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NY Times Best Seller, Joel Rosenberg

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March 25, 2020 2:16 pm

NY Times Best Seller, Joel Rosenberg

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 25, 2020 2:16 pm

NY Times Best Seller, Joel Rosenberg

New York Times Best Selling Author, Joel Rosenberg, joins us today as he spends his day in quarantine in Isreal. Here about his new book, "The Jerusalem Assassin" and a little about his background!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Well, he may article incident knowledge prophetic.

I don't know what you want to call it, but the very first page of his very first novel you're reading about Islamic terrorists who hijacked the jet and were flying into a major US city that was written actually nine months or 9/11 so 9/11 happens and all of a sudden the world is wondering what is the deal with Joel Rosenberg as Rosenberg.

You must be Jewish, but he's writing about things that just happened and who have ever thought all of this and since then of course unbelievable career 13 novels, five nonfiction books. The last jihad you'll notice many of these.

The Ezekiel option. The 12th Imam's newest series, the Kremlin conspiracy. The Persian gambled up the brandy went up to Jerusalem, assassin, and then the nonfiction books are exceptional as well. Epicenter was awesome. Inside the revolution, which was kind of looking at Mohammed and Jefferson in Jesus. That was a huge blessing to me helped me a lot is learning history and just up a fascinating and hilarious person.

I was in Israel last October November with the American renewal project in our great lieutenant governor here in North Carolina by Dan Forrest and his wife Allison Joel Rosenberg came and spoke at our dinner and a shared and in it was just fascinating and wonderful and we had a chance to meet briefly. I gave her my card and lo and behold, here we are. Several months later, Joel Rosenberg, welcome to the show. Howard hate be great to be with you. I would agree to meet you and Lieut. Gov. Nolte yet. I was a great visit by doing what time is it there.

How late are we keeping you up too bad I'm about six hours ahead you afterwards. Not quite midnight here.

Okay, so I certainly appreciate your time and excited to have you on the show today and it was wonderful as you shared so much with us when we were there in Jerusalem.

I've seen many interviews with you, but didn't realize you were like standup comics money so that added a whole another data to that time that night. You're very welcome. So working to jot down a lot of roads out. I would love for you to share briefly when we get there in a couple minutes about your testimony and how you grew up. That's fascinating. A great story for people to hear, but obviously the coronavirus Arcana front and center all around the world. As you look at the numbers you got massive numbers around the world, although in America. Obviously were climbing Morgan overtake Italy. Soon we got 64,000 cases, but there in Israel. 2300 so how are you looking at this. You have such a fascinating view of life. Joel and kind about the fact-based fiction prefer that prophetic edge understanding of end times, the Middle East, how are you responding the whole coronavirus thing. Well, I would be several different levels.

First, you know this is horrific and this is unprecedented, docket number.

Note the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 to 50 million people. That's what the doctors look fine for the wrong thing could happen if we don't take the matter with unprecedented world has never had capacity. We were so globally interconnected with our economies or cultures and enter communications so it has shut down where facing well over billion people been told you not Go to network $200.

Well, maybe $200 short question of the stimulus but don't like don't go out of the house extraordinary is unprecedented never seen it like it so in my case it shut down the United States. That moment the I was back in my home country on a book tour for this new novel.

This new thriller.

The truth obviously the two were scuttled in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said all Israelis who were overseas must come back immediately or risk having the door shut and no planes flying to bring you back so I know for the flight. Came home I told my wife in the night before going on and let her know and I quarantine which all incoming people in Israel now which can only be Israelis, but you have to go immediately to court working day. I thought that meant staying home for two weeks. That's not the worst thing my wife to know I want to drive both family cars leave the key to your car on your seat we will waive to you. You cannot get you can't have any contact with golden drive and was up to Jerusalem to walk immediately through the apartment walk into the master bedroom and lock yourself in for 14 days. She cleared all her stuff out of our bedroom quiet because the master bedroom is the only bedroom in the apartment that had joined so I couldn't take the guest room otherwise I would be contaminating the rest out. I literally can't leave this room 14 days in and I like the cat who outside the door open quickly.

I grabbed the food right now. I close the door and I have to call back, communicate, it's bizarre now I'm not suffering well, but there are elderly people of all kinds. Israel and the passing theater is really struggling and physical inability to move this to psychological and spiritual loneliness emotional loneliness of having been completely disconnected from your friend, family, whatever happening for singles to you maybe renting an apartment renting the room about apartment or home, you can't go no fellowship so hard and I'm doing okay. Thank God it got to clamp down as dramatically as any nation will you delete.

Oh yeah and the reason why we have an older population compared to our Arab neighbors were under the age of 30 or 35 in the art world. We all have to risk is really really start getting sick and math. No country in the world will let us in, and that would be more devastating to us economy, politics and political efforts to isolate us through what is known as the PDF boycott investment and thank you for taking a hard line on the Gothic. The things will get the brakes all summing up gentle dry clicks hold that thought, it will become much input and hold only come back we'll talk more about that will finish up that conversation talk about the Middle East in general, what else going on there. Joel didn't ever think about writing about a pandemic lots of things to talk about Joel Rosenberg will be right back Michelle. Great to be with you today blessed to have a New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg with us live from Israel and and are you still stuck in your bedroom. Joel apartment 15 minutes away now. But I'm trapped so all I got off the great work whilst on imprisoned exactly right will finish up your thoughts about the coronavirus because I wanted to ask you also about you which we what what you would be looking for. What can we be learning about all of this as as as Americans were citizens of this country but were our greater citizenship is in the kingdom of God. So it does help us got up filter that through what we should be looking at how we should be responding. That's what we take away from it happened to Steve first thing you holiday of Passover coming up right and an imagined how ironic are looks like Passover canceled in Israel may not always be so. How will you look in the Scriptures. The Bible speak in both the old and New Testament using Hebrew words and Greek word and and and play for the ancient term for what we today call global pandemic and if you work for the hundred and 50 users down because we had big moment like the plague, but we've all had plague historically in Israel when Israel is turning so far, for the Lord inflicted playground and and and and the Bible warns that the clay pandemic terrible diseases in the last day. Jesus himself warned in Matthew 24 and again in Luke 21 he said when you're looking for the fine of his return when he's getting closer and closer. We know the list of the wars and rumors of wars, earthquake famine type of disaster.

But past the sweeping horrific disease is part of that list.

And while I'm a conservative feel magically about. I don't believe a newspaper exegete every trouble in the newspapers that Bible come true, but I will tell you, I believe we are dab in the middle of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 right now that to me. If so, unprecedented look at what you have nothing to do with it.

I think that's a mistake. Judgment at the moment but I can tell. I think it God uses this to shake individual nations to draw them to get her attention and brought back.

That's where I believe we are right now. Yeah, I think it's it's really an unprecedented opportunity we have a mutual friend with Greg, Lori and I have done a lot of stuff at the harvest Crusade over the years in just the last two weekends alone. Joel I don't know if you saw this but you know they really amped up their online presence because they didn't have a choice as they went to that in terms of the church services, but they really reached out in the last couple weeks just in the last two Sundays.

They've had about 5000 people made professions of faith. Online weight are than they would ever in the church in that period of time, and even to that extent, as big and if not bigger than some of the Crusades for a fraction of the cost and the digital age, thus allowing the means I've been very encouraged you 400,000 people watching their services were in touch when I would indicate about me possibly coming out and talking about prophetic implications of the obviously I wasn't able to go. I will be speaking into churches by interview Skype working on that now I'm trapped in my room respond? He called the Washington Post yesterday was a New York Times asking what you know what Christians think about this prophetically and you have a whole out in the field right now in the state with nationally recognized and trusted polling from about how American you this from your perspective and should be ready by the end of this week or early next will get those details you yeah that would be awesome.

I was listening to actually got the Lieut. Gov. Dan forces on the secular conservative talk radio show this morning and the guy mentioned is not a believer you mentioned at the end of the interview that he looked at the radio ratings Arbitron from last week and he said it's amazing all the religious stations there there listenership is just skyrocketing and that you know we don't know the time of the day that the Bible makes it perfectly clear to us, but we are to pay attention to seasons and I totally agree with you.

This is unprecedented and it's just God shaking up the earth. I don't think it's dangerous to use that kind of language and and to go okay so what's our responsibility in all of this and there's a great opportunity for the gospel which trumps everything.

Because the coronavirus may take your temporary temporal life. But we got a deal with eternal life as well, which is obviously the bigger issue so turn the corner just talk about the Middle East in general, because you know you're buried in all of that is been such a huge part of all your novels over all these years and even recently were. I love you to share this incredible experience you're having with the Saudi Crown Prince and in the way God is open doors. There's is fascinating how I want appreciate it and I know coronavirus is topic one I'm always happy to talk about new thriller – novel and eagerness to connect talk about the connection to help people understand why this particular novel excellent came out on the 17th about an American president rolling out a parent to rollout his big Middle East peace plan for novel come out a month and 1/2 ago, it seemed very time from it will plan novel senior advisor to the president were involved in drafting the peace plan. They circuiting assassinate the president and he thinks maybe he should release the plan right now. Right at that moment get back channel message from the Saudi government bank read your plan would been briefed on it were not a big fan of every element you peace plan with the Palestinians, but were ready to explore peace with Israel. So if you invite the king of the Crown Prince will come have a big summit with the Israeli minister in this publicly that the present electrified but leadership does not seem ready for peace in her life, but the Saudi novel. You seem ready and so present advisor fee with all respect, Shane there's some unknown care group taking our people have you on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the Saudi leader in the Israeli leader and you recipe for disaster. The president turns to look Marcus Riker Marine former Secret Service now CIA typically tell Riker you make this thing safe and it'll be fine.

And now the clock is ticking and all forces good, bad and ugly are working on the setup of the infection. The question is, is any prospect of the Saudi doing something like that and want me to answer that one to the other side of the break break in about 30 seconds, but let me ask you this is fairly minor question before it commercial I do, you give yourself nightmares. Joel how to fight back. Worst case scenarios talk into a best-selling author Joel Rosenberg will be right back with him after the break. Don't go anywhere data New York Times best-selling author, you would recognize a lot of his books the last Jihad Ezekiel option. The 12 team on the newest series and the newest book, the Jerusalem assassin just drop about a week ago. It's the third book in a series that he's talking about and enfolding Saudi Arabia and peace talks and then some excellent nonfiction books as well. Two of them that I particularly love epicenter and inside the revolution, which looks at something a particular fascination is is just what God is doing in the Muslim world today in bringing followers of Mohammed to Jesus Christ and so the Middle East that was the thing about being there in the fall. Joel is is it was amazing that the epicenter of so much of human history is in such a small area that was the first time I've ever been to Jerusalem and it was just overwhelming to me. Fascinating country God by by Israel at the center of the nation even permit geographical perspective. God considers the epicenter of the world and spiritual perspective from acts chapter 1 verse eight tell the disciples right you will be my witnesses in your data then Samaria, then to the very ends of the earth. No country in the geographical center of God plan for the world spiritual center from which the gospel went out in which the gospel will return to court me over the earth and make all things right. Wipe away every tear. No more disease, no more suffering. In that time when he comes to your right down the street from me and I'm looking for that more than ever we all yeah absolutely. And I think that's that's that's a great encouragement for all of us that is difficult is these days aren't as confusing as they can be.

God still rules the universe with his feet up in and we have much to be excited for those of us there have our faith in Jesus Christ. We have such an amazing future to be excited about and we need to be that way. I'm broken about the here and the now I know you are as well Joel but I'm so excited about that. There and that then we just have to live in that tension. In the meantime as a followers of Christ and live in the modern world.

You are talking mentioned you go ahead or we 13 years ago my wife and I set up a ministry called Joshua fund and mistreated.

It basically takes the donations of evangelicals around the world, particularly US and Canada and invest in the church, messianic community, both Jews and Arabs in Israel and in five neighboring Arab countries could command the kingdom of Christ and as well as to feed the poor and but all with the gospel mission to work in the fall. In October, Israel and Egypt. Now I recommend you sign up now and then go if the world is going crazy generous not say never come this moment now to stand Israel come stand and it come to Israel if you would consider coming at a time after time when Israel will be in remote yet. What an incredible opportunity.

Joshua is the website that, by the way Joshua so which came first, the idea for this particular angle on the peace process in Saudi Arabia getting involved or you're a budding relationship with the crown prince there Mohammed and salmon that lap help us understand what all is happening well be a more controversial man world on a.k.a. can be know the secret book the team when I received the invitation to go for the first time supporting the first ever delegation of Christian leaders to meet with the leader of Saudi Arabia in his palace in the capital of Riyadh. We were told by I was born get that in the more than 300 years, the Faust family has a pool that Peninsula rating ever invited Christian leaders to come and eat with the royal family in the past so we were invited and right invited me to meet the delegation and American dual I'm I'm Jewish. I have two kids, one who finished the Israeli army.

One skilled in it like you would start out the window. Stephen United States pick any one of 60 million other. I love Arabs I love my neighbor but the crown print invited to put together delegation to come. We spent almost 3 days in the kingdom. We met with most of the senior leaders, including a two hour on the record meeting with him in the palace back to bring a second delegation which I did last September. Then we my wife and I spent days there and we again met with almost all the senior leaders and we met with the crown prince for another two hours so that I sent. I'm not holding not ready to make peace tomorrow come to Jerusalem know I am sick. The fastest fiction, but an extrapolation of my sent you know what he is saying nicer things publicly about Israel than any deliberate leader ever had happened in the next X number of years.

I don't know how long it that he might make a decision that you know what time it's time to make peace with Israel are not an enemy or ally. I want their technology investment. I want I want their alliance against the threat from Iran extrapolating about what could be one day but it is interesting and very few political thriller writers actually spend hours and hours and hours with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, but had five meetings with the president of Egypt five meetings with the King of Jordan meeting with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, the king of Macarena just invited me to bring affiliation fair. Something is going on. I merit God is opening up doors and I'm trying to understand it and be faithful to you see the Trump presidency sitting and all of this.

Well I talking about that. Actually I was. I was never Trump Thursday before the election is pretty against him, reluctantly, to vote for him.

So it was ironic and that you will go in my previous novel really year urgent gamble that I got invited Oval Office meeting just me 10 Secretary of State Pompeo and then nationals.

Fiber jumble I had never been in the Oval Office in my life I've written a lot of things in that room. Never been there and I when I first had this meeting with top leaders and me spot was from the old cartoon.

One of these things is not like the other one of the long you think. What are you doing so having a conversation.

What is the talking to my parents for whom I been a friend for a long time but my cultural and evangelical Christian, and yes and that he turned to me said Joel are you evangelical your name is Joel Rosenberg that you wish my father thought on Jewish Jewish and believe in Jesus. My first question. Oh my goodness I first meeting in an Oval Office with family.

Our year or that my favorite question I asked Pres. Nasser happy to tell you so that was my first. Then we talked about.

I did explain to him that I had been a never Trump are Steve, how do you think never Trump or is used in his present know that we know of at the looking.

As I told me that all I listened I didn't trust your conservative promises promises you with a promise I didn't entrust camping. I'm sorry I just didn't I differences but I'll tell you, Mr. Pres., eight or nine promises you have But I'm grateful for and we I walking through later). As we walked back to his office and said to me you didn't really have to confess that there and I said well you know I had to tell him the truth. I don't know their how many people like me who were so against and at one point, are not doing backflips for him but I told present you are, you will go down in history as the most pro-life Pro Israel president in history, helping the economy. You know only recover and go beyond what we expected your Eurosport your pressing NATO to spend more money on their own defense taken a hard line on Russia.

So you get beat up as though you're somehow in league with them and so many issues that the judges that the Supreme Court justices so I'm just saying that I've been encouraged. Even though I don't like the overspending that was different when a crisis. I don't like this, the crazy tweets I don't want to hang off of stock lies more certain I went there with you were talking to going out there yet me to John. John hold one last time. Thank you so much for your patience and the will do the last segment of talking to Joel Rosenberg my Jerusalem don't go anywhere will be right back showed great pleasure and a blessing to have our Christian other Joel Rosenberg is best-selling author of pretty much all of you know who he is. 13 novels and five nonfiction books just outstanding and the latest one which is really part of a series of three. The Jerusalem assassin just became available, but we could go interesting timing. With everything going on in the world stage and Joel especially Centura six hours ahead of us over there in Jerusalem. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time today. It's a huge blessing trapped in quarantine.

Nowhere else to go with you the I'm on a book you know yeah I realize that a lot of people downloaded need on your Kindle, iPad even get the audio version of my love audiobook grout. One way to get the truth yelling great point.

Thank you so much for reminding us of that. Joel is the website as well you anywhere. Books are sold and online.

I'm busy most of us have the deal at that, at least for a few weeks. Joel that's ROS ENB ERG and you can check all that out as well and then he, Joel, Axel actually mentioned the Joshua fund as well which is phenomenal.

Joshua God is doing some amazing work in the Middle East and reaching Judah and reaching up Muslims and bringing them to faith in Jesus Christ and visions in visitations is just amazing what God is doing over there and of course now it was Donald Trump and and how is that upset the apple cart.

Joel in terms of Middle East relations what's going on there. Me.

Now these presidents have talked about moving our embassy to Jerusalem, but nobody actually did it until he did and now that were in at the net energy exporter. That's got to be a game changer as well, so, so, what's going on in the Middle East with America having this totally different position until he different leader that we have now. Well it's fascinating because again I was what I want you Israeli citizens who actually the Oval Office meet with the president and say thank you for moving the embassy to Jerusalem know that all the undefeated Jerusalem and declared Jerusalem the actual official capital of this that was a law passed in Congress by Pres. Clinton in 1995 happy invented yeah yeah nobody did it. Every step he would do it.

They always come to get provisional conference like a packet say I'll do it and I was able to thank him for that, like everywhere is rising Israeli overall have given huge ratings of approval because they can see how much he cares for the security, prosperity, the progress of Israel. We love you hated by many Palestinian they think is unfair, though he really has given them a really remarkable offer. Joel, $50 billion of investment yet create 1 million jobs and a crate estate is much as they would've wanted but they have been saying no more than 70 years.

Every plan so it is peace plan so and the longer they wait to say yes. The next meal is likely to be worse outside split. You know you have this out United Arab Emirates. The Omani trainees.

The Moroccan Egyptians agreement at the leadership level thing like the much better than the previous ministration pretty serious about taking on Iran and the threat from Iran and helping them against that Iranian threat but there are regional force, the hate the president so what I get. I would say overall prospect for you with Israel. President's plan is nil at the moment because of the Baffin leadership just to start one. But what are the is the prospect of Israel in one of the Gulf Arab state growing.

I can't say that the staff and pollution with the Saudi's leaders Jerusalem have a peace summit. I don't hope that in the cart in the near future, but I think it's more likely that rain. One of these other countries. Morocco maybe they're getting ready thinking maybe it's time to make peace and status fascinating and it could happen on present timeslot yet truly fascinating and that's why all this stuff is developing so quickly. It's amazing how things change how quickly things develop. These days all we got about about six minutes left so I would love for people to take him to hear your your testimony because you grew up knowing New York upstate New York that area. Your dad was an Orthodox Jew, he comes home one day and is IK actually think Jesus is the Messiah's it's it's at the fascinating story and a great testimony said love it if we could take the last X minutes or so future sure happy to give a thumbnail sketch and for people who are in a longer version actually Google Rosenberg money called I Messiah, they created like a nine minute video of me sharing my story and that primitive people can look for you. My father's walking.

My mom is a gentle way. Methodist in Rome. The little town in central York agnostic when they get married in 1965. So I follow the former Orthodox Jewish really didn't happy didn't know what believe my mom even though they had just sat, but both of them came to faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah in 1973 and how my thought, my mother got my father was at the same service but you know when my mom was so excited you didn't go up front with me and prayed to receive Christ like and you wish to go to a small Bible study with young couple and going to the gospel of Luke never been in Scripture he's never been in the New Testament didn't know the story and reading of God's word and listen to it at that time we came to faith, which is what the apostle Paul says in the book of Romans write chapter 10. Faith comes by hearing the word of Christ.

Not exactly what happened with now. He was excited my mother was excited. I was so excited that they come to faith but a few years later I did come to faith in Christ was until high school that had a restless prove myself to like really really believe this order will I just believe it because my parents for whatever and I really did believe I had a spiritual awakening in high school and by my senior year of high school was. I started a Bible study and prayer group in our high school seven kids included, and we were sharing the gospel with everybody in the school that we possibly could. Very exciting time. Time off the push back what my faith had become transformative to me. I didn't just believe it because I got a funny school I realized I had completely rescued me and as a Jewish person there been so few Jewish people in history said yes to Jesus that many of us have experienced all those blessings that God promises and I now what I got excited about that. I want to tell the clock that I like in college. Christ, that we were both involved in ministry knuckle crew, but we were back in the day back in 80 and and you know she was also someone I pray Lord I don't know how to find a girlfriend I'm an idiot. Anything but just punch me in the face, knocking out and wake me up when you bring me somebody love you more than three and was committed to you and your great commission, even if I've never met her. Even if I have to.

Lynn Myers is and what she carried me and we had almost 30 years together now here we are trying to be polite, fall for Christ.

Here in Jerusalem in the nation of Israel.

She's teaching at the local Bible college women program for the why of your pastors half of her class Jewish lives of pastors and our Arab pastors and what opportunities she has achieved the word of God with the women for ministry. This land land which the Bible came right most people have never read yeah I my experience there when we were there back in October Joel with the American renewal project focusing forces wife. It was fascinating it was it open Scriptures up to a level, 3D experience that I had a secant experience in the shoe there but there was also there was a sadness that kinda rested over me the whole time, as I'm looking around going okay so close but yet so far, and it was heartbreaking so that it was a very strange going to side weight is the most famous is greatly in human history and motions really don't know anything about the Bible is the best-selling Israeli book in human history, and most Israelis have never read the New Testament.

They haven't read Pennock the Old Testament. Some have read the Torah. The first five books very few spent time you were still in the prophet and the prophet found will be get the most detail about who aspire will be gone most of my team.

Most of the family of the Jewish people have never read the word of God. The don't know their God really is and don't even believe there is a God.

This is the moment not just as Christ, but certainly with this crisis to give people an opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel when Howard and I believe in fate, not even not even heard best-selling author Joel Rosenberg's blessing. Thank you so much for spending this much time with us today. I look forward to doing that again and you're very welcome.

Thank you. Take care yourself. I think I'm less, I was Joel Rosenberg live from Jerusalem and is bedroom and quarantine ever since I got back from the states to brand-new book, the Jerusalem assassin. Like you said you get on your Kindle download and listen to the audio version that's number three in a series.

The Kremlin conspiracy. The Persian gamble brand-new in the Jerusalem assassin. What a blessing. Thank you Lord. This is the noble and noble show, God willing outside like my dad always used to say

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