Trump and always and will. That's because the moral fabric of the country is collapsing, take Trump out of it.I think the Trump selection tells you more about the country in terms of their political frustration for the people that voted for him and also that that they were willing to overlook his rather checkered past, and the way he treats people only communicates about people I struggle with that too.

He was not my guy in the primary, but when the general election came around them like listening to vote for them because I'm voting for the devil. I don't know very well over the devil I know very well, which is Hillary Clinton and so I'm I'm I like what he says I like what is going to do a judges. Unfortunately, the judicial branch is way out of whack today, so you need to have a lot of mojo in there because that's determining a lot of national policies days and so I was willing to be pragmatic. I don't think it's a sin to be pragmatic in a broken world.

And so I'm like okay I got know them like I'm not walking in the voting booth supporting Donald Trump going. Oh by the way, I support all his other peccadilloes that the fact that he has five kids with three wines he cheated on his first wife, the second wife and second wife of his third wife.

All that kind of stuff, things that he said go look up Trump quotes for years is a lot in there and I'm not setting any of that stuff aside.

Shame on you, sir, and he's going to have to deal with his maker and all. Hopefully it will be Christ that pays the price for him seven cell.

I don't know that you view by the way, so there was some conflict there but through three years of his presidency's done a lot of great stuff. So I really appreciate that I'm not setting aside the things that I don't appreciate the way communicates way treats people sometimes yada yada yada. But wow, it's just amazing to watch all of this and and why don't we care what was the moral fabric of the country that you could have a game show guy basically with the apprentice that you can put in the White House and on again I'm not throwing him under the bus. He done great things, but the fact that we just that. Doesn't matter that much to us anymore. 40 years ago a guy with five kids with three wives. Nobody would even gone.

At least it was kinda hidden something like JFK within Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky nonstop.

What is the ultimate purpose of the reason behind all this kind of stuff on the right and the left is the degradation of society in general on both sides of the aisle by way sin is not only located on the left I saw back to Donald Trump's numbers and I want to get her the scent of shifting. It's hilarious. It really is. I'm trying to have some fun here and install this crazy the generally 16th to 29 poll was conducted in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial that will likely result in the presence quit all that off tomorrow. The poll finds 52% of Americans in favor of quitting Trump and 46 in favor of convicting and removing him from office. The Senate impeachment trial appears to have helped the president among undecided and independent voters. But you know that Nancy and Adam.

Ralph love that Gallup reports that Americans confidence in the economy is higher than at any point in the past two decades, and satisfaction with the direction the country is higher than at any point in the last 15 years and that is across the board meeting across the aisle.

63% of Americans now approve the way Trump is handling the economy up six points from the prior meeting in November. Gallup says it's the highest economic approval rating not only for Trump or for any president since George W. Bush enjoyed Stratus.

Job approval ratings in the first few months after 9/11. That's amazing.

Trump is so beloved at the moment that is bull bullying Republicans from from Gallup is Trump's approval rating has improved so is the image of the Republican Party.

Now, 51% of Americans view the Republic party for Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September gone from 43 to 51.

Since September just general Americans view of the Republican Party and they can think Trump is the first time, the GOP favorably has exceeded 50% since 2005, and who do you get the credit to Donald Trump.

You have to Democrats are seeing approval ratings dip down four point since earlier in January and few people are openly identify as Democrats just 44%.

So Trump is just win win win win win and it makes me think of his crazy comment during the 2016 primary when he was like a I think I could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue in it when I would lose a single supporter know what you thinking that I even bring that up guy Steve, are you an anti-Trump person no I'm not. I support them a lot. I hammer when I must my allegiances and to him or to the party are legion, secure Christian, your father, Jesus Christ, your allegiances to him first and foremost in his word and the new line up everything else based on. So where Trump is doing things that are good for people good for the country. All right, amen. I'm with you bro when he treats people like dogs and says some of the things he says I might know I can't approve that, and I can't look the other way. How can you your Christian wheel that the holiness Brahmin everybody, especially ourselves, we judge righteously, and that includes the guy you voted for. So if you're unwilling to apply strict biblical standards to anybody, you've got an idolatry problem. You should be willing to apply to any everybody mostly yourself. That's why James is talking about that hey look in the mirror will be the guy looks in the mirror Loxley two minutes later, likely all of Democrats out there all those liberals you not to be seen at the judgment seat of Christ. Hopefully you know Christ as Lord and Savior born again asking to be about accountability and rewards of talking to me about what you're going to heaven or not, but stand there all by yourself.

You're not to be hate all those liberals over there this people of their people in my church in here and stand there all by yourself.

So keep that gun in its holster.

If you know any in terms of don't be so quick.

We point the white-hot spotlight of judgment at the culture and liberals but you better remember to point yourself as well. I struggle at that myself. Okay Adam ship got here this game. Work on Facebook like you can watch this downshift yesterday during his closing arguments. Okay and he's talking about. Here's what here's what happens when you have a president who abuses power Drupal Is totally serious. This is serious business.

You better listen right represented Adam Schiff from California manager the part of the house group that brought the impeachment over what could happen is the power if abuse of power is not impeachable.

Even though it is clear the founders considered the highest of all high crimes and misdemeanors, but if it were not impeachable range of moderately unacceptable conduct in the present would now be beyond reach Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move tomorrow. I will permanently let Jared Kushner run the country delegating to him the decision whether to go to war because those things are not necessarily criminal. This argument would allow that he could not be impeached for such abuses of power that amusing or what. So if you don't find abuse of power, impeachable then the president of United States complete the present United States could sell Alaska to Russia in order to help fix the next election that could happen is we're seeing today your seen today in the Senate. See tomorrow Nuovo to equipment with the present that in that abuse of power does matter, and the next thing you know to Jean he sells Alaska to Russia for help with the next election, and I think Adam ship actually believes that you totally believe in the what's the next part so he cashes the check from Russia. He wins the election and then he moves tomorrow Largo not for a weekend not to play golf but permanently retaining the presidency of the United States while at the same time delegating all of its responsibilities to his son-in-law Jared Kushner Beckett totally Like totally totally serious right now while okay so if you didn't believe you thought Trump derangement syndrome, which I think it's an over unite overused term kind of every day that goes by. I'm I'm I'm more accepting of the fact that this should probably be listed in the American medical Society as a verifiable condition when he when Adam ship actually thinks that Donald Trump will sell Alaska to Russia to help them fix the next election because Ernie Sandy and the election of members to be invalid, dirty saying they've in clinic and for help move tomorrow. Largo input Jared Kushner in charge Hill abuses power. We can't do anything about it because that's not impeachable that's insane Catherine. This is so funny Catherine on Facebook like how about loading up a plane full of money and sending it to people who have pledged to destroy the US and Israel. No Catherine that's not abuse of power.

That's just as you can trust them all: I ran, you can't trust on holy cow, I can make that prayers to shake Catherine good job anyway. It's not so tonight make sure you watch the Union address I can give you extra credit for it, but I'm given all my students. They write they watch it right, boarded up and talk about that tomorrow that we talk about impeachment vote will be talk about whatever happened Iowa hits in the gifts just keep on coming from this crazy crazy. This is Steve Noble and Michelle God willing I talked again real soon.

My dad always ever for

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