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Super Tuesday Results

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March 4, 2020 3:14 pm

Super Tuesday Results

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 4, 2020 3:14 pm


Super Tuesday Results

The results of the primaries are in! Hear all about it on today's show! Additionally, Dan Forest, Candidate for North Carolina Governor, joins to talk about his election and BIG win in the primaries!


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No will show you why you were. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders, grace, and lots of true no sacred six portrait 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your host okay go Joe's Joe came away goes like we can that Bernie except Bernie wasn't the dog either Karen around as Joe Biden, a metaphorically speaking, and Joe Biden comes back to life but is it really about sleepy Joe by, or is there something else of foot going on super Tuesday. That was a one of the biggest comebacks in political history certain in the modern history in the last hundred years. Just remarkable it is that because sleepy Joe's just such an outstanding candidate that he doesn't remember the part of the Declaration of Independence and he said to prefer rhyming Tuesday and then there is the old switcheroo on the stage. I don't think I like this was a legitimate Joe Biden gaffe, but he confused his wife and his sister which that can be problematic. But that's another story for another day. I think I was just they switched it up on the stage but but is it really isn't really Joe Biden is the force of Joe Biden's personality and how good he is on the stump and what is like in a debate in the town hall in yada yada yada hours or something else going on there. This is Steve Noble. Welcome to the show, talking about a lot of things with super Tuesday.

Biden, 19 states was a real shock. Total soccer 19 states Bernie 14 are still doing a little bit accounting in California, but as of right now, Biden has 566 delegates, Sanders has 501 warrant holding on it when she got 61 Tulsa Gabbard's still is one Boomer has 53 Mayor Pete got 26 Clover stars got seven Clover stars out there peeps out Boomer dropped out earlier today.

I think we can hear from Elizabeth Warren pretty quick that she's good to be out Tulsa Gabbard.

I was going nowhere.

So it's really Biden and Sanders. That's the deal. That's where Rapp that's where it's going here in the state. Well I guess if Ira baseball player I be making huge money because of my personal pics yesterday in the state of North Carolina.

Six out of the 12 that I suggested one size that in 500 which would make me a quad billionaire. If I were in major league baseball but I'm not die don't go into that saying hey I'm I'm betting I'm betting on these people know these are when I make my pixels are just the people that I prefer friend for a good reason across the board and sometimes the lesser of two evils. Sometimes it's a protest votes depends on the situation but 6/12 and now that that's real primary we have infighting, it's on the Democrat side. It's on the Republic Republican side, but now in the primaries over that's when you get this the party. It's time to come together we coalesce at the state level the federal level, there ain't no Kumbaya going on in the Democrat party right now and there isn't going to be probably all the way up until Milwaukee, so I got some great analysis that I want to read from a book a buddy might been on the show before brilliant PhD letter going political consultant does a lot of work in that arena. I want the smartest people I've ever met my life and and he had some great commentary. Some great analysis that I want to go through can help us understand where were at. And do you even care. Should you even care that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are out of 330+ million people and then about 140 million hundred 59 of them are adults and let's say 45 million of those are Democrats.

Out of 45 million Democrats Joe Biden Bernie Sanders that's that's that's how you feel, thought that your your Tom Brady and whoever else that you get them up there that's pretty remarkable in the fact that Joe Biden is really a been a terrible candidate the whole time had this slingshot turnaround is remarkable, but I think most of that has to do a Bernie Sanders not so much, Joe Biden Joe Biden just a convenient one is the most logical choice. If it's not can be Bernie, but the fact that were even talking about Bernie's shock Evan talk about this today and yesterday my civics classes with the high school students that I teach her in the area high school homeschoolers talk about the fact that Bernie Sanders is on the ballot at all and is got all kinds of national momentum. It shouldst scare you should alarm should call you to action.

That action being helping to disseminate truth in history and reality. I can't member the president that said if you're 18 and not a liberal you don't have a heart but if you're 30 and not a conservative you don't have a brain. Generally, that is your 18 when you're young person you can afford to be altruistic. Once you get out on your own so that all truism dies off and I have start dealing with the realities of the real world so you can become become more conservative in your personal beliefs in your personal lifestyle in her 30s and when you're 18. So we got a lot of that factoring in there, but the but. But the reality that's unnerving to me is that we still have a massive literally millions and millions of Democrats in this country that are thrown down with a socialist in the United States of America. They so we need to talk about that we need to continue to develop that thought and we need to continue to ask ourselves one of my doing to push back on that political darkness and that political darkness, by the way does lead to spiritual darkness. That's exactly the problem that our founding fathers had when we decided to take on the world's number one superpower Great Britain is that we were losing our political freedoms, which meant that they knew they were to lose their religious freedom and the same thing happens with socialism and communism. And this is a huge deal here in America. So really talk about that and then in the last segment of the show today. Hopefully the minutes can be the next governor. This great state of North Carolina Dan Forrest to out my cards on the table happens to be a good friend of mine. I taught several of his kids in my government classes and a Dan and I've been friends for years and so that's it is a great guy.

It's a great God-fearing man a great leader great conservative and excited to have him call in sick. Got a call in at the end of the show because now now is going into what arguably go to be one of the toughest, most expensive governor races not only history North Carolina but perhaps in history the country so will hear from Lieut. Gov. currently Dan Forrest in the last segment of the show. So here in North Carolina you support Dan Forrest. Make sure your listening in, because now you got a huge fight on his hands as all the Republicans do all the conservatives do across the board, whether here North Carolina River. You happen to be okay sitting outside a site pause button. Okay, something that's awesome that's coming up to some things that I want to remind you about one week from Friday is the opening of I still believe that's the next story from Aaron brothers who did. I can only imagine Woodlawn in mom's night out.

I still believe the true story about Jeremy Camp. We did two screenings last week. A lot of pastors and Christians in couples especially because it's a it's a beautiful and I guess I could say clean, wholesome love story but there's also dealing with the tragedy of cancer and having the hope that can only come through Christ and our belief in God and her hope of a future.

So it's really really emotional really beautifully well done movie that the reaction from the two screenings we did was overwhelmingly positive. People loved it. We didn't have enough Kleenex in the room but that's opening a week from Friday.

So that's I still believe in and the other thing. This is a great opportunity for those of you that listen for a while. You love hearing Dr. Danny Aiken on the show. He does a great marriage and family.

Kind of a miniconference so I been working with our friends at a local church direction to do that.

It's a Friday night and the Saturday morning awesome here in Raleigh. I'll tell you about that coming up month.

Steve Noble will be right back Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you. As always, dive some more in the super Tuesday stuff I was finishing up the thought about. I still believe from my buddies Jonathan and Andy Irwin. That's opening a week from Friday, March 13 nationwide. That's the true story about Jeremy Camp's first wife great love story some tragedy there as well. But the hope found in Christ.

We don't agree with those who have no hope in God is obvious you taken that story because he wrote the song, I still believe, which is been a massive hit blast and encourage and help people.

Millions of people. Ever since then and so that's that's what can happen if we choose to be a good steward of our affliction that man is just amazing. So that's that's a week from Friday, March 13 and coming up here. This is in Raleigh. So if you're North Carolina, which most of you are, especially if you're in the triangle area you don't want to miss this is mentioning Danny Aiken.

Danny does a great kind a miniconference on marriage a little bit on family mostly on marriage my wife and I went to that several years ago.

It's phenomenal. He's such a good teacher. So we are able to partner with our friends at Southbridge Fellowship, a great church in North Raleigh succumbing up on Friday, March 27 that's at night and in the morning on Saturday, March 28 just from 911 30 so it's kind of a miniconference because I know how busy you are up Friday night, Saturday morning, so he's a phenomenal teacher plus Friday night. Christopher Prieto was on the show recently, prime, barbecue's best barbecue ever had an optional dinner catered dinners for that Friday night 25 bucks for the conference in 25 bucks for the dinner for a per couple. Pace puts $50 for a little marriage tuneup a little date night a great dinner great biblical teaching on marriage and family from a phenomenal teacher, Danny Aiken, this is a moneymaker. Obviously, where is doing, but we need to cover some costs and we needed to get Danny some consideration and pay him a little bit.

It is so good God, marriage and family of Dr. Danny Aiken so this is an easy way to sign up and finally, here's the here's the topic. This is his topic list when a man loves a woman put your husband where your heart is a fair proofing your marriage fanning the flames of romance, song of Solomon's book of the Bible not getting. He wrote a book called got on six keys for effective communication minute from Earth and women are from Earth deal with it. Catching the little foxes that destroy marriages and God's guidelines for growing godly children phenomenal.

He's such a good teacher. It's really great Friday night March 27 Saturday, March 28 okay, I only write anything down to seizure of smart phone and text the word marriage to 66866 that's all you need to do text grab your phone.

Text the word marriage to 66866.

So for us older folks you're sending it to 66866 that's the two. Your texting 266866 in the message. One word marriage again to get up, you're getting a text back will get your email that will just use that and will literally send you the link so that you get register Friday, March 27 Saturday morning 911 30 March 28 no childcare there that for this one.

Okay so you gotta take care that if you have kids or small kids but you gotta be there. You will be immensely blessed my wife and I been through will be there as well is just phenomenal case to make sure you check that out text the word marriage to 66866 and will get you hooked up the word marriage. The 66866 okay so back to super Tuesday.

Here's one of the things that's really alarming going on right now is the popular vote amongst the Democrat primary. So Joe Biden in this remarkable comeback. I mean that's that's putting it might mild.

It's a remarkable comeback just like landslide historic level comeback so buying right now. Of all the votes cast by the Democrats. Up until now, until last night. 4.8 million votes. Bernie Sanders and open a valid socialist borderline communist has gotten 3.9 million votes so as so on old socialist has captured 3.9 almost 4 million votes amongst the Democrats voted in the next one down to get Biden at 4.8 Bernie at 3.9 Elizabeth Warner 1.7 Bloomberg at 1.6 digit 595,000 call Bashar three and 78 sire 208 so Ernie and invite up. Sanders has 3.9 million votes and we have a bunch more coming kit.

We got next Tuesday, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Washington, then a couple weeks. Let March 17 got Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio and in them April 4 and there's other than individuals here and there, but April 4 Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Wyoming, April 28, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. My point is you a long way to go. June 2) to the summer District of Columbia, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, and then June 7 is last Puerto Rico through a long way to go and Bernie Sanders in a valid socialist who wants to give away the farm loves Fidel Castro embraces socialism enjoyed his visit to Russia is based is is not. Basically, he is a socialist and somewhere underneath that covering he's a communist to. He's got code socialist and communist beliefs. The guy is remarkably dangerous for the United States of America but is racked up 3.9 million votes in the Democrat primary. The Democrat base, realizing in the old party of players in the big players the money people all know that that's a nightmare. Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, the Democrat party splits Donald Trump easily going to be Bernie Sanders. It scares me that I just paused on okay II think Donald Trump would handily be Bernie Sanders but still your got you just imagine that you have in a valid socialist running against the major capitalist in the United States of America. 2020.

That's highly alarming in a big chunk and support millennial's and Genesee 40 and under, which puts even more fire in my belly to do what I do every week, which is teaching high school age homeschoolers about civics in the Constitution and government, and I would challenge all of you.

What are you doing to talk to people below the age of 40. Don't lecture don't scream at him.

Don't yell at him.

I mean sometimes I'll get into it, sometimes with my own kids when there, coming going down some of those intricate interest in some of those things from the left than an I get my kids and I go sometimes I just like that so stupid and I just insult him and it goes nowhere in my okay because our 2425 the summer and that he's a very smart guy, but there's some things that he's any group in my house and he produced the show for three years and so there's just some things out there as they figure out on their own 2 feet. What they're believing, you gotta be in that conversation, I have to be in that conversation so and in the confusion there and I've mentioned this so many different times in a poll last year 61% of respondents Genesee, and millennial's okay so basically were talking 45 down to 18, 61% of them had a positive reaction to the word socialism and 59% of them had a positive reaction to the word capitalism. I want free stuff and I want to make a lot of money. Essentially what that means. And that's what's out there so what's wrong with these people as they most of them come to the government school system so they're not learning actual history. They haven't lived through. I'm 54.

They haven't lived. They haven't seen USSR. They haven't seen the effects of socialism and communism and only thing about what happened in Central America than on anything very much at all about Cuba. They're kinda clueless historically and they have been pushed down that road to learn it, and especially the dangers of it in the public school system.

Plus, you remove a biblical worldview and your like company Stanley legs that stool you want to pull out and then we and then they got tons of information coming at them. I was just talking my classes are today and yesterday I said hate when I was your age. When I was in high school, ABC, CBS, NBC 30 minute nightly news newspapers, which none of the young people read and that was it.

Now they have so much information coming at them tons of information tons of knowledge but not much wisdom.

What you get out of that. Bernie Sanders at this point the game with 3,922,901 socialist will be right back in the back of Steve Noble and the statement will show that's a buddy of mine met Poppa September, since enough Staley from Jesus deftly Staley from Bernie distemper since their comfort Bernie, but that's where were at. Like I've been mentioning. Hopefully, this alarming and we should be in prayer about this is a matter of fact, let's just pray right now. Okay Camellia I could believe in prayer about this book and praying about you want to join me, but I bring dear Lord, I just think you that your sovereign your good that your word is true Lord that your prescriptions for wisdom and knowledge of what works for society are true, the effect that they work Lord and so we pray that that would be spread throughout our culture here in America we pray against the rise of socialism Lord, which is anti-the Muggle day anti-the work ethic of individual responsibility anti-the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made Lord. So many things about socialism. It's just like a false religion promises so much but enslaves everyone that's on the rise here in our country and in Lord I just confess and repent for all the times that I didn't engage effectively in these conversations teaching younger people, history and reality of what the world has done to itself or should we just pray against this because I'm one of the things it falls with socialism is you know father is just liberty but then sometimes father like me and let it burn. It's better for the gospel that the house should be on fire. So help us to have a mindset but we do pray against evil socialism and communism in what's happening in our country and all this ignorance.

Lord help us to be prayerful part gentle is Dotson wise as serpents prayed supernaturally intend over selections select officials, Lord, bloodbath of abortion are so many things that we just have to cry out and we do we trust you okay because there your 3.9 million votes to Bernie Sanders so far, climbing okay buddy mind PhD in ethics brilliant does a lot of political consulting just one of the smartest guys I know Leonard ago now goes been on the show before some interesting thing here to look at about super Tuesday. By 19 states. As you know, maybe you don't. Bernie 14 states. California is the big one.

That's why you still in the race in terms of the account okay because right now the they need 1991 delegates to clinch the nomination right now. Biden has 566 jumped right in front of Sanders, but Sanders is still at 501 Warren is going to be out soon. Scott, 61, Kelsey Gabbert has one. Bloomberg has 53 Mayor Pete is 26 Kolesar seven.

What happens though. Steve while at a brokered convention there to try to move them over to their choice, which is obviously going to be most likely bite of the Warren.

I would expect her to throw down with Sanders depends on how much pressure she's getting from the regular party insiders because they do not want Sanders to win just like they wanted Hillary to win. They'd rather go down with Biden and really go down with Sanders Sanders will split the party.

Joe Biden will got a lot of upset younger people get over it so that's what's out there right now moving towards a brokered convention.

He won states with large delegate numbers talk about Biden.

Like Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Massachusetts. He also won the states by some impressive margins averaged over 40% of the vote in southern states versus bite versus Bernie's amazing turn of events in mid to upper 30s and the others. Biden also one more progressive states like Massachusetts with a hometown candidate Elizabeth Warren embarrassedly place third of those four states that Bernie won three of low delegate counts, Utah and Vermont, and Colorado.

The big state he did when California he won by a lesser percentage than what Biden one and all his nine states finds only 10 points lower than Bernie and liberal progressive California for 30 5/8 comparisons website by nova performed all nine states so is a shocking turn around and I think because a lot of people in Democrat party are scared to death of Bernie be in their nominee because right now the majority of the country is not willing to go down that road, but we still have a significant portion of people that are okay with a socialist holy moly.

Most importantly, Biden is leading by both delegate vote total, but also popular vote total, which undermines Bernie's narrative recently that he pushed about the popular vote, but still 3.9 million Democrats so far have thrown down with a socialist is looking more like neither candidate will get to 1991 delegates needed for nomination, leading to a brokered convention that will not be good for Bernie as those superdelegates made up of establishment elites big donors and party influencers will favor Biden they start voting second round so there's a brokered convention looks like nobody comes in with 1991 delegates even if have Gabbert and Bloomberg and Mayor Pete Kolesar give all their delegates over to Biden if he doesn't hit 1991 and Sanders, doesn't it.

19 which could happen then he got a brokered convention. No clear winner.

Now we start voting okay welcome to the convention.

Let's take our first vote with all our delegates and see if some enough people want change their minds and will get a clear winner.

But if that doesn't happen I go a second vote. And now you got superdelegates were all these party insiders can start voting and there's hundreds of and that's how they made sure Bernie lost last Hillary, and most likely that's what we'll do again and what's dangerous about that in Milwaukee in July. Is there been on tapes. Some of these expos videos some of Bernie's people Sandman. What we need is revolution. We need violence in the streets see in Milwaukee, so let's make sure were including that our prayer points because this could get really naughty and that's not great for the country you South Carolina when started to turn things around and change the narrative in kbytes campaign. Second, just crazy how this whole thing turned around, but that's that's were so keep looking at. I will keep talking about it and again I the most important thing here is the fact that you got so many people that are willing to get socialist and that's alarming for the future. The country and maybe your old enough you like a Steve would like your will be with the Lord in the next 10 or 15 or 20 years of matter II don't I don't the day. This very ungodly position.

I'm assuming probably none of you think like that, but we have to be worried about our children or grandchildren and their grandchildren, which is why we need to be engaging all the stuff in having these conversations on the coronavirus thing to talk about that yesterday and I will have a Lieut. Gov. Dan force recon here in just a little bit will be on for the fourth segment of the show moving out won handily 90% to 90 to 1090% in the Republican primary to be governor in the governor's race. So he's the guy we always knew that was going to happen Can we bump in now that's done he sees in this race against Roy Cooper. Cooper liberal puppet of the left and to be a very expensive race. It's it's a nasty race in in. We need to get behind candidates.

If you're conservative Christian, you need to get behind candidates like Dan Forrest and so will be talking to him throughout the course of the campaign and in this is really the first day officially the general campaign so will have a Dan: inherits us a little bit will be on the fourth segment so coronavirus in North Carolina.

Did you note here to see that is not just North Carolina it's in my backyard it's in Raleigh and wake County had the first that actually the way County health Department held a press conference because they're trying to keep temp down some people are freaking out being fearful, but there's a Guy Way, County man is currently in his home isolation. This is from ABC and home isolation after contracting the virus in Seattle Washington flying back to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, in late February.

The men visited a nursing home in Seattle that is linked to seven deaths related to covert, 19 which the actual name of the coronavirus so here's out and I mention this yesterday, just a reminder and again I'm not operating out of fear. I just try to be sober minded here, but remember, do you know how long can the flu virus exists like it's getting passed around. You have the blue your wife and your nose and all that stuff in the new detector door handle. How long can the flu virus live on the door handle. Do you know from 4 to 5 hours. Let's say this guy had comes back you got the coronavirus whatever he touched in the Raleigh-Durham International Airport because it's usually connect spittle from breath and coughing. What have you silly scoffing in his hand and then he grabs the creamer at the Starbucks stand and then he goes over use the bathroom and grabbed do know how long the coronavirus can actually exist on the door handle it somewhere between nine and 14 days and you can have that for two weeks without showing any symptoms and the only reason we know this guy has. It is because he came down with symptoms and he got test so I talked about yesterday. I this isn't they were going to have people dying in the streets. Most likely you have a lot of people get it.

Most people, your body just confided off on its own but about 20%, especially elderly need to get hospitalization. And that's where the system starts to get stretched and so this is gonna be fascinating. These these are wild times that we live in, whether it's politically, financially, we look at the financial mark to see what it did today here in looking at it closed up 1173 point that was if you go look at the one month, just go back and look at it at my birthday cake every 21st. The market was at 28 997 on February 28, one week later it was down 3887.2, 13 1/2% then it comes back up the hi yes March 3 yesterday okay yesterday lost again is up and he came down on top again, and this just while these are wild times, look at the five day average and look at the one month averages just crazy. We live in wild times, friends, whether it's economic health of politics is just crazy but should we have is peace that surpasses all understanding. So this is a great time for us as Christians and scholars of Jesus Christ can shine to have that peace that surpasses all understanding concern but not fearful serious but not freaking out. That's great. Talk to and forcefully come back and talk about super Tuesday and today is Wednesdays not Tuesday is not Thursday. It's it's exit Wednesday and a lot of great winds and things going on across the country. Very important race as we been talking about 3.9 million people so far.

The Democrat side voting for a socialist, but here in the great state of North Carolina. Our good friend Lieut. Gov. Dan Forrest, a resounding victory in yesterday's primary to be our nominee to run in the general election this November for the governor of the great Sioux, North Carolina Dan, congratulations I was awesome when bro a great day celebrated quickly, immovable say and enjoy that for a few hours then you gotta get you. Gotta get back to work and it was it was really great Dan to see that that resounding when basically 90% to 10%, but it was in every county in North Carolina wasn't yet we want all 100 counties. We are actually almost 1 everything the date I think there's a few precincts out there that we didn't win even though they were." I felt like the good but having here when it all 100 counties will really was our goal going into it.

So we did that, you know, we we had a really great show that goes to our grassroots file campaign that we've always run primary or grassroots event we would build that team for a long time and so there you have and so as you can look forward to you on our side of the aisle. I'm a conservative you're conservative on our side of the aisle. You know were all excited you got massive support amongst conservatives and other people in North Carolina but do you think Dan that most of us.

I know you are.

I know your team's understanding of this but do you think most of us know what's coming our way with how difficult this race is going to be to win the governorship well yeah we do.

I don't think most people do you know I think that you know Certainly incumbent upon us to win the race, but there can be forces from you all over the country coming in the millions of dollars poured in this race against us and all that sort of thing you know, our job is to get our message out there, go to our people, people with that. I just don't think that the values for 4000 are not North Carolina value surely will receive from the left without a national level you're talking about socialism versus capitalism you're talking about slavery versus freedom really good. It's pretty simple when you get up to that level you're these are anti-American dude, you certainly are a lot of John even let you come down with a life issue which I've always appreciated how strong you are a not enough convicted you are and that is is up as it is a very serious Christian and follower of Christ that that's never been a Dell for either one of us, but to look around the country and have Democrat leadership saying were totally fine with abortion literally right up to the moment of delivery and when we try to pass a law like happened here in North Carolina really say okay let's say that Doug, God willing. This is appraiser baby survives an abortion. We should have a law that says absolutely need to treat that baby like anybody else caught in a traumatic situation and they by the force of law we have to do everything we can to save them and even our own governor Cooper was likely I know when I can I do that it's really pretty amazing to me how far left. The left has gone are you are you surprised by that at all, or how do you process that may not be good becoming more more clear with this truth every single day and you know for a long time there for many years or decades. That wasrarely legal abortion and now will you come off of the modeling them if they think you would want to dictate his used to be for us to always talking about you obviously were talking about babies being born fetus that was more income on this is going to a level of insanity is that really it's really unbelievable so you talk about basic humanity is a life of babies and precious thing we can imagine you're not willing to go to any measured yes really unbelievable. So what you make out. As I spend some time often talking about the fact I'm looking at some some pulling some actual numbers from real real clear politics and with the national right now the Democrat side. Bernie Sanders has collected 3.9 million votes.

It's going to continue to go up from there. What is it say about America in general. What is it say to us as parents. Your most to your kids about the same as mine, Dan, and in this next generation coming up. There's a lot of support amongst that generation. 45 and under, down to the teenage years for Bernie Sanders in this whole notion of clinical Democrat socialism. That's very alarming to me that we got millions and millions of people willing to support them. What how do you kind of approach that what's our responsibility. People that are in our age group, parents, grandparents, what can we do about this because I think it's literally neck substantial threat to the future of the country down. The failure of the education teacher or student history from a very recent past.

Even our current event go you World War II not that long ago. You have a national socialist party called the multiparty or social what they were and that was you know to step away from communism as well. The Nazis killed millions of people and they were socialist or communist people are you just right there at the edge of not teaching these things start repeating district were not careful you don't have to go back to World War II to current day Venezuela street down below.

If you illustrate that you can enjoy 20 years ago, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Very prosperous country had everything going for you became a socialist nation and out. People are literally starving in Venezuela that's going on right now in real time story told you that were just not teaching students reality will be to say this quickly. I think what I've discovered is that I think we have a lot of young people that really do believe this word socialism equates to social good, and we have to communicate with these young people.

The third opposite end of the spectrum you yeah we have to remember that even if Dan if you're the next governor of North Carolina which I hope and pray and believe that you will be in of Donald Trump wins in the fall, which I believe he will say okay well we're fine know this is continuing to grow and you have to get you to treat it like a cancer.

It is just because we have been in early November doesn't mean the fight is over. We have to stay vigilant right you know you know you talk about the government doing it well you know one person giving to anybody else or take care of yourself as a government group you're still stealing from some you have to keep that in mind, socialism cancer on the structure to control the world that I would take it to its extreme certainly calming a short step across the line to get to get, I think what was the threat within our country, but I think you're seeing extra horses out around the world are having influences on this country having influence you tell the stories of just darkroom portion we don't have enough time going to have to get give us, some your top 234 issues that you're really going to talk about between now and November well be will contribute talk about the things we've been talking about certainly talk about the work done in education and the changes that we need to make an education things we need to invest in certainly every structure is going to be taught focused forces or state continues to grow long orders can't be right up there awful things like this device the trainers are being mourned by the sheriff and including our governor continue to talk about the French suffered better prizes out there is talk about values that are important to the people. North Carolina and the pro-life issue has always been a part of your your your walk is a Christian, your walk is a citizen and in your walk.

Certainly in politics, and I know that will remain a big issue as well going to be at issue are politically you matter what part certainly will not think the church take on you to have her change out there if you really going to address this issue. Ultimately, using the facts don't want people and you're willing to allow the baby to die on the table but unfortunately I think the heart is what you got your address about that you can only trust at all sick from time to call all what once was to read from the Lt. Gov.'s perspective right now in terms of coronavirus is North Carolina dealing with it. Are we engaged of what what you're what your thoughts on well you know little bit hard to tell. Right now there's a press conference.

Wake County is right. You know I get the information you get a press conference in nobody really told me anything. I got up on the outside of that, you know, the hope is right you doing old things they need to do you marker Johnson more than public instruction than you'd like, I'd like to know something about this person is cool you had contact with kids you know all that kind of stuff related to wake County schools lot information haven't gone yet but hopefully that information flow. Hopefully people really do work for you persons been in contact with amen to that. How can we help you daily a long way to go between now and November. But how can we get behind you and and support you what what can we do to help. You always say my people can go on a volunteer website and for start all I think.

Equally as important areas your prayer. We need to lift looking for brutal rates number one country number one Senate race in the country thought Forster residence can be just like you know. Pray for strength for my family in that regard. You know will go from there do need the money will all you need money as well. Gender's rights of volunteering and praying the most powerful tool in our arsenal as prayers. Let's make sure were lifting up all these candidates, especially in this case Dan and not just Dan but his wife Allison, his whole family and his whole team Dan God bless you brother thank you for all your work were excited to put our shoulder to that plow and I look forward to seeing the victory in November.

Thanks for calling and but I doubt CM will get you later and there you go.

Dan Forrest hopefully the next governor the great state of North Carolina. Dan will allow you will be hearing from him regularly on the show because well, that's my decision. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall, God willing.

I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for

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