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Thoughts on Coronavirus

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 10, 2020 2:31 pm

Thoughts on Coronavirus

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 10, 2020 2:31 pm

Thoughts on Coronavirus

Today, hear callers thoughts on the Coronavirus! Is the hype and hysteria of it all necessary? Find out today! Plus, hear from special guest Jeremy Camp!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host, you know, I've been talking to my buddies John and Andy Irwin years ever since October baby came out and then mom's night out on Woodlawn and I can only imagine this Friday. I still believe, which is such a powerful movie we've been talking about it for a couple of months now. Some of you might be ad nauseam, but trust me, I think me for once you go see it this weekend and end this week and super important. This is the time when we all have to get out and support the movie that's just the way the movie industry works at this time another true story another music story. I still believe an incredibly powerful stripes. He had three times now and so today we just have a great treat of having the person or one of the two people for the most part the stories about which is a true story, really, really powerful story, a love story, but also story that deals with a very difficult subject of cancer and loss and can you find hope and can the Lord still work in all of that, of course, the one person I will be talking about would be very Was there. I don't know where he went.

That's not good.

Hopefully he'll call back and I will get him back on the line about that for a graceful entrance. I had problems yesterday that I not and then now I have problems again today so he's gone back right now. I think we so we should be okay once you get that the journey Is on tour is been a torso and then he was on in LA on Saturday for the premier in LA for I still I still believe in his back on torso. He's been very very busy. I think we have in there now. Jeremy hi Iman are you there I'm here that's okay not a problem. I know your world is completely upside down right now so it's no problem. You already seen the movie three times.

Jeremy is so powerful.

I've done a couple of screenings out here for pastors in North Carolina and I just wanted to get at it as we don't have a lot of time but this is a very difficult movie.

My sister-in-law died of pancreatic cancer. About three weeks ago and I thank you.

My wife and I saw it I watched it at home. Several months ago and that was difficult but on this side of it. It was very, very difficult to go through and watch it again, but the message of hope is so amazing and so powerful and so needed today but for you Jeremy.

I would imagine what's is been like having to kind of revisit and go back in and, in essence, relive this in such a powerful way. What's it been like for you." Yeah, no lie about but have been the hardest life being portrayed visually dynamic part of my life. And so here I washed back to the contemplation and not been easy to do, but here's a fair realize the effective out of people's lives was worth it or go back to review with you. Honestly, here's the house brought up God, pull those things out again public health is like been all that has to all worth it.

Call to comfort others will come to you about it.

Not supported until on or warfare is been emotional work only bring people to and including people yeah and it was the one thing I forgot to bring to those screenings was Kleenex because people were fishing and it was amazing to just to cannot hear and listen to people respond but that's that's what people came out of it. We have seen several hundred people that came out over a couple of screenings and in the hope that it brings was was palpable. People understood that and so that is the message of the movie, but what what was it like to come to turn this over to John and Andy have been friends with your own brothers for about 10 or 12 years now, but to put this. It's kind like turning over one if your children to somebody.

What was that like how to process go you all to catch me and but I think because out of publication. You could tell that they will just lost him again this is a bad spot on a second, ask him if he can do. Second segment as well. While it may be a few more minutes until just doing this on the fly.

So we lost him twice which I have no idea these guys come back is checking to see if we can hold them for a few extra minutes schedule is crazy because the movie opens this Friday so I'm looking at it. He just called and I call screener keep us talking on right now so will find out what he can do, because Vern hit the break in about two and half minutes and that's a real bummer because this is such a rich conversation you don't get to talk some elector McCaffrey up so busy the fish, the harder it is to kinda pull the stuff off and got just as blessed me in the show through all these years of being able to deal with John and Andy and I get an inside track on some the stuff is very very busy and is on tour. Now we just lost him again while so we just lost a bit. What's the deal. While such a bummer. My question is in the party was getting into.

Sorry I'm typing at the same time is coming back now so we'll see what happened. Look about a minute and 1/2 like I got one more question for Margo to write quick going on for about a minute see what happens here. I'm literally looking at screen. I'm so sorry.

I'm literally looking at the screen in a manner that I don't I've never had a report was for me.

Is there he goes again. Okay, I'm thinking that's us.

Okay so welcome into my world because it's not an I've got 30 seconds, I can't do it. Sorry, I was going on anyway let me to say, but what he was in a talk about because I was on the movie set down there in Mobile, Alabama, where they shot the soul movie in one of the things about John and Andy Irwin because they did they did October, baby. First, okay which is really a strong pro-life movie. Then they did. Mom's night out which is obvious, the October baby not based on a true story, but once they did, once they did Woodlawn and then they did. I can only imagine. And then I still believe then they've made a commitment. You know what were going to just keep doing true stories is one thing if you share your testimony how the Lord is change your life. The one thing people can't argue with is your experience because it happened so I little bit more about that now. I revisit the coronavirus thing because our phones are nicer yesterday maybe be a nightmare again today. Maybe I'll just walk away all know will be right back to back and Steve Noble. Haley said it have Joe Biden, former VP Joe Biden: the show go off on me and tell me I'm full of blank blank and I use much bad language at me like that didn't happen and I had one of the biggest Christian artists out there right now. Jeremy Camp called and we were looking forward to talking about. I still believe opening this Friday nationwide in 3000 theaters, so it's good to be all over the place. But if you want to go look and buy tickets in advance with having I would encourage you to do.

I still believe is the website I still believe and now you can check that out.

Powerful powerful movie love story, yes, but it also deals with the darkness of cancer and and loss, death spoiler alert Jeremy's first wife, Melissa met and fell in love in college at Calvary at the Calvary Chapel College out in California and then he married her, knowing her she had to ovarian cancer. It was bad and then she had this miraculous, remission for six months and they got married at the end of that and then on the honeymoon. This is all true on the honeymooning was in terrible pain. It came back and she died not long after married her knowing it going into it stayed with her and then coming out of that as he wrote this song. I still believe in it when you when you see the movie this weekend opens nationwide. I still believe this Friday when you see the movie you're gonna see a scene towards the end where he finds a note from Melissa, his wife, and it's an encouraging note she wrote it.

Before she died just a little behind-the-scenes thing here because you don't you won't know this watch the movie when you see them holding this note in reading this note, that's the actual note so Jeremy and Melissa's family gave them permission to use it. It's been so Britt Robertson, who plays Melissa Jeremy Camp's wife reads the note Ms. her voice as he reads the note and the first time I saw it I was like so beautiful and so powerful is such an important message that there can be hope and purpose in the pain and the loss in him and I know most of you been down that road, and sometimes, like why, Lord, especially the more tragic it is. This is the young woman. I think Melissa was 22 when she died and you like what's the point of that. Melissa said it yourself and actually my sister-in-law who went to be with the Lord about 3 1/2 weeks ago at the age of 56 also died of cancer, said the same basic thing if one soul gets say because I what I've gone through, then it's worth it.

And in that is that the definition of a friend. When we look in the New Testament that woman lay down his life for his brother which lay down your life. If one if one lost person could be saved and go to heaven because of you suffering and even you die. Would you do it and that's a very difficult question. Is it not just that nothing will.

What if you have young kids with you have kids at home and your husband or your wife or whatever, but what's worth more the soul of a human being and eternal soul like CS Lewis said he never met a mere mortal.

Every single person you'll ever meet is either an eternal horror because they're going to be in hell or earn eternal splendor will be in heaven. We've never met a mere mortal. So what's more important, so that's the story behind this movie and that that note that you'll hear her read and that you'll actually see it in the movie torching the movie is the actual note superpowerful, I still believe opening nationwide.

This Friday and again the their own brothers, John and Eli been friends with for years and ever since going all the way back October baby had him on the air they they they made this commitment after they did Woodlawn and then I can only imagine the now. I still believe they want to do true stories so the next move either. Actually, fast tracking it is that the story Kurt Warner American underdog is what is called or trying to get that in the theaters by December Warner Super Bowl winning quarterback and believer and an incredible story are also doing the Jesus revolution. For those of you that are now 60 and older, you should probably remember that I'm only 54 so was before my time because it was the late 60s early 70s the Jesus revolution out on the West Coast and that's kind of a documentary by movie type conglomeration there, like what they did with Steve McQueen that was a pure document, but this will be a regular movie but talking about this torque aspects of that what God did during the Jesus revolution around Greg Laurie story because he got saved Esther regular he got saved during the Jesus movement, Chuck Smith is right in the middle. All that so they're using that as is the backdrop of telling the story of the Jesus revolution, which was the last really great awakening. We see not nationwide, but certainly on the West Coast and so that's going out there doing all true stories really amazing and I really honor the skies for it, so make sure you go see I still believe super important this weekend because they're still in the movie business. In the opening week and is everything Casey.

Gotta be careful with that. Let's get out there and support it, and I believe may bring some tissues because you're gonna need okay yesterday we try to talk about the coronavirus which now here and will and wake County, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina just found out today.

One of the local private school is shutting down.

I don't know how long the shutting down but they're closing the doors right now because the mom of one of their kids was exposed to somebody you as the coronavirus. So my question for you which we try to take the calls yesterday and we had some problems and I hope I want to promise today, but I love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and my simple question for you is what you think about the US reaction to the coronavirus whether you want to talk about Donald Trump. The feds what's going on individually has it affected you as it affected anybody.

Do you know that you know are you changing your lifestyle right now. Are you worried about going out you worried about going to work. Are you not going to the concert.

Are you not going to see a movie or whatever it or do you think this is totally overblown and that's just a media frenzy right now because if it bleeds it leads. So I want to hear from you. What do you think about coronavirus is it a big issue for you.

Is it not as a touch you personally. Is it affecting your lifestyles and affecting your business. I just want to can open this up and hear from you for the rest of the show which I was trying to do yesterday and several of you called in line for fall and that we had some tech difficulties yesterday so I'm trying not to throw my computer through the glass in front of the 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear from you and share your reaction to what's going on with the coronavirus specifically here in America. If you want to tie in something for the rest of the world as that continues to blow up in not fit literally and figuratively, figuratively, obviously, but in Italy now to shut down all travel in Italy, Israel just said yesterday. If anybody comes in from out of country working to put you into a quarantine. So this is getting pretty naughty. What's your reaction to the coronavirus 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH as it affected you. Do you think it's ridiculous. Is it overblown or do you think hey there, some people and things are getting a little nutty New York. Now they're talking about mobilizing the National Guard there and help deliver food as are shutting down a specific part where they had you people come down with it in New York and their reacting heavily now Gov. Cooper here North Carolina is declaring a cortical state of emergency for what I keep asking is there something the government knows that we don't know which makes me sound a little bit like Glenn Beck and I don't mean to be another catastrophe is I'm not big on conspiracy theories. I just ask questions.

I look at things critically on a bit of a skeptic, a bit of a cynic and so what's going on.

I'm curious as to what's been your reaction to this the coronavirus what's going on has it affected you. Do you think it's can affect you. Do you know anybody is affected directly what you think about the coverage just coronavirus 101 what your reaction all this 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 truth, and Sandra, to get you on the other side of the break them and have a break here in about 30 seconds so no one pick you up and start talking and then have to put you right back and hold some to get the Sandra here just second, but I'd love to hear from you guys what you think about the coronavirus coverage the coronavirus in general and is it affecting your life, you expect it's going to affect your life. Are you concerned or are you not coronavirus 101 here today on the Steve Noble shall 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH talk to me about the coronavirus.

I want to test you for the rest of the show 866-34-TRUTH Steve Noble Megan Steve Noble to see Noble show another apology apology days so let me just his bare my soul to you for a second okay I'm a bare my soul to you by praying… Pray just pray for things going on yesterday and today and in some technical issues, and then you know we had Jeremy Camp on the we lost him three times.

That wasn't Jeremy. By the way, that was our system so that's the phone system. The computer system something in their so the reverberations for stuff like that.

For those of you that that operate in the professional world, and that's most of you, reverberations are Jeremy Reports back about his interviews and he says why I called this one and bubble bubble bar may drop my call three times rest my enemies are fine in the nasal. While most of them will them is me and I'm not talking about my pride here. Okay I'm not a great respecter of men anymore. I really cannot kowtow down to that. The more I just I just don't struggle with that.

But I do want to be professional. I want to do a good job number one for the Lord not on near some secular talk radio guy were it doesn't get the audience and that's about it. If you have audience numbers you find you don't about audience numbers get fired. That's not the deal in Christian radio.

You can just keep going fund it and you can just keep going if it's just my wife that listens twice a week out of five days a week. I can keep doing Christian radio and nobody else on the planet lists you keep doing it like it is buyer time is that if you now. It's a really bad show there knocking out allow you to stay on it nor should sue. So you want to be a good rep and all that you do what you drink all the glory of God.

So when we mess up and stop as that of the glory of God.

No accidents happen yes. Should they happen more than once, not generally, but stuff happens. The other side of this that I would remind myself before we pray in you to is spiritual warfare is real. Does that mean there's a demon there's a computer demon in the phone demon in a timing demon and a clock demon and Internet demon and Facebook live demon no but there are demons and I'm definitely on the radar screen. If your outspoken Christian, you're on the radar screen to and you can expect some opposition. Is there enough demons run around the mess with every outspoken Christian on the planet.

No, but occasionally sure I never discount that we should always pray about spiritual warfare was always pray for our own part in anything and pray for God's favor and know what to do we best week that we do the best we can and were quick to forgive, slow to anger, quick to listen, slow to speak right siliceous prayer a quick and then hopefully will will good job shelf. I got thank you for this day. Thank you that live radio show technical difficulties even cancer. For those of us that are in Christ is all temporary and and Lord help me to have that joy in my life every day whether I'm having a good day or bad day this is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad and it because we have eternity settled through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We don't grieve them in the midst of some pain like army camp went through are my families going through all tons of other people. Millions of other people that know you and yet experienced the grief in the loss and the pain, the heartbreak, anguish, the anger of this world that we don't grieve as those who have no because we have a hope. And even when we struggle we doubt sometimes we still have that hope to cling onto this just because of your revealed will in your revealed word so we thank you for that nice pray that I can do a good job on the radio when we have working phones are not whether we have well-known guests or no guests at all. The Lord as long as were talking about life from your perspective, incorporating your truth and were glorifying you and that's enough. Help us to do that well and to bless one another to be patient, but also to strive to work with excellence.

Help us to do all that we prayer your mercy and your intervention on technical issues. We had several of those and we just pray Lord that you help us do our part working it out. Thank you for everybody that supports the show and helps me appraise for me and encourages me Lord and all the people behind the scenes I keep her but network and Evan my intern and all the people involved were knives think leisure and the privilege been able to sit here and talk as an oppressor gospel. We ask all in Jesus name, amen.

Okay. The setting aside the back to the coronavirus thing is what's going on and I'm in. It's all over the place. So you've got in the midst of that.

This is a shaking, so whether you want to go to desktop eschatological on me or not.

It's fine that's up to you what I what in times and God shaking the earth and the foundations of the earth this stuff is shaking and now were looking at this is fun fastening to six months, go politics or for second, six months ago were all like 05 this this is over all the national polls bite bite bite bite bite then you get this major search from Bernie Sanders all said whoa. Maybe this is going to be a brokered convention. Now there's another pretty big primary today a lot of states today five or six states today and right now I'm in, I'm looking at it. I'm not real clear politics, the average right now bite at 53.5 and Sanders at 35 1/2 and right now, bite has 670 delegates. Sanders says 574 he got have a little north in 1900 and this is this is while what's going on here in Michigan by 55 to 33 in Missouri bite and up 61 to 30 so I don't know what's gonna happen here with Bernie Sanders because there's no way he's got a bill to get there. Delegate wise now.

Somehow they can pull off the miracles later on.

You might see a brokered convention in Milwaukee and if we do that can get ugly because you had some Bernie supporters that are just whacked out anti-fa communists who have been caught on camera saying that hey if if they block Bernie from getting this Milwaukee is going to burn not know is Milwaukee going up to quote burn no.

But I would expect. There's going to be some skirmishes there is Bernie's people are nuts in us were at the simple fact look at this this at the Democrat party. The party of inclusion right. So where are the where the people of color where other women wear the gay people at the top of the ticket. Nowhere. You have two incredibly well-connected pretty well off rich white guys in their 70s and it's just it's just amazing that Bernie Sanders is even an issue that were even talking about it that were even worried about some really Bernie Sanders ascending to the Democrat nomination and then actually going against Trump and don't think right now friendly just warn you, do not think November is a done deal. You're looking at what can happen in this crazy world coronavirus. The stock market schools closing businesses closing this could put us into a a little right here financially which will get penned the president you you can disagree with that.

You can dislike that you can be mad about that, but that's what happens if it were Obama the same thing would happen. It could happen to a Democrat or Republican, and up in a campaign year in a presidential campaign year. Good things that happened. President takes credit for bad things happen. President gets penned with so to sit here and think that just because Joe Biden obviously is past his prime when I feel bad for the guy. I haven't watch this clip yet of him getting into it with a profanity and gaffe filled spot Biden on video lashes out at Detroit worker and profanity laced gun dispute. This was in a car was in a car factory former VP Joe Biden got into a heated and profanity laced argument in reading from Fox news with a worker at a fee at Chrysler auto plant in Detroit on Tuesday after the individual accused the Democratic presidential candidate trying to take away his second amendment rights you're full of SH. Blah blah blah.

I support the second amended Biden shot back, stressing is not going to take guns away. Whoa, you're full of okay so be more like amen that's fight back. That's good right to write to a citizens face worker then told Biden you're working for me man and Biden then saw an online video and told Biden that he saw an online video supporting his claim. The Biden is hostile to the Second Amendment. Biden pointing out the individual as they were inches apart in the middle of the crowd that is not working for him and told him not to be such a horse is a double S line at one point mistakenly referring to AR 14's went on depressed individual to acknowledge that machine guns are illegal. Biden appeared to then misspeak and saying AR 15's are illegal for questioning why anyone needs 100 rounds dispute caught on camera happen at the fight yet Chrysler plan is Biden stump for votes in Michigan.

The biggest prize among the states voting Tuesday 125 delegates at stake.

Biden earlier told the workers you made me a hero when I was getting a lot of heat for the bailout, the rescue you guys save management, management, and save you.

He also called the workers the best DMN workers in the world and then Sanders is course of jumping in and they're tweeting this was predictable, so the fact that were looking at Joe Biden versus Bernie Sanders is remarkable what I'm telling you. Do not assume for one second that the November election is a done deal.

Do not Sunday for the sake of this democracy. This writ representative republic the sake of this country's future.

Do not assume that if anything your conservative and care about the constitutional Republic. You need to get more engaged as you see this stuff and then we've got what's going on with the coronavirus and you've Artie seen the stock market just getting absolutely pummel.

It's I mean it's down like 20% on the year 15% something like that made up some made up some ground today, but if you look at it and who get stuck with that trumped us what happens when it gets worse, because I think it's gonna get worse financially. Have schools closing which means what that means. Some one of the pairs tested state on what both parents work. See the economic rolling down a big snowball at the top of the mountain teeth rolling gets bigger and bigger and bigger need be people of prayer. People of action.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shoulder Europe and will go back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show fighting through some technical issues yesterday and today. Today's been a big problem and we were to Jeremy Camp on the first part of the show in his call got dropped three times maybe four times and then we ran out of time. Couldn't get them back is totally slim because I still believe opens this Friday. Make sure you go see an incredibly powerful movie great love story wholesome love story, which is a nice change of pace is totally nice change of pace so I still believe but also because it's a true story of his first marriage with Melissa.

They got married in college she died of cancer.

Really really tragic but the hope and what God can do out of that and Jeremy reference second Corinthians chapter 1 which a phrase of a friend of mine died of stomach cancer when he was 39. This is years ago and he was in this.God just drop this line in my head at the time he was a great Mike Levick was. He was a great steward of his affliction. He uses that cancer he fought valiantly loved his wife and his kids but he was sharing the gospel and loving on people and it was incredible to watch totally supernatural, but God just reminded the Davis Fremont state.

He was a great steward of his affliction that second Corinthians chapter 1 comforting other people with the comfort that you've received from God. If you going through trials and tribulations in trouble. Think of it that way. God has entrusted you as a unique platform that is uniquely profitable soil for helping others for glorifying God for the gospel that is uniquely powerful soil and were called to be good stewards of our affliction.

Speaking of affliction working to try to get one color in here. Thomas is Colin from North Carolina.

Thomas, thanks for calling Annie I know you wanted to talk about the coronavirus thing. So much for calling the redhead good to hear from you yet ongoing over overreacting with the coronavirus where more data with mood and we spoke for over overreacting and I don't fund what are bountiful but upfront I'm going out with pandemic God so we overreacting to go through life not yet really is amazing.

Thomas, thanks so much for Colin and Shannon. God bless you and your ministry brother appreciate you welcome and in and that's where you dig into it and learn because this in the fluids killed 20 million people this season.

Okay, not 20 May 20,000.

Sorry 20,000 people this flu season. 34 million people have gotten the flu this flu season and now now simply saying that the flu and Kovic, 19 are the same. You say all well kind of. What in the numbers. They're not because for example, the flu virus can only exist on its own for about four or five hours.

The Corona 19 can exist on its own. Mike and a door handle, or 7 to 14 days a week two weeks day. That's a big difference. And then the mortality rate amongst older people is a big problem with with coronavirus and then the fact that your asymptomatic meaning you're showing no symptoms for two weeks so you have it contagious. We have no symptoms. You don't know your contagious and right now we actually don't know how many people have Corona the coronavirus Kovic 19 because there's only so many testing kits and you don't get tested until you're actually very sick so there's this whole cloud of uncertainty which is real and and we don't know everything yet. So there's that. Then there is all the other downline affects what's happening which the media is deftly not helping and then like a Cuomo, New York say in all organic, warranting this one particular area work on in the National Guard so they can help deliver food to me that kinda talk in public is full meant sphere and you really only have an united states of America by all the studying I've done all the research I've looked at my look at some new stuff in the last couple weeks, maybe 9 to 13% of the population are born-again Christians.

So, the overwhelming majority but say it, let's say 15% are born-again. 85% of the country, not born-again doesn't have the Holy Spirit doesn't have the peace that surpasses all understanding. Don't even have access to it. So fear is very real and very powerful so as to shut down schools. We shut down businesses people self quarantine for two weeks. That rolls all downhill give a snowball going down the big hill in it and it has all kinds of ancillary effects like with an earthquake earthquake happens, we tend to think well I mean people died during the earthquake within your knocking out food and power and water usually distribution and all those things add up and people can't get to healthcare. Can't get to the hospital to have all this kind of redundant on down the road effects and that's what's going on with the coronavirus getting a lot of people to get sick. A significant number of people will pass away. Sadly, but what you do with that minutes the question for us so Christ calls us to live with wisdom. We have to live wise lives. We have been given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. Okay so we have a particular moment in time where there's a lot of fear and a lot of worry I would not mock that I would not make fun of it. I would not look down my nose at it as remember most people. If you are born-again Christian. Most people don't have what you like 85% of the people you'll see today is your walking around in the public are not born-again average across the country so let's take this as an opportunity number one to be prayerful free for those in authority over us is free for the sick pray for people that are getting it habit. Let's pray for people to be wise but not freaking out, but we need to pray for the economy.

We need to pray for our leaders everybody involved federal level state level, local level and we need to reassure people and we need to be sober minded about it, but not freaking out and some is that hey are you really freaking out about it I would want to have conversations about coronavirus.

What an easy thing to do. I found myself cracking jokes about it too much in the last week, but we should a lot of people in a growing number people that aren't laughing so the Christian let's not be blasé about it. Let's meet people where they're at and people are actually fearful in do we have an antidote for that we have an answer for that, you have an answer for the hope that you have first Peter three you better. I better and so let's use our call in RP's at supernatural to be a blessing to others and be calm know what were talking about pay attention what King doesn't first count the cost before he goes off to war.

Jesus said were called to live a life of wisdom and discernment.

Let's make sure were doing. Don't add to the hysteria. Let's wait and do it to love people well to meet them where they're at and hopefully bring some facts in these things actually have real effects on people you think the financial thing is over. It's not because were up 1100 points today. No, it's not look I'm looking at at a Dow Jones chart right now. On February 11. It was at 29,346 today close to 25,000. As we came up 1100 points. Okay that's great but it's still 29 five down to 25 four 4500 point drop significant. It's not a small thing you look at the last month and just go back my birthday every 21st 2928 947 so just shy 29,000 in our 25,000. This is real.

This is real impact on people, especially the older they are and they're looking at their their 401(k) and the retirement accounts coming down 50% gets real. We need to care about.

We don't freak out and this is in all that we have right.

Sometimes we act like it is. Sometimes I act like this is it something doesn't work out for me this week.

Holy cow. I go into a tailspin. Of course, again we should not grieve for death as those who have no hope. We shouldn't grieve over things like this is if we have no we shouldn't grieve over the fact that Joe Biden in Bernie Sanders are actually the two front runners in the Democrat party want to be the present United States as if we have no pushing grieve over that is if we have no doesn't matter. Yes, I often say it this way.

I grieve for the here and the now grieve and I mourn over the here and the now I long for. Look forward to there in the vent as a Christian Sunday born of the spirit born again through Jesus Christ. We are caught between two worlds were caught between the eventual world heaven, which is more ethereal and spiritual. Now one day heaven will come down to earth to be very physical and the earth will be renewed in heaven is here to do know that by the way, should study that's fascinating so you think wise nice now, wait till it's part of the new heavens and the new earth, heaven ends up on earth we have that ahead of us were not there yet. And then what we have. Where were at right now is a very fall and very broken world. Whether you're a Christian or not you to spend, on average, what, 76, 80 years walking through would simply amounts to this my Frank language, a big old cow pie pasture.

There's garbage everywhere. I'd a friend at years ago that was with corporate chaplains and one thing he said to me one day.

He said it not to be set in a group. He said the world is a crime scene know my uber conservative sites. It sounds like a victim mentality to meet all woe is me, though. Everything, everything's coming out to get me work know that's not true. The world is a crime scene.

Crimes against each other times against ourselves. A broken ecology the earth itself groans for the resurrection for the renewing. The whole thing is broke, so it really is a crime scene I'm not sitting or assigning blame here and there, it just is what it is. It's a big mess of you here to spend 75 years walking through a big pasture that's got a tonic cow dumped all over the place and not get some on you. That's just ridiculous wrong to get some of it on us. Life is really broken really messed up. What are you talking about political, financial, spiritual, health, like I still believe opening this Friday the beautiful love story the cancer story to your gonna get it.

Jesus guarantee that in this life you have trouble, be of good cheer and I see them and have this picture my mind of Jesus jumping up and clicking his heels together and be of good cheer. I've overcome the world.

So let's take advantage of that reality when were in the middle of darkness love people. Well, will and uncertainty. People fear people of very real problems. Let's bring that hope into the situation when the times of the dark.

You and I as ambassadors right, should shine the brightest to see Noble Steve Noble show and God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say perform

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