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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 20, 2020 11:21 am

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 20, 2020 11:21 am

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Today, the good, the bad, and the ugly of the coronavirus!


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Everyone I know will show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble fire is annoying and often challenge up and having a massive impact that we have pine pollen season here in North Carolina as well.

So there is like clouds of yellow out there today as I drove up here to the studio and here all by my lonesome today and for no serious reason Evan my production assistant my intern. I have a couple things going on is a senior in high school does a great job not in here today so I'm just flying solo. But that's not really a big problem. You know what I do and praise the Lord for technology because I can be here five days a week I could do this from home if I need to do and I taught four classes, Constitution and civics to 03. The class is one of the classes Christian ethics of praise the Lord for technology.

I want to do some updates and some different stories that are out there, interesting and worthy of our attention and also some good news. Several things going on that I can have some long-term challenging a backside on the US economy and our debt structure and stuff but but some really good news. Things a couple, one thing that's totally Craig Cray which I been telling my students how we could make sure you're paying attention how quickly the federal government can affect change life in America literally overnight and learned some lessons from that and be concerned about that. Don't just go.

Oh that's good piece cake your Star Wars fan you'll remember from the prequel's the prequel's prequel trilogy that had the big bad Emperor before he became known as the big bad Emperor that I go out I have a terrible crisis here. It's a wartime scenario and so we need to give him some emergency powers and then he promises all set back down after it's all over, and whether the Galactic Empire or the federal government. They rarely set those types of things down so we need to be vigilant not only for our health and especially for the health of those that are older and more susceptible. The real downsides of coronavirus. We need to be paying attention to what's going on with our government and some to talk about that will continue to talk about that about some serious things going on out there and I want to spend a little time in prayer before we get too deep into the show, a luncheon that by sharing a really sad story, but pretty sobering story that we all should be paying attention to hear this was that this in the last 24 hours. California wakes up to strict discount coronavirus measures in the USA so Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the stay home order for the states nearly 40 million residents on Thursday night going out happening in New York. We need to bend the curve in the state of California. That's to keep the exponential growth controller to lessen the severity of the spread of coronavirus as a social contract. Here, people. I think recognize the need to do more orders forced the closure of dining restaurants, bars and nightclubs, entertainment venues, gems, public events and gatherings and convention centers.

According to the California state government website services and businesses that have been deemed cortical essential such as gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and laundromats will be allowed to stay open as well as law enforcement offices to provide government programs. When asked about enforcement which becomes very interesting enforcement how you enforce that you stop every car that's out driving around for instance, here North Carolina if they were to say Gov. Cooper was able to lock down to only essential things, and that's mostly we know because Newsom was asked that he said well how you enforce it Thursday night. He told reporters as I say there's a social contract area was never heard that phrase.

I appreciate that echo the way back to our founding people. I think recognize the need to do more into meet this moment we will have social pressure that will encourage people to do the right thing. But you know that I can be throwing people in jail and they say that here in North Carolina. Listen, I got to the studio by pretty much the building is for most part empty here on the campus of Southeastern Baptist. I come into the studio by myself most the times myself. Evan and and that's fine. I'm fine with that. He's fine with that. His parents are fine with it and I'll come up here and if a police officer happens, pull me over. Here's what I will do. I will pull over. I will start recording with my phone. I will have a conversation with the officer I will be I will be respectful and I will ask him what the constitutional basis. Does he have what can you actually do and what are the orders from his superior officers and I appreciate the warning. I understand the situation.

I'm just going to my studio. Then I'm going back home. I will be interacting with their now gone. From there, but that you have to pay attention. The stuff not just the physical aspects not just the financial aspects, but the constitutional aspects. New York same thing. Andrew Cuomo order stay at home order is locked down, sweep the nation on Friday. Democrat moved New York Gov. into Cuomo ordered Allstate residents to stay home while closing down all nonessential businesses under what authority you can look into that and say okay, how does the state constitutions government can do this. And of course enforcement right now. I think most people that social contract idea.

Most people are fine with most people not everybody but just about everybody okay fine and people are pretty much calm staying home. Social distancing is the norm. But as the government locks down tougher and tougher at some point there's going to be a line in the sand were some people in this country are to start going you know I'm knocking to do that and then you have enforcement issue and I am hopeful that were knocking to get there.

I don't think were going to get there, but we need to pay attention that fascinate that's happening to the most populous states in the country will see what happens here. This is a really sad story and then I come back from this one. I just when I found out on Christianity today. I thought this was really good. 20 prayers to pray during this pandemic is really good Mexican go through these with you. Most of them are one-liners but will do that. On the other side of the break, but this one this is did you see this this is really sad and this just shows you the serious nature of this and we considered hoax or its China, there to try to get rid of Trumbull above above that there are real people with real heartbreaking impacts that are going on here coronavirus ravages seven members of the single-family killing for your mother's story, Grace Bosco, mother of 11 grandmother 27 to 73. She died on Wednesday night. After contracting the coronavirus hours after her son died from the virus in five days after her daughter's death on Thursday another childhood contracted the virus. Vincent Bosco died three other children remain hospitalized two of them in critical condition. This is just heartbreaking. Mrs. Bosco's eldest child Rita Fosco Jackson was 55. Freed real New Jersey, died Friday after her death, the family learned she had contracted the virus are eldest son, Carmine Fosco, died on Wednesday nearly 20 other relatives are quarantined at their homes, awaiting test results and praying in isolation, unable to join together to mourn their deep collective loss.

That's heartbreaking. That's what I believe our government is trying to avoid the widescale civil become backward little time together in prayer and bundled stories share and some good or of them died in the last week, all from coronavirus in the really tight Italian family in New Jersey spent a lot of time together which is how it got passed around so easily just heartbreaking and there's things going on like that all over the place and it might not be even physical. This can be work things. It's going to be financial things.

The social distancing is hard for a lot of people. For a lot of couples and also in your home all the time and with each other all the time and that's not necessarily easy for a lot of married couples because you're not used to being with each other that much and so there's a lot of challenges going here but one thing we need to do like friend of mine that the harvest Crusades said to me years ago cyclists in prayer is that the only thing we should do what we should do nothing without it and that stuck with me. That's probably I probably heard that 10 years ago prayer is that the only thing we should do sometimes that's the only thing you can do right. Nothing prayers, and the only thing you should do. We should do nothing without it and I really like that and so I was when I was running around doing some show prep the last two hours.

I found this on Christianity today 20 prayers to pray during this pandemic there very short and I thought I would just lead us through what's take this time to be together. Technology allows for this with my friends on Facebook.

Why go wherever your listening on the radio, especially here throughout the great state of North Carolina run about 20 stations line announced it would praise the Lord for that because we are: our prayers to cover the entire state which would be totally awesome most of the radio shows are either local or national. There isn't a single Christian conservative radio show out there that is focused on its own state are Jerusalem souls were so that's are really focusing on issue here for the reading to take us through this okay and just pray along with me. These are really short, there can one-liners a little bit longer it takes is this whole segment, so be it. Were crying out to the creator of the universe and our father Lord, our Savior, so I think that's worth it. So however you can just pray along with silly pray for the sick and infected. Lord heal and help sustain bodies and spirits contain the spread of the infection for our vulnerable populations. God protect our elderly and those suffering from chronic disease, provide for the poor, especially the uninsured Lord for the young and the strong give them the necessary caution to keep them from unwittingly spreading this disease inspire them to help and father for our local state and federal governments help our elected officials as they allocate the necessary resources for combating this pandemic. Help them to provide more tests for our scientific community father leading the charge to understand the disease and communicate its gravity given knowledge of word and wisdom in a persuasive voice for the media board that they would be committed to providing up-to-date information. Help them to communicate with the appropriate seriousness of without causing panic up and be honest. Father and straightforward and not biased and not given over to political persuasion for consumers of media like us father looking to be well informed. Help us to find the most helpful local information to equip us to be good neighbors help us from anxiety and panic and enable us to implement the recommended strategies even at a cost to ourselves.

Father for those with mental health challenges to feel isolated or anxious and helpless.

Provide them every necessary support Lord for the homeless.

Unable to practice the protocols of social distancing in their shelter system. Protect them from disease and provide isolation shelters in every city father for international travelers stuck in foreign countries help and return home safely and quickly for Christian missionaries throughout the world, especially in areas with high rates of infection were provided with words of hope and equip them to love and serve those around them and share the gospel for workers in a variety of industries facing layoffs financial hardships father keep them from panic. Inspire your church to generously support them for families with young children at home for the foreseeable future. God help mothers and fathers to partner together creatively for the care and flirting of the children for single mothers and fathers grow their networks of support and I'm just reading through these prayer points that I pulled off Christianity today father for parents who cannot stay home from work. We must find care for their children got present them with creative solutions for those in need of regular therapies and treatments for business leaders making difficult decisions that affect the lives of their employees. Father give these men and women wisdom and help them to lead self sacrificially for pastors and church leaders. Lord help on the current creatively imagine how to pastor their congregations and love their cities well for college and university students is courses are changing and graduations are being canceled. Lord, show them that while life is uncertain. They can trust in you.

We just pray for grapefruit very much young people father for Christians in every neighborhood community and city Mayor Holy Spirit inspire us to pray to give to love to serve claim the gospel that the name of Jesus Christ might be glorified around the world for frontline healthcare workers, Lord, we thank you for their calling to serve us, we pray Lord that you would keep them safe and healthy help and be knowledgeable help them to stay clear minded and all of the surrounding craziness. There Lord. Father, we ask that you deliver them from anxiety for their own loved ones given compassion for every patient provide for them financially help Christians in healthcare to exhibit extraordinary piece so that they set.

Many would ask about the reason for their hope and give them opportunities to proclaim the gospel of God.

Father got. We trust that you are good and do good teachers to be your faithful people in this time of global crisis. Help us to follow in the footsteps of our faithful shepherd. Jesus Christ laid down his life the sake of love glorify his name is you equip us with everything needed to do your will. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. So that was just listen just take the time if you have to get out. Pray get on base time get on zoom, dual Facebook live in just in time praying with your friends and staying in touch with a lot of things we could be doing here okay to share the story than we had the break going to come back and I want to share good news stories.

Some things that are going to be helpful for a lot of people. Some job opportunities some other things some online entertainment. Some huge news about I still believe what just literally came out a week ago for my buddies John and Andy, Erwin, and then we run into this crisis. That's heartbreaking, but that they're doing something really awesome next week someone to share that with you but it appears that this is a saw this to J.P. Morgan. I've been talking about this. What's can happen with the gross domestic product. J.P. Morgan was thinking the first quarter, down for second quarter, down 14/3 quarter update fourth 3:45 okay Goldman Sachs comes out today, and they're way worse. There saying first quarter gross domestic product down 6% second quarter, down 24% of the shocking number being down 14%. When enough projections and an educated guess is a case of don't take anxious yet third 11:45 percent in the fourth 9:45 percent. So by the end of the year making up a lot of about 8%.

J.P. Morgan says we be and up the year down about 1/2% from the gross domestic product and I saw this.

This is where we have to be paying attention to what the government is doing a lot of things the government is doing. I appreciate I think they have to do it there painted into a corner many ways so okay then I saw this Kudlow Larry Kudlow floats US government equity stakes in companies helped wall a whole and second, sounding a little bit like 2000, and even the government taking of majority share in GM and were talking about socialism and get a young body.

Young people in this country that are have in the cell flirting relationship with socialism. The White House top economic advisor Larry Kudlow said the administration may consider asking for an equity stake in corporations that want coronavirus aid from taxpayers. What ideas is he said if we provide assistance.

We might take an equity position so any company they provide assistance to they wanted equity position. The federal government taking part ownership in industry. You've got one significant step in the pool socialism when that happened in his next-door neighbor communist couple more things on Athens direct and thing in this some lobby going to join us or to deal we can have a sidebar conversation is most of you, and I appreciate you being on the radio and our radio partners is a huge blessing.

Most of you listen to the show on the radio but we do have a consistent audience in a growing audience on Facebook live in than they can listen to live right now which most of us don't live in the live containment educational world anymore were kind of in the at demand world. So you listen to podcast you watch it later you listen to it later you listen to it on your time, whatever, but both Facebook live were actually can have a sidebar conversations. We continued to talk about different things from commercial breaks. If you like to be a part of that. Just go to your Facebook feed Umarov, there's a good chance you look at correctly be told and just go to Steve Noble show make sure you please like the show while you're there because I post articles and some commentary here and there. I don't overdo it but we do Facebook like pretty much every day.

So were here in the studio so that's an extra 1314 minutes of conversation that we have together every day on Facebook like that you don't have on the radio. Radio you get just a regular radio segment, which is the bread-and-butter. That's the meat of what were talking about what we do estimate sidebar conversations, but that's only happening on Facebook so please join us there. Steve Noble show page on Facebook so I was reading from this this article, Kudlow floats US government equity stakes in companies helped out from Scott to talk about this stuff beforehand with with nationstate were to bail you out them them good. Show me the money. In this case were talking about governmental ownership part ownership in business is so Larry Kudlow's talking about may consider asking for an equity stake in corporations that we want that want coronavirus aid from taxpayers what ideas he said is if we provide assistance. We might take an equity position in the need for caution that the idea was just one of many, and that the ultimate form of the coronavirus stimulus legislation would depend on what emerged from negotiation Congress this thing is one day at a time. He said will do whatever it takes. So here's what the deal is what this would look like all the industries that they bail out solicitor Bittner bailing out Boeing even if you look at like American Airlines.

I just saw the story of American Airlines is grounding 55,000 lights in April and is parking for hundred and 50 planes, so American Airlines is gonna be fighting for its financial survivor survival. So Larry Kudlow comes in and says okay so if we bail out American Airlines we might want an equity position working to pump some money into you that were borrowing ourselves $0.40 on the dollar were to pump some money and you and we wanted equity position. We want stock and then as your company and then is your company of rebounds in American Airlines comes back in the stock value goes up will and eventually sell it and will actually make some money on the deal. The federal government acting like an investor and I know on the financial sign in from a return on investment side and just from my hate for him to help you quid pro quo side that sounds good but this does take you down the road of the government becoming part owner in businesses and when the government starts to take ownership of the means of production you're walking down the road to socialism. Steve, that's over the top. You can say that all you want but you have to study death of federalism in this country see what's happening and to see how powerful the federal government is right now and can alter our way of life.

Literally overnight. Most people just because there's a crisis that's real and we just okay okay make sense. I get to do that would get it it were okay fine, okay, very good. I trust everything we fine Larry Kudlow talking about the say.

We wanted equity position. What if they don't give up your equity position you really want members of the federal government having an being a majority shareholder or significant shareholder in above publicly traded company and in the governments now involved in that business really. The government can't run the post office government can't run Amtrak the government pretty much can't do much, can't run anything effectively you wanted to be part owner in businesses. Now that gives you didn't get you down the road. Socialism, governments now owning the means of production, so this is an about-face for Larry Kudlow Kudlow himself was among the critics of government intervention. The Bloomberg article more than a decade back in 2009. He called the Obama administration's rescue of GM and attack on free-market capitalism.

No kidding.

Thought bailout nation or ownership nation. He said it's an unprecedented degree of government command, control, and planning all in the name of tough economic downturn. Kudlow wrote the CNBC website that a guy Kevin Karen, portfolio manager for Washington Crossing said this is a very big slippery slope, because the ownership of private capital by government is not traditionally consistent with capitalism you think while so be vigilant with the price of freedom, eternal vigilance would need to be vigilant. Pay attention okay to put aside in the bad news Bears stuff and let me share some actual good new stuff right amazing Xers that they this is cool.

Check this out Stephen Nguyen tweeting earlier today at 10:04 AM Eastern time at the Donald Trump's direction we are moving tax day from April 15 to July 15. All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties though if you're freaking out about April 15. Don't worry about it.

Now it's July 15 before they were saying if you file by April. April 15 but if you owe you can take up to 90 days to pay it no interest, no fees out there pushing all that back to July 50 file your taxes. Let's go take some pressure off you know, first things first. I guess so.

Most people that's probably a little bit of an amen this is cool to huge employers. Walmart going on a massive hiring screen, giving special bonuses to hourly workers drinkable coronavirus outbreak in Amazon by the way is hiring hundred thousand people because they got an obvious urgent business. If you're out of work you're willing to go out Amazon's now hiring hundred thousand people may pay completely pretty good. 13, 14, 15 bucks an hour in their hiring because of the surgeon. Their business and that's people working at distribution centers like here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We have a new one down and garner.

I think it's operational though check into that. You need a job. What a great opportunity to get a great job and be busy and have an income taught school Amazon doing that in Walmart as part of the responding to the current environment. Walmart is also hiring hundred 50,000 new associates through the end of May to work in stores, clubs, distribution centers and fulfillment centers.

These roles will be temporary. At first, but many will convert permanent roles over time. Walmart also announced a special bonus for those who are currently working. I love watching I love the great things about America American companies went when everything starts to hit the fan. Judeo-Christian ethic, which is largely buried for a lot of people still shows up image of God can still show up when it gets really bad start going okay. I love let's take care of each other will get through this together.

We think that comes from that that that's a Judeo-Christian ethic still in their makeup of the country. Quote this bonuses for all US hourly associates stores clubs by genes and offices. Bonus will be $300 for a full-time hourly associate hundred 50 bucks or part-time, hourly associates and will add up more than three and 65 million. The statement from Walmart said every hourly associate, employee, by the employed by the company as of March 1 qualify qualify and it will pay it out. April 2. So that's cool to see that Trump announces coronavirus related suspension of federal student loan payments, standardized testing, so no student payments, student loan payments for at least 60 days and and then no standardized test requirements for elementary and high school students that are set that out of the way gay gratis on our Facebook lives that maybe Walmart will keep toilet paper on the shelf can only help.

McConnell says stimulus checks will go out to most Americans as senators. I higher amount going to start happening will probably start seeing subjects within two weeks and they're talking you know is it going to be going nowhere as it can be for the ultrarich. Whatever you call that 250 grand a year or more. If you make 250 grand a year and you're in trouble right now you weeks off need to really work. Budgeting stuff.

One source told FOXBusiness network of the amount would start to reduce for those making 75 grand and above and the checks would be limited to those who make 99 last that that's just the rumor mill okay you don't know yet. Treasury Secretary Stephen Nguyen on Thursday morning told FOXBusiness network that the White House is looking at payments of thousand dollars to most American adults within three weeks and an additional $500 for children family afford receive as much as three grant Nguyen also said that if the crisis were still ongoing. Six weeks the government for another round of checks with because they know this cell. This works basically trickle down as we got we got a give you some money.

We know him to do with money you can put the money back into the economy neck it can keep the engine running, so that's good right. Those are good things our get a deal with that economically in the in the future.

Good question. 23 and half trillion and counting will be a 25 trillion+ by the end of the year so just remember these are good things are helpful things to praise the Lord for these things but we are using our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren's credit cards to do it. Don't let's not forget that this is just getting compounding getting worse every year. Which by the way, should be another good reminder as to why we should praying for those in authority over us because they obviously need. So there's one other thing here so my buddies John and Andy Irwin great filmmakers so I still believe it's the true story of Jeremy Camp's first marriage in college and his wife short, died shortly after they got married of cancer. He knew she had cancer and died incredible story and great love story and I still believe was released about a week and half ago and then whammo the whole film industry could shut down. This is a new venture that John and Andy are doing skulking down and they're doing it with Mindscape. So now all the stakes are going up and all of a sudden the entire movie industry shut down doing something next week is totally awesome. Start seeing this with some other movies to put on a share that with you. This is an opportunity for you to see it without going to a movie theater really excited about that will be right back by myself today. Not because the coronavirus my intern in my production assistant Evan will be back in on Monday. I'm just in here by myself today which bills I've done radio by myself a lot over the years, so that's not a big thing to me and that in the social distancing is not difficult for me.

Most people want to stay with anyway and so you know it's not hard as I come in here and hide out from the world in my studio several hours a day doing prep radio show so so far not a big deal for me personally, but I know it's a big deal for a lot of people and it is a big deal for the nation and when we can. We consider just want to caution everybody. Again we can sit around and play armchair quarterback, but this is all unfolding as it holding it all happening in real time. Got a massive amount of political pressure because of Trump doesn't jump on it and take a certain extent draconian measures if it were to spiral out of control and they were able to tamp down on the spread of the coronavirus you get 50 million people with it and you even if you have a death rate down of like 1.5% which are saying might be tally read over all I get 50 million people with it.

1.5%, 75,000 people dead on your watch in the course of a couple of months and we haven't seen something like that in a while so got all his political pressure.

We have not gotten great information out of China if you're thinking this is all some big collusion you have to get about 130 countries to collude together, which is to kill us.

So let's all just keep our powder dry. Let's not shoot first and ask questions. Second, let's be prayerful agents of peace. Let's BS Wise's serpents and gentlemen stubs and take advantage of this time to sow into our relationship.

Christ deepen our relationship with family, with our neighbors and friends. Let's take the time and enjoy this slow down. That's a great thing that were actually at home. Go for a walk, play board game are those boardgame you take the top off you unpack it.

As you know, like monopolies, strategic go stuff like that play board game. If you're comfortable has some friends over. It's really this is is a lot of silver lining to this signs the actual human toll which is serious financial toll which is massive societal toll which also serious, but let's not lose her mind and start just watch your social media presence. I have to do that as well.

Let's be careful okay so I've been talking about. I still believe the movie about Jeremy Camp's first marriage with Melissa when they were in college ended tragically because she had cancer. He married her, knowing she had cancer and just an amazing story in 20 wrote the song, I still believe not that long after she went to be with the board and so my friends John and Andy Irwin made that into a movie and what their last movie. I can only imagine which was the story behind the song that was a huge hit did about $90 million at the box office.

One of the biggest Christian movies of all time. And then they they sprung that God just blessed that they turn it in the kingdom Studios, which was a joint venture with Mindscape, which is one of the major studios on LA so this is their first big launch with Lions gate way on the coronavirus Wham the door shuts on the movie industry which does heart breaking my heart breaks for the and but but in response to this and then some of the movie houses on LA are starting to do this then I saw this in solace online and wanted to let you know about it because this will happen next week Lions gate to release.

I still believe online amid coronavirus pandemic, the Hollywood studio kingdom story company will release the KJ Apple and Britt Robertson, starring a face drama on March 27 and premium video-on-demand.

So that's a week from today. Next Friday we will watch. I still believe as the coronavirus pandemic shutters traditional theaters for social distancing. This is from the Hollywood reporter lines gain kingdom story company are such a release. I still believe with Peter's close nationwide. Do these unprecedented events.

We want to continue to make. I still believe available consumers is a statement from Lions gate.

The theatrical experience is core to our business and exhibitors are aren't medical partners and allies were enormously proud of the movie that their own brothers created and are grateful to be able to share with audiences for their home viewing pleasure. That was Joe Drake, chairman of Mindscape. This is what their own brothers said John and Andy as filmmakers we are heartbroken that we can't share. I still believe in the big screen the way we intended. We make movies because we love movies and we stand firmly behind the nations theater chains from the largest circuits to the smallest mom-and-pop entities that have been so dramatically affected by these unprecedented closures added, but the safety of gas comes first and were proud to have the opportunity to share online a movie whose inspiring message of love, hope and faith perfectly is uncertain times, if you seen it you know how good it is. If you have any simply heard me talking about he probably heard the buzz for a couple months now so that'll be available video-on-demand like you know that's Amazon things like that Apple TV starting a week from today, so that's that's great you can still see I believe you can see in the in your own home and in when you see a price or whatever it's like 19 bucks to buy the movie. Don't complain about that okay because if you were to go if you and your spouse were to go watch 20 bucks plus popcorn and drinks and candy. Now you're up to. What $250 crazy, but that's awesome and they're starting to do that some other some other movie houses are starting to do that going early on demand movies that were literally just in the movie theater.

I start another Putnam video-on-demand. They'd rather make some money to no money, and hopefully there's a bit of altruism behind that hopefully about with. I still believe that's an awesome opportunity so I will open nationwide at home week from today is pretty cool and a reminder next Friday night out on technology squared away. But I think working to build do this. I was we were to do here in Raleigh a week from tonight. We were to do a mini marriage conference with Dr. Danny Aiken the present in the southeastern Baptist was on the show with me yesterday. We were doing kind of the theology of fear and uncertainty, and he's really doesn't rate little mini conferences like six sessions that he does a great one that my wife and I been to. He's very funny. He's obviously a fantastic really gifted teacher and we were going to do that a week from tonight at great local church here.

Southbridge Fellowship Scott Blair is that the senior pastor is a great church and we are excited about that in our buddy Christopher Prieto who was on the show, not that long ago got a great testimony. The best barbecue ever put my mouth especially barbecue brisket is just incorrect. They were going up cater it. We're going to little dinner thing and that you know we were looking at the hundred 5200 couples. Maybe something like that so's can be an awesome night and then kaboom coronavirus so Danny said I thought will me. I wonder if we could do this like some help stream and online. Dennis actually one time I leave I did this for small crowd and we professionally produced it on video. I thought Lona can I play the video through Facebook live standings video he owns. So yeah we can figure that out. So a week from today. Next Friday, also the same time, I still believe so take your pick. But next Friday week from today, probably at 7 PM Eastern time.

I'll do a Facebook live and were able to just go right into working to do just like we were to do it. Originally, we really do three sessions on Friday night and three sessions on Saturday morning. About an hour and 1/2 each. At each session. I would have total the next Friday night. Maybe that would be a good thing for you a blessing for you and your spouse could you spend more time together. Now that maybe are you still a great little marriage tuneup while due Facebook live and will do an introductory prayer and welcome everybody will pray I was going out coronavirus situation of time will pray together and then understood go right through these three sessions there, great, great teacher is very funny. So when I do that Friday night next week that's totally free. Great blessing.

Great teaching from Dr. Danny Aiken and then Saturday morning, crank it up again and I'll do that Saturday morning at 9 AM in the play. The other three sessions doctored it is teaching. Mostly it's about marriage. The last sessions about raising a godly family some excited to do that.

There was an all put out a bunch of stuff about annexes. I saw this article will finish with this. Americans must relearn the sacrifice and the time of coronavirus is written by Joseph Steve at the Washington Post. He had some political things in here Mike. I can take shots please talk about that. Are we. We have to learn how to re-sacrifice and other factors at play. He writes for the past three quarters of a century, Americans of large enough and asked to sacrifice across the board for the good of the country even told they can fulfill their responsibilities as citizens by being good consumers buying stuff to keep the economy humming was all it took to be a good American. This makes the sacrifices now being request feel alien, causing many Americans to bristle in the 1930s and 40s under the influence of Keynesian economics consumption was reconceived as a patriotic duty that would fuel recovery from depression and to sustain the postwar boom shortly after the war. The new Deal economist Robert Nathan wrote only if we have large demands production. Therefore, ever-increasing consumption on the part of our people is one of the primary requisites for prosperity technology grew more and more sophisticated week.

It took that into politics.

Rise the mall and other privatized shopping centers. He wrote rights in this article in the place of old downtown centers in the 70s and 80s, and the rise of Internet shopping, replacing the mall on the thousands remove crucial sites of public interaction, let alone discourse. Following these economic and cultural shifts. The relationship between voter and elected official transition into a contract which the government's legitimacy was based on its ability to provide for an ever-expanding standard of consumption by the late 1970s historical historian Elizabeth Cohen argues the idea of an elected official calling for sacrifice for a common cause became harder to conceive.

So true and so sad the political trend coincided with the rise of the all volunteer military. After the debacle in Vietnam, which meant that an Evan Evan even tinier slice of the population was asked to sacrifice a survey on these rituals and symbols.

He writes through their conscience. They have left most of us content to go about life expecting others to sacrifice to keep us safe point said today he writes too many Americans think consumerism is her civic responsibility and expect the government to preserve the rhythms and conveniences of everyday life at all costs still have robust levels of volunteerism, and local levels is exhibited repeatedly since the coronavirus began through donations and other acts of kindness. However, her diminished capacity for in volunteerism in real sacrifice is highly problematic hard to draw lessons from an ongoing event, but here's a tentative take away from this price. It is as much a political event as a biological fast leaders ideas and histories of different nations pattern, shaping how they respond back most of the countries same problem. At the same time as buyer a shift away from hyper- individualism, consumer citizenship, this will not happen automatically. What a great point.

You have to relearn sacrifice and for us as Christians that should be the North. Let's make sure we were looking for ways to do just that.

This is Steve Noble and the Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon.

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