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The Virus vs. The Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 8, 2020 8:31 pm

The Virus vs. The Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 8, 2020 8:31 pm

The Virus vs. The Economy

Of course, with the unemployment rate at over 6.6 million in the United States, the coronavirus is going to affect our economy. But to what extent? Today, David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold joins to answer just that and more!


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Everyone who decides what is the noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or Jackie Mello life Steve Noble no future host Steve Noble back on the radio live on the bobbin with me on the radio last couple Monday.

It was an old soldiers that all can going on so they had to pull an old show from a couple years ago. I think I don't know which one it was I'm sure was decent. I'm better now than I was two years ago and hopefully anyway is Monday than Tuesday on the radio. They played for you a great interview I did recently with Joel Rosenberg but selling their times author, brilliant guy now stressing. If you haven't heard that interview yet those just couple weeks ago and Joel's and back in Israel where they live now and he was on quarantine mandatory quarantine in his own house. Their warranties a little more serious over there than it is here, so he literally wasn't supposed bedroom so is abiding by that. The whole hour with themselves great.

That was yesterday on the air, but you can always catch that at the website of the Steve Noble The podcast is available anywhere we can get a podcast pretty much stitcher, iTunes, iHeartRadio spot to file the difference all the different podcast platforms and I would encourage you to do so you can check out shows from the past and but on the website. You can search by search by topic so if you want to see any show that we done with abortion or transgender is a number Donald Trump or whatever you can do that website does Steve Noble you can join us on Facebook live right here in the studio.

Just go to my Facebook page. The Steve Noble show right there on Facebook or my personal page.

If you happen to be personal friend of almost out of room. There so a lot of people been a part of the show originally.

Before Aiden had a radio show page on Facebook. A lot of you are my personal page. So depending on how you want to do that so we are going to do Monday Monday Monday being the first Monday in April, but of course with all the goofy technical things going on the covert virus thing we had to push that a couple days so were doing a full money Monday today on Wednesday, April 8 I was a good friend, David Fisher from landmark capital landmark is always is the website land mark David how are you doing great. Help me today.

Glad to hear that your healthy praise the Lord for that, and I most Americans are relatively speaking.

So were thankful for that and then current crazy days obviously so many different things in the stories unfolding as you know David and and financially it's unfolding every day. The market seems sometimes it seems to be connected to what's going on sometimes not very fascinating to see what the markets doing today ended up. I mean it's just been wild. Obviously you ended up 779 points up three almost 3 1/2%.

But if you don't go back too far to see the numbers much higher finished at 23,004 33 wasn't that long ago what we were playing around 29,000 but also down to as low as the 18 591 so just pretty wild.

So can you give us an update. Let's look at the year to date numbers and then will come to drill in the various aspects of the cut.

I called it the virus versus the economy today David so we at year-to-date will market very cultural yesterday rep close my mentor points early. Just like your point. Gold is up 8% year to date.

The Dow is down 15% of down 14.1. Oil was one that really got to partners almost 62%, down the dollar is up 3.5% show in the scheme of things with the dollar rising goal should not be up but it is because of the environment that room. People are going to sleep even yet it's just so I mean the up-and-down up-and-down up-and-down. I've said this phrase before but the Dow Jones industrial everything you look at the year, especially since when you get to about February 18 the top of the roller coaster and then you're looking down into the abyss and down down down you go, and then back up and down and up down down and it's it's amazing to look at it. So a lot of people were talking about a word that we haven't used in a long time were talking about depression versus the recession's office. I can understand these terms. This phraseology and and what you see and where you think were going here and I know where postulating a lot because we just don't know exactly what happened will recession technically is true quarters with negative GDP, so we haven't had that yeah and a depression is just a full shutdown.

Women have at either that were somewhere in between that even though we technically haven't had a recession. Bank of America in March early, early March, says that we are in a recession without having the technical side of it being played out diamond will know his name Jesus came out of his hospital recently dues annual report is run a bad recession and possibly a repeat of 2008 crisis. The annual letter Scott Vineyard Guggenheim quoted him before third largest hedge fund he should live a 20% chance of a global depression. Other people like KPMG economist Constance Hunter. KPMG is one of for the big counting firms she said were already in a depression which does not have the technical numbers to support it. So when we look at 1929. Steve took us a full 43 months. The to be in the trough of the depression and it took quite a few years to get out 2008 there recession was 18 months in the trough of the recession and it took about 3+ years to get back almost 4 years ago, back to normality. But when you shut down 311 million people and tell them to stay at home, representing 41 states. It's going to be a big decline, and we have seen the worship from a standpoint of what the market could go to because you have first-quarter earnings come out certain quarter earnings or can be worse than first unemployment is skyrocketing 10 million people unemployed already and the Fed says to be somewhere as high as 30% which is 47 million and that was a lot higher than the depression which was 24%. So who knows what could happen, but it's not out of the woods. We can all confirm that yeah definitely not out of the woods and we think we know what the woods look like yeah I think we do so for the trees you force the trees.

We know because we get more jobless numbers tomorrow.

Just like we did the last couple weeks. Three.

3,000,006.6 million and in it and I think working to see a flattening of the curve, we all have a different vocabulary now but it really is mean is there anybody that saying anybody in the financial world.

David right now that saying this isn't going to be bad business isn't going to be for anybody saying hey that everybody's overreacting is not to be a big deal as there is the consensus that were in for a really really rough year for saying this rupture is hard to find a person that is big spouse. Yeah, you keep talking to David Fisher and his money Monday. John hold David on a Wednesday.

Just as we can get there couple days ago a lot to talk about what about the government and said what's this doing of the dollar in our debt to his all will be right that Wayne seems talking MR As always, website, landmark one other piece of information that you can gather and they also be a great YouTube channel. A lot of great information there you go watch those unlimited D YouTube series there's go to YouTube and put landmark capital in the search box and you'll find information there David in that landmark M or gold or precious metals is really kind of the epicenter of what they do that one part of the investment scheme, and it's great information and education.

I did know anything about it at first.

We spent several hours on the phone. This was several years ago before that we would ever do radio together.

Okay, now I understand it's a part of the portfolio are not talking about buying gold and hiding out in Wyoming with your land being a proper or just talking about having a good balance to your portfolio and that's where precious metals can really help especially in trying times like we now but it's not a clue a get-rich-quick thing is not like you buy today's hold on it for six months and sell it.

That's like Dick. That's a normal kind of investment mentality and precious metals aren't like that. There like the keel underneath the sailboat. Okay, so it's a different has a different role, but getting educated understand that the landmark and check it out YouTube and just chat type in landmark capital in the search box and you'll find that David again.

It's always great to hear from you glad you're feeling good in our state where things like in an Arizona with respect to the coronavirus because it restates kind of different or classified under a financial industry so we got green light to still come to the office, but due to the nature of the severity of this.

My company is working remotely.

I'm at the office today only for radio and I do some other national radio programs this morning, so it's more convenient to my office, but otherwise were shutdown the rest of the week Friday is Good Friday were off always that baby of the year anyway still grading our Lord. But if it's a ghost town out there is harm anybody on the road. Everybody's extra careful keeping 6 feet apart from each of them is somebody just such a bizarre environment that Brandon and again asked to write for the break I asked David Fisher landmark capital Mike Austin was a pretty much all the people in the financial industry whether there financial brokers, financial advisors in the precious metals had funds hedge fund people just an analyst.

Everybody essentially agrees okay this is going to get a pretty bad this can be serious.

The economic impacts of the enormous unemployment skin to be a huge issue. Everybody's an agreement there but in everybody I think is it is most people like oh good government needs to help. We need to have stimulus for pumping money in there.

The feds pump in money and there were talking 6 trillion and climbing right now and stimulus programs. But what's connect one of the domino effects of that is we need to talk about what seconded you to the dollar.

What's it doing to our national debt is if anybody cares about our national debt anymore, but kind of take down kind of this Domino because I think that's what happened. One thing affects another on the site.The domino effect that money is not getting to the end user.

There is disaster fiasco debacle can use those terms. USA Today talk about the paycheck protection plan. The PPP loan that small business are supposed to get three and $59 billion and are not getting them when there's been 377 million loan me hundred 77 million loans through process but only hundred people got money.

So I mean it's Wells Fargo shutdown their website. I think there's the feds trying to reactivate it with them, but they took off the application of the websites that were not there anymore SBA loan so that if the money doesn't get there. Small businesses are going to have a big problem in my never got to the right people in 2008 were having a repeat of that. But the money is being you would think there's a sea of red money which which there is the government just past the cares back. That's true trillion dollars, which gave the green light for the Fed to create $6 trillion, which is in essence doubling their balance sheet. Anybody issued about $1.5 trillion from your perspective what they did in 2008, the year year and 1/2 it in two weeks so it's just massive amounts of money.

This is the fastest mega printers of the feds ever done is not actually printing money but issuing it on credit so that turn into an inflationary environment. I mean it's just absolute and saying how much money that they're putting the system and they're saying it's not enough time and then we came so close to a meltdown. Two weeks ago, a Lehman Brothers meltdown. Three major hedge funds were bailed out by the Fed capital one got bailed out and report to the billion-dollar number coming to that they had to take care of it as a margin call money so there's all this money that's being thrown in the system and they're still saying is not enough liquidity in the system, but we've a sea of red of spending as far as the eye can see in the final CNE and do it. Actually, it's the strangest thing of ever seen happen.

Eventually the doll of the value of the dollar is going to start thinking if it's not already you can get us up to date on that because as they print more money just come up with more money is circulated around the pump more in the value of an individual dollar goes down don't have to worry about the value of the dollar not just here in America but around the world, especially, absolutely, that's, you know, even though it has not happened, does not mean that were immune from it not happening and you know there is this pandemic crisis covert, 19 but there's an epidemic called that that is being just liberated even worse than the though and I don't want to minimize the health virus that the virus is just unreal. I mean, I thought we had a financial problem, yet bring before all this happened now is just complete insanity.

The dollars actually gone up 3% 3 1/2% year to date. That's because there's been a flight to safety, but once all this money gets in the system. You can't defy economics can't defy gravity and when you issue all the money it has to be it has to be unmanaged. It has to be accounted for and it will be inflationary. That's why a lot of people are hedging themselves in gold and that's why central banks have been buying gold aggressively because the dollar has been propagated through a debt instruments called the treasury and I saw this all coming into the virus coming, but they saw the debt of the United States growing here a few years ago, and that's what he saw big big movement by central banks buying gold aggressively the most flashier and 50 years in the previous year 2018 was the second most that central banks ever bought. So they're seeing a problem coming for an hour just through nitroglycerin on the fire yeah now I know it's a matter being defensive and I think a lot of people are unfortunately they just look at the stock market. They say okay. It was up 779 points were back to 23,433 we are at 29,348 on February 19 were coming right back baby.

But the thing you gotta remember I talked about this of the other friend of mine that's in the financial industry that was on not that long was stockbroker guy present lesson if you lose 50%. So you go. That's it. She's 100 grand, you lose 50%.

You go down the 50,000 to get that back in to get back to hundred thousand dollars.

You need not now you need to have 100% return because you're working with a lot less capital and people I think are out there. David going all I lost 45% and I will make 45% back up but that's not right because you down to a much lower amount of capital now. In that case you hundred grand 50 grand 50% drop 90 to hundred percent returns to get back to hundred grand.

You need to double your money. I just don't know that people are really thinking clearly about what you know we haven't had the earnings report come out and start my back are significantly how much they there's strong but pretty close to being done and that's what prompted the market and certainly dividends are not there anymore, so I can achieve this.

Take see combat out all of this can be an elf yeah that's a scary thought of John hold David were talking to David Fisher from Lynn Mark M. about feel how much we did delete what about a bill and we'll talk about that how we protect ourselves will be right back to Megan Steve Noble to Steve Noble show back live on the radio.

We missed it for a couple of days some things going on that that will control. But all that's back in the control now that so back on the radio always live pretty much on Facebook when we do the show Monday through Friday 4:56 PM Eastern. So when you listen to the radio show and her many affiliates you can join us, right here in the studio. We can have a sidebar conversation during commercial breaks and more content, more conversation. When you're in Facebook live versus radio. But whatever works for you and you can always listen to the podcast you want to you can watch the Facebook live of the show whenever you want to do that on Facebook. Just go to my radio page. There, the Steve Noble show radio page on Facebook or my personal page. You can always get the podcast where the podcast available. We usually do Monday Monday updates at the beginning of towards the end of the show.

Most Mondays of the month, the first Monday of the month we do a full Monday Monday Monday update with our friend David Fisher from Lynn Mark B. Talk about all these different aspects of the of the economy and finance and investments.

David is been in the precious metals industry for over two decades now. So that's an aspect of the conversation, but it's a much broader conversation than that and I and I find people that I know and like and trust in people that are we bonded in the spirit through Jesus Christ. And that's who I allow on that's I'm very protective of the air very protective of over trying to do together in David's been very helpful for helping us understand since David is good to hear from you again, thanks for helping us out. Absolutely you know something that's going out there that there was talk about Lasher's of the local states 40 states Lasher in a report that came out from truth in accounting. This not-for-profit organization is been around for over decade. They monitor the health of each state. Their financial health and last year before the virus 40 states could not afford to pay their bills and 44 states had it D or an F in their scorecard so were talking Colorado's $800 million Heather $800 million revenue decline.

Hawaii 225 million revenue decline, New York 15 billion West Virginia lost $9 million just recently from the casinos going under. So working that she is not just the federal level is not a state level and the numbers are even larger. Now the report hasn't come out yet since the coronavirus but it it's going to be very challenging, as they say on the federal and state level to make the ends meet, yet I think Logan is see here and when they keep talking about the numbers, the virus numbers are lagging a couple weeks from behind you see the coronavirus numbers trailing often to see a flattening of the curve. You can see the daily death numbers coming down in all that's can appear to be doing better but then I don't.

The financial numbers are going to do the exact opposite. And as we approach the summer move into the summer. I think that something worse. The reverberations from this giant boulder got dropped in the middle of the lake make it to the shoreline and there's obviously a lot of people 10 million that we know of are ready filed for an event and that's just in a ripple and ripple and ripple and how long it lasts.

Yes, we need to be praying for those in authority over us, but we also knew to be praying over this financial situation because it's going to have real physical ramifications and impact as well with anxiety and depression that all affect suicide rates, heart attack, all that kind of stuff. You may not get the coronavirus, but this economic calamities can hurt a lot of people as well physically. Self let's make sure word for not forgetting prayer. Prayer is the only thing we should do but which do nothing without it we need to be people of prayer throughout all of this because human wisdom is not can be enough for anybody to get out of this and a decent condition but that's so important and that's why we always had these conversations in the show with the biblical worldview that's going to talk about the bail in and give a little history that some people understand that that isn't just kinda crazy talk is actually happening around the world and the we'll talk about it American context. On top of head of a bailout. We filled out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and General Motors came to the rescue.

We gave them some money so they want blonde or otherwise have been much more severe than what we arty experienced in 2008 through 12 of Phelan's office so that no entity comes to the rest in the country goes internally into versus the accounts it happened in nine countries, eight of them being European and one pianist from South America in the last seven years she's been written up by Fox news in depth study on it. Our own government website Google Vista white paper between the F BIC and the Bank of England get to probably first or second link from the top and those be called resolving globally actively submit systemically important financial and fusion of the mouth full of marbles is whether this basically it's an 18 page white paper on our government website that lists the term bail in nine times and explains how the balance works on our government level because they passed a law called the Dodd Frank act in 2010. In this white paper is a layman's term on how to understand the bail and from the government's perspective I have to do is just read the first executive summary the third paragraph and is summarized in one paragraph, the whole summary on how the country the government our country who we live in can go into your IRA your 401(k) your bank account anything to do in paper because the bail and is done. Steve electronically and they can seize a portion of your well in the interpretation by the article done in the Wall Street Journal is they said 5671% so mention that half could possibly up to three quarters the refunds going directly to the government to short the financial system as a backstop there to take care of it. Somehow they were going to devalue the currency which they probably will have to with all the money that's being issued or default don't think we'll do that or inflate, or they go to do a bail in our combination of those events with the bail and is and that's what we talk about it because wisdom brings knowledge and we want people informed on what this is all about you and that's obviously awake the worst case scenario, backed into the corner and that's when we were going to survive, but I always encourage people.

Whether were talking about something like the bail in a financial bail in which he seen in other countries or were talking about what's going on. The coronavirus do not have pre-9/11 mindset in a post-9/11 world. We need to be far more imaginative. Now I'm not a catastrophe as that's what Glenn Beck calls himself. He sees is a conspiracy theorist in many different ways.

He is always thinking the worst case is always gotta be some kind of insidious plan behind everything in a cabal in the worldwide domination alike in the stuff which I think unfortunately some of that close because I really don't think he has the solid joy of the Lord. I don't know his heart, but as a Mormon, those hobbies but for us, we need to like. Who would've thought six months ago that we would shutter our entire economy for pretty low percentage chance of most of us getting sick to any serious degree. I mean we have to be willing to be that just about anything on this messed up fallen world is possible. That's not paranoia, is that David is in a just sound rational thinking. The sound rational thing is just hard to get our arms around that one point hard to get arms around that were to fly the member we flew to the moon and back inů The normal thing. It's hard to get your arms around of Phelan when this never happened before, but get it. We look to other countries and it's become like the new norm. So it's to say were immune from it is just not even being a good steward is this it is real. It is there. I hope they never do it but Journal, fever, this term war bonds they're talking about a war bond. Now I view your anything about on the news.

No woods I tell me about that we haven't done that since World War II should think about this. Jim Cramer was a major talk shows on CNBC. As you know we need to do. We need to have war bonds and then Larry Kudlow came on to show the interview Jim Cramer interviewed Larry any and Kudlow thought that was a great idea to mention this to the president why my question is why we've been talking about a war bonds or I mean the viruses. The war, but it's not a were talking about the levels of debt that we handed during World War II were going there but why would they need another financial instrument to issue that to get more people to invest in the country so that the country receives revenue choking, keep spending, obviously, that tells us there is a big problem issuing enough treasuries that the world is one of buying enough treasures not been saying for a year and 1/2 now that the world was backing away from holding identical treasuries.

They wanting to move outside the dollar and if they been doing it in oil and that's why one reason why is having a problem with this oral has collapsed and the dollar is not being work with not getting the revenue near as much from oil.

So now they're talking about issuing a another form had called a war bond.

That's why will you know this whole idea of a bail and is not that far off, I can say this I am not. I've never been this concerned ever about a bill and then tell her them talking about a war bond which says something.

There is not enough that to keep the system afloat.

Kudlow talks to MSNBC. The next thing you know is good to get to the president in a war bond which is just is so frontloaded that hey if you really care about America you care about the survival of the nation. If you hear about your neighbor.

Hey, if you're Christian is little love your neighbor as yourself.

You should buy war bonds and the answer to the America's problem is never been the government it's Americans know we don't even know where bonds let's go back to work operating under fear.

It's just amazing.

Some people yes you need to quarantine need to look out the old people look out for people that have conditions that can make them particularly susceptible to this, but like I said before I sent this to you the other day, I fear that brought antiphon night flight talking to David Fisher this is Steve Noble will be right all of the seasonable show great day and talking our good friend David Lynn

The website Lynn They also have a series of YouTube videos that are there to YouTube get on go to YouTube heard of YouTube as some ask your children or grandchildren. A challenge for some of us but if you go to YouTube just the search box there just put in landmark capital will find out just educate yourself a lot of people the gold thing is like I don't understand that by Golden bunker somewhere and get some Catalan and by some chickens to be on the middle of nowhere and there's been a lot of wacky gold advertising and stuff going on over the years so you need to get educated. It has a role to play. I mean, I know, big time, very conservative, very wise, shrewd investment advisors and stuff that like yet deftly has a place real estate cash gold investments. Having a good diversified portfolio. So just like like I said, just like a teeter totter know what happens if the everybody's on one and you jump off the other. And that's not good or a silver big sale on top, catching the wind called at the prevailing market forces will you have underneath the winds blowing like crazy. That's called the keel and is anything balancing your portfolio and that's why you gotta get educated and learn about the different tools that are out there and that's why so helpful to have David Fisher here helping us to understand all these different things and begin David, thanks so much for your time here. Riverwalk struggling as you're talking there because today I went to the largest radio station here locally in the number one talk show host. They reached out to me and now they're endorsing our company here, straight up and so I recorded record.

A commercial with them and we're just ironically going over health all these other gold companies are don't talk about the end of the world and you will partner with your gold, silver, hearsay living on the farm. I lived on the farm. I never thought there so many people in my industry that think that way and use a lot of pressure and were all about education strategy and I can use your silver gold go to the grocery store just the hedges diversified tool portfolio in your tool in your portfolio and economic sense to have a portion not all I could on the root commercial should you and put all your money in stocks.

Neither should your money and gold the wrong thing also. So you diversified a portion the seven apportioned to ache as you do not know what tragedy may befall you.

Yes, the diversification's always been the language of smart investing includes would you say that that's like actually buying gold buying precious metals taking possession of it, would you say it's not for everybody to say it is for life actually told people is not for them. I can say in 26 years of told about a dozen people would wouldn't benefit you and and 99% of time. They followed my advice and also shot myself in the foot to tell them what I thought was the right thing for them to hear for their situation, but I'd say the majority of the public as a blanket term.

It's probably a prudent and wise thing to have a portion of your money in the gold, especially during these uncertain times, and if we move forward into more in certain times and I think the worst problem is still coming enough, the corporate bond market.

When that unravels and that's what we had three hedge funds failed build out here by the Fed gently as we would've started all over. Not just the coronavirus and all the unemployment we would had actually on top of that a significant immediate financial meltdown like 2008 if not greater the corporate bond market is going to be the problem. It's coming at the end of this year. Third, in the third quarter beginning of fourth and sleeping into the next year at the put into perspective the meltdown in 2008 was a 4.9 trillion bond market Capitalization were three times as much 15.5 trillion, and in the last year there's been a default rate that is risen 50% of of the corporations that are triple B which is a junk-bond status.

They're having all kinds of problems in the Fed builds amount recently so that turned into a big mess there's have to throw a lot of money at it is a lot more than what were doing right now which will be inflation or they let the thing fall apart.

I don't think they'll do that but if they did that that would be just horrendous given you very seldom can I say this that a lot of roads lead to goal right now in this environment and such righteous imperative to be be conservative but be thoughtful to get some education and she why gold is bought by the biggest money in the world called central banks see this problem coming they saw it coming and they're still saying when it was going to get worse. That's like like a lot of people just know some of the people I deal with, swept into cash at the beginning of March and like okay this looks like this is getting a really bad and we don't want you to drop 50% because then you can have to have 100% returns to get back to where you were so organist sweep into cash for a lot of brokers that obvious Cashmere and cash. They're not making money and so light on. Don't even think about that, but we need to be defensive, and there's a time to do that. There's a couple different vehicles do that any anything else kind of on the future we know Balin's can happen they have happened in other parts of the world.

The mechanisms are in place, that if it were to get bad enough.

In America they actually could do that come in electronically and literally nail themselves out by dipping into the public treasury to above public trough meeting. Ours individuals any other problems in the future that that we should be concerned about. We got the debt load on corporate bonds all that stuff anything else out there that's kind of blooming David on the horizon.

In the article the other day about five signs of economic challenges in the use or collapse. I don't like using that terminology and as I read in the and these are from financial planners say this with all letters behind their name does your little party letter.

That's where this came from. They been around since 1986 so very well respected letter in the end.

As I look at these five things growing government that stock market that's trading at all-time high unemployment rate rising, unsustainable government that and global that we have all the makings of some major problem still coming and you know their solution is just create more debt create more money, more spending and that's why it's with you. We're still not learned to fix the problem. From 2008 were just doing the same thing over supper on massive steroids so gold went up 250% in four years for this time we have a Balin that's what's really important to get some diversification you can rollover your IRA your 401(k) in the gold and take physical possession of your metals without a tax liability with the white paper on that we believe in strategy and education. Learning how that can be done legally. So it's it's imperative now during economic uncertain times to diversify. Not really be two years too early in two days too late. We have the first leg down windows with the stock market is going to keep going down or not. But what we do know is who. The results will be bad coming out for corporate profits, which is not to cause the market to go up if anything broke down and when this corporate bond bubble burst. That's going to be a detrimental thing and resource we have more downside of more liability than the light at the end of the tunnel rightwhat I'm trying to say. It makes perfect sense as people get the humans and the white papers we talked about the video, talking people get more information on the old-fashioned way 844-879-8882 Allstate floor 844-879-8882 or go to our website landmark okay. One other question that will be done given a given. You know this is your area of expertise.

Assistance is your business and this is your calling house.

How would you suggest is that we be Dupree.

Right now we need to be praying about a lot of things. Those in authority over us. We need to pray for all the leaders in the various fears dealing with the situation. We know we need to be praying first and foremost for the gospel to go forth, but from a financial perspective, how do you think how should that affect our prayers because we don't want to be no material or stick. I just want to protect what I have. How would you suggest we carry that in my prayers for the first thing that you're talking about when you pray for president because he is Alana shoulders. But this boy was found to each individual asked the Lord what is in what year of the Lord's been speaking to your spirit to clarify that what role you should take is that helping your neighbor financially is not helping amicably, careful of the virus. I get all that this is because you are you being called to do something. Maybe baby bison bold are you supposed to get some money in cash are useful should just leave your money. Words that but I think the prayer is our Persian. Should the Lord give me wisdom in this environment. In this confusing world and help me through my through the Holy Spirit that connection to our spirit. What I ought to do with my funds right now and I think God who's got a truthful make that really clear and I've always said it's the same thing as you know going and get dates.

Even the eggs are in on the grocery list you follow that and make voice thick speaks use the Holy Spirit I and you come home and you didn't have eggs on the grocery list but your wife as you should've told you give a that so I think this is become your own banker becoming changed more than any other time in history because were in the room the balance right now and who knows what might happen yet gently wisdom for those in authority over us. Thanks for reminding us that wisdom for ourselves and has to be led by the Holy Spirit. I think in the in the Western church here in America. Oftentimes, we cannot say sounds a little hokey Pokey alone can defeat know that this Scripture if you lack wisdom asked pray for it ask for it asked to be led by the Holy Spirit. It's all there in Scripture. So we need to take God and his word.

David Fisher always great to hear from you.

Thanks so much landmark is the website landmark or as David likes to say the old-fashioned way 844-879-8882 844-879-8880 to get information past and pray for wisdom and then try to make the decisions and trust the Lord is all and it on the other side of that something thanks David appreciate you. Love you my brother will talk to you soon. Absolutely happy Easter value to he is risen he is risen indeed. Remember that because I'm Friday on Good Friday.

Good news only.

You want to talk about good things that God is been doing in your life of these last few weeks. That's awesome.

But on Friday in a band.

The words Corona coronavirus Cove in 19 pandemic working to ban all those words on Friday or by God's going to do tomorrow I the noble God willing

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