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The Gospel and BBQ

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February 19, 2020 10:19 pm

The Gospel and BBQ

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 19, 2020 10:19 pm

The Gospel and BBQ

Today, Christopher Prieto, Founder of Prime BBQ, joins to discuss his amazing testimony and his journey to Christ from BBQ. To learn more about Christopher's story, check out


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Now here's your host Steve Noble okay well after all we are in North Carolina. I really know that I moved down here night I couldn't really tell what came first, was that the gospel and then barbecue or was it barbecue and golf what time I spent here. The more I came to understand that perhaps you could make an argument that it was exactly at the same time that next to Hilo out of nothing. God creates everything in his good creation. He creates all the things that were going to need to eventually one day, figure out how to make it barbecue.

However, when I moved down here from the Midwest and I went to my first pick, pick my first pick thinking I might okay, I get the port thing I get the Shrek art shredded pork is good I like that seems juicy where's the barbecue slot sauce that I can now slough their slather lather all over my Plato pork and they said was right there and like that's looks like vinegar and they said yeah that's it and that's when I realize that I had done potentially had gotten as close to hell as I get and so my adventures in barbecue goes a long time ago back quite as far as my guest today, Christopher Prieto, who is a barbecue master pit master God made you this way and Christopher's also got a great testimony that were going to be here and from the day he is the founder prime barbecue which is opening here in Raleigh and Knightdale.

Close the Raleigh area.

A parole 18 and April 18 a hard start grand opening prime barbecue prime is the website. If you live here to be all over you about it because you'll see me out there if you don't live here, but you're going to come to Raleigh anytime soon. Make sure you get to try barbecue. I'm so excited because I've had it and it totally blew me away.

Christopher will go to the show. That was a really long introduction what I liked it so much for your welcome and so pretty exciting days. You are a very talented godly young man at the age of 3636 yes I don't. I want to spend anymore time on how useful you are at this point but you got a fascinating story. Christopher and I really am thankful that our mutual friend Fred Voncannon, Anita got guys together and I went and visited Christopher.

This was several months ago and the restaurant location was under under construction but yet fascinating journey to me how you come to look back at this started when you were a wee little that yeah so I always look back at it like you know you never really see where God's going to take into you look back and see what is done. It's really just breathtaking.

A lot of the time you know certain way back when my print both my parents immigrated from Puerto Rico. My father was getting his PhD at Texas A&M.

My mother was a new mother how we lived only remember just in a community with a lot of Spanish families and all three. My brothers and I were born in Bryan Texas routes are call station so my followers and you know they're getting his PhD and a bunch of people taken the barbecue basically and he was in love with.

He said wow that was some amazing cuisine. He grew up to my mother as a cook is the most fantastic cook on earth you so for something that taught that it's gotta be great so he grabbed her brothers and I we went, ate it, I just remember it being in the middle of nowhere than it being a gas station which I thought was odd and then there's the grocery store for that area of Texas, and behind it was a meat market like this means raw and then behind that there is little cutting block and I just remember holding myself up looking at the cutting block and seeing this large on the big fish Manchu mustache told remembers for some overseeing 1 foot down this brisket take this big scimitar adjuster already through at brisket and he opened it up to get us a few slices out.

Seeing that translucent that rollout. It was visually mesmerizing to me and I was like well it's quite beautiful and then I was a loop between five and six define the timeline and then we set down some butcher paper, pickles and onions.

There was no sauce and the forks just like you do with your hands, and he told me the forks on the other your arm okay this is cool so just being a boy, oh great, we can see with her hands on the new addition eating the meat itself. It was like wow like it was emotionally impactful to that point the little cream packets in the toaster strudel big back this with my brothers. My father ever. In addition to your average like blue Bell ice cream candies and 1/2.

So for something to be as impactful as that is, to a small child was awesome right and I thought wow this is really great. I really love it and that's basically the end of it other than he give us a small tour.

I saw the back of the place and I saw how it's as you know we live very glamorous lifestyle center. It rooms which are well lets you know there's lots of fans.

It's very cool you know you don't burn yourself. It's just, you know, just such a relaxed environment is very hot and dry moments constant grease your feet come and go like this are locked dear get that get that quad workout and to meet was beautiful because what a Dungeness looking place for someone crafted something so long for me to have that ask. I thought I was pretty cool how many people have you ever encountered that look at interaction with the barbecue joint and barbecue brisket and react the same way you'd like. This beautiful mesmerizing yeah so now it was difficult as I got older, so the more barbecue and I ate this again on the sixth of the foundation that this is pretty YouTube Internet's anything to any Food Network did exist, it was nothing. So I just purely loved and I went out with my father we would need these places and really became like a little 15 autos over the differences in the different joints were eating out, but really it was just a connection to the food itself in the process, but we grew up with very passionate food people like my mother's very passion, my family was and then ate it started to grow as I started to see the culture and the connection and how was so many different people in Texas we go to the Houston rodeo should have a huge cook often be hundreds of people competing in competition barbecue was in the thing until the mid-90s so you know, again in the early 90s. This was in the thing. I just loved it. I didn't know why that I got a cooker and I started cooking a lot on it already got your first cook when I was allowed to cook first when I was 13 so it was always you know my debt. It's a very traditional family. So my dad every Sunday we cooked barbecue you and then my mother would have salsa music playing weekends, but it was a very traditional way of background, and when you say cooker is like a 55 gallon drum with half charcoal yeah it was a choice.

Start following letter to get up there talking to Christopher Prieto today barbecue crime I've had this about barbecue brisket is the best ever have there in his drink and I'm here Christopher Prieto is the founder prime barbecue print their opening grand opening. Here they been he's been cooking and teaching and involved in barbecue passionately, obviously. The first segment passionately since he was young wee little lad the teaching and touring and barbecue pit master for hello it's been years it's been a long time ever. 13 over 13 years and he's just 36 very passionate about just as mentioning for people that are bringing stuff. Talk about being passionate.

Nikki was teacher for 10 years at a small Catholic school there in Chicago.

Very impactful and on.

This was Sunday afternoon, the reception, so they did a closed casket Memorial can awaken the funeral was Monday morning is a two hour wait. People were in line for two hours just to greet her family, her husband and three kids and her brother and sister sister being my wife and it was just amazing to see the impact people can have so what are your teacher barbecue person. We were just talking to Christopher off the air. Men may that be our testimony up into my life up so that people just line up for our glory before God's very and that we touch people and in the case of Christopher touching people whose unlikely source that most of us would consider which of the barbecue pit master especially and I am prone to enjoy brisket more than pork, but I'm trying to be loving towards ultra business is in Christ you haven't quite figured that out yet and so grace and mercy all across the screen will growing up. So, did you know as the Discover the she said like for five years of age, when did you know that hey, this is the trajectory of my life to get your faith in sure sure me.

It's pretty easy. I need the shift happen one started building a relationship with my wife really, you know, my wife was a Christian so she always had the outlook, your gifts are for to glorify God up and they should be pointed towards that and really her support right. She constantly lists a hard business like who does this admit people that after five years they just crumble and I've only got built up more more and that's through my wife like my wife slick and cable were doing this okay will you get a C up till three, then sleep two hours thing go back out and do more work okay. I'll make sure coffees made notes like it's is a valiant effort of God, placing her into my life and allowing it and that's that's the thing like I can be passionate about it since I was five I could be you know doing it when I was there could've been a world champion.

By the time I was 19. If it's not in God's will, it will not happen as much as you push in the direction lotion push in the direction he wants you to go so he placed her at a gas station really late at night where I stopped to get gas and I saw that her brother was a rookie police officer in that small town. She was there to spend time with him and she was in the same section with his was like a McDonald's get grocery store Station which locked eyes and start talking that a connection and really just dating someone who was like okay you're crazy barbecue not just normal but she thought hey that's what God called you to do so from that standpoint, it was just a complete roll around of okay I'm gonna try and do this okay will then do it to your best capacity because what that life looks like.

Is your onion. It's unknown like so I became a competition barbecue cook when I was very young, very, very valiant was just getting in the college when I became a professional like to go on the circuit and it takes a week of preparation thousands of dollars pair unit will contest your out there was 5060. The best teams in the country's like NASCAR right if the cook two days worth of barbecue and I'm cooking 40 pounds of each meet four different needs for different categories turn in 1 pound of barbecue out of that 1 pound of barbecue which is double-blind, the judge gets one bite of one piece of your entire story has to be told in a bite like you have to tell your journey your work ethic, refocus your attention to detail every little element needed to be told in that by, and that's the part were that was the part of my life for God really focused enough to ask what we need one so much of people's opinion of boils down to. All this time this investment. The meat to one bite. I don't know how somebody can handle that. Outside of a relationship with Christ where your identity is set in inestimable and then so somebody takes one bite of all your work. Now I see you have the original judge men like wow in this judge like because to get a perfect score barbecue is very difficult.

You need to have mean you get six people on a table to discuss anything it's never happened. Barbecue is probably other than religious and was argued thing after another got out of the get six people. The table say this is absolutely perfect. Have zero judgment and the judge comes to a contest to knock you down just to pick they feel like they're not doing their job with the talking down to capture and it's called a 180 score and I've received one in my career and it was just like okay this is great. I've done everything I wanted to do in competition barbecue right I got the glass I got the plastic.

I call it that because that's all they are in the first place.

Migraine chambers are not anything their meaningless titles listed on shelves that tell you you are this good moment. I didn't need one trophy.

I didn't need any trophies right the Lord put me there so that could focus my attention on what he had.

The next thing because at some point I fell very empty. You got trophies you will intersect with talking to Chris Prieto, the founder prime barbecue which is opening up here in Knightdale which is right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, April 18 that the 18th April 18 and I've had around to talk to Christopher about its employees and the people that are working there because it's a great story and that he's been doing teaching and input catering stuff for years I've had pretty much everything menu that was available when I had it at a catered event and I was absolutely blown away because it hearkened back to. I was raised by two techs, so I was only raised with barbecue longform brisket and I rarely have great brisket, but your brisket athlete phenomenon that's and then to find out about employees and stuff. So that's over talk about today. Prime barbecue and so the fate element in finding your worth in Christ and that with barbecue when it all back on the start: started to coalesce really when I started to's that back like I you I came to know the Lord and then I started to know okay and again I was young Christian in my early 20s, so I'm really on fire for Christ, but not okay. You need to be every second of your daily speak, pointed at getting people to be in a fall over them just like you have and to serve him well and I wasn't there yet I was still serving myself through this competition barbecue and one day registered trophies and like who cares about first-place brisket 2008.

I don't know our members that you know and then it got to a point where the current drive home and it's over. That's it. The day after the contest. You are the loser again right so the next year like Tom Brady who still is nasty at something that is incredible. You got you got the trophy wife. Yet what six Super Bowl yeah and he's like okay I'm still a free agent.

I'm not.

I still have something left through go to your grave that it will until your proof is placed on the cross already built a man who does not happen with Christopher that may help save restoration of the gospel story, talking to Christopher Prieto today. I have no idea who Christopher Prieto I don't know if the guy exists in place was like 7.2 billion people. I'm thinking at this point. Not a single one of them's name Christopher Prieto. But there is one Christopher Prieto and that's who's in the studio with me today prime barbecue opening in Knightdale. April 18 is going is this just an infomercial assistance commercial and and I will give you the answer that would give anybody any day. They asked me about the show. I don't do anything by accident that I'm aware of and especially on the radio. I do things very intentionally so when I was so and I said this for years. Christopher that the the body of Christ should be a lot more like the Mafia. Now, not the death and dismemberment of high crimes and misdemeanors, but the thing that I like about the Mafia and I married an Italian family know something about that is just that they really take care of each other so so when you find a brother or sister in Christ who is in this case happens to be in the marketplace and if they produce an excellent product which we ship product or service, as followers of Jesus Christ in all that you do with you to drink to all the glory of God. Now, if you throw up and I had to learn this year's goal just because you throw a fish on your business card doesn't mean you're on a great business but when you find an excellent Christian man or woman running a great business and you have a platform and you can share that with other people. Why would you not fill Christians we should be supporting each other as a matter fact, if we did this correctly book of acts we wouldn't even need the government for pretty much anything we would support each other that church would do so when I meet somebody like Christopher and I find something like prime barbecue in the believer. And you can help the kingdom by helping him and we can help each other and believe me, he's got bless you, since you open your mouth forkful and everybody went something. Why would I not do that.

Amen. So there's my pseudo-business disclaimer for Navy skeptics and Christopher is great.

Thanks for so let's back up just a little bit because I want to make sure we talk about what you have at Breitbart prime barbecue and everything goes on fast.

But how did you actually come to Christ. You mention it in passing. When I asked became a believer lot of us. I believe in God. I went to church. Yeah so I grew up Catholic, so and I mean like super Catholic Puerto Ricans.

They don't trip around married statues with flowers so I went to Catholic middle on Episcopalian middle school in a Catholic Catholic Catholic college very Catholic sub in the mass like probably 2 billion times for you three times a day got serious article during school and then you go twice a week and she's a lot of a lot of movements so I never had a relationship with Ward before right my to me growing up my father was always my God and I say that in such a loving manner because I highly respect my father when something was wrong. My father would tell me when I did something well. My father would tell me, always looking to him for approval. Always looking for the pats on the head. The pats on the back at a boys and you know my father traveled a lot and I love my father more than anybody won't a lot to say that but I just knew there was more love it like I always felt incomplete all the time. You know why my was seeking that approval and it wasn't till I move back so I stopped. I went to college for two years in Florida. It was very Catholic college and I moved back my mother got sick here in North Carolina which they moved so I moved up here to succumb to start over her taking a watch and take care of her. I worked restaurants at night and really I remember my dad finally saying when I when I was dating Martian is getting serious is like a cam. Linda Mary Marsha.

We got the apartment together but she still lived in her house are still with my parents working to move there till we get married and I remember opening boxes of stuff since I was a kid and at that point, a coworker, his instructor, he was in seminary. I remember so well because he was working at Corollas, he would slowly talk to me what we're bristling force vacuuming floors together just advice and things of that nature.

And I remember specifically asking one time where that advice came from. He said Peter and he said it like a new computer. Yeah, that's a and I was just like well that's yeah it's good advice to Peterson and anyway I was like Joshua was spirited enthusiasm or not.

Like I said earlier, while we were all fair. It's just would like when you're in a room with a Christian strong believer it's you can't. You can sense that because love exudes from them but also it's like a war.

It's all been lifted away and even how they react to things and every toad in Joshua given an intense situation. Restaurant obviously is a very relaxing place to work. Joshua just like a problem.

Now you like there's these delightful, easy, and he's going to freak out. He's going to freak out the back.

Sooner or later, and he would go no Joshua always loved into care and he invited myself to church and my wife would always invite me to church, but I've never been in a in it was it was a very formal Baptist Church so it's just I'm I'm not used to that environment, but Joshua invited me to a hand raising church so I'm in this room, and everyone's really worshiping to the music and I don't mean like carrying the TV. I mean, like, yeah in the air and I was like wow this is very intimidating, but the met the gospel always speaks the truth. Your heart doesn't matter where you're at. That's why I believe omissions right doesn't matter where you're at gospel breaks through anything and it reached my heart, which my wife was like race Ward for that and then I remember looking through all the stuff in my garage. I started going to church, a thing which church twice and I would open these boxes and I would see my pass. I remember looking at things from college from high school and seeing God in those things seat when people come to know the Lord. When the when the Lord's really pushing towards them. If you look back and I was still people that look back, see were the words really shown you where that is, he revealed himself to me in the garage of my parents house and I don't mean like oh I feel better. I mean like I first finally saw my sent for what it's worth night and I told this to barbecue his room late night of the competition. When you go to competition you can smell the sweet smoke coming from 50 teams down me instantly and was electrical in ouster, just like a bunch of dogs and just melt dinner on right, but then for the next two days you're in cooking right in and you only misspell but if I go next to what I call civilian and non-barbecue. The while you smell like that stinking they want to live like one big juicy piece and I love you so much. But you don't spell it out.

So we are descendents to but when you shower after competition. I blow my nose is pure black.

Because of the set in the it's in my body when I shower and wash my hair. I can smell the smoke really acidic. I can see the water turn black and gray.

What people have been talking to me about the whole time of how much I smell it barbecue. I don't recognize it is a been in it for so long, but when I see it washed over me and I see coming out of my nose. I see how deep it was in my soul that is a review that makes you drop to your hamster guys have I ever been loved here since never not it's incredible when you feel and see that time that the Bible teaches us that it's the kind that you first have to understand how dark and black are not dirty you are and then that Christ would still love you and accept you and choose to die for. I didn't get it at first as a young Christian why would he yeah why would he present my wife to me. Why would he come in love mean my heart.

Why me, why is it so important.

I literally hadn't done nothing in my life to deserve this because I don't need to do anything that cost is already been paid right so all I need to do is recognize and let Amanda and how easy was that such a beautiful thing that was like 10,000 showers after years of our right. I've never felt so great invigorated and ready to tell the people about the Lord and I'm Puerto Rican and ADD so I'm not a problem carrying open a door and a like to hear doesn't know about Jesus. We are talking right now, but I knew it couldn't do that approach shall: talk about the gospel and barbecue and Christopher Prieto upright barbecue which is opening up your night till supper. Basically suburbs of Chicago and things that were suburb of Raleigh April 18. Prime barbecue is the website.

It's phenomenal.

I got myself and you and you can hear what kind of man he is a man after God's own heart and so one of the things that was really impressive to me. The first time that I variance what God is to do what was the meat and the product itself. First, barbecue is excellent, but then the employees that you there's a purpose there's there is so again I think what I tell people is you can be great at what you do but unless you pointed towards the Lord, you never get to see his potential like what you doing it for.

I started actually pointing what I did towards the Lord which honestly is just starting fires and putting meeting on lets us speak very real about what I do.

I literally like things on fire. Then I wait till things get hard enough and I just tossed me on the Internet such a simplistic thing on but if you pointed towards God. It beautiful, totally beautiful.

Yeah, and then not so that's why whether it's the way you cook me the way barbecue the way you run a restaurant. We cater to teach and in particular in this case you come back to you hire and why all built into it that figure to talk about barbecue in our time of the gospel call on every nook and cranny of our lives. Prieto prime of your wanted to see the help wanted start a fire. Put meat on the day upright barbecue. It's opening an idea what Raleigh April 18 brother in Christ and to the fascinating story and a love above barbecue for pretty much her whole life started when he was four or five that amazing story shared at the beginning of the show so you missed. That makes you go back and listen to podcasts or she can get pretty much anywhere. Podcasts are go to the website, the Steve Noble or you can join us here in the studio on Facebook life but to Christopher Prieto today prime is the website prime grand opening coming up in April 18.

Let's make sure we get out and support not only our brother but is his wife and his kids are community as well as that tells little about your employees and I want to talk about the restaurant itself does us a whole new phase will constantly yeah sure.

So I started teaching lots of different barbecue classes into light features and things that make you really love the purpose behind barbecue love. People often learn about it, I fell upon class and was asked for me to take a new class for wounded warrior Project are more with that.

You know, and then obviously Air Canada veterans. I know they get wounded in battle but really learning about them online. I was like wow this is incredible and really during that first time I've ever met veterans. I myself I we prayed, God, please use this in this this class to do good or for you. We did that, he drew my first when were classy blew up the grill and I get severe second 3rd burns on arm in my face before the class even started and I laid there went to the hospital. Got morphine there like okay the next six mature life, you need this pain is taken off three times a day and utility and this is during my first class and I remember going back from the hospital if it is more the drugs than anything but going and finishing the class and the soldiers didn't warrant like wow this is crazy.

I went there to do my job. This is the testimony part in or for the soldiers and from that class.

Then those soldiers knew and I knew from them.

This is with a deal with three single day. Whether you see scars are not. They deal with it within the hearts, their families, they have no purpose right. That's how I felt before, knew the Lord what I do as a civilian, I've only been a soldier. So really, I spent the last four years, creating a therapy to rehabilitate soldiers using barbecue as a therapeutic tool. Most importantly, like anything.

Just leaving them in of war right giving them an outlet for them to find peace in their everyday struggle. And through that we have a lot of great soldiers that have been like I'm in this is what I want to do. I we have one retired fireman who God put in my path. During a charity event is just like I'll do whatever and then you got to a point where he is like orts call me and serving him do that till the end of my days to hear someone say that to you like I'm so not worthy not that overwhelming. It is very much and he does every day was as Albert so Sammy also as well, but Albert is her husband and he's retired fireman in just yeah is amazing.

So with our staff thing all my interactions with Sammy.

She's just so Christ centered area is a going, how much fun is this seven incredible product incredible barbecue and to be doing it all for the glory of God reach people in the community which I knows you restaurant seven yet so you know we wanted the foundational principles and values of our company to be reflective of what the gospel states we should be doing with their talents but in a way like any type of way to reach a nonbeliever. That's not as direct. You know so our mission statement.

Everything we believe our values are on the walls for all employees to see everyday so anytime I speak to them or give them direction or guidance. I point to the values because I can attribute that value something in the gospel so that's what you always wanted.

When you lead. You want to say that because I say so because right here says so right so that's how I want to leave my staff. In addition, hospitality industries, very not so nice right a lot of uncolored words are thrown around all the time, plus a gossip.

Lots of grime just hostile environment.

People are just trying to make it a living want to be somewhat happy and they like to work hard because it's a hard-working environment family created an atmosphere that they feel loved by the people who are in leadership positions, but I want everyone in my restaurant clear I am not the leader of the restaurant.

God owns a restaurant. God owns everything we do. The only reason I'm here is because of him.

I'm just here to continue this ministering the path he seeks yet he sees Fortner Stewart and that's why Fred and I met my best part connected. We connected because God put us in each other over and over and over again. He was my parent's neighbor a long time ago he seen the hustle since I was in the backyard image cooking for no reason and you just like all his kids really got a good successful watchman or himself.

Oh, absolutely phenomenal human being, but really, you know, our employees are leadership is wounded veterans that that really believe in the purpose, missions and values of what were trying to achieve here with her ministry were trying to raise the tides of all be the rising tide of all the boats and really show what God's business can look like in a community, one of barbecue destination can look like when that's the center of it so cool I talk about the menu so the menus we keep it traditional. We keep what we call her features very well at school so we have our traditional protein so have smoked turkey breast with beef brisket kind of Franklin style so that question earlier. I beef ribs, pork ribs housemate check style sausage will have two will have one regular all beef this traditionally would check style means course in all beef. When you hear this check and there's different German style spoke and then it's going to happen have one with pickled jalapeno and pimento cheese because that's in North Carolina, everything, will you show that your beef sauce that one can be really good on Saturdays were to feature a whole heart cooking so really cook right over top of coals. There's a glass where you said to me watch the pigs being cooked right in front of you in an outside you can sit in the skylight card bar top air which surrounds the pit room is full visibility full connections with all the cooks. Why this is that platforms an opportunity one to connect with the public to delete them in the back three to thrown a little about the gospel so in the sides we keep in traditional but we'd like to elevate them a bit right we smoke, sweet potato salad right I hated potato salad. I traveled professionally eating a barbecue restaurants all around the country.

The one thing if push myself to eat was potato salad and basically want what we did is we cooked potato salad till we liked and a long time. I took a lot of bacon right and a lot of smoking.

The potato and it's like if I eat a salad it's covered in bacon and meet someone underneath there's a peace letter right but I'll eat it. That's the potato salad is a sin for us, really Sheffield unique gifts law.

We have beings with things like that all of her features were really getting creative, you know really make funky different style sausages were sausage. Kind of like nerds about Satori color cells barbecue nerds and really create really neat sides who want to create a fun atmosphere will allow small groups to come into our restaurant were close and have our restaurant drinks.

Space hear me now if you know small group you want to come preach the gospel in our restaurant. We will support provide the lights provide the time we really want people to know this is a place where people come to relax and be at peace and enjoy great food and be with each other.

What's the deal with Fiat. What's the big mega sandwich thing called so it's called the full Nelson.

The reason I say this is my dad's name is Nelson. And if you feed Nelson too much goes to sleep right and it's funny because it's like he's been given the full Nelson my dad's travel the country with me is been my biggest fan picking barbecue after the contest.

No work will cooking long hours and he eats a lot of food. No matter worries that it could be raining storming hundred degrees. He is asleep in the chair like he is out like that. So we wanted to make a sandwich that would do that in its entirety back entire beef rib which is three quarters of a pound that we slide the boat out. Then we put a whole bunch of chopped barbecue pork that we put sliced beef sausage that we put pickled onion, though he puts law, pickles and a whole bunch of barbecue sauce and it's about to say this sounds like five lot owner 3 feet or 3 feet. Some 3 pounds of oatmeal, sandwiches, it's ridiculously dim to the point of it is for like for people to take eight pictures that led eat at it but the profile is very good have only had one person who is my neighbor who's ever eaten nothing like he stretched his mouth get out of here. I can alien and he just sat there devouring half of it and he stared at his like this the most glorious thing ever had and then did he go no carbohydrate: the I think it gives you just like it in a Gaelic site you are eating something that they know that much flavors. It is quite does the opposite.

You know you get to say you've had it. You get to heaven are ridiculous sandwich. I didn't want to be novelty.

I think it's been overly dons her traveling on barbecue the dancing pigs in the hay, eat the Piggly Wiggly sandwich. I now but I wanted to make something that was really good. I've always wanted to have a whole beef rib Audubon in the nobles eyes, which is at this this and this. So really excited, but we got coming up on the end of the show got about a minute left for start having to deal with.

Just give a personal invitation for folks to come on out on yes of April it's it's a very special day. You know it's a combination were God let us to and were really excited to have families people and your friends are your one year that one person you want to know the Lord bring them that day. You have bands, maybe you have stuff for kids to have awesome teachers from your people are in love on you and hopefully you the best barbecue of your life. All I think that's a done deal together is very like I had never had this good so excited for Christopher Prieto. Thanks for coming in bro.

It's great to see that they shake you having a very welcome Sharon story and will will of course have to do is show out there at least one 40 on location which will be fun in a blast prime prime grand opening April 18 in Knightdale right outside of Raleigh. I'll be there. I will be there as well. This is not willing

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