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Coronavirus Continues

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 16, 2020 2:57 pm

Coronavirus Continues

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 16, 2020 2:57 pm

Coronavirus Continues

The coronavirus continues and is now a national emergency declared by President Trump himself. Affecting mainly the 35 million senior citizens in America, this is a true epidemic. Plus, special guest Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, joins to discuss the issues at hand.

Additionally, hear from David Fischer from Landmark Capital Gold about the SMP dropping more than 2700 points due to the coronavirus.


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred calls now 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host noble okay obviously online conference with Pres. and his team on the coronavirus thing so I want to just share the information that I'm continuing to pay attention to monitoring this all the time and really I would suggest that you don't do that it can be alarming and and discomforting and little concerning, but it's important we have to understand what's going on and you probably reckon this is been out of school. If you have school-age kids or with workers now on a national level asking CDC coming out say limiting to gatherings of no more than 10 and so some pretty serious things going on there and so we need to be as followers of Christ and that's good neighbors and as good citizens we need to be sober minded. We need to be paying attention. Please do not satirize the same thing with politics do not sit around and indulge yourself on this stuff over and over and over again to keep going through your twitter feed and keep going through your Facebook page and just keep dining on it, dining on dining on it, because unfortunately an enema to speak a very bluntly you all of you if you're out there posting stories about conspiracy theories and tromping China in this that the other thing please stop that is not helping. Even though it might make you feel good, you could be causing other people to stumble and other people to experience fear that they don't need to experience and see just need to knock that off okay. I can't implore you anymore, frankly, than that, with the crazy conspiracy things and it's the lepers, the right and the right person the left of this is all about getting trumpet office. You just gotta knock it off.

You want to do that in the fall one on the other side of all this stuff go ahead, but in the meantime, you're not helping. Obviously, I've seen plenty of that and it's got a torqued me off, some to say that because I know some of the people that are doing it.

If you happen to listen to Facebook. Why watch Facebook live or if you're listening on the radio you listen to podcasts later and you're one of those people just stop okay.

But some serious things going on here and seen that the grocery stores that's another thing in this is the difficult aspect of what's going on because we have a social agent happening here and I'm not talking about the virus I'm talking about a reaction to it are saviors wearing on the grocery store this morning. I would like a few things a chicken left no beef, no toilet paper know all you you know all that stuff so you have people that are hoarding and here's the problem that you can make the decision to not hoard I can make the decision to not hoard, but there are other people who are hoarding and so now you grab it when you get it. There were all in the same boat so that's it's very difficult. Today's press conference which is still going with the president. I think it's the best I've ever seen. Trump enough in the in the years of his presidency, plus obviously, 2016 in the primary and everything.

Very calm, resolute serious not much hyperbole at all, which I appreciated, but there's some things going on there that there talk about me today on this press conference again. It's live right now they are talking about seeing this impact goat through July and even August. That's more than a couple months. That's more than six days and so that that's no sobering again. I don't know about you, this is surreal to me. It feels surreal. It is surreal in its serious people go well, it's with the flu but will hopefully all that stuff all those kind of false comparisons are dying out. Let me just give you some numbers. Here she understand what you're looking at.

Specifically, and this is one of the one of the ladies that was part of the press conference on another she's with you Dr. she's really sharp a calling on millennial's millennial's, it's time for you to help protect his generation's millennial's are out and about communicating a lot millennial bluntly.

Age of 45 are could be contagious but not exhibiting symptoms and not really get that sick but you could be a carrier and so in order to serve and love and care about the older population, millennial's need to know chillout a home work from home and in I thought that was a good message. I appreciated that. But justly understand management some conversation about a national quarantine is that being centered and and in front flat out said will not, at this point but you know where were looking at strong suggestions. We may look at certain areas. The direct quote. We may look at certain areas hotspots but not now were not there yet. So talking about quarantines in specific areas hotspots. We have a lot of breakouts coronavirus and so to understand just to put it into perspective. I think for those of us on 54, and we need think in terms of our kids in the millennial's and then us in our 50s and 60s and then the older generation because did you know for example, US population 80 and above 12.6 million people between 70 and 80. It's another 22.6 million people so our population in America 70 and above is 35.31 million is a large target for something like the coronavirus which and 80 and over has a mortality rate of 14%. So look that's closer big numbers okay so right now the whole point is to get ahead of it and I appreciated with Poochie was just saying on this live sly press conference that you think you're here like visually.

He's like you think you're here, you think your head of it directly still behind all this stuff is still unfolding work on a running behind all of this information so were were were living in a delayed reality. So whatever you see is being the numbers today. Those are accurate, especially because the testing kits and all that information so this is a time and asked our Lt. Gov., North Carolina Dan forces him to call and in the third segment that's right after the around the 430 break Eastern time. So he's got a call and I asked him to just call in charity nose and and offer some reassurance as of the Lieut. Gov. and hopefully the next governor the great state of North Carolina and as a Christian brother.

I asked him if you'd be willing to pray with us on the air and he will sobering to do that. The financial impact obviously is a big deal so working to talk to David Fisher just on the other side. The last segment of the show today just to understand what's going on with the Fed and with all the money they're trying to pump into the economy because those things are very real especially again. If you're older and most older folks in the market have their things fairly well protected there being very conservative. They're not in real exposed areas, but right now I mean this is crazy market is down, literally.

Right now it at the close 2997 points, which is 12.93% down. Okay so were pushing towards where the market was at when Trump took office in November 2016. The market was 18,000 847 it went up a size 29,500. Now it's back down to 20,020. So this is serious. Okay were not playing around. So if you're spreading the conspiracy theories or act like it's just the flu it's no big deal.

You to knock that off. You can play that game and do all that stuff. On the other side of it all, but in the meantime talking about 35 million Americans about the age of 70 for them. It's very serious and deadly serious not see double the show you. I lie.

I numbering it so that was the from the network heights are you still with some techniques that federal stuff which is like a way of life here lately. Sorry about that.

So were talking about coronavirus. I'm just trying to update you with as much as I can. Working to hear from our great Lieut. Gov. in the great state of North Carolina in the next segment swept the 430 break working to talk to Gov. Dan Forest and get get him to chime in on what he's learning what he knows and some words of encouragement from him.

He's also going take a minute pray with us, so will do that and then we'll talk to David Fisher in the last segment of the show. The little money Monday update.

Obviously there's a lot happening there the market down almost 3000 points today 12.93%. When it comes back and it will it's good to be amazing to watch that but where's the bottom one second happen I don't know go all the way back to when Trump won the election in November 2016. The market seven and we may get back down so the Trump bump will be gone. This is there's a serious phase whether you agree with that or not what you think is hyper or not what you think. It's a social contagion. I'm not talking about Iris.

What do you think it's government overreach or not, is a serious thing. Okay, so remember and it's it's people we've got this. You got 22.6 million people in America between the ages of 70 and 86.1 million between 80 and 84 and 6.55 million over 85 so the 70+ population in America is 35.31 million, you may not like these quarantines you may not like all the social distancing. You may not like the optics you may not not like politics but do you care about 35.31 million people in America over the age of 70. Your answer should be yes, especially if you call yourself a Christian, but anybody common decency and so would you be willing to live a strange lifestyle for the next 90 days in order to minimize the impact on them is in the 80+ crowd.

The mortality rates 14%, you million people in the 80+ crowd because there's a 12.65 million of them America. See you in fact million of them hundred 40,000 of them are to die for you willing to change lifestyle for a few months in order to save hundred 40,000 you kinda have to think of it that way. Kinda you do so, somebody shall remain nameless.

Who is going ballistic. The last four or eight weeks. Radio personality happens to be a person I know Scott from one world government and Soros Bubba Bubba blah. Now this is what this person say happy Monday everybody.

Let's put politics aside for time and work together to heal our community praying for you all today. Some ideas number one limit all media intake at the news, but don't obsess over it will stress you out agree. If your home from work, get on a schedule with the kids and work on projects during the day advice number three talk to people all day what a Skype or a phone or cell, the human connection is super super important.

What you help help help find people in your community who may need it, especially let's all make sure were checking in on people that are older gay.

This can be deadly for the 54 I'm not that worried about it for myself and my mother's 88. My father-in-law's 80 and you have neighbors that are old check in on, especially if her Christian is the great time for us to shine on number five again this is somebody that was bashing the whole thing for last couple months stay inside if you're not feeling well be reasonable about your movement. Number six. Don't dwell on politics or apocalyptic Piercy thinking because even if you're right, there's no point right now.


This event is in motion and we just need to deal with it trusted Jesus and pray for our leaders courage and wisdom absolutely make sure we continue to be in prayer because the numbers again like how she was saying in this life press conference the oppressed White House press briefing room in the West Wing a week weren't were behind it were not ahead of okay so I reminded people on Friday have been using this analogy ever since.

Think of this as like a big brewing hurricane. That's 10 days off dose and you get about 42 different models. Most of them are like yeah this is serious land a couple models are kinda goofy, but then everybody's going. How much do we prepare, how much do we prepare and then because of the context with Evan everybody's politicizing depends on what depends on what politics of the person in charge.

It Democrat. The right had some of its of Republican the leftism we over preparing are we under preparing. You don't know what you don't know and then all of a sudden the hurricane comes and you know this error. North Carolina them hurricane doesn't come quite on unsure as much as we thought doesn't do quite the damage. It's not quite the negative impact sought waste all time and all that money like paranoia. But what if it does is from a political leadership standpoint, you want all that on your head.

Be on your head, specially in our culture are context, forgiveness, politically dead if you don't over prepare, that's all gonna linen your head so you'd rather be over prepare them underprepared in this case were talking about in just reminding you 35.3 million American citizens, fellow citizens over the age of 70 and let's make sure were take care of Jerry on Facebook life 71 years old about heart disease and I'm staying home enjoy my wife good for you. Amen a great idea, so they are talking. Trump said it during the life press conference were looking at this July and August, and that's a lot further out than people were thinking art.

Somebody asked are you considering a national quarantine not not at this point, but they are looking at hotspots parts around the country. Things are pretty naughty in the politicization politicization of Desi a call with the governors earlier today already in the town of he said he go get your own. So that's how got reported. Go get your own meeting masks and everything testing. That's how got reported by some outlets, but that's not what happened. Trump said as if you can't get it somewhere else and don't have to wait for the feds then get it if you can find another supplier to get testing kits are to get a base mass which are really for people that are in the healthcare industry then get or select media reports, Trump told him you're on your own. Go get it on your own. That's not how it happened at all. Just like with the whole Google thing to see that wanted to play the clip, but I can't. He did that yesterday to Prescott with her like oh googles doesn't have anything to do with this website that this was setting up a testing and he holds up a sheet of paper is like a distance from the yellow Google. Here's the information for the people at Google the seal googles like I've no idea where these people are getting this, but that's patently false than Trump just drops his paper was a great visual so while the media does that why the politicians do that. Let's make sure we know when I sure we don't.

Now this is again I'm trying to keep a sober minded and serious paranoia think it's given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind over example, one of the some admiral guy that was a part of the press conference today that they're putting 1.9 million test kits into use this week for the getting those out 1.9 million this week to million next week. 5 million the week out after the 9 million in three weeks. They're not owning that stuff out there because there's no threat putting that stuff out there serious let's reminded prayerful everywhere I've gone grocery store this morning and I'm using the disinfectant wipes and all the stuff and this is just serious, but let's make sure being prayerful will pray with the listening governor and the other side of the break. By the way some people were asking we were to be doing this marriage a mini marriage conference with Dr. Danny Aiken who will actually be my guest this Thursday in theology Thursday were to talk about feeling fear and uncertainty is Christian so that's what elegy Thursday to be like this week with Dr. Danny Aiken, but we were to do a little mini marriage conference a week Friday here in Raleigh. I was going to be a Friday night and Saturday morning.

I'm looking at doing that for free online. We got you have some of that on video that he did in front of a live audience. So that would be a great thing to do all as married couples are stuck at home. Anyway, let's enrich our marriages with some good teaching. What I got from working on that for a week. Friday we come back to Lieut. Gov.'s great state of North Carolina. My friend Danforth and our brother in Christ Steve Noble to Steve Noble shows graciously with you talking about is trying to sew some home but yet some cared some love and respect looking out for, especially people that are older and a lot of us and people that have compromise health people and chemo people with heart conditions.

All that that they're all seriously affected by the spread of the coronavirus and like I mentioned, I want you to remember member this memorize it. 35 million Americans 70 and over 35,000,012 1/2 million 80 and over with a mortality rates 14%. So are you willing to sacrifice your lifestyle for little for several months in order to protect people that are older than literally to protect like to think and I and I assume for all of us, myself included, that the answer is yes, but were paying attention. Were talking were praying or not people of fear but somebody that's the dealing with this on all know the level besides the rest of us would be our good friend Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest here in the great state of North Carolina, Dan, how are you thanks for calling it.

I'm doing well Steve I hope your I am thinking very much these are some odd days to say the least and I appreciate you taking the time. That's why keep reminding people for a lot of folks you and I aren't in that 70+ he dreams not yet and certainly people under 40. Most of them it's a big deal but we literally have tens of millions of American citizens that are much older that we have. Be careful about. It happened here about 1/2 serve them.

So what are you, running into intergovernmental capacity and hearing the grace to produce very true to your point if you look at the girl occurred across the country who lived coronavirus about half a one nursing home in the state of Washington and Dr. that tells you, you know, the capacity of this to wreak havoc on the older population rather quickly and that obviously happened because they were the first one to get and that's what brought it for everybody's attention. If I think what you're saying this response, especially from the president said what's going on in Washington DC present VP and their task force. There are usually taken very seriously and watching the private sector come together as well and stuff up the way they are gotta. What is the best of America. Even when the private sector are going to be taking a massive economic hit what they're doing as well so it's good to see the president of the White House in the dark task force take this extremely seriously handle this like they would if they're solving a business problem you have appreciated that. Well press conference that was going on earlier might still be going on my and it ended in the you about. I just can say I think this is probably the best live appearance I've seen president from maybe in his whole career as the president he really handled it effectively.

He was home self-controlled was a lot of hyperbole there. Yeah, I think you see that what happened on Friday with the leaders of all these major corporations that he's coming at this like a business guy's problem solver get it done. Natural habitat does not elaborate at all. The business world and knowing how to solve problems so anyway in that regard.

I think the folks you're doing a good job.

I think people in the state are doing the best they can hear through the governor's team with what they have to work with them what knowledge you have and you just have to take some pretty extreme measures you not think we can. A lot of this can be armchair quarterbacks here in make a lot of calls without a whole lot of information, but the people that are the best minds in this industry related to these kind of infectious diseases are saying no, we really have to take this seriously.

Mother obviously working on solutions in the vaccine to those kinds of things you love doing that in record time to you know you can't act like this is the big deal you know that it is a big deal for the president would be dealing with the way you are exactly right. So here in North Carolina see on the horizon and that this is going to get even more stringent terms of restrictions we see New York and now LA literally saying okay, all restaurant solve gathering place of movie theaters everything used to shutdown you think based on what you know that working to move in that direction.

Well, I think, all things are already on the table. I'm not involved in conversation. Say the governor's territory.

5 foot think that you think you should expect. I think everybody should really expect worst-case scenarios when it comes to these things because generally the natural path of them you just saw two days three days ago two or three days ago were people say your gathering 200 and now the CDC says 50 and now the president Today in this press conference so obviously your people are saying we want this think you will discover flat fat possible. We will discredit it.

Possible, the only real way to do that if you take extreme measures and now the same time I think we ought to be aware that there are real consequences for human consequences of this is relevant, that several friends I talk to this morning of lay people off already. One friend that I displayed all 60 people that I just laid off a people pleaser very real situations in real time were dealing with them so they have a real human impact.

I think you know from your perspective and coming from your radio show and your audience is the time for the church stuff up and shot. There are human casualties and their this human fallout from this work related to the job market of people were to be very desperate, so what is the church through the church in times of crisis and reaches out to meet the need for community faces the church doesn't just you go away and crawl in a hole you have to be there. Be prepared to help you. I think that's a great point.

It reminds me actually became a famous letter from me Roman centurion sent back to Rome about those people of way that would be us Christians that in the midst of that play back then that they were staying in the city and serving people and helping people even at the risk of their own lives and I know the people don't like to hear that because now are talking about could be spreading the virus to other people, but I think it's a great reminder for all of us. The time when we have to show that were not people fear, but that were also people of great care and concern a lot of shut-ins now and that we need to be the source of peace in our neighborhoods in our workplaces and social media as opposed to being people that are spreading that your neck turning even partisan politics is a place for that, but it certainly not now.

No shame when you do see it shame when you can go on to Facebook places like that the people making hateful comments about the people and political positions in those kinds of things with. This is what you said this is the time for that. That's what this country is come through in so many ways I think we also see in the good together. I really do a lot of stuff and as we go about your previous recommendations are. Don't gather a group yesterday separated from people of the reality is there are churches that are delivering food to people you do it in one or two people you go out and you deliver food to people that are shot at her people that are elderly will make contact with those folks you try to be there and let them know you care for him and love him dearly have to make contact. To do that you know somebody that's lost their job, you don't necessarily have to gather 10 people around them, but you can call them on the phone, you can go get you can do support then you could help about your bills. You can all the things of the Act II church did this did when they came together to pull together on the needs so you think you yet so important to remember that when we got about a minute.

20 seconds about two minutes left and if you would be so kind as to mislead all of us in prayer, right-click for all of these situations and everything that were dealing with through all our heavenly father.

We just want to humbly bow before you and recognize you solving the Lord of Lord you are Lord over all things, including the Lord over the coronavirus and know Lord that there is nothing that you don't know nothing you don't understand your father.

We pray that your good purposes would come from you today.

Tragic virus like that for me. Pray for protection over our nation injection over our president governors and leaders around this country. We specifically pray for protection over the elderly and those that have compromised immune systems. Lord, you prays that the church would be the church and not times of darkness, more than ever before. All these things are naturally things a man thanks pal, I appreciate: and now, thanks for sharing with us today will talk again real soon. Stay safe from daycare, they go they hopefully the next governor Grace in North Carolina and and this is changing all at this couple states that are postponing their primaries get a ton of primaries between now and July. Those are no talk about gatherings of 10 or more and Lieut. Gov. Dan forces been out there stomping on the trail traveling all over the country all that stuff.

Shutdown does that mean we would Shamim can you imagine I can't imagine that she had been to the point where we would actually delay in election. I don't think you can do that. The presidential level personal that it is some constitutional issues involved. There we do it that so we need to definitely be people rare and praying about this without ceasing to me out today times together I think will spend a little time after the show today if you want to join us in the Facebook life is somewhat prayer together after the show and I wanted to similar kinds of prayer Facebook live in the coming days. Make sure were all doing our part, we gather and come back. David Fisher talk about going on in the financial show leader agreed friend brother in Christ really appreciated him calling in today and especially operating with us that was awesome.

I really appreciated that so much going on and I'll be talking about this pretty much every day on Thursday will do theology Thursday Dr. Danny Aikins can be calling in southeastern Oregon to do that show on dealing with fear and uncertainty. Theology of fear and uncertainty sorta do that on Thursday and then on the following the stop and talk about on topic and open up bones a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday just so all of you. You have a chance share how it's affecting you.

Dan mentioned Lieut. Gov. Dan force mentioned in that call just a few minutes ago.

He was talking to one business owner this morning is already laid off six serious these are serious things going on again. I said it, getting a show I'll remind you again in the soccer Fisher. If your posting conspiracy theories.

If you do another anti-Trumper.

The anti-Democrats trying these conspiracy alike a while stuff, knock it off. Do that later you that on the other side of old.

Like I said earlier, please remember that we've got 35 for 35 million people in this country that are 70 and over 80 and over is 12.6 million mortality rate amongst them is 14% were talking to hundreds of thousands of people potentially back. I so now is not the time. And here's the problem.

All these things. All these measures we go from what gatherings of hundred feet and 25 now today the president and one of the people and it seems that what gatherings enter more and we don't know what we don't know. So when we get aggressive like this nationwide is kinda measures in the end.

On the other side of this, we won't be able to calculate how many people were say. Calculate so people are to take advantage of that. Let's not be one of them.

It's not turn this into yet another political football okay and another serious thing going on obviously's financially Dow Jones industrial today, literally, a 3000 point drop 2900 9712.93.

The biggest point drop in history at the biggest percentage drop in history.

It's been worse than that, before the very serious things going on in the financial world. David Fisher from MR capital help us understand that David how are you great great don't like what's going on, but the lingering praise the Lord. Let's start with where we should always start and keep this especially in the forefront of our minds is go to Scripture for summer and the Old Testament. Psalm 2744 let's start one thing I am from the Lord only do I speak that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and seek him in his temple. No life throws at Curtis Paul's life is full of challenges and those challenges causes us to grow as people in trust more in the Lord and so to the degree of the uncertainty of the environment that surrounds us to put this in a greater degree of need and yielding an needing to being in his presence because in this president there is fullness of joy. There is rest and a lot of people think that we disengage her for in his presence, not the place were reading Kincaid and we seek and we connect with what our Spirit is saying to his spirit with his spirit skews me same to our spirit and therefore we get information and to be engaged in making proper decisions so it's not a disengagement. It's a reconnection for engagement and so just let's get in the presence so we can be engaged in you and give us wisdom and knowledge of what we need to do in this type of environment is a great word in Indian I would just add to that that will move on and often times we think. Yeah, we got a pray, but we need to remember that the power of prayer going before the throne of God is the tip of the spear is not the handle snapped back into the spirits.

The tip of the spear that should be our number one defense and offense of a weapon is prayer so so important. Remember that that's an active thing is not a passive thing. Thanks for reminding me of that. So all of us actually think that yesterday that was, while the Fed comes out on a Sunday drop the interest rates almost to zero. That's the Fed rate down the .25% then quantitative easing, trying to pump a bunch of money into the market yet today market down historical loss just about 3000 point so that obviously somehow that didn't connect what happened. Well the circuit breaker kicked in. Within a minute hope of creating 15 minutes now there there was a 41% of recession before the coronavirus in January. Now is a 67% of recession J.P. Morgan and PIMCO all are saying were headed for recession. The bull market and is officially Thursday last week or not in a recession is not been announced historically when the Fed does what they did with quantitative easing, you have to ask yourself the question, why did the Fed lower the rates near zero.

Why do they do quantitative easing is $750 billion. Why do they inject a $1.5 trillion in the last two days and tomorrow in the repo markets if were not in a recession.

In this behavior is only done in this aggressive behavior for recession were not in it. Why are they doing it. That is the trillion dollar question. So, I meant to say something I said on your program in December and in January, multiple times. I sit for 1 to 2 headlines away from a major downturn there will be a catalyst that will force the markets to go down the fit will come to the rescue will be forced to do this they will lower interest rates near zero and they will start in quantitative easing program and that's what Zach Lou around so could be.

We are really even though they and fifth were not in a financial challenging situation we are because this will turn into that and today for the first time on CNBC, a commentator that works for CNBC, Brian Scully came out and said there is no liquidity in the corporate bond market in oil so that I said last week.

Morgan Stanley said the system is fracturing it breaking. So for the Fed to react the way they did. We are in the hospice of a massive financial crisis on non-alarmists. I'm realist and this is where were at you. We hear all make a prediction, you will come out in the news more in the next week to a month and we will unfortunately see an official announcement down the road that this will lead us to recession, we will be in one.

So that's where were going the market are going lower and I said the deltas next support level is that 17 seven and were if we have a market drop.

What we have today.

We will be at that one day yeah I night and I got an email earlier today talking about all this repo stuff that they're doing but with some of the rules that have been put into place ever since 2008 there's from what I read. There's actually some legal problems with thanks even being able to take the money.

Have you read anything about that yeah will hear a lot of things for banks to lend money in a way they didn't.

They held onto another thing to give us the money and will lend the money.

I doubt they're going to do that because corporate on seven major banks just announce are going to stop buying back their shares what that doesn't mean I will make sure every here that doesn't mean you can have liquidity in the bank stocks what it means is going to stop supporting a buyback policy to complete artificially inflate their stock prices to produce profits which is what caused the ball along the banks if they're stopping that they are not as healthy as you think we are and I'm not alarmists but you don't have this behavior by the Fed because this is a virus induced thing.

Unless we have a massive undergirding financial problem and that's what I've said all along and here's were you're going to see this you fall to.

Unfortunately yeah I know I'm just looking at this email I got early days talking about.

Like the first round of 500,000,000,003 months repo was done in only 17 billion actually got stuff so there's some moderately there's some things that are broken out there in the city and so I don't think that Don Trump came out today during the press conference and is talking about, July, August, so with this set recession. I guess the question is how long it and I don't know at this point, David.

If there's any way to kind of project how deep and how long this trough will last. Is there won't know. Nobody can know for sure but usually can save the V-shaped recovery of profits earnings, suggesting that the bear market is overridden. There really is on: something available market is over and organizers have a short term bear market of a month or so Insane or not can have of the GDP is plummeting globally so am Cpl. Crawford. Earnings are going to be wiped away for the next second quarter, first quarter, second quarter and probably third-quarter so we will be an official recession.

At that point, a U-shaped recovery means when the market pulls back around 20%, but historically takes 24 months to recover that and we will be on the 20% have a U-shaped this is an L shape and David Blanchet, head of Moorings MorningStar, a research company, not a stock company but rehearses stock in the environment. She said this. There is no telling how long the markets will go down, they could go down for the next 10 years so this is not a quick recovery and I saved the gentleman out probably around $300,000 your recently by telling him listen to your spirit. Don't follow my advice is not about goldfish start getting your money safe because his stockbroker was telling him to stay in the market for in the market a month ago. I should just do it. Your spirit tells you he sidetracked all his money to cash me probably save himself 303, and $50,000 will follow your spirit today.

You think this is going lower.

Don't mess around in this market. If you think were done today and then you think it's going to bounce by more.

I don't think the latter two are even called the environment because nothing depicts that you and fortunately praise the Lord. We got a lot more to look forward to than just what this life can offer so what what school doing and reaction all the since everything is offkilter. What school do it's doing exactly what he did in a way it's a short-term pullback in the stocks are down 12+ percent 13% goal down one and 1/2% less than that, but they're pulling from the gold market to short the position is ready to make a big rally because written quantity easing is almost 0 interest rates and that's were going to spend for years and I know people that want to explore this and understand more about gold and gold investing is a lot the old-fashioned way. 448-7988 82 or they can go to our website.

Landmark Thank you so much for calling in a whirlwind of praise the Lord.

We have our faith and we have the God of the Bible to be our rock living on sand to hear from you think is absolutely thanks for having me again real soon. Take care yourself to seek help on the CBO Michelle God willing will talk again real soon. I said always

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