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Women in Seminary

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March 12, 2020 12:08 pm

Women in Seminary

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 12, 2020 12:08 pm

Women in Seminary

Seminary is predominantly male students and teachers. Especially in higher levels of education such as Masters degrees and even Ph.D. programs. But why is that the case? Today's Theology Thursday we tackle that issue with Christy Thornton, Ph.D. Candidate in Systematic Theology!


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Everyone just ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Brown at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay.

Go to a seminary Southeastern Baptist theology Thursday with our friends at Southeastern Baptist ancillary to go to a seminary whether it's this one, or any other seminary in America predominantly affects let's say it's a conservative kind of cemeteries cemetery might be like a cemetery.

Neoconservative institution Southern Baptist or otherwise do you expect that it's going to be 50-50 men and women are leaving is going to be 8020 men to women what you think of when you think of people to go to seminary because oftentimes I think we got typecast that and assume the most part it's going to be with a man that are there and if you see a woman nearly all all that's interesting. I wonder what the deal is there because you're just not used to it and of course, and conservative evangelical circles. You don't see women for the most part in the pulpit. You don't have women in church leadership like that they can be leading a different department to stop but what, what's the deal behind that women and seminary and women going to seminary and women getting involved in the ministry and this can get kinda dicey, depending on who you're talking to. Depending on what denomination you talk to whether there conservative or liberal in some circles indicate more power to you.

Get a frock goat gold it up in the pulpit, knock yourself out. We have a female pastor in our church. Stephen is not a problem with that, but I feel I can say no. I mean we can have women serving but the last place you're going to be is in the pulpit so you have a lot of issues that end up there and and Kristi Thorton is a PhD student, a PhD candidate here at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary not in child care, not in Christian education not in counseling but in systematically only I, the deep end of the pool so they say sorta kinda unpack. Kristi was on back in October with the Benjamin Quinn when I was in his mother since last gets his money. I been to Vegas once I was in Israel and not Dr. Benjamin Quinn said. And for me to greatly does a great job on the radio is very comfortable on the side of the mic and and he talked to you because he's a pastor as well as being a professor here but your pastor's kit and you guys going to have that company actually did. He's a good buddy of mine to use. It was a good chap and then so I want is setting that aside, get more into specifically how you ended up here and being a woman on a campus it's largely male, and in a in a industry and all fine using the terminology that's pretty much dominated by men and I'm just talking about numbers or not.

That's a quantitative statement of a qualitative statement so I can't explain this because for you guys. I want you to be encouraged. Ladies, if you're interested in pursuing higher education, maybe even a seminary thing or taking classes online or maybe auditing some things causes all kinds of opportunities you have here at Southeastern Baptist. As a matter fact doesn't matter whether you live here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill's the website I want you to remember Nevin throw this one up on Facebook .se that Southeastern's website SEB\radio, and when you do that you're in a land on a page that shows you all the different things that you can access here in Southeastern with actually out what without being on campus so maybe your instant doing that maybe have a daughter or granddaughter who would be interested in ministry and maybe going down this road, but like I don't know that's a normal thing for young women to get into, but hot Kristi, how did you end up picking this trail yeah man, it's a long and winding path for me, and said unto just a little bit of my background led me here and then some of my detail since I've been on campus, so it was interesting thing about means we Artie mentioned that my dad's a pastor. Both my parents are actually theologically educated, so both my parents met at seminary in the late 1970s and family theological arguments at home and I think that's cool. Yeah.

And I've been doing that with my dad for like ever.

I'm a much better PhD student for a promissory. I'm sure my doctoral chart but yet so I grew up in a home where that was like kind of normal, but it was never thing that I was super interested in doing and I came to southeastern. So after I graduated from college I served overseas with the international mission board for two years in North Africa where I taught Arabic and studied English and I wanted to go back and work with the international mission board as a career. And if you want to do that you have to go to seminary. So I came so that I could go overseas and be a missionary.

I wanted to get my 20 hours, which is what you require to be done again be done so I thought I'd be here for 18 months and that was like eight years ago. What speaking of the international mission board, and if you're not a part of the southern Baptist world that's kind of our international arm. The North American Mission Board is here domestically like the FBI versus the CIA but in the international mission for what percentage of missionaries in the southern Baptist convention are women. Yet now that's super interesting to the exact stat last time I checked it among single people because if you're married, there's a man and I will get Tyler's right, are you sure I'm sure it is, after all, 20 right right right.

The Amish international mission board has a pretty clear thoughts on the shingles. 61 women to live in yet 6621 issue women to manage is a fascinating yeah yeah the patron saint if you will of Southern Baptists is a female missionaries. That's a really normal path for me to go and were always celebrating women in missions. It makes a lot of sense yet is something that southern Baptist women are drawn to yet. So I served and that I wanted to come back and go career.

I came here to do it.

I even make it to 20 hours before I spent an additional six months overseas, and then I had professors who sought me out here at Southeastern and they said he Kristi we think are uniquely gifted heavy thought about in a PhD. The first time it happened I like literally laughed and is that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life while I'm out on the street am a missionary man.

Why would I go hang out in non-missionary hand like a man in and why would I go hang out at the ivory tower and be buried in the books. I can make a difference in the kingdom that will that's what I mean your you're pretty close to where I was. I wasn't even planning to finish my Masters, much less do a PhD but not the Lord close the door for me to go overseas. Just as an act of his grace. At the time it didn't feel super gracious is pretty mad about it that he closed the door and said there's just this moment where I was at this Bible study and the whole ball situations a little bit ironic, but where this Bible study were talking about calling and she asked us to think about what are three things that you're good at, or something. I said that I was good at learning. I was good at teaching and I was good at making friends and as he started kind of talking through that and matching the things that you're got a good at the things that God's doing in the world is that if I was really good at learning and I was good at teaching should probably go back be stationary and says oh that's my small group and there were like oh my gosh yes but were really surprised that you said because you are really into seminary. I just couldn't see you being a seminary.

I was really surprising for the money. So when we come back from the break because your seasoned radio personality you get your music you know are coming up on a break when we come we will come back let's transition into the experience of coming to a seminary to do any preconceived notions of young guys, what Placer pulled her to unpack all that is a really fancy terms with all so little money when the therapist talked about the stock market. How crazy things I was sharing with people, by the way, we need to be vigilant, but were not people that have been given a spirit of fear, so we need be serious and and I'm glad I listened earlier today on the coronavirus thing will talks more about this tomorrow and get back to Kristi here in the second on theology Thursday, but think about people that are anybody you know that's over 70 anybody that you know that is going through chemotherapy.

Currently anybody you know that has a respiratory problem because people throw around up there lay the flus killed as many people believable, but the spread rate here is worse in the targeting of people like over 80. The death rate is 14% okay so this is this is serious. II think people are overreacting largely, but what choice do you have because it's so politically charged for the present United States. Do you really want to preside over 14% of people that are 80 and older dying as a result of this, and you got an election and I don't care whether you're Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Clint doesn't matter who this is highly charged because the box always get a stop somewhere and get a LAN on somebody's head.

I think that's why you see in a highly litigious society and the downside of our digital age as anybody knows everything all the time so you this onslaught of information siliceous make sure were prayerful about it. We have the peace that surpasses all understanding. It's a great opportunity for the witness of the church to be calm, but also be serious. What King doesn't go off to war doesn't count the cost that we don't bury her head in the sand, but just pay attention all that stuff. We are talking about the market and the crazy stuff happen down almost 10% today. About 2200 points, so these are very serious times, but in serious times.

It's great time for us as the church did show up show up, so to speak.

Our talking to Kristi Thorne today.

She's a PhD student candidate I I'm I want to diss you I mean you could say student, but I'm pretty excited that I've just actually moved in the candidate stage.

What how does one become a PhD candidate yes that means I finished all of my coursework and I presented a proposal for my dissertation that's been accepted, so all I have left is just to write my dissertation you make that sound like it's 25 page paper. How big is a your average PhD dissertation, so it varies but somewhere between now hundred and 4990 pages-ish well, that's interesting because I have a friend that wrote a bout a 500 page dissertation. Yeah, if I tried to do that.

My major professor probably went accepted right. Go do that on your own time. You are consigned exactly right.

So were talking generally about women in ministry in NSU, were transitioning him and you knew about. You said what what like 70% of 80% of the singles on the mission field are women. But in the in the in the seminary world that all flips upside down, and it's probably what would you say here on on this campus is that we have official stats on that, but I'm not sure they are but maybe around 20 yet so 80% male, 20% female was that an issue that was on your radar screen at all when you were coming here to something new and I was getting into. I also because I there's a little NSU kind of effort overlap so and some of my classes, I might. The only woman present like that happened more than once in my graduate career, but in my missiology classes that are focused on missions.

There a lot of women yes a lot of women around so it kind of goes in both ways. I knew when I was coming here that I was kind of stepping into an environment that was predominantly male wasn't super daunting for me. I grew up with brothers and so that's pretty normal for me to be in environments that are predominantly male. Just a little bit different.

Take some time. I think for some people who aren't prepared for it to adjust to it. Say even in my time in southeastern set up almost 8 years enrollment for women has been steadily increasing. So when I started there were lots yeah and now there are more and you notice it you probably notice that it's noticeable to me. I also serve in the society for women in scholarship and so were creating spaces where women can find other women and that's really helpful to know that it lopsided.

Yes, that it's easier to deal with. If you expect sure that your washer sure, but do you think there's or have you encountered some some email students that I really struggle with that yet. No doubt, no doubt, I have I have encountered that an there, especially the front, and my frustration out that the reasons that that are true that's true or complex. I'm genuinely like us and some are helpful and some are not today's culture that's gonna be patriarchal, it set up that way it's designed to keep women quote unquote down and in there like you said, I think it's a great way of putting it. There is a complex history there yes were some of that's bad and some of its good or understandable fine biblical event. Yes, this depending on what aspect you're going against in systematic theology because a lot of people that go down that road going down the road become pastors or professors write that right right that's correct. So what, what's that like to hire into another kind of silo yeah and so I think at the heart of this conversation for me is what is the seminary wasn't for and have a couple of core convictions about that that are very important. Seminary is not a church that super important for seminaries. A church that has a function just like a church, motions, and always right. So one of the things that's really important to me. I'm fancy word complementarity in which is a fancy word that really just means that I believe that God in his wisdom has granted for men to lead in the home and in the church so I would say that the office of pastor Elder overseer is reserved just for men.

Now if if a sinner is a church than all those offices of leadership must also be for men yeah but there is not a church they're not the same thing they served the church there related to the church in some ways, but is not a church so those requirements of male leadership don't exist in the seminary. The way that they do church so if there's a compliment. And that's on one side of the coin was on the other side so the fancy word for that is an egalitarian who would say that there's no difference in roller function for men and women in the whole of life, so there's not that affirmation that got a system has given men to lead in the context of the home and the church. So you really simple way is very complex, side of the coin is any role any gender right and the other side of the coin is some roles specific gender. That's right. And it makes it what were talking about leadership roles that are talking about head of a home with a regular marriage were talking about head of the church. Yes, pastor Elder leadership in the church. That's right in that office, right. So I it's not that women are ever leading in some ways in the church and in fact I think they should be think God created men and women to participate in the holes your life and so women should be leading in some ways in their church.

This particular type of leadership. The office of pastor that involves teaching and watching every doctrine of the type of like vision leading of the church is reserved for men or a group, a man or a group. So as a millennial dentures backed out of the middle of that hosts a millennial thinking that as a millennial would you say your generation is now more egalitarian and pushing back and complementarity commentaries and being sleep commentary complement starts with C conservative starts with C CERT roles are just for men is your generation pushing back on.

That's kind of the rides were all equal. I can do your job, equal pay for equal work.

All I can stuff yeah I think the simple answer is it depends on where you grew up sure sound like if you grew up in an area where this was normal than its normal to you and if you grew up an area where it was that than this is not normal to you and answer if we have people who are coming into these environments you maybe didn't grow up in it. There's a lot of frustration shattering into the and so and because so there's that. That's the good side of why things are the way they are in the seminary. As is the haven't always considered one of the things women can be doing and writers. How can they look in the negative enough deposit and that's another reason why the enrollments kind of low among women as we have dreamed of those things and so if you're not aware of that complexity and sometimes it leads you had any professors in your in your masters or your PhD program better women. Not that I have studied under but they're here okay but I haven't studied gonna talk about that.

Yeah, I'll make sure that we don't get your trouble. No heaven on a fairly any gathering of more than 100. So that's just the world we live in right now but were not talking about that, really, and theology Thursday today here at Southeastern Baptist theological Kristi Thornton is here. She's a PhD candidate not just a student but a candidate that that again what so you don't know your classes. Yeah, I am moving in the dissertation, which is up 150 pages or so. How long will that take when I can hold you to know, so I have praise the Lord Artie made a lot of progress. I'm actually hoping to graduate this fall. If the Lord wills. That's awesome yeah and were talking about this all specifically from the context of being a woman in ministry and in the seminary environment and what it's like here so you mention this on the break when we are on Facebook life by the way, if you want to listen as we talk behind your back while you're listening to commercials on Facebook. Life here in the studio on the on the commercial breaks we continue a conversation. I try not to rob Peter to pay Paul. I try to hit up pause button. What were talking about on the air because the vast majority you make up the vast majority the audience. The pit Facebook live at least the live part of it is a minority in terms of the overall audience, but then it gets played back later people listen to later. But there is more content that more things going on behind the scenes. So if you want to be a part of that. The only way to do is go to Facebook which there's a good chance you're already looking at your Facebook feed, so just go over to Steve Noble show which is on Facebook join us. That way you mentioned on the break about people look at you because it is not a personal and not a lot of women in the PhD program is no law.

Women in the systematic theology PhD program site so so what's up with that what's that like yeah so I if the Lord wills and I graduate I will be the first woman to graduate with a PhD in systematic theology from southeastern really in its history and its history. The PhD program again like you to watch for that she eats nowhere without it read like something cool you got yeah so yeah so when people find out that I'm doing a PhD in systematic theology from southeastern.

I get a lot of questions because it's kind of thing people and expect women to do it and so I people kind of come to that all the sorts of different angles. Some of them are like word which is not true at all.

The seminary and stick it to the me yeah that's not really all what I'm doing over they just expect to have this dirt in there like you had a terrible expense and everyone hates you. But neither of those things are true. I do what I do because I like to serve someone to help, so not trying to break down trying to build up in there some things that we've done really well and I want to build on some stuff that maybe we could help to better serve in that environment somewhat super angry and not like you know whatever and I don't have any dirt.

My experience at Southeastern has been amazing. Most just got really boring. Go ahead, I'm really sorry so I would be doing a PhD. Like Artie said that Prof. sought me out and said he Kristi with it. You get to be thought about doing it and like baggage from other Church environments where I hadn't always been treated really well, sure, and my experience southeastern is actually been restorative and healing for me.

So like the winds that I came into southeastern with actually a lot healthier now because the faculty in administrator's here so amazing.

Now there are what want female spine. There are female professors here haven't had one yet. Now I have the difference in mind what is that is that a set of stumbling block is bug use and annoying yet complicated in some ways that I understand some ways that I have questions about. So right now there are three women on faculty out of how many 60 7070. Maybe it's tends it's about more than 50 it's less than hundred yeah I'm touch with you on that one.

Okay so very small percentage of very small percentage and a lot of discussion about the relationship between the seminary in a church and because seminaries are equipping pastors was that mean for the way that their lead and I recognize that my convictions about that are not everyone has to be you. And so there's some difference and because of that, it hasn't always been viewed that it would be appropriate for woman to teach in some of these environments.

Like I'm really sympathetic to that the line that I draw again is that seminary is not a church in a church is not a seminary so I don't see a challenge to complement Arianism fancy were reset earlier or to pastoral leadership is a man to have women who are teaching in the conduct of the seminary that would that were talking what to do things was a church on Sunday. Have you had that conversation with other seminary students mail in class saying okay, what with this class be like for you, put myself in that circumstance sure what would this class be like for you if you're taking a New Testament class adjustment 123. Whatever theology 123 whatever and it's a it's a female professor who obviously knows her stuff. She's wise she's knowledgeable she knows more about the subject than you do. But if you asked them how would you feel and you change sections would you not go to that class.

I think that's a legitimate pattern as if someone is a huge issue that there probably not say it to me, all you need to egg that I don't know what I might pick fights right here help like I know, I mean just sometimes it's helpful to tell people to do this a lot.

Sure you're not to offend me.

So I just want to know, honestly, learn from that because your this would be us a loving service of them to you to have the conversation now as opposed you only being a learn that in the field sure you want to be here because the interactions that I have my PhD buddies like because I'm have been the only woman in almost every seminar I sit in on and their amazing and there like were so glad you're here were so excited for you doing there like my most supportive people are the Whitman herd on the table is anything that I'm doing and in the graduate students. My flight maybe guest lectured in a couple of classes are stepped in to do a little bit of teaching out of here and there at the invitation of a professor.

Our I get a lot of positive feedback from them that's not to say there aren't people who are thinking other think sure is there may be sure that there not come to you so I great story is just or do you how do you think that would flash forward a little bit. How do you think you'll feel the first day your teaching seminary level class in its 80% guys 20% women because you know the girls are to be like this is awesome yeah and the guys are probably some of them are in struggle, if not most of most of them would. I mean, just as I'm not sure that I'm not sure that they would my sister that I ever get that opportunity to be completely honest I never get opportunity and if I don't like I'm not even superduper mad about it just is by I'm not actually sure that that if there's any percent of the men half of them are happy about it.

Bulimia's arts, all of you on Facebook live radio guys only case on discriminating guys, only a Facebook live on a scale from 1 to 10 how uncomfortable would you feel just got out of whack. Being in a Masters level class but in a seminary okay is a church type context uncomfortable.

If your professors teacher scale from 1 to 10, so every guy on Facebook live right now. Answer the questions just give you number your comments. Just a number 1 to 10 one. I have no problem with it whatsoever.

Doesn't matter to me as long as she knows her stuff I'm cool or 10 B and yeah I'm not missing the class be taught by a woman forget her age. Okay, don't but scale from 1 to 10 guys help me out and that was she was Snapple here. What were talking one. I'm fine with it no problem whatsoever.

You have a seminary professor that's one or 10. I'm really uncomfortable. Okay go, I want you I want to see your answer. How many of you would care how many of you would not what I also sought to answer yes I'm sure you do live here so will all keep track these guys please help me out here and help Chris you we can learn from past interesting to see that but but overall do you find that other women are asking you about it is God coming open the door were you can have this conversation with other young women writing about. Yeah, I do not own a seminary and being in a mostly male environment like III do have this conversation pretty often.

Like I said it's hard for me to hide in spaces everyone knows about Christie's doing her thing. I am so I girl which I like. Enjoy like it's a real privilege for me to be able to talk you through why institutions are the way that they are and help them understand a little bit of the history where things are and I think one of the things that I'm often coaching women through here is even though there's some baggage in this that isn't helpful. What you do in your in spaces that things are helpful.

You don't like tear things down you act lovingly to build about to be more like Christ. So I did a lot of time thinking through what our motives in the way that we engage in this environment are we acting in a way that's Christlike and loving in order to serve and bill of the body. So do a lot of that. Like creating spaces for women to meet other women who are doing it.

I need each other only Johnson community and so if you're there some degree programs that are like very predominantly male like I'm not sure there are women in them, and if at all joins that yeah if a woman joins them. She's the only one that isn't so. Systematic theology, like every PACU, though usually level. There's one more. There is excited she's come in after me and were very excited about her and she superduper sharp that's cool, but all it happens all the time and so you look around you think there are no women who are doing this. There are women who are doing it. They're just not doing it in your field. So how can I help you connect to those beautiful it's really cool.

So were seeing a lot more women enrolling in PhD's were on pace to double the amount of women. Her old 60s at Southeastern in the next year to super exciting so will start seeing more women in the seminars to see each other and were meant meant you get to learn from women, we see the world differently as a part of.

That's part of what needs to be gendered as we see the world through different lenses and God made us to see the world. Together we are better when we are engaging with multiple views from the table and so think what I want to talk about that on the outside of a break and that'll be our last segment but I want to talk about that because there's the truth of Scripture. So a male perspective and a female perspective on one hand, you could say you shouldn't apply to truth is true.

On the other hand, we have different experiences and is that valid in terms of learning more about the Scriptures. Learning more about God learning more about the Bible were talking to Christy Thornton this is Steve Noble and the signal to show theology Thursday as it is every week about friends at Southeastern will be right back showed his theology Thursday as it is every week of our friends.

By the way, I would encourage you go check out the following website Evan make sure we throw this up there again SEB at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary okay SEB\radios in the land you on a page where you can see all kinds of things that you can access. Whether you live in this area or not, but there's a there's there's free classes on their there's like a great class that Danny Aiken, it's all in video you do it at your own speed on greater anything and it's free and it's it hermeneutics. Which is how to properly study the Bible. There's some great classes on their there's some other things you can take and pay for the some certificate programs you can pursue a degree online. There's all kinds of stuff there that you can take advantage of and I would strongly encourage you to do so. I taught adult Bible school adult Bible study at a local Southern Baptist Church here for almost 5 years I learned a lot. I think I was a little bit ahead of the regular person in the pew in terms of where I was at biblical knowledge wise, but then I came to started taking classes at Southeastern and unlike wow I really don't know much at all. It's a whole another level of teaching that unless you got a seminary professor leaving your Sunday school mostly you can't access that in the local church. In some places you can, but the level of teaching and knowledge and wisdom here is really astounding and I knew every minute I was in class that was having a profound impact on my walk is a Christian in my place in the kingdom. So I would strongly encourage you to check it out. That's why Christie is here Christy Thornton is a PhD candidate and I working on systematic theology which is highly unusual for a woman is a bit different when you want to do with what were you see yourself in two years or two years out of the Internet in a dream world, I would love to teach theology at some theological institution that's complicated and I understand all this things but I would love to teach. Maybe at the collegiate level.

I also have an administrative position here at Southeastern. I enjoy my administrative work and see what's wrong with you weird the taught have you seen anybody for that now and then writing like the opposites. Likely that's like the bizarro world Steve Noble hey see what you doing working in menstruation actually nuts but funny. Then writing side Loveday County try to administrate and who knows how that plays out. I would think, and I don't mean this to sound worldly.

If you're going to be and you will be, God willing. The first female PhD graduate and systematic theology from one of only six other Baptist institutions that's going up that's gonna come with its own platform. Have you thought about that. I try not to think about it. I prefer to think of myself as not super special when you actually don't see yourself is super special fats when you're setting yourself up. I got sick. Okay is that as long as we know between you and me, Christy, me right Ryan guy gets all the glory is going to happen next.

Said II do what I do because I I want to help and so is exciting for me to be able to be in's bases where I can speak and I can use my expertise and I can encourage and I can embody a new reality an opportunity for women who are gifted academically to each steward as guests of their space is free to do it and to show that that's a welcome thing yet even institutionally you think people some women just presume that if they come into a spacelike Southeastern with the set of gifts that I have like the Lord is gifted me and this is a friend in the church and teaching and knowledge that they won't be welcomed to express this gets here that is not my experience that it takes a real woman to to show that like a man can't say that right woman has to say hey the modified component right and so I can say that I will hey ladies with yeah yeah for yeah I got your back. I'm here for you no that only go so far I find. Take the encouragement for what it's worth, but when it's another woman is been there and done that yet and has succeeded. I think that that can be a huge blessing right which is why was excited about having you on today because I want. Ladies, if you're listening and you think you might have that type of gifting following this path, or maybe your daughter, your granddaughter, we need to encourage them yeah and there is a space for you and the men on campus are welcoming to that is not just like women are the people I think I'm elbowing my way to the table being drugged to the table by the people run like a friend of mine on my my mentors are like seriously come to the table. We want you here and sit there creating the space for Sarah equipping me to come along so there's this adversary like like sometimes we have these dinner conversations, we review them adversarial.

He betrayed men and women but there's none average. They were brothers and sisters working together and that's been my experience in theological education that my brothers are helpful for me.

They want to bring me the table they want to equip me so that I can become Mr. my gifts to the best my ability, to the glory of God in the church. So for understanding theology and and being a good student of the every Christians and theologians to matter whether your good bad different. Whatever right the different perspective approaching the narrative and the wisdom of Scripture and Scripture itself yet a man's perspective is going to be different than a woman's protective is that valid.

How do we use that as do we say actually you should be colorblind because Scripture is just truth and your perspective as a man or woman should be set aside yet. This is super complicated and rather contentious sit. These are some things that I would say God has revealed himself in the Scriptures and is not really up for debate. Like he has revealed himself so there is. He is true and there is truth. So, whatever were saying were not talking about truth not being real or God having actually communicated through the Scriptures and said something definitive right by the Scriptures. Also 2+2 = 4. Right whether you are regardless of whether you're male or female. That's right. 22.

That's our hundred rich, poor, whatever. That's right through district in the Bible is true and but the Bible presumes that we read the Bible in community right it presume sure from the old and the New Testament that the church or the people of Israel are coming at the Scriptures together and that togetherness is beneficial for us to understand the Bible is saying and who got is a part of that togetherness of the church is that there are men and women and said this is that's where I locate this. This is the church reading together as men and women. And in that we get to flesh out the beauty of the truth that the Bible is not changing it were actually saying that it's different as much as were mining it for the beauties that exist within what the Bible has said and who got us does make sense. So, because II look at it go. Think this is a solid knowledge that we see through the glass dimly, yes, and we have our biases and some of those are regional their social, economic, absolutely. There based on your ethnicity and are also based on your gender gender being just for anybody that's wondering to theirs to cancel really nasty in the pool but perspective and application and experience. I think does matter so that I can understand what you're going through is a Christian woman in a mostly male-dominated environment and I should care about that show deference to that should be willing to listen and I think I can learn from that. Realizing that he were all sinners right we all can step in it from time to time some of us more often than others like me but I got should be able to learn from your perspective. Yeah right.

I think that's a tool that we should take and that we have mindful Anspach turtle Avenue aren't like us. Help us see those blind spots and so men are like women and women are like men in all the ways and so we can help each other see blind spots in the same way that even that mean I can happen in the same gender that can happen cross culturally you're missing things and so that you so what. So when you're teaching what would be some your messages for your female students that would be different from your male students based on the context of a heavy question. Yeah, I'm also not sure that yes it like when I'm teaching theology to teach it differently when I teach it to women to hey guys hey guys, as we go down this road. I would like you to consider. Yeah, the women might see some of these things differently and ladies you need to be considered about the guy seems no engine early that it's hard for me to identify specifics of the way that I do I my perspective is I am a woman in whatever I do I do as a woman and so my folks into when I teach theology sounds a lot like with the mentor teaching, but when I read the Scriptures.

There things that stand out to me. For example, I just read through Judges and I imagine that men see the slow degradation to women through the book of Judges and it affects them, thanked me a little bit differently because I see myself in that in that degradation rights you have never at the beginning. Yeah, who's a prophet and a judge in leading and she has an amen and by the end you have this concubine. He doesn't even have a name who's murdered and then cut up into pieces is not a very pleasant story ends its own women become come from the slight position of honor and society to they have zero value probably will interact with that a little bit differently because I see myself in and I is as it is your male brother need to be considerate towards that fact. Yeah sale because I can't just gloss over that stuff and go what you talking about yes you read that and jumps off the page. It doesn't. I've never really thought about that and I been a believer for a while and I read the book of Judges many times and studied yeah I really thought about yeah and it's gaps. I think that's what just one example of I think I see that differently. This of my brothers church and my brother see things different than me and I'm really excited to learn from them and that so what would your just general encouragement. We got a minute and have left just general encouragement to women of any age about going into this academic world. In this case the specific context is the seminary world which is highly male-dominated but just in general, pursuing your gifting pacifically yeah I think it's one in Christ you can do more than you think Kansai me. A lot of women who are really tentative and fearful about the next steps that they take what you can trust the Lord, and you can take steps and he may take you to places that you never thought you could go. I encourage you to take the steps to I think you will be accepted by the people who are coming there other people who've gone before you can help you at Southeastern, specifically on experiences that will be loved and valued, supported desires that you're here celebrate whatever you doing this well for the church before the Lord, and sometimes it takes courage and that's okay. Anything with the got a love your sisters acknowledged look for the gifts that you see in them and call about Mike. Prof. sought me out this way.

They had called me out to your sisters. Encourage them give them the courage they give so good Christie great having you on the day. Congratulations on your things are happening. This is the normal show doubling up, always, ever, for

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