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Fear & Uncertainty in Troubling Times

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 19, 2020 9:11 pm

Fear & Uncertainty in Troubling Times

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 19, 2020 9:11 pm

Fear & Uncertainty in Troubling Times

Dealing with Fear & Uncertainty. Theology Thursday with Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary!


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your host taken back in the house. It's good to see originally were to do it on the phone. Here you are well. I was in the office today and got some things done.

I thought you knocked is welcome down the field and head up an electric center. We do this lab and so glad to be able to do it and glad to be here, but it's great that it's great to have a great to see you and certainly interesting days. I mean I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime. I doubt that you see anything like your now. I think the operative word. At this moment is unprecedented.

We've never had anything like this even going back to 9/11. This is even this is just different and it sucks certainly though the widespread damage that is resulting is unlike anything I've ever seen in my 63 years on this planet really remarkable so so what's the what's the college and the seminary done about it because you pretty much anything strange rapidly and I nobody's on the next campus is pretty empty is not a lot of people around. But what somewhat Southeastern seminary as well as the college.

Well the positive and good word is Southeastern seminary is alive and well and fully operational.

What we have done in light of all of this is alter our delivery system so that effective next week. We actually took an extended spring break.

We already in God's problems were off one week he went ahead and extended it this week so late students had two weeks off come Monday. Everything commences again with an online delivery system so all of our students will continue to be well cared for, well instructed on the things that Southeastern is always done is try to make sure the online classes were comparable to the on-campus classes and that we have in place a great staff that is rolling things over our faculty Steve have been five-star all-stars. But this is very unnerving for the other gorgeous pushes them outside of their comfort zone and they just absolutely stepped up to the plate gone far beyond what I could ever hope for marriage and so were ready to go, and the classes will be commencing again next week. We have made a few changes. One graduation this year will not take place is normal in May.

What we are doing. Of course, is a focal graduate right on time. That finished their course of study were going to invite those you can to come back in December and participate in that graduation.

We know that many will not be able to, but this gives them a chance, along with their families and friends to celebrate the incredible achievement of their degree so we will do that and not December course were praying and hoping that things begin to return to some level of normality this summer. We're even right now looking at wind we start classes that I on-campus and even now I have two doctoral seminars and I will be teaching end of May 1 of June.

Our plan for those to be done through resume so that students are not required to travel here because again we hope things are going to be better by then. But at this particular moment time.

We just don't know that we just don't know. So better be proactive and plan ahead and so yeah it's a skeleton crew around here were allowing people who can work from home but if you were to come on the campus all the offices are open anything you would need. You got people here to respond and to help you so we're moving forward and trusting the Lord in the midst of all of this.

Recognizing that, though it's easy to fret and fear sure eyes will talk about later. God was not caught by surprise. In all of this and that he is an absolute control, and therefore we can trust him and walk by faith and not by fear. It's exactly right. Such an important point, which is wiring up to really dive into dealing that with the really that call it the theology of fear and uncertainty. If you want to, but that's organist in our time on talking today with Dr. Aiken and one other thing I since we have a lot more time in her hands, and your around your home, you have a difference them before. I just shared both these links on my Facebook on my feet so if you want to join us there. Just go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook and you can jump right here in the studio but I sure two links there that take you to the same place, which is a website, a paid specifically on Southeastern's website. It's SEB\radio okay SC\radio your gamelan on a page that's gonna show you all different kinds of things that you can access here at Southeastern, and a lot of them are free so I'm looking at just for example, one of the things you'll see on the pages free online classes. So get this lineup and you can take advantage of this over the next few weeks or next few months. This is a window of opportunity that God is all open for all of us really so that we can double down on our relationship with Christ in our understanding of his word, Christ centered exposition, theology and culture, interpreting and teaching the Bible work and worship a biblical view of wealth and poverty evangelism in the local church. Christian theology and practice of missions, history of missions.

An overview of the New Testament and all those are available in all those are online and all of those are free. So what a great opportunity so you have come to double down on understanding the Scriptures, and in moving forward in our walk with Christ. As I think Dr. Aiken that this is up really an incredible opportunity for us and it really and all kinds of different avenues to live out and show the world what it means to be a follower of Christ coming all over the place I think is a wonderful opportunity Steve for the church to be the church, yes, will be the church in a different kind of away, but in some ways, not because their people at this particular moment time to really hurting sure they need us to reach out and love them well care for them well and do whatever needs to be done to minister into their lives. What do you just had a moment goes absolutely true. Instead of sitting around the house bemoaning watching reruns of your favorite soap over and over and over, why not study God's word and one not take advantage of this wonderful faculty is provided. This avenue for you to study God's word to study theology to study missions in history and who knows God may use this to redirect your life in some way. Certainly, you're not going to lose out by making this kind of of investment during this particular moment time so again I'm glad that we did that never force all course that would be providing something like that first a situation like this. I'm grateful that we did.

It's there. Let's take it manage of it.

And yes use this is a time to grow in your knowledge and to grow in your love of the Lord Jesus Christ really is such a great point. So again appeared.

If you look at it on Facebook that's easiest wake of the system link there. The Steve Noble show.

This is the page on Facebook and Facebook already said no big deal. Or you can just go to the website. S\radio SEV\radio and come back with Dr. Aiken will talk about fear and uncertainty from the show live shown above me personally. Always great to have you here and always appreciate your time before he got into fear and uncertainty what what you do with people that are kind of spinning up a conversation about end times theology well the first thing I do is sound a very strong warning to be careful because those who have in the past, set dates, and it made very precise and specific identifications all have one inglorious thing in common. They've all been wrong and unfortunately Steve.

We know from our church history that this is been going on now for almost 2000 years and so I always warn people be very hesitant to begin to identify contemporary events with end time prophecy. Now, we may find out that the you are correct, but even there I would be one who would want to air on the side of care and caution.

Furthermore, I would just remind folks that Jesus himself said in his incarnate state that no man knows the time of the end except the father now believe he knows today because he's not limited any longer as he was in the incarnation, and turned to the exercise of his divine attributes he did not surrender those attributes deity cannot cease to be deity, but for period of time. I think he suspended the free exercise of them will of Jesus says that about himself, and I certainly want to be extremely wary of doing what our Lord himself said we ought not to do so again will be in time be characterized by things like what were going through right now. I absolutely just read the book of the Revelation, but be careful about identifying those events with what's happening today. Yeah yeah they grab that proceed with caution. Yellow flag is out for now just ask our folks and make sure you're not making declarations that you're in no position to make but I think is wording from that perspective go okay. We know that there will be a shaky coming. I mentioned this fear that the just the other day there was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake 10 miles outside of Salt Lake City, which I also added big damage. Some of the statues on top of the great temple there for the Mormons which I didn't have a problem with personally and then and then just a bunch of other there were like 14 other small earthquakes here in North Carolina and Tennessee and I'm not. I don't think anybody would be healthier wise accident since okay this is it.

Larger engines, but I think it's effective to notice and to go out okay this this is kinda what it's gonna be like if an when it happens and we need to be ready think that's the big question. Are you ready will Jesus in his all of the discourse which is recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke, but it's lengthy us discussions in Matthew 24, 25 tells us that as we move toward the end of the age there will be an increase in earthquakes and families and things of this nature. But then he goes on to say very clearly, but the end is not yet. So these things are going to lead up to it so could we be in the you know if I use a sports analogy in the first quarter of the final game is possible. Be careful don't jump too quickly.

But yes, that's certainly possible. He certainly told us these type of things will happen so we can put them in that context, and I think rightly see them.

Yeah, what a great point.

Okay, fear and uncertainty. I think it's this it's very surreal. I've heard the word surreal more in the last seven days and I probably heard of last seven months or seven years. It is surreal. It is alarming.

It's uncomfortable, and so I think one thing that we should not do when were discussing the theology of fear and uncertainty is to tell every Christian listening to us. Hey, you should be experiencing any of that you are in fact a human being thought that this normal for us to feel angelically. Yes, it is not abnormal. It is perfectly normal. I think it's normal. As humans, and it certainly normal in our fallen state. Even though we have met Christ as Savior are redeemed in and transformed more and more into the image of his son. We haven't arrived yet. We will never be like our God, omniscient and know all things truly and fully so that there would be a sense of anxiety, a sense of foreboding. This yeah I do think that's absolutely natural but then again, the question really comes to how I responded to those feelings of fear and anxiety and discomfort and so long I think the place to start. Steve is where we should start all of our theology and that is with our doctrine of God go to the Bible and asked the question so what does the Bible say about the character of the Providence of the acts of our God in a situation like this. I think the first thing we have to remind ourselves is number one God is not been caught by surprise by all of this. In fact, to be theologically precise our omniscient God, who knows all things past, present and future, even those things that are potential as well as actual he is a God who is outside of time so there's a sense in which I can say there has never been a time in our God to experience where he was not fully aware of all this taking place all the time, including what is happening this very moment so we can rest in the confidence and rest in the Providence that God was aware of this and that God for his good purposes and good ends has allowed this to happen. Then the question becomes specifically art. So how do I respond knowing that to be true about my God not just in terms of his knowledge, but also the fact that he is a good God is a loving God. He's a kind God. He's a gracious God. And so, I believe, and rightly so, that my God is working in and through all of this for his good purposes as well as for my ultimate good. Now, does that mean that there will be some anxiety travail difficulty hardship along the white loss is angling back. Look at the Bible and God is often brought these type of things. Think of Job into the lives of his children.

Ultimately, for his great glory and for our great good now because God has.

It's a great track record, not only in the Bible, but also throughout church history that I can fall back on that and as Paul tells us in Philippians 4 ask God to give me that piece that passes understanding because I recognize his hand is intimately involved in this is to not be the first to acknowledge. I understand why some Christians struggle in this area. I do, but I really agree for those that don't know Christ and do not have a personal relationship with his God, even those that perhaps even reject that he exists altogether.

I understand why they are extremely anxious you extremely worried. I can remember years ago when my boys were little up all my middle son asked me one night as we were having prayers at bed Dad you ever worry that somebody while were in bed at night might push the button that said you talking about what he'd seen something somewhere about someone getting their finger on the nuclear button pushing it and destroying and wiping out the world and he said daddy that that the TV said that we could wipe out the world many times over and I said well the answer to answer your question, no, darling.

I never worry about that and I said you know Paul, we thought you since you were small. A song speaking of our God.

He's got the whole world in his hands, so I never go to bed at night wondering if someone might push the button because our God is told us no. We will be here on this earth when the Lord Jesus comes again so that you pray with your head on the pillow. Have a good nights rest at a good nicely back arrival on the time issue. I love how CS Lewis to put that God operates in the unbounded now and then, as we dealer for God's providence.

I want to talk about when we come back as we unpack their answers. If you understand God's character, his sovereignty will be right for I can see no listing also great with you live today from the campus at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary.

It is theology Thursday as it is every week and this week and normally wouldn't when were under normal conditions which we are not Dr. Danny Aiken is the president of the seminaries usually with us once a month and that's awesome. And sometimes curveballs come along. We got a big old fat curveball that's going on right now, but super glad that you're able to get over here today. Danny and and after all it's about a 200 yard walk into Vasily unlike almost all of your listeners. I have very little difficulty getting back and forth to my office to my home is erotic.

Really, it's a really great gig because anytime I travel somewhere and I get called in these traffic jams in places like Raleigh Durham are Charlotte or Atlanta or Dallas. I say thank you Lord Jesus for allowing me to live right across the street from where I work. You won't always be that way but I will rejoice quality and penetrated absolute. You should talking today about the fear and uncertainty and just trying to help all of us a deal at this, we started off earlier saying hey, if you're if you're experiencing some fear if you're experiencing some uncertainty to your unsettled real feel uncomfortable I'm not gonna ring the bell and had Christian know that we got a deal these things and have a biblical worldview and have that mindset because right now I think for a lot of us.

Let's think in terms of our Christianity is on trial so I would ask you and myself as well. Check your social media presence. What kind of witness do we have right now. Danny you are talking about the peace that surpasses all understanding. In Philippians in and do you have that we this is the strange paradox of the Christian life that that I'm I mourn for the here and the now I long for that.

There in the den I'm kinda stuck in between so I'm concerned, broken over what I'm saying but I'm also somewhat aloof because I know there's a lot more going on than just what I can see and I know that my eternity is secure that in the end of this event probably won't even be a blip on the radar screen, but were not there yet enough so so we should have this kind of aloofness while at the same time being broken and concerned about people that make sense, absolutely. And I love the what you said about social media in the last couple days. One of things I like to do when I do my devotion. The morning is I will often I do my work to a hymnbook and seeing privately with no one around him to the Lord and sometimes I'm really touched by it. I may post diverse own twitter a maximum twitter so yesterday, I posted the first stanza of a mighty Fortress is our God, which by the way just to encourage you, I saw that in a mighty Fortress is our God stuck in my head all day long. It just kept playing over and over and want to great him in confidence and trust. Then today I was reading through going to the hymnbook and came across fairest Lord Jesus, ruler of all nature, and I thought again.

What a wonderful word of encouragement to be reminded that what is going wrong right now is under the absolute providential sovereign care of our God to nature responds to his every word instantaneously and immediately so again in concert with the virus. A part of the brokenness of our natural world and yet again it is not outside the realm of the full authority the absolute authority of our sovereign God, which is where he started this conversation on." The theology of fear and uncertainty is to God first. Let's study God gathers and understand who he is what he is what he is and what is for what is not an understanding then where do we go after the tsunami, looking God in the Scriptures because that's where he got ago we look at his his character, his sovereignty, we understand what timing I can talk about earlier.

But where do we go next. Let me just take a verse of Scripture. This been again, a great blessing to me throughout my life, but has become even more so in recent days and that's in Ephesians 1 verses 1112 now in context. Ephesians begins with this beautiful hymn of praise to the tri-you God is very Trinitarian. I we praise God or who he is and blessing us with Christ, the son, for how he's redeemed us.

We praise the spirit because he has sealed us and given us our eternal security in Christ. So each of the members of the tri-you God are noted for their particular are a particular role that they have in our salvation, but tucked away in that as he is praising the Lord Jesus for salvation. He says will in him we have also received an inheritance. See Siletz very particular Danny to all of us who are safe. Yes, you're exactly right I because we were predestined according to his plan.

You're exactly right. That's again talking about our salvation and that it was not an accident.

Christ is working to bring us to himself and then it says to the one who works out everything in agreement with the person purpose of his will. God works out everything in agreement with the purpose of his will, and so we asked the question, is it the will of God ultimately that we are going through the coronavirus crisis right now here in North Carolina America and around the world. Yes, God was not caught by surprise, and God, unlike those who opt for what is known as finite theism Harold Kushner years ago. A Jewish rabbi wrote a book when bad things happen to good people and tragically, the book was written out of his own heart.

Brokenness about his son who had a disease that calls premature aging, and his son actually died in his late teens with the body of a 90-year-old couldn't hear can see very well. Hardening of the arteries, and so he said well were the options here but one option is there is no God, and he said I can't go down that road.

The other option is that God is all-powerful and all good. I can go down that road either. And so you say well, but I did say that God is all-powerful, but he's benevolent. He's evil now I can get on that road either. He finally concluded that the God who is this a good God, but is not all-powerful God and sometimes our God loses and sometimes things happen that our God wishes he could have stopped but he was incapable. He was impotent, at least in that particular situation. Well, he used that to I think handle his own cohort heart ache and pain. That's not the God of the Bible of the God of the Bible is a good God, he is an all powerful God.

As Ephesians says he is working everything in agreement with the purpose of his will now does that mean we always fully understand everything that our God is doing no drawn between 939 says there are secret things that belong to the Lord.

Paul gives the in of Romans 11. After trying to unwrap for us the mysteries of the doctrine of election anywhere. She says look God's ways are passed finding out who Steve some people may find that discouraging. I find it comforting to know that my God is so big I do not have the ability to comprehend one who he is fully and secondly I don't have the ability to know what he is always doing doubt someday I'll know more. Do I think I'll ever know fully now because will never be omniscient, but there will come a day. Some of that knowledge happens in this life, but certainly in his presence. We will be able to say oh so now I see clearly what our God was doing, isn't he awesome, isn't he great look at how his purposes were so much greater than anything I could even possibly comprehended or understood. You and I think that's why going back to something I said earlier incidents to really become acquainted with God's character in his providence in the that question. What are you doing Lord becomes less of an issue yes because of the people that you admire and care about the most because there people of outstanding character of their loving their kind and compassionate they come to your aid. They always have Encouraging Word people like that you don't worry about what they're doing, not because you know their character and so you can come to rest and that the same thing. Of course with with the Lord. So as we deal. Fear how do we know that our fear is unhealthy and told to fear God and not people struggle with is about others in the fear the Lord of mice was to cower was that was to me. How do we know if our fear is going up ungodly un-biblical unchristian of us if we are having a certain level of your examining sense. Yes, I'm glad you brought that up, and even use that illustration because there is a sense sometimes when I don't like to work cower.

But yeah we ought to be absolutely blown away and all of who God is and what our God is like. That's a healthy reference. I healthy respected.

I know we won't shy away from the words dear about the Bible doesn't and so I do think it is good in certain ways for us to fear the Lord, that when is fear a bad thing. I believe it becomes a bad thing when it pushes us into the realm of unbelief.

When we begin to doubt the goodness of God we begin today again, Steve Eckert wonderful fact and here wrote a great article that was in the gospel coalitions on site location.

Just I really encourage folks to read it and he talks about going through this type of thing when they found out that his wonderful wife care was pregnant with their twins and they were told they are there. Basically in the womb, killing one another or not to survive.

Best case scenario.

Take out one maybe the other will survive. Probably not. He said I scream to God.

I yelled that God then finally we said no will or trust God were not to take one of the other and will just let God be God and God's good kind products but two wonderful daughters today but he is acknowledged I was mad that I was young God have moments like that. We don't want to show you big kahuna, as it were. I don't know you thought about it so I just want to know the the room with us I would be Dr. Denny Aiken Evans with residents of this event seminary and in the studio with unpacking talking about account of the theology of dealing with fear and uncertainty. I did want to remind everybody and I said this earlier today.

What a great opportunity to take advantage of all these kind of great resources for learning and the double down and invest in your faith, perhaps of this window of opportunity is something we don't pass up. So if you go to SC BTS.ED you\radio and I put the links up on Facebook on Facebook likely will see just one page, in looking at the free online classes here at Southeastern Christ centered exposition, theology and culture into print interpreting and teaching the Bible at work and worship.

Blending the two biblical view of wealth and poverty evangelism in the local church. Christian theology, practice submissions, history missions, an overview of the New Testament all those are on there so I click on like him clicking on the overview of the New Testament right now.

Okay then you got a bunch of videos here. There's 32 lecture videos. Average length of each one is 20 minutes and it's a here is what sets in. This free online course. Students are provided with the basic framework of the New Testament with an introduction to the New Testament world.

This course will help students to gain a basic understanding of the content in the New Testament so they can better understand the word as they study yes dependency using something like that so that's the kind of stuff that's available. SC\radio just an awesome opportunity. No Steve, I have the honor of preaching. Not all of the country now for the next couple months but normally preaching about 40 different churches every year and over the last for five years. I cannot tell you me times I've gone to church. Someone will walk up to me and say man I really loved your class on hermeneutics Bible interpretation are really enjoyed my class at Southeastern in such and such and I said so you were on campus. You want them on a know I did it on the yeah and I said so you are an online student working toward degree auto I'm a layperson not to post free classes and let me say were number one. Thank you for making it available to laypersons like myself. Number two. It is made me such a better teacher of the Bible. And so they're accomplishing everything that I would want if I were pastor a church and I was trying to equip better to those who teach the Bible in whatever format their local church does I would take advantage of these things because again there high quality there free and there only to make your teachers that much better and not one other thing and then working it because I want to talk about uncertainty in and of what our minds that should be as Christians, as we walk through this rather challenging time in our nations history and around the world, but Dr. Aiken was going to do a week from tomorrow.

We were to do it a church here in Raleigh, Southbridge Fellowship, a great church. We rented to Dr. Aiken does a great, marriage and family conference. The miniconference of the Friday night Saturday morning obviously had to cancel that. However this morning to do and think you for getting me the DVDs we figure out the technology yesterday next Friday at the same time select 7 PM Eastern time. This is for you and your spouse especially engaged couples as well.

I'm to do a Facebook live Friday night next week we can actually play the videos into the Facebook life will do a time of prayer together over the situation that will watch those three sessions it'll take about an hour and 1/2 but you and your spouse can do that and will come back on Saturday morning.

You're all home anyway and we might be going on the direction where you by the force of the government not supposed be out running around. But what a great opportunity because the challenge not tinny for a lot of people I've seen this with retired couples also understand a lot more time with each other. So you use to.

And that can cause some friction so Dr. Aiken does great teaching on this is very funny. I believe not and great content, some to do that on Facebook live with his teaching DVDs, which he did to a small group next Friday so not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow to be Friday night, Saturday morning, just like we were to do the conference totally free. Just want to bless everybody what that teaching and I know that most of us are probably in a position that were not used to being as we spent all her time as married couples, but it's a really great opportunity. All remind you guys all about that next week but I did want to just be a guy sent me a comical Tweet the other day of a man and he said well just spent an hour talking to my wife uninterrupted. She's actually very nice person and she works in the medical field and then he said oh by the way, when the TV is turned off. His black and I'm just thinking you know what there's a lot of comedy that, but unfortunately this probably also a significant amount of truth as well so you know, again, people say what were we gonna do us and I responded when everyone were asked to discover that we can survive in a world with no athletic snow sports and I love athletics and sports a week. We know that secondly were actually going discover the slower pace of life, at least first season is really quite enjoyable and number three would have a chance to reconnect with people in a way that unfortunately many of us have missed out on for a long long time. So instead of grieving about this fretting about this. Take advantage of it because God's giving some of us are really wonderful, glorious opportunity. So what we do with uncertainty because you know J.P. Morgan I mentioned this earlier project up projecting second-quarter GDP is going to be down 14%, Stephen Nguyen, the Treasury Secretary the other day said he we might see short-term unemployment jump as high as 20%. People are losing their jobs and losing their income. The government can start sending out some checks as soon as the end of next week, but there's a lot of uncertainty out there. So how do we approach that these are real things real concerns real uncertainty. How do we approach that will I think as the body of Christ. We ask all right we do live in a time of anxiety, peril and uncertainty.

What can I do right now to honor Christ and be the church and I'm really excited by the fact that I'm seeing so many of our pastors lead in a great way of asking their people are like given reality. Given this abnormal situation. How can we be the church to those that one are going to be a stressed and going to have difficulty that we can step in and meet needs. Secondly, how can we wisely and when suddenly minister well to the lost and so in the last several days I've sent text messages out to some lost friends that I'm praying for is to say, look, praying for you.

I know this is an anxious time and denied without being harsh is it, you know, this is one of the blessings of being a Christian that when we go through a time like this. I have absolute confidence that my God is in control and it really does give me a piece of that passes understanding, and just know I love you and I'm praying for you and who knows how God might use that particular seizure and then when you talk about folks that are not able to get out but still have real needs that need to be met. This is a great chance again for the body of Christ to step up and meet those needs and be what God has called us to be. I think that there's be a new normal. After all of this work. Churches have discovered some ways to minister to one another and minister to the lost that whatever reason they not thought about before, because that there was no need or no necessity that what I discovered is will these things would work also very well in the current situation again.

One pastor recently said you know I sent down because the giving part is very serious for churches right now as we were serious for us absolute.

Even today, we have determined to freeze our budget freeze any unnecessary spending freeze any hires if there's a vacancy were not refill it right now just wait to see what we have to do our he sat down to discover who the 50 top givers were in his church. Normally pastors it is two schools of thought here. I do need to know what my people are giving some say I don't need to know about people giving I at least believe in this context it is good to know who the backbone of your judge is what you doing is making phone calls, writing letters to every single one of them to say thank you thank you thank you. We could not do all that we do without you doing what you do and know it's appreciated and is really appreciated right now what we should be telling folks. Thank you. Like that all the time. Sure this brought up the opportunity and then they will not want it to be manipulative record out if you actually find it. I think to be my pastor does appreciate me and I appreciate him telling me that he appreciate what I think one of the things uncertainty and wanting to know the future houses all going to turn out. I don't know you don't know only God knows I think one of the answers to uncertainty that we don't tap into. We read about in the book of acts so vertical being asked to come to church. Do I need to worry about whether the government's gonna send me a check for $2000 not really know because in the body of Christ. We don't have a resource problem. We have an allocation problem, exactly. So we if we actually took that very serious and said okay. Our charities will start in the family of faith. First, I can be I can be assured that my body, my family won't let me go down if if I asked this question once in the Sunday school class that is to teach adult Sunday school class. Is that okay that's one thing if our house burns down that's one that's one thing you got Dragon help and how many of you would put us up and help us get close and okay that's it.

I let's say I drove my business and the ground. I was irresponsible and I drove my business would you approach at the same well you make sure you're going to turn around and are you repentant Mulliken stuff but but would you guys help even if I screwed it all us, would you help us as a large Sunday school class, how many of you would help and always handle and I said seat look right there.

God said he will never leave me or forsake me. And that'll always provide for your needs. And there's the answer right there I'm looking at the answer you guys the body of Christ is the answer whether it's an act of God in the fire or me screwing up. So where's the uncertainty in any of that there isn't any. Because the body of Christ, absolutely. And again, his church being the church. God saved us and brought us together to be again said the folks I really rejoice that we are indeed a family, a community of faith that when people are hurting and when people are down and out reach out to pull him back out just like the war did What a great opportunity for the church doesn't stop there. What a great you mean every believer in our own circle your little Jerusalem here today at Samaria will how are we going to take the difference for the kingdom for the glory of God. What a great opportunity and we should think a doctor then you can always great to see you actually think for being here for those of you on Facebook. Libel to take a minute and pray together.

After this, will definitely be back tomorrow. God willing, I'll be live right here in the studio and he talked about things are probably open up the phone tomorrow to have this conversation with God willing I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for

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