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Trump for 2020?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 10, 2020 3:12 pm

Trump for 2020?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 10, 2020 3:12 pm

Trump for 2020?

Did you vote for Donald Trump in the last election? Are you hoping for him to be reelected? Today, hear what callers have to say about Trump for 2020. Plus, a Money Monday update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold.


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Now here's your host Steve Noble okay will you be voting for president trump in November. That's my question for you. Will you be voting for him in November.

My second question a little more interesting. Did you not vote for last time, but you're gonna vote for in this time so maybe last time you voted for Hillary or maybe last time you didn't bow you chose not about you just can bring yourself to do it, or perhaps last time you wrote somebody in, but this time you will vote for Donald Trump thought that's got my question for you to see just a little gauge where were at today when it comes to this reelection campaign of president trump and what's going on there, so I'm curious.

Plus, some are right on about three hours of sleep. I don't give you all the details, but that's really difficult challenges going on in my wife's family with her sisters help. So if you would be so kind side to put my wife in a plane really early this morning to flap Chicago from here in Raleigh so if you would just to be so kind as to pray for Nikki and their family.

I would appreciate that.

I know my wife and all of them of her family would appreciate that. So I'm right on about three hours sleep which kills my voice that which means I don't want to talk a lot. Some of the latest off on you guys until he talked to David Fisher in the fourth segment with a little money Monday update company things talk about their what's going on out there in the economy but that's my question. I vote for this November. That's an easy one for most of you. I think that's probably a yes or are you changing your vote where you and know last time in your yes this time that's that's I specifically want to hear from you and I'm just curious as to why what's going on what's happened in the last three years that you couldn't vote for Donald Trump last time or perhaps she wrote somebody in, but this time you're definitely going to vote for and I like to hear from you or me. There might even be a few of you that voted for him last time and you're not vote for him this time which is interesting and also if you happen to be an African-American. He needed vote for him last time and you're gonna vote for him this time I'd like to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 just trying to see how things have moved around Trump was a wildcard for a lot of us. Most of us probably in 2015, and 16. He's not a wildcard anymore. Got three record three years of track record and has that change your vote as it impacted what you gonna do this November, 866-348-7884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH help me out to show me a little grace little courtesy today and help me not talk as much. You know full well that all talk on and on and on. Just as my family. But today I would love it if you would help by just calling it and sharing are you voting for him again. Did you say no last time but yes this time. Perhaps you said yes last time but know this time, especially if you're changing your vote in voting for or against Donald Trump in November.

Just curious what's going on there with you so please give me a call and look to hear from you today on the show, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

Maybe it was yes last time.

And double yes this time I asked the question on Facebook a little while ago J on Facebook said yes last time. Double yes this time Jacob said I did write in somebody last time will deftly be voting for him this election. Aaron said reluctant last time more enthusiastic this go-round had several people that said that I didn't last time I wrote somebody in this time I'm totally down. I'm totally with the some people just said no last time. Yes, this time yes to both said no last time, but in saying yes this time.

A lot of people changing sidelines last time wrote somebody in less time than deftly voting for Donald Trump this time 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH today and Steve Noble shall thanks for playing along the phone lines are all jammed up already. So thanks for help me out some and not just be paid. Just be patient.

Keep trying to jump to the vet is can't I get your name right. By the way, this is Steve, thanks for calling and glad Yvette. Sorry about that. Thanks for calling ahead. Thank you. Now, I did not vote for Donald Trump. The lack and I will not, I will not time so nothing's changed for you.

Now you might much more division and around yes. So despite sitting on some of the stuff is hyperbole, but largely the economy is doing better. There's a lot of good things that have happened, but the divisiveness for you can overrides that even it override the economy great but you know what we stand for as a nation. I don't think anyone has everything anything like that and I don't think good yes so so would you say Yvette that year, your concern is not so much for the short term good things that are happening but you see this long-term as something that's destructive to the country well I feel short term, there I feel the negative outweigh the positive and I think in the long turn long-term were going to meet at more I am a Christian.

And so I can for my pro-life and of course I'm not for same-sex marriage, but I don't think Donald Trump being in office even if he went again. I don't think those things will be done away with by him being in and I don't know that the Republican candidate often can't get thrown out to the conservative and that that thing that would help you make your vision. That's not going to go away even with Donald Trump at present. I think sometimes people are mixed like to think that so yeah good yeah so what we do know what you think you when I'm not sure yet, but I'm not sure yet, but the one thing I'm sure about it. I will not be voting for president, doll truck, you know it's funny because we had some Christian friends when Barack Obama was president and eight constantly called.

I think that what is going on. Look at all division well, all while Pres. Trump is in an office. We have not gotten calls from those spread they are shot well shot you see that level that the unit disunity had gone to only let you go on that point. I also had said that we have more conversations with friends, under one president that we do under another screenshot, especially if they're in the body of Christ, we should be letting any president come between us in terms of people I appointed, I have to say I like the point. I understand that things are going. It should I bless you too bye-bye let's jump over to Berkeley real quick Berkeley I'm short on time to go ahead real quick things are: group work double well in order to get a double move this time Berkeley are going to have to move to where I used to live up in Chicago things are gone and I appreciate it.

866-34-TRUTH 8788 Ford are you changing your vote did you say no last time Rhodes wrote somebody in less time and then you see in yes this time to Donald Trump. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back. Will you or will you not vote for Donald Trump in November, particularly if you're changing your bow, perhaps in 2016 you were. You wrote somebody in I did vote for Donald Trump in the primary, but I voted for him in the general election I voted for Cruz in the primary motive for Trump in the general.

I know plenty of people actually wrote into couple different people in the general election. But this time around a lot of people that I just put this up earlier on Facebook and a lot of people are like yeah I wrote somebody in less time. I'm deftly voting for this time. So I think there's a lot of that going on from a polling perspective can be interesting because I think there's plenty of people that won't tell a poster that there voting for Trump for whatever reason. Maybe there like out on you can be pretty nasty and want to be associated with that some people don't care some of these nasty but other people that like what's happened with the activities of the executive branch under Donald Trump may not be comfortable with him as an individual that there like gumbo form. I don't really like him but I like what he's doing some novel forms.

I'm curious about you.

Are you changing your vote in particular.

And if you're an African American if you're if you're actionable for him. This fall and you didn't vote for them last time I really be interested to hear about that because he's made a lot of inroads in the African American community from a a polling position. Some recent polling show them at a 22% approval rating and the African American community.

Only 15% somewhat disapproves of their kind of in play Hispanics is that 35% approval rating, and so going, it always.

If he moves got 8% of the African American boat last time. If he gets 10% or 12%. That's a big deal.

Another thing about these national polls and get back to your call. Something about these national polls is as most of them right now in a in a head-to-head with Trump and Bernie Sanders I Mike this is why am thinking once again, you can't trust the polls.

Quinnipiac Sanders up eight you kidding me.

Not new NBC news Wall Street Journal had Sanders up for this against Trump's are just couple weeks old IBD investors business daily notices. All pre-state of the Union address that had Trump up to but Emerson had to Sanders up to ABC News Washington Post at Sanders up to Fox news had Sanders in mid-January. Had Sanders up six against Trump.

That's nuts.

But then they bent and saying that Joe Biden's gonna run only the Democratic primary and is not going to. I think Bernie Sanders know it.

So it's pretty interesting, but I'm mostly interested today and you about voting for Donald Trump 866 80 changing your vote, in particular but appeared yes and yes no no be happy to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth going to go to Gina Cullinan from High Point, North Carolina Gina, sorry to keep you holding Garp go right ahead.

I changed well. I character and I didn't want to buy for Hillary. But I had my views against Trump because of that the fight Patty they may make false promises to the young people from electrically education. When I went to college I had a paper like my college and my graduate degree. I think my so you are getting called, young people and so I, straighten your patent trying to make a different country.

Gina Facebook on ensuring that I appreciate thank you. Welcome bye-bye let's jump over to Connie is coming from Utah, but if you want to chime in, particularly the specifically if you change your vote may be wrote somebody in less time.

Maybe you didn't vote you just more comfortable.

Whatever the case may be, but you're going to vote for in this time, or maybe a voted form and you're not going to this time I'm running up and running to anybody yet that's the case, or if you're switching from Democrat to Republican that's fascinating as well.

Would love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is my number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. 866-34-TRUTH is go to Connie Cullinan from Utah County. Thanks for calling.

Go right ahead. So why not the first time and why not this time round. My main problem I situation live that he abortion Marmont are well through something I can imagine just so you know this and I'm not not working for his campaign. But just so you know this through executive action. They did remove about $60 million in funding from Planned Parenthood there still given him over 550 million because you need Congress to do it as well, but at least they did do that he did sign the Mexico policy and then he has done some some very pro-life things which I appreciate right now and then you are well for his testimony did admit that he leaked things to the press which was was you can have somebody in your staff that's leaking things so I would have a problem with that one. So for you though you would say that Connie that his personality stuff is more in you than his results well I know I pray for him on Christianity that I well like a bully. Well okay sitting on that step aside about his person. I don't like the way he treats people I don't like the things he says about people and a link to the way he approaches people.

I don't appreciate that, but there's a lot of things about his presidency and for me as a Christian because I'm a follower of Jesus Christ myself were always vote were always picking between the lesser of two evils. There's only one perfect candidate and I know it sounds kind of extreme and he does need our focus is Artie the King of universe moment comes that that unfortunately were always get a deal with very flawed people and if you want to start measuring just how flawed they are. You can certainly do that but I don't think pragmatism for a Christian in a broken world is sinful. I think it's something we have to deal with, but I know it's a tough thing. Connie and I appreciate your call and ensuring that for a lot of people appreciate it very well okay thanks have a great afternoon.

You're welcome. Let's jump and just trying to get your calls because were tight on time wanted to go to big Mo Cullinan from North Carolina love that name things were gone.

Big no go right ahead, sorry for that. I won't.

All right for all all about the call people people lie low. You did you for Hillary last time you okay so when we bring we bring up Christian values and stuff and I'm just curious. I handle this may bring up Christian values and stuff. How do you how do you handle the abortion issue which is clearly anti-biblical only murder.

Prosperity about it. Robert, I have not heard mom up against the brakes, I gonna let you go. But thanks for calling. I appreciate that likely handled Mitt Romney I don't like the way he handles most people going back to the abortion thing Mo with all due respect, I don't know how you set that aside, say it's a lesson two evils.

That's why he voted for Hillary.

Hillary loves Planned Parenthood and supports abortion, Trump does in his activities and show no disrespect meant to you, big Mo called in a few minutes ago but do justice to speaking in general and not speaking about him particularly but in general, if you look at that guy. Okay, I brought up Hillary Clinton who is a supporter a major supporter, received them. Planned Parenthood Margaret Singer award was proud of it. They will back up and protect Planned Parenthood like it's their own child. Sometimes in and you can't make that a moral equivalent. What a guy who has five kids from three wives to go look up Donald Trump quotes from before he was the president that there wasn't much about him. I like that all and there's still a lot of things about Donald Trump personally in the way he handles people in the way he communicates that I don't like but if you put a moral equivalency on it. That's not morally equivalent to supporting an industry that kills upwards of a million babies a year and makes blood money off of it though.

You cannot compare those to if you hold to a biblical ethic you can't do that. So your to your left with those two issues. Those two people and so I did what I believe was a righteous thing God knew when I went in and voted for Donald Trump in November 2016, I wasn't endorsing anything about it is negative character traits I wasn't endorsing any that I still not that's why I'm not a mega hat wearing guy and I can see a Trump sign in my front yard because a lot of things about down Trump.

I'm not proud, but there are a lot of things about his presidency that I am in wheat. In case you haven't noticed, we live in a really messed up world. And so I'm forced to be pragmatic is a follower of Christ in a terribly broken fallen world. But don't don't try to make the moral equivalence between a candidate who's for baby murder in a candidate who's had a lot of personal issues and treat people poorly. That's not a moral clothing you can't, let's jump over to Victoria hey Victoria you still there. Sorry it had to hold on for so long ago it had yet well I want to know what Christians have the right to put to make a moral equivalent anything. Crying is the bottom line and learning is not to make abortion anywhere learning to discuss our questioning everything in commandment God from whom all and when he called for in the New Testament love and is very common from the Christian community and in this and in this area and even the Christian principal did you not hear when he got closer both the prayer most people.

Second, contrary to what I read anything about Hitler traits are just like you, I think, let me ask you put me on hold because you won't let me say anything. Now you can hang up if you want, but I got to ask you this question.

Is this theological question is way bigger than Donald Trump.

Do you really think male that God if you lie to your neighbor and then then you murder your other neighbor. Do you really think those are equally egregious in their sin is that equal sin where you have lying everyone I okay I'm not gonna keep doing that. If you're not willing to go back and forth and I'm knocking to keep you on the air.

Okay so I'm knocking to do that. Here's the deal.

Guilty one guilty of all. That means if you're guilty of one because the holiness of God are separated from God eternally as if you had broken the entire 10 Commandments, which by the way, we all do.

So there's that. And then there's the issue of our all sins equally egregious and offensive to God and in their effects me lying to my wife Mama or anybody else who has this wrong is not as equally egregious as me murdering my wife some sins are worse than others, but any sin is enough to separate you from God forever, and Jesus himself talked about it's going to be worse for these cities and those cities there's any worse judgment for some than others, so you gotta get your theology right I understand where you're coming from a start talking about abortion, and in that Allison is Hitler's gonna be working to be a communist country, the only make us a communist country mammas if we lack something like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump is a capitalist, he has no interest in communism because that's not how he makes money that he'll get out of the White House eventually go back to make money so but but but on the other should the theological issue okay see you know all sins are not the same. Simply bad theology. And if you think I'm nuts go study for yourself because I'm not. It's correct not pontificating. I'm telling you what the Bible teaches.

Let's go to for your time.

Let's go to Jean calling in from Lexington. Sorry to keep you holding jingo Red Hat mail. I will want rent out about my name world that will and he will roll and that all the black vote you brought it up at me. I don't have to go anywhere else other than the abortion issue and and and it stops and starts there.

If you can make an excuse for abortion in a candidate and then call somebody else will. He's mean to people and he said affairs mobile the block, but your casting your vote for a member of the party whose flag is soaked in the blood of the unborn simply can't justify that as a Christian you cannot like we need 080, how about our you want to know you know this gene want to know who voted against both the 13th and the 14th amendment to end slavery and get black. The voting rights. You know, voted against that the Democrat party plugs plant the Democrat party. You know who opposed the civil rights movement until Johnson figured out the Democrat party I'm with Eugene, now you amen I'm with you. Thanks, Jean God bless you.

Thanks Colin, that was great, let's jump over to who Sandy is gone from Winston-Salem, Sandy.

I love Sandy so let's jump over to have been keeping people and hold Michelle, you're on your honesty Starkey beholding go ahead and apply your brain. What we need people to correct for Christian we really need to take on what and what we can feel and recognize that the spiritual issue that when you look at the Democratic Party and what they are trying to do every platform that they have about drawing God's word. The fact that he made us male and female.

The fact that he marriage between a man and a woman there trying to completely remove God and all of his followers, and from having any belief in this country and whether or not we like how Donald Trump is saying things I think we need to recognize that your median and bought by the Democratic Party in order for him to get around Twitter things that cause them to go into a panic mode when he gets 50 painting the country to go back to work, he wrote stuff out there and make everybody lives. Mine go hundred 70 and appoint people and Christians. How can we create a born-again believer. Why are we putting well that's a great point. I preceded Connie Michelle, thanks for all the work they do and that's a great point Donald stepped up and said, by the way I'm born again.

I know some people that have had dinner with them.

Some say he is. Some say he isn't until he says he is. I'm not can hold on to that standard that will hold them to a godly standard because it all got held that whether we like it or not, will be right back. I could see noble to see Noble showing everybody take the breathe in.

Breathe in, breathe out, just take a deep red heart rate down a little bit spirited conversations about politics important. The gospel preeminence okay so I get I get a little whacked out to get exercise I get mad I get disappointed. But if one of my Christian brothers or sisters call then and there saying something. I'm like I have no I did, you can say that Bulova but if we if we got together in a copy shop and this is what we all need to try to do if we got together in a copy shop. Can I can I love you and fellowship with you and worship the Lord with you even if you are vote for the opposite party. If you vote for the Democrat party for me like I do now you do that and and but I'm not going to throw somebody out if there my brother sister in Christ because that's not a top-tier issue, the gospel, the top-tier issue anymore, though not this world, not this country and not in a lot of Christianity politics is the top-tier issue that we shall have spirited debate, but always it was in their talk about love anybody Trump is lovely but how about the rest of us were actually call yourself born-again Christians are we loving each other well I don't often love people well and on social media is terrible. That's not loving people. Well, I trust my witness before the watching world, especially for the Lord. So wow we need to be careful. It's easy to point the white-hot spotlight, a judgment of the culture or the president or anybody else but we gotta be willing to turn it and pointed at ourselves. The white-hot spotlight of judgment not be like the guy. The book of James looks himself because I got some problems do and then walks away from miracles. Yeah, but that Trump Geyer that multiple Nancy Pelosi guy say what when you and I are standing at the jumpsuit. Christ hope you'll be standing there as a believer. I'm not going to stand and there were Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi or Adolf Hitler. Anybody else on the standard by myself and give an account for what I did with my salvation to know all of them over there that over there and over here know all by yourself. So we better make sure we deal with the plank sticking out of our own eye before we deal with the specs sticking out of everybody else's hey David Fisher, something was a little bit of a rant here, while show talking about voting or not voting for Trump in the fall, so I appreciate your allow me to finish my rant I thanks for calling and great to hear from you and a little money Monday update. Sorry about that. Thanks for your patient numbers ever get to listen and then I caught the left 10 minutes to talk to myself you you are Scripture over an hour and 15 minutes go from little bit. I know you know I was going to be overcoat just talked about okay Stephen you know okay so since you brought it up yesterday 79 which everybody's going to get this if they don't know that one already start their talk about will not dare to you if like something is going on in my heart I'll share my heart. Something I work in weekly. Nine do not be quickly provoked in your spirit for anger resides in the lap of fools to things politics and religion their talk about Micah about those at our house you you know I have to question the person that is influence you the most obviously as believers we say the Lord, you know, and obviously always on our earth, we say you know who our parents worked out our mom or maybe it's a role model that we work toward an old friend or something like that but I think there's another entity that is influence of the most of them are becoming humanism only sure about their windows. I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, hope my Christian followers of Jesus, so don't take this next statement has anything outside of the realm, but sometimes the person influences most because we put a wall up and not allow influencer that shed his blood for us in Jesus Christ. We don't allow him to influence our life, and you know God and this is a gentleman and a loving God and he's also a God of anger and wrath, but he respects that he doesn't know folio's over.

He loves us into relationship and disciplines is also but I think that us as believers you know we can we should be slow to anger for forgiveness and am sometimes just take a deep breath like you said, and if they process that will when I got saved at age 16 is a crusade I didn't learn this back then. It took me years of thing.

Okay take a deep breath. David don't let this provoke your spirit and the more we do that we can still be passionate but not let it affect our spirit because that's the thing that contacted with God and how we how he dwells with you and your anger do not sin. God never tells us don't get angry. Just make sure your anger is righteous, and then let that lead you into sin, which is where we have to be very very careful since praise the Lord for that. What great timing and only God could have known that was going to be so needed at a lesser segment. So thanks for that, and allowing the Lord to use it that way. Stocks no moving upward talking to David Fisher from La Marque M great partner with the show we been doing real together for several years now, helping us understand all the complex things going on out there in the economy and banking and how all that flows in the stock market and then how use precious metals as a hedge against all of that so stop moving up a bit. I mean it was bad at the end of January back up a bit. Ever since then we have the coronavirus going on. So what's going to drive the markets right now they have a good day today up hundred 74 point know all the coronavirus is not a hook in the market are affecting the Asian market significantly all the world health organization, said the word just the tip of the iceberg of the bargaining, or worse, but I will still contain. But it isn't exiting the market.

There's a disconnect. I think what's affecting the market in this going up his two simple things, corporate bonds, which I have a video that's good. We put a public today on YouTube on my YouTube channel about corporate bonds were taught about the little today for a few moments, but also the Fed so we can talk about the Fed injecting money but you don't want to go backwards just for a second you and I talked offer you the other day and I was talking to you about and am not endorsing the stock.

I'm not putting it down either. But we can use as an example of this was happening in the market metric for stock-based started 2009 out of San Francisco, California, the whole area tech area for craze is stored in 2001 way back then when we have the bubble burst, but Google went public.

May 9, 2019 and $45 and sure the 40 now downloaded.

It was as low as 26 and I feel but they have a lot of death $3 billion in operating losses in 2018 2017. Your before 4 billion of first per second and third quarter this sugar like almost $67.2 billion. So carry a lot of that. They just issued a hold of the bonds of bonds $1.2 billion in pure forms. According to Standard & Poor's triple C+ rating, which is not a good rating. That's a terrible rating. They're trying to raise 700 million more people are buying this junk on in the stock going up so the environment is like saying right now a lot of billionaires are saying this is like craze, but with the deaf craze coupled with that of 2008, so this is why when you know this is all going change in both corporate bonds or really becoming an issue we need to think right exactly corporate bonds you put into perspective in 2007 before the crash was 4.9 trillion in 2008. It was 6.6 trillion in 2019 CNB see announcement with a bauble and 9.1 trillion in November of that year and our year plus out of that analysis, 15.5 trillion, so just last year and a few months it's risen 6.6 trillion, which is the whole market capitalization of 2008 pulled the plug on the whole thing would cause Bear Sterns to go down the next day Lehman Brothers you will feel those also because there's so that is collateralized loan obligations. You leverage money but you know when you can pay bonds back.

That's the leveraged investment. So this is what the problem is happening then put into respect one more thing about corporate bonds is that the crippled people on which is one step above show good bondage, but is the main area. It was 35% in 2008. Now it's 50% today and in the last year, according to Morgan Stanley.

There's been a 50% default rate in corporate bonds was growing to be a big problem you today and this is something that David and I would would both emphasized all of us to think just because Donald trumps that the present enter because things are going well right now that things can potentially go well is to ignore history.

We talk 11 minute about we a call her San.

Hey, we don't know our history when it comes Democrat party and in some African-American issues.

If you think that this this search is going to continue just to trumps the president you don't know your history that we have cycle after cycle after cycle we see this kind of data. Nobody really talking about it. Same thing on the federal level.

These are all significant yellow flags and we need to be paying attention to it with us what you think.

This rally will last.

It will get to the whole year when stocks discontinued edge up the trillion dollar question is can be based upon the index called the probability of recession with the next 12 months, but given by the Fed and right now it's 33%. So that means is referred chance that we will have recession in the next 12 months were boys going okay perspective in 2007 through the 42% chance of default happening within a year. So get some more knowledge about this and call my company also YouTube channel.

Corporate bonds is a lot more gold education were here for you hedge the other side. Your you know the childhood plane on the teeter totter yells weight on one in the weight of the other and you got a problem are you balancing your teeter totter or sailboat get all the sales above the regular stock market world you have underneath the boat to balance it out. That's the whole point of talking about precious metals, landmark you get more information and education. David and his team landmark or 844-879-8882 David something so much for calling and talking into our talk tonight, willing friends outside to get

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