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Good Friday!

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April 13, 2020 10:47 pm

Good Friday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 13, 2020 10:47 pm

What is Reality?

In the times of a pandemic and quarantine, it is hard to keep track of what reality is. However, today we have Dr. Seth Corey of the Cleveland Clinic to help clear the air of confusion.


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Thank you and God Bless

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Your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble direction and stayed away from Mark overnight talk about everything on Friday and we just discuss with one another.

The wise Good Friday. Good a lot of different reasons people called and some were talking about some of them were talking about specific to the resurrection, absence of reports talk about the things going on. I recently so were back talking about the news today and we will be talking to Dr. Seth Cory is a Prof. pediatrics, cancer biology, transitional hematology and oncology and research at the Cleveland clinic and he's been writing a daily post on Facebook and update every single day there really what they're really well written really helpful coming out from a lot of different direction. That's one of the challenges here is that we've got that second time in its multifaceted moving along.

We have incomplete information.

We really don't even know how many people have coronavirus in America. Therefore, we don't really know what the actual mortality rate. I mean how do we come up with that. So things have been kind all over the map and as we deal with these issues and as we look at the headlines a doctor to stop whatever talking scientific medical perspective or from a political perspective, a constitutional perspective an economic perspective. Let's all remember. Okay, let's all remember that there are people dying that there is heartbreak there is loss media mean the ultimate loss right that the death of a level all kinds of tragic stories out there. We are talking about a large number of people's let's let's not forget that as we deal with all of these numbers and try to understand this and getting we can get upset about what's going on politically at the local level. The state level the federal level, there have been looking at world of metered info right now. 23,414 death and matches here in the United States and a big chunk of that in New York, 10,000 coming up on 11,000 of those are in New York. So those are real people, real tragedy not even talking about all the economic things going on and it's been all over the map evening with Dr. Faucher to go back and look at some of the things this is not a major threat to the people United States, and this is not something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about. He said that on January 21 and Jerry 26th to the American people should not be worried or frightened by this is a very very low risk in the United States.

If you're healthy young person. He said this in March March 9 your healthy young person.

There's no reason. If you want to go on a cruise ship on a cruise ship so things have been all over the map. So I think most of us are struggling to understand what is reality and what isn't, what can we actually trust. How do we make informed decisions and be good neighbors and how we live rationally and not tank our country.

All the same time very, very difficult discussion but it's good to have Dr. Seth Cory in the house today.Cory thanks for being with us. How are you fine everyone with thing in the yes sir, thank you so much so you know we are so much the cover were knocking to get a complete conversation in the in the short time that we have together today but I just want to come to go back for you SMEs been the medical profession research and a professor for years. When this first kind of become a topic of interest for you and then you start writing about it. Almost immediately, but what was your first reaction. All of this given your background and your my family member. Very weird of what they were. Provider work. There were both fourth of October lot and my. If you short something deal with it and got a bit of a rough connection right now. Dr. Cory so I'm in 1/2.

I don't know if you can change locations, but we were missing a lot of what you're saying, but what you hear me better now Yep that's much better. Thank you.

Anyway, it began February when before beginning to hear about the coronavirus new fire is that of China and my family member that rents were becoming quite weird about what men and like birth reassure them and look at the numbers look at what data were happy to write you always writer your people.

But not brought in that we will get will help us understand because I know a lot of people are we been talking about each one in one we've been talking about the swine flu because we didn't react this way before. Certainly reacting this way now to help us understand that Dr. Cory about what what so different from a medical scientific perspective about the coronavirus versus these other things because I was seaweed and shut the country down before and that the good every year that they calculate somewhere between 20,000 50,000 individual would die of the flu that major public health really wasn't on the rig craft were activate different rotavirus that there is no hard review of the purity, though every couple of years.

The new fire and thick component the world being whether you think the virus but four years ago or Ebola virus.

Every year, though a regular influence of a 130 frame that will fight the pride and this is a related virus different Pirates of the wonderworking so it happened. Virus the coronavirus along group of viruses that cause some time ago or recently. I think it's too thousand Middle East during Cory Freddie and then about 15 years ago.

The first so-called are part again that came from China.

Though this virus has the ability to use case established and more purely fire Dr. Dr. Cory Dr. Seth. Grandma put on hold right click working to call him back and try to get a better connection. I got some questions about the flu they mention the flu virus itself changes all the time and it's kind of a short dark every year. So why is this different again. I'm trying to understand that I know you are as well will be right back rotavirus.

What's happening in the country and especially how were reacting to her talking to Dr. Seth Cory today for just couple of segments, a professor of pediatrics, cancer biology, transitional hematology and oncology research at the Cleveland clinic obscene up in Cleveland Ohio and again that Dr. Cory. We appreciate your time today. Okay, that sounds much better. Okay good.

Thank you so much. Alright so I just a couple questions on the flu thing because we think everybody's going back and forth about is it like the flu.

It's not like the flu the art.

The Arnott value is meaning how how contagious it is different, but then people will talk about. We have what we need a vaccination. But even for the flu, yet different strains all the time and people get the flu vaccination every year and then they some people end up getting the flu so I can help us understand how they are similar, how they are not in the will move on because I think that's a source of a lot of fusion for a lot of people will be different between influenza and coronavirus that there different family environment.

Many, many respiratory viruses. Viruses that affect the know the long and because bad cough being fed on guided or pneumonia. Influenza A and B are two main family members. They mutate pretty frequently and as a result, new vaccine Be made every year in order to confer resistance to that and don't even in spite of the vaccination we have been United States.

Somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 people dying of complications from the flu, namely, pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, now coronavirus is another family of viruses that also will attack no back of the throat. Your lung and will cause either a mild cold or more severe respiratory disease that everything would coronavirus COBIT 19 there was about five years ago in Nancy coronavirus that came from the Middle East was very dearly and that died out. Then the bad 14, 15 years ago we had to another coronavirus which gave the way the name of our or sudden adult respiratory distress syndrome and that was a nasty virus and that is that basically died out. Now the world is dealing with a new form of third grade you will Nancy coronavirus called star to basically the difference between this and flu is one we don't have a vaccine for coronavirus. There was some interest in developing a vaccine against the first stars but because that by reciting out there was little interest to you.

The program another different between the flu and this coronavirus is that it doesn't so much because pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, as the complications but it causes something called so respiratory that syndrome, which is where the lungs become very and filled up with the fluid and that makes it very difficult for people to talk to so there's some similarities there viruses. They attacked the respiratory system dissimilarity and that one has a vaccine that repaired every year and the other one doesn't. In the flu case we get pneumonia in the case of the coronavirus to get something called adult respiratory so what you think in so many different facets to this story and what's happening because as the political pressure.

Now there's the economic realities involved in this science of medicine but but why because I've I've never I'm 54 years of age. I've never seen anything like this in my life in terms of the reaction and to me it looks like were using a shotgun as opposed to a laser and assuming that everything's going to happen the same way around the country in New York soon to be the same as Minnesota.

So what what your analysis. Dr. of the way we used a blanket solution to the whole country and lock the whole place down, as opposed to looking at hotspots isolating the people that are vulnerable. The older the sick and the rest of us go about our day and most of us I think would when is it true that most of us would a lot of us would get it. We don't we overcome it and then we be fine and go back to US five questions you so perfectly about the lockdown. As I said we don't have a back that vaccine is that 100% effective, but it may be 70 to 90% effective so that cut down on one risk of developing an inspection note in the afternoon of a vaccine. What could the country do for the first thing that the country did the president did was very early was to check out visitors coming from China where the epidemic originated that reduce the number of contagious United date and that quite frankly was very controversial when he did that and then about two weeks later he shut out visitors coming from Europe because of the bribe of the epidemic went China to Europe. Typically Italy and they were the hot areas in the absence of the vaccine. The only method was really do prevent individuals from coming to the country but we don't know how contagious it is and we won't really know how contagious it is for some time, but it's probably a little bit more contagious than the flu, but not near where he is near as contagious as usual for smallpox between several times more contagious than the flu.

So there are individuals because of their genetic nature for half that you get exposed to the virus and are asymptomatic.

They don't have fever.

They don't have but they're shedding the virus in these individuals may or may not be as contagious as a person coughing productively.

You so using basic common sense. The idea was the absence of a vaccine having limited the number of people coming from epidemic hot stone best court to try to contain epidemic by having people maintain will be called social or physical just for the sake of time and will try to have you back on another time so we can keep driving in this, but what about the whole conversation about herd immunity about that real quick.

We only 45 seconds okay well herd immunity. One, you get point in the community the virus. We can and is not as contagious as it was when there was no immunity though it may be 50% of the population is immune to the virus for the virus.

You know, goes into hibernation motors that doesn't become a major public health and that the goal in a vaccination, and that may be involved in some places, exposing people to the virus and letting the herd immunity buildup you think we missed the boat on because Lisa everybody. We will try to sequester everybody so nobody really is having a chance to build up herd immunity that that's a very good question and I don't know yet.

I think that's the challenge we all have. You mentioned that before, is that there's so much that we don't know Dr. Cory will get back to you will have it back, thanks much for your input will be right back.

I could see Melissa show and committed stuff can be and I was just asked that we all this is present together how frustrating it is because we have so many questions there's there's so many different angles. All of this in so many facets. It's all in motion. Right now, that's where we have to slow down a little bit work on collecting information were trying to understand what's going on with incomplete information. It's like coming in as it happens, and then you got political pressure economic pressure that most of us are feeling now the coronavirus is knocking on fact every American. But what were doing to ourselves and our economy.

It except for like the ultra-wealthy people have a lot of money put away, but that is a very small percentage of our nation.

Sad to say the average American family isn't ready to pay for a $1000 car repair so this the V house of cards that is most individuals financial life. Certainly most cities and most states, and in fact the federal government that 23.5 trillion, and climbing will be a 30 trillion most likely year as they continue to roll out relief program at the relief program to trillion here for trillion there.

Another 2 trillion maybe working to do an infrastructure bill. I mean it's insanity and all things out the cart and you see around the world to let that clock is Google the debt clock will look at it, but you can also look at the world that clock go look at all these other countries are all upside down. Some of them have an debt to GDP ratio of like 250%, meaning your operational you make 100 grand a year, but your yearly bills are 250 how you do that you know that if you can borrow the money. Keep getting more credit cards or in the case of United States Pres. and all that stuff going on in all this information so right now I'm looking at that I'm looking at the current numbers okay coronavirus or America, and I started to show and I want to remind everybody a good friend of mine were seen as a message this morning and it was a good reminder because he had a family member that died alone in the coronavirus and as we all go back and forth in it's not like the fluid sunset is really rude. People are dying 22,004, and 62 in America that we know of people are dying. Families are being devastated husband wives because once one father and his 20-year-old son who had asthma died within like day of each other there is tragedy going on there. So as we engage these things and were getting frustrated. I've some frustration massive frustration federal approach massive frustration about the statewide approach and where it's okay to go buy some liquor and by some pansies and kill your baby but you can't go to church because that's nonessential so I see a trampling of our constitutional rights all over the place. The right to assemble the right to free exercise of leaves and this is all scare. But let's not forget that there are people dying in and we don't.

I never I've never said that about the flu and in 12 years of doing radio hey everybody that's reminisce 40 or 50,000 people dying this year, the flu, which is normal as is part of life's like car accidents and heart disease in this that the other thing and I will remind you the number one cause of death in America is not heart disease which takes about 650,000 people year is not heart disease. As I told the 1990 and come close. If we had 60,000 this year. Know the number one cause of death in America is abortion entered 50,000. And that's just the ones that we know 16,500 a week, 2300. To date we have, and it 2300 coronavirus's day a day and we won't. We have is now the death rate looks like it's going down the praise the Lord for that. I'm not minimizing that every life you if you're pro-life your pro-life from the womb to the two rich poor doesn't matter super sick and old or or four months gestation in the parallel manner. So today, 23,111 new cases in 1357 new debt today versus 2300 abortion today will be shut down anything for that. Okay that's of this is you know me I talk about the pro-life issue a lot. I bring it in contrast to the we were reacting to the coronavirus, even if it was going let's go back to that the numbers they had a week ago 10 days ago hundred grand a 240 grand 240,000 people.

That terrible yet. Why one person that there's paint loss 240,000 yeah 850,000 never had a chance to live in the first place. Talk about dying alone will wire 00 mothers. There your father apparently most cases, doing nothing yesterday 27,000 new cases 1528 new deaths in the United States today before April 11 30,000 new cases, 1830 new deaths April 10 33,000 new cases 2035 new deaths. That was our highest day April 9 33,000 new cases in 19 1901 new deaths April 8 31,997 new cases in 1943 new deaths and it goes down from there and it all matters. The heartbreaking is not as heartbreaking as abortion and and I know a lot I know that we don't hear that he that's different know it is no is every life is a mess of inestimable worth.

Okay and I got all kinds of headlines out there so if ever we needed a reminder about prayer. Now and to pray for those in authority over us. First Timothy chapter 2. Pray 110 if you need a reminder and you probably do pray one Tim. 2.I did for years. I didn't start doing it. I didn't want to pray for Barack Obama until I was confronted by the reality of what Scripture says to pray for those in authority over you and it doesn't have a little caveat in there for what you voted for me not read you like him or not, or greet them at all. Pray for those in authority over pray one Tim go there pick your state and get on a daily get a daily email bunch of elected official to pray for.

Boy do we need to be doing that you think down front need your prayers. He does what you think is a Christian or not what you like him or not what you voted for Manatt and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, all vouching Burks, the head of the CBC Surgeon General, although they only our prayers. Though, because it's just crazy.

A New York City scientist listen to this largest US study of covert, 19 finds obesity. The single biggest chronic factor in age and Dr. Corey was showing some of this stuff in his in his updates about the average age of people and things of that nature.

And yet we we come in here with a one-size-fits-all in this. I think it's in the end in the now and I hope I'm wrong. I think it's going to be one I will be the biggest botched reaction or on purpose because of point hey if we can impeach him, he that's that's that's tank the economy let's go down this road of we want we want the we want the strongest reaction possible because we know organ have 16 million people unemployed and who knows what the numbers going to get out of this Thursday and that doesn't look so good for the president doesn't all those political realities are there there there in I keep saying I were on the womb. Now everybody's fighting for the lives even though the vast majority of us have nothing to be afraid you make it sick make it through you hide under the bed. Bill Bennett had an article he said back in 9/11 right it was it was what was the phrase back in L. Right.

Let's roll.

Hate You guys come in us will, you, we can't were not to lose. Let's roll. Let's go buckle down Mance get it done and outputs roll up in a ball at side of the bed. That's an article that Bill Bennett former education secretary said that and then that's right.

In many ways, and this is very difficult. All 50 states under a disaster declaration for the first time in US history that should matter, we should be paying attention to that and that now usually when state governor. The feds are declaring a national emergency disaster declaration. That's to free up federal money to grease the skids for a lot of stuff, but it's never happened in US history or something where we have a morbidity rate of mortality rate of what 1% .3%.

We don't even know what that is. You don't really know how many people have right now we can say based on the numbers as half a million people haven't died and so it's got a mortality rate of 1.4%. That works out. But we don't know there might be 10 million people that actually have a right now in your mortality rate goes way down. And it's really the biggest problem is obesity. Preconception pre-existing conditions. Anything asthma any heart problems anything with autoimmune deficiency. Older people start looking at Ohio. You start looking around and see what the average age of people for Ohio. The median age of a confirmed case is 54 years old. The median age of the hospitalized page and is 64 years old. The median age of death is 79 years old and there in those numbers.

This is a Dr. Corey was writing in those numbers.

There's an important guide for how to wean meaning.

How do we get back to normal. It's not one-size-fits-all, but that's what we've done and you've got some of the sleaziness. This is the insanity of it as we fold in on ourselves because we don't have the peace that surpasses all understanding turned our back on God and so there's a spiritual aspect office.

One of the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

He thinks he got 18 months of rolling shutdowns, 18 months and there's that China sees a surgeon new coronavirus and we don't have any of the information out there think we've got actual numbers they could have had 4 million people died. No is no it China puts restrictions on publishing academic research on coronavirus origin. I came out today.

South Korea war recovered coronavirus patients test positive.

At least hundred 16 people cleared the virus have tested positive again raising questions for authorities. France extends the coronavirus lockdown for another month, another going on may 11th on and on and on on on those the person prayer, not a person of fear. You why This is Steve Noble will be right back. At this rate will go Monday Monday update lot going on financial world, and the more the pray for revival. Anything else will be right back normal show hearing a lot of alarming things. I'm sharing my frustration and very transparent with you guys then to got your to know what I'm thinking you know them yelling and I get on the air and talk about all these different things and let's remember as Christians were about to talk to David Fisher to do a little money Monday update will start with the passage of Scripture which is where we should all be starting. I heard some of you recently say that we should we should treat our our cell phones we should treat our smart phones like now what right now like our children, meaning we put them down to bed at night before we go to bed, put down, shut off kids go to bed and then we get up and get things done in the morning before returning back on freeway kick is quite under then you turn your cell phone.

I thought that was a great piece of advice, but that's what right now. What an incredible opportunity to to show if you're a believer in Jesus Christ. We are born again that you you should have the peace that surpasses all understanding, and as difficult as this isn't as heartbreaking as it is and as challenging as it is, it's temporary.

And guess what believer your father Christ you're celebrating Jesus's resurrection yesterday. You can put your hands up like I am doing right now you go amen thank you Lord Jesus because I'm not going down what this ship.

I've Artie been rescued, but I should care about all the other people that are in the water and we do and we need to try to share that ultimate rescue with them. Well, so I don't want to sound like Rahm Emanuel here and say let's not let a good tragedy go to waste. But let's not. And if you're really struggling some help. Talk to some people. We talk to take Cockrell couple weeks ago. Great Christian counselor go look that show up on the website and the podcast. It was just a couple weeks ago on a Thursday and get that kind help us make sure were staying close to the Lord staying in Princeton in word. We have a great opportunity right now to show people the path through all this, let's talk. Our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M are very interesting days and this is a moving target every single day David how are you moving target. Thank you friend me on phone great things L praise Lord that's good here. Okay, before we dive and all these crazy things going on economically. Let's start to where we should be starting every day and hopefully finishing every day with the passage of Scripture at least one passage, but in this case were in the Gospels. John chapter 21. Let's start there and he said to them on the right side of the boat and you will find a catch. They Therefore and then they were not able to hold event because the number because of the great number of fish usually show this is obviously after Jesus was done I was crucified diapers. Any rose from the dead any peers to use disciples specifically Simon Peter and pursing the Scripture. They Artie had gone fishing at night the whole night they caught nothing. And so Jesus was asking them to do something holy.

Contrary to what their experience and what their livelihood is been go fishing during the middle of the day, and cast it on the other side of the boat and others don't do it the same way you been doing it do something different and what was the outcome in an incredible amount of fish so much that Burnett could even hold the amount of fish and it had a hard time getting in the boat that amount of fish still do not tear their nets so here we see the miracle work of God and sometimes God asked us to step out of our normal step out of the things our comfort zone. Step out of the thing that how we would see we've always done it this way.

It was called being led by the Holy Spirit in you love something that that we all can as believers following his word and being engaged in what God is called us to do, especially during these uncertain times, you might ask us to fish differently and to look at things differently because the harvest is ripe in this environment been absolutely true and what you came with me and we met at a harvester scene with Greg Laurie last weekend because just got you something interesting way to drum pushed out to twitter about the Palm services Sunday and in harvests over 11,000 people made professions of faith. Last Sunday and then yesterday on Easter they saw over 5000 people made professions of faith. So God is just rolling Annette in a different way. In the midst of this crazy storm ran and is being glorified in the kingdom is being built and we need to praise the Lord for that. It's a great reminder is so last Wednesday David when we were on and we are talking that you brought this up, that there's a big, big huge issue coming in the future as we are talking about corporate debt in the very next day, the Fed did something rather interesting to validate that concern. What happened close on precedent and what and what I saw was a record, $150 billion in investment grade bonds were downgraded to junk and so they called fallen Angels is the terminology severe that they were referring to good quality phones becoming junk bonds and this is what happened to the $1.3 trillion jump on market got read, reprice and show and then many investors saw this happening. The very next day the Fed made this all her windows only say horrific and it was horrific and horrendous announcement. $2.3 trillion with the G new monetary program. They want to expand quantitative easing. Basically, they want to buy municipal bonds asset-backed securities investment-grade corporate bonds, but the Fed also bought for the first time in history, junk bonds and asked the class that the Fed is never bond interactive breaks guidelines that were set up in 1913/29 by Lehman Brothers in 2008, but this time the living, changing laws that impress make any amendments they just went against the guidelines of their own criteria and junk bonds is almost insanity, but it should also tell us that how severe the system God we got so close to 2008 last Wednesday. Tuesday skews me in the Fed came out on Thursday with them today or so and took care of this is just a huge issue that I think is going to lead to some bigger problems down the road, but this pleases to the multi trillion dollar question at what point will the Fed stopped in putting assets everywhere in will live in a free market anymore. This is socialism.

Federal Reserve style. So what was behind this to feel good.

We gotta take care, the American people. We can afford to have our economy collapse. Yada yada yada. Because we are not willing to let anything fail when we see this time and time again their handling the coronavirus the same way because every things politically charged the white why do you think they did. This was ultimately behind what we would have another truth I think a couple things we would've had another meltdown like 2008, but more severe because the corporate bond market is 15.5 trillion, and it was 4.9 trillion, 4.7 trillion in 2008 using a covered bond market which I'm a corporate debt you so these companies that issued all these buybacks on their stock to to get the money from somewhere so you should a corporate bond to raise revenue so they could buy back their stock to prop up the stock value drive the market up and show when they came to this crisis. They didn't have the money to do that if buybacks are stock and then came to a halt in money to pay dividends and that their corporate bond payment was coming due and they leverage their money through derivatives and they have that coming to. It was a financial mess. It was getting them to unravel and show it was a do or die moment for the Fed and the economy and Wall Street and so they did. They went against all criteria all sound judgment and the things they build out corporations and put into perspective. I mean the true trillion $2.2 trillion care bill only 250 billion reports or $1200 Paychex another 250 is for unemployment insurance trust 500 billion mess the average consumer put in perspective, Wall Street getting $1.7 trillion only in here we have once again this all about Wall Street. Wall Street got bailed out by the Fed. Yes, since I now had an Old Testament passage in my head, trust and serious another men trust in horses, but we will trust him the name of the Lord our God, and in you see all the people godless for the most part, not trusting anything other than themselves and what they can finagle.

So what impact does this have used the word socialism. What impact does this have on the free markets in stocks and goal.

We don't have a free market. Fill out whatever debt there is no free market and wake me when it bought corporate bonds and corporate bonds for even bought the index of the corporate bonds go through the exchange traded funds, which effectively is were the stock market stocks trade on the same exchange. And so, in essence, indirectly as a box stock. Although there just saying were going to buy the corporate bond market stocks went up to cause cold to go up gold today. Stocks are down in the same amount that their move in the opposite direction. Because the world is saying the Fed just lost their credibility. I'm much is the only one saying this CNBC major analysts are saying that this is a great day to save the market, but the Fed shouldn't of done this, they shouldn't have done what they did there obliterating free markets and working to pay the price. Looking back years from now and really see the national debt. Some around $27 trillion at the end of this year the Fed balance sheet is already a $6.4 trillion by the end of this week on Friday is always like never ever before, and we thought it was 01 2008 is just 10 times and did actually applied to the Fed actually by equities or just for Bob bonds but influence the equity side of the portfolio. That's what we call the market rally on Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then the market is taking a positive action marketing rally that much on Friday but your shingles make a big move because the 2008 through 2012:250% because of the yeah just crazy. So information in the VLAN information on diversifying, including holding people get that information to employees. 448-7924 things on our web I think how appreciated and things are moving rapidly.

And that's why we talk once a week and next to you soon in prayer, friends yourself. Neighbors in prayer for those in authority over us and not as something we need to trust God willing I'll talk to you

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