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We're All in the Womb Now

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 5, 2020 7:08 pm

We're All in the Womb Now

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 5, 2020 7:08 pm

We're All in the Womb Now

Today, Josh Kappes of LoveLife joins to discuss the coming LoveLife meetings at different abortion clinics around North Carolina. Plus, Sam Sorbo discusses, a great resource for newly homeschooled kids due to COVID-19!


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble talk about today on the fourth segment of the show. Today I'm going to appear on Facebook like the subtitle of the show were all in the womb. Now something that I've been on a contemplation that I've been mulling over for the last week or so as we been doing so many things on the pro-life front first amendment constitutional rights. Trying to submit to the governing authorities. As far as we can what's been going on love life in Greensboro and the arrests and all kind of stuff and so just looking at what's happening around the world tying it to the abortion issue in verses how are handling the coronavirus pandemic here in America but around the world.

Someone unpacked up for you a couple other really, really powerful letters, and at coronavirus is a vicious contagion but the real plague is our panic from my friend Steve Davis is on the blaze believer in Christ and that's really, really powerful. Several of the things after after the 430 breaker to talk to Sam Sorbo, was married to Hercules, so that's a Kevin Sorbo's wife. She's involved with the group at a Texas that they've made all kinds of homeschooling materials for free available online.

I can regards Rupert fifth-grade's on trying to bring up as many opportunities I can for getting us some help at home if you need that if you have kids kick the can against fifth-grader and remembers grandchildren. Whatever the case may be, so a lot of things going on what updates to give you that real quick. Let's get an update concerning things are moving forward with our love life and what's happening in Greensboro and that issues coming up around the country, but a good friend, Josh Kappes is what love life and is calling us right now. Josh, how are you think: it good fever you good man.

Thank you so much and not you and IRR's seeing each other for mounted talking all the time so much going on in the front here, and I know lights defending freedom. I got involved.

This is just kind of a breaking story earlier today succumb to give us an update on what's happened yet. So a lot of freedom to calculate how the day about that and they have sent a demand letter yesterday to Greensboro basically stating that they've gone too far in their implementation of the mandate, and they have until the end of today to respond to that letter. Yet, with the hopes being that they're just back off and then love my folks and other volunteers of the pro-lifers there Greensboro and hopefully in other cities as well. Can kind of come back out but maintain social distancing of comply with everything that's fair to comply with to be out there and praying and interceding and offering these much-needed services to these women that are going down that road is, the goal right yeah absolutely you know we we made it really clear along the way thing that are on my heart is worn are issues, not with the Greensboro Police Department that also to we are convicted possible to safely and legally ministered to these families to be equally praying outside just as many other people are enjoying other productivity and not the right because there's other situations letter that are much more dangerous to be in like I will be going to Home Depot or Lowe's tomorrow morning you'll be in a much more dangerous situation in terms of passing the coronavirus around but yet it's never been and I was out there Monday and watch that whole thing happen is you know and it's never been about disrespecting the police. It's been about number one are calling from God to intercede on behalf of these children.

These moms and dads and try to be out there to give a voice to the voiceless and help those that are downtrodden and then it's as limp as people that don't know our rights, like Paul did as a Roman citizen. We have to know our rights and exercises, rights, and so we have a couple of different things going on here and it's really been encouraging to see how love life is handled it in a very godly peaceful way trying to respect the governing authorities as much as possible while maintaining our allegiance to the higher law so it's been kind of a wild week.

Did you ever think you would see something like this. Josh and invite him by the way, everybody. Josh is also a pastor's always been around this for a while. Yeah, you know, the more that you have an effect on making a difference in people's lives, the more the spiritual enemy is going to trust back and so honestly I didn't think Greensboro would be the place you know, but we know that there's difficulties in the work that we're doing in we are welcome those it's worth it.

Everything that happened to this point has resulted in many, many babies being saved between the four cities we praise God for that as people are safely ministering the partnering ministries that are out there like Charlotte, Pima, New York City, geocaching care center in Greensboro during other out of Jacksonville but there ministering in Greensboro. They're doing a phenomenal job of the Lord is honoring your faithfulness in your continuing to do that in a way that's law-abiding and what's the outcome of the official positions from love life.

You know there Greensboro down in Charlotte here in Raleigh up in New York City because we got because all of us are trying to abide by the authorities in these rules and guidelines as much as possible, so just remind people because his Lotta love like people that listen to the show and are coming out and I know a lot of people want to come out tomorrow. What's what's going to the official encouragement and in the direction the folks that are interested in being a part of my friend now yeah so I would contribute to water web very our Facebook page will communicate through email and also to our applet.

We have no official love life gathering tomorrow. Individuals can come and pray as they feel so led were asking them not to wear love lecture and their individual choice to be out there now specifically in Greensboro because of everything that's going on. We are asking folks not to come to Greensboro at this time until things are settled. A little further with the city yet which is which is wise were trying to walk that fine line of being shrewd as Vipers in general is Dobson and triangle baby earthly authorities. While we of course submit ourselves. Ultimately, our heavenly authority from the father. So that that's it.

That's for everybody and you have individual decisions to make everybody what you're going to do, but like I said on Zune call earlier. Hey, welcome back to the first century everybody. What is the chance that your Christianity lease here in America might actually cost you something. And so it's it's a challenging time for all of us, but also an incredible opportunity within the darkness of what's going on. There's the light of the church and the truth of the gospel, Josh Kappes would love life, love I bless you brother. Thanks for calling and will talk to and probably see you soon and talk soon. That was Josh Kappes would love life, love life.Gordon did not officially meeting tomorrow, but if you feel so led go on out side by the separation all that kind of stuff but remember God of life and by the way up there in Greensboro North Carolina and the other places types of weather it's county and city were an entire state passing these things, the city says that Greensboro, North Carolina. Okay Ilford County there in the middle of the state, the city says that the rest of the love like members because they traveled by car, not my foot they park somewhere and they walked like I did because they traveled from outside the county road prohibitions found nowhere in the proclamation or in any law. The city also claim that the proclamation gives the city the authority to prohibit first in an activity which is also untrue. No kidding. Have you ever heard of the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution at a city not accounting out-of-state none of you can pass a law or an ordinance or implement anything that is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution and violating people's First Amendment rights.

Number one to assemble and number two the right to free exercise of your religious beliefs and your conscience which falls under that is also the protection of the First Amendment and they can't violate is can't. That's where there's there's a constitutional bit of a constitutional crisis here.

There was a lawsuit that just got piled up in Michigan the same thing against Gov. Witmer's executive order, and on March 31. A guy named Belanger his last name was engaging his free-speech activity on the public sidewalk outside Scottsdale's women's center abortion mill is preaching holding pro-life sign practicing social distancing, and they rest of eight cops 88 city police list police vehicle.

Spit it out.

Stephen 15 city police officers arrived for one guy.

So that shows what's going on there. That's a direct assault because they're Christians fighting against abortion quote unquote so that's what's going on there.

So we need that we need to push back the guy the pastor down in Florida that was arrested. He heard about that story. The Florida pastor that was arrested because he had a couple of services like five people there, whatever, and they arrested him Monday after last Sunday in the Metz neighborhood Liberty Council was on Johnny on the spot and went after the county to county reverse their decision. Now the churches church services are deemed essential services and so that happened in the county and then the state followed suit, and a couple other states have followed suit thing church services are essential but should be put in the context of the historicity of that statement and not in American history. Now there's that there's a challenge there now in this particular case before you think that pastor system, belligerent, idiot.

They told all the older older folks.

You shouldn't come because you're behind it much more susceptible they told all the people with pre-existing conditions, especially respiratory conditions you shouldn't come for the rest of you were to practice social distancing regionalists act and stop. I think they spent like 100 grand to bring in some industrial sized air cleaners all kinds of stuff and then it's up to you as an individual under under the U.S. Constitution and as a Christian to make up your own mind and if you feel I hate listen, I'm not susceptible of this. This is the big problem I've got a story here. A great article. This was in the Federalist late last week or following a one-size-fits-all coronavirus strategy right into a Great Depression so that there is a conflict here lately look at this part, the city country divide reemerges.

This creates a divide between those who think the apocalypse is around the corner and those were far more afraid of what this jobs in their children's future.

Dave Wasserman has been tracking the past few weeks we are facing a gulf between urban and more suburban and rural experiences were the percentage of deadly coronavirus case is still quite low.

According to the tax foundation. The top five states in terms of percentage increase in unemployment insurance claims. This is just recently, New Hampshire 3300% increase Maine 3200% increase Louisiana 3100% increase Rhode Island 3000% increase in Minnesota 2800% increase. Of these, only Louisiana currently has a serious outbreak of the coronavirus and lockdowns continue to spread frustration with government will only grow in rural suburban counties crossed the country America's upper-class will be fine.

Their jobs can, in large part be done remotely and most will still be there in months but as for the middle many in the middle and working class across the country. There is no guarantee that their places of employment will be there when Macy's furloughs, 130,000 workers at the direct consequence of our government shutting down access to its tumors within the consumer driven economy. Small businesses can't plan loans do them little good so there calling for this particular article all this uncertainty will started Easter we won't start a bistro adding 30 days.

This is, this requires massive amounts of wisdom, and before they were sent first at 2 million or get a dive and it's 150,000 hundred 2000 thousand to 225,000 now they're backing off of that one.

Say what may not be that bad and then in the end, the final analysis, the challenge here where we all get to stay calm as you knock you know what we missed. This is a like a hurricane that's approaching in the barely message doesn't make much landfall goes out to see see the whole thing in this case we can't see we won't know what we missed and that's a great praise the Lord for that. But do we need to every state in the country need to be approaching this the same way they are. New York easy answer that is no before there like mass don't really work out. She said, and now today or yesterday found Dr. Ouchi saying well if you gouge program. Ask so what. Which is it, and were in a point where an election year entire House of Representatives one third of the Senate and the presidency is all that pressure so you see in many ways just, lost her mind. Check this out this is Yadkin County Herald, Salisbury, North Carolina. Looking at the management of a pandemic like this. Rule number one. Every parent, guardian or householder in the order named in his family or household.

This exists shall post securely a placard with the name of the above disease printed thereon. A conspicuous place in the front tires are hopeful front of his or her home so somebody in here sick okay if the father to son number two. No parent, guardian or householder in the order named in his family or household from exists shall permit any child or minor to attend any public or private schools theater party, picnic or anything other public rule number three no parent, guardian or householder in the order named shall permit any child known to have been exposed to a case of the whatever the pandemic is to attend any public or private school Sunday school church meeting with her doing here or isolating people that are sick take them out of the mainstream. Keep them isolated until there better allow the proper amount of time than they can go out into public back out of the jet but not everybody is going to have a problem as matter-of-factly know 80% of the people to get the coronavirus as far as all the information right now working to get seriously ill 20% will 5% over that of the whole total I see you. Those are big numbers. That's a problem for the hospital but should that exists in every state in every county in every city urban centers are different than if you live in North Dakota but right now are doing a one-size-fits-all which is tanking the economy and I think on that. On the other side of all this from the Geico man and then of course in DC all the blame each other by the way, that was a document called rules governing management flew Yadkin Valley Herald, Salisbury, North Carolina, November 26 19 teen 80. That was about the Spanish flu in 1980. That's what they did hundred years ago. Three.

Smart right is my buddy Carl Ford Sen. Carl for sending that to me a number of Carl's radio stations. Praise God for that. So that's what we have to pay attention to. Okay, on the other side of the breaker to talk to Sam Sorbo. Sam is an actress, Christian woman homeschooler radio personality and she's married Hercules so yeah Kevin Sorbo is her husband and she's working with a group out of Texas. I wanted to bring the story on the other side of the break because for those of you that are now homeschooling your grandchildren and being homeschooled. They have free resources that literally will send you a lesson plan every day kindergarten through fifth grade.

So I found out about this through a buddy of mine. I met Karachi and I thought that was a great thing to share if you have children K-12 for K2 fiber grandchildren to reprises her free online resources literally homeschooling plan for them every single day so will talk to Sam Sorbo on the other side of the break. Then at last part of the show to talk about a couple of big stories. And then I explained why it always today show all will be noble to Steve Noble show last week of going Friday. We talked to a couple books a couple of CEOs. One of that angel because they were offering all kinds free. Now that angel is available free to go online and take advantage of that. That's reconceived a series chosen which is awesome and then Menell which is a great Sunday services for kids because of churches, all the country now doing Sunday services online, but nothing for the kids so minnow in my N and O started doing that.

So we talk to them last Friday and I want to keep sharing these different resources that God is made available through some very kind and wise and smart and sharp people. And today it's kind of funny. The noble family, our family homeschooled for 16 years and now across America, apparently were all homeschoolers now so far a lot of people just don't know what to do and a lot of public school systems were prepared for this.

They were prepared to go online especially if they don't have a lot of money. They're not peers on iPads alike in the stuff. So there's a group out of Texas that that I got together and they were When would you ever think you would put the name of a pandemic with homeschooling is a 16 going families just crazy but that's where were at. I would praise the Lord that we have these kinds of resources out there are tens of millions of families suddenly finding themselves educating. This is from their press release from home. This is the Texas homeschool coalition, which is pretty much the largest homeschooling state in the nation next to California and so they started to work around the clock to get all this ready and to get it out there is a free resource to people and so it's there now coronavirus and then they got together with Sam Sorbo, compass actress and author homeschool mom and also on the radio in the Sam Sorbo why do I recognize that name won't be you may know if Sammy deftly, no ever husband Hercules, which is can Sorbo and now Brett them.

How many times have you heard that lame joke ever since you insist your husband got married. I actually hear the range of what I yeah well you might not know Sam Sorbo. Perhaps you do, but you deftly know where her husband Hercules Kevin Sorbo and then I'm like why did even say that because I'm sure you heard that so many times, ad nausea but anyway Sam, thanks for calling in today. It's great to have you on well you really are the strongest man in the world. So I'm good with all of that's awesome and it's been really cool to see how the Lord is used both you guys and you do a lot of different ministry things and what you doing here with homeschooling is great to tell us about decided to get involved and how does this work coronavirus Well, involving the benefit of a loudmouth and I've been screaming about how fabulous home education can be her family for about 10 years now I have a book out called their your kids been difficult.

Lot lot with physical your devotional for families and so I've been sort of on the circuit for a while is to say they needed a spokesperson at I think I've kind of perfect person for that because I so believe in and down go together.

You know he created sorry is a site where it where we are offering curriculum cannot right now. We got K2 five available absolutely free to any family wants to go download it and that is worldwide by the coming from the UK coming and worked as so you don't want you find out if you get a daily daily daily. Your inbox with all the information you have a full day of school for second third fourth fifth graders kindergarten you and project you add crafty thing and game to play and if the whole thing because we really want people look for a difficult time for for everyone right family in particular who are not used to spending time together and for parents who are already worried about their job worried about your great about working from home and now the government says now you must educate your children at home and they didn't feel capable of doing it before. How do you think they feel now we're ready to come alongside. If you go over the site. Coronavirus first thing you see is relax, take a deep breath of God we are here to help with that kind of a fanatic. I think you said you homeschooled right yet 16 years yeah you know it's not rocket science think you're not supposed to tell everything you're supposed to come alongside your children. Basically fire.

There is decreased creativity their innate curiosity to learn and just show them how learning and effective learning happens anywhere at any time all day long. No, you don't need to be in school to be learning anything, but unfortunately, having gone through school we all inability lack of self-confidence. I would say don't give little bit of a confident help you work your way, and the court were hoping that you doing it because we love you might want to write you and I think that that's what I was just thinking as I first found out about it earlier in the week and was looking at the website going to some of the things that are on there and then listening to you today is can be very interesting to see kind of the influx in the homeschooling this fall and God willing we all come to get back to normal but but it's such an awesome thing, but it can be really daunting for people so there's three steps were talking to Sam Sorbo whose on behalf of homes, coronas by risk. This is so, while the put these two things together like on it coronavirus take that one. Take a deep breath, which is so important. This is just reality but you can get through it. I think a lot of people you mentioned the Sam is that there's no oh no this is going to be 78 hours that grueling thing, but especially for kindergarten through fifth grade doesn't have to be like that very fine sign up for support. His number to get the tools you need to educate your children Sammy were mentioning this like a daily email you get this got lessons plans and even worksheets that you can get all of that is pretty much everything in a box right everything in a box really and parent because we are dark when I first started I felt so inadequate, in fact, the title of my book is self Gallagher I live, advocate, though, and that parents are there full of self-doubt and faith taught that they can't do anything, but they haven't been formally instructed on by blackboard that they've already proven that July.

Way by car. Nobody taught you how to rent an apartment, and so God said can help you. Hopefully, you know. So Difficult as I thought, yet is a lot of fun and something you can in my will money my wife Gina was always like hated school she didn't like school and she was little, like school and high school. She didn't particularly like school and college. But then the Lord just really got under case when our kids were young and all the homeschools you like. Listen, I never really liked cool.

I don't think I can do this and then it was just amazing to watch what God could do with a willing spirit in somebody that didn't like school at all and then turns into a sick senior homeschooling veteran and you and there's a lot to help out the card great learning heart.

Yeah that's right I just what happened though. I will type it out completely inadequate to teach my kids.

But if you're in the third grader and you went through high school and what about your educate yeah and that's it. It's solicitor gold are memories of school for most of us it's just this you know I owe I owe so off to work I go, painful thing, but homeschooling is the dynamic of your family to great way to bond in especially if you're a follower rice. We will do embed a Christian worldview. And that kind of discipleship interspersed with all the other subjects that you do it really becomes a huge blessing and it's so exciting. But you just gotta realize get in there and God will be with you and other resources like this is just awesome.

So again coronavirus is the website kindergarten through fifth grade right now and email every day with everything that you need to be able to handle this at home and you will be blasting. You're not alone. There's unity. There you can tie into the just a great blessing and we just really appreciate you. Sam: and thanks for helping out with this is such a great project) driver videos are part for the current character struggling with authority's microphone turned. They've been paying their kids away found. Thank you for having you're welcome. God bless you Sam, thanks so much to stay safe out there thinking I think about and so they gullet what a great blessing that is coronavirus so maybe it's not for you. Maybe you're in between your kids are older but odds are you know somebody that could benefit from that well is it your grandparent way. I know a lot of your grandparents and so that might be a great blessing to your son, your daughter, your grandchildren, so make sure you take advantage of that coronavirus By the way if yours as cynical as I you might be saying maybe save yourself a break that up like a paid gig. Steve did you get paid for them that the on the show.

No, I didn't know.

I don't think there almost 13 years ago in radio three years on Saturdays almost 10 years. I don't think I try to remember a lot of radio show. I don't think I've ever been compensated for knives on long-term agreements with folks in their content providers, and like when I do things with Christian movies and that'll be us six months contract that will do is like an advertiser. Hey Steve, I want to get on the air and half my thing. How much do I need to pay you call somebody else put that stuff on here because trying to bless you, the body of Christ. I call it body economics. So when I find out about something that I think if you blessing the people I shared on the air we come back really tough observations about what you're going through, were all in the womb. Now we write that almost no talking about it a lot.

Were talking about angles and wanted which need to take our own advice from yesterday.

So if you're struggling with fear and anxiety Christian counselors perspective yesterday show you and I would take Cockrell Dr. T Cochran's got over 25,000 hours of counseling experience as Christian counselors also professor here at Southeastern Baptist seminary and we are talking about that yesterday from counseling perspective, we need a little help. If you know something that struggling in that would be a great show. They can either watch the Facebook live recording from yesterday.

They can grab the podcast everywhere.

Podcasts are offered website for Steve Noble and check it out there so that's available so not making light of this is things today that I wanted to cover by the latest on the political side to see this letter that Donald Trump sent to Chuck Schumer yesterday shimmers out there hammering away so he this was thank you for your Democrat public relations letter and incorrect soundbites with the wrong way.

Number one is your where VP Pentz is in charge. Job number two. The defense production production act has been consistently used by my team and purchase equipment and the powerful leverage so powerful the company generally to asking without notice to know something I never three senior military officers in charge of purchasing, distributing, etc. his name is Rear Admiral John Fulcher Wick 24 hours a day and is highly respected by everyone. If you remember my team gave you this information, patient purposes, you chose to ignore number four we have given New York many things including Hospital Medical Center's medical ventilators more should have had New York much better prepared than you did. And as Dr. Ouchi and Dr. Burke said yesterday New York is very laden virus. As you are aware, the federal government is merely a backup for state, unfortunately, your state needed far more backup than most others.

You spent less time in your ridiculous impeachment hoax with when haplessly on forever and ended up going nowhere except poll numbers and instead focused on helping the people of York the New York would not of been so completely unprepared enemy.

No wonder AOC and others. I think about running against you in the primary, if they did they would likely win. Fortunately, we have been working with your state and city governments Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio to get the job done. You action, except when it comes press while you have stated that you don't like Andrew Cuomo you got a start working alongside him for the good of all New Yorkers, I've known you for many years but I never knew how bad a senator you are working to.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or in the alternative: reread surveyors classic that was I was. She was like that of the self.

Okay this is for my buddy Steve face great communicator incredible writer is on the blaze every one of us here. Coronavirus is a vicious contagion with real plagues are pan took almost 20 years before the first polio vaccine trials and Jonas Salk check family with it to prove its integrity to America after years of trying signs gave up on a vaccine vicious SARS. We had to evolve flu vaccine several times first 30s translation. If you're waiting for a SARS to coronavirus vaccine before resuming normal life, grab a Snickers beer for what I know. Progressivism list super important. I know progressivism is the spirit of the age were in many of our countrymen have been indoctrinated to believe government contrived utopia is achievable. This progressivism starts from the desired outcome. First, under the assumption the ideal solution can be had, especially if it requires making those who don't agree with you suffer. On the way to achieving after all ye God.

But the reality of this fallen world is the worst horrors have been on unleased seeking utopia.

There are no perfect solutions even we've even had to permit an Iron Curtain to stop the iron Cross law of unintended consequences always comes into play at some point we have to assume the risk of mortality in wavy overall societal cost lost freedoms in the Great Depression. Generations that saw hundreds of thousands killed and paralyzed by polio understood this and yet they managed to industrialize America when two world wars and defeat their own great Russian while still seeking a cure. Even the president they elected more times than any other FDR rally the nation while confined to a wheelchair because the poliovirus so why are we so stricken with panic in our time shutting down our entire way of life on unreliable and contradictory data.

Despite the technological advantages we have over them is ours. Listen he's not saying this isn't doesn't matter. Okay, so it's the basis listen to this is important why we doing this why we react because ours is a godless society so we are afraid of our arm own mortality. Deep down we know we are not ready to meet our maker. After denying him for so long.

Therefore, we wait for our secular Messiah government to deliver us from that day, or at least hold it off as long as possible divorce from our Creator. We lack purpose and meaning to our lives.

At best, they become a collection of experiences worst were survival rate just marking time, but we were made for so much more saved for so much more.

The generations before us. Despite their mistakes at least understood this meta-truth, overarching narrative and propelled them despite their errors and shortcomings to pass on to us the greatest civilization. The world is ever no, we have responded by handing over our freedoms shuttering our churches bankrupting our economy at the first real sign of existential fear kind of existential fear.

They defeated but we seem stubbornly determined to surrender to okay that's really well written and a great point.

What is it about the existential threat now to my little line for today for this whole virus were all in the womb. Now 40 million abortions a year just shy of a million a year here in America that's been going on since 1970. Hardly anybody has lifted up finger to save the unborn governments, regular citizens, most Christians don't lift a finger to save the unborn can't speak for themselves who can't defend themselves and you want to know who wants 6 feet of social distancing more than anybody else. It's a baby in the womb, and an abortion clinic today and tomorrow and every other day. Give them 6 feet of social distancing from the abortionist killed what we've done 10 million abortions already this year, worldwide, 10 million abortions already this year versus the coronavirus, which since December has killed 58,000, 10 million this year to date worldwide versus 58,000 the clip in America is about 18,000 abortions coronavirus death in America right now.

Right now 6980 all the tragedy.

Every single one of those lives inestimable value because there made in the image of God to what's happened. We do almost nothing for 40 million a year, 40 million dead children. Here we do almost nothing now returning our entire culture upside down 10 million people file for unemployment last couple weeks if you're confused yesterday by the jobs numbers all is only 700,000 washed up.

So what's up with that. That's because that stop counting and that was only through the middle of March.

The last two weeks of March is when the train wreck hit, that's only first part of it.

3.3 than 6.6, 10 million jobless claims last two weeks. Jobless numbers at your yesterday and down 700,000. That's just the first week summer were willing to train wreck our entire economy. What's the difference what's the difference know what it is because now you're all all now were all susceptible you're more susceptible of your older, you're more susceptible via preconditioning existing pre-existing condition.

Now everybody's worried about. I was in the grocery store earlier today, now now now advise where mass why, what, what's different because now the threat is against you sent gets the unborn. He don't see you don't think about you don't even over the abortion clinic is not against them. Threats against you. So when all of a sudden were in the will were facing the abortion now were ready to turn over earth to turn over our lifestyle turn over everything for ourselves. We don't do next. Anything for the babies, the unborn, by the way the moms that make choices suffer the rest of lives find healing and redemption through Jesus Christ offered through the truth. Scriptures that kind of restoration fathers that are going to deal with it all of all of a sudden got 330 million Americans will have a 1.5 to 14% chance of dying because of us whole event and I know most of that love the Lord don't think that typically about my fish, your heart is that count freezing. I don't every convictional Christian I know says their program and that they care.

Of course, and I vote for pro-life candidate ever, ever given him money to the pro-life cause.

Often you pray for the pro-life cause of bleeding for 1014 years ago. I didn't do jack about it either and I was born again 10 years before that.

I'm not pontificating to you from some superior moral place way better at it now, but I didn't give a rip really back then. Although I would've told you I was pro-life were on the womb. Now everybody everybody's in unborn child.

Now Brett would an abortion clinic on reminds the mortality rates are hundred percent coronavirus 1.51.8 we worship your older younger not that big of deal still risk turning everything in. Because all the almost nothing baby were all the little now with the you like that, please hear me. I'm not trying to ugly and will you see Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon.

As always, you

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