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The Worst is yet to Come!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 31, 2020 2:59 pm

The Worst is yet to Come!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 31, 2020 2:59 pm

The Worst is Yet to Come

The worst is yet to come... The worst of the coronavirus is coming soon. Plus, a Money "Monday" update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold!


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The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now is your host noble back with series as our days as we all know you know that I know that everybody around not just this country but for the most part around the world knows the very bizarre time and I will give you an update on the situation Greensboro from yesterday and and on Saturday when some pro-life friends of mine were arrested for coming out to pray allegedly defying the orders of the county. There is no other nonessential services been little development there this morning… I would call it a bone throat throwing a bone, but that I expect that to continue to elevate in situations like that are going to occur around the country as we are just in this tumultuous time in this it's talking about yesterday. This kind of confluence between doing what you feel God is called you to do loving your neighbor well and submitting to the governing authorities and there's a lot of tension there in a bunch of the stories I'll share with you today. I will show you that when I talk to our friend David Fisher from La Marque capital do a little money Monday update on a Tuesday because I wanted to vote yesterday showed what was going on but make sure you get prepared. If you're thinking, hey this no big deal.

Everybody's overreacting and I think there is some overreaction going on here and there but today and yesterday. I've been reading a lot of stories in here and some things and looked at myself in saying that the peak of coronavirus impact here in America will probably be around tax day. Oddly enough, there's a new study from the University of Washington school of medicine.

They're predicting their data is predicting 2271 Americans will die from coronavirus on April 15, one day, one day, death toll total in America from coronavirus 2271 America's deadliest day from coronavirus pandemic is estimated that in two weeks that's all from the coronavirus is predicted to rise to two 2271 April 15 alone. The model analysis by University of Washington school of medicine shows and be careful at all these because some people before were saying oh 2 million deaths and in that nobody did anything certainly could see how I can get there worldwide but you just have to take the stuff you some discernment use some wisdom. Stay calm but be very serious. We need to be gentle.Jones doves and wise as serpents, and all this analysis, which uses data from government hospitals and other sources predicts that the number of vessel and start decreasing slowly after April 15. So that's the peak when you're trying to flatten the curve and then to slow it down.

So if you look on different sites that looking at world of meters all the time showing you different cases and that will show you a kind of new new debt reports that per day, new positive test per day so you can see that graph and then we see at the rate of increase starts to slow that eventually it peaks and eventually starts to come down out of the talk about desperate. They will only drop to about 100 after June 9.

According to the analysis. Some people could continue to dive the virus as late as July. Dr. Anthony crouching the government stop infectious disease expert said on Sunday that the US could experience between hundred thousand or 200,000 deaths and millions of infections from the pandemic. He said you know if that could happen there being very careful now to not state that's ridiculous or that's impossible. So I'm just I just feel my responsibility here on the air is to take in what's being thrown at all of us try to discern through it and then to present the different information out with some biblical reasoning. Some biblical calm.

Hopefully and now I don't have a dog in this hunt. I don't have a horse in this race.

I'm not pitching for the president of not pitching one side of the other pitching for you and I'm pitching for me and for our families and for our neighbors as of Monday, the US at more than hundred 50,000 cases and you probably been reading about all that stuff to so that's going on in most of my stories today than on the share until we do talk about the financial condition what's going on in the markets in the last segment of the show and didn't trump now talking about phase 4 I got phase 1, two, I don't know where phase 3 is the phase 4 being another $2 trillion and that would be an infrastructure bill, which they wanted to do before which originally was 1 trillion out of the 2 trillion and were looking at adding it easily 1011 $12 trillion to our national debt by the end of the year were talking about 30 million. I seen some reports of analysis, a 30 million unemployed Americans that that's that's that's depression level stuff are not talking about a recession were talking about a depression and in you want to talk about learning how to be content which book Paul set the learn to be content. And I struggled that that a lot myself back in about 2010 2011 and got off the radio. As a result of that set every ministry thing down that I was involved in just didn't know what God wanted me to do did know where I was going. I had no contentment. So I settled down I quit it all lasted for about four months and then God did some miraculous, supernatural things and brought me back around and obviously here I am on the radio today but I didn't have any contentment so I studied and then I taught it how do you be content.

As a Christian. What is that mean when Paul says he learned to be content. What an interesting season were in right now is it not I mean what really matters what really has value in your life and were talking about serious issues to like joblessness and not having any money and it's just all over the map is very serious situation. Maybe a quick update on what's going on in Greensboro this morning.

I talked to some high place people in the state government yesterday yesterday evening in Greensboro this morning. They had kind of an emergency session to get the city Council. Whatever about one little thing that came out of it as they allow, they decided to allow the mobile crisis pregnancy center vein on the little unit to be there which gives free ultrasound. They are allowing them to be of the canopy out walking around, but they can be on the little piece of property right by the abortion clinic there and in Greensboro, but they are not allowing anybody else to come out there and so this story is going to continue to develop their some things going on behind the scenes that I'm not at liberty to discuss yet but as soon as I can. Since I do have the ability I'll tell you, but this this fight both in Greensboro and other places around the country is not over there are going to be things that continue to happen to talk about what's going on in Tennessee because the governor there said hey you know what abortions almost 90% of them are elective are not supposed to be doing elective things. Right now, so they are trying to close those down several other states, Texas, Alabama, and Ohio tried that but a federal judge step in than some churches. Pastor Tampa Bay that held two large services on Sunday was arrested and jailed. He got out, but he was arrested. Matt Stever is representing him.

They can go after the city of the county there and so you've got this clash between religious liberty. What you feel like the Lord might be calling you to do in loving your neighbor and submitting to the governing authorities very, very difficult time trimming call remain prayerful good life for Christ will be in effect is not pushing for the left of the right and just trying to push through and for us of your after fall or Jesus like I am for us to be wise and to care about our neighbors and to be as submissive to our government as we can, and to be as obedient to God as we can in the midst of all this, and to try to be people that perhaps our calm in the storm a concern, but not freaking out serious but not fearful in and willing to look at the information and not draw conclusions, and I'm knocking to be shilling for the president of the right. Never show left. Obviously, but but now I'm at if you're Christian is where is your ultimate allegiance to the United States of America to the kingdom of God. So let's rumor that is were all working through this and encountering neighbors in dealing with your buddies. Assume experts only. People are no homeschoolers in this serious issues there may now now I wrote start, read a story this morning out in LA County that got 15,000 students that haven't appeared anywhere in the system since they stopped school about three weeks ago who got the lead with them just pass them on to the next grade will largely many different places around the country been doing that anyway so there's a lot going on here to stay in the abortion think for a minute that will move on Tennessee Gov. hopes no elective abortions with virus order spokesman said Tennessee governor Bill Lee's hope and expectation is that there will be no" elective abortions performed in the state under an executive order that bars nonemergency medical procedures to free up equipment for hospital workers treating the coronavirus now is extend that into abortion clinic. I don't know. I don't know what you can pull out of an abortion clinic that's going to help your average person with the coronavirus see my point. So see what goes on but in Ohio, Mississippi and Texas.

They've done that they tried to interpret the executive orders limiting nonessential medical care and is an abortion, and essential medical care will need any abortionists any pro death person is going to say yes. Liberals are to say yes.

That's a woman's right to choose.

That is her important necessary healthcare except the facts get in the way of back as 90% of abortions are purely elective meaning I want to get you some good timing. I like dad were broke.

We are to have too many kids at home. Whatever unselected is that it is not a necessary procedure. It is not so. Here's the story. Judge struck down three state bands and abortions during the coronavirus operate Planned Parenthood and other report reproductive rights groups. I hate that title have sued five states including Texas, Alabama, in Ohio for banning abortions as part of the coronavirus mitigation strategies.

This receive the judicial branch completely out of out of whack here. Federal judges issued orders regarding Texas.

While in Alabama to allow abortion clinics because you know we care about life so we shut down the whole economy because we care about life except we deemed it legal in this country, kill your child wanted so that's a different story. Obviously, God help us after coalition of reproductive rights groups filed a lawsuit Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton in order to ban abortions that happened in Ohio Alabama.

Several other places Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union quickly filed emergency lawsuits arguing that the orders were unconstitutional and demanding they be halted and clinics in the state be allowed to continue their work is decision, US District Court for the Western District of Texas judge Eagle Lee Yi Cole said the Texas is orders would cause irreparable harm to abortion clinics in their patients and that this harm outweighs Texas is reason for the order. Irreparable harm as opposed to what Sir killing a child is the federal judge in Texas. Y'all so you think Texas is the safe place in the country, you better think again thought what's going on it. Regarding woman's right to pre-fetal viability abortion. The spring court has spoken clearly they can be no outright ban on such procedure. He wrote this court will not speculate on whether the Supreme Court concluded assignment exceptional in the national except in a national emergency closet of previous writings on the issue hardship help you sir. So perfectly fine to have an elective procedure to kill your baby your baby murdered, but it's just sick knocking to pull a Pat Robertson and tell you that God is judging the world but you certainly allowing this. And there's everything's being shaken.

I'm 54 years old.

I've never seen the earth shaken like this. What is that mean it doesn't mean nothing I can knocking to try to speak for God. Obviously, I don't know but I do know that the signs of the times birth pains.

Boy, this is this is shaking everything. The question just like go through trials and tribulations is not wise is happening words, what do you want me to do in response to what your your allowing to have happened but I do it this okay so let's get that back to the church church rights Christian right's rights under the First Amendment. Get back to that which we are talking about. In other, and by the way this Saturday I'll go out probably in my capacity as a member of the media that would allow me to continue to film whatever the local and state government decides to do through law enforcement because now or under statewide law here Executive Order here in North Carolina and I can. I've read through it I have it highlighted.

I can see some areas where I think it's perfectly acceptable for a Christian to be outside of an abortion clinic praying and offering resources any day of the week. Right now I think it's fine but I can guarantee you underneath the liberal governor like we have a North Carolina just like you have the same situation in Greensboro there knocking to do anything to help the pro-life cause no way. So if you feel compelled to go out there and practice good social distancing guidelines and don't bring a group of get up try to update at gathering rule tender Moore's workload outlawed nicely. It's up to you to tell you what to do. It's up to you all be there.

I can say that okay so you have the situation in Tampa and then on to show you what is the problem you decide for yourself pastor temperatures that held two large Sunday services arrested in jail.

Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of the river at Tampa Bay church was booked into a local jail Monday on charges of unlawful assembly and violating Hillsboro County stay at home, order a friend that knows this gentleman is from South Africa, Pentecostal, very uber over conservative church who were conservative in the way they view life and how they care for things stuff like that so that's a mega-church pastor Rodney Howard Browne okay Hillsboro County Sheriff's office received an anonymous tip that the pastor plan to hold services Sunday in violation of county orders asking residences gatherings. The slow the coronavirus Brett Sheriff's officials said they worn such lawyers are the church lawyers on Friday and Sunday about the dangerous environment they were creating for the members and their community. Howard Brown, the self proclaimed Holy Ghost bartender and Kovic 19 conspiracy theorists see how this is written.

This is in the Tampa Bay Times ignore those warnings.

He held two large services on Sunday Debbie that said, and even bust people into the church. The church lifestream the morning. Main event service on its Facebook page showing congregants shoulder to shoulder while the church and play.

That's why Howard Brown was arrested Monday and misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly and violating quarantine orders during a public health emergency.

So now I know he's retained Matz Tabor Liberty Institute, and there can be suing this county in the city for what's going on, claiming a violation of First Amendment rights. Both the right to assemble and the right to exercise your religion so what you do it that should the church not meet as a way to love each other love their neighbor try to slow chokes slow the spread. I read an article earlier today that showed with the church in Washington DC did church at large in Washington DC during the Spanish flu epidemic for several weeks.

They complied, but after it started me on the downside of the city was still saying you can meet then they started to check that the survey will talk about that when we come back to Megan Steve Noble to see right now on our Facebook pages, where do we do Facebook live during the show so you in a while.

What you on the radio may be listening personals which is vitally Horton praise the Lord for that on the Facebook live feed, but we want to do that so we can kinda continue to have a conversation on Facebook live during the commercial breaks income to go from there. I would be interested to see a friend of mine from an organization called count national policy. I seen you in several years Kelly buddies to see you at CMP so fascinating conversation. Here's were talking a little about what's going on in Greensboro and hope you're well. Kelly and with the pro-lifers that were arrested yesterday and then Saturday got situation at the church on Warda and so, from a legal perspective They put the call-in number on the screen. Will you please Evan, if you ever have any time calling today want to: another time that would be awesome and talk to us about the legal ramifications First Amendment issues here as we try to love our neighbors well were trying to obey the governing authorities. Romans 13 but also trying to know our rights and take care of our rights. These are all things that are on the table.

That's why this is so difficult, so the pastor at Tampa and they said in the end, and their defense was they they were trying to practice as much social distancing as they could. They were they had all kinds of hand sanitizer.

There they were trying to let people open all the doors and touch everything so they were going out of their way to try to be as responsible as they can in that case he got arrested and some people will say, well, that was ridiculous you not to. That's not good neighbor love and your disobeying the governing authorities and that's all bad and sinful and so that was wrong and what could happen as a result of that, if your disobeying and doing just because Alyssa little theological reminder people will quote you're not supposed to forgo the gathering of the saints does that say you every week and you really think you can find the church itself necklace Sia to your local building and its user chairs and video equipment and all that kind of stuff. I hope you don't look at the church. That way there is a local church.

We are not to forsake the gathering with other believers. The assembly necklace. Sia meaning.

Don't isolate yourself from the body of Christ, but to you. As you can stand up and see what that means. Every single Sunday.

We must meet and you let youth try to stop us. That's a violation of our rights and were called by God to not get away from the assembly saints right that's got a hard-core reading of it and I think it's a little too tight. My perspective, but here's something that can happen. Washington wire rehearsal link the coronavirus outbreak after dozens of members fall ill and two of them die.

Well, Dr. Mark Siegel's discusses the importance of delivering on acquirers on Washington state earlier this month is the likely catalyst for coronavirus super spreading event. After dozens of members fell ill and two died from the infectious disease.

The sky get Valley core coral in Mount chorale in Mount Vernon, located about an hour north cattle held its weekly rehearsal at Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church on March 10 when there were no reported Kovic cases and sky get Valley area. The group said in a statement quietly or said they decided to make the practice optional considering the outbreak in other parts of Washington and about 60 members at nearly half the group showed up since the rehearsal 45 members of become ill and 28 have tested positive for coronavirus to members in their 80s die at the time the practice there were no bands or on large gatherings and no closures of any kind in the count county. Although the sky get health department warned that those over 60 should avoid large public gatherings. So then you have a free will situation you have a liberty situation. You have a freedom situation in my in my free to risk my life smoke cigarettes, drink beer at time and whatever be gluttonous not take care of myself.

You have a right as an American citizen to express your liberty. That way, you certainly do, but what about when it comes to your neighbor. That's why we have a problem with drunk drivers they may kill themselves, but the odds are there to kill somebody else. That's why it's a big deal so in this situation. What you gotta be really careful here.

Like I mentioned, and I reference that article DC churches back in the Spanish flu 1918 Washington DC with the city. Washington DC said they shut down said no no church gatherings. None of that stuff in the pastor's originally refined they were not find they were fine. They went along with it result in view of the prevailing condition of our city. This was written in 19 the widespread for a prevalence of influenza that is called for to request from the district of Columbia commissioners for the temporary closing of all churches we the pastor's Federation and special assembly. Do you place ourselves on record as cheerfully complying with the request of the commissioners which we understand applies to all churches alike.

We furthermore recommend that our people shall conduct in your own home some form of religious worship, remembering in prayer, especially the sick are allied nations at war and present Candace present campus for the fourth liberty loan stuck church business also talk about World War I and they cheerfully comply now. After about six or eight weeks when things were on the mend and they still didn't want them to meet. They started meeting outside and I got trouble for that. And then they flat out said no were going back to church so there comes a time when the numbers are on your side from a public health standpoint that government should no longer be able to restrict you north.

I think you should be should be complying with the comes a time over there right now that happening right now and what's the difference you may ask, between what's me having a problem with what happened in Tampa which I just think was a little irresponsible and not looking out for your own people predominantly, but also you remember that are not everyone owes people. It comes out you get a couple people sick in their they make a couple other people sick is like the old Brett commercial and so on and so on and so on.

And you gotta worry about that. That's in a confined space where people are close together.

The difference being from Greensboro yesterday and Saturday if you had less than 10 people at a big number at all. And they were 8 to 10 feet apart.

The whole time and outside. That's why said yesterday. I'll say it again today. Your definitely the police are to start enforcing this stuff strongly, you better walk into the home depots and the lows and all the auto parts store that essential any new wiper blades is that essential what you doing in here and you gotta you want a police state, because that's what it would take to enforce that in if we had a nation full of people that were deeply religious and moral and were willing to self-sacrificing love their neighbor as elves. This would be such a big deal but we don't and you're only going to enforce it against some pro-lifers standing outside trying to put offer an alternative to abortion and to pray for those that are inside as well as the clinic workers see the problem there.

You have a completely imbalanced application of the law, which is unjust.

That's the same thing that happens in a courtroom when a poor black man doesn't get as good a representation doesn't catch a break in the legal system. The rich white guy Mike so we have to be paying attention. All that okay then you got this. This is starting to happen more run around the country and back to that first article I referenced, which was showing the peak could be over 2000 deaths in one day nationwide on April 15. That's where some the modeling is pointing right now Americans face nearly unprecedented travel restrictions inside the US Estates rush system. Virus type by the way, somebody on on Facebook lives in common sense goes a long way yes Brent exactly common sense, loving your family loving your neighbor goes a long way so make sure you're using that and do we need that. I don't think we need to large-scale die on the hill of religious liberty. Yet, but will see. Time say receive don't don't shoot first and ask questions later.

We need to ask questions now. Be diligent to our homework know the law care about God care about your neighbor, your family and care about the country is a lot on the table right now, which is why we need to be careful.

I said this several weeks ago. Isn't it amazing how quickly the mass populace in America will just seed over total almost total control to the government. Okay fine some of that's self-preservation some of its loving your neighbor's. I don't know the extent either as more and more Americans follow the coronavirus present from warns of peak sometime in April. States nationwide are moving quickly to implement travel restrictions Road. I was one of the first dates implement restrictions on Americans coming from coronavirus hotspot by mandating that any New Yorkers traveling to the state self quarantine for 14 days amazing here from New York. When you get the car state you need to go.

Self quarantine for 14 days Lord is doing that. That restriction led New York Democratic Gov. into Cuomo to threaten to sue is the Rhode Island National Guard went door-to-door in the state to tell New Yorkers about the mandatory 14 day currency. I understand the goal but there's a point of absurdity and I think that's what Rhode Island did.

At this point it's absurd.

Tharp Mario Cuomo into Cuomo's major liberal right. Talk about it's absurd to see that much government control, which is ironic, Rhode Island later stop signal, signaling out New York which both statewide and its largest city, New York City is seen by far the farm. The biggest chunk of the coronavirus case is US but it's happening in other places you've got Delaware is also ordered and all out-of-state travelers to quarantine 14 days so that Hawaii before Monday issuing a full stay-at-home order.

Marilyn also issued a stay-at-home order Monday Vermont Gov. Phil Scott ordered Monday that any person resident or nonresident traveling into Vermont for anything other than essential purpose must self quarantine 14 days West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed an order mandating all out-of-state citizens of quarantine for 14 days. West Virginia is involved. State police or monitoring state roads Kentucky applied a similar restriction Florida Montana, Alaska, Massachusetts. So let your follower of Christ like. I am let's make sure were in prayer. Let's make sure we call were not speeding through headlong into controversy for no good reason Lyrica legacy.

Notice the noble show so many things on canonically, not just here in America but around the world, but especially perhaps your waylaid you can't work, you can earn money, your business is suffering, your business might be closing down in the markets just been crazy obviously been watching what's been going on in its gyrations and its be very emotional.

In response to the news of the day talking I hate is the best week we've seen since 1987, but you look at where were at versus where were the past that the market closed down for in 10 points today 1.84% 20,917 at its low point was 18,000 just a little over 18,000 340 all the way back that that's lower than it was on the trunk bump started and so very serious things going on with first it was 2 trillion than it was $6 trillion talk about at least another 2 trillion to get debt issues going on. It's just crazy. Yesterday we had to devote the whole hour to talk about what was going on Greensboro with pro-lifers meeting. One of them and so we did have a chance. Dr. Goodfriend, David Fisher, landmark capital, but that we delayed that to today. Thank you for helping out with that, David.

How are you I'm doing great and no problem out about what I hear ironically or Scripture today, coattails it will oh you spoke about yesterday maybe, and on today and I have that in my heart early in the morning yesterday so exciting how the Holy Spirit works in and that's exactly right. And that's one piece of news that we can always count on is what we already learn from the Scripture into her own experiences as Christians. Let's also see how we always start on the money Monday update for those of you that are newer to the show talking our good friend David Fisher from MR capital. Their website is always as landmark gold landmark and we always start our money Monday updates the passage of Scripture and talk about that just briefly so. Second, the thoughts of Thessalonians 215 what a great choice for them brothers. Stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter. Paul's writing your niche, admonishing the church. Hear what you been taught what you believe, either through the Scriptures working all or part of the Fellowship of the teaching of the brethren, and you know it goes hand-in-hand with what's going on in your neck of the woods.

Steve, you know, standing up for the right to life. Obviously, that the food the obvious meaning here today there's some shovel meetings that become financially speaking, you know the work doing crazy things in our financial system and if were going against your sweet measures. I mean it's just like we should stand firm in our financial system and not do what they're doing right now because really severe ramifications that could be detrimental. As a result, I get the short term quick fix from the injection of capital.

We have long-term ramifications that might not be that long far off so you know whatever the teachings of the Lord is what Scripture says we need to stand firm in every aspect of our life. Amen.

That such a great point, especially now, perhaps more clear than ever I see in the world I'd started to show talking about the statement I haven't seen the world shaken like this in my lifetime and 54 and God is allowing it. God's at work and all of it. We need to be asking him what's our part we need such a such an important passage to remember that the stand firm and hold fast the teachings passed important, so the markets seem like they're coming down but now in I'm hearing stories about 34% down in gross domestic product and 30% of employment in this that the other thing so the markets calming down is the worst behind us are or will what's happening there. Help us understand what I think you have your Yorkville calming down. I could go actually really be in some volatility for some time now a lot of ups and downs and were seeing that I think were going to test the lows. Once again, and that's what most economists are saying. I know it's not something we want to hear. Wishful thinking. Shows you the work done with the one on. Unfortunately I wish we were you know there's other things are coming to the forefront of that are going to take precedence over the aftermath of the coronavirus and were certainly my heart goes out to the people little families of lost loved ones in. Unfortunately this is not over that the pandemic with the financial side is now just, speaking on the second waiver, like a million of the storm and one referring to something great that the government doing is $2 trillion of stimulus will really pay for that was going on the national debt directly.

Let's month or so individuals, we can receive the check of $1200 but for most people who work you know in the certain industry like waitressing your waiters are serving industry admin and other industries like sluggish restaurants. It's just a drop in the bucket is not enough. Obviously it's a nice gesture indiscreet thing that the government is doing that, but it's a very very short term. Do not provide long term strategy of changing the environment jobless claims argument came out here last Friday, 3.3 million purpose put this in perspective, I'm blown away by the number 665,000 was with jobless claims in 2009. This is 3.3 million. This is a huge number really see unemployment come out this week at 4.2 to 4.7% on projecting but it doesn't have the full impact of the quarter. Realistically organ impede next report after this over 10%, 15 to 20% said they came out and James Bullard St. Louis said 30% by the second quarter. The economist newspaper or to kill Castro to 32% which is a 47 million on job loss higher than the depression which is 24.9%.

I mean this is insane.

I'm a little bit older than you know much, but this is the most insane time that will probably ever see in our lifetime with unemployment it's coming and it's going to be horrendous was going to cause impact negative impact on stocks because it's obviously going to growing the economy down so we are not facing the problem of the financial problem is still yet to come.

Unfortunately, you and I know the governments and there in a no-win situation here. They can't supply nothing and they have to do something in that that this is so difficult and he got the pressure of an election year. There's no way this doesn't weigh on the trump administration and all the other people running for office, which is the entire House of Representatives in the third of the Senate to get all that pressure because none of them want to risk losing their jobs because the economy so we got throw as much into it but but it doesn't.

Is this that the stock market in the in the little bit about gold and and such, but the stock market is it reacting positively to all this money that that because now the talk and another and another 2 trillion let's do the let's do an infrastructure bill.

That's the phase 4 trump all that today that's another $2 trillion is the market going to be called by that or or is this thing we just don't have the this is like a pre-9/11 post 9/11 moment we just not have the imagination for office. We can even say what do I mean, there's nothing to draw from history. Actually, all I can say is that you know we have three uptick days when the Fed came out and and and and should organ have unlimited quantitative using everything about that unlimited now talking a former Fed strategy is the thing the Fed's balance sheet going to $9 trillion because we passed this law of the $2 trillion, called the coronavirus aid relief and economic security act cares that that's going to give the Fed ammunition to double their balance sheet in a more talking. What they did in a month.

What they did in a week. Here they took them two years to do back in 2008 it's really financial insanity.

We should get on the for bailing out three hedge funds recently. Last week I said something's up three hedge funds got bailed out city capital capital group just got bailed out. They had $1 billion margin call and they got bailed out capital one – because the interview can hear more about run out of all the words show me organist for bailouts, Morgan probably can talk more about bail him in the flame. The depth to $30 trillion is insane.

Just to think were. This is just going to pile on working out some financial problems goals government makes the move starts really eventually turn around ring at the bottom and in the school make some moves, but that's going to be a lot of uncertainty right now, and indeed are you thinking just from your perspective.

People are talking is going to be a U-shaped recovery. Words can slow and start back up the little bottom in the shoe back up real quick and and that all sounds nice. Of course in the stub but I'm trying understand is the stock market if we got 30% unemployment and end than all the nightmares that come with that of people to go yet but the stock markets doing well anyway. I mean, is there no connection between reality and the stock market and all I'm am just trying understand well the euros of corporations are calling for you. Put the reality is you can have a 30%, 30% unemployment and have a have a fear U-shaped correction and if economy is going to be dragging on for two years plus for me. Just think about what happened in 2008. It was an L-shaped and then destroyed to make some movements for good and BNL work triggers will get away from a full recovery could you County get people back to work… Talking to happen and you know now they're talking about a relapse of the coronavirus and shut the coronavirus in China. I miniature suite too many unknowns say Morgan has this a U-shaped U-shaped reality.

You now more than ever, people need to get education you need to get information and understand okay markets doing all this, the economy is doing this. What do I need to do with my money. What I need to do up my investments and you need help. You need education to find out more, not less. The David, how can people get a hold of you and try to get that help.

Diversification is the key.

Right now I can call us at 844-879-8082 or landmark hi Val, thank you so much for helping us understand this is a moving target.

Who knows for how many months, but will keep talking about it. Thank you David for calling and I appreciate God bless you. Okay friends, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon that always used to say

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